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August 2019 Headlines

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Tracking Bible Prophecy Headlines - 8/17/2019

Israel reverses course, allows Tlaib to visit grandmother; Tlaib says no, 'it will kill a piece of me'

Rashida Tlaib Cancels Visit To West Bank, Citing Israeli Government's 'Oppressive Conditions'

Trump says Tlaib 'obnoxiously' turned down approval to visit West Bank

Trump Accuses Rashida Tlaib of 'Complete Setup' Over Nixed Israel, West Bank Visit

Trump Drags Rashida Tlaib's Grandma Into His Latest Twitter Attack

Trump Says Rep. Tlaib's Elderly Grandma Is 'Real Winner' in Nixed Israel Visit

Israeli minister rips Tlaib for nixing trip, says 'her hate for Israel' overcomes 'love for her grandmother'

Israeli minister: US lawmaker's visit request 'provocation to embarrass Israel'

Contradicting PM, Omar insists she was planning to meet Israel officials on trip

Top Democrat slams Israel's 'disrespect' in releasing letter signed by Tlaib

Joe Lieberman says Israel made 'serious mistake' in banning Tlaib and Omar

Bernie Sanders: Israel shouldn't take US aid if it stands by ban of Omar, Tlaib

Pelosi: We can't let 'weakness' of Trump, Netanyahu harm US-Israel ties

Commentary: Trump and Netanyahu Just Broke the Special Relationship Between America and Israel

Democrats Decry Netanyahu, but Are Hesitant to Keep Tlaib's Israel Saga in the Headlines

Republicans say bipartisan goodwill generated on Israel trip will not be hijacked by 'attention-grabbers'

Rashida Tlaib And Ilhan Omar's Botched Israel Trip Was Sponsored By Terror-Linked Organization

Palestinian groups behind Omar-Tlaib canceled trip express anti-Semitism, links to terrorism

Secret Service arrests man outside Israeli Embassy wearing bulletproof vest and carrying knife

5,000 Arabs demonstrate along Gaza border

Israel launches two raids on 'Hamas underground infrastructure' in Gaza

Rocket fired into Israel from Gaza, intercepted by Iron Dome

Iron Dome intercepts rocket fired from Gaza

IDF strikes Hamas targets in Gaza in response to earlier rocket attack

Hamas: Israeli strikes in Gaza meant to distract from West Bank attacks

The EU battles Israel in Area C

Palestinian shot dead after ramming car into Israeli civilians in West Bank

2 Israeli teens injured, one of them critically, in West Bank car-ramming attack

Benny Gantz: current cabinet cannot handle new wave of terrorism

Nasrallah praises rash of West Bank attacks as 'future generation of resistance'

Nasrallah threatens Israel: We will destroy your troops

Air strikes kill 15 civilians in northwest Syria, says monitor

France calls for immediate end to fighting in Syrian city of Idlib

ISIL is building a new caliphate from inside a Syrian refugee camp, and the West has no plan to combat it

Iran Calls On 'Enemies' To Leave Gulf Or 'Face Humiliating Exit'

US issues warrant for seizure of Iranian tanker in Gibraltar

'Childbearing is a type of Jihad' says Khamenei army representative

Militias Are Threatening Public Safety in Iraq

UN Security Council has its first meeting on Kashmir in decades -- and fails to agree on a statement

Indian ambassador to UN slams international interference over Kashmir

Pakistan PM welcomes UN's move to discuss Kashmir

Pakistan says Indian firing has killed 6 in disputed Kashmir

Pakistan prepared to 'fight to the end' over Kashmir, says PM Imran Khan

Trump gets update from aides on Afghan peace plan with troop pullout possible

Brother of Afghan Taliban leader killed in Pakistan mosque blast

What a mysterious explosion tells us about Russia's 'doomsday weapon'

Norway detects radioactive iodine days after explosion in Russia

Chinese, Russian Warplanes Test U.S. Patience in Skies Near South Korea

Cathay Pacific Airways CEO resigns amid Beijing pressure over Hong Kong protests

Hong Kong Tycoon Warns Protesters and Beijing Against Violence

Ai Weiwei fears 'Tiananmen' crackdown in Hong Kong

Hong Kong teachers rally in thunderstorm at start of weekend of protests

Hong Kong Protestors Call for Disney Boycott After 'Mulan' Star Voices Support for Police Crackdown

Hong Kong spends billions to avert recession as protests hit the economy

Saudi Arabia is dramatically changing its oil exports to China and the US

Surrounded by Tragedy, Venezuelans Are Laughing Like Crazy

Trump held conference call with big bank CEOs amid market turmoil: source

Mounting recession fears have pushed consumer sentiment to the 2nd-lowest level of Trump's presidency

Maher doubles down on call for recession to oust Trump; says it would be 'very worth' it

These 10 'grey swan' events could conspire to imperil global economy and markets

Bomb scare in NYC subway leads police to find 3 abandoned rice cookers

Workers flee Georgia poultry plant amid false rumors of ICE roundups, officials say

Computer Issue Snarls Immigration Processing at US Airports

Hundreds of Thousands of People Are Using Passwords That Have Already Been Hacked, Google Says

Ex-Google Employee Alleges Hundreds of Conservative Sites Blacklisted, Delivers Evidence to DOJ

5.4 magnitude earthquake hits off the coast of Oregon

5.2 magnitude earthquake hits South of Tonga

4.2 magnitude earthquake damages central Kansas

Sabancaya volcano in Peru erupts to 24,000ft

Popocateptl volcano in Mexico erupts to 22,000ft

Reventador volcano in Ecuador erupts to 17,000ft

Sangeang Api volcano in Indonesia erupts to 10,000ft

Seventeen missing in southwest China landslide

Mudslides isolate 300 tourists in Alaska national park

At least 3 dead as Krosa pounds Japan with 30 inches of rain and wind gusts of nearly 90 mph

Floods in Sudan kill 46

Lightning struck near the North Pole 48 times. It's not normal.

Keto dieters who fuel up on bacon and butter are 'irresponsible' stewards of the planet, a Harvard nutrition expert says

First two Ebola cases confirmed in Congo's South Kivu, say officials

Top U.S. medical centers roll out DNA sequencing clinics for healthy (and often wealthy) clients

Elizabeth Smart's father comes out as gay, plans to divorce wife and leave Mormon church

Autopsy says Jeffrey Epstein hanging was a suicide. Will that stop conspiracy theories?

Some jail staffers not cooperating with DOJ investigation into Epstein suicide, source says

Tourists flocking to Jeffrey Epstein's 'Paedophile Island'

Churches arm, train congregants in wake of mass shootings

Satanic Temple in Ottawa to Hold First Public Black Mass in Canada

Tracking Bible Prophecy Headlines - 8/16/2019

Dagan to Netanyahu: Stop AIPAC's false claims Israel supports two-states

Israel announces US lawmakers Omar and Tlaib will not be allowed to visit

Citing their support for BDS, Israel blocks entry to Tlaib and Omar

Netanyahu: Omar, Tlaib's 'Sole Objective' for Trip Was to 'Harm Israel'

Spurning lawmakers, Netanyahu loses the Democrats he never thought he had

Trump backs decision to bar lawmakers, claims he didn't press Israel

Pelosi: Barring lawmakers beneath Israel's dignity; Rubio: Decision is a mistake

Banned congresswomen call decision 'insult to democracy' and a sign of weakness

AIPAC and other Israel-backers rebuke Israeli decision to bar Omar and Tlaib

Top Jewish Leader Slams Israel's Ban Of Omar, Tlaib: 'Democracies Do Not Hide'

In climbdown, Israel says Tlaib can enter to visit her Palestinian family

Cop injured in Jerusalem stabbing attack; 2 assailants shot

Israelis Worry More About the Economy than Hamas and Iran

Syria says 'hostile target' shot down near Iran-linked base

US said coordinating secret Iran talks between Israel, Emirates

Gibraltar allows release of Iranian tanker despite US detention request

US threatens to ban visas for released Iran tanker crew

Iranians struggle with U.S. sanctions as currency hits all-time low

India to ease clampdown in Jammu and Kashmir in next few days

S. Korea says N. Korea has fired more projectiles into sea

N.Korea rejects S.Korea Moon's dialogue pledge, says it will never have talks

Sweden detains man on suspicion of plotting 'terrorist crime'

Russia Signs Deal to Send Navy to Venezuela After 'Unacceptable' U.S. Moves

Correctional Officer Allegedly Drove Pickup Truck Into Group of Peaceful Protesters: He 'Ran Us Over'

5 injured in Philadelphia shooting one day after violent standoff

Gun control groups to hold rallies in 50 states and spend almost $1 million on ads against GOP senators

Trump vows to 'always uphold the Second Amendment' amid ongoing talks on gun laws

Ivanka Trump and her brother Don Jr. are staking opposite sides in the gun control debate — and the president calls Don Jr. his 'gun expert'

Trump blames mass shootings on mentally ill, calls for more mental institutions

Trump has expressed serious interest in buying Greenland: report

Asian markets move higher as China announces plans to help economy

The recession question we should be asking isn't 'when' but 'how bad?'

Trump, banking on strong economy to win reelection, frets over a possible downturn

Biden allies float scaling back events to limit gaffes

Amazon's Rekognition software can now spot fear - tech is also getting better at estimating a person's age

Anti-surveillance clothes foil cameras by making you look like a car

UPS Has Been Delivering Cargo in Self-Driving Trucks for Months And No One Knew

Virgin Galactic reveals futuristic outpost for space tourism

5.3 magnitude earthquake hits near Ceva-i-Ra, Fiji

5.2 magnitude earthquake hits near Jarm, Afghanistan

5.0 magnitude earthquake hits near Coquimbo, Chile

Sabancaya volcano in Peru erupts to 24,000ft

Popocateptl volcano in Mexico erupts to 21,000ft

Fuego volcano in Guatemala erupts to 15,000ft

Reventador volcano in Ecuador erupts to 14,000ft

Sangeang Api volcano in Indonesia erupts to 10,000ft

1 dead as Severe Tropical Storm Krosa strikes Japan with flooding rain, strong winds

Downpours to aim at Delhi after monsoon kills hundreds and displaces over 1 million

Grapefruit-size hailstone in Colorado breaks state record

Whopping 18 inches of hail accumulates in parts of Michigan

Scientists confirm July set new global heat record

Fears of public health emergency as drug deaths hit record levels for England and Wales

Planned Parenthood warns it will withdraw from Title X if court doesn't intervene

Florida Appeals Court Rules in Favor of Abortion Law Requiring 24-Hour Waiting Period

Why Some Doctors Purposely Misdiagnose Patients

Film claims group plotted to infect black Africans with HIV

The 1975's Matt Healy protests against Dubai anti-gay laws with kiss

Tracking Bible Prophecy Headlines - 8/15/2019

House Republicans indicate openness to alternatives to two-state solution

Abbas Doesn't Want Peace but The Palestinians Do

Palestinians deny Abbas snubbed visiting Republican delegation

Israel said bracing for likely Omar, Tlaib visit to flashpoint Temple Mount

Israel May Backtrack on Allowing Omar, Tlaib to Enter Over BDS Endorsement

Bernie Sanders threatens to 'leverage' US aid to combat Israel 'racism'

Pro-Israel activists cheer as UN anti-racism panel challenges Palestinians

1st US ethnic studies plan called anti-Semitic, faces update

Several US Jewish protesters hurt as truck rams crowd at immigration center

Israeli settlers, Agriculture Minister storm al-Aqsa Mosque

World leaders to mark 75th anniversary of Auschwitz liberation in Israel

Hamas and Israel Working Together to Secure Border Fence

Hamas: Difficult circumstances in Gaza will lead to more infiltrations into Israel

Hamas to 'shower' Israeli cities with missiles

Israeli company developing 'suicide' drone to take out enemy UAVs

Israel's Home Front Command revolutionizes ability to respond to multiple national emergencies

Iran general: Hezbollah strong enough to annihilate Israel on its own

Israel blamed for blast in Iran-backed militia weapons depot in Baghdad

Satellite firm says images of bombed Iraqi site indicate it was hit in airstrike

Merkel: European mission in Strait of Hormuz likely to be discussed in Finland

Iran's Rouhani rejects Israeli involvement in Gulf naval security - calls it the region's 'main perpetrator of terrorism, war and slaughter'

Iran's Rouhani says Gulf countries can protect region's security

Gibraltar court to decide fate of seized Iranian tanker

Syria safe zone agreement with Turkey will come in 'stages': Pentagon

Syrian government closes in on town that was bombed with sarin

Iraq's burning problem: the strange fires destroying crops and livelihoods

Somalia's al Shabaab hits military base, deaths on both sides

No deal yet with the Taliban, but Trump is planning big cuts in U.S. presence

Desperate for an end to almost 18-year war, US negotiating from position of weakness with Taliban

Secret Russia weapon project: Gamechanger or PR stunt?

Russia flies nuclear-capable bombers to region facing Alaska

Russian riot officer filmed punching woman in stomach at Moscow protests calling for fair elections

North Korean media: New US missiles in South Korea would trigger 'new Cold War'

Kashmir: Imran Khan says Pakistan will 'teach India a lesson'

China asks for UN Security Council to discuss Kashmir this week

Chinese military personnel parade near Hong Kong border

Calls for prayers for a peaceful resolution to Hong Kong crisis as tension escalates

China describes Hong Kong protests as 'near terrorism'

Trump Ties Trade Deal to China Action in Hong Kong, Suggests Meeting With Xi

Trump calls China's Xi 'a good man' in a 'tough business' amid Hong Kong unrest

Trump says China should treat Hong Kong 'humanely' before trade deal

Trump spares bibles but not rosaries from Chinese tariff lists

Asian markets roiled by recession fears

Dow tumbles 800 points in biggest one day fall of year on global economic growth slowdown

Warning Signs Point to a Global Slowdown

U.S. 30-Year Yield Falls to Record Low and Curve Warns of Recession

Ex-Fed boss Greenspan says 'there is no barrier' to Treasury yields falling below zero

Germany's economy just shrank, meaning Europe's biggest economy is 'teetering on the edge of recession'

Employees urge Google not to work with US immigration officials

Global turmoil Trump stirred threatens his reelection chances

Scaramucci predicts 'demagogue' Trump will not be Republican nominee in 2020

Judge slaps down Dem gambit in Trump impeachment probe

Six Philadelphia cops shot in standoff, two officers freed from house with gunman

Philadelphia gunman in custody after hourslong standoff

Crowd Taunts Philadelphia Police Officers, Laugh At Them In Midst Of Gunfire During Standoff In Nicetown-Tioga

Ohio man accused of threats against Planned Parenthood, federal agents had 10,000 rounds of ammo, FBI says

Famous con man Frank Abagnale: Crime is 4,000 times easier today

Israeli experts say biometric firm exposed data of millions of people

The Techlash Is Only Making Facebook Stronger

Our galaxy's black hole suddenly flashed a bright light — and scientists don't know exactly why

After criticism over lack of warnings, California's earthquake alert app gets an upgrade

5.8 magnitude earthquake hits near Socorro Island, Mexico

5.4 magnitude earthquake hits near Misawa, Japan

Sabancaya volcano in Peru erupts to 27,000ft

Popocateptl volcano in Mexico erupts to 22,000ft

Karymsky volcano on Kamchatka erupts to 19,000ft

Reventador volcano in Ecuador erupts to 16,000ft

Fuego volcano in Guatemala erupts to 15,000ft

Sangeang Api volcano in Indonesia erupts to 10,000ft

Over 400,000 advised to evacuate as tropical storm bears down on Japan

Record-breaking hailstone in Colorado: 'Big hail like this can easily kill people'

A total of 56 wildfires burning out of control in parts of Greece as smoke from the Evia fire covers Athens and strong winds fan the flames

New Jersey's largest city just handed out expired bottles of water to residents affected by the lead contamination crisis

Could the next sin tax fall on red meat?

Banana-targeting fungus may cause 'apocalyptic scenario' for the fruit

Sugary Western Diets Fuel Newly Evolving Superbug

436 sick, 20 hospitalized due to parasitic illness linked to McDonald's salads

Lyme Disease Is Baffling, Even to Experts

Lyme disease as war weapon? Inside New Jersey representative's push for probe

Number of reported global measles cases have nearly tripled since last year, says WHO

Elon Musk's 'Brain Chip' Could Be Suicide of the Mind, Says Scientist

A Woman Had Her Genes Edited To Treat Anaemia, Here's What Happened Next

Scientists find way to distinguish male sperm from female, which may allow couples to choose IVF boy or girl

Rep. Steve King questions if there'd be "any population of the world left" if not for rape and incest

Teen Vogue takes abortion advice for kids to Snapchat

Nearly 25 Percent of Babies Aborted in England, Wales in 2018

89 Percent of British Young Adults Say Life Has No Meaning, Poll Finds

How LGBTQ Groups Are Quietly Dismantling Norms, Changing Education

Illinois Governor Signs Law to Ensure LGBT History Is Taught in All Public Schools

LGBTQ content creators suing YouTube for 'discriminatory, anticompetitive, and unlawful conduct' against community

Epstein had bizarre painting of Bill Clinton in dress, heels in townhouse

Great news: The people who brought you Russia-collusion want to stop Epstein conspiracy theories

Autopsy finds broken bones in Epstein's neck, deepening questions around his death

Boy Scouts, Catholic Church, more face new lawsuits as NY Child Victims Act window opens

Playing god: Japan temple puts faith in robot priest

Chinese Catholics forced to cancel summer camps, disguise Bible classes to avoid crackdown

Lead singer of rock band Skillet issues dire warning after Christian influencers publicly renounce their faith

Tracking Bible Prophecy Headlines - 8/14/2019

Jordan protests after Israeli minister suggests changing Temple Mount status quo

Jordan takes on Trump, Israel and United Nations

Jordan's king wants 3rd intifada

Israel and Hamas both said taking steps to secure Gaza border after breaches

Hamas leader Sinwar says terror group will 'break' the IDF in next Gaza war

Hamas leader vows to shower Israel with missiles if IDF invades Gaza

Hamas leader praises families who support the 'resistance'

Hamas: Difficult circumstances in Gaza will lead to more infiltrations into Israel

Netanyahu visits family of murdered student, vows to fight terrorism

Abbas 'aggressive' in talks with Democrats, rejected overtures to working with US on peace plan

Abbas: Settlements will be swept away, Palestinians came from ancient Canaanites

Settlers defiant after Canadian court rules their vineyards aren't in Israel - 'My grandmother was forced to label herself with a yellow patch. I will never label myself.'

Norway's public broadcaster apologizes for 'Jewish swine' cartoon

Man arrested after posting 'hunting guide' of Colorado synagogues online

Baghdad security official says Israel or U.S. behind blast in Shiite militia weapons facility

Swiss intel report: Iran will wait Trump gov't out on nuclear pact

US military build-up in Gulf threatens region's stability: Iran

Iran claims UK will soon free supertanker seized off Gibraltar

Gibraltar says no immediate plan to release Iranian tanker

A Well-Kept Secret: The US Has Become an 'Energy Superpower'

Russian military orders village evacuation, then cancels it - Authorities sow confusion with mixed messages in Arctic region where radiation spiked after blast at nuclear site

'Accidents happen,' says Kremlin as it breaks silence on suspected nuclear missile explosion

NATO jet chased off by aircraft escorting Russian defense minister's plane, Moscow says

Russia backs India on J&K; says within framework of Constitution

Pakistan seeks urgent UN meeting on India action in Kashmir

Sydney stabbing suspect yelling 'Allahu akbar' pinned to ground by bystanders with milk crate

Chinese state media urge action, voice support for Hong Kong police

'Something extraordinarily bad is about to happen': Huge Chinese military build-up filmed on Hong Kong border amid airport clashes

China moving mainland military units into Hong Kong as airport totally closed down

China denies Hong Kong port visit for U.S. Navy ships amid tensions

Hong Kong protesters wave American flag, sing national anthem

China accuses Pelosi and McConnell of inciting 'chaos' in Hong Kong

James Carafano: What Hong Kong unrest tells us about China's plans for the rest of the world

China's sickening acts on female prisoners at 're-education' camps: Forced abortion and sterilisation

Trump backs down again, delays many new tariffs on China until December

Trump says he delayed tariffs because of concerns over Christmas shopping season

Argentina Default Fear Looms as Traders Dump Assets

Argentina's massive stock market and currency sell-off triggers risk of contagion, analysts warn

U.S. Mortgage Debt Hits Record, Eclipsing 2008 Peak

The Average U.S. Farm Is $1,300,000 In Debt, And Now The Worst Farming Crisis In Modern History Is Upon Us

FTC Chief Says He's Willing to Break Up Big Tech Companies

Commentary: France Slowly Sinking into Chaos

UN urges reluctant EU nations to help stranded migrants

President-elect says Guatemala can't do migrant deal with US

Family of couple who died protecting their infant child in El Paso gets death threats over Trump photo

Facebook reportedly paid contractors to listen to users' conversations

'My Baby Monitor Is Haunted': Tales of Parental Fright - Parents catch ghostly images near their babies; 'I could not go to sleep that night.'

Mysterious, Ancient Radio Signals Keep Pelting Earth. Astronomers Designed an AI to Hunt Them Down.

5.2 magnitude earthquake hits near L'Esperance Rock, New Zealand

5.2 magnitude earthquake hits near Bouvet Island, Bouvet Island

5.1 magnitude earthquake hits near Sungaipenuh, Indonesia

5.1 magnitude earthquake hits near La Union, Peru

Popocateptl volcano in Mexico erupts to 23,000ft

Fuego volcano in Guatemala erupts to 16,000ft

Sheveluch volcano on Kamchatka, Russia erupts to 15,000ft

Karymsky volcano on Kamchatka, Russia erupts to 13,000ft

Sangeang Api volcano in Indonesia erupts to 10,000ft

Japan braces for powerful tropical storm at peak holiday period

Photos: Flooding claims more than 300 lives in India, Myanmar and Pakistan

Sudan rain kills seven, leaves thousands homeless

It's raining plastic: microscopic fibers fall from the sky in Rocky Mountains

Energy emergency declared amidst Texas heat wave

Baptist, Presbyterian Pastors Claim Christians Can Support Killing Babies in Abortions

Barnegat mayor slams LGBT history in schools: 'We've crossed over the line into absurdity'

Operation Independence Day: FBI Rescues over 100 Sex Trafficking Victims

Epstein called criminalizing sex with teen girls a 'cultural aberration': report

Report: Maxwell told friend that Epstein's entire island was wired for video, presumably for blackmail purposes

Conspiracy theories swamp Jeffrey Epstein case from fringe and mainstream

Guards suspended, warden reassigned after Epstein death

Epstein guards suspected of falsifying logs to show they were checking on him: report

4chan user posted about Jeffrey Epstein's death before it was public

Daughter, 23, strangled, dismembered mom, then scattered remains in trash, police say

Hillsong worship leader clarifies he hasn't renounced faith, but it's on 'incredibly shaky ground'

Tracking Bible Prophecy Headlines - 8/13/2019

Israel Navy leads international drill for major earthquake, tsunami

Israeli Court Rules to Place Limit on Amount of Water Pumped From Dead Sea

The Palestinian Authority Seeks to Erase the Oslo Accords

Right-wing MKs to congresspeople: 2-state solution 'far more dangerous' than BDS

Brooklyn Jewish school installs bulletproof doors in wake of mass shootings

NYPD Hate Crimes Unit Investigating After 3 Hasidic Jews Attacked Within An Hour

Over 100 tires slashed in Orthodox Jewish community, police say

Islamic Jihad calls Palestinians to increase their resistance to Israel

Incendiary balloons start two in Gaza border community

Israel planning 'security wall' on Gaza border

Clashes undermine fragile truce over Jerusalem holy site

Iranian pilgrims in Mecca call for Israel's destruction, cry 'Death to America'

At the southern tip of the Red Sea, Iran poses a direct threat to Israel

Blast at pro-Iranian militia base weapons depot rocks Baghdad

Iraq rejects Israeli participation in US-led naval mission in Gulf

Commander of Navy of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard : Israeli presence in Gulf could cause war

Iranian FM: US arms sales making Gulf a 'tinderbox'

German exports to Iran halve in first half as U.S. sanctions bite

Pompeo warns international arms embargo on Iran soon to expire

Iranian pilgrims in Mecca call for Israel's destruction, cry 'Death to America'

US, Turkey begin work to create Syria buffer zone

Egypt hosts Sudan protest leaders ahead of landmark deal

Kenya: Muslims thwart terrorist attack against Christians, saving 20 believers from death

After Kashmir loses special status, region's Christians fear greater persecution

Russians killed in missile test blast were working on 'new weapons'

Trump says US learning 'much' from Russia missile test blast

Trump: US has better weapons than the 'failed' Russian 'Skyfall' missile

Russian media says Netanyahu to try mediate between Moscow and Ukraine

UN probing 35 North Korean cyberattacks in 17 countries

Protests Put Hong Kong on Collision Course with China's Communist Party

Hong Kong airport grinds to halt; China likens protests to terrorism

Violence will push Hong Kong down 'path of no return': City leader

Hong Kong struggling to reopen airport day after pro-democracy demonstrations forced cancellation of flights

Many of the leaders of Hong Kong's protests are millennials - here's why they're taking action

'Trump is ruining our markets': Struggling farmers are losing a huge customer to the trade war - China

South Korea to remove Japan from preferred trade list in sign of growing tension

South Korea created a new category of country specifically to punish Japan in their escalating trade war

Poll: Majority of Britons support 'Brexit by any means'

Trump adviser Bolton: U.S. would enthusiastically support a UK choice for no-deal Brexit

Italy's political leaders split over crisis vote

Opposition warns Maduro eyeing to dissolve Venezuela parliament

Another violent Chicago weekend leaves 5 dead, nearly 50 injured

New Trump Rules Would Further Restrict Legal Immigration to the United States

New Trump rule targets poor and could cut legal immigration in half, advocates say

Gregg Jarrett: Comey's FBI was running a secret counterintelligence operation against Trump, new docs show

Anthony Scaramucci says Trump is in nuclear meltdown mode - and he couldn't keep quiet any longer

Scaramucci Says He Won't Vote for Trump, GOP May Need Substitute

Cashierless Stores Make Inroads in U.S.

After 'Storm Area 51' gets 2 million RSVPs, its creator announces alien-themed music fest

Something Big Seems To Be Going Down Near Area 51 This Weekend

5.5 magnitude earthquake hits in the South Indian Ocean

5.5 magnitude earthquake hits near Tonala, Mexico

5.4 magnitude earthquake hits near Queenstown, New Zealand

Sabancaya volcano in Peru erupts to 26,000ft

Popocateptl volcano in Mexico erupts to 24,000ft

Sangay volcano in Ecuador erupts to 21,000ft

Fuego volcano in Guatemala erupts to 15,000ft

Reventador volcano in Ecuador erupts to 14,000ft

Nevados De Chillan volcano in Chile erupts to 14,000ft

Sangeang Api volcano in Indonesia erupts to 10,000ft

Typhoon Lekima death toll hits 49 in China

Typhoon Lekima: Buildings collapse in China flooding devastation

1m evacuated, at least 184 dead as monsoon floods sweep India

Al Gore: 2006 Global Warming 'Point of No Return' Claim Was 'Accurate'

University bans burgers to help save the planet

Trump Administration Makes Major Changes To Protections For Endangered Species

'Exemplary parents': 2 gay penguins have adopted an abandoned egg in Berlin Zoo

Ebola now curable after trials of drugs in DRC, say scientists

Researchers are working on a pill for loneliness, as studies suggest the condition is worse than obesity

Pro-life movie 'Unplanned' takes No. 1 spot on Amazon's Best Sellers Drama DVDs

Kentucky man fractured 8-year-old's skull with a shovel and raped her, police say

FBI raids Jeffrey Epstein's private island in ongoing probe after his apparent suicide death

Jeffrey Epstein hanged himself with prison bedsheet: source

Barr cites 'serious irregularities' at jail, says Epstein 'co-conspirators should not rest easy'

Jeffrey Epstein wasn't checked on for hours before apparent suicide, source says

Dr. Marc Siegel: Epstein death in NY prison under extremely tight security 'unusual'

Federal New York lockup draws new scrutiny in Epstein death - last year prison guard plead guilty to taking more than $25,000 in cash bribes

Drive-in sex booths proposed for Berlin's historic Tempelhof airport

Hillsong worship leader Marty Sampson announces he's 'losing' his faith

Tracking Bible Prophecy Headlines - 8/12/2019

Before elections, PM wants Trump to back Israeli sovereignty over settlements

Tensions Flare as Palestinians, Israeli Forces Clash in Jerusalem and at Gaza Border

Riots outside Jerusalem holy site injure several people including police, reports say

Jordan blasts Israel for using force in Temple Mount clashes

PA: Israel to blame for violence on Temple Mount

Saudi Arabia, Qatar condemn Israel over Temple Mount clashes

Islamic Jihad threatens to respond to Temple Mount clashes

Netanyahu clashes with rivals on right over partial Temple Mount closure to Jews

Record number of Jews visit Temple Mount on Tisha B'Av, despite riots

Erdan says record 1,729 Jews entered Temple Mount in one day on Sunday

Archaeological discovery attests to Babylonian conquest of J'lem

Goldman Sachs sees 'unstoppable shekel' continuing to gain

IDF prepares to demolish homes of Dvir Sorek's suspected killers

The UN Agency for Palestinians Is Even Worse Than You Think It Is

Mike Pompeo lashes out at Khamenei, calls concern for Palestinians 'faux'

Hezbollah-linked Lebanese lawmaker: Israel preparing to wage war on us

Hamas: Hezbollah and Iran will join war if Israel tries to 'break resistance'

Iran's navy chief warns any Israeli presence in Gulf could 'spark war'

Iran can seize any ship, any time in the Gulf: Iranian navy commander

Iran unveils 'improved' radar air defense system

"Committed to ceasefire in Yemen," says leader of Southern Transitional Council

Infighting killed senior Houthi official, says coalition

U.S. Officials Suspect New Nuclear Missile in Explosion That Killed 7 Russians

Russia honours 'national heroes' killed in mysterious nuclear rocket blast

Russia tells Google not to advertise "illegal" events after election protests

Police and protesters clash in downtown Hong Kong

China slams violent Hong Kong protests as 'terrorism'

Hong Kong airline warns it could fire staff for supporting 'illegal protests'

After Ivanka Trump Wishes Muslims 'Eid Mubarak' on Twitter, Critics Remind Her of Father's Muslim Travel Ban

Nearly 100 protesters arrested after part of New York freeway shut down in anti-ICE demonstration

America changed: Anxiety simmers as mass shootings loom any time, anywhere

Florida white supremacist arrested for threatening shooting at Walmart, police say

Gun owners in New Zealand voluntarily surrender more than 10,000 firearms

Fugitive's receding hair mocked on Facebook, spurring warning from police in UK they could face their own criminal charges for abuse

Hackers Can Turn Everyday Speakers Into Acoustic Cyberweapons

People are having stress dreams about losing their AirPods reflective of the emotional investment in their gadgets

Chaos at Israel's International Airport as Baggage System Crashes

Goldman Sachs economists say fears rise that U.S.-China trade war leading to recession

Bankruptcy filings rising across the country and it could get worse

Depositors Are Next as Nordic Banks Buckle Under Negative Rates

Asteroid Alert! Giant Asteroid 2019 OU1 To Zoom Past Earth This Month

5.0 magnitude earthquake hits near Angaur State, Palau

Sabancaya volcano in Peru erupts to 26,000ft

Popocateptl volcano in Mexico erupts to 21,000ft

Sangay volcano in Ecuador erupts to 21,000ft

Fuego volcano in Guatemala erupts to 16,000ft

Reventador volcano in Ecaudor erupts to 14,000ft

Ebeko volcano on Kamchatka, Russia erupts to 14,000ft

Karymsky volcano on Kamchatka, Russia erupts to 13,000ft

Sangeang Api volcano in Indonesia erupts to 11,000ft

Tropical Storm Krosa Could Strike Japan as a Typhoon Later This Week

2019 Atlantic hurricane season: Tropical activity may last longer than 2018 as El Nino pattern fades

New Puerto Rico governor suspends contract to rebuild power grid wrecked by Hurricane Maria

Flooding claims more than 140 lives in western, southern India

Wild weather: severe winds, snow, surf and rain lash Victoria, South Australia and NSW

Record warm water in lower Kuskokwim River likely caused heart attacks in salmon, biologist says

AccuWeather predicts the lowest US corn yield in 7 years

Governments could become indifferent to climate disaster victims, expert warns

Al Gore claims his climate-change predictions about 2016 have now come true

Insect 'apocalypse' in U.S. driven by 50x increase in toxic pesticides

Illinois Governor Signs Bill Mandating Public Schools Teach LGBTQ History

Former MCC inmate: There's 'no way' Jeffrey Epstein killed himself

Autopsy performed on Jeffrey Epstein as speculation swirls over suicide

There's no video of Jeffrey Epstein's apparent suicide: sources

Epstein's guards were working extreme overtime shifts on night of suicide

Booker and Beto blast Trump for retweeting conspiracy theory linking Epstein's death to Clintons

The List: Clinton Associates Who Died Mysteriously or 'Committed Suicide' Before Testimony, Including Jeffrey Epstein

Tracking Bible Prophecy Headlines - 8/11/2019

US peace envoy: There's 'no international consensus' on Mideast conflict

Iran leader urges Muslims to block Trump's 'doomed' peace plan

Abbas tells Congress members on AIPAC-linked trip he won't accept US 'dictates'

Netanyahu meets with visiting delegation of US Democratic lawmakers amid tensions among Democrats over Israel support and plans by Rashida Tlaib to lead alternative West Bank trip

Trump said to slam Israel's decision to allow Omar and Tlaib to enter country

Troops fire on armed Gazan sneaking into Israel in fresh border battle

After foiled Gaza attack, minister says Israel will choose when to hit back

Yoav Galant: There will be a large-scale operation in Gaza

Pompeo slams Iran leader's 'sick' threat against Israel ahead of Tisha B'Av

Netanyahu prohibits Jews from ascending Temple Mount - Amid Tisha B'Av and Muslim holiday, police decide to close Temple Mount to Jewish visitors

Clashes break out on Temple Mount between Muslim protesters, Israel Police

Dozens of Palestinians injured after Israeli forces storm al-Aqsa Mosque

Israel Police have now decided to allow Jews on Temple Mount After Clashes With Muslim Worshipers

Norway mosque shooting: Man opens fire on Al-Noor Islamic Centre

Relative of Norway mosque shooter found dead after attack

Service member killed during mission in Iraq, US military says

Report: Iran launches cyberattack on critical infrastructure in Bahrain

Five, including UN staff, killed in Benghazi car bombing

Yemen conflict: Southern separatists seize control of Aden

Kashmir Move Could Make India Burst at the Seams

Thousands protest for fair elections in Moscow, largest in 8 years

Another protest underway in Hong Kong with no end in sight

North Korea slams Seoul over military drills with US, says Kim oversaw latest weapons tests

North Korea's Kim tests new weapon as Trump pushes nuclear talks

Trump Says Kim Jong Un Wants to Meet Again, Apologized for Missile Tests

Trump threatens to 'reciprocate' countries that issue travel warnings to US

After mass shootings, White House, tech leaders talk efforts to combat online extremism

Las Vegas security guard arrested for plot to bomb synagogue or LGBTQ bar

Biden says he was VP at time of Parkland shooting in latest campaign gaffe

Joe Biden on the Second Amendment: No amendment is 'absolute'

Pope Francis cautions against nationalism, says recent political rhetoric has echoed 'Hitler in 1934'

Barack Obama cancels meeting after Philippines president calls him 'son of a whore'

Trump says September trade talks with China could be canceled

Trump says U.S. economy 'handcuffed' by Fed, wants further rate cut

Queen's fury at her politicians: 'Dismayed' monarch tells aides of her 'disappointment in the current political class' and their 'inability to govern correctly' amid Brexit turmoil

The 25 wealthiest dynasties on the planet control $1.4 trillion - The World's Wealthiest Family Gets $4 Million Richer Every Hour

Schoolchildren in China work overnight to produce Amazon Alexa devices

Will Smith, Robert De Niro and the Rise of the All-Digital Actor

Studio says it will cancel release of 'The Hunt' after backlash from conservatives over the politically charged violence depicted in the purported satire

Study Finds Rise In 'Doomsday Prepping' Due To Mainstream American 'Culture Of Fear'

Scientists distill vodka from Chernobyl's radioactive exclusion zone and say it seems safe to drink

5.4 magnitude earthquake hits near Saparua, Indonesia

5.3 magnitude earthquake hits near Biha, Indonesia

5.2 magnitude earthquake hits near Sikabaluan, Indonesia

5.0 magnitude earthquake hits near Lae, Papua New Guinea

5.0 magnitude earthquake hits near Biha, Indonesia

5.0 magnitude earthquake hits near Domartang, China

5.0 magnitude earthquake hits near Pirgos, Greece

Sabancaya volcano in Peru erupts to 24,000ft

Sangay volcano in Ecuador erupts to 22,000ft

Reventador volcano in Ecuador erupts to 14,000ft

Santa Maria volcano in Guatemala erupts to 14,000ft

Ebeko volcano in the Kuril Islands erupts to 13,000ft

Japan: Third tropical cyclone set to hit country in as many weeks

28 dead in eastern China after Lekima makes landfall as a powerful typhoon

Typhoon Lekima triggers landslides in eastern China

Myanmar troops help flood rescue after landslide kills 48

India floods: Death toll reaches 95 as monsoon rains force hundreds of thousands to flee homes

Tornado injures 19 in Luxembourg as storms batter Europe

Rare tornadoes in Europe caught on video

Queensland dog park a terrifying target for 'sick' locals baiting dogs with poison

Hepatitis A is breaking out across the country in wake of opioid crisis

Ohio defunds Planned Parenthood, funnels $7.5M to life-affirming pregnancy centers

Judge Blocks Pro-Life Law Banning Abortion of Babies with Down Syndrome

California middle school teacher draws scrutiny for giving students gender identity cards

Jeffrey Epstein dies by suicide a month after arrest in child sex trafficking case

Jeffrey Epstein dies a day after release of court documents

Jeffrey Epstein's attorney says many have 'blood on their hands' after apparent suicide

Ted Williams tells powerful Epstein associates: 'You're really not off the hook'

'This smells very fishy': Skepticism ensues after shocking Epstein suicide death

As anger spreads, probes opened into how Epstein had chance to kill self

Jeffrey Epstein was not on suicide watch before death, official says

Reuters: Prison Guards Skipped Mandatory Checks Before Jeffrey Epstein's Death

Carol Leonning of WAPO/MSNBC "People close to Epstein fear he was murdered"

FBI investigates as Epstein suicide raises questions, conspiracy theories

Attorney General Barr 'appalled' by Epstein's apparent suicide, says inspector general and FBI investigating

MSNBC host Joe Scarborough balks at Jeffrey Epstein death: 'How predictably...Russian'

Trump retweets conspiracy post tying Clintons to Epstein's death

Tracking Bible Prophecy Headlines - 8/10/2019

Greenblatt hits back at Germany: UN resolutions are not way to make peace

Europe Poised to Put Warning Labels on Jewish-Made Products - Legal decision reminiscent of Holocaust-era boycotts of Jews

Holocaust survivor marks 104th birthday at Western Wall with 400 descendants

Waqf calls for mass prayers at Temple Mount to stop Jews visiting on the Jewish mourning day of Tisha B'av

Jerusalem Waqf Calls for Protest Over Allowing Jews on Temple Mount on Muslim Holiday

Jordan to reopen Aaron's Tomb after closure over alleged Jewish praying there

Jason Greenblatt: 'Hamas again murders and boasts about it'

IDF arrests 4 suspects in deadly West Bank stabbing attack

IDF reportedly strikes Hamas outpost in central Gaza

IDF foils infiltration by Gazans armed with rifles, RPG, grenades

As U.S. and Turkey Argue Over Idlib, Syria's Wild South Reawakens

Iran unveils 'upgraded' missile defense system with 'high capabilities'

France says it 'needs no permission' for Iran dialogue after Trump swipe

Inside Hezbollah's American Sleeper Cells: Waiting for Iran's Signal to Strike U.S. and Israeli Targets

Russia Gains Stranglehold Over Persian Gulf

'A Civil War Within a Civil War' as Fighting Rages in Southern Yemen

Saudi Arabia and UAE Are At War with Themselves in Yemen

Eight civilians killed amid renewed clashes in Yemen's Aden

India to bring in food supplies to Kashmir as curfew stays

China Claims U.S. 'Black Hand' Is Behind Hong Kong Protests

Britain calls for independent investigation into Hong Kong protests

Hong Kong airport occupied by hundreds of protesters amid tightened security

Is China Hoarding Food, Gold And Other Commodities In Anticipation Of A Global Collapse?

U.S. Collected $63 Billion in Tariffs Through June

US oil is likely to be China's next target as trade war rages, energy analysts warn

Ex-Treasury official warns Trump that China 'knows exactly what it's doing' with its currency

IMF contradicts Trump: China hasn't manipulated its currency

Trump is playing a dangerous game with America's economy

Minnesota Farmers Let Agriculture Secretary Know They Are Not Happy With Trump's Trade War

Analysts are hesitant to change stock calls during the trade war because 'it can all change with a tweet'

Stocks fall on renewed trade war fears as Wall Street concludes volatile week

Trump sides with Kim criticism of US-SKorea war games

N. Korea fires two projectiles into sea off eastern coast, says S. Korea

Is Russia Testing Nuclear Weapons Again? And you were worried about North Korea.

Fresh blast at Russian arms depot days after massive explosions

Russia says five killed in mysterious rocket test accident

Russians rush to buy iodine after blast causes radiation spike - reports

20 Years of Vladimir Putin: The Rise and Decline of a Regime

Now It's Trump's Fault That Putin's Economy Just Won't Grow

US fighter jets intercept Russian bombers near Alaska

US threatens to pull troops from Germany if no increase in NATO defense spending

Danish capital hit by second blast in four days: Police

Guatemala Sends More Migrants to the U.S. Border Than Any Other Country. Will Sunday's Elections Change That?

Their first day of school turned into a nightmare after record immigration raids

Chicken plants raided by ICE 'willfully and unlawfully' hired unauthorized workers: court documents

Vigilantes, mob justice grow as violence mounts in Mexico

Police: El Paso shooting suspect said he targeted Mexicans

Trump says NRA could soften opposition to gun reforms after mass shootings

Trump says he wants background checks, also reassures NRA

Gun rights supporters say Trump could lose their vote

Suspect in disturbance at Missouri Walmart says he was testing 2nd Amendment rights: prosecutors

An armed man who caused panic at a Walmart in Missouri says it was a 'social experiment'

Florida Man Asks Walmart Employee For 'Anything That Would Kill 200 People'

Ohio man charged after saying Ocasio-Cortez 'should be shot,' illegally stockpiling ammunition

FBI arrests Las Vegas man who allegedly wanted to shoot Jews, LGBTQ bar patrons

Jewish security experts call for 9/11-style response to fight white supremacists

White supremacists have murdered at least 73 since Charlottesville, ADL says

John Delaney repeatedly questioned over refusal to label Trump a 'white supremacist' at Iowa State Fair

Rush Limbaugh: Trump eliminated White House press briefings to stop 'egomaniacs' from showing off

Trump is reportedly planning an attempt to regulate Facebook and Twitter over alleged anti-conservative bias

Nearly 84,000 duplicate voter records found in audit of California's 'motor voter' system

Massive power cut hits London, wide swathes of UK, snarling traffic

Scientists find huge world of hidden galaxies, changing our understanding of the universe

Jupiter just got slammed by something so big we saw it from Earth

Fukushima nuclear plant running out of space for radioactive water, TEPCO says

5.4 magnitude earthquake hits near Ust'-Kamchatsk Staryy, Russia

5.4 magnitude earthquake hits near Ohonua, Tonga

5.3 magnitude earthquake hits near Taron, Papua New Guinea

5.2 magnitude earthquake hits near Roshtqal'a, Tajikistan

5.1 magnitude earthquake hits the Central Mid-Atlantic Ridge

Sabancaya volcano in Peru erupts to 24,000ft

Popocateptl volcano in Mexico erupts to 22,000ft

Sangay volcano in Ecuador erupts to 20,000ft

Reventador volcano in Ecuador erupts to 14,000ft

Ebeko volcano in the Kuril Islands erupts to 11,000ft

Sangeang Api volcano in Indonesia erupts to 10,000ft

Landslide in southeast Myanmar kills at least 10 people

Report: 42 dead in rain, mudslides in India's Kerala state

Floods kill at least 28 in southern India, displace thousands

Red alert declared in China as Lekima makes landfall on country's east coast

Chinese state TV: At least 13 dead in typhoon, 16 missing

Typhoon forces evacuations, flight cancellations in eastern China

Poop less for a cleaner planet, says Brazil's president

Rising emissions could drain foods like rice and wheat of their nutrients, causing a slow-moving global food crisis

Trump administration says it won't approve Roundup cancer-warning labels

Drug shortages forcing hospitals to ration treatments

Lyme disease: What it is and why some are calling it the next pandemic

West Nile virus cases rose in the US in 2018, killing 167 people

In first for Arab world, openly gay candidate runs for Tunisia's presidency

Miriam Rivera, First Transgender Reality TV Star, Dies at 38 by Possible Suicide

Hundreds attend Lebanon protest concert after show by gay-friendly band canceled

Virginia judge rules in favor of ex-student in transgender bathroom case

Jeffrey Epstein Accuser Names Powerful Men in Alleged Sex Ring

Huge cache of records details how Jeffrey Epstein and madam lured girls into depraved world

Tracking Bible Prophecy Headlines - 8/9/2019

Murdered Israeli Yeshiva Student Laid to Rest, as US Jewish Groups Unite in Condemnation of 'Dastardly Act of Terror'

Hamas and Islamic Jihad praise 'heroic' West Bank slaying of student

UN, Western diplomats denounce murder of 19-year-old Israeli student

Thousands attend funeral for teen terror victim, as father vows to 'choose life'

In response to West Bank terror, Netanyahu hints at annexation of Area C

Netanyahu vows to push Israeli sovereignty in West Bank after terror attack

At scene of terror attack, Netanyahu vows Israel will 'settle the score'

Manhunt widens on 2nd day; security forces seek to nab killers, prevent attacks

Security forces dismiss suspicion Etzion stabbing attack was failed kidnapping

Experts push for domestic terrorism law after spate of massacres

Report: Terrorists behind Jerusalem pizza bombing received more than $910K

West Bank settlement resident facing over 100 counts of child sex abuse

HBO drama looks at killings of teens that ignited Gaza war

Palestinian leadership split on suspension of agreements with Israel

Palestinian leaders express outrage at Jewish calls to visit Temple Mount

Getting Ready: Temple Institute Practices Burning the Red Heifer

Foxes seen walking near the Western Wall, fulfilling biblical promise

'Four Antisemitic Crimes Per Day Since 2001,' Official German Statistics Reveal

Head of EU-Iran trade entity loses job after report on his Israel criticism

'In some parts of the world, Jews are at a constant threat of being killed'

US slaps designated terrorist Hezbollah financier with prison, $50 million fine

Iran Says Israel Joining U.S. Coalition Will Have 'Disastrous Consequences,' Looks for More Arab Support

Iran is reportedly jamming ship GPS navigation systems to get them to wander into Iranian waters

Trump accuses France's Macron of sending 'mixed signals' to Iran

Explosions rock Turkish ammunition depot near Syria

'Playing with fire': Push on Idlib threatens millions, UN says

A scathing new Pentagon report blames Trump for the return of ISIS in Syria and Iraq

Somali Refugees Accused of Plotting ISIS Attack Sought U.S. Citizenship

Egypt says security forces killed 17 jihadists after hospital attack

2 million expected in Mecca for hajj pilgrimage, a pillar of Islam

200 hit by New Zealand massacre take part in hajj pilgrimage

Qatar's Tamim called Trump to discuss relations, Afghan peace talks: state news agency

Tensions Continue High Over Kashmir, With 500 Arrests And A Communications Blackout

Pakistan rules out 'military option' in Kashmir row: Minister

North Korea keeps testing missiles, 'playing Trump for a fool'

US calls China 'thuggish regime' for singling out US diplomat in Hong Kong

Hong Kong's lawyers protest against 'political prosecutions'

Hong Kong protesters kick off three-day airport rally

Turkey heading towards 'Russian-Chinese axis' after ejection from F-35 program

Russia's military has been rocked by a string of explosions and fires in recent weeks that have left dozens dead or wounded

Vladimir Putin has dominated Russia for 20 years. Will he ever step down?

Italy's government on the brink of collapse as deputy leader calls for elections

Venezuela's Maduro defiant in face of US sanctions

US sanctions could 'significantly exacerbate' Venezuela's crisis, UN warns

Mexico cartel hangs bodies from city bridge in grisly show of force

Trump names counterterrorism chief as acting director of national intelligence

False alarms, real trauma. Americans are on edge after string of mass shootings

After El Paso Shooting, Workers Plot Their Own 'What-If' Escape Plans

Police: Man dressed in body armor, carrying tactical weapons arrested at Missouri Walmart

Off-duty firefighter stops man armed with 100 rounds of ammunition at south Springfield Walmart

The NRA is reportedly warning Trump that supporting universal background checks will hurt him politically

Rabbi Abraham Cooper: Trump is right to work with social media firms to reduce gun violence and online hate

The link between pot and mass shootings may be closer than we think

Mass Shootings Aren't Becoming More Common–and Evidence Contradicts Stereotypes about the Shooters

Knife crime: Fatal stabbings at highest level since records began in 1946

California gang member in custody after stabbing, robbery spree that killed 4, wounded 2: police

With every new tragedy, another 'strong' campaign

Trump Slams Shepard Smith and Fox News After Anchor Says White Nationalism Is a Real Problem

Nadler: Committee has launched 'formal impeachment proceedings' against Trump

Confusion at the Iowa State Fair? Biden says 'we choose truth over facts'

Commentary: Killing Free Speech in France, Germany and on the Internet

As Big Tech Silences Christians, New Platform Gives People of Faith a Voice

FBI Surveillance Proposal Sets Up Clash With Facebook

WhatsApp vulnerabilities 'put words in your mouth,' lets hackers take over conversations

Amazon is developing high-tech surveillance tools for an eager customer: America's police

Amazon delivery robots are officially on the streets of California

The U.S. Air Force's Secret X-37B Space Plane: A War Machine?

Bernie Sanders vows to dish truth on UFOs if elected

5.8 magnitude earthquake hits near Baklan, Turkey

5.3 magnitude earthquake hits near Kimbe, Papua New Guinea

5.2 magnitude earthquake hits near Hongtu, China

5.1 magnitude earthquake hits near Hirara, Japan

Sabancaya volcano in Peru erupts to 23,000ft

Popocateptl volcano in Mexico erupts to 23,000ft

Reventador volcano in Ecuador erupts to 16,000ft

Nevados De Chillan volcano in Chile erupts to 16,000ft

Karangetang volcano in Indonesia erupts to 10,000ft

Volcano erupts near Tokyo, prompting warnings of ash and gas

Powerful twin typhoons churn over Western Pacific as they close in on land

China issues 'red alert' as super typhoon approaches mainland

Above-normal hurricane season now more likely with El Nino's end, NOAA says

Philippines declares epidemic after more than 600 die from dengue fever

Bio-warfare experts question why Canada was sending lethal viruses to China

Supreme Court to Decide if Transgender Rights Prevail Over Christian-Based Businesses

Another Attack Targets Christians in Plateau State, Nigeria

Tracking Bible Prophecy Headlines - 8/8/2019

PA chairman Abbas meets Democratic members of Congress, stresses importance of "two-state solution"

Abbas: We Reject Any US Decision Related to Us

House legislation seeks to restore USAID projects to Palestinian areas

Gazans renew arson balloon attacks on southern Israel

Israeli Soldier Killed in West Bank Attack; Security Forces Suspect Failed Kidnapping

Israel hunts killer of off-duty soldier in West Bank

Lawmakers blame government policies, push for annexation after student killed

IDF moves to expand integration of transgender troops

Rabbi denies 'secret' effort to bypass US Jewish groups in dialogue with Israel

State Department redefines antisemitism: Don't compare Israel to the Nazis

At summit, Israel, US, Greece, Cyprus agree to boost energy cooperation

Over 100,000 Detained and Missing in Syria's War, Top UN Official Says

Hezbollah Peddling Drugs to Teens in Syria, Locals Joining the Drug Dealing Bandwagon

Syrian govt: US-Turkish deal is an attack on Syria

The White House Is Split On Iran, With One Side Thirsty For Conflict

Taliban kills 14, wounds over 100 in Kabul suicide bombing amid US 'peace talks'

Kashmir dispute: Pakistan downgrades ties with India

Kashmir an 'internal affair,' India tells Pakistan

US supports direct dialogue between Pakistan, India on Kashmir

More protests as US raises Hong Kong travel warning amid growing unrest

China Warns Hong Kong It Will Intervene if Situation Deteriorates

China Vows to Counter US Deployment of Midrange Arms in Asia

China has a $1 trillion trade war weapon. Will it ever use it?

US says Japan, South Korea 'soul searching' needed over damaging row

Resume peace talks, Ukraine's Zelenskiy urges Putin after four soldiers killed

Royal Navy ship shadows Russian vessel through Channel

The trade war is part of a 'perfect storm' hitting Europe's biggest economy

'No-deal' Brexit chances rise as EU reportedly claims the UK has no other plan

Britain would face food shortages in no-deal Brexit, industry body says

Venezuela's Maduro halts talks with opposition after US sanctions

Wanda Vazquez becomes Puerto Rico's 3rd governor in a week after island's highest court ruling

ICE raids on Mississippi food processing plants result in 680 arrests

False Reports Of Gunmen In N.Y.C. And Virginia Cause Jitters Following Mass Shootings

'Everyone is safe.' USA TODAY headquarters evacuated after unconfirmed report of person with a weapon

Hollywood blockbuster that satirizes killing of 'deplorables' causes outrage: 'Demented and evil'

Amnesty International issues US travel warning citing 'rampant gun violence'

Protests, political attacks greet Trump as he visits Dayton, El Paso

'Racist Go Home': Protesters Chant as Trump Visits Dayton, El Paso

Catholic archbishop deletes tweets telling Trump to 'stop racism, starting with yourself'

Trump Endorses Background Checks, Rules Out Assault Weapons Ban

White House to meet with internet companies after shootings

White House drafting executive order to tackle Silicon Valley's alleged anti-conservative bias

Twitter locks McConnell campaign account after posting video of protester shouting threats, profanities

Apple stands in the global antitrust crosshairs

Joaquin Castro outed his own donors in bid to shame Trump supporters

Portland Braces for Another Round of Proud Boys, Antifa Fights

Trump slams the Fed amid market volatility

Janet Yellen told us Trump's attacks on the Fed are 'a first' - and stressed the importance of an independent central bank

India's central bank cuts rates to 9-year low as economy stumbles

Chernobyl's 'sarcophagus' being dismantled due to 'very high' probability of collapse

5.9 magnitude earthquake hits near Su'ao, Taiwan

5.8 magnitude earthquake hits near Farkhar, Afghanistan

5.0 magnitude earthquake hits near southern East Pacific Rise

Sabancaya volcano in Peru erupts to 27,000ft

Popocateptl volcano in Mexico erupts to 24,000ft

Sangay volcano in Ecuador eruts to 22,000ft

Reventador volcano in Ecuador erupts to 15,000ft

Asamayama volcnao on Japan erupts to 15,000ft

Mt Etna volcano in Italy erupts to 11,000ft

Typhoon's Lekima and Krosa take aim for China, Japan and South Korea with more flooding and damaging winds

Thunderstorms drop baseball-sized hail in South Dakota

Flash Flood Hits Tourist Spot in China, at Least 12 Dead

50-year-old records fall as extreme heat bakes western US

Millions in Zimbabwe facing starvation after severe droughts, UN food agency says

162 children in Paris tested for lead poisoning after Notre Dame fire

Military lab, which handles Ebola and other dangerous pathogens, suspended after failing CDC inspection

Tracking Bible Prophecy Headlines - 8/7/2019

Israel advances plans for over 2,300 settlement homes, most deep in West Bank

EU condemns approval of construction in Judea and Samaria

EU pans new settlement expansion, says move harms chances for peace

Temple Institute encourages Jews to hope for Third Temple in new video

Netanyahu: There will not be a unity government - pledges to form right-wing coalition

Lithuanian Jews indefinitely shut community center, only synagogue after threats

Man filmed calling UK couple 'dirty Jews' says he was first called 'dirty Arab'

Palestinian who saved Jewish kids after terror attack gets Israeli residency

Iran has effectively taken over Gaza - In exchange for the sharp increase in financial aid, Iran wants accurate intelligence from Hamas on Israel's missile arsenal.

Israel involved in US-led naval mission in Strait of Hormuz - foreign minister

Iran asks U.N. chief to push back against U.S. sanctions on foreign minister

Iran unveils three new precision-guided missiles

Rouhani warns war with Iran will be 'mother of all wars,' calls for peace

Pentagon chief: US would prevent 'unacceptable' Turkish invasion of Syria

At least 95 wounded as large explosion rocks Kabul

Armed thugs returned to the streets of Hong Kong to attack protesters

Kim says North Korean launches were warning to US, South

Trump freezes Venezuela government assets in dramatic escalation of tensions

El Paso residents tell Trump to stay away after shooting

Beto O'Rourke compares Trump rally to Nazi Germany in wake of El Paso shooting

Trump trashes Beto O'Rourke, tells him to 'be quiet' ahead of El Paso visit

Trump planned visit to grieving El Paso stokes debate about his rhetoric

'Red Flag' Gun Control Bills Pick Up Momentum With G.O.P. in Congress

Biden says he's coming for assault weapons, as 2020 Dems urge new ban in wake of shootings

Inquiries Into License To Carry Classes Up After Mass Shootings

Texas to loosen firearm laws, allowing guns in churches and on school grounds

Demand for bulletproof backpacks surging in the wake of shootings: report

Mass Shootings Can Be Contagious, Research Shows

Motorcycle backfiring causes panic in Times Square, cops say - "sounded like gun shots"

A Montana man attacked a 13-year-old boy and fractured his skull for 'disrespecting' national anthem, police say

Rep. Joaquin Castro posts names, employers of prominent San Antonio Trump donors

Trump campaign blasts Dem rep for trying to name and shame donors: 'Delete & apologize'

'Lives Are At Stake': Scalise Rips Castro For Posting List Of Local Trump Donors

Trump sues California over tax return law

Trump slams Google over alleged political bias: We're watching 'very closely'

Domino's is stockpiling pizza ingredients to protect against a disorderly Brexit

There might be life on the Moon after all: Earth creatures were on Israeli craft that crashed on moon, and likely survived

SpaceX successfully launches Israeli Amos-17 satellite

High-stakes dispute turns nasty, pits 5G technology against weather forecasting

5.9 magnitude earthquake hits near Port-Vila, Vanuatu

5.8 magnitude earthquake hits near Luganville, Vanuatu

Sabancaya volcano in Peru erupts to 27,000ft

Popocateptl volcano in Mexico erupts to 20,000ft

Sangay volcano in Ecuador erupts to 20,000ft

Reventador volcano in Ecuador erupts to 16,000ft

Karymsky volcano on Kamchatka, Russia erupts to 15,000ft

A tale of two basins: Tropical systems inundate West Pacific as Atlantic remains quiet

Super-sized hailstorm pounds Watertown and Delano, MN

Florida Lightning Strike Causes Toilet to Explode, Homeowner Says

Greenland's Ice Wasn't Supposed to Melt Like Last Week Until 2070

A quarter of world's population are living with extreme water stress

Philippines declares epidemic after more than 600 die from dengue fever

Military's Deadly Germ Lab Shut Down Due to Sloppy Work, Leaky Equipment

Opioid Stocks Plunge on Report of $45 Billion Settlement Demand

Murder, 'gay-hunters' strike terror in Russia's LGBT community

Sanders, Harris and Booker stump at church whose pastor said being gay is 'enough to send you to hell'

After U-turn on homosexuality, 'I Kissed Dating Goodbye' author Joshua Harris joins Pride Parade

Boy Scouts of America have a 'pedophile epidemic' and are hiding hundreds in its ranks, lawyers claim

Boy Scout pedophile scandal could be bigger than Catholic Church crisis

Mike Pence Meets with Religious Freedom Activists to Discuss Persecution in China

China removes 'Bible,' 'God,' 'Christ' from children's classics like 'Robinson Crusoe'

China: Worshiping in a Bathhouse to Evade Persecution

Tracking Bible Prophecy Headlines - 8/6/2019

Kushner seeks Arab leaders' support to Mideast peace plan seemingly going into effect

Ivanka Trump Nicknamed a Savior, Jewish Queen Esther Who Stopped Annihilation of Jews, By Jared Kushner's Synagogue

41 House Democrats head to Israel amid widening partisan divide

Iran: 'Our Front Extends to Mediterranean and Israel's Borders

Iran said increasing Hamas funding to $30m per month, wants intel on Israel

Hamas Bans Swastikas during Weekly Border Protests

PA to grant building permits for West Bank area under full Israeli control

Guide raps Jordan's 'humiliating' treatment of Israelis booted from Aaron's Tomb

Church renews legal battle over Jerusalem properties, citing new evidence

Netanyahu condemns terror attack near Cairo hospital that killed 20

Drone strike on town in southern Libya kills at least 43: official

Disruption of GPS systems at Ben Gurion Airport resolved after 2 months - Russian military in Syria blamed

Syria Kurds warn of Turkish attack despite US mediation

Syrian Troops Resume Offensive on Rebel Stronghold in Idlib

Trump's Gulf Standoff Is Chipping Away at the Arab anti-Iran Alliance

UK joins US in Gulf mission after Iran taunts American allies

Britain to join US-led security mission in the Persian Gulf, but not sanctions

Iran says it will further breach nuclear deal in one month unless Europeans act

Turkish president oversees laying of foundation stone for nation's first new church since 1923

Fears of 'Chernobyl on ice' as Russia prepares floating nuclear plant

Putin urges new arms talks with US after nuclear pact collapses

Putin to Trump: We'll develop new nuclear missiles if you do

Beijing warns of 'countermeasures' over US missile plans

Thousands Evacuated Following Huge Explosions At Russian Ammunition Depot

'We have to fight for our rights': is Russia ready to defy Putin?

UN chief worried about rising tensions in Kashmir region

North Korea fires more projectiles as nuclear talks stall

North Korea took $2 billion in cyberattacks to fund weapons program: U.N. report

'Prepared to Die': Hong Kong Protesters Embrace Hard-Core Tactics, Challenge Beijing

China's Xi Has Few Good Options to End the Chaos in Hong Kong

China Takes On Trump by Weakening Yuan, Halting Crop Imports

China halting new agricultural purchases, may slap tariffs on farm goods recently bought: State media

China's yuan just weakened to an important level. One analyst says it's 'retaliation' for tariffs

China Retaliation Is '11' on Scale of 1 to 10, Wall Street Warns

US declares China a currency manipulator, says it's using yuan to gain 'unfair advantage' in trade

US stocks post worst day of the year after China devalues its currency - The Dow closed down 767 points

Big Tech lost $162 billion in value in Monday's market route, led by plunge in Apple

Gold Claims Six-Year High as Trade Worries Deepen

Is the 'everything bubble' finally popping? This chart might have the answer

Trump announces total economic embargo against Venezuela

2 El Paso shooting victims die at hospital, raising death toll to 22

Walmart worker's son threatened to 'shoot up' a Florida Walmart store and said he was inspired by recent deadly shootings

Dayton shooter reportedly supported gun control, Elizabeth Warren, and socialism

Dayton Shooter Was In a "Pornogrind" Band That Released Songs About Raping and Killing Women

Ohio lawmaker Candice Keller blames gay marriage, 'drag queen advocates' for Dayton shooting

Chicago hospital stops accepting patients after trauma center is overwhelmed with shooting victims

Grandmother stopped 19-year-old Texas man from carrying out planned mass shooting

FBI has fewer tools to fight homegrown terror threats

Uruguay issues travel warning for U.S. after weekend mass shootings

The New Normal? Feeling Anxious, Nervous In Public Places More Common Following Mass Shootings

Journalists indignant after Trump blames shootings on 'fake news'

Gaming stocks are tanking after Donald Trump blames 'gruesome and grisly' video games for mass shootings

Gun stocks rise after mass shootings and Trump's call for stronger background checks

Trump condemns 'white supremacy,' calls for mental health and gun reforms after double mass shootings

Trump says he wants stronger gun checks, but has reneged in past

Tim Ryan says Trump's suggestion to tie gun control legislation to immigration measures is 'an absolute freaking joke'

Lindsey Graham to Introduce Bipartisan 'Red Flag' Gun Bill in US Senate

Philly's Archbishop Chaput: 'Only a fool' can believe gun control will solve mass violence

Ohio GOP lawmaker blames mass shootings on Obama, 'fatherlessness' and 'drag queen advocates'

Obama calls on Americans to reject leaders who feed 'climate of fear and hatred'

Obama: Americans must not let racist views become normalized

Beto O'Rourke on Trump: 'Well, Jesus Christ, of course he's racist'

Group sues to block California law aimed at forcing Trump to release tax returns

6 asteroids are headed for Earth this month, and 1 is bigger than the Empire State Building

Deadly Asteroid Apophis Will Cause Massive Tsunami If It Manages To Hit Our Earth!

5.7 magnitude earthquake hits near Pangai, Tonga

5.0 magnitude earthquake hits near Hualian, Taiwan

Sabancaya volcano in Peru erupts to 31,000ft

Popocateptl volcano in Mexico erupts to 20,000ft

Sangay volcano in Ecuador erupts to 20,000ft

Reventador volcano in Ecuador erupts to 16,000ft

Karymsky volcano on Kamchatka, Russia erupts to 13,000ft

Sheveluch volcano on Kamchatka, Russia erupts to 12,000ft

Sangeang Api volcano in Indonesia erupts to 10,000ft

Karangetang volcano in Indonesia erupts to 10,000ft

Typhoon Francisco to barrel through Japan, South Korea with heavy rain, strong winds early this week

Tropical Storm Lekima to strengthen, threaten Taiwan to Japan later this week

Tropical Depression Flossie maintains strength as it nears Hawaii

Water reservoirs nearly full, 8,500 rescued as record-breaking rains hit Mumbai, India

July was the hottest month ever measured across the world

Give Up Your Gas Stove To Save The Planet? Banning Gas Is The Next Climate Push

Snakebites Hit Record Highs in Southern States as Suburbs Expand

Pets in America now get human treatment

Military suicides reached an all-time high in 2018, Pentagon says

'Batwoman' Star Ruby Rose Hopes Groundbreaking Lesbian Superhero Appeals to Everyone

Coca-Cola featured gay couples kissing in a Hungarian ad. People are furious

Tracking Bible Prophecy Headlines - 8/5/2019

Netanyahu alleges 'plot' to unseat him by Liberman, Lapid and right-wing figures

Israel's Left Struggles for Traction in Bid to Topple Netanyahu

Top 40 Likud candidates sign pledge not to oust Netanyahu after elections

PA, Human Rights Watch are Angry UN Won't Say Israel Violates Children's Rights

UK Experiencing Unprecedented Wave of Antisemitic Incidents

The British Jews who have moved to Israel because of rising anti-semitism at home

Syria's Idlib: The Hot Potato the U.S., Russia and Turkey Are Fighting Over

Turkey to launch offensive in Kurdish-controlled area in northern Syria: Erdogan

17 killed, 32 injured in Cairo road accident explosion

Macron pushes Libya ceasefire with Egypt's Sisi

US struggles to build willing coalition amid Strait of Hormuz tensions

Iran 'seizes Iraqi tanker in Gulf for smuggling fuel'

Iraqi oil ministry denies ties to tanker seized by Iran

Gen. Keane defends Trump negotiating with Taliban: 'Truth is we always negotiated with terrorists'

Indian Kashmir under lockdown order amid troop build-up: state govt

India's Kashmir goes dark as phone lines, internet suspended in widening clampdown

Strike grips Hong Kong as leader warns protests challenge China's sovereignty

Christian rights campaigner fears 'Tiananmen-style crackdown' in Hong Kong

Protesters, police play cat-and-mouse game across Hong Kong

Hong Kong government: protests are pushing city to 'extremely dangerous edge'

Hong Kong leader says protests are challenging China's sovereignty

More than 100 flights canceled in Hong Kong: airport

China destabilizing Indo-Pacific: U.S. Defense Secretary

Seoul says US, South Korea preparing joint military drills

Russian opposition plans new protest despite over 1,000 arrests

Mexico vows to take legal action against U.S. after deadly El Paso shooting

Manifesto linked to El Paso gunman rails against 'Hispanic invasion' of Texas

US officials call El Paso shooting terrorism, mull death penalty for suspect

Double shootings heighten fears of 'white terrorism' in US

After El Paso massacre, liberal US Jews say Trump fueling white nationalism

'When Will Trump Stop Demonizing Immigrants?': U.S. Jewish Leaders 'Rage' in Wake of Mass Shootings

Trump declares 'hate has no place in our country,' as Dems demand recall of Congress

Trump orders flags to half-staff as 'mark of solemn respect' for victims of shootings

2020 Democrats lay blame on Trump's rhetoric for shootings

Mulvaney: Not fair to lay shootings 'at the feet of the president'

Howard Kurtz: 'Horribly unfair' for media to blame Trump for mass shootings

Recent mass shootings in the U.S.: A timeline

Ohio Gunman Hailed Satan on Twitter, Wrote 'I'm Going to Hell and I'm Not Coming Back'

Ohio gunman had bulletproof vest, was stopped within 30 seconds of opening fire outside bar, police say

In less than a minute, Ohio gunman kills nine people, including sister

At Least 4 Killed, 41 Wounded In Weekend Shootings Across Chicago

At least 7 people shot in Chicago park; 1 killed, 3 others wounded in separate shooting

AOC aide faces Fed investigation amid resignation: report

Scientist claims cyborgs will rule the planet within 80 years – with one surprising caveat

Mysterious radiation cloud over Europe traced to secret Russian nuclear accident

6.3 Magnitude Earthquake Rattles Japan, Including Tokyo

5.8 magnitude earthquake hits the Central Mid-Atlantic Ridge

5.3 magnitude earthquake hits near Do Gonbadan, Iran

5.1 magnitude earthquake hits near Ashkasham, Afghanistan

5.0 magnitude earthquake hits near Kuripan, Indonesia

Ulawun volcano on Papua New Guinea erupts to 45,000ft

Sabancaya volcano in Peru erupts to 28,000ft

Popocateptl volcano in Mexico erupts to 20,000ft

Karymsky volcano on Kamchatka, Russia erupts to 17,000ft

Reventador volcano in Ecuador erupts to 16,000ft

Nevados De Chillan volcano in Chile erupts to 18,000ft

Asosan volcano on Japan erupts to 10,000ft

New Zealand to decriminalize abortion laws, critics say bill falls short

Drag queen Sparkle Leigh brings LGBT storytime to Cincinnati church

Victoria's Secret reportedly hires first-ever transgender model

Democratic socialists convention erupts due to 'sensory overload,' gendered pronoun usage

Pope encourages priests disheartened by sex abuse fallout

Tracking Bible Prophecy Headlines - 8/4/2019

Friedman: Failed Palestinian state is the last thing the world needs

Poll: Palestinians prefer to 'wait-and-see' rather than reject Trump peace plan

PA committee on agreements with Israel holds first meeting

Liberman calls for televised 'face-off' with Netanyahu, slams PM's 'lies'

Liberman eyes premiership, ambivalent about rotating top spot with Netanyahu

Lieberman Says Will Ask Netanyahu's Party for Alternative Candidate if He Rejects Unity Government

New poll: More voters want a unity government without Liberman than one with him

Netanyahu's son alleges Likud coup attempt by Knesset speaker, deletes tweet

Likud candidates being asked to sign pledge not to oust Netanyahu

Blast kills 31 regime fighters at 'significant' Syria base, says UK monitor

Don't call them Syria's child casualties. This is the slaughter of the innocents. As violence escalates, more children have died in rebel-held areas in the past month than in all of 2018.

Syria ceasefire pressures Turkey to create demilitarised zone

U.S. "very confident" it can build maritime initiative in Gulf despite a lukewarm response from European and Asian allies

Australia giving 'serious consideration' to US request to help it confront Iran

Iran general says chances of Gulf conflict decreasing

Iran seizes another tanker in the Gulf, state media say

Iran's Middle Class Hit Hard by U.S. Sanctions as Housing Prices Spike Sharply

Iranians say U.S. sanctions blocking access to needed medicine

Commentary: Old Habits Die Hard: Saudi Arabia Struggles to End Oil Addiction

Trump told advisers he wants to pull US troops from Afghanistan by 2020 election: report

India, Pakistan trade attack claims as Kashmir tensions rise

Russia Says It 'Will Never Use Lose the Arms Race' as U.S. Leaves Cold War Missile Deal

Moscow Police Arrest Over 800 in Protest Calling for Fair Elections

North Korea says Kim Jong Un supervised third weapons test this week in a bid to keep pressure on US, South Korea

Shops shut, traffic blocked as protests again roil Hong Kong

Indonesia capital, neighboring provinces in Java hit by major power blackout

Third Mexican journalist killed in a week amid record murder rate

At least 9 dead, 16 injured in Ohio mass shooting; suspect dead

El Paso shooting: 20 people dead, 26 injured, suspect in custody, police say

El Paso Walmart rampage marks 250th mass shooting in 215 days

El Paso shooting suspect may face hate crime charge

Pete Buttigieg: America 'under attack from homegrown white nationalist' terrorists

El Paso Suspect Reportedly a Trump Supporter Who Wrote Racist, Anti-Immigrant Manifesto

Amy Klobuchar slams Trump in wake of El Paso massacre, faces backlash for politicizing tragedy

Impeachment summer? August town halls may decide next steps

Former Google Engineer Says Google Will Try to Prevent Trump's Reelection

Georgia law prohibits removing these Confederate monuments. So Atlanta is adding context

Johnson's top aide says lawmakers can't stop no-deal Brexit

A British town is at risk of being submerged by a collapsing dam

3 family members killed in California sea cliff collapse

5.2 magnitude earthquake hits near Unalaska, Alaska

5.1 magnitude earthquake hits near Karpathos, Greece

5.0 magnitude earthquake hits near Port Blair, India

5.0 magnitude earthquake hits near Riverton, New Zealand

Major stratospheric eruption at Ulawun volcano, ash to 19.2 km (63,000 feet) a.s.l., P.N.G.

Sabancaya volcano in Peru erupts to 25,000ft

Popocateptl volcano in Mexico erupts to 21,000ft

Karymsky volcano on Kamchatka, Russia erupts to 14,000ft

Ebeko volcano in the Kuril Islands erupts to 10,000ft

Water in Hawaii volcano could trigger explosive eruptions

Tropical Storms Erick and Flossie weaken while newly formed Tropical Storm Gil not a threat to Hawaii

Francisco strengthens as a new tropical depression forms in the West Pacific

Heat wave causes Greenland's ice sheet to lose 11 billion tons in a single day

Over 2,000 Miles of Pacific Coastline Experiencing Drought

Smoke from Siberian forest fires traveled across Bering Sea to US, Canada

Brazil Official Is Ousted After He Reports Rising Amazon Deforestation

Google summit on climate change attended by stars in private jets, mega yachts slammed as 'hypocritical'

Bring your own bottle: Plastic bottle sales banned at San Francisco airport

Dengue: The centre of a vaccine disaster story

Former U.S. Ebola patients mark 5 years since recovery while new outbreak grips Congo

First human-monkey chimera raises concern among scientists

LGBTQ Arabs, Allies Hold First-ever Protest in Israel Following Teen's Tel Aviv Stabbing

Suicidal Christianity turns British cathedrals into golf courses

Tracking Bible Prophecy Headlines - 8/3/2019

Egypt: Sinai will never be part of Trump administration's peace plan

Netanyahu's request for meeting with Jordan's Abdullah rejected - report

Israel to advance plans for 2,430 settler homes and approve four outposts

Clashes in Palestinian camp in Lebanon after ex-Fatah official's son shot dead

6,000 protest at Gaza border, rioters hurl explosive devices toward IDF troops

Nazi Swastika Flag Raised by Palestinian Rioters During Unrest on Israel-Gaza Border

IDF's Gaza Division is training to beat Hamas, not bury it

Jordan shuts holy site after Israelis visit, says they prayed without permission

Protesters, worshippers skirmish at Western Wall during female-led service

Ancestry publishes millions of Holocaust records online in free database

Jews have ugly noses, Belgian journalist writes in column attacking Israel

Proposed anti-Israel ethnic-studies curriculum in California has Jewish community on alert

58 Jewish groups gather in New York to mobilize against anti-Semitism

Israel's parties are contracting to bring about Netanyahu's downfall

Maariv analyst: PM Netanyahu is up against 'deaf' man, Labor leader will become known as he who buried Left's hope of reclaiming power.'Netanyahu can even bring the messiah'

Why is Israel outsourcing its national infrastructure to China?

White House demands info on any misuse of American funds by UNRWA

New wave of terrorist attacks possible before end of year, UN says

Trump DHS extends deportation protection for 7,000 Syrians as civil war continues

Iran's Zarif invited to meet Trump at White House last month - report

UK's Boris Johnson appoints controversial 'pro-Iran' defense secretary

Iran says will take 'third step' to reduce nuclear deal commitments

Behind the Lines: Turkey sets course against the West in the Mediterranean

Sudan crisis: Military and opposition agree constitutional declaration

India accuses Pakistan-backed militants of targeting Hindu pilgrims in Kashmir

India again rejects Trump offer of help with Pakistan on Kashmir as tensions rise at border

US pulls out of Reagan-era arms treaty, saying Russia 'made no efforts' to comply

US and Russia end missile treaty as new threats emerge

NATO says no to new 'arms race' as US, Russia rip up weapons treaty

US to accelerate missile program after ending weapons pact with Russia

Russia says new US sanctions over Skripal poisoning hurt ties

UN report: North Korean prisoners killed for escape attempts

Trump Calls Hong Kong Protests 'Riots,' Adopting China Rhetoric

Trump sure Kim 'does not want to disappoint his friend, President Trump!'

Maduro says he 'repudiates' Trump statement on possible Venezuela blockade

Federal judge rules against Trump asylum policy

Pelosi Cites Progress in Trump Probes as Impeachment Calls Rise

After majority of House Democrats call for impeachment, Pelosi vows Trump 'will be held accountable'

Robert Mueller's Russia probe cost nearly $32 million in total, Justice Department says

Trump mocks Baltimore congressman after break-in at his home: 'Too bad!'

Rush Limbaugh on Baltimore: Trump speaking 'absolute truth' that's not supposed to be said about Dem-run cities

Beijing responds to Trump's new $300 billion tariff threat

Dow drops 280 points, giving up big earlier gain after Trump says US adding more tariffs on China

Stocks post their worst week of 2019 after Trump's latest trade-war escalation

Perfect summer storm brewing for stock correction as trade war simmers and more Fed action awaited

Stock market hit a tipping point after a run of extreme bullishness

'Self-inflicted wound': Donald Trump signs budget bill as experts warn he's on track to add trillions to U.S. debt

Families Go Deep in Debt to Stay in the Middle Class

No-deal Brexit an 'instantaneous' shock to economy: Bank of England Carney warns

Sweden's Biggest Cities Face Power Shortage After Fuel-Tax Hike

Apple and Amazon curtail human review of voice recordings

Pentagon testing mass surveillance balloons across the US

FBI Wants Tech to Track Social Media for Criminals and Terrorists Before They Act

The real reason America is scared of Huawei: internet-connected everything

NASA's mission to 'touch the sun' surprises during first data delivery

Magnitude 7 earthquake hits Indonesia, tsunami warning issued

5.5 magnitude earthquake hits near Lamitan, Philippines

5.0 magnitude earthquake hits near Cabodiongan, Philippines

Ulawun volcano in Papua New Guinea erupts to 30,000ft

Sabancaya volcano in Peru erupts to 27,000ft

Popocateptl volcano in Mexico erupts to 20,000ft

Sangay volcano in Ecuador erupts to 20,000ft

Reventador volcano in Ecuador erupts to 15,000ft

Kerinci volcano in Indonesia erupts to 14,000ft

Tropical Storm Erick lashes Hawaii with rain as Flossie approaches

Wipha to unload heavy rain, gusty winds on China, Vietnam into this weekend

Tropical Storm Francisco Expected to Hit Japan as Typhoon

Wildfires, flooding wreaking havoc in Russia. Climate change is making it worse

Google summit on climate change attended by stars in private jets, mega yachts slammed as 'hypocritical'

Europe's flight-shame movement has travelers taking trains to save the planet

$1.1 billion worth of cocaine disguised as soybeans seized by German authorities

Older adults are binge drinking at alarming rates

A second Ebola case in Goma - the first prompted an international emergency

US measles outbreak helps boost Merck's vaccine sales in second quarter

Florida just declared a public health emergency over its ballooning Hepatitis A cases

Philadelphia Declares Public Health Emergency For Hepatitis A Outbreak

UK Mother Sues National Health Service for 'Wrongful Birth' of Down Syndrome Son

Rammstein's guitarists kiss onstage during Russia performance to protest anti-LGBTQ laws

Thai king names mistress official concubine in ceremony alongside new wife of 3 months

Sex doll ruling arouses controversy in South Korea

Human trafficking '2nd highest rising crime in Tennessee'

Woman who killed daughters after 'they got in the way' of her sex life sentenced to life in prison

North Texas Stores Selling 'Bullet-Resistant' Backpacks

Tracking Bible Prophecy Headlines - 8/2/2019

In Cairo, Sissi tells Kushner Egypt supports establishment of Palestinian state

Former Shin Bet head warns of 'bloodshed' that West Bank annexation would cause

Peretz accuses Netanyahu, Liberman of colluding to force repeat elections

Gantz appears to open, then abruptly closes, door to government with Netanyahu

Likud says rift in right could lead to leftist government

Four wives of jailed cult leader found pro-polygamy party to run in elections

Troubled UN agency for Palestinians names new deputy head

Netanyahu: Israel Defending Itself With 'Iron Wall'

Two attacks on two borders in one day: Is the IDF ready for war on 3 fronts?

Netanyahu appears to confirm Israeli missile fire at Syrian Golan

Syria says it agrees to cease-fire in rebel stronghold

UN warns 'worst humanitarian disaster' of the century is unfolding in Syria's Idlib

UN calls for inquiry over Assad regime's bombing of hospitals, villages in Idlib

Trump Administration Extends Protected Status For Syrians

UN experts warn Islamic State aiming for resurgence in Iraq, Syria

US officials say ISIS still poses global threat

ISIS shares shocking video of beheading as children cheer

Based in Lebanon but entrenched in Latin America, Hezbollah helps Iran spread global terrorism

Iran sanctions effective, "we will enforce them" everywhere: Pompeo

Wary of Trump's Hard Line on Iran, Europeans Decline to Join Escorts in Gulf

Japan won't contribute ships to U.S. Middle East maritime force - Mainichi

Facebook bans 'Saudi Arabia-linked propaganda accounts'

Al-Qaeda attack kills 19 soldiers in south Yemen: security officials

Afghanistan peace deal would see US troop numbers slashed: Reports

Bombs rattle Bangkok during Asean Summit, wounding two

Taiwan fires over 100 missiles during China war drills

US reports new North Korean rocket launch, amid rising tensions

UK, France and Germany condemn North Korea missile launches

INF nuclear treaty: US pulls out of Cold War-era pact with Russia

UN chief says world will lose brake on nuclear war with end of INF treaty

Venezuela: Socialist 'Death Squads' Targeting Opposition Activists

Top U.S., China Diplomats Meet Amid Trade, Security Tensions

Trump says he will go ahead with new China tariffs that would hit iPhones and toys

Trump says it's "fine with me" if China doesn't want to trade with the U.S.

Trump says he didn't raise election meddling in phone call with Putin

Schumer suggests McConnell is blocking election security measures because he wants 'the Russians to interfere'

Democrats express alarm over debate's negative tone

Mainstream media shreds CNN Democratic debate: 'The clear intent was to spark fights'

Commentary: Why Do Democrats Run All Of The Dangerous And Rodent Infested Cities?

At Ohio rally, Trump escalates attacks on liberal cities

Pelosi calls Kushner 'a slumlord' in her defense of Baltimore

Conspiracy theories like QAnon could fuel 'extremist' violence, FBI says

6.8 magnitude earthquake hits near San Antonio, Chile

5.8 magnitude earthquake hits near Santa Cruz, Chile

5.4 magnitude earthquake hits near San Antonio, Chile

5.4 magnitude earthquake hits the Southern East Pacific Rise

5.0 magnitude earthquake hits near Bunobogu, Indonesia

Sabancaya volcano in Peru erupts to 30,000ft

Popocateptl volcano in Mexico erupts to 24,000ft

Ruiz volcano in Colombia erupts to 19,000ft

Reventador volcano in Ecuador erupts to 16,000ft

Karymsky volcano on Kamchatka, Russia erupts to 15,000ft

Ebeko volcano in the Kuril Islands erupts to 11,000ft

From Europe to the Arctic, temperature records tumble in 2019

Extreme ice melt in Greenland threatens coastal communities across the world, scientists warn

Russian cities are choking under smoke from massive Siberian wildfires

Indonesia declares emergency as forest fires rage in Sumatra, Kalimantan

Beto Moves the Climate Change Goalpost Again: Ten Years Until the Apocalypse

Trump claims he'll 'end the AIDS epidemic,' 'cure childhood cancer' at Cincinnati rally

One year on - No end in sight for deadly Ebola outbreak

Public health emergency declared in Philadelphia due to Hepatitis A outbreak

Parents of gender-confused kids demand investigation of gov't-funded study on puberty blockers

Disney Features First Teenage Gay Couple In 'Andi Mack' Series Finale

Can't Stop Swiping: Dating App Addiction Fueled By Loneliness And Social Anxiety, Study Finds

Tracking Bible Prophecy Headlines - 8/1/2019

Jared Kushner meets with Netanyahu in Israel as U.S. doubles down on peace plan

Kushner meets Jordan's king, Netanyahu in new tour to discuss peace plan

White House denies plans for summit with Arab leaders to roll out peace plan

PA: Camp David summit is ploy to boost Netanyahu before elections

Ambassador Friedman: We Prefer Palestinian Autonomy over State

Palestinians: We don't need permission from Israel to build on our land

After okaying Palestinian homes, Netanyahu vows Jewish settlements are 'forever'

Netanyahu: No settlers will be uprooted - "What you are doing here is eternal"

Ocasio-Cortez: 'Criticizing the occupation doesn't make you anti-Israel'

Three troops injured, Palestinian gunman killed in Gaza border clash

IDF: Next Gaza war will be short but deal 'massive blow' to Hamas

In future Gaza war, Israel said aiming to weaken Hamas - but not topple it

Report: Israel believes Hamas, Iran agreed on Gaza front in case of northern war

US imposes financial sanctions on Iran's foreign minister

Rouhani slams US for 'childish' sanctions on Iran's foreign minister

US will extend sanctions waivers for Iran nuclear programs: Bolton

US Senator Cruz says 'deep state' working to preserve Obama-Iran deal

Trump Admin Sanctions Iranian FM Zarif as Terrorist Enabler

Iran dismisses Pompeo's 'hypocritical' offer to visit

Trump tweets arrests of Somali ISIS sympathizers in Arizona

Four school children among six shot dead in Sudan, says a source

Bus strikes roadside bomb in Afghanistan, 32 killed, including children

Afghan troop numbers drop sharply in crackdown on 'ghost' soldiers

Hamza Bin Laden: Son of Osama 'dead', US officials say

White House Told Officials to Go Easy on China Over Hong Kong

Bolton says N.Korea tests didn't violate pledge to Trump, but no word on talks

North Korea's leader Kim Jong Un supervised test-firing of new missiles

Joe Biden blasts decriminalizing illegal immigration: 'It's a crime'

Resurfaced video shows Elijah Cummings calling Baltimore 'drug infested,' likening residents to 'zombies'

Pete Buttigieg uses Bible verse to slam 'so-called conservative Christian' Republicans during debate

Reagan made racist remarks in taped conversation with Nixon

Leading Jewish Democrat Nita Lowey endorses Trump impeachment

Stocks fall sharply after the Fed's first rate cut in more than 10 years

Markets 'need to chill' because the Fed may not be done with rate cuts, says economist

Gigantic, mysterious radiation leak traced to facility in Russia

6.6 magnitude earthquake hits near Lakatoro, Vanuatu

5.4 magnitude earthquake hits near Tennant Creek, Australia

5.3 magnitude earthquake hits near Manokwari, Indonesia

5.0 magnitude earthquake hits near Lakatoro, Vanuatu

5.0 magnitude earthquake hits near Ust'-Kamchatsk Staryy, Russia

Sabancaya volcano in Peru erupts to 24,000ft

Popocateptl volcano in Mexico erupts to 24,000ft

Klyuchevskoy volcano on Kamchatka, Russia erupts to 18,000ft

Reventador volcano in Ecuador erupts to 16,000ft

Tropical Storm Wipha to unload heavy rain, gusty winds on China, Vietnam

Erick and Flossie Will Both Weaken Before Brushing Hawaii With Rain and High Surf

Tropical depression odds grow to 70 percent for Atlantic storm, 2nd closer wave could bring weekend rain

Climate change: UK's 10 warmest years all occurred since 2002

Greenland Is Melting Away Before Our Eyes Amid An Ongoing Heat Wave

Russian Embassy: Trump offers Putin help in fighting Siberian wildfires

Report: Jeffrey Epstein Aimed to Seed Human Race With His DNA - likely stems from his interest in transhumanism

Abortion rate in Georgia declined sharply over past 25 years

Florida man sentenced to 10 years in prison for knowingly spreading HIV

Parents of gender-confused kids demand investigation of gov't-funded study on puberty blockers

Mario Lopez says it's 'dangerous' for parents to support transgender kids

Mario Lopez Apologizes for 'Ignorant and Insensitive' Comments About Parenting Transgender Kids

'Genderfluid' Calif. Drag Queen Running for US Congress

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