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October 2017 Headlines

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Tracking Bible Prophecy Headlines - 10/31/2017

IDF blows up Gaza attack tunnel, killing 7 Palestinians and wounding 12 inside

IDF confirms blowing up terrorist tunnel running within Israel

IDF: 'no intention of assassinating senior militants' in tunnel blast

Netanyahu on Gaza terror tunnel demolition: 'Whoever hurts us, we'll hurt them'

Netanyahu hails 'breakthrough technology' in discovery of Hamas attack tunnel

Israeli rapper hands out sweets to celebrate Palestinians killed in Gaza

Iran blasts 'bloodthirsty' Israel after terror tunnel destroyed

Hamas warns IDF's tunnel explosion 'grave escalation'

Hamas, Fatah accuse Israel of trying to foil unity deal by hitting terror tunnel

US 'discouraging actions' that will 'unduly distract' from peace efforts

Israeli and Palestinian ministers held a rare high-level meeting in Trump peace push

Recognise Palestine to mark Balfour centenary, says Emily Thornberry

How the Balfour Declaration Has Emerged at the Crux Of the War Against Israel

Martin Luther 500th anniversary marred by anti-Semitism row

In fresh snub, UAE gives medals to all UNESCO members but Israel

Saudi Arabia Might Recognize Israel Because Of NEOM

Jordan water crisis worsens as Mideast tensions slow action

US captures key militant in Benghazi attack

US, Qatar agree to further curbs on terrorist financing

Trump Administration pledges up to $60M to stop next 'reservoir of jihadi terrorists'

New $400m army to fight human traffickers and terrorists faces UN moment of truth

Saudi minister: Lebanon's silence toward Hezbollah 'strange'

Syrian refugees in Lebanon face mounting hostility: 'Their presence is an occupation'

Russia eyeing Syria victory by year-end, will keep troops there

Turkey firmly entrenched in Syria - until Putin decides otherwise

Erdogan takes legal action after lawmaker calls him 'fascist dictator'

Iran to lift border curbs with Iraq's Kurdish region in coming days

Arab coalition strikes Houthi training camps in Yemen, killing 40 militiamen

Militants who killed 23 at Mogadishu hotel used intelligence service ID cards

Wife of Chechen accused of Putin assassination plot shot dead near Kiev

Trump administration officials oppose limits on war authorization

Trump, Japan's Abe agree to work together on N Korea before Asia visit

South Korea, China say to mend ties after THAAD standoff

China considers three-year jail terms for disrespecting national anthem

Spain's government seeks rebellion and sedition charges against Catalonia's leaders

Work resumes normally in Catalonia as Spain enforces direct rule

Spain's direct rule takes hold in Catalonia as secessionists accept elections

Bank of England believes Brexit could cost 75,000 finance jobs

Trump tweets 'NO COLLUSION'

Trump, GOP lawmakers: Manafort charges no relation to campaign, alleged 'collusion'

Gregg Jarrett: Still no evidence of Trump-Russia 'collusion' - but Hillary is a different matter

Facebook says 126 million Americans may have seen Russia-linked political posts

A husband and wife survived the Las Vegas massacre. They died in a fiery crash two weeks later.

French Alps shaken by 140 earthquakes in just over a month

6.8 magnitude earthquake hits near Tadine, New Caledonia

5.9 magnitude earthquake hits near Tadine, New Caledonia

5.8 magnitude earthquake hits near Hihifo, Tonga

5.7 magnitude earthquake hits near Satipo, Peru

5.4 magnitude earthquake hits near Lanta Timur, Indonesia

5.1 magnitude earthquake hits near Tadine, New Caledonia

5.0 magnitude earthquake hits near Tadine, New Caledonia

Reventador volcano in Ecuador erupts to 28,000ft

Sabancaya volcano in Peru erupts to 27,000ft

Sheveluch volcano on Kamchatka, Russia erupts to 20,000ft

Sinabung volcano in Indonesia erupts to 13,000ft

Turrialba volcano in Costa Rica erupts to 13,000ft

Poas volcano in Costa Rica erupts to 10,000ft

Northeast Coastal Storm Knocks Out Power to More Than 1 Million; Schools Closed in New England

UN agency: CO2 concentrations grew at record rate in 2016

2,100 cities exceed recommended pollution levels, fueling climate change

Scientists 'can't explain' Black Death plague outbreak

From Cancun to Los Cabos, tourists scared off Mexico's beaches due to cartels

The ethical and scientific consequences to eradicating Down Syndrome through abortion?

Federal judge in D.C. blocks part of Trump's transgender military ban

Tracking Bible Prophecy Headlines - 10/30/2017

Kushner paid secret visit to Saudi Arabia for peace push

Netanyahu meets with US envoys for peace talks 'check-in'

Abbas tells Israeli delegation Netanyahu not interested in resuming peace talks

Abbas says he won't appoint Hamas ministers who won't recognize Israel

Coalition chairman confirms US pressure behind 'Greater Jerusalem' bill delay

US: Jerusalem expansion bill an obstacle to peace

PA prime minister to UK: Apologize for Balfour

Britain defends Balfour Declaration, 100 years on

NGOs Targeting Israel to Receive $18 Million Under Terms of UN-Palestinian Authority Agreement

UN finds tunnel opening under UNWRA school in Gaza

New York's power plants now protected, using Israel's Iron Dome technology

Israeli force hit by leakage from Egypt-ISIS fighting, none hurt

Roadside bomb, gunfire kills 2 policemen in Egypt's Sinai

ISIS fanatics threaten Prince George with chilling warning 'the Royal Family will not be left alone,' report says

Mass grave with 36 bodies found near Libya's Benghazi

Protesters storm Kurdistan parliament after Barzani announces resignation

Afghan official saysTaliban attack kills 13 police

Iran says it foils plot involving tomb of Cyrus the Great

Iran's Rouhani rejected Trump invitation to meet in new York

'Package deal' with Putin needed against Iranian expansion

Iran asks UN nuclear chief to confirm it still follows deal

Democrats push bill to stop a Trump pre-emptive strike on North Korea

North Korea to Conduct Missile Test While President Trump Visits Asia?

North Korea conducting evacuation, blackout drills amid growing tensions with US, report says

U.S., South Korea, Japan Urge North Korea to Cease 'Irresponsible' Provocations

Mueller's looming indictment threatens Trump's big week

WSJ editorial board calls for Mueller's resignation and accuses Clinton and DNC of collusion

When man meets metal: rise of the transhumans

New iPhone brings face recognition (and fears) to the masses

Earthquake swarm in Oraefajokull volcano in Iceland

Sabancaya volcano in Peru erupts to 25,000ft

Popocateptl volcano in Mexico erupts to 22,000ft

Aoba volcano in Vanuatu erupts to 20,000ft

Reventador volcano in Ecuador erupts to 17,000ft

Near 'weather bomb' conditions drench Northeast on Sandy anniversary

5 Years After Sandy, Here's How NYC is Spending Billions in Federal Aid

Record-breaking cold weather in metro Atlanta

Looting in Northern California burn areas continues, police say, with 2 more arrested

Big Brewer Makes a Play for Marijuana Beverages

Doctors prepare for deep dive into Las Vegas shooter's brain

The New Religions Obsessed with A.I.

Historic Alexandria church decides to remove plaques honoring Washington, Lee

Tracking Bible Prophecy Headlines - 10/29/2017

PM delays vote on bill annexing Greater Jerusalem after US frowns on it

Fears of International Pressure Force Israel to Delay Vote on Jerusalem Annexation Bill

Commentary: Israel Cannot Withdraw From the West Bank

Hamas security chief, injured in car bombing, says unity deal still on track

IS said behind attempted assassination of Hamas security chief in Gaza

UK leader Corbyn to skip Balfour centennial dinner with Netanyahu

British activists walk from UK to Palestine to apologize for Balfour Declaration

Poll: Likud is top party despite PM probes, but could struggle to form coalition

Likud MK says Sara Netanyahu abuse allegations 'political,' meant to hurt PM

UAE apologizes to Israel for judo handshake snub

Wake-Up Call: The Russia-Iran Axis Is an Existential Threat to Israel's Security

Egypt shakes up security brass, week after deadly attack

Egypt's Sissi names new armed forces chief of staff - seen as a major shift in the military establishment

Mass grave with 50 bodies of Iraqi soldiers found in Kirkuk

Ancient tomb of Jewish prophet Nahum 'in danger' amid Iraq-Kurdish tensions

Bombs kill at least 23, wound 30 in Somalia's capital Mogadishu

Oxford University worker suspended over alleged Islamist terror links

Rouhani says Iran will continue to produce missiles

Bannon tells Arab paper: Turkey is more dangerous than Iran

Deposed Catalan Leader Calls on Supporters to Peacefully Oppose Takeover by Madrid

Thousands rally in Madrid, urge jailing of deposed Catalan leader

EU official says no one will recognize Catalonia

JFK files release pulls back curtain on Trump clash with spy agencies

Tech Stocks Roar Again in Faint Echo of 2000

Brexit: EU bank may not fully repay UK until 2054

Saudi crown prince favors extending OPEC production limits

DoD Plans Solar-Storm-Based National Blackout Drill During Antifa Protests In November

6.0 magnitude earthquake hits North of Franz Josef Land

5.7 magnitude earthquake hits North of Franz Josef Land

5.3 magntiude earthquake hits West of Macquarie Island

5.2 magnitude earthquake hits near Alaqahdari-ye Kiran wa Munjan, Afghanistan

5.2 magnitude earthquake hits the Carlsberg Ridge

5.1 magnitude earthquake hits West of Macquarie Island

Sabancaya volcano in Peru erupts to 27,000ft

Popocateptl volcano in Mexico erupts to 20,000ft

Reventador volcano in Ecuador erupts to 15,000ft

Tropical Storm Selma lashes El Salvador; new storm eyes Cuba

Typhoon Saola brings heavy rain in southern Japan

Powerful Coastal Storm Will Likely Bring Damaging Winds, Flooding Rainfall to the Northeast Starting Sunday Into Monday; Bombogenesis Possible

Apocalyptic photos show sea of hail swamping cars in Argentina

UN expert: UN: LGBTs still suffer from 'egregious' human rights violations

Tracking Bible Prophecy Headlines - 10/28/2017

Israel, Palestinians said back to full West Bank security cooperation

IDF seals off 10 tunnels under West Bank security fence

Hamas leader blames Israel for assassination attempt on security commander

Israel outs a senior Hezbollah target, but risks igniting new round of violence

Turn Israel into pariah state to 'end occupation,' UN official urges

Haley condemns UN official who urged economic sanctions against Israel

'We will not rest until every Jew wishing to immigrate is here'

US museum debuts first 3-D holograms of Holocaust survivors

Sara Netanyahu in fresh lawsuit for allegedly treating staff like 'slaves'

Kurdish officials are 'disappointed' with United States response to Kurdish-Iraqi conflict

Iraq orders temporary cease-fire in Kurdish north to deploy more troops

UN Rights Chief Calls Humanitarian Situation In Syria 'An Outrage'

UN 'shocked' by images of 'deliberately starved' Syrian children

Britain calls for UN sanctions on Syria over sarin attack

Syria Rejects U.N. Report Blaming It for Sarin Attack

Mattis, in Seoul, says US can't accept nuclear North Korea

Mattis says threat of nuclear attack by N.Korea accelerating

Mattis, at border of North Korea, criticizes its 'reckless, outlaw behavior'

As Mattis promises 'massive military response' to North Korea strike, threat of artillery hangs over Seoul

Pence to U.S. troops on North Korea: 'Be ready'

North Korea on Verge of Catastrophe at Nuclear Test Site, China Warns

Putin, as part of test, oversees launch of four nuclear-capable missiles

Reports of spectacular UFO - a giant glowing ball lighting the sky - in Siberia sfter the launch of an intercontinental ballistic missile

Moscow decries 'hostility' as Trump moves toward new Russia sanctions

Mueller has reportedly filed the first charges in the Russia investigation

Catalonia government dissolved after declaring independence from Spain

Catalonia independence: Spain strips police chiefs of powers

Spain readies to impose direct rule as Catalonia fights back

Catalan independence group calls for "peaceful resistance" to Madrid

EU Parliament head condemns Catalan vote

EU: Catalan independence declaration changes nothing

US backs Spain in stopping Catalan independence

Breaking neutrality, Spanish Jews come out against Catalan independence

World's witnessing a new Gilded Age as billionaires' wealth swells to $6tn

US economy sees 3% growth, shrugging off hurricanes

No end in sight for tech giant share gains

Hungary Orders Spies to Target Soros 'Empire'

Facebook moves toward revealing political ad backers

This artificial intelligence may start tracking you soon

Authorities put brakes on information flow in Las Vegas shooting

Cuba says cicadas are behind the "sonic attacks" that injured US diplomats in Havana

It's time for another Fake Apocalypse - the Nibiru version

Researchers develop earthquake forecaster that could detect one up to a week in advance

'Really Big Earthquake Is Coming, Striking 7 Million People in the Worst Natural Disaster in North American History

5.0 magnitude earthquake hits near Anatahan, Northern Mariana Islands

Reventador volcano in Ecuador erupts to 28,000ft

Sabancaya volcano in Peru erupts to 27,000ft

Saola to bring new dangers to Japan following deadly Typhoon Lan

Tropical Storm Selma Forms in a Rare Location in Eastern Pacific

Tropical Storm Philippe likely to form overnight Friday in western Caribbean

Hybrid storm to create travel nightmare in northeastern US with a tropical deluge, coastal flooding and fierce winds

Shocking photo shows Caribbean Sea being 'choked to death by human waste'

Catholic Hospital Group Grants Euthanasia to Mentally Ill, Defying Vatican

Shocking Video: Woman Knocked Out, Witnesses Rob & Take Selfie, Instead Of Calling 911

24,000 Homicides: Mexico On Pace For Most Violent Year In History As Drug Wars Spiral Out Of Control

Italian man sentenced to 24 years for infecting dozens of women with HIV

Weinstein sex accusations show the power of social media and the limits of shame in our celebrity-driven world

Tracking Bible Prophecy Headlines - 10/27/2017

Australia PM to express support for two-state solution to Israeli-Palestinian conflict

Australian PM to shorten next week's trip to Israel amid domestic political crisis

Fatah continues campaign against Balfour Declaration

Israel to green-light construction of 700 East Jerusalem homes

Despite Netanyahu's pledge for more security measures, protesting settlers won't budge

Top minister: Settlement boycott equals Israel boycott

Houston suburb cancels hurricane aid requirement that homeowners must denounce Israel boycotts

Firefighters battle massive day-old blaze west of Jerusalem

UN High Commissioner announces 'blacklist' of Israeli companies

UN rights official slammed for urging economic sanctions on Israel

When it comes to Israel, the Arab world isn't a good sport

Goodbye Uzi, Hello Big Brother: The Israelis Arming the World With Sophisticated Cyber-weapons

As Elections Loom in Egypt, al-Sissi's Supporters Urge Him to Run

Here, there, everywhere, Tillerson trip all about terrorism

Tillerson again insists Syrian leader Assad must go

Tillerson: The future in Syria will be written without Bashar al-Assad

In long run, Israel favors secular Assad over Shiite Islamist regime in Syria

UN Report: Syrian Government To Blame For April Chemical Attack

Tillerson says Iraq must resist Iran influece

Iraq rejects Kurdish offer to 'freeze' independence

US general says Iraq dispute impedes ISIS fight

Iraq, Syria converge on Islamic State's last strongholds

Red Cross Warns of 'Dehumanizing' Rhetoric in ISIS Fight

Almost all American ISIS fighters unaccounted for, sparking fears they could slip through cracks and return

Canada settles with wrongly accused terror suspects for $24.6 mln

EU under mounting pressure to ban arms sales to Saudi Arabia

The U.S. is on a collision course with Iran in the Middle East

New US sanctions imposed for Iran's ballistic missile program and support of Hezbollah

Hezbollah denounces new US measures against it

Former Western defense chiefs warn Hezbollah war 'a matter of time'

Israel Will Take Military Action to Stop Iran Nuclear Program if Trump's Efforts Fail, Intel Minister Warns

Ex-CIA chief: Let Israel buy bunker busters to deter Tehran

Pentagon chief Mattis stresses diplomacy in Korean crisis

Pentagon chief in South Korea amid North Korea nuke threats

Pentagon chief accuses N.Korea of threatening 'catastrophe'

Trump says Russia hurting US efforts on North Korea nuclear issue

Pope Francis calls space station to boost Vatican-Russian ties

Trump delays release of hundreds of remaining JFK assassination documents, bowing to national security concerns

Delayed release of JFK records causes backlash

Number of billionaires worldwide jumps 10%: study

Asia Now Has More Billionaires Than the U.S.

Pressure Builds on Venezuela With Big Payments Due This Week

Rising Rents Are Pushing More Tenants Past the Breaking Point

Saudi Arabia becomes first country to grant citizenship to a robot

4.6 magnitude earthquake hits near Akureyri, Iceland

Sabancaya volcano in Peru erupts to 27,000ft

Popocateptl volcano in Mexico erupts to 22,000ft

Reventador volcano in Ecuador erupts to 19,000ft

More than 73,000 Puerto Ricans flee for Florida after Hurricane Maria

Three killed, one missing in Bulgaria floods

Global wine output hits 50-year low: OIV

Arsenic: Baby Food Study Finds 65 Percent of It Contains Chemical

Campaigners Demand 'Urgent Action' as Child Sex Grooming Cases Rise 64 Per Cent in Just One Year

UK may deport man facing persecution in Morocco for being gay

Police refuse to give gender of suspects in transgender brawl - in case they get it wrong

Doctors clash over euthanasia for mentally ill

Pharmaceutical Founder Arrested In Alleged Nationwide Opioid Scheme

Trump Announces Opioid Crisis a Public Health Emergency

Officials Warn About Marijuana Edibles Being Given Out As Halloween Candy Treats

24,000 Homicides: Mexico On Pace For Most Violent Year In History As Drug Wars Spiral Out Of Control

Tracking Bible Prophecy Headlines - 10/26/2017

Netanyahu meets settler leaders, pledges $230 million for West Bank settlement development

Israel approves 176 new settler homes in East Jerusalem

Police shutter PA conference in Jerusalem about land sales to Jews - Public security minister says he was acting to 'prevent any political foothold for the Palestinians' in the capital

White House says Mike Pence, set to arrive during Hanukkah, will discuss prospects for a peace deal in separate meetings with Netanyahu and Abbas

In Canada, George W. Bush awarded prize for commitment to Israel

Netanyahu's personal diplomatic envoy steps down

The Palestinian plan to protest the Balfour Declaration's 100th anniversary

Theresa May vows to mark Balfour centennial 'with pride'

The Balfour Declaration promised Lebanon and Jordan to the Jews, too

There's no good reason for anti-US, anti-Israel UN voting patterns

Israel secretly using U.S. law firm to fight BDS activists in Europe, North America

Motorola, HP said to be on UN blacklist of settlement-friendly companies

Lebanon: woman sentenced to 10 years in prison for collaborating with Israel

Defense Minister: we will not hesitate to thwart Iran's attempt to encircle us with enemies

Why the Israeli Air Force Destroys Its Enemies in Battle

Israel's next challenge: Precision-guided missiles in Gaza

Hamas leader talks unity in rare call to Jordanian king

Smuggled sperm allows Palestinian prisoners to become fathers

Trump to bypass U.N. and send aid directly to persecuted Christians in Middle East

Secretary Mnuchin Leads Middle East Trip Focused on Combatting Terrorist Financing

U.S. widens surveillance to include 'homegrown violent extremists'

Trump targets 11 nations in refugee order - New screening appears to focus on majority-Muslim nations

Despite terror attacks, tourists are flocking to Europe and the Middle East

The Kurds' Bitter Defeat In Iraq Is Now Everyone's Problem

Nearly 30,000 Kurds displaced from city near Kirkuk: Aid groups

US House approves legislation to sanction Hezbollah, thwart its cash flow

US House passes sanctions on Iran-backed Hezbollah

UN nuclear chief to visit Iran this weekend

BBC appeals to UN over Iran's crackdown on journalists

Iran says defense capabilities not negotiable amid US pressure

Swiss formalize intermediary role between Saudi Arabia, Iran

Saudi Arabia's Grand Plan to Move Beyond Oil: Big Goals, Bigger Hurdles

Crown prince says Saudis want return to moderate Islam

Turkey: Former minister forms party to challenge Erdogan

Human rights activists accused of aiding terror groups on trial in Turkey

Drone kills seven suspected al Qaeda members in Yemen

US ambassador to UN evacuated from volatile South Sudan camp

Taliban attack Afghan army posts, kill 13 troops

Donald Trump notes Xi Jinping's 'extraordinary' rise

North Korean defector describes 'life of hell' for Christians

Second US aircraft carrier enters western Pacific amid North Korea tensions

North Korean official: Take hydrogen bomb threat 'literally'

This is the apocalypse North Korea wants to unleash

Mattis says US 'not rushing to war' with North Korea

Trump says Russia hurting U.S. efforts on North Korea nuclear issue

Outed by Israel, Kaspersky confirms it stole classified US information

Trump rips Clinton link to Fusion GPS dossier as a 'disgrace,' says Russia 'hoax is turned around'

Rabbi Jonathan Sacks: 'Politics of anger' is corroding US public life

Liberals Plan to 'Scream Helplessly at the Sky' on Election Anniversary

Catalonia's VP: Spain 'gives us no option' but to secede

U.S. new home sales race to nearly 10-year high in September

Even Illinois's CFO Doesn't Know How Many Bills Are Unpaid

The Time Has Come: Venezuela May Be In Default In Under 48 Hours

Amazon's Dream of Drone Deliveries Get Closer With Trump's Executive Order

3D-printed food a reality, thanks to Israeli scientists

5.4 magnitude earthquake hits near Tual, Indonesia

5.0 magnitude earthquake hits near Agrihan, Northern Mariana Islands

5.0 magnitude earthquake hits near Krajan Tambakrejo, Indonesia

Sabancaya volcano in Peru erupts to 30,000ft

Sheveluch volcano on Kamchatka, Russia erupts to 20,000ft

Reventador volcano in Ecuador erupts to 18,000ft

Sinabung volcano in Indonesia erupts to 14,000ft

Brazil's Chapada dos Veadeiros park ravaged by fire

Poll: Storms erode Trump's ratings

Man who repaired Harvey-flooded homes dies of flesh-eating bacteria

124 dead, nearly 1,200 infected with plague in Madagascar

Scientists Use New Crispr System to Edit RNA in Human Cells

DNA Scan That Can Detect 1,800 Diseases In Newborns Raises Privacy Concerns

Fertility doctor alleged to have inseminated patients with his sperm to plead guilty

For the first time, a majority of Republicans support marijuana legalization

Judge rejects bid by 18 states to revive Obamacare subsidies

Las Vegas mass shooter Stephen Paddock's brother arrested for child porn

Churches mark Reformation's 500th anniversary and the work of Martin Luther

Only One-Third of Pastors Share 'Left Behind' End Times Theology (April 2016 Article)

Tracking Bible Prophecy Headlines - 10/25/2017

Trump: "On United Nations Day, we recognize the more than seven decades of contributions the United Nations has made to PEACE and SECURITY among nations."

Trump urges UN nations to confront those who threaten terror

In major expansion, Israel approves 176 new homes in East Jerusalem

Israeli Ministers Set to Vote on Annexing West Bank Settlements to Jerusalem

Martin Luther paved the way for the Holocaust

Poland honors historian who said Nazi invasion wasn't so bad for Jews

Dutch Should Stop Pounding Israel and Confront Their Own Problems-Past and Present

After unity deal, Qatar to fund new Palestinian government HQ in Gaza

Hamas sees internal stirrings of dissent over reconciliation deal

With visit to Iran, Hamas thumbs nose at Palestinian reconciliation

Hamas threatens to bomb Tel Aviv

Hamas leader: Our differences with Iran are history

Draft Senate Iran legislation sets tough new US terms for deal

Iran sentences alleged agent for Israel's Mossad to death

Iran Rejoices Over Defeat of 'Second Israel,' as Netanyahu Urges Support for Kurds

Netanyahu: the world must be concerned about the future of the Kurds

Kurdistan region offers to freeze independence vote, engage in talks with Baghdad

Iraq paramilitaries battle Kurds in push towards Turkish border oil hub

Iraqi Christians forced to flee homes again after skirmishes between Kurds and central government

Russia veto puts an end to Syria chemical weapons probe

Iraqi forces say about to launch final offensive on Islamic State near Syria border

The Horrifying Death Of A Syrian Infant Underscores The Brutality Of Assad's Siege Warfare

Saudi ex-intel chief says Assad is the biggest terrorist, praises Trump's harsh Iran stance

Saudis face daunting challenge in drawing Iraq away from Iran

Tillerson says US sanctions targeting Iran's 'malign behaviors'

Saudis set $500 billion plan to develop zone linked with Jordan and Egypt

Saudi plans to modernise Mecca slammed as 'destroying the cradle of Islam'

Getting tough on the Taliban: Trump admin said to be urging closure of the militant group's Qatar office

US may intervene in Qatar crisis as fears grow over long-term rupture

Human rights activists accused of aiding terror groups on trial in Turkey

US declaration of 'ethnic cleansing' in Myanmar on way

Trump to announce new refugee admissions cap, stronger vetting rules as ban expires

Russia to test new generation of intercontinental missile that can 'beat US defence systems'

Russia to conduct two tests of its new 'Satan' ballistic missile

Companies in Ukraine, Russia come under new cyberattack

House intelligence committee to investigate Obama's uranium deal with Russian company

Clinton campaign, DNC helped fund research that led to salacious Trump dossier

The FBI's Political Meddling - Mueller is the wrong sleuth when his ex-agency is so tangled up with Russia

Media admit that the Hill's Russia probes seem to be going nowhere

Violence! Sex! Defiance! Trump's over-the-top presidency has changed the rules for prospective candidates

Cuba: Trump claim about diplomat attack is 'science fiction'

UK officials want to know if Russia meddled in the Brexit vote

Donald Tusk: EU must stay united or face Brexit 'defeat'

Connecticut's capital faces fiscal meltdown tied to union promises, default deemed likely

Super-rich fear their financial details will be exposed following Bermuda cyber hack

MS-13 spreading across US as AG Sessions vows to take down gang

Terror from skies as Mexican cartel attaches bomb to drone

India tells U.S. it plans to retain North Korea embassy as a channel of communications

The universe shouldn't exist, scientists say after finding bizarre behaviour of anti-matter

Elon Musk is worried about people who talk of "AI gods"

AI that predicts earthquakes

Strong earthquake 6.7 mag, 141 km NNE of Palue, Indonesia

5.0 magnitude earthquake hits near Tres Picos, Mexico

Earthquake activity in south part of Bardarbunga volcano caldera

Sabancaya volcano in Peru erupts to 27,000ft

Popocateptl volcano in Mexico erupts to 23,000ft

Reventador volcano in Ecuador erupts to 20,000ft

Tropical Storm Saola to strengthen, target Japan following deadly Typhoon Lan

Hurricane season may not be over yet: Tropical Storm Philippe could form in Caribbean

Israelis, Jordanians, Palestinians find a common enemy: Natural disasters

Senate passes $36.5B disaster aid bill, Trump set to sign

World leaders rehearse for a pandemic that will come 'sooner than we expect'

In the market for human bodies, almost anyone can sell the dead

George H. W. Bush Apologizes to Actress After She Claims He 'Sexually Assaulted' Her During a Photo Shoot

LGBTQ Gun Group launched: 'We have each others back'

Iowa "Church" Holding Youth Drag Competition for 6th-12th Graders

1 in 4 Church of England Congregations Did Not Have Any Children Attend Worship: Report

UN expert says most of world lacks real religious freedom

A growing number of witches are coming "out of the broom closet"

Tracking Bible Prophecy Headlines - 10/24/2017

Hamas visit to Tehran defines the limits of Palestinian reconciliation

Hamas leader's visit to Iran defies Israeli condition on Palestinian unity

Hamas 'begging Iran' for help, US envoy says

US Envoy Greenblatt: We must find better path to peace

Hamas deputy hopes Iran continues aiding their 'resistance'

The Iran-Hamas Plan to Destroy Israel

'Iranian drones have made dozens of undetected flights over Israel'

Qatari envoy arrives in Gaza amid brewing controversy

Russia's ominous return to the Middle East - Putin seeks to drive a wedge between the U.S. and Egypt

PA leader meets German official, urges him to work to advance the peace process by putting pressure on Israel to end the "occupation."

The One Big Reason No Nation Would Wage a War on Israel

Israel arrests 51 Palestinians in East Jerusalem raid

Lapid: 'We'll be tackling Netanyahu, his investigations and his paranoia again this session'

Netanyahu rips opposition, media as 'sourpusses' at new Knesset session

Opening Knesset, Rivlin warns of government 'coup' against democracy

Opposition leaders slam 'embarrassing' PM immunity bill

With new bill, Israel aims to curb global WMD proliferation

Hezbollah-aligned German center declares 'resistance' against Israel

Maryland governor signs order blocking Israel boycotts

Anti-Semitic fliers found at Cornell University

Liberman: Rockets from Syria were launched by Hezbollah

Banker: US sanctions against Hezbollah will not target banks

UN to vote on extending Syria chemical weapons inspectors

Iraqi Shiite leader meets with Jordan king in rare visit

Setbacks for Kurdish independence: A closing window to help one of Israel's few regional allies

Russia says Iraqi Kurds must act in concert with Baghdad

Iraq builds up forces near Kurdish oil export pipeline

Tillerson Visits Iraq to Chilly Reception Over His Remarks on Iran-Backed Militias

Syrian official: 'Massacre' in town held by ISIS

ISIS 'executed' 128 in revenge campaign in Syrian town of Qaryatain

FBI: Florida man sympathized with IS, wanted to bomb mall

Israel sold advanced weapons to Myanmar during its anti-Rohingya ethnic cleansing campaign

US considering sanctions over Myanmar's treatment of Rohingya

4 Yemeni soldiers killed by suspected al Qaeda truck bombing

Mayor of Turkey's capital next from leader's party to resign

US demands Qatar stop funding terrorism

US 'Can't Allow' Iranian IRGC Supply Lines Through Middle East, Sen. Tom Cotton Declares

Tillerson seeks Arab help in US effort to isolate Iran

Rouhani: Iran's regional status has never been stronger

Anti-regime protests spreading across Iran, says country's opposition

Report: Iranian president slams 'corrupt' Revolutionary Guard

North Korea threats at 'unprecedented, critical' level, Japan official says

Japan PM Shinzo Abe promises to handle North Korea threat

Japanese PM to have 'deep discussions' on North Korea with Trump after election victory

Mattis says curbing North Korea threat high on agenda of Asia trip

North Korea, stockpiling weapons, mocks 'lunatic' Trump who has 'war fever'

South Korean Olympic organizers downplay concern over N. Korea

The Air Force hasn't used nuclear 'alert pads' since the Cold War. Now they're being upgraded.

A Russian submarine's recent antics have revived a Cold War fear

Vladimir Putin says genetically-modified super soldiers 'worse than a nuclear bomb' could be a reality

Catalonia warns of civil disobedience as Madrid readies direct rule

A Satellite Chunk Could Fall on Your Head at Any Moment. Get Used to It.

U.S. Midwest oil refiners boost output, cut region's dependence on Gulf Coast

Rise in Earthquakes Near Texas Oilfields Prompts New Monitoring

5.9 magnitude earthquake hits Southwest of Africa

5.4 magnitude earthquake hits Southwest of Africa

5.2 magnitude earthquake hits the South Pacific Ocean

5.2 magnitude earthquake hits near Minab, Iran

5.0 magnitude earthquake hits Southwest of Africa

Sabancaya volcano in Peru erupts to 30,000ft

Reventador volcano in Ecuador erupts to 20,000ft

Sinabung volcano in Indonesia erupts to 15,000ft

Reports of ashfall as Solomons volcano erupts

5 dead after Typhoon Lan hits Japan

Tropical depression 27W moves closer to Guam but still forecast to pass South of island

5 years later: Superstorm Sandy anniversary can cause victims' pain to resurface

California launching fire clean-up 'for the record books'

Fire loss total surges to 8,400 structures in Northern California

2017 World Series: Record-challenging heat to kick off opening games in Los Angeles

Game 1 Of World Series At Dodger Stadium Could Be Hottest Ever

Residents of shrinking US island reject 'climate victim' label

CRISPR Bacon: Chinese Scientists Create Genetically Modified Low-Fat Pigs

It's Possible to Actually Sweat Blood, a New Study Says

Listeria triggers major recall of veggies across US and Canada

The Men Taking Classes to Unlearn Toxic Masculinity

Gay dating apps Grindr and Hornet help LGBT Egyptians stay safe amid crackdown

Bill O'Reilly 'mad at God' over sexual misconduct allegations

Churches merge, close: 'We no longer live in Christendom. We really have to accept that it's a thing of the past'

Tracking Bible Prophecy Headlines - 10/23/2017

Egypt ready to help Palestinians, assist in peace talks, White House official says

Details of Trump's upcoming Middle East peace plan revealed

After TV report, US official says no peace proposal 'imminent'

US official after Greenblatt meetings in Cairo: Peace agreement will take time

Trump peace proposal will seek regional deal, won't set timetable

Trump's peace envoy conditions Palestinian reconciliation on disarming Hamas

Jordan's king endorses Palestinian reconciliation deal

UN Is No Longer Home Court of the Palestinians, Israeli Envoy Says

Former defense minister, courted by Labor Party: There'll be no peace, West Bank can hold millions of more settlers

176 new homes set for approval in Jewish enclave in East Jerusalem

Israel police detain 15 over campaign to stop Jewish-Arab dating

In Washington, Liberman praises US efforts for 'moderate' Mideast coalition

In first, Israel participates in US chiefs of staff confab on counterterrorism

Israel prepares for Hezbollah chemical attack

Intelligence Agencies Warn Islamic State May Be Plotting Poison Gas Attacks

Golan Heights Residents on Edge After Latest Cross-Border Exchange of Fire; 'After Syria Civil War Ends, Guns Will Be Turned on Israel'

Iran praises Hamas for sticking to struggle against Israel

Trump tells Paris, Berlin to 'keep making money' with Tehran

In Syrian barrage, a confident message signed by Iran and Russia

Buoyed by Iran and Russia, Assad Gains Confidence to Float Trial Balloons Against Israel

Saudi ex-intel chief says Assad is the biggest terrorist, praises Trump's harsh Iran stance

Kara: Iran is trying to drag the region into war

US House to vote on nonnuclear Iran sanctions next week

US pushes Saudi Arabia, Iraq on united front to counter Iran

Tillerson demands Iranian militias leave Iraq

Russia accuses US-led coalition of 'barbaric' bombing of Syria's Raqqa

Raqqa: US coalition 'wiped city off Earth', Russia says

Air Force preparing B-52 bombers for 24-hour alert status, official says

Make Japan great again: Abe's landslide is a victory for militant nationalism in the Trump era

Abe retains supermajority in Japan's election, may push to amend constitution

Spain Catalonia: Foreign minister denies 'coup' by Madrid

Venezuelans use bitcoin 'mining' to escape inflation

Jimmy Carter: 'Media Have Been Harder on Trump' More than Other Presidents

New Zealand hit by 'big' 5.4 magnitude earthquake, causing landslides

5.4 magnitude earthquake hits near Putol, Philippines

5.2 magnitude earthquake hits near Mpanda, Tanzania

5.2 magnitude earthquake hits near Minab, Iran

Sabancaya volcano in Peru erupts to 27,000ft

Popocateptl volcano on Mexico erupts to 19,000ft

Reventador volcano in Ecuador erupts to 13,000ft

Typhoon kills at least two in Japan, prompts call for thousands to evacuate

Discounts, guarantees and the search for 'good' genes: The booming fertility business

UK Gov't Office: Term 'Pregnant Woman' Shouldn't Be Used Since It 'Excludes' Transgender People

Tracking Bible Prophecy Headlines - 10/22/2017

Defying U.S., Israeli demands on Palestinian reconciliation, senior Hamas delegation arrives in Iran

Largest theft attempt of past several years thwarted, 27 Palestinians arrested

Peace Now, settlers clash in Hebron over evacuation demand

West Bank could hold another 1-2 million Jewish settlers, former Israeli defense chief says

West Bank hospital chief: Israeli army fired tear gas into compound

Israel believes rocket fire from Syria may have been deliberate

Israel launches retaliatory strikes on Syrian artillery positions

Syria warns UN of 'grave consequences' to Israeli fire

Russia-U.S. Diplomatic Dispute Could Endanger Syria Investigation

After Raqqa falls, Trump says defeat of IS 'in sight'

Saudi Arabia hopes for eradication of terrorism in region after Raqqa victory

Saudi oil minister makes high profile Iraq visit, calls for economic cooperation

Saudi Arabia, Iraq to cooperate on reducing crude oil supply level

Iraq increases oil exports from south by 200,000 bpd to make up for Kirkuk fields shortfall

Kurds defeated, displaced and divided after Iraq reclaims oil-rich Kirkuk

Iraq's lost generation: 'I have forgotten what happiness is'

Rockets strike downtown Kabul, no casualties reported

Egyptians mourn slain police officers following deadly terror attack

At least 54 police killed during raid near Cairo, according to officials

Somalia's death toll now at 358 as 'state of war' planned

Mass Trials of Over 6,600 Boko Haram Suspects Accused of Slaughtering Christians, Children Begin

U.S. will expand counterterrorism focus in Africa, Mattis tells senators

Ramping up rhetoric, Turkey's Erdogan chastises U.S. over democracy

Turkey's banks could face billions in U.S. fines for violating Iran sanctions

Turkey bank regulator dismisses 'rumors' after Iran sanctions report

Yemen PM: Iranian ship seized near the coast of Socotra

US Treasury Secretary to visit Middle East over Iran threats

Saudi Arabia urges United Nations to ensure greater credibility in its reports

South Korea's New 'Frankenmissile' Would Take Out North Korea's Kim Jong Un and His Nuclear Weapons

US commanders stress 'ironclad' commitment to defend S. Korea

Jimmy Carter willing to go to North Korea on diplomatic mission for Trump

Trump expected to pressure China's Xi to rein in North Korea

China supports Myanmar 'safeguarding peace and stability'

Air Force could recall as many as 1,000 retired pilots to address serious shortage

German police rule out terrorism in Munich knife attack

Catalonia crisis: Spanish prime minister wants region's leaders removed

Stopping short of independence, Catalan leader says Spanish threats are 'worst attacks since dictator Franco'

Huge crowds protest as Spain moves to sack Catalan government

'Czech Trump' clinches election victory, eurosceptics boosted

Accused fraudster, alleged spy: Meet the 'Czech Trump' who just won by a landslide

Trump to allow release of JFK assassination files

5.3 magnitude earthquake hits near Olonkinbyen, Svalbard and Jan Mayen

5.3 magnitude earthquake hits near Saumlaki, Indonesia

5.2 magnitude earthquake hits near Coracora, Peru

5.0 magnitude earthquake hits near Norsup, Vanuatu

5.0 magnitude earthquake hits near Hasaki, Japan

Strong earthquake swarm in south Iceland yesterday – minor damage reported

Sabancaya volcano in Peru erupts to 27,000ft

Popocateptl volcano in Mexico erupts to 25,000ft

Reventador volcano in Ecuador erupts to 13,000ft

Sinabung volcano in Indonesia erupts to 11,000ft

Five ex-Presidents attend hurricane relief concert; Trump appears in video message

Illegal immigrant's abortion demand turns into major battle over Constitution

Brutal crackdown has gay and transgender Egyptians asking: Is it time to leave?

Divorce following multiple affairs on the rise as flirty texts catch adulterers out

Tracking Bible Prophecy Headlines - 10/21/2017

Quoting Arafat, Palestinian mission in Colombia calls for Israel's destruction

Unity deal could allow Hamas leader to become PA president

Police: Palestinian nabbed with stolen truck, planned ramming attack on soldiers

Palestinian truck driver: 'I wanted to run over soldiers because of Al-Aqsa'

The West Bank Terror You Never Hear About Perpetrated by Israelis

Do numbers lie? Making sense of Israel's latest batch of settlement approvals

West Bank city erects memorial to Saddam Hussein

Israeli lawmakers walk out of summit amid anti-Israel onslaught

96-year-old former Nazi death camp guard charged with accessory to murder

Dozens of Israeli Army Veterans of Six-Day War Roughed Up Trying to Bring Torah Scrolls to Western Wall

Atlanta rabbi regrets sermon that cast the left as enemy of the Jews

Houston suburb won't give hurricane relief to anyone who boycotts Israel

Vitriolic protest erupts against Israel at Russian conference

Senior Hamas delegation arrives in Tehran for talks

Iran's Revolutionary Guards vow to step up fight against Israel

Netanyahu to Russian Defense Min: Iran has to know our red lines

Report: Three Syrian soldiers wounded in Israeli attack launched Thursday

Report: Russia's Shoygu asked Israel to show restraint in Syria

Saudi minister says terror groups will be eliminated just like ISIS

Trump defeated ISIS, Europe abandoned the Kurds

Iraqi forces complete takeover of Kirkuk province after clashing with Kurds

Land of milk and money: Qatar looks to farms to beat the Gulf boycott

Nearly 60 said killed in two suicide attacks on Afghan mosques

Egyptian official: 14 policemen killed southwest of Cairo

At least two dead in bombing on Mogadishu outskirts

Death toll from Somalia bombings rises to 358

Niger Ambush Came After 'Massive Intelligence Failure,' Source Says

UNICEF: Rohingya children refugees face 'hell on earth'

Trump administration weighs tighter vetting for women, children refugees

Trump blames 'radical Islam' for uptick in crime in Britain

Polish police: No terror motive in mall attack that left one person dead and nine others injured

U.S. will expand counterterrorism focus in Africa, Mattis tells senators

G7, tech giants agree on plan to block jihadist content online

Afghan troops go AWOL in U.S.; IG says wastes taxpayer money, poses security threat

Trump says UN chief doing 'very, very spectacular job'

McMaster says Trump 'absolutely' prepared to terminate Iran deal

Poll: Two thirds of Americans favor keeping Iran nuke deal

John Kerry says ending Iran nuclear deal would worsen N.Korea situation

Draft GOP bill seeks more constraints on Iran's nuke program

Having nuclear weapons 'matter of life and death' for N.Korea

Woman Who Escaped North Korea Says Children Are 'Dying Without Hope,' Talks of Eating Mice to Survive

North Korea warns threats a 'big miscalculation' in letter to Australia lawmakers

Australia dismisses North Korea letter as rant against Trump

US preparing for North Korea's 'final step'

CIA chief: North Korea 'on cusp' of nuclear capability

North Korea's 'stressed' nuclear test mountain on verge of collapse

U.S. diplomat warns to be 'prepared for the worst' right after N. Korean official reportedly shuts down diplomacy

Moscow seeks support for Russia-Chinese roadmap on North Korea

Trump: 'The real Russia story' is Clinton-Obama uranium deal

CIA's Pompeo asserts Russian meddling did not sway US election result

Obama ambassador's testimony on intelligence unmasking raises new questions

Obama slams 'politics of division' on return to campaign trail

Tech companies to lobby for immigrant 'Dreamers' to remain in U.S.

EU leaders back Spain in Catalonia dispute

Catalan leader defiant as Spain moves to revoke region's autonomy

Bank Run Imminent: Catalan Separatists Urge Supporters To Pull Cash From ATMs On Friday Morning

Brexit: Talk of deadlock is exaggerated, says Donald Tusk

U.S. Ran $666 Billion Deficit In Fiscal 2017, Sixth Highest on Record

GOP Congress Presides Over Highest Spending Since Obama's Stimulus

As tech companies get richer, is it 'game over' for startups?

Los Angeles prepares for 'The Big One' with quake drill

5.3 magnitude earthquake hits near Lae, Papua New Guinea

5.2 magnitude earthquake hits near Raoul Island, New Zealand

5.0 magnitude earthquake hits Southwest of Africa

Sabancaya volcano in Peru erupts to 27,000ft

Popocateptl volcano in Mexico erupts to 22,000ft

Reventador volcano in Ecuador erupts to 13,000ft

Turrialba volcano in Costa Rica erupts to 12,000ft

Typhoon Lan: Japan braces itself for monster storm as Okinawa forced to rush election

Voter turnout may suffer on Sunday as Typhoon Lan threatens Japan with flooding rain, mudslides

Storm Brian: 'Weather bomb' set to bring 70mph winds and heavy rain to UK just days after Ophelia

Many Trump voters who got hurricane relief in Texas aren't sure Puerto Ricans should

Zurich Insurance sees $700 mln in hurricane claims in Q3

Mayor: Much of Rockport will not be rebuilt following Harvey

ACLU slams Houston suburb for withholding hurricane relief to anyone boycotting Israel

ISIS Details Devastation of California Wildfires in Caliphate Newsletter

Delhi braces for pollution 'airpocalypse' as smog looms

Smog defies China's Communist Party congress

Study: Pollution Kills 9 Million a Year, Costs $4.6 Trillion

As Paris climate goals recede, geoengineering looms larger

Keepers warn of 'bee-mageddon' after France authorises controversial insecticide

Pharmacist's 'deadly' choices sparked U.S. meningitis outbreak: prosecutors

'It is a dangerous moment': Madagascar plague death toll reaches 74

Near the campus cow pasture, a scientist works to grow human organs - in pigs

Australian state takes step toward legalizing euthanasia

Women's Blog Reveals the 20 Best Cities to Kill Your Baby in an Abortion

Appeals court in San Francisco allows challenge to state law banning prostitution

Pediatrician drops a bomb on idea that transgenderism is real - completely destroys it with truth

Gov. Brown Signs Into Law 'Nonbinary' Gender Option for California Driver's Licenses, Birth Certificates

Air Force punishes colonel who refused to affirm gay marriage, attorney says

Bishops use Pope's teaching to push homosexuality at 2018 World Meeting of Families

Why millennials are ditching religion for witchcraft and astrology

Tracking Bible Prophecy Headlines - 10/20/2017

Hamas chief: We won't discuss recognizing Israel, only wiping it out

Hamas leader in Gaza: We will neither disarm nor recognize Israel

Trump's Envoy Greenblatt in Egypt to Discuss Palestinian Reconciliation

U.S. Works to Keep Palestinians' Talks on Track to Aid Peace

US demands Hamas renounce violence, disarm before unity deal

Hamas calls US comments on unity deal 'blatant interference'

Israel: No peace talks with Palestinian government reliant on Hamas

Fatah vows to thwart any attempt by Hamas to overrun its institutions

Despite unity deal, Jordan won't let Hamas reopen Amman office - report

Electricity Returns to Palestinian Village, Eight Months After Israel Confiscates Power System

Labor chief: Settlements represent the 'beautiful face of Zionism'

Netanyahu: Jordan Valley Will Always Remain a Part of Israel

Netanyahu: If we are not in the Jordan Valley, Iran will be

Anti-draft ultra-Orthodox protests shut down Jerusalem in 'day of rage'; 120 arrested

Arabs demand apology for 'crime' of Balfour Declaration

Poll: Half of Israelis say negative feelings toward Arabs will never change

In Erdogan's Post-Coup Turkey, Anti-Semitism is on the Rise

Netanyahu, Putin talk Syria tensions as Iran threatens from Damascus

IDF attacks Syrian army post in retaliation for errant rocket

France criticizes Russian stance on Syria toxic gas probe

Assad discusses military cooperation with visiting Iranian general

Iran to cooperate with Syria to destroy 'the Zionist enemy'

Iraq oil ministry warns oil companies against Kurdistan contracts

Russia's Rosneft to take control of Kurdish oil pipeline amid crisis

Court in Iraq orders arrest of Kurdistan VP Kosrat Rasul

Kurdistan region asks international help to spur dialogue with Baghdad

100,000 Kurds flee Kirkuk since Iraqi army takeover - Kurdish officials

UN says worried by reports of forced diplacement of Kurds in N.Iraq

Kurdish female militia vows to keep fighting Islamic State

Russia says fight against Islamic State in Syria nearing end

ISIS 'plotting new 9/11' in Europe, top US official warns in London

Islamic State still a threat, Iran must be countered, top US spy says

Iran guards vow to boost missile program in defiance of US pressure

Iran's Revolutionary Guards say missile program will accelerate despite pressure

German officials: Iran working to build nuclear-armed missiles

Haley to UN Security Council: Don't turn a blind eye to Iran

France committed to nuclear deal despite Trump decision

Congress, Don't Tamper With The Iran Deal - Build On It

Argentina Offered to Supply Iran With Nuclear Technology as Part of Cover-Up Pact on 1994 AMIA Bombing, Former Intelligence Agent Testifies

EU leaders to recommit to Iran nuclear deal whatever Trump decides

Moscow tells Tehran Russia remains committed to nuclear deal

Putin says Russia favors a global nuclear ban

CIA head: NKorea months from perfecting nuclear capabilities

Kim Jong Un's Threats Rattle Japan - but There's a Line It Won't Cross

North Korea threatens 'unimaginable' strike on United States

Trump White House debates presidential visit to demilitarized zone along North Korean border

Homeland Security sees power grow under Trump

Trump UN envoy: Russia's election interference is 'warfare'

CIA corrects director's Russian election meddling claim

Putin says Trump foes blocking White House's pro-Russia agenda

Putin says Russia will respond if Russian media under pressure in US

Putin says Trump should be respected

Republicans are freaking out about a new report tying Hillary Clinton to a Russian uranium deal

George W. Bush comes out of retirement to deliver a veiled rebuke of Trump

'Bigotry seems emboldened' under Trump, George W. Bush charges

Merkel: EU to cut aid to Turkey over democratic backsliding

Spain to trigger direct rule on Catalonia to crush independence bid

Spain announces takeover of Catalonia autonomous government, shattering 40 years of democracy

EU chief: No role for EU in Catalonia dispute

Could the 1987 stock market crash happen again?

Twitter Fights Are Killing America

Pittsburgh teacher beaten after cellphone dispute at school

Newfound Bus-Size Asteroid Will Zoom Safely By Earth Today

How Scientists Predict If a Spacecraft Will Fall and Kill You

5.8 magnitude earthquake hits near Naze, Japan

5.3 magnitude earthquake hits near Merizo Village, Guam

5.2 magnitude earthquake hits the Central Mid-Atlantic Ridge

5.2 magnitude earthquake hits South of Africa

5.1 magnitude earthquake hits the Northern Mid-Atlantic Ridge

M4.2 earthquake shakes near Lincoln, MT

Japan Braces for a Monster Storm With Typhoon Lan Closing In

'Paolo' maintains strength, not likely to make Philippine landfall: PAGASA

Thousands still without power in Ireland after freak storm

Puerto Rico still stumbles in the dark a month after Maria

A 5,000-mile-long 'river in the sky' is slamming Pacific Northwest with heavy rain and snow

Report: Pollution Kills 3 Times More than AIDS, TB And Malaria Combined

84 Children Rescued, 120 Human Traffickers Arrested Across U.S., FBI Says

Transgender Wyoming woman convicted of sexually assaulting 10-year-old girl in bathroom

Microsoft Israel to Award Scholarships to Transgender Students

Playboy features first transgender 'playmate'

Australia: Churches Vandalized by Gay Marriage Supporters ahead of Legalization Vote

Christian Persecution Hits All-Time High Worldwide: Report

Mystery: Video Shows Restaurant Furniture Moving On Its Own

Tracking Bible Prophecy Headlines - 10/19/2017

PA to begin drafting recruits for Gaza security body, minister says

Israel's Defense Minister Pushing $856-million Plan to Shore Up Settlement Security

Israel advances plans for more West Bank housing, roiling EU

8 European countries demand Israel pay for West Bank structures it destroyed

Jonathan Greenblatt wants to mend the 'paradox' of Israeli-Diaspora relations

With 'cautious optimism,' UN political official reports positive developments on Middle East peace

The Balfour declaration and a century of conflict in the Middle East

'Next Time, We Won't Spare Lebanon': Christian Media Hears Doomsday Warning From Senior Israeli Minister

Two sirens in one afternoon in northern Israel caused by Syrian infighting

Syria war: UN says it is ready to go into Raqqa

Netanyahu, Putin talk Syria tensions as Iran threatens from Damascus

Assad's 'animal commander' killed by land mine

Kill 'em all, France bluntly declares in fight against IS jihadists

Al-Qaida set to gain as Islamic State disintegrates

Iraqi Kurds postpone polls in face of crisis

Iraq Turmoil Threatens Billions in Oil Trader Deals With Kurds

Thousands march in Somalia after attack that killed more than 300

Why Isn't Somalia's '9/11' Drawing as Much Global Attention?

Saudi Arabia: Iran has used lifting of sanctions to destabilize the region

U.S. Ambassador to U.N. Escalates Confrontation With Iran

Nikki Haley urges U.N. Security Council to adopt Trump's approach to Iran

Pakistan says fence on Afghan border will reduce attacks

North Korea plans more satellites, says US violating UN sanctions

As nuclear threat mushrooms, experts group says situation worse than Cold War

5 dead in Ukraine after vehicle plows into sidewalk crowd

Hungarian government resumes campaign against George Soros

Bond market flashing warning sign even as stocks rally to new highs

Per Capita Federal Spending Up Sevenfold Since 1941

Dow's Climb Above 23000 Comes 30 Years After Black Monday

Eye to Eye: Black Monday, October 19, 1987 Stock Market Crash and the Middle East Peace Process Connection

5.6 magnitude earthquake hits near Lae, Papua New Guinea

5.3 magnitude earthquake hits near Bilungala, Indonesia

5.0 magnitude earthquake hits near Mehriz, Iran

Sabancaya volcano in Peru erupts to 27,000ft

Reventador volcano in Ecuador erupts to 13,000ft

Sinabung volcano in Indonesia erupts to 13,000ft

Drone forces brief suspension of air operations battling Bear Fire in Santa Cruz Mountains

Drastically falling insect numbers could cause 'ecological Armageddon' - study

U.S. judge orders Trump administration to allow abortion for undocumented teen

Deal on North Carolina Bathroom Law Would Expand Transgender Protections

Towering cross-shaped monument on public land is unconstitutional, court rules

Dan Brown Declares That 'God Cannot Survive Science'

When you die you know you are dead: Major study shows mind still works after the body shows no signs of life

Tracking Bible Prophecy Headlines - 10/18/2017

Egyptian President El-Sisi: 'Believe Palestinian reconciliation would lead to renewed negotiation with Israel'

Israeli Ministers put kibosh on peace talks after Fatah-Hamas unity deal

Israel confronts Palestinian 'unity' pact with strict diplomatic conditions

Israel will not negotiate with Palestinian unity government if Hamas is involved

Netanyahu said to reject blackballing PA over Hamas reconciliation

Bennett says security cooperation to continue despite Fatah-Hamas unity deal

PA dismisses Israeli threat of talks freeze if Hamas in government

Hamas says unity deal at risk if Abbas does not end sanctions

Palestinian president: Israeli opposition will not stand in way of unity government

PA blasts Israel's 'settlement assault'

Palestinians blast Netanyahu over fresh batch of settlement homes

Abbas denounces Beit El housing unit approval: 'Provoking world and Trump'

Israel advances 1,292 settlement homes, hundreds more planned

Israel to pump NIS 3.3 billion into massive settler security package

Israeli troops shoot knife-wielding Palestinian in West Bank

Facebook post leads cops to nab Palestinian suspected of planning attack

Security forces raid eight West Bank media outlets suspected of incitement

Israel finds a welcome audience with Christian journalists

Over 40 arrested in violent ultra-Orthodox anti-draft protests

Prominent Israeli Politician: Families Are Bad for Kids - calls for all parental decisions to be made by the state

You've Made Aliyah. Now What? Some worry that the country needs to offer more support to prevent them from leaving

Amid jitters over far-right, Austria's Kurz vows no anti-Semitism in coalition

Anti-Balfour Declaration posters banned from London underground

Israel's Foreign Ministry quietly fights UN blacklist

From Mosquitoes to Cable Cars: Why Israel Keeps Extending Its State of Emergency

Israeli drone strike said to have killed Palestinian IS fighter in Sinai

Discussing 'red lines': Israel hedges military options in Syria

Netanyahu says Israel won't tolerate Iran presence in Syria

Iran's military chief: Israel can't violate Syria anytime it wants

Iran's military chief vows to cooperate with Syria against 'Zionist enemy' Israel

Iranian chief of staff: 'We're in Syria to fight common enemies'

Russia agrees to keep Iran, Hezbollah forces away from Israeli border

Israel's Rare Strike in Syria Is an Explosive Message Delivered Personally to Russia

Israel strike in Syria: Putin turning blind eye to Israeli attacks, as long as Assad survives

Syria: Iranian chief of staff in Damascus to meet Assad

In Damascus, Iran's Army Chief Warns Against Israeli Incursions Into Syria

SDF militia: US-backed campaign in eastern Syria to accelerate

Instability set to follow Islamic State collapse

Analysis: After the Caliphate, What's Next for ISIS? ISIS 2.0, Experts Say

Fall of ISIS capital: The caliphate is gone, but the franchise will live on

ISIS Losing Its 'Capital' Is A Pivotal Defeat For The Terrorist Group

Land of terror: ISIS alive and kicking in Sinai

Lawsuit Claims Three U.S. Companies Funded Terror in Iraq

Big Pharma funded anti-US militia in Iraq, US veterans allege in lawsuit

Iraqi Kurdistan region President Barzani: 'Independence vote won't be in vain'

Iraqi PM says Kurdish referendum 'a thing of the past', calls for dialogue

Iraq takes disputed areas as Kurds 'withdraw to 2014 lines'

Iraqi forces take control of Kurdish-held areas in Mosul's Niveveh's province

Iraqi Forces Retake All Oil Fields in Disputed Areas as Kurds Retreat

Iraqi oil minister asks BP to develop Kirkuk oilfields, oil ministry says

The United States Serves Up Kurdistan to Iran on a Silver Platter

Battle for Kurdistan: Trump Betrays a U.S. Ally, Allowing Iran to Gain the Upper Hand

Trump's Iran deal speech: A recipe for a regional explosion

Iran supreme leader dismisses Trump's 'rants and whoppers'

Iran general mocks: No military threat by Trump because he 'realizes our power'

Khamenei says Iran will shred multinational nuclear deal if US tears it

Iran warns Europe: No new conditions on nuclear deal

Khamenei says Europe should stop interfering in Iran's missile work, regional policy

Turkey's talks with US on visa crisis going in 'good direction', Erdogan spokesman says

Turkey says will not submit to 'impositions' from United States in visa crisis

Qatar emir says open to dialogue to resolve Gulf crisis

New Report Shows Hezbollah Used Prominent Bank in War-Ravaged DR Congo to Finance Key Terror Network

Somalia bombing may have been revenge for botched US-led operation

UN, US failed to prevent ethnic cleansing in South Sudan

UN says South Sudan 'lukewarm' about regional peace effort

Fighting in Libyan capital closes airport

EU aims to boost anti-terror info sharing with Tunisia

France arrests 10 in probe of alleged far-right terror plot

Britain is facing a terrorist threat as unrelenting as it is unprecedented, MI5 chief warns

UK intelligence chief says terror threat is worst of career

Taliban kills scores across Afghanistan in 'biggest terrorist attack this year'

Car bomb kills 4 police, 2 civilians in southwest Pakistan

Top world terrorist killed in Philippine battle against pro-ISIS militants

Mysterious 'braid-choppers' are drugging women and cutting off their hair in India creating a new type of terror

Second judge rules against latest travel ban, saying Trump's own words show it was aimed at Muslims

Xi Jinping: 'Time for China to take centre stage'

China Focus: CPC speeds up modernization drive toward "great" socialist China

Xi tells Communist Party to combat any actions to 'undermine' it

Xi says China has prevented Taiwan independence over past five years

Hillary Clinton says US threats of war with N. Korea 'dangerous, short-sighted'

Diplomats from US, S. Korea, Japan discuss N. Korean threat

Kim's Nukes Are a 'Recipe for Disaster,' U.S. Admiral Says

North Korea says it plans to launch many more satellites

North Korea's Kim Jong Un is Officially Obsessed with Missiles

N. Korea nuclear test site may be a 'Tired Mountain': 38 North

Kim Jong Un's Economy Could Totally Collapse Within a Year, North Korean Defector Says

FBI Uncovered Russian Bribery Plot Before Obama Approved Uranium One Deal, Netting Clintons Millions

Trump told widow of fallen soldier 'he knew what he signed up for,' says congresswoman

Trump: Dem congresswoman 'totally fabricated' his remarks to widow of fallen soldier

Wounded casino security guard vanishes from Las Vegas - and surfaces on the set of 'Ellen'

Catalonia crisis: Spain warns on self-rule as deadline looms

Spain: Top court officially rules Catalan referendum illegal

Trump says US stands with Greece as it recovers from their economic crisis

Brexit plan 'in paralysis', with ministers set to delay EU withdrawal bill

George Soros Transfers $18 Billion to His Foundation, Creating an Instant Giant

Barry Diller Says Tech Giants 'Inevitably' Will Face More Regulation

Twitter vows new crackdown on hateful, abusive tweets

48-hour challenge: Sick new Facebook 'game' encouraging children to go missing for 2 days

This Company's Robots Are Making Everything - and Reshaping the World

Artificial Intelligence - With Very Real Biases

LAPD becomes nation's largest police department to test drones after oversight panel signs off on controversial program

A New Generation of Drones: Israel Aerospace Industries Partners With South Korean Firm

Israeli defense contractor talks new tech, US cooperation

Overcoming opposition, Israel elected to UN space committee

Fireball in the UAE? Not a meteor, just space junk

6.0 magnitude earthquake hits near Pangai, Tonga

Sabancaya volcano in Peru erupts to 24,000ft

Fuego volcano in Guatemala erupts to 16,000ft

Reventador volcano in Ecuador erupts to 13,000ft

Sinabung volcano in Indonesia erupts to 12,000ft

Lan to strengthen into dangerous typhoon, approach Japan this weekend

Puerto Ricans still don't have reliable drinking water, and fears of contamination are rising

'Shrinking, shrinking, shrinking': Puerto Rico faces a demographic disaster

Dozens missing in California wildfires as more evacuees return home

India Diwali: Delhi acts against pollution menace

NHS provokes fury with indefinite surgery ban for smokers and obese

Trump to declare national emergency on opioids months after initial promise

Death toll from San Diego hepatitis A outbreak rises to 19; more than 500 cases confirmed

Liberal Gov. Jerry Brown Vetos Pro-Abortion, Anti-Religious Freedom Bill

With midnight raids and chat-room traps, Egypt launches sweeping crackdown on gay community

Jewish neo-Nazi renounces white supremacist past - and comes out as gay

High school assignment had kids simulate Islamic pilgrimage to Mecca

Dressing as a clown for Halloween? These Florida cops say you're risking your life

Tracking Bible Prophecy Headlines - 10/17/2017

Israel destroys anti-aircraft battery in Syria after it fires at IDF jets

Netanyahu warns Syria Israel prepared to strike 'as needed'

'Anyone who tries to hurt us-will be hurt in return'

Syria warns of 'serious repercussions' following Israeli airstrike

Israel notified Russia before bombing Syria

PM tells Russian defense minister Israel won't allow Iranian presence in Syria

Liberman tells Russians Israel won't allow Iran to run riot in Syria

Arab media reports Israel hit targets in Sinai after rocket attack

ISIS affiliate claims attacks in Egypt's Sinai

Israel PM won't cut PA ties over Palestinian unity deal

Labor head says he won't evacuate settlements under peace deal

Labor leader clarifies: 'Stop building outside main settlement blocs'

Israel Moves Ahead on West Bank Settlements, but Guardedly

For first time in 15 years, Israel okays new homes for Hebron settlers - Move seen as a response to UNESCO listing divided West Bank city as a Palestine heritage site

Top Israeli CEO slams UN anti-settlement blacklist - then yields to diplomatic pressure to remove post

Bezeq CEO: UN to ban us for operating in disputed territories

Scolding UNESCO, GOP lawmakers introduce resolution on Jewish ties to Jerusalem

The U.S. Owes UNESCO Half A Billion Dollars

Transport for London bans ads displaying Palestinian objections to Balfour declaration

Ukraine unveils statue honoring nationalist leader behind regime that killed up to 50000 Jews

Faces of Holocaust victims projected on Prague synagogue

Archaeologists find Roman theater near Jerusalem's Western Wall

Netanyahu's Government Pushing Law to Make Investigating a Sitting Prime Minister Illegal

German neo-Nazi convicted of Holocaust denial - again

Israel Faces a Growing Enemy Drone Threat

Lebanon's president: We 'can no longer cope' with Syrian refugees

Iraqi forces push into disputed Kirkuk as Kurds withdraw

US urges calm as Kirkuk crisis escalates

US military rushes to defuse looming crisis in Kirkuk after Iraqi army advances

US 'not taking sides' in Iraqi-Kurdish dispute - Trump

Turkey 'ready to cooperate with Iraq' against Kurdish militants

Turkey claims 'no need' for US, EU as Western ties deteriorate

Raqqa: Isis completely driven out of Syria 'capital' by US-backed forces

Woman rips off oppressive garments as Raqqa liberated from IS

More Than 130,000 Vaccine Doses Reportedly Destroyed In Syria After Attack

U.S. Strikes ISIS In Yemen For The First Time, Killing Dozens Of Militants in Drone Attack

New York bomber found guilty of IS-inspired terror attacks

Anti-Isis coalition risks descending into war before caliphate crushed

Philippines: Last leaders of ISIS-tied siege killed in Marawi

Taliban attacks kill 10 policemen in Afghanistan

Iran is Hitler with nuclear bomb, says former Shin Bet head

Netanyahu tells Iranian foreign minister to quit Twitter

Trump: Schumer flip-flopped on Iran deal 'now that I am involved'

EU backs Iran deal, urges US Congress to protect it

Key US Republican says Trump must work with Europe on Iran

Trump: 'Total termination' of Iran nuclear deal possible

EU vows to save Iran deal, fears for North Korea mediation

Haley says Iran move strengthens Trump's hand on North Korea

North Korea says 'a nuclear war may break out any moment'

N.Korea warns states: Don't join any US action and you're safe

North Korea: No negotiations with 'hostile' United States

North Korea rejects diplomacy with US until they develope missile capable of reaching "all the way to the East coast of the mainland US"

North Korean propaganda leaflets declaring 'Death to old lunatic Trump!' dropped over Seoul

Putin halts NKorea ties in line with UN demands

EU slaps new sanctions on North Korea

Trump says he believes Cuba responsible for attacks that hurt U.S. diplomats

Venezuela socialists win governor seats amid fraud claims

Madrid moves towards direct rule over Catalonia as deadline passes

In center of Europe, politics takes a Trumpian turn with rise of anti-immigrant billionaire in the Czech Republic

Austrian election: An Austrian thumb in the eye of the elites

Trump says he'll tell Bannon to stop picking on Mitch McConnell's friends

McCain condemns 'half-baked, spurious nationalism' in clear shot at President Trump

Resistance to Trump fuels new generation of California liberals

Florida Gov. Scott: State of emergency declared in advance of white nationalist's speech at Univ. of Florida

A majority of Americans now say that sexual harassment is a 'serious problem'

Bill Clinton caught up in fallout from Harvey Weinstein sexual-assault scandal - Hillary Clinton deflects by criticizing Trump amid accusations of hypocrisy on right

Clinton Foundation keeping Harvey Weinstein's donations

Las Vegas guard Jesus Campos vanished after visiting urgent-care clinic, union leader says

Smartphones Are Killing Americans - historic spike in U.S. traffic fatalities

Facebook, Google, and Amazon Aren't Consumer Choices. They are Monopolies That Endanger American Democracy.

Supreme Court to consider major digital privacy case on Microsoft email storage

GM to Test Fleet of Self-Driving Cars in New York

Drone hits passenger jet in Canada, the first time it's happened

Miami politician says aliens took her on a spaceship. Now she's running for Congress.

'Flame in the sky' spotted by UAE residents turns out to be meteor

First Glimpse of Colliding Neutron Stars Yields Stunning Pics

Planet Nine could be our solar system's missing 'Super Earth'

5.4 magnitude earthquake hits near Ohonua, Tonga

5.3 magnitude earthquake hits near Ohonua, Tonga

5.1 magnitude earthquake hits near Ohonua, Tonga

5.1 magnitude earthquake hits near Nuku'alofa, Tonga

5.0 magnitude earthquake hits near Constitucion, Chile

5.0 magnitude earthquake hits near Finschhafen, Papua New Guinea

Popocateptl volcano in Mexico erupts to 20,000ft

Fuego volcano in Guatemala erupts to 15,000ft

Reventador volcano in Ecuador erupts to 13,000ft

Ophelia batters UK after pummeling Ireland, leaves 3 dead

Thousands without power in Ireland as freak storm hits

Ophelia's trail of destruction: Up to 310,000 people now at risk of losing water supply as 215,000 remain without power

'Doomsday orange sky' from Hurricane Ophelia freaks out parts of UK, France

London sky cloaked in strange orange glow as Storm Ophelia causes dust phenomenon

Portugal and Spain wildfires: Dozens dead and injured

Northern California Fires Have Destroyed at Least 5,700 Buildings

Pope implicitly criticizes U.S. for leaving Paris climate accord

Planned Parenthood At 101 Years: 7 Million Abortions And Counting

Photo Of Horned Drag Queen Reading To Kids At Long Beach Michelle Obama Library Goes Viral

Sneak peek: D.C.'s huge new Museum of the Bible includes lots of tech - but not a lot of Jesus

US Supreme Court backs push to remove Ten Commandments monument

Tracking Bible Prophecy Headlines - 10/16/2017

Two rockets apparently fired by IS into Israel from Sinai, no injuries

Egypt reneges on Rafah Border Crossing reopening following Sinai attack

ISIS militants attack church in Egypt's Sinai with grenades and assault rifles, six dead

Hezbollah recruits Palestinian to carry out W. Bank attacks

Israel's security cabinet to discuss policy toward Palestinian reconciliation on Monday

Report: Hamas agrees to halt terrorist attacks from West Bank

Israel launches new plan to 'defend Jerusalem' in international arena

PM pledges West Bank bypass roads for settlers

US launches $10 million water project in Jericho in the West Bank

Report: U.S. UNESCO Pullout Caught Israel Off Guard

Israel to probe foreign funding of human rights groups

IAF retaliates against Syrian surface-to-air missile battery

Syria's civil war is a long way from over - and here's why that's important

ISIS facing imminent collapse in Syria's Raqqa

Once promised paradise, IS fighters end up in mass graves

Balance of Power: After Islamic State, Are Iraqi Guns Being Turned on Each Other?

Erbil tells Peshmerga to be ready to defend Kurdistan against Baghdad

Iraq says Kurds brought PKK fighters to Kirkuk in 'declaration of war'

Iraqi army takes on Kurds in disputed territory

Iraqi Kurds say federal forces launch 'major, multi-pronged' attack on disputed city

Iraqis seize military base, oil field from Kurdish forces near contested Kirkuk

Iraqi forces clash with Kurds in operation to 'impose security' on Kirkuk

Iraq conflict: Kurdish leaders refuse to reject referendum result

Iran denies reports Tehran closed border with northern Iraq

Mogadishu truck bomb: 500 casualties in Somalia's worst terrorist attack

Deadliest single attack in Somalia's history

Somalia truck bombing toll over 300 as funerals continue

Russia emerging as new player in Middle East balance of power

US braces for covert war with Iran

John R. Bolton: A Slow Death for the Iran Deal

Trump Hostility Set to Deepen Iran Power Struggles

Nikki Haley: US to 'stay' in Iran nuke deal, aim to 'make it better'

Saudi view of Trump's new Iran approach 'identical' to Israel's

Netanyahu at cabinet leads chorus of praise for Trump decision on Iran

Bucking Trump, EU ministers to voice 'full support' for Iran nuke deal

Iran foreign minister: Trump speech violated nuclear deal

EU vows to save Iran deal, fears for North Korea mediation

US, South Korea conduct joint Navy drills to counter N.Korea threat

North Korea Missile Jitters Surface Ahead of U.S. War Games

It's time to deploy US ships off North Korea to knock out missiles when they're launched

Tillerson denies 'castration' and says diplomacy goes on till 'first bomb drops'

North Korea threatens Australia with disaster if it continues to support US stance on Pyongyang

Russia hosts Soviet-style youth festival as Putin woos under-30s

Clinton brands WikiLeaks boss 'tool of Russian intelligence'

Hillary Clinton says Julian Assange colluded with Russia to help Donald Trump win US election

Venezuela vote dispute risks rekindling unrest, sanctions

Austria holds watershed election marked by migrant crisis

Meet The 31-Year-Old Austrian Anti-Immigrant Who Just Became The World's Youngest Leader

Austrian Vote Nudges Europe's Balance to Right as Populists Gain

Catalan leader fails to spell out independence stance, calls for talks

Spain Rejects Catalan Reply, Paving Way for Suspending Self-Rule

Grim reality of NAFTA talks sets in after tough U.S. demands

Yellen sounds upbeat on economy, signaling likely rate hike

Yellen Calls Inflation the 'Biggest Surprise' in the Economy

Financial regulator warns of growing debt among young people

Young people are borrowing to cover basic living costs, warns City watchdog

Shifting Las Vegas massacre narrative has gamblers on edge

California woman loses home in wildfires one week after surviving Las Vegas massacre

The ironic, enduring legacy of banning 'To Kill a Mockingbird' for racist language

Facebook Is Looking for Employees With National Security Clearances

Wi-fi security flaw 'puts devices at risk of hacks'

AI implants will allow us to control our homes with our thoughts within 20 years, government report claims

Drone hits passenger plane in Canada

Louisiana oil rig explodes, at least 7 injured

Fuego volcano in Guatemala erupts to 15,000ft

Minor earthquake strikes near Manila, Arkansas

A catastrophic eruption of the Yellowstone supervolcano isn't much to worry about, says scientist

Six killed in Spain, Portugal as wildfires fanned by hurricane

Ophelia, strongest eastern Atlantic hurricane on record, set to hit Ireland today

Ex-Hurricane Ophelia: Ireland battered by 'violent and destructive' storm

Storm Ophelia: Ireland on lockdown as UK braces for 80mph winds

Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands face downpours as new tropical system attempts to develop

'Katrina Brain': Psychological trauma is invisible long-term toll of megastorms

Newspeak! U.N. now calls abortion part of basic 'right to life'

MAC: LGBT fear mongering fuelling AIDS epidemic

Ex-DEA agent: Opioid crisis fueled by drug industry and Congress

After yoga, meditation breaks into the mainstream

Tracking Bible Prophecy Headlines - 10/15/2017

Hamas Has Relinquished Control of Gaza to Palestinian Authority, Official Says

Translation of leaked Hamas-Fatah agreement

Top Israeli minister to demand PM cut all ties to PA after Hamas unity deal

Tony Blair: 'We were wrong to boycott Hamas after its 2006 election win'

Report: Fatah demands Hamas to stop terror attacks from West Bank

Hamas Agreed Not to Carry Out Terror Attacks Against Israel, Palestinian Sources Say

Arab Israeli indicted for social media posts supporting terror

Imam: 'Israelis are waging a war to achieve Israeli sovereignty over Al-Aqsa'

Holidays on Temple Mount see 30% rise in visits

Syria demands immediate withdrawal of Turkish troops

Syrian Refugees Return From Lebanon Only To Flee War Yet Again

ISIS facing imminent collapse in Syria's Raqqa

Last Isis fighters in Raqqa broker deal to leave Syrian city - local official

Tension flares in flashpoint town as Kurdish-Iraqi crisis escalates

Kurds reject Iraqi warning to withdraw from key junction south of Kirkuk

Turkey plans move to box in Kurds in northern Syria

Iran's Soleimani arrives in Kurdish region for talks about crisis with Baghdad

Afghan police say they foiled major attack in capital

Truck Bomb Rocks Mogadishu Hotel, Killing 85: Somalia Police

Revenge: Shock as boy leads deadly attack on school in South Sudan

Iran 'behind cyber attack' on British lawmakers in June

Danger of war, Germany warns after Trump's move on Iran nuclear deal

Iran's Revolutionary Guards will use Trump's speech as an opportunity

'Iranians are all IRGC, standing against terror and aggression,' says Zarif

Iran expert: Tehran has 'zero motivation' to renegotiate nuke deal

Trump juggernaut rolls on after White House generals avert disaster on Iran deal

Changing Iran nuclear deal in Congress won't be easy, GOP finds

King Salman, Trump confirm need to halt 'top terror sponsor' Iran

Egypt welcomes US' new policy on Iran, nuclear deal

With new Iran strategy, Trump rips page out of Netanyahu's playbook

Liberman: Trump's Iran speech brave, Europe 'burying head in sand' like pre-WWII

Russian Defense Minister to Visit Israel for Talks on Iran

Clinton attacks Trump's handling of Iran, North Korea

Trump too tough on Iran, North Korea, Clinton says

North Korea calls Trump a 'strangler of peace'

N. Korea readies missile launch ahead of US-S. Korea drill

North Korea's Kim works to turn missile-testing outpost into tourism cash cow

Roadside bomb kills 4 Pakistani soldiers near Afghan border

Indian cross-border fire kills Pakistani child in Kashmir

Philippines' Duterte warns of 'revolutionary government'

LaGuardia terminal evacuated after bomb threat

Soccer Team in Germany Takes a Knee to Show Solidarity With NFL Players

Emboldened Bannon enlists evangelicals to take on McConnell, entire GOP establishment

George Barna Explains How Christians Altered America's Future by Supporting Trump Last November

How to Impeach Donald Trump: Porn publisher Larry Flynt Is Offering $10 Million to Anyone With Suitable Info

Julian Assange is squabbling with Ecuador's new president. That could put his London refuge at risk.

Austrians Lean Toward Nationalist Government Led by a Millennial

Austria heads to polls as Israel warily eyes another boost for far right

The Israeli Political Consultants Who Shook Up the Austrian Election

Austrian voters concerned about immigration, Islam

Idea of Muslim holiday sparks uproar in Germany

Riding wave of anti-migrant feeling, far-right gains across Europe

Infighting threatens to derail Catalan separatists in Spain

Maduro faces financial nightmare in Venezuela - just in time for Halloween

Ron Paul: "The Fed's Massive Bubble Is Creating A World Of Economic Pain"

No room for complacency, global economic recovery incomplete: IMFC

Years on, creators of Facebook 'Like' button give idea thumbs down - encourages overuse of social media, 'like eating bad potato chips'

Out of control Chinese space lab to crash-land on Earth soon?

5.1 magnitude earthquake hits near Andahuaylas, Peru

5.1 magnitude earthquake hits near Puerto Vivas, Venezuela

5.0 magnitude earthquake hits near Makurazaki, Japan

Sabancaya volcano in Peru erupts to 25,000ft

Reventador volcano in Ecuador erupts to 14,000ft

Sinabung volcano in Indonesia erupts to 10,000ft

Hurricane Ophelia 2017 path update: Rare Category 3 storm to pass near Azores, then head for Ireland

Typhoon Khanun to target southern China, threatens to worsen Vietnam flood disaster

Puerto Rico raises Hurricane Maria death toll to 48

Hurricane Harvey: Texas Prison Inmates Raise $53,000 For Victims

Death toll rises to at least 41 as 10,000 firefighters battle blazes

Wildfires, now up to 100 miles wide, threaten more wineries

Oil spills into Gulf of Mexico after underwater pipe bursts

Coast Guard: Over 300,000 gallons of oil spilled in Gulf of Mexico

Giant Hole Reopens In Antarctic Ice For The First Time In 40 Years

Penguins die in 'catastrophic' Antarctic breeding season caused by unusually high amounts of ice making them travel further for food

Climate change clams: Baltic sea molluscs release as much greenhouse gas as 20,000 dairy cows

Harvey Weinstein: More women accuse Hollywood producer of rape

Bob Weinstein calls brother Harvey 'predator': 'It's a sickness that's inexcusable'

Harvey Weinstein expelled from motion picture academy

After Booting Harvey Weinstein, Academy May Have to Confront Other Problematic Members

This Boy Scout Welcomes Girls To His Troop

'Merry Christmas' to replace 'happy holidays,' says Trump, wooing evangelicals

Tracking Bible Prophecy Headlines - 10/14/2017

Saudi Arabia welcomes Hamas, Fatah reconciliation deal

Israel criticizes Palestinian reconciliation deal: 'Doesn't include Hamas disarmament'

Fatah Official: We Won't Demand That Hamas Recognize Israel Following Unity Deal

For the first time: Second Hakafot at the Western Wall

Jewish billionaire distributed $100 to anyone singing at Kotel

At a Tumultuous Moment, Unesco Picks a New Leader

French Jewish candidate defeats Qatari to win UNESCO leadership

Too little cash, too much politics, leaves UNESCO fighting for life

ACLU sues over Kansas anti-BDS law

Report: 6 Egyptian soldiers killed in Sinai during attack on military outpost

Russia raises doubts about UN probe of Syria gas attack

Suicide attack kills 18 in eastern Syria

US-backed forces in Syria say 'final' battle for Raqqa is on

ISIS 'caliphate' crumbles as militants surrender and forced out of Raqqa

Iraqi forces demand Kurdish troops' withdrawal from Kirkuk area

Mattis urging Iraqi, Kurdish forces to avoid conflict

Iraqi forces take down Kurdistan flag in southern Kirkuk

Freed Taliban hostage says captors raped his wife, authorized child's killing

Afghan officials: US drone kills 14 IS in eastern province

Yemen: Iran uses Houthi militias 'like puppets' to destabilize region

US Treasury places Iran's Revolutionary Guards under sanctions

Trump threatens to rip up Iran nuclear deal unless US and allies fix 'serious flaws'

Trump will refuse to certify Iran nuclear deal as part of broad new strategy against Tehran

US's Mattis says eyeing provocative Iran actions after Trump speech

Republicans laud Trump's 'long overdue' Iran strategy; Democrats warn of 'grave threat'

Netanyahu congratulates Trump for not recertifying Iran deal

UAE says fully supports new US policy against Iran

Bahrain supports US policy and calls for curb of Iran's expansionist agenda

Saudi Arabia hails tough US stance against Iran

Senior Quds force commander says Trump's threats against Iran will damage US

Israeli minister says Trump speech may start war with Iran

Russia says Trump's 'aggressive' stance on Iran doomed to fail

Russia says Trump stance on Iran deal 'extremely troubling'

US talk on Iran deal rattles EU allies

Iran nuclear deal: Global powers stand by pact despite Trump threat

UN leader hopes Iran nuclear deal will stand

Iran parliament speaker: nuclear deal will collapse if US quits

Iran's Rohani says Trump speech 'full of fake accusations,' vows to expand ballistic missile program

Iranians respond with anger, mockery to Trump speech

Rouhani says Iran will remain committed to nuclear deal as long as interests served

UN nuclear watchdog reiterates Iran subject to world's toughest controls

How Trump's Iran deal bombshell makes North Korea even more dangerous

North Korea Says It Will Attack U.S. Territory of Guam if Trump Keeps Tweeting Threats

Kim Jong Un builds his own 'Mar-a-Lago' as North Korean people starve

More police departments and other first-responders are using drones

Another Shift in Las Vegas Timeline Caps Days of Confusion

Trump has altered over 800 Obama-era regulations, Wilbur Ross says

Mainstream Media Very Sad About Trump Overturning 'Obama's Legacy'

Trump To Values Voters: In America 'We Don't Worship Government, We Worship God'

Hillary Clinton calls Trump 'sexual assaulter' in BBC interview, but says Bill's behavior 'in the past'

Congress will 'stand up' to Trump if he tries to end NAFTA, U.S. lawmaker says

Brexit war of words heats up as 'enemy' EU tells Britain to pay up

IMF, World Bank push back against globalization's detractors

After Pressure Over Security Concerns, IRS Suspends Equifax Contract

Hurricane's U.S. Inflation Boost Falls Short, Adding to Concerns

Robots and drones harvest world's first autonomously-farmed crop

Asteroid that just buzzed Earth may not miss on future visit

5.5 magnitude earthquake hits near San Dionisio del Mar, Mexico

5.1 magnitude earthquake hits near Puerto Vivas, Venezuela

Sabancaya volcano in Peru erupts to 27,000ft

Sinabung volcano in Indonesia erupts to 14,000ft

UK set for 25C temperatures as a result of Hurricane Ophelia

Desperate Puerto Ricans are drinking water from a hazardous-waste site

Devastating California wildfires predicted to cost US economy $85 billion; Containment may take weeks

Weekend gusts threaten new fires; crews battling more than 20 blazes in northern California

Dark skies and chest pain as California fires spew smoke 100 miles

Antibiotic resistance could spell end of modern medicine, says chief medic

Millions die suffering amid global opioid gap, report says

California declares state of emergency over deadly hepatitis A outbreak

Tracking Bible Prophecy Headlines - 10/13/2017

Palestinian Reconciliation Signed in Cairo: Abbas Hails Historic End of Division Between Hamas, Fatah

Fatah-Hamas unity: Rub your eyes in disbelief

With Trump and al-Sissi Watching, Netanyahu Can Only Hope the Palestinians Will Thwart the Reconciliation Deal

Israel Responds With Restraint to Palestinian Unity: 'We'll Follow Developments and Act Accordingly'

Israeli leaders: Hamas must disarm, or reconciliation means nothing

Israel will only accept Palestinian unity gov't if Hamas disarms, ends terror

Appearances aside, Abbas hasn't given up on disarming Hamas

Netanyahu: Fatah-Hamas accord makes peace harder to achieve

US to 'monitor improvement in humanitarian conditions' following Gaza reconciliation deal

Gazans happy but cautious amid signing of Hamas-Fatah reconciliation deal

Reacting to Reconciliation, Palestinians on Twitter Voice Hope for a Brighter Future

Hamas: Unity deal is so we can all 'work together against Zionist enterprise'

The IDF's Gaza Wall Might Change Hamas Strategy

Israel strikes Hamas target in retaliation for rocket fire from Gaza

Jewish worshippers in Jerusalem attack Arab-owned shop

Jordan condemns 'provocative' Jewish visits to Temple Mount

US to pull out of UNESCO amid Palestinian tensions

Israel 'to prepare' for UNESCO withdrawal alongside US, says Netanyahu

Defense Minister Lieberman calls US' UNESCO withdrawal 'an important moral step'

US ambassador says 'foolish actions' led to UNESCO move

After UNESCO bombshell, US envoy Haley warns UN of more trouble ahead

Shaked: Israel should leave UNESCO,build in Jerusalem

Six Key Moments in Israel's Tumultuous Relationship With UNESCO

Russia regrets US withdrawal from UNESCO, says important projects may suffer

UN chief will work with US despite UNESCO pullout

Qatar Leads Race to Head UNESCO, Arab States Work to Thwart Bid as Diplomatic Row Continues

Report: US ambassador to Lebanon disavows Lieberman's assertion Lebanese army now part of Hezbollah

Iraq refuses talks with Kurds unless they commit to unity

Tillerson assures Washington's only goal in Syria is fighting IS

Islamic State attacks kill at least 50 in east Syria

With Yemen Blockade, Saudi Arabia Squeezes an Already Starving Population

UN: Afghan civilian casualties from air strikes rise more than 50 percent

Pakistan Army rescues Canadian-American family held hostage by Taliban

The family freed after 5 years of Taliban captivity now refuses to board US plane

Mattis hopeful freeing of hostages in Pakistan to boost cooperation

Erdogan says US sacrificing ties with Turkey, blames envoy

5 Reasons Why Trump Is Moving Towards War With Iran

In new strategy, Trump to focus on Iran's non-nuclear provocations

Trump on Iran nuke accord: It's the 'worst deal. We got nothing'

Trump to make announcement on fate of Iran nuclear deal Friday

Report: McMaster Crafts 'Compromise' to Keep Iran Deal While Placating 'Furious' Trump

Trump to rebuke Iran but won't call for sanctions that threaten nuclear deal

Trump Iran deal plan risks opening nuclear 'Pandora's box'

Trump Expected To 'Decertify' The Iran Deal, Punt The Issue To Congress

"The 'decertification' will push Iran to start again the nuclear program"

Iran moves to sidestep ballistic-missile sanctions with German weapons companies

Trump's Iran plans driving EU toward Russia and China: Germany

US Secretary of State Tillerson consulted Britain, China, France, Russia on Iran

Trump reportedly 'threw a fit' when Mattis and Tillerson told him to keep the US in the Iran deal

Iran deal's foes in U.S. Congress may be its unlikely saviors

Expert warns: If Trump scraps nuke deal, Iran could quickly build the bomb

Lapid: Iran thinks it can lie its way to the bomb

'It's become a monster': is Iran's revolutionary guard a terror group?

Iran says designating IRGC a terror group 'a terror act' in itself

Russia's Putin plans to visit Iran by year-end

Russia-Backed Forces Could Face Armed Ground Robots in Ukraine Conflict in 2018

Russia, Saudi Arabia close to sign S-400 missile deal

Turkey's Erdogan says no problem with Russian S-400 purchases

Israel's Kaspersky Hack Reveals That Russia Is Crossing All the Red Lines

UAE stops issuing visas to North Koreans, ends diplomatic missions

G7 agrees to ramp up economic pressure on N. Korea

Congress warned North Korean EMP attack would kill '90% of all Americans'

Small quake registered in area of North Korea where previous nuclear tests occurred

North Korea: Earthquake near nuclear site sparks fears of fresh hydrogen bomb test

Mysterious absence of North Korea's 'rocket men' raises new nuke, missile fears

The first casualty of North Korean nuclear tests? The country's environment

Trump's claim that U.S. interceptors can knock out ICMBs '97 percent of the time'

Sweden market shooting: Police rule out terrorism after gunman opens fire in Trelleborg

In Austria's Elections, the Fight Against anti-Semitism Has Turned Nasty

California secessionists think their path to independence is easier than Catalonia's

Canada, Mexico vow to stick with NAFTA talks, Mexico works on Plan B

DOJ issues 'last chance' warning to sanctuary cities

Rush Limbaugh Says Trump Is Acting Like a Dictator, Making Him Nervous

'Disturbing rhetoric': Trump's press threats may violate 1st Amendment, oath of office

First recording emerges of high-pitched 'sonic weapon' linked to attacks on US Embassy workers in Cuba

Obama AG Loretta Lynch faces a Capitol Hill date to discuss Russia vote meddling

Russia reportedly used Pokemon Go in an effort to inflame racial tensions

Baltimore Murder Count At 278; More Than NY, More Per Capita Than Chicago

NY official: Homegrown terrorism bigger problem in US than Europe

Las Vegas sheriff frustrated by data discrepancies, unanswered questions

'Do not disturb' signs get another look after Las Vegas shooting

Opposition mounts against bill to renew surveillance program

Equifax says it was not breached again, but vendor on site served 'malicious content'

Mozilla gave $100,000 to secure email platform harnessed by Antifa groups

'We chip our dogs,' head of Olympians' group says, so why not athletes to fight doping?

Distressed Investors Are Already Buying Houston Homes for 40 Cents on the Dollar

Planet Nine Could Be Our Solar System's Missing 'Super Earth'

Small Asteroid Gives Earth a Close Shave in Highly Anticipated Flyby

5.5 magnitude earthquake hits near Serrezuela, Argentina

Sabancaya volcano in Peru erupts to 26,000ft

Sangay volcano in Ecuador erupts to 20,000ft

Reventador volcano in Ecuador erupts to 14,000ft

Sinabung volcano in Indonesia erupts to 12,000ft

Japan's Shinmoe volcano erupts for first time in six years

Volcanic eruption in Japan spreads ash in 4 cities, towns

'Ring of Fire' volcanos remind Asia of seismic peril

Yellowstone Supervolcano May Rumble to Life Faster Than Thought

Is it gonna blow? Measuring volcanic emissions from space

Typhoon Khanun to target southern China, threatens to worsen Vietnam flood disaster

Floods and landslides kill 54, leave 39 missing in Vietnam

Hurricane Ophelia has intensified to Category 2 strength as it heads toward Europe

Ophelia is the 10th hurricane in a row. That hasn't happened since 1893

Trump lashes out at Puerto Rico as House passes aid package

Trump Warns Puerto Rico Weeks After Storms: Federal Help Cannot Stay 'Forever'

San Juan mayor accuses Trump of 'genocide' after hurricane

Evacuations widened as Northern California wildfires spread to 170,000 acres

Death toll hits 31 as California infernos grow to size of NYC

Experts say these 3 things caused the devastating California wildfires

Vineyards may have kept wine country fire from getting worse

How the Napa fires could affect the taste, price of your wine

'Bloody' sunset appears over smoke-filled Bay Area

The air quality in the Bay Area right now is as bad as Beijing

Heat and drought led to the largest recorded spike in carbon levels

A massive hole just opened up in Antarctica's ice and scientists can't explain it

Yemen's cholera outbreak now the worst in history as millionth case looms

Trump signs order to eliminate ACA insurance rules, undermine marketplaces

Trump administration officially defines life as beginning at conception

FDA advisers urge approval for first gene therapy for inherited disease

An anarchist takes on the drug industry - by teaching patients to make their own meds

With cannabis legalization around the corner, Los Angeles contemplates another dumb move

Pot for pets is a big business

Collective consciousness to replace God - author Dan Brown

Is this huge inscription our missing link to the biblical 'Sea Peoples'?

Tracking Bible Prophecy Headlines - 10/12/2017

Hamas, Fatah reach agreement in Palestinian unity talks - wider negotiations to follow in coming weeks

3,000 Palestinian Authority police to redeploy to Gaza in unity deal

IDF general warns Hamas that lasers aimed at troops could lead to escalation

'Hamas is unable to control its operatives' - Coordinator of Government Activities in the Territories warns Hamas against Israeli response due to the group's provocations

Palestinian arrested on suspicion of attempting to carry out terror attack

Trump's New 'Buy American' Rules to Challenge Israeli Drone's Market Dominance

Report: US to withdraw from UNESCO due to its anti-Israeli stances

ACLU sues over Kansas law that targets Israel boycotts

Brazilian restaurant sorry for signs accusing Israel of genocide, urging boycott

Lebanese sources: 'Russia estimates Netanyahu interested in warlike atmosphere with Hezbollah'

Hezbollah Still Pursuing 'Destruction of Israel,' Top US Congressman Warns at Iranian Threat Hearing

With Unprecedented Chaos in Washington, Israel Sets New Red Lines Over Iranian Presence in Syria

TV report: Islamic State chiefs gather near Israel border, set up training camp

Islamic State claims triple suicide bombing on Damascus police HQ

Inside my life as an ISIS sex slave

Britain's most wanted female terrorist killed in U.S. drone strike: reports

Military heats up battle in Libya as Islamic State militants seek refuge

KRG says Iraq preparing for major offensive, Baghdad denies

Kurdistan region says Iraqi forces preparing major attack in oil-rich Kirkuk

Iraq orders arrest of Kurdistan officials over independence vote

Kurdistan region says willing to discuss row over airports, banks with Iraq

Turkey to close border gates with N. Iraq in coordination with Baghdad, Tehran

Turkey issues arrest warrants for 25 soldiers in post-coup probe

Envoy says US cooperation helped reduce attacks in Turkey

Egypt extends state of emergency for 3 months starting Friday

Myanmar army chief says Rohingya Muslims "not natives", numbers fleeing exaggerated

Filipino troops find 22 bodies of suspected militants, bombs

Europe scrambles to save the Iran nuclear deal

Jewish Democrats who opposed Iran nuke deal now urge Trump to keep it

Former Israeli PM says backing out of the Iran accord would likely lead to atomic arms race in Middle East, Asia

Netanayhu at odds with security team over Iran deal

Rouhani says US is opposing 'whole world' on Iran nuclear deal

Trump resists pressure to soften stance on Iran nuclear deal

Trump Says Iran Deal 'Incompetently Drawn' As White House Seems Poised To Abandon It

With Trump set to decertify Iran deal, experts tell Congress to stick to accord

Ehud Barak Warns Trump: Scrapping Nuclear Deal Will Embolden Iran, Repel North Korea

China asks S. Koreans near border to evacuate due to NK abduction risks

Trump says he and Tillerson disagree on N. Korea

Asked to explain 'calm before the storm' remark, Trump talks North Korea

North Korea says Trump has 'lit the wick of war' and that it is ready to 'settle the final score with a hail of fire'

US flies bombers over Korean Peninsula in show of force

Trump says US nuke force must be in 'tiptop shape'

Trump Sought Tenfold Increase in U.S. Nuclear Arsenal, NBC Reports

Trump threatens to target licenses of 'NBC and the Networks' after nuclear arsenal report

Trump: 'Frankly Disgusting' That Media Can Report 'Whatever They Want to Write'

New York Works to Reduce 'Dirty Bomb' Risks

China will 'compel' Saudi Arabia to trade oil in yuan - and that's going to affect the US dollar

Trump administration accused of dragging its feet on new Russia sanctions

Russia says US military in Baltic contradicts Russia-NATO agreement

Russia protests to U.S. 'shameful' theft of consulate flags

Spain gives ultimatum to Catalonia: Back down or be punished

Spain Turns Screws on Catalans With Threat of Direct Control

Spain gives Catalan leader eight days to drop independence

Trump says open to bilateral Canada, Mexico pacts if NAFTA talks fail

Trudeau fights to save NAFTA deal, but Trump offers little hope

Business leaders say no NAFTA better than bad deal

'Why so much hate?' Femicides plague Mexico's largest state

KKK drops anti-Semitic fliers in Florida neighborhoods in recruitment bid

Worker warned hotel before Las Vegas shooter opened fire on crowd

Pressure mounts for Vegas police to explain response time

Former Navy SEAL and FBI Special Agent: Terror tactics are advancing faster than police tactics

Can the NFL Survive National Polarization?

Trump Reportedly Vented to Trusted Aide: 'I Hate Everyone in the White House!'

House Democrat unveils articles of impeachment against Trump, but misses chance to force vote

Germany Says 'No Evidence' Russia Hacked Kaspersky to Steal U.S. Intel

Facebook pushes ad overhaul before 2018 US election

Privacy is cost of WhatsApp, smartphones, smart speakers and you are already paying it

Google admits its new smart speaker was eavesdropping on users

Dubai Airport to use virtual face-scanning aquariums for security

Pornhub is improving search with an AI porn addict

Virus on world's most popular porn site may have infected millions

A hidden camera was in their Airbnb bedroom. That's for sex parties, owner tells cops

How Facebook Outs Sex Workers

Violent felonies shown on Facebook Live could receive tougher sentences under a new California law

Couple says voice from drone tried to lure children away from Akron school playground

Self-Flying Planes May Arrive Sooner than You Think. Here's Why

Autonomous cars without human drivers will be allowed on California roads starting next year

Deficit hawks no match for natural disasters. House poised to OK billions

After the disaster comes disaster fatigue. Here's how to fight it.

5.3 magnitude earthquake hits near Visokoi Island, South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands

5.2 magnitude earthquake hits near Madang, Papua New Guinea

5.1 magnitude earthquake hits near Patitirion, Greece

5.1 magnitude earthquake hits near Gyamotang, China

5.0 magnitude earthquake hits near Iwaki, Japan

5.0 magnitude earthquake hits near Neiafu, Tonga

Fears of volcanic eruption as Canary Island La Palma experiences 40 tremors in one weekend

Sabancaya volcano in Peru erupts to 26,000ft

Reventador volcano in Ecuador erupts to 15,000ft

Turrialba volcano in Costa Rica erupts to 12,000ft

Sinabung volcano in Indonesia erupts to 12,000ft

Kirishimayama volcano on Japan erupts to 11,000ft

10 Weeks, 10 Hurricanes, and a 124-Year-Old Record Is Matched

Hurricane Ophelia could slam into Europe early next week

Puerto Rico investigates post-hurricane disease outbreak

Florida orange crop expected to be lowest in 75 years due to Hurricane Irma

Budding Tropical Storm Khanun to target southern China, Vietnam after soaking Philippines

23 killed in China rainstorms

Wildfires Keep California Under Siege

Winds whip new terror into deadly California wildfires

Whole towns evacuated as Northern California firestorm grows; at least 23 people are dead, 285 missing

Desperate calls to save those trapped by fire, but emergency alert system failed many

Raining Ash and No Rest: Firefighters Struggle to Contain California Wildfires

Boiling river of wine flows through burned down California winery

Postman delivers mail to razed California homes in apocalyptic drone video

Smoky skies force cancellation of 80 flights at SFO

Air pollution from California fires equals a year's worth of traffic, analyst says

Smoke filled skies causing stores to run out of protective masks, respirators in San Jose

Deadly Madagascar Plague Outbreak Could Also Happen in the U.S., Infectious Disease Expert Warns

Jailed mom 'devastated' to learn son was vaccinated

Fed up with Congress, Trump whacks Obamacare with his pen

Twitter Reconsiders, Allows Marsha Blackburn to Promote 'Inflammatory' Pro-Life Campaign Video

First came acceptance of gay and transgender Scouts. Now girls can be Boy Scouts

Justin Trudeau on Toxic Masculinity and Why He's Raising His Daughter - and Sons - to Be Feminists

Tracking Bible Prophecy Headlines - 10/11/2017

Report: Israeli Delegation Arrives in Cairo as Palestinian Unity Talks Underway

Palestinian Reconciliation: Hamas Chief Voices Content After Day of Talks With Fatah

Future of Hamas's military wing not part of Palestinian reconciliation talks

For Israel, Palestinian Reconciliation Is Risky, but Also an Opportunity

Schumer blasts Trump's 'indecisiveness' in pushing off embassy move

Schumer renews call for embassy move after Trump puts idea on hold

US official: Unrestrained settlement activity unhelpful to peace

Underwhelming settlers, Israel to advance just 2,000 West Bank homes

Netanyahu Pledged 3,800 New Settlement Homes, but Only 600 Will Be Actually Built

YESHA Council: 'Jews in Judea should not be shamefully counted like sinful calories'

The West Bank's world class wines have Israelis toasting the settlements

Thousands of Israel supporters throng Jerusalem for Sukkot march

More Than 1 Million Jews Expected to Take Part in Global Shabbat Observance Oct. 27-28

IMF raises growth forecast for Israel's economy

Belgium Suspends Funding to Palestinian Schools After One Named After a Terrorist

Egypt expands buffer zone along Gaza border

IDF reports Palestinian gunfire toward Gaza border fence

Rejecting Israeli charges, Lebanese Army asserts it's independent from Hezbollah

US offers millions for Hezbollah terrorists suspected of planning attack on US soil

Hezbollah says new US measures attempt to 'demonize' group

With Unprecedented Chaos in Washington, Israel Sets New Red Lines Over Iranian Presence in Syria

US doctor lightly injured in Golan Heights by possible stray fire from Syria

IS conflict 'has displaced more than 5m Iraqis'

US official: No negotiated pullout for ISIS from Syria's Raqqa

Russia says Islamic State operates near US base in Syria unhindered

Kurds Deserve Independence, But Threaten To Spread Mideast Flames

Every nation needs a capital: how Erbil turned itself Kurdish

Iraq to restore pipeline to Turkey, bypassing Kurdish region

Explosion at Turkish oil refinery kills 4, injures 2

Turkey's Erdogan targets US ambassador over visa dispute

Envoy says US cooperation helped reduce attacks in Turkey

Turkey sentences Wall Street Journal reporter for 'terror propaganda'

The Turkish Love-Hate Relationship with America

UN envoy: Yemen's warring leaders seek power, not peace

Bahrain's King Hamad calls for religious tolerance, peaceful coexistence

Mass Trials of Over 6,600 Boko Haram Suspects Accused of Slaughtering Christians, Children Begin

Myanmar Rohingya crisis: UN 'on full alert' for new exodus

Iran's secret sites linked to nuclear weapons development revealed

'We are on a tightrope': Trump poised to walk away from Iran nuclear deal

Trump to announce broad Iran strategy later this week

Iran's FM tells parliament Tehran 'will never renegotiate' nuclear deal

Iran's armed forces say time to teach US 'new lessons'

Iran plans 'crushing response' if US decertifies nuclear deal

Russia critical of US plan to blacklist Iran's Revolutionary Guards

Israel said behind discovery of Russian cybersecurity hack into US intel

Russia may demand US cut diplomatic staff in Russia to 300 or below

U.S. warship sails near islands Beijing claims in South China Sea - U.S. officials

China calls on all sides to avoid provocations on the Korean peninsula

4 Ships Banned from All Ports for Violating NKorea Sanctions

Experts: North Korea Targeted U.S. Electric Power Companies

South Korea developing graphite 'blackout bombs' to paralyse North's electrical grid

North Korea Cyber Army Hacked U.S.-South Korea Plans to 'Decapitate' Kim Jong Un, Seoul Lawmaker Says

Trump, top defense officials, discuss N. Korea options-White House

US Army chief: 'No risk-free options' on North Korea

U.S. military flies bombers over Korean peninsula

Trump Wanted Tenfold Increase in Nuclear Arsenal, Surprising Military

Operation Bible Smuggling: How Christian texts infiltrate North Korea

Catalan separatists sign 'declaration'

Catalan leader suspends independence declaration to allow 'dialogue'

Spain asks Catalonia: Did you declare independence or not?

Spanish foreign minister calls Catalonia's leader speech a 'trick'

Spain won't accept Catalan declaration

Spain Moves Toward Activating 'Nuclear Option' on Catalonia Crisis

Spain's PM threatens to suspend Catalonia's autonomy

UK finance chief: Worst-case Brexit could ground all flights

Mexico warns US about ending Nafta trade deal

Trump travel ban notches symbolic win in court

Lawmakers dismiss Trump's strict immigration plan: 'It's the job of Congress'

Steve Bannon Calls For Senator Bob Corker to Resign After Insulting President Trump

As Trump calls for end to NFL tax breaks, Goodell says players need to stand during anthem

FBI cites black extremists as new domestic terrorist threat

Names of firefighters sickened after 9/11 to go on memorial

North Carolina man has survived 9/11 and Las Vegas shooting

MGM Resorts disputes Las Vegas police timeline of shooting

Imran Awan case: Lawmaker calls 'massive' data transfers from Wasserman Schultz aide a 'substantial security threat'

Dow Jones said that Google was buying Apple, and the bots bought it

FEC eyes regulating apps, iPhones, Kindle, wearable technology

Call for athletes to be fitted with microchips in fight against drug cheats

Close call: passing asteroid to test Earth's warning systems

The Great Shakeout: The world's largest earthquake safety drill

6.7 magnitude earthquake hits the Bouvet Island region

5.3 magnitude earthquake hits the Bouvet Island region

5.0 magnitude earthquake hits the Central East Pacific Rise

Sheveluch volcano on Kamchatka, Russia erupts to 34,000ft

Sabancaya volcano in Peru erupts to 26,000ft

Popocateptl volcano in Mexico erupts to 19,000ft

Reventador volcano in Ecuador erupts to 16,000ft

Sinabung volcano in Indonesia erupts to 12,000ft

Yellowstone supervolcano could produce cataclysmic eruption much faster than we thought

Weeks After Hurricane Maria, Puerto Rico Struggles To Turn On The Lights

Trump vows support for Calif. wildfire victims

17 dead more than 200 missing in Wine Country fires; Sonoma Valley area evacuated

Photos capture total destruction caused by California wildfires

The Napa Fire Is a Perfectly Normal Apocalypse

California wildfires have created 'worst air quality ever recorded for smoke'

On fire from Disneyland to Wine Country, California must rethink disaster risk

Humans are to blame for wildfires getting worse - not just by climate change

Human-induced climate change costs US economy $240B per year, study says

Namibia: More than 100 hippos die in suspected anthrax outbreak

U.S. not prepared for a flu pandemic, experts warn

Trump says he will act on health care - with or without Congress

Genetic discovery provides strong lead for future research on male contraception

Teen who illegally crossed the border fights to have an abortion

Texas AG files brief defending state's right to deny abortions to undocumented immigrants

Texas must not be 'sanctuary state for abortions,' state AG says

Tracking Bible Prophecy Headlines - 10/10/2017

Hamas and Fatah to take part in reconciliation talks in Cairo today

PA's Abbas fears being sidelined by Egypt-Hamas-Dahlan alliance

Dovish Jewish policy group will hold five US events this month to 'grapple with' peace process in face of Trump's tepidity on Palestinian statehood

UNESCO chooses new chief amid tensions over Palestinian role

Israel bemoans emerging Arab victory in UNESCO leadership vote

PA: Israel is thwarting Trump's efforts to renew negotiations

New wave of construction in Judea, Samaria signals understanding between Israel, US. 'Trump admin. doesn't see this as obstacle to peace.'

For First Time in 15 Years: Israel to Approve Settler Homes in Hebron

Growing pains: Israelis confront the problems of a booming population

Netanyahu: Israel Must Cope With Future Security Threats if It Wants to Reach 100

Defense minister: In next war, Israel will face fighting in north and south

Iron Dome showcased as US military gathering launched

Not even hurricanes can keep Puerto Rican pilgrims from dancing in Israel during the Feast of Tabernacles

In UK report, Israel praised as 'underrated' travel destination

Bibi Netanyahu's Nightmare Speaks - Meni Naftali worked security for the Israeli prime minister and his wife Sara, and now wants the world to know what they are really like

Lieberman: Hezbollah, Lebanese army 'inextricably linked'

Celebrities And Experts Push Congress To End Trump's Support For Saudi Carnage In Yemen

ISIS Used Promise of Rape to Lure Recruits With History of Sexual Violence, Report Says

Hundreds of suspected ISIS militants surrendered to Kurdish authorities last week - Kurdish official

Russia Military Says U.S. 'Pretending' to Fight ISIS in Iraq, Letting Jihadis Flow Into Syria

Russian jet crashes in Syria, crew killed

Commentary: How Putin came to rule the Middle East

Turkey's Erdogan supports Ukraine over Crimea

Turkish PM says visa dispute with US must be fixed immediately

US envoy to Turkey says duration of visa services suspension depends on talks

U.S.-Turkey tensions boil over after arrest of consulate employee

Turkey says doesn't need US permission to prosecute citizen

Iran seeks to permanently block access to 'Zionist' Waze

Iran tried obtaining missile, nuclear tech 32 times in 2016

Iran nuke agency chief warns US: Don't undermine nuke deal

Anti-nuclear group ICAN urges Trump not to quit Iran deal

Kremlin warns of 'negative consequences' if Trump quits Iran deal

U.K. Opposed to Scrapping Iran Nuclear Deal, Britain's May Tells Netanyahu

Ex-UK premier Tony Blair joins chorus urging US to uphold Iran deal

Congress just might unleash Iran's nuclear program

House Democrat: I opposed Iran nuclear deal but now I think we should keep it

Trump and Israel vs. the World: Which Countries Support Preserving Iran Nuclear Deal?

As Trump challenges Iran nuclear deal, Iranians turn cynical

Trump's targeting of Revolutionary Guards is a step too far for Iran

Iran has 'all options on table' if US blacklists Revolutionary Guards - ISNA

South Korea on alert for missile tests as North marks anniversary

North Korea hacks key war plans from South Korea - report

N.Korean missiles will be able to reach US after modernisation - Ifax cites Russian lawmaker

Mattis: Be ready with military options on North Korea

Trump may visit demilitarized zone in South Korea to send a 'significant message'

UN slaps global port ban on ships for N. Korea sanctions violations

1,000 leads later, authorities still stumped by Vegas gunman

Las Vegas gunman shot security guard a full six minutes before opening fire on concertgoers, police reveal

Man dressed as shark handed fine under Austria burqa ban

Catalans Face a Day of Reckoning Over Independence

Catalonia Crisis: One Generation Since Dictatorship, We in Spain Can't Risk Becoming a House Divided

EU again urges dialogue to end Catalan crisis

I'm a Catalan Jew. The Spanish Inquisition and Franco Tortured My Family. It's Time for Independence.

Indigenous Peoples Day? Italians say stick with Columbus

Trump wall: New proposal ties Dreamer plan to border clampdown

Democrats promise to derail Congress until Dream Act passes

A 'pressure cooker': Trump's frustration and fury rupture alliances, threaten agenda

18 Trump Aides and White House Officials Describe an Increasingly Unhinged President, Lashing Out and Destroying Alliances

Trump challenges Tillerson to battle of IQ tests over reported 'moron' jab

Corker fight exposes Trump's new GOP problem: Lame-duck senators with ax to grind

Trump Allies Fear His Corker Feud Is Putting the GOP Tax Plan at Risk

How Russia Harvested American Rage to Reshape U.S. Politics

U.S. Officials Join Forces With Hackers in Effort to Safeguard Future Elections

Sockpuppet nation: How fake commenters and other online ploys skew what you read

Fake news is still here, despite efforts by Google, Facebook

Skype's Homeland Grapples With Dilemma of Robot as Legal Person

Commit a crime? Your Fitbit, key fob or pacemaker could snitch on you.

Why we're exhausted: Stress and social media are taking their toll

The Smartest Americans Are Heading West as Computer Chips Replace Cow Chips

Tech Nation: New Israeli Highway to Test Self-driving Cars

New camera tech could help self-driving cars see around corners

It's No Use Honking. The Robot at the Wheel Can't Hear You

Oil Climbs After Saudi Arabia Cuts Exports

OPEC urges U.S. shale to take 'shared responsibility' to cut oil output

Japanese Court Rules Against Government, Tepco in Biggest Fukushima Class Action

6.3 magnitude earthquake hits near Putre, Chile

5.0 magnitude earthquake hits near Duang, Indonesia

Magnitude 4.1 earthquake shakes Bay Area in California

Sabancaya volcano in Peru erupts to 26,000ft

Popocateptl volcano in Mexico erupts to 21,000ft

Reventador volcano in Ecuador erupts to 14,000ft

Ophelia poised to tie a hurricane season record more than a century old

FEMA chief: Political disputes hurting Puerto Rico relief

A cartoon Mark Zuckerberg toured hurricane-struck Puerto Rico in virtual reality

Tropical depression bears down on Vietnam's central coast

At least 10 dead, 1,500 structures lost in Northern California firestorm, among worst in state's history

Gov. Brown declares a state of emergency in wine country

Deadly California Wildfires Force Thousands to Evacuate

Napa fire evacuees tell of fleeing for their lives in the middle of the night

Santa Rosa family says home looted during chaos of North Bay fires

North Bay fires causing dangerous air quality in Bay Area

Trump administration to terminate Obama's climate plan

Genetically Boosting the Nutritional Value of Corn Could Benefit Millions

Israel Aims to Benefit From China's Growing Demand for Medical Devices

California Has a New Law to Expose Drug Price Hikes. Big Pharma Isn't Happy

Mutant Chickens Lay Eggs Filled With Cancer Drugs

Plague outbreak in Madagascar spikes to almost 400 cases

Cholera epidemic claiming unborn children in Yemen

Twitter blocks Marsha Blackburn's pro-life Senate campaign ad

Google Sponsors Event Honoring President of Nation's Largest Abortion Provider

Gay Porn Kingpin Michael Lucas: Muslim Homophobia Becoming 'Very Inconvenient' for Liberals

New California law allows jail time for using wrong gender pronoun, sponsor denies that would happen

Roman Catholic Dioceses Nationwide Being 'Consecrated' to 'Immaculate Heart of Mary'

Tracking Bible Prophecy Headlines - 10/9/2017

Trump says giving peace a chance before U.S. embassy move to Jerusalem

Ministers lament Trump decision to delay US embassy move

Caroline Glick: Trump and Obama's third term

Israeli minister criticizes Trump, expects more settlements

Netanyahu okays construction of settler homes in Hebron, isolated settlements

PLO condemns Israel's plans to build 4,000 units in illegal settlements

30,000 Israelis, Palestinians Take Part in Women Wage Peace Rally in Jerusalem

Israeli-Palestinian women's peace march exposes Palestinian divides

PA envoy: Even without a peace deal, Palestinians will proceed 'as a state'

Analysis: A reconciliation no one really wants

Abbas to Fatah Revolutionary Council meeting: way to unity requires time

Fatah, Hamas to Discuss Security in Gaza Under Unity Deal

Hamas vows it won't disarm until Palestine is liberated

Egypt's Sissi: Fatah-Hamas unity a prelude to Israeli-Palestinian peace

Egypt Jewish leader backs controversial candidate as UNESCO picks new head

Israeli Activists Celebrate Ancient Sukkot Rite Near Flashpoint Temple Mount

Israeli Defense Firm Elbit Wins $570 Million in Contracts in US, Asia-Pacific, Africa

Israeli MK called 'war criminal' while in Morocco

Hamas rebuffs comparison by Abbas to Hezbollah terror group

Israeli Army Destroys Hamas Outpost in Gaza in Retaliation for Rocket Fire, Military Reports

Hamas claims to arrest senior Islamic State leaders in Gaza

ISIS Fighters, Having Pledged to Fight or Die, Surrender en Masse

Hezbollah's Nasrallah: Israel and Saudi Arabia, Backed by U.S., Threaten Mideast Stability

Shi'ites in Lebanon stand up against Hezbollah in rare show of resistence

Christians and Yazidis in Iraq Stand on the Brink of Extinction

Report: Israel Considered, but Ultimately Nixed, Plan to Bomb Syrian Crematorium

Trapped in Syria's Raqqa, civilians become human shields for Islamic State

Yemen's War Turns Children Into Young Brides and Soldiers

How Saudi Arabia tackles border spillover from the Yemen war

Dubai police chief urges Qatar to give up World Cup to end crisis

Istanbul charging Amnesty Turkey chief, 10 others for terror

U.S. and Turkey announce tit-for-tat travel restrictions, a sign of deteriorating alliance

US, Turkey mutually suspend visa services in escalating row

Turkey wants US to reverse decision to halt visa services

Iran confirms nuclear negotiator imprisoned for spying

Netanyahu, UK PM May agree on need to be 'clear-eyed' on Iran threat

France fears Iran's Revolutionary Guard terror listing would fuel crisis

Iran warns of 'crushing response' if US deems Revolutionary Guard terrorists

Iran: We will consider US Army equivalent to Islamic State

Iran Guard chief warns US against imposing new sanctions

Tehran threatens US bases as Trump reshapes Iran strategy

Sen. Chris Murphy: Pulling out of Iran deal a 'self-inflicted wound'

Trump's Iran Ploy Could Isolate Washington, Implicate Netanyahu and Divide American Jews

Trump's 'Calm before the Storm' is a Message to North Korea and Iran

Bob Corker Says Trump's Recklessness Threatens 'World War III'

Trump slams Corker, who calls White House 'adult day care center'

NATO chief: 'We don't want a new Cold War' with Russia

Mufti of Chechnya: Saudi King's visit opens new horizons for Russia's Muslims

Croatia Is Brazenly Attempting to Rewrite its Holocaust Crimes Out of History

Kim Jong Un praises nuclear program, promotes sister to center of power

South Korea threatens to drop blackout bombs on North Korea

China congress: Military facelift a sign of bigger changes

As Germany and Spain prove, history - with all its wounds - is not over

Thousands protest in Barcelona against Catalan independence

Catalan independence declaration 'will have no effect', says Rajoy

Catalonia's Bid for Independence Sows Deep Divisions Among Family, Friends

Brazilians in the south asked to vote on secession

Ghost of Thatcher haunts May as she fights ouster plot

Rising debt could trigger the next financial crisis, Germany's finance minister warns

Cash is already pretty much dead in China as the country lives the future of mobile pay right now

Trump's insane Dow Jones rally just keeps going

Sorry, Trump - globalism is not a plot against America

Trump administration releases hard-line immigration principles, threatening deal on 'dreamers'

Trump unveils new strict 70-point immigration enforcement plan

Democrats rule out Trump's request for border wall funding in help for 'Dreamers'

Interior Secretary Zinke Vows to Stand Up to Leftist Activists, Preserve All National Monuments on Federal Land

Vice President Mike Pence leaves Colts-49ers game after players kneel during anthem

Thousands of Women to Repent for Racial Sins of America in Worship Rally on National Mall

Franklin Graham Issues Warning for America Following Las Vegas Shooting

Feinstein: No law would have stopped Las Vegas gunman

Scalise criticizes 'rush to judgment' on guns, bump stocks

America's Urban War Zone: Baltimore Doubles Chicago's Homicide Rate In 2017

FBI Says 'Black Identity Extremists' Are A Violent Threat Because of Their Views on Police Brutality

Dove faces PR disaster over ad that showed black woman turning white

Google uncovered Russia-backed ads on YouTube, Gmail: Washington Post

Blaming social media, Netanyahu says politicians are 'overly connected'

Bezeq teams up with startup for superfast internet over phone lines

Field of machines: Researchers grow crop using only automation

Asteroid to pass alarmingly close to Earth

Weak solar cycle continues - the sun is spotless again

6.6 magnitude earthquake hits near Buldir Island, Alaska

6.3 magnitude earthquake hits the Balleny Islands region

6.1 magnitude earthquake hits near Pangai, Tonga

5.4 magnitude earthquake hits the Mid-Indian Ridge

5.1 magnitude earthquake hits the South Indian Ocean

5.0 magnitude earthquake hits near Namatanai, Papua New Guinea

5.0 magnitude earthquake hits the Northern Mid-Atlantic Ridge

Popocateptl volcano in Mexico erupts to 28,000ft

Sabancaya volcano in Peru erupts to 26,000ft

Reventador volcano in Ecuador erupts to 16,000ft

Sinabung volcano in Indonesia erupts to 15,000ft

For First Time Since 2005, Four Hurricanes Make U.S. Landfalls in One Season

Hurricane Nate unleashes flooding, power outages on Gulf Coast

Nate marches across US East Coast, dumping heavy rains

Jewish Billionaire Seth Klarman's Fund Revealed as Secret Holder of $1 Billion in Puerto Rico Debt

FEMA chief says storms have "strained" resources

Rare October tornado destroys garages on Madison's east side

Massive fires in Napa and Sonoma counties burn structures, force evacuations, close hospitals

Outbreak of killer fungus mows down trees in Brooklyn, as arborists rush to save them

Bee-harming pesticide detected in 75 percent of the world's honey, study reports

Mosquito battle gets political - Genetic engineering plan raises fears of 'Jurassic Park' invasion

In Bangladesh, an unfolding humanitarian crisis

Rodrigo Duterte's drug war said to be fueling the spread of diseases in Philippines

California Hepatitis A Outbreak on Verge of Statewide Epidemic

Hepatitis A Spreads Through San Diego: Why It's So Hard to Stop

California Sues Trump For Granting Employer 'Choice' on Obama Birth Control Mandate

Satanist wins transfer of her abortion rights case to the Missouri Supreme Court

The Dark Web's Largest Pedophile Site Was Secretly Run By The Police For A Year

Weinstein sexual harassment controversy exposes Hollywood's double standard

Christian activists booted from Seattle coffee shop: 'I'm gay. You have to leave'

Tracking Bible Prophecy Headlines - 10/8/2017

In surprising move, Arab states slated to withdraw anti-Israel UNESCO resolution

Opinion: The Transformation Of Jerusalem - The Israeli construct "Greater Jerusalem" is a misnomer

In false alarm, rocket sirens blare in Israeli communities near Gaza Strip

Jewish Man Found Dead Near Israeli Arab City Likely Killed in Terror Attack, Security Sources Say

Thousands of Evangelical pilgrims mark Feast of Tabernacles in Ein Gedi

Civilian casualties spiral in Syria as air raids target areas marked for cease fire

Saudi Royal Palace Attacked by Gunman, Two Guards Killed

Eleven injured in car crash near London museum, terrorism ruled out

Three charged in mysterious, failed terror-linked attack on Paris building

'He Had Help': Judge Jeanine Says Las Vegas Massacre Was 'Too Vast for One Guy'

Las Vegas shooter left behind calculations for targeting crowd

Outrage as Nevada professor suggests Trump deserves blame for Las Vegas massacre

Pence In Las Vegas: 'We Are United In Our Resolve To End Such Evil'

Peggy Noonan: Why do Americans own so many guns? Because they don't trust elites to protect them

Bangladesh's mega refugee camp plan 'dangerous': UN official

Ghana's capital rocked by huge gas blasts

Thousands demand Putin quit as birthday protests turn violent

Trump on North Korea: Only one thing will work, and it's not diplomacy

Spain's PM says may use constitution to block Catalan independence

Fear, patriotism fill Spain streets in Catalan crisis

Polish Catholics pray at borders 'to save country'

Facebook begins 'human review' of potentially sensitive ads

After Russian Elections Ads, Facebook Turns to Wikipedia to Fight 'Fake News'

Future of news: bracing for next wave of technology

An Earth-Sized Space Shield to Protect Us From Solar Storms Is Less Crazy Than It Sounds

TC4: How NASA Plans to Test its Planetary Defense Systems on Close-Approach Asteroid

Human activity can trigger earthquakes, but how many? This number might surprise you

Popocateptl volcano in Mexico erupts to 30,000ft

Sabancaya volano in Peru erupts to 28,000ft

Cotopaxi volcano in Ecuador erupts to 22,000ft

Revetador volcano in Ecuador erupts to 16,500ft

Sinabung volcano in Indonesia erupts to 15,000ft

'Worst Hurricane Since Katrina': Gulf Coast Braces Itself for Nate's Imminent Landfall

Hurricane Nate intensifies as it tracks toward Gulf Coast, bringing major surge threat

Oil output on US Gulf Coast curtailed as Hurricane Nate nears

EPA poised to formally repeal Clean Power Plan in major blow to Obama's climate legacy

Mosquito-Borne Diseases Found In U.S. Athletes And Staff At Rio Olympics

Madagascar receives almost 1.2 million doses of antibiotics to fight plague

With 44 dead, life threatening dengue continues to haunt KP

Knowingly exposing others to HIV will no longer be a felony in California

Future of healing: New, smart bandage will be tailored for a specific wound

As Overdose Deaths Pile Up, a Medical Examiner Quits the Morgue

Florida moms overdosed on heroin while their newborns were in the backseat, police say

ACLU suing FDA to make abortion pill available in all US pharmacies

Patient Accused Of Stabbing Psychiatrist More Than 160 Times At Clinic

Widow Slams Two-Year Sentence For Illegal Immigrant Who Killed Husband, Two Children

Tracking Bible Prophecy Headlines - 10/7/2017

Who Will Achieve Independence First, the Catalans or the Palestinians?

Fatah and Hamas representatives set to meet in Cairo - The representatives of the two Palestinian Arab terror groups will meet in fresh attempt at reconciliation

Top Hamas official: 'Anyone thinking Hamas will forego resistance is fooling himself'

Analysis: Defining Israel's future borders

'Israel Is Not One of the Normal Countries. It's Supernatural'

Incredible photos of Holocaust survivors from the SS Exodus up for auction

Disproving 'Temple Mount denial' one bucket at a time

French girl hospitalized following classmates' allegedly anti-Semitic assault

After massacre, Jewish Las Vegas mayor says, 'Israel lives with this every day'

Yet another IDF drone crashes in southern Gaza Strip

Lebanon says it arrested 3 spies working for Israel

If the US leaves Syria, that is bad news for Israel

Hamas arrests senior Islamic State leaders in Gaza

Libyan authorities recover bodies of Copts beheaded by IS in 2015

ISIS's Military Capital Breached by Syrian Regime Forces, Russia Kills 60 'Foreign Mercenaries'

'Game Over.' Iraqi Forces See Beginning of the End for ISIS

In first, IS urges women to join jihad and carry out terror attacks

IS inspired terror attacks targeting New York foiled by FBI

ISIS Sympathizers Planned to 'Create the Next 9/11' With Attacks on Concerts, Subways & Times Square: Feds

Syria: Turkish forces prepare to support anti-Assad rebels in Idlib

Kurdish Vote Brings Iran, Turkey Closer as Erdogan Visits Tehran

Iranian Lawmakers Praise Assad for "Defeating" U.S. and Israel in Syria

Nobel winners say 'moment is now' to ban nuclear weapons

Trump presidency makes people worried about nuclear arms, Nobel winners say

Trump to unveil new US responses to Iranian 'bad behavior'

New US measures aim to show Trump is tough on Iran

Iran says missile programme non-negotiable, denies Reuters report

Iran president: 10 Trumps can't roll back nuke deal benefits

Iran Willing to Hold Talks on Missiles Program, as Trump Threatens to 'Decertify' Nuclear Deal

U.S. Approves Possible $15 Billion Sale of THAAD Missiles to Saudi Arabia to Defend Against Iran

An Eye for an Eye: Iran Promises to Partition Saudi Arabia If Iraq Is Partitioned

US Embassy in Saudi Arabia cautions citizens after unconfirmed reports of foiled attack in Jeddah

Saudi efforts lift US sanctions on Sudan

US official: Sanctions on Sudan lifted but to remain as terror sponsor

Saudi Arabia says UN report on Yemen 'inaccurate and misleading'

Inside the Saudi King's 1,500-Person Entourage in Moscow

King Salman agrees to 'Russia-Islamic World Group' meeting in Saudi Arabia

Putin Is Filling the Middle East Power Vacuum

Moscow faces 130 fake bomb calls, evacuates 100,000 people

Ukraine arrests 3 alleged terrorists accused of targeting Jews in Uman

Trump, Macron discuss joint counterterrorism operations in Africa's Sahel

Man arrested carrying suspected explosives at Swedish airport

Denmark set to become next European country to ban burqas

Kim Wall: Severed head of Swedish journalist discovered after disappearance on Danish submarine trip

U.S. Tried to Kill North Korea’s Kim Jong Un in May, According to North Korea

N.Korea preparing long-range missile test - Russian lawmaker

U.S. dollar, debt yields fall on North Korea missile test report

'We have looked at everything': Still no clear motive for Las Vegas attack, officials say

Las Vegas shooter took 20 cruises, some to foreign ports including Europe and the Middle East

NRA slams liberal hypocrisy, urges honest discussion in Las Vegas massacre

Catalonia Shows the Danger of Disarming Civilians

Catalan parliament defies Madrid pressure, works on independence declaration

Divorce bill impasse stifles hopes for Brexit talks breakthrough

Theresa May's Nightmare Week Ends With Party Coup Attempt

British PM fights plot to oust her, cites 'full support' of cabinet

France and Germany 'deal blow' to Theresa May's Brexit transition deal plans

Trump administration rejects Theresa May's post-Brexit agriculture deal with EU

ICE will target California neighborhoods in wake of state's new sanctuary law

Trump proclaims Columbus Day, without Obama's qualms

Antifa Group Plans Nationwide 'Deface Columbus Day' Actions for Monday

Confederate monument removal costs piling up, breaks budget for cities

Congressman floats conspiracy that George Soros organized Charlottesville rally

NFL ticket prices plunge amid backlash over players kneeling during national anthem: Report

Donors to anti-Trump 'resistance' group revealed

Some U.S. visitors to Cuba complain of symptoms similar to embassy 'attacks': U.S.

Factions forming as Congress attempts to curb U.S. spy power

White House chief of staff's personal cellphone compromised

Trump administration wants to replace Social Security numbers with something less vulnerable

Trump faces big decision on Fed chief

How Fed leadership uncertainty could make interest-rate volatility great again

Trump administration calls for rolling back Obama-era financial regulations

September "Hurricane" Payrolls Tumble 33,000, First Drop In Seven Years, As Wages Surge Due To Labor Shortages

Google to use balloons to provide Puerto Rico cell service

5.4 magnitude earthquake hits near Iwaki, Japan

5.3 magnitude earthquake hits near L'Esperance Rock, New Zealand

5.3 magnitude earthquake hits the Tristan da Cunha region

5.2 magnitude earthquake hits near Chirovanga, Solomon Islands

5.1 magnitude earthquake hits near Port Blair, India

5.1 magnitude earthquake hits near Palora, Ecuador

5.0 magnitude earthquake hits near Manokwari, Indonesia

Sabancaya volcano in Peru erupts to 25,000ft

Popocateptl volcano in Mexico erupts to 22,000ft

Ruiz volcano in Ecuador erupts to 22,000ft

Reventador volcano in Ecuador erupts to 15,000ft

Sinabung volcano in Indonesia erupts to 14,000ft

Will Tropical Storm Nate Hit Florida And Mexico After Massive Hurricanes and Earthquakes?

Most active hurricane season continues as Tropical Storm Nate roars toward Mexico, US

Hurricane Nate threatens US central Gulf Coast after killing 25

Tropical Storm Nate Moves Toward the Gulf Coast; Emergencies Declared in Louisiana, Alabama, Florida

Nate at Hurricane Strength as Region Faces $1 Billion Damage

Nate upgraded to a hurricane as it barrels toward flood-prone New Orleans

Nate to ease budding drought, raise urban flooding concerns in eastern US early next week

Plague Spreads in Madagascar: What's Causing This Deadly Outbreak?

Western society suffers chronic sleep deprivation, Jewish Nobel winner says

Canadian doctors help 2,000 commit suicide in a year

Amazon is on the brink of deciding if it will make a big move into selling drugs online

Citing religious freedom, Trump backing off Obama-era rules

Jeff Sessions Issues Sweeping Religious Freedom Guidance to All Federal Agencies

Trump administration deals major blow to Obamacare birth control mandate

He purposely gave HIV to four men - then texted them to brag about it, prosecutors say

Trump religious objection order upends LGBT protections

Pope Francis Warns Against Blurring Gender Differences: It's 'Not Right'

Islamic Imam Delivers Prayer Before U.S. House Claiming God Is 'Experienced Through Multiple Paths'

Tracking Bible Prophecy Headlines - 10/6/2017

Hamas won't disarm before peace deal with Israel, Egypt said to tell Abbas

PM Netanyahu: Palestinian deal without Hamas recognition of Israel 'bogus'

Netanyahu demands Palestinians recognize Israel, disarm Hamas

Trump Exposed Not Abbas, but Netanyahu as the Peace Rejectionist

Caroline Glick: In this round of reconciliation talks, Hamas is the great victor

EU representatives commend Fatah-Hamas reconciliation talks

Mohammed Dahlan, chief Abbas rival: Palestinian unity prioritized over 'impossible' two-state solution

Hamas appoints alleged West Bank terror chief as deputy leader

Hamas picks new deputy chief whom Israel blames for helping spark Gaza war

The potential 'Hezbollization' of Hamas in Gaza

'Son of Hamas,' the speaker who shocked the UNHRC

'Hundreds of strikes without retaliation-this shows extent of IDF's deterrence'

By backing 'Greater Jerusalem' bill, is PM leaning toward annexing settlements?

Israel to ease West Bank closure over holiday due to market demand for workers

In Gaza, Hamas levels an ancient archaeological treasure

Waqf: Temple Mount is exclusively for Muslims

Troubled UNESCO begins picking new leader - Key task for new head of UN cultural body is to regain US funding, suspended over perceived anti-Israel bias

Canada Holocaust memorial omits any mention of Jews, anti-Semitism

Omaha schools nix Palestinian talk amid concern Jewish students bullied

Hollywood Producer in the Spotlight in Netanyahu Probe

Creepy clowns terrorizing and attacking people in Israel after release of horror novel 'It'

NY film screening on Kurdish fighters sells out despite terror threat

Erdogan: Turkey will soon close Iraq border and air space over Kurdish referendum

Arab League Secretary General says no to a Kurdish state

Kurdish Independence: It's All About the Oil

U.S. military uses Russian 'deconfliction' line 20 times a day to separate jets over Syria

American Held as ISIS Suspect, Creating a Quandary for the Trump Administration

ICRC: Syria fighting worst since Aleppo, civilian casualties mount

Iraqi Forces Capture Islamic State's Last Stronghold In Northern Iraq

'US Taxpayers Are Financing Spoils of Genocide,' Iraqi Archdiocese Lawyer Tells Congress

U.S. Halts Military Exercises With Gulf Allies in Effort to End Qatar Crisis

Yemen war: UN 'to list Saudi coalition for killing children'

Putin and Saudi king turn the page on decades of tensions

Saudi king's visit to Russia heralds shift in global power structures

In Moscow, Saudi king slams Iran, signs billion dollar defense, energy deals

Saudi Arabia agrees to buy Russian S-400 air defense system

Saudi says 'flexible' on Russian idea to extend oil cuts to end-2018

Saudi king's golden escalator gets stuck

Anti-nuclear campaign ICAN wins 2017 Nobel Peace Prize

Trump to decertify Iran nuke deal, impose 'harsh sanctions' on IRGC

Trump's cryptic warning ahead of Iran decision: 'The calm before the storm'

Trump meets military leaders on Iran, says announcement coming 'shortly'

Ahead of Trump Statement, Russia Urges U.S. to Preserve Iran Nuclear Deal

Europe's business heads aim to keep Iran nuclear deal despite US threat

Turkey Arrests U.S. Consulate Employee Straining Relations

Suicide attack kills 18 in Pakistan

Pakistan's top diplomat pushes back on U.S. claims of militant support

Afghan president thinks most foreign troops can leave "within four years"

U.N. worries about more refugees as Myanmar reports 'large numbers' aim to go

US: Myanmar crackdown could draw international terrorists

Brazil nursery attack: Children set on fire in Minas Gerais

New ISIS Infographic on Vegas Shooting Claims Paddock Converted Six Months Ago

Explosive possessed by Stephen Paddock may have been used in NYC bombing

Stephen Paddock may have been planning other attacks, including car bombings, official says

Las Vegas gunman reportedly fired at fuel tanks in attempt to create blast

Las Vegas Gunman Stephen Paddock Reportedly Booked Rooms Overlooking Chicago's Lollapalooza Festival

US hotels mull bolstering security after Las Vegas shooting

White House, NRA, Congress agree on regulating bump stocks

YouTube Tweaks Search Results as Las Vegas Conspiracy Theories Rise to Top

Is it Wrong to Question the Official Story When Tragedy Strikes?

Facebook tries fighting fake news with publisher info button on links

VX nerve agent trace found on women accused of killing Kim Jong-nam, court hears

North Korea 'Decoders' Offer Dire Warnings About Nuclear Program

Putin says Trump is listening to Russia's views on North Korea crisis

Ukraine expels another Russian journalist over coverage

U.S. Intelligence Sees China's Military Expanding Bases Globally

Europe Could See Another Brexit-Like Rupture-Beyond Spain

Catalan Separatists Tap Brakes as Banks Consider Departure

Catalonia 'civil war' warning as independence declaration fears grow

EU and Spain turn down Catalonia's plea for mediation after independence vote

Catalonia Separatism Revives a Long-Dormant Spanish Nationalism

Catalan Vote Inspires Brazil's Southern Separatist Movement

Trump signs resolution condemning Charlottesville violence after reviving hate group debate

Trump Jr. defends dad's 'both sides' Charlottesville stance, blames criticism on universities, media

In speech, Donald Trump Jr. decries left's 'atmosphere of hatred'

NFL players' union teamed up with George Soros to fund leftist advocacy groups

Study: Americans more divided along party lines than ever

Democrats, Republicans see eye-to-eye on almost nothing, according to an extensive new poll

Anti-Christian Hostility Hasn't Risen, but It Has Changed as Secular Progressives Hold More Wealth, Power

Sanders: WH 'Frustrated' With Media 'Presenting Opinions as News'

'These are things we've never seen before': The Russia investigation is moving into uncharted territory

Kremlin's campaign ads intended to create 'chaos' - not back any candidate, senators say

Russian government hackers exploited antivirus software to steal U.S. cyber capabilities

U.S. lawmakers want to restrict internet surveillance on Americans

California becomes 'sanctuary state' as governor signs bill

Federal Debt Increases for 60th Straight Fiscal Year

Which American Cities Will File Bankruptcy Next?

Dow industrials flirtation with 23,000 is a sign of the stock market's velocity

New Google earbuds offer real-time translation feature

'Our minds can be hijacked': the tech insiders who fear a smartphone dystopia

Technology Crammed Into Cars Worsens Driver Distraction

Lift-off: Trump's new space council vows America 'will hold the high ground again'

Huge Celestial Fireball Appears in Night Sky as Superboldie Meteorite Explodes Over China

Earthquake Swarm at Yellowstone Supervolcano Now One of the Longest Ever Recorded

Japan earthquake: 6.0-magnitude quake strikes off east of country - Tremor hits east of Fukushima, where nuclear reactor failed in 2011

5.4 magnitude earthquake hits near Calama, Chile

5.0 magnitude earthquake hits near San Pedro, Philippines

Sabancaya volcano in Peru erupts to 26,000ft

Popocateptl volcano in Mexico erupts to 21,000ft

Reventador volcano in Ecuador erupts to 15,000ft

Sinabung volcano in Indonesia erupts to 13,000ft

Tropical Storm Nate claims lives in Costa Rica as storm batters Central America

Tropical Storm Nate: New Orleans declares state of emergency

Nate aims at New Orleans amid worries about drainage system

U.S. Gulf oil producers curtail output ahead of Tropical Storm Nate

San Juan mayor dons 'nasty' shirt for interview on Trump's Puerto Rico response

Hospitals in Puerto Rico are still nonstop triage

Hurricanes may have wiped out as many as 125,000 jobs from September

Spike in airborne radioactivity detected in Europe

Thousands of Sharks, Other Sea Life Mysteriously Die in San Francisco Bay

San Diego hepatitis outbreak continues to grow: 481 cases

San Diego to open camp for homeless after hepatitis outbreak

'Black Death' outbreak strikes Madagascar, killing 30 and triggering panic

Puppies infect dozens of people with antibiotic-resistant bacteria, CDC says

Israel's Teva Reels as U.S., Europe Approve Generic Multiple Sclerosis Drug

Number of vasectomies plunges amid fears relationships won't last

Rep. Tim Murphy resigns from Congress after allegedly asking woman to have abortion

Trump Justice Dept ends transgender workplace protections

In Shift, Justice Dept. Says Law Doesn't Bar Transgender Discrimination

33-Year-Old Transgender Yoga Enthusiast And Metalhead Makes Historic Run For US Office

Head of Church of England: 'I Can't Give a Straight Answer' on Whether Gay Sex is Sinful

Sex-trafficking couple used prostitution to put daughter through private school

Tracking Bible Prophecy Headlines - 10/5/2017

U.S. Envoy Calls on Palestinians to Accept Quartet Principles and "Commit to Nonviolence"

US, Israel on standby as Egypt pushes Palestinian reconciliation

Hamas invites Russia to play role in Palestinian affairs

Dahlan: 'Chances of peace are zero'

By backing 'Greater Jerusalem' bill, is PM leaning toward annexing settlements?

Sara Netanyahu's misuse of funds was systematic, deliberate, reads indictment

'Who is a Jew?' can now be answered by genetic testing

North Korea Says U.S. Military Using New Base in Israel To Take Over Middle East

US seeks 'new Israel' in region, Khamenei says of Iraq Kurd referendum

Khamenei says Iran, Turkey must act against Kurdish secession

Chemical weapons watchdog found sarin used in Syria attack

Dozens of Syrian civilians 'killed in Russian airstrike'

Russia says IS attacks in Syria come from location near US forces

Russian military accuses US of 'supporting' IS group

Russia investigating IS claim about Russian hostages

Russia Targets NATO Soldier Smartphones, Western Officials Say

Saudi king arrives in Moscow on historic 1st visit to Russia

King Salman and Putin Deals Leave the US Out in the Cold

Venezuela's Maduro thanks Putin for support in difficult times

Maduro: Trump has 'no right' to joke about military action in Venezuela

Visiting Iran, Erdogan Repeats Claims That Israeli Mossad Meddled in Kurdish Referendum

Turkish judge finds 43 soldiers guilty of trying to kill Erdogan

Iranian nuclear negotiator said to get 5-year sentence for espionage

European Officials Join Campaign to Keep Iran Deal

Nuke deal hangs in balance as Trump plans Iran policy speech

Trump to receive multiple options on Iran nuclear deal: Tillerson

Over 180 Democratic House members urge Trump to re-certify Iran deal

North Korean workers prepare seafood going to US stores inadvertently subsidizing the North Korean government

CIA Official Predicts North Korean Provocation on Columbus Day

CIA says North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un is not crazy, but 'very rational'

U.S. Missile Defense Gets $400 Million After North Korea Threats

Three Green Berets killed, two wounded in Niger ambush

Trump visits Las Vegas to grieve with city traumatized after mass shooting

Trump in Vegas: 'America is truly a nation in mourning'

Vegas shooter's girlfriend says he left her in the dark

The Israeli professor who warned of a Las Vegas attack

NYPD Will Train Hotel Workers To Spot Weapons, Suspicious Behavior In Wake Of Las Vegas Shooting

Massachusetts teen threatens Las Vegas-style attack at high school

Quincy Student Posted On Snapchat School Would 'Turn Into Las Vegas'

Vermont newspaper ignites online furor with this offensive Las Vegas shooting cartoon

Tillerson blasts report of rift with Trump, as president rips 'fake news'

Tillerson denies he weighed resigning or called boss 'moron'

House panel approves $10B for border wall

The White House and Equifax Agree: Social Security Numbers Should Go

Catalan crisis 'bigger threat to EU than Brexit', MEP warns

Spanish king's authority at stake in Catalonia

U.S. Senate panel approves self-driving car legislation

The Latest: A Google hands-free camera snaps pics by itself

Google's New Gadgets Come With a Big Helping of AI

Microchip To Mars: Submit Your Name To Travel Onboard NASA Spacecraft

60 years after Sputnik, Russian space program faces troubles

Asteroid set to whizz by Earth much too close for comfort

Did A Meteor Cause A Brush Fire In New Hampshire?

Sabancaya volcano in Peru erupts to 27,000ft

Tungurahua volcano in Ecuador erupts to 24,000ft

Fuego volcano in Guatemala erupts to 16,000ft

Reventador volcano in Ecuador erupts to 15,000ft

Sinabung volcano in Indonesia erupts to 12,000ft

Tropical Storm Nate likely to form from system in Caribbean

Tropical depression raises hurricane threat for Gulf coast

As Venezuelans starve, their government offers hurricane aid to Caribbean islands

Court blocks Trump's 'unlawful' delay of Obama methane leak rule

Illinois GOP Gov. Rauner faces conservative fury for expanding taxpayer-funded abortions

Why 'Plague Season' Is A Big Worry In Madagascar This Year

Get set for sex robot revolution, survey says

Videos during surgery? Some plastic surgeons go too far, Northwestern researchers say

Tracking Bible Prophecy Headlines - 10/4/2017

Netanyahu: Faux Palestinian reconciliation risks 'our existence'

Trump told UN chief Netanyahu a 'bigger problem' than Abbas on sidelines of September UN meeting

Abbas admits: No Palestinian state in the near future - Netanyahu government has blocked establishment of Palestinian state

Abbas: 'No Palestinian statehood without Hamas reconciliation'

As Hamas sticks to its guns, Abbas pours cold water on reconciliation efforts

Despite ripe conditions, Palestinian reconciliation may prove elusive

Amid reconciliation talk, Netanyahu and Abbas in rare harmony on Hamas

Hamas vows never to disarm as first rift in Fatah talks emerges

Abbas vows not to let Hamas keep armed forces in Gaza

Egypt deepens involvement in Palestinian reconciliation

Settlers warn PM: 'Freeze in building will cause unprecedented protest'

Netanyahu backs annexation of 19 West Bank settlements

In Ma'ale Adumim, Netanyahu promises thousands of new West Bank homes

PA slams Netanyahu's 'unacceptable' pledge to develop Ma'ale Adumim

UN special envoy says Israel ignoring demand to halt settlements

US official offers mild rebuke of Netanyahu settlement construction pledge

'Trump administration continuing Obama tradition' - In a first, Israeli minister criticizes Trump administration for preventing Jewish building in Judea and Samaria.

Ambassador David Friedman Accurately Described Longstanding US Policy Towards West Bank Settlements. So Why Is Everyone Mad?

IDF shuts border crossings ahead of Sukkot holiday, will not allow entry of Palestinian Arab laborers.

Israel won't let Palestinians come in from Gaza, West Bank for 11 days

Tel Aviv hosts 25,000 visitors in 'world's largest sukkah'

Netanyahu uses Temple Institute sukkah

Dead Sea Scrolls scam: Dozens of recently sold fragments are fakes, experts warn

Swastikas found spray-painted outside settlement archaeology site

French PM reveals new strategy to combat 'shameful' antisemitism

Israel aiming to double its tech workforce in a decade

Israel's largest defense contractor unveils unmanned helicopter

Another Jordanian knife in Israel's back - Peace with Jordan? More like the quiet before the storm.

Motorbike explodes outside Jordan military mission in Paris - Jordan Foreign Ministry

Top Hezbollah commander killed fighting IS in Syria

Syria war: Russian strike 'critically injures' jihadist leader Jawlani

Syrian Soldier Is Guilty of War Crime, a First in the 6-Year Conflict

September Was This Year's Bloodiest Month in Syria. But the World Has Stopped Caring

Israel's Defense minister says Syria's Assad 'victorious' in civil war

Israel sees Assad winning Syria war, urges more U.S. involvement

Iraq hopes to resume production from Nineveh oil fields in coming months

Kurdish lawmakers boycott Iraq parliament session in Baghdad

Kurdistan Plans to Hold Presidential Elections on Nov. 1, Iraq Halts Transactions

Kurdish leader and former Iraqi president Talabani's dies

Iraqi Kurds mourn death of leader Talabani, symbol of unity

Turkey's Erdogan in Iran, Kurdish independence on agenda

Erdogan visits Iran amid warming ties, shared worries

Four Turkish troops killed in attack blamed on Kurd rebels

Turkey's Erdogan says will impose further sanctions against

Turkey to detain 254 municipality, ministry staff over Gulen links

Israel's Mossad head declares: Iran is our primary objective

Iran sentences member of nuclear negotiating team to 5 years in jail - Tasnim

Despairing of Trump, Europeans look to Congress to save Iran nuclear deal

Defense Secretary Jim Mattis Suggests U.S. Should Stay In Iran Nuclear Deal, Which Trump Has Called An 'Embarrassment'

Mattis: Staying in Iran nuclear deal is US national security interest

Trump advisers urge president to decertify Iran deal without killing it: report

To save face and Iran deal, US seeking ways around recertification minefield

Russia says its strikes killed hundreds of IS in east Syria

ISIS video claims to show 2 Russian captives

ISIS Persists in Vegas Claim, Dubs Shooter 'Abu Abdul Bar al-Amriki'

Iran expresses 'sympathy' over Las Vegas massacre

Sheriff: Las Vegas Shooter Paddock May Have Been 'RADICALIZED'

Las Vegas Strip shooter prescribed anti-anxiety drug in June

Las Vegas Massacre: Baffled by Motive, Investigators Turn to Gunman's Girlfriend in Philippines

Las Vegas shooter's girlfriend returns to US from Philippines

Las Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock wired $100,000 to partner in Philippines

Las Vegas shooter sent girlfriend away while he planned attack, her sisters say

At his local Starbucks, Las Vegas shooter remembered for berating his girlfriend

Las Vegas shooter installed cameras in and out of hotel room ahead of 'premeditated' attack

Police took 72 minutes from first emergency call to reach Las Vegas shooter

Hotels use metal detectors on bags after attack

Professor blames Las Vegas massacre on 'Trumpism,' 'narrative of white victimization'

Donald Trump: Las Vegas Shooting "A Miracle"; "We Will Be Talking About Gun Laws As Time Goes By"

Nancy Pelosi demands commission to study gun violence

After Las Vegas, Australia Offers to Help Fix America's Gun Violence Epidemic

Gaping wounds, beds full: Vegas hospitals overwhelmed by shooting victims

Digital Disaster: Facebook, Google carry fake news on Las Vegas shooting

Storms, earthquakes, North Korea and now the Las Vegas massacre. We have to wonder: 'What's next?'

North Korea promises to bring 'nuclear clouds' to Japan, mocks PM as 'headless chicken'

North Korea accuses US of imposing an 'economic blockade'

Russia Provides New Internet Connection To North Korea

U.K.'s gaffe-prone Boris Johnson has another zinger. About Libya's 'dead bodies'

Distrust and suspicion deepens in Myanmar's Rakhine State amid violence

Disease fears grow as Bangladesh plans giant Rohingya refugee camp

Aid groups seek $434 million to help up to 1.2 million Rohingya Muslims fleeing Myanmar

Danish submarine builder, suspected of murdering reporter Kim Wall, 'had real films of women being beheaded'

USC professor detained after 'breakdown' led to active shooter scare on campus

Somali man charged in Canada attack was ordered deported from US

French MPs to vote on tough anti-terror law

Belgium moves to expel mosque imam over security fears

Britain to limit acid sales after steep rise in assaults

UK to Imprison People Who View 'Far-Right Propaganda' Online for Up to 15 Years

Tillerson's Fury at Trump Required an Intervention From Pence

Our Broken Obama Military Can't Even Manage to Toss Out Traitors

The Golden Age of 'Existential' Dread

'Doomsday preacher' on Wimbledon train causes passengers to flee

One third of smartphone notifications make our mood worse, research shows

Halifax cafe goes 'screen free,' sparks backlash on social media

Yahoo just said every single account was affected by 2013 attack - 3 billion in all

Twitter users appear to track Navy ships using newly activated beacons

Russia threatens retaliation over U.S. 'break-in' at consulate

Russia Targets NATO Soldier Smartphones, Western Officials Say

Russian-linked Facebook ads targeted Michigan and Wisconsin

Obama tried to give Zuckerberg a wake-up call over fake news on Facebook

Mark Zuckerberg's Yom Kippur Post Fails to Atone for Facebook's Sin

The press, branded the 'enemy' by Trump, increasingly trusted by the public: Reuters/Ipsos poll

Robots are replacing fast food workers at new Shake Shack

City of Amazon proposed to attract company's HQ2 to Georgia

Dow on track for 5-day winning streak as stocks set record highs

Amazon ordered to pay $300 million by EU over 'illegal tax advantage'

US expels Cuban diplomats from embassy in Washington

Spain's king calls independence vote by Catalonia 'totally outside law and democracy'

Catalan referendum: Region's independence 'in matter of days'

Several regions eyeing independence in the EU

Asteroid will give Earth a close shave October 12

Asteroid TC4: 100ft-Wide Space Rock Poised to Come Within a Cosmic Hair's Breadth of Earth

Death toll in Mexico earthquake rises to 366

Signs of corruption emerge from rubble of Mexico quake

5.8 magnitude earthquake hits the North Atlantic Ocean

5.2 magnitude earthquake hits near San Pedro de Atacama, Chile

5.2 magnitude earthquake hits near Visokoi Island, South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands

5.0 magnitude earthquake hits near L'Esperance Rock, New Zealand

Sabancaya volcano in Peru erupts to 27,000ft

Karymsky volcano on Kamchatka, Russia erupts to 18,000ft

Fuego volcano in Guatemala erupts to 17,000ft

Reventador volcano in Ecuador erupts to 17,000ft

Turrialba volcano in Costa Rica erupts to 12,500ft

Rincon De La Vieja volcano in Costa Rica erupts to 12,000ft

El Nino events can be triggered by major volcanic eruptions in the tropics

President Trump isn't responsible for Puerto Rico's decades of corruption and collapse

How the Democrats Set Up Puerto Rico for Disaster

Storm politics: How federal response to natural disasters can influence a president's approval ratings

Trump comes face to face with stricken Puerto Rico

Trump contrasts Puerto Rico death toll to 'a real catastrophe like Katrina'

Trump says Puerto Rico officials should be 'proud' more haven't died like in Katrina

Trump Tells Puerto Rico "You've Thrown Our Budget A Little Out Of Whack"

Puerto Rico's $70 billion debt will have to be wiped out, Trump says

White House to request $29 billion for hurricane relief

UN says recovery of eastern Caribbean could cost $1 billion

Maria forces service cuts in 70 percent of Puerto Rico's hospitals; Fear of disease mounts

Gov. Rick Scott Declares State Of Emergency As 100,000s Of Puerto Ricans Flee To Florida

Puerto Rico Governor's Dire Warning: Millions May Flee the Island

Invest 90L in the Western Caribbean Sea Likely to Be a Tropical Storm or Hurricane Threat for Gulf Coast This Weekend

Tropical Storm Ramon to cause downpours from Mexico to Guatemala this week

Record rainfall floods parts of Queensland

First Blizzard of the Season Breaks October Snow Record in Havre, Montana; Heavy Snow Closes I-70 in Colorado

Colorado mountains could get as much as 2 feet of snow in first significant storm of the season

Another year of drought ahead in Israel

Israel's Natural Water Sources Are Drying Up - Severe cuts proposed

EPA to propose repealing Obama's climate regulation - document

Severe turbulence on flights may triple by 2050 due to climate change: study

EU battle heats up over controversial weedkiller

First global pledge to end cholera by 2030

World-first trial for universal flu vaccine

Scientists design 'smart' tattoos that monitor your health

Researchers explore why humans don't purge lethal genetic disorders from the population

President Trump Stands Up for People with Down Syndrome, No Excuse to 'Discard Human Life'

20-week Abortion ban clears House, faces uphill Senate fight

Anti-Abortion Representative Wants His Mistress to Abort Their Baby

ACLU Sues To Increase Access To Abortion Pill

Test tube babies in a conflict zone: dealing with infertility in Gaza

Parents express shock over flutes possibly tainted with semen and given to schoolchildren; little health risk seen

Disabled woman kept in shed, sold for sex in Michigan

US votes against UN resolution condemning gay sex death penalty, joining Iraq and Saudi Arabia

Egypt 'escalates LGBT crackdown' after rainbow flag display

Judge Rules Against Fla. County's Prayer Policy That Bars Atheist Invocations

Tracking Bible Prophecy Headlines - 10/3/2017

In first visit to Gaza in two years, PA prime minister calls for national unity

Palestinian Authority, Hamas Aim to Mend Ties After 10-Year Deadlock

High Hopes in Gaza as PA Ministers Arrive for Reconciliation Talks

In Gaza for first time in 2 years, Palestinian PM says disunity serves Israel

UN 'carefully optimistic' on Fatah-Hamas reconciliation

US praises PA-Hamas reconciliation efforts

Greenblatt calls on Palestinians to 'recognize Israel'

US welcomes PA dealing for Gaza control, but says all must disavow violence

U.S. ambassador to UN calls Israeli 'occupation' a fallacy

UN resolutions cannot be tweaked

Despite police restrictions, MKs tour east Jerusalem

Thousands of Christians Set to Arrive in Jerusalem for Feast of Tabernacles

Genetic Test May Soon Tell You if You're Really Jewish

Swiss MP: 'Jews had a better chance of survival at Auschwitz than pigs in farms'

ISIS reportedly threatens Jewish NY museum

Thirsty Sea of Galilee sinking toward lowest level ever recorded

Pentagon gives green light to install Israeli defense system on US tanks

Nasrallah: Netanyahu leading Israel to 'death and destruction'

Israel's Enemies Will Target Population Centers in Next War, Defense Chief Says

Mossad chief: Iran 'closer than ever before' to Israel's borders

Iran, Iraq hold exercises near Iraqi Kurdistan

IS burns oil wells near Hawija as Iraqi civilians seek safety in Kurdistan

End of ISIS: Victims of the Islamic State Group Are Taking Revenge However They Can

Deadly twin suicide attack hits Damascus police station

Drone strike kills eight Hezbollah fighters in Syria

Russian strikes on U.S. allies seen as move for power in postwar Syria

Putin's Next Presidential Term Will Be Different

More than 40,000 troops in Russian war games, US general says

Russia giving cover to Iran could doom nuclear deal as Trump considers whether to certify

Iranian foreign minister Zarif to visit Qatar amid Gulf crisis

Libyan army: Qatar transports armed ISIS militants from Syria to Libya

Saudi Arabia and Pakistan hold join-military exercises

Two children killed as India, Pakistan trade fire in Kashmir

US intelligence foils North Korean attempt to smuggle rockets to Egypt

Egypt secretly ordered more than 30,000 grenades from North Korea

Trump: I won't fail on North Korea

Las Vegas Shooting: 58 Killed and More Than 500 Hurt Near Mandalay Bay

The Las Vegas attack is the deadliest mass shooting in modern US history

World Reacts With Shock to Deadliest U.S. Mass Shooting

Trump, After Las Vegas Shooting: 'Our Unity Cannot Be Shattered by Evil'

Netanyahu says Israel 'shoulder to shoulder' with US after attack

Tel Aviv city hall lights up in red, white and blue in solidarity with US

Pope calls Las Vegas shooting a 'senseless tragedy'

ISIS Claims Las Vegas Shooting, Says Stephen Paddock Converted to Islam

Dismissing terror link, officials hunt for motive behind Las Vegas shooting

Las Vegas shooter was heavy gambler, son of 'psychopath' bank-robber

Vegas gunman's 'psychopath' dad landed on FBI's most-wanted list

Brother of Las Vegas shooter says family 'completely dumbfounded'

Scientologist Kirstie Alley: Psychiatric drugs common denominator in mass shooters

A scary turn: Las Vegas may be first mass shooting using an automatic weapon

Army Veteran: Las Vegas Shooting Worse Than Iraq Skirmishes

Las Vegas Hospital 'Like a War Zone' as Shooting Victims Flood Facility

Las Vegas shooting: Killer bought more than 30 weapons, source says

Hillary Clinton slammed for 'ignorant' statement on guns after Las Vegas shooting

Why Do Mass Shootings Keep Happening in the U.S.? Barack Obama's Candid Explanation

Democrats Immediately Call For Gun Control After Las Vegas Shooting

Jewish groups in aftermath of Las Vegas attack call for tougher gun control laws

Celebrities Rush to Call for Gun Control After Las Vegas Mass Shooting

White House on Las Vegas Shooting: Discussing Gun Control Is 'Premature'

White House: Now is not the time to talk about gun control. But 'if you look to Chicago...'

Gun control in Europe is almost total. It hasn't stopped mass shooting attacks like Las Vegas

CBS fires vice president who said Vegas victims didn't deserve sympathy because country music fans 'often are Republican'

CNN Reporter: Country Music Fans Are Likely Trump Supporters

Lady Gaga to lead global meditation for Las Vegas victims

Dem Rep. Green calls off Trump impeachment push, after Vegas massacre

Las Vegas concert shooting prompts ESPN to change its mind about airing national anthem

Casino Stocks Fall After Las Vegas Mass Shooting

Las Vegas tourism CEO on shooting: Vegas is 'strong,' will get through 'this tragic incident'

35 Years of Mass Shootings in the U.S. in One Graph

In the Aftermath of the Vegas Shooting, Time to Nationalize Facebook, Twitter, and Google - Information is a public utility. We mustn’t allow it to be controlled by private corporations.

'Lone wolf' suspected in Canada terror attack, police chase

Terror probe opened after homemade bomb found in Paris

East Croydon station evacuated as police investigate 'suspicious item'

Kenyan Opposition Begins Protests Over Election Impasse

Catalonian referendum violence plunges EU into crisis as '90pc of voters back independence'

UN chief hopes sides will solve Catalan crisis

Catalan Cabinet meets to plan independence declaration

This is the happiest day of my life, Kurdish president says after referendum

Havana attacks hit US spy network in Cuba

Trump's Right: His Media Coverage Is Mostly Negative

Facebook says estimated 10 million saw Russia-linked ads

Facebook to Hire 1,000 People to Review Ads After Suspected Russian Election Meddling

Facebook testing facial recognition for account recovery

Equifax says 2.5M additional individuals potentially victimized during data breach

IMF's Lagarde: Digital currencies are here to stay

US stocks climb, led by health care companies and banks

Robotic Farm Completes 1st Fully Autonomous Harvest

End of the TV remote could be nigh as scientists invent technology to change channel using gestures

Dubai's 'space simulation city' aims to pave the way for life on Mars

An Earth-Sized Space Shield to Protect Us From Solar Storms Is Less Crazy Than It Sounds

NASA Planetary Defense Office Tracking Asteroid Headed For Earth Flyby

5.3 magnitude earthquake hits near Isangel, Vanuatu

Planes, ships, barges: the DIY evacuation of Vanuatu's volcano island

Sabancaya volcano in Peru erupts to 27,000ft

Sinabung volcano in Indonesia erupts to 18,000ft

Reventador volcano in Ecuador erupts to 15,000ft

Trump says Puerto Rico relief effort 'under really great control,' dedicates golf trophy to victims

'Inept' Puerto Rican government 'riddled with corruption': CEO

'I don't see people dying': Fox's Geraldo Rivera scoffs in the face of San Juan mayor to back up Trump

San Juan Mayor Has Time for T-Shirts and Television but No Time for FEMA

9/11 tribute lights could be dangerous for birds, study says

1M unvaccinated Venezuelan kids vulnerable in measles outbreak, doctors warn

Tattoos can cause infections 15 years later, warn doctors

Marine Corps veteran: I'm thankful I wasn't offered assisted suicide when I was told I was dying three years ago

Woman expecting yoga mat, gets $400,000 in illegal drugs in mail instead

Tracking Bible Prophecy Headlines - 10/2/2017

Fatah Official: We Are Preparing to Govern the Gaza Strip

As Palestinian Authority moves into Gaza, Egypt intel generals visit enclave

Palestinian reconciliation faces perilous road ahead

'Reconciliation Is Just a Lie': Skepticism in Gaza at Yet Another Attempt at Palestinian Unity

Hamas chief: Palestinian reconciliation meant to stop Israeli Gaza siege

Abbas: I will continue terrorist payments

Israel Announces Extended, 11-day Closure of West Bank, Gaza for Jewish Holiday

Government fails to send a single minister to Yom Kippur War memorial

Netanyahu Apologizes After Cabinet Ministers Are a No-show at 1973 Yom Kippur War Memorial

Netanyahu Blasts 'Failing European Economies' During Cabinet Meeting

Nasrallah: Netanyahu leading Israel to 'death and destruction'

Nasrallah threatens to 'take care of Israeli violations' should Hezbollah not be backed

Rebel spokesman: Houthi missiles can hit covert Israeli bases in Eritrea

Netanyahu scoffs at Erdogan's claim that Mossad behind Kurdish referendum

Turkey no longer needs EU membership but won't quit talks - Erdogan

3,000 killed in Syria in deadliest month of 2017

FM: Iran to Emerge with More Advanced N. Program If 2015 Deal Collapses

Afghan security forces killed in "friendly fire" incident

Man Stabs, Kills Two in France After Shouting 'Allahu Akbar'

Islamic State group claims responsibility for deadly Marseille attack

Suspect in Canada terror attack is Somali refugee, police say

Austrian ban on full-face veil in public places comes into force

Tens of thousands march to defend Hong Kong's rule of law against China

U.S. aircraft carrier Reagan due in Korea this month

Trump rejects diplomatic solution with North Korea's 'Little Rocket Man'

Trump contradicts Tillerson on North Korea, the latest in a series of put-downs

Trump tweet slams Tillerson over 'waste of time' North Korea talks

Trump: Talking to Kim Jong Un a waste, 'will do what needs to be done'

Analysis From Catalonia to Kurdistan, Referendums Only Bolster Dictators' Power

'Yes' to Catalonia: 90 Percent Vote to Leave Spain in Banned Independence Referendum

Catalan independence referendum: 'Catalonia has won the right to statehood', says region's President

Catalans Signal They May Declare Independence Within a Week

Tears and Flowers, Barricades and Rubber Bullets: Catalan Independence Vote Divides a Nation

Catalonia's Independence Vote Descends Into Chaos and Clashes

Spain riot police smash way into Catalan voting center, more than 800 injured

Russia Accused of Meddling in Catalonia Independence Vote With Fake News

Zuckerberg, in Yom Kippur post, asks forgiveness for Facebook misuse

Storms? North Korea? Trump? Americans keep calm and go shopping

5.0 magnitude earthquake hits near Ohonua, Tonga

Sabancaya volcano in Peru erupts to 29,000ft

Reventador volcano in Ecuador erupts to 15,000ft

Sinabung volcano in Indonesia erupts to 15,000ft

Turrialba volcano in Costa Rica erupts to 13,000ft

Sakurajima volcano on Japan erupts to 11,000ft

Sex change regret: Gender reversal surgery is on the rise, so why aren't we talking about it?

NBA Orders Players To Stand For The National Anthem

Former Google Employee Engineering His Own A.I. Religion

Tracking Bible Prophecy Headlines - 10/1/2017

U.S. Distances Itself Again From Trump's Ambassador to Israel Over '2%' Remark on Occupation

Palestinian unity visit to Gaza: Rebirth or another false dawn?

Palestinian Reconciliation: Abbas Says No to 'Hezbollah Model' in Gaza as Hamas Hopes to Retain Armed Wing

Sick of running Gaza, Hamas may be aiming to switch to a Hezbollah-style role

Hezbollah accuses Israel of planting, detonating espionage equipment

Nasrallah threatens to 'take care of Israeli violations' should Hezbollah not be backed

Hezbollah says Israel pushing region to war

Hezbollah chief tells Jews to flee before Israel devastated by war

NY State probes Deutsche Bank for link to Palestinian terrorist group

Israel's growing Temple movement

Israelis start building sukkahs ahead of Sukkot holiday

Riots and Violence as neo-Nazis March in Sweden on Yom Kippur

Israel's trade with Russia booming

Israel's trade with Russia leaps by 25%

Netanyahu says Israel had no part in Kurdistan independence referendum

Erdogan: Israeli Mossad Involved in Kurdish Referendum; Hezbollah: It's a U.S.-Israeli Plot read

Turkey's Erdogan says Iraqi Kurdish authorities 'will pay price' for vote

Nasrallah: Kurdish vote will sow division in region

Hezbollah says Kurdish vote a step toward wider Mideast partition

Iran puts economic squeeze on Iraqi Kurds

Last flight departs as Iraq imposes ban for Kurdish independence vote

Kurdish parliament rejects all of Baghdad's decisions taken against referendum

Thousands of Iraqis Flee ISIS to Kurdish Territory Amid Military Offensive

Syrian Observatory: Islamic State captures town from government

US-led forces acknowledge killing 50 more civilians in Iraq, Syria

Iranian, Iraqi government forces to hold joint border drills

Saudis Allowing Women to Drive Has More to Do With Oil Than Feminism

How advertisers are now targeting women in Saudi Arabia

Edmonton: Five injured in Canada 'terror' incidents

Next move in America's 'maximum pressure' campaign: Stress North Korean atrocities and China's shameful role

Trump signed presidential directive ordering actions to pressure North Korea

Tillerson, in Rare High-Level Acknowledgment, Says U.S. Is in Direct Contact With North Korea

North Korea seen moving missiles from development center: South Korean broadcaster

Italy says to expel North Korea envoy over nuclear, missile tests

Moscow denies Ukraine's accusation that it left troops in Belarus

Google deepens probe of Russian meddling in U.S. election amid congressional pressure

Catalan Separatists Defiant Before Independence Vote Deemed Illegal by Spanish Government

Defying police, Catalans gather at polling stations for separation vote

Spanish police storm polling station in Catalonia independence vote

Spanish FM says Catalan radicals using 'Nazi-like' tactics

Catalonia independence vote IT systems 'shut down'

U.K.'s May Fights Plotters as Johnson Declares Brexit Red Lines

David Stockman: Trump tax reform overhaul is a pipe dream, stocks are heading for 40-70% plunge

Trump calls tax-reform plan 'rocket fuel' for U.S. economy

Oil Cuts Add to Saudi Pain as GDP Contracts for Second Quarter

Amid outcry over U.S. Confederate markers, new ones are going up

Trump sparks a firestorm after lashing out at San Juan's mayor over his handling of Puerto Rico's relief effort

Donald Trump rips San Juan mayor, who says he's politicizing disaster

San Juan Mayor Previously Praised Convicted FALN Terrorist

Trump rips 'poor leadership' of San Juan mayor as controversy over Puerto Rico relief effort brews

FEMA Chief Defends Trump Tweets, Dings San Juan Mayor

'Results will speak much louder than complaints': Trump lashes out again at San Juan's mayor

San Juan Mayor to Liberal Media: We Are Getting No Help From Trump - As She Stands In Front of Pallets of Aid

Fellow Puerto Rico Mayor Rips San Juan Mayor - 'She's Not Participating In Any Meetings'

Trump slams mayor in Puerto Rico, then praises other officials over recovery effort

Trump blasts media coverage of Puerto Rico

Trump blasts CNN, NBC for 'fake news' attack on federal response to Puerto Rico disaster

Trump tells people of Puerto Rico not to believe the 'fake news' about response to Hurricane Maria

Trump Criticizes Devastated Puerto Rico: "They Want Everything Done for Them"

Puerto Ricans fire back at Trump for critical tweets

Trump sent 18 tweets on Puerto Rico on Saturday. And made things a whole lot worse

Dems rip Trump for criticizing Puerto Rico official from golf club

Lin-Manuel Miranda Slams Trump Over Puerto Rico: "You're Going Straight to Hell"

Puerto Rico governor: More needed, but feds have answered our calls

Curt Schilling in Puerto Rico: Trump Provided Speedy Relief, But Execution on the Ground 'Horrifying'

U.S. Military on Puerto Rico: "The Problem is Distribution" and Here's Why

Puerto Rico supply chain breaks down: Thousands of supply containers sit idle because truck drivers are not showing up to move them

Report: Puerto Rico Teamsters Union, "Frente Amplio", Refuse to Deliver Supplies - Use Hurricane Maria as Contract Leverage

Don't blame lack of drivers for the delays in aid to Puerto Rico's residents, says union, blame the bureaucratic red tape

Trump will announce new steps to cut red tape in Monday speech

5.5 magnitude earthquake hits near Tobelo, Indonesia

5.2 magnitude earthquake hits near Tobelo, Indonesia

5.1 magnitude earthquake hits near El Playon, Colombia

5.1 magnitude earthquake hits south of the Fiji Islands

Sabancaya volcano in Peru erupts to 27,000ft

Popocateptl volcano in Mexico erupts to 26,000ft

Reventador volcano in Ecuador erupts to 15,000ft

Sinabung volcano in Indonesia erupts to 15,000ft

Turrialba volcano in Costa Rica erupts to 13,000ft

Entire island evacuated as volcanoes rumble in Bali and Vanuatu

Dunkirk-style evacuation as Vanuatu volcano pollutes drinking water

Maria, Lee to bring glancing blow to UK on Sunday and Monday

Tropical downpours may raise risk of flash flooding in Florida through Sunday

Severe flooding leaves many vehicles stranded in Lynn, Massachusetts

Drought looms for Ohio Valley to Northeast as rainfall deficit grows

Delayed Harvest: Why September's Full Moon Arrives in October

O.C. beach cities beset by mysterious nauseating odor demand answers

Pot legalization in California brings a bonanza of government jobs

They stabbed their friend to impress Slender Man. Now the teens are going to mental hospitals.

Mormon leader reaffirms faith's opposition to gay marriage

A Rainbow Flag at a Concert Has Sparked an Anti-gay Arrest Wave in Egypt

Egypt to conduct anal exams on men suspected of gay sex

Germany celebrates 1st same-sex weddings after law change

'Star Trek Discovery' to Debut TV Show's First Openly Gay Character

A 45-foot tall nude sculpture may be coming to the National Mall to promote women's equality

Pope Francis to take aim at 'fake news' on feast day honoring patron saint of journalists

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