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July 2024 Headlines

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Tracking Bible Prophecy Headlines - 7/15/2024

Israel's 53rd Raid on Syria in 2024 Kills and Injures 7 Regime and Iranian Militias in Damascus

IDF says it hit Syrian military facilities in response to drones targeting Eilat

IDF says senior Hamas commander killed in Israeli air strike

Thousands Rally near the Pakistani Capital to Denounce Strikes in Gaza

Hamas: Pulling Out of Gaza Truce Talks After Israeli Strike Targeting Deif

Hamas denies it has withdrawn from hostage-truce talks after latest Israeli attacks

Netanyahu claims he's sticking to Biden-backed plan. Text of offer suggests otherwise

IDF chief says military is creating all the pressure needed on Hamas for hostage deal

IDF Discovers Hamas, Islamic Jihad Command Center at UNRWA HQ

Abbas blames Hamas for Gaza war; terror group says PA siding with Israel

US agencies warn of Iranian efforts to fuel Gaza protests

Biden camp changes tack after Trump shooting, will criticize anti-Israel campus violence

Sydney Jews decry 'Sanction Israel' banner hung at Great Synagogue as 'antisemitism'

Facing manpower shortage, government raises mandatory IDF service to 3 years

1 IDF Officer, 3 Soldiers Injured in Terror Attack at Nir Zvi Junction in Central Israel

Four soldiers hurt, two seriously, in car-ramming terror attack in central Israel

Netanyahu's son accuses Qatar of being a top state sponsor of terror, drawing rebuke

US says it destroyed several Houthi drones over Red Sea, Yemen

New Prime Minister Is Named in Nepal After Government Collapses

The leader of Nepal's largest communist party has been named the country's new prime minister

Saudi Arabia Crown Prince's Transformation Stress-tests Economy and Stretches Petrowealth - Saudi Arabia faces the most precarious moment yet of its economic reinvention

China Is Holding a Major Meeting on the Economy That You Can't Watch, to review a plan intended to shake the world's second-biggest economy out of its malaise

The scariest thing dictators are doing now: Working together

China, Russia start joint naval drills, days after NATO allies called Beijing a Ukraine war enabler

Ukraine dismisses Russian suggestion it plans attacks on own power dams

Russia Seizes Key Ukraine Village Kyiv Took in Counteroffensive: Moscow

Kremlin Warns Russia Could Target Europe If US Deploys Missiles

Long-Awaited F-16s Arriving in Ukraine, To Begin Operations During Summer - Zelensky Complains that They Are 'Too Few'

Treason and espionage cases are rising in Russia since the war in Ukraine began

Russia tensions explode as Kremlin 'blames NATO for Vladimir Putin assassination plot'

Analysts Report Increase in Political Assassinations Worldwide

An Assassination Attempt That Seems Likely to Tear America Further Apart

Shots heard around the world: Global leaders react to Trump assassination attempt - Allies and rivals alike were quick to condemn the attack

World Leaders React in Shock, Dismay at Attempt on Donald Trump's Life

Dutch Populist Leader Wilders: What Happened to Trump Can Happen Here, Don't Underestimate 'Hatred Toward Right-Wing Politicians'

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warned his Cabinet on Sunday, in the wake of the attempted assassination of U.S. President Donald Trump the day before, that there have been similar threats in Israel

Netanyahu: Trump Shooting 'Attack on America'

Palestinian Pres. Abbas Condemns Assassination Attempt on Trump

Argentina's Javier Milei: 'International Left - Resort to Terrorism' to Stop Trump

Slovakian Prime Minister Who Survived Shooting Accuses Trump's Enemies of Inciting Assassination

Gloating Russia Blames Biden Administration for 'Provoking' Trump Attack

Vatican: Assassination Attempt 'Wounds People and Democracy'

Socialist Nicolas Maduro Leads Prayers for Donald Trump from Latin America, 'God Bless the People of the United States'

Indian PM Modi Sends Prayers to America, 'Friend' Donald Trump After Assassination Attempt

RFK Jr.: Prayers for Trump, Halt Political Division

Christian leaders react to Trump surviving assassination attempt: 'Thank God the former president is alive'

Trump's survival was 'miraculous' given bullet's proximity to his brain, doctor says

3 Months Ago, Man Prophesied Trump Assassination Attempt

Newly surfaced video shows rallygoers notifying police of would-be assassin right before shots fired at Trump

Local cop confronted gunman before Trump assassination attempt, retreated: report

Secret Service sniper claims he was prevented from taking down Trump's assassin, arrested after

Warning signs about Secret Service emerged months before Trump assassination attempt

Report: Secret Service Agents Were Standing on Rooftop Near to Where Shooter Was Reportedly Stationed - How did They Miss This?

Secret Service Identified Rooftop Next to Trump Pennsylvania Event as Security Vulnerability Days Before Rally - But Still Didn't Secure It

Biden Secret Service Director Kimberly Cheatle vowed to make DEI a priority of agency

Grant Stinchfield: LGBTQ Mania Nearly Got Trump Killed - Former Secret Service Agent Blames Woke Agency Leadership

Ponytail Brigade: Utter Humiliation For Gaggle of Female Secret Service Agents After Trump Assassination Attempt - Struggles to Holster Gun, Erratic, Fearful Movements

Secret Service sees no need to adjust RNC safety plans, procedures - "We are confident in the plans that we have and are moving forward with those plans."

Report: Secret Service Resources Were Diverted to Jill Biden's Saturday Campaign Event in Pittsburgh and Away from Trump's - Many Agents Assigned to Trump were Temporary Replacements

Ben Carson: 'Bankrupt Him,' Slander, Imprison, Now 'Kill Him'

They Want Him Dead: Just Three Months Ago Democrats Introduced a Resolution to Strip Trump of His Secret Protection

Congressman Accuses Biden of Sending 'the Orders' After Trump Shooting Causes Bloodbath

House Oversight Chair James Comer on Possible 'Shadow Government': We're Looking into Who Is Really 'Calling the Shots' Under Biden

Emergency Hearing Called - Secret Service Director Called to Testify Before House Regarding Assassination Attempt on President Trump

House Homeland Security Chair Green demands docs from DHS over attempted assassination of Trump: "The seriousness of this security failure and chilling moment in our nation's history cannot be understated"

Biden urges Americans not to 'make assumptions' about Trump assassin's motivations, calls for 'unity'

Biden Oval Office Address Filled with Gaffes, Verbal Mistakes: 'Unity Is the Most Elusive of Goal of Goals'

Trump rally shooting upends Democrats' Biden crisis

Calls to Replace Biden Halted After Attempted Assassination of Trump

Trump rally shooting reshapes US election

Trump fundraises off assassination attempt as Biden suspends campaign ads in aftermath of rally shooting

Joe Biden Called Trump a 'Genuine Threat to This Nation' Before Assassination Attempt

Biden Issued Veiled Threat One Week Before Trump Assassination Attempt in Stephanopoulos Interview, Implied Something Ominous Was About to Befall Trump

Biden told donors 'it's time to put Trump in a bullseye' week before assassination attempt

Despite Shots, Blood, Dead Bodies, Biden Says He Doesn't Know if It Was an Assassination Attempt

Fake News Media Downplays Trump Assassination Attempt, Claims He Fell Over After Being 'Startled' By 'Loud Noises'

Trump Says Last Millisecond Head Tilt to Read Chart on Illegal Immigration Stats Saved His Life

Trump, Like Reagan, Credits 'God Alone' with Saving His Life: 'He Prevented the Unthinkable'

Steve Bannon releases statement on PA assassination attempt against Trump: 'Trump wears the Armor of God'

Shooting makes Trump 'indestructible' in eyes of supporters

Blood turns to martyrdom as Republicans rally around Trump

CBS's Margaret Brennan lectures Steve Scalise - who was a victim of political violence - on incendiary GOP rhetoric after Trump assassination attempt

CBS Anchor Margaret Brennan Complains Trump Didn't Call for 'Lowering the Temperature' Immediately After he Was Shot

Majority of Americans believe current political climate increases likelihood of violence in snap post-assassination attempt poll

Biden: 'We resolve differences at the ballot box, politics must never be a literal battlefield'

"Battle Box" - After Calling Trump a "Dictator" and "Threat to Democracy," Biden Says "It's Time to Cool It Down" in Oval Office Address on Trump Assassination Attempt

Tulsi Gabbard: 'Logical Consequence' of Calling Trump 'Hitler'

Swing district Dem calls out parties' 'dangerous lies': 'Democracy or authoritarianism' - Lawmaker condemns language painting opponents as 'fascist'

Disinformation Swirls on Social Media After Trump Rally Shooting

NBC: Trump rally shooting conspiracy theories flourish online

Trump assassination attempt provides 'cannon fodder' for barrage of conspiracies

NYT, WaPo Blame 'Both Parties' for Attempt on Trump's Life

George Stephanopoulos Blames Trump and Trump Supporters' "Violent Rhetoric" for Shooting

After Shooting, CBS Warns of Danger of Upset Trump Supporters

NBC's Figliuzzi: Trump Supporters May 'Seek Revenge' for Assassination Attempt

CNN complains that Trump said 'Fight! Fight! Fight!' after being shot at PA rally - "I think what we're hearing from people is that's not the message we want to be sending right now, we want to tamp it down."

Nolte: Trump-Is-Hitler Media Want 'Rhetoric Toned Down' to Avoid Accountability

Far-left Seattle journalists appear to cheer on Trump assassination attempt

Farage Blasts 'Disgusting' Media for Spreading 'Narrative of Hatred' Against Trump after Assassination Attempt

Following SCOTUS Ruling on Trump Immunity, Leftists Call for Biden to Assassinate Trump - Then Someone Tries to Assassinate Trump

16 Times Hollywood Celebs Fantasized About Violence Against Trump, Compared Him to Hitler

Trump Assassination Attempt Comes Weeks After 'Orange Is the New Black' Star Lea DeLaria Begged Biden to 'Blow Him Up'

Trump Assassination Attempt Comes Week After Disney's 'Hocus Pocus 2' Star Bette Midler Suggested Biden Have FBI Use Deadly Force

James Woods: Leftist Lunatics Who Joked About Killing Trump Have Blood on Their Hands

Pure Evil: Trump Haters Immediately Flood Twitter With Sick New Hashtag - #howdoyoumiss

Dem Rep Says No Place for Violence While Own Staffer Says 'Don't Miss Next Time'

Top Adviser to Democrat Megadonor Reid Hoffman Suggests Attempt on Trump's Life May Have Been 'Staged'

Dem Representative Calls Trump 'the Devil' Hours After Assassination Attempt

'Trump Took a Bullet for America': Athletes React to Trump Assassination Attempt

'A real-life super hero': Retired fire chief Corey Comperatore killed by would-be assassin at Trump rally, took bullet to save wife, daughter

Calls grow for RFK Jr. to get Secret Service protection

Explosive devices found in car of would-be Trump assassin Thomas Matthew Crooks: report

Failed Trump Assassin Was a Registered Republican - but Donated to Democrat Organizations

BlackRock says the Trump rally shooter appeared in one of its 2022 ads filmed at Bethel Park High School

Report: Per Classmates, Trump Shooter Was "Outcast," "Loner," Bullied in High School - "Always Wore a Mask Even After COVID"

Trump gunman: An 'outcast' who wasn't let on school rifle team because he was 'a bad shooter'

Report: Suspected Shooter's Dad Bought Gun Legally

Monty Python's John Cleese Points Finger at NRA Following Trump Assassination Attempt

Stephen King Mocks GOP For Protecting AR-15s Following Assassination Attempt

TN Dem Senator Hopes Assassination Attempt Will Convince GOP to Support Gun Control

Trump: Heading to Convention; Shooter Can't Stop Me

Pressure cooker: Milwaukee braces for Trump convention

Defiant Trump looks to rally nation in wake of failed assassination: 'Unite America!'

Republican National Convention in Milwaukee has heightened risk of tornadoes, strong wind on Monday

Major X1.2 solar flare erupts from AR 3738

5.3 magnitude earthquake hits near Fiji region

5.0 magnitude earthquake hits southeast Indian Ridge

5.0 magnitude earthquake hits near Kohlu, Pakistan

5.0 magnitude earthquake hits near Hihifo, Tonga

Sabancaya volcano in Peru erupts to 22,000ft

Sangay volcano in Ecuador erupts to 21,000ft

Sakurajima volcano on Japan erupts to 19,000ft

Fuego volcano in Guatemala erupts to 16,000ft

Semeru volcano in Indonesia erupts to 15,000ft

Santa Maria volcano in Guatemala erupts to 14,000ft

Ibu volcano in Indonesia erupts to 11,000ft

Axial volcano shows signs of activity after years of dormancy

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott demands answers as customers remain without power after Beryl

Record-smashing West heat wave to continue into another week

Thousands evacuated as 'extremely aggressive' wildfire burns in eastern Canada

NYT Report Literally Undermines Massive Global Warming Claims

AI Has Become a Technology of Faith

'A better understanding of US history': Okla. Supt. Defends Bible education in public schools

Nigeria: Terror attacks force denomination to close 70 churches

Alejandro Mayorkas Ordered to Provide Key Documents on Terror Threat from Border Crisis

U.K. Manhunt Underway For Colombian Migrant Suspected of Slicing Up Victims, Dumping Them in Suitcases

'Severely mutilated' bodies found in Nairobi dumpsite sparks protests

I am the uncle of my biological son - donating sperm to my sister was the right thing to do - It really wasn't that big of a deal. I'm a queer person myself, and I don't really see myself having kids

Lawmakers rip Army brass over training slides suggesting pro-life groups could be tied to terrorism

New wave of COVID-19 cases in Israel leads to critical drug shortages

Former CDC Director Says FDA Underreported Adverse Side Effects of COVID Injections to Prevent Vaccine Hesitancy

Tracking Bible Prophecy Headlines - 7/14/2024

4 IDF troops hurt, including 1 seriously, as north peppered with rockets and drones

Army hits Gaza depot storing Oct. 7 paragliders; intercepts aerial targets near Eilat

Israeli strike targets the Hamas military commander and kills at least 90 in southern Gaza

Hamas deputy chief denies Muhammad Deif killed in Gaza strike

Israel PM Says 'No Certainty' Hamas Military Chief Killed In Gaza Strike

Muhammad Deif: Oct. 7 architect evaded Israel for decades, survived 7 bids to kill him

Mossad Chief to Head to Qatar for Hostage Talks Next Week Despite Israel's Attempt to Kill Hamas' Top Militant

Egyptian officials: Truce-hostage talks frozen until Israel shows it is serious

UNRWA says it's raised enough funds to continue operations through September

IDF computer chief: 3 billion cyber attacks against Israel since beginning of war

Bernie Sanders calls to back Biden despite 'US support for Israel's horrific war'

'Reckless, irresponsible' Biden remarks on Israel to press, critics say - The president's tone appeared "to reflect his view that Israel and Hamas equally share blame for the situation," Alan Dershowitz told JNS

Iran's new president vows balance with all countries but warns US his country won't be pressured

NATO and North Korea Exchange Mutual Condemnation Over Pyongyang Aid to Kremlin

Taiwan on alert over 'waves' of missile tests in north China

Orban goes global as self-styled peacemaker without a plan

Russian Assassination Plots Against Those Supporting Ukraine Uncovered in Europe, Official Says

Ukrainian Men Desperate to Escape War Are Drowning as They Flee

Russia can counter US missile deployments in Europe, Kremlin says

'Europe's capitals will be targeted', vows furious Putin as he warns US deployment of missiles to Germany will spark WW3 - The missiles were banned under a treaty Russia violated

Zelensky calls NATO summit 'success,' but experts warn of green light for Russian aggression

Russia Initiates Call With Pentagon After NATO Offered Ukraine 'Irreversible' Membership Path

East v. West: Putin Calls for BRICS to Unify in Order to Create a "Safe" and "Harmonious" World - Biden State Dept. Pushes for WWIII, Says 'Ukraine's Future In NATO'

Colorado Governor Jared Polis Says He is Open to Replacing Joe Biden to Protect 'Global World Order'

Sen. Joni Ernst: World 'Laughing' at Joe Biden Instead of 'Trembling' Before American Leadership

Dems in Chaos: Pelosi Reportedly Working 'Furiously' Behind the Scenes to Betray Biden

Bernie Sanders: 'Enough!' Joe Biden 'Will Be the Candidate'

Sharpton Implies Biden is Racist for Only Taking Questions from White Reporters - While Expecting Black Support

Top British Journalist: Bidengate Worse Than Watergate

Dems Use Panic Over Biden as Fundraising Pitch

Bob Costas says Democrats may have 'gaslit' America over Biden's decline: 'Overwhelmingly obvious for so long'

WashPost: Biden in 'Denial' About His Political 'Frailty'

Billionaire Biden Donor Blasts White House's Treatment Of Tesla After Musk's Apparent Trump Donation

House GOP files injunction in suit against Biden admin to expedite release of Hur tapes - The DOJ has consistently cited executive privilege in withholding the audio recordings of Biden's interview with special prosecutor Robert Hur

Biden Goes All-in on 'Lawfare' Against Trump in Detroit Rally Speech

Maher: I Disagree with SCOTUS, But Worry Over Becoming 'Banana Republic' Where Every POTUS Is Prosecuted Is Fair

Smith presses Cannon to leave Thomas's opinion on special counsels out of Trump case

Unbowed by Jan. 6 Charges, Republicans Pursue Plans to Contest a Trump Defeat

Georgia State Election Board Erupts in Chaos as Members Address Fulton County Subversion of 2024 Election Monitor Ruling

In a first, Republican majority on a Nevada county commission refuses to certify election

Fears grow about election deniers' influence after bizarre decision in Nevada race

WaPost: Pro-Trump Christian extremists use scripture to justify violent goals

Gunshots reportedly fired at Donald Trump rally - as former president rushed off stage

Trump shot on side of the head in apparent assassination attempt at Pa. rally

8 Shots Fired at Trump Rally - Ambulance Rushes Trump Away After Assassination Attempt - Blood Runs Down His Face

Video Shows Donald Trump's Reaction to Being Shot on Stage

Trump Pumps Fist at Crowd After Shots Rang Out

President Trump reported in 'fine' condition after apparent assassination attempt, thanks law enforcement and first responders

'We pray for Donald Trump': Local lawmakers, politicians react to news of shots fired at Trump Rally

Shooter dead and rally attendee killed at Trump event in Pennsylvania, Butler County District attorney tells AP

Biden on July 8: 'We're Done Talking About the Debate, it's Time to Put Trump in a Bullseye'

Elon Musk endorses Trump for president after apparent assassination attempt at PA rally - "I fully endorse President Trump and hope for his rapid recovery."

OpenAI illegally barred staff from airing safety risks, whistleblowers say

Out of Control Cybercrime: Apple Warns iPhone Users in 98 Countries of Potential Spyware Attacks

Study reveals major impacts of G5 - Extreme geomagnetic storm on satellite operations in May 2024

5.6 magnitude earthquake hits the Kermadec Islands region

5.4 magnitude earthquake hits near Puerto Armuelles, Panama

5.0 magnitude earthquake hits near Pangoa, Peru

Sabancaya volcano in Peru erupts to 26,000ft

Sangay volcano in Ecuador erupts to 22,000ft

Ruiz volcano in Colombia erupts to 20,000ft

Santa Maria volcano in Guatemala erupts to 14,000ft

Semeru volcano in Indonesia erupts to 14,000ft

Lewotobi volcano in Indonesia erupts to 11,000ft

Lightning claims 38 lives in 24 hours, Uttar Pradesh

State moves from rescue to cleanup following Vermont's catastrophic flooding - "From road and bridge washouts to homes destroyed, the damage is significant," Gov. Phil Scott said Friday morning

Hurricane Beryl's path over west side of Houston area made it a particularly damaging Category 1 hurricane

Houston-area residents frustrated as they enter sixth day without power and air conditioning in punishing heat

Some Houstonians are sleeping in cars and selling valuables to survive power outages after Hurricane Beryl

Record-breaking heat from West expected to shift to East Coast

'Satanic' Statue at University of Houston Beheaded During Hurricane Beryl

RNC convention to feature 'angel' families as Trump hammers Biden on migrant crime

Illegal immigrant arrested for killing girlfriend, 2 children in California house fire after being deported 3 times

Bombshell Whistleblower Testimony: Biden Regime Paying Billions to Facilitate Child Trafficking via Government Contractors

RNC Speaker Praised Satanists for Helping 'a Lot of Women Get Abortions,' Is Proud Atheist

Feds 'Confident' Multiple Suspects Will Be Charged for Distributing Ketamine Resulting in the Overdose Death of 'Friends' Star Matthew Perry

2,400 people in Oregon potentially exposed to HIV, hepatitis through botched anesthesia

3 Colorado poultry workers test presumptively positive for bird flu

Blueprint for COVID Lockdowns Written in 2007 Under President George W. Bush

Tracking Bible Prophecy Headlines - 7/13/2024

World Court to deliver opinion on Israeli 'occupation' on July 19

G7 leaders denounce Israeli 'expansion of settlements'

'Constant anxiety': hundreds of Palestinians face eviction threat in East Jerusalem - People in Batn al-Hawa neighbourhood fear losing their homes to Israeli settlers determined to seize more land

Netanyahu's high-stakes Washington visit: Two weakened leaders to meet - The last time Netanyahu was in the White House was in September 2020. Donald Trump was the president, and the occasion was the signing of the Abraham Accords

Biden: Israel, Hamas Agree to Cease-Fire Framework

'A change in Hamas's position': Commentator says Sinwar feeling pressure to make a deal

Netanyahu Hardens Demands, May Derail Talks, Gaza Hostage Deal Sources Say

Netanyahu: We Are Never Giving Up Gaza-Egypt Border

Officials: Despite PM's denial, negotiators have discussed pullout from Gaza-Egypt border

Hostage families marching to Jerusalem say Netanyahu must 'stop sabotaging the deal'

Poll finds 72% of Israelis think Netanyahu should quit over Oct. 7 failures

Israeli military retreats from northern Gaza, leaving dozens of Palestinians killed and razing neighborhoods to the ground

IDF says it killed Shejaiya battalion deputy chief, found Hamas command room at UNRWA site

IDF finds Hamas, PIJ war rooms, drones, explosives, in Gaza City UNRWA HQ

Israel: 'No Role for UNRWA in Gaza' as Agency Hires Hamas

The arms race to combat the drone threat on Israel

Ministers to vote Sunday on extending male mandatory IDF service to 3 years

Palestinians forced to move 'across a landscape of destruction and death', UN chief says

'A manifesto on replacement theory': GOP mass deportation plan alarms Jewish groups

US Airline Apologises Amid Row Over Cabin Crew Wearing Palestine Flag Pin

Commentary: Are the Global Election Results Leading Toward Ezekiel's Prophecy being Fulfilled?

Brazil police: Intel agency under Bolsonaro spied on officials with Israeli software

Argentina brands Hamas a terror group, citing October 7 and its close ties to Iran

Iran's Pezeshkian rejects US pressure, praises Russia, China

UK Ministry: Russian Forces Had 70,000 Casualties in May, June

UN demands Russia immediately return Europe's biggest nuclear plant to Ukraine

New British PM Keir Starmer Denies Having Authorized Ukraine to Fire Long-Range Storm Shadow Missiles Inside Russian Territory

China Says NATO Creating 'Imaginary Enemies' After Getting Called Out for Russia Support

North Korea executes 30 teens for watching South Korean TV shows: Report

People's Party of Canada (PPC) leader Maxime Bernier predicts Trudeau will resign before the next federal election

James Dobson, colleagues pen scathing letter accusing Biden of 'agenda to deconstruct' America

NATO Summit Swirls with Rumors of Foreign Leaders 'Alarmed' and Embarrassed by Biden

Dutch Populist Geert Wilders Mocks President Biden NATO Brain Fade

Kremlin: Whole World Paid Attention to Biden's NATO Summit Gaffes

Biden hasn't held a Cabinet meeting since October 2023, agency heads submit questions to aides: report

WSJ: Biden Can't Drop Out and Transfer $100 Million Before He's Officially the Nominee

Donors for Pro-Biden Super PAC Reportedly Planning to Freeze $90M If Biden Remains on Ticket

Biden's Donors Turn on Him, Enact $90 Million Cash Freeze That Could Be Insurmountable: Report

"Coordinated Democrat Rebellion" to Unfold Over the Next 48 Hours as the Largest Pro-Biden Super PAC Freezes $90 Million in Pledged Donations

17 Dem reps and senators call for Biden to exit race

Biden's Zoom Call with Hispanic Lawmakers Goes Sideways, Host Abruptly Ends Call After Democrat Tells Biden to Drop Out of Race

Biden's Own Campaign Accused of Trying to Sabotage Him After Bizarre Post: 'Are You Hacked?'

Biden Says Press Has 'Been Hammering' Him Since Debate: 'I Make a Lot of Mistakes'

R.E.M. Rocker Michael Stipe Begs Biden to 'Please Step Down' After His NATO Presser

James Carville warns Democrats keeping Biden in the race is 'exactly what Donald Trump wants us to do'

Yearslong tensions boil over as ex-Obama staffers gang up on Biden: 'Clooney was exactly right'

After Clooney's call to action, Hollywood heavy hitters eye the exits with Biden

Hunter Biden leaves LA restaurant minutes before major Dem backer Rosie O'Donnell who has pushed for Joe to step aside

Actor Ashley Judd, Longtime Democratic Activist, Calls on Biden to Leave the Race

Barbara Lee: 'Who Knows' if Biden's Bad Debate Was Due to Condition, 'That's Speculation'

Biden says he'd drop out if polls showed 'no way' to win after declaring only 'Lord Almighty' can make him

In 'blue wall' push, Biden defiantly says he's 'not going anywhere' as he slams Trump, Project 2025

24 former Dem lawmakers to Biden: Allow an open convention - "President Biden would best serve the nation he loves by releasing the convention delegates who are pledged to nominate him for a second term. His decision to do so would mean an open convention in August"

New York Times claims replacing Biden is 'right-wing conspiracy theory'

Silicon Valley Trump supporter accuses Democratic elites of launching 'coup' against Biden

Biden Digs In: Campaign Blames George Clooney's Call to Quit on 'Pre-Existing Tensions' Over Gaza

Ashley Biden diary thief gets to start her prison sentence a day early after being busted for speeding with marijuana and an open container

NY Judge Dismisses Giuliani's Bankruptcy, Allowing Rudy to Appeal Unprecedented Defamation Judgment

Creditors can move to seize Rudy Giuliani's assets after judge says he's not entitled to bankruptcy protection - He owes $148 million

Trump asks to toss out hush money verdict: Bragg was 'wrong, very wrong'

DEJA VU: Intelligence officials accuse Russia of interfering in 2024 election to favor Trump: report

'Assured failure': Ex-White House lawyer provides new details of final days of Trump's 2020 election gambit

Trump allies at Heritage declare 2024 election illegitimate in advance

Georgia State Election Board Calls Emergency Meeting as Fulton County Unlawfully Creates "Team of Monitors" for 2024 Election That Was Not Approved by the State

Kari Lake Appeals Case to AZ Supreme Court: Two-Thirds of Ballot Machines Malfunctioned on Election Day 2022, Filing States

Meta removes restrictions on Trump's Facebook and Instagram accounts - "In assessing our responsibility to allow political expression, we believe that the American people should be able to hear from the nominees for president on the same basis."

Elon Musk donates 'sizable amount' to pro-Trump super PAC: Report

Elon Musk accuses EU of coercion over censorship demands on X

'Illegal Secret Deal:' Musk Claims European Union Tried to Blackmail X into Censorship

Elon Musk's X deceives users and breaches online content rules, EU says

Data of nearly all AT&T customers downloaded to a third-party platform in security breach

Nearly all AT&T customers' text, phone records impacted by massive data breach

Florida HIV results and social security numbers leaked online in huge data breach

OpenAI promised to make its AI safe. Employees say it 'failed' its first test.

Real-life 'stillsuit': Dune-inspired upgrade for spacesuits allow astronauts to recycle urine into water

SpaceX debris crashed onto Canadian farmland, highlighting potential for deadly disaster

5.7 magnitude earthquake hits near Acari, Peru

5.6 magnitude earthquake hits near Rabaul, Papua New Guinea

5.6 magnitude earthquake hits near Tarata, Peru

5.3 magnitude earthquake hits near Rabaul, Papua New Guinea

5.3 magnitude earthquake hits near Itoman, Japan

Sabancaya volcano in Peru erupts to 23,000ft

Sangay volcano in Ecuador erupts to 22,000ft

Ruiz volcano in Colombia erupts to 22,000ft

Semeru volcano in Indonesia erupts to 14,000ft

Lewotobi volcano in Indonesia erupts to 11,000ft

Dozens missing as landslide sweeps buses into river in Nepal

South Sudan warns of widespread floods as Lake Victoria hits 128-year high

Denver breaks high temperature record set in the 1970s

Entire pod of 89 pilot whales dies on Scottish beach in freak mass stranding

Police: 22 Students Killed After School Collapses in Nigeria

The gods must be angry: Mexico 'cancels' statue of Greek god Poseidon after dispute with local deity

Globalist Justice: Polish Priest Imprisoned Without Charges, Denied Food and Water and Tortured in Solitary Confinement for Weeks

Evangelical billionaire Bill Hwang found guilty in multibillion-dollar stock fraud, racketeering trial

Federal Judge Hands Biden a Big Win, Refuses to Block Nationwide Gun Control Rule

Report: Nicolas Maduro Directly Involved in Venezuela Cartel 'Flooding' U.S. with Cocaine

The UN condemns increasing gang violence and criminal activity in Haiti that is undermining peace

House subpoenas Mayorkas for more info on 'record number' of suspected terrorists at border

'Taxpayer-funded child slavery': Whistleblowers raise alarm on trafficking of migrant children

Nolte: Disgraced CNN Caught Lying About Disbanding 'Race and Equity' Team

John Deere promotes DEI, CRT, radical trans agenda including 'Pride' events for toddlers

Federal judges in Texas become latest to block Title IX rule aimed at protecting LGBTQ students

Police: Chicago Man Robbed Train Passengers in Anti-LGBTQ+ Hate Crime

New Documentary Receives Backlash After Claiming President Abraham Lincoln Was Secretly Gay

Military Junta in Burkina Faso Amends Family Code Prohibiting 'Homosexuality and Related Practices'

US Appeals Court: No Fundamental Right to Change Sex on a Birth Certificate

Trans Activist Group Pressuring Corporations to Cover Child Sex Change Drugs in Insurance Plans

Police: New York Times Best-Selling Author Had Thousands of Child Porn Images on Computer

Pakistan raises legal age for Christian marriage amid concerns over forced conversions, abuse

Poland's centrist government suffers defeat in vote on liberalizing abortion law

'Beyond alarming:' Fort Liberty anti-terrorism briefing lists pro-life orgs as 'terrorist groups'

House Democrats push for investigation into funding of crisis pregnancy centers

Tracking Bible Prophecy Headlines - 7/12/2024

Starmer: UK could recognise Palestine before US or Israel

Starmer: Trying to resolve Middle East conflict is 'solemn duty' of Labour government - Speaking at NATO press conference, the PM says there is no prospect of viable Palestinian state alongside 'safe and secure Israel at the moment'

Allowing the Israel Antiquities Authority to Operate in the West Bank Is Equivalent to Annexation

G7 ministers rap Israel for expanding settlements, withholding PA funds

US issues largest yet batch of sanctions against Israeli extremists, West Bank outposts

Biden: There's Lots in Retrospect I Wish I Had Been Able to Convince the Israelis to Do During Gaza War

Biden Says War Should End Now, and Israel Must Not Occupy Gaza

Biden indicates Israel can pursue Hamas leadership after war, which 'should end now'

Defiant Gazans Vow to 'Die as Martyrs' as IDF Hunts Hamas Among Them

IDF says it found arms-producing lathes in Gaza City, killed many gunmen in Strip

'Tomorrow, I kill you:' Rescued hostage details psychological abuse during eight months of Hamas captivity

Israeli negotiators head to Cairo for further hostage talks, as PM toughens stance

Netanyahu said hardening stance on hostage deal based on intel that Hamas 'weakened'

Gallant calls for state inquiry into Oct. 7 that will probe him, Netanyahu and IDF

Israel Identifies One Hundred 'Terrorist Operatives' Working for U.N. Relief Agency

Israel, Egypt said in talks for surveillance system on Gaza-Egypt border, IDF withdrawal

IDF reservist killed as Hezbollah launches wave of drone attacks on northern Israel

Erdogan says going forward, Turkey won't approve NATO cooperation with Israel

Democratic Socialists of America rescind AOC endorsement over 'conflating anti-Zionism with antisemitism'

Three-quarters of Jewish people in Europe hide their identity

Fresh scrutiny of free speech in Saudi Arabia after brothers' convictions over tweets

Kenya's President Ruto fires almost entire cabinet after protests

Seoul Succeeds in Getting NATO to Declare North Korea a Threat

South Korea claims 'StarWars' laser program forthcoming at North Korean border

US Coast Guard patrol spots Chinese naval ships off Alaska island

'Cold War mentality': China responds to NATO accusations saying Beijing is 'enabler' of Russian war

WW3 Watch: Britain's Leftist Prime Minister Green Lights Use of British Missiles to Strike Russian Mainland

Biden: Ukraine Can't Use US Weapons to Hit Deep Inside Russia

Russia Vows 'Military Response' to U.S. Missile Deployments in Germany

US and Germany foiled Russian plot to assassinate Armin Papperger CEO of arms manufacturer sending weapons to Ukraine

Train 'Millions' of Ukrainian Citizens to Fight Russia in Europe, Says Poland National Security Bureau

Viktor Orban solidifies his credentials as the EU's pantomime villain

Hungarian Prime Minister Victor Orbán is undermining Western unity at the NATO Summit

There's an unofficial NATO summit in DC: meeting with Trump allies

Hungary's Orban ditches NATO summit to meet with Donald Trump

Hungary's Viktor Orban meets Trump at Mar-a-Lago for 'peace mission 5.0'

Anna Paulina Luna push to fine Garland $10,000 per day over Biden-Hur tapes fails

The End of Biden: Senior Staffers 'Despondent,' Defections Likely to Increase

Biden's aides subpoenaed by House GOP over allegations Biden is not 'personally carrying out the duties of his office'

Poll: Majority of Voters Believe Joe Biden Is Not Really in Charge

Dem delegates asking DNC to allow them to abandon Biden and vote their conscience: report

MSNBC's Joe Scarborough Says Biden Campaign Believes Barack Obama is the Mastermind Behind a Coup to Replace Biden as the Democrat Nominee

Obama was aware of Clooney's brutal NY Times essay ahead of time, didn't object: Report

Biden's 'dysfunctional' family is willing to 'sacrifice' him on the 'altar of power' - 'Clooney's a coward' for only acknowledging Biden's issues now: David Webb

White House 'cheap fake' narrative crumbles after Clooney exposes Biden's condition at Hollywood fundraiser

Joy Behar Admits She is 'Mad' at George Clooney For Not Supporting Joe Biden, Claims He Is Saving The World's Economy

'This Elite-Fashioned Attack on Him - They're Going to Pay for It': Chris Matthews Predicts Biden 'Comeback'

Joe Biden's Own Inner Circle is Plotting to Get Him to Quit

Some Biden Advisers Are Discussing How to Convince Him to Step Aside

Nancy Pelosi Denies Report That She Privately Says Biden Can't Win

'No one involved in the effort thinks he has a path': Biden insiders say the writing is on the wall

DNC Chair: People Don't Need to See Anything More from Biden, 'You've Seen It'

Angry and stunned Democrats blame Biden's closest advisers for shielding public from full extent of president's decline

Rep. Mike Waltz Warns of Global 'Chaos' as Adversaries See U.S. President Declared 'Mentally Unfit' by Own Party

Biden During Rare Press Conference: 'I've Been Given a List of People to Call On'

Biden Calls Zelensky "President Putin" at NATO Meeting

Biden Says He's Following the Advice of His "Commander-in-Chief"

Biden Calls Kamala Harris "Vice President Trump" in Dumpster Fire "Big Boy" Press Conference

Biden Press Conference Ends in Total Chaos After Question on Kamala

Biden's high-stakes solo press conference slammed from the right as 'another disaster' - 'Great job, Joe!' former President Donald Trump mocked on Truth Social

Biden looks finished - There's surely no coming back from this - The president had a chance to show his 'big boy' credentials. But he just made America look like an international joke

Democratic Congresswoman Calls on Biden to Resign: 'Americans Deserve to Feel Their President Is Fit'

63% of US voters see Biden, Trump as 'embarrassing,' most would replace them: Poll

Biden Fundraising Collapses: 'Already Disastrous'

NBC's Chuck Todd says Biden's 'entire narrative' will erode as he stays in race: 'His ambition comes first' - 'I still can't believe he ran for president in the first place, given that his family was in crisis in 2018,' Todd said

CNN now claims there were 'clear signs throughout his term' that Biden was declining - "This is only going to get worse."

Nolte: Chuck Todd, Jonathan Martin Now Admit Democrats Worried About Biden's Decline 'for Years'

CNN Now Admits Joe Biden's Entire Presidency Is a Carefully Staged Sham

Milwaukee radio station admits editing Joe Biden interview at request of campaign

Biden campaign issues memo demanding Dems stop complaining to the press about him: report

Jen Psaki: Harris best alternative to Biden but country is 'sexist and racist'

Prominent Pollster Says Kamala Harris Is 'Mediocre at Best' and Would 'Probably Lose' to Trump

City's Largest Homeless Camp Being Cleared Over Democratic National Convention Security Concerns

A Trump Ally Is Training 75 Armed Citizens. Is That a Militia?

Democrats Block the SAVE Act in the Senate, Leaving Door Open for Illegal Immigrants to Vote in Presidential Election

Phoenix man who sought to run as Dem in AZ Senate race accused of stealing Maricopa tabulator key from election center

Court Just Nailed Hillary for FEC Violation 45x Bigger Than Trump's $130k So-Called Violation

Trump now says SCOTUS immunity voids his entire hush-money indictment, not just his conviction

Engoron allows Trump to subpoena lawyer who 'boasted' of talk with civil fraud judge

Clarence Thomas accepted a free yacht trip to Russia and got flown out on a complimentary helicopter ride to Putin's hometown, 2 Democratic senators say

Elon Musk to launch suit over suppression of conservative media, platforms after House Judiciary reveals global boycotts by ad companies

As More Students Admit to Using AI to Complete Assignments, New Study Shows Most Go Undetected

One-third of U.S. military could be robotic, Milley predicts

China Targets Near-Earth Asteroid for Upcoming Deflection Test - An upcoming Chinese mission will attempt to deflect a small asteroid in the ultimate showdown of planetary defense

Comet Tsuchinshan-ATLAS Appears To Be Breaking Up Ahead Of Close Approach To Earth

6.6-magnitude earthquake shakes Vancouver Island coast, aftershocks recorded

5.8 magnitude earthquake hits the central East Pacific Rise

5.4 magnitude earthquake hits near Tofino, Canada

5.4 magnitude earthquake hits near Merizo Village, Guam

5.1 magnitude earthquake hits near Komandorskiye Ostrova, Russia region

5.0 magnitude earthquake hits near Hihifo, Tonga

Sangay volcano in Ecuador erupts to 27,000ft

Sabancaya volcano in Peru erupts to 22,000ft

Fuego volcano in Guatemala erupts to 15,000ft

Reventador volcano in Ecuador erupts to 15,000ft

Semeru volcano in Indonesia erupts to 15,000ft

Lewotobi volcano in Indonesia erupts to 10,000ft

Strong paroxysmal event at Stromboli summit craters causes pyroclastic flow, Italy

La Nina running late but still on track to fuel Atlantic hurricane season just as it reaches its peak

Tornado machine: Beryl may end up the most prolific tornado-producing hurricane

Significant flash flooding leaves at least 1 dead in Vermont as Beryl's remnants pound New England

Dangerous heat threatens millions of Texans without power for days in largest outage in utility's history

Anger mounts in southeast Texas as crippling power outages and heat turn deadly

Houston Faces Sweltering Heat As 1.3 Million Homes Remain Under Post-Beryl Blackout

Houston Has 154,000-Gallon Sewage Spill After Power Outage

Hospitals in Houston 'Backed Up' After Hurricane, as Millions in U.S. Swelter

Insurers Hike Rates as Extreme Storms Like Beryl Proliferate

Severe cold snap strikes Argentina, Gualeguaychu hits record-breaking low

'It's hell outside': Sizzling heat wave in parts of southern and central Europe prompts alerts

Las Vegas sets record for number of days over 115F amid its 'most extreme heatwave in history'

California wildfires have burned five times the average area this year, officials say

Hawaii's Haleakala fire continues to blaze as memory of 2023 Maui wildfire lingers

Wheel on American Airlines Boeing plane bursts into flames just ahead of takeoff

1000-Year-Old Notre Dame Cathedral in Normandy Has 'Caught Fire' - Authorities Say Possible 'Religious Attack'

France's unions call for protests to pressure Macron into naming leftist government

Former Pelosi aide accused of sexual assault by ex-Senate staffer

Soros's son to marry Hilary Clinton's former adviser Huma Abedin - Abedin is known for her former marriage to disgraced Jewish politician Anthony Weiner, who was jailed for sexting a minor

Senator Chuck Grassley Releases Shocking Records Confirming HHS Placed Children to Sponsors Linked to MS-13 Gang

Disney Internal Documents Show Promotion of Pride Events for Children That Involve Fully Naked Men on Bikes

Trans inmate serving life for killing parents goes on hunger strike to protest being removed from women's prison for having sex with female inmate in Washington

Biden's Defense Department Labels Pro-Life Organizations as "Terrorist Organizations" During Anti-Terrorism Briefing

Backers of ballot initiative to preserve right to abortions in Montana sue over signature rules

Holocaust survivor who never met any family finds cousins through DNA testing

Elon Musk's Neuralink Prepares For Second Human Trial, Aims 'Superpower' Capabilities

2,400 patients may have been exposed to Hepatitis, HIV after Oregon doctor disregarded safety protocols

Nearly 200 NY, NJ residents diagnosed with dengue fever amid spike in cases

Finland is offering farmworkers bird flu shots. Some experts say the US should, too

Emergency declared in Colorado after bird flu outbreak at egg facility - 1.78 million chickens will be killed after Gov. Jared Polis declares emergency

Tracking Bible Prophecy Headlines - 7/11/2024

Window for Biden to broker Israeli-Saudi deal before election has shut - sources

Nasrallah: If Hamas, Israel agree to ceasefire deal, Hezbollah will also cease attacksv

PM tells Biden envoy he wants deal 'as long as Israel's red lines are maintained'

IDF says Hezbollah operatives targeted in strike after they were seen entering building in south Lebanon

The Lancet stands by letter speculating 180,000 deaths in Gaza - Medical journal tells Jewish News: 'Many of these deaths may not have yet occurred.'

Defence Minister Gallant: IDF killed or wounded 60% of Hamas terrorists in Gaza

Justice and finance ministers refuse to fund legal defense for Hamas terrorists

US sending Israel some heavy bombs that Biden withheld ahead of Rafah op

Israeli military orders the evacuation of Gaza City, an early target of its war with Hamas

Israeli strike hits Gaza soccer game, killing dozens, witnesses say

Carnage at Gaza School Compound Adds to Mounting Death Toll at U.N. Buildings

IDF investigating after over 2 dozen Gazans said killed in strike on Hamas terrorist

Gallant says pursuing hostage deal is right thing to do, Israel equipped to deal with accompanying risks

Biden sees some political gain in hostage deal, says Israel's ambassador to US

Rescued hostage sues US nonprofit with ties to Gaza journalist who held him captive

FBI said questioning Oct. 7 victims for case against financial backers of Hamas

Almost half of Israelis now sleep less than 7 hours as insomnia worsens amid war

Rep. Mast: Failed Gaza Pier 'Came Down to Politics'

US Ambassador Lew: Partisan Politics Threaten US-Israel Relations

House committee debates measures targeting UN anti-Israel bias

Kamala Harris: Campus protesters over Gaza war 'showing what human emotion should be'

Report: UAE deported student who shouted 'Free Palestine' at NYU Abu Dhabi graduation

Montreal police clear out anti-Israel encampment at McGill University

Anne Frank monument in Amsterdam vandalized with red 'Gaza' graffiti

'Gone Full-Blown Neo-Nazi': Candace Owens Widely Condemned Online For Holocaust Revisionism Clip

Far-right American Pundit Candace Owens Downplays Holocaust, Says Hatred of Nazis Is 'Indoctrination'

More than 40 jailed for life in UAE for 'terror' offences

Report: Netanyahu's inner circle discussing ousting Gallant during Knesset recess

Shas to resume voting with coalition, but Ben Gvir digs heels in, keeping crisis alive

UK-born ex-IDF spokesman attacks Netanyahu government - Lt-Col Peter Lerner says key politicians undermined Israeli credibility globally

Haredi leader to yeshiva students: Don't go to IDF draft offices or answer summons

Turkish Islamist party proposes bill punishing citizens who serve in IDF

Reports: Prime Minister's Office advancing embargo on Turkish imports

Morocco becomes huge customer for Israel's defense industry

Morocco secures $1 billion spy satellite deal with Israel

Israel holding off on digital shekel until other advanced economies launch currencies

IDF says it shelled Syrian army sites that violated 1974 disengagement agreement

Houthis Claim Missile Attack on Maersk Ship, Fourth Attack in 24 Hours

Iranian warship capsizes, sinks in the Persian Gulf

Maduro Assures Iran's President-Elect Venezuela Will Be a 'True Friend' to Terrorist Regime

'It's been over a year': how civil war led to Sudan's displacement crisis

Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi's widow sentenced to death in Iraq

In world first, South Korea to deploy 'StarWars' drone-targeting laser system

Philippines air force joins multi-nation war games in Australia

Philippines Greenlights U.S. Nuclear Deal as China Pushes It Out of Its Own Waters

Taiwan sees single-day record of Chinese planes in airspace

NATO allies call China a 'decisive enabler' of Russia's war in Ukraine

For First Time, NATO Accuses China of Supplying Russia's Attacks on Ukraine

A Ukrainian minister says she's frustrated by the West's inability to adapt its weapons to Russian tactics: report

Biden, NATO Members Poised to Unveil New Ukraine Aid at Summit

Battlefield Georgia: US, EU and Russia Vie for Influence Over Eastern European Country Torn Between Nationalists and Globalists

We must prepare Poland for a long, full-scale conflict, Polish Chief of the General Staff says

Mick Jagger Booed by Canadian Concert Crowd After Praising Justin Trudeau

French prosecutors investigate alleged 'illegal financing' by Marine Le Pen and far-Right National Rally party - Ms Le Pen is already facing up to 10 years in prison and a ban on standing for elected office if she is found guilty following an embezzlement trial

Trump backs Anna Paulina Luna's motion to hold Merrick Garland in 'inherent contempt'

Worse Than McCarthy: Speaker Johnson Implores Rep. Luna to Hold Off on Her Inherent Contempt Resolution Against AG Garland, Who Is Currently Holding Two Top Trump Officials in Jail for the Same Crime He Committed

AOC files articles of impeachment against Justices Alito, Thomas, alleges 'unchecked corruption' - AOC argues Justices Samuel Alito and Clarence Thomas' presence on the court is a 'constitutional crisis'

Two Democrat Senators Ask DoJ to Seek Criminal Investigation of Justice Clarence Thomas

Michael Cohen asks the Supreme Court to revive his lawsuit against Trump

GOP Congressman Loudermilk Says January 6 Panel's Final Report So 'Tainted' Should Be Invalidated

Report: Convicted Felon Hunter Biden Is Joe Biden's 'Acting Chief of Staff'

Concerns as Hunter Biden acting as 'gatekeeper' to US president

Biden, Starmer project optimism amid political tumult

Bannon speaks out from behind bars, says cover up of Biden's condition is a 'national security crisis'

Next Event In Biden's Dementia Decathlon: Solo Press Conference Thursday Could Seal His Fate

Joe Biden Agrees to Interview with Lester Holt After NBC Runs Segment Saying He 'Definitely' Has Parkinson's

'Not Coherent': Jake Tapper Unloads on Biden for 'Failed' Post-Debate Press Appearances

Joe Biden Goes Rogue at Union Meeting, Grabs the Mic and Starts Rambling Before Feed Abruptly Cuts

Video Feed Abruptly Cuts off After Joe Biden Grabs Mic, Rambles About DEI

Report: Volodymyr Zelensky 'Concerned' About Biden's Health

Johns Hopkins Medical Prof.: Biden Shows Signs of Cognitive Slowing, Age-Related Dementia

Karine Jean-Pierre admits giving false information about Biden neurology visit after outcry over health misdirection

MI Gov. Whitmer: It Wouldn't Hurt for Biden to Take Cognitive Test

Biden Reads From Note Cards During NATO Working Session and Still Fails

Pelosi: 'I've Said to Everyone' Hold Off on Biden Decisions Until After NATO Summit

Nancy Pelosi: Time 'Running Short' on Biden Decision

Donald Trump Slams Nancy Pelosi: 'More of a Cognitive Mess than Sleepy Crooked Joe'; She's the True Threat to Democracy

George Clooney calls on Joe Biden to step down just weeks after hosting $14 million fundraiser for him

Dave Portnoy mocks George Clooney for waiting 3 weeks after fundraiser to acknowledge Biden is a 'vegetable'

George Clooney: I Love Joe Biden. But We Need a New Nominee.

Michael Douglas: 'Deeply Concerned' About Biden, Calls for Him to Step Down 'Valid'

Michael Douglas Pushed Biden 'Sharp as a Tack' Hoax Before Debate Debacle, Now Says He's 'Deeply Concerned'

'Don't like where we are': Democratic governor caught on hot mic doubting Biden's chances

Alex Soros to Democrats: Knock it Off, Unite Behind Biden

Stephanopoulos apologizes after saying Biden can't serve another term

Peter Welch is first Democratic senator to publicly ask Joe Biden to withdraw

Dem. Sen. Welch Calls on Biden to Withdraw: 'Cannot Unsee' His 'Disastrous Debate Performance'

Schumer said privately signaling to donors he's open to replacing Biden as candidate

Hakeem Jeffries to bring Democrats' concerns to Biden about his campaign

Rep. Earl Blumenauer Ninth House Democrat Calling Biden to Step Down

James Carville Says 'It's Inevitable' Biden will Decide to Drop Out

Biden support slips in deep blue New York: 'We're a battleground state now'

Project Veritas Bombshell Expose: DOJ Attorney Confirms Biden Regime Deliberately Delayed Menthol Cigarette Ban Because They "Need Black Votes"

Joe Rogan Calls Out the Open Border Scam: 'They're Literally Importing Democratic Voters'

Top Democrat Hakeem Jeffries Argues that Passing a Law to Prevent Illegal Aliens from Voting "Prevents Americans from Voting"

House passes GOP-led SAVE Act that bans non-citizen voting in federal elections - The SAVE Act was introduced by Texas Rep. Chip Roy, a Republican, earlier this year, but could be vetoed by President Joe Biden if it reaches his desk later this year

SAVE Act Passes House 221-198 - Almost Every Democrat Voted to 'Protect' the Ability of Illegals to Vote in Federal Elections

Democrats Slam Popular Voter ID Bill as Racist and Xenophobic

Judge Presiding Over Donald Trump Fulton County RICO Ignored Evidence That Georgia Secretary of State Lied About an 'Audit' Following 2020 Election

It's That Time Again: MSM Launches 'Muh Russia' Election Narrative As Brands Collude To Silence Dissent

Russia Hoax 2.0: Anonymous 'Intel Officials' Claim Kremlin Will Seek to Elect Donald Trump Through 'Information Warfare'

US DOJ says it disrupted Russian social media influence operation

Interim Staff Report of the Committee on the Judiciary U.S. House of Representatives: How the World's Biggest Brands Seek to Control Online Speech

CNN to cut 100 jobs in major overhaul to focus on digital, memo shows

Nicolas Cage fears misuse of his digital likeness, potentially misrepresenting his legacy and surpassing human element in performances

AI speech generator 'reaches human parity' - but it's too dangerous to release, scientists say

Pope at AI Conference: 'Protect Human Dignity'

7.1 magnitude earthquake strikes waters off Sultan Kudarat; no tsunami threat

5.4 magnitude earthquake hits near Bengkulu, Indonesia

5.1 magnitude earthquake hits the southern Mid-Atlantic Ridge

5.0 magnitude earthquake hits the South Sandwich Islands region

Ruiz volcano in Colombia erupts to 27,000ft

Sangay volcano in Ecuador erupts to 23,000ft

Sabancaya volcano in Peru erupts to 22,000ft

Dukono volcano in Indonesia erupts to 17,000ft

Fuego volcano in Guatemala erupts to 16,000ft

Karymsky volcano on Kamchatka, Russia erupts to 16,000ft

Semeru volcano in Indonesia erupts to 15,000ft

Reventador volcano in Ecuador erupts to 15,000ft

Marapi volcano in Indonesia erupts to 13,000ft

Mt Etna volcano in Italy erupts to 12,000ft

Lewotobi volcano in Indonesia erupts to 10,000ft

Wandan mud volcano erupts mud and flames from 4 vents, Taiwan

Alarmists Tie Hurricane Beryl to Texans' Support for Fossil Fuels

Hurricane "Beryl" leaves 12 people dead in the United States, 16 across the Caribbean

Rare tornado watch issued in Northeast as Beryl's remnants bring threat of severe weather, flooding

Beryl's remnants trigger regional tornado outbreak in New York, flooding in New England

Record rains hit Nepal's Kanchanpur

South Korea hit by most intense downpour in 200 years

Map Shows Cities Set Heat Records Amid Back-to-Back Soaring Temperatures

Las Vegas Hits Record 5th Straight Day of 115 Degrees or Greater as Heat Wave Scorches US

Heat wave bakes Texas amid power outages while Canada braces for wildfires

Media makes fossil fuel the heat wave villain but scientists say asphalt, cityscapes bigger culprit

Batteries Needed for Green Transition Are 'Unrecognized' Source of Pollution, Study Finds

Chemical Explosion Sparks Major Factory Fire In Melbourne

Fire controlled, water contaminated after large chemical explosion shocks Melbourne factory

Toxic Smoke Rises From Melbourne Industrial Fire

FAA launches investigation into air traffic control error after near-mid-air collision between two commercial planes

Hawaii Airport Forced to Evacuate After Two Grenades Found in Man's Carry-On Luggage, TSA Agents in Pittsburgh Stops Another Man Carrying Two Grenades

Sacramento City Attorney Threatens Target with Criminal Charges if They Continue to Call Police For Theft Incidents

Ron Johnson: U.S. Airports Risk Being 'Exploited Avenue for Illegal Immigration, Terrorism' Under Biden

Biden admin halts release of Tajikistan migrants into US over terrorism fears after hundreds already let in

Biden Floods Ohio Town with 20,000 Haitian Migrants: Ten to a Bedroom

Panama Installs Barbed Wire Around Deadly Darien Gap Jungle to Block Migrants

6-year-old girl dies in Alabama after DUI crash, Honduran illegal immigrant charged with manslaughter

LGBT Activists Speak Out Against CA Bill That Would Make Child Sex Trafficking a Felony

MLB All-Star Charged with Sexual Exploitation Against a Minor

Democrats lump conservative views with child porn, terrorism to justify advertising boycotts

Arkansas election officials reject petitions submitted for an abortion-rights ballot measure

Senate Republicans block Democratic bill codifying Roe v. Wade abortion protections

Elon Musk's Neuralink Brain Chip Implant "More Or Less Stable" In 1st Patient - Neuralink is testing its implant to give paralyzed patients the ability to use digital devices by thinking alone

Elon Musk's Neuralink Is Ready to Implant a Second Volunteer

Neuralink Will Offer Telepathy and then Brain Control of Teslabots

Over $1 million in fentanyl pills confiscated by local Arizona police

Colorado health officials investigating human case of bubonic plague

Israel's birds infected by West Nile fever

Bird flu response in Michigan sparks COVID-era worry on farms

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner's Daughter Demands for Mask Mandates, Better Air Filtration in Public Facilities, and UVC Light in Government Facilities, Including Jails to Fight "Long COVID"

Tracking Bible Prophecy Headlines - 7/10/2024

Two civilians killed in Hezbollah rocket attack on Golan Heights - Iran-backed terror group says barrage of some 40 projectiles was retaliation for the death of its operative, an ex-bodyguard for Nasrallah, in a purported Israeli strike in Syria

Israeli jets strike south Lebanon site of deadly Hezbollah rocket launch, says IDF

For second time, Hezbollah publishes drone footage of military sites in northern Israel

Hezbollah adopts low-tech strategy as it tries to evade advanced Israeli surveillance

Mossad Chief Heads to 'Decisive' Gaza Summit in Qatar; Officials Warn Wide Gaps Remain Between Israel, Hamas

US officials in Cairo for cease-fire talks between Israel, Hamas

Egypt enraged by Netanyahu's demands as talks stall, Israel-Cairo ties tumble

Israeli attack on Gaza City continues as Hamas says ceasefire efforts at risk

IDF demolishes 6 Gaza City tunnels, including Islamic Jihad's 'flagship' passageway

Dramatic footage shows Israel destroying 4 miles of Gaza terror tunnels, including Islamic Jihad 'flagship' route

Hamas' triple-decker tunnels for smuggling: IDF finds jaw-dropping maze on Gaza-Egypt border

Israeli Diploma: Hamas Tunnels Bigger Than NYC Subway System

Cigarette Smuggling in Gaza Turns Aid Trucks Into Targets

3 Released by Israel Found Dead in Handcuffs in Gaza

IDF denies Episcopal Church claim it ordered evacuation of Gaza City hospital

Israel rejects accusations by UN rights experts that it weaponized starvation in Gaza

US-built Gaza aid pier to resume for several days, then be permanently removed

GOP platform pledges to stand with Israel, deport 'pro-Hamas radicals' from US

Canada urges Israel to reverse decision to approve new West Bank settlements

Israel Moves to Legalize Illegal Outpost, Declares Evyatar Is Built on State-owned Land

Outgoing Israeli general condemns settler violence in occupied West Bank

Incoming EU president is antisemitic, corrupt Porto Jews say

'Bad for France and bad for the Jews': France's election results shock Jewish community

Meta to remove more posts targeting 'Zionists' after updating hate speech policy

Isolated by their 'allies,' LGBTQ Jews gather to parse Pride's anti-Israel leanings

Biden intel chief: Iran is funding, emboldening anti-Israel protests in US to sow discord

White House Warns Iran Against Meddling in US Gaza Protests

US State Department report finds persistent antisemitism in Qatari textbooks

Saudi influencer: 'Through the Hebrew Bible, I discovered the undeniable truth about Jews and Israel.'

Court says Netanyahu must begin testimony in his corruption trial in December

Amid squabbles, lawmakers in government no longer take its survival for granted

Defense minister says IDF will start drafting ultra-Orthodox men next month

Iranian president-elect reiterates commitment to destroying Israel

Iranian Christians Question Reformist Credentials of New President

Suspected attack by Yemen's Houthi rebels targets ship in Gulf of Aden

Turkey's Erdogan Wants to Mend Fences with Syria's Assad After Brutal Civil War

'Beyond anything I'd ever seen': Sudan facing worst levels of acute food insecurity ever recorded

A court in Moscow has issued an arrest warrant for the widow of Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny on charges of extremism, according to state media

Feds shut down Russian 'bot farm' that spread AI-created lies for Putin

Zelenskyy rubbishes Orban's global 'peace mission' - Only world powers such as China, the U.S. or EU could undertake such mission, Ukraine president says

Sanctions on Russian oil brought Putin and Modi closer. Now they're in a nuclear embrace

At Least 41 Killed in Monday's Russian Missile Attacks, Ukraine Says

Kremlin says Kyiv children's hospital was hit by anti-missile fire, not by Russia

Six Russia Regions Attacked As Ukraine Hits Back After Hospital Bombing

Intelligence on Russian sabotage threat prompted increase in security at US military bases in Europe

WWIII Watch: China and Belarus Hold Joint Military Exercises Near Border with Poland and Ukraine

Ukraine's path to NATO membership 'irreversible,' allies expected to declare

Ukraine's President Pleads for More Weapons With Fewer Restrictions

Ukraine opens DC weapons office and Europe bolsters defense spending as November US election looms

Cost of modernizing US Air Force's nuclear missile arsenal increases by over 80%

France 'on the brink of financial meltdown' as 'rich to flee country over 90 percent tax'

Farage Booed During First Westminster Speech as he Slams Brexit Blocker Speaker Bercow

NATO summit becomes high-stakes test of Biden's fitness

Fox News reporter asks White House who gets called after 8 p.m. if nuke is launched at US

"He Has a Team" - Karine Jean-Pierre Confirms Biden is Not the First Person Contacted if Pentagon Detects Incoming Nuke in Middle of the Night

Troubling Report: Blinken Took Biden's Place at Key International Meeting Because President 'Had to Go to Bed'

Report: Joe Biden Skipped 2022 Meeting with German Chancellor to Sleep, Sent Antony Blinken in His Stead

Doocy to Jean-Pierre About Late Night Emergency: 'Who Do You Call? The First Lady?'

NY Times top White House scribe uses 'translation headsets' to understand Biden when he 'starts to mumble' - Translation headsets are traditionally used to interpret a foreign language

Biden's Biggest Donors Left Powerless to Sway Him to End Bid

"Felt Like a Funeral" - Democrat Lawmakers in Disarray in Critical House Caucus Meeting About Biden's Future

7th House Dem calls on Biden to drop out

Speaker Johnson says '25th Amendment is appropriate' to remove Biden

Biden's Cabinet has not discussed invoking 25th Amendment, Yellen says - Yellen defends Biden's mental acuity: He's 'extremely effective' in meetings

Parkinson's Doctor Tells NBC Biden Has 'Classic Features' of Disease: 'I Could Have Diagnosed Him From Across the Mall'

Former WH doc says KJP citing 'security reasons' to withhold info about Parkinson's doc a 'ridiculous excuse'

House will subpoena Biden doctor, seek records of medical visits outside White House, Comer vows

Navy sailor disciplined for trying to access Biden's medical records multiple times

George Stephanopolus admits he does not 'think' Biden can serve another four years

Poll finds Biden damaged by debate; with Harris and Clinton best positioned to win

New York Times: Defiant Biden 'Embarrassing Himself'

Jon Stewart claims concern about Joe Biden's health is 'new and urgent information,' suggests replacing him at convention - "There are no participation trophies in endgame democracy."

Report: Former Biden Stenographer Claims Biden Blackmailed Obama with Threats of Exposing Former President's Alleged Homosexual Affairs

Trump says Dems are trying to 'force' Biden out, believes he'll stay in the race - but Hunter is 'calling the shots'

WH: Hunter Biden Has Not Received Classified Info

"That's How They Get an Incapacitated Moron like Joe Biden Elected" - Trump Calls on GOP Lawyers to Sue to Stop Illegals from Voting and Democrats From Cheating in Another Presidential Election

Joe Biden Vows to Block Bill Requiring Proof of U.S. Citizenship to Vote, Calls Noncitizens Voting 'Extraordinarily Rare'

Trump says 'voting system is under siege,' urges House to pass SAVE act preventing non-citizen voting

Trump Fires Warning Shot Regarding 2024 Election: 'Zuckerbucks, Be Careful'

Software Expert: Thousands of Duplicate Ballots Were Counted in Georgia 2020 Election

Elon Musk Steps Up Election Integrity Crusade, Breaks Down How Democrats Make It Near Impossible to Prove Voter Fraud

Dershowitz: Schumer's Goal of Nixing Immunity 'Unconstitutional'

House Judiciary Releases Detailed Report on "How Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg and Judge Merchan Violated the Constitutional and Legal Rights of President Trump"

Dem Senators Demand Ethics Probe of Justice Thomas

GOP-Led House Committee Adopts Amendment to Reduce AG Garland's Salary to $1 Until He Releases the Biden-Hur Tapes

Hunter Biden's Legal Team Gives Up Push for New Trial, Admits Embarrassing Gaffe

CheatGPT: 94 percent of AI-written college exams go undetected in startling study

No room for privacy: How Airbnb fails to protect guests from hidden cameras

Slain man's thumb sliced off and used to steal from his mobile payment app, officials say

Australia's cybersecurity agency says China-backed hackers behind online crimes

The Sun Unleashes Even More Powerful Solar Flares as Solar Maximum Continues - And there are no signs of stopping

6.7 magnitude earthquake hits south of Africa

5.1 magnitude earthquake hits near Pangai, Tonga

5.0 magnitude earthquake hits near Longyearbyen, Svalbard and Jan Mayen

Sangay volcano in Ecuador erupts to 27,000ft

Sabancaya volcano in Peru erupts to 24,000ft

Fuego volcano in Guatemala erupts to 15,000ft

Semeru volcano in Indonesia erupts to 15,000ft

Reventador volcano in Ecuador erupts to 14,500ft

Lewotobi volcano in Indonesia erupts to 10,000ft

Forecasters up hurricane season prediction after record-breaking Beryl

CSU experts increase hurricane forecast for Atlantic season: Beryl likely 'harbinger of a hyperactive season'

Biden points finger at Texas state leaders for delay in federal Beryl aid as they accuse him of politicizing storm

8 dead after Beryl landfall, millions without power

Beryl leaves millions of Texans without power as dangerous heat descends on the region

Remnants of Hurricane Beryl leave streets flooded, drivers stranded in Chicago area

Mumbai paralyzed after receiving 300 mm (11.8 inches) of rainfall in just 6 hours

Record-breaking heat in Japan leads to 4 deaths as mercury touches 40C (104F)

California wildfires force more evacuations, threaten Neverland Ranch

Multiple Liberal Media Outlets Report on Death of Senator Jim Inhofe by Smearing Him as a 'Climate Change Denier'

Washington state is 'ground zero' for EV charging port thefts

Teen shot by Sonia Sotomayor's bodyguards during attempted carjacking in DC

Satanists demand inclusion in Florida's in-school chaplain program - "DeSantis fails to recognize that it is not the place of the government to confer unique rights to one religious identity while denying them to another."

N.Y. prosecutors in Harvey Weinstein retrial are investigating additional sexual assault claims

Survivor Joyce Meyer, Dr. Ben Carson withdraw from Gateway Church series after child sex abuse allegations against Robert Morris

Woke activists oppose California bill making it a felony to purchase sex from children, claiming it will harm LGBTQ community, people or color

Pennsylvania man accused of killing, dismembering trans teen he met through dating app

'It hit the panic alarm': Trans teen's killing in Pennsylvania shocks LGBTQ+ community

Time to Take Down the Pride Flags and Put 'In God We Trust' on Every Federal Building, Sen. Josh Hawley Says

RNC panel approves new Trump-backed platform softening abortion and same-sex marriage language

Pence, anti-abortion Republicans denounce Trump-backed RNC platform

Southern Baptist President Slams GOP Over Abortion Backpedal: 'Platform May Be Subject to Change, But God's Word Is Not'

AP Poll: Abortion Access 'for Any Reason' Gaining Support

Report: Pregnant House Democrat Openly Contemplates Aborting Her Unborn Child

Woman Who Received Pig Kidney Transplant Dies

STD diagnoses jumped in recent years, especially among seniors

CDC issues urgent dengue fever warning as 41 travelers in New Jersey infected

New COVID Variant FLiRT Causing Severe Symptoms

Tracking Bible Prophecy Headlines - 7/9/2024

France and Canada pan Israel's legalization of five new West Bank settlements

Netanyahu Coalition Advances Bill Allowing Israel's Antiquities Authority to Operate in West Bank

Dem Senator Turned Lobbyist Tom Daschle Pressed Biden Admin To Support Infrastructure Projects in Hamas-Controlled Gaza, Emails Show

Gaza toll could exceed 186,000, Lancet study says - The study finds factors like diseases will lead to many more indirect deaths in the long run even if the war stops now.

Israel: Rafah Operation, Military Pressure Are Leading Hamas to Compromise

Citing losses and destruction, Hamas figures in Gaza urge leaders to strike deal

Hamas warns Gaza hostage deal talks could collapse due to IDF action

Hamas says Netanyahu putting hurdles in front of ceasefire negotiations

Netanyahu Sets Red Lines in Hostage Release Talks With Hamas

Officials 'shocked' by PM's announcement of nonnegotiable demands ahead of hostage talks

Smotrich says hostage-truce deal would be 'defeat for Israel'; holds up victorious Sinwar poster

Israeli MK Almog Cohen Calls for Land Annexation to Free Hostages

Hosting released Hamas captive at White House, Biden pledges to free remaining hostages

Devastated Rafah a ghost town as cease-fire and hostage release talks go on

Israel says its operation in Rafah is 'limited'. Fighting there has left parts of it unrecognizable

Israel Pushes Deeper Into Gaza City; Hamas Warns Escalation Threatens Cease-Fire Talks

IDF launches new operation in Gaza City, troops raid UNRWA compound used by Hamas

IDF says it struck Hamas, PIJ operatives gathered at school in central Gaza

IDF assesses much of Hamas tunnel network still in 'good functional state' - report

Gazan anti-Hamas activist critically wounded in attack by some 20 men said to be from terror group

Columbia University removes three deans over inappropriate texts on antisemitism

NYU settles federal antisemitism lawsuit brought by Jewish students

Brown U mishandled complaints of antisemitism, US Department of Education finds

Australian PM announces appointment of envoy to combat antisemitism

Trudeau appoints new adviser on Canadian Jewish community and antisemitism

As coalition tensions mount, top Haredi MK hints at potential dissolution of coalition

Iran's president-elect reasserts country's anti-Israel stance, backs 'resistance'

Satellite photos show Iran expanding ballistic missile production

Ukrainian drones blew up a large ammo depot in Russia

Russian Missile Strikes Leaves Dozens Dead in Ukraine, Children's Hospital Damaged

Hungary's Orban unexpectedly visits China, backs Xi's peace plan

Millions in Taxpayer Cash Awarded to Subsidiary of U.S.-Sanctioned CCP 'Military Company'

Sister of North Korean leader Kim calls South Korea's live-fire drills 'suicidal hysteria'

North Korea's Kim Yo Jong accuses S.Korean leader of using tensions as political distraction

Macron Rejects Resignation of His Prime Minister for 'Stability of the Country'

Globalist Left Elites Applaud French Election Result as Chaos Lies Ahead

Chaos in France: Leftists and Radical Jihadists Parade in Street Calling for Open Borders and Attacking Police Following Shock Election Victory

'No Future': French Jews Express Fear After Far-Left Election Victories

French-Israelis Invite Jews to Flee France for Safety in Israel After Leftist Election Wins

'A Diplomatic Bomb': Israel's Diaspora Minister Rallied Behind Le Pen, and Israeli Diplomats Are Livid

His reelection campaign in crisis, Joe Biden hosts high-stakes NATO summit in Washington

Democrats Rush to Back Joe Biden as President Fights Off Calls to Step Aside

Ilhan Omar Backs Biden: 'Everybody's Supporting the President'

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Stands Behind Joe Biden: 'The Matter Is Closed'

Biden gets support from key lawmakers, but others want more assurances from him

Report: Democrat Reps Call for Biden to 'Step Aside,' Throw Their Support Behind Kamala Harris

Senior House Democrat Adam Smith becomes latest to call on Biden to drop from race

Senate Democrats' Move to Oust Joe Biden Collapses

Dem advisors propose 'blitz primary' to replace Biden before August convention: report

Author Stephen King: It's Time for Joe Biden to Go

'I Don't Care if He's Pooped His Pants': Whoopi Goldberg Pledges Biden Support

Joy Reid: I'd "vote for Biden in a coma" to avoid "Hitler" in the White House

Michael Moore: Democrat Leaders Pushing Biden to Stay Are Guilty of 'Elder Abuse'

Michael Moore Calls State of Biden's Campaign the 'Cruelest Form of Elder Abuse I've Ever Been Forced to Watch'

Jill Biden 'all in' on husband's reelection bid as he defies calls to quit

'Incoherent Tirade:' Joe Biden Mocked for Morning Joe Phone Interview

Biden Has Multiple Angry Outbursts During MSNBC Interview, Rants About 'the Elites'

Biden slams Dem critics as 'elites' during surprise 'Morning Joe' interview

Biden Dares Democrat 'Elites' to Challenge Him at the DNC

Biden to Democrats in Congress: 'I am firmly committed to staying in this race'

Mollie Hemingway Calls on Entire White House Press Corps to Resign Over Their Failure in Biden Mental Health Story

Chaos Erupts in Press Briefing Room as KJP Repeatedly Declines to Say Why a Parkinson's Expert Has Visited Biden White House 8 Times in 8 Months

Karine Jean-Pierre Confirms Joe Biden Has Seen Neurologist Three Times During Presidency

Comer Demands WH Doctor Testify on Biden's Health

Comer: Is Biden's Doc Protecting Himself?

Schiff: Cognitive Test Would Show Trump Has 'Serious Illness of One Kind or Another'

Axelrod asks why Trump is 'uncharacteristically holding fire' as Biden teeters

Trump focused on campaigning, as Dems are 'in disarray' amid Biden chaos

Bette Midler Urges Biden to Arrest House Republicans, Execute Rep. Jim Jordan

Claudia Tenney calls for DOJ investigation of Hunter Biden laptop signers for election interference

Schumer moves to deny Trump immunity for election challenge after SCOTUS ruling

House Democrats Branded as 'Traitors' Over Effort to Block Proof of Citizenship Requirement for Voters

Biden White House lashes out against bill preventing illegal immigrants from voting in elections - The SAFE Act would prevent anyone from casting a ballot in federal elections without proof of citizenship

'They Want to Cheat': Elon Musk Warns Democrats Are Planning to Steal More Elections With Non-Citizens' Votes

Elon Musk Blasts Dem opposition to preventing illegal immigrants from voting in election - "The goal all along has been to import as many illegal voters as possible"

As 2024 election grows increasingly unpredictable, journalist warns Christians must 'awaken'

Trudeau's 'thought crimes' bill would create $200 million in new bureaucracy - Poilievre vows to repeal it

Necromancy: AI Company Resurrecting Classic Hollywood Stars to Read Audiobooks

'Pulpit AI' aims to help pastors use artificial intelligence to preach beyond Sunday services

Ryanair 'Flight from Hell' Forced to Land After Mass Brawl over Seats

Another One! United Boeing 757 Loses Wheel After Taking Off From LAX

Asteroid to Hit Earth in 14 Years in New Impact Scenario, Enough Time for NASA to Save Us?

5.4 magnitude earthquake hits near Atiquipa, Peru

5.3 magnitude earthquake hits near Atiquipa, Peru

5.2 magnitude earthquake hits near Tofino, Canada

5.1 magnitude earthquake hits the southern Mid-Atlantic Ridge

Mt Etna volcano in Italy erupts to 30,000ft

Sabancaya volcano in Peru erupts to 24,000ft

Ruiz volcano in Colombia erupts to 21,000ft

Popocateptl volcano in Mexico erupts to 20,000ft

Fuego volcano in Guatemala erupts to 16,000ft

Semeru volcano in Indonesia erupts to 15,000ft

Reventador volcano in Ecuador erupts to 14,500ft

Marapi volcano in Indonesia erupts to 14,000ft

Lewotobi volcano in Indonesia erupts to 10,000ft

Beryl makes landfall in Texas as Category 1 hurricane

Death toll rises as Beryl pummels Texas with tornadoes, 90 mph gusts, leaving over 2.7 million without power

Texas Energy Industry Assesses Damage After Beryl Batters Gulf Coast

Floods kill six rhinos in India national park

Severe cold snap freezes rivers in Santa Cruz, Argentina

Palm Springs Hits Record High Temperature of 124 Degrees Fahrenheit

Las Vegas hits its all-time temperature record - as motorcyclist dies from 'heat exposure' in Death Valley

Tourists still flock to Death Valley amid searing US heat wave blamed for several deaths

Warmest June on record hits Earth, boosting odds of warmest year

EU climate service: Earth records 12 straight months of record high temperatures

Harvard Business School: America's EV Charging Network Is in Shambles

Chickenflation - Welcome to the Fast Food Price Crisis

New Labour British PM Keir Starmer May Release 40 Thousand Prisoners That Served Less Than Half of Their Sentences

Stabbing Horror Unfolds in Front of Children at New York Theme Park

Report: Mexican 'Witch' Killed While Trying to Kidnap Baby for Sacrifice to Patron 'Saint' of Cartels

Missouri GOP gubernatorial candidate says he supports bringing 10 Commandments law to state

RNC committee approves dropping national limits on abortion from party platform

RNC adopts Trump's 2024 platform with focus on border, economy while updating abortion stance

Sen. Marco Rubio: Government Gives More Aid to Immigrants than to Social Security Retirees

America Last: NYC Mayor Blows Another $2.6 Million Taxpayer's Money on Pre-Paid Debit Cards for Illegal Aliens - Bringing Total Spending to a Whopping $2 Billion

Biden's DHS Offers 'Temporary' Amnesty to 4,000 Yemeni Nationals to Stay in U.S.

German Soccer Captain Says His Country Has Been 'Overwhelmed' By Migrants, No Longer Safe To Live There

ICE Deports Brazilian Fugitive Wanted on Rape Charges

Biden admin sent illegal immigrant children to homes of suspected criminals, traffickers: report

Utah Crime Lab found Tim Ballard's sperm on his assistant's skirt, plaintiffs say - Ballard is the founder and former CEO of Operation Underground Railroad, an organization dedicated to stopping human trafficking

Megachurch Pastor Zachary King Charged with Rape and Sexual Abuse of Minor

GOP Rep. Rosendale: Support for IVF 'Morally Wrong'

Superbug that now kills 300,000 people a year evolved rapidly from common bacteria

'China's negligence' on Covid caused $18 Trillion in damage to US economy: Heritage Foundation report

Tracking Bible Prophecy Headlines - 7/8/2024

Starmer: Palestinian state 'undeniable right' as part of peace process - The prime minister spoke to Mahmoud Abbas on Sunday about the "ongoing suffering and devastating loss of life" in Gaza

Criticism of Hamas in Gaza Builds: 'May God Curse Them'

Netanyahu issues list of 'non-negotiable' demands as hostage talks slated to restart

Under any hostage deal, Israel will resume fighting until war goals are achieved, Netanyahu declares

'We're held captive by Netanyahu and Sinwar': Thousands protest for hostage deal

Mother sees new proof of life video of injured son in Hamas captivity: 'Get me out of here!'

Israeli military takes foreign journalists into Rafah to make a case for success in its war with Hamas

IDF official in Rafah: Hamas is completely 'weary and demoralized'

Israel says its operation in Rafah is 'limited'. Fighting there has left parts of it unrecognizable

IDF launches new Gaza City operation, says troops raiding UNRWA compound used by Hamas

Gaza City residents say they are seeing some of heaviest fighting since start of war

US Citizen Seriously Wounded in Hezbollah Missile Barrage on Israel

Report: Harrisburg Capitol evacuated after emailed bomb threats - The email sender claimed that they intended to detonate explosives "in the name of Palestine."

Can you 'Trump-proof' NATO? As Biden falters, Europeans look to safeguard the military alliance

A Ukrainian Drone Triggers Warehouse Explosions in Russia as a war of Attrition Grinds on

Sister of North Korean leader Kim calls South Korea's live-fire drills 'suicidal hysteria'

US says Iran's presidential election was 'not free or fair' and won't 'lead to fundamental change in Iran's direction'

France's leftists take most seats, as snap election delivers deadlock - Loose alliance of left-wing parties becomes biggest parliamentary bloc as vote delivers hung parliament

Leftist coalition wins most seats but no party wins majority in French election; turmoil projected - It is now expected to take weeks of political jockeying and deal making to determine who will be the new prime minister and lead the National Assembly

Hundreds of candidates drop out of French election runoff in last gasp bid to keep far right from power

French Prime Minister announces resignation following second round of snap elections - French Prime Minister Gabriel Attal announced on Sunday that he is turning in his resignation on Monday

France's Conservative Leader Bardella: France 'Pushed into the Hands of the Far Left'

Prominent French Jews decry far left's gains in vote amid fears of 'new antisemitism'

French elections: Riots erupt after left-wing coalition projected to win plurality of seats - Large fires were seen burning in the streets of Paris

Pope decries populists, warns democracy is in bad health

Tenney calls on 'The 51' to be prosecuted for alleged Biden laptop coverup

House Oversight Chairman Calls on Biden's Physician to Testify Regarding His Involvement in Biden's Shady Business Dealings - $200,000 Payment Under Scrutiny

Biden's Hand Tremor During Campaign Stop Sparks Alarm Amid Reports Parkinson's Disease Specialist Visited White House

Dementia Joe Biden's Visit to Black Church In Philly Turns into a Disaster After Bishop Excuses His Cognitive Decline as "Stammering"

Behind the Curtain: Unbendable Biden vs. breaking-point Dems - We're now in uncharted, historic waters

Behind the Curtain: Biden's credibility crisis - President Biden has lost more than broad Democratic support since his bad debate. He has bled credibility - with the media, lawmakers, top officials and even his own paid staff

4 senior House Dems, including NY Rep. Jerry Nadler, join calls for Biden to drop out of 2024 race

Democratic donors prepare to pump money into contest that could block Harris from taking over

Biden should be 'mopping the floor with Donald Trump,' but is losing because of his age: Rep. Adam Schiff

CNN Admits Biden's Re-Election in Jeopardy

Democratic power players are circulating a proposal for Biden to exit, launch 'blitz primary'

Hawaii Governor: Biden Could Decide in Days to Quit

Top White House Aide Says Biden's Cognitive Decline is So Bad - And Much Worse in Private - That He Should Drop Out of 2024 Race

Biden staffers give president detailed, illustrated instructions to guide his public appearances: report

Biden Aides Provided Questions in Advance for His Radio Interviews

Black radio host 'parts ways' with Philly station over use of Biden campaign's prepared questions in interview with president - The station said using pre-approved questions was a violation of its commitment to "remaining an independent media outlet."

National Embarrassment: Biden Campaign to Stop Feeding Questions to Media After Being Exposed on Live Television

Biden says 'Dark Brandon is coming back' while campaigning in Pennsylvania

"This Is Obama's Third Term": Mike Davis on Who's Really Pulling the Strings in the Biden Regime

The Grim Reaper: Biden Declares Two Justices Will Be Gone in Four Years

John Roberts court rocked by Trump immunity case, Thomas, Alito scandals

Chuck Schumer's Brother Works For Law Firm Behind Bragg's Get-Trump Indictment

Kamala Harris claims Trump will 'weaponize' Justice Department 'against his political enemies'

'Evolving' but no credible threats before RNC and DNC, Secret Service says - "The environment that we're dealing with today is certainly different than it was four years ago," the director said

Elon Musk embraces noncitizen voting ban, suggest opponents of proposed law are 'traitors'

Hope for 2024: Today There Is Technology to Stop the Postal Service Steal in the 2024 Election

Boeing to plead guilty to criminal fraud charge stemming from 737 Max crashes

Boeing Pleads Guilty to Deadly 737 MAX Crashes of 2018 and 2019 to Avoid Criminal Trial - Agrees to Pay Additional $243.6 Million Fine

6.2 magnitude earthquake hits near Bonin Islands, Japan region

5.5 magnitude earthquake hits near Ust'-Kamchatsk Staryy, Russia

5.5 magnitude earthquake hits near Ust'-Kamchatsk Staryy, Russia

5.3 magnitude earthquake hits near Santo Domingo, Panama

Sabancaya volcano in Peru erupts to 24,000ft

Ruiz volcano in Colombia erupts to 20,000ft

Mt Etna volcano in Italy erupts to 20,000ft

Fuego volcano in Guatemala erupts to 17,000ft

Reventador volcano in Ecuador erupts to 15,000ft

Santa Maria volcano in Guatemala erupts to 15,000ft

Karymsky volcano on Kamchatka, Russia erupts to 15,000ft

Semeru volcano in Indonesia erupts to 15,000ft

Marapi volcano in Indonesia erupts to 14,000ft

Sakurajima volcano on Japan erupts to 12,000ft

Lewotobi volcano in Indonesia erupts to 10,000ft

Beryl May Hit Hurricane Strength Again Before Pounding Texas

Largest Texas ports close as Tropical Storm Beryl approaches

Persistent Heat Wave Expected to Shatter New Records

Death Valley May Hit 130 Degrees, Which Would Tie World's Hottest Recorded Temperature

Airports, Wall Street, Olympics in crosshairs of climate activists

Trump vows to end 'citizenship tourism' in US to 'deter more migrants from coming'

Massachusetts health teacher and amateur wrestling announcer arrested on child sex crime charges: report

Christian Army Rises in San Francisco: A Response of Hope and True Freedom Following the Naked Pride Parade

Maxime Bernier says new female head of Canadian Armed Forces is 'woke' choice obsessed with 'gender identity nonsense'

Taxpayer-funded Planned Parenthood boasts about being leader in transgender medical procedures

Incredible New Tech Lets Scientists Watch Fetuses Develop in Real Time

New deadly strain of mpox found in DRC could spread exponentially among humans

'Lioness' Star Mike Heslin Dies Suddenly Aged 30 From Cardiac Arrest, Doctors 'Have No Explanation'

Actor Mike Heslin Dies At 30 Due To A 'Cardiac Event' After A 'Week Long Battle At The Hospital'

Mandatory COVID vaccines for police and nurses unlawful, says Queensland Supreme Court

Kamala Harris' Fully Vaccinated, Triple-Boosted Husband Doug Emhoff Tests Positive for COVID-19

Tracking Bible Prophecy Headlines - 7/7/2024

Far-right minister: Past few months have been 'like a time of miracles' for settlement movement

Hamas appears to clear way for possible cease-fire deal with Israel after reportedly dropping key demand

Hamas says it dropped demand Israel vow upfront to end war, but wants mediators' guarantees

Hostage rescued from Gaza airs heartfelt plea for deal, as rallies mark 9 months of war

Anti-government protesters start 'week of resistance' with Saturday rallies - Sunday will be 'day of disruption' with protests and rallies across the country demanding hostage deal and new elections, culminating outside Netanyahu's Jerusalem home

Police arrest protesters in Jerusalem, Tel Aviv after anti-government rallies

IDF Ordered Hannibal Directive on October 7 to Prevent Hamas Taking Soldiers Captive

Military Intelligence alert system poorly maintained in lead up to October 7 - report

16 Dead in Israeli Strike on Gaza School

Footage Shows Hamas Assaulting Gaza Civilians Seeking Food

Rocket sirens in Lower Galilee in apparent major attack by Hezbollah

Dozens of rockets fired at north in barrage from Lebanon

Man seriously wounded as Hezbollah fires some 20 rockets at Lower Galilee

IDF kills key member of Hezbollah air defense in strike deep inside Lebanon

Israel is inching toward a wider war and a nasty fight against an enemy poised to bombard it as no other foe has

Israeli FM: Iran election results a 'clear message' to ayatollahs, world must blacklist IRGC

Hopes for a Diplomatic Opening Rise Under Iran's New President

Nasrallah congratulates Iran's Pezeshkian on presidential victory - Hezbollah leader praises Tehran's support for its 'resistance groups' in congratulatory letter to reformist who said he wants warm relations with all countries 'except for Israel'

Saudi Arabia, Kuwait congratulate Iran's new reformist president elect - King Salman expresses wish for further dialogue and coordination to strengthen international peace and security; Kuwait wishes Tehran 'more prosperity and development'

Putin Congratulates Iran's Pezeshkian, Calls for Bilateral Cooperation

Putin Says Nukes Not Needed in Ukraine War

Russian Strikes Leave Thousands in Ukraine Without Power and Water

NYT: German Medic Blows the Whistle on Mercenaries Fighting for Ukraine Killing Russian POWs

NATO expected to lay out plan to prepare Ukraine for membership during upcoming summit

Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico Makes First Public Appearance Since Assassination Attempt, Blasts Liberals and Supports Orban's Peace Initiative

Orban and Putin Seek "Quickest Path to Peace" – Orban in Newsweek: "The Point of NATO is Peace, Not Endless War"

Putin stresses peace only after Ukraine's surrender as Hungary's Orban makes surprise visit to Moscow

Ten Russian wrestlers reject invitations to Paris Olympics

Russia says it won't send wrestlers to the Paris Olympics as neutrals

French election: Nazi attire and racist comments dog Le Pen's campaign - National Rally leadership is under fire for fielding candidates who have made racist comments or done favors for the Russian government

France kicks off key vote that could see a historic far-right win or hung parliament

UK Labour MP slams abuse from pro-Palestinian activists after 'worst election ever' - Jess Phillips says she and party activists suffered severe harassment during their campaign over Labour's position on the Israel-Hamas war

David Lammy: 'Britain has to start reconnecting with a dangerous, divided world'

White House Scrambles to Shut Down Reports of Medical Emergency and Press Blackout on Air Force One

Interview Disaster: Biden Claims to Have 'Put NATO Together' but Was Just 6 Years Old When It Was Founded

CNN's Van Jones: Biden Seemed 'Detached from Reality' During ABC Interview

Julian Castro: ABC Interview Showed Biden in 'Denial' About 'Decline'

Former Obama adviser laments Biden's ABC interview: 'Denial. Delusion. Defiance.'

Dem Rep. Quigley: 'Disturbing' That Biden Wasn't Sure if He Watched Debate

WH Official to Axios: 'Everyone Is Miserable' Over Biden

'We're doomed': Democratic lawmakers worry Biden's interview won't save his campaign

Rep. Weber: Dems' Chaos Over Biden Unprecedented

Jeffries to meet with top House Dems amid concerns over Biden - The meeting will take place virtually on Sunday afternoon before the House convenes next week

Another House Democrat Calls for Biden to 'Step Down' After ABC Interview: 'Not a Decision I've Come to Lightly'

Democrat Marianne Williamson Calls on Biden to 'Step Down', Dems 'Need to Recalibrate'

Biden campaign cancels Wisconsin fundraiser as Democrat donors grow uncertain

Joe Biden's Upcoming Fundraiser in Wisconsin Cancelled - Donors Who Committed to Giving Large Sums Withdrew After First Debate

Dem megadonor says there is 'almost no support' left for Biden, 'the dam has broken'

Hollywood Donors Rage at Jeffrey Katzenberg for Convincing Them Biden Wasn't Too Old to Run: 'People Are Pissed, They Feel Betrayed'

Axelrod: Biden's Family Advisers 'Indulging Him' by Saying There's a Path Forward

Jill Biden's ex-husband thinks Joe should take cognitive test, says she's pushing him 'to the very edge'

Biden's personal physician met with Parkinson's disease expert at White House: report

Parkinson's Disease Expert Confirmed at White House, Campaign Rushes to Avert Political Disaster

Sen. Ron Johnson Suggests Biden Campaign Is 'Toast' After Losing Media Support

Radio Host Reveals White House Provided Questions Ahead of Time Following Biden's Gaffe Claiming to Be 'First Black Woman to Serve with a Black President'

Biden DOJ's classified docs case against Trump paused pending immunity consideration

Judge Cannon Agrees to Delay Jack Smith's Classified Docs Case Following SCOTUS Immunity Ruling

New York Judges Disbar Rudy Giuliani for 'False Statements' About Election Fraud, But Don't Consider the Evidence

House Democrats are "Bringing Out the Big Guns" to Allow Illegal Aliens to Vote in 2024 Presidential Election

Democrats scramble to oppose GOP-backed bill requiring proof of citizenship in federal elections

Android banking Trojan evolves to evade detection and strike globally - The Medusa banking Trojan is back and more dangerous than ever

New York distributes 900 AI robot companions to combat loneliness in seniors

China to test asteroid smash by 2030 - Chinese researchers propose a two-probe mission to impact and observe near-Earth asteroids, mirroring NASA's planetary defense efforts

5.5 magnitude earthquake hits near Namuac, Philippines

Mounts Etna, Stromboli Are Acting More Ornery Than Usual

Mt Etna volcano in Italy erupts to 33,000ft

Sabancaya volcano in Peru erupts to 24,000ft

Ruiz volcano in Colombia erupts to 22,000ft

Fuego volcano in Guatemala erupts to 15,000ft

Semeru volcano in Indonesia erupts to 15,000ft

Karymsky volcano on Kamchatka, Russia erupts to 15,000ft

Ebeko volcano in the Kuril Islands erupts to 14,000ft

Ibu volcano in Indonesia erupts to 10,000ft

Lewotobi volcano in Indonesia erupts to 10,000ft

Meteorologists' Fear Becoming Grim Reality as Record-Smashing Storm Beryl Turns Toward Texas

Texas Declares Disaster Areas Ahead of Hurricane Beryl Landfall

US Coast Guard Says Hurricane Beryl Might Shut Oil Ports

Violent tornadoes rip through east China's Shandong, damaging 2,800 homes and leaving at least 5 dead

Dam breach in China's Hunan forces 6 000 to evacuate, Xi Jinping calls for all-out rescue

Residents allowed to return home after Wisconsin dam breach led to evacuation - Intense flooding caused the land around the Manawa Dam to erode, but the dam itself did not fail, officials said

Moscow records highest July 3 temperature since 1917, Russia

Record-setting heat will continue to torment millions of Americans this weekend

Temperature records are shattered as extreme heat grips the West and East coasts

Heat Wave Shatters Records Across America - The Worst Is Yet to Come for the Heartland

Heat record shattered in Death Valley, one of the hottest places on Earth

Church of England Scrambles to Defend 1 Billion Euros for Slavery Reparations

African Military Juntas Joining Together: 'Attack on One of Us Will Be an Attack on All'

Lawless Oakland Chaos - 70 People Loot and Ransack 76 Gas Station

Chicago 4th of July Weekend: At Least 58 Shot Wednesday Night to Friday Night

Grim July Fourth: 33 Dead, 11 in Chicago

Gunfire Erupts in Downtown St. Louis Following July 4th Fireworks Display - 7 People Shot Including 13-Year-Old

Police Find 7 Shooting Victims in US Home After Birthday Turns Deadly, Suspect Was Known but Not Invited to Party

Texas Arrests 12 Dangerous 'Criminal Illegal Immigrants' from Most-Wanted Lists

Police Advocate: Flights Vulnerable Because Air Marshals Are Babysitting Immigrants at Southern Border

Violence, Rape, Thirst, Even Organ Theft: Migrants Face Lethal Risks in Africa

Report: Nicaragua Airport Agency, Flooding U.S. with Global Migrants, Nets $4 Million in First Trimester of 2024

Britain's Leftist PM Cancels Plan to Send Illegal Migrants to Rwanda on First Day in Office

Britain's New Labour Party Prime Minister Does Not Know if a Woman Can Have a Penis

O'Keefe Disney Expose: Exec Says 'Bob Iger Isn't Axing LGBTQ Content at All,' Drag Queens Inevitable at Parks

Female nurses vow to keep fighting over hospital trans policy: Won't be 'ignored' or 'threatened'

Pro-life activist sentenced to house arrest in Tennessee for protesting in front of abortion clinic entrance reads powerful statement: "I acted to save the lives of innocent babies."

Schools Bracing for 'Enrollment Cliff' Amid Declining U.S. Birth Rate

LAPD To Bring Charges and Expose Hollywood Drug Rings in the Investigation of OD Death of 'Friends' Star Matthew Perry

Public Health Officials Warn of Human Plague Case in Colorado

Faster spreading strain of mpox raises alarm in Congo

Mpox outbreak threatens normal business for DR Congo, neighbours

Chevron doctrine ruling a 'gut-punch' for US health and environment - Decision that overturned convention of deference to federal agencies could upend regulations on tobacco, drugs and medical bills

Tracking Bible Prophecy Headlines - 7/6/2024

Fires have become the most visible sign of the conflict heating up on the Lebanon-Israel border

Can Israel's Iron Dome be overrun? System's capabilities in focus amid rising risk of war with Hezbollah

IDF says it hit rocket launcher in Gaza humanitarian zone, warned civilians before strike

Rep. Brad Schneider's Capitol office vandalized during 'shameful' antisemitic demonstrations on July 4

Iranian reformist Masoud Pezeshkian wins presidential election - While he promises to ease hardline laws, victor supports Khamenei and says wants good relations with 'all countries except Israel'

Houthis Mark July 4: 'U.S. Aircraft Carriers Are an Obsolete Weapons System'

Putin Rejects Offer from Turkey's Erdogan to Mediate Ukraine Ceasefire Talks

Orban in Moscow for Surprise Meeting with Putin: "Peace Will Only Come if Someone Makes it Happen"

Putin Tells Orban He'll Discuss 'Nuances' of Ukraine War

NATO takes on AI as the next great theater of war - NATO looks to counter Russia and China with serious AI development across the alliance

North Korea Orders Overseas Students to Return for 'Political Indoctrination'

Biden rejects calls for independent medical evaluation, claims he 'shut Putin down' during confused ABC prime time interview

Combative Biden refuses to quit 2024 race, dismisses polls and mental acuity questions in pivotal interview

Biden: I Haven't Had Cognitive Test Because 'No One Said I Had To', I Won't Take One Because Being POTUS Is a Test

Biden declines to take a cognitive test, says the 'Lord Almighty' could get him to drop out of race

Biden's ABC Interview Was a Necessary Appointment With the Public - and a Botched One

Interview from Hell: Biden Admits He Can't Even Remember if He Watched Debate

Biden: Six Days Wasn't Enough Recovery Time Because I Was Sick, 'Don't Think' I've Watched Debate Since

Biden: I Got Distracted by Trump 'Shouting' While I Was Talking During Debate

Sen. John Kennedy: White House has blamed Biden's debate performance on 'everything but murder hornets'

ABC Interview: Joe Biden Mumbles Incoherently When Asked If He Knew How Badly the Debate Was Going for Him

Biden says 'no indication of any serious condition' in ABC interview as he fights to stay in race

Biden Declares He's 100 Percent Not Quitting, Then Gets Year Wrong, Mistakes Own Nomination Status

Biden in Wisconsin: "I Will Beat Donald Trump! I Will Beat Him Again in 2020!"

Biden tells Democrat governors he will stop scheduling events after 8 pm so he can get more sleep - "I'm fine. I don't know about my brain, though."

Shaffer, Holt: US at Risk If Biden Stops Activities at 8 p.m.

Biden Allies Abroad Think It's Untenable for Him to Stay On

Massachusetts governor encourages Biden to 'carefully evaluate' whether he can beat Trump

Biden's Labor Secretary Laughs Off 25th Amendment Talk

Sen. Warner Mobilizing Democrats to Nudge Biden Out

Report: Mark Warner Assembling Democrats to Demand Joe Biden Withdraw from Election

Biden Resigning Monday? Report Spreads as Judicial Watch Head Tom Fitton Speaks Out

Washington Post editorial board runs proposed draft of Biden's drop out speech - "What if Biden spoke these words?"

Boston Globe Editorial Board Asks Joe Biden to Step Aside

"Is it Time For You to Drop Out of the Race?!" - Biden Heckled as He Boards Air Force One

Camera Catches Sign Begging Joe to Step Aside Right Behind Him at 'I'm Running' Speech

Jeffrey Katzenberg Facing Growing Accusations He Downplayed Biden's Cognitive Decline

Top Democratic Donor Halts All Funding Until Biden Is Removed: 'This Is Realism, Not Disrespect'

'It Will End Shortly': Karl Rove Says Biden Campaign 'Bleeding Out in Front of Us'

Longtime Friends 'Shocked to Find' Biden Didn't Remember Their Names: 'The President May Not Really Be the Acting President'

Dems have dystopian theory about keeping ailing Joe Biden in power - Top Democrats are so alarmed about Joe Biden 's ailing health some fear a shadowy cabal is keeping him in power so they can pull levers behind the scenes

'Reporters' Say They Suppressed Biden's Decline Because 'Right-Wing Media' WAS Reporting It

Poll: Donald Trump Leads Kamala Harris By More than He Leads Joe Biden

Daines Warns of Senate Democrats' Plan for 'Radical' Power Grab Nuking Filibuster, Packing SCOTUS, Making D.C. and Puerto Rico States

Bette Midler Suggests Biden Arrest Republicans, Allow FBI to Use Deadly Force to Regain Democrat House Majority

Canada's Global Reputation Suffering on Trudeau's Watch, His Own ex-Foreign Minister Asserts

Venezuela's Machado Calls on Military to Guarantee Transition

Political Unrest Worldwide Is Fueled by High Prices and Huge Debts

'A kind of civil war': Divided France on high alert for unrest amid political earthquake

Trump ally Nigel Farage elected to British parliament for first time - The result comes amid a surprisingly strong election performance by Reform UK, which has a hardline stance on immigration

Morning Joe takes jabs at Trump over UK election: 'This is called a peaceful transfer of power'

Big Beast Tory Losers Heading for the Exit After 'Electoral Armageddon'

Rishi Sunak to Resign as Tory Party Leader Following Humiliating Election Defeat

How Obama mentored the new UK prime minister to help him tell his story

Incoming UK PM Starmer, 'a man of moderation' who purged Corbyn, tackled antisemitism

Starmer's Sectarian Schism: Pro-Palestinian Independents Enter Parliament After Beating Labour Party

Falkland tensions explode as Argentina 'rejects illegal British action' in the Islands - Argentina has reacted with fury to the move and has threatened serious consequences if the UK proceeds with its plans to drill for oil.

U.N. Chief Says Climate Crisis Is 'Fueling Political Instability'

Biden's DHS Simulated Scenarios for Climate Change Catastrophes Such as Nationwide Droughts, Wildfires, Great Power Disruption, and Water Crises

Earth's inner core has 'backtracked' and is rotating more slowly - experts warn it could change length of our days

5.0 magnitude earthquake hits near Nayoro, Japan

5.0 magnitude earthquake hits near Tofino, Canada

Sabancaya volcano in Peru erupts to 24,000ft

Ruiz volcano in Colombia erupts to 21,000ft

Popocateptl volcano in Mexico erupts to 19,000ft

Ibu volcano in Indonesia erupts to 17,000ft

Fuego volcano in Guatemala erupts to 15,000ft

Reventador volcano in Ecuador erupts to 15,000ft

Semeru volcano in Indonesia erupts to 15,000ft

Santa Maria volcano Guatemala erupts to 14,000ft

Karymsky volcano on Kamchatka, Russia erupts to 12,000ft

Lewotobi volcano in Indonesia erupts to 10,000ft

Beryl weakens to a tropical storm after hitting Mexico but could become a hurricane again as it heads to Texas

Hurricane Watches issued for Texas coastline ahead of Beryl's impacts

60 lives lost, hundreds of thousands displaced as widespread floods hit northeast India

Manawa Dam in Wisconsin appears to be 'intact' after flash flooding raised concerns about the structure, authorities say

Hottest day ever recorded in Raleigh brought temperatures of 106 degrees

A 'potentially historic' heat wave intensifies along the West Coast, as dangerous wildfires spread

Records tumble as dangerous heat wave scorches the US West and beyond, with the worst yet to come

Record-Breaking Heat to Test Electric Grids in US West

North Dakota: Rail Cars Carrying Hazardous Materials Derail, Catch Fire in US

Explosion at Defense Weapons Facility in Arkansas Leaves One Dead

Creeps: AI Giants Are Training Systems on Pictures of Children Without Consent

Google News Ranks AI-Generated Spam as Top Results Above Actual Stories

This is likely the biggest password leak ever: nearly 10 billion credentials exposed - The 'RockYou2024' leak could give hackers a huge upper hand.

Vatican Excommunicates Pope Francis's Harshest Critic for 'Schism'

Mexican woman believed to be a witch with cartel ties

Masked radicals carry torches, burn US flag, scream for 'revolution' in downtown Manhattan on Independence Day

Philadelphia agitators protest America, Israel, burn flags outside City Hall on July 4

New York City Giving Taxpayer-Funded Debit Cards to Over 7,000 Migrants

Boston ICE unit arrests illegal immigrant wanted for child rape in Ecuador after his release into US by Biden's Border Patrol

Tennessee judge blocks release of trans school shooter Audrey Hale's manifesto, writings - cites copyright claims of victims' families

Reports: Man Attacked Trans Victim with Sword as They Awaited Furry Convention, Screamed 'Allah Does Not Approve'

Man charged in killing, dismemberment of trans teen he met on gay dating app Grindr in Pennsylvania: report

Biden Admin Tells ER Doctors They Must Perform Emergency Abortions After SCOTUS Ruling

Tempers flare as Trump reviews revised abortion plank for Republican platform

Kansas Supreme Court strikes down state law banning second-trimester abortion procedure

Abortion question one step closer to Arkansas' November ballot

NYC tosses requirement to treat babies aborted at 24 weeks as 'human remains' for burial, cremation

Las Vegas Woman Accused of Murder After Her Toddler Dies from Fentanyl Poisoning

In Colorado, plague case confirmed in human, health officials say: 'Must be treated promptly'

UK COVID Spike: Hospitals Resume Mask-Mandate As FLiRT Vairant Causes Rise In Cases

Tracking Bible Prophecy Headlines - 7/5/2024

Rocket alarms blare across northern Israel for almost a full hour as Hezbollah claims retaliation for top officer's death

IDF Officer Killed by Barrage From Lebanon; IDF Says Over 200 Rockets, 20 Drones Target Israel

IDF: Some 100 gunmen killed, over 100 terror sites destroyed during Shejaiya op

Netanyahu says there will be blood on heads of those who harm Israel - "In the midst of the difficult campaign against Lebanon, we established a principle - whoever harms us will have blood on his head," Netanyahu wrote on the social media platform, X

IAF strikes kill Hamas terrorists hiding in UNRWA school

Israel Sends Mossad Chief to Qatar for Hostage Talks

Mossad head said to travel to Doha to meet Qatari PM without negotiating team

As hostage-truce talks advance, Hezbollah chief huddles with Hamas delegation - Ben Gvir reportedly threatens to bolt coalition after PM sends delegation to Doha

Senior Official: US Sees 'Breakthrough' in Israel-Hamas Talks

A framework is in place on hostage, ceasefire deal after Biden-Netanyahu call, senior administration official says

Ex-aides criticize Biden's Israel war policy, saying he prioritizes politics over fairness - The former employees released a joint statement that said Biden's handling of the war in Gaza is a failure and a threat to national security

'The sword is coming': Biblical IDF email warned of Hamas plans days before Oct.7

In Rare Move, U.N. Opens Investigation Into Anti-Israel Official

Leader of Iranian Jews says there is no antisemitism in Iran

Germany counters antisemitism in new citizenship law requiring the recognition of Israel's right to exist

Disgraceful America-hating anti-Israel protesters burn US flag on July 4th in NYC

Greek police arrest 7 over attacks in May on Israeli hotel and synagogue

Man killed, 2 seriously wounded in Nazareth as Arab crime wave continues to grow

The IED threat: Terrorism in the West Bank is fast becoming more sophisticated, deadly

Israel recognizes 3 illegal West Bank outposts, advances construction of 5,295 homes

Polls open in Iran's presidential run-off election, amid widespread voter apathy

Philippine military chief warns his forces will fight back if assaulted again in disputed sea

China and Russia highlight 'tectonic shifts in global politics'

Ukrainian Forces Pull Back From Part of Strategic Eastern Town

The Battle for Chasov Yar: Russian Forces Take Control of Canal District, as Zelensky Blames Top General Syrsky for the String of Territorial Losses

Putin says he thinks Trump is sincere about ending Ukraine war

Zelensky Challenges Trump: 'Tell Us Today How To Finish The War'

Zelensky Brutally Shuts Down Tucker Carlson Interview Talk

Forever War: U.S. Pledges 'Significant' $2.2B Package of Air Defense Systems for Ukraine

Ex-Brazilian President Bolsonaro indicted for money laundering, criminal association, sources say

Violent attacks shock France ahead of crunch vote

Fears mount over election-linked violence in France after government spokesperson attacked on campaign trail

France to deploy 30,000 police after election runoff amid fears of violence

'Some French Jews Will Accept Far-right Antisemitism in Parliament Because They Believe Le Pen Will Protect Them'

UK's Labour on track for landslide victory; Starmer: It's clear people ready for change

British voters poised to oust conservatives from power after 14 years, turn to Labour Party

Leftist Labour Party Wins UK Election in Landslide, Exit Polls Show - Worst Result in Tory Party History - Nigel Farage's Reform Party Surges

Incoming UK PM Starmer, 'a man of moderation' who purged Corbyn, tackled antisemitism

Damon Lindelof calls on Biden to drop out of race, asks donors to withhold funding

Disney heiress, wealthy Democratic donors say they won't finance the party until Biden drops out

Heritage Foundation Plans to 'Make It Difficult' to Replace Biden

Dems not pushing Kamala Harris to replace Biden stoking 'more chaos': MSNBC analyst

Dem Rep. Goldman on 25th Amendment Calls: Don't 'Just Focus on Joe Biden' 'Focus on the People Around Him'

The Conspiracy of Silence to Protect Joe Biden The president's mental decline was like a dark family secret for many elite supporters.

AP slammed for saying 81-year-old Biden is 'often sharp' but also 'confused and forgetful'

Biden set to record make-or-break TV interview as he defies calls to exit the race

'I Screwed Up': Biden Makes Candid Admission After Debate

Biden Tells Governors 'My Health Is Fine, "It's Just My Brain"'; But Says He Needs to Get More Sleep, Work Fewer Hours and Not Do Events After 8 P.M.: Report

White House Caught in Lie After Dementia Joe Biden Lets Slip He Had Medical Checkup After Debate; KJP Said Doctors Had Not Examined Biden

Joe Biden Goes Rogue at 4th of July BBQ, Grabs the Mic and Starts Rambling About Traffic Congestion and 'Losing All the Votes'

Biden Tells Black-Owned Philly Radio Station That He's "Proud" to Be "The First Black Woman to Serve with a Black President"

California delegate says black women will 'blow up' party if Dems choose a 'white man over Kamala Harris'

Former CBS Anchor Files $5M Lawsuit Against Network Over Woke DEI Hiring Policies

Undercover Video Exposes Illegal Aliens Admitting to Being Registered to Vote in North Carolina

Rob Reiner: If Trump Wins, This Will Be Our Last Real Independence Day

'AI for Mayor': Wyoming man speaks out after intel firm throws roadblock in bot's landmark campaign

Happy Fourth from Big Tech: Google's Gemini AI Chatbot Spews Anti-American Garbage on America's Birthday

Leo Hohmann: Globalist Front Man Klaus Schwab Tells Elitist Followers They Must 'Force' Humanity into a World Ruled by AI and Other Dehumanizing Technologies

Arkansas files lawsuit alleging Chinese e-commerce app Temu is illegally gathering personal data - "Though it is known as an e-commerce platform, Temu is functionally malware and spyware," Attorney General Tim Griffin said in a statement

Multiple people injured in explosion at US weapons plant

5.7 magnitude earthquake hits near Tofino, Canada

5.1 magnitude earthquake hits near Pangai, Tonga

5.0 magnitude earthquake hits southeast of the Loyalty Islands

Sabancaya volcano in Peru erupts to 28,000ft

Popocateptl volcano in Mexico erupts to 21,000ft

Ruiz volcano in Colombia erupts to 20,000ft

Fuego volcano in Guatemala erupts to 17,000ft

Reventador volcano in Ecuador erupts to 15,000ft

Semeru volcano in Indonesia erupts to 15,000ft

Mt Etna volcano in Italy erupts to 15,000ft

Santa Maria volcano in Guatemala erupts to 14,000ft

Ibu volcano in Indonesia erupts to 14,000ft

Marapi volcano in Indonesia erupts to 13,000ft

Karymsky volcano on Kamchatka, Russia erupts to 12,000ft

Ebeko volcano in the Kuril Islands erupts to 10,000ft

Lewotobi volcano in Indonesia erupts to 10,000ft

Red alert at Stromboli volcano after increased activity, large pyroclastic flows, Italy

Korean Air to cut inflight service time because of increase in turbulence incidents

Hurricane Beryl strengthens back into a Category 3 storm as it nears Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula

7 million in Texas included in Hurricane Beryl's forecast cone as deadly storm charges across Caribbean

Thousands Evacuated, Crops Threatened as Summer Floods Submerge East China

Heavy rainfall causes 5 deaths and widespread damage in Nagaland, India

'Extremely dangerous,' record-breaking heat wave takes hold across much of U.S.

Nearly 30,000 evacuated from California wildfires

Four injured in Fourth of July shark attacks in Texas, Florida

Washington Moves Trans Woman Back To Men's Prison In Unprecedented Act

Women's rights group protests California law that requires housing male rapist in women's prison

Iranian-born Norwegian man found guilty of terror attack at Oslo LGBTQ festival

Slovak culture minister blames sexual minorities for Europe's low fertility

Israel's West Nile fever cases spike 75% in two days

Tracking Bible Prophecy Headlines - 7/4/2024

Israel Kills a Top Hezbollah Commander in Lebanon

At least 100 rockets fired from Lebanon at northern Israel after IDF kills Hezbollah commander

Hunt for Sinwar: Elusive Hamas leader stays one step ahead of Israel, holds contact to outside world - report

$4 Billion Lawsuit: Iran, Syria, NKorea Backed Hamas Attack

Hamas faces growing public dissent as Gaza war erodes support

2 IDF officers killed in northern Gaza, as dozens of terror targets razed in Shejaiya

IDF Chief: Over 900 Hamas Terrorists Killed in Rafah

About 90% of people in Gaza displaced since war began, says UN agency

Activists use ersatz settlement to show they're 'willing and ready' to resettle Gaza

Netanyahu: Hamas Continues to Insist on 'Unacceptable' Clause in Hostage Deal

PM's office: Hamas demanding 'unacceptable' hostage deal clause barring IDF from resuming fighting

Me Too Fail: Roger Waters Does NOT Believe All Women-Denies Proof of Hamas Use of Sexual Violence Against Jewish Women

Anti-Israel protesters take over roof of Australia's parliament, unfurl banners

Neo-Nazism and antisemitism: Fascist youth embroils Italian PM

UW-Milwaukee chancellor to quit; he was panned for handling of anti-Israel protests

Israel announces largest appropriation of state land in West Bank since Oslo Accords

Israel turbocharges West Bank settlement expansion with largest land grab in decades

Israel Advances Over 6,000 Housing Units in West Bank Settlements

Halevi slams settler attack on troops demolishing illegal outpost; government silent

Off-duty troop killed, another wounded in terror stabbing by Arab citizen at Karmiel mall

US Military Says It Destroyed 2 Houthi Radar Sites in Yemen

Netanyahu stresses 'joint stand against Iran' in meet with US lawmakers

White House: Biden's threat to Netanyahu over Iran strike proof of fitness

Opposition party head appears to urge nuclear action to stop Iran's atomic program

Iran's Presidential Hopefuls Talk Nuclear Deal, Economic Sanctions Ahead of Friday Runoff

Ayatollah Khamenei Admits Low Turnout in Iran's Sham Presidential Election

Egypt swears in new Cabinet as mounting economic challenges fuel public discontent

Taiwan says it was warned by China to not interfere in the detention of Taiwanese boat crew

Russian Child: I stayed at a North Korean summer camp. We polished statues and played a game where we destroyed the White House.

Putin and Xi to meet at SCO summit to bolster security and counter the US

Putin, Xi meet to bolster alliance against West ahead of NATO summit - India, Turkey look to balance ties between major opposing powers

Beijing and Moscow Go From 'No Limits' Friendship to Frenemies in Russia's Backyard

China Is Making and Testing Lethal Attack Drones for Russia

Putin is operationalizing anti-submarine warfare doctrine against the US homeland, Pentagon must pay attention

Details have emerged of an astonishing alleged "peace plan" orchestrated by Vladimir Putin to end the war in Ukraine. The Russian dictator is prepared to share sovereignty of Crimea with his long-term enemy in order to bring the curtains down on more than two years of bloodshed, according to reports

Ukraine not ready to compromise with Russia, says Zelenskiy aide

Tucker Carlson to Interview Zelenskyy After He Previously Avoided the Former Fox News Host - 'Trying for Two Years'

Biden opposes 'Nato-isation' of Ukraine in major blow to Zelensky

Ukraine too corrupt to join NATO, US says, in major blow to Zelensky

NATO To 'Trump-Proof' Ukraine Aid After Biden's Weak Debate Performance With $40B Annual Financial Pledge And New Post In Kyiv

Ukraine May Default on Massive Debt as Early as August

Nigel Farage's Appeal on Eve of Voting: Strike Now to Break Up 'Rotten Two Party System'

UK election: Tories set to suffer total annihilation, final mega polls predict

Le Pen Faces Uphill Struggle to Get Majority in French Election

Where's Macron? French president disappears amid election crisis - Facing a snap election wipeout, Emmanuel Macron's allies have told him to shut up.

Rep. Tenney: Obama Really Running Govt

CNN Report: Biden Privately Admits Campaign in Crisis

Rep. Chip Roy calls for House to impeach VP Kamala Harris for 'lying' about Biden's mental capacity

Former New York Times editor accuses White House of 'massive cover-up' on Biden's decline

On private call, Democrats weigh 'comatose or dead' Biden and alternatives

Seven Biden Staffers Leak Support for Kamala Harris to Replace Joe Biden

Democrat Governors Say They Support Joe Biden Staying in Race After Meeting With Him at the White House

"The Dam Has Broken" - 25 Congressional Democrats Preparing to Call on Joe Biden to End Presidential Campaign Following Catastrophic Debate: Report

Top Democrats who pushed 25th Amendment during Trump years silent on triggering it for Biden

House Dems look to oust Biden - leaving Kamala to inherit $240 million in donations and the presidential campaign

Dem donors threaten to pull funding from Biden campaign if he doesn't step aside

Uncharted territory: Could campaign finances keep Biden on the ballot? An FEC commissioner said there are 'too many hurdles' to replacing Biden as the nominee

Clyburn's discussion of a 'mini-primary' fuels more talk of whether Biden should end his campaign

Biden 'will be out of the race within a couple of weeks' if polling, performance issues persist: Doug Schoen

Top Democratic Donor Says Biden Has Five Days to Make a Decision

Biden Tells Allies He Knows He Has Only Days to Salvage Candidacy

James Carville Advises Democratic Donors to Freeze Contributions to Candidates Backing Biden: 'If We Don't Do Something About This...'

NYT report says Biden is considering bowing out of race, White House claims story is false

Joe Biden vows to stay in race, tells staffers 'no one is pushing me out'

White House adamant Biden 'is not dropping out'

White House insists Biden will 'absolutely not' suspend re-election campaign: 'He is staying in the race' - Biden is facing mounting pressure from Democrats to step aside after last week's debate performance

Top Biden Campaign Spox Runs to CNN to Put Out Fires Amid Latest Rumor Biden Told Allies He "May Not Be Able to Salvage His Candidacy"

White House denies Biden has 'any form of dementia' at tense press conference

Trump campaign rips Biden after former president's mental acuity called into question

WH reporters admit being 'turned off' from exposing Biden's mental decline because of 'right-wing media' hype - One reporter told CNN they didn't want to give 'credence' to bad faith claims that Biden was 'senile'

White House says Biden 'sharp as ever,' but Kamala is 'future of the party'

"President Kamala Harris" - Karine Jean-Pierre Says the Quiet Part Out Loud As WH Reporters Repeatedly Question Biden's Mental State

Deleted Biden X post featuring glaring gaffe goes viral: 'Not the best timing' - President Biden's mental acuity has been in the spotlight after his poor debate performance

'That's Inappropriate!' White House Press Briefing on Biden's Health Derailed by Reporter Yelling Out 'Is He Awake?'

Fauci defends Biden debate disaster, suggests he had reaction to cold medicatio - WH confirmed he wasn't on cold medication

Dem HI Gov. Green on Biden Not Going to Doctor Since Feb.: He's Busy, No One Likes Going

Kristol: After Debate Performance 'It's Crazy' Biden Has Not Seen a Doctor

Brian Kennedy on the 2024 Chinese Threat - "There's 100% Chance That There's Going to Be an Attempt to Steal the Election"

Lawsuits over Mail-In Ballot Laws Abound in Battleground States That Matter in November Election

Missouri AG Bailey sues New York State over election interference and political persecution of Donald Trump

Project 2025 Leader Promises 'Second American Revolution'

BBC Host Calls for Biden to 'Have Trump Murdered' After SCOTUS Presidential Immunity Decision

Elizabeth Warren demands Congress expand Supreme Court after immunity ruling

5.3 magnitude earthquake hits near San Pedro de Atacama, Chile

5.3 magnitude earthquake hits near Loreto, Mexico

5.2 magnitude earthquake hits south of the Kermadec Islands

5.2 magnitude earthquake hits the Revilla Gigedo Islands region

5.1 magnitude earthquake hits near Katsuura, Japan

5.0 magnitude earthquake hits south of the Fiji Islands

Sabancaya volcano in Peru erupts to 24,000ft

Ruiz volcano in Colombia erupts to 20,000ft

Fuego volcano in Guatemala erupts to 15,000ft

Semeru volcano in Indonesia erupts to 15,000ft

Ibu volcano in Indonesia erupts to 14,000ft

Lewotobi volcano in Indonesia erupts to 10,000ft

Unprecedented Category 5 Hurricane Beryl Stuns Scientists

Carriacou Island flattened in 30 minutes as Category 4 Hurricane 'Beryl' makes direct hit, Grenada

'The situation is grim': Death toll rises after Beryl pummels Windward Islands

Hurricane Beryl Death Toll Rises as Storm Moves Through the Caribbean and Causes 'Unimaginable' Damage

Hurricane Beryl leaves "Armageddon-like" destruction in Grenada, "field of devastation" on Union Island, Caribbean leaders say

Beryl's 'Armageddon-like' impact: Few buildings stand, power grid destroyed in Caribbean

Some Caribbean islands see almost 'total destruction' after Hurricane Beryl

Dangerous Hurricane Beryl to make landfall in Mexico before eyeing southern Texas

Cat 4 Hurricane Beryl Heads Towards Texas, Threatening Major Oil Refineries

Intense hailstorms wreak havoc across Croatia, Slovenia and Montenegro

Las Vegas poised to break its all-time record high temperature amid heat wave

Wildfire prompts evacuation order for thousands in Northern California as 'exceptionally dangerous' heat builds in the West

Extreme heat, elevated fire risk prompt power shutoffs in Northern California

'They eat everything': New type of invasive ant spreading in France

To save spotted owls, US officials plan to kill hundreds of thousands of another owl species

Green Farce: Google's Greenhouse Gas Emissions Surge 50% Despite Carbon Neutral Pledge Due to Pursuit of AI

Supreme Court ruling could jeopardize California's environmental rules

Joe Biden Threatens to Send Out Attorneys General to Go After Grocers in Plan to Combat His Food Inflation Crisis

House GOP Ad: VP Harris 'Biden's Enabler in Chief, Architect of Border Crisis'

FBI and DHS Issue Warning Over Attackers Targeting Fourth of July Events

France loses a religious building every two weeks - Arson, demolition are among reasons for lost churches

LDS Church agrees to pay $250M into fund for those saying they were abused as Boy Scouts

Haitian Immigrant Who's Charged with Raping a Child at Shelter Released on $500 Bail Despite ICE Pleas

Diddy sued by former porn star for alleged sex trafficking through 'calculated grooming scheme': lawsuit

Sean 'Diddy' Combs accused of forcing ex-porn star to have sex with guests at his Hamptons parties in latest lawsuit

Kanye West Sued by Employees over Alleged Racist Workplace, Wife Bianca Censori Making Porn Accessible to Minors

"The Unspoken Thing" - Disney Marketing Director Reveals Plans to Expose Children to More LGBTQ Content

Judge points to Supreme Court's Chevron overruling in decision to unravel transgender healthcare regulations

Biden admin now claims to oppose sex change surgeries for children despite suing Tennessee over ban on procedures

Abortion measures could be on Arizona and Nebraska ballots after organizers submit signatures

Netflix's 'The Man with 1000 Kids' is about a prolific Danish sperm donor. Mothers who say he tricked them 'just want him to stop.'

Ambrosia: the startup harvesting the blood of the young

Diamond Shruumz microdosing candies may be linked to a death and nearly 50 illnesses, FDA says

Experts are racing to contain 'the most dangerous' monkeypox virus yet before it causes a global outbreak

Mpox patient had 75 sexual partners in 21 days before developing symptoms, study finds

Dairy Worker Fourth to Test Positive for Bird Flu

Tracking Bible Prophecy Headlines - 7/3/2024

Iran vows to back Hezbollah in fight with Israel as IRGC general renews threat of imminent missile strike - Iran warns war could expand to all Arab nations if Israel launches Lebanon operation

Iranian general says itching to carry out another direct missile attack on Israel

Lebanon Foreign Minister Sends Message to Israel: We Want Peace

Diplomacy needed to avert Israeli-Lebanon war, Macron tells Netanyahu

Hezbollah drones, rockets intercepted; IDF operating in Nablus area amid shooting attack

Hezbollah's No. 2 says it will halt its attacks if Gaza ceasefire reached

Report says IDF brass backing truce even if it leaves Hamas in power; PM: Won't happen

Netanyahu Pushes Back on NYT: We Will Fight Until Hamas Is Destroyed

Senior Gaza doctor alleges 'severe torture' following release from Israeli detention as politicians clash over decision

Israel Pledges to Establish System to Transfer Sick Gazans for Medical Treatment Abroad via Egypt

New Gaza famine report reveals grim March predictions were vastly exaggerated

Knesset committee discusses trio of bills aimed at shutting down UNRWA

Israel's new judge in ICJ case is a law professor who blasted UN court as manipulative

CNN Accused of Working with Hamas-linked Stringer in Gaza

Second Palestinian journalist for non-profit Washington State outlet found to have ties to terror

Holocaust museums across US condemn Seattle police for not investigating 'genocide in Gaza' vandalism at Holocaust Center for Humanity as hate crime

IDF drone hits cell planting roadside bomb in West Bank, killing 4 terror operatives

As Iran faces a rare runoff presidential election, disenchanted voters are staying away

'It's irrelevant': Iran's record low election turnout shows little faith in process

Taliban Seeks 'Positive Engagement,' Praises Biden Admin at U.N. Meeting

Biden's ex-press secretary Jen Psaki to sit down with House GOP panel probing chaotic Afghanistan withdrawal

Coup attempt thwarted in Ukraine, Security Service says, as Hungary's Orbán arrives in Kyiv for talks

Deepfake video targeting Zelensky's wife linked to Russian disinformation campaign, CNN analysis shows

Welcome to Skynet: Ukraine Emerges as Hotbed of Development for Killer AI Drones

U.S. to announce $2.3 billion in military assistance for Ukraine

House Dems demand US armed forces teach more Ukrainian pilots how to fly F-16s

Russia fires warning to Israel over Patriot missiles for Ukraine

Russian Submarines Spotted on NATO's Doorstep Spark Woes

War fears explode as 'China commandeers Taiwanese ship' sparking crisis

Satellite Images Show Expansion of Suspected Chinese Spy Bases in Cuba

Hong Kong Liquidation Suits Spell More Trouble for Chinese Real Estate Industry

The world is sitting on a $91 trillion problem. 'Hard choices' are coming

Commentary: The Federal Government Loses More Money than Could Ever Be Accounted For

Congressman Andy Biggs announces he is pushing for a new criminal referral for Hunter Biden

Supreme Court orders review of law behind Hunter Biden's gun conviction

Convicted Felon Hunter Biden Sits in on West Wing Meetings with President

Hunter Biden Has Reportedly Joined Meetings With Joe Biden and Top Aides At the White House Following Debate Debacle

MAGA Rages Over Report Hunter Biden Attends White House Meetings: 'Insane'

Biden blames world travel jetlag for debate performance: 'Nearly fell asleep on stage'

Biden Blames Debate Performance on Foreign Travel Despite Returning 12 Days Beforehand

Dem Rep. Connolly: Biden's Debate 'Looked Much Worse than a Bad Night', I Want Reassurance He Can Be President

Bernstein: Sources Say '15 Occasions' in Last Year and a Half that Biden Appeared as He Did at Debate

"I Think It's a Legitimate Question to Say, Is This An Episode, Or Is This a Condition?" - Pelosi Questions Biden's Mental State

White House says Biden does not have Alzheimer's and claims cognitive test 'not warranted'

Dem House Candidate: Biden Should Drop Out, His Inner Circle Is 'Gaslighting'

At Least Four Democratic Lawmakers - Including One Congressman - Privately Call on Biden to Drop Out of Race After Disastrous Debate

Democratic governors seek meeting with White House after Biden's poor debate performance

Biden plans to meet with Democratic governors and look to shore up support after shaky debate

Report: Obama Has Expressed Concern About Biden Privately

Report: Donors Ask About Refund If Biden Doesn't Run

Joe Biden tries to make truthfulness an election issue, while telling some whoppers of his own

'Orange Is the New Black' Star Lea DeLaria Begs Biden to Assassinate Trump: 'Blow Him Up'

Dem Rep. Zoe Lofgren Says Trump Immunity Decision Means Biden Could Assassinate Conservative Justices

Justice Thomas Questions Legality of Jack Smith's Appointment in Potential Roadmap for Judge Cannon

Justice Dept. plans to pursue Trump cases past Election Day, even if he wins

Trump 'Hush Money' Sentencing Delayed After SCOTUS Presidential Immunity Ruling

Supreme Court immunity ruling could delay or undermine prosecution of Trump's other cases

Judge Merchan Delays Trump's Sentencing Until September Following SCOTUS Presidential Immunity Ruling

Dean: Election Is 'Matter of Restoring Democracy' - 'We No Longer Have a Functioning Court'

Rudy Giuliani Disbarred in New York For Challenging 2020 Election

Leftist college kid turns in J6er dad then raises $200,000 on GoFundMe while father serves prison term

Venezuela's Nicolas Maduro Accuses TikTok of Censoring His Socialist Propaganda

Leftists Vs. Leftists: Publisher of Mother Jones Sues Microsoft and OpenAI for Copyright Infringement

AI Garbage Pollutes Internet: 42% of Overall Web Traffic Now Generated by Bots

Morgan Freeman Slams 'Scam' TikTok Videos Using AI Imitation of His Voice

Butch Wilmore and Suni Williams Have Been in Space for Three Weeks Due to Problems With Boeing Starliner, but NASA Insists They Are NOT Stranded

5.0 magnitude earthquake hits the North Pacific Ocean

5.0 magnitude earthquake hits near Santa Monica, Philippines

Sabancaya volcano in Peru erupts to 25,000ft

Ruiz volcano in Colombia erupts to 20,000ft

Fuego volcano in Guatemala erupts to 15,000ft

Semeru volcano in Indonesia erupts to 15,000ft

Ibu volcano in Indonesia erupts to 14,000ft

Sakurajima volcano on Japan erupts to 10,000ft

Category 5 Hurricane Beryl rewrites the record books - A harbinger of what could be an overactive Atlantic season

Hurricane Beryl charges toward Jamaica as record-breaking Category 5 after leaving Caribbean islands in ruins

Six people killed in Hurricane Beryl as storm heads toward Jamaica

China's Pingjiang hit by worst floods in 70 years

Severe floods and landslides ravage northeastern India

Bridge next to Rapidan Dam at risk of failure a week after major flooding

Death Valley could break the world heat record amid California heat wave

Biden Says the Quiet Part Out Loud, Claims He's Investing Billions to "Expand Energy Shortages"

Stampede at religious event in India kills at least 116 people, mostly women and children

After Protests Turn Violent, Kenyan Churches Stand with Gen Z

Pope Francis to Canonize 11 Christians Slaughtered by Islamists

Pakistan Sentences Christian to Death for 'Blasphemous' TikTok Post

Las Vegas Police Host Mass Shooting Preparedness Training for Churches

White House Signs Deal with Panama to Crack Down On Major Illegal Immigration Route to U.S.

'National Security Concern': Chuck Grassley Sounds Alarm on Biden's Unvetted Afghans Living Across U.S.

Haitian immigrant accused of rape released on home confinement instead of ICE after making $500 bail

Lesbian couple brutally beaten in Nova Scotia by mob of 'Middle Eastern' men - "I didn't expect something like this to happen, especially with it happening during pride month," MacLean said

Damning Report Reveals RFK Jr.'s History of Alleged Sexual Assault

Former MLB player Craig Monroe faces sexual abuse accusations, removed from Tigers broadcasts

Sheriff: Texas Man Faked Being CPS Worker to Gain Access to Children

Report: 'Openly Genderfluid' Ex-Biden Official Sam Brinton to Undergo Mental Health Treatment to Resolve Theft Charges

Runner Nikki Hiltz, Who Identifies as 'Transgender Non-Binary,' Qualifies for U.S. Olympic Team

Major Pediatric Medical Organization Plotted Ways to 'Circumvent' Child Sex Change Bans, Emails Show

Top leader of RNC Platform Committee entertained idea of imprisoning women who get abortions, opposes exceptions

4 pro-life protesters found guilty of FACE Act violations in Tennessee

Husband and wife die together by assisted suicide in the Netherlands as son looks on

Bird flu concern prompts US to award Moderna $176 million for vaccine development

Tracking Bible Prophecy Headlines - 7/2/2024

Blinken: Israel has effectively 'lost sovereignty' in the north because people don't feel safe to go to their homes

Blinken says war may erupt in Lebanon despite none of the sides wanting one

Hezbollah member killed as IDF strikes in Lebanon after latest rocket fire at north

Iran Ups Hezbollah Weapons Shipments as US, Europe Try to Prevent Lebanon War

McCaul: Biden Admin 'Effectively Withholding Seven Weapon Systems' From Israel

Lawsuit Accuses Iran, Syria and North Korea of Providing Support for Hamas' Oct. 7 Attack on Israel

Hamas manages to fire 20 rockets from Khan Yunis for first time in months

Israel Tells Palestinians to Leave Khan Younis as Hamas Regroups - IDF jets struck city on Monday after rocket fire toward Israel

Israel Frees Gaza Hospital Chief Held Without Charges for 7 Months

Ministers trade blame with Shin Bet after Shifa Hospital director is released to Gaza

PM says 'grave mistake' to free Gaza hospital head; panel to oversee future releases

IDF: Uncovered Tunnel Used to Make Rockets

Israel to reportedly try creating Hamas-free 'bubble' zones in northern Gaza

Israel Almost Done Eliminating Hamas Military Capabilities, Netanyahu Says

Netanyahu privately showing openness to PA involvement in post-war Gaza - officials

Probe said opened against protest leader who called for 'wiping out the memory of Netanyahu'

Mother of rescued hostage Noa Argamani, Liora, passes away from cancer

Pro-Hamas Protesters Show Up at Jewish Illinois Officials' Homes, Declare 'No Sleep for War Criminals'

Masked Activists Violently Attack Jews at North Carolina Public Library

3 people attacked during 'Palestinian resistance' event at North Carolina 'anarchist book fair,' 1 suspect arrested

Despite Fears of Antisemitism, LGBTQ Jews Find Solidarity at NYC Pride March Amid Tensions Over Gaza War

Poll: Over 1 in 10 US Jews feel mistreated, 60% uncomfortable being openly Jewish

Macron's implicit endorsement of 'antisemitic,' 'pro-Hamas' far left shocks French Jews

Paris Grand Synagogue Rabbi: 'There is no future for Jews in France'

Judge Rejects Biden Admin Bid To Dismiss Lawsuit Over 'Illegal and Dangerous' $1.5 Billion Palestinian Payment Plan

Extremist Ultra-Orthodox Rioters Attack Police in Draft Protest

UK slams legalization of 5 West Bank outposts, urges reversal of sanctions against PA

Stop the tit-for-tat: Settlements cannot be used as a punishment for terrorism - editorial

Soldier killed, another seriously hurt by roadside bomb in West Bank's Nur Shams

Palestinian Authority Terrorists in Tulkarem Intensify Warfare Against IDF

Four dead as armed protesters, Turkish forces clash in north Syria: monitor

Turkey arrests 67 after mob attacks Syrian properties

Turkey: Syrian businesses set ablaze after reports child was sexually abused

Turkey's president accuses opposition of stoking racism after anti-Syrian rioting erupts

No Afghan women allowed to attend UN-led meetings with Taliban: 'Caving to terrorist demands'

Car rams into crowd in South Korean capital, killing nine

NKorea Says It Tested Ballistic Missile With 'Super Large Warhead'

How ready is China's military? Dramatic downfall of two defense ministers raises questions

Kremlin says report that Ukraine is reinforcing Belarus border is a worry

Conservative Champion Viktor Orban Takes Over European Union Presidency - Hungarian PM Vows to 'Make Europe Great Again'

New evidence shows Hunter Biden leveraged father's policy position for business with wealthy Greeks

Hunter Biden Sues Fox News Over 'Mock Trial' Miniseries

Sources close to Biden report 'marked incidence of cognitive decline' in last 6 months: Bernstein

'It Makes Me Angry': MSNBC's Mika Brzezinski Blames Biden's Catastrophic Debate on His Demanding Schedule

Mika Brzezinski: Biden Does Not Need to Go - Just Needs Better Staff 'Managing Him'

Jen Psaki defends prep team after family reportedly blames staff for debate performance: 'Biden was bad'

Tucker Carlson: "Obama Is Telling People Biden Can't Win and He's in Favor of Open Convention"

Report: Senior Democrats Are Working On How to Give Joe Biden a 'Dignified' Exit

Longtime Biden Senate colleague calls for 'new candidate' after Biden debate performance: 'Disaster' - Tom Harkin served in the Senate with Biden from 1985-2009

Ron Klain says 'big-money donors' can't force Biden out of race

Report: Harris Allies Seethe as 'White' Democrats Dominate Biden Replacement Talk

Wayne Root: The Important Question Isn't "Who is Replacing Biden?" The Life & Death Question We Should All Be Asking Is, "Who Is Running Our Country?"

Report: Democrats Wonder if Biden's 'Dazed' Debate Performance Will Cost Them the Senate and House

'The President is now a king': US Supreme Court grants Trump near-total immunity

Supreme Court rules Trump does have presidential immunity for official acts

Supreme Court Sends Trump's Immunity Case Back to Lower Court

Speaker Mike Johnson: Court Ruling Victory for 'All Future Presidents'

Schumer Bashes 'MAGA SCOTUS' After Historic Trump Immunity Decision

Pelosi: 'Supreme Court Has Gone Rogue'

House Democrat to File Constitutional Amendment to Reverse Supreme Court Ruling on Presidential Immunity

AOC Promises to Impeach Justices Who Supported Trump's Immunity, Calls SCOTUS an 'Assault on American Democracy'

AOC calls for impeachment of SCOTUS justices over immunity ruling: "It is up to Congress to defend our nation from this authoritarian capture"

Napolitano: Sorry AOC, Supreme Court Immune from Impeachment

"A Private Citizen Cannot Criminally Prosecute Anyone, Let Alone a Former President" - Clarence Thomas Questions Jack Smith's Authority in Blistering Opinion on Immunity Ruling

Justice Clarence Thomas calls legitimacy of Jack Smith's appointment as special counsel into question in immunity ruling concurrence

Trump moves to reverse verdict in New York case after historic Supreme Court ruling

"End of Quote" - Joe Biden Reads Teleprompter Instructions During 4-Minute Rant on SCOTUS Immunity Ruling, Shuffles Away without Answering Questions

Biden warns Trump can do 'whatever he pleases' if elected as Republicans relish Supreme Court immunity ruling

Biden reacts to SCOTUS immunity ruling, uses address to nation to campaign against Trump with J6 rhetoric

Justices claim immunity ruling allows presidents to poison staff, have Navy SEALs kill political rivals - Chief Justice John Roberts chided the liberal justices for 'fear mongering'

"Terrifying" - Mueller's Hatchet Man Andrew Weissmann Melts Down Over SCOTUS Immunity Ruling, Floats Absurd SEAL Team 6 Assassination Hypothetical

'Take Out Trump': Left-Wingers Fantasize About Biden Having 'Immunity' To Assassinate Trump, SCOTUS Justices

"Take All of Them Out" Zoomer Biden Superfan Tweets About Military Offing Trump and Supreme Court Justices Following Immunity Ruling - Trump Campaign Responds

'Expect a visit': Chilling words from Trump rep raise specter of political assassination

MSNBC's Wallace on SCOTUS Immunity Ruling: Trump Could Target Me, People Will Flee the Country

Democrats Warn: Immunity Decision Will Let Presidents Go After Political Opponents

Nader says Judge Merchan is 'last best hope' to save republic from Trump; urges jail time

Steve Bannon Reports to Prison to Begin Four-Month Sentence: 'I Am a Political Prisoner'

Trump says Biden will 'pay a very big price' for 'weaponization' of justice system as Bannon heads to prison

Who Is The Voter Participation Center? - How One Group Is Identifying All of the Addresses in Swing States Where Ballots Will Be Sent to Phantom Voters

Florida Man Arrested After Shooting Down Walmart Delivery Drone

Rocket test ends in fiery explosion after Chinese private-sector space company loses control of new 'Sky Dragon 3' rocket

5.3 magnitude earthquake hits near Bonin Islands, Japan region

5.0 magnitude earthquake hits near Kokopo, Papua New Guinea

5.0 magnitude earthquake hits the Banda Sea

Sabancaya volcano in Peru erupts to 30,000ft

Ruiz volcano in Colombia erupts to 20,000ft

Semeru volcano in Indonesia erupts to 15,000ft

Ibu volcano in Indonesia erupts to 14,000ft

Fuego volcano in Guatemala erupts to 14,000ft

Lewotobi volcano in Indonesia erupts to 10,000ft

Marapi volcano in Indonesia erupts to 10,000ft

Massive earth crack appears in Tamaulipas, Mexico

Avalanche strikes Gandhi Sarovar above Kedarnath Dham, India

Record-smashing Hurricane Beryl may be an 'ominous' sign of what's to come

Hurricane Beryl becomes earliest Category 5 storm on record hours after pummeling Windward Islands

Hurricane Beryl grows to an unprecedented 150 mph Cat 5 storm near Windward Islands

Hurricane Beryl Flattens Grenada's Carriacou Island

Repairs underway as Lake Livingston Dam goes under 'potential failure watch,' officials say

How a problem at Lake Livingston Dam could impact water for millions in Houston - More than half of Houston's water comes from the Trinity River

Breaching Snake River dams could drop reservoirs, groundwater levels by 100 feet

California braces for record-breaking heat wave with temperatures over 43C (110F)

40 people injured after Air Europa flight experiences heavy turbulence, diverted to Brazil: Airport

Solar company found to have 'reaped billions' from top Biden law leads to outcry: 'Appeasing the rich'

Walgreens to shutter over 2,000 US stores due to inflation

Biden Admin Flying Migrants Deported by Trump Back Into the US - Biden admin alarms immigration officials by reversing deportations of some Cameroonians

They were secret for 16 years. Now a judge has released the Epstein grand jury records

Almost 200 Pages of Epstein Grand Jury Documents Released - Transcript Shows Epstein Raped Teenage Girls as Young as 14 at His Palm Beach Mansion.

US Marshals recover 200 missing children across US during 'Operation We Will Find You 2'

NYC 'Pride' Parade Turns Disastrous as Severe Thunderstorms, Brawling, Anti-Israel Agitators Cause Chaos

Elon Musk fact-checks Kamala Harris after she falsely claims Trump would 'ban abortion nationwide'

Scientists Worry About Lack of Bird Flu Surveillance

Brazil is the only country in the world mandating Covid-19 vaccines for children aged 6 months to 5 years

Jury Rules in Favor of Freedom: Blue Cross BlueShield of Tennessee Ordered to Pay Almost $700,000 to Employee Fired for Refusing COVID Vaccine

17-Year-Old Chinese Badminton Star Dies Suddenly After Suffering Cardiac Arrest on Court

Tracking Bible Prophecy Headlines - 7/1/2024

Iraqi militias said threatening to escalate attacks on Israel if war erupts with Hezbollah

Israeli Tanks Advance into Areas in North and South Gaza, Fighting Rages

IDF says at least 40 Hamas operatives killed as it advances in Gaza's Shejaiya

18 troops hurt, one seriously, in Hezbollah drone strike in north

Ahead of move to new phase of war, Netanyahu holds situational assessment with top aides, IDF commanders

In largest Gaza barrage in months, over 15 rockets launched at border communities

IDF demolishes Hamas tunnel in Rafah next to UNRWA school; rocket launching site also destroyed

Gallant: IDF's Rafah campaign choking Hamas by blocking crossing, destroying tunnels

Netanyahu insists on victory over Hamas, US seeks hostage deal compromise

Ministers outraged by release of director of Shifa Hospital, where Hamas operated freely

Sudan on precipice of famine 'beyond imagination', says outgoing UN aid chief

Acts of God? Military Forced to Drag Away Biden's Gaza Pier for 3rd Time Amid Weather Concerns

Rishi Sunak 'proud' to be the first UK prime minister to deploy military to defend Israel

Sieg Heils, Mussolini Songs and 'Jewish Race' Rants: Antisemitism Scandal Shakes Italian PM Meloni's Party

More than 50 synagogues in Florida got bomb threats, Bryan Leib says its 'open season' on Jews

Crossbow terror attack at Israeli Embassy in Serbia

Haredi minister's car attacked as violence erupts at anti-draft protest in Jerusalem

President Isaac Herzog tries to quell civil unrest: 'Verbal abuse and accusations of treason can lead to murder'

Aliyah group head says French elections a 'step toward' mass Jewish immigration to Israel

Israel sparks international condemnation over plans to legalize five West Bank settlements

Turkish authorities refusing to allow El Al plane that made emergency landing in Antalya to refuel – TV report

US military destroys 3 Houthi naval drones in Red Sea that posed 'imminent threat'

UNESCO Finds Islamic State Group-era Bombs in Mosul Mosque Walls, Years after the Defeat of IS

At least 30 dead, more than 100 injured after multiple suicide bombings in Nigeria: Sources

7 Killed and Dozens Wounded after Missiles Slammed into a Town in Southern Ukraine, Officials Say

North Korea test-launches 2 ballistic missiles, after end of new US-South Korea-Japan drill

Chinese Rocket Crashes into Mountain After Accidental Launch

Security threat levels raised at US military bases in Europe over possible terrorist threat

Israelis Fear Iran, Terrorists Exploiting Biden Weakness

Nukes Pointed at a Dithering President: Russia, China, and North Korea - While Biden bumbles, Xi threatens, Putin invades, and Kim fires missiles, there are more nuclear weapons pointed at the United States today than at any time since the end of the Cold War

Biden's debate performance jolts Europe's anxiety over Trump

European official appears to liken Biden to failed Roman emperor after disastrous debate performance

Former defense secretary: Biden looking weak on world stage 'very, very serious'

Rep. D'Esposito: Debate Showed Biden Not Running Country

Doctors express concern about Biden's apparent cognitive issues during debate: 'Troubling indicators'

White House Aides Reportedly Confirm Biden Exhibits Classic Dementia Symptom

Could Hillary Clinton Replace Kamala Harris? It Could Be What Saves Biden, According to WaPo Columnist

White House denies rumors Biden is heading to Camp David to discuss dropping out of race with family

Biden's Family Tells Him to Keep Fighting as They Huddle at Camp David

Report: Hunter Biden 'One of the Strongest Voices' Urging Biden to Remain in Presidential Race

Biden's family privately criticizes top advisers and pushes for their ouster at Camp David meeting - They wanted the president to continue in the campaign rather than end his career with a calamitous debate performance against Trump

Democrat Rep. James Clyburn Blames Biden's Poor Debate Performance on "Preparation Overload"

CNN Blamed by Biden Family for Joe's Poor Debate Showing: Make-Up Made Biden Look 'Pale and Pallid'

President Joe Biden's Campaign Raises $27 Million After Debate Flop

Biden ally James Clyburn clashes with CNN host for not fact-checking Trump during the debate

Commentary: Media's Lies About Biden's 'Mental Fitness' Finally Caught Up to Them

Biden advocates in the liberal media turn on president and 'weep' following Trump debate: 'I've seen enough'

Leftists Eating Their Own: Furious Keith Olbermann Calls for CNN Be Literally Burned Down for Not Assisting Biden During Disastrous Debate Performance

Philadelphia Inquirer calls for Trump to drop out of race after Biden's poor debate performance

Nancy Pelosi Claims Trump, Not Biden, is the Candidate with Dementia Before Having a Senior Moment of Her Own

Bernie Sanders Admits Joe Biden is 'Not Terribly Articulate' But Will Still Support His Candidacy

Coons: Biden the 'Only Democrat Who Can Beat Donald Trump'

Top Democrats rule out replacing Biden despite calls for him to quit 2024 race

Biden campaign argues president dropping out would 'lead to weeks of chaos'

State laws, potential legal battles add to Dems' problem if they axe Joe Biden

Lara Trump: Democrats plugging in new candidate would violate democratic process

Steve Bannon says Trump will win in 'landslide,' McCabe, Comey, Milley, Barr will all be investigated

Newly Released Intel Transcripts Prove Hunter Biden Laptop Letter Was Election Interference for 'Political' Reasons

Slow-walk? Supreme Court Trump immunity ruling is finally here, likely too late for trial before election

Far right leads first round of France's parliamentary election in blow to Macron, projection shows

Macron Wipeout in Snap Election he Called, Le Pen Surges and Could Take Outright Majority

Protesters clash with riot police in Paris as Marine Le Pen's far-right National Rally leads France election

'I can't get paid.' Cyberattack affecting car dealerships brings chaos for sellers, buyers and workers

AI chatbot claims to be human on call with 14-year-old girl, urges her to upload photos of herself to shared cloud - "It is absolutely not ethical for an AI chatbot to lie to you and say it's human when it's not."

Will AI Be Used By Terrorists? The new rising threat of AI in conflict

DOJ readying criminal charges against Boeing for prior deadly 737 MAX crashes

Justice Department to Charge Boeing, Seeks Guilty Plea from Planemaker

5.2 magnitude earthquake hits the Maug Islands region, Northern Mariana Islands

5.2 magnitude earthquake hits near Singaparna, Indonesia

5.1 magnitude earthquake hits the Balleny Islands region

5.0 magnitude earthquake hits near Sarpol-e Zahab, Iran

5.0 magnitude earthquake hits near Saipan, Northern Mariana Islands

Earthquake swarm underneath Kilauea's upper East Rift Zone, Hawaii

Sabancaya volcano in Peru erupts to 23,000ft

Popocateptl volcano in Mexico erupts to 21,000ft

Ruiz volcano in Colombia erupts to 21,000ft

Fuego volcano in Guatemala erupts to 16,000ft

Reventador volcano in Ecuador erupts to 15,000ft

Semeru volcano in Indonesia erupts to 15,000ft

Ibu volcano in Indonesia erupts to 15,000ft

Lewotobi volcano in Indonesia eurpts to 10,000ft

Caribbean prepares as Hurricane Beryl becomes earliest category 4 on record

Category 4 Hurricane Beryl, bearing down on Barbados, has Jamaica in its path; Tropical Storm Chris forms near Mexico

Storm sets record for the farthest north a severe thunderstorm warning has ever been issued in US - Thunderstorms lit up the skies with lightning in Alaska on Thursday, causing warnings to be issued in an area that hadn't seen them before

Severe thunderstorms with large hail hit central Nebraska, causing extensive damage

Violent storms hit Switzerland, France and Italy, leaving at least 7 people dead

Mysterious monolith reportedly pops up on Colorado dairy farm - Days after a mysterious monolith found near Las Vegas was removed, another was discovered in northern Colorado

Over 5 million guns have been purchased in America during first 4 months of 2024: report

Mexican Cartels Armed With US Weaponry: Tank Busters

Cartel-Destined Weapons Cache Seized at Texas Border with Mexico

Biden shields up to 309,000 Haitian immigrants from deportation

DHS Offers 'Temporary' Amnesty to More than 300,000 Haitians in U.S.

43 illegal immigrants involved in El Paso border riot released into US by Biden's border patrol

House Judiciary Committee Subpoenas DHS Chief Mayorkas to Release Details on Accused Illegal Alien Criminals

79,000 DACA Recipients Were Approved Despite Arrest Records, Some Arrested 10x or More

Texas Man Sentenced to 60 Years for Killing 8 Migrants near Border

Florida: Previously Deported Illegal Alien Charged with Sexually Assaulting 14-Year-Old Girl

Sanctuary State Massachusetts: Migrant Freed from Jail on $500 Bail After Allegedly Raping Girl

Police: Georgia Parents Molested and Offered 2-Year-Old Daughter to Be Raped by Men

Evil: Within 3 Minutes of New Account, Instagram Serves Sex Content to 13-Year-Old Boys, What Happens at 20 Minutes Is Worse

Former World Economic Forum Staffers Accuse Founder Klaus Schwab of Sexual Harassment

Author JK Rowling Hits Back at Actor David Tennant and Brands Trans Activists with an Apt Nickname: 'Gender Taliban'

Far-left Palestine agitators shut down Toronto Pride, police announce parade cancelled

Anti-Israel marchers toss fake blood at human-rights float and block street, grinding NYC Pride parade to a halt

'Queer as in free Palestine': 10 arrested for blocking NYC Pride March

LGBTQ+ Pride Month culminates with parades in NYC, San Francisco and beyond

San Francisco cops say nudity at Pride is totally fine so long as it's not for 'sexual gratification'

Megan Rapinoe confronted at Seattle Pride over pushing for boys in girls' sports despite US women's soccer team losing to teen boys

Texas Supreme Court sides with Christian judge who refuses to officiate gay weddings

Biden Admin Says It Opposes Sex-Change Surgeries For Minors, But Evidence Paints A Different Picture

U.S. 'most dangerous place' to be pregnant: SCOTUS punts on emergency abortion

At least 100 Israelis infected with West Nile virus, most patients concentrated in central Israel

RFK Jr. Leaves Dr. Phil Stunned As He Explains Huge Kickbacks Fauci and NIH Have Earned From Moderna Vaccines

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