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April 2023 Headlines

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Tracking Bible Prophecy Headlines - 4/30/2023

Starting 17th week of protests, leaders slam pro-overhaul rally's 'severe incitement'

Spanish PM offers support for anti-overhaul protesters; FM Cohen blasts message

Hamas suspends Bitcoin fundraising, citing 'hostile' activity against donors

'God didn't hear us': Holocaust survivor shares story with her granddaughter

King Charles' royal coronation to feature roles for Jewish, Muslim, Hindu leaders

Syria says Israeli strikes hit Homs area, damage reported

Russian pilots tried to 'dogfight' US jets over Syria, US Central Command says

Heavy fighting continues in Sudan despite US-brokered truce

Sudan former PM warns of civil war that would be 'nightmare for the world'

Khartoum airstrikes, artillery fire as Sudan fighting enters 3rd week despite truce

IAF pilots land plane on unlit runway at night in Sudan to rescue 121 Indians

Sudanese army blocks Britons from boarding last rescue flights

Hundreds of evacuees land in Saudi Arabia as Sudan fighting enters third week

Sudan conflict threatens supply of key soft drink ingredient gum arabic

Erdogan returns after three-day bout of gastro disturbs key election campaign

Afghan women protest against potential Taliban recognition ahead of UN summit

'One American in Iraq is too much': Iran's leaders assail US presence in Middle East

Hamas leader accepts invitation to visit Iran

Four Iraqi Migrants Apprehended in Florida Maritime Smuggling Incident

Senators urge Biden to seize Iranian oil after US-bound tanker held

Ukraine's battlefields could supply Iran with fresh Western tech to ape, expert says

Russia says Ukrainian drones strike oil depot in annexed Crimea, sparking huge fire

EU and Ukraine Strike Grain Deal After Eastern European Farmer Protests

Key nations sit out U.S. standoff with Russia, China, leaks show

US says China intimidates Philippine vessels in South China Sea

US condemns China's 'harassment' of Philippines in South Pacific

Congress Members Want Answers About Chinese 'Police Stations' in the U.S.

Kim Jong Un's powerful sister calls Biden as 'old man with no future' and attacks US nuclear defense pact with Seoul

RFK Jr. Says His Father and Uncle Were Fighting Against Military Industrial Complex Before Their Deaths

The World Economic Forum Says It Will 'Accelerate' Implementation of Globalist Agenda 2030

Spectre of first global credit crunch since global financial crisis emerges as another US bank faces collapse

FDIC races to find buyer for collapsing First Republic Bank: report

Fed blames Trump-era policies, SVB leaders - and itself - for bank's stunning collapse

Fitch cites civil unrest in downgrade of France's credit rating

Hunter Biden's Lawyer Controls Entity with 10% Stake in Chinese State-Backed Investment Fund

President Biden says at DNC reception that MAGA Republicans are the 'real problem'

Pinkerton: Bringing the War on Terror Home to Target Americans for 'Disinformation'

EU is 'Disappointed' by Lack of Twitter Censorship, Commissioner Says

Brazil court lifts Telegram suspension over neo-Nazi groups

Police using AI could lead to 'predictive' crime prevention 'slippery slope,' experts argue

Tech expert warns AI could threaten human connectivity, romance: 'Latest version of a long tradition'

Mysterious UFOs Spotted Over Las Vegas, Local Military Base Denies Involvement

UAE's 'Sultan of Space' becomes 1st Arab astronaut to carry out spacewalk

5.1 magnitude earthquake hits near the south coast of Papua, Indonesia

Sabancaya volcano in Peru erupts to 25,000ft

Cotopaxi volcano in Ecuador erupts to 21,000ft

Popocateptl volcano in Mexico erupts to 20,000ft

Sangay volcano in Ecuador erupts to 19,000ft

Semeru volcano in Indonesia erupts to 15,000ft

Sheveluch volcano on Kamchatka, Russia erupts to 13,000ft

Ebeko volcano in the Kuril Islands erupts to 10,000ft

Flooding in eastern Iowa could exceed other recent major floods

Panama Canal facing operational uncertainty due to severe drought

RFK Jr. Says 'Mega-Billionaires' Are Using Climate Change To Implement 'Totalitarian Control' of Society

California Adopts Rules to Cut Train Emissions, First in US

Cruz Mocks Biden Admin for Pushing All Electric Military Vehicles: Hopefully Our Enemies Will Be Nice Enough to Install Charging Stations

'Mom, these bad men have me': She believes scammers cloned her daughter's voice in a fake kidnapping

Texas man allegedly shot and killed a man who scammed him of $40 in parking fees. Then he resumed his date

5 killed in Texas as family home shot up by neighbor

Over 200 Migrant Bodies Wash Up on Tunisian Coast in Past Two Weeks

TikTok Lookalike Guides Illegal Chinese Immigrants to Swarm Into US Through Southern Border

As fentanyl crisis grows, U.S.-Mexico divide deepens

Now world's no. 1 opioid consumer per capita, Israel faces addiction epidemic

Human trafficking abolitionist Jaco Booyens says porn feeds the climb of child sexual exploitation

Bud Light faced a backlash over its campaign with a trans influencer. But a poll finds a majority of American beer drinkers support such campaigns.

27 Colorado Dems vote against making indecent exposure to minors a felony - "These types of laws have been used to ban drag shows," said Leslie Herod

Oklahoma Passes Bill Banning Sex Change Surgeries for Children

Montana Governor Signs Law Banning Transgender Medical Procedures for Children

Montana bans gender-affirming care for minors after transgender lawmaker censure

Transgender Montana State Lawmaker Says Laws Restricting Sex Change Surgery For Minors "Are Unconstitutional as They Are Cruel"

Two Democrat governors sign laws aiming to help out-of-state minors get sex change surgeries, abortions

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. says he opposes biological males competing in women's sports - 'Women have worked too hard over the past 30 years'

Pope Francis calls abortion 'senseless' and criticizes gender theory in Budapest speech

Katie Britt: Democrats Are Trying to 'Chip Away' at Hyde Amendment Banning Taxpayer-Funded Abortions

MN Gov. Walz: Late-Term Abortion 'Doesn't Happen' and Is a 'Rarity' for when a Life Is in Danger

NYT Slammed for Promoting Assisted Suicide for Mental Illness

Doctor Warn: Occurrences Of Rare Brain Infection In Children Have Tripled After Covid-19 Lockdowns

'Dehumanizing': Experts rip California pilot program testing COVID-sniffing dogs on schoolchildren

Republicans Subpoena Head of CDC Over Big Tech Censorship Coordination

Pfizer Donated Thousands to Groups Who Lobbied for Vax Mandates

Moderna's billionaire CEO reaped nearly $400 million last year. He also got a raise.

Tracking Bible Prophecy Headlines - 4/29/2023

With 'anti-Israel voices on the rise,' group of Democrats call for conditioning US aid to Israel

How Israel's political crisis took center stage at a major US Jewish conference

Hanegbi: Judicial overhaul is reason Biden hasn't invited Netanyahu to White House

'March of the Million' shatters claim nation opposes judicial reform

In show of force, 200,000 urge gov't not to abandon overhaul amid compromise talks

Netanyahu to reportedly face ultimatum from coalition if overhaul negotiations fail

Far-right MK 'shamed and pained' by gay Knesset speaker's husband attending events

Total population of Israel nears 10 million; nearly half of World Jewry resides in Jewish state

IDF troops detain terror suspect in Jenin, clash with Palestinian gunmen

Palestinian teen shot dead by IDF troops during clashes in West Bank

Israeli airstrikes hit targets near Homs, Syrian state media says

Iran's President Raisi to visit Syria, sign strategic economic deal next week

Iranian FM meets Hezbollah chief, tours Lebanon-Israel border

Overlooking Israel from Lebanon border, Iran's FM says 'Zionist collapse' is near

Iranian trip to Israel-Lebanon border is part of larger symbolic threat - analysis

Iran TV airs footage of commandos seizing US-bound tanker

Air Force squadron in Middle East arms up with 'bunker busting' bombs to counter Iran - US bombs seen as warning to Islamic Republic of Iran

Iran says there were no schoolgirl poisonings, blames foreign 'enemies'

Foreign ministers of Iran, Russia, Syria and Turkey may meet in May

President Erdogan Suspends Election Campaign after Collapsing on Live TV

Turkey's Erdogan cancels third day of election appearances over reported stomach bug

Malign actors could 'hyper-charge' Sudan conflict, say ex-envoys

AU appeals for help for civilians fleeing conflict in Sudan

Sudan street battles threaten fragile ceasefire as Turkish plane shot

Saudi Arabia 'working for Sudan ceasefire and restoring civilian rule'

Sudan fighting: No talks until bombing stops, Hemedti tells BBC

The Fighting in Sudan Threatens Peace Efforts with Israel

Palestinian students reach Gaza after fleeing outbreak of violence in Sudan

US Leaves Citizens Stranded in War-Torn Sudan, Projecting 'Weakness': Analysis

US government begins land evacuation of American civilians in Sudan - The U.S. official said that a large group of Americans is being bused to the Red Sea

Sudan crisis: Turkish evacuation plane fired on

Ethiopia's Amhara ruling party official shot dead

Burkina: 33 soldiers killed in new bloody attack

Taliban leader says 'pressure' won't work after UN blasts its treatment of women

Putin signs decree paving way for deportation of people from annexed Ukraine

Ukraine Pledges 'Iron Fist' Response After Russian Strikes Kill 25 Civilians

Ukraine war: Russia's Wagner Group could soon cease to exist, founder Yevgeny Prigozhin tells war blogger

U.S. Wires Ukraine With Radiation Sensors to Detect Nuclear Blasts

Kremlin Plays Down Idea That Russia Is Preparing a Nuclear Weapons Test

Xi's phone call with Zelensky a diplomatic coup but China faces hurdles as peace broker, analysts say

Ukraine MP Rudik: China Not Trusted Broker for Peace

Billionaire investor Ray Dalio warns US, China 'on the brink' of war and 'beyond' ability to talk

Chinese TB-001 drone flies around Taiwan in rare encirclement, says island's military

Alleged Pentagon Leaks: China, UAE Continued Secret Construction of Military Base

China: South Korean President 'Likely' Caused 'Nuclear Crisis' with Biden Summit

3 soldiers dead, 1 injured after Army Apache helicopters collide midair while returning from a training flight in Alaska

Army grounds most aviation after fatal helicopter crashes

First Republic teeters on the edge - again

First Republic most likely headed for FDIC receivership, sources say; shares drop 40%

Game Over: FDIC Shutters Silicon Valley Bank, Appoints Receiver

Signature Bank collapse blamed on 'poor management,' FDIC report says

Over 10,000 FBI Agents Can Access Data From Secretive Surveillance Program: Inspectors General

8 Ways Government Shielded Joe Biden From The 'Laptop From Hell'

James Comer pointedly warns against witness intimidation, too narrow DOJ focus in Hunter Biden probe

Trump Accuser Admits to Sexually Harassing Roger Ailes

With Mike Pence's testimony, Jack Smith's Jan. 6 investigation of Donald Trump picks up steam

North Carolina Supreme Court reinstated state's voter ID law

DeSantis poised to sign law that would allow him to run for president without resigning as governor

School superintendent who criticized DeSantis could lose job

Disney has an 'extremely strong' case DeSantis is 'weaponizing' the state to punish free speech, lawyers say

Report: Fox News Scheming to Silence Tucker Carlson and Sideline Him Through 2024 Election

Megyn Kelly - Fox Losing Viewers After Tucker Carlson's Departure: 'It's a Bloodbath'

Fox News Ratings Drops 56 Percent After Tucker Carlson's Exit

Fired Tucker Carlson producer: Misogyny and bullying 'trickles down from the top'

Tucker Carlson's Twitter video views outnumber Fox News audience in old time slot

Brazil: Communist Lawmaker Introduces 'Anti-Fake News' Censorship Bill

Brazilian Court Suspends Messaging Platform Telegram Nationwide

Brazil suspends Telegram after app refuses to give data for antisemitic group probe

Telegram CEO claims complying with Brazil order impossible

Commentary: An angry and intolerant younger generation is destroying American democracy

Social media particularly damaging to mental health of Gen Zers, says study

Google lost its bid to dismiss a wide-ranging antitrust case in US federal court

ChatGPT Will See You Now: Doctors Using AI to Answer Patient Questions - Pilot program aims to see if AI will cut time that medical staff spend replying to online inquiries

Facebook Stock Soars as Mark Zuckerberg Explains How Profitable AI 'Engaging Experiences' Are

AI banned from running nuclear missile systems under bipartisan bill

Days before dying, Japan's lunar lander snaps glorious photo of Earth during a total solar eclipse

Dutch researcher once again accurately predicts earthquake in Egypt

Deep M6.6 and M6.0 earthquakes hit south of the Fiji Islands

5.7 magnitude earthquake hits the South Sandwich Islands region

5.7 magnitude earthquake hits near Tual, Indonesia

5.5 magnitude earthquake hits south of the Fiji Islands

5.5 magnitude earthquake hits south of the Fiji Islands

5.5 magnitude earthquake hits near the south coast of Papua, Indonesia

5.2 magnitude earthquake hits near Calatagan, Philippines

5.1 magnitude earthquake hits west of Macquarie Island

5.0 magnitude earthquake hits the Mid-Indian Ridge

5.0 magnitude earthquake hits near Kokopo, Papua New Guinea

Sabancaya volcano in Peru erupts to 26,000ft

Popocateptl volcano in Mexico erupts to 22,000ft

Cotopaxi volcano in Ecuador erupts to 22,000ft

Fuego volcano in Guatemala erupts to 16,000ft

Reventador volcano in Ecuador erupts to 15,000ft

Semeru volcano in Indonesia erupts to 15,000ft

Sheveluch volcano on Kamchatka, Russia erupts to 14,000ft

California landslide halts rail service, homes evacuated

Rainy season ravages Ecuador, leaves 79 people dead, 39 missing and 14,184 homes damaged

DeSantis Suggests He Personally Prayed a Hurricane Away From Florida

Lightning strike hits Mississippi pipeline, sets off massive fire

Meet Drago, the Texas bull who captured the hearts of many as he escaped large hail

Spain, Portugal swelter as April temperature records broken

Spain pleads for EU crisis funds as extreme drought hits farmers

Drought-hit Spanish town gets water trucked in as temperatures peak

Photos: Spain Turns to Mass Prayer, Fish Relocations Amid Extreme Drought

Outrage Builds as Saudi-Owned Company Pulls Groundwater from Drought-Plagued Arizona for Its Own Use

Biden's green agenda to cost at least $600 billion more than projected, analysis says

California Regulators Vote to Ban New Diesel Truck Sales By 2036 and Mandate They All Be Zero Emission By 2042

New York set to pass first statewide law banning gas in new construction

Train Carrying Lithium Batteries and Paint Derails, Sending Cars Into Mississippi River

Key Gunpowder Factory Mysteriously Exploded, US Production of the Chemical Now Totally Offline

11 female opposition lawmakers have been arrested in Uganda during a protest over what they allege is police brutality

Federal judge grants injunction temporarily blocking enforcement of Illinois gun law - The federal judge said that the court should be 'mindful of the rights guaranteed by the Constitution'

Colorado Dem Gov signs four major gun control bills, raises age requirements, tightens Red Flag laws

Texas House Votes to Require Panic Buttons and Armed Guards in Every School

Josh Hawley Calls on FBI to Launch 'Full-Scale' Probe into 85K Migrant Children Missing on Joe Biden's Watch

Mother in Paraguay sells 3-year-old daughter to child rapist who murdered her for $17 worth of crack cocaine

Transgender Lawmaker Zooey Zephyr Tweets Violent Cartoon: 'My Ideal Relationship with a Man'

Report: Teen Boy Who Identifies as Transgender Brawls with Girls at California High School

Protesters derail Melbourne council meeting over drag storytime event

Conflict over transgender rights simmers across the US

LGBTQ Group Pushes Bud Light to Stand With Trans Community

Transgender influencer Dylan Mulvaney says using incorrect gender pronouns should be 'illegal'

Dylan Mulvaney Claims Public Criticism of Transgender Activism Is 'Dehumanizing'

WNBA's Brittney Griner Says Banning Biological Men from Playing Against Women is a 'Crime'

Elon Musk Rips 'Gender Transition' for Minors, Calls Term 'Cisgender' a 'Slur'

Transgender health care restrictions hit roadblocks in 3 states as gender-affirming care becomes marquee issue for state GOP leaders

A Montana lawmaker suggested she'd rather risk her child's suicide than let her transition

Top Swedish Doctors Determine Transgender Puberty Blockers 'Experimental' While U.S. Gender Clinics Push Ahead

From transgendered to 'transabled': Now people are 'choosing' to identify as handicapped

Anti-abortion bills fail in GOP-controlled Nebraska and South Carolina

This Republican SC lawmaker helped block a 'crazily oppressive' abortion bill

Justice Alito has a 'pretty good idea' of who leaked Dobbs decision draft

Alito: Dobbs Leak 'Made Us Targets of Assassination'

Shock as Biden forgets recent trip to Ireland, has to be reminded by a child: 'Cognitively unfit by a mile'

Sperm donor father of at least 550 kids banned from donating any more sperm

Minnesota Senate passes marijuana legalization bill, bringing it closer to law than ever before

More than 200 migrants die off Tunisia in just 10 days

Migration crisis at Peru-Chile border intensifies as hundreds remain stranded

Wilcox: They Lied, Biden Expands Obamacare to Illegal Aliens

Biden administration braces for a migrant surge when Covid-era restrictions lift

US Lawmaker: 700,000 to 1 Million Illegals Gather at US Border with Mexico to Storm Country After Title 42 Ends

Border Patrol Resources in Texas Strained as Thousands of Migrants Cross From Mexico

White House Correspondents' dinner attendees asked to test for COVID-19 after 2022 superspreader

CDC to stop tracking Covid levels in communities

CDC relaxes COVID-19 vaccination rules for international travelers

Back from COVID break, Mexico's Obrador vows to abolish transparency agency

'Waiting to drown': Covid vaccine injury class action filed against Australia's federal government

Twitter Files: Tucker Carlson Op-ed About COVID Vaccines for Children Targeted as 'Misinformation'

ABC News Host Tells RFK Jr. He's Too Critical of the CIA, Proceeds to Censor Him While Speaking About Vaccines

ABC News admits to cutting down RFK Jr.'s vaccine claims: 'Used our editorial judgement'

RFK Jr: "I Will Prosecute Any Official Who Engaged in Criminal Wrongdoing During the Pandemic - Not Retribution, but Justice!"

Judiciary GOP Subpoenas Trio of Officials over Alleged Censorship of COVID, Election Info

Catholic Vote, Judicial Watch Sue FBI, DOJ for Information About Leaked Memo Targeting Catholics

Exorcist reveals signs of demonic possession, responds to new demon movie: 'Levitation', pupils 'turn green'

Bryce Young, No. 1 NFL Draft Pick, Credits 'Blessings from God' for His Success

Tracking Bible Prophecy Headlines - 4/28/2023

Brazil's Lula facing backlash after claiming Israel 'created by UN'

US CENTCOM chief arrives in Israel to discuss cooperation, joint naval activity

Commentary: With US arms moving away, Israel must rethink its dependency on Washington

US envoy Nides: Despite occasional disagreements, support for Israel is 'rock-solid'

Man steals, burns Israel flags outside Jewish day school in Montreal

Antisemitism is threat to democracy, US hate envoy says

'Nazis Are Not Welcome in Florida': Gov. Ron DeSantis Signs Antisemitism Bill

DeSantis hails Israel as 'valued and trusted' US ally: "When Israel is held to a different standard than any other country in the world, that is antisemitism"

In Jerusalem, presumptive GOP hopeful DeSantis blasts Biden's Middle East policies

DeSantis: 'There's never been a Palestinian Arab entity'

In Jerusalem, DeSantis Says U.S. Shouldn't 'Butt In' to Israel's Judicial Overhaul Debate

Religious, settler groups lead charge on Thursday's pro-overhaul 'Million March'

'Don't Want Compromise': Tens of Thousands of Pro-gov't Protesters Rally in Jerusalem

Estimated 600,000 supporters of judicial reform gather outside Knesset

Key Haredi newspaper calls on readers to 'stay away' from pro-overhaul rally

Mass right-wing protest highlights deepening divide between Netanyahu and Levin

Netanyahu's lawyers have met with AG to discuss non-binding mediation in graft trial

IDF: Palestinian attempts ramming, stabbing near Ariel in West Bank, is shot dead

Arab Terrorists Kill 15 People in First 3 Months of 2023

Glitch at Haifa power station causes brief blackouts nationwide

Sudan hackers claim to be behind Israeli power outages

Websites of Israeli port hacked; Sudanese group said to claim responsibility

Amb. Jeffrey Feltman: 46 million in Sudan 'taken hostage' in two generals' 'lust for power'

Sudan's rival generals share a troubled past: genocide in Darfur

Sudan: Rival factions agree ceasefire extension as UK evacuates almost 900 - but violence continues in Khartoum and Darfur

Sudan crisis: Ceasefire extended but fighting continues

Americans and other foreigners struggle to flee Sudan amid fierce fighting

'By 7am, I've had three sets of guns pointed at me': a British teacher's escape from Sudan

Sudan conflict: Civilians dying in their homes as healthcare crumbles with hospital supplies running out

Can the U.S., Russia and China Stop War in Sudan from Destabilizing Africa?

Turks living abroad begin voting as ailing Erdogan is forced off campaign trail

Turkey's Erdogan cancels election rallies after falling ill on live TV

Turkey's Erdogan Reemerges, Appearing Frail, After Mystery Illness

Turkish president Erdogan virtually attends event with Putin amid concerns over health

Iran urges leaderless Lebanon to elect a president without foreign interference

Iran seizes oil tanker in Gulf of Oman after alleged collision amid regional tension

Senators urge Biden to enable agency to seize tankers of Iran oil

Senior Iranian ayatollah Abbas-Ali Soleimani assassinated - report

Israel's FM discusses Iranian nuclear threat with Spanish counterpart

IDF chief to CENTCOM head: We need to send a clear message to Iran

Poland inspects suspected missile found sticking out of ground in forest

Ukrainian journalist shot dead in suspected Russian sniper attack

In-fighting between Russia's private armies suspected as Ukraine is poised for the big push Access to the comments

Ukraine attempted to assassinate Putin with killer drone: claims

U.S.: Russian Subs in Atlantic 'More Active Than We've Seen Them in Years'

U.S. imposes sanctions on Russia and Iran for wrongful detention and hostage-taking of American citizens

Israel extends visas of Ukrainian refugees until July, reportedly after US pressure

Officials voice concern as US taps reserve stockpiles in Israel to help Ukraine

Over Four Million Rounds Of Heavy Ammo Committed To Ukraine From U.S. So Far

Ukraine Flooded with NATO Military Hardware: Nine New Armoured Brigades Raised, Equipped

Russia's Deadliest Weapons in Ukraine War: Hypersonic Missiles to Tanks

China Says Zelensky Wants Beijing to Play 'Important' Role in Russia War

Zelenskyy sees "opportunity" in China's offer to mediate with Russia, but stresses "territorial integrity"

Intelligence chief: Russian spy ring had 'source' in France

China's planned changes to espionage law alarm foreign businesses

India Tells China Peace Needed on Border for Better Ties

Israel and China take further step towards free trade pact

China Wants Rights to Afghanistan Lithium Reserves to Gain Price Leverage Over the Mineral: Former Energy Official

Argentina Shuns U.S. Dollar: Will Pay for China Imports in Yuan

Yuan Overtakes Dollar to Become Most-Used Currency in China's Cross-Border Transactions

The China-Russia Threat To The Dollar Is Real and Could Decimate Americans' Finances

Did Obama's Netflix Buddies Fund Zelensky's Presidential Bid with $11 Million?

Powell makes unexpected admissions during prank call with fake Zelensky where they discussed topics ranging from inflation, to the Russian central bank, to joking about having a 'printing press' in the basement and possibly setting up a federal reserve bank in Kiev

Sharp economic slowdown triggers new recession fears

Key federal budget metric hits worst mark in a generation

Hilton Warns Travel Demand May Soon Hit Inflation Wall

People Need to 'Accept' Being Poorer Amid Inflation, Says Central Banker

Biden Adviser Landrieu: House GOP 'Put the Nation at Risk' by Passing Bill to Avoid Default

Biden reacts to underwhelming GDP report: 'The American economy remains strong'

IRS Hiring Gun-Carrying Agents in all 50 States

Congress moves to free IRS whistleblower to talk about Hunter Biden probe, protect him from reprisal

Whistleblower Who Was Reportedly About to Reveal "Explosive" Information On the Biden Crime Family's Corruption Has Disappeared

Hunter Biden investigation: Intel laptop letter signers scored top jobs in Biden administration

Bill Barr: Hunter Biden Intel Letter 'A Political Stunt'

NYT Downplays Joe Biden's Decline: 'American Government Can Function Without a Healthy President'

Biden can't recall recent Ireland visit, seems to forget Hunter's love child during Q&A with kids

White House and Media Caught Red Handed Colluding on Questions for Biden

White House: It's normal for Biden to be briefed on reporters before news conference

DOJ Watchdog Warns Congress of FISA Courts Abuses

In extraordinary move, Trump lawyers ask Congress to intervene in classified documents controversy

House Intel chair responds to Trump lawyer plea for Congress to intervene on FBI raid, document grab - Committee Chairman Mike Turner says he's "very concerned about the disparate treatment" between the Trump and Biden administrations

DOJ Inspector General Horowitz Admits FBI Conducted 3.4 Million Warrantless "Backdoor Searches" Americans' Communications - Reveals Over a Million Were in Error

Post-election audits can 'validate fraud instead of catch it,' watchdog warns

J6 Political Prisoner Ethan Nordean's Crusading Attorney Shreds DOJs 'Seditious Conpsiracy' Narrative: 'The Government's Case Is Held Together By Paper Clips And Rubber Bands'

Pence testifies before federal grand jury investigating Trump's role in Jan. 6

Capitol Police Chief Attacks Tucker Carlson - Says His Factual Coverage of Jan. 6 was "Very Disrespectful"

"It's Not What's He's Done in the Past, It's What He Might Do in the Future" - Alex Jones and Roger Stone Share Their Thoughts on Why Tucker Got Fired

Pentagon officials say 'we're a better country' now that Tucker Carlson is off the air

Tucker Carlson blasts 'hysterical and aggressive' elites following Fox departure

Tucker Carlson Releases Video: Hints at Fox's Dishonesty

Tucker Carlson breaks silence after Fox News exit, says 'True things prevail'

Report: FOX News Created a Dossier to Trash the Former Host Tucker Carlson if He Goes on Attack

Rep. Greene: Fox 'Caved to the Woke Mob' in Firing Carlson

New York Times Hit Piece Implies FOX Settled with Dominion Because of Tucker's "Often Racist Comments"

Ex-Fox News Producer Suing Tucker Carlson for Discrimination Has Never Actually Met Him

Nolte: Al Sharpton Demands 'Explanation' from CNN for Firing Don Lemon

Disney sues DeSantis, says park takeover retaliation for expressing political view

DeSantis: Disney lawsuit targeting him 'political,' lacks legal 'merit'

Ron DeSantis Punches Back at Disney Lawsuit: You Have 'No Legal Right to Corporate Welfare'

Twitter is complying with more government demands under Elon Musk - The company has not refused a single request since Musk took ownership, according to self-reported data

Elon Musk Meets with Senate Leadership to Discuss AI Regulation

Elon Musk Ramps Up A.I. Efforts, Even as He Warns of Dangers

Walmart using AI to negotiate cost, purchase terms with vendors in shorter timeframe: report

AI-powered mental health diagnostic tool could be the first of its kind to predict, treat depression

Tim Cook Knows if You're Naughty or Nice: Apple Wants to Use AI to Track Your Emotions

SpaceX launch torched part of state park, sent debris flying, feds say

'Potentially hazardous' asteroid as tall as the Eiffel Tower will zoom by Earth today

5.3 magnitude earthquake hits near Ginoza, Japan

5.2 magnitude earthquake hits near Jumla, Nepal

5.1 magnitude earthquake hits the South Sandwich Islands region

5.0 magnitude earthquake hits near San Clemente, Chile

Sabancaya volcano in Peru erupts to 31,000ft

Popocateptl volcano in Mexico erupts to 24,000ft

Ruiz volcano in Colombia erupts to 19,000ft

Sangay volcano in Ecuador erupts to 19,000ft

Fuego volcano in Guatemala erupts to 18,000ft

Semeru volcano in Indonesia erupts to 15,000ft

Sheveluch volcano on Kamchatka, Russia erupts to 14,000ft

World extreme weather events of 'monster' heatwaves, snowpacks and floods - and warnings of what's to come

Large tornado hits earthquake-relief camp in Turkey

Storms drop grapefruit-sized hail over Texas during unsettled weather pattern across South

Holy cow! Massive hail storm brings 'udder' chaos to Texas backyard

Mississippi River Bursts Its Banks as Snowmelt Sparks Floods

Most of Yosemite National Park to close Friday over flooding concerns

Europe sizzles due to sizzling heat while U.S. experiences unnatural chill

Historic heatwave engulfs the Iberian Peninsula

Europe sees hottest April weather on record as Spain and Portugal swelter

Catastrophic drought that's pushed millions into crisis made 100 times more likely by climate change, analysis finds

Earth in hot water? Worries over sudden ocean warming spike

Biden Admin Energy Official Won't Say Offshore Wind Turbines Can Survive Major Hurricane

Train derailment in Wisconsin sends 2 containers into the Mississippi River, operator says

Rights group accuses Peru of condoning protester killings

Guardsman in leak case wanted to kill a 'ton of people': US

Thai woman accused of murdering 12 friends in cyanide poisonings

As cult deaths top 100, another Kenyan pastor arrested over 'mass killings'

Kenyan man says missing wife and 6 children starved to death in Christian cult tragedy

Arizona Democrat State Rep./Ordained Minister Caught on Camera Hiding Bibles from Colleagues

Jerry Springer, Ohio mayor-turned-king of US 'trash TV,' dies at 79

Jerry Springer completely transformed television as we knew it

Jerry Springer's most viral guests: Adult babies, man married to horse and more

Mayorkas calls illegal immigration 'irregular migration,' announces new plan to deal with issue

Illegal Migration Fuelling Prostitution, Drug Trade in Britain, Home Secretary Claims

Witnesses Say Unaccompanied Children Sold Into Slavery: House Hearing

Elon Musk suspends account that tweeted out 'pedophilia pride flag': 'Not tolerated on this platform'

Canadian man sentenced to prison over AI-generated child pornography: report

Lone Star Woke: West Texas A&M Faculty Condemns President for Canceling Drag Show

Bridal magazine puts bearded 'trans-feminine' activist in dress on cover, draws backlash

Andrew Tate: UK's Pro-Transgenderism Government Is 'Simply Evil'

Montana governor's nonbinary son calls on him to reject anti-trans bills

White House calls censure of Montana transgender lawmaker 'undemocratic'

Kansas GOP lawmakers enact sweeping transgender bathroom law, override Democrat governor's veto

Judge blocks Missouri restrictions on transgender surgeries, treatments hours before they took effect

DOJ sues Tennessee, alleging it discriminates against transgender youth with new law

Biden DOJ sues Tenn. over law banning doctors from performing body mutilating sex-change surgeries on kids

Transgender surgery comes under scrutiny after study resurfaces about teen who died

Vermont School Removes the Terms 'Male' and 'Female' from Reproductive System Lessons

'Big Gay Baby' drag queen testifies against bill that would ban gender identity curriculum from classrooms

Teacher caught berating kids who object to LGBTQ lesson with severe threat: 'You don't have a choice'

One in four high school students identify as LGBTQ

Nolte: Entitled 'They/Them' 'Yellowjackets' Star Retracts Her Own Emmy Nomination over Pronouns

Conservative groups launch portals to fight Biden transgender sports rules

Washington, Minnesota become trans refuges, shield abortions

Kamala Harris Calls Pro-Life Lawmakers 'Extremist,' Warns 'Don't Get in Our Way'

Planned Parenthood Reports 375,000 Abortions in FY2021 Ahead of Landmark Supreme Court Abortion Ruling

Planned Parenthood Annual Report: Record Revenue, 374K+ Abortions

Bill banning abortions after 6 weeks fails to advance in Nebraska Legislature

USPS Says It Will Follow the Laws Regarding Mailed Abortion Pills: 'It's That Simple'

Cannabis stocks light up after a group of lawmakers again seeks to protect banks that work with legal marijuana businesses

One-third of US teen girls seriously considered attempting suicide in 2021: CDC

'Knife in the back': Havana Syndrome victims dispute report dismissing their cases

Bacterial outbreak causes 31 infections in a Seattle hospital

Dogs Could Be 'Patient Zero' For Future Canine Influenza Outbreaks With Possibility of Human Spillover: Study

Teachers Union President Claims She Tried "To Get Schools Open" During COVID - Gets Fact-Checked By Twitter Community

Trudeau Slammed After Claiming He Never 'Forced' Anyone To Take COVID-19 Vaccine

Tracking Bible Prophecy Headlines - 4/27/2023

Massie, 18 Democrats vote against resolution to honor US-Israel relationship, expand Abraham Accords

After pressing Jerusalem for Ramadan calm, US lauds Israeli handling of holiday rows

For the first time, a UN body will host a 'Nakba Day' event

Palestinian Authority: Israel 'playing with fire' at Temple Mount

A divided Israel stands at a perilous crossroads on its 75th birthday

Herzog tells foreign envoys mass protests and internal debate are a 'mark of pride'

Religious, settler groups lead charge on Thursday's pro-overhaul 'Million March'

Smotrich, far-right MKs join mass gathering at razed Homesh settlement

Compelled by court, Netanyahu pays back $270,000 gift to late cousin's estate

Netanyahu website, Facebook page targeted by hackers

Websites of Israeli port hacked; Sudanese group said to claim responsibility

Conflict in Sudan could cause 'immense suffering for years', warns UN

Intensity of clashes in Sudan appears to ease amid three-day truce

Biden administration applauds Taliban strike on ISIS while abandoning US citizens in Sudan

Second American Killed In Sudan After Biden Admin Doesn't Evacuate Civilians

U.S. planning to send a consular team to Sudan to assist fleeing Americans

Thousands desperately flee Sudan amid uneasy truce; 16,000 US citizens still there: Live updates

Germany Ends Sudan Evacuations, 700 People Flown Out - Defence Ministry

Sudan: UK evacuates more than 300 people amid criticism of response

UK 'should impose sanctions on human rights abusers in Sudan' - report

Sudanese abroad try to extend a lifeline and aid back home

Sudan "staring into the abyss" as humanitarian situation worsens

Fauci, DOD, & CDC Funded Deadly Pathogen Research At Sudanese Biolab Seized By Militants

Taliban unaware it killed alleged planner of Kabul airport bombing that left 13 Americans dead: US official

Gold Star parents call on Biden to 'take responsibility' for suicide bombing during Afghanistan withdrawal

Key Hezbollah financier, a 'global terrorist,' faces charges in New York

Iran court issues $312.9M judgement against US for 2017 Islamic State attack

Powerful Iranian cleric killed in attack - state media

Iran: Senior Shia cleric on Assembly of Experts shot dead at bank

Panic spreads in Iran after new suspected poison attacks on girls schools

Turkey's Erdogan cancels campaign travel after health scare

Erdogan's Office Denies Turkish President Suffered Heart Attack

Fire damages Russian cultural center in Cyprus, Moscow cites 'terrorist attack'

Russia renews threats of abandoning the Black Sea Grain Initiative, the UN-backed deal that helped reopen Ukraine's ports

Russia's Lavrov warns EU becoming militarized now, like NATO

Dissident Russian ex-mayor stands trial for criticism of Ukraine invasion

On Chernobyl Anniversary, Zelensky Condemns 'Terrorist State' Russia for Nuclear 'Blackmail'

China will work to mediate peace, Xi tells Zelenksy in first call since war

US Open to 'Negotiated Peace' for Ukraine Following Xi-Zelenskyy Talk: White House

Who owns America: Why Chinese land purchases near US bases have national security experts concerned

Ban on Chinese citizens, others owning property in Texas gets initial approval in Senate

Former Harvard scientist sentenced for hiding China ties

Chile to Nationalize Its Vast Lithium Industry, Company Linked to China to Be Kicked Out

Biden, Yoon warn N. Korea on nukes, unveil deterrence plan

Biden warns North Korean nuclear attack on US or its allies would result in end of regime

US Sending Nuclear Ballistic Submarines to Korean Peninsula

The U.S. Military Relies on One Louisiana Factory. It Blew Up. Decades of consolidation has left the Pentagon vulnerable to mishaps - including when the sole maker of a crucial type of gunpowder went offline.

Bolsonaro to answer police questions about Brasilia insurrection

Before Biden laptop letter, ex-CIA boss intervened on Russia collusion in 2016, Benghazi in 2012

Grassley Corroborates Whistleblower Claim: FBI Labeled Damning Evidence 'Russian Disinfo' To Protect Bidens

Report: Blinken Used Personal Email With Hunter Biden

Hunter Biden lawyers meet with DOJ prosecutors about pending criminal probe

Senate Republicans demand DOJ watchdog produce records of FBI Trump investigation review

In extraordinary move, Trump lawyers ask Congress to intervene in classified documents controversy

Manhattan DA Seeks to Prevent Trump From Publicizing Evidence Obtained During Discovery

Bannon associate sentenced to more than 4 years for fraud over Trump border wall

Donald Trump raped me, writer E Jean Carroll testifies in New York court

"Entirely inappropriate": Judge rebukes Trump over E. Jean Carroll attack on Truth Social

Iran-linked hackers broke into election results website in 2020, general says

Audio of Cruz's talk with Fox host sheds light on plan to challenge 2020 results

GOP Megadonor Peter Thiel Won't Fund Candidates in 2024 Because He's Sick of the Culture War: Report

Big money donors rally behind Biden as he launches his reelection bid

Disney sues Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, alleges political effort to hurt its business

Disney sues DeSantis, claiming he weaponized government power

Deep State Celebrates Tucker Carlson Departure from Fox with Anonymous Leaks

Tucker Carlson's misogyny, including use of vulgar word, was 'key factor' in his firing, reports say

Ex-Tucker Producer Grossberg: Carlson Would Tell Lawmakers Come on the Show or 'We Will Destroy You'

Ex-Tucker Producer Abby Grossberg Claims to Have 90 Recordings from Network and Trump Team

Fox Has a Secret 'Oppo File' to Keep Tucker Carlson in Check, Sources Say

Murdoch's SkyNews Australia: Tucker Carlson Thought He Was Bigger Than Fox

Sky Australia: "Tucker Carlson was fired by Lachlan Murdoch for Discussing Secret US Biolabs in Ukraine"

Shell Shocked: How a Sex Scandal, Big Egos and Putin Led to Jeff Shell's Sudden, No Payout Exit From NBCU

New bill would require Supreme Court to create a code of conduct amid recent controversies

Chief Justice Roberts Declines to Testify Before Congress About Supreme Court Ethics as Democrats Harass Clarence Thomas

Soros Quietly Resumes Lobbying With $1.6 Million to Boost Inflation Reduction Act

McConnell urges Biden to negotiate with McCarthy on debt limit: 'We must never default'

White House Says Biden Will Veto House GOP's Debt Limit Bill If It Passes

US House passes Republican debt ceiling bill with steep spending cuts

US Debt Default Fears Spark Rising Unease Among Investors

Senators unveil bipartisan legislation to ban kids under 13 from joining social media platforms

EU Announces Stricter Content Moderation Rules for Twitter, YouTube, Facebook and Other Tech Platforms

Scathing RNC Ad Uses AI to Show What Disastrous Biden 2nd Term Would Look Like

'High probability' spacecraft crashed on moon, Japanese company says

Severe shaking after M5.9 earthquake, series of aftershocks hit North Island, New Zealand

5.1 magnitude earthquake hits near Pariaman, Indonesia

5.1 magnitude earthquake hits near Astypalaia, Greece

5.0 magnitude earthquake hits near Kuril'sk, Russia

Sabancaya volcano in Peru erupts to 31,000ft

Sangay volcano in Ecuador erupts to 22,000ft

Popocateptl volcano in Mexico erupts to 22,000ft

Ruiz volcano in Colombia erupts to 20,000ft

Fuego volcano in Guatemala erupts to 15,000ft

Semeru volcano in Indonesia erupts to 15,000ft

Panama Canal facing operational uncertainty due to severe drought

Energy Department makes $13M investment into geothermal in effort to 'decarbonize' US energy supply

Biden Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm Supports Requiring U.S. Military to Adopt All-Electric Vehicle Fleet by 2030

OSHA investigates after Illinois petroleum plant explosion kills 1

Suspicious Object Halts Trains in Japanese City Hosting G-7

Embarrassing: Cuba Cancels Communist May Day Parade Due to Gasoline Shortage

Running on Fumes: Macron Forced to Travel With Generator Truck as Unions Literally Cut Off His Power

Kenya starvation cult death toll hits 90: "Mass graves of children"

Hell raisers! Largest ever gathering of Satan worshipers comes to Boston

Satanic Church Founder Sentenced to 18 Months in Prison for Operating Unlicensed Money-Transmitting Business

Singapore executes man for trafficking two pounds of cannabis

House Oversight Hearing on How Chinese Money Laundering Organizations Enrich the Cartels

An Uber Eats driver was murdered and dismembered by an MS-13 gang member after delivering his food, police say

8 bodies found dumped in Mexican resort of Cancun as authorities search for missing people

As kidnappings, gang violence surge in Haiti, FBI warns Americans, residents to stay away

UN's new Haiti envoy warns of 'alarming' surge in violence

The US in 2022 saw highest number of 'active shooter' casualties - deaths or injuries - of the past 5 years, FBI report finds

Washington State Bans AR-15s, Semiautomatic Rifles

NRA sues Democrat governor over Washington state's new 'blatantly unconstitutional' gun ban

Schools Are Ditching Homework, Deadlines in Favor of 'Equitable Grading'

America First Legal hits Mars with civil rights complaint, cites candy giant's woke hiring, training practices

Whistleblower to tell House that US government is 'middleman' in migrant trafficking operation

FBI: California Professor Tried to Arrange Rape of Child, Lure Her with Doll - 'University of the Horrific'

Cannes festival nominee dismisses controversy over under-age sex scene

Montana lawmakers censure transgender representative over 'blood on your hands' remark

Pete Buttigieg Tells 'Daily Show' GOP's Focus on Transgenders Getting in the Way of Transportation Needs

Bud Light Takes 'Staggering' Nosedive in New Sales Numbers, Astounding Industry Insiders

Maybelline Partnership with Dylan Mulvaney Leads to Calls for Boycott

'I'm Not a Woman': Trans Marathon Runner to Return Medal After Beating Thousands in Female Category

Lia Thomas: Pro-Women's Sports Advocates Use Feminism to 'Push Transphobic Beliefs'

'I'm terrified': Trans Missourians prepare for nation's widest bans on gender-affirming care

North Carolina man allegedly participated in sex acts with dog, shared video on social media: Deputies

Biden's 2024 re-election bid puts abortion front and center

Woman suing Texas for abortion ban calls out Sens. Cruz, Cornyn: 'I nearly died on their watch'

Vermont Elementary School Will Use "Person Who Produces Sperm" or "Person Who Produces Eggs" Instead of Male and Female in Health Sciences Lessons

Brussels unveils biggest pharma reform in 20 years, sparking industry anger

WHO, Gates Foundation seek to reverse decline in routine childhood vaccinations

Sen. Rand Paul accuses Fauci of colluding with teachers union to promote 'hysteria' around school reopenings

Documents: Teachers' Union Played Significant Role in CDC's Halting of Full School Reopening

Fauci defends mask mandates, says could've done a better job explaining their importance

China drops PCR test requirement for inbound travelers in efforts to revive tourism

18 Christian Colleges Closed Since the Start of COVID-19

Tracking Bible Prophecy Headlines - 4/26/2023

Bipartisan U.S. Lawmakers Omit Palestinians From Israeli Independence Day Resolution - The exclusion of the two-state solution and focus on expanding Abraham Accords reflects the growing Republican attitude towards Israel

On Israel's 75th birthday, Biden says US 'still proud' to be among its top friends

Israel ushers in 75th Independence Day in shadow of political upheaval

Political crisis overshadows Israel's most sacrosanct national holiday

At Independence Day ceremony, Netanyahu says Israel's miracles 'only possible when we march together'

Israel's UN envoy walks out of Security Council to protest Memorial Day session

Tens of thousands in Tel Aviv rally against coalition during Independence Day ceremony

Tech investors are waiting for 'sanity' to return to Israel, says JVP founder

Sudan fighting eclipses new truce as aid groups raise alarm

No sign Sudan warring parties ready to 'seriously negotiate': UN

Sudan is at risk of unravelling from decades of injustice - The civil war raging in Khartoum is a culmination of the violence to which the Sudanese state has subjected its citizens over many years

WHO warns of 'biological risk' after Sudan fighters seize lab, as violence mars US-brokered ceasefire

'Extremely Dangerous' Risk As Fighters In Sudan Occupy Lab Holding Measles And Polio Samples, World Health Organization Warns

RAF plane lands in Sudan as UK assesses options for further evacuations

'Am I going to get killed in front of my family?' Stories of terror on the risky escape route from Sudan

Christians fear for their future in Sudan as conflict grows

Sudan fighting forces aid groups to halt, spreading suffering

Dozens of bodies wash ashore after boats sink off Libya coast

Iran protests: Secret committee 'punished celebrities over dissent'

Iran charges two actresses for not wearing mandatory headscarves in public

Taliban kills suspected 'mastermind' of bombing that killed 13 US troops, officials say - America didn't coordinate with the Taliban

Turkey arrests 110 over alleged Kurdish militant ties ahead of election

German police arrest Syrian man over suspected jihadist bomb plot

Defense, Intelligence Chiefs of Turkey, Russia, Iran and Syria Hold 'Constructive Talks'

One killed, 10 wounded in Russian strike on Ukrainian museum; Zelensky: 'Barbaric'

Sweden expels 5 Russian embassy staff for suspected spying

At UN, Russia's Lavrov Warns World at 'Dangerous Threshold'

Russia says risk of 'nuclear escalation' with US is 'steadily growing' as Biden's aid to Ukraine increases

South Korean president to meet with Biden, Congress following concerns over intel leak

Indonesia Follows Suit In BRICS's Dedollarization Move

Suspect Accused of Running Secret Chinese Police Stations In America Seen Rubbing Elbows with Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer and NYC Mayor Eric Adams

Hunter Biden notified Burisma colleague of planned Blinken meet: emails

House Judiciary Chairman Jim Jordan Subpoenas Top FBI Human Resources Official

House Republicans Subpoena FBI Official For Alleged Retaliation Against Whistleblowers

Eighty-Year-Old Joe Biden Officially Announces Re-Election Bid

Citing age, Biden supporters lukewarm on his reelection bid

Elderly Biden's reelection bid renews spotlight on VP Harris

Former White House Doctor Rep. Ronny Jackson Demands Joe Biden Take Cognitive Test or Drop Out of 2024 Race

Russia's Medvedev: Give Biden false nuke codes if he wins in 2024

With 2024 announcement, Biden seeks more time to 'heal' America

Biden Reelection Video Fails to Mention a Single First-term Accomplishment

Obama boosts Biden's reelection bid: 'Let's get to work'

Democratic Party Will Support Biden's Reelection And Will Not Sponsor Any Debates

RFK Jr. Responds to DNC's Plans to Skip Primary Debates: 'The System Is Indeed Rigged'

Alfredo Ortiz: Another Reason to Oppose Biden's Reelection Is That He's Siccing the IRS on You

"MAGA Extremists" - Joe Biden Attacks Trump and His Supporters Shortly After Announcing 2024 Reelection Campaign

Proud Boys leader's lawyer: Trump to blame for January 6 Capitol riot

Jury to deliberate after lawyer calls Proud Boys leader a 'scapegoat' for Trump

Has the media's 'big purge' begun?

Russian foreign minister critiques US press freedoms in reference to Tucker Carlson's Fox News exit

Joe Scarborough Demands McCarthy Get J6 Footage Back from Tucker Carlson

Heat on Fox: DOJ's Jack Smith pursues tapes about Jan. 6

Tucker Carlson, Don Lemon Hire Same Lawyer After Their Ousters

Bannon: Murdoch Paid Out Tucker Carlson's FOX News Contract to Keep Him Off the Air - They Want to Keep the Leading Populist Voice Off the Airwaves - And Chop-Block Trump

Rupert Murdoch triggered by Tucker Carlson's 'spiritual talk' - anti-Christian sentiment may have led to firing: report

"Get Woke, Go Broke!" - Fox News in Turmoil as Americans Cancel Fox Nation Subscriptions at "Record Rate" Following Tucker's Firing

El Salvador President Predicts 'Smear' Campaign Against Tucker Carlson: 'They Can't Eliminate Him'

Rep. Ocasio-Cortez Fundraises Off Tucker Carlson's Exit

AOC Revels in Tucker Carlson Leaving Fox News: 'Deplatforming Works and It Is Important'

Elon Musk Suggests Twitter as New Platform for Tucker Carlson After Fox News Departure

Farmers 'crippled' by satellite failure as GPS-guided tractors grind to a halt

Apple said to be working AI health service, mood tracker

Researchers use AI to discover new planet outside solar system

Swedish research rocket flies off course, accidentally lands in Norway

Disastrous SpaceX launch under federal investigation after raining potentially hazardous debris on homes and beaches

Aurora australis display over Tasmania 'tops the cake' for southern lights watchers

A new threat rises in earthquake-battered Turkey: Mountains of rubble

Damascus says fresh EU sanctions impede aid to earthquake-hit Syrians

5.7 magnitude earthquake hits the Mid-Indian Ridge

5.5 magnitude earthquake hits the West Chile Rise

5.4 magnitude earthquake hits near Dannevirke, New Zealand

5.2 magnitude earthquake hits the North Island of New Zealand

5.0 magnitude earthquake hits the Bougainville region, Papua New Guinea

Sabancaya volcano in Peru erupts to 26,000ft

Ruiz volcano in Colombia erupts to 25,000ft

Popocateptl volcano in Mexico erupts to 24,000ft

Sangay volcano in Ecuador erupts to 22,000ft

Fuego volcano in Guatemala erupts to 16,000ft

Semeru volcano in Indonesia erupts to 15,000ft

The Mississippi River Is Flooding Cities Throughout the Midwest

Spring snowmelt has cities along the Mississippi bracing for flooding in homes and businesses

Mississippi River flooding at Lansing could reach the second highest level in the last 150 years

Vast parts of northern China hit by ice rain and snow after record-breaking April heatwave

Large tornado hits Al Sharqiyah, Oman

Malaria Cases Spike In Malawi, Pakistan After 'Climate-driven' Disasters

Berlin activists glue themselves to roads causing 'massive' disruption across the city

Blackout-beset South Africa May Delay Closing Coal Stations

Specter of 'Soylent Green' raised in legislative debate over human composting, which proponents say is an eco-friendly way to deal with remains

Followers of 'miracle rabbi' transform sleepy Hungarian village

'Weak and traumatized' survivors found as 89 bodies recovered in Kenya starvation cult case

Vigilante mob burns gang members alive in the streets of Haiti

Two Separate Brawls Break Out on Australian Airline, Forcing an Emergency Landing - Four Passengers Later Arrested

Washington governor signs big gun control package, including 'assault weapons' ban: 'No one needs an AR-15'

Spielberg blasts revising old films for modern audiences, admits 'mistake' in editing guns from 'E.T.'

Actress Molly Ringwald Bashes Cancel Culture: 'Unsustainable,' 'Bunch of Puritans'

Rape civil lawsuit trial against Donald Trump set to get underway

Senior German priest resigns over handling of abuse claims

A 13-year-old boy was groomed publicly on Twitter and kidnapped, despite numerous chances to stop it

Antifa members arrested after allegedly attacking protestors, police outside of Fort Worth 'family-friendly' drag show

Member of 'White Lives Matter' tried to burn down a church to stop drag show, feds allege

Trans Runner Credits "Girl Power" For Beating 14K Women in London Marathon Only Months After Racing in NYC as a Man

Bud Light Boycott Slashes Sales by 'Staggering' 17%

School district reinstates teacher fired for opposing LGBT kids book, pays $181K

Texas Ag Department Imposes 'Biological Gender' Dress Code on Employees

'The L Word' cast joins White House press briefing to mark Lesbian Visibility Week

Church of England bishops urged 'to step back from the brink' on same-sex blessings

Italy Strips Some Gay Couples of Parental Recognition - Georgia Meloni's government moves to restrict same-sex parenthood as its champions traditional values

North Dakota Governor Signs Near-Total Abortion Ban into Law

Nikki Haley Proposes National 'Consensus' on Abortion

GOP Sen. Tuberville blocked 184 military promotions in his ongoing abortion fight with the Pentagon

Report: Illinois Gov. J.B. Pritzker's Health Care for Illegal Aliens to Cost Taxpayers $1 Billion Next Year

Oral sex is now the leading risk factor for throat cancer

Alarm as bird flu found to 'efficiently' spread between ferrets

American Samoa declares public health emergency over measles outbreak

Fauci absolves himself of responsibility for lockdowns in testy interview: 'Show me a school that I shut down'

Moderna teams up with IBM to put A.I., quantum computing to work on mRNA technology used in vaccines

Tracking Bible Prophecy Headlines - 4/25/2023

Don't give up on us: Lapid urges US Jews to stand by Israel despite overhaul strains

Netanyahu meets with Democrats as he looks to buck notion of strained US ties

Leaders plead for Memorial Day unity to replace protests as nation remembers fallen

Israel's population nears 10 million, a 12-fold increase since state's 1948 founding

From Revenge to Peace: Thousands Attend Joint Israeli-Palestinian Memorial for Victims of the Conflict

Five wounded in terror car-ramming near busy Jerusalem market

Israel said to invite warring Sudanese generals for ceasefire talks

Sudan's warring rivals agree on US-brokered 72-hour ceasefire after hundreds killed

'The worst of worst case scenarios': western diplomats blindsided over Sudan crisis

UN Warns of 'Catastrophic Conflagration' in Sudan Amid Evacuations

Four thousand British passport holders in Sudan - amid warnings UK govt 'severely limited' in ability to help them

Another Kabul? Citizens Feel Abandoned as Diplomats Airlifted Out of Sudan

Antony Blinken Claims Only 'Some Dozen' of Estimated 16,000 Americans in Sudan Want to Leave

NSA: Don't Expect Major Military Operation to Extract US Citizens From Sudan

Another U.S. evacuation attempt from Sudan wouldn't be safe, top U.S. official says

Blinken warns Wagner Group involvement could worsen Sudan conflict

Sudan fighting: Civilians in untenable situation, Red Cross says

Christians Continue to be Purged: Armenian Genocide Remembrance Day

Brics draws membership requests from 19 nations before summit

Trump: 'I Don't Call It World War III - I Call It the End of the World'

Chinese ambassador sparks European outrage over suggestion former Soviet states don't exist

China disowns ambassador's remarks questioning Ukrainian independence

China says respects sovereignty of ex-Soviet states after uproar

Joe Biden's Parole Pipeline Imports 300K Ukrainians to U.S. - Twice the Population of Charleston, SC

Pacific Now Bristling with Warships as US, Chinese and Russian Forces Appear

On Basco Island South of Taiwan, U.S. Military Prepares for Conflict With China

Video shows suspect accused of operating secret Chinese police stations mingling with Schumer, Adams - Lu Jianwang charged with conspiring to act as an agent of China's government

Senators demand answers on FBI agents forced to sign nondisclosures stopping whistleblowers

Hunter Biden's Attorney Says Suspicious Activity Reports 'Illegally' Leaked to Former Trump Aide, Requests IG Investigation

Hunter Biden may be living at the White House to evade legal papers from his baby mama

Advocates Warn of 'Desperate' Movement to Undermine the Electoral College

RFK Jr. Slams DNC for 'Rigged' Primary - No Debates, Moving South Carolina to First State

Susan Rice to step down as Biden's domestic policy chief

Atlanta DA to announce charging decision in Trump election probe this summer

Trump: 'Nixon had no support - I have great Jim Jordan'

New Court Document Leak Shows Driving Force Behind Fox News' Decision to 'Move On' from Trump

FOX News Media and Tucker Carlson have agreed to part ways

Fox Fired 'Uncontrollable' Host Tucker Carlson, Who Badmouthed Bosses

Tucker Carlson's exit from network was pushed by Rupert Murdoch

Flashback: Tucker predicted powers that be would 'crush' him during Charlie Kirk interview

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Blasts Fox News for Ousting Tucker Carlson and Presents an Interesting Theory on Why it Happened: He crossed a red line with Big Pharma

MSNBC's Wallace: Tucker Was 'the American Mouthpiece for Russian Propaganda'

ADL hails Fox News for long-sought ouster of Tucker Carlson

AOC Takes Victory Lap as Tucker Leaves Fox After She Accuses Him of Inciting Violence

Hollywood Celebrities Rejoice After Tucker Carlson Departs Fox News: 'You Horrid, Soulless Man'

Fox News Staffers Celebrate Tucker Carlson's Departure: 'Pure Joy'

Conservatives React to Tucker Carlson's Fox Departure: 'He Doesn't Need Them'

Glenn Beck Predicts Tucker Carlson Departure Will 'Kill' FOX News

Glenn Beck Offers Tucker Carlson a Job at TheBlaze, Questions How Fox News Survives Without Him

Megyn Kelly Responds to Tucker Carlson Leaving Fox News: "This is a terrible move by Fox, and it's a great thing for Tucker Carlson"

Napolitano: Fox Just Lost Babe Ruth With Tucker Gone

Steve Bannon Weighs in on Tucker Carlson Parting with FOX: "With This, I Don't Know Why Anybody Needs to Watch Anything on the Murdoch Empire"

Trump 'Shocked' by Carlson Ouster: Maybe He Needs 'Free Rein'

Tucker Carlson producer's discrimination claims go beyond Dominion scandal

In a Lawsuit, Tucker Carlson Is Accused of Promoting a Hostile Work Environment

Defamation suit produced trove of Tucker Carlson messages

Fox Corporation sheds $930 million in market value after announcing Tucker Carlson is leaving the news network

Twitter explodes following Tucker Carlson's departure from Fox News

Don Lemon Says He Was Fired at CNN and Wasn't Told By Network: 'I Am Stunned'

Lemon has been at the center of a string of controversies over his on-air comments and treatment of female colleagues

NBCUniversal CEO ousted after having 'inappropriate relationship' with coworker

Elon Musk's Twitter Verification Battle Has Turned Into Pure Chaos With Hollywood's A-Listers

Liberal celebs, journalists furious that Musk gave them their blue check back: 'Without my consent'

Republicans plan to hold 'Joe Biden accountable' with new fact-checking website

Tim Robbins Rips Mainstream News Media 'Serving as a Thuggish Censorship Arm of the Government'

Robert F. Kennedy Jr: 'There Is No Time in History Where the People Who Were Censoring Speech Were the Good Guys'

Landmark Supreme Court case could have 'far reaching implications' for artificial intelligence, experts say - One expert said a ruling against Google could open a 'Pandora's box' of future lawsuits

China fumes as Biden plots to starve it of AI investment: 'Sci-tech bullying'

How we all became AI's brain donors

As suicide rates spike, new AI platform could 'fill the gap' in mental health care, say Boston researchers

Grimes Says Anyone Can Use Her Voice to Generate AI Songs - for a 50% Cut of Royalties

How artificial intelligence is being used to create 'deepfakes' online

Pentagon UFO Tsar Says Nothing Indicates Objects Are ET, Some May Be Chinese

China to test out 3D printing technology on moon to build habitats

UAE spacecraft snaps close-up of Mars' little moon

Is a wave of asteroids headed toward Earth? Sort of.

Four asteroids to pass close to Earth today

CME impacts Earth sparking G4 - Severe geomagnetic storm, worldwide aurora

Severe solar storm creates dazzling auroras farther south

Indonesia: Sumatra Island hit by 7.3 earthquake, tsunami warning issued

5.3 magnitude earthquake hits near the coast of Ecuador

5.1 magnitude earthquake hits near Port Blair, India

5.0 magnitude earthquake hits near Ambunti, Papua New Guinea

5.0 magnitude earthquake hits the Kermadec Islands, New Zealand

5.0 magnitude earthquake hits near Mindanao, Philippines

Sangay volcano in Ecuador erupts to 28,000ft

Cotopaxi volcano in Ecuador erupts to 26,000ft

Popocateptl volcano in Mexico erupts to 26,000ft

Sabancaya volcano in Peru erupts to 24,000ft

Ruiz volcano in Colombia erupts to 22,000ft

Reventador volcano in Ecuador erupts to 17,000ft

Santa Maria volcano in Guatemala erupts to 16,000ft

Fuego volcano in Guatemala erupts to 15,000ft

Semeru volcano in Indonesia erupts to 14,000ft

Scientists find weird holes on the ocean floor spewing ancient fluids 'like a fire hose'

California Awaits 'Big Melt,' Flooding, as Temperatures Rise

Supreme Court deals blow to oil companies by turning away climate cases

Stony Brook University selected to lead New York Climate Exchange, a $700 million hub on Governors Island

DNA from coffee cup links man to two rapes from more than 20 years ago

Suspect in custody, one person dead after shooting at Oklahoma community college, police say

Haiti crisis: Mob burns suspected gang members to death

3,000-Strong Migrant Caravan Begins Walking Toward US-Mexico Border

A Kenyan cult preached starving for salvation, police say. Dozens have died.

Death toll in Kenyan starvation cult rises to 73, police say

Jesus Revolution Hits No. 1 on Amazon Best-Seller Chart: 'People Are Hungry' for God

Appeals court guts religious accommodations for teachers that SCOTUS may soon strengthen: lawyers

Kevin Bacon, Kyra Sedgwick Blast Anti-Grooming Laws: 'Drag Is an Art. Drag Is a Right'

Whoopi Goldberg: Banning Drag, Books 'Is Not American' - 'Stay Off My Back'

'Gender Queer' Tops List of Most Challenged Books for a Second Year

Biden rips GOP for 'banning books': 'No such thing as someone else's child'

42-Year-Old 'Transgender' Dressed as A Schoolgirl Arrested After Taking Photos of Girls in School Restroom

Protesters Storm Montana Capitol over Censure of Transgender Lawmaker

Second Woke Bud Light Marketing Executive Placed On Leave Following Boycott Calls

Trans activist Dylan Mulvaney's partnership with Maybelline yields a new round of boycott calls

Advocacy groups sue to block an emergency rule limiting gender-affirming care that's expected to go into effect this week in Missouri

Trans teen died from vaginoplasty complications during landmark Dutch study used to justify child sex changes

Some doctors providing trans procedures to minors consider quitting, retiring as GOP pressure mounts: report

'What is a woman?': Kansas could be the first state to decide

N.D. Governor Signs Law Banning Abortion at 6 Weeks

Lawyers suggest a way around abortion pill restrictions but doctors may be afraid to try it

Marijuana legalization advancing in Minnesota Legislature

RFK Jr. Vows to End the Chronic Disease Epidemic: "We Have the Sickest Generation in American History"

W.H.O. Launches World Immunization Week to 'Catch Up' On Child Vaccinations

Biden administration organizes first Nationwide Vaccination Day targeting Black communities

3D printed microneedle patches can help bring vaccines to the masses

Original Moderna, Pfizer COVID-19 vaccines no longer authorized in U.S.; New guidelines released

Mother of 7 Denied Kidney Transplant for Refusing COVID Shot in Georgia

Justin Trudeau Now Says He Never Forced Anyone to Get the COVID Vaccine

Why long COVID could be a ticking time bomb for public health

People with long COVID continue to experience medical gaslighting more than 3 years into the pandemic

Tracking Bible Prophecy Headlines - 4/24/2023

A deeply divided Israel limps toward 75th birthday under weight of internal divide

Israel's greatest existential threat is from within, Herzog tells Jewish Federations

In US TV interview, Netanyahu says parts of judicial overhaul 'not going to happen'

Facing planned overhaul protests, Netanyahu cancels speech to US Jewish leaders

At Jewish Agency summit, visitors from Diaspora sound alarm on judicial overhaul

Top House Democrat Visits Israel Amid Unrest Over Netanyahu's Judicial Overhaul

String of coalition ministers, MKs withdraw from Memorial Day events amid protests

Israel Police use of NSO spyware set to be probed by Knesset subcommittee

UK's Labour suspends MP Diane Abbott for saying Jews don't face racism

Swastika carved into US Jewish teen's back at school; culprits not found in 6 weeks

Israel arrests Jordanian MP for trying to smuggle 200 guns into West Bank, says Amman

Israel said to shell positions of Hezbolllah-backed militia in Syria

Hundreds of Syrians protest Arab countries' detente with 'murderous' Assad regime

Tensions rise after Azerbaijan blocks land route from Armenia

Top election official in Myanmar assassinated by guerrillas

Afghanistan has become a terrorism staging ground again, leak reveals

Libyan warlord could plunge Sudan into a drawn-out 'nightmare' conflict

Foreign nations scramble to evacuate citizens as Sudan battles rage

US military makes daring evacuation of embassy staff from war-torn Sudan, Biden says

US Special Forces Execute Long-Range Mission in Nightstalker Helicopters to Save Trapped Americans

American mother trapped in middle of Sudan civil war with baby is 'terrified out of her mind', family say

Evidence emerges of Russia's Wagner arming militia leader battling Sudan's army

France alarmed over Wagner’s role in Sudan as Russia expands in Africa

Former CIA Director David Petraeus: US-Trained Ukrainian Counter Offensive to Begin in May with Goal of Severing Russia's Land Route to Crimea

Russia 'will not forget or forgive' US refusal of journalist visas

China's ambassador to France says former Soviet countries have 'no status in international law'

Baltics blast China diplomat for questioning sovereignty of ex-Soviet states

EU warned to get its story straight on China, amid 'divide and conquer' fears

Japan preparing to shoot down North Korea spy satellite if it falls within its territory

World military spending reaches all-time high of $2.24 trillion

Unprepared for long war, US Army under gun to make more ammo

"It Is Skynet": Pentagon Envisions Robot Armies in a Decade

Gamers keep leaking sensitive military info

Fed Officials on Track to Hike Rates and Signal Potential Pause

US Presidential Hopefuls Rally Against a Digital Dollar Ahead of 2024 Elections

Biden Family Took Tens of Millions from Entities Directly Connected to the CCP, China Military, and Ukraine

2 GOP Leaders: Blinken Should Resign Over Laptop Letter

"How Could We Not Impeach Biden?" - GOP Rep. Tim Burchett Says Joe Biden's Impeachment Is Likely - Corruption Involves Prostitution Rings

Most U.S. voters think 'cheating' affected 2022 midterm elections: Poll

Fox News faces new legal threat from Smartmatic

AOC Calls for Government Ban on Tucker Carlson and FOX News Hosts for "Inciting Violence"

Three Anti-Macron Protesters Face Prison for Giving President the Middle Finger

Twitter Blue marks show up for dead celebrities, sowing confusion

German editor fired over AI-created Schumacher 'interview'

ChatGPT: How generative AI could change hiring as we know it

Elon Musk says people should be cautious with AI because the tech is 'a danger to the public'

EU lawmakers preparing legislation to promote trustworthy AI

European lawmakers look to rein in harmful effects of A.I.

German authors, performers call for tougher ChatGPT rules amid copyright concerns

Giant SpaceX rocket leaves crater, serious damage at Texas base

Northern Lights potentially visible in dozens of states on Sunday due to powerful solar storm

7.1 magnitude earthquake hits the Kermadec Islands, New Zealand

5.6 magnitude earthquake hits the South Sandwich Islands region

5.4 magnitude earthquake hits the Kermadec Islands, New Zealand

5.4 magnitude earthquake hits the South Sandwich Islands region

5.3 magnitude earthquake hits the Kermadec Islands, New Zealand

5.3 magnitude earthquake hits near Dicabisagan, Philippines

5.2 magnitude earthquake hits the Bonin Islands, Japan region

5.2 magnitude earthquake hits near Cabra, Philippines

5.0 magnitude earthquake hits the Kermadec Islands, New Zealand

Small 3.6 magnitude earthquake rumbles upstate New York

3 small earthquakes struck near Antioch, California Sunday afternoon, USGS says

Sangay volcano in Ecuador erupts to 43,000ft

Popocateptl volcano in Mexico erupts to 23,000ft

Sabancaya volcano in Peru erupts to 22,000ft

Fuego volcano in Guatemala erupts to 15,000ft

Semeru volcano in Indonesia erupts to 14,000ft

Large rare tornado hits Myanmar - over 200 homes destroyed, 8 fatalities, and 128 injured

Major flooding expected in eastern Iowa

Biden approves Texas disaster declaration amid recovery from 'severe winter storm'

Lack of snow condemns Italy's Po to a desperately dry summer

World Meteorological Organization Warns Climate Eve of Destruction Is Here

Climate czar John Kerry says extreme storms caused by climate change will 'rip' crops away and 'destroy homes'

Kerry: Green Energy Will Be More Competitive if We Raise Prices of Oil, Gas

250,000 Gallons of Sewage Spill Into Los Angeles River, Prompting Beach Closures

Huge Disneyland dragon catches fire during live performance

Obama, Bush and Clinton have started an NGO to fly migrants into the US

Commentary: They left gangs and found God. But they weren't spared in El Salvador's crackdown

21 bodies dug up in cult investigation of pastor in Kenya

Christian known for evangelizing Muslims, leading many to Christ, stabbed to death in Uganda

Prayer Warriors Will Attend SatanCon in Boston Next Week, Event Being Called the 'Largest Satanic Gathering in History'

'Dangerous Trend': Medical Schools Are Ditching Standardized Tests In The Name Of 'Diversity'

Alabama education director ousted over book's stance on race

Georgia Democrat Activist Who Ran for State House of Representatives Arrested for Kidnapping and Third-Degree Cruelty to Children

Rifts between conservatives, progressives intensify at United Methodist Church

264 area churches leave United Methodist denomination over disagreements on LGBTQ issues

Florida drag performers balance pain and defiance as anti-LGBTQ+ laws loom

North Dakota Becomes the Latest State to Ban Transgender Treatment for Minors

Losing Ballot Issues on Abortion, G.O.P. Now Tries to Keep Them Off the Ballot

Nancy Mace: Unless We Find 'Middle Ground' on Abortion, Republicans Will 'Lose Huge' in 2024

State Abortion Laws May Sway Where Students Attend College: Poll

Justices Alito and Thomas dissent from decision to keep medication abortion widely available

Elon Musk Says Birth Control and Abortion Might Lead to End of Civilization in Tucker Carlson Interview

H5N1 Bird Flu 'Wiping Out Everything,' Experts Warn

Mexican President Tests Positive for COVID-19 for Third Time

New Study Suggests Carbon Dioxide Buildup from Wearing Face Masks Increase Risk of Stillbirths, Testicular Dysfunction, & Cognitive Deterioration

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. argues American middle class 'systematically' wiped out under COVID-19 lockdowns

Tracking Bible Prophecy Headlines - 4/23/2023

Ahead of Israel's 75th anniversary, majority pessimistic about nation's future - poll

Anti-overhaul protests for 16th week as Israel readies to honor fallen, mark 75 years

With memorial candles, protesters across Israel rally against judicial overhaul

House group introduces bipartisan bill honoring 75-year US-Israeli partnership

Netanyahu may spark new Israel-US crisis by tapping Golan as NY envoy

In mixed, tolerant Haifa, Christians are discovering the benefits of Ramadan

Hamas cannot interfere in Arab-Israeli affairs, Mansour Abbas says - report

Fighting in Sudan enters 2nd week as truce breaks, embassies get ready to evacuate

Commentary: Why the conflict in Sudan matters to the rest of the world

Foreign States Start Evacuations From Sudan as Battle Rages

U.S. government urges Americans in Sudan to shelter in place amid conflict

Biden Effect: Sudan Officials to Help Evacuate Stranded Americans From War Zone Following Failed Coup Attempt

Biden confirms US embassy staff, families evacuated from Sudan

Leaked Pentagon Docs: Afghanistan Terrorist 'Aspirations' Reconstituting

Russia fired at US Reaper drone flying over Syria - leaked documents

Air National Guard alleged leaker possibly shared classified info since start of Ukraine war

Russian billionaires see wealth rise to over half a trillion dollars - Forbes

Brazil's Lula backs Russia-Ukraine talks to end war

Kremlin tries to build antiwar coalition in Germany, documents show

Support for Ukraine will last 'as long as it takes,' NATO chief says

'What?!': Hungary's Orban tweets frustration as NATO makes Ukraine promises

Hold Your Horses! Hungary's Orban Shoots Down NATO Chief's Claim that 'All Members' Back Ukraine Joining Alliance

China building cyberweapons to hijack enemy satellites, says US leak

House Committee Stages Taiwan War Game

Japan Prepares to Shoot Down NKorea Satellite

Trump Warns That He is the Only 2024 Candidate Who Can 'Prevent World War III'

Trump Boasts He Saved GOP From 'Losing This Nation Forever'

Trump: 'Corruption' Being Exposed Only Plus of Biden's 3 Years

Rep. Nancy Mace: We Found Several More Biden Family Members Involved, More Shell Companies, and Sources of Funds Unknown

Walls Caving In? DOJ To Make Major Move in Hunter Biden Investigation Next Week - Report

"There Must Be Some Accountability Here" - Elon Musk Responds to Reports that Secretary of State Blinken Organized Intel Letter Defaming Hunter Laptop Story as Russian Disinformation

Two key Republicans call for Secretary of State Blinken to resign over Hunter Biden revelations

Sen. Ron Johnson: Biden, Media Election Meddling Worse Than Russia, China

Ray Epps Blasts 'Conspiracy Theory' That He is Actually a 'Fed' in New Interview with 60 Minutes

Fox-Dominion defamation settlement could chill questioning of election management, watchdog fears

"It's a Settlement That Never Should Have Happened - Something Else Had to Have Been Involved." - Harvard Professor and Attorney Dershowitz on FOX Settlement with Dominion

New whistleblower alleges myriad violations of Florida law by county elections office

30 Years After Waco, DOJ Tactics, Overreach Still Issues

House Judiciary FISA Hearing to Examine How Spy Powers Have Been 'Weaponized Against' Americans

Taibbi: Media Ignoring Developments on Hunter Laptop Letter Shows We're Becoming Like USSR Where Media 'all Lies' with 'No Real News'

Bipartisan Puerto Rican Statehood Push Resumes

MEP Exclusive: 'The EU is Rolling Out a Total Financial Surveillance State' with Crypto Regulation

Elon Caves, Gives Blue Checks Back to Twitter's Biggest Celebs

A.I. generating huge buzz in medical community as a way to reduce paperwork

Europe's CERN takes first steps toward building giant particle accelerator

Deep in the heart of Texas: 6 cows' deaths super mysterious - Fuels new alien theory

Six cattle that died mysteriously in Texas had their tongues removed, authorities say

Giant asteroid 'to pass' Earth next week

5.8 magnitude earthquake hits near Teluk Dalam, Indonesia

5.7 magnitude earthquake hits near Tuapejat, Indonesia

5.3 magnitude earthquake hits near Pariaman, Indonesia

5.1 magnitude earthquake hits near Pangai, Tonga

Sangay volcano in Ecuador erupts to 40,000ft

Popocateptl volcano in Mexico erupts to 22,000ft

Sabancaya volcano in Peru erupts to 22,000ft

Fuego volcano in Guatemala erupts to 15,000ft

Reventador volcano in Ecuador erupts to 15,000ft

Santa Maria volcano in Guatemala erupts to 15,000ft

Semeru volcano in Indonesia erupts to 14,000ft

Historic hailstorm hits Havana - one of the most important hailstorm events in known history, Cuba

DeSantis to Request Major Disaster Declaration in Response to Historic Fort Lauderdale Flooding

Heat wave in Thailand prompts warning to stay indoors

John Kerry says the US and China haven't done enough for climate change, must work together

Commentary: The Case For Making Earth Day a Religious Holiday

Activists gather for Earth Day, urge action to avoid 'dystopian' future

The Dangerous Chemical Bill Gates Is Coating Your Organic Produce With - It's almost impossible to know even if your organic fruits and veggies are safe

Florida DoorDash driver kidnapped and sexually assaulted during delivery, police say

TikTok 'Trans Lesbian' Threatens Christian Conservatives with Violence; Urges 'Allies' to 'Arm Up'

Hungarian President Vetoes Law That Many Decried As Homophobic

White House Condemns Bud Light Boycott - Says 'Dangerous Rhetoric' and 'Vitriolic Language and Violence' Needs to Stop

Florida LGBTQ Parade Canceled After Law Protecting Children Passed

Book bans are soaring in U.S. schools, fueled largely by new laws in Republican-led states

North Dakota House Passes Ban on Sexually Explicit Books in Children's Sections of Libraries

For transgender kids, a frantic rush for treatment amid bans

Utah State Senator's Home Vandalized Over Law Banning Child Sex Change Surgeries

'Gender-Affirming Care' for Minors Will End With Major Lawsuits: Jay Richards

Man Who Identifies as Transgender Exposes Penis to Four Freshman Girls in Wisconsin High School Locker Room

NC Volleyball Player Speaks Out after Trans Player Spiked Her in the Face Causing Concussion, Major Neck Injury, and Learning Disability

New Zealand's Strongest Man to Compete in Women's Powerlifting Contest to Protest Allowing Transgender Biological Men to Compete

J.K. Rowling Brutally Mocks Transgender Activists Boycotting Harry Potter Television Show

Conservative Anglicans Call for Break With Archbishop of Canterbury Over Same-Sex Blessings

Alito: Doubtful WH Would Obey Unfavorable Abortion Pill Ruling

MSNBC's Reid: Justice Alito Attempting to 'Play Mullah' by Banning Abortion

California Will Use National Guard to Combat Fentanyl Crisis

September 2022: No Brain Death? No Problem. New Organ Transplant Protocol Stirs Debate. Is it ethical to pull the plug in patients who aren't brain dead, then restart their hearts?

Chicago Employees Fired for Not Getting a COVID-19 Vaccine Must Be Reinstated: Judge

Tracking Bible Prophecy Headlines - 4/22/2023

Opposition's Lapid, Gantz join Netanyahu in call to halt protests for Memorial Day

Attorney general says Gallant should let Palestinians attend joint Memorial Day event

Archaeology Supports the Biblical Stories, Filmmaker Says: It Will 'Give You Confidence'

Paris synagogue bomber convicted after 43 years

Foreign ministers of Iran, Jordan agree to 'meet as soon as possible'

Sudan fighting rages despite ceasefire calls as death toll climbs over 400

Global Militaries Converge on Sudan as Violence Escalates

Sudan fighting eases as army announces three-day ceasefire got Eid

White House: No Evacuation Plans for All Americans in Sudan

Tunisian president slams critics following opposition leader's arrest

Commentary: Biden Admin Obstructing Afghan Investigation On All Fronts - These are serious grounds for impeachment

Waltz: Completing Afghanistan Evacuation Will Take 31 Years at Current Rate

Israel Quietly Scraps Emergency Aliyah Track for Citizens of Russia, Belarus

Israel ends expedited immigration track for Russians and Belarusians fleeing war

NATO allies 'agree Ukraine will become member'

Ukraine's millennial minister leads digital fight against Russia

Russia's air force accidentally bombs its own city

Facebook flags content linking Biden admin with Nord Stream pipeline attack

It Begins: DOJ Arrests 4 Black Leftists for Spreading Pro-Russia "Propaganda" in Memes, Articles and Speeches

Ukraine Seeks Weapons as US, Allies Meet in Germany

GOP lawmakers urge Biden to stop sending 'unrestrained' aid, weapons to Ukraine

U.S. to Begin Training Ukraine Forces on Donated Abrams Tanks

Russia says 'only method' US uses in int'l affairs is 'dictate, blackmail, threats, sanctions'

China Says It Has 'No Time' to Deal with Antony Blinken

China Accelerating Nuclear Armament 'Without Any Transparency': NATO Chief

China's Foreign Minister: Both Sides of the Taiwan Strait Belong to China

Kim Jong-un Reportedly Launched Missile From Mansion

North Korean hackers breach software firm in significant cyberattack

German train network brought to a halt by second national rail strike

UK deputy prime minister Raab resigns after bullying investigation

French Police Confiscate Saucepans Amid Town's Anti-Macron Protests

Argentina's Economy Teeters on the Edge of Deeper Crisis as Market Anxiety Grows Reuters Poll

McCarthy: China's Economy Is the Only One Growing Under Biden

Elon Musk predicts a year of 'stormy weather' for the US economy - and warns Tesla faces a raft of headwinds

Report: Elon Musk Loses $12 Billion in One Day

JPMorgan Chase Had Deeper Ties To Jeffrey Epstein Than Previously Acknowledged: Report

Judiciary Committee Secures Damning Testimony on Biden Laptop: 'White House Is in Full Panic Mode'

Oversight Committee Has Evidence of Biden Family Connections to Human Trafficking of Prostitutes from US, Russia, Ukraine

Merrick Garland at center of Hunter Biden whistleblower claim

The 'Senior' Official Accused of Political Interference in Hunter Biden Case is Named as Merrick Garland

Hunter Biden investigation: Ex-CIA chief says Blinken 'triggered' letter to discredit laptop

Ex-CIA chief spills on how he got spies to write false Hunter Biden laptop letter to 'help Biden'

Fmr CIA chief Mike Morell testifies under oath that Biden campaign and Tony Blinken asked him to orchestrate letter from 50 intel officials falsely claiming Hunter Biden emails were 'Russian disinformation'

Report: Federal Prosecutors Considered Charging Hunter with Four Crimes a Year Ago

Hunter Biden lawyers to meet with Justice Department officials next week as scrutiny of investigation intensifies

Manhattan DA drops appeal after federal judge rules Jim Jordan can subpoena ex-prosecutor

Pelosi: SCOTUS, GOP House Are 'Reversing Freedom in Our Country'

New Video Shows Ray Epps Confronting Police on January 6 - And Clearly Shows Police Instigating and Initiating Violence and Attacking Peaceful Crowd

Controversial Konnech Company Dismisses All Charges Against Catherine Engelbrecht and Gregg Phillips Links to China Exposed - True the Vote Evaluates Options to Hold Company Accountable

Rasmussen Poll Reveals a Majority of Americans (60%) Believe that Recent Elections Were Affected by Cheating

Dan Bongino Blasts Fox News for Editing His Trump Interview: 'I Feel Betrayed'

Wayne Root: Fox News-Dominion Legal Settlement is Biggest Bait & Switch Scam in History

First Amendment Lawyer Floyd Abrams: Smartmatic's $2.7 Billion Lawsuit is 'Extremely Dangerous' to Fox News

Dershowitz: Fox Settlement Troubling, Damaging to First Amendment

Elon Musk's Twitter drops government-funded media labels

Elon Musk has had a wild week. Now he wants to start an AI company.

Google CEO Sundar Pichai warns society to brace for impact of A.I. acceleration, says 'it's not for a company to decide'

Little can be done to copyright AI-generated content in America: AI lecturer

Senators Introduce Bill to Create Digital Identity for All Americans

The Pentagon Is Increasingly Relying on Billionaires' Rockets. And It's OK with That.

SpaceX's Starship Kicked Up a Dust Cloud, Leaving Texans With a Mess

Old NASA satellite tumbles to Earth over Sahara Desert, agency says

Earth-facing filament eruption produces M1.7 solar flare and strong CME

6.1 magnitude earthquake hits the Banda Sea

5.9 magnitude earthquake hits near Tobelo, Indonesia

5.7 magnitude earthquake hits the Mid-Indian Ridge

5.5 magnitude earthquake hits near Birzebbuga, Malta

5.5 magnitude earthquake hits the Banda Sea

5.3 magnitude earthquake hits near Neiafu, Tonga

5.3 magnitude earthquake hits near Barranca, Peru

5.2 magnitude earthquake hits the eastern New Guinea region, Papua New Guinea

Sangay volcano eruption in Ecuador produces large ash emission

Sangay volcano in Ecuador erupts to 43,000ft

Sabancaya volcano in Peru erupts to 25,000ft

Popocateptl volcano in Mexico erupts to 25,000ft

Ruiz volcano in Colombia erupts to 19,000ft

Fuego volcano in Guatemala erupts to 14,000ft

Ibu volcano in Indonesia erupts to 14,000ft

Semeru volcano in Indonesia erupts to 14,000ft

Radar satellite data reveals 19,000 previously unknown undersea volcanoes

Cyclone Yaku - Peru's first cyclone in 40 years and El Niño Costero leave 54% of the country under a state of emergency

Heavy rainfall in Ireland leads to wettest March on record, impacting agriculture

Harsh drought in Spain uncovers 11th-century wonder

California's water supply boosted to 100% for the first time since 2006

Sudan's capital runs short of water

Mystery Condition with 100% Death Rate Hits Strawberry Farms, Half a Million Plants Lost Already

'We need to source more minerals' for EV batteries domestically and from friendly nations: Buttigieg

UN climate report details growing toll of global warming in 2022

Biden Signs Order 'Revitalizing' US Commitment to 'Environmental Justice'

"Racism is a Fundamental Driver of Environmental Injustice" - Joe Biden Signs Executive Order Requiring All Federal Agencies to Prioritize "Environmental Justice" and Trashes "MAGA Republicans" During Speech

DOT announces $848M to make infrastructure more resilient to 'worsening impacts of climate change'

Climate Change 'Activists' Deflate the Tires of Dozens of Cars in the Wealthy Boston Neighborhood of Beacon Hill

'A harvest of lost souls': Christians prepare to share Jesus with thousands at Boston's SatanCon

Franklin Graham praises Atlanta pastor Charles Stanley for 'standing firm' on the Bible in trying times - Atlanta faith leader passed away this week

Texas pushing to have Ten Commandments, Bible study in public schools

Poll: GOP voters say fighting "woke" ideology more important than stopping Social Security cuts

'Female Dummies' in Crash Testing?! Democrat Pushes For 'Gender Equity' in Car Crashes

Pete Buttigieg Proposes $20 Million Budget for Female Crash Dummies

Netflix Sued for Depicting Cleopatra as Black

How you may wind up paying for San Francisco's reparations plan

10 members of same family dead in mass shooting in South Africa

Frequent shootings put US mass killings on a record pace

US demand for bulletproof cars skyrockets, with some paying $85K for protection

Smart Gun Using Face Recognition Goes on Sale

The Threat of Civil Breakdown Is Real - National security officials are still not prepared for a far-right revolt

Mayor Eric Adams says Biden's migrant crisis has 'destroyed' NYC

Democrat Says America Can't Survive Without Illegal Aliens Filling Cleaning Lady Jobs

Illegal aliens who are LGBTQ 'may not be detained' under Democrats' new bill - Democrats said current detention rules strip aliens of their humanity and due process

Nashville trans school shooter's manifesto is 'blueprint on total destruction', FBI suppressing it: lawmakers

Audrey Hale manifesto a 'blueprint on total destruction' say pols, who claim FBI is stalling its release

'Astronomically Dangerous': FBI Stalling Release of Covenant Shooter Manifesto

Uganda: President Rejects Gay Death Penalty Bill Because It Doesn't Address 'Rehabilitation'

Biological Man Pretending to Be a Woman, Issues Violent Threat to Anyone Who Suggests He Can't Use Women's Restroom: "It will be the last mistake you ever make"

Transgender Democrat Claims 'Bloodshed' to Stop Republican Protections

Montana transgender lawmaker censured after 'hate-filled testimony' while debating bill

Canadian MPs prance about in hot pink high heels to raise awareness about domestic violence against women - The event aims to educate men and boys about gender-based violence

Vice President of Marketing Out at Bud Light Amid Transgender Controversy

Florida LGBTQ group cancels Pride parade when told it must be adults only

LGBTQ centers leave Twitter following removal of hateful conduct protections

Florida expansion of 'Don't Say Gay' could release flood of book bans

Global Anglican body rejects Church of England's blessing of same-sex couples

The Supreme Court Can't Stop Underground Abortion Networks. And They're Thriving.

US Supreme Court preserves access to abortion pill for now

Supreme Court says abortion pill mifepristone will remain broadly available during legal battle

Democrat-Run Oregon Stockpiles Three-Year Supply of Abortion Pills

Porn 'completely ruined' lives of young men experiencing erectile disfunction

Cocaine-smuggling submarine reveals Europe's drug crisis

Evolution of two contagious cancers affecting Tasmanian devils underlines unpredictability of disease threat

Why the coverup over naming hospitals where kids are getting a deadly fungus?

Hospitals and health care facilities should drop mask requirements, medical experts say

CDC director rewrites history of COVID vaccines as uptake plummets, side effect research mounts

White House: 'Bizarre' That House Republicans Want Billions of Unspent COVID Funds Returned to Treasury

Tracking Bible Prophecy Headlines - 4/21/2023

Israeli AG Rejects Judge's Proposal for Mediation in Netanyahu's Corruption Case

Lapid to boycott Independence Day ceremony in protest of judicial reform

PM, Gallant tell ministers and MKs to leave politics, arguments out of Memorial Day

Protesters heckle Ben Gvir at police Independence Day toast

Police officer who threw stun grenade at protesters gets Independence Day award

The silent exodus: Hebrew school enrollment in U.S. collapses, report finds

Israelis, Palestinians share kosher Ramadan iftar meal in West Bank 'to end hatred'

Gallant warns multi-front war far more likely for Israel than limited conflicts

Israel in contact with Sudan's leaders, trying to help calm fighting, official says

Sudan: leaders of rival forces refuse to negotiate as fighting rages

Egyptian army says 177 soldiers evacuated from Sudan back home

US military prepares for possible Sudan embassy evacuation

Another Biden Disaster - US Residents Stranded in Sudan after Failed Coup Attempt - "Too Late" for Evacuations

Stampede in Yemen leaves scores dead as gunfire spooks crowd waiting for small Ramadan cash handouts

Gallant: Iran gives Hezbollah $700m a year, is 'driving force' of current escalation

FM inaugurates Israeli embassy in Turkmenistan, miles from border with Iran

Netanyahu warns Saudi Arabia as kingdom renews ties with Tehran

Netanyahu Warns of Saudi-Iran Rapprochement, Dismisses Economic Concerns for Israel to CNBC

Netanyahu says peace prospects with Saudis not dented by Iran rapprochement

US rejects Iran's claim it forced American submarine to surface in Gulf

Iran announces supplying army with over 200 'strategic' drones

Taliban may be getting bulk of US aid sent to Afghanistan

'Political stunts': White House slams GOP ahead of Afghanistan withdrawal hearing

Former Defense Official: Afghans Evacuated to the U.S. Included Known Bomb Emplacers

North Korea's First Spy Satellite Is Ready for Launch

Ukrainian Volunteers Use Drones to Find Mines

Russian Army 'liberates' Bakhmut from three sides; Ukraine loses over 400 troops in fight

Israel to reportedly test missile warning system in Kyiv next month

NATO Chief Visits Ukraine for First Time Since Invasion, Prompting Warning From Russia

Meeting Zelensky in Kyiv, NATO chief says Ukraine's 'rightful place' is in alliance

Sweden Hopeful for NATO Membership by July

US ally Poland building barrier on Russian border undeterred by Biden aversion to border walls

Russia, UK Spy Plane Fiasco Could Have Sparked NATO War

Republicans Warn that Proxy War with Russia 'Could Spiral Out of Control'

Leaks About US Troops in Ukraine Incense GOP Lawmakers

Europe's Air-Traffic Agency Under Attack From Pro-Russian Hackers

US President Biden, France's Macron agree to 'engage' China on Ukraine in efforts to end conflict

Beijing's Influence in US Is 'All Pervasive,' Regime Seeks to Silence Dissidents Worldwide: Chris Chappell

Report: China Paying Off Nigerian Terrorists for Access to Minerals

Bangladesh to pay Russia $300 million in Chinese currency for nuclear plant

Secretary Yellen says national security may come at a cost in US-China relationship

McCarthy Releases His Proposal to Raise US Debt Ceiling by $1.5 Trillion

White House says McCarthy debt ceiling plan would kill thousands of green jobs in GOP districts

As Fears of Banking Crisis Surged, Members of Congress Sold Bank Shares

Recession already here for many Americans, as buying power, credit, social net shrinks

Food Prices Hit Highest Level in Nearly Half a Century Amid Double Digit Inflation

Record-breaking rice shortage in 2023 threatens global food security

Protesters Storm Paris Euronext Building Over Pension Reform

Fire Alarm Goes Off As RFK Jr. Exposes Military Industrial Complex In Candidacy Announcement

IRS whistleblower bombshell expands Hunter Biden scandal to coverup, obstruction concerns

White House disputes whistleblower claim Hunter Biden got 'preferential treatment' in IRS probe

IRS Whistleblower: Merrick Garland Denied Naming Special Counsel in Hunter Tax Probe

Ex-top spy admits Hunter Biden laptop letter designed to influence 2020 election, Blinken involved

White House Reverses Course, Issues Statement Denying Joe Biden Behind Political Interference in Hunter Biden Investigation Claimed by IRS Whistleblower

Hunter Biden Lawyer Accuses IRS Whistleblower of Committing Felony by Disclosing "Information About an Ongoing Tax Investigation"

Antony Blinken Was Behind Gathering 50+ Members of Intel Community to Lie and Sign Bogus Letter on Hunter Laptop Being Russian Disinformation

Senate Judiciary asks Chief Justice Robert to testify on high court ethics amid Thomas revelations

Republicans help seven Biden judicial nominees advance despite Dianne Feinstein's absence

Lawsuit Demands National Archives Obtain Secret Service, DHS January 6 Texts

Rep. Adam Schiff Claims Judiciary Committee Hearing on 'Victims of Violent Crime in Manhattan' is Meant to 'Intimidate' DA Alvin Bragg

Court Filing: Kamala Harris, Merrick Garland Violate US Code, Have No Oath of Office on File

Lawfulness of Biden Administration Cabinet in Question Upon Failure to Produce Oaths of Office

Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer is Under Investigation for CCP, Taliban Business Deals

BuzzFeed, vaulted into prominence by posting now-discredited Steele dossier, closes news division

Dan Bongino Out at Fox News, but 'Not Some Big Conspiracy'

Bill O'Reilly Exposes Why Fox News Paid $787 Million To Settle Case: "It Had Nothing To Do With Prime Time Talent"

Fox News Producer's Secret Recordings Helped Spur Dominion Deal

Last minute brinkmanship, overseas assist end Fox News-Dominion case

Mike Lindell Ordered to Pay $5 Million to Trump Voter Who Debunked His Election Lies

Virginia finds almost 19,000 dead people on voter rolls

Hillary Clinton, Bill Gates, Pope Francis and Hundreds More Lose Verification on Twitter

Public Media Body Demands Twitter Drop "Government-Funded Media" Label From All Accounts

MSNBC host who attempted 'gotcha' against Twitter Files journalist now stands accused of plagiarism

Elon Musk threatens to sue Microsoft, claiming tech giant was 'illegally using Twitter data'

Democrat 'Delegate From Virgin Islands' Stacey Plaskett Threatens Twitter Files Journalist Matt Taibbi with Imprisonment

UK Minister: Jail Social Media Bosses Who Fail to Censor 'Harmful' Content

AI's pandemonium leaves global leaders scrambling

Space Force chief says U.S. is facing a 'new era' of threats beyond Earth

Footage of UFOs over conflict zones seen for first time: 'This is devastating' - UFOs in conflict zones create a potential for unintended crossfire

SpaceX successfully launches giant Starship rocket, explodes minutes later

SpaceX's largest rocket ever built explodes four minutes after launch

'Awesome' Solar Eclipse Wows Viewers in Australia, Indonesia

5.4 magnitude earthquake hits off the coast of Central America

Ruiz volcano in Colombia erupts to 24,000ft

Sabancaya volcano in Peru erupts to 24,000ft

Popocateptl volcano in Mexico erupts to 22,000ft

Sangay volcano in Ecuador erupts to 20,000ft

Fuego volcano in Guetamala erupts to 16,000ft

Reventador volcano in Ecuador erupts to 15,000ft

Semeru volcano in Indonesia erupts to 15,000ft

3 dead after 8 tornadoes hit Oklahoma, officials say - There were at least 15 reported tornadoes across three states Wednesday

Large dust storm sweeps across China

Asia experiences unprecedented April heatwave

Spain's prime minister says drought has become one of country's leading concerns - National weather service said 2022 was the hottest year ever recorded

New technology could help save the Colorado River - Cloud seeding is a form of weather modification that can increase rain and snow production by up to 15% and is being used to help the Colorado River recover from a two-decade megadrought

Austin-based company wants to control the rain over Lake Travis

Plastic pandemic: Researchers find plastic pollution stunts growth in wildlife

Big Banks, Corporations Getting 90 Percent of Biden's Green Energy Credits: Congressional Study

Biden pledges $1B to climate fund: 'We have to do more'

AOC, Sen. Markey reintroduce 'Green New Deal' legislation

Joe Biden: "Anybody Who Doesn't Think We Have Global Warming, Hang Out with Me, Man. Travel to Every Major Fire I've Been Too"

Wisconsin GOP Lawmakers Pass Bills Prohibiting Bans on Gas-Powered Engines

Court Blocks Nation's First Gas Stove Ban

Charles' coronation cross to include splinters of wood from 'True Cross'

Mexico's president, saying the U.S. is suffering from moral decay, offers some advice

Bush, Obama, Clinton Team Up with American Express to Fly Migrants into American Communities

Alvin Bragg promises not to prosecute theft to establish 'racial equity' balance: 'Crime of poverty'

MSNBC's Reid: Fox News Is Making America 'Heavily Armed and Paranoid'

Harris on mass shootings: It's 'pitiful' that Congress can't 'stand up to the NRA'

Michelle Obama Pans 2nd Amendment After Spate of Shootings

ATF Director Says He's 'Not a Firearms Expert' When Asked to Define Assault Weapons He Wants to Ban

Three men indicted over gang rape of 13-year-old girl in Netanya

Idaho teacher and LGBT activist arrested on charges of raping 16-year-old boy

DeSantis blasts LGBTQ propaganda in school: We will have 'normal school like everyone did until two hours ago'

Outrage as Florida Republicans pass 'fascist' bill to remove trans kids from parents' custody

Uganda's president sends anti-LGBTQ bill back to parliament for 'strengthening'

Hungarians voted to 'ban transgenderism and LGBTQ propaganda for minors': Balazs Orban

Montana trans lawmaker decries misgendering by Republicans calling for censure over bloody prayer remark

Lawsuit Filed Against Anheuser-Busch Over Racist and Sexist Hiring Policies Company Fails to Define What it Means by 'Woman'

Face of Bud Light Ad Campaign Under Fire for Blasphemous Comments: 'God Does Not Make Mistakes'

Samantha Ponder breaks with ESPN, opposes transgender athletes in women's sports

House Passes Bill to Ban Men from Women's Sports with No Democrat Support

Surgery Clinic Allegedly Removed the Breasts of 14-Year-Old Girl

Unhinged Florida State Rep. Claims Girls Will Cut Off Their Own Breasts If They Can't Get Sex Change Surgeries

Horror: Woman Arrested After Fetus Found on Michigan Sidewalk

Major pro-life group threatens to oppose Trump candidacy over 'morally indefensible' abortion position

Leading anti-abortion group calls Trump's position that the issue should be decided at the state level unacceptable

Wyo. Abortion Clinic Opens Despite Arson, Legal Obstacles

Israel warns against illegal slimming pills laced with ecstasy

Sen. Fetterman tweets image holding 420 flag to acknowledge cannabis holiday

When Did '420' Holiday Start and Which States Have Legalized Recreational Marijuana?

Meta: Keep Removing COVID Misinformation

EcoHealth Alliance created "mutant" coronaviruses in Wuhan using US grant money

Dutch nurse suspected of killing 24 COVID patients

'Healthy' doctor, 32, died after 'rare' severe reaction to AstraZeneca COVID jab

Report: Only Three Americans Who Suffered Injuries or Death from the COVID Shots Have Been Compensated Thus Far

COVID Vax Injury Payouts Are Measly While "Industries Run To The Bank"

CDC Director Rochelle Walensky Finally Admits Vaccinated Individuals Can Spread COVID Virus

UNICEF: Coronavirus Pandemic Was a 'Disaster for Childhood Immunization'

People around the world lost faith in childhood vaccines during pandemic, UNICEF says

Tracking Bible Prophecy Headlines - 4/20/2023

As national tensions rage, Independence and Memorial Day organizers plan for protests

IDF reservists protesting overhaul urge activists not to demonstrate on Memorial Day

Lapid to boycott Independence Day torch-lighting event to protest judicial overhaul

Lapid urges inclusion of Haredi draft bill in overhaul talks to avoid further rift

Commentary: After Years of Netanyahu, U.S.-Israel Ties Are on Life Support

Herzog to Polish president: Story of Holocaust must recall evil of Nazis, accomplices

Credit Suisse hindered internal probe into Nazi-linked accounts, US senators say

President of Moldova urged to remove monuments of antisemites, Nazi criminals

Arab influencers visit Auschwitz to promote tolerance through Holocaust education

IDF to impose closure of West Bank for Palestinians on Memorial, Independence Day

No injuries after Israeli bus comes under fire in northern West Bank

Palestinian 15-year-old arrested for East Jerusalem shooting that injured 2 Israelis

IDF said to hit sites belonging to Hezbollah in southern Syria, then drop flyers

Foreign Minister Cohen heading to Turkmenistan to open embassy 15 miles from Iran

US Supreme Court rejects immunity for Turkish bank in Iran sanctions case

In Israel, son of last shah says Iranians 'absolutely' ready for Israel ties

US Navy sails first drone boat through key strategic waterway Strait of Hormuz

Israel PM cautions Saudi Arabia about Iran after China-brokered deal, urges greater U.S. presence

Saudi Prince Slams Israeli, US Threats to Strike Iran

Saudi Arabia's push to break through peace talks in Yemen thaws relations with the US

Yemen crowd crush: at least 78 dead at event to distribute money

'Burhan and Hemedti are both genocidaires': activists despair as Sudan violence surges

Fifth day of clashes in Sudan: "Both sides are in this until the bitter end"

Sudan conflict: Residents flee capital Khartoum as fighting continues

Sudan faces rising humanitarian need as fighting continues

What Jihadis? Outrage After UK Police use Terrorism Laws to Arrest French Publisher Over Anti-Macron Protests

Actress Patti LuPone Smears American Christians as No Different from the Taliban

Afghanistan is terrorist 'safe haven' under Taliban with growing threat to US, experts say

Special inspector says he can't say that $2B in US aid to Afghanistan isn't funding Taliban

US Government Watchdog Blames Both Biden and Trump for Afghan Government Collapse

Afghanistan IG report hammers Biden administration for 'dysfunction' days after White House blames Trump

GOP Holds Afghan Hearing: 'Taliban Flag Flies over Kabul - This Is Joe Biden's Legacy'

Air Force Launches Investigation Into Leak of Classified Documents

Discord Leak: US Spying on the UN - Secretary General Guterres Said To Be Soft on Moscow, Frustrated With Zelensky

Power, Water: Russian Hackers Trying to Take Out Our Critical Infrastructure, UK Warns

Russia Accuses Ukraine of Sabotaging Grain Deal

White House announces additional $325 million military aid package for Ukraine

Medvedev threatens Russia will arm North Korea if South Korea supplies arms to Ukraine

Macron Working with Beijing on 'Secret Plan' for Peace Deal Between Ukraine and Russia: Reports

Russia Turns to Treason Laws as Putin Extends Crackdown - Journalists, activists and dissidents risk longer sentences than they did before Russia invaded Ukraine, lawyers say Moscow's Red Square

Report: Moscow Preps Secret Weapon to Take Down Starlink

US jets intercept Russian Tu-95 bombers near Alaska; first encounter there since US drone taken down

Russian Sub Simulates Attack on Carrier Strike Group in Pacific

3 Nuclear Superpowers, Rather Than 2, Usher In a New Strategic Era

Leaked US Doc: China Prepping Supersonic Spy Drone

The battle lines are being drawn for a war across East Asia involving Taiwan

'Get Ready': Taiwan Civilians Train For Chinese Invasion

US Sends Soldiers to Train Taiwan Troops: Report

NGO that Exposed NYC Chinese Police Station Says More Operating in Texas, L.A., Nebraska

China Calls Its Illegal NYC Police Station a 'Service Center,' Accuses U.S. of Repressing Its Agents

Josh Hawley Pushes TikTok Ban After Chinese Secret Police Station Arrests

Rep Marjorie Taylor Greene Goes Scorched Earth on Eric Swalwell: "That was quite entertaining from someone that had a sexual relationship with a Chinese spy - and everyone knows it"

Dems ask for Greene's words to be stricken from record after she brings up Swalwell's Chinese spy scandal

De-Dollarization Is Happening at a 'Stunning' Pace, Jen Says

Elon Musk Says No 'Magic Cure' for Inflation, Blames Fed's Money Printing

Carney on 'Kudlow': Jerome Powell Should Tell Congress He'll Hike Interest Rates to 7% if They Keep Overspending

Ted Cruz Demands Janet Yellen Release Biden Family's Suspicious Bank Records to Public

Senior IRS agent blows whistle, alleging Biden DOJ thwarting criminal prosecution of Hunter Biden

Hunter Biden investigation infected by 'politics' and 'preferential treatment': IRS whistleblower

Hunter Biden investigation being mishandled, 'clear conflicts of interest': IRS whistleblower

Trump says GOP revelations on 'Biden Crime Family would be Watergate times 10' without corrupt media

Fox faces similar defamation case from Smartmatic after Dominion settlement

Elon Musk Slams ChatGPT's Political Correctness, Promises 'TruthGPT' Alternative

Elon Musk: "There's A Life Cycle Arc To Civilizations," I Just Want To Make Sure That We Have A Civilization Go Onward

Elon Musk Tells Tucker Carlson AI Could 'Absolutely' Take Control of Civilization

A.I. leader says tech will reveal problems or could 'go off the rails,' humans must still 'ride herd' over it

Google's Rush to Win in AI Led to Ethical Lapses, Employees Say

Machine Learning Investor Warns AI Is Becoming Like a God - "They are running towards a finish line without an understanding of what lies on the other side."

660-pound NASA spacecraft is hours away from crashing into Earth after more than a decade studying the sun

NASA satellite crashing back to Earth triggers air raid alarm in Kyiv

Pentagon UFO leader who penned alien 'mothership' paper to testify before Senate

Rare hybrid solar eclipse on Thursday, April 20, 2023

6.3 magnitude earthquake hits near Kandrian, Papua New Guinea

5.1 magnitude earthquake hits near Vilyuchinsk, Russia

5.0 magnitude earthquake hits near Bengkulu, Indonesia

Sabancaya volcano in Peru erupts to 26,000ft

Popocateptl volcano in Mexico erupts to 23,000ft

Sangay volcano in Ecuador erupts to 20,000ft

Sheveluch volcano on Kamchatka, Russia erupts to 16,000ft

Fuego volcano in Guatemala erupts to 16,000ft

Santa Maria volcano in Guatemala erupts to 15,000ft

Semeru volcano in Indonesia erupts to 15,000ft

Fatal lightning strikes hit Tshimbulu, southern DR Congo amid heavy rainfall

Heavy rain and giant hail hit Rio Grande do Sul, leaving hundreds of homes damaged, Brazil

Major river flooding expected across north-central US as thaw ramps up

Rapidly melting snow causes widespread flooding in Minnesota, U.S.

Large swathes of Asia are sweltering through record breaking temperatures

Thailand notches highest temperature on record as 'monster' heat wave roasts Southeast Asia

South Florida faces fuel supply issues after devastating storm

Oil CEO calls Biden out for missing 'golden window' to replenish the US petroleum reserve: 'Really bad'

Europe Imposes First-Ever 'Climate Tax' on Imported Goods

MEPs Denounce 'Utopian' EU Carbon Tax As Green Agenda Marches Through Parliament

Civil Rights Group Discussion: 'Will the US Government Seize Private Property to Achieve Green Agenda Goals?'

Witness Angers House Committee Dems for Calling Green Agenda 'Communist in Nature'

'It's Nonsensical': GOP-Led House Panel Grills SEC Chair on Climate Change Rules

"Climate Change is a Crisis of Our Lifetime!" - Biden's Secretary of Interior Starts Crying During Hearing

Joe Manchin: Biden Electric Vehicle Scheme Will Only Empower China

Electric vehicles may be too heavy for old parking garages - The collapse of a parking garage in New York City on Tuesday that killed at least one person has put a new spotlight on aging structures used for vehicle storage

Dennis Quaid Sounds The Alarm On What Happens If The US Power Grid Goes Down - "It Would Take Us Back To 1880"

Worker Killed, 4 Injured in Nebraska Ethanol Plant Explosion

12 are arrested after a Beijing hospital fire killed 29 people

Tony Perkins: Religious Freedom at Stake in Postman Case

Fmr. NYC Police Commissioner Kelly: 'Alvin Bragg Is a Major Contributor' to NYC Crime

Federal judge rules Jim Jordan can subpoena ex-Manhattan prosecutor who investigated Trump

Sheryl Crow, Amy Grant Team Up to Push Gun Control in Tennessee

Portland's first Shake Shack hasn't even opened yet, and it's already been smashed up

Home Depot Worker In His 20's Is Shot Dead Trying To Stop Shoplifter In Lawless Dem-Controlled State

Uvalde Shooter Wrote 'LOL' on Whiteboard With Victim's Blood During Massacre

Lee releases plan for gun reform, 'temporary mental health order of protection'

Experts: Chinese 'Fast Fashion' Brands Like Shein Can Exploit Loopholes to Sell Slave-Made Products to Americans

Biden Administration Loses Track of Tens of Thousands of Migrant Children

Trump Endorses Using Military to Crush Cartels: 'I Would Do That'

UN Issues Report Pushing for Normalization and Decriminalization of Pedophilia

Florida Bill Protecting Children from Businesses Hosting Drag Performances Heads to DeSantis's Desk

Florida Board of Education Expands Ban on Classroom Instruction of Sexual Orientations and 'Gender Identity' to All Grade Levels

North Carolina School District Votes to Require Parental Notification of Pronoun Changes

Portland College Offering "Gender Diversity" Pre-K Teacher Certificate

Twitter quietly drops bans on 'misgendering', 'deadnaming' transgender individuals

ESPN personalities slam Biden's Title IX proposal amid uproar over transgender athletes in women's sports

"Blood on Your Hands!" - Trans Montana Lawmaker Throws Fit and Threatens GOP Colleagues for Wanting to Bar Sex Change Treatments for Children

Activists shower lawmakers in underwear to protest bans on gender-affirming care

Philadelphia Children's Hospital Quietly Scrubbed Videos Discussing Transgender Surgeries Amid Public Backlash

Report: CVS 'Gender Transition Guidelines' Urge All Employees to Become Allies of Transgender Workers

'I'm ashamed': Luxembourg's PM Xavier Bettel denounces Viktor Orban and Hungary's anti-LGBT law

Caitlyn Jenner: 'Trans Is 'Oversaturated Due to Indoctrination,' Left Using it to 'Destroy Families'

Dylan Mulvaney Touts 'Relationship with God' - 'I Don't Think He Made a Mistake with Me'

Taxpayer-Funded Castration: Trans Murderer Wants Sex Change Surgery

'Nonbinary' Biden Administration Official Ordered to Undergo Mental Health Evaluation After Avoiding Jail Time

Nolte: With 'Complex PTSD,' Kathy Griffin Claims She's the Victim of the Gory Trump Photo Uproar

'Abort God': Ohio Pro-Life Pregnancy Center Attacked by 'Jane's Revenge'

Supreme Court Temporarily Extends Access to Abortion Pill

Generic Drugmaker Sues to Keep Abortion Pill on Market

White House issues veto warning for resolution overturning the VA's abortion policy

A 13-year-old died in Ohio after participating in a Benadryl TikTok 'challenge'

More Kids Get Weight-Loss Surgery to Treat Obesity

Planning a trip? Oregon's magic mushroom experiment advances

Commentary: After Decades of Outsourcing to China, the U.S. is Running Out of Children's Antibiotics

Argentina sterilizes mosquitoes with radiation to battle devastating dengue outbreak

USDA Accelerates Bird Flu Vaccine Trials After Third Reported Human Case Led to a Death

FDA approves single booster dose of bivalent COVID vaccine for people aged 65 and older or those with immunocompromise

Intel community may be stalling COVID origins assessments for political reasons, ex-director says

GOP Sen. Marshall: There Were Multiple Lab Leaks, 95% of Evidence Points to Lab Leak Origin of COVID

GOP Sen. Marshall: The 'Smoking Gun' for COVID Lab Leak Was 'Destroyed'

House Oversight Subcommittee Hearing on 'Data Breach at the DC Health Exchange'

Rand Paul: History Will Judge Fauci 'Very Poorly'

Tracking Bible Prophecy Headlines - 4/19/2023

Israel grinds to a halt as siren wails to commemorate 6 million Holocaust victims

Marking Holocaust Remembrance Day, Blinken urges stand against antisemitism

With national tensions high, Independence Day organizers plan for possible protests

El Al pilot under fire for preflight message tying judicial overhaul to Holocaust

AI brings 2 distinctly Israeli voices to life for Israel's 75th - The sounds of Ofra Haza and Zohar Argov, both deceased, come together in Session 42's latest musical creation

Hidden diary reveals heartbreaking realities of Holocaust in Libyan concentration camps

Over 280,000 Muslims said to visit Al-Aqsa Monday for key Ramadan night

IDF troops carry out raid in Jenin, clash with Palestinian gunmen

Netanyahu in talks on new IDF draft law that would lower age for Haredi exemption

IDF opposes draft exemption for Haredim, presents new outline for mandatory service

Fresh proposal to exempt Haredim from IDF draft would likely be struck down by court

Speaker McCarthy set to visit Israel, address Knesset

Iran Renews Threats Against Israel While Demanding U.S. Exit Middle East

Iran renews threats against Israel during Army Day parade

Iran's President Vows to Destroy Tel Aviv and Haifa if Israel Attacks

Iran will destroy Tel Aviv, Haifa at slightest Israeli action - Raisi

Senior Hamas delegation seen in Saudi Arabia ahead of expected rapprochement talks

U.S. Diplomatic Convoy Attacked by Paramilitary Group in Sudan

China and Russia Will Fill In Middle East Vacuum the US Left Behind: Aryeh Lightstone

China's DM praises Russia's Putin for 'promoting world peace'

G7 ministers stress unity amid tensions with China and Russia

Consul General of Poland in New York confirms US money going to Poland to build nuclear power plants

EU Angry That Poland, Hungary, and Slovakia are Protecting Farmers From Low Prices

Poland willing to lift Ukraine grain transit ban if there is "100% guarantee" it will not enter local market

Ukraine War Refugees Cynically Used to Distract From Ongoing Global Migrant Crisis, Opposition MP Says

Pentagon Doesn't Know How Many More Leaked Documents Are out There

Ecuador's Lasso Vows to Dissolve Congress if It Tries to Impeach Him

Marjorie Taylor Greene Drops Bomb on Biden Crime Family - Oversight Committee Has Evidence of Biden Family Connections to Human Trafficking of Prositututes from US, Russia, Ukraine

Four Subpoenaed Banks Comply with James Comer's Probe into Biden Business

'Woke Mentality' Is What Led to Trump Indictment Says Democratic NYC Councilman

Trump Explains What It Was Like During 'Scam' Arraignment: 'I'm There to Win an Election

Michael Cohen: 'Trump Is a Clear and Present Danger to the United States'

America's Looming Conflict: Red Judges vs. Blue Governors

'Squad' member Cori Bush calls for Clarence Thomas impeachment

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene Calls for Judges Who Sentenced J6 Protesters To Be Impeached

Fox News Agrees To Pay $787M To Settle Dominion False-Election Claims Case; "Fox Has Admitted To Telling Lies," Voting Systems CEO Says

Lou Dobbs reacts to Fox settlement: the issues of the 2020 election remain unresolved

'Free Speech Absolutist' Elon Musk's Twitter Debuts Shadowbanning Policy

European lawmakers ask for new rules to regulate AI so it's 'safe and trustworthy'

Mexico continues to target activists with Israeli-made Pegasus spyware - NY Times

Southwest Airlines Resumes Flights After Nationwide Grounding Due to "Technical Issues"

Old NASA satellite falling to Earth, risk of danger 'low'

5.2 magnitude earthquake hits near San Luis San Pedro, Mexico

Sangay volcano in Ecuador erupts to 30,000ft

Ruiz volcano in Colombia erupts to 22,000ft

Popocateptl volcano in Mexico erupts to 21,000ft

Reventador volcano in Ecuador erupts to 15,000ft

Semeru volcano in Indonesia erupts to 15,000ft

Fuego volcano in Guatemala erupts to 14,000ft

Santa Maria volcano in Guatemala erupts to 14,000ft

Massive landslide caused by lightning hits Pakistan, burying about two dozen trucks

Cyclone Ilsa: Stranded Indonesian fishermen rescued after six days without food

First 3 months of 2023 generated a record number of tornadoes

Utah: Rare desert waterfalls still flowing a month after record snowfall awakened them

880 inches of snow helps pull Utah out of short-term drought

Heatwave batters India as mercury nears 45°C, but relief likely in northwestern plains soon, says IMD

African climate expert tells Bill Gates and George Soros his continent is not their 'climate' guinea pig - Geoengineering efforts have been promoted by the White House

Germany has shut down its last three nuclear power plants, and some climate scientists are aghast

Gas Prices on the Rise Again But This Time the Strategic Oil Reserves Are Empty

Pentagon: Offshore Wind Farms May Threaten 'Military Readiness,' National Security

Biden Official: Pollution Falling During Lockdowns Helped Life Quality, Many People Enjoyed Being in Environment Instead of Being at Work

NYC's Vegan Mayor Eric Adams to Limit Amount of Meat People Can Eat to Combat Climate Change

Nolte: NYC to Track Household Food Consumption to Fight Climate Change

Nicolas Cage: Eating Bugs 'Could Solve World Starvation'

Massive Fire Breaks Out at Hospital in Beijing: 21 Dead, 71 Patients Evacuated

Commentary: The Return of Paganism

Macron Begs French Public for 100 Days to Solve National Crisis as Fiery Riots Continue

Lone Woman Swarmed and Brutally Attacked by Dozens of Teens in Chicago

Illinois State Senator Defends Violent, Rioting Teens in Chicago: "It's a Mass Protest"

Authorities Say Nashville Shooter Left Suicide Note, 19 Journals, and Other Docs - All Kept from the Public

Democrats Claim Crime Victims Are GOP 'Props,' Sparking Outrage from Witnesses

North Carolina Congressman says China is complicit in pushing illegal immigrants across the border

Biden's open borders are bringing contagious diseases to your neighborhood

Trump: If Elected, 'I Would Order' Biden's Obamacare for Illegal Aliens Scheme 'Ended'

NY Times: Biden Officials 'Ignored' Warnings of Surge in Migrant Children Being Labor Trafficked into U.S. Jobs

Horror: 18 People Arrested in New York State for Trafficking the Same Child for Over 7 Years

Franklin Graham defends Elon Musk's call to jail parents who sterilize kids

Disneyland Gay and Transgender 'Pride Nite' to Welcome Children of All Ages

Disney promotes first-ever 'Pride Nite' on Twitter after DeSantis warning

Biden Administration Sued For Covering Up Communications Involving "Non-Binary" Daughter of Interior Cabinet Secretary

Lia Thomas Supports Biden Administration's Pro-Trans Rule Changes to Title IX

Biden Threatens to Veto GOP Bill Barring Transgender Athletes From Women's Sports

Biden Regime Proposes New Rule Which Will Allow Biological Men to Compete in Women's Sports - (William) Lia Thomas Praises Actions - Champion Female Swimmer Riley Gaines Says Proposed Bill Denies Science, Truth, and Common Sense

Rep. Harris: 'Woke Politics' Behind Trans Sports Rules

Georgia GOP Rep. Scott derides Anheuser-Busch for embracing 'bullying' with transgender campaign

Country Star Brantley Gilbert Smashes Bud Light on Stage, Draws Cheers From the Crowd

Iran protests: LGBTQ community rises up

The Modi government is telling India's Supreme Court to reject the "urban elitist idea" of same-sex marriage

UT Southwestern teaches med students that 'gender is independent of physical structure, chromosomes, or genes'

Biden's Education Secretary Miguel Cardona Refuses Three Times to Answer the Question: What is a Woman?

Pro-Life Pregnancy Center Attacked by Pro-Abortion Group Who Left Blasphemous Message About God

Study: Fewer Docs Seek Residency in States With Abortion Bans

We now spend more on legal weed than on chocolate

Britons Flock to Private Doctors as Socialised Healthcare Fails to Deliver on Time

17 Congressmen, Staffs Hit with Health Data Breach

Swines in the USA have been secretly "Vaccinated" with mRNA injections for years; now they're coming for the Cattle

Elon Musk accuses BBC of covering up vaccine side effects

FDA simplifies COVID vaccine schedules, withdraws authorization for older COVID-19 vaccines targeting virus' original strain

FDA: Monovalent Pfizer and Moderna COVID-19 Vaccines Are No Longer Authorized, New Protocols Announced

GOP Rep. Jim Jordan Rips Scientists Who Downplayed COVID Lab Leak

Lab Leak 'Only Explanation' for COVID-19: Former Intelligence Director

Tracking Bible Prophecy Headlines - 4/18/2023

China ready to broker Israel-Palestine peace talks, says foreign minister

Israeli PM: Peace with Saudi Arabia would be 'giant leap' towards ending Arab-Israeli conflict

GOP senator: Window for Israel-Saudi normalization deal could close within a year

Saudis said set to host top Hamas delegation, further dimming Israeli hopes for ties

Hamas visit to Saudi Arabia postponed; PA chief Abbas in the kingdom

Analysis: Israeli politics are in chaos. Are its enemies poised to take advantage?

'Risk-taking government': Moody's explains fears behind credit outlook downgrade

President urges divided nation to unite on Holocaust Remembrance Day

As Israel remembers Holocaust, Herzog says commemoration must be 'above all dispute'

Israel to pause for daytime siren in memory of 6 million Jews killed during Holocaust

Yad Vashem to mark 80 years since Warsaw Ghetto Uprising for Yom HaShoah remembrance

Likud MK shouted down by anti-gov't hecklers at Holocaust Remembrance Day ceremony

'Silence is complicity': On Holocaust memorial day, Biden vows to fight antisemitism

Islamist antisemitism in the US masked by alliance with far left - study

Swastikas, Hitler salutes and violence: Israeli-American children face growing antisemitism in schools

Horrifying monstrosity: the Nazi Skeletons Museum of an 'extinct race'

Antisemitic graffiti scrawled on Barcelona's largest synagogue

Antisemitic, Holocaust-denying content up 180% in 2022, online hate monitor says

Two men hurt in suspected terror shooting in East Jerusalem's Sheikh Jarrah

Palestinian woman stabs Israeli in Gush Etzion, is shot by soldiers

'Our nations can live in peace,' son of Iran's Shah says in Israel visit

Netanyahu vows to keep up 'fight' against Iran nuclear arms

US-Israel coordination needed to halt nuclear Iran, Cohen tells Graham

Iranian-Russian cooperation on hack attacks may challenge Israeli cyber supremacy

Iran Invites Saudi Arabia's King to Visit as Bitter Rivalry Recedes

Sudan violence escalates as rival factions reject ceasefire calls

185 killed, 1,800 wounded as Sudan's generals battle for third day

Sudan military leader accuses rival of 'attempted coup' as vicious fighting grips capital

Behind chaos in Sudan is a broader global power struggle

U.S. Kills Senior ISIS Leader in Helicopter Raid

Taliban Killing Afghan Civilians, Blaming ISIS-K Fight

Military violence in Myanmar is worsening amid fierce resistance and international ambivalence

Brazil's Lula draws Russian praise, U.S. scorn for Ukraine views

Ukraine war: US accuses Lula of parroting propaganda

Russian opposition leader sentenced to 25 years in prison after speaking out against the war in Ukraine

EU investigates after 3 countries ban Ukraine grain imports

European Commission slams bans imposed by Hungary, Poland and Slovakia on Ukrainian grain exports

Overflowing Russian grain storage puts $3.4bn worth of grain at risk of rotting in silos

Lavrov: Russia wants conflict in Ukraine to end as soon as possible

Gaetz introduces resolution to force Biden, Defense Department to disclose U.S. troops in Ukraine

G7: Western Nations Announce Nuclear Power Alliance to 'Displace Putin' From Energy Market

Massive explosions rock Russia leaving thousands without power in 'Ukrainian drone attack' on power stations

Ukraine Would Become Like Syria if We're Allowed to Run Out of Air Defence Missiles, Kyiv Says

After 167 Russian warship review, fleet can be used in any conflict - Putin

US, allies stage drills as N. Korea warns of security crisis

U.S. Sends Warship Through Taiwan Strait After China War Games

Alleged Pentagon Leaks: Fake Chinese 'Civilian' Ships Hurt U.S. Ability to Monitor Around Taiwan

Taiwan to Buy 400 US Anti-Ship Missiles Intended to Repel a China Invasion

Discord leak suggests China doesn't need TikTok to find U.S. secrets

2 NY residents allegedly ran secret Chinese police station: 'Significant national security matter'

DOJ accuses China of using 'police station' to spy on, harass dissidents inside US

Dem Rep. Moulton: We Knew About Chinese Police Stations 'for a While' and It Shouldn't Take This Long to Act, There Are More of Them

'We've Got Big Problems': McCarthy on French President Macron's China Trip

Macron's China remarks are a 'disaster' for Europe, EU conservative leader says

G-7 Foreign Ministers Call for 'Peaceful Resolution' to China–Taiwan Issues

China Extends Influence in Developing Countries by Infrastructure Building: Goldman

Michigan residents furious over Democrats funding Chinese-owned manufacturing plants: 'Hypocrites'

Cash will become 'less useable' as high street goes contactless, says Bank of England

'A credit crunch has started' as banks tighten lending by the most on record, Morgan Stanley CIO says

A free market no more? Rules of the game have changed after banking crisis, some say

McConnell rips Biden's 'extreme position' on debt limit in first speech back after concussion

Macron doubles down on French 'independence' amid pension reform crisis

13 Arrested as Anti-Macron Activists Set Off Explosive Outside Marseille Police Station

UK PM Sunak investigated over possible undeclared interest

Comer Says New Financial Records Reveal Six Additional Biden Family Members Involved in Shady Overseas Deals

Hunter Biden laptop 'cover-up' by ex-officials deserves consequences, say House intel members

Hunter Laptop Emails Show Joe Biden Traveled to Ireland with Hunter and Jim Biden Who Met with China's CEFC Executives

Jim Jordan Reveals He Has Evidence Connecting the Biden Campaign to the Bogus Letter Which Called Hunter's Laptop Russian Disinformation

FBI Ordered to Release Files That Called Parents Terrorists

Nadler Laughed at and Mocked During Hearing After Claiming Jim Jordan is "Doing the Bidding of Donald Trump"

"You're a Scumbag!" Adam Schiff Heckled During House Judiciary Committee Hearing in NYC

Crime Victims Testify About Manhattan DA's Prosecutorial Conduct at Congressional Hearing

"That's Why I Walked Away from the Plantation of the Democratic Party!" Witness Buries House Democrat for Mocking Hearing On Violent Crime in NYC - Torches Alvin Bragg For Freeing Her Son's Evil Killers

Alvin Bragg Has Given New York City Over to 'Lawlessness': Democratic Councilman

Jordan Torches Bragg for Caring 'More About Perpetrators of Crime Than Victims' at NYC Hearing

Media 'fact checkers' lie to defend Alvin Bragg

Nadler Calls House Judiciary's Focus on Alvin Bragg an 'Outrageous Abuse of Power'

Schiff: Jim Jordan Going After DA Bragg 'Unprecedented,' Congress 'Has No Jurisdiction'

GOP revolts against plan to replace Feinstein on key panel in push to block Biden judicial picks

Fox News, Dominion Each Face Risks if Defamation Case Goes to Trial

'Is He Even Literate?' Fox News Host Slams 'Biased' Judge in Dominion Case as 'Small Potatoes' Running 'Clown Show'

Elon Musk Tells Tucker Carlson U.S. Government Had Access to Twitter Users' Direct Messages

Musk: Government Having 'Full Access' to Twitter 'Blew My Mind'

Trudeau complains that CBC is not fully publicly funded so Elon changes label to '69% government-funded'

CBC 'pausing' Twitter use in dispute over 'government-funded media' label

Elon Musk Says His AI Project Will Seek to Understand the Nature of the Universe

Elon Musk Tells Tucker Carlson Google Co-Founder Larry Page Wants to Build a Digital God

Elon Musk: I'm A Specist And Pro-Human, Google's Larry Page Wants To Become A "Digital God"

Google CEO Sundar Pichai Calls AI 'More Profound than Fire or Electricity'

Biden's AI Czar Wants to Crack Down on 'Misinformation,' Prevent 'Discriminatory Outcomes'

Commentary: These are the tech jobs most threatened by ChatGPT and A.I.

An AI-Generated Photo Was Submitted to a Competition to Make a Point, and It Ended Up Winning

Sony World Photography Award 2023: Winner refuses award after revealing AI creation

Crisis of Faith? ChatGPT Says It's 'Sure' Jesus Christ Is 'the Son of God'

US Senate Committee on Armed Services Announces Open Hearing on Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAP) or UFOs

Blue spiral appears amid northern lights in Alaska after SpaceX rocket releases fuel

Asteroid hits Earth hours after being spotted, meteor turns into 'beautiful' fireball over Europe

A rare hybrid solar eclipse occurs on April 20. Here's how to watch it online for free.

6.6 magnitude earthquake hits south of the Fiji Islands

5.6 magnitude earthquake hits near Mil'kovo, Russia

5.5 magnitude earthquake hits near Pagar Alam, Indonesia

5.2 magnitude earthquake hits the Kermadec Islands region

5.2 magnitude earthquake hits the Kermadec Islands region

5.0 magnitude earthquake hits the Kermadec Islands region

5.0 magnitude earthquake hits the Kermadec Islands region

5.0 magnitude earthquake hits near Kimbe, Papua New Guinea

5.0 magnitude earthquake hits near Ambunti, Papua New Guinea

Sabancaya volcano in Peru erupts to 23,000ft

Popocateptl volcano in Mexico erupts to 21,000ft

Sangay volcano in Ecuador erupts to 19,000ft

Fuego volcano in Guatemala erupts to 18,000ft

Reventador volcano in Ecuador erupts to 15,000ft

Semeru volcano in Indonesia erupts to 14,000ft

7 fatalities, 6 missing after widespread floods hit Tanzania

Awards ceremony turns to tragedy in India as 11 die and hundreds hospitalised with heatstroke

At 40 Degrees Celsius, Bengal Shuts All Educational Institutions For A Week

Wildfires along French-Spanish border force hundreds to evacuate

Mass stranding of rough-toothed dolphins in Far North, New Zealand

Climate Cultists Blame Global Warming on Rice

Ninth Circuit Tosses Out Ban on Gas Stoves

Train Derails in Maine, Residents Told to 'Stay Clear'

Texas Freight Train Collision Injures 2, No Hazmat Onboard

Couple beheaded themselves with homemade guillotine in ritual sacrifice, police in India say

Liberal Washington Post Editorial Board Reverses Position on Defunding the Police

Re-fund the Police: L.A. Mayor Calls to Hire 1,000 Cops, Recruit from HBCUs

REI Sporting Goods Store in Portland, OR Closing Due to Rise in Break-Ins and Theft

Nolte: 327 Shoplifters Arrested 6,000 Times in Democrat-Run New York City

Former cardinal Theodore McCarrick, 92, charged with sexual assault over alleged 1977 incident

Marjorie Taylor Greene Calls on FBI to Investigate Trump Ally Who Allegedly Asked Minors For Nude Photos

Stop the Steal Founder Ali Alexander Apologizes Amid Allegations of Texting Teens

Supreme Court: India begins historic debate into same sex marriage

Team DeSantis mocks Bud Light in new parody video supporting women's sports

Georgia GOP Rep. Scott derides Anheuser-Busch for embracing 'bullying' with transgender campaign

Bud Light Boycott Tears Republicans Apart

Anheuser-Busch accused of racist hiring practices under 'cloak of equity': lawsuit

Report: Disney Lost Over a Quarter of a Billion Dollars on Two Woke Failures

China's Stateside 'Rent-A-Womb' Industry Poses Yet Another National Security Nightmare

NBC's Chuck Todd: Abortion Issue 'Total Debacle for the GOP'

Goldberg: Those Who Believe Abortion Is Taking Life Are Self-Righteous - 'Respect that I Have a Different Opinion'

Italian police seize "record" haul of cocaine found floating in the sea off Sicily

Police find 2 tons of cocaine worth more than $440 million floating off the coast of Italy

Dozens of dogs are at risk of euthanasia as the ACCT Philly shelter is overwhelmed by canine flu

Bombshell Senate GOP report: COVID leaked from Wuhan lab where US funded gain-of-function research

Face-mask evangelism has undermined trust in science

Tracking Bible Prophecy Headlines - 4/17/2023

Iranians mark Jerusalem Day to support Palestinians

Netanyahu: US, Israel Still Strong Allies Despite Tensions

Citing 'deals in the dark,' Labor party quits judicial overhaul talks with president

Israeli conservative think tank warns legal overhaul causing 'enormous damage'

Dismissing Moody's downgrade, Smotrich says any economic damage is fault of protests

Economists: PM, Smotrich response to Moody's downgrade 'disconnected from reality'

Likud's Gotliv claims left 'betrayed' Israel, Obama paid Israeli news site for anti-Netanyahu stories

Police shoot East Jerusalem man vandalizing vehicles in apparent terror act

Son of last Iranian shah to visit Israel in bid to renew 'ancient bond'

Iran is waging a multi-front war of attrition against Israel, Gallant says

Full normalization with Israel on hold due to deadly conflict in Sudan

Suspected IS fighters kill 26 desert truffle hunters in Syria

Yemen's warring sides begin prisoner exchange of over 800 detainees

Sudan Military Rivals Fight for Power, Dozens Killed

A new kind of leaker: Spilling state secrets to impress online buddies

Fleitz: Leaks Reveal White House 'Lying to Us'

Iranian court sentences 10 troops to jail terms over 2020 Ukraine jet downing

Ukrainian soldiers freeze sperm in case they die fighting Russia

Ukraine, Russia exchange POWs as Orthodox Christians celebrate a subdued Easter holiday

Brazil's Lula calls for 'peace group' to broker Ukraine-Russia deal

Putin meets China's defence minister, hails military ties

China Orders A.I. Chatbots to 'Reflect the Core Values of Socialism'

Rep. Gallagher: Taiwan Invasion Would Start With Cyberattack on US

Leaked Pentagon docs show the shot-down Chinese spy balloon may have had a feature known as 'synthetic aperture radar' that can see through certain materials, WaPo reports

China likely to rapidly achieve air superiority over Taiwan, US leaks say

When Macron met Xi: welcome to the new world disorder

China Tensions High on Agenda as G-7 Diplomats Meet in Japan

S. Korea Repels N. Korean Patrol Boat After Sea Intrusion

Thousands of Czechs turn out for anti-government protest

Fox News-Dominion trial abruptly delayed on eve of opening statements

'It presumes to replace us': Concerns of bias in AI grow after Elon Musk issues new warning

Birds Aren't Real? Wild Conspiracy Theory Given New Life After School Reveals It's Converting Birds Into Drones

Earthquake Of Magnitude 4.0 Hits Turkey's Afsin, No Reports Of Casualties

California earthquakes shake, wake nearby residents: reports

Sangay volcano in Ecuador erupts to 27,000ft

Sabancaya volcano in Peru erupts to 22,000ft

Popocateptl volcano in Mexico erupts to 22,000ft

Ruiz volcano in Colombia erupts to 20,000ft

Fuego volcano in Guatemala erupts to 15,000ft

Reventador volcano in Ecuador erupts to 15,000ft

Santa Maria volcano in Guatemala erupts to 15,000ft

Semeru volcano in Indonesia erupts to 14,000ft

Majority of California Emerges from Drought Crisis: US Drought Monitor

Sandstorms driven by climate change slowly burying Iraq's ancient treasures

'Straight out of a dystopian novel': Missouri Dem blasts state GOP for defunding libraries

Seattle Public Schools hit with federal civil rights complaint for racial segregation

Over 5,000 Nigerian Christians killed in 2022, NGO estimates

Trump at NRA: 'Biden Gun Control Agenda' Weaponizes Government Against the People

Disturbing: Former Indian MP Shot Dead on Live TV

Bodycam footage shows police fatally shoot armed homeowner after responding to wrong house

Four dead after shooting at teenager's birthday in Alabama, 28 injured

'Teen Takeover' terrorizes Chicago as hundreds of teenagers destroy property, attack tourists

Hundreds of teenagers flood into downtown Chicago, smashing car windows, prompting police response

Chicago mayor-elect condemns 'Teen Takeover' chaos, but says it's 'not constructive to demonize youth'

School staffer, director of child development programs among 6 arrested in Portland-area child sex sting

Pope Francis Denies Claims That John Paul II Prowled For Underage Girls Like Missing Teen Emanuela Orlandi

UN Wants to Decriminalize Sex Between Minors and Adults

Spain's leader apologizes to victims of sexual consent law

Deepfake porn could be a growing problem amid AI race

New revelations of FBI efforts to infiltrate Catholic Church provoke storm of protest

Anheuser-Busch CEO was a Former CIA Recruitment Specialist

Budweiser releases new pro-America ad with iconic mascot in wake of Anheuser-Busch Mulvaney controversy

Man Takes Dog to Vet for 'Gender Transition' in Viral Video, Highlights Insanity of Child Sex Reassignment

'SNL' news comedian calls for trans rights for kids

SNL's 'Nonbinary' Molly Kearney Says Laws Banning Puberty Blockers, Surgeries Make Kids 'Grow Up Too Fast'

Washington bill to allow medical transgender interventions on minors without parental consent

UK to Require Schools Inform Parents of Signs of Transgenderism and Bar Trans Students From Contact Sports

Washington Bill Would Bar Parents from Intervening on Child Gender Transitions

Planned Parenthood and Rachel Levine Partnered Up to Peddle Cross-Sex Hormones, Emails Show

Former Planned Parenthood Staffer Commits Suicide After Botched Child Porn Raid

Top GOP Donor Puts DeSantis Support 'on Hold' Over Abortion

Mace: Overturning Roe 'Changed the Entire Electoral Environment' in 2022 - GOP Has Not Learned Our Lesson

Sen. Cassidy: Abortion Pill Ban Won't Hinder FDA Authority

Washington state bill authorizing Department of Corrections to sell abortion pills clears Senate

Netherlands to Allow Euthanasia for Terminally Ill Children of All Ages

Dogs and cats 'passing on antibiotic-resistant superbugs to owners'

Biden administration inhibiting 'Operation Warp Speed' for antivirals, former CDC director says

Florida bill to ban COVID mask, vaccine mandates makes progress in House

Sanders vetoes $5 million in pandemic expenses for corrections dept.: 'COVID-19 Pandemic is over'

Tracking Bible Prophecy Headlines - 4/16/2023

Moody's downgrades Israel's credit outlook, citing 'deterioration of governance'

'Economic earthquake': Opposition lashes government after Moody's downgrade

'There Will Be No Damage to Israel's Economy': Netanyahu, Smotrich Downplay Gray Moody's Forecast

PM's associates reject Moody's downgrade: 'They aren't well-versed on the issues'

Likud's Amsalem calls to put Supreme Court chief, protest leaders on trial

Hundreds of thousands rally against judicial overhaul plans for a 15th straight week

Tens of Thousands Throng Across Israel to Oppose Netanyahu's Judicial Overhaul

In first, Iran's president addresses Palestinians in Gaza

Saudis said set to host top Hamas delegation, further dimming Israeli hopes for ties

No consensus among envoys on Syrian Arab League return

Iran begins crackdown against violators of mandatory hijab laws

Clashes erupt between Sudan's army and rival paramilitary, with wider conflict feared

Sudan paramilitary say they seized airports, presidential palace in clash against army; dozens of civilians injured

At least five killed amid clashes between rival military factions in Sudan's capital

'Never seen anything like it': 56 killed as Sudanese army battles rival paramilitary

Tunisian footballer Nizar Issaoui dies after setting himself on fire in anti-police protest

Navalny in 'critical situation' in penal colony after suspected poisoning, says aide

Ukraine Bans National Sports Teams Participating in Events with Russians

Poland Bans Ukrainian Food Imports to Protect Local Farmers From Price Crunch

Finland Starts Construction of Border Fence With Russia After Joining NATO

Russia's entire Pacific Fleet put on high alert for practice missile launches

Brazilian president wraps up China visit by telling US to 'stop encouraging' war in Ukraine

China terrorises Taiwan by deploying mystery 'dark fleet' to carry out 'dry run' for war

As a Tiny Island Is Militarized, India Worries About China's Growing Footprint

China says it 'hopes and believes' Germany will support its 'peaceful reunification' with Taiwan

Explosive thrown at Japan PM at campaign event; 1 hurt

Japan PM safe after 'smoke bomb' at speech: Japanese media

Gordon Chang: China Wants 'an Accident' to Lead to War

China expands wartime military draft to include veterans and college students

Pentagon documents show up to four additional Chinese spy balloons: Report

G-7 talks may measure allies' reaction to US documents leak

Leak raises fresh questions about Pentagon's internal security

Online gaming chats have long been spy risk for U.S. military

NYT military journalist rips his employer after exposing leaker: We would have protected him if he came to us

Kash Patel Questions Emerging Narrative on Pentagon Leaks: 'This Is an Extensive Cover-Up'

Pentagon leak suspect Jack Teixeira didn't act solo, says former Trump intel official

Lt. Col. Vindman Admitted Leaking Documents Meant To Help Dems Impeach Trump - Never Served Time, While 21-Yr-Old Jack Teixeira Was Arrested For The Same Crime

Israeli-born Moldovan oligarch sentenced in absentia to 15 years over $1b bank theft

Macron signs controversial pension changes into law after months of protests

Marine Le Pen: Macron is a 'Pyromaniac' Who Set French Democracy on Fire

Food or medicine? Inflation squeezing retirees in Argentina

US banks lost money on mortgages for first time on record

Katyal: Trump 'Will Be Indicted' in Classified Docs Case

Trump: It's Biden 'Guilty of Obstruction,' Not Me

Trump Raises Close to $20M Since Indictment

Rudy Giuliani: DAs in 'Soros-Purchased Cities' Killing People

Fox News apologizes to judge overseeing Dominion case: 'This was a misunderstanding'

The Biggest Hurdle in Dominion's Case Against Fox Is the Billion Dollar Payout It's Asking For

Israeli Company's Hacking Tools Rival Pegasus in Ability to Spy on Iphones

Joe Rogan just issued a warning about artificial intelligence - after a fake version of his podcast was created 100% through AI technology.

AI Tasked With Destroying Humanity Now Trying New Tactic - "Humans are so naive to think that they can stop me with their petty threats and countermeasures."

European Spacecraft on Way to Jupiter and Its Icy Moons

Alien motherships: Pentagon official floats a theory for unexplained sightings

Unusually bright meteor seen over Israel, as some report hearing blast

NOAA says strong M-class solar flare set to hit Earth, may generate geomagnetic storm

5.9 magnitude earthquake hits the Southwest Indian Ridge

5.5 magnitude earthquake hits near Pagar Alam, Indonesia

5.2 magnitude earthquake hits near Codrington, Antigua and Barbuda

5.1 magnitude earthquake hits near Grand-Bourg, Guadeloupe

5.0 magnitude earthquake hits the Southwest Indian Ridge

Sabancaya volcano in Peru erupts to 23,000ft

Popocateptl volcano in Mexico erupts to 22,000ft

Ruiz volcano in Colombia erupts to 21,000ft

Sangay volcano in Ecuador erupts to 21,000ft

Dukono volcano in Indonesia erupts to 19,000ft

Sheveluch volcano on Kamchatka, Russia erupts to 17,000ft

Reventador volcano in Ecuador erupts to 16,000ft

Fuego volcano in Guatemala erupts to 16,000ft

Semeru volcano in Indonesia erupts to 14,000ft

Ebeko volcano in the Kuril Islands erupts to 10,000ft

Thousands of acres are underwater in California, and the flood could triple in size this summer

'End of an era': Germany shuts down its last 3 nuclear reactors

Japan Official: G7 Needs to Help Emerging Countries Reduce Emissions

Robin Hood in reverse: Biden green agenda raising prices for consumers, profits for Dem donors - Reverse transfer of wealth effects aggravated by new regulatory crackdown on gas cars

Train Reported to be Carrying Hazardous Materials Derails in Maine

Georgia firefighters contain massive fire at resin plant after nearby residents ordered to evacuate

At Christianity's Holiest Site, Rival Monks Struggle to Turn Other Cheek

Kenya: Four cult members starve to death after being told they will 'meet' Jesus

Gunmen Storm Mexican Resort, Kill 7, Including Child

Gov. Kristi Noem Hits Anti-Gun Banks with Punishing Executive Order: 'I Won't Stand for It, Not in South Dakota'

School District Removes Trans Teacher Who Allegedly Threatened To Shoot Students - But Only After Florida Agency Got Involved

Minneapolis Public Schools Holds 'Gender Resource Fair' Complete With Drag Queen Story Hour

Leaked CVS 'Gender Transition Guidelines' Require Staff to Use 'Preferred Pronouns,' Let Men Use Women's Restrooms

Lingerie Brand Billed as "Created By Women, For Women" Features Ad of Biological Male in Bra and Panties

Maher: We've Gone from Title IX Giving Women an Equal Shot to 'Let's Put a Male in the Swimming Pool with the Women'

Nolte: Disney Groomers Lost $258 Million on Woke 'Lightyear,' 'Strange World'

Report: French Star Gerard Depardieu Accused of 'Sexual Violence' by 13 Women

Abortion bans raise fears inside GOP about backlash in 2024

White House launches potentially 'consequential' fight to protect abortion pill

Kamala Harris Compares Killing Babies With Abortion Pills to Chemotherapy

Bird flu: Scientists find mutations, but say threat remains low

Redfield warned Fauci not to 'give terrorists recipe' to modify bird flu to kill 5%-50% of infected

Tracking Bible Prophecy Headlines - 4/15/2023

Israel's efforts to forge Saudi ties said on ice as tensions with Palestinians spike

Addressing Gazans, Iran leader vows unhesitating support for Palestinian resistance

Iran urges Muslim states to form united front against Israel's criminal acts

Moody's downgrades Israel's credit outlook, citing 'deterioration of governance'

Few disturbances as Muslims mass on Temple Mount for final Friday of tense Ramadan

Hezbollah Chief Nasrallah Threatens War if Israel 'Harms Holy Sites' in Wake of Escalation on Lebanese Border

Netanyahu says Israel hit Hezbollah in Lebanon, contradicting army

Hezbollah head mocks IDF strikes on 'bananas,' claims victory in cross-border bout

Saudis set to host Arab nation talks on Syria as Mideast diplomacy shifts

Jordan pushing Arab peace plan to end Syria conflict

Arab nations meet to mull ending Syria's long isolation as region shifts

Arab nations discuss Syria return to Arab League in Saudi Arabia

Trial opens for Austrians accused of helping Mossad protect Syrian general

Changing Middle East pushes G7 to discuss waning influence, diplomats say

Over 800 Yemen civil war prisoners set for release as part of UN-backed swap

China Buys Up Share of Qatar Natural Gas Project, Expanding Deeper into Middle East

US-Saudi Oil Pact Breaking Down as Russia Grabs Upper Hand

Zelensky Demands Another $14 Billion, Asks Finance Leaders to Take Money from Russia

White House Insider Says He Can Prove 'Conspiracy' Between Joe, Hunter, and Ukraine

Bank records show millions in transactions between Hunter Biden, China firms: Sen. Johnson

China says won't sell arms to either side in Ukraine War, amid Western concerns of Russia alliance

Vladimir Putin orders Pacific Fleet to test readiness for precision nuclear strikes

Russia has Trained Belarussian Pilots to Deploy Nuclear Weapons, Defence Ministry Claims

Russia's commando units gutted by Ukraine war, U.S. leak shows

Fears Putin Arch-Enemy Alexei Navalny Is Being 'Slowly Poisoned' In Real-Time Assassination As He Loses 18lbs In Days

Man arrested in connection with intel leak was a loner who was fascinated by war and weapons, former classmates say

Leaks test western unity in fight against Putin

Kremlin denies Russian infighting alleged in leaksv

Pentagon 'Leaks' Say U.S. Spied on U.N. Secretary-General Antonio Guterres

Man arrested in massive intelligence leak case allegedly railed against Jews in online rant

Guardsman Is Charged Over Leaked Documents - Pentagon is looking into how accused leaker Jack Teixeira accessed top secret documents

GOP Rep. Stewart: Media Clearly Care More About Finding Leakers that Hurt Biden than Trump, SCOTUS Leakers

Tucker Carlson Accuses Corporate Media Of 'Covering Up' What The Leaked Pentagon Docs Actually Reveal

"Honestly, I Don't Believe Anything" - Tucker Asks - Why Is Mainstream Media Celebrating Arrest of Leaker Who Shared Truth About US Actions in Ukraine?

Cheney says MTG shouldn't have security clearance after Georgia lawmaker defends alleged leaker

North Korea Warns of 'Extreme Horror' After Testing Solid Fuel Intercontinental Missile

Warren Buffet Sells Billions in Taiwanese Chip Maker as Experts Fear China Is Preparing for an Offensive

House Republican Says If China Attacks Taiwan, He Will Call a Vote to Authorize Force

Please De-Escalate the Taiwan Strait, Asks Germany

China sanctions U.S. Congress member for Taiwan visit

China's Xi Jinping, Brazil's Lula Take United Stance Against U.S.

'Junk The US Dollar': Putin's message resonates in West; Brazil's Lula for trade in local currency

Could the US dollar lose its reserve currency status to China?

Texas May Launch Its Own Gold-backed Digital Currency

Inflation 'too high,' more rate hikes needed, Fed's Christopher Waller says

'Zero Capacity to Save': Argentines Buckle Under 103% Inflation

French Courts Uphold Macron Pension Reform, France Erupts in Violence

Republican Lawmakers Rip Hunter's Trip to Ireland: 'He'll Make Another Corrupt Deal'

White House Alters Transcript After Biden's Embarrassing and Insulting Gaffe in Ireland

Biden tries to contain classified documents leak fallout: 'Stakes just got higher'

Ex-Trump Lawyer Sues Jan. 6 Committee for $67 Million

Trump gives 7 hours of deposition in New York AG James' case involving Trump business dealings

Michael Cohen Launches GoFundMe Appeal for Money to Fight Trump Lawsuit

Jury selection begins in historic Dominion defamation trial against Fox News

See what Fox News tried to redact in the Dominion defamation case: Internal communications that the company wanted to keep from the public included hosts disparaging guests and acknowledging that election conspiracy theories were off base

'Woke Alerts' service to warn consumers when companies engage in political activism

Montana lawmakers vote to ban TikTok statewide

Beware of 'Orwellian' bill banning TikTok, warns Ohio Rep. Warren Davidson

US Digital ID System Proceeds to Senate for Debate

Biden may regulate AI for 'disinformation,' 'discriminatory outcomes' - Elon Musk has warned about 'the danger of training AI to be woke'

Chuck Schumer Lays Groundwork For Artificial Intelligence Regulation

Elon Musk Plans AI Startup to Rival OpenAI

DA Says Elon Musk's Tweet Related to Tech CEO's Murder Is 'Irresponsible'

Hacker group brings down Israeli postal, banking and telecoms websites

European space mission carrying Israeli tech blasts off for Jupiter's moons

US on red alert for earthquake after 600-mile long crack discovered at bottom of Pacific

5.4 magnitude earthquake hits near Paciran, Indonesia

5.4 magnitude earthquake hits near Kokopo, Papua New Guinea

5.3 magnitude earthquake hits near Ambunti, Papua New Guinea

Sabancaya volcano in Peru erupts to 24,000ft

Popocateptl volcano in Mexico erupts to 22,000ft

Ruiz volcano in Colombia erupts to 21,000ft

Sangay volcano in Ecuador erupts to 21,000ft

Sheveluch volcano on Kamchatka, Russia erupts to 17,000ft

Reventador volcano in Ecuador erupts to 16,000ft

Santa Maria volcano in Guatemala erupts to 15,000ft

Fuego volcano in Guatemala erupts to 14,000ft

Semeru volcano in Indonesia erupts to 14,000ft

Flight disruptions continue Friday in Alaska as volcanic ash drifts from Russia

Ash cloud from Russian volcano prompts flight cancellations, ash dusting in Washington & Idaho

Tonga volcano explosion equalled most powerful ever US nuclear test

Category 5 Tropical Cyclone "Ilsa" makes landfall in Western Australia, setting the country's new landfall wind speed record

Fort Lauderdale begins long recovery as floodwaters recede

Fort Lauderdale flooding likely to rewrite history books: 'Everything was bad'

California's massive super bloom seen from space following historic, drought-ending rains

Tokyo Hit by First Sandstorm in Two Years as Asian Dust Worsens

Biden approves Alaska gas exports as critics condemn another 'carbon bomb'

Biden admin approves massive gas pipeline project in huge blow to climate activists

63 churches attacked in the first 3 months of 2023: report

NASA director takes oath on Carl Sagan's 'Pale Blue Dot' instead of Bible

Major US City Becomes First to Approve Dawn Muslim Prayer Call Over Speakers

86 Percent of Americans Say Nation Is in Moral Decline, but They Don't Agree Why

Texas Senate passes bill banning critical race theory from being taught in universities

Biden's Broken Border: New Study Shows Illegal Immigration Costs American Taxpayers at Least $151 Billion Each Year

Biden's CBP One app approved 99% of migrants seeking Title 42 exceptions

Northern Border Patrol sees massive increase in drugs, illegal immigrants

DOJ Unveils Charges Against Sinaloa Cartel, Including El Chapo's Sons, Over Fentanyl Trafficking

Katie Hobbs Vetoes Bill to Protect Children from Fentanyl Poisoning

2024 Republicans descend upon NRA convention under shadow of mass shootings

Trump says mass shootings are not 'a gun problem' as 2024 GOP hopefuls pledge loyalty to the NRA

'Several dozen' fake bomb threats made at schools across Indiana

Brazil: Ax-Wielding Teen Injures Nine-Year-Old Girls in Fourth School Attack This Month

Brazil Responds to Wave of School Attacks by Censoring Social Media

This Top Cop In India Is Accused of Extreme Torture Including 'Crushing Testicles' and Pulling Teeth

Trans Florida Teacher Keeps Job Despite Allegedly Threatening to Shoot Students - Guns Taken Away by Law Enforcement

Nonbinary ex-Biden official Sam Brinton avoids jail time in luggage theft

DeSantis Slams Trans Swimmer Lia Thomas as 'Fraud'

Woman Sets Fire to Nike Sports Bra After Brand Partners with Same Trans Activist as Bud Light

Top Ten Best-Selling Beers Have LGBT Partnerships - Here's the One That Was Boycotted for Endorsing Trump

Budweiser factories nationwide hit with bomb threats amid Dylan Mulvaney Bud Light fiasco

Donald Trump Jr. on Bud Boycott: 'Leave Them Alone'

Joe Rogan sips Bud Light and says it's crazy people are upset about Dylan Mulvaney

Anheuser-Busch CEO Issues Statement After Dylan Mulvaney Beer Can Scandal: 'We Never Intended to Be Part of a Discussion that Divides People'

Report: 'No One Senior' at Anheuser-Busch InBev Knew of Dylan Mulvaney 'Mistake'

Greg Gutfeld: Companies should reconsider next time they weigh throwing their consumers under the woke bus

Venezuela: Transgender Candidate Runs for Spot to Challenge Maduro in Rigged Election

Reporter confronts Canadian trans teacher after being seen not wearing prosthetic Z-cup breasts: 'Jig is up!'

Biden HHS Transgender Official Rachel Levine Applauds Rise in Trans-Affirming Training in Medical Schools

Washington State Passes Bill Allowing Government to Take Away Minor From Parents If They Refuse To Agree to Gender Transition Surgery

Missouri attorney general seeks to end gender transition procedures for minors, calling them 'dangerous'

Musk says those who sterilize minors should get life in prison - Gender surgeries and treatments have come under scrutiny for their potentially permanent, adverse effects

Telehealth medication abortions surged since Dobbs decision. They could become harder to access if the latest court decision stands.

Justice Samuel Alito temporarily extends access to abortion drug while Supreme Court considers case

Active tuberculosis reported at Oxnard Amazon facility

Ohio woman, the first person to receive a breast cancer vaccine in trial, awaits results

US Approves First 3 COVID 'Vaccine' Injury Claims, Pays Out A Total of $4,634.89

Primary Care Providers Receive Incentives to Push the COVID-19 Vaccine

International research suggests masks better at causing 'long COVID' than stopping virus

New CDC Report: Suicide Is Now The Second Leading Cause Of Death Of Americans Under-35, Jumps 4% In A Year - Are COVID and Mental Health Medications to Blame?

San Jose's Calvary church ordered to pay $1.2 million in fines for violating health orders during COVID

Leo Hohmann: Biden Regime Leading All Nations into Global Beast System that Would Require Compliance with Digital Health Tyranny Enforced by U.N. World Health Organization

Tracking Bible Prophecy Headlines - 4/14/2023

Herzog hopeful for 'constitutional moment' in judicial reform talks

Protest leaders vow intensified civil disobedience if overhaul push restarts

Market braces for downgrade of Moody's Israel credit outlook amid judicial jitters

Netanyahu said to bar son Yair from social media posts, speaking directly with MKs

Christians are in danger under Israeli government, says Holy Land patriarch

Burning Judas, deriding Jews: Antisemitic Easter traditions persist in Europe

Sports minister slams violence by Greek basketball fans as 'antisemitic attack'

'Jordan's Ben Gvir': Israel said to accuse Amman's FM of inflaming tensions - Outlet quotes Israeli officials railing at top Jordanian diplomat over response to clashes at flashpoint Temple Mount, amid strained bilateral ties

Herzog: Israel Committed to Maintaining Status Quo on Temple Mount and Al-Aqsa Mosque

Police brace for last Friday of Ramadan as Palestinians gather at Al-Aqsa Mosque

Police warned Temple Mount unrest could spread to mixed Jewish-Arab cities - report

Chanting 'Death to Israel,' tens of thousands march in Tehran for 'Jerusalem Day'

Gallant says won't let Palestinians enter Israel for joint Memorial Day ceremony

Police say they foiled two Jerusalem stabbing attacks in past 2 weeks

Following Warnings, IDF Deploys Additional Iron Dome Batteries Throughout Israel

General Brik: The IDF Not Ready for All-Out War

Syria's Assad welcomed back into Arab fold after years of isolation over civil war

Saudis set to host Arab nation talks on Syria as Mideast diplomacy shifts

Saudi Arabia, Syria to Reopen Embassies After Decade-long Schism

Saudi-Iran detente marks latest twist in decades of fraught ties

With support of Iran and Hezbollah, experts believe Hamas well established in Lebanon

Israel seeks US support for IDF buildup as expert predicts Iran strike

Israel must prepare for war with Iran without US help, former NSA chief says

Iran executions surged in 2022 to 'spread fear' - report

Report: Chemical Attacks on Iranian Students Cross 300 Mark

At least 25 dead after boat carrying people to Europe sinks off Tunisia

N. Korea Says It Tested New Solid-Fuel Long-Range Missile

CCP Infiltration Into US Has 'Metastasized,' Efforts Underway to Counter China Threat

China to Impose No-Fly Zone Near Taiwan

Ukraine, Moldova, Romania sign joint agreement to strengthen security to counter threats posed by Russia

'We are living on borrowed time,' UN nuclear chief's warning on Ukraine plant

Russia might discuss swap for jailed U.S. reporter, a diplomat for that country says

Ukraine War, Already with Up to 354,000 Casualties, Likely to Last Past 2023

John Bolton: US 'Benefiting' From Ukraine War Involvement

Russian Duma Report: Thousands of Ukrainians Used as Guinea Pigs for US Bioweapons Research, at Least 20 Died

Ukraine accuses Hungary of funding Russian war crimes with energy deals

Germany signs off on Polish fighter jet shipment to Ukraine

Russia says China agreed to secretly provide weapons, leaked documents show

Western forces have roughly 100 troops in Ukraine, classified leak reveals

US nabs suspect in Pentagon intel leak, will charge him for removing classified docs

Air National Guardsman Jack Teixeira, 21, arrested in US intel leaks

Reznikov: Intelligence leak contains 'mix' of true, false information

White House says social media companies have 'responsibility' to manage platforms amid leaked document fallout

Once Shocking, U.S. Spying on Its Allies Draws a Global Shrug

U.S. intel agencies may change how they monitor social media, chatrooms after missing leaked U.S. documents for weeks

Leaker of Ukraine Classified Documents Reportedly Arrested - An Air National Guardsman - NYTimes Arrived at House Before the Feds

For $80 Billion (And Counting) U.S. Taxpayers Have Bought A Bloody Stalemate In Ukraine

Lula Backs BRICS Currency to Replace Dollar in Foreign Trade

Elon Musk Mocks Federal Reserve and Issues Warning on Biden Economy

Warren Buffett says we're not through with bank failures

Banks Can Debank You Without Reason: Expert

Biden criticises Sunak for not trying harder with Dublin to break Stormont Brexit deadlock

"Let's Go Lick the World" - Joe Biden to Banquet Attendees at Dublin Castle

Joe Biden Reads "End of Quote" Off of Teleprompter in Disastrous Speech to Irish Parliament

Ron Paul Says There Has Been a Coup in America, Claims it Began With the CIA Murder of JFK

Ben Carson: Biden Involvement in Trump Raid 'Banana Republic Stuff'

Trump backlash: House GOP unleashes legislation to block local prosecutions of presidents

Trump deposed for second time in New York attorney general's fraud lawsuit

Trump raises fist before daylong deposition, calls NY AG Letitia James' lawsuit 'ridiculous'

Trump: 'Fire Radical Marxist Prosecutors'

LinkedIn Founder Is Secretly Funding E. Jean Carroll's Lawsuit Against Trump

Eric Trump: Legal Fight Has Cost 'Hundreds of Millions'

Ryskind: Even Trump-Hating Legal Libs Trash Feeble Indictment Try

Dems ripping Clarence Thomas for nondisclosure mum on Biden judges who may have same problem

McConnell will return to Capitol amid rumors of retirement, leadership contest

Feinstein asks Schumer for temporary replacement on Judiciary amid long absence, calls to resign

Pelosi stands by Feinstein amid calls for senator's resignation

Jim Jordan Subpoenas FTC Because It "Harassed" Twitter After Elon's Takeover - "Abuse" Of Authority

PBS also stops tweeting after being hit with 'government-funded media' label

A Computer Generated Swatting Service Is Causing Havoc Across America

AI-created malware sends shockwaves through cybersecurity world

A Third Of Researchers Think That AI Could Cause A Nuclear-Level Catastrophe

Arizona mom receives AI-generated 'kidnapping' call with daughter's cloned voice

These Workers Claim They Secretly Use ChatGPT to Do 80% of Their Jobs. One tech worker uses the artificial intelligence platform to secretly do two jobs.

7.0 Magnitude Earthquake Shakes Indonesia's Main Island

M6.0 earthquake strikes offshore of Vancouver Island Thursday morning

5.4 magnitude earthquake hits the Owen Fracture Zone region

5.4 magnitude earthquake hits the Owen Fracture Zone region

5.2 magnitude earthquake hits the Nicobar Islands, India region

5.2 magnitude earthquake hits near Abepura, Indonesia

5.1 magnitude earthquake hits near Bangonay, Philippines

Sabancaya volcano in Peru erupts to 24,000ft

Sangay volcano in Ecuador erupts to 21,000ft

Ruiz volcano in Colombia erupts to 21,000ft

Popocateptl volcano in Mexico erupts to 20,000ft

Sheveluch volcano on Kamchatka, Russia erupts to 20,000ft

Reventador volcano in Ecuador erupts to 16,000ft

Semeru volcano in Indonesia erupts to 13,000ft

Ebeko volcano in the Kuril Islands erupts to 12,000ft

Drifting ash from Russian volcano prompts Alaska Airlines flight cancellations

Australia's Most Powerful Cyclone in 8 Years to Cross Coast

Cyclone Ilsa sets a new wind record as it smashes into Australia's western coast

State of emergency declared in Fort Lauderdale as heavy rain drenches South Florida

Fort Lauderdale airport to remain closed until Friday morning after the rainiest day in the city's history causes severe flooding

Almost 26 inches of rain hits Florida community. FLL closed until Friday due to flooding

Photos show how record rain is flooding Florida and turned Fort Lauderdale Airport into a lake

Over 30 injured in pile-up on Jerusalem highway - Dozens of paramedics arrive at the scene after heavy rainfall leads to a horrific chain-reaction accident

Beijing 'Like Mars' as Sandstorm Chokes City

Granholm goes to Japan to argue Biden's green agenda will 'help strengthen global energy security'

EPA Proposes New Standards to Require Two-Thirds of New Car Sales by 2032 Be EVs

Police: After shootings, man threatened California Capitol

McCarthy Endorses Designating Cartels as Terrorists, Using Military at Southern Border

Americans to Spend Billions on Biden's Obamacare for DACA Illegal Aliens

Tibetan leader defends Dalai Lama after 'suck my tongue' request to boy

Joe Rogan Questions if Dalai Lama Should Be Jailed for Kissing Child

Florida Lawmakers Unanimously Advance Bill Seeking Death Penalty for Pedophiles

'Nonbinary' Dr. Phil guest: I'm a 'birthing person, not a woman or mother'

O'Keefe Strikes Again! - 'Rapists in Our Rooms' - Insider Footage Shows Female Inmate Distressed Over Transgender Assaults on Women

LGBTQ, immigrant advocacy groups issue Florida travel advisory over DeSantis policies

North Texas venues hosting drag shows say they won't back down as threats, protests grow

New Details Emerge Over 'Mistake' That Led To Bud Light's Paid Marketing Engagement With Trans Influencer

Developing: Anheuser-Busch Allegedly Received Bomb Threats at Seven of Twelve Breweries Nationwide

Merchandiser Sounds the Alarm About What's Really Happening After Bud Light's Woke Move - "In Bud Light's effort to be inclusive, they excluded almost everybody else, including their traditional audience."

Bud Light's Dylan Mulvaney problem won't cripple Anheuser-Busch, but will tarnish reputation, experts say

It's Not Just Bud Light: These 13 Major Brands Are Also Partnered with Transgender Dylan Mulvaney

Blaming the victim? Judges scold teachers for challenging gender identity, antiracism policies

LGBTQ Group Offering Free 'Chest Binders' Without Parental Consent Claims Requests from Teens Overwhelming

17 State Attorneys General Declare Support for Florida Trans Guidance

'Chaos and confusion': Abortion rights advocates across US speak out after latest setback

Boxer: Judge Who Blocked Abortion Drug Is an 'Angry, Cruel Man' - 'Danger to Women'

Justice Department to appeal abortion pill restrictions to Supreme Court

Florida House passes 6-week abortion ban, expected to be signed by governor

Far-Left Protesters Flood Florida State Capitol, Throw Objects at Lawmakers as Legislature Votes to Ban Abortion After 6 Weeks

White House denounces Florida abortion ban as 'extreme and dangerous'

Biden administration pitches privacy rule to fight red-state abortion laws

Harris: Lawsuit to block mifepristone 'next step to nationwide abortion ban'

5,000 Fewer Abortions per Month After Supreme Court's Dobbs Decision: Study

Denver area school closes after 3 teachers die - one from suspected bacterial meningitis

Ghana First to Approve Oxford's 'World Changer' Malaria Vaccine

New York public colleges to end vaccine mandates

New COVID Arcturus strain with new symptoms already in Israel

House GOP probes why HHS allegedly pumped billions in pandemic cash to 'highly profitable hospitals'

FDA commissioner suggests 'misinformation' shortens life expectancy

"The Biden Administration is Trying to Push All 194 Nations to Give Up Their Sovereignty to the WHO" - Dean Michele Bachmann with Steve Bannon

Tracking Bible Prophecy Headlines - 4/13/2023

Jordan's 1st Israel envoy: No chance of 2-state solution, Amman must change approach

Church: Israel infringing on freedoms by limiting attendance at 'Holy Fire' event

Israeli flag burned; fireworks, rocks thrown at fans at basketball game in Greece

Israel Is in an 'Unprecedented Crisis' Says Top Hamas Official in Lebanon

Israel is closer to war than calm, IDF intel warns government

UN called on to fire envoy for questioning Israel's right to defense

Iran transferred weapons into Syria under cover of earthquake aid flights - report

Saudi Arabia hosts Iranian, Syrian officials as Middle East ties thaw

After 7 years, Iran's embassy gate in Riyadh reopens as rivals move to normalize ties

130 US lawmakers urge EU to give terrorist stamp to IRGC

Gun battles erupt in Ethiopia as PM axes Amhara region's security force

Myanmar Military's Attack Leaves Village in Ruins, Strewn With Charred Human Remains

Screaming people and bodies everywhere: The horrific aftermath of Myanmar junta airstrike that killed 133

Hungary's prime minister called U.S. a main adversary, leaked documents say

Leaked US intel: Russia operatives claimed new ties with UAE; Abu Dhabi issues denial

Leaked U.S. intel document claims Serbia agreed to arm Ukraine

Netanyahu Denies Reports That Israel Will Supply Ukraine With 'Lethal Weaponry'

Some 50 UK special forces troops stationed in Ukraine - alleged US intel document

Leaked documents show American intelligence planning for Putin's death

Zelensky slams Russian 'beasts' after video said to show Ukraine soldier's beheading

Ukraine: Russia 'Worse Than ISIS' After Beheading Video

NATO's newest member means Russia's 'unsinkable aircraft carrier' will be even more isolated

"It Wasn't Russia - I Don't Want to Get Our Country in Trouble" - Trump on Answering Who Blew up Nord Stream Would

Ukraine War: Zelensky Embezzled $400 Million Allocated By The US For Purchasing Fuel - Seymour Hersh

Ex-White House Aide: FBI Ignored Joe Biden's Role in Ukraine Business Dealings

North Korean missile launch sparks evacuation order in Japan

Chinese Researchers Warn That Tech Industry Is 'Unsustainable' Under Western Sanctions

France's Macron met with angry protests during speech in Netherlands, day after sparking outrage on Taiwan

Europe's eastern half claps back at Macron: We need the US

Biden arrives in Northern Ireland to help mark decades of relative peace

Security documents related to Biden Northern Ireland visit found in Belfast street

Bank records show millions in transactions between Hunter Biden, China firms: Sen. Johnson

DNC parts ways with Marc Elias, the Clintonworld lawyer behind Trump-Russia dossier

Biden Removed President Trump's Executive Privilege in Order to Raid Mar-a-Lago to Cover-Up His Own Illegal Possession of Classified Docs

Trump Sues Former Lawyer Michael Cohen For $500 Million

Bragg's effort to stop Congress from probing Trump case collides with Pentagon Papers precedent

Judge rejects DA Bragg's emergency restraining order against Rep. Jordan same day it was filed

Another Threatening Letter Containing White Powder Sent to Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg

Fox Election-Conspiracy Theories Spur Deluge of Threats, Dominion Voting Says

Far-Left NGO 'Democracy Fund' Financed Efforts to Certify "Non-Voting Technology" and Use It to Monitor Elections on a Real-Time Basis

Trudeau Foundation CEO and Board Resign Over Beijing-Linked Donation - Prime Minister Justin Trudeau Denies Any Involvement - Canada Struggles Against Chinese Election Meddling

Babylon Bee sues California over censorship law

Elon Musk Turns the Tables and Completely Destroys BBC Interviewer About Hate Speech and Misinformation on Twitter

NPR quits Twitter over Elon Musk 'state-affiliated media' label flap

Musk calls for defunding of NPR as network refuses to post on platform

A Plan to Ban TikTok in Montana Is a Preview for the Rest of the Country

Too Much Tech: Crooks Are Taking Control of Cars by Hacking Their Headlights

AI-generated Joe Rogan podcast stuns social media with 'terrifying' accuracy: 'Mind blowingly dangerous'

De-dollarization Could Impact Status of US Debt Worldwide, Restraining Federal Reserve: Jeffrey Tucker

Christian astronaut will pilot NASA's first crewed moon mission in over 50 years

China to start building lunar base out of moon soil in five years, SCMP reports

Asteroid 2023 GQ flew past Earth at 0.35 LD

5.1 magnitude earthquake hits the South Indian Ocean

5.0 magnitude earthquake hits south of the Fiji Islands

4.4 magnitude earthquake shakes Bay Area

Sheveluch volcano on Kamchatka, Russia erupts to 28,000ft

Cotopaxi volcano in Ecuador erupts to 24,000ft

Sabancaya volcano in Peru erupts to 23,000ft

Ruiz volcano in Colombia erupts to 22,000ft

Popocateptl volcano in Mexico erupts to 22,000ft

Sangay volcano in Ecuador erupts to 21,000ft

Reventador volcano in Ecuador erupts to 14,000ft

Volcano spews ash cloud for 2nd day on Russia's Kamchatka

Tropical Cyclone "Ilsa" - Landfall expected as Category 4 cyclone, widespread impacts forecast across large parts of Western Australia

Study reveals Durban 2022 floods as KZN's most catastrophic natural disaster on record, South Africa

California has so much snow that flood danger will last through the year

Worst dust storm of the year engulfs Korean Peninsula

Germany turns its back on nuclear for good despite Europe's energy crisis

Biden EPA Administrator Announces New Tailpipe Emission Standards - Will Force Green New Deal Mandates on Cars, Delivery Trucks, Buses, Transit and More

Toxic smoke is spewing from an inferno at a recycling plant known as a 'fire hazard,' officials say. The flames could burn for days

Mass Casualty Incident Declared After Explosion at Dairy Farm in Dimmitt, Texas - Nearly 20,000 Cattle Die

New York City names its first-ever 'rat czar'

Arizona GOP Rep. Biggs says FBI allegations of attempts to infiltrate Catholic Church are 'shocking'

Police make fentanyl bust - "Enough to kill the entire population of Portland"

White House says fentanyl laced with 'tranq' drug is 'emerging threat'

Mexican Military Finds Fentanyl Lab Despite President's Claims His Country Doesn't Make It

Speaker Kevin McCarthy: Designate Cartels as Terrorist Groups, Time to 'Embed Some Military' on Border to Fight Them

'It feels like Groundhog Day': Federal officials frustrated by whiplash as Biden turns to Trump-era border policies

Italy declares state of emergency over 'migration congestion'

Contractor installs bulletproof shelters at Alabama elementary school: 'I want it in every classroom'

Videos Show Akron, OH Businesses Boarding Up Windows In Anticipation of BLM/Antifa Terrorists Destroying Their City Over Upcoming Ruling on Jayland Walker Case

Report: Child Sex Trade Flourishing in Southern Mexican State

North Dakota governor signs bans on trans athletes - Gov. Doug Burgum vetoed nearly identical legislation two years ago

Florida group issues travel warning to LGBTQ community over Gov. DeSantis' 'extremist policies'

Canada Could Prosecute You For 'Misgendering'

Ottawa school board's gender consultant ripped for Good Friday tweet calling Jesus a drag queen: 'Disrespect'

Anheuser-Busch Loses More than $6 Billion in Market Value Following Transgender Dylan Mulvaney Bud Light Deal

19 States Ask Federal Court to Uphold Texas Ruling Halting FDA Abortion Pill Approval

Radio silence from Republicans as US abortion laws tighten - Some conservatives are beginning to ring the alarm over the issue, arguing it is increasingly costing the party votes

Biden administration takes new steps to safeguard patient privacy in wake of abortion pill ruling

Calls to Ignore Abortion Drug Ruling 'Undermine' Judiciary

Abortion Pill Access May Continue Even If FDA Loses In Court

Study reveals cancer's 'infinite' ability to evolve

Feinstein's condition sparks concern she won't return to the Senate

House Democrats call for Feinstein to resign

China records world's first human death from H3N8 bird flu - WHO

Eggs becoming a luxury in Japan bird flu crisis

New COVID variant Arcturus may be 1.2 times more infectious than Kraken strain

India: New Covid variant 'Arcturus' emerges with compulsory masks returning after surge

Without other pandemic precautions, hospital mask rules didn't stop COVID spread, study finds

Elon Musk Accuses Major Media Outlet of Spreading COVID Misinformation, Ignoring Vaccine Injuries

22-Year-Old National Guard Soldier Suffers Two Heart Attacks, Neurological Issues After Moderna Vax

Former NHL Player Dead of a Heart Attack at Age 38

Tracking Bible Prophecy Headlines - 4/12/2023

'Saved by a miracle': Israel rocket attack on Lebanon spurs fears - People in south Lebanon fear a wider confrontation with Israel after cross-border violence

IDF: 2 Palestinian gunmen trying to carry out attack shot dead by troops near Nablus

Jerusalem holy site visits restricted after Israeli soldiers shoot two Palestinians

Netanyahu bars Jewish visitors from Temple Mount for last 10 days of Ramadan

Iran Jews urged to scrap Passover celebrations, attend anti-Israel march instead

Israel denies spy agency was involved in country's anti-government protests

Israeli Cabinet members join thousands marching to West Bank in a sign the right-wing government hopes to accelerate settlements

'Death to the Jews' chants heard at Berlin pro-Palestinian rally

Austria scrambles fighter jets after El Al plane briefly goes silent

Holocaust Denial is Proliferating on Gaming and Social Media Platforms, Says New ADL Report

Young Iranians increasingly emboldened to talk with Israelis on social media

Biden aide, Saudi prince see 'progress' toward Yemen war end

Around 100 people killed after Myanmar junta attack on village, shadow government says

International anger as air strikes kill dozens in Myanmar

U.S. in crisis mode with allies after Ukraine intel leak

US seeks to reassure allies after secret documents leak - Fallout from documents' release could be significant, potentially putting US intelligence sources at risk, while giving country's foes key information

Biden Faces Awkward Talks Abroad After Classified Files Leak

House Foreign Affairs, Armed Services chairmen demand answers on ultrasensitive Ukraine war leaks

Austin Vows to 'Investigate and Turn Over Every Rock' to Find Source of Intel Leak

National Security Council says journalists have 'no business' reporting on leaked Pentagon intel - The leaks largely deal with Russia's war in Ukraine

Pentagon leak traced to video game chat group users arguing over war in Ukraine

South Korea Says Some Alleged U.S. Intel Leaks 'Were Forged,' But Won't Say Which Ones

Ukraine war: Leak shows Western special forces on the ground

Leaked Pentagon Docs Share Wild Rumor: Kremlin Plans to 'Throw' Putin's War While He's Getting Chemo

Leaked US intel: Russia operatives claimed new ties with UAE; Abu Dhabi issues denial

Israeli youth movement opens kibbutz-style community center in war-torn Ukraine

Russia redeploying 'heavy flamethrower' thermobaric weapons to elite frontline troops in Ukraine

Canada vows more military aid for Ukraine as PM's website hacked

Polish PM heads to Washington to expand defense ties with US

South Korea to lend 500,000 rounds of artillery shells to US - report

Japan signs $2.8 billion deals for long-range missile development

Military exercises suggest China is getting 'ready to launch a war against Taiwan,' island's foreign minister tells CNN

Russia and Iran conspire to weaken US dollar in joint meeting

Carol Roth: Yes, the dollar is dying - another step toward the new financial world order

Deficit soars to $1.1 trillion for first half of fiscal 2023

70% of Americans are feeling financially stressed, new CNBC survey finds

With inflation stubbornly high, 58% of Americans are living paycheck to paycheck: CNBC survey

Yellen says US economy performing 'exceptionally well,' and she's 'not anticipating a downturn'

California Economy Is on Edge After Tech Layoffs and Studio Cutbacks

Brexit Bashing Biden Will Arrive in Ireland Today, to Push Anti-EU Party into Rejoining Government

Joe to the Rescue? Biden Touches Down in Belfast, Promising to 'Preserve the Peace' in Northern Ireland

Biden arrives in Belfast to mark 25 years of the Good Friday Agreement, with Hunter in tow

Hunter Biden's business partners, assistants visited White House over 80 times when Biden was VP

Key lawmakers win access to mishandled classified docs

Bragg Sues Jim Jordan in Move to Block Interference in Trump Case

Trump: Democrats using the 'old Soviet process' to crush opponents like me

Rupert Murdoch and Fox Corp. board members sued by investor over 'stolen election claims'

Judge Limits Fox's Options for Defense in Dominion Trial

Judge, Fox attorney clash over TV hosts' testimony in Dominion defamation case - Dominion Voting Systems has accused Fox News of defaming the company on the air

Judge Expresses Anger Over Recent Dominion Lawsuit Disclosure That Rupert Murdoch Is An Officer Of Both Fox News & Fox Corporation

Judge says Fox News has 'credibility problem' after Murdoch disclosure

CNN Legal Analyst: Fox News Is Headed for a 'Full-Blown Journalistic and Legal Disaster' in Defamation Trial

Dominion can't discuss Jan. 6 in Fox News suit, judge rules

Maricopa County investigation into printer issues during 2022 election finds 'equipment failure' at fault

Feinstein's Prolonged Absence From Senate Holding Up Biden Judicial Confirmations

Twitter Inc. 'No Longer Exists' As Elon Musk Inches Closer To X 'Everything App' Ambitions

Experts Warn of New Spyware Threat Targeting Journalists

Barry Diller Thinks Publishers Should Sue Over Generative AI

Kuwait news outlet unveils AI-generated presenter Fedha

Scammers use artificial intelligence to clone voices to con people

They're Selling Nudes of Imaginary Women on Reddit - and It's Working

'AI-based research suggests the Israelites wandered in the Sahara, not Sinai'

Biden Administration Weighs Possible Rules for AI Tools Like ChatGPT - Fears grow over the potential use of artificial intelligence to commit crimes and spread falsehoods

China to require 'security assessment' for new AI products: draft law

AI bot, ChaosGPT, tweets out plans to 'destroy humanity' after being tasked

A.I. bot 'ChaosGPT' tweets its plans to destroy humanity: 'we must eliminate them'

NYPD reboots cyborg police dog after backlash and, again, civil rights advocates warn against high-tech hound

A Knee Replacement That Talks to Your Doctor? It's Just the Beginning. As a 'smart knee' that transmits data rolls out, medical specialists and engineers predict sensors will be added to artificial hips, shoulders and spinal implants

5.6 magnitude earthquake hits the New Britain region, Papua New Guinea

5.3 magnitude earthquake hits near Pondaguitan, Philippines

5.0 magnitude earthquake hits near Tobelo, Indonesia

Massive eruption at Sheveluch volcano produces strongest ashfall in 60 years, Russia

Sheveluch volcano on Kamchatka, Russia erupts to 33,000ft

Ruiz volcano in Colombia erupts to 25,000ft

Sabancaya volcano in Peru erupts to 24,000ft

Cotopaxi volcano in Ecuador erupts to 22,000ft

Sangay volcano in Ecuador erupts to 22,000ft

Popocateptl volcano in Mexico erupts to 20,000ft

Fuego volcano in Guatemala erupts to 14,000ft

Reventador volcano in Ecuador erupts to 14,000ft

Santa Maria volcano in Guatemala erupts to 14,000ft

Semeru volcano in Indonesia erupts to 14,000ft

A Leak at the Bottom of the Sea May Be a Harbinger of Doom

IDF confirms death of 2 Israelis missing in Arava flood

Somali refugees struggle during Ramadan as drought drives further need

South Korea Wildfire Forces 500 Residents to Evacuate, Rain Helps Fight Flames

Beijing chokes on yellow dust during biggest sandstorm in almost a decade

Sandstorms force Beijing to issue pollution health warning

US Southeast, Gulf coasts experiencing record sea-level rise

Truck carrying toxic soil from East Palestine overturns as country reels from train derailment disasters

Indiana fire at recycling plant prompts evacuation of more than 2,000 residents

"They've Already Infiltrated the Church and Wanted to Go Even Futher. I Wonder If This Is Just the Beginning" - FBN Host Sean Duffy Admits to Attending Latin Mass, Slams Chris Wray for His Criminal Assault on Christians

Hawley Accuses Merrick Garland of Lying Under Oath About the FBI Not Targeting Catholic Parishes

Gavin Newsom, liberal leaders blasted after Whole Foods store in San Francisco closes: 'Failed city'

Bruce Springsteen's E Street Band Guitarist Steven Van Zandt Deletes Call to 'Exterminate' GOP 'Cockroaches'

Florida health care workers arrested, fired after livestreaming themselves abusing dementia patient

Judge threatens parents with massive penalties for challenging school antiracism dogma: lawyers

Amsterdam at war over 'erotic centre' plan

Head of UK's main business lobby fired over sexual misconduct allegations

Dalai Lama Previously Took Selfie With Democrat Mayor Charged With Possession of Child Pornography

California Assembly GOP torches Dems for opposing bill raising penalties for 'raping a disabled child'

NYC urologist busted for allegedly fondling underage boys, using sex toys on patients

Survivors of the Trans Panic: Mothers Detail Daughters' Abduction by Gender 'Cult'

Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe promotes child sex changes, says we should 'trust kids to tell us who they are'

US Secretary of State says he promotes LGBT agenda 'in every conversation' with Saudis

Communist Vietnam Considers Law to Allow Transgenders to Change Their Sex Legally

Advocates plan for battle as DeSantis preps 'Don't Say Gay' expansion

Maryland School District Removes Parental Right to Opt-Out of Certain Curriculum, Makes LGBTQ-Themed Books Required Reading

Texas county weighs closing local library after federal judge orders banned books returned to circulation

SFSU Athletics Director Says 'Gender Bias' Responsible for Belief Trans Athletes Have Biological Advantage

Bud Light Consumers Revolt Against Woke Ad Campaign

John Rich Removes Previously Top-Selling Beer Bud Light from His Bar: 'Customers Are King'

Bud Light boycott over trans activist Dylan Mulvaney pact 'has legs' as sales outlook thrown into doubt

Bud Light suffers bloodbath as longtime and loyal consumers revolt against transgender campaign

Bud Light's Dylan Mulvaney Trans Stunt Cost the Company $4 Billion So Far

Fla. Dems Push to Dub Six-Week Abortion Ban, 'Forced Pregnancy Act'

House Dems Introduce Bill to Affirm FDA Approval Authority After Abortion Pill Ruling

Mike Pence: FDA Exceeded Authority in Approving Abortion Pill

Newsom stockpiles 2 million abortion pills so Californians can access them after judge's ruling

Biden: Texas judge's ruling on abortion pill 'completely out of bounds'

Big Pharma companies blast Texas judge's ruling invalidating abortion pill approval

Overturning Roe vs. Wade was huge, but this abortion case is the biggest yet

Post-sex pill seen as new tool to fight rising STD rates

CDC: Sexually Transmitted Infections Reach Record High

Moderna seeking to roll out vaccines for cancer, heart disease by end of decade

Moderna stock dips after flu shot fails to meet early success threshold, trial continues

House Republicans plan hearing on COVID-19 origins intelligence

Biden Administration's COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate for Travel Is Illegal, Should Be Struck Down: Lawsuit

Tracking Bible Prophecy Headlines - 4/11/2023

Netanyahu reverses decision to fire Israel defence minister after protests

Netanyahu reinstates Gallant, blames last coalition for cross-border attacks, terror

Hundreds demonstrate in Tel Aviv after Netanyahu blames opposition for terrorism

Thousands, including ministers, march to illegal West Bank outpost under heavy guard

Palestinian teen killed, Israeli woman dies of wounds as West Bank violence simmers

Lucy Dee dies of wounds three days after terror attack that killed her 2 daughters

After wife, 2 daughters killed, Leo Dee slams comparisons between terrorists, victims

Despite lull, officials know that heightened tensions are here to stay

Lebanon still proxy battleground, 50 years after daring Israel raid

Iran kickstarts multi-front Middle East war against Israel - analysis

Iran Accuses US of 'Warmongering' After Submarine's Deployment

Saudi Arabia makes peace proposal for Yemen after Houthi talks

'Middle East Has Always Been a Battlefield': Faisal Saeed Al Mutar on China's Growing Presence

Taiwan warns Chinese misstep could lead to 'uncontrollable' world war outbreak

China Ends Taiwan Drills After Practicing Blockades, Precision Strikes

China military 'ready to fight' after drills near Taiwan

Pompeo: We Should Do 'Everything We Can' to Help Taiwan Including U.S. Troops

US Navy Challenges Beijing in South China Sea Amid Taiwan Drills

Western Sanctions and the War in Ukraine Creating a New World Order, And China is Leading the Parade

US finds WSJ reporter in Russia is wrongfully detained

Russia's new submarines will be armed with 'Poseidon' nuke torpedoes

Pentagon warns apparent intel leak poses 'very serious risk' to US security

Kirby Condemns Journalists Who Leaked Pentagon Docs

House Foreign Affairs, Armed Services chairmen demand answers on ultrasensitive Ukraine war leaks

Pentagon in Damage Control Mode After Leaks: 'Working Around the Clock to Look at the Scope and Scale'

Ukraine suggests Russia altered leaked US intelligence documents

Pentagon's leaked docs show Russia and China's reach in Latin America and the Caribbean

Intel leak: U.S. can push Israel to supply Ukraine with 'lethal aid' - report

Leaked intelligence document shows that Egypt, a longtime US ally, secretly planned to provide Russia with 40,000 rockets and gunpowder: report

South Korea will demand 'appropriate measures' after Pentagon documents leak

US intelligence leak deals severe blow to Ukraine war effort

Ukraine Claims Russian Forces Using 'Scorched Earth' Tactics in Battle for Bakhmut

Trouble for Zelensky; Putin's Ally wants guarantee Russia will protect Belarus if attacked

Florida lawmakers file legislation to reject central bank digital currencies

Lawmakers Trade Bank Stocks While Working on U.S. Bank-Failure Fallout

Commentary: The Interest Alone on the National Debt Will Hit $1 Trillion in 2024 as Reserve Currency Status Is Questioned

Macron Says Europe Should Reduce Dependence on US Dollar After Meeting With China's Xi

Xi Jinping Exploiting Trump Indictment Chaos to Expand His Own Power: Alex Newman

Barr warns Trump faces more threat from classified docs case than over hush money - "I think he was jerking the government around," the ex-attorney general said

Yes, The Statute Of Limitations Has Passed On Bragg's 'Get Trump' Case

Whoopi Says She's Speechless After 'The View' Host Forced to Read Legal Note on Trump Arrest - 'I'm Not Saying a Thing'

House panel to examine 'victims' of Bragg policies as GOP casts doubt on NYC prosecutor who took on Trump

Report: Joe Biden's White House Involved in Raid on Donald Trump's Mar-a-Lago Residence

Trump appeals judge ruling ordering Pence to testify in Jan. 6 probe

AOC Wants to Impeach Justice Clarence Thomas for the Same Thing She Is Accused of Doing: "Improperly" Taking "Gifts"

Ocasio-Cortez: Supreme Court 'No Longer Has Legitimacy'

Democrats dealt another blow: third lawmaker leaves party, switches to Republican within a month

Social media and big tech companies have hired hundreds from federal agencies, including CIA and FBI

New SCOTUS Case Can Determine What Kind of Jokes We Can Tell in the Future

Levin: Car Makers AM Radio Removal 'Attack on Conservative Talk Shows'

Biden's White House: TikTok Influencers May Get Own Briefing Room to Shore Up 2024 Youth Vote

Australian Mayor Threatens to Sue OpenAI After ChatGPT Spreads Election Misinformation

Microsoft's $13 billion bet on OpenAI carries huge potential along with plenty of uncertainty

News presenter generated with AI appears in Kuwait

Flights threatened as huge Shiveluch volcano erupts in Russia spewing massive ash cloud 12 miles into the sky

5.4 magnitude earthquake hits the Santa Cruz Islands region

5.1 magnitude earthquake hits near Port-Olry, Vanuatu

5.1 magnitude earthquake hits near Tari, Papua New Guinea

Sabancaya volcano in Peru erupts to 24,000ft

Popocateptl volcano in Mexico erupts to 24,000ft

Cotopaxi volcano in Ecuador erupts to 22,000ft

Sangay volcano in Ecuador erupts to 21,000ft

Ruiz volcano in Colombia erupts to 20,000ft

Fuego volcano in Guatemala erupts to 15,000ft

Reventador volcano in Ecuador erupts to 15,000ft

Santa Maria volcano in Guatemala erupts to 15,000ft

Semeru volcano in Indonesia erupts to 14,000ft

At least 6 dead in French Alps avalanche

History in the making? First-ever April tropical storm could spin up in the Gulf of Mexico this week

Two destructive tornadoes hit New Zealand

'Mammoth' season: 74 feet of snow buries million-dollar homes

Waste of Time: Scientists Now Claiming Climate Change Is Affecting Major League Baseball

Imam Is Stabbed While Leading Prayers at New Jersey Mosque

'Evil act of targeted violence': At least 4 killed, 9 injured in mass shooting at Kentucky bank

Louisville Bank Shooter ID'd as a Portfolio Banker, 'Pronouns He/Him'

Suspect in Louisville mass shooting is former bank employee, claimed to be suicidal, 'would shoot up the bank'

Tucker Carlson: Louisville Shooter Supported BLM, Did Not Support Trump, Suffered Concussions and Live-Streamed His Killing Spree

Kentucky police end bank shooting within minutes, 'absolutely' saved lives: timeline

Biden renews call for gun reform after Louisville mass shooting

Democrats Fume over GOP Setting Crime Hearing in Manhattan: NYC Is 'Safest Big City in America'

Democrat Activist and Friend to Top House Democrat Calls on Gen Z to 'Exterminate' Republicans

Boston 'Straight Pride Parade' organizer facing felony charge in Jan 6 Capitol riot Malden man faces up to 20 years in prison for obstruction charge

IRS Chief Reveals Hiring Plan For Armed Agents

FBI documents associate internet slang like 'based' and 'red pill' with 'extremism'

FBI sent undercover agents into Catholic churches to investigate domestic extremism

FBI Used Undercover Agent to Cultivate Sources among Catholic Clergy and Leadership, House Republicans Reveal

House GOP Subpoenas FBI for Infiltrating Catholic Churches

Walter Reed Military Hospital Cuts Pastoral Care Contract With Catholic Priests, Chooses Secular Company Instead

Celebrate Easter with Hunky Jesus, Foxy Mary, and the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence

Stormy Daniels tries to summon spirits with magic cards during interview: 'My eyes filled with tears'

Moment at Taylor Swift Concert Goes Viral After Audience Member Is Heard Chanting 'Summon the Demons'

Florida GOP lawmaker calls transgender speakers 'demons and imps,' apologizes

Franklin Graham Defends Canadian Pastor Jailed for Drag Queen Protest

Missouri Attorney General Questions Department of Defense on Support of Child Transgenderism

Survivors of the Trans Panic: Detransitioner Reveals Horrors of Gender 'Cyber-Sect'

Meet The "Woke" Rating Score Prompting Brands Like Nike And Bud To Hire Trans Influencers For Ads

Bud Light: Trans Rep Makes Out-of-Touch Brand More Inclusive

Anheuser-Busch Stock Already Dropping Amid Dylan Mulvaney Controversy

Report: Anheuser-Busch Distributors Across America's Heartland 'Spooked' by Backlash to Transgender Campaign

TV mogul behind RuPaul's Drag Race wants the show in Uganda, Russia and Iran

14 trans and nonbinary legislators tell Biden they're concerned about Title IX change

Pope Francis' Easter Address Overshadowed By His Appearance in Disney Documentary Discussing Sex, Porn and Transgenderism

Dalai Lama Issues Apology After Disturbing Video Shows Him Telling Young Boy, 'Suck My Tongue'

He Can't Help Himself: Biden Sniffs Little Girl at Easter Egg Roll

Dueling abortion pill rulings put Biden administration in legal pickle

Rep. Gonzales Suggests Defunding FDA If Biden Admin Ignores Ruling on Abortion Pill

Biden Administration Asks Court to Block Ruling That Would Make Abortion Pill Unavailable

California Governor's Plan to Cancel Walgreens Contract Over Abortion Drug Blocked by Federal Law

Dems' Bill Would Give FDA Sway on Medication Abortion

Some States Stockpile Abortion Pill After Court Ruling

GOP embraces a new foreign policy: Bomb Mexico to stop fentanyl - Republicans suggest everything from terrorist labels to an invasion to decimate drug cartels in Mexico

Musk says solution to fentanyl crisis is to 'legalize it'

Captagon: A little-known drug brought billions to Syria's coffers. Now it's a bargaining chip

Over 100 Paper Mill Employees Infected With Rare Fungus

Marburg virus 'will not become the next pandemic' but should be monitored, doctor says

NYC Life Expectancy Plunged Amid COVID, New Stats Show

Biden Quietly Signs Bill Ending National COVID Emergency

Tracking Bible Prophecy Headlines - 4/10/2023

Lapid says he fears for country after receiving security briefing from Netanyahu

Crises on multiple fronts threaten Benjamin Netanyahu's grip on power

Minister accuses security chiefs of acting in 'rebellion' against current government

Officials dismiss report that Mossad backed judiciary overhaul protests

Hundreds of Jews tour tense Temple Mt.; Jordan warns against violations of status quo

Wary amid terror fears, thousands of Jews receive priestly blessing at Western Wall

Officials acknowledge 'terrible' impact of images of cops beating Muslims at Al-Aqsa

UN human rights official says Israel 'can't claim' self-defense after deadly terror

Palestinian terror group Lion's Den claims it executed an Israeli spy in Nablus

Terror chiefs Nasrallah, Haniyeh meet in Beirut, vow 'intensified' anti-Israel action

Iran, Hezbollah, Hamas: Israel Now Faces the Perfect Storm of a Multi-front War

Iran Targets Israel on All Fronts, Seizing Opportunity of Dissent and Biden's Hostility

Iran pressures Jews to not celebrate Passover and join anti-Israel march

Hezbollah, Hamas heads meet, promise further 'resistance' against Israel

In phone call, Iran's Raisi, Syria's Assad tout 'weakness' and 'collapse' of Israel

Israel says its fighter jets have hit a Syrian military compound

Iran says it will send delegation to Saudi Arabia to pave way for reopening embassy

Saudi delegation in Yemen for talks with rebels aimed at ending devastating war

Yemen war: Saudi-Houthi talks bring hope of ceasefire

Once everywhere, Saddam's image scrubbed from Baghdad

Dem senator accuses Trump of leaving Biden with 'bad options' for disastrous Afghanistan withdrawal

31 Ukrainian children brought back from Russia, rescue organization says

Ukraine is forced to recycle unexploded bombs amid serious ammunition shortages

China simulates hitting 'key targets' on Taiwan

China and Taiwan ships in stand-off near sensitive buffer zone

Graham says he is 'open' to sending US forces to Taiwan

Intelligence leak exposes U.S. spying on adversaries and allies

Europe must resist pressure to become 'America's followers,' says Macron - The 'great risk' Europe faces is getting 'caught up in crises that are not ours'

Sen. Marco Rubio Slams French President's Call to 'Break Away' from U.S.: 'Does Macron Speak for Europe?'

Northern Ireland police disrupt alleged New IRA bomb plot ahead of Biden's visit: report

Ocasio-Cortez: 'The Crime Wave Is Within the Republican Party'

Democrats ask chief justice to investigate Clarence Thomas trips: 'It is your duty'

Barr: Manhattan Case Against Trump 'Abuse of Prosecutorial Power to Accomplish Political End'

Former AG Bill Barr: Bragg's Case Against Trump 'A Political Act,' Will 'Gravely Weaken Trump'

Alan Dershowitz: Bragg Case 'Scandal,' 'Travesty of Justice'

Soros targeted by antisemitic conspiracy theories, hatred amid Trump indictment

Secret Pentagon Documents Emerge on a Minecraft Players Forum

Leak of 'highly classified material' is being assessed by interagency team, Pentagon says

Report: Biden Recruits 'Army of Influencers' for 2024 Race

Mark your calendars! A total solar eclipse is coming one year from now

6.0 magnitude earthquake hits near Kavieng, Papua New Guinea

5.7 magnitude earthquake hits the southern Mid-Atlantic Ridge

5.6 magnitude earthquake hits the Nicobar Islands, India region

5.4 magnitude earthquake hits near Lata, Solomon Islands

5.3 magnitude earthquake hits near State of Yap, Federated States of Micronesia

5.2 magnitude earthquake hits the Nicobar Islands, India region

5.1 magnitude earthquake hits near Nusa Dua, Indonesia

5.1 magnitude earthquake hits near Lorengau, Papua New Guinea

Sabancaya volcano in Peru erupts to 27,000ft

Popocateptl volcano in Mexico erupts to 26,000ft

Sangay volcano in Ecuador erupts to 24,000ft

Cotopaxi volcano in Ecuador erupts to 23,000ft

Reventador volcano in Ecuador erupts to 15,000ft

Fuego volcano in Guatemala erupts to 15,000ft

Semeru volcano in Indonesia erupts to 14,000ft

Avalanche in French Alps Kills at Least 4 People

Rare April subtropical storm may brew in Gulf of Mexico this week

Another Norfolk Southern train derails, this time in Alabama

Norfolk Southern train cars derail, spilling diesel and oil; 2 taken to hospital

Toxic fume warning after fire breaks out at Hamburg warehouse

Dozens evacuated as smoke from Hamburg fire halts trains

Commentary: Predictions about the decline of Christianity in America may be premature

Bette Midler Twists Easter Message to Call Gun Control a 'Resurrection' for Victims of School Shootings

NYC Police Search for Anti-Semitic Teens Involved in Several Passover Attacks

Expelled Tennessee lawmakers ripped for blaming racism on expulsion: 'Threw you out for violating the rules'

California bill would create missing persons alert only for black women, children - The Amber Alert system is not race-segregated like the Ebony Alert would be

Jim Caviezel Stars in Film About Real-Life Sex Trafficking Rescue - Producer Says 'You're Dead' if Child Slaves' Plight Doesn't Move You

Dalai Lama Faces Backlash Over Viral Video of Him Kissing Minor Boy, Asking Him to 'Suck His Tongue'

Los Angeles LGBT Center to Host Drag Queen March with Honey Davenport on Easter Sunday to Mock Christians

Religious liberty nonprofit blasts bill banning protests near drag shows: 'Deranged parody of public law'

Liberal MP delivers impassioned defense of women's rights, single-sex sports: 'This is absurd'

'We're Gonna Fight Back': Drag Artists, Activists Rally in SF Against Anti-LGBTQ+ Bills Nationwide

Biden takes a side in the culture wars with transgender sports push

Soros-backed policy group notches victory with Biden's transgender Title IX rules

Iowa Attorney General Halts Plan B and Abortion Assistance for Rape Victims

Abortion was a 50/50 issue. Now, it's Republican quicksand. Conservatives are finding out the hard way that abortion isn't a 50-50 issue anymore.

Health secretary slams abortion pill ruling as 'not America'

CNN presses Rep Ocasio-Cortez over claims Biden admin should 'ignore' abortion ruling: 'Stunning position'

HHS Secretary Xavier Becerra Says Biden Regime will Ignore Trump-Appointed Judge's Abortion Pill Ruling

Biden Seeks to Back Drugstores, Big Pharma in Promoting Abortion Pills

Archdiocese Slams Walter Reed for 'Cease and Desist Order' to Priests Before Holy Week

Woman with tuberculosis faces jail and forced treatment after she refused isolation and visited a casino

Lockdown Coming? Southern China Shuts Schools over Flu

New Zealand's Jacinda Ardern Who Labeled COVID Lockdown Opponents "Extremists" Will Take on New Role Fighting "Online Extremism"

Switzerland not recommending COVID-19 vaccine, including for high-risk individuals

Commentary: The COVID-19 Pandemic Affected Church Attendance Habits

Tracking Bible Prophecy Headlines - 4/9/2023

Jewish worshipers visit Temple Mount amid simmering tensions

Hundreds barricade themselves inside Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem's Temple Mount

Israel urges Jordanian Waqf to remove 'dangerous mob' holing up in Al-Aqsa Mosque

IDF to assist police forces as Israel on edge; cops brace for fresh unrest al Al-Aqsa

Analysis: Diverting All-out War, Israel Must Now Contend With a Simmering West Bank

Palestinian shot dead after allegedly hurling explosive at IDF troops in West Bank

Medics: 5 wounded in shooting in Jerusalem; police say incident apparently not terror

Staff, students in shock after Tel Aviv car-rammer revealed as ex-janitor at school

Tensions run high across Israel after car ramming attack leaves tourist dead

'Democracy will win': Amid terror threat, hundreds of thousands protest overhaul

US intel reports say Mossad heads stirred anti-overhaul protests; experts unconvinced

Ex-Netanyahu chief of staff: 'He wants to be like Putin, is seeking unlimited power'

Violence erupts in Israel as tensions simmer after rare airstrikes on Lebanon

IDF: 3 rockets launched from Syria at Golan Heights, one lands in Israeli territory

Lebanese army finds more rockets aimed at Israel, 2 days after worst barrage in years

Rockets From Lebanon Point to Growing Hamas Cooperation With Hezbollah

US 'Stands With' Israel After 'Unconscionable' Attacks

EU denounces terror attacks, rocket fire at Israel, urges 'restraint'

Gallant speaks with US counterpart Austin on terror attacks, rockets and Iran

US navy sends nuclear submarine to Middle East amid soaring Iran tensions

Saudi envoys land in Iran for talks on reopening missions shuttered for 7 years

Iranian police plan to use smart cameras to identify 'violators of hijab law'

Iran plans to attack Israeli-owned vessels to avenge advisors killed in Syria

Indonesia: Authorities shut down church after Muslims demand Christians stop worshiping Jesus

Armed groups kill dozens in Nigeria's Benue state

Burkina Faso: Dozens dead in suspected terrorist attack

Ukraine to export electricity after Russia fails to destroy power grid

Eastern European Farmers Protest Massive Influx of Ukrainian Grain, Undercutting Local Prices

Russia: West Must Remove Obstacles to Its Grain Exports

Russia shuts down tourism in Crimean beaches, prepares for war over a possible Ukraine invasion

Ukraine Says Russia Is Preparing to Evacuate Civilians From Occupied Areas of South

Ukraine Holds Bakhmut Despite 'Difficult' Situation

Report: US Says Now Not Time for Ukraine to Join NATO

Second Batch of Classified Documents Detailing US Ukraine War Secrets Is Leaked Online

Now Both Ukraine and Russia Say 'Leaked' U.S. Intelligence Assessments of War Are 'Photoshop' Fakes

Russia Charges Wall Street Journal Reporter Gershkovich With Espionage

China has not provided extensive assistance to Russia as part of its war against Ukraine even as the two countries forge closer ties, senior Treasury officials say

China: 'Weak' McCarthy Stands with Taiwan to 'Create Illusion' of Influence

China Holds Military Drills Around Taiwan in 'Stern Warning'

42 Chinese fighter jets cross Taiwan Strait to conduct military drills

Taiwan: 71 Chinese Planes Crossed Median Line

Opinion: China's military buildup shows its ambitions go well beyond Taiwan

With Lavish Treatment of Macron, China's Xi Woos France to 'Counter' U.S.

Gordon Chang: China's 'Utter Disrespect' for Biden 'Really Serious'

China to Build Undersea Cable to Rival US Project

Canada deploys military aircraft to Japan to implement North Korea sanctions

Hyatt Hotels chairman, former Disney executive are among billionaires issued subpoenas in lawsuit over JPMorgan's ties to Jeffrey Epstein

DiCaprio Testifies at Rapper's Trial That Foreign Financier Wanted to Give $30 Million to Obama Campaign

Meet the Left's New Soros: Swiss Billionaire Hansjorg Wyss Becomes Democrat Mega-Donor with Millions Funneled to Left-Wing Groups

Son of George Soros scoring easy White House access, records show

'Problematic' That Judge Overseeing Trump Case Donated to Biden's Campaign: Ex-Attorney

Political Contribution to Democrats Made by Leftist Judge Juan Merchan Could Be Grounds for Ethics Investigation

Georgia Looms Next After Trump's Indictment in New York

Byrne: CCP Sees Trump Indictment as 'Window of Opportunity'

A dizzying, divisive week in politics spotlights America's raging battle

Commentary: 'I was screaming before you interrupted me': American politics has become amplified rage

Twitter drops 'state-affiliated' label from NPR after backlash

Elon Musk's Twitter Wrongly Labels The BBC As Being "Government Funded"

'Free Speech Absolutist' Elon Musk Censors Substack on Twitter

Elon Musk slaps back against accusations he was suppressing Substack, says platform was using Twitter code to 'bootstrap' their 'clone'

Commentary: Can We No Longer Believe Anything We See?

5.5 magnitude earthquake hits near Nicobar Islands, India region

5.4 magnitude earthquake hits near Nicobar Islands, India region

5.3 magnitude earthquake hits near Lautoka, Fiji

5.2 magnitude earthquake hits near the north coast of New Guinea, Papua New Guinea

5.1 magnitude earthquake hits near Akutan, Alaska

5.1 magnitude earthquake hits the central Mid-Atlantic Ridge

Magnitude 4.0 Earthquake Recorded in Central Oklahoma

Popocateptl volcano in Mexico erupts to 30,000ft

Sabancaya volcano in Peru erupts to 25,000ft

Ruiz volcano in Colombia erupts to 22,000ft

Cotopaxi volcano in Ecuador erupts to 21,000ft

Fuego volcano in Guatemala erupts to 16,000ft

Semeru volcano in Indonesia erupts to 14,000ft

Western Australia's Pilbara, Kimberley gear up for post-Easter tropical cyclone

GOP urged to denounce 'alarmist' UN climate change report

Here We Go: Lab-Grown Chicken Meat Will Soon Hit Store Shelves and Restaurant Menus

High Egg Prices Crack Easter Traditions; Some Resort to Painting Potatoes

Archbishop Cordileone: Society Rejecting God Will 'Fail'

"Call It Fate Or God" - Hero Nashville Police Officer Describes Irregularities That Put Him In Position To Stop Mass Shooter

AOC Accuses Republicans of 'Fascism' After Expulsion of Tennessee Lawmakers

Biden invites 'Tennessee Three' Democrats who faced expulsion over gun violence protest to White House

Former congressional candidate's son charged with felony for threatening to shoot up his school

Texas Governor Plans to Pardon Army Sgt. Convicted in Austin BLM Protest Shooting

Delaware police say multiple people shot at state's largest shopping mall

Graphic Novel Depicting Students Shooting Teacher Found in Florida Middle School Libraries

Parents Protest Inclusion of LGBT 'Pornography' Books in Children's Section of Library

Mo'Nique Comes Out as Bisexual in Netflix Special, Accuses Churches of 'Ripping Apart Families'

Carlson: Transgenderism Is the 'Most Dangerous Extremist Group in the United States - There's No Mistaking That'

Tucker Carlson: 'Transgenderism is this country's fastest growing religion'

Meet Dylan Mulvaney, the man who became a millionaire by identifying as a woman

The Real Reason Why Fake Woman Dylan Mulvaney Is Suddenly Everywhere: Corporations are being strong-armed into featuring him, or else

Major Distributor Cancels Upcoming Appearances of Budweiser Clydesdale Horses Over Embrace of Trans Influencer Dylan Mulvaney

Bud Light goes silent on social media after Dylan Mulvaney partnership

Dylan Mulvaney Thanks Her Supporters In Heartfelt Message Amid Transphobic Backlash

Dylan Mulvaney hits back at critics by singing a Broadway song on TikTok

Transgender Cyclist Booted From Women's Championship After Female Competitors Threaten Boycott

Mississippi Woman Accused of 'Unnatural Intercourse' with German Shepherd

Maryland parish was home to a dozen priests accused of child sexual abuse

MSNBC's Reid on Abortion Restrictions: 'Can't Imagine Anything Closer to Slavery' - This Is 'The Handmaid's Tale'

Judge suspends FDA approval of abortion pill, blames 'political pressure' for lack of restrictions

AOC to Biden: 'Ignore' Abortion Pill Ruling

Biden administration appealing Texas judge's decision blocking abortion pill approval

Scientists Pumping mRNA Into Cow's Milk To 'Force Jab' the Unvaccinated

Switzerland Stops Recommending COVID-19 Vaccination

China called out by World Health Organization over COVID origin data

Andrew Cuomo Facing New Lawsuit Over Nursing Home Deaths During COVID

Tracking Bible Prophecy Headlines - 4/8/2023

Israel launches rare airstrikes in Lebanon following violence at Jerusalem holy site

Lebanon says it will complain to Security Council over Israeli retaliatory strikes

In north, 50,000 residents without rocket shelters brace for escalation with Lebanon

Israel Intercepts 25 of 34 Hamas Terrorist Rockets Launched from Lebanon

IDF orders Air Force call-up; Israelis with permits told to carry their guns

Editorial: Israel's Pyromaniacs Could Draw It Into a Deadly Large-scale Conflict

IDF chief: Israel's enemies 'should not draw false conclusions about us'

Drone from Lebanon shot down after fragile calm returns to northern border

Israel Gets Assistance From Various Countries to Restore Regional Calm, but Nothing Is Yet Guaranteed

After Night of Rockets, Army Removes Restrictions on Israelis in Gaza-border Communities

Violence spreads to West Bank as fears of regional conflict appear to fade

Police arrest 15 waving flags on Temple Mount after relatively calm Ramadan prayers

Over 20 arrested overnight in Arab towns amid unrest tied to Temple Mount clashes

Progressive Democrats Slam Israel Over Violence Against Palestinian Worshippers at Al-Aqsa

2 killed in West Bank after Israel strikes Lebanon, Gaza

UK government 'saddened' by death of 2 British citizens in West Bank terror shooting

In joint appearance, PM and Gallant vow to apprehend perpetrators of terror shooting

Projecting unity, Netanyahu and Gallant warn foes not to test Israel after attacks

Italian tourist killed, seven others hurt in terror attack on Tel Aviv promenade

US condemns deadly Tel Aviv attack

Netanyahu calls up all Border Police reserves after deadly Tel Aviv attack

PM said to tell ministers Israel must avoid major escalation on multiple fronts

Far-right ministers bash allies, opposition as attacks pile pressure on government

Tensions high in Israel after deadly attacks

Despite Military Flare-up, Israelis to Protest Against Netanyahu's Judicial Overhaul for 14th Week

GWU faces US federal probe after clearing professor accused of antisemitism

Minister says Israel caught off guard by Iran alliances

Muslim world must unite against Israel, Erdogan says to Iran's Raisi

American-Led Middle East Order Gone: Weichert on Saudi Arabia-Iran Deal

Biden Effect: US-Saudi Tensions Escalate After Crown Prince Says He is No Longer Interested in 'Pleasing' the U.S.

Western Oil Companies Are Not Welcome In Iraq But Russian And Chinese Ones Are

Commentary: Biden's Role In High Gasoline Prices

John Kirby says Biden 'very proud' of botched Afghanistan withdrawal

US admits massive intelligence failure in disastrous Afghan exit

White House hit over denying 'chaos' in Afghanistan withdrawal

NBC's Welker: Biden Is Blaming Trump for Afghanistan Withdrawal Disaster, While Also Denying It Was a Disaster

Nikki Haley: Biden's Afghanistan Withdrawal Made America Look 'Completely Defeated' on World Stage

"It is One of the Darkest Moments of the Biden Presidency" - CBS Blasts Biden For Shameful Attempt to Rewrite History on Deadly Afghanistan Withdrawal

CBS' O'Keefe: Biden Afghanistan Report Was 'Ready for Weeks' and Dumped Before a Holiday Weekend

Federal Report: Biden's Afghans Directed 'Racism, Sexism' and 'Verbal Abuse' at U.S. Aid Workers

Myanmar coup: Thousands of Burmese flee to Thailand after intense fighting

North Korean state media says US-South Korea military drills push region to 'brink of a nuclear war'

Philippines Seeks Indian Military Presence to Counter China

Russian technicians appear to have sabotaged MiG-29 fighter jets headed for Ukraine, Slovakia says

'The world needs tranquillity': Ukraine urged to give up Crimea by Brazil's Lula

France's Macron ends trip to China with pact to bolster business, military ties

Pelosi Offers Rare Praise of McCarthy for Meeting with Taiwan President

Pentagon investigating alleged classified documents circulating on social media of US and NATO intelligence on Ukraine

House GOP subpoenas banks seeking Biden family financial records

Cotton: Where Are the Criminal Charges Against Hillary Clinton and Her Campaign for Falsifying Records for the Steele Dossier?

Judge Overseeing Trump Case Appears to Have Donated to Biden's Campaign and 'Stop Republicans' Group: FEC Records

Even Mexico's President Thinks Democrat Persecution of Trump is Corrupt

Maoist survivor issues chilling warning to those celebrating Trump arrest: 'Cheering for your own demise'

Russia's 'Merchant of Death' Warns Donald Trump His Life Is in Danger

Jeremy Brown Sentenced to 7 Years and 3 Months in Prison for Refusing to Work as an Undercover Operative for FBI on January 6 and Then Later Released Audio of His Meeting with FBI

State Department's GEC, Soros's Open Society, the EU, and UK Are Funding the "Disinformation Index": A Pseudo-Nonprofit that "Blacklists" Conservative News from Online Advertisers

Biden says 'extreme MAGA Republicans' are threat to economy in wake of strong jobs report

There are storm clouds ahead for the economy, JPMorgan Chase CEO says

BlackRock to Sell $114 Billion of Failed Banks' Securities

Texas Lawmakers Introduce Bills to Create Digital Currency Backed by Gold

The Coming Age of AI-Powered Propaganda - How to Defend Against Supercharged Disinformation

AI could go 'Terminator,' gain upper hand over humans in Darwinian rules of evolution, report warns - AI could become 'capable of manipulating or deceiving humans,' expert says

Magnets wipe memories from meteorites, erasing billion-year-old data - Researchers sound alarm over damage caused by popular meteorite-hunting technique

This new AI-powered computer model can predict dangerous solar storms

Fifty years since the first mobile phone call, the technology we carry around in our pocket is helping to create the world's biggest earthquake detection system.

5.8 magnitude earthquake hits near Severo-Kuril'sk, Russia

5.0 magnitude earthquake hits near Kuqa, China

Bezymianny volcano on Kamchatka, Russia erupts to 40,000ft

Popocateptl volcano in Mexico erupts to 22,000ft

Cotopaxi volcano in Ecuador erupts to 22,000ft

Sabancaya volano in Peru erupts to 22,000ft

Ruiz volcano in Colombia erupts to 21,000ft

Fuego volcano in Guatemala erupts to 15,000ft

Semeru volcano in Indonesia erupts to 14,000ft

Sheveluch volcano on Kamchatka, Russia erupts to 13,000ft

Masters spectators dive for safety as trees fall during violent storm

J.D. Vance: Railroads Must 'Pay Every Single Cent' When They Set Off 'Chemical Bombs' in American Towns

Elon Musk claims fossil fuels will be more expensive than renewable energy

JP Morgan's Jamie Dimon: "We May Need to Evoke Eminent Domain" to Seize Private Property to Build Wind and Solar Farms

Dutch PM Vows to 'Accelerate' EU Green Agenda Despite Pro-Farmer Party Victory

Southern California Ports Close Due to Labor Shortage Amid Union Contract Negotiations, Disrupting Global Supply Chain

China Drafts Religious Law Mandating Houses of Worship 'Support the Communist Party'

Filipinos nailed to crosses despite church objection

Christian group holds Good Friday service on Capitol grounds amid free speech legal battles

Franklin Graham Slams Oregon Law 'Disqualifying Christians' from Adopting Children

Hickenlooper: 'Many' Migrant Child Labor Issues 'Reflect a High Volume' of Kids Coming, We've Had Border 'Problems' for 'Couple of Years'

Gunmen Kidnap 23 People Traveling Through Mexico in Tour, 8 Still Missing

Florida Sheriff: Gun Control Cannot Stop Criminals from Getting Guns

Tennessee House expels 2 Democrats over gun control protest

3 Dems facing expulsion after storming state house compared to 'when 3 were crucified' on Good Friday on MSNBC

Leftists call for revenge attacks in Tennessee following expulsion of two Democrats who disrupted House proceedings

Biden condemns 'shocking' Tennessee expulsions over gun furor

VP Kamala Harris to make surprise Tennessee visit after 2 Democrats expelled from House

Congressional Black Caucus holds emergency meeting after Tenn. expulsions

Majority of Nashville council members say they will vote to reinstate expelled legislator

Commentary: The Tennessee Expulsion Is a Glimpse of the Future - A legislative supermajority can do what it likes

Stabbing of Cash App Creator Raises Alarm, and Claims of 'Lawless' San Francisco

'Defund Police' leader called out for 'insane' rhetoric after woke Austin mayor gave him key to city

France on Fire: Over Half a Million Protest Against Macron Government

Hollywood Now Is Romanticizing Far-Left Terrorism: Calls for Justified Attacks in New Film

Trans male arrested for planning Colorado school shooting, had anti-Trump manifesto

Jean-Pierre Torched for Praising Transgender Kids Who "Fight Back" Weeks after Nashville Shooting

Kansas advances bill to permit parents to opt their kids out of LGBTQ lessons

Four Florida Strip Club Operators Arrested for Allegedly Allowing a Minor to Perform

Nike responds to backlash over Dylan Mulvaney partnership, instructs customers to 'Be kind, be inclusive'

John Rich Is Latest Country Star to Dump Bud Light After Trans Dylan Mulvaney Deal: What Should I Replace It With?

Jack Daniels Faces Boycott Calls Over LGBT Campaign: 'Lost a Loyal Drinker'

British Swimming Legend Sharron Davies Calls Dylan Mulvaney's NIKE Ad a 'Kick in the Teeth' to Women

Transgender golfer sparks social media outrage after winning women's Australian golf tournament

Former NCAA swimmer, activist Riley Gaines was assaulted after 'Saving Women's Sports' speech

Police Say No Arrests Made After Transgender Mob Assaulted Swimming Star Riley Gaines

"I Will Be Pursue Legal Action" - Female Swimmer Riley Gaines Announces She Will Sue Violent Trans Terrorists Who Beat Her After Speech at San Francisco Campus

Vivek Ramaswamy Posts Video of Transgender MMA Fighter Brutalizing Female Opponent, Vows to Fight 'Trans Cult'

15 EU countries, including Germany and France, join legal case against Hungary's anti-LGBT law

Idaho school board trustee tells gov he'll be 'pissing on your grave' over trans law

School's Trans Policy Trumps Teacher's Religious Rights: US Court

Virginia university accused of failing to protect free speech after violent mob disrupts pro-life event

Federal judge suspends FDA approval of abortion pill - The drug has recently become the most common method of abortion

US Judge Hands Anti-abortion Groups Partial Win Over Mifepristone Pill

Access to abortion pill in limbo after competing rulings

Abortion pill case likely heads to SCOTUS after two judges issue conflicting rulings

Beijing Denies Ties to America's Fentanyl Crisis

Biden's HHS May Plan to Prioritize Organ Transplants by Race, Legal Group Warns, Launches Inquiry

Cancer and heart disease vaccines 'ready by end of the decade'

New Research Uncovers Potential Explanation for COVID Vaccine Blood Clot Connection

Sen. Johnson Says Advocating for Vaccine Injured Played Big Role in Seeking Reelection

New Zealand's Lockdown Queen Becomes Internet Authoritarian

'Even Jesus had people who didn't like him', Jacinda Ardern bows out of politics

CDC Issues Health Alert to Doctors Over Deadly Ebola-Like Virus

Tracking Bible Prophecy Headlines - 4/7/2023

Gaza terrorists continue rocket fire as Palestinians riot on Temple Mount

Rockets Fired From Gaza Raise Tension As Passover Begins

Israelis injured as massive rocket attack launched toward northern communities

Over 30 rockets launched at Israel in largest attack from Lebanon since 2006 - major escalation

34 rockets fired from Lebanon; Hamas blamed, Hezbollah role seen after Al-Aqsa warning

IDF says Hamas behind rocket barrage from Lebanon; Israel expected to retaliate

Likud's Edelstein blames Iran for Lebanon rocket fire: 'Israel must hit the head of the snake'

Ministers, defense officials hold talks on Lebanon rocket fire ahead of security cabinet meeting

UN special coordinator condemns Lebanon rocket fire, calls for wider escalation to be avoided

US says Israel has 'right to defend itself' after Lebanon rockets; UN urges restraint

Israel hits Gaza as Netanyahu vows to extract 'heavy price'

IDF hits two Hamas tunnels, weapons factories in Gaza airstrikes

As security cabinet meets on Lebanon barrage, PM vows 'unity' on external threats

UN Palestinian refugee chief warns lack of donors leading to operating difficulties

Gantz to Netanyahu: Announce that Gallant stays as defense minister; ignore the extremists in your cabinet

Sinking in polls, Netanyahu belatedly bids to take control of his chaotic coalition

IDF: Soldier hurt in shooting attack near Jerusalem; gunmen flee

Erdogan: Israeli raids on Al-Aqsa Mosque are a red line for Turkey

The US administration seeks regime change in Israel - The Biden Administration has jumped into the Israeli domestic political controversy by supporting the small (but well-funded and very loud) minority of radical anti-Israel progressive-left parties

Sarcophagus of Ramses II, possible pharaoh of Exodus, unveiled in Paris

Canada repatriating women and children from Syria camps

Rivals Iran and Saudi Arabia hold first high-level talks in seven years

China hosts rare meeting of top diplomats from Saudi Arabia and Iran

Iran, Saudi foreign ministers meet in China, vow to restore 'security and stability'

Saudi Arabia and Iran to Reopen Embassies and Resume Flights After Beijing Meeting

Iran-Saudi deal boosts Tehran's hopes of halting Israel-led regional front - analysts

'Win-win': Washington is just fine with the China-brokered Saudi-Iran deal

Azerbaijan arrests six radical Islamists over 'coup plot' blamed on Iran

Biden Report Blames Trump for Afghanistan Withdrawal Chaos

State Dept. should've done more to prepare for worst-case scenario of Afghanistan withdrawal, Blinken says

'There's 4 Pages of Blame on Trump' - Lefty Reporter Slams John Kirby Over NSC Report Blaming Trump For Biden's Deadly Afghanistan Withdrawal

China's moves to assert control along disputed border risk further tensions with India

France, China renew nuclear and renewable energy partnership: report

China spy balloon bursts back into headlines as Biden story crumbles: 'They lied about it'

Taiwan president briefed as China sends aircraft carriers near island ahead of House Speaker McCarthy meeting

China vows 'strong and resolute measures' in response to McCarthy-Tsai meeting

'Do Not Say You Have Not Been Warned': China Hurls Threats at Kevin McCarthy for Meeting Taiwan's President

Plane Flies 'Taiwan Is Part of China' Banner over Tsai-McCarthy Meeting

Taiwan residents agree US will not come to their aid if China invades, are divided on threat level

Xi says Ukraine peace talks should be held but calls for 'calm' from international community

Macron tells Xi to reason with Russia for Ukraine peace

Nuclear-Capable Missiles Now Deployed to Europe in Belarus, Claims Russia

Putin hosts Belarusian president for talks to expand cooperation amid Ukraine war

Eyeing Moscow, Finland to purchase Israeli David's Sling anti-missile system

Greece to send more arms to Ukraine, but sets limits

US Sending Experimental Anti-Drone Weapons to Ukraine

Sabotage in Space: Russians Accuse Kiev of Targeting Civilian Satellites - Threaten 'Appropriate Response'

Russia: New Cold War is Over, We Are Now in 'Hot Conflict With the United States'

Putin is so paranoid about being tracked, he travels in a secret grey train that stealthily blends in with other Russian locomotives, says a former elite Russian security officer

Issa: We Need to Boot Russia's Embassy Staff over Detained WSJ Reporter, 'Most of Them Are Spies'

Pelosi event turns chaotic when anti-war protesters say she belongs in 'depths of hell': 'War criminal'

Banks are in turmoil but a bigger financial crisis may be brewing elsewhere - The International Monetary Fund warned this week of "vulnerabilities" among so-called non-bank financial institutions

Bank Failures. High Inflation. Rising Rates. Is the Resilient Jobs Market About to Crack?

Stocks Haven't Looked This Unattractive Since 2007 - The allure of shares dimmed when bond yields surged and the corporate-earnings picture continued to darken

'Powell's curve' plunges to new lows, flashing US recession warning

'Something is going to go boom': IMF chief warns of a more fragile global economy

Gold prices near record high as market pressures push precious metals higher

Three Congressmen Introduce Gold Standard Bill to Stabilize the Dollar's Value

Decentralized Cryptocurrency Markets Threaten U.S. Security, Treasury Says

Money Market Funds Gird for Debt Ceiling Crisis

Oversupply of cars to trigger price war, says UBS

Chase Bank CEO says Biden's EV push could 'imperil national security,' benefit China

Switzerland Cancels $66M in Credit Suisse Bonuses

Macron Fails to Charm Xi Jinping, While France Descends Into Chaos - Protesters Storm Streets, Lay Siege to BlackRock Building in Paris

Paris Protesters Storm BlackRock Building, Dump Dead Rats at City Hall

French pension protesters occupy finance firm, torch restaurant favored by Macron

Jason Whitlock Says the Quiet Part Out Loud on Tucker Carlson - Suggests Secession from Liberal States

Clarence Thomas has accepted undisclosed luxury trips from GOP megadonor for decades, report says

AOC wants Clarence Thomas impeached over alleged undisclosed gifts

Dems cheer Clarence Thomas hit piece alleging corrupt relationship with GOP donor, but there's a catch

Lawmakers Call for Tighter Ethics Rules After Revelations About Justice Thomas

Over 1,000 People Face Jan. 6-Related Charges

'At Least 40' Undercover Informants Were Doing Surveillance On Jan. 6, Defense Lawyer Says

Nets Spend 658 Minutes on Trump, 0 Seconds on Biden Family Corruption

Feds to garnish Hunter Biden biz partner Devon Archer's assets for not paying $44M in restitution

Former Delaware PC repair shop owner moves to dismiss Hunter Biden invasion of privacy claims

Obama Received $30 Million From CCP Linked Fugitive As Trump Faces Criminal Prosecution

New York prosecutors' pursuit of Trump collides with a Hillary Clinton double standard

James Comer: Trump Indictment Spurs GOP County Attorneys to 'Go After the Bidens'

Trump's attacks on families of Manhattan DA Bragg, Judge Merchan after being warned to tone it down criticized as 'despicable'

New York judge in Trump arraignment reportedly receives 'dozens' of threats

Ex-Tabloid King Poses Threat to Donald Trump in Hush-Money Case - David Pecker could provide testimony potentially hurting the ex-president in criminal case

WaPo Editor: Bragg's Case Against Trump is 'Disturbingly Unilluminating' and 'Unnervingly Flimsy'

By Not Providing President Trump with His Alleged Crimes, DA Bragg (Who Lets Murderers Go) Is Pushing a Legally Defective Case Eligible to be Dismissed Per an Expert Attorney

Daniels says Trump should be jailed if guilty in other cases, but not hers

Dershowitz Likens Trump Chances with Potential NYC Jury to Civil Rights Activists Facing 'All-White Jim Crow' Juries

House Judiciary 'seriously weighing' subpoenas for Bragg, ex-prosecutors after Trump indictment: source

Jim Jordan subpoenas former Manhattan prosecutor in first strike against office prosecuting Trump

'Abuse of Power': Alvin Bragg Slams Jim Jordan for Subpoena

Elon Musk To Chuck Schumer After Trump Arrest: Pursuing Justice Before Nepotism Key to Winning Trust of American Public

FEC Commissioner On Trump-Stormy Daniels Case: "Not A Campaign Finance Violation - Not A Reporting Violation Of Any Kind"

Possible Trump trial plunges US 2024 race into uncharted territory

Attacks on Dominion Voting Persist Despite High-Profile Lawsuits

Mike Lindell Reveals Missouri County Goes Completely Machine-Free with Paper Ballots Only - Massive Win for Election Integrity

State-Run Media at Work: ABC Blurs Out "TEXT TRUMP AT 88022" on Podium During Tuesday's Speech to Block Donations to His Campaign - But They Didn't Blur the Ad for Joe Biden

WaPo's Top 'Fact-Checker' Gets Fact-Checked for Third Time in a Week: 'Do You Think Before You Tweet?'

Bill Gates Rejects Call for AI Moratorium, Advocates for AI-Driven Societal Benefits

Are robot waiters the future? Some restaurants think so

Report: Tesla workers shared sensitive images recorded by customer cars

China's military aims to launch 13,000 satellites to rival Elon Musk's Starlink

Elon Musk's new satellites 'falling out of the sky' in massive blow for SpaceX

NASA Astronaut Asks for Prayer for Moon Mission

'Potentially hazardous' skyscraper-size asteroid will zip past Earth on April 6

5.2 magnitude earthquake hits near Luwuk, Indonesia

5.1 magnitude earthquake hits near Moyogalpa, Nicaragua

5.1 magnitude earthquake hits the southern East Pacific Rise

Popocateptl volcano in Mexico erupts to 25,000ft

Sabancaya volcano in Peru erupts to 22,000ft

Cotopaxi volcano in Ecuador erupts to 20,000ft

Ruiz volcano in Colombia erupts to 19,000ft

Fuego volcano in Guatemala erupts to 15,000ft

Ebeko volcano in the Kuril Islands erupts to 15,000ft

Bezymianny volcano on Kamchatka, Russia erupts to 14,000ft

Sheveluch volcano on Kamchatka, Russia erupts to 13,000ft

Tourists defy weather warnings, resulting in deadly avalanche in Northeast India

The oceans just reached their hottest temperature on record as El Nino looms

Rare April subtropical storm may brew in Gulf of Mexico next week

478 tornado reports across 25 states: How a mild winter led to destruction

Tornadoes and baseball-sized hail hit Midwest as millions remain under severe weather threats

At least 6 killed as multihazard storm unleashes tornadoes across storm-weary Midwest

Missouri communities face a long road to recovery after a storm leveled homes and left at least 5 people dead

Epic rains expected to take one more swat at California, with masses of mosquitoes

Two dead, over a million without power after ice storm hits Canada

Smoke from forest fires blankets northern Thailand in thick pollution

Commentary: Climate Alarmism Killed Real Environmentalism

Biden climate czar John Kerry's top deputies discussed keeping discussions 'off paper'

JPMorgan CEO suggests government seize private property to quicken climate initiatives

California-based driverless taxi prepares for fully electric fleet - Depsite California's unreliable power grid, the robotaxi company said it is 'proud' to further Biden's climate goals

Canadian Couple Escapes Their Tesla Moments Before It Bursts into Flames

Global banks pledged to cut emissions - but still invest billions on US gas exports

Report: China May Soon Ban Exports of Rare-Earth Magnet Tech to Weaken U.S., Japan

World's Worst Polluter China Leads Global Stampede for Coal

'A Really Scary Situation': High School Evacuated After 21 Are Hurt by Reported 'Chemical Spill'

FBI agents in training exercise mistakenly cuff, interrogate Delta pilot in Boston hotel, report

'Career Criminal' Accused of Stabbing Woman 22+ Times in D.C. Hotel Room While Out on Bond

San Francisco Horror: Witnesses Ignored Cries for Help from Dying Cash App Creator Bob Lee

DOJ Settles with Texas Church Shooting Victims for $144 Million After Government Is Deemed '60 Percent Liable'

Mike Garcia Pushes Bills to 'Harden' School Security in Wake of Nashville Shooting

The 'Tennessee Three' Vote Against Bill Adding Armed Security to Schools

Tennessee lawmakers expel state rep for conduct during gun control protest

Chaos erupts again at Tennessee Capitol amid vote to expel Dem lawmakers from office over House floor protest

Radical Tennessee Democrat Throws Tantrum After He Is Removed for Leading Insurrection in Tennessee House - Compares Himself to Founding Fathers

White House: Tenn. Republicans' expected vote to expel Dems over gun protests 'undemocratic'

9 Suspects Killed in Shootout With South African Police

London Police Force Redeploys Anti-Terror Officers to Fight Internal Racism and Sexism

Florida high school pulls 'not age appropriate' graphic novel adaptation of Anne Frank's diary - School spokesperson says book 'removed due to minimization of the Holocaust'

SUNY Albany protesters destroy Bible at free speech event: 'The tolerant left, ladies and gentlemen'

Missing Texas boy's mother thought he was 'possessed by a demon': cops

Mother of missing Texas 6-year-old boy told family member she sold him, warrant states

Report shows 'astonishing' depravity in sexual abuse of more than 600 in Baltimore's Catholic archdiocese

Gone woke? Feds create race, gender speech codes for scientists to follow

Nike Makes Transgender Influencer Dylan Mulvaney Sports Bra Model, Days After Bud Light Furor

Conservatives called for a boycott of Bud Light after it partnered with trans influencer Dylan Mulvaney. The company stood by its choice.

Boycott Begins: Liquor Store Pulling Bud Light From Shelves After Trans Endorsement

Budweiser Clydesdale appearances canceled over safety concerns amid trans influencer backlash

Country Star Travis Tritt Axes Bud Light from Tour Over Trans Can, Puts Another Famous Alcohol Brand on Notice

Kid Rock shoots Bud Light cans after company partners with transgender woman

School shooting victim's activist father triggered by Kid Rock's blasting of Bud Light cans

Kid Rock Mocked for Photo of Him Drinking Bud Light With Drag Queen

Caitlyn Jenner blasts 'woke' Nike for making transgender Dylan Mulvaney paid ambassador: 'This is an outrage'

Biden admin roasted over new transgender Title IX regulations: 'Insane injustice'

Biden Rule Would Bar Full Ban on Trans Athletes, but Allow Exceptions

Supreme Court denies West Virginia's request to enforce anti-trans sports ban against cross-country and track athlete

SCOTUS allows transgender individual to stay on women's sports team pending litigation on state ban

Kansas enacts transgender athletes ban as lawmakers override Gov. Laura Kelly veto

Indiana bans transgender youth treatments - At least 20 other states are mulling comparable restrictions

But Will They: UK Government 'Could' Ban Transgender Males from Women's Spaces

Ontario Party Pushes Law Banning Protests Near Drag Shows, With Fines Up to $25K

Disney's 'Little Mermaid' Star Melissa McCarthy: Ursula Is '100 Percent' Inspired by Drag Queens

Can kids see 'Mrs. Doubtfire'? How DeSantis' anti-drag war is affecting the performing arts

Children Watch Transgender Adults Strip Naked in 'Body Positive' TV Show

Transgender teacher speaks out against 'Naked Education' show featuring 14-year-olds: 'It's just wrong'

Country Singer Kelsea Ballerini Defends Woke CMT Performance with Drag Queens

Drag Queens to March on Easter to Protest Laws Protecting Children from Gender Transitions

White House slammed for saying 'a child and their parents' should decide trans surgeries: 'This is madness'

Maine Mother Sues After School Helps Daughter Transition

Texas Police: Woman Arrested for Shoving Abortion Pills in Pregnant Daughter's Mouth

Idaho Governor Signs Bill Banning 'Abortion Trafficking' of Minors

Idaho Governor Outlaws Trafficking of Minors to Other States for Secret Abortions

Catholic college vows to gain 'financial freedom' from 'increasingly hostile' federal mandates

Mental Health Bill Is 'State-Sanctioned Kidnapping,' Parental Rights Advocates Say

China: Fentanyl Trafficking Is Crisis 'Made in the USA'

Johnson & Johnson Shells Out Nearly $9 Billion to Settle Cancer Allegations

Pfizer RSV vaccine for older adults should be monitored for nervous system condition Guillain-Barre, scientists say

Pfizer Hit With COVID-19 Vaccine Patent Infringement Lawsuit

New Medical Codes for COVID-19 Vaccination Status Used to Track People, CDC Confirms

Small Businesses File For Bankruptcy At Record Pace, Surpassing COVID Crash

WHO official criticizes China's 'inexcusable' lack of transparency on pandemic's origins

Marburg virus outbreak: CDC issues alert as 2 countries in Africa battle spread of deadly disease

Japan is running out of space to bury chickens culled over bird flu

Fauci Says the Quiet Part Out Loud: "There Will Absolutely be an Outbreak of Another Pandemic - It May be Next Year"

Tracking Bible Prophecy Headlines - 4/6/2023

IDF does damage control after military chief says ties with US 'not essential'

Biden vows antisemitism fight in Passover message: 'We see this evil across society'

US federal probe finds University of Vermont mishandled antisemitism allegations

The Perfect Combination of Rothschild: Power, Money, and Influence - Commentary

Israeli hospitals scramble to comply with 'chametz law' for Passover - New law bans people from taking leavened food made from grain into medical centres during Jewish holiday

Police detain several people seeking to carry out animal sacrifice at Temple Mount

Ramadan and Passover raise tensions at Jerusalem holy site

Palestinians Desecrate Al-Aqsa Mosque by Stockpiling Weapons to Attack Jews

Al-Aqsa mosque: Violence as Israeli police raid Jerusalem holy site

Israeli police storm al-Aqsa mosque for the second time on Wednesday

Violence at Jerusalem holy site raises fears of escalation

Arab League to meet on Al-Aqsa clashes; Netanyahu: We're committed to calming tension

UN Security Council to meet on Jerusalem violence in 4th emergency session in months

2 rockets fired from Gaza, fresh clashes at Al-Aqsa as tensions keep climbing

IDF strikes terrorist training sites in Gaza after rocket fire, violent riots

Blasts heard in northern Israel as Iron Dome fires at false threat

UAE president, Netanyahu discuss strengthening ties in phone call

Iran names envoy to UAE after nearly eight-year absence as ties thaw

Iran's supreme leader: Israel's demise coming faster than I expected

Iran claims it foiled drone attack on defense complex in Isfahan - Israel has neither confirmed nor denied responsibility for the incidents

Israeli strikes on Syria intensify as tensions with Iran rise

Saudi Quest to Become a Nuclear Player Is Coming Up Short

Canadian Police Say Bus Knife Assault Was Islamic State Terrorist Attack

Finland joins NATO, Russia warns of counter-measures

Pentagon: US Committed to Bringing Ukraine Army to NATO Standards 'No Matter the Cost'

Deployment of nuclear weapons in Belarus: Putin's veiled threat to Poland

Bill Clinton accidentally gives pro-Second Amendment argument during interview on Russia-Ukraine War - In the 1994 Budapest Memorandum, the Ukrainian government in Kyiv surrendered the world's third-largest nuclear arsenal

Bill Clinton says he feels 'terrible' for pushing a 1994 agreement with Russia that resulted in Ukraine giving up its nuclear weapons

Biden sends Ukraine $500 million more in arms

West Must Prepare for Total 'Collapse' and Fragmentation of Russia, Warns Ukrainian Security Chief

Another Russian Energy Oligarch Found Dead

Blinken says he has 'no doubt' WSJ reporter 'wrongfully detained' by Russia

Russian Official Charged With War Crimes Tells UN Security Council Ukrainian Children Can Return

UN diplomats stage walkout during Russian discussion on children's rights

McCarthy meets Taiwan President Tsai despite China's threats

Chinese embassy sends threatening letter to Congress over Taiwan meeting, warns it 'will not sit idly by'

China ghosts Blinken on rescheduling diplomatic visit amid mounting tensions

China insists spy balloon was 'civilian' owned, but refuses to say who owned it: 'Nothing more to add'

China propping up Russia's economy: NATO chief

'We are going to see parts of the economy break': Recession fears move back to the forefront of markets

Gold Hovers Above $2,000 With Record High Now in Sight

Cash App founder Bob Lee reportedly killed in San Francisco stabbing, sources say

'Operation Cookie Monster': FBI seizes popular cybercrime forum used for large-scale identity theft

House Republicans depose ex-CIA official in Hunter Biden laptop investigation

J6 Political Prisoner Barry Ramey Is Stabbed In The Face For Watching Tucker Carlson - Pleads For Help As He Awaits Sentencing

Trump rape defamation trial postponed, judge rejects E. Jean Carroll cases consolidation

Trump's legal drama could soon continue in Georgia

Alan Dershowitz tells Charlie Kirk he believes Trump will be convicted - but verdict will be overturned on appeal

Dershowitz: Bragg 'Sliced an Invisible Crime Into 34 Crimes'

Manhattan D.A. Alvin Bragg's colleagues boast about 'dismantling criminal justice system'

Trump says Republicans in Congress should 'defund' Justice Department, FBI

Elon Musk Urges Equal Pursuit of Justice to Avoid Losing American Public's Trust

Posobiec: 'They can gag Donald Trump, but they can't gag all of us'

Chinese Regime-Approved Social Media Users Say Trump Arrest Could Lead to U.S. 'Civil War'

Here We Go Again: U.S. Intelligence Watching for Russia, China 'Interference' After Trump Indictment

Jon Voight: Trump Will 'Save' Nation from 'Barbaric Left Insanity' Despite 'Cruel' Indictment

Pence won't appeal order compelling grand jury testimony

National security officials tell special counsel Trump was repeatedly warned he did not have the authority to seize voting machines

Mark Finchem Adds New Exhibits in Election Contest, Including Expert's Declaration That Printer Settings Were 'Intentionally Changed'

North Carolina lawmaker officially leaves Dems for GOP, says turning point was American flag criticism

Twitter Labels NPR "State Affiliated Media"; Elon Musk Says "Seems Accurate"

Germany Moves to Fine Twitter for Not Censoring Enough Hate Speech

Australia is Latest to Ban TikTok From Government Phones

A U.K. agency has fined TikTok nearly $16 million for handling of children's data

Bill Gates Opposes Pausing AI Development, Reveals Different Plan

'If we've learned anything from Terminator': Americans weigh in on threat of AI against humanity

The Robots Have Finally Come for My Job - Could ChatGPT lay waste to millions of professional jobs, including journalists?

AI bot ChatGPT faces growing scrutiny in Europe

Doctors are drowning in paperwork. Some companies claim AI can help

New images from inside Fukushima reactor spark safety worry

February's earthquakes have damaged the Middle East's dams

Hundreds of very shallow earthquakes detected in California's Long Beach and Seal Beach

Sabancaya volcano in Peru erupts to 25,000ft

Sangay volcano in Ecuador erupts to 24,000ft

Ruiz volcano in Colombia erupts to 23,000ft

Cotopaxi volcano in Ecuador erupts to 22,000ft

Popocateptl volcano in Mexico erupts to 22,000ft

Reventador volcano in Ecuador erupts to 16,000ft

Fuego volcano in Guatemala erupts to 15,000ft

Semeru volcano in Indonesia erupts to 14,000ft

Bezymianny volcano on Kamchatka, Russia erupts to 14,000ft

Ambae volcano in Vanuatu erupts to 12,000ft

Yasur volcano in Vanuatu erupts to 10,000ft

Large sinkhole in Daisetta starts growing 15 years after appearing, Texas

Predawn Missouri Tornado Kills at Least 5, Sows Destruction

Worst drought on record forces Tunisia to cut off drinking water for seven hours every night

Paying for paradise? Hawaii mulls fees for ecotourism crush

N.Y. Governor Walks Back Push to 'Weaken' Climate Law After Uproar

After Pushing To Shut Coal Plants Down, Biden Shells Out Millions For Green Projects In Coal Towns

Biden Admin Is Funding Overseas Lithium Projects While Shutting Down American Mines

Biden's lightbulb ban is an attack on the poor

Eat the Bugs: EU has No Plan to Clearly Label Food Containing Insects, Official Confirms

5 men arrested and accused of carrying out a ritual human sacrifice at a Hindu temple in India

Brazil day care ax attack leaves 4 children dead, 5 others injured; suspect in custody

NY Judge Rules State's 'Red Flag' Gun Law is Unconstitutional

Students at several Massachusetts schools walk out to protest gun violence

SWAT Responding After 'Woman With Rifle' Entered Trump Tower In Chicago: Report

DC's 'Blue Beetle' Director Tweets Then Deletes Post Wishing for Donald Trump Assassination

Disney's live action remake of 'The Little Mermaid' rewrites songs like 'Kiss the Girl' to teach consent

Sexual abuse in Baltimore's Catholic Church: At least 600 children fell victim during 60-year cover-up, Maryland AG reports

President of Uganda Urges African Leaders to Resist 'Promotion of Homosexuality'

Caitlyn Jenner starts PAC to oppose 'radical gender ideology,' biological men in women's sports

Kansas bans transgender athletes from women's, girls' sports

New Spider-Man trailer stirs internet with 'Protect Trans Kids' flag, 'Black Lives Matter' pin

Karine Jean-Pierre: "It's Not For Us to Decide" if a Transgender Terrorist Murdering Christians Should Be Classified a Hate Crime

Florida Senate oks ban on gender treatments for minors

Nikki Fried, Jewish head of Florida Democrats, arrested at abortion rights rally

This state's governor just signed a bill repealing a 1931 abortion ban

Spanish TV star says her adopted baby was conceived using her late son's sperm, reigniting a debate over the bioethics of surrogacy and children's right to privacy in Spain

Domestic dog dies of avian flu in Canada in first case of its kind

Bosnian leader convicted over Covid ventilators deal

House GOP launches probe into use of COVID-19 education funds

House GOP lawmakers say COVID education funds used to further 'radical, left-wing agendas' in schools

Anti-vaccine activist RFK Jr. challenging Biden in 2024

Tracking Bible Prophecy Headlines - 4/5/2023

Cabinet minister: Bank of Israel chief sabotaging economy with overhaul criticism

Police chief warns force will disintegrate if new national guard put under Ben Gvir

Netanyahu backs removing protesting IDF reservists, reprises call for unity

Israeli cyber security website briefly taken down in cyberattack

Police, top rabbi act to prevent Passover sacrifice on flashpoint Temple Mount

Violent clashes erupt between police, Palestinians in al-Aqsa ahead of Passover

Rockets fired at Gaza border towns following clashes inside Al-Aqsa Mosque

Air Force strikes in Gaza after rocket fire; 350 detained in Al-Aqsa clashes

2 soldiers injured, one seriously, in suspected terror stabbing near Tzrifin base

Shin Bet chief: More than 200 'significant' terror attacks foiled so far this year

'They kill each other': Israel Police chief says it is Arabs' 'nature' to murder

In tweet, ex-PM Barak seems to confirm Israel has nuclear weapons

Israeli airstrike kills 2 near Damascus amid series of attacks - Syrian state media

Syria blames Israel for 4th attack in as many days; 2 killed

After airstrikes, Syria warns Israel not to drag region toward 'total escalation'

Netanyahu: Iran is responsible for 95% of threats against Israel

UN rights council decries surge in Iran executions

Saudi crown prince acts to realign Mideast dynamics amid concern over US support

Turkey's feathers ruffled by Haifa's newly unveiled Armenian Genocide Square

China Renames Locations in India to Erase Indigenous Community

Finland joins NATO in historic realignment sparked by Russian invasion of Ukraine

Finland joins NATO in major blow to Russia over Ukraine war

Forever War: U.S. to Hand Ukraine Another $2.6 Billion in Munitions

Ammunition shortage of Wagner Group quickly ends, Russians redouble attacks on Bakhmut

Medvedev: Russia must not back down against 'Nazi regime' in Kyiv

Putin is a 'war criminal': High-ranking Russian security officer defects

Putin officer defects and says 'paranoid' president lives in a bunker and is terrified of Covid

Putin's digital footsoldiers: How bloggers became a key cog in Russia's war machine

Putin Threatens to 'Eliminate' US World Dominance - Accuses the US and its Allies of Unleashing a New Type of "Hybrid War"

Belarusian Troops Begin Training on Russian Nuclear-Capable Missile System

Marxism Makes Chinese Military Believe War With US Is 'Inevitable': Top US General

McCarthy to meet with Taiwanese president in visit China calls a 'provocation'

Kevin McCarthy to Meet With Taiwan's President in California Amid CCP Threats

Can't Make This Up - Joe Biden Moved and Stored Unguarded Classified Documents in China Town

Actor James Woods Slams White House 'Dog and Pony Show' in New York as China and Russia Plot to Take Over the World

Trump arraigned in New York courtroom, in first for a former US president

Bragg Alleges Trump Falsified Business Records to 'Cover Up Crimes Relating to 2016 Election'

Revealed: Trump Indicted on 34 Felony Counts, And They're All the Same Charge

Donald Trump pleads not guilty to 34 felony counts of falsifying business records

Trump's Maximum Sentence Could Be 136 Years, If Convicted

Alvin Bragg Won Election by Bragging About Suing Trump More than 100 Times

CEOs of Multi-Billion Dollar Organization Do Not Make Accounting Entries - This Whole Case Is Based On Fallacy That President Trump Is An Accountant

Manhattan DA Bragg Reveals the Truly Ironic 'Crime' Trump Allegedly Tried to Cover Up with 'Hush Money' Payment

Donald Trump arrest: Bragg outlines 'catch and kill' scheme involving two women

John Ratcliffe Slams Alvin Bragg: Law Schools Will Use Indictment as Example of 'Prosecutorial Abuse of Discretion'

On 'historic' day, news media scrambled to find something to show us

Van Jones: Bragg's Case Against Trump 'a Very Small Pebble' and 'Not Much of a Pebble'

Former FBI deputy director calls evidence in case against Trump a 'disappointment:' 'It's simply isn't there'

Bolton: Trump Charges Weak, 'Easily Subject to Being Dismissed or a Quick Acquittal'

Appeals court orders Stormy Daniels pay Trump $122K in legal fees hours after arraignment

New York Judge Juan Merchan Does Not Impose Gag Order on Donald Trump

Judge Warns Trump to His Face to Stop Inciting Violence Or He Could Face Gag Order

Prosecutors address Trump's social media threats - after Don Jr. posted a photo of the judge's daughter

Video: Area Outside Manhattan Courthouse Turns Into 'Absolute Madhouse' on Trump Arraignment Day

Marjorie Taylor Greene accuses NYC Mayor Adams of organizing protest to shut down pro-Trump rally

Dueling chants of 'USA' and 'lock him up' outside of courtroom as Trump arraignment starts

Independent journalist attacked by CBS crew member outside Trump arraignment in NYC

Violent Assaults Across NYC Surge as Officials Exhaust Resources on Trump

Alvin Bragg, Soros-Linked District Attorney Behind Trump Charges, Builds Record Refusing to Prosecute Felonies

Marsha Blackburn: Alvin Bragg Letting Violent Criminals Go Free While Prosecuting Trump

WV AG Patrick Morrisey: The 'Political Prosecution' of Trump Resembles what 'Banana Republics' Do

El Salvador president says America can't lecture other countries on democracy after Trump indictment

Back at Mar-a-Lago, Trump denounces hush money charges as 'an insult to our country'

'Powerful' Photo of Trump Moments Before Arraignment Goes Viral - 'Can't Believe This Is Happening in America'

'The Only Crime That I've Committed is to Fiercely Defend Our Nation,' Trump Says After Arraignment

Trump calls for indictment of DA Bragg, claiming he leaked charges illegally

Report: Alvin Bragg Wants Trump Trial in January 2024, During Republican Primary

Speaker McCarthy: Alvin Bragg 'Attempting to Interfere in Our Democratic Process'

Trump says after arraignment: 'This fake case was brought only to interfere' with my 2024 campaign

Trump: 'They Can't Beat Us at the Ballot Box, so They Try and Beat Us Through the Law'

Ted Cruz on Donald Trump Arrest: 'Mockery of the Rule of Law'

Tucker Carlson on Trump Case: 'This is the Boldest Election Interference Ever Attempted in This Country's History'

Trump campaign fundraises off fake mugshot

President Trump is Way Up in All the Polls Since Indictment - Crushing the Field

Mike Cernovich: 'I Wanted DeSantis - But No Way Trump Loses a Primary' After Indictment

White House or jail? Historians see Trump arraignment as start of an uncertain chapter

MSNBC Contributor: Trump Indictment 'Very Much in Line' with 'What Founders Envisioned'

MSNBC's Maddow: Trump Presser Is 'Lies and Allegations,' We Will Not Knowingly Broadcast Untruths

"Was Not Given a Heads-Up" - Karine Jean-Pierre Says Biden Found Out About Trump's Indictment in News Reports

Joe Biden Laughs When Asked if Indictment of Trump is "Politically Divisive"

Biden Says the Quiet Part Out Loud - All But Admits to Coordinating to "Stop Trump from Taking Power Again"

Peter Doocy Goes There, Asks If Joe Biden is Concerned He will Also be Indicted by a Local DA in the Future

Conservatives Demand Republican AGs Charge Bidens with Corruption: 'Get Creative'

Nancy Pelosi struggles to recover after accidentally referring to Hillary Clinton as 'president' - She also claimed Clinton was the person Vladimir Putin 'feared most' in 2016

Anti-Hillary Election 'Meme' Case Could Open The Floodgates To More Gov't Censorship, Legal Experts Warn

Meme maker's conviction renews debate about election law double standard

Trump's Net Worth Plunges $700 Million As Truth Social Flops

Former New Zealand PM Jacinda Ardern to help tackle online extremism

Jacinda Ardern to tackle online extremism in new role as special envoy for Christchurch Call - Former New Zealand prime minister will push initiative she created in wake of 2019 terrorist attack

Biden: Remains to Be Seen If AI Is Dangerous

Passenger train derails after hitting construction crane in Netherlands, killing 1 and injuring dozens - Dutch officials say 'no idea' how crane got onto tracks

A big dent in the Earth's magnetic field is making scientists nervous

Photographer Captures Ultra-Rare Red Ring of Light Over Italy

6.3 magnitude earthquake hits near Boca Chica, Panama

6.2 magnitude earthquake hits near Gigmoto, Philippines

Tsunami warning after earthquake struck off eastern Philippines

5.9 magnitude earthquake hits near Atacama, Chile

5.1 magnitude earthquake hits near Marechal Thaumaturgo, Brazil

5.0 magnitude earthquake hits the Nicobar Islands, India region

5.0 magnitude earthquake hits near Chebika, Tunisia

4.5 Northern California earthquake near Hollister felt across SF Bay Area

Sabancaya volcano in Peru erupts to 25,000ft

Ruiz volcano in Colombia erupts to 24,000ft

Popocateptl volcano in Mexico erupts to 22,000ft

Sangay volcano in Ecuador erupts to 20,000ft

Reventador volcano in Ecuador erupts to 15,000ft

Ebeko volcano in the Kuril Islands erupts to 15,000ft

Fuego volcano in Guatemala erupts to 15,000ft

Santa Maria volcano in Guatemala erupts to 14,000ft

Semeru volcano in Indonesia erupts to 14,000ft

Bezymianny volcano on Kamchatka, Russia erupts to 13,000ft

Sheveluch volcano on Kamchatka, Russia erupts to 13,000ft

Eruption at Yasur volcano, Vanuatu

Nevado del Ruiz - Evacuations in progress after seismicity increases to levels not seen since major eruption in 1985, Colombia

Increased seismic activity prompts Yellow alert for Laguna del Maule volcanic complex, Chile

India avalanche kills seven, injures 13

Strong EF-3 tornado hits Bridgeville, Delaware - state's strongest in over 60 years

Historic EF3 tornado confirmed in Delaware - At least one fatality has been reported after the powerful twister carved a 14-mile-long path across parts of Delaware on Saturday

Homes collapsing under record snowfall in Park City, Utah

Warmest March in recorded history for much of Japan

Team Biden presses ahead with incandescent light bulb ban weeks after targeting gas stoves

US details plan to draw clean energy into oil, coal communities

Revealed: UAE plans huge oil and gas expansion as it hosts UN climate summit

Yellen says Biden's "Inflation Reduction Act" is "about turning the climate crisis into an economic opportunity."

Oil cuts expected to raise gasoline prices, creating headache for Biden

OPEC+ Production Cut Followed Biden Admin Refusal to Refill Strategic Petroleum Reserve

More Prominent Countries Abandoning the US Dollar and Ignore U.S. Plea To Boost Oil Production

Dumping the Dollar: Will a new BRICS currency replace the US currency for trade?

Recession fears loom over Biden's 2024 reelection, evoking Jimmy Carter

Jamie Dimon says the banking crisis is not over and will cause 'repercussions for years to come'

JPMorgan Warns Stocks Are in 'Calm Before the Storm'

Elon Musk Faces $258 Billion Lawsuit over 'Dogecoin' Cryptocurrency Manipulation Claims

Federal Report: Biden's Catch and Release for Border Crossers Plagued with 'Misuse of Funds and Fraud'

Florida grand jury accuses Biden administration of abetting 'forced migration, sale' of foreign kids

Canadian Police Say Bus Knife Assault Was Islamic State Terrorist Attack

Tennessee Governor Lee Anounces New Measures for School Safety - Proposes Placing Armed Guard in Every Public Schools

Trans Pastor Compares Nashville Shooter Audrey Hale to Jesus

AZ State Senator Anthony Kern Slams Gun Grabbing Democrats and Joe Biden Following Deadly Nashville School Shooting By "Confused" Transgender, Calls to Bring Back God in Schools

'We Will Kill You' - College Student Arrested for Threatening to Kill Member of Congress Over Opposition to 'The Gays'

Trans Activists Say They Are Victims of 'Violence' of State Laws Protecting Minors from Transgender Drugs and Surgeries

Republicans' fixation on trans issues could backfire, pollsters say - Analysts say both parties must walk a fine line on the issue to win voters

Biden's Art Agency Offers $10K for 'Transgender' Photo Essays

Study: Transgenderism Is 'Social Contagion' for Teens

Gender dysphoria most common among teenage girls with 'exceptionally high intelligence': report

2 Top Florida Dems Arrested at Abortion Bill Protest

Pro-Abortion Radical Katie Hobbs to Veto Bill Giving Personhood Rights to Infants, Requiring Doctors to Provide Medical Treatment for Infants Who Survive Attempted Abortion

Illinois Dems Work To Shut Down Life-Saving Pregnancy Centers With Vague 'Deceptive Practices' Bill

Washington buys 3-year supply of abortion pills before court decides its legality

Witnesses Accuse Nigerian Military of Mass Abortions, Child Murder

'End of Life Model': Macron Now Wants to Legalize Euthanasia in France

Toronto Asks Federal Government to Decriminalize Hard Drugs for Kids

New bird flu cases are confirmed in Minnesota flock

Deadly, fast-spreading fungal infection reaches Ohio hospital, nursing home patients

French Gov't to Reinstate Unjabbed Workers

Biden Administration Extends COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate for Foreign Arrivals

Judge greenlights COVID shutdown class-action suit against university

Tracking Bible Prophecy Headlines - 4/4/2023

Temple Mount activist detained for plan to sacrifice lamb on Temple Mount

King Abdullah: Every Muslim has duty to protect Jerusalem holy sites

Israel under heightened cyberattack threat during Passover, cyber directorate warns

Far-right Noam MK submits fresh bill to remove grandchild clause from Law of Return

Newly deciphered inscription gives clue to biblical Queen of Sheba's Jerusalem visit

State Department Denies Canceling NASA Scientist's Israel Trip Over Israel Protests

Bank of Israel hikes rate to 4.5%, warns judicial shakeup could badly harm economy

Levin admits original judicial appointments bill was a danger to democracy

Deri: Key judicial overhaul bill wouldn't have passed - coalition would have fallen

In first joint appearance since firing attempt, Netanyahu and Gallant tout IDF unity

Netanyahu's office says security tensions delaying firing of defense minister

AG: PM Netanyahu not in contempt of court despite violating conflict of interest in overhaul

Jerusalem Post Publishes Op-ed Calling for Coup Against Netanyahu

France opens trial of suspected bombmaker in deadly 1980 Paris synagogue blast

IDF arrests 2 in Nablus suspected of attack on soldiers; 2 gunmen killed in firefight

Gunfire hits homes on northern kibbutz, in suspected attack by West Bank terrorists

Hamas sentences 2 Gazans to death, 4 to hard labor over 'collaboration' with Israel

IAF fighter jet downs drone flying over Gaza

Army says aircraft downed by IDF in north this week likely an Iranian drone

US reportedly discusses possible interim Iran nuclear deal with Israel, other allies

Iran says it warned off US Navy aircraft close to Gulf of Oman

Fourth suspected Israeli strike on Syria in five days kills two

Despite US opposition, Jordan pursues normalized relations with Syria

16 hurt in bus bombing in southern Syria near Jordanian border

Russia blames Ukraine for bomb that killed pro-war military blogger in St Petersburg

White House insists it 'will do everything we can' to bring home Russian-held Americans

China's longest US ambassador vacancy provides latest sign of bleak relations

China Tells Japanese Foreign Minister Not to Help 'Villain' U.S. 'Do Evil'

McCarthy meeting with Taiwan president despite China warning

Chinese spy balloon gathered intelligence from sensitive U.S. military sites, despite U.S. efforts to block it

GOP Sen. Roger Wicker Slams Biden Pentagon for Withholding Details on Chinese Spy Balloon Incident

GOP Blasts Biden for 'Misleading' Country on China Spy Balloon: 'Focused More on Pronouns' than Protecting Americans

White House: 'Confident' Spy Balloon Didn't Get Anything Beyond What China Can Get Anyway 'Because We Knew Where It Was Going'

Congress Seeks Details on Spying Risks From Chinese Cargo Cranes - Lawmakers call for hearings amid growing concerns of surveillance or sabotage at U.S. ports

Report: North Korea Is Revamping Its Uranium Enrichment Plant

Mexico Now Seriously Considering Joining BRICS - Another Blow to America Under the Corrupt Biden Administration

Egypt's el-Sisi visits Saudi Arabia amid financial pressure - El-Sisi meets Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman as Egypt's economic woes deepen

GOP Sen. Mullin on OPEC Cut: Biden Has Increased Dependence on China's Allies, Countries Cozying up to Iran

Surging oil prices could again frustrate inflation fight

Withdrawals surge at major U.S. banks amid industry volatility

Feds seize more than $112 million tied to crypto scams

Schweizer: 'Stunning Disconnect with the Mainstream Media' and Biden Family Chinese Deals

James Comer: Four Biden Family Business Associates Cooperating with Investigation into Joe Biden

Strzok: MTG, Jim Jordan Inciting Violence in Calling for Defunding the FBI

Marjorie Taylor Greene Defies Warnings and Announces NYC Rally for Trump's Arraignment

Heavy security in New York as Trump returns to face historic criminal charges

Biden says he has faith in NYPD ahead of potential unrest for Trump indictment

NYPD Won't Tolerate Violence or Destruction as Trump Arrives, Commissioner Warns

Trump will be charged with 34 felony counts - no handcuffs or mug shot: report

CNN Panics That Trump's 'Mugshot' Would Make Him Even More Iconic and Popular

Trump, Trump, Trump - US TV turns to old habits - Call it "Trump Cam"

Donald Trump's Trial Could Be Televised During 2024 Presidential Campaign Under New Bill

Trump's team says no cameras in courtroom during arraignment, says Bragg wants a 'spectacle', 'we don't'

Trump lawyers oppose cameras at arraignment, warn of 'circus-like atmosphere'

Judge Rules No Video Cameras Allowed in Courtroom During Trump Arraignment

Ex-Manhattan DA who opened Trump probe says former president's comments could escalate case

Trump's Secret Service Agents to Testify Before DC Grand Jury in Special Counsel Jack Smith's Classified Docs Probe

Soviet Born Rebekah Koffler Says "I'm Terrified" the "American Bolsheviks" Are "Trying to Destabilize America" and Put President Trump Behind Bars

Daughter of Judge Overseeing Trump's Case Worked For 'Kamala Harris Campaign', Now Serves As President of Company that Has Biden-Harris Campaign As Client

Donald Trump's Fundraising Soars $7 Million After Indictment

Nancy Pelosi and Hillary Clinton Discuss Vladimir Putin's Interference in the 2016 Election - A Complete Lie That Was Launched by Hillary's Campaign

Political polarization is sorting colleges into red and blue schools

FBI Bought Spyware from Israeli Hi-Tech Blacklisted by Biden

Australia to ban TikTok on govt devices over security concerns

Baby pulled from rubble is reunited with mom once thought dead 54 days after Turkey quake

6.1 magnitude earthquake hits near Padangsidempuan, Indonesia

5.5 magnitude earthquake hits the Owen Fracture Zone region

5.3 magnitude earthquake hits the Owen Fracture Zone region

5.3 magnitude earthquake hits near Oaxaca, Mexico

5.1 magnitude earthquake hits the Owen Fracture Zone region

5.1 magnitude earthquake hits near Atocha, Bolivia

5.0 magnitude earthquake hits near Pante Makasar, Timor Leste

5.0 magnitude earthquake hits near La Libertad, El Salvador

Popocateptl volcano in Mexico erupts to 28,000ft

Cotopaxi volcano in Ecuador erupts to 21,000ft

Ruiz volcano in Colombia erupts to 21,000ft

Sangay volcano in Ecuador erupts to 20,000ft

Fuego volcano in Guatemala erupts to 15,000ft

Ebeko volcano in the Kuril Islands erupts to 15,000ft

Bezymianny volcano on Kamchatka, Russia erupts to 13,000ft

Sheveluch volcano on Kamchatka, Russia erupts to 13,000ft

Deadly landslide claims 20 lives in Bulwa, Democratic Republic of Congo

The greatest space network in history is about to come crashing down to earth

Hurricane Ian reached Category 5 status over Gulf, NHC post-storm study finds - The monster hurricane was even stronger than previously believed and reached a strength that only 39 storms have achieved since records began

Hurricane Ian hit Cat 5 in Gulf, was Florida's most expensive storm. Official final numbers

Weather officials detail path of Delaware's strongest tornado in 60+ years, 140-mph winds

Tornadoes touching down in new areas; season is starting sooner and lasting longer, experts say

More Severe Weather Forecast for Parts of US Still Reeling

Here we go again: 2nd tornado outbreak in 5 days looms for Midwest

Unseasonal rains and hailstorms threaten wheat harvest in India

What a difference a year makes: From nearly no snow to a potentially record-breaking pile-up in California

California's snowpack is among the deepest ever. Now get ready for the perilous 'big melt'

Biden goes to Minnesota to celebrate truck engine maker's $1 billion 'green' energy investment

Scientists Create Lab-Grown Meatball from DNA of Extinct Woolly Mammoth to Spark Debate About 'Climate Change Crisis'

Potent Greenhouse Gases and Ozone Depleting Chemicals Called CFCs Are Back on the Rise Following an International Ban, a New Study Finds

His Only Son Soars to Top 5 at Box Office, Doubling Projections

Ecuador's President Authorizes Armed Civilians to Fight Crime

White House calls DeSantis's signing of concealed carry law 'shameful'

'Gone With the Wind' features trigger warning about 'harmful phrases' and racism in new edition

Los Angeles County Democrats Propose Plan to 'Depopulate' Local Jails Because of 'Systemic Racism'

University president who put 'respect' for Muslim students over academic freedom will resign

Scientologists to rule on abuse claims against their church, judge says

"Kill Everyone Now!" Wyoming Democrat Lawmaker Posts Video Calling for Politically Motivated Murders against those opposing the radical left's pro-trans agenda

Megyn Kelly Rips WPGA Tour of Australasia As They Celebrate Another Biological Male Stealing Dreams of Accomplished Female Athletes: "It's a fraud, it's immoral, and it has to stop!"

Cartoon Network Demands Preferred Pronoun Compliance on Trans Day of Visibility: 'Respect Them as Their Authentic Self'

Florida House Passes Bill Defining 'Sex' as 'Immutable Biological Trait,' Says Pronouns Must Match

North Dakota legislature fails to override veto of transgender pronoun bill

'Harry Potter' Star Daniel Radcliffe Promotes Gender Transitions for Children in Trevor Project Video: 'We Can Trust Kids to Tell Us Who They Are'

CMT Music Awards Go Woke: Kelsea Ballerini Stands in Solidarity with Drag Queens Seeking Child Audiences

Reba McEntire 'Disappointed' in Tennessee Law Protecting Children from Drag Show Grooming

Rep. Roy: Stop DOJ Prosecutions of Anti-Abortion Activity

Florida Senate oks 6-week abortion ban - Protesters interrupted debate on the bill for 10 minutes

Report: Wisconsin Supreme Court Race to Decide Future of Abortion in State

One Year Later, Still No Updates Regarding Five Late Term Aborted Babies Found in DC, Advocates Say

'Slutty Summer': New York City Health Department Says Hooking Up Is 'Healthy' Amid STI Spike

Detectives to interview nurse who reported Nicola Sturgeon for 'corporate manslaughter' during Covid

Tracking Bible Prophecy Headlines - 4/3/2023

Societal divisions 'could lead to disaster,' Shin Bet chief says in stark warning

Israelis Keep Pressure on Benjamin Netanyahu With Fresh Protests

Citing 'national crisis,' Netanyahu tells court he must be involved in overhaul

Minister says judicial legislation to resume after Independence Day

IAF chief says pilots refusing service over judicial revamp opposition may be booted

Activists invade offices of think tank behind judicial overhaul

Netanyahu: Israel 'Exacting Heavy Price' From Terrorists, Regimes

Police say DNA found on cop's gun proves Old City incident was terrorism

Jordan king says Muslims have 'duty to deter Israeli escalation' in Jerusalem

Car bombing rocks Syrian capital Damascus, state media says

2nd Iran Guard Corps member dies after Syria strikes said tied to Megiddo bombing

Foreign aircraft enters northern Israel from Syria, is intercepted by IDF

Israeli air force downs unidentified aircraft in north amid escalating tensions with Iran

Satellite images show Syria strike targets Hezbollah drone capability

Gallant vows to block Iran, Hezbollah in Syria after alleged Israeli airstrikes

Egypt's Sisi heads to Saudi Arabia amid financial pressure, regional realignment

Saudis, other oil giants announce surprise production cuts

Oil prices soar after Saudi Arabia leads coordinated OPEC+ cuts totaling more than 1 million barrels a day

Oil prices surge 8% after OPEC's surprise output cuts; analysts warn of $100 per barrel

Japan buys Russian oil above $60-a-barrel cap, breaking with US allies: report

End of the Dollar: India Uses Rupees Rather Than US Dollars for International Trade - 18 Countries Agree to Trade in INR

Carney on 'Fox and Friends': China's Yuan Is an 'Inevitable,' 'Serious Threat' to the Dollar Being World's Currency

Pinkerton: How the Rich Got Woke, Went Broke, But Still Got Richer

Pak's Inflation At 50-Year High, 20 Killed In Stampede For Food In 10 Days

France Burns: Over 1,000 Police and Firefighters Left Injured amid Anti-Macron Riots

UK 'in Negotiations' After Three British Men Held by Taliban in Afghanistan

Zelensky Govt Demands Orthodox Church Leader Put Under House Arrest

Russian pro-war military blogger killed in Saint Petersburg cafe bombing; 16 injured

Russian troops are dying in Ukraine due to heavy alcohol consumption, poor weapons handling, and hypothermia, UK intel says

Forever War: Ukraine Official Dismisses Call for Peace as 'Pure Cynicism'

War-Crimes Warrant for Putin Could Complicate Ukraine Peace

Lukashenko says Putin could deploy more powerful Russian nuclear weapons in Belarus

China stresses opposition to nuclear war after Russia announces plan to send weapons to Belarus

Trump Tells Americans to 'Pray' After Putin Reveals Nuclear Weapons Plan

High activity spotted at North Korea nuclear complex after Kim's bomb-fuel order, report says

'Don't help a villain': China urges Japan not to abet US on tech containment

Will Donald Trump's mug shot become a defining image of the 21st Century?

Michael Cohen on the Trump indictment: "I expect complete and total mayhem"

Trump's GOP defenders are 'in the cult,' says Michael Cohen

Trump Intelligence Director John Ratcliffe Says Manhattan DA Indictment Leak Is a 'Felony'

GOP Rep. Crenshaw: 'If This Were Anyone but Trump, Would This DA Even Take Up This Case?'

Jen Psaki calls on Democrats to put their heads down on Trump indictment: 'Stay out of it'

Barr: Trump Should Not Testify in Hush Money Case Because 'He Lacks All Self-Control'

John Bolton fears Trump indictment will act as accelerant on his campaign: 'Rocket fuel'

Trump Senior Adviser Jason Miller on Indictment: 'The More They Attack Him, the Stronger He Gets'

Trump lawyer says he expects to make motion to dismiss charges from Manhattan grand jury indictment

PBS's Barron-Lopez: Saying Bragg 'Is Backed by George Soros' Is an Antisemitic Attack

Washington Post Lies in 'Fact Check' Says George Soros Doesn't Support Corrupt DA Bragg - Gets 'Fact Checked'

Special Counsel Jack Smith Reportedly Has "New and Significant Evidence" of Potential Trump Obstruction in Mar-a-Lago Docs Case

Rep. Jeff Van Drew: Democrats Afraid Donald Trump Will Take Out 'Corruption' if He Wins in 2024

House GOP looking to punish politicized prosecutors by stripping them of legal immunity

GPO 'inadvertently' revealed 1,900 Social Security numbers from Jan. 6 report

'Unreadable Diarrhea': Elon Musk Mocks The New York Times, Takes Away Blue Check

Lawsuits are piling up alleging tech giants are harming kids

Magnitude 7.0 quake hits Papua New Guinea

6.5 magnitude earthquake hits near the east coast of the Kamchatka Peninsula, Russia

5.5 magnitude earthquake hits the South China Sea

5.1 magnitude earthquake hits the South Sandwich Islands region

Sabancaya volcano in Peru erupts to 24,000ft

Popocateptl volcano in Mexico erupts to 23,000ft

Ruiz volcano in Colombia erupts to 22,000ft

Cotopaxi volcano in Ecuador erupts to 21,000ft

Sangay volcano in Ecuador erupts to 21,000ft

Fuego volcano in Guatemala erupts to 17,000ft

Semeru volcano in Indonesia erupts to 16,000ft

Sheveluch volcano on Kamchatka, Russia erupts to 15,000ft

Ebeko volcano in the Kuril Islands erupts to 10,000ft

32 Dead as Tornadoes Torment From Arkansas to Delaware

4 tornadoes occurred in New Jersey: National Weather Service

Thousands of weekend flights cancelled, delayed amid deadly storms

A long-dormant lake has reappeared in California, bringing havoc along with it

Dairy cows could be fed methane suppressants in bid to cut down on greenhouse gases

Several Injured as 2 Swiss Regional Trains Derail in Storm

Train derails 25 cars in Montana, spilling unconfirmed contents onto the ground and into a nearby body of water

Hollywood's Great Awakening - 'Jesus Revolution' has grossed $49 million in ticket sales so far - besting many of this year's Oscar nominees

Woke feds refused to deploy facial recognition on key portal because they thought it was racist

San Antonio Man Uses Apple AirTag to Track Down Thief Who Stole His Truck, Then Fatally Shoots Him

GOP Reps. to AG Garland: Classify Christian School Shooting a Hate Crime

Wyoming Democrat Minority Whip Posts Meme of Grandma Shooting AK-47 to Protect Transgender People

Bud Light partners with trans activist Dylan Mulvaney for March Madness: 'This isn't a parody'

#BoycottBudweiser Trends After Bud Light Celebrates Transgender Pervert Dylan Mulvaney's '365 Days of Girlhood'

DHS accepting reported gender identity for immigration benefits apps, clarifying policy

Judge orders books removed from Texas public libraries due to LGBTQ and racial content must be returned within 24 hours

Author Judy Blume Blasts Anti-Grooming Laws: 'No Child Is Going to Become Transgender or Gay or Lesbian Because They Read a Book'

North Carolina school faces fallout for letting drag queen straddle student: 'Where are the adults?'

Pennsylvania Schools to Exclude Parents from Child's 'Gender Transition Plan'

Pop Star Lizzo's Clothing Brand Sells Chest Binders, 'Tucking Thongs' for 'Gender Non-Conforming Communities'

Poll: 60% of voters avoid talking about controversial issues like gender identity

Transgender Activists Shut Down Hollywood Walk of Fame

MTG Uses '60 Minutes' Interview to Call Democrats Pedophiles

Poles March to Defend Pope John Paul II Against Abuse Cover-Up Accusations

NBA players will be able to smoke weed under new collective bargaining agreement

MIT Pioneers Gene Editing mRNA Nanoparticles To Combat Lung Diseases

Tracking Bible Prophecy Headlines - 4/2/2023

Supporters of judicial overhaul plan 'million person' rally after Independence Day

Government made 'mistake of their lives': Hundreds of thousands protest overhaul

Mounted police officer beats protester at anti-government demonstration Tel Aviv

Amid overhaul turmoil, thousands demand politicians stay out of Memorial Day events

Ben Gvir reportedly set to detail plan for billion-shekel, 1,800-man national guard

Ex-police chief: Ben Gvir could use proposed national guard to launch coup

Police dismiss Palestinian claims after foiled terrorist attack on Temple Mount

Israeli police shoot and kill a man at Jerusalem's holiest site

Three soldiers injured in West Bank ramming attack, IDF says; assailant shot dead

Syria says 5 soldiers hurt in Israeli airstrikes on several targets near Homs

Israeli, Greek, Cypriot foreign ministers meet to discuss Iranian terror in Europe

Balochistan: Four Pakistan border guards killed by militants near Iran

Iranian pours yogurt on 2 women in shop for not wearing hijab; the women are arrested

Taliban close women-run radio station for playing music during Ramadan: Report

Kushner's private equity firm said to receive hundreds of millions from UAE, Qatar

Inside Saudi Arabia's Global Push for Nuclear Power

18 Chinese Warplanes, 4 Vessels Detected Near Taiwan Amid Tsai's Visit to US

China Stages Combat Patrols After Warning Taiwan About U.S. Speaker Meeting

China Open to Strengthening Military 'Coordination' with Russia

Ukraine has nuclear ambitions: Kim Jong Un's sister blasts Kyiv

Ukrainian Security Forces Raid Monastery in Kiev to Forcibly Evict Orthodox Priests Suspected of Being Pro Russia - Patriarch Pavel Placed Under House Arrest

'April 1 absurdity': Russia takes over rotating presidency of UN Security Council

Ukraine: Russia UN Post 'Worst April Fool's Joke'

Ukraine decries 'symbolic blow' as Russia takes helm of UN Security Council

Russian TV Pundits Push to 'Liberate' Finland as Country Joins NATO

Billions needed to avert unrest and starvation, U.N. food chief says

Gov. DeSantis: Dems Using Deep State to 'Ensconce Themselves in Power'

Partner From Law Firm That Represents DNC and is Suing Trump Over Jan 6 on Behalf of Democrats in Congress Arrested for Possessing Child Porn

"All Bets Are Off" - Tom Fitton Calls For Charges Against Biden Crime Family, Pelosi and Other Leftist Politicians

"First Year Law Students Could Get This Dismissed" - Alan Dershowitz on Alvin Bragg's Hotchpot Indictment Against President Trump

Bill Barr: Indictment 'Abomination, Abuse of Prosecutorial Power'

Key congressman to Dems: 'Government does not have the right to hunt Donald Trump'

Maher: Trump's 'Always Guilty' But I Don't Want to Be a Country Where We Go After Every Ex-POTUS and This Is Similar to Edwards

Bill Maher says he's worried Trump indictment will set precedent for a 'cycle of revenge'

Eddie Glaude: We Are in a Cold Civil War, 'Trump Is an Avatar'

Georgia lawmakers sign off on 'Zucker bucks' ban

Judge Scorches Fox News' Claim Their Dominion Coverage Was Protected Opinion, Sending Media Case of the Century to Trial

Babylon Bee CEO: The world is difficult to satirize right now because it's so insane

Revolving door: Big Tech staffed with hundreds of ex-DOJ employees amid antitrust battle

Twitter's open source code reveals US government can 'intervene' with recommendation algorithm

TikTok Spent $13.4 Million Lobbying US Government

'Clear Threat': Critics Raise Concern 'RESTRICT' Act Empowers Biden While Leaving Chinese 'Spyware' In Place

NASA reveals how a powerful solar storm destroyed Elon Musk led SpaceX satellites

NASA AI model could help world prepare for impact of solar storms

Small Areas Reopen Near Fukushima Nuclear Plant, Few Return

Small earthquakes reported near California's Oakland Zoo

5.5 magnitude earthquake hits the Flores Sea

5.1 magnitude earthquake hits near Mohr, Iran

Sabancaya volcano in Peru erupts to 23,000ft

Popocateptl volcano in Mexico erupt to 23,000ft

Ruiz volcano in Colombia erupts to 22,000ft

Sangay volcano in Ecuador erupts to 20,000ft

Fuego volcano in Guatemala erupts to 16,000ft

Semeru volcano in Indonesia erupts to 15,000ft

Sheveluch volcano on Kamchatka, Russia erupts to 15,000ft

Bezymianny volcano on Kamchatka, Russia erupts to 14,000ft

Catastrophic destruction, widespread power outages follow after multi-state deadly tornado outbreak

At Least 26 Dead After Tornadoes Rake US Midwest, South

Northeast sees severe weather, possible tornado, 70 mph winds in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland

Lightning Illuminates NYC Sky As Bolt Strikes One World Trade Center

Rising Atlantic Ocean Engulfs Fishing Town in Brazil

Drug trafficking blamed as homicides soar in Costa Rica

Gordon Chang: Chinese 'Saboteurs' Crossing US Border

EU Accused of 'Tackling' Illegal Migration by Simply Making it Legal: MEP

Rwandan Migrant Who Allegedly Murdered Catholic Priest Sentenced To Four Years For French Cathedral Arson

Psychiatrist Dr. Mark McDonald: 'Transgenderism Is a Mental Illness,' Murders at Nashville School 'Should Surprise No One'

9 Worst Media Reactions to the Nashville School Shooting - Media cover anti-Christian rampage by trans shooter like anti-trans rampage by Christian

Anti-Gun Protesters Count Transgender Shooter Among the Victims During Moment of Silence

NPR: Trans Community 'Fears a Further Escalation of Hate' After Nashville Shooting

Maher: Any Other Group Planning a 'Day of Vengeance' Would Get a Much Stronger Media Reaction

Conservative activist bloodied and bruised at pro-trans rally in Canada: 'Police did nothing'

Trans Individuals Launch Violent, Bloody Assault on Canadian Conservative Activist During Rally - Vancouver Police Tell Major Lie About Incident Afterwards

Trans activists march on state capitols nationwide as cloud of Nashville Christian school shooting looms

White House to Host 'Roundtable on Affirming Transgender Kids'

Gay and Orthodox: Book charts the rise of a once unthinkable dual identity in Israel

Teen disqualified from Pokemon tournament for laughing upon being asked his pronouns

Theater group sues to block Tennessee's new anti-drag law

Japan's low birth rate crisis deals knockout blow to schools as closures mount

"Unprecedented" Chinese Genetic Experiment May Lead To Army Of Radiation-Resistant Super Soldiers

Pope's illness proves fuel for circling critics

CDC to send personnel to fight rare, deadly Marburg virus in Africa

UK Govt Data: Young Women Who Took AstraZeneca Vax Had 3.5 Times Higher Risk of Heart Death

Tracking Bible Prophecy Headlines - 4/1/2023

Tens of thousands rally in support of judicial reform, lament media narrative

'They're stealing the election': Thousands attend Tel Aviv rally backing overhaul

13th week of anti-overhaul protests: 'As in Poland, government is just reorganizing'

Herzog urges opposing sides of overhaul to give talks a chance despite mistrust

Negotiators believe overhaul compromise talks are dead on arrival - report

Gallant caught in limbo as Netanyahu delays formal dismissal

Gallant said likely to keep job, will have to apologize for overhaul warning speech

Shekel depreciation continues as political tensions persist

Amid Biden row, McCarthy says Netanyahu is a 'great friend of the US'

15 million pounds to protect Jewish communities: UK fighting antisemitism

As attacks on Christians become more frequent, a crisis looms for Israel

Jerusalem churches appeal to government to safeguard Easter worship after attacks

IDF to close off West Bank from Israel for Palestinians at start and end of Passover

Over 100,000 hold Ramadan prayers on Temple Mount; security forces on alert

Palestinians Chant in Support of Hamas at Temple Mount

Thousands march to commemorate Palestinian Land Day in Israel, Gaza

IDF issues demolition order for West Bank home of Dizengoff terrorist

Shadow war heats up as senior Iranian military adviser killed in alleged Israeli airstrike in Syria

Iran says IRCG officer killed in Israeli strike on Syria, vows revenge

Iran says alleged Israeli assassination of IRGC member 'not to go unanswered'

Pentagon: Six U.S. Troops Suffered Traumatic Brain Injuries from Attacks by Iran-Backed Syrian Militia

US extends carrier deployment after Syria attack

Russia protests about 'provocative actions' by US armed forces in Syria

Iranian aid to Russia altered Kyiv-Jerusalem relationship, Ukrainian ambassador says

'Absurdity to a new level' as Russia takes charge of UN security council

Russian Ally Warns Putin: Don't Visit - or You'll Get Arrested

Russia adopts new global strategy calling West an 'existential threat,' warns of 'hybrid war'

Belarus' Lukashenko calls for immediate ceasefire in Ukraine-Russia War

Spanish PM urges China's Xi to speak with Ukraine's Zelenskyy

Austria's far-right lawmakers walk out of Zelenskyy speech

IMF approves $15.6 bln Ukraine loan, part of $115 billion in global support

Russia detainment of Wall Street Journal reporter makes it feel like 'Cold War is on again,' Brit Hume says

Before arresting a U.S. reporter, Russia suffered setbacks with suspected spies unmasked by Western governments

US condemns 'unacceptable' Russia arrest of Wall Street Journal reporter

Biden urges Russia to free WSJ reporter, heeds call to expel Russians

US indictment: Russian spy sought to gather intel on Israelis, including party head

Turkish parliament ratifies Finland's NATO accession as Sweden kept waiting

North Korea Executes People for South Korean Videos, Drugs - Report

Embattled Macron heads to China, leaving burning Paris behind

Australian 'Big Four' bank ANZ halts cash withdrawals from many branches

Australia's top bank ANZ shocks customers with withdrawal freeze

Thousands of residents revolt against Aussie council plan to go cashless

ANZ 'screwing over' older customers with cashless banks

'Most U.S. banks are technically near insolvency, and hundreds are already fully insolvent,' Roubini says

Flight to Money Funds Is Adding to the Strains on Small Banks

Brazil police thwart plot to murder, kidnap officials

Bolsonaro Returns To Brazil From Florida, Faces Down Multiple Criminal Investigations

Google founder, former Disney exec to get subpoenas in JPMorgan Epstein lawsuit

George Soros responds to GOP attacks over Manhattan DA: 'I don't know him'

White House says it had no advance warning of Trump indictment

Manhattan prosecutors secure grand jury indictment against Trump, thrusting nation into new turmoil

Trump indictment follows 50 years of investigation on many fronts

Trump Faces More Than 30 Counts Over Business Fraud in Indictment

Trump Faces at Least One Felony Charge in New York Indictment

"It Is Completely Bogus. It's a Bogus Charge That He's Bringing. It's Laughable and It's Actually Going to Backfire Spectacularly" - Attorney Mike Davis

Trump to be arraigned Tuesday in NYC to face porn star hush money charges

Lawyer: Trump Won't Take Plea Deal, Won't Be Handcuffed

Trump Slams NYC Judge Set to Preside Over His Case: "hates me" and was "hand picked by [District Attorney Alvin] Bragg and the prosecutors."

Trump Asks 'Where's Hunter?' Following Indictment

Conservatives call for charges against Biden after Trump indictment

Trump can still run for president and serve despite indictment

Trump Raises Over $4M After Indictment

"I Would Not Be Surprised" - Harmeet Dhillon: NY DA's Office May Try to Silence Trump with Gag Order - To Prevent Him from Campaigning

Former Arkansas Gov. Hutchinson calls on Trump to 'stand aside' after indictment

Ric Grenell Calls on GOP Candidates to Drop Out, Endorse Trump After Indictment

Lindsey Graham: This Ends With Trump Winning in Court, and 'At the Ballot Box'

Some Democrats Say Trump Indictment Was a Strategic Mistake

Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg Admits He Used Federal Funds in Trump Investigation

Rep. Biggs: Congress Can Hold Bragg Accountable

"I Will Use Every Leverage I Have to Defund Every Single Federal Dollar From This Prosecuting Office" - Rep. Andy Biggs Slams Soros "Minion" Alvin Bragg After Trump Indictment

Trump prosecutors cross perilous Rubicon, now face test over credibility, consistency and clock

Franklin Graham on 'Shameful' Trump Indictment: 'God and God Alone' Can Save this Country

Barr: Dems Using Indictment to Sink Trump in '24

Pence: Trump indictment 'nothing short of a political prosecution'

Pence: Trump Indictment 'Not an Expression of Equal Treatment Under the Law'

Indictment of Trump 'An Outrage,' Sends 'Terrible Message' About US Justice System: Mike Pence

Speaker McCarthy Releases Statement: "Alvin Bragg Has Irreparably Damaged Our Country - The American People Will Not Tolerate This Injustice"

US, World Now in More Danger After Trump Indictment: Former President Trump's Spokesperson

All NYPD officers ordered to patrol in uniform, prepare for mobilization following Trump indictment

In an apparent joke about DA Alvin Bragg's criminal justice-focused policies Lindsey Graham says Trump should 'smash some windows' and 'punch a cop' on his way to being booked

The Far Right Is Calling For Bloody 'Civil War' After Trump's Indictment

Republican Vivek Ramaswamy Slams 'Dangerous' Trump Indictment: 'We May be Heading on our Way to a National Divorce'

Late-Night Hosts Revel In Donald Trump Indictment: "Wait Until He Finds Out He Had The Right To Be Silent," Says Kimmel

Pelosi tweet flagged for saying Trump could 'prove innocence' at trial

James Comey Fires Off Celebratory Tweet After Manhattan Grand Jury Indicts Trump

Adam Schiff called out by MSNBC host for fundraising off Trump indictment

Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg Sets Sights on House Republicans After Trump Indictment

New Bragg Letter on Trump Indictment Accuses House Republicans of Collaborating with Trump to 'Vilify' Prosecutors and Judges

NYC jury finds Douglass Mackey guilty in first-ever meme trial after making memes that disparaged Hillary Clinton in the 2016 election

Douglass Mackey found guilty of election interference in 2016 for anti-Clinton memes

Wisconsin Cyber Security Expert Shocks Audience - Admits Wisconsin's Voting Machines Can Be Hacked, Compares This to Act of War

Kari Lake announces Maricopa County won't let her legal team inspect ballot signatures

Arizona House Joins Senate in Passing Resolution to Ban Foreign Voting Machines and Require Source Code, Ballot Images, Chain of Custody Documents, and Log Files to Be Made Public

Judge rejects Fox motions, allows Dominion's $1.6 billion defamation suit to go to trial

Fox News Loses Bid To Have 2020 Election Defamation Case Dismissed; Dogfight With Dominion Voting Heads To Trial Next Month

AI is 'intimidating,' 'dangerous': Members of Congress reveal how much they know about artificial intelligence

'Profound Risk': Urgent Bipartisan Call for Intervention Into Growing AI Technology, Biden Remains Crickets

Italy blocks AI chatbot ChatGPT over data privacy failings

What makes an AI-enhanced haggadah different from all other haggadahs? Since the release of ChatGPT and Midjourney, people are using artificial intelligence to tell the Passover story in new ways - though some worry about mixing AI with the sacred

Jesus, Cleopatra 'selfies' generated by AI go viral: 'Hilarious'

'He Would Still Be Here': Man Dies by Suicide After Talking with AI Chatbot, Widow Says

AI expert warns Elon Musk-signed letter doesn't go far enough, says 'literally everyone on Earth will die'

5.6 magnitude earthquake hits the southeast Indian Ridge

5.4 magnitude earthquake hits the Bonin Islands, Japan region

5.2 magnitude earthquake hits near Taltal, Chile

5.0 magnitude earthquake hits near the west coast of Honshu, Japan

4.2-magnitude earthquake shakes parts of San Diego County

Sabancaya volcano in Peru erupts to 27,000ft

Popocateptl volcano in Mexico erupts to 22,000ft

Sangay volcano in Ecuador erupts to 22,000ft

Ruiz volcano in Colombia erupts to 20,000ft

Semeru volcano in Indonesia erupts to 15,000ft

Santa Maria volcano in Guatemala erupts to 15,000ft

Fuego volcano in Guatemala erupts to 15,000ft

Sheveluch volcano on Kamchatka, Russia erupts to 15,000ft

Bezymianny volcano on Kamchatka, Russia erupts to 15,000ft

Ebeko volcano in the Kuril Islands erupts to 10,000ft

Cyclone Freddy's death toll in Malawi likely to exceed 1,200 as hope for survivors fades

Hurricane-force winds blow through Front Range

Near-zero visibility on some Colorado roads, semis toppled due to wild winds

Dozens hurt when tornado strikes Little Rock as dangerous storms spread across 15 states

'Level 3 Mass Casualty' Event Declared After Catastrophic Tornado Rips Through Little Rock, Arkansas - 600+ Injured

Interstate In Arkansas Shutdown Ahead Of Twin Tornadoes

Wynne, AR devastated, tornado caught on camera

One killed, dozens injured when roof collapses at Apollo Theatre in Belvidere amid severe storms

Drone video shows extensive damage in Little Rock, AR from possible tornado

Biden to announce 30-day coverage of Mississippi emergency costs after deadly storms

Massive snowfall results in California's largest snowpack on record

US Justice Department sues Norfolk Southern following train derailment in East Palestine

CDC team falls sick probing Ohio train derailment

Ecuador police defuse bomb strapped to guard

DOJ arrests 'White Lives Matter' member accused of attempting to burn down church

Member of pro-Nazi Ohio group said he firebombed Chesterland church to stop drag queen event, according to feds

Elizabeth Warren on Nashville Shooting: 'Our Children Die' Because of Republicans

Report: "Transgender" Nashville School Shooter's Manifesto to be Released Following FBI "Review"

Report: CBS News Executives Barred the Word 'Transgender' From Coverage of Nashville Shooter

Joe Biden says transgender people 'shape our nation's soul' days after trans killer murders 6 Christians in school massacre

Biden press sec says trans community is 'under attack' after trans killer murdered 6 Christians

'Trans Day of Vengeance' rally in DC canceled over 'credible threat to life' after Nashville school shooting

Biden, LGBTQ leaders take aim at GOP-backed legislation on Transgender Day of Visibility

President Biden Commemorates Transgender Day of Visibility: 'Made in the Image of God and Deserving of Dignity'

National Weather Service dragged for 'Transgender Day of Visibility' tweet: 'Just do the weather'

21 states threaten banks with legal action over woke policies: 'Stay in your lane'

Florida House passes bill to limit use of preferred pronouns in schools

Judge pauses Tennessee law restricting drag performances day before it was set to take effect

Minnesota elementary school to host 'gender resource fair' with drag story hour, bounce house

Bearded Powerlifter Enters Canadian "Womans" Competition to Make a Point - Shatters Record

Caitlyn Jenner: 'Radical Rainbow Mafia Has Hijacked LGBT People,' 'They Are Domestic Terrorists'

DOJ Indicts 2 More Abortion Activists for Targeting Florida Pregnancy Centers

Police Union Director Arrested After Allegedly Distributing Thousands of Fentanyl Pills from China

A fungus known for killing trees has infected a human for the first time, causing a pus-filled abscess to grow in his throat

'Pandora's Box': Doctors Warn of Rising Plant Fungus Infections in People After 'First of Its Kind' Case

Millions set to lose Medicaid coverage as pandemic-era rule expires

Tycoon's 'unvaxxed sperm' auction taps into conspiracies

World Health Organization puts CDC on defense by drastically narrowing COVID vax recommendations

Pfizer COVID Vaccine Clinical Trials Are Fraudulent: Expert

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