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December 2022 Headlines

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Tracking Bible Prophecy Headlines - 12/31/2022

In overwhelming vote, UN asks world court to weigh in on Israeli occupation

Blinken: U.S. Will Oppose Policies That Endanger the Viability of the Two-state Solution

Top Biden aide set to visit Israel amid fears over Netanyahu's plans for West Bank

Qatar slams new coalition's plans for 'settlement expansion,' 'Judaizing' Jerusalem

Palestinians urge world to 'reject any dealings' with new Netanyahu government

Netanyahu 'excited by the responsibility that lies before us', vows to block Iran

As hard right takes power, president urges worried Israelis: Don't say nation doomed

Ehud Barak: Gov't shows 'signs of fascism'; mass 'non-violent revolt' may be needed

Collision Course: Israeli parliament elects first openly-gay Knesset speaker while Netanyahu names deputy PM accused of being "anti-gay"

Lithuania passes law allocating $38 million in restitution for Holocaust survivors

Vandals desecrate Holocaust memorial in Thessaloniki for the 4th time

East Jerusalem man with Islamic State ties charged over deadly twin bombings in city

Iranian author said sentenced to death after urging peace in Israel TV interview

Iranian man's death in France shakes distressed diaspora

Ukraine says it repelled attack of Iran-made drones from Russia

Sanctioned Russian Ship In South Africa With Mystery Cargo Raises Suspicion Of Secret Arms Supply

Killings, kidnappings, bombings: Evidence of Russian crimes mounts as war drags on

Putin's former top space engineer Vladimir Nesterov dies after facing corruption charges

Zelensky Signs Controversial News Media Regulation

Putin invites Xi to Moscow to ramp up military cooperation

China Sails Warships Near Guam in Warning to U.S. Over Taiwan

North Korea's weapons programme defies COVID outbreak, reaches 'uncharted territory'

Ex Afghanistan President Karzai criticizes US decision to withdraw troop, leaving Taliban in charge

Venezuelan opposition dissolves Guaido's 'interim government'

Bolsonaro Rules Out Military Intervention in Brazil, "I Have No Support from Other Institutions to Act Against Lula!"

Teary Bolsonaro calls loss unfair, condemns violence, flies to Florida

Protests against repressive regimes demonstrated greatest pushback in decades as citizens demand freedom

The Greatest Threat to Americans' Freedom, Rights, and Security Comes from Within

President Trump Calls On Arizona Republicans To "Demand a Statewide Hand Recount and Abe Will Win!" After Recount Finds Hundreds of New Votes For Abe Hamadeh

Kushner, Melania and other Trump insiders claimed Jan 6 violence was a 'shock' despite warnings

DC Mayor Bowser says police believed Jan. 6 rioters would be friendly to law enforcement

Revealed: Ray Epps Claimed He Believed Capitol Was Open To Public On January 6

Ray Epps J6 Committee Testimony Released: Admitted "I Was in the Front - I Also Orchestrated It" - Is Still a Free Man and Was Ignored in Final Report

Ginni Thomas told the Jan. 6 committee she 'regret' texting Mark Meadows about a 'coup' and pushing Sidney Powell's 'Kraken' plan

Pelosi and House Drop Trump's Tax Returns Resulting in One Big Nothing-Burger

Finally released, Trump tax returns show how he used laws to minimize his liability

Democrats Release Trump's Tax Returns Before Losing Power; Millions Paid, Millions Lost

Trump Tax Returns Released, Show He and Wife Melania Had Negative Income in 4 of 6 Years

President Trump Rips Democrats and Supreme Court Following the Release of his Personal Tax Returns - Warns of Dire Repercussions

Trump Warns Dems After Tax Release: It's 'a Dangerous Two-Way Street'

Dershowitz: Supreme Court Will 'Regret' Ruling on Trump's Taxes

Dem Rep. Krishnamoorthi: 'I'm Not Thrilled About Anyone's Tax Returns Being Made Public'

Disgraced Crypto Billionaire and Top Democrat Donor Sam Bankman-Fried Met with Biden Officials at Least 4 Times, Including in September

Bahamian regulator says it seized $3.5 billion of FTX crypto assets for 'safekeeping'

Apocalypse now? Canadians turn to cash as a hedge against chaos

Economist Zoltan Pozdar Warns of End of the Current US Dollar Dominance

Stocks fall to end Wall Street's worst year since 2008, S&P 500 finishes 2022 down nearly 20%

After $18 Trillion Rout, Global Stocks Face More Hurdles in 2023

Stock-market investors face 3 recession scenarios in 2023

Amazon lost half its value this year as tech stocks got crushed and recession fears grew

Fidelity marks down value of Twitter stake by 56%

Elon Musk tells Tesla employees don't be 'bothered by stock market craziness'

Elon Musk Becomes First Person Ever to Lose $200 Billion

Twitter employees using own toilet paper after Elon Musk cuts janitors

FBI Twitter Files Corruption Is 'Tip of the Iceberg,' Warns GOP Senator

Inside China's apocalyptic 'ghost cities' where 65million homes lay deserted as Communist Party faces economic chaos

5.4 magnitude earthquake hits near Ohonua, Tonga

5.3 magnitude earthquake hits near Puerto Chacabuco, Chile

5.2 magnitude earthquake hits near Changuillo, Peru

5.1 magnitude earthquake hits south of Africa

5.0 magnitude earthquake hits near Sibolga, Indonesia

5.0 magnitude earthquake hits southwest of Sumatra, Indonesia

5.0 magnitude earthquake hits near Lospalos, Timor Leste

5.0 magnitude earthquake hits south of Africa

5.0 magnitude earthquake hits near Antofagasta, Chile

Sabancaya volcano in Peru erupts to 24,000ft

Sangay volcano in Ecuador erupts to 21,000ft

Popocateptl volcano in Mexico erupts to 20,000ft

Fuego volcano in Guatemala erupts to 17,000ft

Reventador volcano in Ecuador erupts to 17,000ft

Sheveluch volcano on Kamchatka, Russia erupts to 15,000ft

Philippines Floods, Landslides Kill 44 After Christmas Day Rains

2 people missing after landslide destroys a cluster of homes in Yamagata, Japan

Extreme weather forecast for parts of Indonesia, weather modification plans in place

India suspends construction, demolition work in Delhi as air worsens

WSJ's Freeman: Southwest Brags about Green Tech, But Can't Take Care of Passengers

Benedict XVI, first pope to resign in 600 years, dies at 95

Biden pardons woman convicted of murder, 5 others on drug, alcohol-related offenses

Idaho murders: Sources tell Judge Jeanine Pirro 'genealogical DNA' helped nab suspect

Former Scientology members making attempts to serve trafficking suit against leader David Miscavige

Andrew Tate detained in Romania for human trafficking after twitter war with Greta Thunberg

Andrew Tate to be detained in Romania for 30 days on human trafficking, rape charges

Steven Tyler accused of sexual assaulting a minor decades ago in new lawsuit: report

Arizona man taken into custody after he was caught on video sexually assaulting 4-year-old

World Boxing Council to Create Transgender Competition Category

Kirk Cameron's Christian story hour draws overflow crowd after disagreement with host library

Biden to Pull Rule Allowing Healthcare Workers to Refrain from Abortions, Sex Changes

Florida could lower abortion ban from 15 weeks to 12 weeks

An Arizona court rules abortion doctors can't be prosecuted under pre-statehood law

Report: At Least 34 Babies Born Alive in Botched Abortions Between 2020-2022

Type 2 diabetes on track to surge 700% in young Americans: CDC issues 'wake-up call'

Avian influenza: Why organic eggs are suddenly cheaper than conventional ones

New Oral COVID-19 Antiviral Might Be Better Than Pfizer's Paxlovid With Faster Recovery, Fewer Side Effects, Data Shows

Testing Chinese poop not people: Malaysia spurns Covid plans of Japan, India for China's reopening, vows to screen waste water on inbound flights

COVID travel curbs against Chinese visitors 'discriminatory' - state media

W.H.O. Chief: Travel Restrictions on China 'Understandable' as Beijing Offers Little Info

Travel Bans Don't Stop the Spread of COVID, UK Vaccine Chief Claims

COVID Boomerang: Biden criticized for restricting China travel after dubbing Trump 'xenophobic'

Department of Defense formally rescinds COVID-19 vaccine mandate for military

Fraud, Overspending Lead to $2 Billion Spent on COVID-19 Testing

New Yorker publishes insane 'case for wearing masks forever'

Big Brother, Big Tech: Feds use Facebook to study COVID vaccine, testing, and mask messaging

Equity Investment Executive Ed Dowd: 1.7 Million Americans Placed on Disability - Directly Related to COVID Vaccine

Tracking Bible Prophecy Headlines - 12/30/2022

Biden repeats U.S. commitment to 2-state solution in message to Netanyahu

Biden Calls Netanyahu A 'Friend' But Will Press Him On Two-State Solution

Biden say he'll seek to work with Netanyahu to advance regional, Palestinian peace

Palestinians vow to confront 'fascist' new government

Dermer to run point on White House, seek normalization deal with Saudis - report

Knesset to swear in Israel's 37th government as Netanyahu returns to power

Netanyahu said set to forgo traditional transfer-of-power ceremony with Lapid

Netanyahu presents new government's agenda; Lapid: 'Try not to destroy the country'

Ex-diplomats, ambassadors warn new government will hurt Israel's global standing

Accusing new government of violating democracy, Israel's envoy to France resigns

Benjamin Netanyahu sworn in as leader of Israel's likely most right-wing government ever

Netanyahu returns as PM, wins Knesset support for Israel's most hardline government

Hundreds block Tel Aviv highway in protest against new government

Hundreds rally in support of LGBTQ rights as hardline government takes office

Israel's New Diaspora Minister Chikli Called Tel Aviv's Pride Parade a 'Disgraceful Vulgarity'

Netanyahu's Ally: I Have Nothing Against LGBTQ People or Leftists - I Oppose the Ideas and the Ideology

Likud's Amir Ohana becomes Israel's first openly gay Knesset speaker

Israel's New Gov't Goes Greener Than Predecessor With Ambitious Environmental Agenda

Israel's population approaches 9.7 million as 2022 comes to an end

Israel earmarks NIS 21.6 million to boost Arab employment in high-tech

Kanye West most to blame for antisemitism rise, report

With rise in West Bank violence, military fears Ben Gvir's changes to Border Police

Druze IDF troops charged with hurling explosive at West Bank home in revenge attack

'Iran Is Already Here': Thousands Protest New Israeli Government Outside Knesset

Iran's military begins drill near Strait of Hormuz amid mounting tensions with West

Iranian FM: Window for nuclear talks 'won't always be open'

Russia's Lavrov claims 'irreversible' arms race with Iran if nuclear deal not reached

Iran replaces central bank chief as currency plummets to new low

Ruble hits 8-month low against dollar, as falling oil prices and sanctions bite

Russia's Lavrov flat out rejects Zelenskyy's conditions for 'peace formula'

Ukraine rocked by explosions as Russia launches 'over 100 missiles'

Ukrainian missile lands in Belarus, believed to be air defense rocket

Russia's Lavrov warns US against 'decapitation blow' targeting Putin: report

Sudden Russian Death Syndrome: A phenomenon that has claimed the lives of a flabbergastingly large number of businessmen, bureaucrats, oligarchs, and journalists

Joe Biden Signs $1.7 Trillion Omnibus Bill - Gives Ukraine Another $45 Billion

Esper: Taiwan Not Prepared for Chinese Invasion, 'Seem to Be on That Path'

Chinese Jet Flew Within 20 Feet of US Military Aircraft

Fred Fleitz to Newsmax: China Jet Near-Miss Due to 'American Weakness'

Brazil Arrests Four People for Alleged Coup Attempt in Bolsonaro Riots

Brazilian Socialist Lula da Silva intends to Increase Gun Control in Brazil

'Distrust of government' is bad for you, claims study funded by Canadian government

Oath Keepers founder predicts Trump is next big political figure to face prosecution

Judge says Trump may have been urging supporters to 'do something more' than protest on Jan. 6

January 6 committee withdraws Trump subpoena: 'They knew I did nothing wrong'

Jan. 6 committee withdraws Trump subpoena, points to investigation's 'imminent end'

Divided GOP enters 2023 attacking itself

White House tells GOP chairmen they'll have to restart oversight requests when new Congress begins

Biden's work with House GOP will be affected by its investigations of his son

Congressman-elect who lied about Jewish background under investigation

Federal Prosecutors Looking Into GOP Congressman-Elect George Santos' Public Filings After He Admitted to Embellishing His Resume - As Ilhan Omar Walks Free for Marrying Brother

Rasmussen Poll: 54% See Revenge in Trump Taxes Release

GOP attacks Dems' probe of Trump's tax returns on eve of their release

Trump Tax Returns' Release to Start Tit-for-Tat Battle in Congress, GOP Aide Says

Alina Habba: Dems Just Expose Bidens by Releasing Trump Taxes

Democratic dark money juggernaut behind Biden-allied group targeting House GOP

Dark money group linked to foreign billionaire infused millions of dollars to major Dem, left-wing causes

Class-action lawsuit filed against FTX to recover lost assets

'Unbelievable': Biometric Device With Identities Of U.S. Servicemen, Afghan Allies Sold On eBay For $68, Report Says

Twitter's website back to normal after glitching out around the world

More Mass Cancellations as Southwest Struggles to Untangle Travel Meltdown

Southwest Cancels More Flights as Chaos Shows No Sign of Abating

'Absolutely shocking': Traveler records airport police threatening to arrest Southwest customers

Union blasts Southwest: 'Leadership shortcomings' have led to 'repeated system disruptions'

Pete Buttigieg Ignored State Attorneys General Warnings on Holiday Airline Travel

Buttigieg Made September Pledge of Airlines Running 'Better' by Holidays

Cancellation-plagued Southwest has raked in billions from US government for upkeep

Tesla's Brutal Year Brings $17 Billion Windfall for Shorts

Biden economy sent retirement funds spiraling, prompting mass bailouts for union pensions

World Economic Forum Drops Twitter - Promotes Chinese State-Controlled Social Media Apps Instead

Congress Bans TikTok on All House-Issued Mobile Devices, Deems It a Security Risk

PayPal's bans are a form of censorship, put some businesses at risk, digital privacy advocate says

Every planet in the solar system visible in rare "planet parade" Wednesday

5.3 magnitude earthquake hits near Sibolga, Indonesia

5.2 magnitude earthquake hits near Pondaguitan, Philippines

5.2 magnitude earthquake hits south of the Fiji Islands

Sabancaya volcano in Peru erupts to 25,000ft

Sangay volcano in Ecuador erupts to 22,000ft

Ruiz volcano in Colombia erupts to 21,000ft

Popocateptl volcano in Mexico erupts to 20,000ft

Fuego volcano in Guatemala erupts to 15,000ft

Reventador volcano in Ecuador erupts to 15,000ft

Semeru volcano in Indonesia erupts to 14,000ft

Sheveluch volcano on Kamchatka, Russia erupts to 13,000ft

Sakurajima volcano on Japan erupts to 10,000ft

Large sinkhole opens up inside Yorktown, N.Y. park

Rain, Floods in Philippines Leave 32 Dead, Others Missing

Ancient City of Petra Floods as Tourists Evacuate

Heavy rainfall and rare winter hailstorm hit Kuwait

Surprise winter storm cripples traffic in Denver, Colorado

'I had to climb out windows': Frustration mounts as Buffalo residents struggle to recover from deadly blizzard

Buffalo blizzard fuels racial, class divides in polarized city: U.S. media

Homes coated in thick ice after heavy freezing spray from crashing waves on Lake Erie

Canada: Lake houses don't even look real after being covered in ice during winter storm

Incredible video, images show Buffalo, Niagara Falls frozen after winter storm

Reykjavik records coldest temperature since 1918, Iceland

Police fire on Dutch farmers protesting environmental rules

Dutch farmers flee environmental rules at home to settle in other EU countries

Dairy farmer calls on USDA to 'protect' American-grown production as the nation faces shortages, rising costs

Egg Prices Hit A Record High and Are Still Going Up

Brazil's haunting graveyard of ships risks environmental disaster, warns activist group

Massive Fire at Cambodia Hotel Casino Kills at Least 19

Indonesian Criminal Code to Ban Spreading Communism

Democrat Senator Ben Cardin: "If You Espouse Hate, If You Espouse Violence, You're Not Protected Under the First Amendment"

Car Thefts Soaring as Police Struggle With Staffing

'You lose hope': Cuban exodus to US largest in island's history

ICE arrests one of El Salvador's most wanted MS-13 suspects in Virginia after two deportations

Biden's DHS Releases into U.S. Nearly 1.4K Illegal Alien Convicted Criminals in Less than Three Months

ICE: Naw, we don't have any records on those 377,000 illegals we released

RNC Blasts Biden for 'Humanitarian Crisis at the Border'

The Vatican says Benedict XVI is lucid and stable, but his condition is 'serious'

Death Of Ex-pope Would Put Vatican In Uncharted Territory

'Largest Satanic Gathering in History' to Take Place in Boston

MA mother who murdered her 2 sons during 'voodoo ritual' gets life in prison

British politicians 'met by sex workers' at hotel during foreign visit: report

It Turned a 'Blind Eye': Government Sues Big Bank for Concealing Jeffrey Epstein's Child Sex Crimes

U.S. Virgin Islands Sues JPMorgan Over Epstein Sex Trafficking Scandal

Teen Sold into Sex Slavery After Facebook Did Nothing for 24 Hours

Dem Rep.-Elect Garcia: Trump, DeSantis, Greene 'All More Dangerous' than Drag Queens

Florida warns venues hosting explicit drag show tour to ban children from events or lose business licenses

Pro-Trans Organization Explains How They Embed Gender Ideology in Schools

Biden's CDC grills teachers over 'LGBTQ inclusivity' levels

Trump Warns GOP of Democrat 'Traps': 'Have to Protect' Social Security, Must Have 'The Three Exceptions' on Abortion

The worst of 2022: Five times wokeness took over in media

Woke Military Struggling To Recruit, Will Now Accept Recruits With ADHD And Other Behavioral Challenges

CBP Officers Seize Over $900K in Methamphetamine at World Trade Bridge

Bust of fentanyl-smuggling flight attendant underscores growing U.S. illegal drug problem

DOJ sues Big Pharma's AmerisourceBergen for alleged role in fueling opioid epidemic - The agency estimates the drug distributor may wind up paying billions in civil penalties

Uzbekistan Blames Indian Cough Syrup for 18 Child Deaths

At least 82 children in Ohio infected with measles, more than half of whom are unvaccinated babies and toddlers

Ohio measles outbreak may be fueled by vaccine misinformation, health official says: 'We're all going to pay dearly'

Strep infections in children that can result in 'flesh-eating' disease becoming a concern

Elon Musk: Dr. Anthony Fauci "Cannot Be Regarded as a Scientist"

Dr. Birx to Newsmax: United States 'Still Not Ready for Pandemics'

Students Could Lose $70,000 Each In Their Lifetimes Thanks To Pandemic Learning Loss

Lack of info on China's COVID-19 surge stirs global concern

Worse than 2020? China's COVID decisions may ensure another wave

EU rejects Italian demand to impose Covid curbs on arrivals from China

Italy Says Covid Cases on China Arrivals Are Omicron

'Pfizer and Moderna better get this clarified': Study finds worse antibodies after mRNA boosters

Vaccine Salesman of the Year: WHO Chief Says COVID Boosters "Are Used by Countries to Kill Children" - Fake Fact-Checkers Freak Out

Actor Sean Penn Says Being Unvaccinated Is A Criminal Offense

Tyranny Down Under: Aussie Cops Demand Public Rat Out Neighbors Who Are "Anti-Government Or Believe COVID-19 Conspiracy Theories"

Twitter users applaud, fume as Musk declares Twitter will 'follow the science,' promote 'questioning'

Tracking Bible Prophecy Headlines - 12/29/2022

Netanyahu government makes West Bank settlement expansion its priority

Netanyahu coalition vows to 'promote and develop' Jewish homes in West Bank

'Natural Right to the Land of Israel': Netanyahu Lays Out Far-reaching West Bank Settlement Plans

Jordan's Abdullah warns Israel not to cross 'red lines' on Jerusalem holy sites

Netanyahu seals remaining coalition deals ahead of inauguration

UTJ inks coalition deal with Likud, ending internal squabbling ahead of swearing in

Combative Likud meeting sees irate MKs let fly after not receiving government posts

Knesset passes 'Ben Gvir law,' cementing minister's expanded powers over police

President asks Ben Gvir to 'calm stormy waters,' serve interests of whole population

Bar Association boss to step down in protest against incoming government

78 retired judges warn against incoming government's judicial reforms

Judicial reform, boosting Jewish identity: The new coalition’s policy guidelines

Bank bans credit for bigots as firms in Israel decry planned pro-discrimination laws

LGBTQ group asks attorney general to probe Noam over 'blacklists' of gay journalists

In WSJ op-ed, Smotrich says new government wants to make Israel more like America

Google apologizes, fixes antisemitic definition of 'Jew' following uproar

Whoopi Goldberg 'sorry' for repeating that Holocaust 'wasn't about race'

International interfaith conference brings together leading figures from Judaism, Christianity and Islam

Hamas Co-Founder Admits Ultimate Aim of War on Israel Is to Eradicate Zionism, Rid 'Treacherous Christianity' from World

Abbas' Likely Successor Heard Calling Him a 'Son of 66 Whores' in Leaked Recording

Gantz tells graduating pilots they could be flying to attack Iran in 2-3 years

Lapid: Israel will use force to prevent Iran from going nuclear

US in major effort to choke Iran's drone program, end supply to Russia

Iran protests: 100 detainees facing death penalty - rights group

Flight PS752: Calls on Iran to settle dispute over downing of Ukraine jet

At least seven people killed as car rams into carnival in Nigeria

U.N. Warns Congo Conflict Getting Worse with Kidnapping, Torture, Rape of Civilians

Tears, prayers and hopes as flights to Ethiopia's war-torn Tigray resume

Tension soars as Kosovo shuts main border crossing with Serbia

Why ethnic tensions are flaring again in northern Kosovo

Ship Insurers' Exodus From Russia-Ukraine Trades Gathering Pace

Finland Gets Floating Liquid Natural Gas Terminal to Replace Russian Gas

Putin attempts to undermine oil price cap as global energy markets fracture

Putin's energy blackmailing of Europe represents the 'end of the global oil market,' top energy historian says

U.S.-trained Afghan troops working to join Russia's war in Ukraine

Turkey, Syria Defense Ministers Meet in Moscow

Ukraine Calls for Peace But First Russia Must Face Prosecution for War Crimes

Kremlin: Any Ukraine Peace Plan Must Include Annexed Regions

Andrey Illarionov: Putin Doesn't Want Peace, He Wants 'Historic Russia'

Russian State to Fund Sperm Freezing for Mobilized Soldiers

General Alexei Maslov: Second 'sudden death' of high-ranking Russian military officers in 48 hours

Ukraine 'Helped the West Find Itself Again', Zelenskyy Says

Zelensky announces he is planning to join World Economic Forum in Davos, to sign new postwar loans with BlackRock

Thomas Massie: $100 Billion in Ukraine Aid Is $200 Million for Each U.S. Congressional District

Ukrainian minister says 'next stage' is to develop air-to-air combat drones

Russia, China Hold Naval Drills, Practice Submarine Capture

Venezuelan 'Opposition' Parties Ratify Decision to Dissolve Interim Government

'Coup-Mongering' Bolsonarista's Battle Cry Reveals a Radicalized Brazil

Report: Brazil's Bolsonaro to skip successor's inauguration for Mar-a-Lago vacation instead

Paul Pelosi attack suspect David DePape pleads not guilty, waives right to speedy trial

Delaware trucker sentenced to more than 19 years in prison for plot to kidnap Michigan Gov. Whitmer

Gorsuch: Supreme Court Should Not Set Policy

GOP-Controlled State Legislatures Weigh 'Constitutionality' of Presidential Executive Orders

Bannon: Passing Omnibus Budget Gave Up All GOP's Leverage, Pelosi Is Effectively The Speaker For Another Year On Spending

Mnuchin testifies he discussed 25th Amendment with Pompeo, contradicting his denial

Former Trump White House aide told Jan. 6 panel Mark Meadows burned documents a dozen times during the transition period

Former Trump aide said he and other staffers couldn't imagine Trump marching to the Capitol on January 6 because he'd 'never seen the man walk across a golf course without a golf cart'

Trump Likely to Be Indicted, Will End Life 'Behind Bars,' Congressman Says

Sam Bankman-Fried to enter plea in FTX fraud case

DOJ investigating alleged multi-million dollar hack of cryptocurrency FTX

FTX Scheme Used Fake Money To Buy Up Other Companies: Robert Salvador on FTX Crypto Scandal

Fmr. DNI Ratcliffe: I Confirmed Hunter Laptop Was Legitimate in 2020, But There Was 'a Disinformation Campaign on Behalf of Joe Biden'

FBI declines to list other social media companies it paid, says $3.5 mil Twitter payment was 'reimbursement'

Twitter Files Show 'Shocking Level of Government Overreach and Abuse': Kash Patel

Elon Musk Responds To Media's Latest Twitter-Related Attack: "We Have Only Just Begun"

Musk slams 'corporate journalism' in blistering series of tweets

Elon Musk Drops Bombshell on Google: They "Frequently Makes Links Disappear"

Ten major revelations exposing extent of government pressure on Big Tech to censor Americans

Lawmakers Signal Inquiries Into U.S. Government's Use of Foreign Spyware

Great Reset: German Govt Wants to Remote Control Home Heat, Electric Car Charge

U.S. stocks drop on recession fears, Nasdaq closes at new bear market low

Tesla Stock Heads for Worst Performance This Year of Any Major S&P 500 Company

Israeli tech exits plunge 80% to $16.9 billion in 2022, battered by market reality

Israel's housing market in worst slump in 25 years

Remote Workers Descend on Mexico City, and Housing Prices Surge

Biden Economy: Pending Home Sales Drop 38% - Largest Annual Drop Ever

The world just doesn't have enough planes as travel roars back

$7.2 Billion In U.S. Subsidies Can't Keep Southwest In The Air For Christmas

Years of outdated software, management failures led to Southwest meltdown, staff say

Southwest Airlines flight cancellations continue to snowball

Southwest CEO Says Airline Is Trying to 'End This Rolling Struggle'

Southwest Air Memos Showed Growing Alarm on Eve of Epic Winter Storm

Southwest Airlines Cancels 2,500 More Flights Wednesday Amid Federal Officials' Warnings

'Never flying Southwest again': Stranded and frustrated customers scramble to find flights and alternative travel

Pete Buttigeig on Southwest: 'Past the point where they could say this is a weather-driven issue - We will be here to hold them accountable'

Radical-Left Nina Turner Slams Secretary Pete Buttigieg for Supply Chain, Transportation Failures

The Plot to Build the World's Most Ambitious Alien Detector

'UFO' over the Las Vegas Strip? More likely a rare weather phenomenon

An Asteroid Is Passing Earth Today, so Scientists Are Shooting It With Radio Waves

6.0 magnitude earthquake hits near Isangel, Vanuatu

5.6 magnitude earthquake hits near Aksu, China

5.3 magnitude earthquake hits near Quilca, Peru

5.2 magnitude earthquake hits near Kuril'sk, Russia

5.0 magnitude earthquake hits near Amahai, Indonesia

Greece Island Rattled by Strong 4.9 Earthquake, Felt in Athens

Greece: New quake on island near Athens puzzles experts

Cotopaxi volcano in Ecuador erupts to 23,000ft

Sabancaya volcano in Peru erupts to 22,000ft

Sangay volcano in Ecuador erupts to 20,000ft

Popocateptl volcano in Mexico erupts to 20,000ft

Fuego volcano in Guatemala erupts to 17,000ft

Reventador volcano in Ecuador erupts to 15,000ft

Sheveluch volcano on Kamchatka, Russia erupts to 15,000ft

Semeru volcano in Indonesia erupts to 14,000ft

Manam volcano in Papua New Guinea erupts to 10,000ft

Scientists just mapped Hawaii's volcanic underbelly in stunning detail

Incredibly rare cloud formation paints the sky above New Zealand

More than 200 vehicles involved in pileup on Chinese bridge caused by extreme fog

5 Dead as 'Atmospheric River' Pounds Western U.S. With Rain and Snow

'It's intense': Wind gusts hit 150 mph as massive winter storm batters Tahoe

'Massive waves,' 70-mph wind slam Oregon Coast amid PNW storm

'Hurricane weather' leaves thousands of Portlanders without power

At least 29 fatalities, 25 people missing as severe floods hit the Philippines

Ancient city of Petra flooded after 6 months' worth of rain in a day, Jordan

Snow blankets Saudi Arabia's Tabuk as temperatures drop drastically

Buffalo area blizzard death toll rises as National Guard looks door to door for bodies

Buffalo Store Owner Opens Fire on Looters As They Flee Down Alley During Worst Snowstorm In 50 Years

Social media becomes lifeline during historic Buffalo snowstorm

Winter storms put the US power grid to the test. It failed.

Washington state governor worried about 'increased threats' to utilities after latest attacks

Grid regulator warns against aggressively retiring coal and nuclear plants

Israeli researchers turn bugs into fertilizer and biodiesel

Arizona Considers $5.5 Billion Water Desalination Plant, 200-Mile Pipeline From Mexico To Combat Drought

EPA Finalizes Rules to Decimate US Trucking Industry and Send Consumer Goods Prices Soaring

N.Y. mom who works with abuse victims struck by SUV driven by estranged husband, who then stabbed her in front of kids, officials say

Homeland Insecurity: Department failed to send crime data to FBI database used to vet gun buyers

New Biden administration guidance closes 'ghost guns' loophole in federal rule

Bombshell Footage: Biden DHS Freed over 150K Border Crossers into U.S. without Court Dates in Summer 2021

Gov. Greg Abbott says Texas bused nearly 16,000 migrants to sanctuary cities

Migrant Crossings "Plummet" After Texas National Guard Expands Barbwire Fence

DeSantis' culture wars grabbed headlines - and legal challenges that cost $17 million

Florida probes 'sexually explicit performance marketed to children'

Knoxville Mayor Attends 'All-Ages' Christmas-Themed Drag Show with Simulated Sex Acts

AOC promotes far-left plan to 'defend' NYC Drag Queen Story Hour

Author of 'Little Women' May Have Been Transgender, New York Times Article Claims

Biological male who slaughtered family over lack of support for transgender identity marked as 'female' in Maine prison

Taxpayers Will Be Required to Cover Push-Up Bras For Imprisoned Transgender Murderer Who Killed Parents and Family Dog

Andrew Tate House Raided In Romania On Charges Of Human Trafficking After He Allegedly Kidnapped An American Woman

Pakistan court frees rapist after "agreement" to marry his victim

States enacted 50 pro-life and 77 pro-abortion laws in 2022. What did your state do?

Florida Reports Massive Drop In Abortions After DeSantis Signed 15-Week Abortion Ban

Common Arthritis Treatment May Actually Accelerate Disease Progression

CDC: Overdose deaths up 14% nationally since the pandemic

Could a zombie virus frozen in mammoth remains leak from a Russian lab and spark a new pandemic?

Elon says gain-of-function research in Wuhan was bioweapon research: 'The function referred is death!'

Flashback: Fauci Argued Benefits of Gain-of-Function Research Outweighed Pandemic Risk in 2012 Paper

Musk Reveals "Fauci Fan Club" on Twitter Slack Channel

FNC Contributor, NYU Prof Dr. Siegel on Twitter Files: Censorship 'Is on the Road to Totalitarianism' and Eventually Leads to Mandates

Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System Trends on Twitter

Florida COVID-19 committee members emphasize restoring public trust in vaccines

WaPo Under Fire for Pictures of 'Ultra-Orthodox Jewish Community' on 'Vaccine Hesitancy'

Indian Government Launches Formal Study - Are Rising Sudden Cardiac Arrests Linked to the COVID-19 Vaccines?

Chinese turning to Indian drugs on black market amid Covid spike

Commentary: Zero-Covid was supposed to prove China's supremacy. How did it all go so wrong for Xi Jinping?

China's sudden pivot on Covid restrictions sparks global jitters

Nearly half of passengers from China to Milan have COVID: Italian officials

U.S. will require airline passengers traveling from China to test negative for Covid

Japan Tightens Border Controls for Travelers From COVID-Hit China as Accurate Virus Data Obscured

Pope Francis asks for prayers for 'very sick' Benedict as Vatican says health has 'worsened'

Tracking Bible Prophecy Headlines - 12/28/2022

Netanyahu begins meeting with Likud MKs to dole out remaining ministries

Smotrich accuses IDF chief of politicization after he warns against coalition plans

'Won't back down': Discrimination law stays in coalition deal - Religious Zionism MK

In pushback at discrimination law, prominent Israeli firms vow to boycott bigots

Bank bans credit for bigots as firms in Israel decry planned pro-discrimination laws

Israeli doctors reject Netanyahu allies' anti-LGBTQ remarks

Yesh Atid MK warns 'anti-LGBTQ incitement from lawmakers will end in murder'

Google Dictionary briefly defined 'Jew' in line with old anti-Semitic trope: Report

Leading Brazilian economist derides Jewish colleague with antisemitic tropes

Latin America's biggest online retailer says slashed antisemitic products by 89%

Israel, right-wing group to fully excavate biblical Siloam Pool in East Jerusalem

Close aide curses Palestinian leader in leaked audio

Top Abbas aide heard bashing Palestinian leader for mismanaging succession

Far-left journalist arrested over tweets praising Palestinian attackers

Shin Bet busts Gaza-directed terror cell planning 'major' bombing in Israel

Arab Israeli with Islamic State ties arrested for bombings at Jerusalem bus stops

Iranian president vows 'no mercy' toward 'hostile' protesters

Iran holds funerals for 400 unidentified soldiers killed in 1980s Iran-Iraq war

10 Killed After Burkina Faso Bus Hits Landmine on Christmas Day

Ethnic Fighting Kills 56 in South Sudan, Official Says

UN warns Taliban curbs on women will have 'terrible consequences'

Putin bans sale of Russian oil to countries involved in price cap; Kyiv seeks U.N. peace summit

Ex-US Ambassador to Ukraine: Putin Ready to Negotiate Because He's 'Losing'

Putin's 'Chief Poisoner' Fired for Criticizing Ukraine War

Moscow says Ukraine must 'denazify, demilitarize' or onslaught will go on

Russia's Medvedev: 'Fourth Reich' to be made up of Germany, Poland

Putin's chief advisor predicts US civil war resulting in Elon Musk presidency

Armenian Leader Questions Russian Peacekeeping Role in Karabakh

Serbia places security forces on Kosovo border at state of 'full combat readiness'

China Launches Largest Incursion Yet into Taiwan's Air Defense Identification Zone

U.S. says it is concerned by China's 'provocative military activity' near Taiwan

Taiwan Extends Compulsory Military Service to 1 Year

South Korea military apologizes for handling of North Korean drones

South Korean President Slams Military's Response to North Korea's Drones, Calls for 'Intense' Training

Japan PM sacks fourth minister from scandal-hit cabinet

Bolsonaro Supporter Charged with Bomb Plot Aimed at Stopping Inauguration of Lula

The Crackdown: Brazilian Communist Supreme Court Issues Arrest Warrants for Opposition Leaders Including a Comedian and a Journalist

After presidency, unclear fate for Brazil's brash Bolsonaro

Maricopa judge refuses to sanction Kari Lake, saying claims weren't 'groundless'

Text messages reveal lax security response to threat to crash plane into Capitol before Jan. 6 riot

Mike Pence spokesman says former VP did not file to run for president, suggests that someone 'pranked' media

Trump Tax Returns Set for Friday Release

Democrats call on Rep.-elect George Santos to resign amid reports he fabricated resume details

Dubious but unresolved: Newly declassified CIA memo takes on claim agency employed JFK assassin

Victor Davis Hanson Commentary: Is There Anything the FBI Won't Do?

FBI probed U.S. philanthropic group at Russia's request without any alleged wrongdoing, report

Special counsel Durham has spent at least $6.5 million on inquiry into Trump-Russia probe

Musk contradicts Twitter safety chief, disavows statement as "fake news"

Tesla's 2022 Collapse Hits 69% After Deepest Selloff Since April

US Probes How $372 Million Vanished in Hack After FTX Bankruptcy

FTX customers sent money to a fake electronics retailer with a website full of misspelled words that was key to funding SBF's Alameda, report says

These tech moguls lost a combined $433 billion this year

Hackers claim to have stolen the data of 400,000,000 Twitter users

'A Sad Day:' Ransomware Hackers Now Threaten College Students Directly

Meta Agrees to Record-Breaking Settlement in Data Privacy Lawsuit

Montana AG: TikTok Could Be 'Trojan Horse'

Rep. Mullin: TikTok a China 'Tracking Device'

For Sale on eBay: A Military Database of Fingerprints and Iris Scans

Hackers Use Amazon Ring Cameras to Livestream Swatting Attacks, Taunt Police

Report: Your Roomba May Put Pictures of Your Family Using the Bathroom on the Internet

Walmart launches drone delivery in Texas, Florida and Arizona

A 15-metric ton meteorite crashed in Africa. Now 2 new minerals have been found in it

5.1 magnitude earthquake hits near Valparaiso, Chile

Sabancaya volcano in Peru erupts to 24,000ft

Sangay volcano in Ecuador erupts to 21,000ft

Popocateptl volcano in Mexico erupts to 20,000ft

Fuego volcano in Guatemala erupts to 17,000ft

Reventador volcano in Ecuador erupts to 15,000ft

Sheveluch volcano on Kamchatka, Russia erupts to 15,000ft

Sakurajima volcano on Japan erupts to 10,000ft

Massive sinkhole opens up inside Yorktown, N.Y. park

Nearly 4,500 homes damaged as rare hailstorm hits Assam, India

Kuwait hit by rare hail storm - Videos show snow-like covering on roads in capital

Potential Category 4 atmospheric river to hit Northern California

'Heartbreaking': New York surveys damage after historic blizzard

Military police enforce driving ban in snow-stricken Buffalo

Death toll rises in wake of Buffalo blizzard, unrelenting bomb cyclone

Buffalo's no stranger to snow. Why was the storm so deadly?

After deadly Buffalo blizzard, families scramble to find food and essentials

Deep Freeze Breaks Pipes, Creates Water Crisis Across Southern States

'Stranded on Christmas Eve:' Tesla Owner Posts Viral Video of Car Failing to Charge in Cold

Southwest Airlines Canceled over 70% of Flights Day After Christmas

Southwest Stock Drops 5.51% Amid Storm of Criticism

Southwest Pilot Reveals What's Really Behind Airline Meltdown That's Caused it To Cancel Thousands of Flights

Southwest warns of more flight cancellations as meltdown draws federal scrutiny

Biden: I'm Working to Ensure Airlines 'Accountable' for Cancellations

Biden-Buttigieg DOT fails to track aviation imports while prioritizing equity, climate justice

'Woke' Scientists Want Fast Food Menus to State Environmental Impact

Government Waste: Nearly $690K in Taxpayers' Money Spent to Study Romance Between Parrots

4 Wash. power stations vandalized amid unsolved incidents nationwide

Four Power Substations Attacked in Washington Weeks After FBI Warning on Power Grid Threats

Attacks on US power stations spark fears of neo-Nazi campaign to ignite conflict

White House enraged, not by 2.37 million illegal aliens who stole into US in 2022, but by the 130 illegal aliens Texas just bused to Kamala Harris' house

In Record Numbers, an Unexpected Migrant Group Is Fleeing to the U.S.

Supreme Court keeps in place Trump-era immigration policy allowing asylum-seekers to be quickly turned away

Backlog of US asylum claims tops 1.5 million amid Title 42 outcome

Supreme Court hands border states big win, orders Title 42 to remain in place during legal challenge

Biden's border crisis leads to record amounts of fentanyl smuggled into US in 2022

Indiana Man Fatally Shoots, Dismembers His Father After Believing Him to be a Robot

James Cameron Cut Out 10 Minutes of 'Avatar 2' Gun Violence Because It Made His Stomach Sick: 'I Don't Want to Fetishize Guns' Anymore

Christians face genocide amid rise in persecution in at least 18 countries, report warns

Christian Organizations Continue to Make Amazon Smile's 'Naughty' List

Popular tech YouTuber ridiculed for declaring 'Merry Christmas!' 'highly offensive' to 'depressed' people

Liberal Students, Academics Seek to Revoke Conservatives' Honorary Degrees

John Cleese Blasts Woke Culture: 'Stops You Being Creative'

New York Man Files Class-Action Lawsuit Alleging Apple Watch Has "Racial Bias"

NHS demands written explanation if white candidate hired over ethnic minority

Here's What's In The 'Obscene' Books Being Removed From Schools Across The Country

"Exposing Children to Sexually Explicit Activity is a Crime" - Florida Investigating "Drag Queen Christmas" Show Marketed to Children

Libs of TikTok's Raichik: LGBTQ Community Is a 'Cult' - 'Evil People' Who 'Want To Groom Kids'

UK LGBT Charity Refers Itself to Police over Historical Child Sexual Grooming

Post-Roe Abortion Seekers Flocking to Illinois

South Korea lifts ban on imported sex dolls

Can artificial skin be used to help burn victims? Growing industry eyes 'revolution'

Making pig livers humanlike in quest to ease organ shortage

Getting Covid-19 jab is a moral issue, Archbishop of Canterbury says

Peter A. McCullough: Nursing Home Workers Not Accepting Boosters

Judge approves $10M class-action settlement over mandatory COVID shots

Though the Military Vaccine Mandate Is Overturned, Unvaccinated Troops Still Risk Reprisal

'Twitter Files' Bombshell Exposes Biden Admin's Disturbing Pandemic Agenda

Twitter censored accurate COVID information that conflicted with federal sentiments, new files show

End of pandemic: Israel to downgrade COVID to flu level on January 31

Beijing to distribute COVID-19 drug Paxlovid to community health centers to help key population amid approaching peak caseload

China's Economy Is Showing Increasing Strain From the Covid Tsunami

2022: The Year Food and Energy Security Fears Hit Europe

Nearly Half of America's Six-Figure Earners Lived Paycheck-to-Paycheck in November: Report

Disincentive crisis: Many states pay families unemployment benefits larger than job salaries

15 Facts Which Prove That A Massive Economic Meltdown Is Already Happening Right Now

Tracking Bible Prophecy Headlines - 12/27/2022

Netanyahu has his sights set on peace with Saudi Arabia - but is it feasible?

Netanyahu government set for swearing-in Thursday, but hurdles remain

Ex-Likud minister Meridor bashes Netanyahu for 'paying any price' to return to power

Likud stalwart Bitan says Netanyahu 'lost it' in negotiations, blasts far-right MKs

High Court orders Netanyahu, Ben Gvir to respond to petition against nomination

In rare call, IDF chief presses Netanyahu over plan to put MKs in chain of command

1,000 ex-air force officers ask jurists to stop new government from razing democracy

Troops come under fire during West Bank raids; 16 terror suspects arrested

On porous Jordan border, Israel starts to see success against rampant gun-smuggling

Six killed in Islamic State attack on SDF security HQ in Raqqa

Iran threatens to raze Tel Aviv, destroy Dimona if Israel strikes nuclear sites

Iran threatens to raze Tel Aviv to the ground in scary video on how Tehran would respond to a strike

Erdogan makes unfounded claim Ronaldo 'banned' at World Cup for backing Palestinians

Family of Iranian soccer star who backed protests prevented from leaving country

Iran slams Britain after 'network' including UK nationals arrested in protests

Iran protests: 'No going back' as unrest hits 100 days

Elon Musk says nearly 100 Starlink internet terminals 'active' in Iran

Russia's wealthy lawmaker and critic of Putin's Ukraine war found dead in India

Russian magnate Pavel Antov dies after window fall in India

Ukraine's Zelenskyy seeks India's help with 'peace formula'

Ukrainian foreign minister aims for February peace summit at UN

Ukraine demands 'war crimes tribunal' for Russia as condition of 'peace' summit

Russia-Ukraine conflict 'could further escalate in 2023;' negotiation impossible before 'key change in battlefield'

Putin Vows to Destroy 'Fairly Outdated' US-Made Patriot Missile Systems Promised to Ukraine

Moscow says Ukrainian drone downed near base deep inside Russia

U.S. Aid to Ukraine Eclipses Most World Military Budgets

South Korea scrambles jets, fires shots after North Korean drone flies near Seoul

South Korea sends drones into North Korean airspace in unprecedented move

Brazil: Indios Storm Supreme Court to Demand Chief's Release, Left Prepares Crackdown

Bolsonaro's Call to Arms Inspired Foiled Brazil Bomb Plot, Police Are Told

Brazil to Boost Security for Lula Inauguration After Bomb Threat

Conservatives in Western Canada Pass Law Rejecting Federal Sovereignty

Stanford University Walks Back Plan to Eliminate 'Racist' and 'Harmful' Words Like 'American,' 'Grandfather' After Backlash

January 6 committee member blames Electoral College for attack on Capitol

Jamie Raskin: electoral college is a 'danger to the American people'

Arizona's Law to Confirm Who Mails in Election Ballots (Signature Verification) Is Ignored to Steal Elections

Maricopa Elections Director Scott Jarrett Lied Under Oath In Kari Lake's Historic Election Trial - Admits He Knew About Ballot Printing Issues "a Few Days After Election Day"

Arizona Gov.-elect Katie Hobbs demands legal sanctions against Kari Lake for election lawsuit

Katie Hobbs Wants Kari Lake Sanctioned for Dismissed Arizona Election Case

Pennsylvania politics are heated. It soon could be utter chaos

Rep.-elect George Santos admits to lying about resume, says he's 'not a criminal'

MSNBC Guest: Indict Donald Trump Or America Becomes A "Banana Republic"

Year in Review: Biden's top 10 blunders of 2022

Emails reveal Sam Bankman-Fried's courtship of federal regulators

Devin Nunes to Newsmax: Twitter Is 'the Canary in the Coal Mine' of Big Tech Suppression

'Twitter Files' Expose Coordination with CIA, State Department, Pentagon

Commentary: FBI Gaslights America Over Twitter Files

Dick Morris: Trump Is Twitter 'Victim in Chief'

Amazon begins drone deliveries in 2 U.S. cities

5.5 magnitude earthquake hits near Tonga

5.5 magnitude earthquake hits near Adigrat, Ethiopia

5.1 magnitude earthquake hits the South Sandwich Islands region

5.1 magnitude earthquake hits the South Sandwich Islands region

5.1 magnitude earthquake hits the Izu Islands, Japan region

5.0 magnitude earthquake hits south of Tonga

5.0 magnitude earthquake hits the Banda Sea

5.0 magnitude earthquake hits near Tual, Indonesia

Sabancaya volcano in Peru erupts to 25,000ft

Ruiz volcano in Colombia erupts to 21,000ft

Popocateptl volcano in Mexico erupts to 20,000ft

Sangay volcano in Ecuador erupts to 20,000ft

Fuego volcano in Guatemala erupts to 17,000ft

Sheveluch volcano on Kamchatka, Russia erupts to 15,000ft

Reventador volcano in Ecuador erupts to 14,000ft

Manam volcano in Papua New Guinea erupts to 10,000ft

Philippines reports at least eight deaths as rains, floods disrupt Christmas celebrations

Man pulled unconscious from floodwaters in south as heavy rains drench Israel

Potential Category 3 atmospheric river to hit Northern California

Intense atmospheric river to bring flooding, 60 mph winds to Bay Area

At least 17 dead, 93 injured from heavy snow in Japan

Death toll rises as US begins to dig out from frigid monster storm

'Blizzard of the century' leaves nearly 50 dead across US

55 People Dead as Polar Vortex Batters US - Stranded Drivers Found Frozen to Death in Cars

In Buffalo, Even the Rescuers Needed Rescuing

Devastated by Winter Storm, Buffalo Contending with Looters

Nassau County sends help to Buffalo to return favor for Hurricane Sandy aid

'Travel insanity': U.S. passengers stranded by winter storm

Southwest Airlines hit by massive disruptions, flight cancellations - The Dallas-based airline has canceled more than half of its flights

Southwest Airlines says travellers stranded by holiday meltdown can't rebook until December 31st

Southwest Airlines apparently cancels all departing Southern California flights until Dec. 31

Southwest Airlines criticized by passengers, Transportation Department as flights delayed nationwide

Farmer predicts worse food shortages, higher prices in 2023 amid inflation, drought, interests rate hikes

A startup says it's begun releasing particles into the atmosphere, in an effort to tweak the climate

51 people poisoned by ammonia leak after train derails in Serbia

In Nord Stream Mystery, Baltic Seabed Provides a Nearly Ideal Crime Scene

Power restoration in Washington state delayed as utility company discovers 'new issue' as it attempts to repair vandalized substations

Biden Condemns Greg Abbott's Migrant Buses to Kamala Harris's Home: 'Cruel, Dangerous, and Shameful Stunt'

Democrats: 'Greg Abbott 'Belongs in Prison' for Busing Migrants to VP Kamala Harris's Home in Freezing Cold

MSNBC Guest: 'Disgusting' Abbott Busing Migrants - 'Playing Politics with Human Lives'

Whoopi Goldberg Doubles Down on Claim the Holocaust Wasn't 'Racial,' Calling It 'White on White' Violence

Oregon Government Student Health Survey Asks 11-Year-Olds If They Are Trans

Biden's trans diversity hire Rachel Levine tells doctors to 'advocate for tech companies' to censor LGBTQ 'misinformation'

'Cleaner information environment': Trans federal health official calls for Big Tech censorship

Sweden's New Pediatric Treatment Guidelines Ditch 'Gender-Affirming' Medication For Psychotherapy

DeSantis Appoints Judge Who Didn't Approve One Abortion, Media Goes Nuts

2022 Festivus Report Shows NIH Waste: $3M to Watch Hamsters Fight on Steroids, $2.1M to Tell Ethiopians to Wear Shoes

Israeli-led study claims to uncover 100,000 previously unknown viruses

British Olympian Tom Daley's 31-Year-Old Diving Coach Dies Suddenly from "Sudden Adult Death Syndrome"

Growing vaccine hesitancy fuels measles, chickenpox resurgence in U.S.

Biden admin pressured Twitter to censor medical experts who questioned CDC Covid guidance on vaccines

Twitter's James Baker Tried to Censor Trump for Sharing COVID Calm

One expert recommends that parents avoid latest booster vaccine for healthy children over heart inflammation concerns

China races to vaccinate elderly, but many are reluctant

Sudden Covid Outbreaks Show "Lack Of Efficacy" Of Chinese Vaccines: Report

'The ICU is full': medical staff on frontline of China's COVID fight say hospitals are 'overwhelmed'

Xi urges steps to 'protect' lives as China battles Covid wave

China's Covid Tsunami Could Spark a Dangerous New Variant That Infects the World

China to scrap quarantine for international travelers in an essential end of zero-Covid

Tracking Bible Prophecy Headlines - 12/26/2022

Rep. Ronny Jackson Suing Biden Admin for Financing Palestinian Terror: President 'Has Blood on His Hands'

Netanyahu pushing for Saudi-Israel deal with annexation pledge - report

Rabbi Chaim Druckman, spiritual leader of political religious Zionism, dies at 90

Netanyahu backs repeal of ban on racist Knesset candidates, plans replacement law

Herzog says anti-LGBT rhetoric worrying, as Netanyahu again vows to thwart proposals

Yair Netanyahu hints those who put father on trial should face death penalty

Yair Netanyahu: "Witch Hunt Prosecutors are Committing Treason - And We Know what the Punishment is for Treason"

Gunmen fire at Israeli car, troops in W. Bank; cars burned in Palestinian village

Western Wall: Chaos breaks out between guards, Women of the Wall

Explorers Believe They've Found Mt. Sinai, Complete with Charred Top Where God Gave Moses 10 Commandments

U.S. Steps Up Raids Against Islamic State Militants in Syria

Iranian protests reach 100 days: Official warns situation 'dangerous'

Western Medical Treatments Reportedly Keeping Putin Alive

'Twitter Files': DOD, CIA Aimed to Curry Favor for U.S. Proxy War With Russia

U.S. Faith Leaders Call for Christmas Truce in Ukraine

Putin claims Moscow ready for Ukraine talks, as missiles continue to fly

Russia kills 16 civilians in Kherson Oblast on Christmas Eve, as Putin claims to be ready for negotiations

Putin says Russia ready to negotiate over Ukraine, Kyiv says Moscow doesn't want talks

Ukraine to call for veto-wielding Russia's removal from UN Security Council

Putin Ally: Russian Nukes Only Reason West Hasn't Declared War

Russia says 3 killed as troops down Ukrainian drone headed for air base

China's foreign minister signals deeper ties with Russia

China stages drills, citing US-Taiwan provocation

China Sends 71 Warplanes, 7 Ships Toward Taiwan

FTX execs hid $8 billion in liabilities in a customer account that Bankman-Fried referred to as 'our Korean friend's account,' CFTC prosecutors allege

Brazil election-denier 'terrorists' threaten Lula's inauguration, new minister says

Police arrest man suspected of planting explosives in Brazil's capital ahead of presidential inauguration

Trump Christmas message: 'The USA is dying from within!!!'

Trump: Congress Proves VP Could Send Electoral Votes Back

Raskin: Electoral Count Act reform 'doesn't solve the fundamental problem' of Electoral College

January 6 Committee Report Ignores Nancy Pelosi's Role in Failure to Secure Capitol

Danielle Moodie-Mills: Not Indicting Trump Will Turn United States 'Into a Banana Republic'

Michael Moore: Republican Infighting 'Proof That There Is a God in Heaven'

TikTok's Chinese Parent Company Admits It Snooped on U.S. Journalists

Report: Silicon Valley 'Riddled' with Spooks from FBI and CIA

Latest 'Twitter Files' Revelation: Many Agencies Surveilled Social Media

Musk: All 'Conspiracy' Theories About Twitter Turning 'Out To Be True'

GOP Floats Church Committee-Style Investigation of FBI After 'Twitter Files'

Dem Sen. Coons: 'I Don't Know Exactly What' Was in Omnibus, But I'm 'Proud to Support' It

Hollywood Lost More Than $500 Billion in Market Value in 2022

5.5 magnitude earthquake hits the Fiji region

5.4 magnitude earthquake hits the southern East Pacific Rise

5.2 magnitude earthquake hits west of Macquarie Island

5.1 magnitude earthquake hits the Kuril Islands

5.1 magnitude earthquake hits the southern East Pacific Rise

5.0 magnitude earthquake hits the New Britain region, Papua New Guinea

Sabancaya volcano in Peru erupts to 24,000ft

Cotopaxi volcano in Ecuador erupts to 22,000ft

Sangay volcano in Ecuador erupts to 20,000ft

Fuego volcano in Guatemala erupts to 15,000ft

Reventador volcano in Ecuador erupts to 14,000ft

Sheveluch volcano on Kamchatka, Russia erupts to 13,000ft

Two people reported missing after huge avalanche in Austria

Deadly lake-effect blizzard buries Buffalo in nearly 4 feet of snow

Hochul deploys National Guard to Buffalo region as 'life threatening' storm batters area

At least 7 dead in Christmas storm in Western NY

Prolonged winter storm causes at least 37 deaths and leaves thousands without power

US Utilities Impose Blackouts, Issue Warnings Over Deep Freeze Power Grid Strain

14,000 people lose power in Washington state after burglars break into several substations

Colombian Oil Theft Soars, Causing Significant Environmental Damage

'Fireball in the sky': 15 killed after fuel tanker explodes in South Africa

Pope condemns human 'hunger for wealth and power' at Christmas Eve Mass

Pope says world suffering from 'grave famine of peace' in Christmas message

Christian Persecution in Africa Grew More Intense and Widespread in 2022

Indonesian district official bans Christmas celebrations without government approval

Three busloads of migrants dropped at Kamala Harris' home on Christmas Eve

Cartel Gunmen Leave Human Body Parts in Ice Chest in Mexican Border State

NYC's Trendiest Communities Rocked by Thieves, NYPD Stats Indicate

Former Twitter CEO Parag Agrawal arrested for child porn

Dr. Ben Carson Rips 'Woke' Church for Altering Classic Christmas Song to include stanzas acknowledging the "queer" community and "questioning" the spirit of the holiday

Judge throws out parents' lawsuit over schools hiding underage children's gender transitions

Democrat senators reintroduce bill to declare racism public health crisis

China's top health body stops publishing daily Covid case figures as infections soar

Canadian Health Officer Pushes Vaccines For Kids With Mrs. Claus' Christmas Warning

Tracking Bible Prophecy Headlines - 12/25/2022

Palestinians slam Israeli coalition deals, warn of Middle East 'explosion'

Thousands protest in Haifa, warn emerging government carrying out 'coup'

Far-right MKs said to agree not to impede Netanyahu efforts to normalize with Saudis

Scientists reconstruct face of 'handsome' Ramses II, possible pharaoh of Exodus

Turkey in talks with Russia about using Syrian airspace in potential operation

Tunisia's political experiment threatens economic collapse

Kyiv calls for 'liquidation' of Iranian plants building weapons for Russia

Russia Confirms Training Belarusian Fighter Pilots To Counter NATO; Reports Say Jets Would Be Nuclear-Capable

Ukraine will create its own Christmas miracle, Zelenskiy says in defiant message

Ukraine Situation Report: Russia Now Focused On 'Liberating' Donetsk

Zelensky Accuses Russia of 'Terror' as Reoccupied Kherson Is Pounded

Ukraine Says Russian Strike Kills at Least 10 in Kherson 'for Pleasure'

Russian State Media Makes Bizarre Video Warning Europeans Who Continue to Support Ukraine Will Eat their Pets Next Christmas

North Korea Blames U.S. for Ukraine 'Bloodshed' after Wagner Arms Reports

Border Patrol union boss rips McConnell for funding border security overseas, defunding at home

Japan Raises Military Spending to Record Levels as China Threat Looms

Taiwan scrambles jets amid reports of Chinese craft in the region

TikTok Bans to Protecting Farmland: How The CCP is Being Put On Notice

Hungary's Orban Calls for EU Parliament to Be Abolished Amid Qatargate Corruption Scandal

EU Freezes Nearly 22 Billion Euros in Funds Earmarked for Hungary

Days before new president, old divisions tearing at Brazil

Trump Blasts Democrats' 'Deranged' Tax Return 'Witch-Hunt,' Calls on Incoming GOP House to Obtain Biden 'Financial Records'

Dem Rep. Quigley: 'It Will Be Another Jolt to Our Democracy' if DOJ Does Not Indict Trump

With eyes on DOJ, a complex path for Trump Jan. 6 prosecution

Following Jan. 6 Protests Sean Hannity Told Trump to Drop the "Stolen Election Talk" - Liked the Idea of Pardoning Hunter Biden

Georgia special grand jury wraps up probe of Trump, allies

Judge Dismisses Kari Lake's Election Lawsuit - Lake to Appeal Ruling

Radio Hosts Leave After Soros-Backed Takeover Of Hispanic Radio Stations - "They Want To Silence And Censor Hispanic Conservative Voices"

New 'Twitter Files' Release on Chrismas Eve Exposes FBI Denials About Political Censorship Operation

18 Republicans Vote to Give $11.3 Billion to FBI to Target Domestic Extremists and Build the FBI a New Multi-Million Dollar Facility

Secret Back Channel Between FTX and White House Closed the Day After FTX Filed for Bankruptcy

Obama Judge Ronnie Abrams Recuses Herself from FTX Case Due to Husband's Conflicts After Setting Low Bail for SBF, Ellison and Wang and Setting Them Free

Fiscal doom: Five ways the $31 trillion national debt threatens the economy

European Finance Minister Warns Recession Could Last to 2025

IRS Halts Controversial New Rule Requiring Gig Workers To Report $600 Payments

Biden Signs Cybersecurity Bill to Ensure Data Encryption Used by US Government Is Quantum Proof

5.3 magnitude earthquake hits near Klyuchi, Russia

5.1 magnitude earthquake hits near Tabas, Iran

5.0 magnitude earthquake hits near San Antonio de los Cobres, Argentina

5.0 magnitude earthquake hits near Srandakan, Indonesia

5.0 magnitude earthquake hits near Pagan region, Northern Mariana Islands

Sabancaya volcano in Peru erupts to 26,000ft

Cotopaxi volcano in Ecuador erupts to 24,000ft

Popocateptl volcano in Mexico erupts to 20,000ft

Sangay volcano in Ecuador erupts to 15,000ft

Fuego volcano in Guatemala erupts to 17,000ft

Reventador volcano in Ecuador erupts to 15,000ft

More than 10 people injured after big wave slams into popular Hawaii snorkeling spot

Saudi Arabia: Flash floods hit Mecca as people told to expect more rain

'Bomb cyclone' storm hits US with Arctic winds, leaving Christmas travelers stranded

First Blizzard Reported at Cincinnati Airport in 44 Years

Buffalo buried in record-setting snowfall amid deadly lake-effect blizzard

Hochul deploys National Guard to Buffalo region as 'life threatening' storm batters area

US Declares Texas Grid Emergency in Arctic Blast

US winter storm: Americans and Canadians face mass outages on Christmas Day

Over 1.5 Million Without Power on Christmas Eve During Winter Storm

Wisconsin's 'We Energies' Company Warns Customers to Lower Thermostats to 60 Degrees After Natural Gas Pipeline Malfunction as Subzero Temperatures Hit State

Gov. Kathy Hochul on Winter Storm: "The Effects of Climate Change are Wreaking Havoc Everywhere"

Nicaragua's Ortega Doubles Down on Christian Persecution: 'I Never Respected the Bishops'

Kurdish community, anti-racism groups hold demonstration after deadly Paris shooting

Washington Politicians Sneaked Funding for Gun Control Database Available to Foreign Governments Into Their $1.7 Trillion Spending Blowout

Arizona Border Hospital Hit With $20 Million Bill For Treating Illegal Migrants - 'It's Unsustainable'

Report: Rep. Jordan Planning Investigation of Supreme Court 'Roe' Leak

Scientists Develop New 'Vaccine' Against Fentanyl

Christmas reborn in Bethlehem after pandemic years

India Makes COVID Test Mandatory for Arrivals From Some Countries, Including China

Packed ICUs, crowded crematoriums: COVID roils Chinese towns

Report: 250 million Chinese infected with COVID in first 20 days of December

China Builds 'Optional' Quarantine Camps to Meet Coronavirus Surge

Covid-19's Spread in China Might Tell Us How Deadly Omicron Really Is

Top Thai Neurologist and WHO Expert Panel Member Warns of COVID-19 mRNA Vaccine Link to Fatal Heart Problems

UK Medical Doctors Demand the Government Investigate the COVID-19 mRNA Vaccine

Twitter censored information about Ukraine war, Covid vaccines under direction from US intelligence agencies: Twitter Files

Tracking Bible Prophecy Headlines - 12/24/2022

Tzipi Livni warns incoming government advancing 'destruction' of Israeli democracy

Lapid: New government not committed to democracy, dismantles foundations of society

New Israeli Goverment Wants Death Penalty for Terrorists - Secret Document Reveals EU Funding PLO in Land Grab

Palestinian Islamic Jihad gunmen fire at settlement, causing damage to home

Netanyahu said to cede significant control over settlement construction to Smotrich

Latin American retail giant says it reduced antisemitic products by 89% this year

Egypt said stalling implementation of Red Sea island transfer to Saudi Arabia

Presumed-dead Al Qaeda leader narrates newly released video

Iran's supreme court accepts appeals of two anti-regime protesters on death row

Germany halts guarantees for business with Iran over protest crackdown

Mossad chief warns of Iran's plans to supply Russia with 'advanced weapons'

'Everything is black, is destroyed': Russia erases Mariupol's Ukrainian identity

Russian politician files legal challenge over Putin's reference to Ukraine "war"

Zelensky blasts Russian 'terror' after at least 5 killed in Kherson shelling

US Faith Coalition Petitions for Christmas Truce in Ukraine

National Guard informs troops last paycheck before Christmas will be late as Biden admin sends billions to Ukraine

Analysis: Billions Sent to Ukraine Could Have Built Seven 450-Mile Border Walls Along U.S.-Mexico Border

Ukrainian bots blamed for mass Twitter suspension of accounts criticizing Zelensky's visit to Congress

CCP Sanctions 2 Americans in Retaliation for US Action Punishing Beijing's Rights Abuses

Christmas Counter-Coup? Bolsonaro Signs Order to Sideline Corrupt Supreme Court

Michael Moore: Trump Tried to Create Chaos Like Hitler to Stay in Power

Jan. 6 report: Trump 'lit fire' of Capitol insurrection, stood by during riot

CNN's Honig: 'Line Is Crossed' if Trump Lawyer Urged Cassidy Hutchinson to Mislead 1/6 Committee

Congress revises Electoral Count Act that Trump used to pressure Pence on Jan. 6

President Trump on the Jan 6 Committee Report - They Didn't Address the Election or the Role of Federal Agents

Explosive Kari Lake Testimony: Controversial Pollster Suggests 20% of Election Day Voters Disenfranchised

Arizona Judge Tosses Out Abe Hamadeh's Election Challenge in Arizona Attorney General Race Against Democrat Mayes

"It's All Theater. It's Election Theater. You Go to Vote. You Stand in Line. You Think Your Vote's Being Tallied But You Have No Assurance." - Liz Harrington on the Election Process

Texas 2020 election audit find 'serious issues' in Harris County, 'phantom voters' in Dallas County

Mike Lindell questions DeSantis 2022 election win: 'I don't believe it'

Turnabout Is Fair Play: President Trump Calls on GOP Congress to Release Biden Crime Family's Tax Returns

Here's a List of All the Woke Garbage You'll Find in the $1.7 Trillion 'Omnibus' Spending Bill

Mitt Romney Says He Voted For Pelosi-Schumer $1.7 Trillion Omnibus Bill Because He Doesn't Trust GOP-Led House with Crafting Budget

AOC Joins Boebert, Gaetz in Opposing $1.7Tn Omnibus Bill

IRS delays controversial $600 reporting requirement for digital commerce sites like Venmo, PayPal

Big Tech Collectively Lost $7.4 Trillion in 2022

Former Google CEO Eric Schmidt Is Funding Biden Admin Jobs

Donald Trump Jr. Reacts to Twitter Files: Not a 'Conspiracy Theory' but a True 'Conspiracy' Between Big Tech, Federal Law Enforcement

Jordan demands FBI turn over all communications with Twitter as probe of censorship heats up

Sam Bankman-Fried's ex Caroline Ellison faced 110 years in jail before plea

Alameda Ex-CEO Hid Billions in Loans to FTX Execs

That's a Lot of V-Bucks: 'Fortnite' Maker Epic Games Fined $520 Million by FTC over Children's Privacy Violations

UK Warns China Could Use Central Bank Digital Currency to Control Citizens - While Working on UK CBDC

Chinese Startup's $140,000 Car Can Fly Over Traffic Jams

Three Giant Asteroids Will Have Close Encounter With Earth on Christmas Day

5.5 magnitude earthquake hits near Bonin Islands, Japan region

5.3 magnitude earthquake hits off the coast of Aisen, Chile

5.0 magnitude earthquake hits the Kermadec Islands region

Sabancaya volcano in Peru erupts to 26,000ft

Cotopaxi volcano in Ecuador erupts to 23,000ft

Popocateptl volcano in Mexico erupts to 24,000ft

Sangay volcano in Ecuador erupts to 20,000ft

Fuego volcano in Guatemala erupts to 17,000ft

Reventador volcano in Ecuador erupts to 16,000ft

Sheveluch volcano on Kamchatka, Russia erupts to 15,000ft

Heavy snow falls across Japan, breaking records in western cities

Japan's Recent Heavy Snow Has Caused 13 Deaths, Many Injuries

Immense winter storm places 60% of U.S. under winter weather warnings or advisories - one of the greatest extents ever recorded

Chunks of Sperm Whale Wash Up on NYC Streets After Storm Surge

Airlines Scrub 5,000 US Flights Friday, More Saturday, Amid Fierce Winter Storms

Snowmageddon: 12,500 Flights Canceled and Delayed Ahead of Christmas

Ohio 46-car pileup leaves at least 3 dead in winter storm 'whiteout' crash

At least 9 dead as massive winter storm leaves more than a million without power and bitter cold across much of US

Storm turns 'wickedly bad': 47,000 without power in Buffalo Niagara; winds as high as 79 mph

Large US Refineries Shut, Fuel Prices Soar as Storm Outages Surpass 1.5M

Dave Walsh: Energy Crisis in America - Record Christmas Cold Snap in US Could Cause Grid Failure

How BlackRock Investment Fund Triggered the Global Energy Crisis

Amish farmer wins court battle for 'food freedom,' can return to selling raw meat and milk

'I Saw a Demon Manifest': Pastor's Daughter Tormented by Evil Spirit, Then She Recalled What Her Dad Said

France's 'Serpent' serial killer, who murdered 20 people, freed from Nepal jail citing poor health

3 dead, 3 injured in Paris shooting as gunman attacks Kurdish culture center

Riots Break Out in Paris After Mass Shooting at Kurdish Cultural Centre

Gunman who killed three at Paris Kurdish culture center admits being 'racist'

Gunmen Leave Six Bodies in Van at Tijuana Shopping Center

Minnesota's Mall of America goes into lockdown amid reports of shooting: 1 reported shot

19-year-old shot dead during brawl at Mall of America

Young adults in Chicago and Philadelphia now at higher risk of death from gun violence than US troops in Iraq and Afghanistan in battle

Washington Politicians Sneaked Funding for Gun Control Database Available to Foreign Governments Into Their $1.7 Trillion Spending Blowout

NH Democrat named 'first ever trans state rep' resigns after arrest for stalking woman

Private School That Gave Students Sex Toys Backed by Foundation of Gov. J.B. Pritzker's Trans Sibling

School Social Worker in Maine Pressured Teen Girl to Flatten Her Breasts and Not Tell Her Parents

Thoughtcrime: UK Police Arrest Pro-Life Woman for Silently Praying Outside an Abortion Clinic

FDA Changes Plan B Label to Say It Does Not Cause Abortion

Elon Musk orders removal of Twitter suicide prevention feature, sources say

Blood Pressure Drug Recalled Due to Cancer-Causing Chemical: FDA Announcement

Biden COVID Czar: 'No Study in the World That Shows That Masks Work That Well'

China Tells Citizens Brutal Lockdowns Were 'Worthwhile'

Biden signs defense bill repealing military vaccine mandate

Tracking Bible Prophecy Headlines - 12/23/2022

Chile plans to open embassy in occupied Palestinian territories

Norway's huge sovereign wealth fund said weighing divesting from Israel - Reports say the major global investor is reviewing its activity in the country due to Israeli banks' involvement in West Bank settlements

Ahead of UN vote on probe, Israel says measure shows 'contempt' for its security

Leaked EU report details plan to strengthen Palestinian claims in West Bank's Area C

Israeli lawmakers outraged over alleged EU meddling in Judea and Samaria

Israel has a Right-Wing Government, Promises to Recognize the Right of Jews to Live in Judea and Samaria

Netanyahu, far-right ally said to agree government will advance W. Bank annexation

Ben Gvir, Netanyahu agree to legislate to end ban on MKs who incite to racism

Lapid: New government not committed to democracy, dismantles foundations of society

'Candid conversations' with Israel will continue: Blinken congratulates Netanyahu

Report: Israel targeted secret Hezbollah drone site in Syria strike this week

Mossad chief says Iranian actions being foiled 'every day' across the globe

Muslim Countries Blast Taliban for University Ban for Afghan Women

Massive explosion at propane gas storage plant in Morocco

Intel Officials Find No Evidence Russia Blew Up Nord Stream Pipeline

Russia to secure stronghold over Mariupol by stripping Ukrainian identity, building over devastation

What is 'Satan II,' Russia's new nuclear missile? 'Superweapon' reportedly almost ready for combat

Iran warns Zelensky to stop saying it gives Russia drones: 'Patience not endless'

Germany arrests intel official suspected of passing secrets to Russia

In 2019 40 Democrats Signed a Letter Condemning Azov Nazi Battalion in Ukraine - Now They're Funding Ukraine and Its Nazis with Over $100 Billion in US Taxpayer Dollars

Military weighs training Ukrainians on Patriot in United States

'Good speech': McCarthy commends Zelensky but argues against 'blank check' to Ukraine

Ukraine ambassador paints American flag yellow and blue, declares US will fund war 'as long as it takes'

Putin calls Netanyahu as Zelensky visits Washington

Russia responds to Zelenskyy's visit by accusing the U.S. of a proxy war in Ukraine

Russia Mocks 'Hollywood-Style' Zelensky D.C. Trip: 'No Calls for Peace'

Counterprogramming: Xi hosts Medvedev as Zelensky visits US

Philippines orders strengthened military presence after 'Chinese activities' near islands

Fiji military called in to 'help maintain order' after disputed election

Venezuela's Opposition Votes to End Juan Guaido Presidency in Embarrassing Zoom Call

'We will not surrender': Bolsonaro militants demand coup as Lula prepares to take power

United Nations Security Council demands release of Myanmar's Aung San Suu Kyi in historic resolution

Hunter Biden Hires Ex-Clinton Lawyer Ahead of GOP Probes

FTX founder Sam Bankman-Fried to be released on $250 million bail, will live with his parents

Bankman-Fried Associates Flip as FTX Founder Arrives in NYC

Senate passes $1.7 trillion spending bill with help from Republicans

18 GOP Senators Help Democrats Pass Bloated Spending Package, 3 Did Not Vote

FBN's MacDonald: The IRS Expects Us to Report $600 Transactions after Senate Passed $1.7 Trillion Without Reading the Bill

"This Bill Will Make the Border Worse. It Will Make Crime Worse. It Will Make the Economy Worse. It Will Make Inflation Worse" - President Trump on the $1.7 Trillion Spending Bill

Biden Wins Lawsuit Over Arizona's Makeshift Border Wall - claims that Arizona was trespassing on federal property by constructing its makeshift barrier and that the temporary shipping container wall was damaging native plants and impeding the flow of streams

Katie Hobbs Witness Makes Case for Tossing Out Malfunctioning Tabulator Machines: "One of the Most Common Issues that Arises on Election Day Operations"

Arizona County Elections Director Scott Jarrett Admits in Court Printer Settings Were Switched on Election Day

"Republicans Were Absolutely Disproportionately Impacted" - People's Pundit Statistician Richard Baris Testifies that Election Day Chaos in Maricopa County Affected the Outcome

Election day chaos 'substantial enough to change the leaderboard': expert witness in Kari Lake trial

Expert in Kari Lake election suit: 'No doubt' she would have won without Maricopa Election Day chaos

Maricopa County Attorney Goes on Bizarre Rant, Says to Thousands of Disenfranchised Voters from Election Day "You Reap What You Sow"

Maricopa County Witness Is a Woke Professor Who Wasn't in Maricopa County on Election Day and Who Based His Testimony on What the County Told Him

GOP AG Candidate Gets Huge News in Court, Election Case Allowed to Proceed on 4 Counts

Kayleigh McEnany tried to 'actively avoid' Trump after the election because he wanted her to talk about Dominion from the White House podium, ex-aide testified

Donald Trump Jr.: Twitter Censorship Is 'Election Interference'

Sen. Hawley says FBI interfered in 2 US elections: 'Somebody should go to jail'

Schiff: DOJ Should Investigate Trump Lawyers for Suborning Perjury

Jan. 6 committee drops final report after 18 months of investigations

Donald Trump accused of multi-part conspiracy over 6 January attack

Jan. 6 committee releases final report, says Trump should be barred from office

Jan. 6 select committee releases dozens of transcripts of witness testimonies

Star Witness Cassidy Hutchinson's Credibility Questioned After January 6 Materials Released

Cassidy Hutchinson says she initially lied to the January 6 committee about a claim that Trump grabbed the steering wheel of his SUV and lunged at a Secret Service agent

Cassidy Hutchinson Googled "Watergate" to help decide whether to cooperate with January 6 committee

House Republicans release counter report on Jan. 6 security failures at Capitol

Joe Biden Delivers Christmas Address Without Saying the Word 'Jesus'; Calls for Americans to 'Drain' Political 'Poison'

Stanford University runs damage control after featuring 'American' in 'harmful' language guide

ABC reporter Kristen Hentschel was paid thousands by lobbying firm to make hit pieces on politicians: report

Facebook, Twitter stocked with ex-FBI, CIA officials in key posts

FBI declines to list other social media companies it paid, says $3.5 mil Twitter payment was 'reimbursement'

Tesla 'full self-driving' triggered 8-car crash on Bay Bridge, driver tells police

Tesla, GM Among Car Makers Facing Senate Inquiry Into Possible Links to Uyghur Forced Labor

Nolte: Facial Recognition Tech Gets Mom Booted from Christmas Concert - a Preview of Our Coming Social Credit Dystopia

Tremors continue to jolt Northern California following deadly earthquake

5.8 magnitude earthquake hits the Pacific-Antarctic Ridge

5.5 magnitude earthquake hits near Pucallpa, Peru

5.0 magnitude earthquake hits near Hakodate, Japan

5.0 magnitude earthquake hits near Tonga

Sabancaya volcano in Peru erupts to 24,000ft

Ruiz volcano in Colombia erupts to 23,000ft

Popocateptl volcano in Mexico erupts to 22,000ft

Sheveluch volcano on Kamchatka, Russia erupts to 20,000ft

Fuego volcano in Guatemala erupts to 19,000ft

Sangay volcano in Ecuador erupts to 19,000ft

Reventador volcano in Ecuador erupts to 16,000ft

Santa Maria volcano in Guatemala erupts to 16,000ft

Tropical Cyclone Warning issued for the coast of Western Australia and Northern Territory

Winter storm warning: 'Once-in-a-generation' storms sweeps 30 states from Washington to Florida

Major and anomalous storm system to produce widespread disruptive and potentially crippling impacts across the central and eastern U.S.

'Storm for the ages': Gov. Hochul issues a State of Emergency

Joe Biden Warns Americans of Freezing Temperatures from Polar Vortex: 'This Is Serious Stuff'

Christmas is canceled: Almost 7,000 flights scrapped or delayed as bomb cyclone causes travel chaos

'We're in a state of chaos': Travellers in Canada left stranded for hours in planes, at airports as snow storms wreak havoc

Arctic blast leaves thousands without power across Texas

Cheyenne, Wyoming Breaks Record: Drops 40 Degrees in 30 Minutes

Arctic blast breaks numerous daily temperature records across Alberta, Canada

California County Prohibits Landlords from Conducting Criminal Background Checks on Applicants

American foster parents detained in Uganda hit with new child trafficking charge that carries death penalty

Pope denounces psychological abuse as Jesuit sexual abuse case rocks Church

Israeli Coalition Deal Will Permit Businesses to Discriminate Against Women, Gays for 'Religious Reasons'

Stop Rewriting Christmas Carols to be Woke, Cardinal Tells Church of England

The Gay World War? Inside Putin's warped reality

Spain passes law allowing children 16 and over to change legally registered gender without medical supervision

28 Republicans Who Call Gay People 'Groomers' Just Voted Against a Bill Addressing Child Sex Abuse

One Million Moms urges American Girl to pull book promoting puberty blockers to children

Disney's 'Willow' Star Erin Kellyman Praises Lesbian Romance Scene: 'Having This Normalized Representation Is Just So Important'

Gen Z students dramatically threaten to leave country, change schools over Roe overturning: 'Really scary'

'Super' Disease-Carrying Mosquitoes Detected in Asia

Egg Prices Surge to Records as Bird Flu Hits Poultry Flocks

CDC: U.S. Life Expectancy Drops to 25-Year Low as Drug Overdose Deaths Surge from Last Year

Arizona border officers find more than 700,000 fentanyl pills hidden in train arriving from Mexico

Study: Merck's COVID Pill Does Not Cut Hospitalization, Death Rates in Many Vaccinated Adults

ABC News Journalist Breaks Her Silence, Reveals She Developed Heart Condition Due to Covid Vaccine

Early Vaccine Recipient Involved in the Vaccine Rollout Campaign Speaks Out- Reveals He Suffered Adverse Reaction - Exposes How Corporate America Colluded with the Government to Push Mandate

Sen. Ron Johnson demands Biden admin release data on vaccine injuries within US Armed Forces

Florida Supreme Court approves DeSantis grand jury to investigate mRNA COVID-19 vaccine manufacturers

Study shows chances of contracting COVID increase with each vaccine dose

Fauci's warning to America: 'We're living in a progressively anti-science era and that's a very dangerous thing'

Mask mandates fail to make a comeback, despite pleas from public health experts

Tracking Bible Prophecy Headlines - 12/22/2022

Netanyahu announces his sixth government, Israel's most hardline ever

Netanyahu announces new government with sweeping powers to far-right allies

Hanukkah miracle or government of darkness: Lawmakers react to coalition declaration

Religious Zionism says it agreed with Likud to advance Basic Law on Torah study

Netanyahu to Clinch Patriotic Government Today as Biden Regime Supports "Palestinians" and Left Threatens Violent "Resistance"

Another 110 business execs join appeal warning Netanyahu about harm to democracy

Dozens of MKs accuse EU of blood libel, hatred after West Bank plan leaked - Coalition and opposition lawmakers say internal European document on Area C with plans to boost Palestinians represents 'same flames of primitive hatred'

Palestinian killed in clash between IDF and gunmen in Nablus

Israeli forces nab Hamas member over northern West Bank shooting attack

Palestinians call for escalation, protest death of terrorist in Israeli prison

Israel to hold body of Fatah terrorist to negotiate with Hamas

National Library accepts set of Irish-Jewish genealogical archives dating to 1700s

Incoming congressman's claims his grandparents fled the Holocaust contradicted by genealogy records

Large natural gas field discovered off Cyprus

A 'dead' Iran deal removes huge Netanyahu-Biden point of friction - analysis

Joe Biden Inches Toward War with Iran, Makes Israel Full Military Partner

Iran security forces kill two, arrest 2 more over deadly market attack last month

Turkey's attempt to ban an Erdogan rival from politics is drawing a backlash

Gambia Foils Alleged Coup Attempt, Arrests Four Soldiers

Taliban bans all education for girls, fires female teachers, bans women from mosques

Biden officials bracing for 'emotionally difficult' Afghanistan investigation: Report

Report: Ex-Afghan Officials Smuggled Nearly $1 Billion out Before Taliban Takeover

India Says It Has Unprecedented Military Deployment on Chinese Border

Western Officials Accuse China of Another South China Sea Territory Grab

In Satellite Pics, Proof Of China's Fresh Land Grab In South China Sea

North Korea threatens 'bold military steps' against Japan after Tokyo ramps up defense spending

Russia condemns "militarization" of Japan under Kishida defence plan

Kremlin-backed hackers targeted a "large" petroleum refinery in a NATO nation

Israel to give 17 power generators to Ukraine for electricity-starved Kherson

UK says Russia set to give Iran military tech that will destabilize Middle East

Biden task force investigating how US tech ends up in Iranian attack drones used against Ukraine

Putin says Russia will continue improving combat readiness of its nuclear forces

Putin says intercontinental ballistic missiles will be deployed soon - Putin has claimed the missile can strike anywhere on Earth

China-Russia relations: Xi Jinping says Beijing is willing to mediate with Moscow to end Ukraine war

Lindsey Graham: War in Ukraine Will End After Russians 'Take Putin Out'

Russia warns more arms to Ukraine will inflame war, as Zelensky heads to US

Kremlin says no chance of peace with Kyiv after Zelensky Washington trip

Meeting Zelensky, Biden likens Ukraine's fight against Russia to Hanukkah story

President Biden tells Zelenskyy he was named TIME's 'Man of the Year' during White House visit

Biden tells Zelensky that Ukraine 'will never stand alone'

Zelenskyy thanks 'every American,' sees 'turning point'

Amid a show of unity, Zelensky and Biden differ on some war needs

Zelenskyy to Congress: War Aid Isn't Charity, but Investment in Democracy

Volodymyr Zelensky, In Historic Speech To Congress, Says Ukraine Will “Never Surrender” To Russia

Zelenskyy Tells Biden: 'No Compromises' in Path to Peace

Zelensky to tell Biden, Congress current funding for war effort not good enough

Volodymyr Zelensky Presses Joe Biden for 'More' Missile Defense Systems to Defend Ukraine

Congress Gives Zelensky Standing Ovation After He Demands More Taxpayer Money in Angry Speech

Hillary Clinton: Zelensky's Speech 'Inspiring,' Historic, Comparable to Winston Churchill

Pelosi Compares Zelensky Addressing Congress to Churchill Asking America to Join WWII

WH: Europe Has 'Stepped up to Help' Ukraine, But U.S. Is 'Biggest Provider'

Biden vows to step up support for Ukraine while hosting Zelensky at White House

Biden pledges to fund Ukraine 'as long as it takes' after Zelensky says support 'not enough'

'American Taxpayers Making Welfare Payments': Zelensky Faces Skepticism from Some GOP Lawmakers

Rep. Tenney: Transparency Needed Before US Continues to Fund Ukraine War

Zelensky an 'ungrateful international welfare queen': Donald Trump Jr.

Mitch McConnell claims providing assistance to Ukraine is #1 priority for 'most Republicans'

MTG slams Mitch McConnell for 'betrayal' of American values in pushing Biden's massive spending bill

GOP Rep. Dan Bishop Releases the Most Audacious Items Included in the $1.7 Trillion Spending Bill - This Is the Raping of America

$1.7T spending bill stuffed with giveaways for favored groups from lobster industry to LGBTQIA+

Omnibus Bill: Taxpayers to Erect Monument to Journalists in D.C., Give over $1B Subsidy to Media

Dem Sen. Murphy: Omnibus Won't Be Extraordinarily Inflationary - Much of 'Big Emergency Numbers' in It Go Overseas

Rand Paul Mocks Bill With ''Twas the Night Before Christmas' Parody

Scalise: We Need to Change Budget Process So Senate Can't Delay to Ram Through Omnibus 'Nobody Can Read' at Last Minute

Manchin: It's 'Hard' to Justify Voting for Omnibus and Being a Debt Hawk, 'I'm Happy' About the Earmarks We Got

Omnibus Stalls as Title 42 Amendment Causes Major Problems, Senators Begin Discussing Short-Term Funding Bill

Oops: Biden BLS overstated jobs numbers by more than 1 million, raising manipulation concerns

Suddenly Everyone Is Hunting for Alternatives to the US Dollar

Associates of FTX founder Bankman-Fried cop to charges as he's extradited to US

FTX cofounder, Alameda CEO plead guilty to criminal charges as Bankman-Fried enters U.S. custody

Sam Bankman-Fried's Ex Girlfriend Caroline Ellison is Cooperating with Prosecutors After Pleading Guilty to Charges of Fraud and Conspiracy

Sam Bankman-Fried seeks bail deal while being extradited to US

Bankman-Fried Swaps Bahama Jail for Epstein Digs? Extradition Update

Sam Bankman-Fried Arrest Sparks Wild Jeffrey Epstein Comparisons

'Morning Joe' Says Trump's Tax Returns Prove 'Hillary Clinton Was Right All Along': 'He Was Desperate to Hide the Truth'

Private Jet Costs, Sketchy Deductions Among Red Flags in Trump Taxes

Despite Mandate, I.R.S. Delayed Auditing Trump in Office, House Panel Finds

Stanford Slammed for Putting 'American' on Forbidden Word List: 'Take That'

'A Recipe For Tyranny': Here's Why An Alaska Lawmaker Faces Removal From Office Under The State's 'Disloyalty Clause'

Pelosi's Jan. 6 story unravels as evidence mounts that Capitol breach was preventable

House GOP locates emails, texts showing Pelosi office directly involved in failed Jan. 6 security

Republicans' January 6 Probe Reveals Security Missteps, Finds Sergeant at Arms 'Succumbed' to Democrat 'Political Pressures'

January 6 Committee Could Hide Full Record for Decades

Jan. 6 select committee releases transcripts of 34 witness testimonies

Jan. 6 Committee Is Now Sharing Trump Evidence With DOJ Special Counsel

'All We Want for Christmas': Major UK Newspaper Runs Cartoon of Donald Trump in Jail

NAACP President: All I Want for Christmas Is Donald Trump in Handcuffs

Senate Democrats raise concerns about prosecuting Trump

Attorney Jonathan Turley: Jan 6th Panel's Trump Referral Not A Compelling Criminal Case

In Testimony, Hannity and Other Fox Employees Said They Doubted Trump's Fraud Claims

"Should We Let Someone Who Was Elected by Cheating and Fraud Stay in Office and Continue to Destroy our Country?" - President Trump on FBI and Twitter Collusion

Maricopa County Recorder Stephen Richer Caught In Kari Lake Trial Admitting to Not Complying with the Law in Two Ways

"They Weren't Following the Legal Requirements for Chain of Custody" - Expert in Kari Lake Trial, Heather Honey, Destroys Maricopa's Defense

Election integrity witness in Lake trial: Maricopa 'misplaced' receipts for early voting ballots

Cybersecurity expert in Lake trial: Ballot printers must have been intentionally tampered with

48 of 113 Ballots Reviewed During Kari Lake Challenge Were 19-Inch Ballots on 20-Inch Paper - That Jammed the Machines on Election Day

Catholic Church bishops are 'afraid to offend' powerful Democrats, defrocked priest Frank Pavone says

U.S. Media Outlet Has Extensive Partnerships, Financial Dealings with Orgs Tied to Chinese Communist Party Influence Operations

How the FBI Copied Parts of the Debunked Steele Dossier Directly Into Its Spy Requests

MSNBC, CNN Ignore 'Twitter File' Revelations Exposing FBI Collusion with Platform

FBI Slams Journalists Behind Twitter File as 'Conspiracy Theorists' to 'Discredit the Agency,' Claims Internal Message Shows Nothing But a Longstanding Relationship with Twitter

Republicans Poised to Approve Massive FBI Funding Boost in Wake of Twitter Files Revelations

GOP Rep. Comer Calls to 'Halt' All FBI Funding Until Testifying on 'Cover-Up of the Hunter Biden Laptop Story'

Twitter Files: Company Allowed Government to Wage Influence Operations Abroad

Trump: Musk is a Free Speech Hero Who Has Done a Great Service to This Country

Elon Musk's security team sought for questioning over incident he cited as reason to ban journalists

The cloud out of space? Scientists scrambling to prevent global data storage crisis

Russian space debris forces space station to dodge, delays US spacewalk

Destruction, tears and tenacity in California towns battered by earthquake

5.3 magnitude earthquake hits the Revilla Gigedo Islands region

5.3 magnitude earthquake hits near Kimbe, Papua New Guinea

5.1 magnitude earthquake hits near Southwest Indian Ridge

5.1 magnitude earthquake hits near Xining, China

5.0 magnitude earthquake hits near Kermadec Islands region

5.0 magnitude earthquake hits near Kuril Islands

Ruiz volcano in Colombia erupts to 26,000ft

Sabancaya volcano in Peru erupts to 24,000ft

Cotopaxi volcano in Ecuador erupts to 23,000ft

Popocateptl volcano in Mexico erupts to 22,000ft

Sangay volcano in Ecuador erupts to 19,000ft

Fuego volcano in Guatemala erupts to 18,000ft

Reventador volcano in Ecuador erupts to 15,000ft

Semeru volcano in Indonesia erupts to 14,000ft

Significant slope failure at Urni Landslide in Kinnar caught on camera, India

Severe Tropical Cyclone "Darian" kicks off the 2022–23 Australian tropical cyclone season

Severe floods and landslides hit Santa Catarina, Brazil

A 'once in a generation' winter storm will impact nearly every state and cripple Christmas travel

Winter storm to evolve into bomb cyclone as it produces a blizzard in Midwest

Potential Pre-Christmas Bomb Cyclone Could Wreak Havoc Across US

This Is Not Normal! The Nation Braces For A 'Bomb Cylcone' That Will Bring 'The Coldest Air In Decades'

Denver's drastic temperature drop could rival records

Greg Abbott Assures Texans Power Grid Is Prepared for Extremely Cold Winter Conditions

Migrants, Officials Brace for Life-Endangering Arctic Blast Along Texas Border

Southern US cold snap could have iguanas falling from trees in Florida

Biden Admin Used Taxpayer Money to Pay Foreign Reporters to 'Promote Climate Alarmism Around the World'

Green Extreme: Radicals Decapitate Iconic Berlin Christmas Tree in Environment Protest

Peru orders Mexico's ambassador to leave country in latest escalation of tensions

Traffic Light Theft, Bank Robbery: World Cup Celebrations Do 'Unimaginable' Damage to Buenos Aires

Jewish Women and Children Targeted in Latest London Antisemitic Hate Crime Spree

Report: Attacks on Christian Churches Nearly Triple in Four Years

DHS 'Accidentally' Publishes Names of Cuban Refugees Fearing Torture at Home

City of Buffalo Files Suit Against Numerous Gun Makers, Claims They Contribute to 'Public Nuisance'

Republicans push CDC to reinstate defensive gun use data after gun control activists had it removed from site

Federal judge strikes down California's 'fee-shifting' gun control scheme, which echoed Texas abortion law

George Soros Non-Profits Gave Millions To Anti-Police Groups In 2021

Border Patrol union president calls WH press sec 'chief of propaganda' for calling border closed

$1.7T omnibus bill funds border security in foreign nations, but prohibits it in US

Democracy Dies in Darkness: Biden Regime Forbids US Border Patrol Officials from Releasing Total Daily Illegal Alien Apprehensions on Social Media

Texas DPS tracks down Honduran drug traffickers on border, one suspect just 14 years old

Migrant Who Drugged Woman To Death and Filmed Himself Raping Her Sentenced

Holly Madison's 'Playboy Murders' investigates 'horrible' true-crime cases: 'Could really happen to anyone'

Hillsong's Brian Houston says father was ‘serial pedophile,' given retirement package after firing

Transgender Suicide Stats Are 'Exaggerated' and Can Increase Suicide Risk, Psychiatrists Say

State Department Prepares to Spend Up to $50K on Transgender Activism in India

Biden's Trans-Identifying Top Health Official: 'I Have No Regrets' About Lengthy Transition Because 'I Can't Imagine a Life Without My Children'

Marine Corps Could Axe "Sir" and "Ma'am" Over Gender Neutrality Worries

Actor Hugh Jackman Calls for Gender-Neutral Acting Award Categories

NHS to spend 100,000 Euros on scheme encouraging staff to refer to breastfeeding as 'chest-feeding'

Nearly 30 Pro-Abortion Attacks Against Churches Have Occurred Since SCOTUS Overturned Roe v. Wade, Report Shows

British woman arrested for silently praying outside abortion clinic, faces criminal charges

Strep A: Cases of scarlet fever are four times higher than thought, officials reveal

First came a viral storm. Now, we have puzzling superinfections.

Covid Forever: French PM Calls for Return of Masks in Closed Spaces

NY Mayor Eric Adams parties maskless after urging New Yorkers to 'mask up'

World Health Organization: 'All hypotheses' about COVID origin 'remain on the table'

'Science Fiction': Scientists Say Gain-Of-Function Research Has Never Actually Provided Real-World Benefits

Daughter Of Fauci's Replacement Is FDA Consultant Advising On COVID-19 Regulations, Vaccine Authorization.

Commentary: CDC Funding Decisions Based on Politics, Not Science

New WHO chief scientist praised lockdowns and China's COVID policies

China Claims Zero Coronavirus Deaths as Hearses Line Up at Crematoriums

"It's a Crisis" - Massive Increase in the Number of Dead Forces Funeral Homes in Norway to Store the Dead in Garage

"Unexpected": MRNA Vaccines Increase Risk of Contracting COVID-19; Each Booster Shot Raises Risk Even More in Study of 51,000 Cleveland Clinic Workers

Pilot Whistleblowers Expose Dangers Of Vaccine Injuries To U.S. Airline System

Tim Robbins Blasts Left for Demonizing COVID Vaccine & Lockdown Skeptics: 'We Turned into Tribal, Angry, Vengeful People'

In Germany, You Must Be Fully Vaxxed before Your Death by Assisted Suicide

Tracking Bible Prophecy Headlines - 12/21/2022

At Hanukkah event, Biden slams 'venom' of antisemitism, unveils White House menorah

Biden's counter-antisemitism campaign subtly targets Trump

Biden's strategy for a far-right Israel: Lay it all on Bibi

US said planning to hold Netanyahu responsible for actions of far-right ministers

Netanyahu has 2 days to declare he's got a coalition. He's nearly certain to succeed

Knesset freezes votes until Monday, giving Netanyahu more time to swear in coalition

U.S. challenges Israel at U.N. Security Council while two longtime Israel critics say farewell

97-year-old former Nazi secretary sentenced for involvement in more than 10,000 murders

IDF Shoots Down Drone That Crossed Border From Lebanon

Palestinians in Samaria inflict 'irreparable damage' to heritage site

Palestinians call for escalation, protest death of mass terrorist in Israeli prison

Member of Iran's Jewish community remains in custody over protests as 2nd released

More Iranians face possible execution as authorities seek to crush continuing unrest

Iranian, EU officials meet in Jordan amid stalled nuclear talks

Video surfaces of Biden saying Iran nuclear deal is 'dead'; White House doesn't deny

US Forces Detain 6 ISIS Terrorists in Syria

Millions in Hundred Dollar Bills Flown to the Taliban for "Humanitarian Aid" - Terrorists are being funded in plain sight

Vigano: 'Planetary dictatorship' waging a 'world war' in which the 'enemies are us'

Kim Jong-un's Sister Threatens to Launch ICBM Towards America in Unhinged Rant

Surrender to a Drone? Ukraine Is Urging Russian Soldiers to Do Just That.

Russia has announced that US-made missiles have been "shot down over Russian territory" amid fears the war in Ukraine could spill over

Deal Reached for New Non-Russian Power Source for Europe

Explosion hits Europe-bound natural-gas pipeline in Russia

Ukraine Erases Russian Past by pulling Down Statues, Renaming Hundreds of Streets

Congress aims to label Russia 'Aggressor State' instead of state sponsor of terrorism

Biden and Zelensky planning to meet in Washington for Ukrainian president's first foreign trip since war began

Ukraine's Zelensky plans to visit US on Wednesday, will meet with Congress and Biden

Zelensky May Step Directly Into GOP's Fight Over Omnibus Bill

Defense & National Security - Ukraine to get $45B under final omnibus

McConnell: "Providing Assistance For Ukrainians to Defeat the Russians is the Number One Priority for the United States Right Now"

Five eye-popping spending items in the $1.7 trillion omnibus bill

Sen. Rand Paul Wheels In "Toxic" Omnibus Budget: This Process Is An Abomination

Rand Paul: Republicans Have Totally Abdicated Power By Voting For Omnibus Budgets Instead Of Normal Appropriations Process

Sen. Rand Paul mocks massive $1.7 trillion omnibus bill: 'Hazardous Debt'

Senate Votes 70-25 to Advance $1.7 Trillion Schumer-Pelosi Omnibus Spending Bill - Here Are the Republicans Who Voted for This Monstrosity

CNN's Tapper: Senate GOP Supported Omnibus to Avoid 'McCarthy and His Gang of Flying Monkeys'

'Dead on arrival': McCarthy threatens to tank McConnell's agenda if Senate GOP votes for omnibus

McCarthy Puts GOP Senators on Notice: Omnibus Bill Threatens Own Agenda

Bipartisan omnibus bill a 'rebuke of MAGA Republican talking points'

Omnibus Bill Gives DOJ $212.1M Increased Budget to Prosecute January 6 Prisoners

Omnibus bill could help 'prevent another plot to overturn an election'

McConnell and Senate Republicans Agree to $1.7 Trillion Spending Bill with $45 Billion to Ukraine and Clause to Make It Impossible to Challenge Stolen Elections

Kari Lake lawsuit: Maricopa County on trial after a decade of election failures

Katie Hobbs Files Emergency Motion To Quash Her Subpoena For Appearance At Kari Lake's Trial - Lawyers Withdraw Hobbs' Subpoena

Arizona Judge Tosses State Senator Sonny Borrelli's Lawsuit Against Katie Hobbs and Mariciopa County But It's Not Over Yet

Georgia Supreme Court Reverses 2020 Election Case Dismissal for "Lack of Standing" - Sent Back to Lower Courts

Georgia City Takes Over Election Control From Fulton County, Paving Way For Populist Control, Removes Machines

Trump Special Prosecutor Has a History of Indicting Presidents

Schiff: 'The Country Will Want to Know Why Isn't Justice Being Done' if Trump Not Charged

GOP's usual embrace of Trump muted after criminal referral

"Carries Just as Much Legal Weight as a Letter Written in Magic Marker by Bozo the Clown" - Liberal Writer Shreds Jan 6 Committee "Referral" on President Trump

Trump aide testified he saw Trump "tearing" documents; Meadows also once told him, "Don't come into the room"

House committee votes to release 6 years of Trump tax returns

Release of Trump tax returns could herald new era for taxpayer privacy

Nunes accuses DOJ of seeking blackmail material during Russia probe after bombshell revelation

Harris: I 'Would Require' Tech to 'Work with Us' to Ensure There's Not 'Manipulation' to Upend 'the Security of our Democracy and our Nation'

Analysis: Musk and Trump, 2 disrupters face reckoning

Twitter Revelations Illustrate Deep State Involvement in First Amendment Violations

Twitter Files Part 8: How Twitter Quietly Aided the Pentagon's Covert Online PsyOp Campaign

'Twitter Files' reveal platform aided Pentagon propaganda efforts abroad

Musk says Twitter will 'absolutely' refuse payments to censor after platform took $3.4m from FBI

GOP to Pursue FBI 'Secret Files' Regarding Contact with Big Tech

"Did You Approve Hidden State Censorship in Direct Violation of the Constitution?" Elon Musk Calls Out Adam Schiff After Documents Reveal Schiff's Office Was Emailing Twitter

One Massive Bot Trap: Why Elon Musk's Poll about 'Stepping Down' Is Not What It Seems

Elon Musk Will Resign as Twitter CEO as Soon as Someone "Foolish" Enough Accepts the Position

Cops Cast Doubt on Musk's Claim That 'Crazy Stalker' Followed His Son

RNC demands FEC 're-examine' complaint that Twitter's suppression of Hunter Biden laptop story was illegal campaign contribution

Bankrupt FTX Can Only Locate $1.5 Billion in Assets - Doesn't Know How Much It Owes or How Many Employees It Has

GOP Sen. Braun: We're Using Pentagon that Can't Account for Most of Its Assets as 'Quid Pro Quo' to Get Deeper in Debt

Economists Place 70% Chance for US Recession in 2023

The world's top stock strategist says an 'earnings recession' is coming for markets - and it could be similar to what happened during the 2008 financial crisis

Americans' personal savings rate nears all-time low: Economist explains what it means as potential recession looms

Britain is seeing a wave of strikes as nurses, postal workers and others walk out

Massive earthquake that shook Mars is 5 times stronger than any other

'We were ready': California ShakeAlert warns 3 million ahead of Tuesday's big quake in biggest test yet

At least 2 killed after magnitude 6.4 earthquake rocks Northern California

No water. No power. Damaged buildings. California towns struggle after 6.4 earthquake

5.4 magnitude earthquake hits south of the Fiji Islands

5.4 magnitude earthquake hits south of the Kermadec Islands

5.2 magnitude earthquake hits near Codrington, Antigua and Barbuda

5.2 magnitude earthquake hits south of Tonga

5.1 magnitude earthquake hits the Mid-Indian Ridge

5.1 magnitude earthquake hits the Leeward Islands

Sabancaya volcano in Peru erupts to 27,000ft

Cotopaxi volcano in Ecuador erupts to 23,000ft

Sangay volcano in Ecuador erupts to 22,000ft

Popocateptl volcano in Mexico erupts to 22,000ft

Fuego volcano in Guatemala erupts to 19,000ft

Reventador volcano in Ecuador erupts to 16,000ft

Semeru volcano in Indonesia erupts to 14,000ft

A Mysterious New Breed of Tropical Cyclone Has Just Been Identified

Floods leave at least 4 people dead after more than 500 mm (19.7 inches) of rain in 24 hours, Thailand

Travel chaos as severe weather cancels flights at Iceland's Keflavik Airport, leaving Americans among those stranded

Pre-Christmas blizzard expected to wallop northern US could strengthen into a bomb cyclone

High-impact Blizzard, centered on the Corn Belt, to precede historic cold wave to the Gulf Coast, Florida

Northeast faces dramatic flash freeze in wake of soaking winter storm

Coldest polar vortex since 1990 forecast to hit Colorado

Bill Gates: 'Our grandchildren will grow up in a world that is dramatically worse off' if we don't fix climate change

US Postal Service fulfills top Biden climate goal with deployment of 66,000 electric delivery trucks

Man with WWI explosive lodged in his rectum sparks bomb scare, hospital evacuation

Barr: Banks Might Start Closing Accounts Of Customers Who Buy Too Many Guns Or Too Much Ammo

Federal Judge Blocks California's "Unconstitutional" Gun Control Law Allowing Gun Manufacturers to Be Sued For Negligence

National Guard arrives at southern border ahead of Title 42 termination, likely migration surge

Biden admin asks Supreme Court to end Title 42, but with short delay on lifting restrictions

Texas governor blasts 'clueless' media after ABC reporter suggests GOP to blame for border crisis

Stanford University Releases List of 'Harmful' and 'Racist' Words to Eliminate - Including 'American,' 'Grandfather,' and 'Long Time, No See'

FBI Issues 'National Public Safety Alert' on Widespread Child Extortion Schemes

Transgender Pervert Arrested After He Exposed His Penis to Women and Little Girls at Wi Spa in Los Angeles

NYC council member's home targeted by anti-drag protesters

Sweden cuts ties with leading trans health group over guidelines for child sex changes

Priest close to Pope Francis accused of inviting two nuns to take part in a 'Holy Trinity' threesome

Priest 'Close to the Pope' Accused of Sexual Misconduct With Nuns, Continues Service While Pro-Life Hero is Defrocked

2 Public Libraries Change Course after Initially Denying Kirk Cameron's Faith-Based Story Hour

Court Demands Southwest Airlines Reinstate Flight Attendant Fired over Religious Beliefs opposing abortion and opposing TWU's political activity supporting it

Washington Governor Jay Inslee Proposes Using Taxpayer Money to Train People to Kill Babies in Abortions

The Golden Age of Cocaine Is Happening Right Now

'Magic mushrooms' would be decriminalized in California under new bill

DEA says agency seized enough fentanyl to kill every American in 2022

Monsanto to Pay Oregon $698 Million for Decades-Long Toxic Chemical Use

More Than 7 Million Incorrect Diagnoses Made in Emergency Rooms Every Year, Government Report Finds

Dr. Malone Says the 'Most Important Dataset of the Pandemic was Just Released' Following Data from Health Insurance Shows 4 Times Increase in Sudden Deaths Following COVID Vaccine Rollouts

Top Australian Doctor Who Advocated for COVID Vaccine Finally Breaks Her Silence - Says Doctors are Censored - Reveals She and Her Wife Both Suffer Serious COVID Shot Injuries

'I don't trust it:' Vaccine hesitancy lingers even as China COVID-19 cases surge

China's COVID-19 Surge Increases U.S. Worries Over Possible New Variants

Biden's Never-Ending COVID Emergency Crushing State Finances

Pentagon Says It Opposes Vaccine Mandate Repeal, but 'We Will Comply'

Leftist Actor Tim Robbins Now Regrets Adhering "Orwellian" and Politicized Government Mandates During Pandemic

Police seize on Covid-19 tech to expand global surveillance

Dr. Fauci: "It's Nice that Some People Idolize Me and Put Me on a Pedestal"

Tracking Bible Prophecy Headlines - 12/20/2022

In Hanukkah message to world Jewry, Herzog welcomes 'tough questions' about election

Biden to condemn rising antisemitism at White House Hanukkah reception

Biden Says 'Silence Is Complicity' on Antisemitism

Intentional or Coincidence? Far-Left New York Times Publishes Crossword Puzzle Resembling Nazi Swastika on the First Day of Hanukkah

Netanyahu shreds New York Times for 'demonizing Israel for decades' after scathing editorial

Palestinian to be charged with terror over Tel Aviv ramming of motorcyclist

World order on verge of cliff - first Israeli national intel assessment

'A war crime': UN pans Israeli expulsion of Palestinian lawyer said linked to terror

Israel embarks on challenge to find sensor tech to map archaeological sites

Egypt says it found large natural gas deposit in eastern Mediterranean

Syria says Israeli airstrikes hit sites in Damascus area, two soldiers wounded

Iran claims to thwart Mossad ring seeking to disrupt its defense industry

Report: Iran hacked Israeli cameras a year ago; defense officials knew, didn't act

Iran says regional summit off Dead Sea coast a good opportunity to revive nuke talks

Saudi-Iran talks said to stall over Tehran's claim Riyadh behind protests

Parents 'beg' Iran to avoid death penalty for son arrested over protests

Iran's government accesses the social media accounts of those it detains. Tech companies appear ill-equipped to stop it

4 Revolutionary Guard troops killed in restive southeast, Iranian state media says

North Korea slams Japan's new security strategy, warns of military measures

China's Liaoning carrier strike group makes show of force in western Pacific

Russia, China to hold joint naval drills

Belarus leader says situation 'escalating' ahead of rare Putin visit

Putin lands in Belarus to pressure ally to join the offensive in Ukraine war

Belarus Is Inching Toward Invading Ukraine

Moldova warns Russia may launch offensive to form corridor to breakaway region

Kyiv says Russian 'kamikaze' drone flies over South Ukraine nuclear plant

Zelenskyy says he's personally overseeing transfer of Patriot air defense systems to Ukraine

Canada says it will seize $26 million in assets from firm owned by Russian oligarch Roman Abramovich

EU to Cap Natural Gas Prices in Blow to Russia, Energy Traders

The US made $4 billion selling oil this year on President Biden's unprecedented releases from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve

Ghana to default on most external debt as economic crisis worsens

Sam Bankman-Fried agrees to extradition to US against 'strongest possible legal advice'

FTX founder Bankman-Fried sent back to Bahamas jail in day of courtroom chaos

Former NYU Administrator Charged in $3.5M Fraud Scheme

Maricopa County Attorney Claims That "Voter Suppression" No Longer Exists - Term Reserved For Lynching Of Black People From 1865 To 1933

Kari Lake demands Maricopa election officials be 'locked up,' continues to deny election loss

Kari Lake Wins Right to Bring Election Fraud Case to Trial - Judge Denies Motion To Dismiss by Katie Hobbs - Trial to Proceed Wednesday and Thursday

Internal Email Shows Major Problem Was Identified in Maricopa County: 'There's a 15,000 Difference Somewhere'

Trump on Elections: Republicans 'Have No Choice,' 'We Have to Fight' Like Democrats to Outdo Them with Mail Voting, Ballot Harvesting

Hope Hicks tells Jan. 6 committee that Trump dismissed her concerns about false election claims: 'The only thing that matters is winning'

Trump Faces a Week of Headaches on Jan. 6 and His Taxes

Jan. 6 panel pushes Trump's prosecution in forceful finish

January 6 committee recommends charging Trump, branding him 'unfit for any office'

Jan. 6 committee approves criminal referrals against Trump for his role in trying to overturn the 2020 election

Jan. 6 committee condemns Trump as 'central cause' of insurrection in sweeping report

McConnell reacts to Jan. 6 referrals: 'Entire nation knows who is responsible for that day'

Jan. 6 hearing: Kevin McCarthy and Jim Jordan among four Republicans referred to House Ethics Committee

It's Unclear Whether the Justice Dept. Will Take Up the Jan. 6 Panel's Charges

Alan Dershowitz says Jan. 6 committee's criminal referral of Trump is unconstitutional

Toensing, diGenova: Jan. 6 Panel 'Has No Authority'

Rep. Tenney: Jan. 6 Panel Actions Resemble Soviet Show Trial

Giuliani: Jan. 6 Panel's Trump Criminal Referral 'Disgraceful'

Trump Slams Jan. 6 Panel as 'Kangaroo Court,' Bipartisan Rules Flouted

Trump slams Jan 6 Committee for making 'mockery of democracy' after charges of 'insurrection,' 'obstruction' recommended

Trump trolls Cheney for primary loss after Jan. 6 committee refers him to DOJ for criminal charges

Trump: Jan. 6 Panel Criminal Referral 'Strengthens Me'

Jan. 6 hearing: Hope Hicks says Trump didn't care about damaging legacy

Rep. Comer: Top FBI to Be Hauled in Front of Congress

Special Counsel Might Be Needed to Investigate Unprecedented Coordination Between FBI and Twitter: Marc Ruskin

FBI Paid Twitter $3.4 Million in US Tax Dollars for Administration Costs Related to the Staff's Time Spent Working with the FBI

Schiff Threatens Social Media Companies: "If You'll Be Responsible Moderators of Content, We Will Give You Immunity"

DOJ to Charge ABC News Journalist Who "Fell Off the Face of the Earth" After FBI Seized Classified Documents From His Laptop in Home Raid

Twitter Files Part 7 Released: The FBI & the Hunter Biden Laptop

Morris: Twitter Files Reveal 'Laptop from Hell' Censorship Was Orchestrated by Security State

New Twitter Files Show FBI Tried to 'Discredit' Information About Hunter Biden Laptop

Twitter Employed So Many 'Former' FBI Operatives That They Formed Their Own Private Slack Channel at Company

Twitter users vote to oust Musk as CEO; he'd promised to 'abide by results'

Elon Musk Keeps Silent After Twitter Users Say He Should Quit as Boss

Elon Musk says only Twitter Blue subscribers will be allowed to vote in policy-related polls

Meta could face $11.8 billion fine as EU charges tech giant with breaching antitrust rules

Children Should Be 'Really Careful' on TikTok, App Is 'Genuinely Troubling': CIA Director

A.I. is here, and it's making movies. Is Hollywood ready?

The Elites Want Inside Your Skull: Jeff Bezos and Bill Gates Invest in Brain Chip Company Rivaling Musk's Neuralink

5.2 magnitude earthquake hits near Besao, Philippines

5.1 magnitude earthquake hits near Kotabumi, Indonesia

5.0 magnitude earthquake hits near Calama, Chile

5.0 magnitude earthquake hits southeast of Easter Island

5.0 magnitude earthquake hits South Sandwich Islands region

Sabancaya volcano in Peru erupts to 24,000ft

Cotopaxi volcano in Ecuador erupts to 23,000ft

Sangay volcano in Ecuador erupts to 22,000ft

Popocateptl volcano in Mexico erupts to 21,000ft

Semeru volcano in Indonesia erupts to 17,000ft

Fuego volcano in Guatemala erupts to 16,000ft

Reventador volcano in Ecuador erupts to 16,000ft

Sheveluch volcano on Kamchatka, Russia erupts to 13,000ft

'Grinch' storm expected to bring powerful winds, power outages just before Christmas Eve

Christmas Week Storm Could Produce 80 mph Wind Gusts In Northeast

Snow piling up at an unprecedented pace, Japan

5 Injured After 'Severe Turbulence' on United Airlines Flight Into Houston

Thai warship sinks in severe weather, leaving 33 crew missing

Great Reset: Irish Gov't Move to Dramatically cut Cattle and Car Numbers For Green Agenda

More than 190 countries sign landmark agreement to halt the biodiversity crisis

Biden's natural gas "phase out" is the next looming disaster

19 Republican States File Emergency Request with the Supreme Court to Uphold Trump-era Title 42 Policy

Chief Justice John Roberts Temporarily Blocks Biden's Attempt to End Trump-era Border Policy

White House insists end of Title 42 doesn't mean border is open, says doubters do the work of 'the smugglers'

CBS News Admits Biden Admin Won't Allow Media to Film Inside Illegal Immigrant Detention Centers

Dutch leader apologizes for Netherlands' role in slave trade

5 Dead After 73-Year-Old Allegedly Goes on Shooting Spree in Toronto

Harvey Weinstein is convicted of 3 of 7 charges, including rape, in his Los Angeles sexual assault trial

Newsom's Wife Blasts Weinstein’s Lawyers as Misogynists After Jury Delivers Mixed Verdict - Jury Hung Over Jennifer Siebel Newsom Rape Charges

Feds cite 'explosion' in child sextortion cases, FBI, DHS issue national public safety alert

Feds warn of "staggering" sextortion scam that has targeted more than 3,000 minors

Woke Whisky Company Airs Pro-Trans Ad of Grandpa Applying Makeup to Himself and Grandson

Twitter Locks Out Independent Journalist Tayler Hansen for Exposing 'Soft-Porn' Drag Show for Children

Protesters swarm NYC library hosting Drag Story Hour for kids

Drag queen starring in Christmas play wants to 'kick down' traditional values

South Dakota Health Secretary Out of a Job After Noem Discovers Transgender Group's Contract

New York Appeals Court Rules Yeshiva University Must Recognize LGBTQ Student Group

South Carolina Freedom Caucus Forces Pediatric Trans Clinic to Shut Down

Detransitioning becomes growing choice among young people after gender-affirming surgery

Maine School 'Socially Transitioned' 13-year-old Girl Without Her Parents Knowledge

Nigerian Pastor arrested with $126 million cocaine at Victoria Falls Airport

Sen Wants Review of US Security Assistance to Nigeria Following Abortion Report

World vaccination rates have reached their lowest point in years. Could COVID be to blame?

Judicial Watch: FDA Records Show Significant Number of mRNA Test Rats Born with Skeletal Deformations

VAERS Shows a 4070% Increase in Miscarriages and Stillbirths Since mRNA Roll-out

FDA Finally Admits Pfizer Covid Vaccine Causes Blood Clots

FDA researchers find Pfizer COVID vaccine linked to blood clots in people 65, older

Judge Approves $10 Million Settlement for Health Care Workers Fired Over COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate

Florida U.S. Rep. Greg Steube Vows Justice for Troops Punished for COVID-19 Vaccine Refusal

Court Blocks Biden's COVID Vaccine Mandate for Federal Contractors

Indicted Lina Hidalgo Chief of Staff Steps Away From His Role as Criminal Case Related to $11 Million No-Bid 'Vaccine Outreach' Contract Looms

Elon Musk Retweets Robert Kennedy, Jr.'s Tweet Predicting Fauci's Life Is About to be Turned Upside Down

Tracking Bible Prophecy Headlines - 12/19/2022

Menorah from iconic photo with Nazi flag to be lit at Berlin Hanukkah ceremony

Churches urged to act against antisemitism, including by scrutinizing own practices

Netanyahu's Extremist Allies, Settlements and Pride Parades: U.S. Ambassador on Israel's Radical New Coalition

Abbas thanks Qatar for using World Cup to push Palestinian cause

US lawmaker: All of Judea and Samaria should remain part of Israel

PA Arrests Hamas Terrorists in Area C without Coordination with Israel

Paris calls eastern Jerusalem 'occupied' after Israel deports Palestinian-French terrorist

France slams Israel for deporting Palestinian over alleged terror: 'Against the law'

At Gaza funeral for drowned migrants, mourners offer rare criticism of Hamas

At mass funeral, furious Gazans blame Hamas for drowning of migrants

IDF troops fire at settlement security guards after mistaking them for rock-throwers

Hamas, Islamic Jihad call to step up 'resistance' attacks against Israel

Iraq: At least nine police killed in bomb and gun attack

Tunisia: President Saied urged to resign after 'fiasco' election

'Life is ebbing away': Egyptians face peril at sea in dangerous new exodus to Europe - Poverty puts thousands into the grip of people smugglers plying a deadly trade in the Mediterranean

Economic pain, Turkish strikes drive Syrian Kurds to Europe

Fuel tanker tunnel fire kills at least 19 in Afghanistan

Celebrities, rights groups urge Iran to free top actor who backed protests

Iran says it will launch two satellites into space in coming months

CIA head: Russia looking to support Iran, posing threat to US allies in Middle East

Iran says it won't 'seek permission' to expand its relations with Russia

Ukraine aid opened the floodgates for more Pentagon spending as US eyes Russia, China

Moldova suspends six TV channels over Russia-Ukraine war coverage

Russia denounces Moldova's ban of TV channels as 'political censorship'

Putin tells Russian children that "changes in Russian Federation and world are for better"

Russian troops are preparing for street combat in captured Melitopol

North Korea confirms 'important' spy satellite test for April launch

North Korea fires two more missiles in a record year for launches

North Korea Fires Two Ballistic Missiles, Escalating Tensions

North Korea fires 2 ballistic missiles capable of reaching Japan

Peru's 'forgotten people' rage against political elite after Castillo arrest

American tourists stranded in Machu Picchu as deadly unrest sweeps Peru

Brazilian Mom Fights for Freedom: "Only the Armed Forces Can Save Brazil"

After a week of sagging polls and mockery, Trump faces looming Jan. 6 action

Schiff: 'Sufficient evidence' to criminally charge Trump over efforts to overturn election

Grassley, Hawley slam DHS for redactions of disinfo docs: 'The people's business ought to be public'

Rep. Mike Turner: House Intelligence Committee Will Seek FBI 'Secret Files' Using Subpoena Power if Necessary

Musk Bans Washington Post Journalist Taylor Lorenz From Twitter - Blaming 'Prior Doxxing' Behavior

Liberal networks previously unbothered by Twitter censorship cry foul over Musk suspending journalists

Jordan bans TikTok claiming that app was 'inciting violence and disorder' after a police officer was killed in protests over high fuel prices

A $1.6 billion lawsuit alleges Facebook's inaction fueled violence in Ethiopia

Concerns grow that China using video games to influence users, harvest data, shape narratives

Cyberattacks on hospitals thwart India's push to digitize health care

Paint by algorithm: Can AI make art, or is it all just derivative?

Meteor explodes over Zhejiang - broken windows and street lamps reported, meteorites found, China

At least 36 people injured, some seriously, after 'severe turbulence' on Hawaiian Airlines flight

5.2 magnitude earthquake hits near Luzon, Philippines

5.1 magnitude earthquake hits near Naha, Japan

5.0 magnitude earthquake hits near Peru-Ecuador border region

3.6 magnitude earthquake shakes the Bay Area

Sabancaya volcano in Peru erupt to 27,000ft

Sangay volcano in Ecuador erupts to 26,000ft

Cotopaxi volcano in Ecuador erupts to 23,000ft

Popocateptl volcano in Mexico erupts to 21,000ft

Reventador volcano in Ecuador erupts to 16,000ft

Fuego volcano in Guatemala erupts to 14,000ft

Semeru volcano in Indonesia erupts to 14,000ft

Sheveluch volcano on Kamchatka, Russia erupts to 13,000ft

Freak wave hits South African beach, killing 3 people and injuring 17

Record-breaking snowfall blankets Moscow

Famine looms over Somalia as drought, civil war displace millions

Drought emergency declared for Southern California

Connecticut Makes Climate Change Curriculum Compulsory in Public School Classrooms

EU reaches deal to accelerate emission cuts and impose new CO2 costs

European Union Reaches Agreement to Force Everyone in EU Countries to Pay for CO2 Emissions - First Step of Personal Carbon Credit System

Europe's $1 Trillion Energy Bill Only Marks Start of the Crisis

GOP Rep. Gonzales: 'Hurricane of Migrants' Hitting El Paso

El Paso Mayor Declares State of Emergency as Border Overwhelmed

Denver Mayor Declares Emergency Over The Arrival Of Less Than 1,000 Illegal Immigrants

5 Antifa Protesters in Atlanta Held on Terrorism Charges after Police Find Bombs, Flares and Weapons at their Camp Near Atlanta

Overrun Amsterdam targets sex and drugs tourists with 'stay away' campaign

Nobel laureate at Washington U. faces sexual harassment allegations

Amy Grant to Host Same-Sex Wedding

UK gov't admits it was wrong for prosecutors to say parts of the Bible are 'no longer appropriate'

Pope Francis dismisses National Director of Priests for Life, Trump supporter, from the priesthood

Vatican Defrocks Priests for Life Director Father Frank Pavone for 'Blasphemous' Social Media Posts

TV Abortion Plotlines Skyrocket as Hollywood Doubles Down on Roe v. Wade Outrage

Canada Killed More Than 10,000 People in Assisted Suicide Last Year

Boston Globe advocates for legalized euthanasia in Massachusetts

Elon Musk 'comfortable' putting Neuralink chip into one of his kids

Court halts genetic testing for possible parents of wrongly implanted embryo

Four States Report an Increase in Severe Strep A Infections Among Children, Putting Hospitals on High Alert

Haiti Launching Cholera Vaccination Effort Hampered by Crime Gangs

Media Points to 'Triple Threat' in Push to 'Bring Back Masks' - Not Just for Covid, But for RSV and Seasonal Flu

Streets deserted in China's cities as new COVID surge looms

New Zealand Releases Guide to Turn in Potential 'Terrorists' for Opposing Government Policies, Including COVID Measures

The CDC Used a Secret Backchannel with Twitter to Control the COVID-19 Narrative

Hutchinson to DeSantis: 'We Shouldn't Undermine Science' by Trying to Relegate the COVID Vaccine

Canada's Health Director of Parliamentary Affairs Who Lead Canada's Response Team to Covid-19 and Vaccine Rollout Dies at 35

FDA Study Links Pfizer Covid-19 Vaccine with Blood Clotting? Panic on Social Media After New Report

Tracking Bible Prophecy Headlines - 12/18/2022

Netanyahu expected to announce government this week

NY Times editorial: Netanyahu government a 'significant threat to future of Israel'

Tweet calls for 'final solution' for Netanyahu family, Likud presses charges

Polish couple killed by Nazis for hiding Jews declared martyrs by pope

'Abhorrent' antisemitic graffiti discovered at Maryland high school

IMF approves $3 billion support package for Egypt in exchange for financial reforms

Travel firms begin evacuating Israelis stranded in Peru amid deadly unrest

Peru Sentences Ex-President Pedro Castillo to 1.5 Years Preventive Prison for Failed 'Self-Coup'

Tunisians go to polls in election set to cement rule of strongman president - Opposition groups are boycotting vote that one prominent party leader describes as 'a still-born farce'

Few Tunisians take part in vote for neutered parliament after president's power grab

Only 8.8% of Tunisian voters show up to election that critics decry as presidential power grab

Tunisian opposition calls on president to quit after low turnout election

11 years after 'disastrous' revolution, many Tunisians see Arab Spring as a failure

People in Lebanon are robbing banks and staging sit-ins to access their own savings

UNIFIL urges swift probe into killing of Irish peacekeeper in Lebanese village

Erdogan claims he had no role in conviction of Istanbul opposition mayor

With World Cup, Qatar sees opportunity to offer visitors an introduction to Islam

Iran arrests lawyer of detained journalists who covered protests - report

Star of Iranian oscar-winning film arrested for backing anti-regime protests

UNGA condemns Iran's crack-down on protestors, with Israel's support

European Parliament lawmakers urge tough sanctions on Iran

Iranian atomic official says uranium enrichment capacity hits record highs

CIA head: Russia looking to support Iran, posing threat to US allies in Middle East

EU backs fresh sanctions apparently targeting Iran's supply of drones to Russia

Israeli charged in US for smuggling components used in nukes to Russia

US Military to Expand Training of Ukrainian Troops

In Ukraine, Hanukkah candles are a lifeline in the midst of power outages

Ukraine races to restore power after Russian strikes plunge cities into darkness

China insists Manchester protester broke into consulate, vows 'strong' countermeasures against UK

New Zealand Demands Citizens Report 'Conspiracy Theorists' Who 'Oppose Gov't Policies' as 'Terrorists'

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.: The CIA's Murder of My Uncle Was a Coup d-Etat From Which Democracy Has Never Recovered

North Carolina court strikes down voter ID law as 'motivated' by racist 'intent'

The 2021 Maricopa Audit Was a Crime Scene After 3 Days When Every Seal on Every Box Was Found Broken Before Review

Lawmakers from Both Sides Facing Questions on FTX Donations

Biden blocking Hunter Biden, Burisma emails would prove 'how much he has to hide,' conservative group warns

Dr Shiva: Until the Partner Support Portal Between the US Government and Big Tech Is Eliminated, It's More of the Same

Republicans respond after 'Twitter Files 6' reveals FBI flagged users and tweets: 'A lot to answer for'

GOP Rep. Burchett: FBI Coordinating with Twitter Is Worse than Musk Choosing to Boot People

Dem Rep. Auchincloss on Twitter Files: Tech, Law Enforcement 'Shouldn't Have Their Fingers on the Scales of American Political Discourse'

Trump: FBI's Relationship With Twitter "Coordinated Effort To Change Election Results"

Twitter Files: FBI Kept Busy Censoring Conservatives Instead of Chasing Crooks

FNC's Turley: FBI's Twitter Files Reaction Shows 'Utter Contempt' for Americans

Musk's suspension of journalists' Twitter accounts causes alarm in media, at UN

Overdramatic: Wikipedia Calls Musk's Suspension of Liberal Journalist As "The Thursday Night Massacre"

Olbermann mocked by Twitter users after being reduced to posting from his dog's account: 'He has snapped'

Musk restores some suspended Twitter accounts of journalists after poll

Are Elon Musk and Twitter heading for a clash with Europe's 'red lines?'

MSNBC's Tur: Should Government Work with Musk's SpaceX Given 'Erratic Behavior' on Twitter?

CIA Director: TikTok Is a National Security Threat, China's Ability to 'Manipulate' It 'Genuinely Troubling'

'It's relentless': Canada media demand action over online abuse

Meet the artificially intelligent chatbot trying to curtail loneliness in America

New World Order: Coalition of Private Companies Release 'Policy Blueprint' for State Government Officials to Push for Digital ID

5.6 magnitude earthquake hits near Miyazaki, Japan

5.3 magnitude earthquake hits near Valdez, Ecuador

5.0 magnitude earthquake hits near Faja da Ovelha, Portugal

5.0 magnitude earthquake hits the Reykjanes Ridge

Sabancaya volcano in Peru erupts to 27,000ft

Popocateptl volcano in Mexico erupts to 22,000ft

Ruiz volcano in Colombia erupts to 21,000ft

Sangay volcano in Ecuador erupts to 21,000ft

Fuego volcano in Guatemala erupts to 17,000ft

Reventador volcano in Ecuador erupts to 16,000ft

Semeru volcano in Indonesia erupts to 14,000ft

Sheveluch volcano on Kamchatka, Russia erupts to 13,000ft

New era of violent and unpredictable eruptions at Stromboli volcano, Italy

Malaysia Landslide Death Toll Rises to 24, 9 More Missing

Inside the New Orleans tornado: Dashcam video shows moments car is overtaken by storm

Jaw-dropping video shows powerful tornado flip over tractor-trailer in New Orleans suburb

'Potential blockbuster' snowstorm brewing in central, eastern states ahead of Christmas

Strong cold front could make snow possible in Florida for Christmas, forecasters say

Record-breaking snow and coldest air mass of the season hit Japan

Growing fears of 'dead pool' on Colorado River as drought threatens Hoover Dam water

How states across the West are using cloud seeding to make it rain

At UN summit in Montreal, envoys hopeful major deal to save nature is within reach

Biden Wants South Africa to Use Green Energy That's Been a Proven Failure Worldwide: Analyst

G-7 Nations to Provide Vietnam With $15.5 Billion to Cut Coal Use

More British Cities to Ban Privately-Owned Vehicles into Certain Areas without Permit to Reduce Traffic and "Help Tackle Climate Change"

'A major problem': The US surpasses $31 trillion in debt, made worse by rising interest rates - and this is who holds the IOUs

Inflation in 2023: experts predict 'worst is yet to come' as recession looms

With Recession Looming, Major Bank That Contributed to 2008 Crisis Announces Mass Layoffs

Biden administration's new 'woke' billion-dollar grant program will further divide America: Ben Carson

Multiple Power Grid Facilities Receive Threatening Letters Following Substation Attacks, Authorities Say

Suspects from Antifa Autonomous Zone Charged with Domestic Terrorism

Knife Control? Fatal Stabbings in NYC Up 37% This Year

Lawyer for 10-year-old boy accused of killing mom asks to lower bail to what he has in his piggy bank

Arizona man claims to be 'Jesus,' crashes into, tries to kill 'demon'-possessed driver with kids in tow: cops

Leading Mexican Journalist Mocked by Officials After Assassination Attempt

2022 is deadliest year on record for Mexican journalists

White House: Lifting Title 42 "Does Not Mean the Border Is Open" - Anyone Who Suggests Otherwise Is "Doing the Work of Smugglers and Spreading Misinformation"

Fmr. DHS Sec'y Johnson: Comprehensive Reform Is 'Impossible' until We Decrease Border Crossings, Show We're Enforcing Law

Fmr. DHS Sec'y Johnson: Migrants Know They Can Game Asylum Laws and 'Low' Bar to Enter U.S.

A mass exodus from Christianity is underway in America. It's less about hot-button topics like abortion and gay marriage and more about the Cold War and the internet.

GOP Congressman from Florida - "Felony For Publishing Houses Producing Pornographic Content to Minors"

Swedish Populists Compared to Putin for Opposing Drag Queen Story Time

Norwegian Filmmaker Faces Three Years in Jail for Saying Transgender 'Women' Can't Be Lesbians: 'Men Are Men Regardless of Their Sexual Fetishes'

Scenes from a celebration of the same-sex marriage law - at Mar-a-Lago - "We are fighting for the gay community, and we are fighting and fighting hard," Donald Trump told a Log Cabin Republicans gala

Over 400 hostile acts against US churches since 2018; at least 57 tied to abortion in 2022: report

$11 for a head of California lettuce? Here's what's behind the shortage causing 'outrageous' prices - Crop disease is ravaging lettuce fields in Salinas Valley - the "Salad Bowl of the World"

Deer Disease Threatens Herds Across the Country - Officials are struggling to halt the spread of chronic wasting disease

4 cases of Legionnaires' disease found in Pennsauken, NJ

Actuaries Raise Alarm That Australians Are "Unexpectedly" Dying At An Exaggerated Rate

US Monitoring New COVID-19 Variants From China

Tracking Bible Prophecy Headlines - 12/17/2022

Benjamin Netanyahu lays out agenda for third term: Stop Iranian aggression and expand peace in the region

Netanyahu vows to forge historic peace treaty with Saudi Arabia to end Arab-Israeli conflict once and for all - but says fresh thinking is needed

Netanyahu tells Saudi outlet deal with Riyadh would be 'quantum leap' for peace

Hundreds of high-tech workers warn Netanyahu bloc's policies will harm the industry

UFC's only Israeli fighter believes all Jews 'should know how to defend themselves' because of anti-semitism

Man brutally assaulted in anti-Semitic attack in Central Park

Department of Education opens anti-Semitism probe at UC Berkley

Trump Denounces Fuentes: 'Nobody' That Embraces Antisemitism Has a Place in America First Movement or GOP

UK studio offers removal of Kanye tattoos after antisemitic comments

Parents furious after UK students do 'sieg heil' salute to Hitler during school play

Proof of biblical kings of Israel, Judah deciphered on Jerusalem rock inscriptions

Condemnation pours in after woman seriously hurt by Jerusalem ultra-Orthodox rioters

Netanyahu Condemns 'Ultra-Orthodox Extremists' After Jerusalem Riot

Israeli car comes under fire near Nablus, driver escapes unharmed

US woman admits to unknowingly funding Iranian plot to kidnap leading dissident

Video shows Iranian woman admit stabbing hookup as revenge for Qassem Soleimani

Iran asking Russia to sell military ships, help build new designs: Israeli sources

Russia Attacks Kyiv with a Wave of Iranian-Made Drones After a Lull

Explosions rock Ukraine as Russia launches another massive missile barrage

Russia fires over 70 missiles in 'one of its biggest attacks' on Ukraine, kills civilians

New Russian missile attack rocks country, hits power grid

An elite Russian military brigade was basically 'wiped out,' taking so many losses in Ukraine that it will 'take years to rebuild,' report says

A Biden admin official recently told members of Congress that Ukraine has the military capability to take back Crimea

Mission Creep: Biden Admin, Media Now Openly Admit U.S. Troops Are On the Ground in Ukraine

"How Close Are We to Something Awful?" - Tucker Carlson Explains that US Patriot Missiles Sent to Ukraine Will Require US Troops to Run Them

Griner, in first public remarks since leaving Russia, says Biden 'committed' to bringing back Whelan

FIFA rejects Zelensky request to deliver peace message at World Cup final - report

India test-fires Agni-V missile amid border tensions with China

Taiwan's military has a fertility problem: As China fears grow, its recruitment pool shrinks

Japan unveils historic $320 billion military build-up since World War II

As public anger mounts, Peru's lawmakers reject reform needed to hold early elections

Peru: 18 killed amidst deadly protests; protesters demand justice for ousted President Castillo

Hundreds of tourists stranded in Machu Picchu amid Peru protests

Brazil Federal Police Raid 80 Bolsonaro Supporters: "It is Going to Get Ugly"

Brian Andersson: Twitter, Facebook, Google Interfered in 2020 Election

So long, California: Major county votes to study secession

Maricopa County's party-specific voter turnout heat maps raise new election integrity concerns

Top Maricopa election offices couldn't reconcile 15k disparity in outstanding votes: internal email

Judge Grants Kari Lake's Request to Examine Maricopa Co Ballots in Preparation for Trial

PA County Doing Hand Recount Of 2020 Election Results In Early 2023 In Response To 5,000 Petition Signatures

Trump Backs McCarthy for Speaker, Tells Opponents to Stand Down: 'I Think He Deserves the Shot'

House to Discuss Trump Tax Returns on Tuesday

Capitol Rioter Laments He's Going to Jail for 'NFT Salesman' Trump

Jan. 6 committee will vote Monday on recommending DOJ charge Donald Trump, reports say

Jan. 6 panel to vote on urging DOJ to prosecute Trump on at least three criminal charges

Capitol riot defendant planned to kill FBI agents who investigated him, unsealed filing alleges

FBI sued for suspending analyst, military vet for espousing 'conspiratorial' Jan. 6 views

FBI Accused Of "Cooking The Books" To Reclassify J6 Man-Hours As "International Terrorism" For Congressional Funding

Five left-wing activists arrested for domestic terrorism in Georgia

Son of Paul Pelosi Attacker David DePape Says His Dad Wasn't a Conservative - He Was a Progressive in the Wrong Place at the Wrong Time

Did the CIA use Cuban exiles in plot involving Oswald? Questions remain as Biden withholds JFK records

Government Funding Research Into 'Correcting False Beliefs' From 'Misinformation'

Archives' Imminent Release of Hunter Biden Emails Puts WH in a Tight Spot

National Archives to Reveal Emails About Biden Family's Ukrainian Business Deals; Joe Biden Weighs Executive Privilege

Hunter Biden emails will be released in days unless White House objects

White House silent on prospective release of 'Burisma' emails

Fifteen states demand Google, Apple relabel TikTok for 'mature' content

Jordan blocks TikTok after cop killed in protests over fuel hikes

Virginia Gov. Youngkin bans TikTok, WeChat on state devices

As FTX investors were bilked, DC politicians benefited from Bankman-Fried's alleged fraud

Full List Released Of Politicians Who Took Indicted Crypto CEO's "Illegal Political Donations" - to Democrats And RINOs

Disgraced crypto bro Sam Bankman-Fried donated $5.2 million to Biden's 2020 campaign

Binance's native BNB token plunges to lowest since July as concerns mount about withdrawals, FTX ties

Twitter Files Part 6 reveals FBI's ties to tech giant: 'As if it were a subsidiary'

Newest 'Twitter Files' release reveals platform's 'constant and pervasive' dealings with FBI

Kash Patel: Same Crew at FBI and DOJ Running Russiagate Were Running Censorship Program with Big Tech Against MAGA Americans

The Brief: A Handy Cheat Sheet of the Many Lies Exposed by Musk's Release of the Twitter Files

Truth Social CEO Devin Nunes calls on Twitter to 'release all the files' - "Elon needs to release all the files, all of them. And if not, Congress should subpoena them."

Elon Musk joins Twitter space with woke journalists, informs them they're not special - doxxing rules apply to them

Elon Musk bans several prominent journalists from Twitter, calling into question his commitment to free speech

Musk bans journalists, breaks Twitter Spaces and suspends competitors - all in one day. The moves cap off a chaotic week at the embattled social media company.

Elon Musk's Twitter Suspends Reporter Who Has Investigated Him for Years

NBC suspends Ben Collins temporarily for criticism of Elon Musk that is 'not editorially appropriate'

Elon Musk Slams #TwitterFiles Journalist Bari Weiss for 'Virtue-signaling' after she criticized his decision to suspend the accounts of several journalists who covered him

'There are red lines': Elon Musk faces international outcry after Twitter bans journalists

Twitter's suspension of journalists sets 'dangerous precedent', UN warns

Twitter Threatened With EU Sanctions Following Elon Musk's Journalist Purge

War on free speech: Twitter ban decisions are 'arbitrary and capricious,' digital rights advocate says

ABC, CBS, NBC evening newscasts cover Elon Musk's feud with journalists, avoid Twitter Files exposing FBI ties

Musk Cries Foul Over Flight Data That's Readily Available

'Ambien tweeting' is becoming a popular excuse - because it actually can cause bizarre side effects

Tesla's Third Largest Shareholder Calls For the Ouster of Elon Musk as CEO

Tesla stock suffers worst week since 2020 as Elon Musk sells, large shareholder asks for new CEO

Tesla stock is in the midst of its worst-ever drawdown

Yellen Blaming Consumers for Inflation Is Government's Latest Attempt to Deflect Blame for Its Policies

Congress passes defense bill nearly $45 billion over Biden's budget request as debt climbs to $32T

Pentagon offers few answers in UFO investigation but has received several hundred more reports

Gigantic Quake Recorded on Mars Was as Powerful as All Others Combined

Magnitude-5.4 earthquake latest in a series of seismic events to shake Texas

5.4 earthquake strikes near Midland exactly one month after last quake

5.0 magnitude earthquake hits near Mindoro, Philippines

5.0 magnitude earthquake hits the South Sandwich Islands region

5.0 magnitude earthquake hits near Pimentel, Peru

Popocateptl volcano in Mexico erupts to 22,000ft

Sangay volcano in Ecuador erupts to 22,000ft

Ruiz volcano in Colombia erupts to 21,000ft

Sabancaya volcano in Peru erupts to 20,000ft

Sheveluch volcano on Kamchatka, Russia erupts to 20,000ft

Fuego volcano in Guatemala erupts to 18,000ft

Semeru volcano in Indonesia erupts to 15,000ft

Reventador volcano in Ecuador erupts to 14,000ft

Landslide at Malaysia campground kills at least 21; victims found "hugging each other"

Massive Berlin aquarium bursts, spilling flood of 1,500 tropical fish possibly due to freezing temperatures causing a crack

Biden begins to refill Strategic Petroleum Reserve, while Keystone Pipeline leak prompts new emergency exchange

Electric Vehicle Charging in Oslo, Norway is Now More than Twice as Expensive as Filling Gas-Powered Vehicle

Biden turns to country with documented child labor issues for green energy mineral supplies: 'It's egregious'

Witness Testifies Bank Threatened To Withhold Loan If He Didn't Tweet 'Climate Change' Talking Points

'Apocalyptic' fire rips through French apartment block, killing 10

Border Patrol agents make historic meth seizure

'Bostonians Of The Year': Martha's Vineyard Residents Win Prize For Dealing With Illegal Aliens For 48 Hours

Denver Mayor Declares Emergency, Says City 'On Verge of Reaching Breaking Point' Amid Influx of Illegal Immigrants

Illegal immigrants seen climbing out of sewer manholes and sneaking into Texas

Jim Jordan: Even Democrats Say We've Got to Do Something About Biden's 'Intentional' Border Crisis

White House press sec says Biden has 'done the work' to fix the border crisis

Federal judge stays Biden's effort to end Trump's 'Remain in Mexico' immigration policy

US Court Rejects Maintaining COVID-19 Asylum Restrictions

Josh Hawley: Biden Unprepared as Daily Migrants at Southern Border Projected to Outpace U.S. Births

Cotton: Mayorkas 'Delusional Ideologue,' 'Our Border Is Wide Open'

House Republicans to NGOs working on the border: Preserve your documents

Biden admin seeks to make citizenship test multiple choice, add new material

Petition launched to recall New Orleans mayor after city crowned US murder capital

Epstein Victim Claims She Has Epstein's Blackmail Videos That Expose Wealthy Elite

Catholic Church sex abuse scandal: Why weren't newly accused priests on Bay Area bishops' disclosure lists?

New York court says Yeshiva University must recognize LGBTQ club

Arab Gulf countries crack down on homosexuality

Kristi Noem's Health Department Fires Transgender Group Ahead of 'Gender Summit'

Disney Sued by Investor Claiming Company's Fight with DeSantis over Florida's Anti-Grooming Law Created 'Far-Reaching Financial Risks'

Federal Appeals Court Rules Against Women, Affirms Policy of Allowing Transgender Girls to Compete on Female Sports Teams in Connecticut Case

Oklahoma transgender student charged with assaulting female high school classmates in bathroom

School Warns Pictures of 'Transgender' Teacher with Size Z Prosthetic Breasts Will Lead to Suspension

Commentary: Our Culture's Sick Obsession with Children and Sexuality

'Don't use pro-life, pro-choice or pro-abortion'; instead use 'anti-abortion or abortion-rights': AP stylebook instructs journalists

'Flagrant Disregard for the Law': GOP Slams Biden Administration's Military Abortion Travel Policy

Abortions in Texas dropped 97% the month after Roe v. Wade was overturned

Canadian Lawmakers Vote Unanimously to Make Anti-Forced Organ Harvesting Bill Law

More Seattle homeless camps cleared as fatalities on the streets soar

'Surreal spectacle': US botched 35% of execution attempts this year

Report: China Imprisons Professor in Mental Hospital for Defending Protests

Xi Jinping tied himself to zero-Covid. Now he keeps silent as it falls apart

New COVID model predicts over 1 million deaths in China through 2023

CDC Director Rochelle Walensky Says Vaccine Misinformation One of the Biggest Public Health Threats

Opposition to School Vaccine Mandates Has Grown Significantly, Study Finds

Liberty Counsel lauds DeSantis request for probe into COVID vaccine, calls it 'historic'

Senate passes defense spending bill that repeals COVID-19 vaccine mandate, approves Ukraine funds

Senate overturns Biden's military vaccine mandate as part of defense spending bill - The bill now moves to Biden's desk for signature, though his administration has said this move is a mistake

White House coy on Biden signing NDAA that would rescind COVID-19 vaccine mandate

Here are the 4 Republicans who voted against allowing unvaccinated military members who were fired to get their jobs back

Ron Johnson Celebrates End of Military Vaccine Mandate: They Deserve 'Healthcare Freedom'

Study: Vaccines 'barely' neutralize newest COVID variants

New Scientific Study Finds Nearly 1 in 4 Women Have Problems with Menstrual Cycle after Taking mRNA Vaccine

Baby dies of large blood clot after doctor ignores parents' request for unvaxxed transfusion

Philadelphia public schools requiring students, staff wear COVID masks after winter break

House Republicans Launch Investigation into COVID-19 Origins, Demand Answers from 40 Officials

Gen Z - Whose Votes Bolstered Democrats in the Mid Terms - Are Suffering Massive Pandemic-Induced Depression.

Spending more time with your kids, grandkids - and their germs - may lower risk of a severe outcome from Covid-19, recent studies show

Tracking Bible Prophecy Headlines - 12/16/2022

Netanyahu floats peace with Saudis as key to resolving conflict with Palestinians

Fears of full-blown Israeli-Palestinian conflict grow after bloodiest year since 2005

Poll: 72% of Palestinians support forming more armed groups in West Bank

Netanyahu backpedals after saying he'll be in charge of West Bank decisions

Knesset legal aide urges caution on bill giving Smotrich reign over West Bank policy

Gantz warns new post of West Bank minister will upend crucial command system

AG: Netanyahu bloc's legislative push could render Israel a 'democracy in name only'

Likud said to weigh residency, not citizenship, for 'grandchild clause' immigrants

Key witness in Netanyahu corruption trial files defamation suit against journalist

UN Palestinian rights investigator denies 'Jewish lobby' comments are antisemitic

Democrats more likely than Republicans to see antisemitism as serious issue - poll

Departing US Congress, Elaine Luria accuses colleagues of peddling antisemitic trope

US government opens antisemitism probe after 'Jew-free zones' alleged at UC Berkeley

UN Palestinian rights investigator denies 'Jewish lobby' comments are antisemitic

Unilever and Ben & Jerry's settle legal dispute over ice cream sales in West Bank

$100 million expansion planned for Jordan River site of Jesus' baptism

Israel prepares for over 100000 Christian tourists during the week of Christmas

Silver coins found near Temple Mount prove Jewish history of Israel

Family of Activist Who Died in Palestinian Custody Turn to ICC

IDF drills at Jerusalem hospital for potential war, heavy rocket attacks on capital

Former Israeli Ambassador to the US predicts Israel will 'take its destiny into its hands' with Iran

Azerbaijan's Ambassador in the U.S.: We won't allow Israel to attack Iran from our territory

Brussels to continue efforts to help achieve peace between Azerbaijan and Armenia - EU ambassador in Baku

Serbia seeks return of its troops to Kosovo as tensions soar

Irish soldier killed on U.N. peacekeeping mission in Lebanon

Joe Biden at Africa Summit: 'Poor Relatives' Always Show Up, Eat Your Food, Stay Longer than They Should

Biden Pledges $350 Billion to Africa But God Only Knows Where It Will End Up

China Dismisses Biden's $55 Billion Giveaway to Africa as 'Laughable'

Biden roasted for sending South Africa $8 billion to shut down coal plants: 'Weapon-grade lunacy'

14-Year-Old Boy Killed as Moroccan Fans Riot in France after World Cup Loss

World Soccer Union 'Shocked' as Iranian Player Risks Execution Amid Ongoing Protests

Don't Read Quran, Celebrate: Iranian Man's Last Wish Before Execution

Iran blasts EU's new 'unacceptable and groundless' sanctions over protest crackdown

Albania sentences Iranian man to 10 years in prison on terror charges

Bowing to Russian pressure, UN chief won't say Iran drones used in Ukraine - report

UN rights chief details Russia's summary killings of hundreds of Ukrainian civilians

Patriot missile defense for Ukraine could save lives or be seen as escalation

Russia warns of "consequences" if U.S. sends Patriot missiles to Ukraine

US Mulls More Troops Inside Ukraine To Track Arms As Leaked Cable Admits "Impossible" Task

Pope Francis: Spend Less on Christmas, Send Excess to Ukraine

Ukrainian President Zelensky's Wife Goes to Paris and Begs for Money and Goods Then Reportedly Goes on 40,000 Euro Shopping Spree

Ukraine's Zelensky Says 'Nyet' to Russia's Olympic Return: 'Their Flags Are Stained in Blood'

Russia Says 'No Decisions' Made on Fixing Nord Stream Pipelines, Seeks Other Gas Buyers

US Military Creates Space Unit in South Korea Amid North Korea Threats

China Sends 18 Nuclear-Capable Bombers to Harass Taiwan

Vietnam Expands Outposts in Disputed South China Sea, Considers Arms Deals with U.S. Firms

Indian General: Chinese Military 'Hooligans' Acting 'Prehistoric'

Communist China Removes UK Diplomats After Attack on Pro-Democracy Protesters in Manchester

Report: 'Black Bloc Infiltrators' Used Arrest of Brazilian Tribal Chief To 'Trigger' Political Unrest, Sources Say

Electoral Court in Brazil to Investigate Bolsonaro; Leftist Judge Accepts Requests of Socialist Lula Da Silva - President's Allies Say the Objective is to Arrest Bolsonaro

Dems push to 'decolonize' Puerto Rico, give territory option of statehood, independence

House Passes Bill to 'Decolonize' Puerto Rico in Lame Duck Session

Here's How They Did it: Real-time Election Fraud by Database Latency

Election results reversed in major Georgia county after memory card found with uncounted votes

Georgia elections chief floats ranked-choice voting, despite counting delays, transparency concerns

Kari Lake Lawsuit Could Help Trump Get Reinstated as President, Lawyer Says

Mohave County Cancels Meeting to Discuss Litigation Against Maricopa County Following Fraudulent Election

DC Bar takes step closer to disbarring Giuliani over 2020 election challenge

Scandal: RNC Under Ronna McDaniel Has Spent Millions On Private Jets, Luxury Items

Adam Kinzinger Uses Farewell Speech to Accuse Republicans of Being Racist, Ignorant, and Who Only Stoke Hatred

Three men jailed for at least seven years over plot to kidnap Michigan governor Gretchen Whitmer

'Which Way Do We Go?': 10 Times Joe Biden Appeared Lost in Public View

What Are They Hiding? Govt. Releases More than 13,000 Documents Related to JFK Assassination - But FBI-CIA are Still Withholding 3% of the Documents

"The Answer Is Yes. I Believe They Were Involved" - Top Intelligence Source Tells Tucker Carlson the CIA Was Involved in Assassination of John F. Kennedy

In a First, Turkish Court Arrests Journalist Under 'Disinformation' Law

After a 15-year decline, more colleges have become hostile to free speech

Donald Trump Unveils Free Speech Policy Plan to 'Shatter Left-Wing Censorship Regime'

Trump unveils plan to protect free speech upon prospective return to White House - "If we don't have free speech then we just don't have a free country. It's as simple as that."

Democrats Push for Meta to Extend Trump Ban

Senate unanimously passes ban on federal employees using TikTok on government devices

Former Twitter Employee Sentenced to Three Years in Prison for Spying for Saudi Arabia

Elon Musk brought his mom to a meeting with advertisers where he tweeted about Trump. He later fired an exec who didn't find the tweet funny, report says.

Dr. McCullough Back on Twitter After Musk Takeover

Elon Musk pledges to 'stop violent extremism' on Twitter

Musk says he's taking legal action over Twitter account that tracks his jet

Elon Musk's son X 'followed by stalker who climbed on car hood' as Twitter CEO suspends Jack Sweeney jet tracker account

Elon Musk releases footage of black-masked assailant who stalked his son

Twitter Suspends Far-left Reporters from CNN, NYT, Washington Post, and Other Independent Reporters Related to Doxxing Event that Endangered Musk's Child

Elon Musk Blames Marxists For Turning His Transgender Child Against Him

Elon Musk's mysterious $5.7 billion donation last year reportedly went to his Musk Foundation charity

Elon Musk sells $3.58B worth of Tesla shares

'Elon abandoned Tesla': The EV maker's 3rd-largest individual shareholder calls for a new CEO as the Twitter circus tests investor patience

Dow closes out its worst day in three months, falls more than 700 points as recession fears grow

Cramer warns investors that Powell won't go easy on stocks: 'The Fed is not your friend'

EU to US: We already have war, don't give us trade war, too

European Central Bank and Bank of England raise interest rates to combat inflation. The U.S. Federal Reserve raised interest rates the previous day.

GOP Rep. Perry: Congressional Omnibus Will 'Pour the Gasoline of Inflation Right on that Same Fire'

Fact Check: Biden Falsely Claims Wages Rising Faster Than Inflation for Several Months

Share of Americans living paycheck to paycheck rises to 63%

Nearly 3/4 of small business owners give Biden negative performance rating in new poll - Sixty percent say economy is currently in the grip of a recession

Businesses Still Struggling Under Biden's Economy As Pandemic Loans Come Due

Tech layoffs in 2022 surpass Great Recession levels

Texas congressman says politicians who received 'stolen money' from FTX need to return it

These lawmakers probing FTX's collapse got donations from Sam Bankman-Fried and cronies

Donations from Embattled Crypto Schemer Sam Bankman-Fried Rocking Chicago's Race for Mayor

FTX Bankruptcy CEO Makes $1,300 per Hour - Paid by Its Customers

Former FTX spokesman Kevin O'Leary says he believes Binance put FTX 'out of business intentionally' - Fallen FTX founder Sam Bankman-Fried has made same assertion

Bipartisan Group Of Senators Introduce Bill To Ban Chinese Telecom Giant Huawei from accessing the U.S. financial system

Commentary: We Are About To Witness A Major Move Toward A Cashless Society

AI-generated fake faces have become a hallmark of online influence operations

How Livermore scientists produced fusion breakthrough by recreating the power of the sun

5.9 magnitude earthquake hits Taiwan

5.7 magnitude earthquake hits off the coast of Central America

5.2 magnitude earthquake hits the South Sandwich Islands region

5.2 magnitude earthquake hits near Kainantu, Papua New Guinea

5.1 magnitude earthquake hits west of Macquarie Island

5.0 magnitude earthquake hits near Aitape, Papua New Guinea

Popocateptl volcano in Mexico erupts to 24,000ft

Sheveluch volcano on Kamchatka, Russia erupts to 23,000ft

Sabancaya volcano in Peru erupts to 22,000ft

Ruiz volcano in Colombia erupts to 20,000ft

Fuego volcano in Guatemala erupts to 18,000ft

Semeru volcano in Indonesia erupts to 14,000ft

Severe floods hit Namibia after 3 months' worth of rain in just 24 hours

Ice and Snow Will Hammer East Coast States After Same Deadly Storm System Proved 'More Devastating' Than Expected in the South

Southern California Water Supplier Declares Drought Emergency

California and the Midwest face 'high risk' of electricity shortages in next five years

Energy watchdog finds fossil fuel plant shutdowns creating long-term vulnerabilities to US electric grid

Potentially 75% less credit for solar: A major decision could affect clean energy goals across California

California cuts payments to homeowners for solar panels feeding energy back to the grid

German Police Investigating Climate Activist Group for 'Disruption of Public Services,' Support of 'Criminal Organization'

Former Border Patrol Chief Calls for Impeachment of DHS Secretary Mayorkas

Migrants tell of mass kidnappings in Mexico before crossing into the U.S.

Biden Administration Plans for More Illegal Aliens to Be Released Into Communities When Title 42 Ends

Cuellar: Migrants Get 'a Great Deal' Half the Trip Is 'Paid by American Taxpayers'

Gavin Newsom: Biden's Migrant Flights a 'Burden' for Sanctuary State California

Congress has voted to remove a bust of Supreme Court Chief Justice Roger Taney, the justice who penned the Dred Scott decision, denying citizenship to black Americans and defending slavery, from the U.S. Capitol

Universal Basic Income Hits the Bay Area - If You're Black - Civil rights lawyers cry foul over the Golden State's cash payments based on race

Cities using federal emergency funds for guaranteed income projects across U.S.

Jack Brewer tells Congress gun crimes won't end until 'paddle and prayer' are brought back to public schools

NY AG Letitia James protected chief of staff against sexual harassment allegations, lawsuit alleges

'Monster' With Sharpened Teeth Held 20-Year-Old Pregnant Woman Captive for Weeks, Cops Say

'Some Sort Of Sex Slave'? Son Of Paul Pelosi's Attacker Breaks Silence, Fuels Speculation

7 Big Tech Firms Criticised Over Not Doing Enough To Stop Child Exploitation: Australian Regulator

California school board head resigns after inviting minors to booze-infused gay adult party featuring 'Dirty Santa'

Haifa nurse indicted for pedophilia, photographing naked patients

California Democrat Rep. Porter says calling person a 'pedophile' brands them a criminal - Porter also said that the "groomer narrative is an age-old lie to position LGBTQ+ people as a threat to kids."

Nonbinary ex-Biden official Sam Brinton helped craft policy to hide student sex changes from parents

Parents accuse school of secretly indoctrinating 8-year-olds in trans ideology: 'shocked and horrified'

Florida Subpoenas Organizations Pushing Transgender Care On Children In Lawsuit

Transgender Teen Charged With Violently Assaulting Two Female Students in Oklahoma High School Bathroom

LGBTQ Representation in Hollywood Movies Dropped Sharply in 2021, New GLAAD Study Finds

Disney Not Gay Enough for GLAAD, Receives 'Insufficient' Mark in Annual LGBTQ Inclusivity Report Card

Universal Studios Theme Parks, Films Flourish As Woke Scandals Destroy Disney Brand

First Annual Childrens Emmy Awards Dominated by LGBTQ: We Want 'Next Generation of LGBTQ+ Kids to See Themselves'

Christmas drag show controversy: armed protesters, supporters gather outside San Antonio theatre

Yoel Roth's Secret Twitter Account Revealed - Former 'Head of Twitter Integrity' Was Posting Photos of His Gay Hookups

Noted Transhumanist Now Targeting Our Children: What's inside Yuval Noah Harari's New Book?

Biden grilled for claiming restaurants kick people out 'for being gay' - People 'have been thrown out for being Christian,' one conservative commentator remarked on Twitter

Religious Liberty Christian Group: Same-Sex Marriage Bill Will 'Create Perfect Scenario' for Supreme Court to Overturn Obergefell Ruling

Nearly 200 North Alabama Churches Leave United Methodist Church over Disputes Between Traditional Christians, Progressives

Growing obesity crisis in U.S. prompts CDC to expand body mass index charts for severely overweight kids

Study: US Parkinson's Disease Incidence 50 Percent Higher Than Previous Estimates

Dog flu outbreaks hit shelters, homes across US as vets encourage owners to get their dog vaccinated

An ER doctor says kids are coming into the hospital with terrifying hallucinations - and warns it's a classic flu symptom

Children's hospitals are struggling to cope with a surge of respiratory illness

'Tripledemic' Mask Push Throws 'Evidence-Based Medicine Out the Window'

Commentary: With Passenger Mask Mandate Gone, Flight Turbulence Stats Improve Markedly

COVID, burnout, and drug shortages: Children and parents are paying the price for the medical system's dysfunction

Omicron subvariants dominating the U.S. have 'alarming' ability to evade both immunity and medical treatments, scientists warn

Ukrainian orphan girl denied life-saving surgery because she's unvaxxed

Sen. Blackburn Holds Press Conference to End Military Vaccine Mandate

Biden Covid Czar Claims Getting Updated Vaccine Will Prevent Nearly All Covid Deaths - But Data Proves Otherwise

China Pushes Vaccines as Retreat from 'Zero-COVID' Turns Messy

China's economy plunged before major Covid policy shift. A rebound may be months away

House GOP report says COVID-19 origins 'may have been tied' to Chinese bioweapons program

Video: NIH Dismissed Concerns over Funding Gain-of-Function Experiments in Wuhan as 'Conspiracy Theories'

Fauci: Trump Communications Team Did 'Opposition Research on Me'

Tracking Bible Prophecy Headlines - 12/15/2022

Tel Aviv to host Abraham Accords-inspired Esports Peace Games

Antisemitism Is Rising at Colleges, and Jewish Students Are Facing Growing Hostility - Some students report being spat upon and harassed, while some campus groups have forced out those who support Israel

Appalled': US, Israel, Jewish groups slam UN official for past antisemitic rhetoric

Interactive map aims to show incidents of West Bank violence amid IDF operations

IDF releases photos showing terror groups put rocket launchers next to Gaza schools

Border Police chief: Troops who mistakenly killed teen girl in Jenin acted correctly

Report: Police Raid Israeli Spyware Company's Offices in Greece

Hamas, celebrating its anniversary, brandishes gun of IDF soldier killed in 2014

IDF chief confirms Israel behind strike on Iran arms convoy near Syria-Iraq border

Turkish court orders jail time and political ban for Erdogan rival

Istanbul's opposition mayor barred from politics over 'insult' to regime officials

Taliban Publishes Photos of Alleged $40 Million Pallets of 'Humanitarian Aid'

Third Journalist Confirmed Dead While Covering World Cup 2022 in Qatar - FIFA Open Books of Condolence for Three Journalists

Wife of US soccer reporter: He died of ruptured aorta - dismissing speculation on social media that Wahl's death was the result of foul play or a COVID vaccination

Report: Qatar Using Cuban Slave Doctors to 'Influence Local Politics'

Meta faces $1.6bn lawsuit over Facebook posts inciting violence in Tigray war

WHO chief says uncle killed by Eritrean troops in Ethiopia's war-torn Tigray region

Iran sentences Belgian aid worker to 28 years in prison for alleged spying

Iran booted from UN women's rights panel as repression of protests continues

Iran Expelled from UN Commission on Status of Women; Israel's Ambassador Calls Iran 'Embodiment of Evil'

White House celebrates 'historic vote' booting Iran from women's rights panel

'I wish I hadn't survived': Why women are burning themselves in Iraqi Kurdistan

Rights groups warn Iran using death penalty as intimidation tool to squash protests

Hard-line Iranian paper suggests closing Hormuz strait over protests

Russia launches cluster of 13 Iranian-made drones at Kyiv in suspected energy attack

Russia Primes Nuclear Bomb 12 Times More Powerful Than Dropped on Hiroshima

U.S. Poised to Send Patriot Missiles to Ukraine, Officials Say

'There are maniacs who enjoy killing,' Russian defector says of his former unit accused of war crimes in Bucha

A Russian defector said soldiers in his unit raped a mother and daughter and were never jailed when their commanders found out

Russian Defector Says Training Consisted of Being Given a Weapon, a Target and 5,000 Bullets

Zelensky: If Putin Suddenly Dies, 'There Would Be No War'

Zelensky aide blames inertia in Ukraine foreign ministry for UN vote against Israel

U.S. Air Force veteran freed in Ukraine-Russia prisoner swap

New Hampshire and New Jersey men accused of smuggling military equipment to Russia

British Royal Marines were Deployed for 'Covert' Missions in Ukraine - Report

Russia Can Resume Trade With Germany if it Ends War in Ukraine, Says Chancellor Scholz

As war in Ukraine continues, Poland and Hungary threaten EU stability

Hungary drops veto threat on Ukraine aid, but Viktor Orbán remains a thorn in EU's side

Ukraine Secures an Extra $1.1 Billion After Further Pleas for Aid

Ukraine economy to take $700B hit over war with Russia

TIME Person of the Year - Ukrainian President Zelensky Just Shut Down Court that Investigates Corruption

Taiwan Scrambles Aircraft After Spotting 29 Chinese Warplanes, 3 Vessels

Report: India Scrambles Jets to Address 'Enhanced Chinese Air Activity' After Border Clash

U.S. Offers Full Backing to India After China Border Clash

China urges India to 'strictly control' and 'restrain' front-line troops after Tawang clash

Saudi Arabia Hails 'New Phase' of Relations With China

South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem calls for crackdown on Chinese farmland purchases

Communists Trying to Steal Election in Brazil Are Now Calling for the Arrest of First Lady Michelle Bolsonaro for Serving Meals to Protestors

False Flag Fedsurrection in Brazil: Several "Imposters" Identified After They were Caught on Camera Conducting Acts of Terror Dressed as Bolsonaro Supporters

Tension Builds as Rumors that If Troops Are Going to Move in Brazil It's Going to Be This Week

Peru declares state of emergency, seeks 18-months jail for Castillo

Peru declares 30-day state of emergency amid protests at president's arrest

Ex-US marshal's dire warning on border crisis: 'The floodgates are open and the dam is about to break'

El Paso migrant surge 'unsustainable,' people sleeping in the streets, city official says

House Republicans Call to 'Impeach Mayorkas' amid Illegal Migration Surge

Gavin Newsom: Biden's Migrant Flights a 'Burden' for Sanctuary State California

Chairman of Jan 6 Select (Witch Hunt) Committee Withdraws Subpeona Against Verizon For Mike Lindell's Phone Records After He Sues Nancy Pelosi

Boehner gets emotional in Pelosi tribute: 'My girls told me, tell the Speaker how much we admire her'

Pelosi attacker said 'there is evil in Washington,' police officer testifies

DePape's plan: After Nancy Pelosi, target Newsom, Hanks, Hunter Biden, investigator says

Hunter Biden's allies are intimidating witnesses

Special counsel Smith has subpoenaed officials in all 7 states targeted by Trump allies in 2020 election

President Trump Files Defamation Suit Against Members of Pulitzer Board for Their Awards to Junk News Outlets that Pushed Now Debunked Russia Collusion Hoax

Fetterman's new chief-of-staff peddled Trump Russia collusion hoax

Mark Meadows' leaked texts destroy the Trump lone actor narrative

Voter fraud crusader Mark Meadows may be charged with voter fraud after registering at mobile home

White House: GOP lawmaker's call for martial law 'disgusting affront' to country's principles

Supreme Court Considers Case Seeking to Overturn 2020 Presidential Election

CNN Poll: Americans have little appetite for Biden-Trump rematch in 2024

McConnell steps up attacks on a weakened Trump

Left-wing activists urge Biden not to run for reelection in New Hampshire TV spot

Biden reportedly lashed out about media fixating on his age

Liberal Jewish groups blast McCarthy for pledge to remove Ilhan Omar from committee

Bill Maher Blasts 'Insane' Liberals for Defending Radical Islam

Pelosi told Obama Dems lost House in 2010 because White men 'get in a mood' when they don't have jobs

'Brutal layoffs' coming to the Washington Post after major subscriber losses - Newspaper has struggled to maintain edge in post-Trump era

US lawmakers urge FBI to improve hate crimes data collection after limited report

"It's Unequivocal. And the Twitter Files Make It Overt" - Dr. Robert Malone Speaks Out on the Deep State, Big Tech, and DNC Cabal Working Together to Remove Trump from Office

Twitter suspends accounts that track Musk, SpaceX jets

Jet-tracking teen lashes out at Elon Musk for suspending Twitter account

Commentary: Elon Musk Should Take a Clear Stand Against Censorship by Proxy

Israel seeks to apply rules to regulate social media platforms, offensive content

Commentary: Democrat Voters Much More in Favor of Social Media Censoring 'Misinformation' than of Stopping Politically-Biased Censorship

A Provision in Congress' Defense Bill Could Censor the Internet, Free Speech Advocates Say

Rep. Steube: My Sec. 230 Bill Would Go After Big Tech Censorship

Another Batch of States Joins in Banning TikTok from Government Devices

Twitter up in arms as calls to 'ban TikTok' grow: 'Trump was right'

DOJ, SEC Charge Eight Social-Media Influencers for Alleged Securities Fraud

DOJ and SEC charge social media influencers in alleged $100 million stock pump-and-dump scheme

Criminal Charges Against Democrat Megadonor Sam Bankman-Fried Unsealed, Faces Life In Prison; Denied Bail

Sam Bankman-Fried's Path to Jail Took Just Weeks in Speedy US Probe

Sam Bankman-Fried denied $250K cash bail offer after begging judge to be let loose over vegan diet, ADD

New FTX CEO says company's collapse worse than Enron, calls it 'paperless bankruptcy'

In 60 Seconds Before CPI Hit, Heavy Trading Drove Mystery Rally

Fed Downshifts Campaign to Tame Inflation, but Still 'Some Ways to Go'

Fed raises interest rates half a point to highest level in 15 years

Fed likely to slow interest rate hikes at final meeting of the year

Inflation continues to define Biden presidency

Congress reaches deal to avoid government shutdown, negotiators say

Multiple M-class solar flares erupt from AR 3165

Strong M6.3 earthquake hits Rat Islands, Aleutian Islands, Alaska

5.6 magnitude earthquake hits the Balleny Islands region

5.0 magnitude earthquake hits near Sagaing, Myanmar

Sabancaya volcano in Peru erupts to 25,000ft

Ruiz volcano in Colombia erupts to 21,000ft

Sangay volcano in Ecuador erupts to 21,000ft

Cotopaxi volcano in Ecuador erupts to 21,000ft

Popocateptl volcano in Mexico erupts to 21,000ft

Fuego volcano in Guatemala erupts to 18,000ft

Reventador volcano in Ecuador erupts to 16,000ft

Semeru volcano in Indonesia erupts to 14,000ft

Ground shaking, landslides, volcanic activity and tsunami associated with M5.7 earthquake at Lake Taupo, New Zealand

Severe floods and landslides hit Kinshasa, leaving more than 140 people dead, DR Congo

Tornado hits New Orleans as massive winter storm sweeps U.S.

Tornado Rips Through Louisiana, Hits Downtown New Orleans

New Orleans metro area reporting damage, storm deaths, and injuries from tornadoes

At least 3 dead and multiple injured as tornadoes wreak havoc across Louisiana and the Southeast

At least 18 tornadoes sweep across Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi; mother and son among 3 killed

'It just took everything': Deadly storms persist through southern US

Congo's worst floods kills over 120, government buildings inundated

5 people killed, 15 injured after large structure collapses during severe hailstorm, Bolivia

Europe's new weather satellite will be a boost in climate change battle

AOC's New Climate Film Hits Iceberg, Sinks Into the Abyss

'Hail Satan': a Virginia town at war over After School Satan Club

Democratic governor commutes all of Oregon's death sentences: 'Justice is not advanced by taking a life'

Chicago Mayor Lightfoot Under Fire Over Move to Hide City's Exploding Violence From Media and Public

Blue states prepare new gun control laws to survive Supreme Court challenges

Biden celebrates Bill of Rights Day after gun control push

US Army investigates 'incidents' of soldiers posing in uniform with fetish gear

Epstein Island: Newly Unsealed Evidence of Abuse - Unsealed testimony implicates Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell

Pedophile spared prison after judge says web chat with 12-year-old girl 'motivated by boredom'

The Drag Queen Biden Invited To The White House Has Shocking Record Promoting Kiddie Sex

Congressman-elect wants children's publications prosecuted if pornographic imagery is shown

Oregon Department of Education to Spend $2 Million on 'LGBTQ2SIA+' Curriculum

Parents Push Back as Liberal Foundations Fund Woke Education Programs

American Academy of Pediatrics suggests parental rights advocates want to roll back child abuse protections

Maryland teacher gives tips on how to keep students' gender identity secret from parents

Biden claims 'trans kids' under attack, must be protected

House Oversight Committee highlights attacks on LGBTQ community

'Shame on you': Club Q survivors blame GOP rhetoric for mass violence

Nadine Smith: 'Club Q felt like the inevitable pathway' extremists have put the country on

Norwegian filmmaker faces up to 3 years in prison for saying men cannot be lesbians

White House glows rainbow colors after Biden signs Respect For Marriage Act

5 reactions to Biden signing gay marriage bill: 'Landmark moment' or 'dark day'?

Top Republican Calls for Investigation into Why Sam Brinton Was Not Vetted

Non-binary ex-Biden nuke official Sam Brinton told 'stay out of trouble' by Vegas judge

Joe Biden: Republican Bans on Transgender Surgeries for Children Connected to Anti-Semitism

Candace Owens calls for discrimination against trans, nonbinary people: 'Society would be safer if we discriminated more'

Report: TSA Spends $18.6 Million on 'Nonbinary Screening Systems'

Christian Teacher Fired After Refusing to Use Preferred Pronouns Sues School

Skate Canada Changes Definition of "Team" to Allow Any 2 Skaters to Compete Together in the Name of "Gender Diversity"

50 Pro-Life Groups Sound Alarm on Taxpayer Funding for Abortions at VA Clinics

Nurse Sues Texas VA Over Providing Abortion Services

GOP Lawmakers Introduce Resolution Blocking VA-Performed Abortions

Experts Sound Alarms as Canada Expands Euthanasia to Cover Mental Illness

Netherlands Keeps Ban on Assisted Suicide After Legal Challenge Over 'Right' to End Life

Israeli AI predicts heart failure in muscle inflammation patients with 80% accuracy

Therapy for porn addiction skyrocketing since the start of COVID pandemic, research reveals

Florida pastor and his son are arrested in alleged $8 million Covid scam

US to Pay Pfizer Nearly $2B for More Paxlovid Courses in 2023

W.H.O. Warns China: Abruptly Ending Lockdowns Is 'Really, Really Hard'

China Covid: 'Panic-buying' and shortages as restrictions are eased

China Says Tracking Covid Cases 'Impossible' As Infections Soar

China's COVID spike not due to lifting of restrictions, WHO director says

The World Suddenly Realizes China's Covid Stats Are Totally Made Up

CDC claims 3,500 Americans dead from 'Long Covid'

New Junk Study Suggests People Who Refused Their Covid Vaccine are at Higher Risk of Traffic Accidents, Pushes For Higher Insurance Rates for Unvaxxed

Study suggesting unvaccinated should pay higher car insurance premiums draws outrage

COVID origins 'may have been tied' to China's bioweapons program: GOP report

Oversight Republicans Launch COVID Origins Investigation, Target Fauci, HHS Officials

Fauci Pushes Back After DeSantis Calls for Grand Jury Over COVID Vaccines

DeSantis' power move on COVID vaccines targets drugmakers, possibly Trump legacy

DeSantis: Medical Establishment Never Wanted to Be Honest About COVID Vaccine Drawbacks

Ron DeSantis: There Is Proof Big Tech Targeted 'Scientific Dissenters to Control the Narrative Around COVID-19'

Florida Surgeon General Joseph Ladapo: mRNA COVID-19 Shots 'Far Less Safe Than Any Vaccines Widely Used'

British MP Claims a Prominent British Heart Foundation Leader has Ties with Big Pharma - "Covered Up" Evidence Linking mRNA Jabs to Heart Inflammation

Some offspring of Moderna mRNA vaccine test rats born with skeletal deformities: Judicial Watch

Tracking Bible Prophecy Headlines - 12/14/2022

2022 among the deadliest years in recent memory for Israelis and Palestinians

Israel said set to show UN envoy proof most slain Palestinian minors had terror ties

Right-wing MKs submit bill to lift ban on civilian presence at razed settlements

Far-right Lawmakers Introduce Bill Permitting Return to West Bank Settlements Evacuated in 2005

Speaking in dire terms, MKs warn incoming coalition against altering Law of Return

Netanyahu: There will be electricity on Shabbat, religious status quo will continue

Likud, UTJ said set to tie state budget to passage of law exempting Haredim from IDF

Ex-president Rivlin decries incoming coalition's bid 'to destroy' Israel's top court

Court rejects state's request to declare key Netanyahu trial witness hostile

Israeli Archaeologists Find First Proof That Jews Fled to the Negev After Failed Revolt 2,200 Years Ago

Rare silver half-shekel, minted by rebels against Rome in 69 CE, found in Jerusalem

Jewish Nonprofit Accuses FBI of Understating Antisemitic Hate Crime Statistics

EU source says anti-Israel measure 'tainted' in wake of Qatar corruption scandal

EU corruption scandal: MEP denies Qatar bribery after 1.5m Euros seized

Greek MEP Eva Kaili stripped of EU vice-president role amid Qatar corruption scandal

Morocco's showdown with France carries complex political baggage

Police to boost forces in south for Morocco-France World Cup game amid riot fears

Grant Wahl's brother says he 'regrets' suggesting that reporter was killed while covering World Cup in Qatar

Iranian soccer player sentenced to death after protesting against the death of Mahsa Amini

28 Iranians Sentenced to Death For Participating in Anti-Regime Protests

Iran sentences 400 people to jail terms of up to 10 years over protests

Ukraine Angrily Rejects Claim That Iran is Scaling Back Military Assistance to Russia

Zelensky cracks joke about 'Jewish guys from Odesa' on Letterman

Russia Rejects Zelenskyy Call for Troop Pullout, Saying Ukraine Must Accept 'Realities'

Ukraine PM says IAEA has dispatched team to 'secure' country's nuclear plants

US finalizing plans to send Patriot missile defense system to Ukraine

Zelensky Says Ukraine Needs Additional $840+ Million in Donations to Ensure Winter Survival

Dozens of countries meet to pledge aid for Ukraine during winter months

Military briefing: escalating air war depletes Ukraine's weapons stockpile

Who will win in Ukraine? It could hinge on which side can secure enough artillery ammunition

Russia struggling to replenish arms even with Iran, North Korea aid: senior military official

Burning Through Ammo, Russia Using 40-Year-Old Rounds, U.S. Official Says

US DOJ charges 5 Russian and 2 US nationals with conspiring to violate sanctions by smuggling equipment to Russian military

Former Spy Says Biden Is a "Controlled Asset" of the CCP - Biden's Actions Show This Is the Case

Ex-US Marine Pilot Faces Conspiracy Charges Over Chinese Pilot Training

China sends record wave of bombers into Taiwan defence zone

Rolling Red Carpet to Africans, US Warns of 'Destabilizing' China, Russia

Beijing Rejects Africa 'Debt Trap' Claim as Washington Holds US-Africa Summit

3 dead and foreign nationals injured after gunmen attack Kabul hotel

China advises citizens in Afghanistan to leave 'as soon as possible' following hotel bombing in Kabul

French court convicts 8 over 2016 Nice terror ramming that killed 86

Peru's former President Castillo denies charges as protest death toll rises

Echoes of January 6 as Bolsonaro Supporters Torch Vehicles, Attempt to Storm Police HQ

The Soros Files Brazil: Barack Obama, PetroBras and the Biggest Corruption Scandal in Brazil's History

FTX Founder Denied Bail in the Bahamas

FTX founder SBF charged with 'multi-year scheme to defraud investors' by SEC

FTX "one of the biggest financial frauds" in history, SDNY says

FTX CEO blames 'grossly inexperienced' owners for collapse, says customer money funded risky Alameda trades

FTX CEO's bewilderment that company used QuickBooks for its accounting echoes a scene in 'Breaking Bad'

FTX founder Sam Bankman-Fried made political contributions under other people's names, US authorities allege

FTX founder Bankman-Fried made illegal campaign donations totaling in the 'tens of millions of dollars': prosecutors

FTX Bankruptcy Means $73 Million in Political Donations at Risk of Being Clawed Back

SEC's Indictment of FTX's Bankman-Fried Released - Any Mention of the Amount of Donations from FTX to Politicians is Omitted

Karine Jean-Pierre Won't Say if Biden will Return Millions of Dollars of Campaign Donations Received From Sam Bankman-Fried

White House: The Fed has 'the best monetary policies to deal with inflation'

Biden celebrates easing inflation numbers, defends his economic policies

Bank of England calls for 'urgent' global action after near-collapse of UK pension funds

Grassley, Johnson: Garland picked Trump special counsel 'wrapped' in 'overtly political connections'

U.S. tells jury Oath Keepers plotted to use force to keep Trump in office

Feds in the Shadows: Leaked Documents Indicate over 300 Members of Oath Keepers May Be Current or Former DHS Employees - Not Clear How Many Are Federal Operatives

Jan. 6 panel member Raskin says Greene would 'be going to jail' if she organized Capitol riot

Marjorie Taylor Greene Admits Republicans Won't Investigate 2020 Election

Poll: 71% Say Accurate Reporting of Hunter's Laptop Could Have Altered 2020 Election

Concerns mount over media, government quashing election integrity efforts through intimidation

More Arizon Fraud: Maricopa County Whistleblowers Reveal Tens If Not Hundreds Of Thousands Of Ballots With Mismatched Signatures Were Illegally Counted In Violation Of Arizona Law - Election Decided By 17,177 Votes

State Senator Sonny Borrelli and Mohave County Arizona Voters File Lawsuit Against Katie Hobbs and Maricopa County Officials - Claim Fraudulent Midterm Election Disenfranchized Voters

AZ Judge Sets Schedule For Kari Lake Lawsuit Against Maricopa County - Motion To Dismiss Due By Thursday - Tentative Trial Scheduled for Next Week

McConnell says Trump fueled 'candidate quality' problems in the midterms

McConnell Trashes Trump: "Our Ability to Control the Primary Outcome Was Quite Limited in 2022 Because of Support of the Former President"

Detroit to strip Ben Carson's name Off local high school overties to the Trump administration - "Cancel culture is alive and well. It's infiltrating"

Missouri AG's Office Issues "Preservation Of Evidence" For Feds' Communications With Twitter - Believes Feds Are Hiding Evidence from Investigators

Greg Kelly Is Latest Prominent TV News Host to Awaken to Criminal Activity of FBI including Their Recent Colluding with Big Tech to Overthrow Trump and Silence Americans

Why Are Retired Generals Receiving Pentagon Waivers To "Consult" For Foreign Governments? Congress Wants To Know

Report: Lobbyists Try to Slip Controversial JCPA Media Cartel Bill into Omnibus

US lawmakers introduce bill to ban TikTok due to "substantial influence" of, countries that are considered foreign adversaries

Hackers planted evidence on computer of jailed Indian priest, report says

New Zealand PM Ardern caught name-calling rival on hot mic

Israel to establish nuclear fusion research institute after US success

Huge 'Christmas asteroid' will soar past Earth at a distance of 420,000 miles away

5.7 magnitude earthquake hits near Naze, Japan

5.4 magnitude earthquake hits the Kermadec Islands region

5.2 magnitude earthquake hits near Amlapura city, Indonesia

5.2 magnitude earthquake hits near Tabas, Iran

Sabancaya volcano in Peru erupts to 24,000ft

Popocateptl volcano in Mexico erupts to 23,000ft

Cotopaxi volcano in Ecuador erupts to 21,000ft

Sangay volcano in Ecuador erupts to 21,000ft

Ruiz volcano in Colombia erupts to 21,000ft

Reventador volcano in Ecuador erupts to 18,000ft

Fuego volcano in Guatemala erupts to 18,000ft

Semeru volcano in Indonesia erupts to 14,000ft

Observation flight confirms continued emissions of minor to moderate steam and gas plume at White Island volcano, New Zealand

Scientists Declare 2 Hawaii Volcanoes Have Stopped Erupting

Tonga volcano eruption continues to astonish

Dangerous multiday severe weather, tornado outbreak to target southern US

7 injured in Texas tornadoes, storms; blizzard warnings issued in 6 states as massive winter storm rocks US

Raging floods hit Kumluca and Finike, Turkey

Floods, heavy rains batter Lisbon, residents urged to stay home

2 in 5 Americans, nearly half of Christians, believe 'we are living in the end times': poll

White House unveils Hanukkah menorah as part of official Christmas decorations for first time

Satanic Temple installs holiday display in Illinois capitol next to Nativity scene, menorah

Gavin Newsom Visits Southern Border, Blames Republicans for Crisis

How Nonprofits and Corporations Are Facilitating the Border Crisis: Heritage Foundation Event

Photos: Arizona Closes Border Wall Gaps with Shipping Containers as Illegal Immigration 'Avalanche' Looms

El Paso faced a 'major surge in illegal crossings' over the weekend, senior border official says

El Paso leaders meet with DHS secretary; justify reason to not declare state of emergency

'Enough is enough': UK PM announces crackdown on illegal immigration

Fake Psychic, Partner Sentenced in $3 Million Fraud Scheme

8 hurt in fire at NYPD warehouse where evidence is stored

'Deep State mentality': Secret Service, ICE secretly coordinated with FBI to strip gun rights, emails show

Minnesota Democrat Lawmakers to Use Legislative Majority for Gun Control

Bali's governor says Indonesia's ban on sex outside marriage poses no risk to tourists

WWE's Vince McMahon Faces Fresh Demands From Women Alleging Sexual Abuse

DeSantis donor dead from apparent suicide amid sexual misconduct probe: report

More Ghislaine Maxwell documents are released, but the secrets remain under lock and key

Disgraced CNN producer pleads guilty to child sex crime

Twitter Disbands Trust and Safety Council Amid Criticism of Child Abuse Material

Woman launches legal fund to sue doctors who lied and coerced her into transitioning at 13

Trans Employee Sues Planned Parenthood for Gender Discrimination, Claims Org Denied Proper Training for 'Hormone Navigator' Role

Cambridge Dictionary Joins Merriam-Webster With Woke Definitions of Man, Woman

Cambridge Dictionary updates definition of 'woman' to include trans women

Cambridge Dictionary changes definition of 'man' and 'woman': '1984 wasn't supposed to be a how-to manual'

Cross-Dressing Book for Pre-K Students Crossed the Line in Kansas

Biden Invites Drag Queen Who Performs for Children to Attend 'Respect for Marriage Act' Signing

White House Hosting Massive Musical Celebration for Same-Sex Marriage Bill Signing

Joe Biden Signs Same-Sex Marriage Bill: 'Nothing More Decent, More Dignified, More American'

Biden signs gay marriage law, calls it 'a blow against hate'

Biden's gay marriage win may lead Democrats to retool Supreme Court attacks

Iowa GOP Sen. Ernst Defends Gay Marriage Vote Despite Backlash

Singer Cindy Lauper Celebrates Joe Biden Signing the Respect For Marriage Act: "We can rest easy tonight"

Ohio State Board of Education votes against Biden-supported LGBTQ protections in Title IX

Lawmakers want answers from Biden admin over funding to Colombian LGBT group that backs prostitution

'Embarrassment': House GOP fuming over Biden administration ever hiring nonbinary alleged thief

'Non-binary' Biden official mocked after being fired for alleged luggage theft: 'New pronouns are un/employed'

GOP Reps Ask Trans Activist If Extremist Rhetoric Online Leads to Violence - Then Posts Up Several Violent Tweets from Same Radical Trans Activist

Report: Nigerian Army Massacred Children, Forced Abortions During Battle with Boko Haram

Maryland Man Accused of Killing Pregnant Woman and Unborn Baby Gets 2 Murder Charges

Top DOJ Official Vanita Gupta Admits to Targeting Conservatives Following Overturn of Roe v. Wade

Womb with a view: EctoLife baby farm eliminates pregnancy and labor

Terrifying 'artificial womb facility' where parents can pick their baby's traits

In first, Israeli scientists program hens to lay eggs that carry only female chicks

Gene-edited hens may end cull of billions of chicks

John Ivison: Medically assisted death is slipping down a dreadful slope

People who skipped their COVID vaccine are at higher risk of traffic accidents, according to a new study

POTS, a debilitating heart condition, is linked to Covid and, to a lesser degree, vaccines

German Data Analyst Reveals Data from Health Insurance Shows 4 Times Increase in Sudden Deaths Following COVID Vaccine Rollouts

Governor DeSantis Calls on Grand Jury to Investigate Covid Vaccine-Related Injuries

Senators accuse Pfizer of 'pure and deadly greed' over plan to quadruple cost of Covid shot

Sen. Lankford Threatens to Delay DOD Nominations Over Vaccine Mandates

Fauci testimony likens lab-leak theory to vaccine microchips, warns against 'blaming the Chinese'

Hong Kong scraps some restrictions for travelers, ends contact tracing

Hit by COVID wave, companies in China strain to keep operations running normally

Covid Rips Through China Trading Desks, Banks Prep Backup Plans

China reportedly delays key economic meeting amid signs of COVID surge

Chinese Epidemiologist: 'Not Yet the Time' to Return to Pre-Pandemic Normal

More Evidence Reveals CDC Colluded with Social Media Giants to Silence COVID 'Misinformation'

Dr Fauci hits back at Musk claims he should be prosecuted: 'Cesspool of misinformation'

Fauci: I Couldn't 'Be Complicit' When Trump Was Giving COVID Misinformation

Fauci: Our Society Is Becoming Anti-Science - 'We Are Experiencing the Normalization of Untruths'

Fauci: Threats to Me, My Family Are 'Manifestation of How Bizarre Our Society Has Gotten'

Bipartisan Lawmakers Call on Biden to Extend Title 42 Health Order

Tracking Bible Prophecy Headlines - 12/13/2022

'Nothing is going right for Netanyahu' - political analyst says as vote on Knesset speaker delayed

Report shows UTJ, Likud negotiating vast expansion of religious rule, rousing anger

Haredi party said to demand law banning all non-Orthodox prayer at Western Wall

Few Israelis support religion-and-state blitz mulled by incoming coalition - poll

UNRWA's mandate renewed for three years, US and Canada abstain - The vote to seek ICJ advisory opinion on de facto Israeli annexation was delayed

British PM Sunak says he'll visit Israel next year for its 'landmark 75th birthday'

White House announces new inter-agency group to counter antisemitism

Watchdog Group Crowns Kanye West 'Antisemite of the Year'

US calls for accountability after Palestinian teen likely killed by errant IDF fire

US commandos kill two ISIS commanders in Syrian raid

Smothered, poisoned and shot: Nigerian Army massacred children in its war against Islamist insurgents, witnesses say

Twenty-seven men believed to be Ethiopian migrants found dead along road in Zambia

New GOP oversight chair demands 'accountability' for 'catastrophic' Afghanistan withdrawal

8 Pakistanis, 1 Afghan Soldier Killed in Cross-Border Clash

Afghanistan's Taliban displays pallets of cash received for 'humanitarian aid'

Scores of executions feared in Iran as 23-year-old hanged in public killing

EU slaps sanctions on Iranian officials over protest crackdown, Russia drone sales

Moscow and Tehran moving towards 'defense partnership'

Putin's new 'General Armageddon' injects discipline and stabilises Russian army

'Highly Unlikely' Weakened Russia Can Retake Lost Territory - UK Intel

Massive fire engulfs Moscow shopping mall - Monday's explosion was the second such blaze in four days

Ukraine Says Russia Has 'Deported' More Than 13,000 Children Since Start Of Invasion

Ukraine's Zelenskyy Pushes G7 for Winter Global Peace Summit

Russian Official In Occupied Ukraine Injured In Car Explosion

Russian Man Fined for Sharing Zelensky Dream on Instagram: 'This Is Idiocy'

I Gave Them Information on Ukraine Corruption and They Ignored It - Rudy Giuliani Names Names of Those Who Ignored Biden's Corruption in Ukraine

Japan to buy Tomahawk missiles in defense buildup amid fears of war

Chinese and Indian soldiers slug it out hand to hand in brutal border clashes

Xi Jinping's Govt Slams US For Sanctions Over Alleged Rights Abuses In Tibet: 'Not Qualified To Play The World Police'

6 killed, including 2 officers, in Australian ambush, siege

Peru: Leftist Lawmaker Sucker-Punches Conservative Colleague on Congress Floor

EU Parliament 'under attack' as Qatar corruption scandal grows

EU corruption scandal puts democracy under attack - European Parliament head

Bolsonaro Supporters Try to Invade Police HQ as Post-election Tensions Spark

"Justice is Rigged" - Brazil Election Breakdown: Officials Shut Down Website and Remove Evidence After It Was Exposed

Special Counsel Smith speeds ahead on criminal probes surrounding Trump

Judge dismisses Trump's case challenging Mar-a-Lago document seizure after appeals court ends special master review

White House: Marjorie Taylor Greene's latest Jan. 6 comments a "slap in the face" to law enforcement, victims' families

Sedition trial set for four more Oath Keepers over US Capitol insurrection

Jan. 6 Geofence Warrants Could Violate Constitutional Rights

Special counsel subpoenas Georgia Secretary of State Raffensperger in January 6 probe

A Plot To Overturn An American Election: TPM Has Obtained Explosive Evidence Uncovered By The January 6 Select Committee

The Four Brunson Brothers Are Suing Biden, Harris, Pence And 385 Members of Congress for Refusing to Investigate Whether 'Enemies of The Constitution' Rigged The 2020 Presidential Election

Kari Lake says her litigation will be propelled by testimony of multiple whistleblowers

"Maricopa County Doing What They Can To Obstruct Transparency" - Maricopa County Recount Raises Red Flags As Republicans Are Excluded From Hand Counting Boards

Maricopa County Kept a GOP Heat Map of Expected Voters Hanging on Their Wall - Then 84 Percent of Voting Centers with Machine Problems on Election Day were in Deep Red Districts

Heitkamp: If House GOP Subpoenas Hunter Biden, Senate Dems Should Go After Jared and Ivanka

Biden official hid info about meetings with George Soros, Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi from public

The Twitter Files: The Corporate Media Ignores The Biggest Story Of The Decade

Twitter Files Part 5 reveals staffers who didn't believe Trump violated 'incitement' policy

The Day Twitter Permanently Banned Trump - Even Though Trust and Safety Team Privately Concluded He Never Violated Policies

Twitter employees painted Trump as 'terrorist' leader, 'American patriots' as rioters to justify ban

Twitter Team Viewed Trump as Leader of Terrorist Group Responsible for Violence and Deaths Comparable to Hitler

Deplatforming of Trump sparked internal dissent, new 'Twitter Files' show

Musk's Twitter dissolves Trust and Safety Council that advised platform's content

Musk: Twitter's Legacy Blue Checks 'Corrupt, Nonsensical'

Twitter flagged the term 'My Pillow' as misinformation

The Twitter account that tracks Elon Musk's private jet has been shadowbanned, its owner says

Elon Musk's Twitter Takeover Draws NASA's Attention

Elon Musk Gets Viciously Booed by Stadium Crowd at Dave Chappelle Show

Elon Musk is no longer the richest person in the world

Tesla approval rating dips into negative territory: survey

FTX founder Sam Bankman-Fried arrested in the Bahamas after U.S. files criminal charges

Senators slam Sam Bankman-Fried for refusing to testify before banking panel on FTX collapse

New FTX CEO to tell Congress about bankrupt crypto firm's 'spending binge,' loans to insiders

'I expect a tsunami of shutoffs': 20 million American households are behind an average of $788 on their utility bills - here are 3 simple ways to drop your monthly costs

"There Is No Soft Landing" - RH CEO Warns Housing Market "Looks More Like A Crash-Landing"

China Is Setting the Standard for Deepfake Regulation, for Better or Worse

Why the U.S. Fusion Energy Discovery Really Is 'Revolutionary'

Fusion energy breakthrough could be an 'inflection point' for clean fuel technology

US Air Force carries out first fully successful test of air-launched hypersonic missile

'Shower of the year' to send 75 meteors per hour across the sky this week

5.5 magnitude earthquake hits south of Panama

5.3 magnitude earthquake hits near Seram, Indonesia

5.0 magnitude earthquake hits south of the Fiji Islands

Sabancaya volcano in Peru erupts to 26,000ft

Sangay volcano in Ecuador erupts to 21,000ft

Popocateptl volcano in Mexico erupts to 20,000ft

Ruiz volcano in Colombia erupts to 20,000ft

Reventador volcano in Ecuador erupts to 18,000ft

Fuego volcano in Guatemala erupts to 16,000ft

Semeru volcano in Indonesia erupts to 14,000ft

Agung volcano in Indonesia erupts to 12,000ft

Rare winter sandstorm hits Beijing, China

Snow grips Britain, causing travel disruption and sparking energy concerns

Nationwide winter storm set to bring everything from blizzard conditions to tornadoes across the U.S.

After longest snow closure ever, Anchorage School District weighs how to make up lost time

House Republicans Warn ESG Policies May Violate Antitrust Laws, Demand Documents from Investor Group

Jeep lays off 1,350 workers in Illinois, moves factory to Mexico due to Biden's war on climate change

Company extracting CO2 out of air scoops $10 million investment

1000 Migrants Cross Border into El Paso Overnight Ahead of Mayorkas Visit in Record-Setting Crossing

Sheriff threatens outgoing Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey with arrest over 'border wall'

Biden brings non-binary drag queen to White House for signing of same-sex marriage bill

Department of Energy fires gender fluid nuclear official amid luggage theft charges: reports

Court Rules Catholic Hospitals Can't Be Forced to Provide Transgender Surgeries

University Pays Christian Students $90K to Settle Free Speech Lawsuit

Pope Francis Sees 'Omens of Even Greater Destruction and Desolation'

Human rights commissioner in MA quits after mocking God, blasting 'trash' Christians amid Christmas tree spat

Denver drops drug charges against 'mushroom rabbi' who promotes religious psychedelic use

'Gas Station Heroin' Is Causing Intense Withdrawals. It's Legal in Most States.

U.S. opioid crackdown hits some patients' access to psychiatric drugs

CVS and Walgreens to pay a combined $10.7 billion settlement for alleged opioid prescription lapses

England fans returning from Qatar 'risk' spreading camel flu 10 times deadlier than Covid

Mass Vaccination Effort Ends New York's Polio Emergency

Montana Law That Bars COVID-19 Vaccine Mandates in Health Care Settings Is Unconstitutional: Judge

New York City's Mask Advisory Includes Toddlers and the Vaccinated

Two Decades After 9/11 Inquiry, Congress Weighs a Similar Plan for Covid

White Coat Waste Project: Fauci Has 'Abused His Authority, Science and Taxpayers'

White House rips 'disgusting' Elon Musk for 'Prosecute/Fauci' tweet

Karine Jean-Pierre Says Elon Musk's Memes Trolling Dr. Fauci and Biden are "Dangerous"

Former CIA Director John Brennan Calls Anthony Fauci a 'National Hero' After Elon Musk Diss

Tracking Bible Prophecy Headlines - 12/12/2022

At Abraham Accords confab, Likud MK claims Saudi peace likely within a year

Netanyahu meets with delegation of visiting UN ambassadors, touts Abraham Accords

Teen Palestinian girl killed during battle between troops, gunmen in Jenin - PA

IDF reportedly believes teen Palestinian girl accidently killed by troops in Jenin

IDF said to strike site in Syrian Golan, drop threatening flyers

US says helicopter raid kills 2 Islamic State officials in Syria

In phone call, Erdogan tells Putin to clear Kurdish forces from northern Syria

After 34 years, US says Libyan who built deadly Lockerbie plane bomb in custody

West African terrorist charged with death of American citizen and supporting Al-Qaeda

'A disgrace that weakens Europe': Anger over MEPs-Qatar corruption scandal

Four suspects charged in probe into European Parliament bribery by Gulf state

EU chiefs shocked by European Parliament corruption probe

Europe's credibility at stake in corruption case at European Parliament - Germany

Did Qatar bribe for influence in Europe before FIFA world cup? Probe shows yes

Second Journalist Dies Suddenly While Covering the FIFA World Cup 2022 in Qatar

Iran releases on bail actors, director arrested for supporting protest movement

Iran executes second person jailed over protests

Iran execution: Man hung from crane in public amid protests

Saudi FM says 'all bets are off' if Iran makes a nuclear weapon

Ukraine steps up diplomacy amid fighting, power outages

In call with Zelensky, Biden emphasizes US support for war-torn Ukraine - the Ukrainian president emphasized his country 'wants to achieve peace'

Zelenskyy Thanks Biden for 'Unprecedented' Help to Ukraine

'Merchant of Death' swapped for Griner says he wants to join Russian invasion of Ukraine

NBC issues correction after reporting White House had choice of 'Griner or Whelan'

Dem lawmaker justifies swapping 'Merchant of Death' for Brittany Griner: 'He has not killed Americans'

Trump says he rejected Russia deal to swap Paul Whelan for Viktor Bout - insisting he would never free someone who has "killed untold numbers"

Pompeo: Biden Trading Bad Guys for Celebrities Creates Incentives to Take More Famous People

Europe is simply switching gas dependency from Russia to U.S. - RIA cites Kremlin

Taiwan Invasion: China 'Fully Prepared' To Gobble Taiwan; 3 Key Factors Could Trigger Military Ops - Experts

Erdogan Tells Putin to 'Clear' Kurdish Forces From Northern Syria

Turkey's Erdogan Warns Greece Its Missiles Can Hit Athens - 'If You Don't Stay Calm'

Man kills 3, injures others in Rome condo board meeting shooting

Germany to tighten gun laws after suspected coup plot - minister

Peru President Dina Boluarte proposes moving up elections amid protests

The 40 Day Dilemma: Brazil's Ongoing Crisis - The People Believe Something Big Is About to Take Place in Brazil

Brazil's Bolsonaro calls for military coup

Marjorie Taylor Greene Says MAGA Would've Won on Jan. 6 if She Organized It

Texas man who wrote 'Murder the Media' on Capitol door gets 4-year sentence

GOP members who rebuffed Jan. 6 panel may face referral to ethics panel

McDaniel: GOP 'Infighting' Root Cause of Midterm Disappointment

Sanders says Sinema 'helped sabotage' some of Congress's key legislations

Kinzinger: 'Very Clear' that DOJ Has Decided to Investigate January 6

Former US Attorney: DOJ 'On a Path' to Charge Trump

House Republicans prepared to issue 'criminal referrals' in Hunter Biden probe

McCarthy vows to subpoena 51 ex-intel chiefs who called Post's Hunter Biden expose 'disinformation'

RINO Mitt Romney Calls For Investigations Into Hunter Biden to End

The Twitter Files are damning to the government - They show a coordinated attempt to suppress speech and cover up Hunter Biden's laptop

'Now things get spicy': Elon Musk declares Twitter a 'crime scene'; House GOP to 'roll out red carpet' for his testimony

'Twitter Files Part 4' details how platform changed policy specifically to ban 'Trump alone'

Latest Twitter Files Report Reveals Twitter Banned US President Trump at the Behest of Michelle Obama and Others

Twitter Censors Allowed Liberals To Spread Election Conspiracy Theories During 2020, Docs Show

Democratic Rep. Ro Khanna backs The Post, says Twitter was 'wrong to censor newspapers'

Former CIA Chief and Liar John Brennan Attacks Elon Musk After He Threatens to Release Fauci Files on Deep State-Democrat-Social Media Collusion

Evidence Shows that It's Not Just Twitter and the FBI, the State Department, CISA, Facebook. YouTube and Google Are Also Working to Censure and Ban the Information You Receive

Former Disinformation Board Executive Nina Jankowicz, Other DHS Officials, Planned Meeting with Facebook's Head of Security

For Years Fact Checkers Have Been Targeting Conservative Media - This Week We Learned the State Dept. Was Funding Them

University stonewalling release of public records on federal censorship collusion: lawsuits

FBI Refuses Again to Share the Whole Truth About Seth Rich's Murder - Experts Wonder If Deep State Is Trying to Protect Its Use of a Domestic Spying Database

North Korean Hackers Exploited Seoul Halloween Tragedy to Distribute Malware, Google Says

SoCal Man Held on $3.25 Million Bail For Going Door-to-Door Lighting American Flags on Fire

9 Million Millennials Moved Back In With Their Parents This Year Due To Soaring Rents

Stock Market's Defining Moment Arrives With CPI, Fed Decision

Cuba's Declining Economy Prompts 'Historic' Migration to US

Joe Biden Cuts Deportations of Illegal Aliens by More Than 90% in U.S. Towns

Chicago's Protections for Felons, Gang Members Ensures Zero Criminal Illegal Aliens are Turned Over to Feds

South Dakota's Kristi Noem creates model for states to rein in China without Biden - The Republican governor is targeting everything from Chinese purchases of farmland to Beijing investments, and even TikTok

China aims to break US petro-dollar by buying oil in Yuan

Great Reset: UK Prepares to Introduce a 'Digital Pound' Central Bank Digital Currency

U.S. to announce fusion energy 'breakthrough'

Magnitude 6.0 Earthquake Strikes Mexico City

5.2 magnitude earthquake hits near Comapa, Guatemala

Cotopaxi volcano in Ecuador erupts to 30,000ft

Sabancaya volcano in Peru erupts to 27,000ft

Popocateptl volcano in Mexico erupts to 27,000ft

Ruiz volcano in Colombia erupts to 21,000ft

Sangay volcano in Ecuador erupts to 21,000ft

Reventador volcano in Ecuador erupts to 16,000ft

Fuego volcano in Guatemala erupts to 16,000ft

Intense explosions, dense volcanic ash emissions at Fuego volcano, Guatemala

Fuego volcano erupts in Guatemala, forcing airport closure

Santa Maria volcano in Guatemala erupts to 15,000ft

Semeru volcano in Indonesia erupts to 14,000ft

Sheveluch volcano on Kamchatka, Russia erupts to 13,000ft

Scientists lower alert for Mauna Loa, say eruption could end

Concerns of 'More Landslides' in Southern California After Portion of Cliff Collapses Onto Beach

At least four killed as Cyclone Mandous hits southern Indian state

'Travel could become impossible': Powerful winter storm dumps snow in Sierra Nevada; flood watches triggered in California

'Travel could become impossible': Powerful winter storm dumps snow in Sierra Nevada; flood watches triggered in California

UK weather: Flights delayed and cancelled due to cold snap

Orlando Airport Asks Airlines to Carry Additional Fuel to Avoid Flight Disruptions - Bad weather along the Gulf Coast delayed fuel deliveries, the airport says

Swedish Govt Calls on Citizens to Cut Electricity Use Due to Outage Risks

'Firmageddon': Researchers find 1.1 million acres of dead trees in Oregon due to drought

Patti LaBelle rushed off stage after bomb threat at Milwaukee theater

Eastern Congo prays for peace - But what's triggering a surge in violence and death in the troubled region?

Hillsong exec. tells court abuse by Frank Houston wasn't reported because it's not a 'current matter'

Facebook Reverses Policy on Human Trafficking Posts

Woman Accused of Drugging, Strangling Ex-Stepfather After Finding Nude Images of Herself on His Computer

Why You Should Be Worried About the Split in the Methodist Church: Protestants are splitting up over LGBTQ issues. In the 1840s, it was slavery that opened a rift.

Transgender Navy SEAL Detransitions, Warns Young People About the Trans Agenda and Exposes the VA

Retired Navy SEAL Chris Beck, who came out as trans, announces detransition: 'destroyed my life'

Canada prepares to expand assisted death amid debate

Doctors and Lawyers Debate Meaning of Death as Families Challenge Practices - Changing the determination of brain death potentially affects organ donation

Israeli-Based 3D-Printed Lab-Grown Meat Company is Building World's Largest Facility in North Carolina

German Molecular Biologist Unveils Concept of World's First Artificial Womb Facility Which Can Incubate up to 30,000 Lab-Grown Babies a Year

Humans in 2100 could be ageless bionic hybrids with downloadable brains as they transform into Elon Musk-style 'CYBORGS'

Devotion to Virgin Mary draws millions to Mexico City shrine

As attendance dips, churches change to stay relevant for a new wave of worshippers

Shoppers, workers clash over post-pandemic expectations

China scraps virus tracking app as country braces for Covid impact

China's Rapid Covid Reversal Sparks Whiplash as Cases Surge

Top China expert says Covid 'spreading rapidly' after rules easing

Flu overtakes COVID-19 in U.S. as primary respiratory illness

Israeli Soldiers Given Damaged Monkeypox Vaccines

Clinton Judge Strikes Down Montana Law That Blocks Vaccine Mandates and Sharing of Employees' Vaccine Status - Says its "Unconstitutional"

Wuhan to Facebook, why can't Fauci explain key early-COVID decisions?

Elon Musk calls out Fauci - 'He lied to Congress and funded gain-of-function research that killed millions of people'

'My Pronouns are Prosecute/Fauci' - Elon Musk to Release the Twitter Files on COVID and Dr Fauci

The World Health Organization, Johns Hopkins, and Bill Gates Just Conducted Another Pandemic Simulation - This Time The Virus Is Deadlier And Targets Children

Tracking Bible Prophecy Headlines - 12/11/2022

PA chief urges world to shun an Israeli government not committed to two states

US opposes UN 'blacklist' of settlements, says it poses 'genuine threat' to firms

After deadly fire, Gazans say Israel-Egypt blockade limits ability to fight blazes

Meeting UN chief, Odeh says Israel's Arabs 'in terror' of incoming government

IDF launches snap drill with thousands of troops, simulating fighting in north

Report: Israel warns will bomb Beirut airport if it's used for Iran weapon shipments

Iran again summons UK, German envoys amid anti-regime protests

Iran's Currency Drops to Historic Low Amid Unrest, International Isolation

Ukraine war: US says Iran now Russia's 'top military backer'

Incoming House Foreign Affairs Chairman Michael McCaul Calls for More Arms to Ukraine to Destroy Russian Military

'Major War' Between Russia and West Could Break Out over Ukraine, Warns NATO Chief

Ukrainian, Russian Nobel Peace winners urge struggle against Putin's 'insane' war

Russian attacks grind on in eastern Ukraine as Bakhmut is 'destroyed'

Over 1.5 million in Ukraine's Odesa without power after Russian drone attack

Ukraine keeps patching up its power grid. But Russia's barrage could force more Ukrainians to flee as winter bites

EU Commissioner Warns Russia May Be Trying to Flood Europe with Ukrainian Refugees

US confident Sweden, Finland will soon join NATO despite Turkey's holdup

"They're Losing Their Christian Values. They're Losing Their Families. It Is No Longer the America We Knew" - International Arms Dealer Viktor Bout Gives First Interview Since His Release from US Prison

Vice president of EU parliament suspended amid suspicions Qatar bought influence

German police: Suspect dead after killing mother, taking hostages in Dresden

Bolsonaro to Fight On - Speaks to Massive Sea of Supporters After 41 Days of Silence: "I Will Give My Life for My Country! We Will Win!"

Majority of Americans don't want Biden or Trump to run again in 2024, CNBC survey shows

Dick Morris: Indicting Trump Will Only 'Stoke Enthusiasm'

Runbeck Whistleblower Reveals That Chain Of Custody For OVER 298,942 Maricopa County Ballots Delivered To Runbeck On Election Day Did Not Exist, Employees Allowed To Add Family Members' Ballots Without Any Documentation

RNC, Arizona AG nominee file lawsuit contesting certified results, point to 'errors and inaccuracies'

Is Dominion's $1.6bn defamation lawsuit a death blow for Murdoch and Fox News? The media mogul and Fox Corp are being sued for allegedly broadcasting 'lies' about the voting machine company

Hunter Biden's art now sells for up to $225,000 to anonymous buyers despite ethics concerns

Some Hunter Biden allies making plans to go after his accusers

Hunter Biden Planning Defamation Suit Against Fox News, Eric Trump, Delaware Computer Repairman John Paul Mac Isaac and Rudy Giuliani

Rudy Giuliani: Mike Pompeo 'Also Buried' Biden Laptop Story

Musk: 'Twitter Is Both Social Media Company, Crime Scene'

Twitter's Actions May Have Cost Lives: Former Parler CEO

Stanford's Dr. Bhattacharya: Twitter 'Harmed Science' by Squelching Scientific Debate

GOP Rep. Gallagher: Twitter Ignored my Call to Boot CCP Propagandists While They Shadowbanned Conservatives

Elon's Twitter Is Still Infiltrated with Former FBI and CIA Agents - These Agents Are Frantically Scrubbing Their LinkedIn Accounts, Read the List Here

Trump was censored by Twitter 'under pressure from federal agencies' before being banned

Twitter Files: Executives Met with Federal Agencies Amid Hunter Biden Laptop Scandal, Allowed FBI to Report Tweets

'Twitter Files Part 4' details how platform changed policy specifically to ban 'Trump alone'

Elon Musk's Memo Threatening Twitter Employees Who Leak to the Media Is Leaked to the Media

Elon Musk to Sue Insubordinate Employees Who Break Their NDA and Leak Confidential Twitter Information to the Liberal Press

Yoel Roth Pushed for a Permanent Suspension of GOP Rep. Matt Gaetz Even Though He Didn't Violate Twitter Rules

Goodbye Yellow Brick Road: Elton John Leaves Twitter Citing Misinformation Dividing the World

FTX's Sam Bankman-Fried Reveals He Can't Account for Billions Sent to Alameda Research

Gmail outage affects millions worldwide; Google acknowledges delays, says fixing

5.6 magnitude earthquake hits the South Sandwich Islands region

5.3 magnitude earthquake hits near Attu Station, Alaska

5.1 magnitude earthquake hits near Tobelo, Indonesia

5.1 magnitude earthquake hits near Katsuura, Japan

5.1 magnitude earthquake hits south of the Fiji Islands

5.1 magnitude earthquake hits south of Africa

5.0 magnitude earthquake hits the South Sandwich Islands region

Lascar volcano in Chile erupts to 37,000ft

Sabancaya volcano in Peru erupts to 27,000ft

Cotopaxi volcano in Ecuador erupts to 24,000ft

Fuego volcano in Guatemala erupts to 24,000ft

Ruiz volcano in Colombia erupts to 23,000ft

Popocateptl volcano in Mexico erupts to 20,000ft

Sangay volcano in Ecuador erupts to 20,000ft

Reventador volcano in Ecuador erupts to 15,000ft

Semeru volcano in Indonesia erupts to 14,000ft

Sheveluch volcano on Kamchatka, Russia erupts to 13,000ft

Cliff collapse: SkyFOX video shows massive landslide in Palos Verdes Estates

Extremely heavy rains cause deadly flash floods in Minas Gerais, Brazil

Rebel Farmers Are Pushing Back on Climate Action. This is Why

Kansas oil spill the biggest in Keystone pipeline history, data shows

Keystone Pipeline Ruptures in Kansas Dumping Enough Oil to Fill Olympic-Sized Swimming Pool - Cause of Spill Under Investigation

Automaker Stellantis lays off hundreds of American workers, blaming high cost of making electric cars

House Republicans Launch Investigation into Major Climate Groups Spearheading ESG Policies

BlackRock Uses Funds Not Listed for ESG to Achieve ESG-Related Targets

US Household Wealth Falls for 3rd Consecutive Quarter

Household wealth down by $13.5 trillion in 2022, second-worst destruction on record

The 24 Hours of Hikes That End Year of Fighting Inflation

European Union to Ban Cash Transactions over 10,000 Euros

Three dead, dozen missing after explosion at apartment block on Channel island of Jersey

$90 million jewelry heist traces back to a self-proclaimed psychic in Florida who promised to 'cleanse the jewelry of bad spirits,' federal agent alleged

Here Comes the Flood: Biden Regime Boasts "Full Steam Ahead" on Terminating Title 42, Welcoming 30,000 Illegal Aliens Every Day

Seven Cartel Gunmen Killed in Mexico During Border City Shootout

Cotton: TikTok Exposes American Kids to 'Stuff That They Would Never Let Chinese Teenagers See'

Musk Agrees that "It's a Crime" Three Twitter Employees Refused "to Take Action on Child Exploitation for Years"

Twitter Owner Elon Musk Suggests Blame for Child Exploitation on the Platform May Rest with Yoel Roth

Former Twitter exec Yoel Roth asked if teens could 'meaningfully consent to sex' with teachers in 2010

Rose McGowan Rips Jack Dorsey over Claim Twitter Took Action Against Child Porn: 'Why Should We Believe You Now?'

Children's Hospital Coached Local School District On 'Affirming' Trans Students

Conservative Journalist Assaulted by Antifa Militants at Drag Queen Story Hour in Washington State

Transgender Americans Feel Under Siege as Political Vitriol Rises

Rand Paul: 'Crazy Left-Wing Democrats' Threaten Your Child's Mental Health by Pushing Lockdowns, Gender Reassignment for Minors

'Sense of Betrayal': Republican Senator Censured Over Same-Sex Marriage Vote

Sen Johnson's COVID Vax Panel: Where Was the Oversight? Gene Therapy Gamble

Military Chaplains Fight On Against Tyrannical Pentagon Vax Mandate After Setback - "Going To Pursue Every Avenue Possible"

'Reacher' Actor Matthew Marsden Reveals His Opposition To COVID-19 Vaccine Mandates Recently Cost Him A Job: "If More People Stood Up These Would Have Gone Away"

Fauci: 'Tough to Say' if We Advised States to Stay Closed for Too Long, 'Arguable' Whether Shutdowns Should Have Been Longer or Shorter

World Health Summit Member Admits COVID Lockdowns Were Political Not Scientific

China's Looming 'Tsunami' of COVID Cases Will Test Its Hospitals

New York City Mask Advisory Back Amid Rise in 'Tridemic' Cases - Covid-19, Flu and RSV

As flu season hits South Florida hard, drug shortages cause panic

Europe's medicine shortages: What we know about low drug supplies, from amoxicillin to paracetamol

Tracking Bible Prophecy Headlines - 12/10/2022

Herzog grants Netanyahu 10 more days to form coalition, adds a warning: It 'must work for the entire public,' maintain bond with Diaspora, says president

Leading protests, Lapid warns of 'most extreme and insane government in our history'

Biden's Brazil Ambassador Pick with Antisemitic History Faces Possible Senate Confirmation Action

Virginia's Republican-led antisemitism panel blasts BDS, subtly critiques Trump

Trump lays into disloyal 'Jewish leaders,' ignoring calls to condemn Kanye, Fuentes

LA Hate Crimes Highest in 19 Years, Jews Targeted in 74% of Religiously Motivated Crimes: Report

Biden Admin Urges Israel to Protect Technological Assets From Chinese Takeover

Biden to call for African Union to be added as G-20 member

Public execution, whippings in Afghanistan mark revival of Taliban punishments

American soccer journalist Grant Wahl dies while covering FIFA World Cup in Qatar - Grant Wahl's brother believes he did not die from natural causes and is pleading for help

Iranian-American Man Pleads Guilty to Texas School Bombing Plan

UN rights chief: Iran seeks 'chilling effect' with execution of protester

3 years jail for Iran leader Khamenei's niece, who panned him and 'murderous' regime

Iran claims uranium traces found at undeclared sites came in waste from abroad

Ukraine war: US says Iran now Russia's 'top military backer'

US warns Russia is giving Iran 'unprecedented military and technical support'

Russia is providing 'unprecedented' military support to Iran in exchange for drones, officials say

Putin says one missile will trigger 'hundreds' of warheads in stark message on nuclear deterrence

Putin floats possibility that Russia may abandon 'no first use' nuclear doctrine

Ukraine: Russia put rocket launchers at nuclear power plant

Ukraine war: Vladimir Putin says deal may be needed to end conflict as he admits mistakes were made over mobilisation

Biden Authorizes New $275 Million in Military Aid for Ukraine - White House

Democrat Claims Any Desire to Track Money Sent to Ukraine is Evil Russian Propaganda

Zelensky Honours Ukrainian Pilot Who Took Gory Selfie As "Hero Of Ukraine"

Putin Erects Statue in Moscow to Honor Fidel Castro

Putin: Russia May Oil Cut Production Over West's Price Cap

Putin Suggests More Prisoner Swaps 'Possible' After Griner-Bout Trade

Report: Russia Wanted Assassin Krasikov as Part of Whelan Deal

Evidence indicates Biden Admin picked WNBA's Griner over Marine Paul Whelan, despite claiming otherwise

Maria Butina, Russian state TV praise Putin for Bout-Griner prisoner swap: 'Capitulation by America'

NBC Scrubs Bombshell Report That Russia Offered America Brittney Griner Or Paul Whelan in Exchange for Viktor Bout - Biden Had a Choice

US sanctions Russia, China and Iran for human rights violations

Saudi Arabia wants ties with both China and US, says foreign minister

China's Xi calls for oil trade in yuan at Gulf summit in Riyadh

FTX founder Bankman-Fried says he'll testify to Congress about company's collapse

Leftist ethics group refuses to return $2.5 million 'donation' from FTX founder—says they spent it

Former Peruvian President Castillo's impeachment: a warning sign to Latin America's left

Rioter who assaulted cops at US Capitol after Trump loss gets 5 years in prison

Obama-Appointed Judge Declines to Hold Trump in Contempt Over Classified Documents

RNC, Arizona AG nominee file lawsuit contesting certified results, point to 'errors and inaccuracies'

Kari Lake Files 70 Page Lawsuit to Throw Out Fraudulent Arizona Midterm Election Results - Claims Hundreds of Thousands of Illegal Ballots, 59% of ED Precinct Machine Failures, Tens of Thousands of Illicit Mail-in Ballots

Iowa Republican Wins IA House Election By 11 Votes After Recount- Machines Declared Democrat Winner, Hand Count Revealed Republican Won

Kevin McCarthy Is About to Enter Political Hell - The likely GOP speaker may well preside over one of the most chaotic House terms in American history

Sinema switches to independent, shaking up the Senate

Kyrsten Sinema's bombshell split from the Democratic Party could be more about sidestepping a tough 2024 primary than a principled stand against partisanship

White House expects to 'work successfully' with Sinema despite party change

All eyes on Manchin's future as a Democrat after Sinema's departure from the party

Washington Post loses 500,000 subscribers, does not anticipate profit

Liberals fume as Elon Musk gives independent journalist Bari Weiss unprecedented access for Twitter Files 2

Musk's second "Twitter Files" claims "secret blacklists"

'Visibility Filtering:' 'Twitter Files' Reveals Shadowbanning, Other Tools Used to Censor Conservatives

Musk's Twitter bombshells keep coming. Social media company was giant conservative censorship machine

In 2018 Jack Dorsey Said "We Certainly Don't Shadow Ban Based on Political Viewpoints" - Today It Was Confirmed that Dorsey Was Lying

'They Were Cheating:' Charlie Kirk Unloads on Twitter's 'Rigging the Platform' with Shadowbanning

Elon Musk confirms US political candidates were blacklisted while running for office - Twitter executives testified before Congress in 2018 and said unequivocally that they did not engage in this kind of suppression

Elon Musk Calls out Sussmann, Perkins Coie for 'Attempt to Corrupt a Presidential Election'

Trump's Election Qualms Were 'Last Straw' for Twitter, Files Reveal

President Trump Thanks Elon Musk for Twitter Revelations and Labels the DOJ What It Is - Totally Out of Control

Trump: Big Tech Cover-Up 'Most Sinister Act in History'

Pro-Biden Tweets Warning Trump "May Try to Steal the Election" Approved by Senior Twitter Execs

White House Denies Involvement in Twitter Censorship

'Spy Agencies are Now Running the Show': Powerful Thread on 'Twitter Files' is a Warning to Americans

More Evidence that Twitter Was Run by the Deep State - Former CIA and FBI Employee Identified at the Top of the Censorship Activities

FBI and CIA Connections to Twitter Exposed Amid Massive Election Interference and Censorship Operation

'They better be retaining lawyers': Ex-Twitter execs face GOP gauntlet as Musk exposes old regime

Musk Twitter leak raises concern about outside data access

Democratic lawmaker says Twitter censorship went too far: 'Simply not what we do in this country'

Tesla's Troubles Are Piling Up While Elon Musk Is Distracted With Twitter

AI bot that can do schoolwork could 'blow up' US education system, with youngest at most risk: former teacher

5.8 magnitude earthquake hits near Cabatuan, Philippines

5.6 magnitude earthquake hits near Pondaguitan, Philippines

5.6 magnitude earthquake hits near San Pedro de Atacama, Chile

5.5 magnitude earthquake hits near San Antonio, Chile

5.2 magnitude earthquake hits near Georgetown, Saint Helena

5.1 magnitude earthquake hits the South Sandwich Islands region

5.0 magnitude earthquake hits near Ovalle, Chile

Sabancaya volcano in Peru erupts to 23,000ft

Cotopaxi volcano in Ecuador erupts to 23,000ft

Popocateptl volcano in Mexico erupts to 21,000ft

Sangay volcano in Ecuador erupts to 20,000ft

Reventador volcano in Ecuador erupts to 16,000ft

Fuego volcano in Guatemala erupts to 15,000ft

Semeru volcano in Indonesia erupts to 14,000ft

Sheveluch volcano on Kamchatka, Russia erupts to 13,000ft

Sakurajima volcano on Japan erupts to 13,000ft

Mysterious, ground-shaking booms in NJ caused by supersonic Navy test

Biden Climate Czar John Kerry Says American Taxpayer Money Should be Used to Pay Other Countries Climate Reparations

FBI Reportedly Investigating at Least Five Electricity Substation Attacks in Washington and Oregon Similar in North Carolina

More Than 18,000 World Cup Fans Embrace Jesus After Pro-Soccer Player-Turned-Pastor Ignites Gospel Campaign

Myanmar's junta set to prosecute Baptist pastor over speeches, preaching in Bible classes

UK Supreme Court allows Northern Ireland to ban prayer, protests outside abortion clinics

Satanic Temple Installs 'Serpent of Genesis' Statue Inside the Illinois State Capitol

Nigeria to limit cash withdrawals to $225 a week to try to stop kidnapping epidemic

Nonbinary Biden Energy department trailblazer charged with second airport luggage theft

Biden's DOE "Pup Handler" Charged with Felony Theft For Stealing Suitcase in Minnesota - Now Accused of Stealing Luggage from Las Vegas Airport

NHL-promoted trans hockey tournament ends predictably, with male domination and concussed female player

Federal Court Permanently Blocks Biden's Gender Transition Mandate

Biden admin. can't force Catholic doctors to perform gender reassignment surgeries: 8th Circuit

A new pandemic is killing hundreds of millions of birds, and some species may be completely lost

Fauci slams 'lowlife' trolls harassing his wife, children over covid

Pfizer Received FDA Approval to Manufacture mRNA Bioweapon Created by Wuhan Lab

Montreal: Feds hold groundbreaking ceremony for Moderna's mRNA vaccine factory in Montreal area

COVID-flu vaccine being developed by Pfizer-BioNTech

Polarization after COVID-19: Global study reveals that the unvaccinated face prejudice in most countries

Suburban School in Illinois Calls Police on Child with Autism Over Missing Vaccination Records

Outrageous! Heartbreaking Video Shows Moment New Zealand Authorities "Medically Kidnapped" a Baby After Parents Refuse Vaccinated Blood for Heart Surgery

Poll: Majority Concerned About Coronavirus Vaccines Having 'Major' Side Effects

FL Surgeon General Highlights Risks Associated Between Coronavirus mRNA Jabs and Myocarditis

Ecuador Returns to Mandatory Masking, Citing Influenza

Masking could fight the 'tripledemic', experts say. Will anyone listen?

RSV hospitalizations jump 31% in a week, stoking 'tripledemic' fear

The Biden administration wants more than $3 billion to prep for a possible migrant surge at the border after Covid ban ends

Democrats tell Biden to ditch 'punitive' immigration measures

Tracking Bible Prophecy Headlines - 12/9/2022

U.N. Demands Israel Surrender Its Nuclear Arsenal

Former U.N. Envoy Danny Danon - Peace Deal Between Israel and Saudi Arabia Likely 'Within Year'

With doubts rising in Bahrain, Herzog seeks to get Abraham Accords back on track

Gulf Jewry experiences renaissance after Abraham Accords - As Jewish communities thrive in friendly Gulf states, some believe the accords may go on to usher in a golden era for Jews in the Arab world at large

White House holds sensitive meeting on approach to new Israeli government

Netanyahu Secures Majority, Seeks More Time to Form Government

As fear of extremism grows, Germany approves plan to combat antisemitism

Jews across America confront rising antisemitism with anxious resolve

World Jewish Congress asks Apple, Spotify to remove Kanye West's music from platforms over artist's 'appalling, unrepentant antisemitism'

Kanye addresses antisemitic provocations in new song - Rappers promise to go 'death con' on Jewish people

Antisemitism in the air: Southwest Airlines passenger dons 'Ye is right' Burger King crown

'This is Antisemitism,' Finnish Bishop Declares as Artists Boycott Helsinki Museum Over Links to Israeli Businessman

Chevron, partners okay expansion of gas production from Israel's Tamar field

Palestinian teen shot dead by Israeli troops during alleged stone-throwing attack

Lebanon has Arrested 185 Israeli 'Spy Suspects' since Collapse

US blacklists Erdogan-linked businessman for violating sanctions on Iran, Hezbollah

Iran Carries Out First Known Execution Related To Protests - The Iranian Revolutionary Court declared Mohsen Shekari, 23, guilty of "waging war against God"

Iran 'on verge of collapse' after carrying out first execution over protests

Iran protesters say unrest 'to get worse' after execution

Iranian forces shooting at faces and genitals of female protesters, medics say

An official appeared to say Iran's 'morality police' would close. The truth is more thorny

Republican Lawmakers Warn: Inflation Reduction Act May Fund China's Uyghur Slavery

China Operates Over 100 Police Stations Worldwide, Some With Assistance From Host Nations: Updated Report

China's Xi Jinping Plans Visit to Saudi Arabia Amid Global Reshuffling

Chinese leader Xi Jinping meets Saudi royals on Mideast trip

Saudi Arabia signs Huawei deal, deepening China ties on Xi visit

China's Xi Jinping Saudi visit a sign something 'very different' is happening

U.S. says China seeks stabilized relations with Washington, in short term

US Approves $428 Million in Arms Sales to Taiwan

Keeping up with the Morohoshis: Buying a bomb shelter in the Tokyo suburbs over North Korea concerns

Risk of Russia using nuclear weapons has lessened, says Germany's Scholz

Finland Pushes Back on Turkey Weapons Demands on NATO Entry

Russian deputy FM warns NATO 'playing with fire' with weapons shipments

Ukraine Situation Report: Russia Ran Out Of Iranian Shahed-136 Drones Says Kyiv

Putin Admits to Troop Desertions, Says Demilitarizing Eastern Ukraine a 'Lengthy Process'

Radiation protection from Kyiv to the moon: Israeli space tech to shield Ukrainians

Showdown Looms on US Aid to Ukraine

Kyiv mayor warns of "apocalypse" scenario this winter if Moscow continues air strikes

Samaritan's Purse Delivers over 100 Million Pounds of Food to Ukraine

Pope Bursts Into Tears Praying for Ukraine

Ukraine's Latest Demand to the West: Boycott Russian Culture

Oil tankers are getting stuck in the Black Sea. That could become a problem

Turkey is stopping oil not under Russian sanctions, raising global energy market supply concerns

Biden Diplomacy: WNBA Star Brittney Griner Released by Russia in Exchange for International Arms Dealer Viktor Bout, Known as "Merchant of Death"

Sen. Cotton: 'Democrats Will Agree to Set Your Worst Killers Free'

Tom Cotton: People Will Die Because Biden Traded 'Merchant of Death' for Brittney Griner

Biden Pushes Gun Control, Releases Convicted Arms Dealer in Prisoner Swap, All in Same Day

Saudi Arabia and UAE announce they brokered Griner release in joint statement

Ex-Kremlin aide on Brittney Griner release: 'Putin outplayed Biden'

Donald Trump Calls Joe Biden's Prisoner Swap for Brittney Griner a 'Stupid and Unpatriotic Embarrassment'

Russia's release of Griner sparks immediate questions about ex-Marine Whelan being left behind

US Marine Prisoner In Russia Goes Off On Biden After Leaving Him To Rot

CNN's Jones on Brittney Griner: Biden Didn't Allow 'Black Female Icon' to Be Treated Like Garbage

Karine Jean-Pierre: Brittney Griner an Important 'Inspiration' to LGBTQI+ Americans

"Publicity Stunt": German Police Conduct Largest Raid Since 3rd Reich in What They Claim Was 'Attempted Coup'

German officials predict second wave of arrests over curious far-right coup plot

Peru's new president rules out elections, as predecessor Castillo remains detained

Greek authorities call for calm after unrest over police shooting

Harry and Meghan Feature Prof Who Said Queen 'Wanted' to Be White Supremacy Figurehead in Netflix Doc

UK Media Slam Royal Hypocrites' 'Obscene' Self-Pitying Amid Cost of Living Crisis in Megflix Doc

9 million Americans wrongly told they were approved for student debt forgiveness

Biden to announce $36 billion in relief for major pension fund to avoid benefit cuts

Biden White House warns against 'disastrous consequences' as Congress barrels toward government funding deadline

Wall Street chorus grows louder warning that 2023 will be ugly

401(k) 'hardship' withdrawals hit record high, Vanguard says - another sign households feel the pinch of inflation

Project Cedar: Inside the Plot to Destroy the U.S. Dollar

Nigeria restricts ATM withdrawals to $45 per day in push to digital currency

FTX spokesman Kevin O'Leary says he lost his $15 million payday from crypto firm

Sam Bankman-Fried Slapped with Campaign Finance Complaint over GOP Dark Money Donations

FTX bankruptcy team meets federal prosecutors in New York

FTX: Maxine Waters doesn't plan to subpoena Bankman-Fried to testify

DOJ seeks contempt of court charges against Trump for not complying with subpoena: report

January 6 committee considers criminal referrals for at least 4 others besides Trump

House Jan. 6 Panel Plans to Release Report Dec. 21

DC Mayor Muriel Bowser Refuses To Allow J6 Political Prisoner Visitation After 2 Years

Panel to Decide Whether Giuliani 'Weaponized' Law License in 2020 Election Case

MAGA Is Eating Itself After GOP's Midterm Disaster

Kari Lake Promises to Take Lawsuit 'All the Way to the Supreme Court'

Maricopa County recorder sought DHS support in war on purported election misinformation in media

Warnock Doubles Down on Voter Suppression Claims in Victory Speech

George Soros drops another $50M donation to Dem PAC, doubling midterm spending

Sunny Hostin Of 'The View' Mocks Herschel Walker Voters: 'Who Are These People?'

Rep. James Comer flips Democrat 'quid pro quo' impeachment argument on to Joe Biden - "It appears that Joe Biden went on his hands and knees to Saudi Arabia and begged them to increase oil production before the election"

Former FBI Agent Reveals Massive Election Interference in 'Bombshell' Court Testimony

'Stay tuned': House GOP hints at potential legal action against ex-Twitter lawyer who suppressed Hunter story

With FBI Supervisor's Admission Of Feds' Synergy With Big Tech, The 'Private Company' Defense Is Dead

FBI agent's testimony implicates headquarters brass in social media censorship

Elon Musk confirms data may have been Hidden and Deleted from the Twitter Files

Elon Musk's second installment of 'Twitter Files' reveals 'secret blacklists,' Bari Weiss reports

Democratic lawmakers ask Musk for info on possible Chinese manipulation of Twitter

Roger Stone claims he's a 'different man' and thanks Jesus as Elon Musk welcomes him back to Twitter

Musk Fires Back At Schiff Over Hate Speech On Twitter

Rep. Greg Steube: End Digital Censorship by Allowing Lawsuits Against Big Tech 'if They Violate Your First Amendment Rights'

McConnell Backs Down on Big Tech Pushback

Google must remove 'manifestly inaccurate' data, E.U. top court says

YouTube Censored Footage of Anti-CCP Protests with Age Restrictions, Demonetization

How the Global Spyware Industry Spiraled Out of Control

US anti-drug agency using Israeli spyware, but Biden looking to crack down

The TSA plans to take facial recognition technology nationwide - Americans are raising the alarm over having their faces scanned by the government

Robot Recreates Greek Parthenon Sculptures

Bright fireball over Ibaraki, Japan

5.5 magnitude earthquake hits the Caucasus region, Russia

5.4 magnitude earthquake hits the northern Mid-Atlantic Ridge

5.4 magnitude earthquake hits near Abepura, Indonesia

5.3 magnitude earthquake hits the Pacific-Antarctic Ridge

5.1 magnitude earthquake hits near Hihifo, Tonga

5.0 magnitude earthquake hits near Ayo, Peru

Cotopaxi volcano in Ecuador erupts to 23,000ft

Popocateptl volcano in Mexico erupts to 21,000ft

Sangay volcano in Ecuador erupts to 20,000ft

Reventador volcano in Ecuador erupts to 16,000ft

Semeru volcano in Indonesia erupts to 16,000ft

Fuego volcano in Guatemala erupts to 15,000ft

Increased seismicity under Machin volcano, Colombia

Mauna Loa Lava No Longer Imminent Threat to Hawaii Highway

Tropical Cyclone "Mandous" forms in the Bay of Bengal, red alerts issued for parts of Tamil Nadu

Dramatic videos show rare tornado touching down in Qatar

Very large waterspout near Komiza, Croatia

Severe flash floods hit Lisbon, Portugal

Rocky Mountains resident 'in awe' of rare wave-shaped clouds

Green Extremists Glue Hands to Runways at German Airports

John Kerry says green energy transition isn't happening fast enough: 'Everything has to accelerate'

UK condemned by its own climate advisers for greenlighting first new coal mine in three decades

Qatar's gas output increase could cause catastrophic global heating, report says

Oil Spill in Rural Kansas Creek Shuts Down Keystone Pipeline

Explosion, fire in Marengo biofuel plant leaves many injured. Residents evacuated

As more in North Carolina regain power, investigators probe domestic terrorism and threats against power infrastructure across the US

Spain: 155 injured in train collision near Barcelona

Pope Francis: Today's Immigrants Share 'Same Condition' as Jesus Christ

EAGLE Act Problem: Biden's DHS Gives 281,000 Green Cards to Foreign Contract Workers

Illegal immigrants 11 times more likely to be electronically tracked than jailed under Biden

Senators Press HHS as Whistleblower Alleges Unaccompanied Children Being Transferred to Criminals

ICE Quietly Fixes Misleading Data After DCNF Exposed Massive Flaws In Illegal Immigrant Stats

Investigation: Taxpayer-Funded NGOs Sending Tens of Thousands of Illegal Aliens to All 50 States for Biden's DHS

Report: Biden Moving 'Full Speed Ahead' with Ending Title 42, Inviting Flood of Illegal Immigration - WH Says Pandemic Rule 'No Longer Necessary' - While Still Defending Vax Mandates for Americans

Cuellar: When Title 42 Goes Away, Border Cities Will Bus Migrants Again

Abbott Sends Armored Vehicles to Southern Border Fearing Increase in Criminal Activity: Report

Mayra Flores calls for Biden to resign for Border Patrol deaths: 'We need our husbands'

House Introduces Bipartisan Legislation to Address Spike in Border Patrol Suicides

Ex-Border Patrol agent convicted of killing 4 women in Texas

Mexican Cartel hitman, torture chief disappears from U.S. custody - Mexican president expresses bafflement at prisoner's missing status

As Mexico's epidemic of violence rages on, authorities seem powerless to stop it

Oregon Supreme Court blocks gun regulation law from taking effect

'Now's the time': Stock up on guns and ammo, firearm group tells Oregon residents as legal battle rages on

FBI used secret powers to strip more Americans of their gun rights, documents reveal

Democrats Speak on Gun Laws Ahead of 10th Anniversary of Sandy Hook

House Judiciary Democrats Advance Gun Ban for Those Who Self-Report

Biden Quotes Scripture, Vows to 'Limit the Number of Bullets That Can Be in a Cartridge'

Joe Biden Renews Call for Assault Weapons Ban

Fed Up North Philly Store Owner Hires Armed Security Guards with AR-15s Due to Surging Crime in City

Indonesia 'sex ban': Criminal code changes threaten other freedoms

House panel: NFL Commanders owner Snyder interfered in probe, surveilled sexual harassment accusers

38 Women Accuse Writer and Director James Toback of Sexual Misconduct in Lawsuit

Psychotherapist accused of sexually abusing patients charged with rape, sodomy

Fears of violence rise on new front in gender debate: drag shows, story time

Kirk Cameron: 'Woke' Public Libraries Choose Drag Queens Over Bible

'Absolutely Horrifying': Project Veritas Exposes What's Taught During Pride Week at Elite Private School

Project Veritas: Private School Dean Had LGBTQ+ Health Staff Give Sex Toys to Students, Discuss 'Queer Sex' in Classroom

Seattle Public Schools Tell Fourth Graders to Write Letter Giving Advice to Trans Kid

How the American Academy of Pediatrics is destroying children with "gender-affirming" treatments

Bishop Asserts Catholic Schools' Embrace of Gender ideology 'Tragic' and 'Sinful'

House Passes Anti-Christian 'Respect for Marriage Act,' Sends Bill to Biden's Desk

House Passes Bill Codifying Federal Right to Same Sex Marriage

Religious broadcasting chief warns marriage bill to spur lawsuits against Christian groups

Pompeo Names Teachers' Union Boss 'Most Dangerous Person in America'

Teachers Flee Unions as Membership Plummets by Almost 60,000

Indiana sues TikTok for allegedly pushing adult content toward teens

France to make condoms free for young adults aged 18-25

Independent Abortion Clinic Closures Double After Dobbs Decision

'Grey's Anatomy' Writer Admits She Based Episodes on Fabricated Stories About Battling Cancer, Abortion for 'Attention'

Former anti-abortion lobbyist testifies to House committee about 'stealth missionaries' at Supreme Court

House hearing airs ethics allegations against Supreme Court - Democrats showcased a former evangelical leader who led efforts to 'wine and dine' justices

'Jane's Revenge' threatens mass shooting at Catholic ministry center over potential abortion ban

Scientists Have Designed a 'Vagina on a Chip'

Commentary: Prepare for Legal Marijuana

White House launches data dashboard for non-fatal opioid overdoses

Beijing running out of fever medication as Covid outbreak spreads

Hospitals in the US are the fullest they've been throughout the pandemic - but it's not just Covid

Shanghai Disneyland Reopens (Again) As China Eases Covid Restrictions

America's Draconian Covid Lockdowns Were About Following Communist China, Not The Science

Fauci isn't just worried about a 'wave of infections' as China reopens. He sees a risk in a whole new wave of mutant variants

Here's How The CDC Used A Backchannel With Twitter To Control The COVID-19 Narrative

Biden administration forgave COVID-19 loans to Soros-backed charity that may have 'violated' federal law

'Epidemiologists of last resort': Appeals judges wary of vetting science on COVID vax mandates - University's lawyer says mandate "can be based on speculation or hypotheticals."

The Army Keeps Booting COVID Vaccine Refusers as Shot Requirement May Be Dropped

House Passes $858 Billion Defense Funding Bill With Termination of Military Vaccine Mandate

Congress Won't Reinstate Troops Discharged for Violating the COVID Vaccine Mandate

Thomas Massie: Next Step Is Eliminate 'All COVID Vax Mandates'

FDA Approves Bivalent COVID Shots for Kids as Young as 6 Months Old

Sen. Ron Johnson Holds Roundtable Discussion on the Efficacy and Safety of COVID-19 Vaccines

New Autopsy Report Reveals Those Who Died Suddenly Were Likely Killed by the Covid Vaccine

Tracking Bible Prophecy Headlines - 12/8/2022

Blinken Warns Jewish State Not to Allow Prayer on Temple Mount - "We will also continue to unequivocally oppose any acts that undermine the prospects of a two-state solution"

International Criminal Court prosecutor says he aims to 'visit Palestine' in 2023

Shots fired at military post in central West Bank, gunman shot dead - IDF

US opposes Al Jazeera taking journalist Abu Akleh's killing to ICC

U.S. Senate Committee Passes Resolution Honoring Victims of Attacks on Jews in Argentina

Doug Emhoff laments 'epidemic of hate' at White House antisemitism roundtable

Pro-Palestinian fan who accosted Israeli reporter also 'likes' homophobic tweets

Raphael Warnock, buoyed by Jewish vote, defeats Herschel Walker in Georgia Senate runoff

CNN Commentator: Trump Picking Herschel Walker "An Insult to Black Community"

Far-right MK Maoz: Forms of 'liberal religion' are 'darkness' that must be expelled

U.S. Jews fear collision with expected Israeli government

Can Netanyahu's New Government Keep the Peace With Jordan?

Syria camps: Relatives of Islamic State group 'stuck in limbo'

U.S. troops to expand patrols in Syria despite tension with Turkey

Turkey issues new threat against Greece over Aegean islands

Greece slams Turkey over 'repeated threats of war'

Destination Africa: The scramble to sell cyberweapons to dictators

Iran's reformist ex-president praises 'beautiful' protests, pans regime's crackdown

Sister of Iran Supreme Leader Khamenei backs protests, slams his 'despotic' rule

Sister of Iran's supreme leader condemns his rule, calls on Revolutionary Guards to 'lay down their weapons'

Iraqi activist jailed over tweet 'insulting' Iran-backed militia force

Qatar World Cup whistleblower was tortured, claims family

Iranian patrol boat accused of trying to "blind" U.S. naval ships in the Strait of Hormuz

US: Russia Looking to Iran to Supply More Drones, Missiles

Russia's Putin says Ukraine war could be 'long process,' insists he has not 'gone mad' on nuclear weapons

Pope equates Nazi extermination campaign to Russia's war in Ukraine

Kyiv mayor says 'apocalypse' scenario possible this winter, but urges no panic

US charges alleged Russian spy with fraud, money laundering

U.S. blacklists companies for aiding Russian military

EU sanctions, Russian oil price cap cause tanker bottleneck as crude moves through Turkey

Ex-Speechwriter: Putin Has Plan To Flee to Venezuela if He Loses War

EU, Western Balkans leaders meet amid fears of Russian influence

Children take center stage in UN meeting on Russia's war in Ukraine: 'World gone mad'

In a Ukrainian city liberated from Russia, local Jewish leaders stand accused of collaboration

Time magazine names Ukraine's Zelensky as 'clear-cut' Person of the Year

Spain Intercepts More Packages Containing Animal Eyes Sent to Ukraine Consulates

Americans' support for US aid to Ukraine declines

Biden Approves Arms Sales to Taiwan, Confronting China

Chinese Leader Xi Jinping Visits Saudi Arabia Amid Tensions With US

U.S. Plans Broad Increase of Military Presence in Australia - Allies agree to further defense cooperation amid concerns over China

China's Xi on 'epoch-making' visit to Saudi as Riyadh chafes at US censure

Sinking ship: U.S. manufacturing orders from China collapse

China Launches Persecution Wave Against Lawyers Seeking to Help Protesters

Beijing Backs Down: Chinese citizens 'empowered' after COVID protests, China researcher says

North Korea Fires Artillery Again Over South Korea's Drills

Suicide bombing hits Indonesia's police station, killing 2, injuring 9

Remembering Pearl Harbor: Spokane widow, eye witness gather as survivor group dwindles on 81st anniversary

Germany busts far-right terror cell said planning coup with violent Reichstag attack

3,000 cops raid 150 sites, foiling bizarre far-right coup plot by in Germany

Peruvian Marxist President Pedro Castillo Stages State Coup - Dissolves Congress Hours Before Impeachment Vote

Peruvian president in police custody, replaced after attempting to dissolve legislature

Peru swears in new president amid constitutional crisis

The Receipts: Brazil Conservatives Present Election Fraud Catalogue and Call for International Investigation

Developing: Brazilian Military in "Firefights with Commandos and Marxist Guerillas"

Vice president of Argentina sentenced to six years in prison in corruption case

Mozambique Court Finds Former President's Son, Others Guilty Over $2 Billion Scandal

Jamaica declares widespread state of emergency to fight violent crime

Georgia Rep. Scott slams Senate GOP arm for failing to focus on Warnock's extremism

Booker: Worried GOP Focus Will Be 'Crazy Hearings' Attacking Biden, His Son

Trump Organization Convicted of Tax Fraud; Hunter Biden Still Walks Free

John Bolton confirms possible presidential run; wants to get the GOP past Donald Trump

GA Lt. Gov. Duncan: Trump Has 'Brainwashed' the Base to Think Conservatism Is Angry-ism

Gosar tweets, then deletes, support for Trump's Constitution termination statement

Trump lawyer makes court plea that former president should have immunity in Jan. 6 lawsuits

J-6 Political Prisoner Pete Schwartz: Juror #8 Flipped Me Off as They Read the Guilty Verdict Against Me

Liz Peek: Herschel Walker just wrote Donald Trump's political obituary

White House Claims Voter Suppression in Georgia Election Despite Democrat Victory

RINO Members of MI Board of Canvassers Mock Citizens Over Their Legal Request For Recount of 2022 Election: "I personally think this is a gigantic waste of time"

AZ State Officials Find Impossible Variant in Election Day Data - 25% of GOP Voters Flipped their Votes on Top GOP Candidates

Are Free and Fair Elections a Thing of the Past? Reviewing the Unexplainable 2022 Election Results

Supreme Court Considers Republican Bid to Transform US Elections

Supreme Court Hears Case That Could Empower State Legislatures, Not Judges, to Regulate Elections

Trump hosts event featuring QAnon, 'Pizzagate' conspiracy theorist at Mar-a-Lago

Severe Blowback on Effort to Include Media Cartel Bill JCPA in Defense Bill Forces Congressional Leaders to Remove from Bill

Maricopa County Recorder Stephen Richer Colluded With Federal Agency, CISA, To Censor Election Critics

Lake Calls Twitter 'Propaganda Arm' of Government as Hobbs Denies Censorship Allegations

National security concerns reportedly delay TikTok-U.S. deal

Gov. Hogan orders TikTok ban for Maryland state employees because of cybersecurity risk

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott bans TikTok on state devices - "TikTok harvests vast amounts of data from its users' devices"

AOC won't say if she's still using TikTok amid national security concerns about China-owned platform

Democrat Rep. Ocasio-Cortez faces House Ethics Committee investigation

Corrupt James Comey Praised His FBI Attorney James Baker, the Same Guy Fired Yesterday for Withholding Information at Twitter on Hunter Biden Laptop

'Obvious' Conflict of Interest for Baker To Review Twitter Files Damaging to Himself: Mike Davis

Jack Dorsey calls on Elon Musk to make 'everything public now' for the sake of transparency to 'let people judge for themselves'

Janitors' union called a strike outside Twitter, so Elon Musk canceled its contract and fired the janitors

Elon Musk briefly loses top spot on Forbes rich list as stocks gyrate

'Call him Sam Bankman Fraud': FTX investors who lost up to $2M lash out

Just 8% of Americans have a positive view of cryptocurrencies now, CNBC survey finds

Fmr. Obama Econ. Adviser Furman: 'Most Likely Scenario' Is Recession that 'Does Not Solve' Inflation Problem

Economists: A US housing recession has already arrived

270,000 homebuyers who bought in 2022 are underwater on their mortgage

Expert Sends Dire Warning: Bond Market Crash Could Trigger 'End of the World' - Treasury volatility poses a threat to the entire financial world

More than 600 aftershocks following M5.6 earthquake beneath Lake Taupo, New Zeland

5.8 magnitude earthquake hits near Ciranjang-hilir, Indonesia

5.4 magnitude earthquake hits near Gizo, Solomon Islands

5.1 magnitude earthquake hits Taiwan

Earthquake swarm under Takawangha volcano continues, Alaska

Sabancaya volcano in Peru erupts to 25,000ft

Ruiz volcano in Colombia erupts to 25,000ft

Popocateptl volcano in Mexico erupts to 20,000ft

Semeru volcano in Indonesia erupts to 16,000ft

Fuego volcano in Guatemala erupts to 15,000ft

Reventador volcano in Ecuador erupts to 15,000ft

Hawaii's 2 volcanic eruptions keep spewing lava with no end in sight

Dramatic videos show rare tornado touching down in Qatar

Freezing fog a major factor in 30-vehicle pileup; at least 3 injured

Year of climate woes 'just the beginning' amid failure to cut emissions, experts say

Republicans Launch Antitrust Investigation Into Climate-Obsessed Corporate 'Cartel'

'Expensive Hypocrisy' - UK to Import Shale Gas From U.S. While Banning Fracking At Home

Report: Biden Energy Department Touts $200M Grant to Battery Company Primarily Operating in China

'Anti-woke' reaction? Fund giant Vanguard quits net-zero climate alliance

A UN biodiversity convention aims to slow humanity's 'war with nature'

NDAA Authorizes Probes into Biden's Unvetted Afghans Resettled Across U.S.

Biden Admin Extends Protection From Deportation for Over 260,000 Haitians

Three House Republicans Help Democrats Pass Amnesty for Illegal Alien Relatives of U.S. Service Members

Biden's Fast-Track Asylum Program: 67% of Illegal Aliens Never Show for Court Hearings After Release into U.S.

Democrat Rep. Dingell Says Joe Biden Doesn't Need to go to the Border Because "He's Seen the Photos"

Mark Morgan: Border Is 'Worst Catastrophic Crisis of Our Lifetime'

Migrants escape from plane in Barcelona after woman fakes going into labor, Spanish government says

Border Patrol Agent Killed During High-Speed Pursuit of Migrants

Democrats pressure banks to atone for slavery-era activities to 'redress past wrongs'

Disney CEO Bob Iger: Those of Us in Positions to Influence Laws, Shape Culture 'Have an Extra Responsibility' to Push Gun Control

Democrats push firearms purchasing ban for people who voluntarily give up their 2A rights

Mexican authorities hunting for 'Ted Bundy'-like serial killer after 3 found dead in Tijuana

WaPo Concerned Discovery's Shark Week 'Overrepresents' White Men, Vilifies Sharks by Focusing on 'Attacks'

NY Attorney General Letitia James Claims Her Silence Is "Protecting the Privacy" of Disgraced Chief of Staff Who Resigned Following Sexual Harassment Allegations

Polygamous leader had child brides, called himself 'prophet'

Florida Town Tightens Up Code of Conduct Rules After Pride Festival Fiasco

Friction over LGBTQ issues worsens in global Anglican church

House Democrats Block Religious Liberty Amendment to Same-Sex Marriage Bill to Assure Passage Before Republicans Take Over

Nolte: Woman Claims NYC Shelter Fired Her for Warnings About Transgender Serial Killer

San Francisco School District Teaches Gender Identity Curriculum Without Parental Consent

Kirk Cameron is denied story-hour slot by public libraries for his new faith-based kids book - Many of the same libraries that won't give Cameron a slot, however, are actively offering "drag queen" story hours

American Girl Book Promotes Puberty Blockers to Pre-Teens: 'More Time to Think About Your Gender Identity'

Israeli-Arabs Suspected of Killing Their Wives Win Another Battle: Custody of the Children

DNA Analysis Helps Philadelphia Police Identify a Child Found Dead Inside a Box 65 Years Ago

Parents given wrong embryo said planning to sue hospital for $3 million

6 couples can undergo testing to find origin of wrongly implanted embryo, court says

Lizzo Pushes to 'Normalize' Abortion at People's Choice Awards

Nigerian military conducted secret, forced abortions on 10,000 women in fight against Boko Haram: report

Canada Expands Assisted Suicide law, US Senator Warns of Expansion

Colombia's Infamous 'Pink Cocaine' Is on the Rise in Europe

Former Theranos executive Ramesh 'Sunny' Balwani sentenced to 13 years over blood-testing fraud

Florida Republican who sponsored 'Don't Say Gay' indicted on Covid relief fraud charges

A speedy reversal of China COVID-19 restrictions could cause 1 million winter deaths: report

It Begins: County Council in Oxfordshire, England, Edges Toward Restrictions On Residents Travel "For the Planet"

Glenn Youngkin moves to reimburse fines for violating Covid lockdown restrictions

COVID vaccine mandate for military dropped from defense bill despite Biden opposition

White House calls removing Covid-19 vaccine mandate a 'mistake' but won't say if Biden will sign NDAA

Army is only service branch booting troops over COVID vaccine mandate in full force

Cruz to introduce bill to reinstate, pay service members fired over vaccine mandate

New Zealand court strips parents of child's medical guardianship in dispute over 'vaccinated blood'

Duke University Hospital Denies Life Saving Kidney Transplant to Dying 14-Year-Old Girl for Being Unvaccinated

28-year-old woman suddenly drops dead while working out at gym in shocking video

German study: COVID-19 vaccine killing otherwise healthy people

Gov. DeSantis Seeks to Hold COVID Vaccine Makers 'Accountable for Misleading the Public About the Vaccine's Safety

Murphy: GOP's 'Attack on Vaccines' Will Cause Polio, Measles, Rubella Outbreaks in Schools

Tracking Bible Prophecy Headlines - 12/7/2022

Likud's Edelstein: Scrapping 'grandchild clause' will lead to Law of Return's demise

As Netanyahu's coalition deadline nears, Likud signs interim deal with UTJ

'They want to turn us into Hungary': Israeli bar chief slams plan to limit top court

Hayut slams plans to neuter Supreme Court: Without independence we can't do our jobs

Alarmed education officials warn ministry will be 'dismantled' under new government

125 US lawmakers call for 'unified national strategy' to fight antisemitism

Antisemitic hate crimes in New York City increased 125% in November: police

Kanye West calls on Jews to 'forgive Hitler' in Proud Boys interview - West said he would make Jews work for Christians and have cameras in their living rooms if he ever became president

Kanye West: Hitler's Bad Reputation Was 'Made by Jewish People' Who 'Control the Majority of the Media'

Alex Jones Goes to War With Kanye West and Nick Fuentes Over 'Homoerotic' Hitler Fascination

Saudi Arabia wants to normalize ties with Israel - report

Israeli energy firm signs joint natural gas exploration deal with Morocco

Morocco celebrates with Palestinian flag after historic World Cup victory over Spain

England World Cup fans interrupt Israeli broadcaster with 'Free Palestine' chants

Qatar's showy soccer spectacle can't sideline conflict and controversy at World Cup

Foreign Ministry summons UN Mideast envoy over sympathy for Palestinian attacker

Al Jazeera hands ICC purported proof IDF 'deliberately' killed reporter Abu Akleh

IAF, French air force hold joint strike drills over Israel's skies

Israel, Germany hold strategic dialogue on Iran, potential sale of Arrow 3

Nine face death in Iran for 'colluding with Israel' to kill top nuclear scientist

Iran protests: Ex-president Khatami says rulers must heed protesters' demands

Khamenei calls for overhaul of Iran's cultural system

Former Trump foreign policy adviser says there is chaos in the Iranian regime over protests

Commentary: Iranians dream no more of religion - they dream of freedom and are ready to pay the price to make it come true

Iranian Students Allegedly Poisoned Ahead of Mass Anti-Regime Protest

Blinken Warns Russia Might Seek 'Phony Off-Ramp' to Peace

US Not Enabling or Encouraging Ukraine to Strike Beyond Its Borders: Spokesman

Ukraine Without Power Again After Latest Russian Strikes

Defiant Zelensky visits Ukraine soldiers near frontline as drone strikes hit Russia

Hungary blocks Ukraine aid package, insists veto isn't related to EU sanctions

Ukraine reacts after India defends Russian oil purchase: 'Morally inappropriate'

More Chinese secret police stations reportedly found, prompting call for consulate closures

Mongolian protesters try to storm State Palace alleging corrupt officials sold coal to China

Jiang Zemin: China says goodbye to 'outstanding' leader with 'mixed legacy'

Chinese Ex-President Hu Jintao, Purged at Communist Congress, Misses Jiang Zemin's Funeral

Reporter describes 'rare' behavior from Xi at former leader's memorial

Xi Jinping Gets Saudi Red Carpet as Middle East Looks Past US

China's Xi Jinping meets with Saudi rulers in economic power play: 'No longer a competitor'

US federal judge dismisses lawsuit against Saudi prince in Khashoggi killing

Bernie Sanders to Bring Yemen War Powers Resolution to the Floor as Soon as Next Week - Resolution will send a signal to Saudi Arabia that it does not have a free hand to restart hostilities

Guilty of fraud, Argentina's Kirchner banned from holding public office

Trump Organization convicted in New York criminal tax fraud case

Special Counsel Jack Smith Expands Fishing Expedition, Subpoenas Arizona, Michigan, Wisconsin Officials For Trump Communications Related to 2020 Election

The Majority of Americans Doubt the Integrity of Our Elections and the Numbers Are Growing After 2022 Election Fiasco

Arizona Certifies Midterm Election Results as Kari Lake Clings to Fraud Claims

"I Didn't Pay Attention"- Katie Hobbs Giggles, Looks Clueless While Certifying Her Corrupt Election For Governor

Justice Department monitors Georgia runoff election

It Begins: Judge Rules Georgia County Can Accept Absentee Ballots 3 Days After Election

Warnock will win Georgia Senate runoff, CNN projects, in final midterm rebuke of Trump's influence

Stacey Abrams's Nonprofit "In Gross Violation Of Many State Laws," Says Attorney - Could Face Thousands In Fines

The U.S. Supreme Court has refused to hear a case alleging that Facebook and Dominion Voting Systems had an illegal and undue influence on the 2020 elections

Guy Reschenthaler Warns Fellow Republicans: Playing 'Silly Games' Could Make 'a Liz Cheney' Speaker

Bolton: Trump's Constitution Comments 'Time Bomb Sitting on the Desk of Every Republican'

Trump Clarifies Who Is Really Canceling the Constitution - 'Attacking the Constitution and all it stands for is anathema to the soul of our nation'

Jan. 6 committee to make criminal referrals to Justice Department

FBI Ramps Up Spending to Fight MAGA Terrorism

Top FBI Official Steps Down as Republicans Prepare to Probe Bureau

Senate Republicans Dismiss Calls to Impeach Biden

Madison Cawthorn Fined $15,000 For Plugging Let's Go Brandon Cryptocurrency

Virginia restaurant refuses service to conservative advocacy group

Facebook 'Supreme Court' Demands More Censorship of Politicians, VIPs

White House Dismisses Twitter Censoring Stories on Behalf of Joe Biden as 'Old News'

Elon Musk Slams Far-Left Wikipedia for Its "Non-Trivial Left-Wing Bias"

Calls for investigations grow over Katie Hobbs' alleged use of Twitter censorship, 1A issues

MacIntyre: The Twitter Files reveal the left will win at any cost

Twitter exec says moving fast on moderation, as harmful content surges

Musk proves Hunter Biden censorship came from collusion among Biden campaign, law enforcement and Twitter

Morris: Multiple Indications FBI, Intelligence Agencies Guided Censorship of the Laptop from Hell

Khanna: FBI Needs to 'Explain What They Were Doing' and Rationale with Twitter and Hunter Story

Rep. Comer: FBI 'Darn Well' Knew Hunter Biden's Laptop Was Real

Flashback: Twitter Exec in Hunter Biden Scandal Referred to Trump Supporters as Nazis, Attacked Middle America

Musk fires Twitter lawyer over alleged role in censoring Hunter Biden laptop story

Elon Musk confirms James Baker, former FBI counsel, Fired from Twitter after Hunter laptop revelations

Flashback: Disgraced Twitter counsel James Baker was one of the architects of Russian collusion hoax

Liberal 'Journalists' Use Very Similar Talking Points to Downplay Hunter Biden Censorship Bombshell

Big Tech Censorship Is the Largest Campaign Finance Violation in History Costing Americans Billions and Potentially Trillions

Thom Tillis: 'No Place' for Media Cartel Bill in NDAA, Bill Is 'Backroom' Bailout for Big Media

Tom Cotton Calls for GOP Senators to Filibuster NDAA Until Media Cartel Plan JCPA, Other Extraneous Bills Removed

FTX's Bankman-Fried Hires Ghislaine Maxwell's Defense Attorney

Rise of the bots: 'Scary' AI ChatGPT could eliminate Google within 2 years

North Carolina county declares state of emergency after "deliberate" attack causes widespread power outage

5.9 magnitude earthquake hits near Kencong, Indonesia

5.5 magnitude earthquake hits the Mid-Indian Ridge

5.2 magnitude earthquake hits near Kencong, Indonesia

5.2 magnitude earthquake hits near Sabang Indan, Philippines

5.0 magnitude earthquake hits the South Sandwich Islands region

5.0 magnitude earthquake hits near Gorontalo, Indonesia

5.0 magnitude earthquake hits the southern East Pacific Rise

5.0 magnitude earthquake hits near Amahai, Indonesia

Sabancaya volcano in Peru erupts to 26,000ft

Popocateptl volcano in Mexico erupts to 21,000ft

Cotopaxi volcano in Ecuador erupts to 20,000ft

Sangay volcano in Ecuador erupts to 20,000ft

Fuego volcano in Guatemala erupts to 18,000ft

Semeru volcano in Indonesia eurpts to 16,000ft

Reventador volcano in Ecuador erupts to 16,000ft

Sheveluch volcano on Kamchatka, Russia erupts to 14,000ft

Ebeko volcano in the Kuril Islands erupts to 14,000ft

Hawaii activates National Guard as Mauna Loa lava nears major highway, pockets of natural gas

About 20 m (65 feet) of foreshore disappears during a swarm of earthquakes at Taupo volcano, New Zealand

Rare December tropical disturbance could become subtropical storm Owen; swell impacts to Florida possible

Florida beach's mystery debris uncovered by Hurricane Nicole likely shipwreck from 19th century

Alaska region sees record December heat, beating temperatures from late October to April

Fear of the F-word: Somalia avoids famine declaration as hunger spreads

Humanity has become 'weapon of mass extinction', UN head tells Cop15 launch

'We are treating nature like a toilet,' U.N. secretary-general says as biodiversity conference kicks off

'Not how you treat friends.' Biden's climate plan strains trade ties with Europe

Oxfordshire County Council Pass Climate Lockdown 'trial' to Begin in 2024

Airlines industry acknowledges its green energy agenda will result in higher ticket prices

Lawmakers allege Biden made 'secret deal' with Saudi oil leaders, vow scrutiny

US oil plunges below $75 for first time since just before Christmas

U.S. Trade Deficit Rises 5.4% to Four-Month High

Cryptoverse: Forget crypto winter, this is a bitcoin 'bloodbath'

World Economy Heads for One of Its Worst Years in Three Decades

Jamie Dimon says inflation eroding consumer wealth may cause recession next year

Dow plunges 1,000 points in early week trading amid recession fears

Morgan Stanley Lays Off 1,600 Workers as Recession Fears Grow

BuzzFeed slashes 12% of its workforce, citing 'worsening macroeconomic conditions'

Rising thefts at Walmart could lead to price jumps, store closures, CEO says

Philadelphia gas station owner hires heavily armed guards to protect business: 'We are tired of this nonsense'

Report: Tillis, Sinema Plan Gives Amnesty to 2M DACA Illegal Aliens

ICE Is Massively Misreporting How Many Illegal Immigrants Are Being Released With GPS Trackers

Biden heads to Arizona, skips first-ever border visit because that would be a 'political stunt'

Biden not scheduled to visit border during Arizona trip, says 'more important things going on'

Police Called to Ted Cruz's Texas Home for Teen With Self-Inflicted Wounds

California English teacher says proper grammar is 'white supremacist,' refuses to teach it

Florida's Child Welfare System Is Found to Be Complicit in Sex Trafficking

In Germany, 45-year-old male 'babysitter' on trial for nearly 100 counts of alleged child sex abuse

Commentary: How 'Porn Addiction' Took Hold of the Internet

Apple Sued by Women over AirTag Stalking

Bill Cosby, NBCUniversal face new sexual assault suit from 'The Cosby Show' actresses, others

5 women sue Bill Cosby for sexual assault and abuse under new NY lookback law

In Sweeping New Law, Indonesia Outlaws Sex Outside of Marriage

Vladimir Putin bans all 'LGBT propaganda' in far-reaching move

Virginia restaurant cancels Family Foundation event over group's views on abortion, traditional marriage

'Inclusive' Virginia restaurant cancels Christmas party after LGBTQ staff refuse to serve Christians

Justices puzzled by Colorado's argument for forcing Christian designer to make gay wedding websites

Sotomayor Asks If Same-Sex Wedding Website Ban Might Affect Interracial Unions

House Democrats block religious liberty amendment to same-sex marriage bill

Same-sex marriage bill pits Biden against Catholic bishops - again

Meet the Idaho Christians pushing for greater LGBTQ representation in government

Suspect in Colorado LGBTQ nightclub massacre is charged with 305 counts, including murder and hate crimes

Pregnant Mexican Woman Dies After Being Cut Open to Steal Unborn Baby

Catholic Ministry Center Gets Death Threat From 'Jane's Revenge'

Pro-Life Flight Attendant Gets Huge Win In Court, Judge Orders Her Be Re-Hired

Ahead of Elon Musk's "Show and Tell," Doctors Group Reveals Disturbing Truth Behind Neuralink Monkey Experiments

Musk's Neuralink faces federal probe, employee backlash over animal tests

Musk's Neuralink investigated over killing 1,500 animals in botched tests

McConnell pans proposals to add marijuana, permitting provisions to defense bill

Commentary: How Frighteningly Strong Meth Has Supercharged Homelessness

Strep A surge linked to lockdown, health officials admit for first time

Amid Reports of Rising Heart Attacks in Young People, Experts Point to Long-COVID and Heavy Exercise Regimens

Rep. Burchett: Troops Demoralized by COVID Vaccine Mandate

Rep. Chris Smith Calls for Restoring GI Bill Benefits for Troops Kicked Out over Vaccine Mandate

Rep. Issa says military vax mandate rollback in NDAA falls short: 'Can't repeal without repair'

Family Speaks Out: Coast Guard Member Being Forced Out Six Months Before Retirement For Refusing the Jab

Governor Youngkin Ends Covid-19 Fines and Penalties in Virginia, Wants "Reimbursement Process" For Those Who Paid Unjust Fines

DeSantis says state will 'hold vaccine manufacturers accountable' for alleged COVID vax side effects

HHS Gives $1M to Researchers to Predict Vaccine Misinformation

Louisiana, Missouri AGs release 359-page Fauci deposition in social media collusion lawsuit

Anthony Fauci Admits Daughter Worked for Twitter and He Spoke Directly to Zuckerberg During Censorship Deposition

Email suggests Fauci, Collins covertly contributed to COVID natural origin paper: watchdog

Fauci doesn't remember that study he based hydroxychloroquine COVID treatment claims on was retracted

Fauci Says He Dismissed Lab Leak Theory to Placate China

Fauci's Deputy Was 'Impressed' by the Way the Chinese Were Handling Coronavirus

Tracking Bible Prophecy Headlines - 12/6/2022

PA premier calls for US to play more active role in Israeli-Palestinian peace process

Meeting UAE president, Herzog assures him all Israelis support Abraham Accords

Second gentleman Doug Emhoff to convene antisemitism roundtable at the White House this week

NYPD reports 45 antisemitic hate crimes in November

Nike Officially Drops Kyrie Irving Over Promotion of 'Anti-Semitic Movie'

MSNBC Tries to Conflate Kanye West's Antisemitic Rants with Conservative Values

Kanye West antisemitism: Rapper Akon backs West despite Hitler comments

Akon Doesn't Agree With Kanye West's Views But Believes In People Having Their Own Opinion

'A Hit Straight Towards Our Heart': Israeli Trusted Ministry Leader Responds To Kanye West's Pro-Hitler Anti-Semitism

Jerusalem-born Natalie Portman: Rising antisemitism 'makes my heart drop'

Ben Gvir says Likud is 'wavering' on agreements; demands role on legislative panel

IDF chief vows to stop Smotrich interference in appointing army generals - report

Gantz to likely successor: You'll be 2nd-class minister, tasked with dismantling IDF

Netanyahu: Lapid spreading lies about us; outgoing PM: We are not your suckers

EU-Israel Police Deal Could Be Derailed After Objections to West Bank Data Sharing

Top military intel officer: West Bank violence only going to get worse

Shops in several Iranian cities close their doors after protesters call for three-day general strike

Iranian city shops shut after strike call, judiciary blames 'rioters'

Iran: mass strike starts amid mixed messages around abolishment of morality police

'Too little too late': Iranian activists brush off claims morality police abolished

US Intelligence chief: Iranian government doesn't see country's protests as 'imminent threat'

Iranian regime likely to survive the protests, Israeli official predicts

Iranian protester subjected to mock executions in prison - source

Over 500 executed by Iran since start of year, says rights group

U.S. Focus On Iran Is Thwarting Weapons Aid To Russia, Not Nuclear Talks

Ukraine reports 'massive' Russian missile strikes across country

Explosion at Nuclear Airbase Just 150 Miles From Moscow Opens Stunning New Phase of War

Blasts rock two Russian bases, one housing nuclear-capable bombers

Moscow Says Three Killed in Ukrainian Drone Attacks on Air Bases Deep Inside Russia

Russia Losing 100 Soldiers a Day in Bloody Battle for Bakhmut, Report

Profits of War: Global Arms Sales Reached $590+ Billion Ahead of Ukraine Conflict

'We haven't got this figured out just yet': Pentagon, industry struggle to arm Ukraine

U.S. Altered Himars Rocket Launchers to Keep Ukraine From Firing Missiles Into Russia - Experts debate whether long-range missiles for Ukraine would deter Putin or widen war

Nigerian Leader Issues Warning: Weapons Sent to Ukraine Are Ending Up in Hands of Terrorist Groups in North Africa

U.S. Arms Sent to Ukraine Make Their Way to Boko Haram

Hungary Blocks $18 Billion Aid Package for Ukraine, Puts NATO Status at Risk

Vladimir Putin brazenly drives Mercedes across repaired Crimea bridge after huge truck bomb

North Korea Fires Over 130 Artillery Rounds as Warning Amid US-South Korea Military Drill

Space race 2.0: China is building weapons to attack U.S. 'ground, sea, or air targets from orbit'

Blinken says U.S. supports rights of protesters in China, Iran, after GOP calls response 'weak'

The Journalism Competition and Preservation Act (JCPA) contains a loophole that would allow foreign news organizations, including Chinese organizations, to influence the flow of information in the United States

Sources: McConnell Caves to Pelosi, Schumer, Allows JCPA Media Cartel Bailout Bill to Be Included in Defense Package

Mitch McConnell Joins Pelosi and Schumer to Agree to Pass JCPA Media Cartel Bailout that Allows Censorship of Conservative Media

Progressives Including ACLU Blast Pelosi Over Adding JCPA to NDAA: 'Handout to Hedge Funds'

Facebook Warns It May Remove All News from Platform Over JCPA, a bill that will create a cartel of media conglomerates capable of forcing Big Tech to transfer wealth to them

Italy hosts largest number of shadow Chinese 'police stations' worldwide, report says - Outposts work to silence dissidents in Europe

Brazil Observer Says Martial Law Is Coming Next Week - Military vehicles have been spotted mobilizing in Brazil

Brazil Military Kills "Red Command" Cartel Leaders, Prepares Take Over

Soros-Backed Labor Organization Receives $12 Million in Taxpayer Funding to Back Latin American Workers

What Are They Planning? Kamala Harris Attends Meeting of Shadowy Soros-Connected Group

Warnock Gets Ad Boost From Soros-Backed PAC

Georgia Official Doubts Senate Runoff Winner Will Be Known On Election Night

Maricopa County Poll Worker's Affidavit Reveals How Democrats With Out-of-State Driver's Licenses And No Voter Registration Were Allowed To Vote

Arizona certifies 2022 election results amid threat of more GOP challenges

Rudy Giuliani faces disciplinary hearing over election lawsuits

Giuliani pressed on role in Trump 2020 election reversal legal gambits during attorney discipline hearing

Trump says doesn't want to 'terminate' Constitution for election fraud, says 'fake news'

Democrats push to lower voting age to 16

Hunter Biden confronted about laptop drama at White House event

Glenn Kessler: WaPo 'Immediately' Confirmed Hunter's Laptop After Discrediting It for 532 Days

New York Times Falsely Claims Hunter Biden Laptop 'Stolen'

FBI warned Twitter during 'weekly' meetings of Hunter Biden 'hack-and-leak operation' before censoring The Post

Elon Musk's 'Twitter files' demand answers from the government - To what extent did the state work with the tech companies to suppress speech?

Hunter Biden laptop whistleblower blasts Twitter amid files release: They 'lied to us'

Karine Jean-Pierre Lashes Out at Elon Musk, Calls Twitter's Censorship of the New York Post Story on Hunter Biden's Laptop "a Distraction"

MSNBC, liberal analysts complain Hunter Biden Twitter story is a 'snoozefest': 'M for meh'

Blackburn: Big Tech, Social Media, Big TV Trying to 'Bury the Story' About the 'Twitter Files' Cover-Up

Commentary: FBI, Big Tech, Big Media: Partners in collusion

Western Journal: Katie Hobbs Played a Personal Part in Censoring Election Information, and We Have the Receipt - Report

Georgia U.S. Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene Calls for Federal Investigation Over Emails from Arizona Sec State Hobbs to Twitter

Nick Sandmann Requests Musk Publish 'Hidden' Twitter Docs on Death Threats Made Against Teen

Kyle Rittenhouse goes viral after asking if Twitter files will reveal 'hidden censoring' against him

Poll: Majority of Americans Support Elon Musk's Efforts to Make Twitter 'More Free and Transparent'

More Federal Issues for Twitter as FEC Commissioner Reveals Filing Denying It Worked With Democrats

'Operation Bronze Griffin': House GOP report says Facebook giving FBI 'partisan' tips

MSNBC commentary: It sure seems like Elon Musk is purging left-leaning Twitter accounts - Musk isn't the champion of free speech he claims he is

Bullet Dodged: Twitter Censorship Queen Vijaya Gadde was Almost on Joe Biden's 'Misinformation' Council

Josh Hawley Uncovers Documents Indicating Disinformation Board Far More Advanced than Mayorkas Testimony Suggested

Ex-Twitter Safety Executive Yoel Roth Defends Censoring the Babylon Bee

Twitter's former head of Trust & Safety claims Babylon Bee, Libs of TikTok make 'people unsafe in the world'

South Carolina Gov. Henry McMaster Announces Actions to Block 'TikTok' on All State Government Devices

Chinese Operatives Ran a Massive TikTok Campaign to Help Dems in the Midterm Elections: Report

New Zealand Plans to Make Facebook, Google Pay for News

Geofencing Warrants Are a Threat to Privacy - A precedent set in the January 6 prosecutions could be dangerous to the public

Teenagers led a group of hackers who breached some of the world's biggest tech companies. The government wants to know how they did it.

Department of Homeland Security delays REAL ID deadline to 2025 - The government has already delayed the program several times

SpaceX unveils 'Starshield,' a military variation of Starlink satellites

SpaceX forms 'Starshield' business unit to focus on national security

5.7 magnitude earthquake hits near Lata, Solomon Islands

5.6 magnitude earthquake hits near Hihifo, Tonga

5.3 magnitude earthquake hits near Hihifo, Tonga

5.3 magnitude earthquake hits the Easter Island region

5.2 magnitude earthquake hits the Bay of Bengal

5.2 magnitude earthquake hits the Mariana Islands region

5.1 magnitude earthquake hits the South Atlantic Ocean

Sabancaya volcano in Peru erupts to 26,000ft

Sangay volcano in Ecuador erupts to 23,000ft

Popocateptl volcano in Mexico erupts to 20,000ft

Ruiz volcano in Colombia eurpts to 19,000ft

Reventador volcano in Ecuador erupts to 18,000ft

Fuego volcano in Guatemala erupts to 16,000ft

Semeru volcano in Indonesia erupts to 16,000ft

Sheveluch volcano on Kamchatka, Russia erupts to 12,000ft

Strong explosions with volcanic lightning at Sakurajima, Japan

Landslide Buries Bus in Colombia, at Least 27 Dead: President Petro

Hailstorm and heavy rain hit parts of Johannesburg - The SA Weather Service had issued a level 5 warning

South Africa: River Baptism Ceremony Ends in Tragedy After Flash Flood Kills 14

Multiple storms to trigger flooding, raise river levels in more than 6 states across central US

Extremely rare December tornado (snownado) in Shandong, China

Rare December tropical disturbance pops up in the Atlantic

DeSantis says FEMA denied emergency aid request, state will provide $25M for hurricane victims

Authorities baffled as 2,500 dead seals found on Russia's Caspian coast

Military Horses Are Mysteriously Dying

Organized Famine: Germany Orders Farmers to Slash Fertilizer After Dutch Government Shuts Down 3,000 Farms to Comply with Global Warming Goals

Commentary: Climate lockdowns coming? You will be tracked in your suburb and happy about it.

Electricity woes: Substation explosion and security held hostage

US, EU agree to intensify talks on 'green subsidies' dispute

European Country Considers Banning Electric Vehicle Travel Amid Energy Crisis: Report

Green Pioneer: France Bans Short Haul Flight Routes, Passengers to Take Train Instead

EPA Quietly Quadruples Regulatory Cost of Carbon Emissions in New War on Fossil Fuels

'Huge, Missing and Growing:' $65 Trillion in Dollar Debt Sparks Concern

America's ticking time bomb: $66 trillion in debt that could crash the economy

Wall St Drops as Jitters Over Fed Rate Hikes Return

UK Faces Recession and Lost Decade Without Growth Plan, CBI Says

Credit Rating Agency Warns Recession Could Trigger Property Tax Hikes

4 in 10 consumers expect housing market will crash, survey finds

1 in 7 Seniors Skipped Meals Due to Inflation Burden: Survey

Canada: Liberal PM's Amendment Would Add Hunting Rifles to Proposed Handgun Ban

State Attorneys General Say FedEx and UPS Help Feds Track Gun Sales

Women protesting male murderer in women's prison violently attacked by Antifa

Germany: 14-Year-Old Girl Stabbed to Death by Asylum Seeker From Africa

As Senate runoff nears, Herschel Walker's ex-girlfriend details abuse

Justice Department probed Tara Reade's Twitter after she alleged Biden assault, report

Arizona cult leader from polygamist sect took 20 'wives' including daughter aged 9, FBI says

Accused Cult Leader Offered Daughter Doritos and $50 if She'd Marry Him: Feds

An Arizona cult leader accused of taking more than 20 women and girls as wives 'constantly' said he wanted to kiss and touch his underage daughter, FBI says

California Teacher with Classroom Library of Books About BDSM, Orgies, and Kinks Says It Helps Students Discover Their Identities

Fort Lauderdale Mayor Dean Trantalis Deflects From Sexualization of School Curriculums, Blames Parents for Not "Preparing" Their Kids for School

Suspensions of Twitter Accounts Exploiting Child Sex Abuse Material Rise After Musk Takeover

CEO: Wokeness Destroying American Workplace

Progressives grumble as Respect for Marriage Act advances: 'I hate the Senate bill'

Supreme Court weighs compelled speech versus free speech in case of Christian Colorado web designer who opposes same-sex marriage

Justice Gorsuch: Colorado Baker Made to 'Go Through Reeducation Program' for Declining to Bake Cakes for Same-Sex Weddings

SCOTUS conservatives signal support for web designer who backs traditional marriage

Supreme Court Justice Alito jokes about Black Santa and Ashley Madison during arguments in same-sex weddings case

Justice Alito weirdly jokes that 'You do see a lot of Black children in Ku Klux Klan outfits all the time' while debating a free speech case and talking about Santa photos

Ketanji Brown Jackson Suggests Christmas Classic "It's a Wonderful Life" is Fodder For White Supremacists in Oral Arguments Over Free Speech Case

Putin signs expanded anti-LGBTQ laws in Russia, in latest crackdown on rights

The New England Journal of Medicine Joins the Ranks of Science-Deniers to Promote Transgender Ideology

Medical education adopts gender ideology cartoons that dispute sexual binary

Rachel Levine Calls on Doctors to Become 'Ambassadors' to Normalize Transgenderism

Utah to Emphasize LGBTQ and Minority Communities in Middle School Social Studies Classes

Indonesia set to criminalize sex, cohabitation before marriage for citizens and tourists

Is working out while high L.A.'s next fitness craze? This trainer is betting on it

Minnesota sues to stop 'Death by Gummy Bears' THC edibles

Texas University Develops a Fentanyl Vaccine

Pfizer applies for FDA authorization for Omicron-retooled vaccine booster in kids under 5

Side effects of COVID vaccines often 'psychosomatic': Israeli peer-reviewed study

Vaccine hesitancy may predict future COVID-19 vaccine side effects - Resistance to getting a COVID-19 vaccine might cause larger problems than anticipated in the long run

Biden opposes dropping COVID vaccine mandate for military, Defense spokesperson says

McCarthy Says Defense Bill Won't Move Forward Unless Military Vaccine Mandate Dropped

House Dems consider ending military COVID vax mandate to gain GOP support for Defense spending bill

Vaccine Mandate Is Hurting Recruiting, Top Marine General Says

Fauci Deposition Transcript Released: 'I Don't Recall' 174 Times

Former EcoHealth Vice President Dr. Andrew Huff Says "Dr. Fauci Is Continuing to Be Dr. Fauci - A Liar" - When Confronted with Fauci's Claims During Deposition

China might have seen the stirrings of a revolution with the COVID protests, but the country's youth isn't finished lying flat

Hackers linked to Chinese government stole millions in Covid benefits, Secret Service says

CDC encourages people to wear masks to help prevent spread of Covid, flu and RSV over the holidays

Worst flu outbreak in more than a decade spikes hospitalizations

Tracking Bible Prophecy Headlines - 12/5/2022

Bahrain: Netanyahu believes in peace, we look forward to working with him

In first, Bahraini king hosts Herzog, stresses Palestinians' 'legitimate rights'

Bahraini FM: Palestinian statehood bedrock of Abraham Accords success

Blinken warns Netanyahu on annexation of occupied West Bank

Blinken Vows US Support for Israel Despite Unease With Netanyahu

Blinken: US will judge the next Israeli government on policies, not personalities

Gantz calls on opposition parties to join 'struggle for the character of the state'

Amid concerns over Maoz, Netanyahu insists he 'won't accept' harm to LGBT rights

Al Jazeera film claims to show IDF deliberately shot at Abu Akleh, other journalists

Rare anti-government protest turns deadly in southern Syria

Protesters Storm Governor's Office in Southern Syrian City, Two Killed in Clashes

Dozens of Christians kidnapped from buses while en route to wedding, funeral in Nigeria

Iran allegedly shutting down 'morality police' after protests; critics brand news 'disinformation'

Iran locked into 'vicious cycle' over protests and arming Russia, says US

Edward Snowden Pledges Allegiance to Russia, Receives Russian Passport: Lawyer

'Enemies of Christ' - Moscow Denounces Zelensky Govt After Raids on Russia-Linked Churches

Putin insincere about peace talks, takes war to new level of 'barbarism' - a top U.S. diplomat

Russia, Belarus Training Together as 'A Single Army': Lukashenko

Russia building massive army base in occupied Mariupol, show satellite images

More than 500 Ukrainian localities remain without power as temperatures plummet

OPEC+ Keeps Oil Curbs Despite Russia Price Cap

China operating over 100 police stations across the world with the help of some host nations, report claims

'Anonymous' Hacks CCP-Run Website, Aids Protesters in China

Why China Is In Crisis (And Might Never Be a Superpower Afterall)

Dissident says Cuba regime has unleashed 'repressive fury'

Chinese gov't pushed anti-GOP propaganda on TikTok before midterms

New Zealand admits it has direct access to Facebook takedown portal where it can flag content for censorship

Commentary: Musk's 'Twitter Files' Confirm Everything We Already Knew

Hunter Biden's Laptop Repairman 'Vindicated' by Twitter Expose

Senator Johnson: Censorship of Hunter Biden's Laptop is "Just Part of a Much Larger Story"

Katie Hobbs' office contacted Twitter to censor posts

Elon Musk vows 'more smoking guns' to be revealed by Twitter after Hunter Biden bombshell

Elon Musk Blasts the Corporate Media for Ignoring the Twitter Files, Which Exposed Hunter Biden Laptop Censorship

Musk says Twitter under his leadership will put pressure on mainstream media to be more truthful

'Utterly False': Musk Blasts New York Times for Hate Speech Report on Twitter

'If I committed suicide, it's not real': Elon Musk reassures the public he's not suicidal for a second time this year

Commentary: What's missing from the Twitter files: The truth about the FBI

FBI Began Covertly Surveilling Rudy Giuliani One Month After He Was Hired as President Trump's Personal Attorney

'Out of control': Trump's call to scrap US Constitution slammed across party lines

Trump dinner with antisemites was 'breaking point,' Jewish former allies say

New Survey Finds Political Polarization Is Eroding Public's Trust In The Military

Oakland, California, Plans to Give Residents Money so They Can Make Political Donations

Elon Musk Suspects Former FTX CEO Sam Bankman-Fried Donated Over $1 Billion to Support Democrats

DOJ Watchdog Urges Probe Into FTX Collapse Amid 'Serious Allegations of Fraud, Dishonesty, Incompetence'

The Gemini crypto exchange run by the Winklevoss twins is owed $900 million following FTX's collapse, report says

Coinbase CEO Rejects FTX 'Accounting Error,' Says Funds Were Obviously 'Stolen'

Celsius clients with collateral stuck on failed crypto platform turn to bankruptcy process for relief

Crypto Stocks Teeter Near Abyss as Fink's Warning Adds to Angst

Most crypto companies will 'crash' after years of industry Ponzi schemes: Palantir co-founder

The ChatGPT chatbot from OpenAI is amazing, creative, and totally wrong

Tsunami warning issued as magnitude 6.7 earthquake strikes off Tonga

5.5 magnitude earthquake hits near Isangel, Vanuatu

5.1 magnitude earthquake hits near Andalgala, Argentina

5.1 magnitude earthquake hits near Matavai, Samoa

5.0 magnitude earthquake hits near Paciran, Indonesia

Sabancaya volcano in Peru erupts to 29,000ft

Sangay volcano in Ecuador erupts to 26,000ft

Ruiz volcano in Colombia eurpts to 21,000ft

Popocateptl volcano in Mexico erupts to 21,000ft

Semeru volcano in Indonesia erupts to 21,000ft

Reventador volcano in Ecuador erupts to 17,000ft

Sheveluch volcano on Kamchatka, Russia erupts to 15,000ft

Fuego volcano in Guatemala erupts to 14,000ft

Residents are evacuating as Mount Semeru, Indonesia's highest volcano, has erupted

Large pyroclastic flow at Stromboli volcano generates a local tsunami, Italy

2,500 Dead Seals Found on Russia's Caspian Coast

EU chief says bloc has to address 'distortions' created by Biden environmental policies

Oil industry exec rips Biden's 'willy-nilly' energy policy, warns of another 'major' crisis in next few weeks

France Could Suffer 'Significant' Food Spoilage Due to Power Cuts

A power outage in North Carolina that has left nearly 40,000 people without electricity was caused by "intentional vandalism," police say

NC county announces curfew as nearly 40,000 customers remain without power after 2 substations damaged by gunfire

Alberta, Manitoba, and Other Provinces Refuse to Take Part in Justin Trudeau's Gun Grab

Colorado Senate President Eyes Gun Control Grab: 'Pretty Much Everything Is on the Table'

Seven more Texas counties express support for declaring invasion at border; bringing total to 40

Hakeem Jeffries, House Dems' new leader, said Tara Reade's Biden accusation should be 'investigated seriously'

Venue Will Cancel 'All Ages' Drag Events for the Rest of the Year After Journalist's Video Report

Top Church of England clerics silent on 'trans' Jesus sermon that stoked international backlash: 'No comment'

Supreme Court to review workplace dispute over free speech and gay marriage

Gay Rights Supreme Court Case Could Lead To 'Parade of Horribles'

Chinese cities ease curbs, full zero-COVID exit seen some way off

China dumping its draconian 'zero COVID' policy could come at the huge cost of rampant infections: 'This will spread like wildfire'

China's Xi Jinping 'unwilling' to accept western Covid vaccines says US intelligence chief

Defense Secretary Austin wants to keep COVID-19 vaccine mandate for troops

Sen. Rand Paul Calls Out Fauci For Saying He Has No Regrets During the Pandemic

Tracking Bible Prophecy Headlines - 12/4/2022

'Message of peace': Herzog heads to Bahrain on 1st state visit by Israeli president

Rocket fired from Gaza lands in open field in south; first launch in a month

Hamas fires at Israeli jets as air force hits terror group following rocket attack

Israeli warplanes attack Gaza as EU calls for 'accountability'

UN Mideast envoy 'by killing of Palestinian stabber who wounded officer

Palestinian car thief crashes through Ben Gurion Airport checkpoint, is shot: police

Ex-state attorney: Netanyahu aims to defang courts due to his 'very bad' legal state

Likud on back foot as dozens of towns say won't let anti-LGBT MK dictate education

US Jews battle 'mainstreaming' and normalization of antisemitism

Antisemitic celebrities stoke fears of normalizing hate

Surging Twitter antisemitism unites fringe, encourages violence, officials say

Gantz: Iran attacked at least 16 civilian vessels in Mideast in past five years

Iran says it has executed 4 alleged Mossad agents accused of spying for Israel

Iran said using more hired assassins in plots against dissidents, Israelis and Jews

Iran: President Raisi Visits Mahsa Amini's Home Province, Calls Protests Foreign 'Conspiracies'

After 2 1/2 months of deadly protests, Iran says mandatory hijab law under review

Iran demolishes family home of climber who competed without a hijab

Iran state body says 200 dead in 'riots' as Raisi hails 'freedoms'

Iran starts construction on $2 billion nuclear power plant Karoon, state media says

Canada sanctions Iran research, delivery firms over supply of drones to Russia

Russia assembles a 'shadow fleet' of more than 100 oil tankers as Putin tries to bust western sanctions, report said

'Wealthy Russian businessman' arrested by UK crime agency over money laundering claims

NASA Says Russia Took $1 Billion In Wheat From Occupied Ukraine

G7, EU agree Russia oil price cap to deny Moscow funds for Ukraine 'war machine'

Ukraine war: Zelensky calls West's Russian oil cap 'weak'

Russia rejects G7 and EU capping oil at $60 per barrel, threatens to shut spigot

Ukraine war: Fighting set to slow for winter months, says US intelligence

Russia coordinating Ukraine hacks with missiles, could increasingly target European allies, Microsoft warns

EU Chief Compares Russian Invasion of Ukraine to British Presence in Ireland

Alexander Lukashenko at a meeting with Sergei Shoigu threatens war until the last "either Ukrainian or Pole"

Japan, Britain and Italy to announce joint fighter project as early as next week - sources

Pentagon issues warning after Turkish airstrikes threaten American troops in Syria

Turkey says Kurdish armed groups in Syria 'legitimate targets'

74 years after UN convention on genocides, world struggles to stop them occurring

Salvadoran troops surround a major city in crackdown on gangs

Go Time? Military Deploy in Brazil - "Martial Law Coming Next Week"

Elon Musk: It Is Likely Twitter Interfered in 2022 Brazilian Election

Elon Musk Meets With French President Emmanuel Macron About Social Media Regulations

'Twitter Files' Compares Treatment of Hunter Biden Laptop Story to Child Porn - but Child Porn Runs Rampant on Twitter

Elon Musk's 'Twitter Files' ignite divisions, but haven't changed minds

James Woods Vows to Expose the 'Corrupt, Vile Vermin' at the DNC over Twitter Censorship: Joe Biden, 'I Am Not Afraid of You. And I'm Coming for You'

Future GOP Majority Vows Action Based on Twitter Files Revelations: 'This Story's Just Beginning'

Twitter Staff to Be Grilled Before Congress for Censoring Hunter Biden Laptop Story: Rep. Comer

Comer: Every Twitter Employee Involved in Squelching Hunter Laptop Story Will Testify Before Congress

Former top intel chiefs silent after Musk Twitter disclosures

'The First Amendment Isn't Absolute': Democrat Staffers Wanted Twitter to Censor More

Musk declares New York Times 'lobbying firm for far left' after reportedly ignoring 'Twitter Files' story

Liberal journalists rush to smear reporter Matt Taibbi for releasing Elon Musk's explosive 'Twitter Files' that exposed censorship of Hunter Biden laptop

Musk's revelations on Twitter censoring Hunter Biden laptop story prompt liberal rage: 'Hack stuff'

Top five revelations from Musk's disclosure on Hunter Biden laptop suppression

Twitter docs released by Musk and journalist suggest Democrats could manipulate speech on platform

Twitter Files Confirm: Hunter Biden Laptop Story Was Censored 'So That Donald Trump Would Not Be Reelected President'

'Only By Bullets Now': GOP Candidate Openly Calls For Violent Revolution Over Hunter Biden Laptop Drop

Trump calls for 'termination' of election rules in Constitution to overturn 2020 election following the release of more detailed information about Twitter's role in suppressing a story about Hunter Biden

Trump: 'Corrupt' DOJ Will Do Nothing After 'Twitter Files'

Deep State Attorney James Baker Came to Twitter "Committed to an Open Internet and Freedom of Expression" - It Was a Lie

Secret Service Finds Hundreds of Pages on Hunter Biden Gun Incident

148 Hunter Biden 'Suspicious Activity' Reports are Being Hidden from Americans by the Biden Administration

Hunter Biden's former law firm received $10M in forgiven COVID loans while donating $1M to Dems

Jim Jordan Slams JCPA: 'Further Collusion to Censor Conservatives'

McCarthy: Twitter Disclosures Show Biden Doesn't Want Free Speech, I Wonder What Facebook, Google Are Hiding

Biden Is Staffing Up for GOP Probes Even While Downplaying Risks

Graham: 'Matter of Time' Before Biden's Policies Lead to Terror Attack on Americans

"Madam Speaker, the American People Have Spoken - They Fired You" - US House Representative Lauren Boebert to Corrupt Nancy Pelosi's Face

Disgraced FTX founder to testify in Congress before Maxine Waters despite cozy relationship

Democrat Rep. Maxine Waters Praises FTX Founder In New Tweet

Ga. Sec. of State Asking County Election Directors to Conduct Audit of Walker-Warnock Race

Rep. Stefanik: USPS Employees Stole 20K in Campaign Checks

Rep. Perry: Dems Weaponizing Trump's Tax Returns

Prosecutor says evidence shows Trump 'explicitly' OKd tax fraud

IRS warns Americans about $600 threshold to report Venmo, Cash App payments

IRS Warning Americans to Report $600 Transactions From Payment Processors or Risk Facing Audit

Blackstone Freezes Pullout as Investors Flee

Roubini Warns "The Mother Of All Economic Crises Looms"

Most crypto companies will 'crash' after years of industry Ponzi schemes: Palantir co-founder

Crypto Stocks Teeter Near Abyss as Fink's Warning Adds to Angst

Nolte: CNN Sued for Allegedly Using Hundreds of Songs Without Permission

The 'pro-union' president risks the support of a key constituency to avert a rail strike

FBI director warns that China could exploit TikTok to collect user data for espionage

Magnitude 6.4 Quake Hits Indonesia's West Java

5.5 magnitude earthquake hits near Lambarene, Gabon

5.4 magnitude earthquake hits the Reykjanes Ridge

5.2 magnitude earthquake hits the Reykjanes Ridge

5.0 magnitude earthquake hits near Riosucio, Colombia

Indonesia raises volcano warning to highest after Semeru erupts

Semeru volcano in Indonesia erupts to 50,000ft

Sabancaya volcano in Peru erupts to 29,000ft

Ruiz volcano in Colombia erupts to 25,000ft

Sangay volcano in Ecuador erupts to 24,000ft

Popocateptl volcano in Mexico erupts to 21,000ft

Reventador volcano in Ecuador erupts to 15,000ft

Fuego volcano in Guatemala erupts to 15,000ft

Sheveluch volcano on Kamchatka, Russia erupts to 15,000ft

Sakurajima volcano on Japan erupts to 12,000ft

Molten lava on Hawaii's Big Island could block main highway

Study: Offshore wind farms hyped by Biden administration have 'substantial impact' on ecosystem, marine life - not in a good way

Massive dust storm swallows towns in western Kansas

France to Look to Import Energy from Britain and Others as Winter Power Cuts Loom

Switzerland Mulling Bans on Electric Car Use Amid Energy Shortages

Pope Francis Asks Nonbelievers to Send Him 'Good Vibes' in Lieu of Prayers

Gavin Newsom launches $569 BILLION reparations plan for California

Retired Maine State Trooper Awarded $300,000 in Whistleblower Lawsuit Over Law Enforcement Targeting Gun Owners

Texas Steps Up Border Militarization with Deployment of 10 Armored Carriers

Two-thirds want border wall and E-Verify to slow illegal immigration

Sanctuary State New Jersey: Illegal Alien Accused of Repeatedly Sexually Assaulting Child

French Woman Who Opened Home to Refugee Raped: Prosecutor

Drug Traffickers in Paris No-Go Zones Paying Illegals to Attack Police

'Traditional Leaders' in Africa Demand Bribes to Stop Kidnapping and Mutilating Girls

Rock star Morrissey rips into cancel culture, says 'diversity' is used to enforce conformity

DeSantis: We will not undo repeal of Disney's tax district over the Parental Rights in Education Act

Creepy Planned Parenthood Sex Ed Director Claims Babies are 'Sexual From Birth,' Endorses Giving Children Porn

Druggings, Deaths and Robberies Put New York's Gay Community on Edge

'Avatar' Director James Cameron: Testosterone a 'Toxin' You Must Be Cleansed Of

J.K. Rowling Sends Champagne After Woman Heckles Sturgeon over Trans Self-ID Law

Man charged with threatening doctor over transgender care

AbbVie Becomes Second Pharmaceutical Company to Support Pro-Trans Propaganda Film for Kids

Trans Kids Organisation Mermaids Under Investigation by Charity Commission

Catholic bishop blasts 'evil woman' Hillary Clinton for comparing pro-lifers to Taliban, Russian war crimes

Indiana judge rules for Jewish, Muslim plaintiffs against abortion ban

Chinese Scientist Who Claimed to Edit Baby Genes Resurfaces, Promises Oxford Talk

After monkey trial, Elon Musk wants to put brain implant in humans

Paralympian claims Canada offered to euthanise her when she asked for a stairlift

Chris Selley: Canadian euthanasia quickly went from a 'good death' to very dark places

If you have the 'killer instinct needed to fight the real enemy,' you could be New York City's next 'rat czar'

New York City hiring rat czar to deal with 'relentless' rodent problem

Less mixing due to COVID pandemic could be behind increased Strep A infections, says expert, after six children die

Defense bill could roll back Covid vaccine policy, top Dem says - Such a move would be a big win for Republicans, but proposals to reinstate troops already kicked out do not appear to be viable

Retired Gen. Tata: Military Vaccine Mandate a 'Religion' to WH

Herschel Walker: Biden 'Committing an Act of Treason' with Military Vaccine Mandate

US: Beijing Can't Control COVID-19 Without Western Vaccines

How China's technotyranny has crushed lockdown protests - Science fiction is becoming science fact as Communist Party uses its sophisticated abilities to chilling effect

Man in China dragged out of home after allegedly refusing to go to quarantine facility

Wuhan Lab 'Whistleblower' Blows the Lid Off Covid Origins Story, Claims U.S. Handed China 'Bioweapons Technology'

Scientist who worked at Wuhan lab says COVID was man-made virus

Rigorous international study of N95 masks upends federal COVID narrative

Biden Administration to End Monkeypox Emergency Declaration

Tracking Bible Prophecy Headlines - 12/3/2022

Likud, Religious Zionist parties sign coalition agreement, paving the way to a new government

New Smotrich powers likely to see settlements flourish, Palestinian building limited

Tel Aviv mayor warns Israel heading toward a fascist theocracy

Poll: 6 in 10 Israelis fear for democracy as Netanyahu finalizes hardline coalition

Netanyahu: Lapid inciting rebellion among military officers, local authorities

West Bank footage throws spotlight on Israel's use of lethal force

Border Police officer stabbed, wounded in West Bank; Palestinian attacker shot dead

New U.S. Envoy Hails Biden for Elevating Palestinian Issue, Boasts U.S. Once Again Largest Donor

Unilever asks US judge to dismiss Ben & Jerry's lawsuit against West Bank sales

Qatar reportedly pressures Hamas to keep Gaza quiet during World Cup

Bahrain protesters chant 'death to Israel' ahead of Herzog visit

Israelis canceling Netflix subscription over controversial 'Nakba' film

Lithuanian PM introduces bill to set aside $38m for Holocaust survivors, their heirs

Taking aim at Trump, Biden says leaders must call out antisemitism, not platform it

Hillary Clinton: Biden Admin Should Not Negotiate With Iran - 'We Need to Be on the Side of the Protesters'

Iran triples capacity for enriching uranium to 60%, near weapons grade, IAEA says

Zelensky urges lawmakers to Ban Moscow-linked Ukrainian Orthodox Church

Ukraine says bloody packages containing animals' eyes sent to some of its embassies

Official Says over 10,000 Ukrainian Troops Killed in war

Ukraine war: Russia demands annexations recognised before talks

Europe agrees to cap the price of Russian oil at $60 a barrel

Russia and Ukraine are fighting the first full-scale drone war

Ukraine: Russia Test Flying Nuclear-Capable Bombers Near Border

Mearsheimer predicts the world is headed for a massive conflict between the US, China, and Russia

Pentagon: Chinese Navy to Expand to 400 Ships by 2025, Growth Focused on Surface Combatants

In message to China, US unveiling new B-21 Raider stealth bomber

'Warship Chicken': Two U.S. Navy Ships Narrowly Miss Collision in San Diego Bay

Senators to China: 'Grave Consequences' If Violence Used Against Protesters

US Says China's COVID Protests Dying Down as Cities Ease Restrictions

Amid China's Rare Protests, Christians Wrestle with Their Role

DRC Rebels Deny Civilian Massacre as Truce Breaks Down

'Assassination attempt' on Pakistan envoy in Afghan capital

Rep. McCaul: Biden Admin Blocking Release of Afghan Aid Oversight Info

Hayward: Report Finds Twice as Many Nations Moved Toward Authoritarianism as Democracy in 2022

Maxine Waters calls on FTX founder Sam Bankman-Fried to testify

Former Business Partner Alleges Crypto Executive Offered Them Hush Money for Alameda, FTX Counterfeit Scheme

Lawyer Nick Gravante called Trump in the middle of the Kanye dinner to tell him it was a setup

Elon Musk suspends Ye's Twitter account after swastika post

Macron has 'clear and honest' talk with Musk on Twitter hate speech, user policies

Hunter Biden laptop bombshell: Twitter invented reason to censor Post's reporting

Twitter Probe Claims Extraordinary Measures to Quash Hunter Laptop Story

Morris: Internal Twitter Deliberations on Laptop from Hell Censorship Reveal Willful Ignorance on 'Hacking' Claim

Bombshell Twitter files suggest censorship driven by politics and connections, not facts: "This is a battle for the future of civilization," Musk says in explaining why he released the files. "If free speech is lost even in America, tyranny is all that lies ahead."

Rep. Ro Khanna Lone Democrat Congressman Concerned About Twitter's Censorship of Hunter Biden's Laptop

Elon Musk's Twitter reveal suggests Jack Dorsey was 'blindsided' by Hunter Biden story censorship: Devine

Twitter Files Reveal DNC Requested Censorship of James Woods

Woods: I'm Going to Sue DNC over Twitter Suppression, They Had Enemy's List Like Joe McCarthy

Woods: Dems Have Completely Flipped Their Position on Twitter Now that Musk Owns It

Former Twitter 'Trust & Safety' boss enraged by publication of Hunter Biden files, claims posting names of censors puts them 'in harm's way'

Crooked FBI Lawyer James Baker - One of the Architects of Spygate - Was Involved in Twitter's Decision to Suppress Hunter Biden Laptop From Hell Story

Mike Pompeo: Block Media Cartel Bill, It Would Lead to Censorship of Conservatives

Commentary: The Ministry of Truth was far more sinister than we were told

FBI director admits Trump was right about TikTok's national security issues: 'Doesn't share our values'

FBI met weekly with Big Tech ahead of the 2020 election, agent testifies

VoterGA Releases Evidence of 20,000 Votes Being Removed from Herschel Walker's Reported Totals in November Election

Election lawsuits pile up in Arizona, as counties, candidates challenge 2022 midterms

As 71% in poll say Maricopa County issues tipped Senate race, judge sanctions Kari Lake lawyers

Arizona secretary of state seeks investigation of Republicans who balked at certifying election

Here's How They Did it: Real-time Election Fraud

West Virginia state senator leaves Democratic Party for the GOP

Secession movements gain traction in US amid deepening political rifts: 'A long-standing problem'

Biden praises Congress for passing bill to avert rail strike

'Slap in the face': Unions lash out at Biden for signing rail strike legislation

Brawl breaks out in Senegal parliament after male lawmaker slaps female colleague

5.7 magnitude earthquake hits near Banjar, Indonesia

5.7 magnitude earthquake hits the Bouvet Island region

5.1 magnitude earthquake hits near Tokoroa, New Zealand

5.1 magnitude earthquake hits southeast of the Loyalty Islands

5.0 magnitude earthquake hits the Panama-Colombia border region

5.0 magnitude earthquake hits near Gorontalo, Indonesia

Sabancaya volcano in Peru erupts to 24,000ft

Popocateptl volcano in Mexico erupts to 22,000ft

Sangay volcano in Ecuador erupts to 21,000ft

Ruiz volcano in Colombia erupts to 20,000ft

Fuego volcano in Guatemala erupts to 17,000ft

Reventador volcano in Ecuador erupts to 15,000ft

Sheveluch volcano on Kamchatka, Russia erupts to 15,000ft

Semeru volcano in Indonesia erupts to 14,000ft

A Surprising Amount of Magma Is Under Yellowstone's Supervolcano

Hurricane-Force Wind Gusts Whip Across Central US, Including Texas and Colorado

'Rogue wave' strikes Antarctic cruise ship, leaves 1 dead and 4 injured

Drone footage shows deadly flooding in parts of Brazil

'Blatantly unconstitutional': Strict gun control law faces new NRA-backed legal challenge

Unsolved murder rate in US highest in decades amid police staffing shortfalls

Minneapolis to Award $600,000 to Rioters Who Sustained Injuries During 2020 Riots

MAGA Rep Marjorie Taylor Greene Demands Answers on 73,000 'Gotaways' at the Border in November

Biden White House Considers Reviving Trump-Era Policy to Stem Flow of Asylum Seekers

ICE Is Underreporting Illegals It Releases into the Country Without Tracking Equipment by over 18,000 Percent

GOP Lawmakers Pledge Vote Against Spending Bill Unless Biden Takes Action to Secure Border

Owing $1.5b to Sandy Hook families, Infowars host Alex Jones files for bankruptcy

#CANCELBALENCIAGA: Anti-Groomer Groups Organize Nationwide Protest Against Balenciaga for Normalizing Child Pornography with Disgusting BDSM Ad for Children

Balenciaga scandal: Brand issues statement, drops lawsuit as creative director responds to backlash

Planned Parenthood Leader Says Children Are 'Sexual Beings' From Birth

Georgia school administrator charged with sex crimes, allegedly boozed kids up at Halloween party

Tara Reade Asks GOP House to Investigate Her Claims Joe Biden Sexually Assaulted Her in 1993

Ibrahim Khan, chief of staff to Attorney General Letitia James, resigns amid sexual harassment allegations

California Senator Accused Of Faking Anti-LGBTQ Threat

Teacher Posts That Confusing Students About Gender Identity Is Enjoyable

Report: New Jersey High School Hosts Secret Student Drag Show for Adult Staff During School Hours

US drag queens turn to armed guards and metal detectors after Club Q shooting

Hundreds of Texas churches seek approval to leave the United Methodist Church Saturday after a controversial stance against same sex marriages and LGBTQ clergy members

Ron DeSantis Hammers Disney as CEO Bob Iger Regrets Anti-Groomer Bill Fight: 'They Brought This on Themselves'

Same-sex marriage bill will get vote next week, Pelosi says

Indonesia expected to pass law punishing sex outside marriage with jail sentence

Egypt mothers misled into Caesarean sections for their own convenience - and as a way of making money - campaigner

Hillary Clinton: Overturning Roe v. Wade Puts US in Company of Sudan, Afghanistan

Hillary Clinton: 'Great Majority of Americans' Believe the Right Has Gone 'Way Too Far' on Abortion Bans

Judge blocks Indiana abortion ban on religious freedom grounds

No, COVID is not "airborne AIDS." But what it does to your immune system is still scary

Shedding Concerns: "It Looks Like the mRNA is Transferring from the Vaccinated to the Unvaccinated"

International Blood Bank for the Unvaccinated has been Formed with Members from at Least 16 countries - Demand for "Pure Blood" Skyrockets

Sixth Circuit Appeals Court Upholds Air Force Personnel's Relief From COVID Vaccine Mandate

New COVID variant could emerge amid drop in surveillance, vaccination, WHO warns

"We've Caught Him Red-Handed and He Won't Get Away' - Senator Rand Paul Accuses Fauci of Funding Research that Caused 7 Million People To Die

'All-knowing' Tony Fauci's memory suddenly vanishes when he has to testify

Top epidemiologist slams federal health agencies for acting like 'PR department' for drugmakers - Feds were wrong about everything from vaccinations to masks because they abandoned science, Yale's Dr. Harvey Risch says

Tracking Bible Prophecy Headlines - 12/2/2022

Israel Slams UN Resolution to Hold Official Event Marking 75th Anniversary of Palestinian Nakba

Outgoing police minister warns Ben Gvir moves on Temple Mount could spark intifada

US insists it's still committed to reopening Jerusalem consulate, but few convinced

'I gave them the embassy': Trump doubles down after Kanye West, Fuentes meeting

Kanye West praises Hitler, calls himself a Nazi in unhinged interview

'I like Hitler:' Kanye West denies Holocaust in Alex Jones interview

Kanye West Praises Hitler on Alex Jones Show: 'We Gotta Stop Dissing the Nazis All the Time'

Kanye West Wears Bizarre Black Mask Covering His Face on Infowars

House Republicans' 'Kanye. Elon. Trump.' tweet deleted during interview where rapper told Alex Jones: 'I like Hitler'

Israel's Netanyahu reaches coalition deal with far-right party

Netanyahu gives Smotrich broad powers over settlements, Palestinian construction

Smotrich gets finance ministry, authority over West Bank in coalition deal

Anti-LGBT incoming Jewish identity czar Avi Maoz vows to nix Jerusalem Pride Parade

Eisenkot calls for a million-strong rally if Netanyahu harms democracy

Top justice vows courts will 'stand strong' in face of new coalition's reform plans

Gantz rips far-right party for calling Egyptians killed in 1967 war 'enemy soldiers'

Terror fighter killed near Jenin helped plan abduction of Israeli's body - report

Officials said bracing for Gaza rocket fire after top Islamic Jihad terrorist killed

Syrian rebels didn't know jihadist they killed was Islamic State leader

US Warns Erdogan Against New Turkish Military Campaign in Syria

Turkey calls for U.S. understanding ahead of possible Syria operation

Ramaphosa's future in balance over South Africa 'farmgate' scandal

Gantz: Iran conducted 16 separate attacks in past 5 years in the Gulf and Red Sea

Iran said suspected of attacks on German synagogues, threat to local Jewish leader

Rise in Iranian assassination, kidnapping plots alarms Western officials

Iran intensifying efforts to kidnap, kill officials, activists and journalists - report

As Iran Unrest Turns to Armed Clashes, Government Prepares Fight to Survive

Biden Approves $1 Billion Arms Sale To Qatar, Despite Longstanding Terror Ties

U.S. and Asian allies impose new sanctions on North Korea after ICBM test

Germany, Norway urge NATO to protect undersea infrastructure

Swiss say they've frozen $8 billion in Russian assets since Ukraine invasion

Joe Biden Willing to Speak to Vladimir Putin but Only if He's Ready for Peace in Ukraine

Mayor warns Kyiv could be without heat all winter

Kyiv Mayor Tells Residents To Stock Up On Water, Food Fearing Major Blackout

Biden and Macron pledge support to Ukraine, dodge question on Chinese White Paper Revolution

Pentagon warns of China's plans for dominance through nuclear expansion

Nato concerned by China's 'rapid and opaque' military buildup, says Blinken

Vatican Suffers Cyber-Attack After Offending Russia and China

The Vatican Is Buzzing With Conspiracy Theories as Hackers Take Down the Pope's Website

Chinese users play cat-and-mouse with censors amid protests

WH: We Won't Tell Apple to Allow AirDrop in China Because They're Private, That's a Different Situation from Us Vowing to Watch Twitter

Elon Musk Meets with Tim Cook, Says Threat of Apple Blacklisting Twitter Was 'Misunderstanding'

Big Brother Google Pours Millions Into Global "Fact Check" Fund

Sen. Marsha Blackburn says there will be oversight hearings regarding big tech censorship - Sen. Marsha Blackburn says the American people want big tech's power to be broken up

Watchdog Group Sues Biden's DHS For Records On Alleged Coordination To Censor Americans

Google gave FBI location data for 5K-plus devices for Jan. 6 investigation - Roughly 900 people have so far been charged with offenses in connection with the Jan. 6, 2021 riot

FBI denies purging conservative employees in letter to Jim Jordan

Appeals court rejects Trump lawsuit in Mar-a-Lago documents case

Brave Flint, MI. Residents Cite Examples of Voter Fraud and Multiple Unbalanced Precincts in Nov. Election. Ask MI Board of Canvassers Why They Would Certify Election When Flint Election Officials Wouldn't?

Arizona Governor-elect Hobbs ultimatum to county board: Certify her election or face felony rap

Katie Hobbs' Office Threatened County Board With Arrest, Indictment If They Didn't Certify Results

Arizona county certifies election after judge's order

County Under a Cloud: Maricopa's Decade-Long History of Election Issues, from 2012 to 2022

"Brazil Was Stolen": Bolsonaro Supporters Criticize Lack of Transparency in Elections; Armed Forces Were Hindered from Overseeing Electoral Process

Millions of Brazulians Call for Army to Save Democracy from Corrupt Communist Lula

Biden supply chain adviser to leave White House

'Biden Blew It': Unions Turn On POTUS After He Moves To Avert Railroad Strike

Senate reaches deal to avert rail strike - Rail strike would cost US economy billions of dollars per day

Janet Yellen blames Americans' 'splurging' for record-high inflation

FTX founder Bankman-Fried admits 'mistakes,' denies fraud, in crypto collapse

Former FTX CEO - Sam Bankman-Fried - Admits FTX Didn't Buy Bitcoin for Clients - Just Took Their Money

Asteroid 2022 WN9 flew past Earth at just 0.12 LD

5.4 magnitude earthquake hits the central Mid-Atlantic Ridge

5.1 magnitude earthquake hits near Bengkulu, Indonesia

5.1 magnitude earthquake hits south of Panama

Sabancaya volcano in Peru erupts to 25,000ft

Sangay volcano in Ecuador erupts to 25,000ft

Popocateptl volcano in Mexico erupts to 24,000ft

Ruiz volcano in Colombia erupts to 19,000ft

Fuego volcano in Guatemala erupts to 17,000ft

Reventador volcano in Ecuador erupts to 17,000ft

Semeru volcano in Indonesia erupts to 14,000ft

Sakurajima volcano on Japan erupts to 14,000ft

Sheveluch volcano on Kamchatka, Russia erupts to 13,000ft

Ebeko volcano in the Kuril Islands erupts to 10,000ft

Dukono volcano in Indonesia erupts to 10,000ft

Lava flow from Mauna Loa is slowing down. But that's not the only possible hazard from Hawaii's dual volcano eruptions

Large pyroclastic flow at Sheveluch volcano, Russia

Brazil: Two dead, dozens missing as landslide hits highway

Drone footage captures devastation wrecked by deadly landslide in Brazil

Fla. Pulls $2B From BlackRock Over Firm's Environmental, Social Policies

State of Florida Removes $2 Billion from BlackRock In Anti-ESG Divestment - "Using Our Cash to Fund BlackRock's Social-Engineering Project Isn't Something Florida Ever Signed Up For"

France's Emmanuel Macron says Biden agenda could 'fragment the West'

Biden acknowledges 'glitches' in climate law after Macron criticism

Biden says he never intended to exclude France in climate policies

"My Turn?"- Joe Biden Calls on List of Pre-Approved Reporters During Joint Press Conference with Macron

Spain boosts security as prime minister and US embassy targeted amid series of letter bombs

Explosive envelope delivered to U.S. Embassy in Madrid detonated by police

Uvalde Shooting Victims File $27 Billion Class-Action Suit

Liberal media say we should stop covering crime, because it's hurting Dems

Rantz: Seattle Council permanently defunds 80 cops in already understaffed police department

Americans Are Losing Trust in the Military - The rise of woke politics has undermined public confidence in the brass

Karine Jean-Pierre ripped for 'categorically false' claim Biden visited the border: 'Caught in lies daily'

Epstein estate settles sex trafficking case in U.S. Virgin Islands for $105 million

Harvey Weinstein Is A "Degenerate Rapist" Who Used Hollywood "Power To Prey On Women", Prosecutor Says In Closing Argument

Colombia police used torture and sexual harassment to quell protests - Amnesty

Transgender Activist Running International Drug Smuggling Operation In Plain Sight Targeting Minors

Author JK Rowling Attacked By Trans Movement Again-This Time for "Misgendering" Alleged Twitter Account of Convicted Child Murderer

Politico Ignores Huge Risks Of Child 'Transition' To Push Kids Toward Castration Instead Of Real Care

Biden Administration Confirms It Wants Taxpayers To Pay For Sex-Change Operations On Minors

Jen Psaki rips Walker ad standing up for female athletes as 'attacking transgender people'

Raphael Warnock's Church Belongs To A Leftist Group That Supports Critical Race Theory

Georgia Senate runoff tests the staying power of abortion in American elections

Federal Appeals Court Reinstates Indiana Law Requiring Medical Providers to Bury or Cremate Aborted Babies

Fentanyl Deaths Have Soared 1,280% in Los Angeles over Past Five Years

Elon Musk's Brain Implant Startup Neuralink Holds 'Show and Tell' Recruitment Drive

Elon Musk expects Neuralink's brain chip to begin human trials in 6 months

Libby Emmons: Neuralink Seeks to Transform Human Beings Into Simply Another Data Port in the Internet of Things

Pandemic stress literally caused teen brains to age by several years

Britain's Top Virus Adviser: Country Facing "Prolonged Period" of Deaths Not Due to COVID, But Because of Lockdowns

China's Covid tsar says fight against virus entering 'new stage'

China easing 'zero-COVID' policy a 'rare display of weakness' from Xi Jinping, Tiananmen Square protester says

China Clamps Down on Internet as It Seeks to Stamp Out Covid Protests

China's Draconian Lockdowns Are 'Complete Chaos,' American Says

Mike Pence: Fauci Was Catalyst for 'Draconian' Lockdowns

Anti-vaxxer nurse who jabbed 9,000 with saline instead of Covid vaccine spared jail

Senators Stand With Armed Forces, Demand Senate Vote on Ending Military Covid-19 Vax Mandate

13 GOP Senators Demand Vote to End Military Vaccine Mandate

GOP senators to withhold support for Defense funding until they get vote to end military vax mandate

Mask Mandates Back in Effect on USAF and US Army Bases

Tracking Bible Prophecy Headlines - 12/1/2022

U.S. envoy to Palestinians says Washington still wants Jerusalem consulate

Palestinian envoy tells UN 'we're at the end of the road' for 2-state solution

UN to mark 'Nakba Day' - Israel's establishment as catastrophe

UN General Assembly approves event honoring 'Nakba Day' parallel to Independence Day

Amb. Erdan to UN: Stop ignoring the Jewish Nakba

Medieval remains reveal diversity of Ashkenazi Jewish DNA - study

Holocaust survivors offered DNA tests to help find family

Amazon Will Continue to Sell Antisemitic Documentary for Now: 'We Have to Allow Access to Those Viewpoints, Even If They Are Objectionable,' CEO Says

How antisemitism became an American crisis

Netanyahu Condemns Trump on Antisemites: 'He Made a Mistake. I Hope It's Not Repeated'

Netanyahu on Kanye Kerfuffle: "Donald Trump Did Great Things for Israel"

Netanyahu vows to keep far-right in check: 'Israel won't be governed by Talmud'

Gantz warns of 'serious harm' if Ben Gvir assumes control of West Bank Border Police

Likud said to oppose demand to abolish 'grandchild clause' in Law of Return

Ministers condemn 'terrible' Jordanian film about 1948 war slated to hit Netflix

UNRWA condemns subterranean opening found beneath Gaza school

Palestinian killed in clash with military during West Bank arrest raid

IDF holds joint air drills with US, simulating strikes on Iran and proxies

'Flagrant betrayal': Luminaries blast Biden's Iran envoy for 'abetting the suppression of liberty'

Iran says 4 sentenced to death for alleged collaboration with Israeli intelligence

Female journalist arrested in Iran amid wave of protests, says her employer

Iranians Celebrate Their Country's World Cup Loss to the US

Iranian Man Assassinated After Celebrating His Country's Loss to the U.S.

Former CIA Officer Says Iranian Players Could Face Retribution After Losing to US in World Cup

World Cup: A missed opportunity to protest Qatar corruption, immorality - opinion

Mohammed bin Salman accused of attempt to 'manipulate' US court system

Students killed in explosion at Afghanistan religious school, Taliban blame ISIS for 'unforgivable crime'

Third Islamic State leader killed in battle

Islamic State says leader killed 'in combat with enemies of God'

IS announces leader's death and names replacement

German parliament labels 1930s 'Holodomor' famine in Ukraine a genocide

Zelensky calls on Israel to stop 'balancing' between Ukraine and Russia

Biden admin pledges additional $53M to bolster Ukraine's power grid

Russia's Medvedev Warns NATO Over Supplying Ukraine With Patriot Systems

U.S. and NATO Scramble to Arm Ukraine and Refill Their Own Arsenals

NATO commits to future Ukraine membership: "NATO's door is open"

EU seeks special court to probe Russian war crimes in Ukraine

Russia blames nuclear talks pullout on 'toxic' U.S. behaviour

US poised to back billions in military aid for Taiwan

South Korea scrambles fighter jets after Chinese and Russian warplanes enter air defence zone

Report warns half of world's democracies facing erosion

Can Anyone Trust The Georgia Runoff With So Much Illegal Voting?

Complaint accuses Herschel Walker of committing voter fraud over Texas tax credit

Arizona secretary of state's office sues Cochise County for failing to certify election

Democrat congressman sues Pennsylvania county he partially represents for not certifying election

Michael Moore: 147 Republicans Committed 'Seditious Act' by Voting Against Certifying Biden Win

Democrat-Led House Committee Now Has 6 Years of Trump's Tax Returns After Long Legal Battle

"I Will Have Vengeance" - 'Architect' of Mar-a-Lago Trump-Ye Dinner Vowed in 2020 to "Burn Republican Party to [the] Ground"

Kevin McCarthy Letter to House J6 Committee Demands Staff Preserve Documents, Vows Hearings on Lax Capitol Security

"I don't believe he will ever get 218 votes": GOP rebellion threatens to kill McCarthy speaker bid

Democrats Elect 'Election Denier' Hakeem Jeffries as Leader

With Hakeem Jeffries' rise, his members see 'Democrats in total array'

Biden slammed for claiming public didn't know 'what the hell a supply chain was': 'Insulting Americans'

Biden voted against ending 1992 railroad strike but wants Congress to act to avoid one now

House votes to avert rail strike, impose deal on unions

House Passes Bill to Avert Rail Union Strike - Bill Heads to Senate Where It's Expected to Hit Roadblock

South Korea Orders Striking Truckers Back to Work, Truckers Say No Deal

Bankman-Fried's Money Tied to Major Media Outlets, Bringing "Journalistic Integrity" Into Question

Gov. Kristi Noem Bans Using China-Controlled TikTok Using State Devices Over Security Threats

TikTok's Viral Challenges Keep Luring Young Kids to Their Deaths

Former Twitter 'safety' director admits banning Hunter Biden laptop story was a mistake

Elon Musk Admits Twitter Has "Interfered with Elections" - Agrees that Public Trust Must Be Restored

Elon Musk flames 'coordinated' Democrat attacks against him: 'Actors on the political stage'

Elon Musk warned by European Union that Twitter could be banned unless he sticks to bloc's digital rules

Elon Musk meets Apple CEO Tim Cook, says Twitter not at risk of getting pulled from App Store

Hacked Twitter data includes phone numbers, personal emails for celebrities, prominent politicians

Twitter becomes stage for China protests despite ban by Beijing

NY Times: China Protest Videos Surface Despite Censorship

China's mass protests are overwhelming its censorship systems

Excitement, defiance for young Chinese in COVID 'tipping point' protests

Echoes of Tiananmen Square: World Looks Away as Chinese Communist Regime Sends in Tanks to Xuzhou to Quash Democracy Protests

Cotton: Biden Should Speak on China Protests to Stop another Tiananmen Square, Should Revoke Most Favored Nation Status if Force Is Used

San Francisco will allow police to deploy robots that kill

Indian Army Shows Off Birds of Prey Trained to Destroy Armed Drones

Series of earthquakes in northern Alberta felt in Edmonton, Grande Prairie and B.C.

5.7 magnitude earthquake hits near Bandar-e Lengeh, Iran

Strong and shallow M5.6 earthquake, numerous aftershocks at Taupo volcano, New Zealand

5.0 magnitude earthquake hits near the east coast of Honshu, Japan

4.0 Earthquake Strikes Off Hawaii Coast While Mauna Loa Eruption Continues

Landslide leaves at least 2 dead and dozens missing in Brazil

Two volcanoes erupt simultaneously in Hawaii for first time in decades: "A very sacred event that we are watching"

Lava is spilling toward a key Hawaiian highway as 2 volcanoes erupt simultaneously

New aerial video captures eruption of world's largest active volcano, Mauna Loa, in Hawaii

Sabancaya volcano in Peru erupts to 26,000ft

Sangay volcano in Ecuador erupts to 22,000ft

Popocateptl volcano in Mexico erupts to 19,000ft

Fuego volcano in Guatemala eurpts to 17,000ft

Reventador volcano in Ecuador erupts to 17,000ft

Semeru volcano in Indonesia erupts to 14,000ft

Dukono volcano in Indonesia eruptst to 10,000ft

Deadly tornado outbreak leaves homes in tatters across South

Mother, son killed after more than 30 tornados struck Gulf states

An Alabama community seems to have been 'wiped off the map' by extreme storms and tornadoes, a local emergency official said

China hit by strongest cold wave since 1987

Biden administration commits millions of dollars to relocate Native tribes threatened by climate change

Commentary: Why The UN Climate Summit Was Actually The China Empowerment Summit

GOP attorneys general try to block Vanguard from buying utilities over firm's climate change stance and commitment to "net zero greenhouse gas emissions"

Biden's Energy Advisor Amos Hochstein: "Eventually We Are Going to be Phasing Out the Use of Oil"

Contractor: Golden Gate Bridge Suicide Net Will Cost $400M

Uvalde Shooting Victim's Mother Sues Police, School District and Gun Manufacturer

Troubling Sign at the Border: 3 Agents Killed Selves in November

ICE accidentally released the identities of 6,252 immigrants who sought protection in the U.S.

SCOTUS Takes Up Major Immigration Case Between Texas And Biden Administration

US air marshals plot 'mutiny' against Biden plan to leave flights unprotected after a Biden administration order that they leave their assignments and go to the southern border

8 Sex Offenders Arrested in One Texas Border Sector in Two Weeks

Florida doctor accused of drugging, raping patients found dead in ditch

Study: Pandemic Fueled Alarming Rise in Child Sexual Abuse in the Philippines

Mother Furious After 8-Year-Old Daughter Taught About Masturbation in UK School

SBC head rejects claim ex-president Johnny Hunt has been restored to ministry after abuse allegation

Officials: Oklahoma Assistant D.A. Accused of Possessing Child Pornography

Fashion company Balenciaga sues ad company over campaign featuring child porn SCOTUS decision

Bob Iger Contradicts Himself over Disney's Fight with Florida, Expresses Regret After Earlier Denouncing Anti-Grooming Law

Nolte: 'Queerness' Is 'Core' of Disney+ 'Willow' Series

Walmart's Walton Family Funds LGBT Events for Kids in Arkansas

Ontario Human Rights Tribunal rules that 6-year-old was not discriminated against by teacher saying 'there's no such thing as boys and girls'

Same-sex households in the U.S. surpass 1 million for the first time, data shows

Senate Rejects Lee Religious Liberty Amendment, Passes So-Called 'Respect for Marriage Act'

Japan court rules same-sex marriage ban is constitutional, but activists see a silver lining

Senate Prays Before Legalizing Gay Marriage: 'Lord, Give Us the Grace to Stay on the Road of Virtuous and Godly Living'

FDA Plans to Allow More Gay, Bisexual Men to Donate Blood

The Most Passionate Science Deniers Are Pro-Trans 'Experts' Who Profit From Carving Up Kids

Teen Vogue Publishes Article From Doctor Promoting Mutilating Minors in the Name of 'Gender Affirmation'

NYT Admits: 'Gender-affirming' Drugs Could Hurt 'Trans Youths'

Bill Maher roasts 'crazy' left for insisting men can get pregnant: 'It's Ripley's Believe It or Not'

U.K.: Transgender 'Woman' Jailed for Impregnating 14-Year-Old

Indiana AG Insists on Punishing Doctor Who Gave Abortion to 10-Year-Old Rape Victim

Drug overdose deaths among seniors have more than tripled in two decades

'Mind control' by parasites influences wolf-pack dynamics in Yellowstone National Park

Scientists Revive World's Oldest Frozen "Zombie Virus" Buried in a Frozen Lake in Russia, Sparking New Pandemic Fears

US children's hospitals overwhelmed by RSV cases

15 Worst Covid Lies That are Now Completely Exposed for All the World to See

Nearly a quarter of countries forcefully stopped religious gatherings during COVID, report

Long Covid may be 'the next public health disaster' - with a $3.7 trillion economic impact rivaling the Great Recession

COVID hospitalization rates in babies as bad as for seniors amid Omicron wave, study shows

New Zealand government tries to seize guardianship of baby after parents demand unvaccinated blood for surgery

CDC Withheld Data on Fatal Reaction to COVID Vaccine From Post-Vax Surveys for Nearly Two Years

Poll: Vaccinated Individuals Not Eager to Get Booster 'Tailored to Newer Specific Variants'

21 GOP Governors Sign Letter Opposing Military Vaccine Mandate

Appeals court upholds pause on Air Force vaccine mandate

Indian Government Blames Public for Getting Vaccines Despite Being Aware of its Side Effects - Claims it Cannot be Held Liable for Any Injuries

New 'Died Suddenly' Film Pushes Unfounded Depopulation Claims About Covid-19 Vaccine

More Republicans Died Than Democrats after COVID-19 Vaccines Came Out - While excess death rates were slightly higher among Republicans than Democrats, "both are dying at really high rates over this period"

Bill Clinton Tests Positive for Covid-19, Says He Is "Grateful to be Vaccinated and Boosted"

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