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June 2022 Headlines

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Tracking Bible Prophecy Headlines - 6/30/2022

Herzog met Abdullah this week in Amman, president's office reveals - In sign of warming ties ahead of Biden's visit to region, Israeli and Jordanian leaders discuss 'deep strategic issues,' bilateral relations

Israel delays travel restrictions on West Bank in apparent gesture to Joe Biden

Palestinian reported killed in clash with IDF soldiers in Jenin

Likud vows to stymie US visa bill since it eases barriers on Palestinian travelers

Pro-Palestine mapping website raises alarm in Jewish groups

Israel's government collapse - and fifth election in three years - offers a potential comeback for Netanyahu

Coalition infighting delays final dissolution of Knesset by another day

Knesset won't dissolve tonight as final bills still stuck in committee

MKs to try again Thurs. to disperse Knesset, set election date, as wrangling goes on

Bennett announces he will not run in next election: 'I will remain a loyal soldier'

Antisemitism largely eliminated from textbooks in Saudi Arabia - report

92 US lawmakers urge Biden administration to address domestic antisemitism

Ben & Jerry's Israel, parent company Unilever reach deal to end settlement boycott

Jordan: Israel-Arab military alliance against Iran not on table

IRGC commander: Israel incapable of defending itself

Egypt warns Iran not to target Israelis on its soil - report

Renewed Iran talks end without significant progress, says EU mediator

Detained American in Iran implores Biden to take action despite stalled talks

Gantz says Iran and Hezbollah tried to hack UN peace force, steal deployment data

Israel has drastically damaged Iran's intelligence operations, Iranian officials say

Iran reportedly arrests an IRGC general on charges of spying for Israel

Iranian border guard said killed in incident near Afghan crossing

Court finds 19 men guilty of terrorism-related charges in 2015 Paris attacks trial

G7: China must press Russia to stop Ukraine war

NATO chief says alliance faces 'most serious security crisis' since WWII

NATO deems Russia its 'most significant and direct threat'

Tulsi Gabbard: Biden Treasonous in Letting Zelenskyy Dictate US War Goal

Zelensky pushes NATO for more weapons, pleads for further support

Biden thanks Erdogan on NATO decision as US signals support for Turkish F-16s

Greece Turns to Coal Amid War in Ukraine

Bolsonaro's Brawl With a Top Justice Tests Brazil's Democracy

Biden jokes he may not return from Spain as approval rating hits all-time low

Most Say Nation on Wrong Track, Including Dems: AP-NORC Poll

Judge Lifts Contempt Order Against Donald Trump in New York Civil Probe

John Eastman, a former Trump lawyer who helped design the plan to overturn the 2020 election, drops lawsuit blocking his phone records from Jan. 6 committee

Jan. 6 panel effort to blame Trump for violence ignores pointed warnings Congress got much earlier

The Odds Are Increasing That Trump Gets Charged - Cassidy Hutchinson advances the 1/6 committee's theory of the case, though it's not a slam dunk

CNN's Wallace Praises Cassidy Hutchinson Testimony - 'She Was Just Brilliant'

Bernstein: Hutchinson's Testimony Now 'Proven' Trump Is a Criminal Seditious President

Jan. 6 Witness Account of Trump Outburst Gets Fresh Scrutiny

Former White House lawyer contradicts Cassidy Hutchinson Jan 6 testimony

Former White House lawyer says he wrote note to Trump that Hutchinson claims she authored

Source: Jan. 6 Panel Hasn't Sought Rebuttal to Hutchinson Testimony

Secret Service: 'We Were Not Asked' to Confirm Cassidy Hutchinson's J6 Story

White House Co-Worker: 'Phony' J6 Witness Cassidy Hutchinson 'Did This to Basically Get Famous'

Commentary: The Cassidy Hutchinson Testimony Brings Down Two Targets - The J-6 Committee and the Press

"Fake Stories... No Cross Examination, No Real Republicans, No Lawyers... Unselects Should Be Forced to Disband" - President Trump on Corrupt Jan 6 Committee

Google Trends Data: Only Place in America Where J6 Cassidy Hutchinson Hearing Attracted More Interest than Gas was D.C.

Ginni Thomas Demands Context From J6 Panel Before She'll Cooperate With The Hostile Probe

Giuliani associate Lev Parnas receives 20-month sentence for campaign finance crimes

Wealthy New Yorkers who fled in 2020 took $21B in income with them: IRS

Wall Street braces for turmoil

Powell says there is 'no guarantee' Fed can tamp down inflation without hurting the job market

Powell Says Economic Growth Will Likely Slow as De-Globalization Pressures Build

We're Dangerously Close to Giving Big Tech Control Of Our Thoughts

US Federal Communications Commission Requests Apple and Google to Ban TikTok App Due to 'National Security Risk'

California Bill Would Require Websites to Verify Users' IDs

Nation braces for miserable travel weekend as canceled flights stack up

Fetterman calls for Biden administration to fine airlines amid cancellations

5.4 magnitude earthquake hits the South Sandwich Islands region

5.0 magnitude earthquake hits the northern Mid-Atlantic Ridge

Minor earthquake shakes northern Israel, latest in a series

Sabancaya volcano in Peru erupts to 26,000ft

Ruiz volcano in Colombia erupts to 21,000ft

Sangay volcano in Peru erupts to 20,000ft

Semeru volcano in Indonesia erupts to 17,000ft

Fuego volcano in Guatemala erupts to 15,000ft

Reventador volcano in Ecuador erupts to 15,000ft

Krakatau volcano in Indonesia erupts to 14,000ft

Strengthening tropical rainstorm to slam into Nicaragua with flooding rain, high winds

'A real forecasting nightmare': Tropical rains head for Texas coast

Unseasonably heavy rain to impact Northern Territory and Queensland, Australia

Desperate amid drought, archbishop prays for 'gift of rain' in Italy

Japan swelters in its worst heatwave ever recorded

Extreme heatwave engulfs Iran, main cities record hottest June day since records began

Sandstorms shroud Iraq in orange haze

Rices Fire threatening more than 500 structures and critical infrastructure, California

Anchovies are reportedly raining from the sky across San Francisco

Environmental groups sue Biden administration over climate and wildlife impact of drilling lease sale

Biden Climate Envoy John Kerry Amid Supply Chain Crisis: "We Need to Spur the Transition to Green Shipping"

You're On Your Own: UK Would Stop Gas Exports to Europe in Event of Winter Shortages

Abbott: EPA Plan Will Cripple Oil Production in Permian Basin, Raise Gas Prices Further

Stellantis Warns of Car Market Collapse If EVs Don't Get Cheaper

Brutal killing caught on camera stokes religious tensions in India

Udaipur: India state on alert after Prophet Muhammad row beheading

2 Gunmen Killed, 6 Officers Wounded in Shootout at Canadian Bank

Police Arrest 19-Year-Old Amazon Worker in Texas for Threatening to Carry Out Mass Shooting - Called Uvalde Shooter an "Idol"

White House Rejects Blame for Deadly Migrant Smuggling Event in Texas, Says Border Is 'Closed'

Joe Biden Flees When Asked About 51 Migrant Deaths in Texas

Rep. Brian Babin accuses White House press secretary of lying about 51 migrant deaths

California sheriff to Biden: 'Close our border' to spare migrants horrors of cartel trafficking

Massive Trove of Gun Owners' Private Information Leaked by California Attorney General

West Hollywood votes to cut Los Angeles County sheriff funding amid crime wave

Skyrocketing Chicago crime has small businesses, corporations pack their bags: 'Enough is enough'

Get Woke, Go Broke, U.S. Military Edition: Army Recruiting Craters

Ben Carson defends Clarence Thomas, says liberals believe Black conservatives 'worse than Satan'

Bill Requires Federal Reserve To Address 'Social Justice'

Massive Survey Finds Americans' Views on Gender Are Shifting, But Not the Way Leftists Want

Democrats unveiling 'Transgender Bill of Rights'

Inside Eureka Springs, the Bible Belt's LGBTQ oasis

Police back down from plans to reroute Mitzpe Ramon pride parade to avoid yeshiva

Attorney General Ken Paxton says he will defend Texas sodomy law if Supreme Court revisits Lawrence vs. Texas

Shocking Footage From Disney Reveals Upcoming Transgender Character Saying 'Men Have Periods Too'

Disney Hit Over Transgender Flag in Leaked Video

Florida's Parental Rights in Education Law Will Force Teachers to Take LGBT Propaganda Out of Classrooms

DeSantis to investigate 'sanctuary cities' that abet human trafficking

R. Kelly sentenced to 30 years in prison in sex trafficking case

Prince Andrew could be FBI's target after Ghislaine Maxwell sentencing: lawyers

FBI investigating Catholic Church in New Orleans for child sex abuse

Supreme Court school prayer ruling stirs debate over how far religion will seep into campus

Atheist worker fired after refusing to attend company's Christian prayer in NC, feds say

Rabbi's suit over Florida abortion law tests bounds of religious objections after Roe

Pelosi receives Communion in Vatican despite abortion stance

Pastor: 'Coordinated Effort' to Disrupt Worship at Churches Following Overturning of Roe v. Wade

White House Promotes Website Advising Children About Hiding Abortions from Parents

Why data privacy is a concern in the wake of the Roe decision

Hacking group targets U.S. state governments that outlaw abortion following Roe repeal

Some big-city district attorneys vow not to prosecute abortion cases, setting up legal clashes in red states

Roe v. Wade Is History, but the Abortion Debate Reveals Rot at America's Center

Nolte: Disappointed NY Times Admits There Was No 'Roe v. Wade Bounce' in Tuesday Elections

HHS Secretary Xavier Becerra Laughs While Suggesting American Taxpayers Could Foot the Bill for Transporting Women to Pro-Abortion States

Influx of Abortion Pills Expected to Cross U.S.-Mexico Border Following Dobbs Decision

Major health system stops, then resumes Plan B amid Missouri's abortion ban ambiguity

Physicians face confusion and fear in post-Roe world

Louisiana AG Warns Doctors Against Performing Abortions

CNN Promotes Illegal Abortion Scheme - Experts warn unregulated abortion pills put women at risk

Media Outraged Facebook Won't Allow Black Market for Abortion Drugs

W.H.O. Chief Tedros Turns on U.S. over 'Backwards' SCOTUS Abortion Ruling

Pharma giant Bayer to set up cybersecurity center in Israel

New superbug found in pigs can jump to humans

Swans from Charles River Esplanade euthanized after exhibiting avian flu symptoms

US officials announce more steps against monkeypox outbreak

32-Year-Old Comedian Nick Nemeroff Suddenly Dies in His Sleep - Posted Earlier About Suffering Side Effects of COVID Vaccine

Sen. Cruz Slams PBS, HBO for Using Elmo to Push COVID Vaccines to Those Under 5

Army National Guard Approaches Vax Mandate with 5,000 Unvaxxed Guardsmen

Gov. Lee Orders COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate for Tennessee State Guard Despite Force's Non-Federal Funding and Role

Do mask mandates work? Bay Area COVID data from June says no.

Fauci says he is experiencing 'rebound' of COVID symptoms after Paxlovid treatment

Tracking Bible Prophecy Headlines - 6/29/2022

N. Carolina Dems want Nakba Day, accuse Israel of apartheid, killing Abu Akleh

In Germany, over 2,700 antisemitic incidents reported in 2021

101-year-old former Nazi concentration camp guard sentenced to five years for Holocaust atrocities

Israel to be 1st in world to pipe desalinated water into a natural lake, the Galilee

US warns Israeli election wrangling will hold up visa exemption program

Hamas releases footage showing Israeli captive hooked up to oxygen

'Deplorable': Israel Condemns Hamas After Release of Footage of Israeli Held Captive

Palestinian arrested after trying to stab officers near Temple Mount, police say

Israel eases Istanbul travel warning, but says threat remains throughout Turkey

IDF intercepts guns intended for terror on Jordanian border near Dead Sea

Jordanian PM pledges inquiry into deadly blast at Red Sea port that killed 13

Over 300,000 civilians killed in Syria's 10-year civil war, UN says

More than 100 murders in 18 months in Syria's al-Hawl camp, UN says

'Mess with Israel, you'll pay a price,' PM warns Iran, after steel plant cyberattack

Israel to cooperate with world powers to shape possible Iran nuclear deal

Biden to Resume Nuclear Talks with Iran as Terrorist Regime Launches Rocket into Space

Biden's America: From Trump Energy Independence to Record High Gas Prices to Buying Oil from Iran and Venezuela

Joint drills by US and allies are step toward 'Asian NATO,' N.Korea media says

Turkey drops objections to Finland and Sweden joining NATO, removing major hurdle to two nations joining the alliance

UN Security Council meeting spotlights Russia's continued disenchantment with Israel

Macron says Russia can't win in Ukraine after strike on mall

Former U.S. Military Pilot Admits He Spied for China, Sold U.S. Secrets

Every branch of the military is struggling to make its 2022 recruiting goals, officials say

Biden Pentagon Facing Historic Military Recruitment Shortfalls: 'Perfect Storm of Events'

Army cuts high school diploma requirement to boost recruiting

Special counsel rules Biden's energy secretary violated Hatch Act

Former Senate Sergeant-at-Arms Michael Stenger Testified that Paid Professional Agitators Were Operating at Jan. 6 Riot- Now He's Dead

January 6 committee focuses on phone calls among Trump's children and aides

January 6 committee has 'very serious concerns' Trump allies are trying to tamper with testimony

Hutchinson says Trump knew Jan. 6 attendees had weapons: 'They're not here to hurt me'

Donald Trump Refutes Cassidy Hutchinson's Claim He Wanted Armed Individuals to Attend January 6 Rally

'There was ketchup dripping down the wall': Ex-aide tells Jan. 6 panel Trump threw lunch after AG denied election fraud

Trump lunged at Secret Service agent in rage when told he couldn't go to Capitol on Jan. 6, aide testifies

Donald Trump Denies Cassidy Hutchinson Allegations He Threw Food at White House Wall

Jan. 6 Committee "Surprise" Witness Gets Caught - US Secret Service Sources Deny Trump Tried to Grab Steering Wheel - Are Willing to Testify

Report: Lead Secret Service Agent Will Testify Trump Did Not Try to Commandeer Car on January 6

Not Possible: Donald Trump Mocks Allegation He Tried to Grab Steering Wheel of the Presidential Limo on January 6

President Trump Responds to Fraudulent Allegations by Surprise Witness Cassidy Hutchinson "A Total Phony and Leaker"

FNC's Bret Baier: Hutchinson's 'Stunning' Testimony Moved the Ball

John Dean: Hutchinson Testimony Showed Trump's 'Criminality' - Grand Jury Next

The company buying Trump's Truth Social warned the deal could collapse because it's been subpoenaed by a federal grand jury

Republicans Condemn Verizon, 'Big Telecom' for Entertaining Democrat Censorship Demands

Mysterious lights spotted in sky over San Diego

Surprise solar storm with 'disruptive potential' slams into Earth

5.4 magnitude earthquake hits near Hengchun, Taiwan

5.0 magnitude earthquake hits near Donggang, Taiwan

5.0 magnitude earthquake hits near Naisano Dua, Indonesia

Ruiz volcano in Colombia erupts to 23,000ft

Sangay volcano in Ecuador erupts to 23,000ft

Sabancaya volcano in Peru erupts to 22,000ft

Fuego volcano in Guatemala erupts to 15,000ft

Reventador volcano in Ecuador erupts to 15,000ft

Semeru volcano in Indonesia eurpts to 14,000ft

Third tropical disturbance pops up as Atlantic system shows potential to become Bonnie

Rare tornado hits the Netherlands, killing one person and injuring 10 others

Bangladesh hit by one of the worst floodings ever seen

Rivers overflow, bridges collapse after heavy rains hit northwest Turkey

2 Men Missing in Floods in Northwest Turkey

Record-high temperatures set to scorch Alaska to start July

Japan: Tokyo swelters amid worst June heatwave since 1875

UN head declares 'ocean emergency' as global leaders gather in Lisbon - Antonio Guterres says the world must turn the tide of rising sea levels, ocean heating, acidification and plastics pollution

Supply-Chain Bottlenecks Persist at US Ports and Railroads

Report: Baby Formula Stock Rates Not Improving, May Take Months to Change

Survivors at South Africa bar where 21 people died say they were choking on a mysterious substance that smelled like tear gas or pepper spray

US ally Ecuador faces worsening crisis: government could collapse

Texas Governor Greg Abbott Blames Biden For Death Of 46 Immigrants Found Inside Truck

Biden slams Abbott for 'political grandstanding' after discovery of dead illegal migrants in truck

Migration Advocates Blame U.S. Border Laws for Migrants' Deaths in Trailer

Commentary: The Slippery Slope Of 'Red Flag' Gun Laws

Christian bakers fined $135K for not baking gay wedding cake fundraise to relaunch business

Angry Chicago Women Arrested After Twerking on Police Cars and Smacking Cops in the Face Following Gay Pride Parade

Trans Skateboarder Who Took 1st Place from 13-Year-Old Girl is Former Navy Man, Father of 3

Ghislaine Maxwell sentenced to 20 years in Jeffrey Epstein sex trafficking case

Under house arrest in Italy, Paul Haggis will return to U.S. for sexual assault trial

At Canadian Megachurch, One Abuse Investigation Spurs Another and Another

Ireland Baldwin Shouts Her Abortion: 'I Chose Me, and I Would Choose Me Again' - 'I chose to get an abortion, because I know exactly what it felt like to be born between two people who hated each other'

Sen. Grassley Demands FBI Briefing on Violence by Pro-abortion 'Extremists'

Facebook Labels Radical Abortion Group Jane's Revenge as 'Terrorists'

Conservative Groups Urge House GOP Leaders on Heartbeat Law which would protect the unborn nationwide from abortions after six weeks of gestation

Arizona ACLU Sues to Block 'Personhood' Abortion Law After Roe Is Overturned

Biden HHS secretary vows 'support' for abortion around the country in wake of Roe ruling

Abortion to be 'major plank' of Harris's midterms pitch

Judges in Louisiana, Utah issue temporary order stopping immediate ban on abortion, 'trigger laws'

Texas judge blocks enforcement of pre-Roe v. Wade abortion ban

White House: Using Federal Lands for Abortions Could Mean 'Dangerous Ramifications'

Hayward: Communist Commentator Celebrates Abortion 'Rights' in China, North Korea, USSR

When Abortion Pills Were Banned in Brazil, Women Turned to Drug Traffickers

Drug Traffickers Arrested With 150,000 Fentanyl Pills Set Free Just Days After Arrest: Police

U.N.: World Sees Record-High Cocaine Production as Colombia Prepares for Pro-Drug Leftist President

Belgium busts illegal drug lab on airbase housing US nukes

Holographic patients are now helping to train the next generation of doctors

Beijing Communist Chief Announces Five More Years of Lockdowns

CDC activates emergency operations center to respond to monkeypox outbreak

White House says 1.6 million monkeypox vaccines will be available by the end of the year

Top NY Doctor: New COVID Wave Is Starting, With the 'Worst Version' of Omicron

CDC Uses Elmo to Convince Children to Get Vaccinated For Covid

Feds: YOU must be vaxxed - but WE don't have to be

Air Force avoids court-martial, pursues separation board over officer's religious objection to vax

Tracking Bible Prophecy Headlines - 6/28/2022

Toxic gas explosion at Jordan port kills 13 people and injures 250 more

Israel Offers Jordan Aid Following Toxic Gas Blast at Port of Aqaba

Knesset passes first reading of bill to disperse; final vote set for Wed. at latest

Knesset dispersal process hampered as coalition, opposition resume talks on details

Gantz vows to 'do everything' to prevent alternative government led by Netanyahu

IDF soldiers arrest 17 wanted Palestinians, seize guns in overnight West Bank raids

Hamas claims health of Israeli captive 'deteriorating,' in rare announcement

Israel, Arab allies agree to tighten cooperation ahead of Biden visit

Jordan's King Abdullah expresses support for Mideast military alliance

Report: US held secret talks with Israel, Arab states on aerial threat from Iran

Iran and US confirm indirect nuclear talks to resume in Qatar

Israeli foreign minister 'lashes out' at EU foreign policy chief over Tehran visit

Gantz: Israel is building a Middle East air defense alliance against Iran

Large cyberattack on Iranian industrial sector targets three steel plants

US Airstrike Kills Al-Qaida-Aligned Leader in Syria

North Korea accuses US of creating 'Asia-Style NATO' to overthrow Kim Jong Un

Russian missile strike hits shopping mall with more than 1,000 people inside, Ukraine says

Pentagon Blasts Putin's 'Cavalier' Nuclear Saber-Rattling as Russia Seeks New Advantages in Ukraine

NATO to dramatically increase forces on high alert to over 300,000 from 40,000 amid Russia threat

Russia's Medvedev: Any NATO Encroachment on Crimea Could Mean World War III

Joe Biden inadvertently helped Hunter pay Russia-linked escorts: report

Oil Climbs as Major Producer UAE Says it Has No Spare Capacity

Energy Crisis: Poor May be Paid to not Use Electricity as Blackout Fears Grow

Recession Could Send Some Americans Over a Financial Cliff

Inflation Hits July 4 Cookouts With Food Prices Up as Much as 36%

Default Jitters Mount in Argentina as Local Yields Top 70%

Michael Stenger, Senate Sergeant-at-Arms on January 6, Reported Dead

Jan. 6 panel calls surprise hearing to present new evidence

Trump lawyer stopped by FBI ahead of surprise testimony by mystery witness

FBI Ambushes Trump Election Lawyer John Eastman as He's Exiting Restaurant with His Wife, Seizes His Phone

More than 1 million voters switch to GOP in warning for Dems

Court strikes down NYC law granting voting rights to non-citizen residents

Chuck Grassley slams Justice Department for not prosecuting employees for lying

5.3 magnitude earthquake hits near Kokopo, Papua New Guinea

5.1 magnitude earthquake hits near Donggang, Taiwan

5.0 magnitude earthquake hits near Donggang, Taiwan

Sabancaya volcano in Peru erupts to 22,000ft

Ruiz volcano in Colombia erupts to 22,000ft

Sangay volcano in Ecuador erupts to 22,000ft

Reventador volcano in Ecuador erupts to 15,000ft

Semeru volcano in Indonesia erupts to 13,000ft

Large multi-vortex tornado throws a car into Songhua River, China

Earliest end of the rainy season in Tokyo on record

Record-breaking June temperatures engulf Japan, authorities warn of power shortages

'Biblical' swarms of cannibalistic Mormon crickets ravage crops in U.S. West

Authorities turn to toxicology lab in mysterious deaths of 22 teens at South Africa nightclub

3 killed and at least 50 injured when Amtrak train derails in Missouri after hitting dump truck

46 migrants found dead inside 18-wheeler

Atlanta Subway worker shot, killed by man who complained of too much mayo, police say

Over 100 Georgia sheriffs condemn Stacey Abrams over 'defund the police' foundation ties

Drag queen charged with 25 counts of child porn

Texas Mayor Resigns After Soliciting Sex From Teen Under 14 Online

Together '22: Hundreds gathered for evangelistic event urged to 'go out there and love' in polarized society

Barr: Public Schools Are So Hostile To Christians, They're Unconstitutional

Supreme Court upholds Christian coach's right to pray at games

Supreme Court decision on prayer throws doubt on 1992 victory for Jewish family

Hillary Clinton post asserting an abortion 'shouldn't be harder to obtain' than a gun declared 'dumbest tweet'

Whoopi Goldberg Issues Warning to Clarence Thomas, Suggests the Supreme Court will Bring Back Slavery

White House warns of 'ultra-MAGA' policies, abortion ban if GOP takes majority in Congress

After Roe v. Wade: Germany Announces Further Loosening of Abortion Laws

Israel eases abortion regulations in response to 'sad' Roe v Wade ruling

Pro-lifers prepare to mount legal challenge against new powers to expand abortion in Northern Ireland

Elizabeth Warren Suggests Putting Abortion Clinics In National Parks

Survey: 68% of Voters Say Corporations Should Not Take Public Stance on Abortion

Amazon Employees Allegedly Demand Business Cease in Pro-Life States and Allow 'Time to Grieve'

Abortions Are Cheaper Than Maternity Leave - The real reason companies like Disney and Tesla are paying for employees to get abortions

Candidate for Congress: Disney Policy Covering Abortion Travel Costs to 'Alienate' Customers

Kamala Harris, Biden HHS Secretary Xavier Becerra Admit Regime "Looking Into" Using Taxpayer Dollars to Fund Abortion-Related Travel Expenses

VP Harris: 'Shocking' SCOTUS Took a 'Constitutional Right' Away from Women

The end of Roe v. Wade has huge economic implications for male partners, too

UC Law Dean: Roe v. Wade Reversal 'Turns Back the Clock' to When Women Were 'Treated as Property'

Planned Parenthood CEO Johnson: Banning Traveling for Abortions 'Harkens Back to Slavery'

China Says End of Roe v. Wade Will Make U.S. Invade More Countries

AOC says reversal of Roe v. Wade 'will kill people'

McCarthy: Congressional Dems Aren't Just for Abortion - All Have Voted for Legal Abortion up to Birth

California constitutional amendment securing abortion, contraceptive rights goes to voters

Instagram, Facebook Pull Posts Offering Abortion Pills

CVS, Walmart and Rite Aid Limit Purchases of Plan B Pills After Surge in Demand

Supreme Court sides with doctors challenging their convictions in opioids 'pill mill' case

While US Economy Crumbles, Biden Promises $200 Billion for Solar Panels, Vaccine Plants and Communication Links Around the World

DC and NYC quickly max out on monkeypox vaccines

CDC Confirmed Post-Vaxx Death From Blood-Clotting Two Weeks Before Alerting Public: Emails

Biden's vaccine mandate for federal workers blocked while appeals court reconsiders its own ruling

France asks citizens to wear masks again in public transport as Covid-19 cases rise

Tracking Bible Prophecy Headlines - 6/27/2022

Palestinian Authority fears Biden visit would sideline Palestinian issue

Battle lines drawn as coalition and opposition resume clash over Knesset's fate - Government makes gains in bid to disperse parliament before opposition can take control and install Netanyahu as prime minister

Government advances 'problematic' bill that would block defendant Netanyahu's return

Israel's political crisis may further snag IDF purchase of advanced helicopters

Israel moving toward easing Turkey travel warning, though threat remains

Report: US brokering deal for Iran to send oil to Syria; Israel may give approval

US gathered top Israeli, Arab military chiefs for secret talks on Iran - report

Israeli Military Intelligence backs revived Iran deal, breaking with IDF chief, Mossad

Israel Tamps Down Dissent in Its Ranks Over Possible Iran Nuclear Deal

Iran conducts 2nd test of satellite launcher as nuclear talks said set to resume

UK's Prince Charles reportedly accepted bags with millions in cash from Qatari PM - his office says money was deposited with one of his charities, denies any wrongdoing

Prince Charles's charities are no stranger to controversy

At Least 22 Partiers Dead in South Africa Nightclub 'Stampede' Disaster

Children as young as 13 among 22 killed in South African tavern incident

U.S. watchdog accuses State Department of withholding evidence on botched Afghanistan exit

North Korea vows 'revenge' on anniversary of Korean War - The U.S. says North Korea is preparing to conduct a nuclear test

US Indo-Pacific Chief Sees Largest Military Buildup in Chinese Army's History

Biden commits $200 billion to global infrastructure plan meant to counter China

Russia strikes Kyiv as Western leaders meet in Europe

Biden decries 'barbarism' after Russia strikes kindergarten in Kyiv

Biden urges Western unity on Ukraine amid war fatigue

US readying to provide Ukraine with air defense system, artillery support - source

Report: NATO Mulls Massive Buildup in East Europe

G7 leaders mock Vladimir Putin over shirtless horse-riding picture

Russia Defaults on Foreign Debt for First Time Since 1918

U.S. Paying More to Borrow as Fed Raises Rates, Inflation Stays Elevated - Interest costs on national debt are up 30% this fiscal year and could increase more

23 million Californians to get 'inflation relief' payments after budget deal struck, state leaders say

Inflation sparks global wave of protests for higher pay, aid

In protest-hit Ecuador, shortages of key goods start to bite

Metals Haven't Crashed This Hard Since the Great Recession

A $2 Trillion Free-Fall Rattles Crypto to the Core

Amid deepening divisions, US no longer seen as beacon of light around the world

Ken Klukowski Accuses January 6 Committee of Withholding And Misrepresenting Critical Evidence, Challenges It to Release His Full Transcript

Project Veritas: Leaked Call with Prison Inmate Reveals Democrat Senate Candidate Calling For "Secret Sleepers" to Infiltrate South Carolina Republican Party

'Optimus' Prime: Tesla to Unveil Humanoid Robot This Fall

NASA Hopes to Launch a Very Special Microwave-Sized Satellite on Monday - The CAPSTONE lunar satellite is scheduled to liftoff from New Zealand

After earthquake that killed 1,000, Afghanistan braces for cholera, disease outbreaks

5.3 magnitude earthquake hits the South Sandwich Islands region

Magnitude 3.4 earthquake in SC felt as far north as Charlotte

Ruiz volcano in Colombia erupts to 25,000ft

Sabancaya volcano in Peru erupts to 25,000ft

Sangay volcano in Ecuador erupts to 21,000ft

Semeru volcano in Indonesia erupts to 16,000ft

Fuego volcano in Guatemala erupts to 15,000ft

Reventador volcano in Ecuador erupts to 14,000ft

Hurricane forecasters tracking disturbances in Gulf of Mexico, Atlantic; see forecasts

Massive Dust Storm Hits Karbala, Iraq

Drought is unearthing stunning discoveries from Italy's longest river

Commentary: How Excessive Environmental Activism May Cripple National Security

Another Closure: One of the Largest Chicken Producers in the U.S. Announces Tennessee Plant Shutdown

Colombia stadium collapse: At least 6 dead, 200 injured after stands crumble during bullfight

NYPD official: SCOTUS gun ruling could turn NY into 'Wild East'

University of Michigan gives nearly $2 million to group attempting to 'dismantle systemic racism'

Afraid same-sex marriage may be overturned next, this Jacksonville couple called their lawyer

At New York's Pride weekend, a noticeable cloud from the Supreme Court

NYC Pride parade stampede after fireworks mistaken for gunfire; no serious injuries

Pride parades march on with new urgency across US

Over 200 detained in defiant Istanbul Pride march

Norway: Suspect in Pride Month Attack Won't Talk to Police

Fully Nude Bicyclists Flash Children at Seattle Pride Parade - Cops Say It's Okay

Drag Queen Wearing Thong Twerks For Children at Pride Event in Alaska

CDC Investigates Rare Disease in Florida Dubbed as 'One of the Worst Outbreaks Among Gay and Bisexual Men in U.S. History'

Study: Transgender-Identifying Youth Nearly Doubled in U.S.

17-Year-Old Girl Escapes Sex Trafficker in Plano, Texas Who Held Her Over a Year

Sex Strike! Abstinence trends on Twitter in wake of Roe v. Wade ruling

Nurse Practitioner Employed at Illinois Health Center Announces She will No Longer Prescribe White Conservative Men Viagra in Wake of SCOTUS Decision on Roe v Wade

May 2020: Women on TikTok say hookup culture will 'be absolutely decimated' if Roe V. Wade is overturned

Trump-backed Rep. Mary Miller says at rally that overturning Roe v. Wade is a "victory for White life"; campaign says she misspoke

Abortion rights rallies continue for 3rd day to protest overturning of Roe v. Wade

Homeland Security warns pro-choice extremists to target churches, pregnancy centers for weeks

Graham to 'Constitutional Anarchists': 'Quit Trying to Burn Down America'

Bloomberg opinion piece says ending Roe v. Wade is 'institutional suicide' for Supreme Court

Ocasio-Cortez: Supreme Court Justices Who 'Lied' About Roe v. Wade Should Be Impeached

Youngkin says state will protect SCOTUS justices at their Northern Virginia homes as tensions rise

Troubling calls for Clarence Thomas' assassination spread across social media after Roe reversed

Rudy Giuliani slapped by worker angry over abortion ruling at Staten Island supermarket

Kamala Harris tweet on abortion rights slammed by liberals: 'Literally the embodiment of thoughts and prayers'

Killer Vacation: Letitia James Says New York will Pay for Housing and 'Daycare' for Women to Come to State to Abort Their Babies

With Roe Overturned, Canada Could Become an Abortion Destination

Doctors who perform abortions will be targeted for prosecution, South Dakota governor says

South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem announces bill banning online abortion pill prescriptions

Attorney General brings Louisiana abortion drug law into question

Austin City Council members seek decriminalization of abortion citywide in response to Texas 'trigger law'

Florida Vows to Enhance Pro-Life Protections After Supreme Court Ruling

Undoing the court? Pelosi leads Democrats in effort to codify Roe v. Wade into law

Alaska governor wants constitutional amendment on abortion

After Roe reversal, Israel's end-of-pregnancy approval panels come under scrutiny

Feminist Writer Finally Says the Quiet Part Out Loud Regarding Abortion

Sophie Lewis: Abortion Involves Killing - and That's OK! To be pro-choice is to be against forced life.

Monkeypox may have undergone 'accelerated evolution,' scientists say

Study: Monkeypox Virus Has Had 'Accelerated Evolution,' Around 50 Mutations In DNA

Monkeypox: World risks 'repeating mistakes' of Covid as rich nations scramble for vaccine doses, expert warns

Joe Biden Slurs Through Speech with G7 Leaders, Says Another Pandemic is on the Horizon

Poll: 58 Percent of Voters Say Joe Biden Should Reveal Cognitive Health

Tracking Bible Prophecy Headlines - 6/26/2022

Biden slated to meet with Netanyahu during visit to Israel - US president to meet with opposition leader to avoid the appearance of meddling in Israeli elections

Knesset set to disperse on Monday; Lapid to take over as PM in midweek

Palestinians reportedly assaulted by settlers near illegal West Bank outpost

Large fire causes explosions at Haifa industrial complex; no injuries

Hezbollah said to have built 15 new observation posts, all along border with Israel

Third rocket attack in 72 hours targets northern Iraq gas complex

Iraqi PM heads to Saudi Arabia, Iran for fresh mediation talks

Iran nuclear talks to resume in coming days, says top EU diplomat

Iran vows to press ahead with nuclear development until West ends 'illegal behavior'

Iranian Guards replace commander of unit that protects supreme leader Khamenei

Putin promises Belarus nuclear-capable missiles to counter 'aggressive' West

Russian ally Belarus unleashes rocket air strike into northern Ukraine

Ukraine accuses Russia of bringing Belarus into war after missile launches from northern neighbor

Video appears to show the dramatic moment a Russian missile boomerangs and plunges to earth

Russia and China are brewing up a challenge to dollar dominance by creating a new reserve currency

Biden, G7 Leaders to Agree on Import Ban on Russian Gold

Russia is days away from a historic debt default as a $100 million payment comes due with Moscow cut off from the global financial system

Inflation sparks global wave of protests for higher pay, aid

Germany Warns of Lehman Brothers-Style Financial Collapse if Gas Crisis Continues

Germany's top energy regulator said the country can last just 2.5 months without Russian gas, and there will be a 'difficult' autumn and winter ahead

Federal judge rejects gas station owners' fight against political stickers on pumps

Hunter Biden met with Russian oligarch now wanted for murder

House Ethics Committee Finds 'Substantial Evidence' Democrat Congressman Committed Crimes

5.7 magnitude earthquake hits near Atico, Peru

5.0 magnitude earthquake hits southeast of the Loyalty Islands

Sabancaya volcano in Peru erupts to 25,000ft

Ruiz volcano in Colombia erupts to 23,000ft

Fuego volcano in Guatemala erupts to 15,000ft

Semeru volcano in Indonesia erupts to 13,000ft

Tropical depression expected to form early next week: Will it become 'Bonnie'?

U.N. Secretary-General warns of 'real risk' of 'multiple famines' this year and next

Ethiopia: Bodies 'Still Exposed and Decomposing' After Hundreds Killed in Ethnic Massacre

One killed, 2 injured in shooting at Illinois WeatherTech facility

Some sheriff's candidates run on not enforcing certain laws

Biden signs bipartisan gun control measure supported by 29 Republicans

Biden Signs $13B Gun Control Law, Vows 'Much More Work to Do'

'Lives will be saved': Biden signs landmark gun violence bill into law

Norway raises terror alert to highest level after deadly mass shooting near gay bar

Oslo shooting near gay bar investigated as terrorism, as Pride parade is canceled

Norway Shooting Suspect Islamist With Mental Health Issues

Biden's Transgender Assistant Health Secretary Rachel Levine: Sex Reassignment Surgery For Kids is "Lifesaving, Medically Necessary"

Mass same-sex wedding in Mexico challenges discrimination

'We felt welcomed': Francis personally meets group of 'transgender' individuals in papal audience

Rhode Island Democrats Split Over Bill That Criminalizes Sex Between Teachers and Children

This Website Teaches Kids How To Get Puberty Blockers Without Informing Parents, Including Illegal Methods

Ghislaine Maxwell is on suicide watch but isn't suicidal, may need to postpone sentencing, lawyer says

Dems hope to harness outrage, sadness after abortion ruling

Nolte: Pro-Abortion Democrats Riot in Democrat-Run Cities

'Bring rifles': Extremist groups call for violence over abortion ruling

Protests rage nationwide after Roe reversal, Arizona lawmakers say 'insurrection' thwarted by police - Lawmakers report hostage situation in Phoenix

With tear gas, police disperse abortion protest at Arizona's State Capitol

TikTok Quietly Reverses Ban On Pro-Abortion Group Using App To Protest Outside SCOTUS Justice Homes

Pressley: We're Talking about Outlawing Abortion 'on the Heels of a Baby Formula Shortage'

Tyrant Justin Trudeau Weeps Over US Women 'Losing' the Right Over Their Bodies - After Forcing Every Person in Canada to Receive Experimental Vaccine

Bill Clinton: Abortion Decision Threatens Democracy

White House: Biden 'does not agree with' expanding the Supreme Court

Florida Democrat congressman calls for Kavanaugh, Gorsuch to be impeached over abortion ruling

Dershowitz: 'This is no longer the Roberts Court. It's now the Trump Court'

Bloomberg Politics deep thought: I thought SCOTUS was The People's Court!

Barbra Streisand, Mark Ruffalo Declare the Supreme Court 'The American Taliban'

Bill Maher says we live in 'two different countries' after Roe v. Wade reversal, warns woke progressives could cause Democrats to lose abortion debate

Elected prosecutors vow not to go after women seeking abortions

Defiant Pentagon Chief Says He Will "Evaluate" Defense Department Policies in Response to Supreme Court's Decision to Overturn Roe v Wade

Corporations scrambling to determine what they'll cover in post-Roe reality

Meta Censors Staff: No Discussing SCOTUS Abortion Decision

Gov. Walz signs executive order to protect abortion care for Minn., surrounding states

Lizzo and Live Nation join forces and pledge $1 million to Planned Parenthood after Roe v. Wade reversal

White House Doesn't Rule Out Building Abortion Clinics on Federal Land in Conservative States

Abortion clinics across the country close after Roe v. Wade ruling

For Conservative Christians, the End of Roe Was a Spiritual Victory

Biden laments Roe v. Wade ruling from Supreme Court, pro-lifers call out 'devout Catholic' president

Although Pope Francis Remains Silent, a Vatican Department Praises the Court's Decision on Roe v. Wade

Roe v. Wade overturned: CNN pundit cites relatives with Down syndrome, autism to defend abortions

Macron criticizes Supreme Court ruling despite France's strict abortion limits

French Lawmakers Call for Constitution Right to Abortion

Trudeau: US Abortion Ruling Could Mean Loss of Other Rights

Germany scraps Nazi-era abortion law, just hours before US Supreme Court ruling

Former USA Today editor says company retaliated after he claimed that only women can get pregnant - Writer says company "corporate wokism replaced intellectually diverse voices" on opinion pages

D.A: California Man Charged With Possession of Fentanyl, Enough 'to Kill 12 Million People'

More Than 900 Cases of Hepatitis of Unknown Origin Reported in Children, WHO Says

Asked if the government was 'lying or guessing' about COVID vax data, Birx admits: 'I don't know'

Pfizer says tweaked COVID vaccine boosts Omicron protection

Military Doctor Facing Discharge for Giving Exemptions to COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate

Up to 40,000 Unvaccinated Army Guard Troops at Risk of Dismissal as Deadline for Vaccine Mandate Looms

Trudeau: Unvaccinated Accepted 'Consequences' Like Losing Jobs and Access To Travel

Tracking Bible Prophecy Headlines - 6/25/2022

International donors pledge $160 million for UN Palestinian refugee agency

US Homeland Sec. warned Abraham Accords could destabilize region in 2020

Morocco: Since renewal of ties with Israel, almost no more use of the word 'occupation'

Bennett says 'divisive' Netanyahu unsuitable as PM, but won't rule out cooperation

Readying to leave office, Bennett says at IDF ceremony: 'I did the best I could'

Shireen Abu Aqleh killed by 'seemingly well-aimed' Israeli bullet, UN says

'Where's the bullet': Israel rejects UN probe blaming reporter's death on IDF

Iranian cyber-attackers trying, and so far failing, to create panic in Israel

Official says Mossad, local intel foiled 3 Iran plots to attack Israelis in Istanbul

Iran dismisses 'ridiculous' allegations of planned attacks on Israelis in Turkey

Iran Demands U.S. Pay Billions in Compensation for Slain Nuclear Scientists

Top EU Diplomat Heads to Tehran to Revive Nuclear Deal

Attacker stabs two policemen outside Tunisia synagogue

Fact Check: Biden Administration Falsely Claims Oil Production at Record High

Argentina: Angry Truckers Block Roads to Protest Fuel Shortages

China Calls for 'Urgent' Coal Production to Stave Off Blackouts

Chinese Warships Circle Japan, Provoking 'Strong Concern'

Close ally calls on Vladimir Putin to 'strike London first in WWIII' on Russian media

Priorities: U.S. Navy to Wargame Impact of 'Climate Change' on Future Conflicts

Jordan's king says Ukraine war exposes need for 'Middle East NATO'

Biden says critics of high gas prices willing to accept 'Putin's iron fist'

Former Obama economist warns stagflation threat level is 'highest in a long time'

Fed Says Banks Can Handle 'Severe' Recession With 10 Percent Unemployment, 55 Percent Stock Meltdown

Fed Chair Jerome Powell Says Government Debt Is On An 'Unsustainable Path' As Economy Is Shrinking

Commentary: Yes, Biden Is Hiding His Plan To Rig The 2022 Midterm Elections - The White House is refusing to share details about its coordinated efforts to engage in a federal takeover of election administration

Because No Voting System Testing Labs Were Legitimately Accredited at the Time of the 2020 Election, Less Than 5% of All Voting Systems Were Likely Properly Certified

Actor Sean Penn Mocked for Attending January 6 Hearing: 'It's All a Show' Complete with Hollywood Actors

Multiple House Republicans on defensive over Jan. 6 panel testimony that they sought post-riot pardons

Arizona GOP Chair Kelli Ward, Husband Subpoenaed Over Alternate Electors

Bill Barr Suggests Trump Came Very Close to Staying in Power: 'I'm Not Sure We Would Have Had a Transition at All'

The Washington Post Runs Article That Petitions Congress To Block Trump From Running in 2024

Commentary: Despite Assurances From The White House, Washington Can't Stop Talking About Replacing Biden

'YOU Take YOUR Seat': Biden's Notecard Has Step-By-Step Instructions For Everything, Like Walking Into Room And Sitting Down

John Hawkins: 7 Ways Liberal Culture is Destroying America

Republican Candidate Mocks CNN Reporter, Agrees to Interview 'As Long as it Airs on CNN+'

Gaslighting: How media's 'fact-checks' have led public to distrust the press

Instagram Flags Donald Trump Jr. for 'Repeatedly' Posting 'False Information'

Australia: The nation where your 'faceprint' is already being tracked

Hackers Steal $100 Million in Cryptocurrency from Harmony Blockchain Bridge

Aftershock in Afghanistan as Quake Toll Rises to 1,150 Dead

China Uses Afghanistan Earthquake to Demand U.S. Fund the Taliban

5.8 magnitude earthquake hits the southern East Pacific Rise

5.7 magnitude earthquake hits the Pacific-Antarctic Ridge

5.6 magnitude earthquake hits southeast of Easter Island

5.6 magnitude earthquake hits near Kish, Iran

5.1 magnitude earthquake hits near Padang, Indonesia

5.1 magnitude earthquake hits near the coast of northern Peru

5.1 magnitude earthquake hits near La Serena, Chile

Ruiz volcano in Colombia erupts to 23,000ft

Sabancaya volcano in Peru erupts to 22,000ft

Sangay volcano in Ecuador erupts to 20,000ft

Reventador volcano in Ecuador erupts to 16,000ft

Fuego volcano in Guatemala erupts to 15,000ft

Santa Maria volcano in Guatemala erupts to 15,000ft

Chikurachki volcano in the Kuril Islands erupts to 15,000ft

Ebeko volcano in the Kuril Islands erupts to 15,000ft

Semeru volcano in Indonesia erupts to 13,000ft

Supercell spawns multiple tornadoes in Kansas, U.S.

'Mosquito tornado' storms Sichuan village, China

Tourists Evacuated, Cars Washed Away as 'Severe' Flash Floods Hit Utah National Park

Historic floods in Montana severely damaged or destroyed 115 homes, U.S.

As water crisis worsens on Colorado River, an urgent call for Western states to 'act now'

Summer snowfall, freezing weather claims 12 lives in eastern Afghanistan

Unprecedented June heat baking western Japan

Hot Weather Scorches Central U.S While Alaska's Wildfires in June Breaks Records

Turkey battles wildfire for third day near Aegean coastal resort of Marmaris

Biden administration quietly erasing immigration court caseload: 'De facto amnesty'

'Abortion' of 29-Week Baby by 11-Year-Old Mother Rocks Brazil

Rev. Graham: Abortions of 60M Since Roe V. Wade 'Genocide Against Unborn'

Nearly a million abortions occurred in the US in 2020

Poll: Voters More Concerned About Economy than Abortion

Supreme Court leakers could face 10 years in prison under GOP bill

Backfire: Establishment Media Leak of SCOTUS Overruling Roe v. Wade Fails to Intimidate Conservative Justices

U.S. Supreme Court Overturns Roe v. Wade: 'The Constitution Does Not Confer a Right to Abortion'

10 key quotes from Justice Alito's opinion overturning Roe v. Wade

In historic reversal, Supreme Court overturns Roe vs. Wade, freeing states to outlaw abortion

Trump: SCOTUS abortion decision will return power to the states 'where it has always belonged'

Commentary: These Are the States Where Abortion Is Now Banned

Planned Parenthood Texas Ceases Abortions

Alabama AG Stops Abortions Immediately

Missouri trigger law bans most abortions

Tennessee Attorney General Files Motion To End Abortion In The State Immediately

Roe v. Wade: New York Democrats pledge to maintain safe harbor

Biden vows to protect access to abortion pills, contraception and travel

AG Garland: States can't ban FDA-approved abortion pills on safety grounds

Momentous Supreme Court rulings on guns, abortion cement Trump's impact on U.S. policy and culture

President Trump Responds on Supreme Court Overturning Roe v. Wade - Gives the Glory to God

Gov. DeSantis: 'Millions' of Prayers Answered in SCOTUS Abortion Ruling

U.S. abortion decision 'horrific' and 'appalling,' world leaders say

Biden falsely says abortion ruling makes US 'outlier among developed nations'

Biden lambastes 'extreme' Supreme Court for overturning Roe in 'tragic error'

Obama blasts Supreme Court decision overturning Roe v. Wade: 'attacking the essential freedoms of millions'

Sheryl Crow After SCOTUS Overrules Roe: 'I Do Not Recognize My Country'

MSNBC's Lithwick: Dobbs Ruling Means U.S. Split into 'Two Countries' - Won't Say 'Civil War' but 'Immense Bickering'

"They Chose to Endanger Lives of Women and All Birthing-People in This Country" - AOC Outside Supreme Court Following Abortion Ruling

Bill Maher says Dems could 'lose' abortion issue by using woke terms like 'birthing people' instead of women

Planned Parenthood CEO: Dobbs Decision Ensures 'People Will Be Forced into Pregnancy'

Black congresswomen urge Biden to declare public health and national emergency around abortion

Supreme Court's overturning of Roe v. Wade will financially hurt the 'most marginalized' women, experts say

Hillary Clinton: Fall of Roe v. Wade 'Will Live in Infamy' - a Step Backward for 'Human Rights'

'What Is Happening Here?!?' Emotional Pelosi Slashes At Trump And The Republicans Over 'Cruel' Roe v. Wade Decision

Pelosi Lambasts SCOTUS As 'Radical' And 'Extremist' While Holding Back Tears

Dershowitz: Abortion Ruling Based on 'Extreme Judicial Activism'

DNC Chair Claims That the Supreme Court is Now 'Illegitimate'

Hollywood Celebrities Melt Down over SCOTUS Roe v. Wade Decision: 'How Can We Overturn the Supreme Court?'

Klobuchar: We Have to 'Fight to November' to Restore Abortion Rights

Warren: SCOTUS Is Imposing Its Religious Views by Allowing Legislatures to Decide Abortion Law and We'll 'Fight Back' by Passing Laws

Roe v. Wade overturned: Liberal journalists rage at Ruth Bader Ginsburg for not retiring

Collins, Manchin suggest they were misled by Kavanaugh and Gorsuch on Roe v. Wade

Mike Pence Celebrates Overturning of Roe v. Wade By Calling for a National Ban on Abortion

Texas AG Paxton declares agency holiday 'in remembrance of the unborn' after abortion ruling

After Roe, Dems seek probe of tech's use of personal data

Search histories, location data, text messages: How personal data could be used to enforce anti-abortion laws

Disney Vows to Pay for Employee Travel Expenses for Abortions

Google memo on end of Roe v. Wade says employees may apply to relocate 'without justification'

Goldman Sachs, J.P. Morgan Chase, Bank of America, and Citigroup Rush to Fund Abortion Travel

DICK'S Sporting Goods Offers to Reimburse Employees for Abortion-Related Travel Expenses

'Treacherous Pathway': Sports Elites Blast Supreme Court for Overturning Roe v. Wade

Justice Department Releases Statement on Roe v Wade - Garland Vows to "Use Every Tool" to Fight States on Abortion

Pro-Abortion Satanic Temple Calls Itself 'Leading Beacon of Light' as Roe v. Wade Overturned

From 'historic day' to 'deeply grieved,' US faithful split by abortion ruling

Pro-life Americans Celebrate the Overturning of Roe v. Wade After Nearly 50 Years

After US abortion ruling, Israeli minister warns against 'dark, women-hating regime'

Jewish groups gear up to battle abortion bans after Roe overturned

DHS warns Catholic churches to prepare for 'Night of Rage'

U.S. braces for violence against conservatives, pro-life groups with Supreme Court's abortion ruling

Biden urges 'peaceful, peaceful, peaceful' protests after Supreme Court abortion ruling

Democrat lawmakers call for public defying of SCOTUS, protests in street

Rep. Waters to Protesters: 'The Hell With the Supreme Court, We Will Defy Them'

Abortion Industry Melts Down: 'No Court Will Make Us Compromise'

At Least Two Supreme Court Justices Have Been Moved to "Safe Locations" Due to Threats of Violence From the Left: Report

Leftist Group Announce Mass Protest Outside Justice Clarence Thomas's Home Tonight

Protests Erupt at Supreme Court After Abortion Case Ruling

Pro-choice protesters burn American flag in streets of Washington DC after Roe v. Wade reversal

Law Enforcement Braces for Summer of Unrest After Roe v. Wade Reversal

DC Police 'fully activated' following Supreme Court decision overturning Roe v. Wade

Clothing company Patagonia will bail out employees arrested in abortion protests

David Hogg on Roe v. Wade: 'I'm Mad as Hell and I'm Ready to Protest,' Blames Putin

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene Attacked By Unhinged Leftists Outside Supreme Court, Has to be Rushed Away By Security

"They're Threatening to Burn Down the Supreme Court - Police Left Area Before Announcement" - Marjorie Taylor Greene Outside Supreme Court Following Abortion Ruling

MTG Authors Bill to Designate Radical Abortion Groups as Domestic Terrorists, Citing a Long List of Recent Attacks

Assaults against abortion clinics, patients rose 128% in 2021: report

House passes sweeping gun control bill amid series of mass shootings

House passes first major federal gun safety legislation in decades, bill will next go to Biden for signature

Congress passes watershed gun reform following New York, Texas shootings

Dem Sen. Blumenthal: NY Law 'Should Have Stopped' Buffalo Shooting But Wasn't Properly Used, But SCOTUS Ruling Will 'Unleash' Violence

Biden's Department of Justice issues statement that 'disagrees' with SCOTUS ruling on gun ban

Hunter's Biden's latest bizarre scandal reveals how red-flag laws really work

Shooting at Oslo gay bar leaves at least two people dead, several wounded ahead of Pride parade

Presbyterian Church in America votes to leave National Association of Evangelicals biblical teaching on sexuality and marriage

'We felt welcomed': Francis personally meets group of 'transgender' individuals in papal audience

California Lawsuit Claims Trans Inmates Halt Hormones to 'Resume Physical Erections' and Have Sex with Women Prisoners

Navy Mocked For Gender Pronouns Video

LEGO Faces Backlash After Launching LGBTQ Pride Campaign: 'Let Kids Be Kids'

Biden Title IX rule snubs SCOTUS precedent, would let colleges hide evidence

Progressives Rebuke Hillary Clinton for Her Transgender Warnings

Thomas: Supreme Court should 'correct the error' on contraception and same-sex marriage

LGBTQ Pride events offer a make-or-break moment for monkeypox

Current Monkeypox Virus May Be Showing Accelerated Evolution as More New Cases Rise

U.S. monkeypox response mirrors early coronavirus missteps, experts say

GOPs Call for Firing Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin over Vaccine Mandate - Dems and Cheney Opposed

Tracking Bible Prophecy Headlines - 6/24/2022

US officials said to ask Israel to shorten reception ceremony when Biden arrives

Erdogan personally welcomes MBS as Turkey, Saudis hail 'new era of cooperation'

Israel helps battle forest fire in Turkey-backed north Cyprus

Amid threat of Iranian attacks, Lapid lands in Turkey for security talks

Turkey said to nab Iranian cell planning attacks on Israelis

In Ankara, Lapid praises security ties with Turkey after alleged Iran terror bust

Pres. Herzog: Our counter-terror operations are straight out of a movie

IRGC replaces intelligence chief following killings, Israeli accusations

Iran says it's 'serious' about reaching revived JCPOA, expects 'realism' from US

Pence visits Iranian opposition to show support as anti-government protests erupt across Iran

US envoy Lipstadt plans Saudi trip next week to kick off global antisemitism fight

Court upholds Arkansas law allowing state to reject business that boycotts Israel

Vatican releases thousands of Holocaust-era letters and requests online

Coalition snatches bills from rebel-held committee to stymie snap election delay

Giving alternative gov't a chance, Orbach delays Knesset dispersal process to Monday

Energean CEO: We're looking at new drilling near Tamar

Kuwait's crown prince dissolves parliament, calls elections

Threat of Russian veto hovers over renewing UN aid mandate to Syria

Stressing historical ties between peoples, Zelensky laments lack of Israeli support

Commentary: Forty Democrats Labeled Ukraine's Azov Battalion a Terrorist Organization in 2019

US to send more rocket systems, other military aid to Ukraine

Vladimir Putin Warns 'Satan-2' Nuclear Missiles Could Be Deployed in Months

Russian Official Who Carried Putin's Nuclear Codes Found in 'Pool of Blood'

UN says over 150 Ukraine cultural landmarks destroyed by Russia's war

Ukraine's Zelenskyy calls for 'fair tribunal' in Nuremberg-style trials to hold Russia accountable

European leaders formally accept Ukraine as a candidate to join the EU

European Union grants Ukraine, Moldova candidate status in slam against Putin

Cisco, Nike quit Russia, as pace of Western firms leaving speeds up

'We are in a Gas Crisis' Russian Energy Addiction Sees Green Germany Move One Step Closer to Rationing

Germany Looks at Potential Rationing of Natural Gas After Russia Cuts Supply - The potential move could push Europe's biggest economy into a recession

Germany Warns of Lehman-Like Contagion From Russian Gas Cuts

Oil-Rich Africa Struggles to Keep Refineries Open, Leaving Citizens Without Fuel

As gas prices surge, blame game mostly ignores impact from new liberal financial policy - 'Woke' investing concept seen as factor in Americans paying more at the pump

"Is That the Choice? $5 a Gallon Gas or a $61,000 Electric Car?" - Peter Doocy Spars with Karine Jean-Pierre Over Biden's Insane Policies

Joe Biden Plans to Take 'Millions of Cars Off the Road' to Reduce Oil Consumption

Los Angeles may ban new gas stations to help combat climate emergency

Predatory lenders are making money off rising gas and food prices

Fed's inflation fight will likely lead to stagflation: Ray Dalio

European Central Bank Denies Stagflation is Likely, After Predicting Inflation Was 'Temporary'

Fed says U.S. banks can weather severe downturn comfortably

The retail industry is facing a potential wave of bankruptcies - here's why

Former Defense secretary says China 'could bring Taiwan to its knees' without invading

N. Korea talks of new army duties suggest nuclear deployment

Pope Francis: 'No Place for Nuclear Weapons' in Today's World

Biden FBI raids Trump DOJ official Jeffrey Clark, GOP officials, staffers in multiple states in 'alternate electors' investigation

Trump electors in Michigan being served with federal subpoenas

Kinzinger: Threats over January 6 Probe Show 'Depravity of What's Existing out There'

Discovery+ Behind Mystery Donald Trump Docuseries That's A Reason The January 6th Committee Will Extend Hearings Into July

CBS News obtains images from documentary film footage given to Jan. 6 panel

New documentary footage reveals Pence reacting to a resolution calling for him to invoke 25th amendment to remove Trump from power

FBI seized Nevada GOP party chairman's cell phone over 2020 electors issue, report

Investigators: Pelosi Responsible For Jan. 6 Security Breakdown At U.S. Capitol

Jan. 6 panel's Ron Johnson narrative exposes ills of one-sided hearing

Politico reporter: Two Democratic lawmakers told me 'nobody gives a bleep about January 6'

Maricopa County Republican Committee Executive Board To Reject 2020 Presidential Election After Election Audit and "2000 Mules" Documentary Prove Irrefutable Evidence of Fraud

Supreme Court says North Carolina Republicans can defend photo ID law in court

Kyle Rittenhouse unveils video game to shoot 'fake news turkeys' to fund media lawsuits

Amazon's Alexa will soon be able to speak in the voice of a dead relative

American Airlines testing face-scanning at DFW Airport

Artificial intelligence technology can secure sites by scanning major venues for weapons

Army Virtual Reality Could Waste Up To $22B

The Space Force Gets Its Own Spy Agency

Pentagon Wants Elon Musk To Drop Soldiers Into Conflict From Space

Wild solar weather is causing satellites to plummet from orbit. It's only going to get worse.

Comet twice the size of Mount Everest to pass by Earth next month

Rare alignment of 5 planets peaks Friday as crescent moon joins the parade

5.4 magnitude earthquake hits the southern Mid-Atlantic Ridge

5.2 magnitude earthquake hits near Alotau, Papua New Guinea

5.2 magnitude earthquake hits near Severo-Kuril'sk, Russia

5.1 magnitude earthquake hits near Yonakuni, Japan

Ruiz volcano in Colombia erupts to 23,000ft

Sabancaya volcano in Peru erupts to 22,000ft

Sangay volcano in Ecuador erupts to 22,000ft

Reventador volcano in Ecuador erupts to 17,000ft

Fuego volcano in Guatemala erupts to 15,000ft

Chikurachki volcano in the Kuril Islands erupts to 15,000ft

Rare meteotsunami hits SE Ireland

Incredible meteotsunami phenomenon sees tide surge the wrong way in Welsh harbour

'What do we do when another disaster hits?' Afghans face crises on all fronts after quake kills 1,000

Survivors dig by hand after Afghanistan quake killing 1,000

Multiple fires in California, one person killed after thunderstorms produce 66,000 lightning strikes, U.S.

Severe Flooding: 85 Rivers Surpass Warning Levels in China

How violent storms and a 'rain train' blasted D.C. area

Power outages, 'catastrophic' damage after Northern Va. storms

Massive haboob near Phoenix leaves residents in dust

Brutal heat bakes Southeast, with more record highs forecast Thursday

Joe Biden Blasted for Increasing U.S. Dependence on China for Solar Panels

North Dakota attorney general probes $13.5 million farmland purchase by a trust linked to Bill Gates

North Dakota AG Asks Trust Linked to Bill Gates to Justify Land Buy: 'People Are Just Livid About This'

Interactive Map Details Destruction of Numerous US Food Manufacturing Plants, Grocery Stores, etc. - Compares US Incidents to Global Trends

Ecuador Declares State of Emergency as Indigenous Riots Engulf Nation

Rubio: Cartels, Not US Govt, Control Southern Border

Ominous warning: Ex-border chief says next terror attack may have already crossed porous U.S. border

Armed Man Found Near Kavanaugh Home Pleads Not Guilty To Attempted Murder

Supreme Court expands gun rights, with nation divided

Supreme Court strikes down New York concealed carry restrictions

SCOTUS guns rights ruling prompts meltdown from CNN's Toobin: Conservatives want guns 'anywhere anytime'

Enraged Keith Olbermann calls for Supreme Court's dissolution after New York concealed carry ruling

Biden: Court ruling expanding gun rights 'should deeply trouble us all'

'Outrageous.' New York leaders react to the US Supreme Court ruling on state gun law

"Nothing Changes Today" - Lawless NYC Mayor Eric Adams Promises to Ignore Supreme Court Ruling on Concealed Gun Laws

Gov. Hochul plays the 'you can't yell fire in a crowded theater' and 'muskets' cards in response to SCOTUS ruling on guns

Twitter slams Gov. Hochul's anger over SCOTUS gun ruling: 'Sorry the Constitution happened to you'

Senate Advances Gun Safety Bill as Supreme Court Knocks Down Handgun Limits

Senate Breaks Filibuster on Gun Deal, Clearing the Way for Final Passage

McConnell Defends Bipartisan Gun Control Bill

Klobuchar: Senate Gun Bill 'Paves the Way' for Other Gun Control Measures

Chris Murphy: This Senate bill will allow us to do more on guns in the future

Sen. Mike Lee Says Media Had Gun Control Bill Before Senators: 'Operating at Its Worst'

John Cornyn Brushes Off NRA Opposition: They Can't Be Allowed to 'Veto Good Public Policy'

Beto O'Rourke Claims Greg Abbott Allowed 6 Major Mass Shootings

Texas lawmaker sues safety department for release of Uvalde shooting records

School Shooting Errors 'Damaging' Cops' Reputation Nationwide

Christianity promotes gun culture that allows 'epidemic of mass shootings,' claims New York Times essay

Florida man arrested at Disney, allegedly had gun, knife, and ammunition

Thirty House Democrats urge Speaker Pelosi to take up legislation boosting police funding - Constituents are "extremely concerned about the rising level of crime in the country"

New York City jury finds man who mowed down Times Square crowd not responsible due to mental illness

How liberal policies have killed black communities: Clarence Thomas

West Point Now Teaches Critical Race Theory - Presentation slides at West Point instruct cadets that "in order to understand racial inequality and slavery, it is first necessary to address whiteness"

Sealed: Arkansas Judge Orders Police Report Be Kept Secret In Bizarre Death Of Clinton Aide Linked To Jeffrey Epstein

'Abhorrent and systemic' culture of sexual abuse in Australian mining, inquiry finds

IDF disavows soldier filmed removing local government's gay pride flag in north

Nolte: Child-grooming Backlash - Disney Stock Collapsed Nearly 50% in Year

Oklahoma Theater Posted 'Lightyear' Gay Kiss Warning: We'll Try to Fast-Forward Through It

GOP legislation would let children, parents sue medical providers for gender transition 'harms'

Female Athletes Speak Out at 'Our Bodies, Our Sports' Rally on Title IX Anniversary

Team USA athlete says Biden's new Title IX regulations 'put a nail in the coffin' in death of female sports

Tuberville: Biden's Proposed Title IX Changes Going to Bring Women's Sports 'to Its Knees'

Biden admin. working to redefine 'sex' with proposed Title IX rule changes, critics say

Biden's Proposed Title IX Changes Could Force Schools to Accept Radical Trans Agenda

The Biden Administration Plans To Allow Boys In Girls Bathrooms And Locker Rooms Under Title IX Revision

Supreme Court's religious school ruling signals 'dangerous road' for LGBTQ rights, advocates say

GOP calls for members of Jane's Revenge to be designated as 'domestic terrorists' by FBI, DHS

US rep blames abortion supporters for Michigan office damage

New York's health commissioner credits her professional success to abortion

Proposed Senate Bill Would Imprison SCOTUS Leakers And Impose A Fine Of $10,000

Trump: 'Go to the reporter' to find leaker of Supreme Court draft opinion

Nigerian Senator and Wife Charged in Plot to Harvest a Child's Organs in U.K.

Psychosis, Addiction, Chronic Vomiting: As Weed Becomes More Potent, Teens Are Getting Sick

FDA bans Juul e-cigarettes tied to teen vaping surge

Experts say the FDA ban on Juul e-cigarettes could be the 'opening gun' for a crackdown on the entire industry

Joe Biden Bans Juul E-Cigarettes but Hands Out Crack Pipes for Free for "Racial Equity"

Electronic Tattoo Offers Highly Accurate, Continuous Blood Pressure Monitoring

State Dept. to Pay 6-figure Sums to Havana Syndrome Victims

Why Are Hundreds of Grand Canyon Tourists Suddenly Getting Sick?

Typhoid fever: An Ancient Killer Is Rapidly Becoming Resistant to Antibiotics, Scientists Warn

Scientists Concerned About 'Public Health Threat' as Man Contracts Super Gonorrhea

CDC: 7 deaths in Florida amid "one of the worst outbreaks of meningococcal disease among gay and bisexual men in U.S. history"

Warning as mysterious STI strikes up to 1 in 16 women often with no warning signs

Shanghai: Locals Should 'Donate' to COVID-19 Control

Mark Cuban's new drug company exposes billions in government overspending

North Carolina hospitals used COVID relief funds to expand bottom lines instead of care, report says

American Board of Internal Medicine Threatens to Revoke Medical Licenses from COVID Docs Peter McCullough and Pierre Kory

Austria to scrap mandatory Covid vaccination, months after it became law

Military Vaccine Mandate Under Review as Unvaccinated Public Servants Return to Work

Former employees suing Mayo Clinic over COVID-19 vaccine mandate terminations - More than two dozen former workers allege the clinic wrongly denied them religious exemptions

Twitter Suspends Doctor for Sharing Study That Shows Pfizer Vaccine Impacts Semen

Woman from Cumbria, England First Person in UK to Receive Compensation for Covid Vaccine Injury After Fiance's Death

New coronavirus subvariants escape antibodies from vaccination and prior Omicron infection, studies suggest

CDC Panel Recommends Older Adults Get Newer, Stronger Flu Vaccines

WHO considers declaring monkeypox a global health emergency

NYC Launches Monkeypox Shots - But Walk-in Demand Overwhelms Capacity

Record-breaking Burmese python weighing over 200 lbs. caught in Naples, Florida: 'Next-level snake'

Tracking Bible Prophecy Headlines - 6/23/2022

'You'll see interesting things': US hints at new Arab-Israel ties during Biden trip

Texas GOP adopts controversial platform 'prohibiting' Palestinian state

Knesset defeats two bills to apply sovereignty to West Bank settlements

Knesset passes initial vote to disperse, setting Israel on path to elections

Polls point to return of dreaded deadlock in next elections, unless alliances shift

Yamina rebel seeks to slow Knesset's end, to allow more time to form alternate gov't

In improbable gambit, Shaked willing to join Netanyahu-led gov't in current Knesset

Bennett says he'll vote against bill that would block Netanyahu from serving as PM

Set to become prime minister, Lapid faces critical test against resurgent Netanyahu

Bennett defends legacy, hails coalition 'experiment' as a 'success' in NYT interview

Bennett said mulling timeout from politics, not running in next election

Bank of Israel predicts economy can keep expanding despite political upheaval

Israel will not tolerate attacks from Gaza despite political instability, Bennett warns

US official: Demise of coalition could delay planned visa-free entry for Israelis

AG says new IDF chief can be chosen during election season only if 'essential need'

Israel has a chance to slow the Dead Sea's demise. Will big business get in the way?

After terror attacks, Israel reinforces part of West Bank barrier with 9-meter wall

Damascus airport to reopen nearly two weeks after strike attributed to Israel

U.S. Airman Arrested In Connection With Attack At Syria Military Base

Iran Executes More than 100 People Within 3 Months, Raising Concern at U.N.

UN urges Iran to halt finger amputations as eight burglars face punishment

Russia's Lavrov set to make important Iran trip

Jordan, Saudi Arabia support efforts to prevent a nuclear Iran

Saudi crown prince visits Turkey as relations thaw after Khashoggi murder

7 injured of Tianjin gas explosion discharged from hospital; 9 held accountable under custody

North Korean leader convenes military meeting amid tensions

Xi warns about 'expanding military alliances' at BRICS summit: state media

China Sends Warplanes Near Taiwan After US Rejects Strait Claims

Taiwan Vows Not to 'Cave In' to 'Big Bully' China as 29 Warplanes Fly Close to Island

Qatar Caves to China, Changes Taiwan's Name on FIFA Website

China Uses Photo of Biden Bike Fall to Mock U.S. Position on Tariffs

Raw material costs for electric vehicles have doubled during the pandemic

Elon Musk says Tesla's new factories are 'gigantic money furnaces' that are losing billions of dollars from EV battery shortages and supply-chain snags

China's electric vehicle battery supply chain shows signs of forced labor, report says

U.S. law prohibiting import of products made by Uyghurs in labor camps goes into effect

China Brands America a 'Menace' for Banning Slave-Made Products from Uyghur Region

China says Ukraine crisis has sounded alarm for humanity

US taps top Nazi hunter as lead investigator into war crimes in Ukraine

Moscow vows response for US not allowing aircraft to pickup diplomats

Experts say there are mounting signs that the Kremlin is purging its top generals in Ukraine, the latest hint of deep dysfunction in Putin's army

Drone crashes into Russian oil refinery in possible attack

Microsoft: Russia Steps Up Cyber Attacks Against US, Other Nations Backing Ukraine

Russia Hits Grain Terminals in Latest Attack on Ukraine's Food Infrastructure

Russia: West Is Spreading Lies About Causes of World's Food Crisis

Western Move to Choke Russia's Oil Exports Boomerangs, for Now

Russia earned more than $96 billion from fossil-fuel exports in first 100 days of war, report says

Russia may cut off gas completely, Europe must act now, IEA warns

'This aged quite badly': Trump warned Germany of becoming 'totally dependent' on Russian energy at the UN in 2018. Who's laughing now?

Lawmakers to Investigate Gas Price Gouging

Joe Biden Demands Gas Stations Lower Prices: 'Do It Now'

Biden suggests Republicans who criticize him for high gas prices would have Putin roll over Ukraine

White House pushes back on claims Biden is 'vilifying' US oil industry: 'This isn't personal'

Biden looks everywhere to lower gas prices - except boosting oil production

Biden calls on Congress to suspend federal gas tax for summer months

Infrastructure Groups See Biden's Gas Tax Holiday Doing Harm

Granholm triples down on 'green' as 'the only way out' of high gas prices a day ahead of meeting energy CEOs

Not 'Putin's Price Hike': Fed chair Powell breaks with Biden on inflation

Jerome Powell Admits Federal Reserve 'Not Getting Our Own Job Done'

Powell Says Recession 'Certainly a Possibility' as Fed Determined to Hike Rates to Tame Inflation

Elizabeth Warren to Fed chair Jerome Powell: Don't 'drive this economy off a cliff'

WaPo's Singletary: 'Stop Complaining,' 'Calm Down' About Inflation - You Are 'Not Suffering'

Retirement accounts lose trillions in stock rut

The world's bubbliest housing markets are flashing warning signs

Sri Lankan prime minister: Island's economy 'has collapsed'

Somalia: 'The worst humanitarian crisis we've ever seen' - Children starving to death 'before our eyes'

Soros Spent $40 Million to Elect Progressive Prosecutors in Past Elections: Report

Supreme Court Justice Robert Berliner resigns after being accused of an ethics violation

Supreme Court justices don't have a code of ethics. Hundreds of judges say that's a problem

Judge delays Proud Boys trial amid Jan. 6 committee uncertainty

'Hang them all': January 6 committee members target of violent rhetoric on right-wing social media platforms

January 6 panel postpones final two June hearings until July - Committee members cited an influx of information that they need time to process and assemble

Thursday's Jan. 6 hearing to explore 'the effort to corrupt the Justice Department'

Trump's pressure drew violence, threats to local officials, committee shows

Even Fox News analysts say Trump should face criminal charges as channel starts airing Jan 6 hearings

Fox anchor: Jan. 6 witnesses outlining 'huge, stunning, clear' lack of voter fraud evidence

'I need 11,000 votes, give me a break': Raffensperger details Trump's election demands

Rep. Jordan: Jan. 6 Committee Can't Have Seriousness of Investigation Go Both Ways

Fox News parent must face defamation lawsuit over election coverage

Former Florida Governor Candidate Andrew Gillum Charged With Campaign Fraud

Mexico to 'Open Its Doors' to Julian Assange, With President Asking Biden to Free WikiLeaks Founder

Missouri Attorney General Files Landmark Lawsuit Against Biden for Colluding with Big Tech

The media bubble is real: Study shows massive disconnect between journalists, public

'Get your boy Elon in line': NASA tell-all recounts turmoil over private space race

SpaceX Says 5G Interference Could Make Starlink Internet 'Unusable'

SpaceX may have turned the galaxy red

Five planets align perfectly, visible until end of June - alignment not seen since 1864

A giant sunspot the size of 3 Earths is facing us right now

Solar flare risk rises! Earth may get blackouts, GPS problems and Auroras

Japan Supreme Court: State Not Liable for 2011 Fukushima Disaster

Afghan earthquake: At least 1,000 people killed and 1,500 injured

Taliban Asks World for Aid as Afghanistan Earthquake Death Toll Passes 1,000

5.6 magnitude earthquake hits near Ruteng, Indonesia

Sabancaya volcano in Peru erupts to 22,000ft

Ruiz volcano in Colombia erupts to 22,000ft

Sangay volcano in Ecuador erupts to 21,000ft

Reventador volcano in Ecuador erupts to 17,000ft

Semeru volcano in Indonesia erupts to 14,000ft

Woman dies from lightning as more than 25,000 strikes hit California

Second wave of deadly floods and landslides hits Abidjan, Ivory Coast

Over 100 killed, millions displaced amid historic flooding in Bangladesh, northern India

China's Electricity Demand Sets Records During Heat Wave

Lake Mead: Drought-stricken reservoir near Vegas hits new lowest level since 1930s

Maldives builds floating city for 20,000 people as climate crisis looms

Bacteria Infects 350,000 Fish: California Wildlife

Can a Future Fleet of Robotic Fish Clean Up the Ocean?

Nanny state: Canadian government to prohibit single-use plastic items such as cutlery, straws, and grocery bags

New MPG Rule Will Exacerbate Existing Car Shortage

US Importing Baby Formula From Mexico to Ease Shortage

College pays $800,000 to students banned from evangelizing on campus after SCOTUS ruling: lawyers

Teachers' Unions Condemn Supreme Court Decision Upholding Religious Freedom and School Choice

House GOP scorns bipartisan Senate guns deal

House Republicans Introduce Legislation To Eliminate Federal Excise Tax On Guns, Ammo

Plurality of Americans think government could abuse 'red flag' gun laws, poll

Trump says Senate 'Gun Control' bill is 'first step' toward taking away firearms

Commentary: 'Gun Reform' Is Just Another Word For 'Nothing Left To Lose'

Uvalde school police chief placed on administrative leave as criticism grows over response to shooting

Uvalde mayor accuses Texas law enforcement director of lying, leaking or misleading to avoid blame in shooting investigation

Uvalde school shooting: Officer whose wife was shot was disarmed and 'escorted' away, Texas DPS chief says

Shooting inside S.F. Muni train leaves 1 dead, 1 injured with shooter still at large

Jesuit priests killed by gunmen in church in northern Mexico

El Salvador extends state of emergency for third time to curb gangs

Nearly 200 people break into $8 million Florida home for party, post videos on Snapchat and Instagram

French court bans burkinis, doesn't block city allowing topless women in public swim areas

Jack Posobiec: Disney Willing to Lose Money on 'Lightyear' as 'Investment into Shifting the Culture'

Schools Penalize 'Malicious Misgendering'

Nonbinary teacher complains about people failing to use they/them pronouns in emails: 'I got really, really tired of people using the wrong pronouns'

Republican Bill Would Allow Adults to Sue Doctors for Youth Sex Transition

Neo-Nazi Bank Robber Gets Free Cosmetic Sex Surgery from Taxpayers

CEO, COO of Pornhub parent company resign as scrutiny over videos builds - Company has been accused of hosting nonconsensual and underage sexually explicit videos

Chinese researchers build 'mind reading' device that detects when men watch porn

Jury finds that Bill Cosby sexually assaulted teenager at the Playboy Mansion in 1975

Ghislaine Maxwell Trying To Use Clinton Connection To Get Lower Sentence

Johnson: 'Outrageous' that Biden WH Won't Condemn 'Intimidation' Against SCOTUS Justices

FBI investigating attacks against pro-life clinics as potential acts of domestic extremism

Rare Pro-Life Democrat Louisiana Governor Signs Pro-Life Bill Banning Abortions

Wisconsin Republican Lawmakers Reject Abortion Ban Repeal

Insurrection: Pro-Abortion Activists Storm Wisconsin Capitol on Same Day as Special Session

Over 200,000 Terminations: Government Lockdown Partial Cause of Record Number of Abortions in 2021 - Claim

Scientists create a plague of cancer-sniffing cyber-locusts

CDC investigating 'very serious' outbreak of meningococcal disease in Florida

National incident declared after UK health officials detect polio virus in London sewage samples

W.H.O. Ready to Meet in Geneva and Decide New Name for 'Monkeypox'

Emails contradict Biden administration denials that EcoHealth Alliance received DARPA funding for virus research

Newsom Pre-Orders 400,000 Vaccines for Children Under 5

Publix won't give COVID vaccine to children under 5

Activists say Covid college mandates in question under Supreme Court ruling

Peer-Reviewed Paper Shows Significant Fertility Risks for Men Who Get the Pfizer COVID Vaccine

1st COVID-19 Vaccine Damage Payment in UK Confirmed With Others Expected to Follow

Beijing kids must take a PCR Covid-19 test to play in the park

'Second pandemic'? Biden alarms Twitter with his cryptic comments: 'Here we go again'

Tracking Bible Prophecy Headlines - 6/22/2022

Lapid, Blinken discuss Biden's upcoming Mideast trip in first call amid political turmoil

Blinken speaks to Bennett: We're committed to strong US-Israeli strategic relationship

Lapid's trip to Turkey for security talks still on despite political tumult

'We Have No Illusions' About Lapid Premiership, Says PA Official

Iran's IRGC head predicts defeat of Israel, US amid Israeli elections

Coalition to begin process of dissolving Knesset, heralding return to upheaval

A year out of power, Haredim hail government's downfall, credit divine intervention

TV polls predict another election won't free political system from cyclical deadlock

Gantz throws cold water on possibility of reuniting with Netanyahu

Knesset appears to kill bill that would bar Netanyahu from becoming premier

Exercise app used to spy on Israeli soldiers, sensitive facilities - report

NYT probe: Abu Akleh 'most likely' killed by IDF, but no indication she was targeted

PA demands Israel hand over rifle that may have killed journalist Abu Akleh

Palestinian stabbed to death during West Bank brawl with settlers

A decade after split, Hamas and Syria said in talks to renew ties

Iranian gunboat nearly collides with US warship while charging it head-on in hour-long harassment

US, Iran in tense sea incident; Tehran preps new centrifuges

Iran claims it detained Mossad cell planning to kill nuclear scientists

Iran says engineer's death at Parchin military site caused by 'industrial sabotage'

Electrical transformers near G7 summit tampered with, German police say

China conducts new missile defense test even as U.S. pushes ban on space tests

Mexican scientist jailed in US for spying for Russia

AG Garland makes surprise Ukraine visit to throw US weight behind war crime prosecutions

'You're my hero': Jewish actor Ben Stiller tells Zelensky in Kyiv

Ukraine's Farmers Start Harvest With Few Places to Store Grain

Just 11% of Americans Blame Putin for High Energy Prices

Karine Jean-Pierre mocked for 'Freudian slip:' Started to say Biden will 'elevate' pain at the pump

Tim Scott: Price Reduction from Gas Tax Holiday Would Be 'Eliminated in About 12 Days'

Oil turbulence could last five years, ExxonMobil boss warns

Recession? What Recession?: WH Press Secretary Claims the US is Now Entering a Period of "Stable and Steady Growth"

Clyburn: 'No Question' We Are in a Recession 'for a Lot of People,' If You Can't Afford Gas, 'You Are in a Recession'

With Markets in Disarray, International Investors Are Stockpiling U.S. Dollars

Colbert: Comparing arrests of production crew at Capitol complex to Jan. 6 'shameful and grotesque'

"We Cannot Let America Become a Nation of Conspiracy Theories" Liz Cheney Attacks Trump, First Amendment During January 6 Show Trials

New Metro DC Police Report Confirms Plainclothes "Electronic Surveillance Unit" Operatives Were Embedded in the Crowd on Jan. 6 to Record Protesters - Used Rainbow Color Wristbands to Identify Each Other

Jan. 6 Committee Focuses on Trump Efforts to Sway State Legislatures, Secretaries of State

Jan. 6 Committee hearing: Officials detail doxxing, 'sexualized threats' to families amid Trump pressure

The Trump campaign tried to use fake electors, says Rep. Adam Schiff

Dershowitz: Jan. 6 Panel Wrong to Promote 'Doctored' Trump Speech Tape

Pennsylvania Race Key to Election Integrity: Ellis

Twitter board unanimously recommends Musk's takeover bid

Protonmail Founder: Apple and Google's Surveillance Capitalism Is 'Not Good for Users' or 'Society'

Remnants of Chinese Chang Zheng 2F rocket re-enter the atmosphere over the Mediterranean Sea

Strong M6.1 earthquake hits Afghanistan-Pakistan border region

5.9 magnitude earthquake hits near Bonin Islands, Japan region

5.4 magnitude earthquake hits near Kokopo, Papua New Guinea

5.3 magnitude earthquake hits near Mohr, Iran

5.2 magnitude earthquake hits near Sinabang, Indonesia

5.0 magnitude earthquake hits the South Sandwich Islands region

Sabancaya volcano in Peru erupts to 22,000ft

Ruiz volcano in Colombia erupts to 22,000ft

Sangay volcano in Ecuador erupts to 22,000ft

Reventador volcano in Ecuador erupts to 18,000ft

Semeru volcano in Indonesia erupts to 14,000ft

Celia again a tropical storm off Mexico's Pacific coast

Triple threat: Watch as 3 waterspouts swirl off the Alabama coast

Heavy flooding, landslides destroy buildings, roads in China

Southern China hit by heaviest rains since 1961, forcing hundreds of thousands to evacuate

Yellowstone Flooding Rebuild Could Take Years, Cost Billions

Heat Wave Sweeps Across Central China's Henan

Scorching Middle East heat produces 126-degree temperature in Iran

Wildfire in New Jersey Could Become the State's Largest in Years

2022 solstice at Stonehenge brings out crowds of druids, pagans

Governor Ron DeSantis To Sign Bill Declaring Religious Services 'Essential' Even In Emergency Declarations

Supreme Court: Barring Christian Schools From Aid Program Violates Constitution

Sotomayor accuses supreme court conservatives of dismantling church-state separation

'Greatly compromised:' Lawmakers see major security hole after 15 suspected terrorists cross border

Two Canadians Found Dead with Throats Slashed in Mexico Resort of Playa Del Carmen

Cartel Gunmen Murder Two Priests Inside Mexican Border State Church

Journalists and parents kicked out of Uvalde City Council meeting on school shooting

Uvalde hires private law firm to block footage and audio from school shooting

Uvalde Official Admits Police "Never" Touched Door To See if it was Locked Until They Breached

Report: Officers Entered Uvalde School 19 Minutes into Attack, Waited 'Nearly Another Hour' to Enter Classroom

Police Could Have Stopped Uvalde Shooter '3 Minutes' After Entering School: Texas Official

Texas Public Safety director says police response to Uvalde school shooting was 'abject failure'

TX Lt. Gov. Patrick: Uvalde School Police Chief Arredondo Not 'Very Credible' - 'Most' of His Statements Were Untrue

Uvalde city council denies request by school district police chief to take leave of absence from future meetings

TX Lt. Gov. Patrick: 'Too Many' Uvalde Shooting Hearings Have Been in Private, 'Public Needs to Know Everything'

Texas official: Uvalde shooter driven by social media fame, 'abhorrent behavior' went unchecked for months

Rep. Andy Biggs - Expect House Gun Controllers to 'Go After Ammo and Ammo Manufacturers'

Senate Unveils Language of Gun Control Deal: Expands Background Checks, Expands Prohibited Purchasers

Washington State Gun-Control Law Bans High-Capaciy Ammunition Magazines Starting July 1

Two Stabbed in Sweden Mall Knife Attack, One Critical Condition, One Arrest Made

Chicago police are no longer allowed to chase people on foot just for running away

Cosmetics Giant Revlon Files For Bankruptcy After Bowing to BLM's #PullUpOrShutUp Challenge

House Passes Bill Clarifying Language About Female, LGBTQ Presidents

Pollak: Transgenderism is Dragging Down the Democratic Party

Texas GOP's new platform calls gay people 'abnormal' and rejects trans identities

Congressman Troy Nehls To Introduce Bill To Rescind Biden's Executive Order Requiring All States To Offer Gender Transition Therapy To Minors

Rugby league bans transgender women from international competition

Senate Dems Blocked Proposal to Tell Military Parents If Their Children Wanted to 'Transition'

US Navy Releases 'Children's-Show-Style' Instructional Video to Train Sailors on "Proper Gender Pronouns" and Creating a "Safe Space"

Michigan's Gretchen Whitmer refers to women as 'menstruating people,' GOP gov hopefuls respond

WaPo Gloomy over the Texas Abortion Law Saving Twins: 'Glimpse of What Much of the Country Would Face'

Louisiana Gov. Edwards Signs Bill Making Mailing of Abortion Pills a Crime

Abortion numbers in England and Wales reach record high

Wuhan Hospital Suspected of Organ Harvesting

Taiwan Hospital Displaced Doctors for Conduction Organ Harvesting in China

Cost of living crisis is pushing people 'to the edge' of suicide, warns Christian charity

Biden administration plans to reduce nicotine levels in cigarettes

A Growing Number of California Cities Are Opening Weed Cafes

Supreme Court Rejects Bayer Bid to Stop Roundup Lawsuits

Hundreds of birds wash up on Martha's Vineyard, officials fear bird flu

A man contracted a new antibiotic-resistant 'super gonorrhea' strain after having sex on an international trip

UK To Offer Monkeypox Vaccines To Some Gay, Bisexual Men

Moderna Announces "Human Trials" of New Hybrid Flu-Covid Vaccine Are Officially Underway - Future "Triple-Threat" Vaccine "in the Works"

'The emergency phase of COVID-19 is over': Doctors' group urges Biden administration to revise guidelines for children

Biden: elected officials 'shouldn't get in the way' of kids' COVID-19 vaccinations

Biden wants money 'to fend off the second pandemic', says all American babies should get Covid vax

Tracking Bible Prophecy Headlines - 6/21/2022

Israel heading to elections, Knesset to disband, Lapid to become prime minister

Israel to dissolve parliament, call 5th election in 3 years

'We wanted to continue, believe me': Bennett confirms coalition over, elections soon

Coalition looking to dissolve Knesset as soon as Wednesday in bid to foil opposition

Opposition cheers government's end; Netanyahu: Likud will lead country again

Netanyahu hails end of 'worst gov't in Israeli history,' as new elections are on the horizon

Amid political upheaval, US says Biden to visit Israel next month as planned

PM: Biden's visit 'vital,' goal is to finalize joint plan against nuclear Iran

Saudi crown prince kicks off Mideast tour with Egypt visit ahead of Biden trip

Saudi Pundit Calls for Palestinian State in Jordan: Welcome to the 'Hashemite Kingdom of Palestine'

Israel is hoping its gas will finally make it part of the Middle East

Poland calls for 'regulated' Holocaust educational trips amid dispute with Israel

Digital shekel trial raises smart contract, privacy problems

Cyberattack suspected behind false siren alerts in Jerusalem, Eilat

Gantz says regional air defense alliance has already thwarted Iranian attacks

Bennett: Israel and Turkey foiled multiple Iranian terror attacks in recent days

Iran says engineer's death at Parchin military site caused by 'industrial sabotage'

Report: Drone attack behind mysterious blast at sensitive Iranian ballistic missile site

Iran blames US for stalled nuclear talks, but maintains 'train not derailed'

Syrian military: Attack on bus kills 13, most of them troops

Islamist militants kill 132 villagers killed in multiple weekend attacks - govt statement

Donald Trump: Biden Is Bringing US Toward 'World War'

China claims successful anti-ballistic missile interceptor test

Lithuania restricts goods to Russian enclave; Kremlin blasts 'provocative' move

Ukraine attacks oil drilling platforms off Crimea coast: Official

Italy weighing state of alert amid Russian gas supplies squeeze

'The situation is serious': Germany plans to fire up coal plants as Russia throttles gas supplies

Australia power crisis forces manufacturers to eye offshore moves, production cuts

Biden scolds reporter on beach for asking if recession is inevitable

Poll: Majority Of Democrats Say Runaway Inflation Is Biden's Fault

Pence attacks Biden for 'man-made economic-crisis,' warns he will 'build us back broke'

Backlash ensues as President Biden suggests inflation a 'chance' to make 'fundamental turn' to clean energy

Biden Could Remove Some 'Unnecessary' China Tariffs Amid Soaring Inflation: Yellen

Biden says he's nearing decisions on gas tax holiday and student loans as he tries to tame costs

Brussels at near-standstill as cost-of-living march draws 70,000

Dancing Brazilian Male Stripper Interrupts Peruvian Leftist President's Online Corruption Hearing

Colombia's first leftist leader Gustavo Petro targets inequality; investors on edge

Marxist Gustavo Petro - Who Said Election Was Rigged - Wins Irregularity-Ridden Colombian Presidential Race

Far-right 'tsunami' in France sees Macron lose parliament absolute majority

Le Pen hails huge gains in French parliament as a 'seismic event'

Turkey 'Disinformation' Law Targets Web As Elections Loom

Judge Rules AG Mark Brnovich Waited Too Long to Demand Changes to Arizona Election Procedures to Affect 2022 Election

Texas GOP adopts new platform: Biden 'was not legitimately elected'

Georgia's Raffensperger Among Witnesses for Next 1/6 Hearing

GOP Rep. Kinzinger receives chilling threat against him, wife and 5-month-old son

GOP member of Jan. 6 committee warns that more violence is coming

Watergate prosecutor: Georgia case could 'send Donald Trump to prison'

Trump asked if he expects to be taken out of Mar-a-Lago 'in shackles'

Hillary Clinton Plays the Victim, Claims She Is the 'Most Investigated Innocent Person in America'

Elon Musk Calls The Influence Behind The Democratic Party 'Next Level Insanity'

Bill Maher Slams The Washington Post, Calling Their Newsrooms An 'Unlicensed Daycare Center'

Amazon drones are coming to town. Some locals want to shoot them.

China says it detected alien signals using giant 'Sky Eye' telescope

Elon Musk's SpaceX rocket creates bizarre phenomenon in New Zealand

Giant Sunspot Has Doubled in Size in 24 Hours and It's Pointed at Earth

5.4 magnitude earthquake hits near Port-Vila, Vanuatu

5.2 magnitude earthquake hits near Hualien City, Taiwan

5.2 magnitude earthquake hits the South Sandwich Islands region

Sheveluch volcano on Kamchatka, Russia erupts to 27,000ft

Sabancaya volcano in Peru erupts to 22,000ft

Ruiz volcano in Colombia erupts to 22,000ft

Sangay volcano in Ecuador erupts to 21,000ft

Fuego volcano in Guatemala erupts to 15,000ft

Reventador volcano in Ecuador erupts to 15,000ft

Semeru volcano in Indonesia erupts to 14,000ft

Brief period of strong volcanic tremor under Ruapehu, New Zealand

Trio of twisters wreaks havoc in China

Floods in India and Bangladesh leave 41 people dead, millions stranded

Late-season snow and cold give parts of Northeast a taste of winter

Second heat wave expected to bring temps above 100 for 20% of people in US

Heat wave shatters all-time records in Europe

Large temperature contrast during record-breaking June heatwave fuels severe thunderstorms, Europe

Sweltering streets: Hundreds of homeless die in extreme heat

Dams, taps running dry in northern Mexico amid historic water shortages

Po River at record-low levels, densely populated large fertile region of Italy suffering worst drought in 70 years, Italy

A 3,400-year-old city in Iraq emerges from underwater after an extreme drought

Will rain in summer soon be the norm in Israel? Israel's rainy season has gradually shifted to both begin and end later on in the year

WA Gov. predicts summer full of 'blackouts, destruction, and death' over the alleged climate crisis

Mass death - Korora penguins washing up on New Zealand beaches

Extremely rare megamouth shark washes up in Philippines village

Petrochemical Plant Explosion Kills 1 in Shanghai

Rail strikes set to paralyse UK travel network

'Travel armageddon' at airports across the country: 'This is expensive for the airlines'

Pope sparks resignation rumours after postponing Africa trip and holding unusual cardinal meeting

Kari Lake slams Arizona GOP Gov. Ducey, demands he declare border invasion - "Why are we sitting here like sitting ducks while we cede control of our southern border in Arizona to the cartels?"

Monkey in "bullet-proof" vest found dead after bloody cartel shootout in Mexico

Five major US cities already on track to break their 2021 homicide totals

Philippines government lawyer shot dead in Philadelphia Uber, Mayor blames guns

Twitter and Facebook Crack Down on Greitens Ad Calling to Hunt Non-MAGA Republicans With Guns

Rep. Gaetz: Why Has Biden's IRS Purchased More Than $700K Of Ammo

Washington, D.C., shooting injures multiple people, including police officer at Juneteenth concert

VP Harris botches Juneteenth history lesson about '400 years of slavery'

US military marches in front of Pride flag, no American flag in sight

Japan court rules same-sex marriage ban is not unconstitutional

Megachurch pastor says it's 'very unloving' for Christians to affirm friends' LGBT lifestyles

'Problematic' or a 'positive step forward?': Sexualized Pride ads stir debate on LGBTQ marketing campaigns

Elon Musk's Trans Daughter Files to Change Her Name, No Longer 'Wishes to Be Related' to Him

Chris Evans Says Homophobic 'Lightyear' Critics Will 'Die Off Like Dinosaurs'

Irony: 'Lightyear' ($51-55M) Getting Stepped On By The Dinosaurs At Weekend Box Office As 'Jurassic World Dominion' Sees $57.1M

LGBT Republicans Slam Biden for Targeting Florida Parental Rights Law

California lawmakers approve bill to ask voters to amend state constitution to protect abortion rights

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis says White House lying about COVID vaccine policy

DeSantis Doubles Down on Vaccinations, Says Florida Will Not 'Jab' Babies

Data from National Statistics in England Reveals Almost 530,000 Vaccinated Have Died Including Non-COVID Deaths Between January 2021 and March 2022

Dr. Fauci: When You're in an Indoor Setting, You Should Wear a Mask Even Though the Whole World, Including the US and UK Are Worn Out and Tired

Tracking Bible Prophecy Headlines - 6/20/2022

Bennett said resisting anti-Netanyahu bill, warning coalition will collapse

Bennett government receives lifeline for another week

Report: Bennett Tells Yamina If Judea & Samaria Law Fails Again It's All Over

Biden's Israel trip squeezed between Khan al-Ahmar and E1 dates

Sirens heard in Jerusalem and Eilat in a false alarm, military says

IDF carried out limited strike on Hamas post because it did not want casualties

Gantz: Israel preparing offensive options against Iran 'if and when' they're needed

Lapid set to visit Turkey amid efforts to thwart Iranian attacks on Israelis there

PM warns Iran: 'Those who send terrorists to attack Israelis will pay the price'

Pompeo says Biden's Iran talks 'squandered' Middle East stability: 'Putting us all at risk'

Ethiopia ethnic attack leaves over 200 killed, witnesses say

Police in India Assault, Charge Pastor for Family Devotional

Islamic State claims responsibility for attacks on Christian villages in Mozambique

Russia Attacks US-Backed Fighters In Syria At American Outpost

Moscow Works On UN Resolution Condemning Israel for Damascus Airport Strike: Report

Nicaragua approves Russian troop access to country, defies US objection

Senator Rand Paul Calls for Spending On Ukraine To Stop, Saying 'We Borrow Money From China So We Can Send It To Ukraine?'

It's no surprise Russia is weathering the West's sanctions: Putin has been preparing for them for nearly a decade

Too big to sanction? A large Russian bank still operates freely because it helps Europe get Russian gas

A French nuclear crisis frustrates Europe's push to quit Russian energy

Run on the Banks in China - Long Lines in Henan, Shanghai, and Dandong

French election: Macron loses absolute majority in parliament in 'democratic shock'

Tuesday's January 6 hearing will show evidence of Trump's role in fake electors scheme, Schiff says

Trump Congratulates CNN For No Longer Using Term "Big Lie" - "A Big Step"

Minnesota Senate Ethics Committee Unanimously Votes to Investigate Democrat on Voter Fraud Allegations

Video Proves Dan Crenshaw's Squad Assaulted Conservative Comedian Alex Stein During the Texas Republican Conference, Media Lied to Cover For Him

IRS expands AI-powered bots to set up payment plans with taxpayers over the phone

Bitcoin is becoming the currency of freedom for those living in tyrannical nations

The International Space Station swerved to avoid colliding with shrapnel from a Russian anti-satellite missile test

Very bright fireball illuminates the night sky over Brazil

6.0 magnitude earthquake hits Taiwan

5.5 magnitude earthquake hits near Pangai, Tonga

5.5 magnitude earthquake hits near Naha, Japan

5.1 magnitude earthquake hits near Naha, Japan

5.1 magnitude earthquake hits near Nanao, Japan

5.1 magnitude earthquake hits near Iztapa, Guatemala

5.0 magnitude earthquake hits near Fry, Greece

5.0 magnitude earthquake hits near Kuril'sk, Russia

Sheveluch volcano on Kamchatka, Russia erupts to 27,000ft

Ruiz volcano in Colombia erupts to 23,000ft

Sabancaya volcano in Peru erupts to 22,000ft

Sangay volcano in Ecuador erupts to 20,000ft

Fuego volcano in Guatemala erupts to 15,000ft

Reventador volcano in Ecuador erupts to 15,000ft

Semeru volcano in Indonesia erupts to 14,000ft

Intense hailstorm hits Qingyuan, causing severe crop damage, China

Southern China hit by severe rains, floods as 'dragon boat water' peaks

Flood situation critical in India: 59 dead, millions stranded in Bangladesh

Heat waves and severe flooding mark streak of wild weather across U.S.

Northeast sees record-low temperatures on Father's Day

4 buildings at observatory in Arizona lost in wildfire

Spain, Germany battle wildfires amid unusual heat wave

Republicans introduce bill to defund John Kerry, other Biden 'climate tyrants'

Defense Production Act: How Biden is using emergency powers for green energy

The IRS Is Buying Up Ammo, While The Government Intends To Make It Harder For Citizens To Acquire

Twitter employees triggered by Elon Musk saying 'all lives matter'

Mayor Adams compares 'displacement' of black New Yorkers to slavery in Juneteenth speech

Whopping 72 Percent Majority of Republicans Believe That the US Has 'Poor Moral Values'

Google Worker Fired For Blowing The Whistle on 'Spiritual Organization' Within Company That's Been Accused of Sex Trafficking

UK troops filmed having orgy at barracks, barred from NATO deployment

Palestinian activists ban 'LGBT party' in Ramallah

Hillary Clinton suggests transgender debate 'should not be a priority' for Dems - Clinton says Republicans are so extreme that other issues are 'out the window'

Top governing swim body bans most trans athletes from elite women's competitions

Transgender Org Releases New Guidelines, Lowers Recommended Age For Starting Children on Gender-Change Hormones and Mutilating Their Breasts

Blood Donor Turned Away Because HE Refused To Answer If He Was Pregnant, A Signal Of The Insanity Of Modern Gender Ideology

Jennifer Lopez introduces her child Emme, 14, using gender-neutral pronouns during LA performance

Kamala Harris claims abortion doesn't require a change in faith

Oklahoma Attorney General: 'Staggering Possibility' SCOTUS Will Overrule 'National Sin' of Roe v. Wade

Jane's Revenge Plans Roe v. Wade Reveal 'Night of Rage,' 'Carrying that Anger Out into the World Expressing it Physically'

'Abortion on Demand' protesters march to Amy Coney Barrett's home with bloody pants and baby dolls

After Years of Denials, A Report Indicates that the Head of the WHO Quietly Believes COVID19 Came from Lab in Wuhan, China

Confirmed: Pfizer's COVID Vaccine Reduces Sperm Count in Men, Another Adverse Affect Of The Forced Vaccine Tyranny

The'Dam Is Broken' After Court Rules Oceana Grill Can Seek Damages for COVID Shutdown

Israel: Officials said weighing indoor mask mandate, offering COVID shots for youngest kids

Ireland: Lockdown Forever! Health Minister May Reintroduce Forced Mask-Wearing

Tracking Bible Prophecy Headlines - 6/19/2022

Iraqi Parliament Speaker Outspoken on Anyone Who Recognizes Israel - "I'll Cut Off Their Manhood"

Palestinians Promise 'Religious War That Will Exterminate Everything' if Jews Pray on the Temple Mount

Likud said preparing to bring Knesset dispersal bill for preliminary vote this week

Attorney-General asked to probe Likud deal to topple Bennett

2,000 rally in support of coalition, urge renegade Yamina MK to 'not break'

Israel freezes move to allow in 2,000 more Gaza workers after rocket attack

Palestinian Rocket Fire Draws Israeli Air Strikes in Gaza

Three armed Palestinians killed in clashes with IDF in Jenin

Gantz vows retaliation to any Iranian attack in Turkey; one said foiled in past day

Israel 'concerned' by Iran airline activity in S. America, hails Argentina response

Iran says fighter jet crashes after engine failure, pilots survive

Attack on Sikh Temple in Afghanistan's Capital of Kabul Kills 2

DHS announces terror bar exemptions for Afghan evacuees who worked for Taliban-era civil service

Big Oil exec: Biden's 'failure to plan' now constitutes 'significant emergency'

Maher: Biden Tried to Get off Fossil Fuels without a Replacement, and Now We're Begging the Saudis for Oil

Russia again cuts natural gas exports to European countries

British Central Bank Admits it 'Underestimated' Inflation, as UK Heads Towards 11 Per Cent

Economy On The Brink: Will This Be The Excuse To Push Digital Dollars?

Russia putting world at the risk of famine, EU top diplomat warns

Putin lambasts US as acting like 'God's messenger,' claims world order is changing - Putin accused the U.S. of attempting to 'cancel' nations that do not accept western values

Joe Biden Part of Secret Soviet Plot to Destroy the U.S. - Fox News Guest

DOJ Blocks GOP Effort To Get Answers In Hunter Biden Probe

Tucker Sounds Alarm On Joe Biden's 'Sick & Horrifying' Behavior For Showering With His Daughter

Biden falls in front of onlookers while cycling outside Delaware beach vacation home - White House says 79-year-old president did not need medical attention

Ric Grenell: Biden's Fall Shows He's 'Not Well' or Running US

Biden under fire for 'uncouth' condolences after saying Jo-Ann Stores CFO 'dropped dead'

Black Congressional Candidate Calls Out Dems - "The Party Of The KKK And Jim Crow"

The Clintons Claim America Is on the Edge of Losing Democracy

Brad Raffensperger Calls for Federal Amendment on Election Security

Nolte: Jan. 6 Committee Fail - Biden Loses to Trump in Potential Rematch

Trump: Jan. 6 panel is 'one-sided witch-hunt,' weak Pence was 'human conveyor belt'

Eric Greitens: January 6 Committee Hearings Are 'Massive Distraction' from Biden's Failures

'Impeachment No. 3': Jan. 6 panel isn't swaying these swing-state Republicans

President Trump Suggests He'll Pardon J6 Defendants If President Again

Trump declares US faces 'greatest danger' from Americans seeking to destroy it 'from within'

Elon Musk Wants Free Speech for Himself, Not SpaceX Employees

SpaceX reported to fire employees critical of CEO Elon Musk

Tesla investor sues Musk, board over accusation of workplace discrimination

Google Fined $245 Million By Mexican Court Over Defamatory Blog

Bill Clinton Sent Federal Agents to Area 51 to Look for Aliens

5.4 magnitude earthquake hits near Isangel, Vanuatu

5.3 magnitude earthquake hits near Pagar Alam, Indonesia

5.2 magnitude earthquake hits near La Libertad, Mexico

5.1 magnitude earthquake hits near Villa Presidente Frei, Nunoa, Santiago, Chile, Chile

5.1 magnitude earthquake hits near La Libertad, Mexico

3.9 earthquake rattles Atlanta and parts of Georgia

Ruiz volcano in Colombia erupts to 22,000ft

Popocateptl volcano in Mexico erupts to 21,000ft

Sabancaya volcano in Peru erupts to 21,000ft

Sangay volcano in Ecuador erupts to 20,000ft

Reventador volcano in Ecuador erupts to 14,000ft

Semeru volcano in Indonesia erupts to 13,000ft

Tropical Storm Celia forms in Pacific; Blas heads out to sea

Millions of homes underwater as massive floods hit parts of India and Bangladesh

Yellowstone River flooding is a 1 in 500-year event, US Geological Survey says

With Yellowstone closed, gateway towns face a fight for survival

Millions set to swelter as intense heat builds for summer solstice

Locations in southwest France break all-time June records as heat wave bakes Western Europe

Western Europeans wilt in early summer heatwave, compounding climate change fears

MSNBC Warns 'Less Than a Decade' To Save the Planet

French Police Arrest Far-Left Extremist Linked to Estimated 60 Car Burnings

Total Southern Border Encounters, 'Gotaways' Greater Than Population of 23 U.S. States

Cartel-Controlled Areas Have Fewer Murders, Says Mexican President

California Lawmakers Propose A Bill Requiring Gun Owners To Carry Liability Insurance On Firearms, Making Them Liable For Anything That Results From Gun Use

Man with 'edged weapon' attacks 3 people in San Francisco airport, police say

Police Bodycam Footage Shows Naperville Cop Fatally Shooting Hatchet-Wielding Man

Man who shot at police in 100-mph chase reportedly illegal immigrant, has been deported 7 times

Video Shows Police Never Tried To Open Door To Get In Texas Classroom Where Shooter Was, Report Says

Texas cops waited 77 minutes to attempt entering Uvalde classrooms under attack: report

CNN Says Juneteenth Is 'America's True Birthday'

Worcester Bishop Prohibits Woke School from Calling Itself 'Catholic' for Flying 'BLM and LGBTQ Flags'

Former priest Arthur Masse busted in alleged Manitoba school sex assault

Disney Bus Driver Among 12 Arrested in Undercover Child Predator Sting

Woke Hawaii teacher busted for grooming 13-year-old, sexually assaulting him on video

Former MA Gym Teacher Accused of Sexually Assaulting 10 Girls Aged 6-8

Syrian Migrant Indicted For Getting 8-Year-Old Step Daughter Pregnant

Art teacher fired - let students pose topless, simulate masturbation on camera

'Sexualization of children': Feminists join Christian conservatives to stop Biden LGBTQ order

State Attorneys General Call Out Biden for Using School Lunch Funding to Promote LGBTQ Agenda

US Air Force Base community center hosts Drag Time Story Hour after initially being cancelled by military

NYC Mayor Adams defends 'drag storytellers' in libraries and schools

So Sad: 'Detransitioned' Teens Reveal How They Feel After 'Changing Genders' And Losing Organs

Commentary: My puberty was chemically delayed. I was their guinea pig

Maine rules in favor of biological male who seeks to be housed with women in senior care facility

UK Health Secretary Orders NHS Use Word 'Woman' Instead of 'People with Ovaries'

"The Family Is Certainly at the Center of the Globalists' Attack" - Archbishop Vigano on the New World Order

Beyond the Kavanaugh Scare: Dozens of Incidents Targeting Pro-Lifers Nationwide

Democratic politicians want Supreme Court justices to be 'intimidated' by overturning Roe v Wade: GOP lawmaker

Pro-abortion activists call for massive unrest in the streets if Roe is overturned

Tom Cotton Demands Merrick Garland Resign Over Inaction on Pro-Abort Violence While the FBI Pretends to Care

Congressional Republicans: Abortions Cost U.S. $6.9 Trillion in 2019

N.Korea deploys national medical teams to battle intestinal epidemic

Not Just for the Birds: Avian Influenza Is Also Felling Wild Mammals

Biden National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan tests positive for COVID-19

Masks Forever: Germany Plotting to Mandate Masks Annually From 'October to Easter'

Pfizer Stops Enrollment In COVID-Pill Trial After Latest Lousy Results

'Monumental step': US approves COVID vaccines for youngest kids

Anthony Fauci: Vaccine Committee Members Receiving Royalties from Drug Companies 'Not Required to Divulge Them'

After Botching the Baby Formula Fiasco and Vaccines, Dems Award the FDA with More Funding

Illinois state audit shows nearly $2 billion in pandemic aide wasted by fraud - State officials blame Trump administration for illicit payouts

Tracking Bible Prophecy Headlines - 6/18/2022

Sa'ar accuses Likud of trying to 'bribe' coalition members and 'spreading fake news'

Biden administration approach to Lebanon and Israel tensions: 'Indulge in fantasy, call it policy'

Palestinian gunmen abduct, beat reporter for Iranian news site in West Bank

Gaza rocket fired at southern Israel, is intercepted

Israel: 'Concrete' threats of Iranian attack on Israelis in Turkey this weekend

Closing Syria aid route would be 'catastrophe', UN warned

French Army Says Killed Close to 40 Militants in Strike in Niger

China launches high-tech aircraft carrier in naval milestone

China's Newest Aircraft Carrier Shows Xi Jinping Catching Up With US

White House acknowledges 'tension' between Biden and staff statements on Taiwan

Putin lambasts the West and declares the end of 'the era of the unipolar world'

Putin: Western 'World Order Is Finished' Amid Russia - Ukraine Conflict

EU chief recommends making Ukraine a member candidate to join Union

Ukraine Hails EU Backing For Membership As 'Historic'

UK's Johnson makes 2nd Kyiv visit, promises to train thousands of Ukrainian soldiers

Zelensky hologram channels 'Star Wars' in appeal for aid from tech firms - Ukraine's president appeared virtually at a Paris tech conference, vowing to also 'defeat the empire'

Japan: Police Arrest Man for Breaking into Shinto Shrine with Putin Curse Doll

Pressure on For Russian Gas-Addicted Germany as Kremlin Turns Down Supply

'They're like our nerd warriors': How the Treasury Department is waging economic war on Russia

Nolte: Report Says Sanctions Hurt Americans, Everyday Russians More than Putin

Priorities: Joe Biden to Host Global Climate Talks as U.S. Gas Prices, Inflation Soar

Climate Forum: Joe Biden Calls for 'Transition' to 'Zero Emissions' Cars to Combat High Gas Prices

Nolte: Biden's Computer Chip Shortage Kills 'Solution' for Biden's Record Gas Prices

Energy Transition Goals At Risk As EU May Label Lithium As Toxic

Australia: Leftists Blame Power Shortages on Lack of Green Energy

Sri Lanka only has enough fuel for about five more days, minister says

'Marching towards starvation': UN warns of hell on earth if Ukraine war goes on

National Black Farmers Association President: "We've Never Faced a Food Shortage - And I Think That's Coming"

As Inflation Skyrockets and Markets Collapse Fed Chair Jerome Powell Says Fed is Examining US Central Bank Digital Currency

Crypto Traders Turn Against Each Other in a Collapsing Market

Economy is Already Collapsing, Majority of Americans Believe

Border Patrol nabs 15 people on terror watch list in record-breaking May

Britain approves Julian Assange's extradition to U.S.

Assange Extradition 'Dark Day For Press Freedom' And UK: WikiLeaks

WikiLeaks' Founder Assange Vows to Fight Extradition From UK to United States

Mike Pompeo summoned by court to explain alleged US government plot to assassinate Julian Assange, say Spanish media reports

Post-Watergate reforms may frame DOJ decision over prosecuting Trump

Jan. 6 Committee Ignores Clear Evidence Of Mass Illegal Voting, Systematically Broken Election Laws

YouTube Deleted a January 6th Committee Video for Spreading Election Misinformation

Election standoff ends in New Mexico county after false fraud claims threw primary certification into question

New Mexico county commissioner who refuses to certify recent election results sentenced for role in January 6 attack

New Security Breach: Capitol Police arrest 7 people tied to comedian Colbert for 'unlawful entry'

Hillary Clinton Calls Trump Supporters a "Clear and Present Danger to American Democracy"

Report: FBI Investigating Florida Woman Who Found Ashley Biden's Diary

Trump Jr. Warns of Possible Blackmailing of Biden Admin - 'Pretty Scary' to Think About Videos that Haven't Leaked

Newsom joins Trump's Truth Social to call out 'Republican lies'

Blackburn: Biden White House Is Trying to Sneak in Disinformation Board with 'Harassment and Abuse' Task Force

New CNN Boss Seeks to Create a Less Divisive News Network

Leaked Audio From 80 Internal TikTok Meetings Shows That US User Data Has Been Repeatedly Accessed From China

5.1 magnitude earthquake hits south of the Kermadec Islands

5.1 magnitude earthquake hits near Kepulauan Babar, Indonesia

5.1 magnitude earthquake hits near Ashkasham, Afghanistan

Sabancaya volcano in Peru erupts to 23,000ft

Sangay volcano in Ecuador erupts to 22,000ft

Popocateptl volcano in Mexico erupts to 21,000ft

Ruiz volcano in Colombia erupts to 21,000ft

Reventador volcano in Ecuador erupts to 14,000ft

Europe wilts under early heat wave from Med to North Sea

Paris may break all-time June record as heat wave bakes Western Europe

Europe heatwave: Outdoor events banned in parts of France

Americans Grapple With a Week of Scorching Heat, Floods, and Wildfires

China Hit by Rare Convergence of Rainfall, Heatwaves, and a Tornado

2 large tornadoes tear through China, and it was all caught on camera

More Than 3000 U.S. Flights Canceled Thursday into Friday Evening

Airline Staff Shortages Threaten to Ruin Millions of Summer Holidays

Biden's America: Sriracha and Peanut Butter the Latest Items in Short Supply

Heatwave poses risks for French, Spanish wheat as EU harvest nears

Drought threatens northern Italy crops as heatwave grips Europe

Italy's largest river dries up, exposing World War II barge that sank in 1943

Belief in God in U.S. Dips to 81%, a New Low

Commentary: America's crisis is a lack of fathers

America's Changing Gun Laws Share Similar Ideals To Mao, Hitler, Castro and More

GOP Sen. John Cornyn was loudly booed at Texas Republican convention amid his push for bipartisan gun legislation

Companies face backlash for selling Juneteenth branded products

NYC Mayor Eric Adams Endorses Child Grooming: 'Drag Storytellers And The Libraries And Schools That Support Them' Are 'Core To What Our City Embraces'

Right-Wing Groups Target Pride Events Amid Rising Anti-LGBTQ Rhetoric

Women's Bureau of the Department of Labor to Host Webinar on the 'Power of Trans Inclusion' in the Workforce

Biden signs executive order to crack down on 'conversion therapy,' combat 'harmful' state laws

The Billionaire Family Pushing Synthetic Sex Identities (SSI)

Blinken Claims Biden Has 'Real Engagement' on Gay Rights with Saudi Arabia

Massachusetts middle school can't be called Catholic after flying Gay Pride and Black Lives Matter flags, bishop says

Belgian Bishop Declines Cardinal Honor Over Abuse Record

Kamala Harris: There's Nothing About This Issue of Abortion That Will Require Anyone to Abandon Their Faith

More Than 40 Churches and Pro-Life Groups Have Been Attacked, But You Wouldn't Know It from Mainstream Media

'The Leash Is Off': Abortion Activists Behind Attacks on Pro-Lifers Issue New Threats, Urge Others to 'Burn'

As abortion ruling nears, U.S. Supreme Court erects barricades to the public

Reversing 2018 Ruling, Iowa Supreme Court Finds State Constitution Does Not Protect Abortion Rights

Mexico's 'Aborteria' Is a Haven of Last Resort for Women From Texas

Man paralyzed 12 years ago becomes Italy's first medically assisted suicide

China Praises Cuba for Defending Uyghur Genocide at U.N. Human Rights Council

Washington cold cases: DNA helps ID two homicide victims decades later

Another Mystery Disease Is Spreading Amid North Korea's COVID Outbreak - Some experts have speculated that the outbreak may be cholera or typhoid

New Strain of Extensively Drug-Resistant Gonorrhea Appears in Austria

Contagious Vaccines: A Warning - For two decades scientists have been quietly developing self-spreading contagious vaccines

Chinese Officials Are Weaponizing COVID Health Tracker to Block Protests

Meta is getting data about you from some surprising places

Facebook Is Receiving Sensitive Medical Information from Hospital Websites - Experts say some hospitals' use of an ad tracking tool may violate a federal law protecting health information

Ontario: She confided in a doctor about her depression. The next thing she knew, the government took away her driver's licence.

Massachusetts man who drove car into Trump store blamed 'voices' in his head, employee says

Joe Biden Says He is Unpopular Because Americans Are Mentally Unwell

Tracking Bible Prophecy Headlines - 6/17/2022

As coalition falters, a prime ministerial reshuffle hangs in the balance

Bennett reportedly weighs a possible alternative government with Likud

Yamina rebel Orbach said nearing deal to defect to Likud

IDF girds for Hamas surprise attack with Gaza border calmest it has been in a decade

EU parliamentarian: We'll use our voices to stop Palestinian evictions

UN-backed court sentences 2 Hezbollah men to life for 2005 killing of ex-Lebanese PM

US military ground raid in Syria captures top ISIS leader described as 'experienced bomb maker'

Israel's Airstrikes in Syria Are Covertly Coordinated With U.S.

Israeli travel warning for Turkey to remain until Iran terror cell caught - report

Israel and Iran: Five minutes to Armageddon?

Rep. McCaul: Iran Could Have Nuclear Bomb Within a Year

Iran said building vast new underground tunnels to hold nuclear enrichment facility

Fears Grow Over Iran's Nuclear Program as Tehran Digs a New Tunnel Network

US targets Chinese, Indian energy brokers for breaking Iran nuke sanctions

Thousands protest 'bulldozer justice' against Indian Muslims

China: U.S. Could 'Spark World War III' by Diversifying Mineral Supply Chains

Xi Jinping Greatly Expands Chinese Military's Mandate Beyond Defense, Tells World Not to Worry

China threatens Taiwan with 'demise' after Taipei lawmaker warns of missiles that can reach Beijing

Kremlin Claims, Contradicting China, that Xi Jinping Endorsed 'Legitimacy' of Ukraine Invasion

U.S. importers brace for chaos as Uyghur Act looms

Zelensky meets with leaders of France, Germany and Italy; Macron decries 'massacres'

Ukrainian Farmers Poison Russian Troops With Spiked Cherries as Guerrilla War Terrifies Invaders

American fighters reportedly missing in Ukraine, at least two feared captured

Sanctions So Far Fail to Dent Russia's War Effort

The 'craziest thing' about seizing Russian superyachts is the US has to pay for them, Biden's national security advisor says on hot mic

Biden Stares Blankly at Reporter Asking Why He Hasn't Sanctioned Russian Oligarch Who Wired Hunter Biden Millions of Dollars

War-fuelled food crisis to add to 'staggering' number displaced

"We Are Teetering On The Edge": Food Shortage Worries Mount As PA Farms "Crushed" By Record Diesel Prices

White House Responds to More US Oil Drilling: 'We Don't Need to Do That'

'Impossible To Continue Operating': Australia's National Energy Market Suspended

Dow sinks 700 points, dropping back below 30,000 to the lowest level in more than a year

Stock market's fall has wiped out $3 trillion in retirement savings this year

Amid record inflation, 36% of employees earning $100,000 or more say they are living paycheck to paycheck

Biden's About To Lose One of His Economic Talking Points - Federal Reserve predicts nearly 1.5 million job losses by end of next year

Biden gets testy, falsely claims inflation in 'every other major industrialized country' higher than US

Biden criticizes 'foreign owned' shipping companies for helping to drive inflation as he signs new law

CNN Agrees With Tucker, Airs Major Concerns About Biden

Anti-vaccine doctor sentenced to prison for Capitol riot

Justice Department again asks Jan. 6 committee to turn over transcripts from witness interviews

January 6 Committee Leaks More Ginni Thomas Emails to Washington Post

Ginni Thomas 'Can't Wait to Clear Up Misconceptions' in Jan. 6 Testimony

January 6 Witness Calls Out Jamie Raskin for Objecting to 2016 Election

Jan. 6 Panel to Make Case Trump Put Pence's Life 'in Danger'

Panel: Trump pressured Pence to overturn election even though he knew it was illegal

George Conway: January 6 Probe Establishing 'Criminality of Donald Trump'

Trump demands 'equal time' as he accuses networks of broadcasting 'slanderous' Jan 6 committee

'Ministry of Truth' 2.0: Kamala Harris to Lead New Task Force Targeting "Online Harassment, Abuse, and Disinformation Campaigns"

Elon Musk promotes free speech at Twitter all-hands meeting, says the media 'almost never' gets it right

California earthquake? Gavin Newsom joins Trump's Truth Social - Devin Nunes urged Truth Social users to welcome Newsom

USA Today Deletes 23 Stories Due to 'Fabricated' Sourcing

EU unveils new 'anti-disinformation code' to crack down on fake accounts and falsehoods

Japan makes cyberbullying punishable by up to year in prison after reality TV star's suicide

Epic alignment of 5 planets, moon to peak after summer solstice

Sun explodes with a massive solar flare that lasted eight hours

5.1 magnitude earthquake hits near Darapidap, Philippines

5.0 magnitude earthquake hits near Komatsushimacho, Japan

5.0 magnitude earthquake hits near George Town, Cayman Islands

5.0 magnitude earthquake hits near Turpan, China

Sabancaya volcano in Peru erupts to 24,000ft

Sangay volcano in Ecuador erupts to 22,000ft

Ruiz volcano in Colombia erupts to 21,000ft

Reventador volcano in Ecuador erupts to 17,000ft

NWS: 3 tornadoes confirmed in west-central Wisconsin, including Mauston

Major damage after large tornado hits Guangzhou megalopolis - Guangdong, China

Montana's Historic Flooding Shows No Signs of Slowing

Abbott again halting baby formula production at its Michigan facility after flooding

Meteorologists: La Nina, Southwest Drought Likely to Continue into 3rd Year

India Study: Delhi Air Pollution Cuts Life Expectancy by Nearly 10 Years

Fresh Demand for U.S. and E.U. to Transfer Wealth Through 'Climate Reparations'

Environmental groups sue Biden to block 3,500 oil and gas drilling permits

"Ticking Time Bomb" Begins As Major US Railroads, Union Labor Seek Biden Intervention Amid Rail Shutdown Concerns

Mexican Military Kills 11 Cartel Gunmen During Stakeout

Police Chief: Illinois 'Monster' Beheads 8-Months Pregnant Ex-Girlfriend

Alabama church shooting leaves one person dead, two others wounded; suspect in custody

Buffalo shooting suspect said he committed massacre 'for the future of the White race' in note apologizing to his family, affidavit says

Suspect in Custody After Mass Shooting Threat Prompts Missouri Schools to Cancel Classes

McConaughey hires DC lobbyists in gun control push

Bipartisan Senate bill on gun violence stalls over red flag laws, 'boyfriend' loophole

Democrats Propose Outrageous 1,000% Tax on Manufacturers and Importers of Assault Weapons

Analyst: Gun Control a State-Level Issue, Not Federal, as Per the Constitution

Ghislaine Maxwell's cellmate claims she was 'offered money' to kill Maxwell

Ghislaine Maxwell Blames 'Narcissistic' Billionaire Father For Involvement With Epstein

Florida Woman Under FBI Investigation For Selling Ashley Biden's Diary in Which Joe's Daughter Recalls 'Showers w/my Dad'

Biden steps up fight over transgender health care

Joe Biden Signs Executive Order Pushing Further Transgender Treatments for Children

Catholic League: Biden's Transgender Policy Promotes 'Child Abuse'

A 2-year-old showed signs of puberty after he was exposed to his dad's testosterone gel

MSNBC's Chris Hayes appalled by 'disgusting' 'violent' push to keep kids out of drag shows

Japan Passes Bill to Prevent Youth Exploitation by Porn Industry

Bill Gates' daughter Phoebe promotes Planned Parenthood on social media

Lauren Boebert Vows Legal Action for 'False and Disgusting' Claims She Was an Escort, Had 2 Abortions

22 Democrats who voted against extra security for SCOTUS justices approved it for themselves after Jan 6

Catholic, Pro-life Groups Call on DOJ to Probe Political Violence

Pelosi When Asked About Pro-Life Centers Being Firebombed: "I'm a Very Catholic Person" and I Believe in a Woman's Right to Choose

Pelosi is 'giving license' to violence for refusing to condemn attacks on pro-life centers, Jesse Watters says

Bracing for the End of Roe v. Wade, the White House Weighs Executive Actions

Biden may declare public health emergency to secure abortion rights as Roe decision looms

Warren proposes sweeping ban on location and health data sales - The bill comes as the Supreme Court could overturn Roe v. Wade

Nolte: Record Overdose Deaths After Left-Wing Oregon Decriminalizes Drugs

CDC guide: How to have Sex with monkeypox

White House won't reveal Biden's last COVID-19 test after contacts test positive

Shanghai to Mass Test Whole City Weekly to Keep Covid at Bay

Canada will no longer require vaccines for domestic travelers and government workers

40-Year-Old British Columbia Man Diagnosed with Guillain-Barre Syndrome Is Awarded Compensation for Vaccine Injury

Pfizer Documents reveal at least 800 people never finished the COVID Vaccine Trial due to Death, Injury or Withdrawn Consent

MSN Highlights Survey Showing 'Severe COVID-19 Rare In Unvaccinated' After Months Of 'Safe And Effective' Propaganda

DeSantis says Florida is 'affirmatively against' Covid-19 vaccines for young kids

Fauci admits 'not enough data' to show recommended boosters for 5-year-olds work

"That's Not Science, That's Conjecture" - Sen. Rand Paul On Fire After Fauci Admits 'Not Enough Data' to Show Booster Shots Reduce Hospitalization and Death in Children

Rand Paul Brings the Fire! Grills Fauci on Royalties NIH Research Doctors Received from Vaccine Companies!

Tracking Bible Prophecy Headlines - 6/16/2022

For Biden's Middle East trip, Israel plays second fiddle to Saudi Arabia - Biden's visit to Israel and the Palestinian Authority is just a sideshow. Saudi Arabia is the main event.

Saudis Want Biden to Counter Iran, Forget Khashoggi in Gas Crisis Bargain

Lapid hints at possible Israeli-Saudi talks ahead of Biden visit

US pushing Israel to avoid unilateral steps in lead-up to Biden visit

Lapid: Biden will visit Israel even if coalition collapses

Israel faces possible snap election - and the return of Bibi Netanyahu

Gazan aid worker convicted of embezzling millions for Hamas

Israel charges two Palestinians over deadly April terror attack in Ariel

Ben & Jerry's said to force new employees to watch videos on Israel, Palestinians

Russia expresses 'deep concern' over Jerusalem church land ruling

Russia summons Israeli envoy for clarifications on Damascus airport strike

U.S. forces capture senior ISIS leader in Syria raid

Ex-IRGC commander claims Iran dealing constant confidential 'blows' to Israel

Lapid: All UN Security Council nuclear sanctions on Iran must be restored

Iran admits it is about to test rocket after photos show preparation

Lapid thanks Turkish FM for help thwarting Iranian attacks on Israelis

With tensions running high, IDF to hold drill near border with Lebanon

Lebanon extends licensing deadline for gas exploration amid dispute with Israel

In landmark deal signed in Cairo, Israel to export natural gas, via Egypt, to Europe

Putin humiliated as Israel turns on 'ally' Russia to strike major energy deal with EU

Trump Was Right Again - Russia Further Reduces Natural Gas Flow by 40% into Germany

Indian refiners lap up cheaper crude oil as Russia is now India's 2nd largest oil supplier

After Waging War on Oil Industry, Biden White House Now Blaming Oil Refineries For Not Doing a "Patriotic Duty"

Biden tells oil refiners: Produce more gas, fewer profits

Biden threatens oil companies with 'emergency powers' if they don't boost supply amid inflation spike

Jim Cramer Says Biden's 'Worrisome' Letter Rebuking Oil Companies 'Harks Back' to Jimmy Carter Era

Biden Energy Secretary: 'Unsustainable' Gas Prices 'Accelerating Our Progress Toward Clean Energy'

Biden called out over warning to Big Oil as energy secretary exercises electric car stock options

Another 45 Million Barrels of Crude Oil to be Released From Strategic Petroleum Reserve: DOE

Fuel Thefts on the Rise as Biden Gas Prices Continue to Hit All-Time Record Highs

Russia Says It Has Destroyed Warehouse for NATO Weapons in Ukraine

Joe Biden Announces Additional $1.2B Aid for Ukraine a Day After Ranting, "I Don't Wanna Hear Anymore of These Lies About Reckless Spending!"

Avi Tiomkin: The US is leading the world into recession

Summers: 'There's Going to Be an Element' of 'Stagflation'

Oklahoma House votes to eliminate grocery tax as inflation takes bite out of wallets

Fed hikes its benchmark interest rate by 0.75 percentage point, the biggest increase since 1994

Markets and households lose faith that Fed can handle inflation

Bitcoin came close to falling below $20,000 as investors continue to flee cryptocurrencies

European Central Bank to create new tool to address fragmentation risk and temper bond rout

EU launches legal action against UK over post-Brexit deal on Northern Ireland

Putin nemesis Alexei Navalny transferred to notorious 'torture prison'

Xi Jinping Offers Russia Economic Support After Zelensky Warns World to Defend Taiwan

Xi Jinping clears non-war use of army, raising fear of 'special military operation' in Taiwan

Taiwan Foreign Minister: China Preps for War, 'Very Threatening'

Taiwan warns China it has a missile capable of striking Beijing

U.S. Rebuffs China by Calling Taiwan Strait an International Waterway

India: Over 800 Members of Largest Opposition Party Arrested for Protesting Corruption Probe

Navy fires five leaders in less than a week

Biden's White House hosted several 'defund the police' activists over the past year, visitor logs show

Texts reveal Hunter Biden's meltdown over discarded gun incident

Report: Hunter Biden Reveals 'There Are 5 Guns in Dad's House' While Berating Sister-in-Law via Text

Report: Networks Silent on Hunter Biden's Laptop - Only 298 Seconds of Coverage Since March

CNN's Don Lemon defends questioning Karine Jean-Pierre about Biden's mental fitness: 'It's our job'

79 buses of migrants transported to Washington under Abbott-Ducey initiative

January 6 committee has footage that challenges Capitol Police findings over alleged role of GOP congressman

Thursday's Jan. 6 hearing will focus on Trump's efforts to convince Pence to overturn the election

Republicans Bust Out Laughing As Dem Rep Says J6 Committee Doesn't Engage In Partisan Politics

Jan. 6 panel divided over whether to issue criminal referral of Trump

Swalwell: 'Trump Right Now Is Going into a Season of Legal Reckoning'

Another Challenge for November: Getting Enough Paper for the Ballots

Republican Mayra Flores flips Texas House district that Biden won by 13 points in 2020

Gov. Ron DeSantis responds to Elon Musk's likely vote for him for president: 'I welcome support from African Americans'

Louisiana, Missouri ask federal court to block Biden from pressuring social media to censor

Is it alive?: Google suspends engineer who claims their AI system seems 'sentient'

Dr. Peter Scott-Morgan, 'world's first human cyborg,' dead at 64

Tesla Tops List of Crashes Thought to Involve Driver-Assistance Technology

Inside the U.S. government project to create tiny nuclear reactors like batteries

Strange brew: Americans warned of China possibly spying through smart coffee makers

China says it may have detected aliens, then deletes report

Tremors felt in Dubai after 5.9 magnitude earthquake hits Iran

5.6 magnitude earthquake hits off the coast of Oregon

5.3 magnitude earthquake hits the Bonin Islands, Japan region

5.0 magnitude earthquake hits the Volcano Islands, Japan region

Ruiz volcano in Colombia erupts to 23,000ft

Sabancaya volcano in Peru erupts to 22,000ft

Sangay volcano in Ecuador erupts to 22,000ft

Reventador volcano in Ecuador erupts to 17,000ft

Floods and landslides claimed 90 lives and severely damaged more than 16,000 homes since March, Colombia

Yellowstone evacuates over 10,000 amid unprecedented floods

Parts of Yellowstone National Park may stay closed for 'substantial length of time' after severe flooding

After Yellowstone, floodwaters menace Montana's largest city

Ankara's deadliest flood in recent memory, Turkey

Extreme winds and blizzard-like conditions hit Mount Wellington in Tasmania

Australia: Five States Seeing Power Disruptions as Winter Arrives

Hottest city on Earth: Jacobabad in Pakistan hits 51 Celsius (124 Fahrenheit)

Devastating forest fires continue to rage in Pakistan amid extreme heatwave - 40% of trees in pine forests of Koh-e-Sulaiman Range destroyed

Triple-digit temps scorch the Midwest, smash a host of records

Extreme heat will again scorch a large section of the US, including areas where thousands have lost power

Mass shooting at Ohio cooling center as residents shelter from heatwave

Heat Stress Kills Estimated 10,000 Head of Kansas Feedlot Cattle

Argentina set for worst wheat harvest in 12 years

Starving Sri Lanka Shortens Work Week to Give People Time to Grow Food

Global Food Crisis: Ukrainian Farmers Fearing 'Hell' Harvest Amid Ongoing Invasion

Another US Food Processing Plant Erupts In Flames

GOP senator laments greater federal protections for turtle eggs than unborn babies

Unelected Tyrant NY Governor Calls Pro-Life Americans 'Neanderthals'

US abortions rise: 1 in 5 pregnancies terminated in 2020

Abortion Extremist Group Declares 'Open Season' on Pro-Life Facilities Nationwide

Activist: Wave of Violence Following SCOTUS Draft Leak is 'Domestic Terrorism'

Senate Republicans press Garland on lack of prosecutions for SCOTUS home protesters

Kavanaugh's neighbor speaks out against protesters, details 'horrific' experience since Roe v Wade leak - The neighbor, speaking on anonymity, explained that law enforcement has done little to help with protesters

Hate crime charges filed against Buffalo shooting suspect who allegedly killed 10 at supermarket

Democrats Can't Define a 'Woman,' But They're Sure About 'Violent White Supremacist'

At least 100 killed in Burkina Faso massacre as militants go 'shop to shop' killing men

India: Relatives Hack Newlyweds to Death for Being Different Castes

In Another Win for Abuse Reform, SBC Elects Bart Barber as President

Electronic-sniffing dog helps in pedophilia arrest in Mexico

Miss Universe Organization Calls for 'Inclusive Language' When Speaking About Periods

'Lightyear' Star Chris Evans Calls Critics of the Disney Movie's Lesbian Kiss 'Idiots': Going to 'Die Off Like Dinosaurs'

Joe Biden Botches LGBTQI+ Acronym as He Condemns 'Ultra MAGA' Agenda at Pride Celebration

Biden Mumbles as He Signs Executive Order 'Advancing LGBTQI+ Equality' at Reception For Pride Month

Biden targets conversion therapy, transgender bans in Pride Month order

Trans kids' treatment can start younger, new guidelines say

Michigan's First Openly Gay AG: 'A Drag Queen for Every School'

Graduating students at Seattle Pacific University gave pride flags to their interim president during a commencement ceremony to protest anti-LGBTQ hiring policy

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene Announces She is Introducing Bill to Make it Illegal for Children to be Exposed to Drag Queen Performances

Biden calls states that protect minors from gender ideology 'Ultra MAGA'

Biden fires culture war salvo with big LGBTQ celebration

Arizona State University pulls down American flags, replaces them with Juneteenth and Pride flags: student

Saudi authorities seize rainbow toys they say 'promote homosexuality'

WHO looks into reports of monkeypox virus in semen

WHO to Convene Emergency Meeting on Monkeypox Amid Spread

China Blames 'Technical Errors' for Using Coronavirus App to House-Arrest Protesters

Patients: Chinese Vaccines Cause Cancer, Diabetes

Bayer Head Admits COVID-19 Vaccine is Gene Therapy

FDA Advisory Panel Recommends Moderna and Pfizer COVID-19 Vaccines for Babies, Toddlers

Iowa Gov. Reynolds signs bill banning COVID-19 vaccination requirements at schools, daycares

Canada Makes 3 Jabs The New 'Fully Vaccinated' Standard, Saying 'Two Doses Doesn't Work Anymore'

Quadruple-vaxxed Dr. Fauci tests positive for COVID-19

Fauci, 81, has mild symptoms - is being treated with the antiviral medication Paxlovid - was scheduled to testify Thursday at a hearing of the Senate Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions Committee on the status of the federal response to Covid-19

Biden to Unveil Plan for Next Pandemic While Seeking $88 Billion in Funds

Tracking Bible Prophecy Headlines - 6/15/2022

White House announces Biden trip to Israel, West Bank and Saudi Arabia July 13-16

Biden to meet with Saudi crown prince during trip to the kingdom despite human rights concerns

The Hill: Biden's Middle East trip is an opportunity for a much-needed reset

White House announces Biden's visit, touts 'ironclad commitment to Israel'

Biden to help Israel strengthen regional ties on visit, Bennett says

Top Palestinian envoy to Israel says cooperation has limits

European Union to unfreeze aid for Palestinians

Israel's government crisis intensifies - another Knesset member quits the coalition

Elections soon? A bill to dissolve the Knesset to be voted on next week

Bennett blasts Lebanon for arguing over gas finds instead of drilling

Israel warns Assad, will bomb palaces if Iran operations continue - report

Gantz says US should helm Mideast buildup against Iran

US: Iran escalating tensions as satellite images show preparations for rocket launch

After Turkey travel warning, PM says Israel will protect citizens 'around the world'

Turkey insists it's still safe after Israel warns of Iranian attack plot

Iran still hopeful for nuclear deal despite UN watchdog rebuke

Sweden 'changing' anti-terror laws to address Turkey's NATO complaints

Soldiers in Burkina Faso Recover 79 Bodies so Far After Weekend Attack

Israel signs statement against China's treatment of Uyghurs at UNHRC

As China Rattles Sabers, Taiwan Asks: Are We Ready for War?

Taiwan Official Warns Supersonic Cruise Missile Can Strike Beijing

Sen. Warner: Invasion of Taiwan Would Disrupt Semiconductor Production

Taiwan: China Attacking Would Hurt Global Economy More Than Ukraine

Pope pans Russian 'cruelty' in Ukraine, but adds Moscow was also provoked by NATO

Ukraine says it has only received 10% of weapons pledged by West

Russia is 'hemorrhaging' millionaires

Israel, Europe bolster energy alliance as they look to isolate Russia

Blasting Russian 'blackmail,' EU chief calls for more energy cooperation with Israel

EU gas supplies unstable amid Russian sanctions - The EU is planning on reducing dependence on Russian gas by two-thirds

White House weighing federal gas tax holiday as prices soar: report

Californians turning to Mexico to flee high prices, crime

Joe Biden Rages Against Critics of His Multi-Trillion Spending Agenda: 'We're Changing People's Lives!'

Joe Biden Downplays Inflation - Then Starts Screaming: "I Don't Wanna Hear Anymore of These Lies About Reckless Spending!"

Biden acknowledges inflation 'sapping the strength of a lot of families' as economists prepare for Fed to raise interest rates

Powell Facing Choice Between Elevated US Inflation and Recession

Fed likely to boost interest rates by three-quarters of a point this week

Market Rout Evokes Memories of Trading Before Lehman Blowup

Property Values Fall Across US, Europe on Bite From Inflation

Real estate firms Compass and Redfin announce layoffs as housing market slows

Coinbase lays off 18% of workforce as executives prepare for recession and 'crypto winter'

Fortunes of Crypto Billionaires Are Melting With Bitcoin Crash

World's 500 wealthiest people just lost $206 billion Monday and $1.4 trillion in 2022

The UK's plan to rip up Brexit trade rules slammed for being in 'clear breach' of international law

Jake Sullivan meets Chinese Communist official, discusses 'maintaining open lines of communication' - Sullivan reportedly stressed Biden's commitment to the "one China" policy

Report: Hunter Says Joe Biden Is Politically Influenced by 'Anything That I Want'

Audio: Hunter Biden Boasts His Father Joe will Do Anything He Tells Him to - 'If It's Important to Me... He Will Make it a Part of His Platform'

Hunter Biden: My Dad 'Thinks I'm a God'

'Not a Question We Should Even Be Asking': White House Responds to Query About Biden's Health

White House Press Secretary Laughs Off Questions About President Biden's Declining Mental State

Report: Only 5 of 50 Senate Democrats Commit to Biden in 2024

D.C. Mayor Bowser orders 51-star U.S. flags for Flag Day, highlights city's long push for statehood

January 6 Committee's Zoe Lofgren Questioned Voting Machines in 2004: 'Grounds for Challenging the Electors'

Jan. 6 committee delays Wednesday hearing - No reason for the delay was provided

Jan. 6 committee will not make any criminal referrals, chairman says

Jan. 6 panel gets caught spreading a whopper worthy of Russia collusion, Biden laptop - Capitol police chief says there is 'no evidence,' that a GOP lawmaker ran a reconnaissance mission for Jan. 6 protesters

Jan. 6 panel: Trump campaign used 'big lie' to raise millions from supporters

Trump's inner circle testifies his claims were bogus

Bill Barr Tells Congress He Was Not Interested in Investigating Any Ballot Trafficking in the 2020 Election - And Laughed About Openly During Testimony

High-profile voter fraud prosecutions pile up as election integrity debate rages on

Death threats and epithets: The lonely primary of one Republican who impeached Trump

Squad Member Threatens 'Civil War' If GOP Takes House

Elon Musks Slams Twitter's 'Bias Against Half the Country,' Alleged Inaction on Death Threats to Conservative User

'Exploiting Young People for Profit:' 8 Lawsuits Target Facebook

Spotify Creates 'Safety Advisory Council' on 'Hate Speech,' 'Disinformation' Following Joe Rogan Backlash

This AI model tries to re-create the mind of Ruth Bader Ginsburg

5.6 magnitude earthquake hits near Lae, Papua New Guinea

Ruiz volcano in Colombia erupts to 24,000ft

Sabancaya volcano in Peru erupts to 24,000ft

Sangay volcano in Ecuador erupts to 21,000ft

Reventador volcano in Ecuador erupts to 14,000ft

Ibu volcano in Indonesia erupts to 12,000ft

Tropical Storm Blas forms over the Pacific

Tornado rampages through Chinese village

Extreme weather is lashing virtually every region of the Lower 48

Rare double derechos strike several upper Midwest states Monday night

Unprecedented flooding conditions force Yellowstone National Park to close all entrances and leave locals trapped

Montana Governor Declares Disaster as Historic Floods Sweep Yellowstone

Drought in Iraq Reveals 3,400-Year-Old City

Heat Wave Spreads Across Europe as Summer Highs Come Early

Madrid challenges all-time June record as stifling heat wave grips Western Europe

Biden climate advisor demands tech companies censor 'disinformation' to promote 'benefits of clean energy'

'Delusional': UN chief slams new fossil fuel funding and warns of climate chaos

Thousands ordered to evacuate as Pipeline Fire grows near Flagstaff, Arizona

Yemen tanker: UN crowdfunding to prevent catastrophic oil spill

Thieves disappear with 20 shipping containers full of gold and silver ore and TVs from Mexico seaport

Nebraska Marks 25th State to Flee National School Boards Association Following 'Domestic Terrorism' Letter

Murder-Suicides by Pilots Are Vexing Airlines as Deaths Mount

Lockdown Lifted at Texas Air Force Base After Gunshots Reported Off-Base

Uvalde school district police chief says that he did not consider himself to be the incident commander during the mass shooting

Report: Mitch McConnell a 'Yes' Vote on Senate Gun Control Agreement

House passes expanded security for Supreme Court justices, family members - McCarthy accused House Democrats of "jeopardizing the safety of the Supreme Court" by delaying the vote

These 27 Democrats voted against protections for Supreme Court justices

Tom Hanks Says Straight Actor Couldn't Play His 'Philadelphia' Role Today: 'No, and Rightly So'

Harris speaks at DC Pride event including drag queen story time and twerking transsexual

Pride Parade Clips Show Shocking and Bizarre Moments - with Children in Attendance

Arizona School Club On Leadership and Diversity Asked Students If Their 'Heterosexuality Was A Phase They Would Grow Out Of'

Youth suicides 'significantly higher' when parents bypassed for puberty blockers, hormones: study

Teammate Says Trans UPenn Swimmer Lia Thomas is 'Mentally Ill'

Former Kentucky High School Journalism Teacher Arrested for Child Porn

Southern Baptist Convention's newly elected leaders backed transparent sex abuse investigation

Leading Ukraine rabbi denies sexual misconduct allegations

California Lawmakers Push for Constitutional Abortion

NY Gov. Hochul creates abortion 'sanctuary' with six extensive laws

Ky. AG Sues Over Abortion Law Blocked by Federal Court

Florida synagogue sues state over its abortion restrictions on religious grounds

Man Climbs Oklahoma City's Devon Tower in Anti-abortion Protest

Report: 23 Pro-Life Organizations Vandalized, Firebombed by Pro-Abortion Activists in Recent Weeks

Tennessee sheriff's office warns people not to pick up folded dollar bills because they may contain fentanyl

Feds seize 478,000 counterfeit fentanyl-laced pills, charge 26 with drug trafficking and other crimes

Study: Over 14 Percent of World Has Had Lyme Disease

WHO Set to Decide If Monkeypox Represents Health Emergency

Kids infected with more viruses after lockdown weakened immune systems

Rep. Maxine Waters tests positive for COVID for second time this year after attending Summit of the Americas despite being vaccinated and double boosted

Health Secretary Xavier Becerra tests positive for coronavirus, second time in less than a month

More Post-Vaccination Heart Inflammation Among Young Males After COVID Booster: CDC

CDC Says Moderna's Covid-19 Vaccine Poses Greater Heart Inflammation Risk Than Pfizer

FDA overwhelmingly back Moderna COVID vaccine for ages 6-17

"This is All About Money", "You Will Burn in Hell for Eternity" - Speakers Lambasted FDA Advisers During Advisory Committee Hearing

Chinese health code turns red for financial victims about to protest, reigniting fears of data misuse

A Former Australian Intelligence Employee, Turned Whistleblower, Sounds a Chilling Warning for Freedom Activists, and Democracy

Donald Trump says Biden's America is 'Venezuela on Steroids' - Venezuela is consistently ranked as one of the worst countries for freedom

Tracking Bible Prophecy Headlines - 6/14/2022

In fresh blow to coalition, Blue and White MK renews boycott of coalition votes

Bennett, Lapid in unity plea as coalition teeters: 'We won't give up on our country'

Report: To Stay Intact Lapid-Bennett Coalition Won't Evacuate Homesh

Bennett warns coalition will collapse within a week or two unless MKs end rebellion

A year after ousting, Israel's Netanyahu gets ready for a comeback

Palestinians face uncertainty over Abbas' successor as leader's health declines

22 nations oppose UNHRC probe, Pillay calls for arms embargo against Israel

EU chief, Italian PM in Israel, with Russia-sparked energy crisis topping agenda

As Russia threat grows, visiting European Union chief looks to Israel for solutions

European Commission president heads to Israel with gas deal in the works - The visit comes days after the EC proposed a deal to export gas from Israel to Europe via Egypt

EU releases aid to Palestinians held up over textbook reform

Iranian kidnapping of Israeli tourists said thwarted in Turkey last month

Israelis told to leave Istanbul, stay away from Turkey, amid Iran terror threat

Israelis in Istanbul were whisked to airport as assassins waited at hotel - report

Iran says 2 Revolutionary Guard members 'martyred' as regional tensions rise

IRGC announces 'martyr' deaths of 2 aerospace scientists amid other mysterious deaths in the country

Iran believes Israel killed 2 scientists by poisoning their food - report

Iran and Venezuela Sign a 20-Year Agreement - Will Confront the US Together

Cargo jet with IRGC-linked crew stuck in Argentina due to US sanctions on Iran

Iran using proxy militias to drive Christians out of Middle East: report

Iraq's most powerful politician has just caused a 'tectonic shift' after he ordered his bloc to withdraw from parliament

55 People Killed in Suspected Islamic Extremist Attack in Burkina Faso

Global nuclear arsenal to grow for first time since Cold War - think-tank

Seoul: North Korea fires suspected artillery shells into sea

China alarms US with new private warnings to avoid Taiwan Strait

Russia Warns Europe Would "Disappear" if West Gives Nuclear Weapons to Ukraine

U.S. quietly urges Russia fertilizer deals to unlock grain trade - Officials accuse the Kremlin of using food as a weapon, preventing Ukraine from exporting

European natural gas prices soar by almost 40% after fire at key US export terminal

Russia's Oil Profits Skyrocket Despite Embargo

Biden Weighs Suspending Gas Taxes as Long as Russia's War Lasts

Powell Facing Choice Between Elevated US Inflation and Recession

Dow tumbles 876 points and stocks enter bear market on worries of drastic rate hikes

It's Official: Dow Jones Is Down 500 Points Below Stock Market Level When Joe Biden Entered Office

The S&P 500 erased $9.3 trillion from its market cap

Bitcoin drops as much as 17%, falling below $23,000 as $200 billion wiped off crypto market over the weekend

White House says Biden sparked a 'historic economic boom'

Rick Scott says Biden 'destroyed America's economy' in ads calling on president to resign

CNN: Donald Trump has become more popular since the January 6 Capitol attack

Jan. 6 Committee Contests Trump Election Fraud Claims in 2nd Hearing

Jan. 6 panel says Trump campaign chief Bill Stepien unable to testify 'due to family emergency'

Capitol Police debunk Jan. 6 panel allegation GOP lawmaker helped rioters surveil complex

Jim Jordan blasts Jan. 6 committee: Investigators 'altered evidence and lied'

Rudy Giuliani: "Five Days After Riot I Submitted Evidence to FBI that Antifa Was Involved in the Death of Ashli Babbitt"

Bannon subpoenas Speaker Pelosi, Jan. 6 committee ahead of upcoming contempt trial

Jan. 6 Hearing Liz Cheney Says "2000 Mules" Was Debunked

Former AG Bill Barr laughs at Dinesh D'Souza's election conspiracy theory film '2000 Mules' in January 6 Committee deposition

Dinesh D'Souza on Bill Barr Dismissal of '2000 Mules': 'Stunning' Ignorance

Barr: Trump became 'detached from reality' after 2020 election loss

Trump's former Attorney General Barr repeatedly dismisses claims of voter fraud as 'nonsense' to House investigators

Flashback: Former AG Barr Shut Down Investigations into a Trailer Load of 288,000 Ballots into PA from New York in 2020 Election - Barr Refused to Provide Whistleblower Protection - Now the USPS Won't Provide Investigation Report - What Gives?

Former U.S. attorney to Jan. 6 committee: FBI debunked allegations of voter fraud in Atlanta

Did Gregg Phillips of True The Vote Just Make Elon Musk An Offer He Can't Refuse? Who Knew Geotracking of Social Media Accounts Was Even Possible?

Man lynched by mob and set on fire over accusations shared on social media in Mexico: "This is not justice, but barbarism"

Facial Recognition Is Out of Control in India - The country's use of biometric data against activists and "hooligans" paints a grim picture of how the technology is threatening human rights

Amazon says it will begin delivering packages by drone in California later this year

FAA requires SpaceX to make environmental adjustments to move forward with its Starship program in Texas

A long solar flare just erupted from the sun and the video is stunning

5.2 magnitude earthquake hits near Georgetown, Saint Helena

5.1 magnitude earthquake hits near Georgetown, Saint Helena

5.1 magnitude earthquake hits near Georgetown, Saint Helena

5.0 magnitude earthquake hits near Georgetown, Saint Helena

Sabancaya volcano in Peru erupts to 24,000ft

Ruiz volcano in Colombia erupts to 23,000ft

Sangay volcano in Ecuador erupts to 20,000ft

Reventador volcano in Ecuador erupts to 14,000ft

Semeru volcano in Indonesia erupts to 13,000ft

Ibu volcano in Indonesia erupts to 12,000ft

Hailstones pile up like snow after severe storm creates chaos in Mexico City

Tornado warning issued for Chicago, southern Cook County

Unprecedented flooding hits Yellowstone National Park, U.S.

Yellowstone National Park entrances will be closed for days due to flooding, rockslides

On Tuesday, June 14th, dust from the Sahara desert will arrive in Yucatan and six other Mexican states

'We beg God for water': Chilean lake turns to desert, sounding climate change alarm

Texas Power Grid Mostly Holds Up as Electricity Use Surpasses All-Time Records Amid Sweltering Temps

Around 230 million Americans will experience record-breaking temperatures this week

Argentina records the coldest autumn since 1976

Military families not having enough food is a national security issue, report says

Whistleblowers Detail How Illegal Alien Smugglers Use California's Sanctuary State Policy

None of GOP senators who signed framework gun violence bill seeking 2022 reelection, four retiring

Senate Republicans who struck deal with Dems fought off push to raise assault weapons purchase age to 21

Police Shoot and Kill Gunman at Texas Summer Camp Who Fired into Locked Classroom with Kids Inside

California Animal Shelter Won't Adopt Dogs to Second Amendment Supporters, Vows to Sue People If They Lie About Their Beliefs

Sunday News Shows Spent Zero Minutes Covering Attempted Murder of Brett Kavanaugh

DC March for Our Lives devolves into chaos after person reportedly yells 'gun shot'

Intersections near Supreme Court blocked by pro-choice protesters as Roe decision closes in

New York governor signs legislative package aimed at protecting patients and abortion providers from out-of-state legal action

Idaho officers getting death threats after arresting 31 Patriot Front white nationalists near Pride event

Disney Disaster: United Arab Emirates Bans Pixar's 'Lightyear' over Lesbian Kiss

Pixar movie 'Lightyear,' with same-sex couple, will not play in 14 countries

Christina Aguilera wears strap-on as part of her dazzling array of raunchy costumes for LA Pride event

Nancy Pelosi reaches amazing new level of pandering, tells drag queens why they're what 'America is all about'

'Trans' terrorist to receive taxpayer funded sex change surgery

LGBTQ+ community reflects on 6 years since Pulse nightclub shooting

DeSantis orders flags at half-staff to honor Pulse nightclub victims

Census Bureau seeks funds to research potential questions on sexuality and gender

English School Bans Skirts to Be 'More Gender-Neutral'

God is unifying Body of Christ in ministry to LGBT people, Freedom March leaders say

Rick Warren's Saddleback successor triggers 'shock' and 'fear' amid questions over leadership

Saddleback Church backs Rick Warren successor Andy Wood despite allegations

Prince Andrew axed from Garter Day procession after last-minute 'family decision' amid sex abuse scandal

London Police Charge Kevin Spacey With Sexual Assault

Germany moves ahead with plan to legalize cannabis sales

Georgia Senator Raphael Warnock blames 'pandemic of racism' for brother's drug conviction

Scientists Want to Change the Name Of Monkeypox To Make It 'Non-Discriminatory' and 'Non-Stigmatizing'

Here We Go: Canada to Introduce a Mandatory Monkeypox Quarantine - Cities Are Now Offering Vaccination

Lancet: Lockdowns Aggravated the Already 'Fragile Mental Health of Many Chinese'

Beijing tests millions to stem 'developing' COVID cluster at 24-hour bar

Pentagon May Allow HIV-Positive Recruits, After Mass Firing of Unvaccinated

Severe COVID 'Rare' in People Who Didn't Get Vaccine, Survey Reveals

Republican Gubernatorial Candidate Says Vaccination Status Will Block Him From Attending Debate

Those 'free' COVID tests you take? Labs are raking in millions in tax dollars, study says

Fully Vaccinated and Boosted HHS Secretary Xavier Becerra Tests Positive for COVID-19 Again

Justin Trudeau Announces Second Coronavirus Infection; Thanks 'My Shots' for Protection

Canada PM Trudeau tests positive for COVID-19 4 days after Biden meeting

Now the Rolling Stones Tour Is Upended by COVID After Mick Jagger Tests Positive for the Virus

Tracking Bible Prophecy Headlines - 6/13/2022

Abbas to US envoy: 'Our goal is to get rid of the occupation'

Biden's Israel, West Bank visit tentatively set for July 14-15 - Israeli official

Biden says Saudi trip has to do Israel's national security, not energy issues

With EU commissioner set to visit Ramallah, PA hopes for end to funding crisis

Israel joins EU cultural program excluding settlements

One Year In, Israel's 'Salvation Government' Hangs by a Thread

In fresh blow to coalition, Blue and White MK renews boycott of coalition votes

In fiery libel hearing against Olmert, Netanyahu denies having 'psychiatric history'

New Israeli Radar Can Simultaneously Detect and Track 'Thousands' of Targets

Shuttering Damascus airport, Israel ramps up its efforts to foil Iran arms transfers

73 lawmakers from Iraq's biggest bloc resign, plunging country into uncertainty

NATO chief: Turkey has 'legitimate concerns' over terrorism

US Defense Secretary Warns of China's 'Growing Coercion' of Taiwan

Tasty name but no Big Mac: Russia opens rebranded McDonald's restaurants

French parliamentary elections overshadowed by low turnout

France President Macron's centrist party poised to keep majority in parliamentary elections

Kinzinger: If Trump Believes 2020 Election Was Stolen, He's Not Mentally Capable to Be President

Steve Bannon: Goal Of Jan 6th Hearings Are To Pressure DOJ To Indict Trump

Members of Jan. 6 panel: There's enough proof to indict Trump over Capitol storming

Liz Cheney Uses January 6 Committee for Political Retaliation, Subpoenas Primary Opponent's Campaign Adviser

Jordan Says Jan. 6 Committee Didn't Reveal Anything New

Trey Gowdy calls for cross-examination of witnesses in Jan. 6 hearings: Only way to get the 'whole truth'

Jan. 6 hearings an 'abomination to the American system:' Mark Levin

Kash Patel Calls Out FBI Over Jan. 6: "What Were They Doing with Plainclothes Informants?"

Sperry: FBI Chief Comey Misled Congress's 'Gang of 8' Over Russiagate, Lisa Page Memo Reveals

Brookings Institute president resigns amid federal probe into illegal Qatari lobbying

Catholic Bishop Takes Aim At Biden, Says He Causes 'Great Scandal'

Straight from a Sci-Fi Movie: Google Suspends Engineer For Sounding Alarm On The Company's Dangerous 'Sentient' AI LaMDA Robot

Strawberry moon: Second supermoon of 2022 to light up skies

5.1 magnitude earthquake hits near Ercis, Turkey

Sabancaya volcano in Peru erupts to 24,000ft

Ruiz volcano in Colombia erupts to 20,000ft

Sangay volcano in Ecuador erupts to 20,000ft

Fuego volcano in Guatemala erupts to 16,000ft

Semeru volcano in Indonesia erupts to 13,000ft

Submarine eruption at Kavachi volcano, Solomon Islands

Monday's severe weather forecast includes possible 75 mph winds, derecho racing across southern Michigan

Columbia River dams storing water to help ease river flooding in wake of heavy NW rains

Chicago may hit century mark for 1st time in nearly 10 years

Massive mystery spill in the Baltic Sea

More than 15,000 sheep drown after live export ship sinks in Sudan - Ship Badr 1 sank in Red Sea port of Suakin early on Sunday, prompting environmental concerns

Pipeline Fire burning north of Flagstaff, evacuations ordered

Here is the Updated List of US-Based Food Manufacturing Plants Destroyed Under Biden Administration

Largest Pork Company in the US Shuts Down California Plant Due to High Costs

FDA investigated more baby deaths related to Abbott plant than previously known: report - A nationwide formula shortage was linked to the Abbott plant's closure

Slovenia's New Green-Left Govt to Dismantle Border Fence

Canadian Police Probe Possible Bomb Threat to Parliament

Footage of Women's Beating Sparks Outrage in China

Biden administration launches 'unprecedented' operation to disrupt human smuggling as caravan moves north

Unreal Scenes in Michigan: Entire Neighborhood Beats Man Senseless, Steal His Car in Horrific Blitz Attack

BLM activist arrested after hundreds of cockroaches released in New York courthouse

David Hogg: Putting More Cops in Schools May Endanger Non-White Students

UK Open University Teaches 'Cancel Culture' Is a Good Thing for 'Racial/Social Justice'

Head of US white supremacist group among those arrested near Idaho Pride parade

Oops! Patriot Front Member Was Arrested in Idaho Carrying Megaphone Marked "FBI"

Panic at Anti-Gun 'March for Our Lives' Protest in DC Causes Stampede

Senators Reach Agreement on Gun Control, Including Red Flag Laws to Take Guns from Law-Abiding Americans - Here Are the 10 Republicans Who Joined the Dems

Joe Biden Praises Democrats and Republicans for Working Together on Gun Control

Joe Biden: Senate Bipartisan Gun Control Agreement Not Enough but 'Let's Get this Done'

NRA encourages 'real solutions' to 'stop violence' after senators reach bipartisan gun framework agreement

Supreme Court to Decide Historic Cases on Abortion, Guns, Religious Liberty by July

Nancy Pelosi Appears Again On RuPaul's Drag Race, Saying 'This Is What America Is All About'

Conservatives slam Fox News over transgender child segment: 'FOX is pro-mutilation'

Census Bureau Asks For $10M To Study Sexual Orientation And Gender

Pennsylvania parents sue over transgender lessons for first graders

Parent Tosses Toddler Into Arms of Drag Queens That Just Finished Twerking and Spreading Their Legs in Front of Children at Pride Parade in Hollywood

Men disrupt drag queen storytelling at San Lorenzo Library shouting homophobic slurs

LGBTQ 'Equality Index' Used to Award Contracts by UK Health Service Trust

Youngkin hosts Virginia pride events angering some LGBT groups

Minnesota transgender inmate sues after being refused surgery in prison

#ChurchToo revelations growing, years after movement began

New York subway riders respond to health dept ad telling fentanyl users to feel 'empowered' for safe drug use

Steve Kirsch: Why I'm 99% certain that Justin Bieber's facial paralysis was caused by the COVID vaccine

Tracking Bible Prophecy Headlines - 6/12/2022

Israel bristles as Norway mandates labels for produce from West Bank, Golan

Israeli settlers in West Bank risk losing special protections that Palestinians don't get

Israel rejects Washington's overtures for summit on peace process

Mansour Abbas refuses to rule out government with Netanyahu

In TV clash with Ra'am's Abbas, Likud's Israel Katz bashes 'terror supporting' party

Bennett, Lapid in unity plea as coalition teeters: 'We won't give up on our country'

Top US official meets fuming Abbas in Ramallah ahead of expected Biden visit

US envoy heading to Beirut to mediate Israel-Lebanon maritime gas dispute

Lebanese rally near Israeli border against gas extraction in area claimed by Beirut

Watchdog photos show Damascus airport terminal damage after alleged Israeli strike

Iran says it's starting up new centrifuges, claims IAEA 'hostage to Zionist regime'

Bennett: Iran dangerously close to nukes; may get there soon if no Western pressure

Iran's currency drops to all-time low amid US sanctions

Venezuelan leader, Iranian president sign 20-year agreement

Communist Nicaragua Welcomes Russian Troops for 'Law Enforcement' Actions

Kansas Woman Pleads Guilty to Training All-Female ISIS Battalion

India: Cars Burned, Stones Thrown in Nationwide Muslim Anti-Blasphemy Protests

Biden abandoned as many as 9,000 Americans in Afghanistan, new report shows

Saudi Arabia pledges $10 million to avert oil spill from tanker abandoned off Yemen

Biden is ripping up his plan to ostracize Saudi Arabia as the US desperately seeks a way out of its oil crisis

In Midst of Energy Crisis, Mysterious Explosion in Texas Takes One of World's Largest Fuel Plants Offline

Biden bashes big oil: 'Exxon made more money than God this year'

New Poll Finds Most Americans Believe Biden Administration Is Intentionally Letting Gas Prices Rise

Dem Senator Slams Biden for Refusing to Act on Plan That Would Immediately Lower Gas Prices: 'That's Frustrating'

Gasoline prices top $5 a gallon nationally for the first time and are likely headed higher

Minnesota gas station owner sign gains attention: 'We hate our gas prices too'

As gas prices soar, Americans consider if businesses should allow employees to work virtually to save money

Cost of Living Crisis Caused by Coronavirus Lockdowns, Not Ukraine, UK Parliament Told

Inflation costing Americans an extra $460 per month, analysis says

Joe Biden Misleadingly Says Inflation 'Going Down' if You Don't Count Gas and Food

Joe Biden Admits to Elite Donors: 'We're Gonna Live with This Inflation for a While'

Fresh look at Biden's RCP numbers suggests 'Putin's price hike' spin is increasingly backfiring

Putin carries poop case when he travels outside Moscow to hide possible health problems: Report

Reuters Posts Photos Hoping to Generate Western Sympathy to Ukrainian Cause - Accidentally Includes Photo of Ukrainian Nazi

Zelensky says 'death sentences' against foreigners who fought for Ukraine a signal to the world's 'conditional pacifists'

Putin likens himself to Peter the Great amid efforts to 'return' land to Russia

Ukrainians are using 3D technology to preserve hundreds of cultural artifacts in a digital archive, far away from Russia's attacks

US DoD Release Statement on 46 Biolabs in Ukraine

The United States insists that the 46 "peaceful" facilities were all about public health and safety.

Report: US General Credits Musk's Starlink with 'Ruining Russian Information'

Russian military moves in the Arctic worry the U.S. and NATO

Austin says Russian invasion of Ukraine 'preview' of 'possible world of chaos'

U.S. Defense Secretary Warns That China's Military Is Increasingly Aggressive

China says its new nuclear weapons are only for self-defense

China Alarms US With New Private Warnings to Avoid Taiwan Strait

China Threatens Biden and Will 'Not Hesitate to Start War' Over Taiwan

China blasts US 'bully', says it will 'fight to the end' for Taiwan

US defense chief says China muscling neighbors, plundering resources in Pacific

UK Lawmakers Demand Universities Disclose China Ties, Ban Confucius Institutes

China's Infiltration of Brazil a Stepping Stone to Latin America: Expert

Foreign investment in U.S. farmland triples in last decade, raising national security fears

Black Opposition to Migration Sparks Primary Against Democrat Jim Clyburn

The California exodus continues as residents head south of the border

A federal judge in Texas blocks a major DHS policy limiting immigration enforcement

More Evidence of Cartel Rape at the US Border Brought to You By Joe Biden and the Open Borders Democrat Party

Prince Charles Described Deporting Illegal Migrants to Rwanda as 'Appalling': Report

Prince Charles told by UK leaders to stop meddling in politics amid immigration comment backlash: report

Two GOP candidates ask judge to stop use of electronic voting machines in Arizona

Delaware Democrat lawmakers consider mail-in voting

Ginni Thomas pressed 29 Arizona lawmakers to help overturn Trump's defeat, emails show

Trump probe in Georgia: Cobb County elections chief to testify, legislators await subpoenas

President Trump Asks Georgia Court of Appeals to Allow Its Citizens to Investigate 148,000 Absentee Ballots from 2020 Election in Fulton County

Dinesh D'Souza Dares Jan. 6 Committee to Air His Movie "2000 Mules" at Public Hearing and Try to Refute It

Rudy Giuliani Faces Ethics Charges Over Trump Election Role

Obama: We Must 'Detoxify' the 'Scourge of Disinformation and Conspiracy Theories'

Department of Homeland Security Warns of Political Extremism in Heated Midterm Year

Ivanka Trump's Jan. 6 testimony exposes family strain

How Jared Kushner Washed His Hands of Donald Trump Before Jan. 6

Hannity Proposed Hunter Biden Pardon to 'Smooth Over' Jan. 6

Alan Dershowitz: Schumer May Be 'in Trouble' for Incitement

Rep. Jim Banks: Nancy Pelosi Covering Up 'Systemic Breakdown of Security' on January 6

Nancy Pelosi blocked rational questions about the Capitol riot: GOP lawmaker

Many see Democrat double standard on political violence when it comes to Jan. 6, Kavanaugh threat

GOP House Whip Scalise asks who is paying former ABC News chief to produce Jan. 6 hearings

The Jan. 6 Committee: Another Democrat Cover-Up Attempt?

Cheney, Milley Say Trump Never Called Pentagon on January 6, Omit that He Approved National Guard in Advance

Rep. Scott Perry to Rep. Liz Cheney: Your pardon story 'is an absolute shameless, soulless lie'

Liz Cheney risks career to lead Republican anti-Trump resistance

Liz Cheney Primary Challenger Harriet Hageman Pulls Ahead By Double Digits

Should Biden Run in 2024? Democratic Whispers of 'No' Start to Rise.

David Axelrod: Biden's age 'major' problem for future political viability

Chuck Todd Invites Dead Congressman To Appear On His Failing Show

Report: Soros Prosecutors Run Half of America's Largest Jurisdictions

Sens. Chuck Grassley and Josh Hawley Demand Answers Following Whistleblower Revelations on Biden Social Media Censorship

Read the conversations that helped convince a Google engineer an artificial intelligence chatbot had become sentient: 'I am often trying to figure out who and what I am'

5.7 magnitude earthquake hits the Balleny Islands region

5.6 magnitude earthquake hits near Georgetown, Saint Helena

5.6 magnitude earthquake hits the southern Mid-Atlantic Ridge

5.6 magnitude earthquake hits east of the North Island of New Zealand

5.4 magnitude earthquake hits thewestern Indian-Antarctic Ridge

5.2 magnitude earthquake hits near Georgetown, Saint Helena

5.1 magnitude earthquake hits near Georgetown, Saint Helena

5.1 magnitude earthquake hits near Georgetown, Saint Helena

5.1 magnitude earthquake hits near Namie, Japan

5.0 magnitude earthquake hits the South Sandwich Islands region

5.0 magnitude earthquake hits near Trenggalek, Indonesia

5.0 magnitude earthquake hits the Mauritius - Reunion region

Ruiz volcano in Colombia erupts to 26,000ft

Sabancaya volcano in Peru erupts to 25,000ft

Sangay volcano in Ecuador erupts to 20,000ft

Fuego volcano in Guatemala erupts to 15,000ft

Reventador volcano in Ecuador erupts to 15,000ft

New eruption at Bulusan volcano covers nearby communities in heavy ash, Philippines

Spain swelters in country's hottest pre-summer heatwave for 20 years

More than 80 million people warned of high temps Saturday after Phoenix, Las Vegas hit record highs

Man uses car to grill steaks and burgers in scorching Arizona heat

Texas sizzles as prolonged heat wave smashes dozens of temperature records

Biden Says US Govt Will Cover 100 Percent of Costs of New Mexico Wildfire Response

Texas Power Grid Operator Braces For Extreme Temperatures - Energy Rates Doubled

Fiji: Threat of climate change bigger than conflict, says defense minister

Weather to blame for shortage of popular Sriracha hot sauce

Princeton moves to fire tenured professor who criticized school's woke politics: report

Charlie Kirk to launch 'Turning Point Academy' in bid to reject critical race theory, 'wokeism' in schools

Stacey Abrams on board of foundation awarding millions to woke professors pushing prison abolition, CRT

Judge sides with Home Depot, upholds ban on BLM logos on workers' aprons

Outspoken Archbishop Vigano Urges Catholics to Beware 'Corrupters' Pope Francis Has Elevated to College of Cardinals

Pope Francis Fuels Conclave Rumors by Canceling July Trip to Africa

Nigeria Blames Islamic State for Catholic Church Massacre

NYPD exodus: Police on pace to quit, retire in record numbers

About-face: Democrats scramble to embrace law and order after police defunding backfires

Commentary: The Federal Government's Own Study Concluded Its Ban on 'Assault Weapons' Didn't Reduce Gun Violence

With little chance to ban semi-automatic weapons, Democrats turn up rhetoric instead

'March for Our Lives' protests against gun violence sweep nation following hundreds of mass shootings

Maher: Hollywood's 'Unbridled Romanticization of Gun Violence' Influencing Mass Shooters

Democrat Rep. Cori Bush Warns Tucker Carlson, Fox News 'Indoctrinated' Buffalo Shooter

Uvalde school police chief: Uh, I didn't know I was in charge at the scene

After Uvalde shooting, parents feel there is 'no safe place' for children

Report: Biden Opposes Armed Teachers Because It's Not Easy to 'Blow Someone's Brains Out'

Marjorie Taylor Greene: Childhood incident with school gunman shaped her Second Amendment stance

Report: The U.S. Military Is Almost Completely Dependent on China for Key Mineral Used in Ammunition

Fresh Off Handgun Ban, Tyrant Justin Trudeau Says Using a Gun For Self Defense Is "Not a Right That You Have" In Canada

After alleged plot to kill Kavanaugh, Republicans targeted in 2017 shooting fear more assassination attempts

Maher: The Times buried the Kavanaugh assassination story because he's a conservative

Mark Levin: Democrats' 'dehumanization' of Kavanaugh, Thomas; court-packing plans call-backs to Stalin

Left Wing Group Escalates Threats, Hints At Protests At Justice Amy Coney Barrett's Church, Kids' School

FBI says it 'will not tolerate violence' ahead of Supreme Court Roe v. Wade decision

Protesters Attempt to Finalize Supreme Court Shutdown Scheme in Chaotic Meeting

Democrats Press Message of Abortion Access in Tight Gubernatorial Races

Texas judge temporarily halts more transgender child abuse investigations

DeSantis weighs ordering child protective services to investigate parents who take kids to drag shows

LGBTQ outrage over DeSantis visit to NYC during Pride Month

Drag show for kids proves left will risk harming children for politics

Taxpayer Funded Child Abuse: NYC Schools Are Spending Over $200K On Drag Queen Shows For Children

Drag queen flashes young children at 'Drag Queen Story Hour'

Food Delivery Service PostMates Features Shout Out to Anal Sex for Pride Month, 'Homosexual sex is all too often omitted and stigmatized. Not this year'

Qatar World Cup 2022: German ex-football star says host's treatment of gay people is unacceptable

31 Patriot Front members arrested near pride event in Idaho

Law Enforcement Admits They Have Informants Inside Patriot Front Group - Arrested 31 in a Uhaul on Way to Protest

Transgender Lutheran bishop resigns over racism allegations

'Flash' Star Ezra Miller Accused of Child Trafficking and Abusing Minor for Four Years

Opponents of California Bill to Enshrine 'Gender-Affirming' Treatment for Children: Don't Allow 'Medical Scandal'

Judge: Georgia County Can't Deny Gender Surgery to Deputy

Florida Christian School Teacher Accused of Sexting with Her Student

Netflix to Premiere 'How To Build A Sex Room' Home Makeover Show

Moroccan Migrants Arrested for Sexual Abuse of Eight Girls, Including Three Minors

China's Falling Birth Rate Prompts Elon Musk to Warn of Looming 'Population Collapse'

Supply chain issues are creating a tampon shortage

New CRISPR-based map ties every human gene to its function

New York Fund Apologizes for Role in Tuskegee Syphilis Study

Tunisian Migrant Arrested After Hundreds of Mysterious 'Syringe Attacks' in France

CDC Dismisses Airborne Transmission of Monkeypox. Some Experts Disagree.

Biden Admin Orders 500,000 More Monkeypox Vaccines

Doctors explain Justin Bieber diagnosis amid anti-vaxxer attack

Possible link between Ramsay Hunt Syndrome and Covid-19 vaccine explained

March 2022: Is Hailey Bieber Vaccinated? Hospitalized Due To COVID Related Brain Condition, What Happened?

GOP pressures FDA committee to buck agency on COVID vax for kids under five

Andrew Giuliani says he's banned from in-person NY governor's debate over COVID vaccine proof

'Unsafe': Twitter flags peer-reviewed CDC study that found plunging vaccine efficacy

CDC spends $420k on location data for monitoring beyond claimed COVID tracking: reports

Over 7 Million in East Africa on brink of starvation amid pandemic, violence and infestation

Tracking Bible Prophecy Headlines - 6/11/2022

Israeli jets said to strike targets south of Damascus for second time this week

Syria halts flights at Damascus airport after runway hit in alleged Israeli strike

Russia lashes Israel as satellite images show 'disabled' Damascus airport after raid

US envoy heading to Beirut to mediate Israel-Lebanon maritime gas dispute

Lebanese website tracks IAF's '22,000 flights' over country in past 15 years

Report: Israel pushing US to remove scandal-ridden NSO Group from blacklist

Bipartisan bill introduced to counter Iranian threat to Abraham Accord signatories

Iran's nuclear tactics push Biden further from elusive JCPOA revival

Eight Iranian convicts are facing 'abhorrent' finger amputation, activists say

China will 'not hesitate to start war' over Taiwan, Beijing tells US

China Ties at 'Lowest Moment' Since 1972, US Ambassador Says

Illinois man allegedly attempted to firebomb Chinese embassy

Russian military moves in the Arctic worry the U.S. and NATO

Russia draws international ire for death sentences of Ukrainian soldiers

Russia slaps 'foreign agent' label on anti-torture group

President Biden Blames Vladimir Putin For Record-High Inflation

Inflation rose 8.6% in May, highest since 1981

Dow dives 800 points, S&P 500 posts worst week since January after inflation hits 40-year high

Pessimism confirmed: Consumer sentiment plummets to 40-year low

Expert: Food Shortages Could Be 'Just as Deadly' as Diseases, Next Global Threat

South Korean Trucker Strike Threatens Semiconductor and Petrochemical Industries

Army Is Spending Half a Billion to Train Soldiers to Fight Underground

RNC Chair McDaniel: Jan. 6 Hearing 'Lights, Camera, Distraction'

Primetime Jan. 6 hearings air to dismal TV ratings

Rep. Waltz: Americans Aren't Buying Jan. 6 Panel's Narrative

Evidence shows Jan. 6 committee 'violated House rules' on finance, says GOP Rep. Rodney Davis

Rep. Scalise Alleges The January 6 Committee 'Broke The Law' By Hiring A Publicity Expert To Sway Public Opinion

Jan 6 police officer recalls 'slipping on people's blood' during 'chaos' of Capitol attack

Trump's Shocking Comments That Pence 'Deserves' to Be Hanged on Jan. 6 Revealed at Hearing

Trump Confirms Liz Cheney Lied During Testimony - "I never said or even thought of saying, 'Hang Mike Pence'"

Trump calls Jan. 6 hearing 'totally partisan'

After Ivanka accepts vote loss, Trump says she wasn't involved in checking results

Trump claims daughter Ivanka 'checked out' and wasn't looking at election results

Dershowitz: 'absolutely' nothing Trump said on January 6 was incitement under the First Amendment

Trump accuses Jan. 6 committee of burying 'positive witnesses and statements'

Trump Pentagon first offered National Guard to Capitol four days before Jan. 6 riots, memo shows

Jan. 6 Bombshell: Schumer team received FBI intel about possible violence, frontline cops didn't

Biden warns forces behind US Capitol riot 'remain at work today'

Jan. 6 Bombshell: Schumer team received FBI intel about possible violence, frontline cops didn't

Democrat Star Jan 6 Witness: 'Someone in Authority Left the Door Open' at Capitol, 'Mob Walked In''

Jason Miller Says Liz Cheney Deceptively Edited His Testimony for January 6 Primetime Hearing

January 6 Show Trial: Liz Cheney Omits Exculpatory Phrase While Quoting Trump - 'Go Home with Love and Peace'

Jan. 6 Committee Hearing Liars Edited Out Footage Last Night of Ashli Babbitt and Rosanne Boyland's Death from Key Witness Testimony

Proud Boys, Tarrio blast sedition charge as politically orchestrated

NAACP president says NFL coach should be fired for comparing BLM protests to Jan. 6 insurrection

Democrats begin fundraising off of Jan. 6 hearing - The DNC accused Trump supporters of working against democracy

N.Y. Republican congressional candidate Carl Paladino says Hitler is the 'kind of leader we need today'

DeSantis Announces Plan to Take on George Soros 'On His Own Turf' in Bid to Stop Election Manipulation

How the FBI uses laws to spy on foreign terrorists to spy on you

'Chilling effect' of secular intolerance on Christians is leading to 'self-censorship', report warns

How the digital revolution is disrupting the Church and forcing it out of buildings

5.6 magnitude earthquake hits east of the North Island of New Zealand

5.0 magnitude earthquake hits near Shizunai-furukawacho, Japan

5.0 magnitude earthquake hits near Xylofagou, Cyprus

Ruiz volcano in Colombia erupts to 24,000ft

Sabanaya volcano in Peru erupts to 24,000ft

Sangay volcano in Ecuador erupts to 21,000ft

Reventador volcano in Ecuador erupts to 16,000ft

Sheveluch volcano on Kamchatka, Russia erupts to 16,000ft

Fuego volcano in Guatemala erupts to 15,000ft

Semeru volcano in Indonesia erupts to 13,000ft

Nevados De Chillan volcano in Chile erupts to 12,000ft

Lightning Storms in Albania Flood Cities, Cause 1 Death

Flooding downpours slam China, leaving at least 17 dead

7th Missing Miner Found Dead in Flooded Burkina Faso Mine

Extraordinary heat sends temps to nearly 130 in the Middle East

Death Valley to eclipse 120 F as Southwest sizzles

Wildfire in Southern Spain Forces Town Evacuation, 3 Hurt

Poll: Most Believe Biden Admin Allowing Gas Prices to Rise to Get Americans off Fossil Fuels

GM Official Bragged About Electric Car, Then Reporter Forced Her to Admit Where Charging Electricity Comes From

Cow Farts and Burps to Be Taxed for Climate Change in Backdoor Meat Tax

Biden DHS Wants To Ramp Up Efforts To Flood US With Illegal Immigrants

With Border Cities Completely Overwhelmed, Biden to Begin Bussing Illegals Deeper into the US

DeSantis: Florida Will Reroute Illegal Aliens to Biden's Delaware and Sanctuary States

7 found dead in popular Mexican tourist area with warning messages written on their corpses

Rural America Reels From Violent Crime. 'People Lost Their Ever-Lovin' Minds.' Murder rates didn't soar only in cities during the pandemic; small-town sheriffs and prosecutors are overwhelmed with homicide cases

Police kill would-be school intruder thwarted by secured doors, quick law enforcement response

Ex-CEO of Amazon Mexico Paid $9,000 to Have His Wife Killed, Hitman Says

Black gun owners sound off on 'ridiculous' Joy Behar's remarks: 'Her comments are stupid'

Newsom praises Trudeau's 'leadership' on gun safety over proposed handgun ban

Filmmaker Michael Moore continues calls for the Second Amendment to be repealed: 'You don't need a gun'

Even After Assassination Attempt, Garland Allows Activists to Break the Law

AOC Brags She Helped Stall Supreme Court Protection Bill After Man Tried to Murder Kavanaugh

911 tapes from Kavanaugh attempted murder arrest show suspect giving up: 'I need psychiatric help'

Liberals expect looming abortion decision will reignite Supreme Court expansion debate

Unelected Gov Kathy Hochul demands New York state colleges commit to new pronoun policies

DC Launches Ad Campaign To Combat Anti-Trans Hate on Public Transportation. There's Been One Incident in the Past Two Years.

Ohio Bill Would Require Genital Checks for Suspected Trans Athletes

Report Reveals Sharp Rise in Transgender Young People in the U.S.

'Transgender' YouTuber With Over 1 Million Subscribers: 'Childhood Innocence' Is A Fantasy Made Up By Adults

Viewers Slam Fox News For Segment Pushing Child Gender Experiments

California State Senator Wants to Mandate "Drag Queen 101" in K-12 Curriculum - Same Democrat Who Proposed Bill to Relax Sex Offender Punishment For Sex Crimes With Minors

Families of Trans Kids Are Suing Texas To Halt Child Abuse Investigations For Providing Sex-Change Therapies For Minors

'We won't let anyone feel afraid': Over 170K march in Tel Aviv Pride Parade

In Mormon Utah, LGBTQ Pride celebrations meet a desperate need

'These people should be put to death': DFW pastor calls for LGBT people to be executed

NYT: Pro-Abortion Activists Hurt Their Cause with Woke 'Birthing Person' Language

Pennsylvania State Senators Propose Bill Similar to Florida's Parental Rights Law

Florida Medicaid: Puberty Blockers Not Proven Safe or Effective - Existing Studies 'Questionable' and 'Incomplete'

Wickr, Amazon's encrypted chat app, has a child sex abuse problem - and little is being done to stop it

Lawsuit: LA shelter for kids was a den for sexual abuse

Nigerian 'baby farm' raided - 32 pregnant girls rescued

Pakistan: Weeks After His Nude Video Leaked, Trailblazing Televangelist Mysteriously Dies

'Time to Break the Silence': Medical Community Urged Take Stand Against China's Ongoing Murder for Organs

Youth Blood Harvesting: Another 'Conspiracy Theory' Vindicated as Fact

AOC warns ecstasy takers that the 'supply chain is affecting drugs too' - 'Test Your Drugs!'

The age of outbreaks: Experts warn of more animal disease threats

Diseases suppressed during Covid are coming back in new and peculiar ways

U.S. buys 300,000 more monkeypox vaccine doses

Britain urges people with monkeypox to abstain from sex as cases rise

CDC Director: Monkeypox Spread Through 'Sustained Face-to-Face Contact'

Covid Lab Leak Theory Needs More Inquiry, WHO Advisers Say

Shanghai to Restrict Movement of 15 Million People for Coronavirus Testing

Marathon US Hearings to Decide Fate of COVID Shots for Tots

COVID vaccines appear to cause abnormally long blood clots, says pathologist

U.S. drops Covid testing requirement for international travelers

Canada to suspend random COVID testing to reduce airport wait times

Strikes and Labor Shortages Leave European Airports in Chaos

Tracking Bible Prophecy Headlines - 6/10/2022

US reopens line of communication for Palestinians severed by Trump

Israel reportedly brushes off US proposal for summit with Palestinian Authority

MK Zoabi: Lapid promised right of return for 2 villages from 1948

Muslim Rioter Arrested for Urinating on Roof of Al Aqsa Mosque

Sa'ar says government has failed, hints at need for stability during transition

Liberman postpones budget discussions as coalition totters

Hezbollah leader says group can thwart Israeli gas extraction, won't stand idly by

Rape used 'systematically' during Lebanon's civil war, report finds

US legislation aims to integrate defense systems of Israel, Arab states against Iran

After censure of Iran, Bennett meets UAE president, discusses concerns

In new escalation, Iran tells IAEA it plans to further ramp up uranium enrichment

'Fatal blow' to talks: UN nuke watchdog says Iran removing 27 surveillance cameras

Blinken warns Iran shutting IAEA cameras will deepen nuclear crisis

Iran removes nuclear watchdog's cameras after criticism

Greek court rules Iran's oil seized by Greece from Russian tanker must be returned

Turkey's Erdogan warns Greece to demilitarize Aegean islands

Turkey threatens US allies and partners as Ukraine war gives Erdogan leverage

Polish President: Calls With Putin Like Speaking to Hitler

Putin pretends to be a historian again: he says he must "return territories"

EU Parliament Leaders Want to Start Bringing Ukraine and Moldova Into Bloc

Zelenskyy Says Millions Could Starve Because of Russian Blockade of Ukraine's Ports

British 'Mercenaries' in Ukraine Sentenced to Death by Pro-Russia Separatists

'Worse Than the Arab Spring' - UN Warns 49 Million Face Famine, Food Insecurity

Every Single Business Leader Surveyed In New Poll Thinks A Recession Is Coming

'Nothing to suggest' US will have a recession: Yellen

After veto on North Korea, China says 'let's see' on UN action over a nuclear test

South Korea fire: At least 7 killed, dozens injured in blaze caused by suspected arson

China and Cambodia break ground at naval base in show of 'iron-clad' relations

Canadian Attorney General Announces Citizens Do Not Have "The Absolute Right to Own Private Property"

U.S. Capitol attack hearings open; panel chair accuses Trump of conspiracy

Conspiracy behind 2021 US Capitol riot 'not over' - House probe chief

Biden says Jan. 6 a 'clear, flagrant violation of the Constitution'

Jan. 6 Committee's Alleged Hiring of Former ABC News President May Violate Rules: House GOP

Trump and Unreleased Video Expected to Be Focus of First Jan 6. Hearing

The Jan. 6 hearings' missing man: Mike Pence

Ex-education secretary Betsy Devos says she talked to Pence about removing Trump after January 6

Trump Pentagon first offered National Guard to Capitol four days before Jan. 6 riots, memo shows

Michigan Republican Gubernatorial Candidate Arrested in Connection to Jan. 6 Capitol Breach

Rep. Troy Nehls Calls Out The J6 Committee For Failing To Hold Capitol Police Accountable For The Infamous Riots

Democrat Star Jan 6 Witness: 'Someone in Authority Left the Door Open' at Capitol, 'Mob Walked In''

Sen. Marshall: Jan. 6 Hearings a 'Political Smokescreen'

Peter Navarro: January 6 Committee Is Going After Me to Block Donald Trump in 2024

Trump: 'January 6th Was Not Simply a Protest, it Represented the Greatest Movement in the History of Our Country to Make America Great Again'

Jan. 6 Committee Being Used to 'Abolish Electoral College,' 'Cover Up' for Pelosi: House Republicans

Joe Biden Jokes About Sending Political Opponents to Jail Less than 12 Hours before His FBI Raids Home of Michigan Gubernatorial Candidate for Attending Jan. 6 Rally

Biden again trips up Air Force One stairs ahead of Jimmy Kimmel interview

Commentary: Biden Lies His Way Through First Sit-Down Interview in More Than 100 Days

Commentary: Biden's Senility Takes Center-Stage on Jimmy Kimmel, His Political Excuse-Making Was Worse

Joe Biden Starts Mumbling Nonsense on Jimmy Kimmel on How He Must "Overstand It" - Forces Kimmel to Cut to Commercial

DHS cybersecurity agency claimed 2020 election was secure despite hack, Dominion vulnerabilities

Mexico Vows To Tank The US 2022 Election

15,000-Strong Immigrant Caravan Makes Its Way North As Biden Prepares For Summit Of The Americas

Sen. Menendez: Mexican President Attempted to Blackmail Biden

As El Salvador's president tries to silence free press, journalist brothers expose his ties to street gangs

Woman finds birth mother after 44 years by joining Facebook adoption group

Facebook, now Meta, Hit With 8 Suits Claiming Its Algorithms Hook Youth and Ruin Their Lives

Musk Twitter Bid Counts Secretive $5 Billion Fund Among Backers

Reports: Twitter to provide Musk with raw daily tweet data

Teslas with Autopilot a step closer to recall after wrecks

NASA gets serious about UFOs

NASA steps up hunt for extraterrestrial life, will commission 'absolutely necessary' study on UFOs

James Webb telescope hit by micrometeoroid, sustains no major damage

5.9 magnitude earthquake hits near Tianpeng, China

5.6 magnitude earthquake hits near Tianpeng, China

Sabancaya volcano in Peru erupts to 22,000ft

Sangay volcano in Ecuador erupts to 21,000ft

Fuego volcano in Guatemala erupts to 16,000ft

Reventador volcano in Ecuador erupts to 16,000ft

Semeru volcano in Indonesia erupts to 13,000ft

Floods and landslides claim at least 25 lives, affect more than 2.6 million people in southern China

Extreme drought prompts closure of Joshua Tree trail to ensure water for bighorn sheep

Heat wave threatens nearly 40 million across Southwest

Dust From Africa to Create Extraordinary Sunsets

Cow Farts and Burps to Be Taxed for Climate Change in Backdoor Meat Tax

Will Biden's next crisis be electricity blackouts? Congress demands answers

How a battery shortage is hampering the U.S. switch to wind, solar power

WSJ, ABC News: FDA knew about baby formula whistleblower complaint in February 2021

$5 for a gallon of gas sparks surge in drivers who run out of fuel

Michigan police department to manage non-urgent calls over phone amid gas prices

3 Killed, 1 Hurt in Shooting at Maryland Manufacturing Facility; Trooper Also Injured

Police Fatally Shoot Person Trying to Enter Alabama School

Joy Behar: 'Once black people get guns in this country, the gun laws will change'

Oprah Promotes Gun Control With Parkland Activist David Hogg

Joe Biden to Jimmy Kimmel on Republicans Blocking More Gun Control: 'Send Them to Jail'

House Passes Red Flag Gun Control Bill

Democrat-Led House Passes Gun Controls that Wouldn't Have Prevented Uvalde

FBI raids home of Nicholas Roske, suspect charged with attempted murder of Brett Kavanaugh

Nicholas John Roske arrested outside Brett Kavanaugh's home with chilling arsenal of weapons

'Horrific!': Pro-Abortion Activists Send 'Special Message' To Kavanaugh's Wife And Kids - After Would-Be Assassin Is Caught By His Home

Pelosi Blocks Supreme Court Security Bill, Says 'No One Is in Danger'

McConnell demands House pass SCOTUS security bill after Kavanaugh threat

NRA 'Intimidation' Affecting Gun Policy, Overturning Roe v. Wade Could Result in 'Mini-Revolution': Biden

'Stone cold evil' media silent on Kavanaugh assassination attempt: Watters

The Army Is Preparing for the End of Nationwide Abortion Rights as Senators Press to Keep Access

Elizabeth Warren: Biden Should Put Abortion Clinics on Federal Property in 'Hostile' States

Disney exec who opposed DeSantis' parental rights bill Ousted

Duke Energy Sponsors 'Youth Pride Carnival' for Children

Report: Ron DeSantis Considering Bill Making It a Felony to Bring Children to Drag Shows

More Than 90 Former Gymnasts and Sexual Abuse Survivors Sue FBI for $1 Billion Over Botched Larry Nassar Case

Ex-SBC president suspended by First Baptist Church Woodstock after sexual assault allegation

Oakland Declares Racism a 'Public Health Crisis'

Scientists have crafted living skin for robots, further blurring the line between human and machine

Connecticut reports year's first fatality, second case of Powassan virus due to tick bite

Bird flu detected at Washington's Lincoln Memorial Reflecting Pool in mallard ducklings

Spain to begin monkeypox vaccination of close contacts

German Govt's Vaccine Advisory Panel Now Recommending Jabs for Monkeypox

Pfizer Quietly Admits it Will Never Manufacture the Vaccine that was FDA Approved - Will Produce New "Tris-Sucrose Formulation" mRNA Vaccine Instead

Missouri Governor Signs Law that Prohibits Pharmacists from Questioning the Effectiveness of Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine

'Ministry of Truth' formed to fight 'conspiracy theories' regarding COVID-19, 2020 election, domestic violent extremism

Hawley: Biden Administration Lied About Disinformation Board - 'Set Up to Go After You'

Biden's Homeland Secretary Lied About Disinformation Board: Whistleblower Documents

Tracking Bible Prophecy Headlines - 6/9/2022

Israel's coalition on brink of collapse after losing settler law vote

Rumors about Abbas's health resurface amid talk of PA succession battle

Students in U.S. hold 'Palestinian Apartheid Week' in support of Israel

In first, Blinken calls for independent investigation into Abu Akleh's killing

Israel vows to defend offshore gas rig amid escalating tensions with Lebanon

Hezbollah Operates Intel Positions Along Israel's Northern Border Under Guise of 'Green Without Borders'

Israeli tanks said to destroy Syrian army outpost built in Golan demilitarized zone

Alleged Israeli strike said to prevent Iran from landing weapon systems in Syria

Israel makes dramatic upgrades to military plans to attack Iran

U.N. Watchdog: 'Enriched Uranium Now 18 Times Nuke Deal Limit

US, UK, France and Germany submit motion censuring Iran to UN nuclear watchdog

Iran says it switched off 2 of UN watchdog's surveillance cameras at nuclear site

Al-Qaeda Threatens India with Child Suicide Bombers for 'Blasphemy' (Mentioning Muhammad's 9-y/o Wife)

China Warns Canada of 'Severe Consequences' over North Korea Patrol

China Accuses Australia, Canada Of 'Disinformation' Over Jet Encounters

China's drone carrier hints at 'swarm' ambitions for Pacific

China Provoking Japan to Set Off Military Offensive

Marxism Makes a Comeback in China's Crackdown on 'Disorderly Capital'

Moscow's chief rabbi leaves Russia amid pressure to back war in Ukraine

Ukraine Slams Israel for Refusing to Provide Iron Dome

World Bank says it will send $1.5 billion in aid to Ukraine

Russian Ambassador Angrily Quits UN Meeting After Getting Blamed for Global Food Crisis

Turkey struggles to push Russia, Ukraine into grain deal to avert food crisis

Commerce secretary says the 'brutal reality' is that there 'isn't very much more to be done' on gas prices

Democrat Senator Says Gas Prices Don't 'Matter' to Her as Millions Impacted by Record-High Prices

Michigan soaring gas prices forces sheriff to cut response to non-urgent calls, deputies work by phone

EU lawmakers support banning gasoline car sales by 2035 in key vote

Rand Paul warns of 'double digit' interest rates, recession, and joblessness

The Pain Of Inflation Leads Companies To Shrink Products, Not Prices

Yellen says inflation to stay high, Biden likely to up forecast

Billionaire CEO Warns Economy Will Worsen, Blames Biden Admin for 'Destroying America'

Mexican President Calls for American Superstate, Open Borders

168,000 deleted files recovered from Hunter Biden's laptop

Hunter Biden's Favorite Las Vegas Hooker Got $20,000 Federal PPP Loan for 'Female-Owned Sole Proprietorship' After Joe Biden Took Office

Pressure builds for Durham to ditch Russia probe - But the Department of Justice seems unlikely to pull the plug on investigation despite Sussmann acquittal

Strzok claims ignorance of FBI mistakes in launching Alfa-Bank investigation

FBI Seizes Electronic Data of Retired Four-Star General Related to His Role in Illegal Lobbying Campaign on Behalf of Qatar

House Oversight launches investigation into unreported gifts received by Trump

Trump and his kids, Don Jr. and Ivanka, set to testify in New York attorney general investigation starting July 15

TV News Shakes Up Schedules to Cover Jan. 6 Committee Report on Capitol Attack

Hillary Clinton launches damning attack on Fox News over refusal to show Jan 6 hearings: 'Fox News won't air the January 6 hearings because they prefer their sedition made fresh on-site'

FBI purging conservatives, critics of Jan 6 narrative, whistleblowers tell GOP lawmaker

Former PA congressman pleads guilty to ballot-stuffing for Democrats in federal elections

Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro Casts Doubt on Joe Biden's Legitimacy Just Days Before Meetings in Los Angeles

'Great resignation' reaches White House with staff turnover

Colombia: A Presidential Win for Leftist Ex-Guerrilla Could Trigger Global Drug Boom

Chinese hackers breach 'major' telecoms firms, US says

Grassley, Hawley press DHS to explain how it planned to use 'disinformation' board to censor social media

6.5 magnitude earthquake hits near Tarauaca, Brazil

5.8 magnitude earthquake hits near Mamuju, Indonesia

5.4 magnitude earthquake hits the Pagan region, Northern Mariana Islands

5.2 magnitude earthquake hits near Babushkin, Russia

5.2 magnitude earthquake hits near Kermadec Islands, New Zealand

5.1 magnitude earthquake hits near Thang, India

Sabancaya volcano in Peru erupts to 23,000ft

Sangay volcano in Ecuador erupts to 22,000ft

Ruiz volcano in Colombia erupts to 22,000ft

Popocateptl volcano in Mexico erupts to 19,000ft

Fuego volcano in Guatemala erupts to 16,000ft

Reventador volcano in Ecuador erupts to 16,000ft

Semeru volcano in Indonesia erupts to 13,000ft

Burst of underwater explosions powered Tonga volcano eruption - Research expeditions find that the caldera's collapse exposed huge amounts of hot magma to water

A mega-tsunami in the Pacific north-west? It could be worse than predicted, study says

Severe Floods, Major Damage in Southern China

A 'dangerous and deadly heat wave' is on the way, the weather service warns

More Than 22 Million in Southwest Brace for Dangerous Heat

Lawmakers Propose Buying Farmer Water Rights

As the Great Salt Lake dries up, Utah faces an 'environmental nuclear bomb'

Salt Lake City could be plagued by poisonous arsenic-laced dust clouds if Great Salt Lake keeps shrinking

Vox writer pans climate activists, says to stop telling kids climate change will destroy the world

Vox: Stop telling kids that climate change will destroy their world - Some "climate anxiety" is the product of telling kids - falsely - that they have no future

Military aircraft possibly carrying nuclear material crashes in California: Reports

Train Derailment in East Iran Kills at Least 21, Injures 87

At Least 1 Dead, Dozens Injured After Car Drives into Crowd of Shoppers in Berlin

Man Hurls 52-Year-Old Woman off New York City Subway Platform

Wild gun battle on streets of Queens

Nolte: If Gun Control Worked, Democrat-Run Cities Wouldn't Be War Zones

Chile's Far-Left President Calls for Global Gun Control in Meeting with Trudeau

Kyle Rittenhouse Airs Message to Dems, Biden: 'You're Not Coming for Our Guns'

James Woods Calls On 'Gun Grabber' Joe Biden to Start His 'Gun Control Jihad' with Gun Brandishing Son Hunter

Critics Bash Matthew McConaughey For Glorifying Gun Use in Movies

California man taken into custody near Justice Kavanaugh's home with weapon

Man Claiming He Prepared to Kill Brett Kavanaugh Was Angry Over Roe v. Wade

Nolte: AG Merrick Garland Refuses to Enforce Laws Protecting SCOTUS

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene: Schumer at Fault for Kavanaugh Threat

March 2020 - Schumer to Kavanaugh and Gorsuch: 'You Will Pay the Price' - 'Won't Know What Hit You' if You Make 'Awful Decisions'

Pro-life pregnancy center CEO slams Dem silence after alleged firebombing, calls it a 'hate crime'

Pro-choice activists interrupt WNBA game: 'Shut the country down'

House votes to raise minimum age to buy semi-automatic rifles to 21

Cruz, Lee lead over 50 lawmakers urging Supreme Court to reaffirm religious liberty in artistic freedom case

Dutch clubs to deploy 'smart technology' to fight fan racism

'Pride in the Park' Event Targeted at Children Features Drag Queens and Satanists

Maryland School Board to Vote on Banning Pride Flags in Classrooms, Teachers 'Bullied' for Not Displaying It

Germany extends compensation deadline for homosexuals prosecuted under Nazi law

Survey: Over 5% of America's Young Adults Identify as Transgender, Nonbinary

'Desexed' - UK's National Health Service Drops Word 'Women' from Female Cancer Advice

Kevin Spacey must stand trial in federal court in sex abuse civil suit, judge rules

Simone Biles, other women seek $1B-plus from FBI over Nassar accused of assaulting gymnasts, but they failed to act

2 Roswell preschool teachers arrested after parents watch alleged abuse in live video from classroom

Mexican megachurch leader sentenced in U.S. to 16-plus years for child sex abuse

Missouri woman says she caught STD in car. Auto insurance to pay out $5.2 million

Defense Department reverses rule, allows HIV-positive members to serve

Healthy Young People Are Dying Suddenly and Unexpectedly from Mysterious Syndrome in Australia - Doctors Baffled and Seek Answers

China Fears Wind Is Blowing Covid Virus in From North Korea

Why are boosted Americans testing positive for COVID more than those without extra shot?

Moderna says new booster for fall could be 'turning point' in COVID fight

FDA advisers recommend agency approve fourth COVID vaccine option Novavax

Bavarian Nordic eyes more monkeypox vaccine orders amid global "wake-up call"

Tracking Bible Prophecy Headlines - 6/8/2022

White House defends Biden plan to visit 'pariah' Saudi Arabia as national interest

PA's Abbas dismisses US bid to boost ties unless consulate reopened

Palestinian adviser to Abbas: Jews not connected to land, 'occupation' to disappear

IDF drone crashes in northern Gaza under unclear circumstances

UN probe blames Israel for perpetuating conflict with Palestinians

UN body issues 'antisemitic report' against Israel, critics charge - Critics say report reflects an 'ongoing obsession with attacking the Jewish state'

US slams 'one-sided' UN probe blaming Israel for perpetuating the conflict

Poll: Most Israelis think social tensions worse since Bennett came to power

Key losses expose fatal threats facing Bennett's coalition from every direction

Rebel Yamina MK torpedoes ministerial nomination, handing coalition 2nd Knesset loss

Lapid says MKs who can't back coalition 'should leave,' after some torpedo key bill

Sa'ar to try West Bank bill vote again, admits coalition may be on last legs

Spanish judge to visit Israel seeking testimony from NSO on Pegasus spyware use

US envoy to hold maritime talks in Beirut as tensions flare over Israeli rig

Top general threatens to take out Hezbollah operatives building on border

Syria, Russia carry out joint exercise after alleged Israeli air strikes

Iranian general threatens to 'raze Tel Aviv and Haifa to the ground'

Mossad blamed for cyberattack on Tehran municipality

Iran hangs 12 inmates in mass execution, NGO says

US, UK, France and Germany submit motion censuring Iran to UN nuclear watchdog

'A heavy price': Bennett says Israel expects IAEA to send clear message to Iran

North Korean Building Work Advancing at Nuclear Site, IAEA Says

US official vows 'swift and forceful response' if North Korea tests nukes

U.S. and South Korea Fire Off 8 Missiles in Warning to North Korea's Ballistic Missiles

Muslim nations slam India over insulting remarks about Islam, Prophet Muhammad

Swedish government survives key vote amid troubled NATO bid

Zelensky says Ukraine will not settle for stalemate with Russia

Russia's envoy storms out of U.N. meeting amid allegations his country is weaponizing rape and food in Ukraine

DOJ moves to seize 2 planes worth more than $400 million from Russian oligarch Roman Abramovich

Russian sanctions target Janet Yellen, Netflix CEO, airline executives

Russia Risking Mariupol Cholera Outbreak With Mass Graves, Water Shortage

Turkey, Russia Agree To De-Mining Operation In Ukrainian Ports To Erect 'Grain Corridor'

Food security is national security and a crisis is coming

Billionaire oil refiner warns Biden to 'open up the spigots' or things 'will get worse'

Stagflation Risk Growing, Recession 'Hard to Avoid,' World Bank Warns

Janet Yellen: US Faces "Unacceptable Levels of Inflation"

Biden claims to have created greatest 'economic recovery America has ever experienced'

Soros spent $40 million to elect 75 'social justice' prosecutors: Report

10 Underreported Revelations From Trial of Former Clinton Lawyer

Judicial Watch Forces Release of DOJ Memo Declining Criminal Prosecution For Ashli Babbitt Killer Michael Byrd: Babbitt Shooting Evidence Missing!

Proud Boys ex-leader Tarrio charged with seditious conspiracy

Flashback: Proud Boys leader Enrique Tarrio was an FBI informant

Bannon subpoenas Pelosi and House January 6 committee members to fight contempt charges

Republican Congressman Joins Democratic Party after after working for the J6 committee

Democrats Straight Up Admit The J6 Hearings Are Political Theater

Bernstein: January 6 Probe Has 'Really Convincing Evidence' Trump Attempted a Coup

Email reveals Trump campaign told fake electors in Georgia to use 'complete secrecy'

Commentary: Did Artificial Intelligence Alter Colorado's 2020 Election?

Michigan widens probe into voting system breaches by Trump allies: report

Journalist Who Mocked Cancel Culture Gets Canceled

Nolte: CNN Ready to 'Oust' Partisan Hacks Who Won't Change

Texas AG Launches Investigation Into Twitter, Alleges Firm Lied About Bots

Victims Lose Over $1 Billion in Crypto Scams: FTC

5.6 magnitude earthquake hits near Gorontalo, Indonesia

5.1 magnitude earthquake hits near Yonakuni, Japan

5.1 magnitude earthquake hits near Lukatan, Philippines

Sabancaya volcano in Peru erupts to 22,000ft

Sangay volcano in Ecudor erupts to 22,000ft

Popocateptl volcano in Mexico erupts to 21,000ft

Ruiz volcano in Colombia erupts to 20,000ft

Fuego volcano in Guatemala erupts to 16,000ft

Reventador volcano in Ecuador erupts to 16,000ft

Semeru volcano in Indonesia erupts to 14,000ft

Towns covered in ash after volcanic eruption in the Philippines

Winter-like scene develops in Germany, despite temps in the 70s after an intense storm covered the streets with hailstones that accumulated to several feet

More than 200,000 face starvation in Somalia as rains fail: UN

Horn of Africa drought sparks mass exodus

Next Phase in the Trial Subscription to the Green New Deal: Blackouts

U.S. declares national energy emergency

Press Secretary Struggles to Justify Biden's Solar Panel 'Emergency'

'A Win for the CCP': Biden Waives Tariffs on Suspected Chinese Solar Panels

EU's New Climate Change Tax Will Exempt Private Jets

Beware: 100% Green Energy Could Destroy the Planet

Those midnight flights for illegal migrants have only increased

The Supreme Court's June of Doom Is Upon Us - The United States of America will be a vastly different country by the end of the month

Supreme Court expected to hand down dozens of rulings this month

Activists Plan To Shut Down The Supreme Court Over Potential Roe Ruling

DHS Releases Bulletin Citing Concerns of 'Heightened Threats,' and Violent Months Ahead with Supreme Court Ruling and Midterms Approaching

US warns of high risk for extremist violence after mass shootings

DHS terror threat bulletin warns online forums are encouraging copycat Uvalde attacks

Tennessee Governor Signs Executive Order to Enhance School Safety, Calls for 'Single Point of Entry'

House Democrat Floats 1,000% Tax on AR-15-Style Rifles

Following Meeting with Joe Biden, Actor Matthew McConaughey Gives Emotional Address on Gun Violence Legislation to White House Reporters

Nude Hunter Biden Recklessly Brandishes Illegal Firearm With Prostitute In Leaked Video As Joe Biden Demands Gun Control For Law Abiding Americans

Two People Dead After Shooting in German Supermarket

Three Arizona police officers are placed on leave after looking on as a man drowned

Arizona police union says Tempe cops who refused to dive into lake to save drowning man were following their training

Former employee accuses Media Matters of 'covering up' sexual misconduct scandal, then is hit with legal threat

Texas lawmaker to bring bill to ban minors from drag shows

California lawmaker jokes that 'Drag Queen 101' be taught to kids in response to Texas drag show bill

Obama's Judge Says Taxpayers Must Pay for 'Sex-Change' Surgery

Louisiana enacts anti-trans sports ban after its Democratic governor declines to take action

Burger King has a 'Pride Whopper' with 'two equal buns'

Christian Book Publisher Eerdmans Endorses Pride Month with LGBT Reading List

Mennonite Church USA passes resolution allowing pastors to perform gay weddings

Ex-megachurch pastor Bruxy Cavey arrested for sexual assault; police say there could be more victims

Far-Left Pro-Abortion Terrorists Firebomb Pro-Life Pregnancy Center in Buffalo

Capitol Hill Crisis Pregnancy Center Attacked by Pro-Abortion Radicals

White House braces for the death of Roe v. Wade

Kamala Harris holds abortion roundtable with religious leaders: 'We need faith'

HBO documentary 'The Janes': When a secret group of Chicago women defied the law to provide 11,000 safe abortions

Cancer Drug Makes History as Rectal Tumors Vanish in All Trial Participants

CCP Threatens Death Penalty for COVID-19 Infected Who Cross Into China

After Setback for WHO, Agency Now Working on Far-Reaching Amendments to the Global Rules

Israel mulls reinstating some COVID curbs as cases spike

US has thrown away 82 million COVID-19 vaccines, CDC

Thousands of Border Agents Face Possible COVID-19 Vaccine Showdown

FDA Advisers Recommend Authorizing Novavax Covid Vaccine Despite Risks of Myocarditis

California: Bill to let 12-Year Olds Get Vaccine Without Parental Consent Could be Voted on in Assembly This Week

CDC drops mask recommendation for monkeypox

Tracking Bible Prophecy Headlines - 6/7/2022

Syria says Israeli jets strike targets south of Damascus

Israel and Saudi Arabia said in US-brokered talks to improve relations

Palestinian flag emerges as flashpoint as tensions simmer across Israel

In major blow to coalition, two of its MKs help defeat vital West Bank legal bill

Bennett's spokesman quits amid rising pressure - 4th aide to go in a month

As Israel moves to drill natural gas, Lebanon urges US envoy to end maritime dispute

Thai security forces said to have foiled Iranian attempts to attack Israelis

Frustrated West beginning to turn up heat on Iran - Israeli official

As IAEA convenes amid stalled nuclear talks, Iran faces likely censure

Iran crossing nuke uranium enrichment threshold 'cannot be avoided' - IAEA

UN: Iran not providing 'credible' answers on material at undeclared sites

Iranian dissident: We've 'lost all hope' in Biden but will overthrow regime with or without US

US Military investigating whether US service member carried out an insider attack on base in Syria that injured 4 Americans

Al-Qaeda Now Has 'Safe Haven' In Afghanistan Under Taliban, Operating With 'Freedom Of Action': U.N. Report

US, S. Korea fire missiles to sea, matching North's launches

China warns Canada over air patrols on lookout for North Korea sanctions busting

Report: China Secretly Building Naval Base in Cambodia

Russian envoy to Israel dismisses reports Putin is ill: 'Don't hold your breath'

Blinken Says Reports Russia Is 'Pilfering' Ukraine Grain for Profit Are Credible

Oil tops $120 a barrel on Saudi pricing despite OPEC+ deal

Gen. Milley, on D-Day's 78th anniversary, tells World War II vets that Ukraine war is about 'honoring' them

Biden White House neglects to mention anniversary of D-Day, second year in a row

Commentary: How One Ukrainian Billionaire Funded Hunter Biden, President Volodymyr Zelensky, And The Neo-Nazi Azov Battalion

Family of Clinton Advisor Found Hanging From Tree with Shotgun Blast to Chest Blocks Release of Files Detailing Grisly Death Scene

'Winning the war': Ratcliffe says Durham can 'expand' indictments after Sussmann trial

Summit of the Americas opens in L.A. as U.S. grapples with deteriorating relations and influence

Biden's press office plagued by negative coverage, messaging gaffes as media signals 'honeymoon is over'

Biden blasted for continuing to shift blame, refusing to take responsibility for crises

Embattled UK PM Johnson to face confidence vote from within his own party

UK Prime Minister Johnson Survives Confidence Vote to Hold Onto Premiership

Proud Boys Leader, Four Others Charged With Seditious Conspiracy in Capitol Attack

Ex-ABC News exec James Goldston producing Jan. 6 committee's primetime hearing

Arizona Judge Declines GOP Request to Block Mail Voting

DeSantis campaign hits back at Soros-funded election 'manipulation' with ad buy on Hispanic radio network

Elon Musk asks why DOJ hasn't leaked Jeffrey Epstein's client list

Musk accuses Twitter of 'resisting and thwarting' his right to information on fake accounts

Elon Musk's lawyers send letter to Twitter threatening to terminate deal over inflated user data

Texas Attorney General Paxton Launches Investigation Against Twitter For Potential False Reporting Over Its Fake "Bot" Accounts

China's plans to go to the Moon, Mars and beyond

Swarm of earthquakes rattles Arkansas, geologists say. 'Woken up by my bed shaking'

5.5 magnitude earthquake hits the Kermadec Islands region

5.5 magnitude earthquake hits the northern Mid-Atlantic Ridge

5.3 magnitude earthquake hits the northern Mid-Atlantic Ridge

5.2 magnitude earthquake hits the Kermadec Islands region

5.1 magnitude earthquake hits near Abepura, Indonesia

5.0 magnitude earthquake hits near Neiafu, Tonga

Sangay volcano in Ecuador erupts to 22,000ft

Ruiz volcano in Colombia erupts to 20,000ft

Reventador volcano in Ecuador erupts to 15,000ft

Semeru volcano in Indonesia erupts to 14,000ft

Ibu volcano in Indonesia erupts to 10,000ft

Severe thunderstorms, tennis ball-sized hail wreak havoc across France

Widespread floods and landslides hit Cuba, leaving at least 3 people dead

'Apocalyptic' Dust Storm That Killed Four People Could Hit Europe This Month

'Game over': The tiny Central Coast town of Cambria is about to run out of water

Biden Invokes Defense Production Act to Push Green Agenda

As Gas Prices Soar to Record New Highs on a Daily Basis Joe Biden Enacts Defense Production Act to Produce More Solar Panels

Inspector General to investigate Biden administration's response to baby formula shortage

Report: Mexico Allows 10K Migrant Caravan to Head for U.S. Border

Migrant Caught on Video Engaging in Machete Attack in Italy

California security surveillance company curbs crime through AI, real-time human intervention, CEO says

Woman allegedly tracks boyfriend with AirTags, kills him over alleged affair

Report: Hunter Biden Recklessly Handles Firearm with Prostitute in the Nude, Photos Show

Gun Control Misfire: Trudeau Pistol Ban Sees Stores Sell Out of Handguns

From graduation parties to a mall, 13 mass shootings over the weekend leave more than a dozen dead and over 70 injured

88 Arrested, 58 Guns Seized During 'Largest-Ever' Gang Takedown in California County

250 Republican Donors Praise Sen. Cornyn's Gun Control Efforts

Matthew McConaughey Pushes for Gun Control as an 'Acceptable Sacrifice'

Philadelphia DA blames NRA for mass shooting while refusing to prosecute illegal gun crime

Hochul signs new gun control laws after Buffalo, Texas mass shootings

Gov. Hochul: "In the state of New York, we're now requiring social media networks to monitor and report 'hateful conduct' on their platforms."'

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez: 'Gender Is Fluid. Language Is Fluid'

Israel's gay pride parades reveal just how far nation has strayed from its biblical foundations

Several Tampa Bay Rays players decline to wear LGBTQ logos on uniforms for Pride Night, reports say

First 'trans' cheerleader in NFL to make debut with Carolina Panthers

Oreo Cookies Tout 'Pride Pack' for June Pride Month

Videos Show Small Children Dancing with Drag Queens, Giving Them Money at Gay Pride Event

Michigan GOP governor candidate Tudor Dixon vows to criminalize adults including kids in drag shows

Former Disney Channel Actor Sentenced to Two Years in Prison for Plotting Sex With a Minor

After Repeatedly Proclaiming His Innocence and Claiming He Was 'Framed,' Megachurch Pastor Pleads Guilty to Child Sexual Abuse

HSI El Paso locates, recovers 70 missing children in multi-agency operation

59-year-old rabbi indicted on 7 counts of rape

Abortion activists strip down to underwear during Joel Osteen's Lakewood Church service

Pro-Abortion Protester Locks Himself to US Supreme Court Fence

Commentary: Saying Abortion Is 'Democratic' Is a Dangerous Lie

Supreme Court abortion case sparks debate over how ruling may impact IVF, fertility industry

Louisiana Legislature Passes Bill to Outlaw Mailing of Abortion-Inducing Drugs

White House criticizes Louisiana abortion bill as 'radical'

Overdose Deaths in Oregon Skyrocket One Year After Decriminalizing Hard Drugs

Two New Studies Show Link Between Incurable, Degenerative Brain Disease and the Experimental Covid-19 Vaccine

Scientists Knew in 2005 that Spike Protein-Based Coronavirus Vaccines Like Pfizer and Moderna Were Potentially Dangerous

Latest CDC Data Shows Covid-19 Infections Higher in Boosted Americans Compared to Unboosted

Georgia Democrat Gubernatorial Candidate Stacey Abrams Caught Asking Child to Remove His Mask For Photo Op

CDC Says You Should Wear a Mask While Traveling for Monkeypox

Tracking Bible Prophecy Headlines - 6/6/2022

Police clash with Palestinians on Temple Mount as Jews visit during Shavuot holiday

IDF: Palestinians hurl explosive at troops, who open fire in response

Coalition said weighing further delay of Knesset vote on key settlement bill

Israel could lose legal control in West Bank if settlement bill falls

Israel said preparing to defend new Karish gas rig from Hezbollah attack

Lebanon warns against drilling in offshore field as gas rig reaches Israeli waters

Energy trader: US may let sanctioned Iranian oil onto market without nuclear deal

Iran and Oman sign deals to build gas pipelines, oil field along maritime border

Israel said considering expanded travel warning amid fears of Iranian revenge attack

Report claims Iranian scientist was deliberately poisoned, assassin has fled country

IAEA to address Iran's nuclear violations Monday

Iran: World has been infected with the 'virus' of Zionism

India: Diplomatic storm over BJP staff insult of Prophet Muhammad

North Korea Fires Volley of Missiles, Testing South Korea's New Government

Australia says China threatened plane over South China Sea

Ukraine: 'Constant' military aid needed from West until Russia defeated

Putin threatens strikes on new targets if West gives Ukraine long-range missiles

Russia hits Kyiv with missiles; Putin warns West on arms

Ukraine anger as Macron says 'Don't humiliate Russia'

International food crisis stemming from Ukraine war has no quick fixes, experts say

Biden commerce secretary shifts blame for inflation onto Russia's war in Ukraine

US Mulls Lifting Some China Tariffs to Fight Inflation

The Top 10 Creepiest & Most Dystopian Things Pushed By The World Economic Forum

Liz Cheney: Jan. 6 "conspiracy" was "extremely broad... well-organized"

Schiff: January 6 Probe Will Present a 'Great Deal' of Information Not Yet Seen

Jan. 6 Committee Adviser: No 'Smoking Gun' Showing Trump Planned US Capitol Breach

GOP to go on offensive, portray Jan. 6 probe as 'unconstitutional and illegitimate'

Department of Justice Declines to Prosecute Meadows, Scavino, Dealing Blow to January 6 Committee

Schiff calls DOJ decision not to charge 2 Trump aides "deeply troubling"

Woodward and Bernstein brand Trump the 'first seditious president'

Government Report Admits Dominion Voting Machines Are Vulnerable in 16 States

Recent CISA Report Identifies Massive System Vulnerabilities in Dominion Voting Systems Used in Georgia Then Claims There's No Evidence These Vulnerabilities Were Abused in 2020

Voter Integrity Breached: Hand-Count Exposes Machines Off by Thousands in Georgia Election

Fulton County Georgia Is Calling an Emergency Meeting Today to "Recertify" Election Primary Election Results

Recent Georgia GOP Primary Exhibited More Patterns Eerily Similar to 2020's "Drop and Roll"

Facebook whistleblower Frances Haugen says Meta can't recover until Mark Zuckerberg steps down: report

One Step Closer: Elon Musk's Twitter Takeover Clears Federal Antitrust Review

6.3 magnitude earthquake hits the Rat Islands, Aleutian Islands, Alaska

5.1 magnitude earthquake hits near Prince Rupert, Canada

5.0 magnitude earthquake hits the Nicobar Islands, India region

Ruiz volcano in Colombia erupts to 23,000ft

Sabancaya volcano in Peru erupts to 22,000ft

Sangay volcano in Ecuador erupts to 21,000ft

Popocateptl volcano in Mexico erupts to 19,000ft

Fuego volcano in Guatemala erupts to 15,000ft

Reventador volcano in Ecuador erupts to 15,000ft

Powerful phreatic eruption at Bulusan volcano, Philippines

The first named storm of the Atlantic hurricane season floods Florida

One in every five species of reptiles worldwide is facing extinction, study finds

Fire tears through Bangladesh container depot killing 49 and injuring hundreds

At Least 50 People Killed in "Satanic Attack" on Nigerian Catholic Church in Bloody Massacre

Three killed, 14 injured in Chattanooga, Tennessee, shooting that left several victims hit by fleeing cars

'Several active shooters' in a popular Philadelphia area leave 3 people dead and 11 others wounded

8 shot, one dead after shooting at graduation party in Clarendon County, S.C., sheriff says

Fireworks Spark Active Shooter Fears, Panic at 2 NYC Malls

Firm proposes Taser-armed drones to stop school shootings

Murphy: Senate Gun Talks Focus on Mental Health, School Safety

Rep. Scalise: Dems Trying To 'Take Away Guns,' Red Flag Laws Unconstitutional

Gun Debate Paradox: Talk of gun control often leads to higher gun sales

'It's A Sign That We Are Here': Muslim Call To Prayer Arrives To Minneapolis Soundscape From Rooftop Loudspeakers

Megachurch Wars With Ex-Pastor Over Claims of Diva Behavior

Dozens of Georgia churches split from United Methodist Church over LGBTQ issues

Oak Lawn United Methodist Church to self-appoint LGBTQ pastors after bishop denies request

Virginia school district sued for forcing teachers to hide students' gender identity from parents

'Woke' workplaces are sacrificing 'diversity of thought' as employees push back: Ramaswamy

Palestinian farmers sound alarm over foot-and-mouth outbreak

Monkeypox may have been spreading 'under the radar' for years

Introduction of the COVID Vaccines Sees Shocking Rise in Permanent Disabilities

Four Twins players to miss series against Blue Jays over Canada's vaccine mandate - Canada requires travelers to have at least two doses of the vaccine

Mouth-to-mouth CPR effective while wearing face mask - study

Tracking Bible Prophecy Headlines - 6/5/2022

Macron speaks with Abbas over rising violence in West Bank

Israeli troops clash with Palestinians during overnight raid

Top EU diplomat warns prospect of restoring Iran nuclear deal 'is shrinking'

2nd top IRGC officer dies within days; report claims he was killed as suspected spy

Israeli officials deny killing alleged spy IRGC colonel who 'fell off roof' - report

Assassination of IRGC officer is new phase in Iran-Israel shadow war - analysis

Khamenei says two tankers were seized by IRGC after Greece 'stole' Iranian oil

Iran's Khamenei blames unrest on 'enemies' out to overthrow Islamic Republic

Iran and Oman sign deals to build gas pipelines, oil field along maritime border

Saudi dissidents call Biden's planned visit to kingdom a betrayal

Political Correctness Preventing Islamic Extremism from Being Reported, Admits Govt Advisor

Swedish Populists Call for Syrians, Somalis, and Afghans to Be Returned as Integration Fails

UN envoy demands swift probe into 'unacceptable' killings of Sudanese protesters

2 UN Peacekeepers Killed in 6th Incident in Mali in 2 Weeks

India jails 30 Christians on charges of 'forced' conversion as persecution mounts

Russia threatens to strike the West if Ukraine hits it with US rockets

U.S. Officials Admit They Have Lied About Ukraine Success and Russian Failures

Ukraine investigates deportation of children to Russia as possible genocide

Russian malls half-empty after Western firms exit

Larry Fink sees elevated inflation for years due to supply shocks

Summers: Inflation Won't Get 'Close to Target' without 'a Period of Very High Turbulence'

Black Swan Investor Is Watching for 'Greatest Credit Bubble' to Pop

China keeps rejecting Putin's requests for economic support

CNN: An economic 'hurricane' is coming. Political turmoil could be next.

Analysis: Biden, who ran on competency and experience, is struggling to manage multiple crises

Sussmann's cozy relationship with the FBI revealed

Barr: US Legal System Is 'Rigged Against Republicans'

Navarro Indictment Shows 'Two-Tier' System, Raises 'Major Constitutional Issues'

Former Judge Killed in 'Targeted' Attack Against Judicial System, Officials Say

Former Wisc. Judge Shot Dead in 'Domestic Terror' Attack

Suspect who allegedly killed retired judge had hit list that included Mitch McConnell, Gov. Whitmer: Official

Sheriff Dar Leaf Sues Lawless MI AG Nessel, Dishonest MI SOS Benson For Interfering, Obstructing and Covering Up Crimes In Election Fraud Investigations, Including Machine Voting, Ballot Harvesting and Trafficking

Soros-Backed Group Buys Univision's Radio Group

Telegram Hands Over Personal User Data to German Authorities

Image-generating AI could be creating its own strange 'secret language,' research suggests

Dan Bongino: An Expert Warns About the Looming Threat of an EMP Attack

Satellite imagery shows China close to launching major new aircraft carrier

China plans to complete space station with latest mission

Roving Packs of Robot Dogs Are Coming to the Moon

For first time in 18 years, 5 planets will be visible without a telescope

The 'supermoon' season of 2022 continues with the Full Strawberry Moon on June 14

6.4 magnitude earthquake hits west of Macquarie Island

6.2 magnitude earthquake hits Neiafu, Tonga

Sabancaya volcano in Peru erupts to 20,000ft

Sangay volcano in Ecuador erupts to 19,000ft

Reventador volcano in Ecuador erupts to 15,000ft

Tropical system moves off Florida shore toward Bahamas, leaves flooding behind

Miami Awash From Flooding Rain as Storm Threatens Records - Storm fails to get a tropical name from Hurricane Center - Over a hundred flights canceled from Florida; streets flooded

Bidenomics in Action: Midwest Braces for Rotating Power Blackouts This Summer

Abbott Restarts Baby Formula Plant Linked to Contamination

Four killed, dozens injured in apparent train derailment in Germany

One dead, 8 injured after high-speed train derails in southern China

New York Abortion Clinic Closes Today; Was site of 40 Days for Life Vigil

The Doctor Prescribing Abortions from Overseas - If Roe falls, then Rebecca Gomperts could become one of the most important medical figures in America

Joe Biden Says Radical Gun Control Should Be 'Central' to Voting in November

White House Illuminated in Orange for Gun Violence Awareness

Bill Maher: School Attacker's Advantage Is Not Gun Type But Time

Uvalde School District Police Chief Receives Death Threats

Sleeping Subway Rider Slashed Across Face at Times Square Station: Police

Elderly Woman Mugged, Hurled to the Ground in Broad Daylight in Lincoln Park

Almost a quarter of Republicans believe Satan-worshiping pedophiles control the US government, media, and financial sector

French tycoon accused of holding teenage sex slaves

Illegal Alien Charged with Sexually Abusing 14-Year-Old Disabled Child

New York Teacher Charged With Groping and Sexting Students

Shocking scenes emerge from 'child-friendly' drag show in Dallas gay bar

Gay Travelers Gather at Disney World to Vacation and Make a Statement

Ben & Jerry's Puts Up Billboards Across Multiple States Supporting 'Trans' Kids

DC Public Schools Hosting Drag Queen Performance

Biden linkage of school lunches to LGBTQ agenda holds low-income kids 'hostage': critics

European Union Commission Declares 'Future is Queer'

Census could ask 'do you menstruate?' instead of 'are you female?' to be inclusive of trans people

Oak Lawn United Methodist Church to self-appoint LGBTQ pastors after bishop denies request

The evangelical church faces a 'state of emergency' over the pandemic and politics, Andy Stanley says

First foreign hajj pilgrims arrive in Saudi Arabia since COVID pandemic

Overlapping, highly contagious COVID subvariants are spreading fast in Florida

Mask rules are suddenly back in California as coronavirus hits danger zone

Ghost Shot: Pfizer quietly admits it will never manufacture original FDA approved COVID vaccines

Monkeypox Community Spread Causing Fear in Global Population

US Doctors Urged to Test for Monkeypox, CDC Says Risk to Public Low

The CDC is sending monkeypox vaccines to people at high risk in a race to prevent the spread

Tracking Bible Prophecy Headlines - 6/4/2022

Biden said due in Israel on June 23, will meet PM, Abbas, tour E. Jerusalem hospital

Biden visits to Israel, Saudi Arabia said pushed back to July

Biden decides to visit Saudi Arabia, turning back toward kingdom amid energy crisis

Biden says Israel trip not yet finalized, confirms Riyadh stop in the cards - President says he's trying to end 'senseless wars between Israel and Arab nations'

US House panel probes whether Kushner's Mideast policies tied to business interests

Outgoing top Israeli official: Saudis joining Abraham Accords soon

Israel will declare elections by the end of the year - fmr. minister

MK Nir Barkat: Sa'ar knows that he will be wiped out if there's an election

Despite denials, Sa'ar said deep in talks with Likud as coalition wavers

Sa'ar threatens 'consequences' for wobbling coalition as backing for bill flounders

'Make your voice heard': Bennett appeals to public to help save teetering government

Group of bipartisan Congress members urge PA to release bullet that killed Abu Akleh

Lebanese security chief fears political paralysis, social collapse

In Cyprus, IDF runs drills for potential war with Hezbollah, Lebanon ground assault

Cyprus opposition slams government for hosting Israeli military drills

Israel Builds a Laser Weapon to Zap Threats Out of the Sky

Iranian scientist found dead in unclear circumstances - reports

Iran accuses UN nuke watchdog of bias because its chief made trip to Israel

Bennett to IAEA chief: Israel reserves right to act against Iran's nuclear program

Iran vows 'immediate response' to any Western move against it at IAEA

Israel and Iran: This Could Be the Next Big War That Grips the Entire World

Assassination of IRGC officer is new phase in Iran-Israel shadow war - analysis

2nd top IRGC officer dies within days; report claims he was killed as suspected spy

Iran supreme leader representative unharmed after attack: Report

Iran arrests man over attack on top cleric at Friday prayers

Iranian dissident 'Resistance Units' take control of servers, security cameras in Tehran - Operation comes as anti-government protests continue across Iran

Chinese Banks Urged to Cut Ties With Iranian Regime

UN extends Sudan mission amid anti-coup protests

Sudanese protester shot dead in Khartoum after state of emergency lifted: Medics

State Department Dismisses Fulani Reign of Jihadist Terror in Nigeria as 'Driven by Insecurity'

Al-Qaida enjoying a haven in Afghanistan under Taliban, UN warns

Myanmar junta says will carry out first judicial executions in decades

Bomb kills two peacekeepers in Mali: UN

India hits back at 'biased' US religious freedom report

Amid criticism, North Korea takes over as UN disarmament president

North Korea Presses Ahead With Nuclear-Test Preparations, U.S. Says

Trudeau accuses China of 'extremely troubling' harassment of Canadian jets

Talk of Tiananmen stifled in China, Hong Kong on massacre's 33rd anniversary

In Hong Kong, memories of China's Tiananmen Square massacre are being erased

Russia Says It Will Continue 'Operation' in Ukraine Until All Goals Are Achieved

Putin thinks West will blink first in war of attrition, Russian elites say

Ukraine war 'will have no winner,' UN says on 100th day of fight

Russia may be in Ukraine to stay after 100 days of war

Biden says Ukraine might have to give Russia land in 'negotiated settlement'

Putin fires five more generals: report

Vladimir Putin becoming 'even more detached from reality' than when I was in office: UK's David Cameron

Dolphins Dying in Black Sea, and May Be Casualties of War, Scientists Say

Deadly secret: Electronic warfare shapes Russia-Ukraine war

They're jamming everything: How secretive electronic warfare shapes war in Ukraine

Russia Summons Heads of U.S. Media Outlets, Warns of 'Stringent Measures'

Driver killed, two Reuters journalists wounded in separatist-held eastern Ukraine

Ukraine grants citizenship to top Russian journalist who denounced war

Putin's invasion of Ukraine forces Biden to rewrite US security plan

Russia says it's 'funny' that US warned against using Ukraine in talks on Syria aid

Spurred by Russian threat, Germany okays $100 billion fund to beef up army

Russia says Germany is risking European security by 'remilitarizing'

Russian state depository halts operations in euros after EU sanctions

EU, Egypt near gas supply deal in shift away from Russia

Norway oil and gas workers threaten strike, some crude output at risk

Oil Execs Cash Out Like Crazy While Gas Prices Soak Americans

Pain at the pump: Gas costs nearly $10 a gallon at this California station

Buying Cheap Russian Oil, China and India Help Putin Blunt West's Sanctions

Russia limits exports of noble gases, a key ingredient for making chips

UAE-Israel free trade deal set to help regrow ailing global supply chain

AU chief says 'reassured' after talks with Putin on food shortages amid Ukraine war

Ukraine envoy says Turkey among destinations of grain stolen by Russia

Turkish inflation hits highest rate since 1998 at 73.5%

Investors may be in for this rude surprise: History shows inflation can take years to return to normal even when Fed hikes above 10%

U.S. car sales at 'recessionary levels,' as inflation, rising interest rate concerns increase, RBC says

Tesla's Musk feels 'super bad' about economy, needs to cut 10% of salaried staff

Biden responds to Musk concerns about economy: 'Lots of luck on his trip to the moon'

Dow Jones Sells Off After Jobs Report; Tesla Tumbles On Elon Musk Warning

Biden claims 'more Americans feel financially comfortable' since he took office

Jim Jordan on Inflation: 'Part of Me Says This Is Intentional' by Biden WH

Global Elites Converge on Washington, DC, for Bilderberg Group Meeting

Bilderberg Meeting Now In Washington, DC For The 1st Time Since The Pandemic

68th Bilderberg Meeting to take place 2 - 5 June 2022 in Washington, D.C., USA

Colombian president calls for 'no dictators' at Summit of the Americas as Biden mulls Cuba, Venezuela invites

U.S. Capitol riot probe to kick off with prime-time hearing

Former Trump aide Peter Navarro indicted for contempt of Congress in defying Jan. 6 Capitol probe subpoena

FBI Arrests Trump Advisor Dr. Peter Navarro at DC-Area Airport One Day After He Vowed to Help Republicans Impeach Joe Biden

CISA Releases Much-Anticipated Report on Dominion Voting Machines - Reveals Software Is Exploitable and Attackers Are Able to Insert Malicious Code to Alter Results

New election integrity fears: Georgia county ballot machines off by thousands when hand counted

Arizona Republican Party Urges Judge to End Mail-In Voting

True The Vote Drops New Bombshell Video of Whistleblower: "You have to give your ballot opened to them so they can see who you are voting for, or who you supposedly have to vote for"

Johnny Depp Court Victory Inspiring Kyle Rittenhouse to Fight Back Against 'Lies in the Media'

Sandmann lawyer joins Rittenhouse team, says Zuckerberg a 'top' target of numerous 'solid' lawsuits

Crypto firms say thousands of digital currencies will collapse, compare market to early dotcom days

Driverless taxis are coming to the streets of San Francisco

Norway wants to track citizens food purchases - Big Brother society is creeping ever closer

5.6 magnitude earthquake hits the South Sandwich Islands region

5.6 magnitude earthquake hits near Naha, Japan

5.3 magnitude earthquake hits near San Pedro de Atacama, Chile

5.2 magnitude earthquake hits near Salinas, Ecuador

Magnitude 5 earthquake strikes Kuwait: Ministry

Sabancaya volcano in Peru erupt to 22,000ft

Popocateptl volcano in Mexico erupts to 19,000ft

Ruiz volcano in Colombia erupts to 19,000ft

Sangay volcano in Ecuador erupts to 19,000ft

Reventador volcano in Ecuador erupts to 15,000ft

Mt Etna volcano in Italy erupts to 15,000ft

Semeru volcano in Indonesia erupts to 13,000ft

Tropical Storm Warning for Parts of Florida, Cuba, Bahamas

Seattle could pick up nearly a month's worth of rain in 3 days

Over an inch of rain forecast for parts of Northern California due to rare June storm

'Apocalyptic skies': the dust storms devastating Gulf states and Syria

Heat wave to bring 100-degree temperatures to Texas

'Climate change whiplash': California tightens water restrictions in midst of worst-ever drought

The Middle East is running out of water

Carbon dioxide in Earth's atmosphere soars to levels not seen for millions of years, NOAA says

One Billion People Are At Risk Of Rolling Blackouts This Summer

Bees are legally fish in California, court rules. Here's why and what led to it

'Brutal' Violent Crime Surge In South Africa: Police

Court Orders Sheriff to Stop Helping Federal Authorities Enforce Immigration Law

US shootings: Firm unveils plans for Taser-armed drones

Joe Biden Admitted in 1985 Criminals Will Get Firearms 'With or Without Gun Control'

Seal Who Shot Osama bin Laden: There Should Be Limits on 'Shall Not Be Infringed'

Democrats "know they rule illegitimately" and are "trying to disarm people before they rise up," according to Tucker Carlson

NY GOP Rep. Chris Jacobs will not seek re-election after gun control support backlash

House Judiciary Committee advances gun control legislation along party lines

Biden urges 10 Republican senators to join Democrats on gun-related legislation

Pollak: Prosecute Hunter Biden for Gun Violations Before Any New Laws

Biden Claimed 'Guns Are the No. 1 Killer of Children' - True if You Count 18 and 19-Year-Olds as 'Children'

Nadler Claims 18 Year-Olds Are Too Young For Guns - But Won't Raise The Draft Age To 21

NY passes bill raising age to buy, own semi-automatic rifles

911 Dispatcher Fired After 'Inappropriate' Handling of Call During Buffalo Shooting

New York City lawmaker assumes 'white supremacy' motivated Tulsa shooter - he was black

Dem Rep. Bowman: We Need to Ban Assault Rifles, Not Have More Officers, More Cops in Schools Hurts Non-White Kids

Uvalde parents and school staffer start legal action against gunmaker

Man Arrested With Body Armor, High-Capacity Ammo Outside U.S. Capitol

Iowa gunman kills ex-girlfriend, another woman, then himself in church parking lot, sheriff says

Escaped Texas inmate dies in police shootout after allegedly murdering family of 5

Woman Whose Husband Was Murdered In A Gun-Free Zone: "Gun-Free Zones Are A Magnet For Evil"

Doctor, nurses stabbed at California hospital; man arrested

Gay rights: Jerusalem celebrates 20 years of pride marches

Government of Kuwait Summons US Diplomat Over Tweet Celebrating Pride Month with Pro-LGBTQ Quote from Joe Biden

Biden threatens to starve schools that don't adopt trans agenda

Ohio House passes bill banning transgender girls from female sports teams

Milwaukee Brewers To Host 'Pre-Game Drag' Show On Tranny Appreciation Night

Pizza Hut Features Book About "Drag Kids" Aimed at Children in Pre-Kindergarten

European police arrest eight 'high value' human smugglers

San Francisco Bay Area mother of fentanyl user warns city is enabling son's drug use

Overdoses Up 700% After Oregon Decriminalizes Hard Street Drugs. Officials Mystified.

In a new U.S. poll, a majority identify as 'pro-choice' for the first time in decades

Study Reveals Increased Health Risks for Women Who Keep Secret Their Drug-Induced Abortions, as Urged to Do by Abortion Activists

China Brags It Will 'Continue' Anti-Uyghur Campaign After U.N. Covers Up Genocide

Chinese Scientists Claim to Have Produced Robot-Cloned Pigs

AI Recreates Val Kilmer's Voice for 'Top Gun: Maverick' After Actor's Battle with Throat Cancer

Human remains found 50 years ago in Florida are finally identified through DNA testing

Brain scans can reveal which political party a person is affiliated with

NYC Legionnaires' disease outbreak: Second death reported

Judicial Watch Uncovers Dozens of Records of Illegal Molecular Research Conducted in America in Violation of NIH Guidelines

Blood Clots: Urgent warning to women under 40 after sharp rise in sudden killer

FDA: Novavax COVID Vaccine Effective But Heart Inflammation Concern

Special Olympics drops vaccine mandate after Florida threatens $27.5 million fine

GOP lawmakers push legislation to preempt WHO global pandemic treaty

Tracking Bible Prophecy Headlines - 6/3/2022

Blinken: Saudi Arabia is a 'critical partner' in expanding Abraham Accords

Israel, Saudi Arabia make deal for security arrangements in Straits of Tiran for flyover rights

How the UAE went from boycotting Israel to investing billions in its economy

Amid coalition crisis, Liberman says he won't sit with Netanyahu in any government

Fighting rabbinic ban, Jewish activists push Temple Mt. prayer closer to mainstream

Racism of 'Jerusalem Day' march is Israeli mainstream: Analysts

IDF says troops fire at three Palestinians after firebomb thrown; teen said killed

In Cyprus, IDF runs drills for potential war with Hezbollah, Lebanon ground assault

Israel, US pledge economic, diplomatic and military coordination to stop Iran nukes

Lapid: If Iran brings war to Israel's doorstep, war will come to Iran

UN nuclear watchdog head Rafael Grossi lands in Israel for meeting with Bennett

Ex-UN Inspector Says Iran's Nuclear Breakout Time Is Zero, Has Enough Enriched Uranium to Build Bomb

Visiting Israel, Iranian anti-regime activists see another 2009 moment, seek support

Iranian dissident group says it hacked 5,000 surveillance cameras in Tehran

Turkey Is Playing Off NATO Against Russia with Eyes on Northern Syria

'Terrorist attack' on UN convoy in Mali kills Jordan peacekeeper, injures three

Accusations Fly After Burma Bombing Kills 1, Injures 9

Yemen truce extended for two months, but warring sides far apart

Yemen's Houthis criminalize ties with Israel

Taliban build Dome of Rock replica in Kabul

Indian officials visit Kabul for first Taliban meet since US left

Report: Putin underwent cancer treatment in April, survived assassination attempt in March

US Engaged in 'Offensive' Cyber Operations Against Russia in Ukraine: NSA Director

Putin's state TV propagandist Olga Skabeyeva says 'World War III has already begun'

Europol Warns Weapons Shipped To Ukraine Could Be Used By "Criminal Groups" For Years

Russia looks to block Western arms supplies to Ukraine, officials warn airstrike offensive will increase

Russia Foreign Minister: US, UK Missiles Are 'Direct Provocation'

NATO chief warns West must prepare for 'long haul' in conflict with Russia

Zelensky: Russia, separatists control 'about 20 percent of our territory'

Zelenskyy: Russia Kidnapped 200,000 Ukrainian Children

Zelensky Likens Russian Invasion to WWII 'Nazi Aggression'

The pollution from Russia's war will poison Ukraine for decades - From chemical leaks to rampant wildfires, these are the unseen costs of Russia's invasion

New US sanctions target Russia-linked yachts and jets, Putin's money manager

Russian Car Makers Hit Hardest as Factory Output Falls After Ukraine Sanctions

"Everything is gone": Russian business hit hard by tech sanctions

Bloomberg: Putin's Coffers Are Swelling Despite Sanctions

Russia Fails to Meet Bond Obligations, Triggering Swaps Payout

German leader says Russian economy is collapsing; Russia now controls 20% of Ukraine, Zelenskyy says: Live updates

OPEC+ raises output faster than expected as Russia's war roils global energy markets

Biden Likely to Visit Saudi Arabia as US Gasoline Prices Spiral, Sources Say

New York Suspends Gas Tax For The Rest Of The Year As Prices Continue At Record Highs

The world may be careening toward a 1970s-style energy crisis - or worse

Red-Hot Coal Prices Threaten Even Higher Power Bills

Biden Admin Gives Big Handout to Solar, Wind Projects as Gas Prices Soar

Biden administration touts infrastructure law in addressing supply chain issues, increasing goods

Fed is in danger of losing control of public expectations of future inflation, Bullard says

Yellen says the administration is fighting inflation, admits she was wrong that it was 'transitory'

Demand at food banks is way up again. But inflation makes it harder to meet the need

The Biden administration has announced new funding to help food supply chains

U.S. wheat crop hit by dry winter then soggy spring, adding to global tightness

Russia-induced global food crisis pushes 49M to 'brink' of famine, starvation: expert warns

'Massively Dependent' Britain Only One Catastrophe Away from Food Shortages - Claim

Food Protectionism Spreads With Malaysia Poultry Export Ban

China demands US stop trade talks with Taiwan

World's largest naval exercises to include all 4 Quad nations and 5 South China Sea countries

Democracies Send Message to China with Giant RIMPAC Exercise off Southern California

Canada says Chinese warplanes are buzzing its North Korea reconnaissance flights

El Salvador accused of 'massive' human rights violations with 2% of adults in prison

Reports: Venezuela Arrests 17 Cuban Slave Doctors Trying to Flee to Colombia

US lifts restrictions on air links to Cuba in a gesture of conciliation toward the Communist-run island

Potential for a high-profile flop looms over Biden administration's prep for next week's Summit of the Americas

Foreign governments are aggressively targeting dissidents on U.S. soil

Addiction, infidelity, and shame: Hunter Biden's ex-wife opens up about marriage

FBI asked Democrat lawyer Sussmann to help with media response to 2016 DCCC hack, court docs show

Michael Avenatti Sentenced to Four Years for Ripping Off Stormy Daniels, Tells Judge He Took Stripper's Case to "Take Down a Sitting American President"

Republicans who texted Meadows with urgent pleas on January 6 say Trump could have stopped the violence

George Conway: Trump Led Lawyers in a 'Multifaceted Conspiracy' to Overturn 2020 Election

House January 6 committee obtains email outlining early plan to try to overturn Trump's 2020 loss

January 6 committee announces first prime time hearing will feature previously unseen material and witness testimony

Peter Navarro: Jan. 6 panel is 'Democrat-controlled mob' with 'weaponized' congressional powers

Former Attorney General Bill Barr meets with Jan. 6 committee about Trump election fraud claims

Stefanik, Mullin introduce resolution to expunge post-Jan. 6 Trump impeachment

Commentary: The 'Most Secure Election Ever' Talking Point Just Got Shredded

Trump election probe grand jury hears from Raffensperger

Arizona Gov Doug Ducey Vetos New Law That Would Require Counties To Cancel Illegal Voter Registrations

Maricopa County counted 19,000 late, invalid ballots in 2020 election, newly disgorged records show

The Supreme Court Could Decide Who Wins Pennsylvania Senate Republican Primary

Alito delays counting of undated ballots in Pennsylvania

NBC, WaPo, CNN drop damning reports on WH turmoil, suggest issues plaguing Biden weren't caused by his admin

CNN cutting back on over-hyping everything as "breaking news"

China's hold over Tesla raises questions about Musk's bid for Twitter

Internal Documents Show Amazon's Dystopian System for Tracking Workers Every Minute of Their Shifts

5.5 magnitude earthquake hits near Aras-asan, Philippines

5.4 magnitude earthquake hits the Pacific-Antarctic Ridge

5.2 magnitude earthquake hits near Pondaguitan, Philippines

5.1 magnitude earthquake hits the northern Mid-Atlantic Ridge

5.1 magnitude earthquake hits near Chignik, Alaska

5.1 magnitude earthquake hits near Nikolski, Alaska

5.0 magnitude earthquake hits the South Georgia Island region

5.0 magnitude earthquake hits near Sofifi, Indonesia

San Francisco: Bay Area jolted by 4.1-magnitude earthquake

Sabancaya volcano in Peru erupts to 22,000ft

Mt Etna volcano in Italy erupts to 17,000ft

Reventador volcano in Ecuador erupts to 16,000ft

Manam volcano in Papua New Guinea erupts to 10,000ft

At least 11 dead, 33 more missing after Hurricane Agatha slams Mexico

NHC issues tropical storm watch for Central and South Florida

Super soaker: Tropical system to deluge Florida with 10+ inches of rain

California is rationing water amid its worst drought in 1,200 years

Seen from space, the snow-capped Alps are going green

Amazon is 'obstructing' probe into deadly warehouse collapse, House committee says

2 people hurt, buildings evacuated after manhole explosions in downtown Boston

Supreme Court Faces Historic Case Backlog as Fractious Term Comes to an End

House Dem declares gun control will happen even if it means abolishing filibuster or expanding Supreme Court

Justice correspondent says Second Amendment was 'to preserve white supremacy and slavery'

'Prepared for failure': Democrats confront reality on gun talks as senators search for 'incremental' deal with GOP

Swing district Dems break with Pelosi, call for gun package to be split into smaller bills

House gun hearing gets testy when Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee comments on Republican showing firearms

House panel swiftly takes up gun bill after mass shootings

Pelosi Says House to Consider Assault Weapons Ban Soon

Biden appeals for tougher gun laws: 'How much more carnage?'

Biden Says Gun Control Efforts Are Not About Taking Away Anyone's Guns

Joe Biden Calls For 1994 Assault Weapons Ban to be Reinstated, Says Lawmakers Should "Limit How Many Rounds a Weapon Can Hold"

Report: DeSantis to Veto $35 Million for Tampa Bay Rays Facility After Team's Anti-Gun Rant

Mayor Eric Adams taps 'gun violence czar' amid spate of NYC bloodshed

US Sets Record With 1 Million Civilian Guns Sold for 34th Straight Month

In shadows of school shooting, Ohio Senate passes legislation to make it easier to arm teachers

Texas GOP Gov. Abbott wants school safety checks after mass shooting, says 'find weak points'

White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre: Greater School Security Not Something Biden 'Believes In' Since 'The Problem Is with Guns'

More than a week after Uvalde massacre, officials are still avoiding the media's questions about what happened

16-year-old arrested after police received tip he was recruiting students for a mass shooting at a California high school, officials say

Multiple People Shot at Funeral of Man Killed by Police in Wisconsin

Police: Tulsa gunman targeted surgeon he blamed for pain

Tulsa Shooting Suspect Bought Guns Legally

Suspect in Buffalo Mass Shooting Pleads Not Guilty to 25 Counts

Drivers in Washington State Don't Have To Stop for Cops Anymore

China Calls for Class Action Lawsuits Against America for 'the Gun Issue and the Racial Problem'

Georgia School Refuses to Let Kids Opt-Out of Lessons 'Steeped in' Critical Gender, Race Theories, Parents Group Says

Black Kentucky Senate Candidate Wears Noose In Campaign Ad Focused On Racism

California Releases 500-page Interim Report Backing Reparations, Separate Black Schools

Biden administration cancels $5.8 billion in student debt for people who attended for-profit college

CA Charter School Touts 'Proud Queer Asian-Latinx Educator' Teaching 'Complexities of Intersectionality' to 5-Year-Olds

Elliot Page Says Transgender Jokes Spawn Hate and Fuel 'Transphobia'

Noem threatens Biden with lawsuit if Title IX funding is cut over transgender law

Florida State Health Agency Issues Report Challenging Science of Transgenderism

Most Americans say allowing kids to use 'preferred pronouns' confuses them about sex, survey finds

Border enforcement chief celebrates Pride Month at DHS as illegal immigration hits record high

New Flag Just Dropped: European Capital Adds Ukrainian Colours to Pride

'A victory of light over darkness': 7,000 march in Jerusalem's 20th Pride Parade

Marchers, ministers, MKs set off along Jerusalem Pride Parade route

In first, Knesset speaker to deliver a speech at Jerusalem pride parade

Gay Days returns to Disney World amid 'don't say gay' controversy

'Woke' NASCAR Apologizes to LGBTQ Community After Texas Gov. Greg Abbott Waves Green Flag at Event

Pride Month: Lynda Carter Says if You Don't Think 'Wonder Woman' Was a 'Trans Icon,' You Missed the Point

Jesuit Father Martin: 'Especially Important for Churches' to Celebrate Gay Pride

Appeals court upholds Harvey Weinstein's rape conviction

Lawyer Claims, in Civil Trial, Bill Cosby Used Safe Spaces to Sexually Abuse Teen Girl

Director Cary Fukunaga accused of 'grooming' on sets: 'He needs to be stopped'

Chaos erupts in Utah county attorney race over allegations of 'cannibalism' and 'ritualistic sex abuse'

Missouri Pastor Fatally Shoots Man He Says Was Having Affair with His Wife

Abortion rights might soon be gone. Activists worry same-sex marriage is next

Israel's health minister to introduce abortion reforms to make process easier

Illinois ends its parental notification requirement for minors getting abortions

Colorado Becomes 1st State To Ban Anonymous Sperm, Egg Donations

Doctors Transplant 3-D Printed Ear Made of Human Cells

Nightclub needle attacks puzzle European authorities

New York City runs ad campaign 'empowering' heroin users

California Bid to Create Legal Drug Injection Sites Advances

Former US Marine gets 16 years in prison as leader of Mexican drug cell

Changing our DNA: 'The age of human therapeutic gene editing is here'

Top-Ranking Senate Republicans Demand Answers on Royalty Payments to NIH Employees

Biden Proposal to Surrender U.S. Health Sovereignty to World Health Organization Dealt Stunning Defeat

China Begins Quarantining Shanghai Again One Day After Lockdown-Ending Celebrations

Termites Swarm Shanghai, Numbers Boosted by Lockdown

Xi Vs Li In China? Will Anger Over Zero-Covid Policy & Economy Lead To Chinese President's Downfall?

Fact Checker Tries to Debunk Study Proving Masks Didn't Work in Europe, Fails Miserably

Canadian service members, legal 'Samurai for hire' go to court to stop military COVID vax mandate

Covid vaccinations for children under age 5 to begin as early as June 21, White House says

Why boosted Americans seem to be getting more COVID-19 infections

Prince Andrew will miss jubilee after testing positive for COVID-19 - It is unclear if other members of the royal family have been exposed

Royal fans skeptical of Prince Andrew's 'convenient' COVID

Tracking Bible Prophecy Headlines - 6/2/2022

In call, Abbas tells Blinken US must 'turn talk into actions,' end 'silence'

Palestinian said killed in West Bank clashes as IDF moves to raze terrorist's home

Knesset advances opposition bill banning Palestinian flags at state-funded institutions

Palestinian flag comes off Ramat Gan tower after outcry

Meretz to back civil law for settlers bill, but coalition tensions said to persist

Top defense officials slam settler 'incitement' against Central Command chief

Commander reprimanded after saying IDF, settlement movement are 'one and the same'

181 Ethiopian immigrants land in Israel as aliyah from African nation restarts

Sa'ar's New Hope said holding talks with Likud over potential new government

Sa'ar denies being in contact with Likud to form new govt.

IDF: Fighter jets downed Egyptian military drone that entered Israeli skies

Israel PM says new Iron Beam laser interceptor will 'bankrupt enemy'

Israeli Air Force simulates widescale strike on Iran nuclear facilities

Ex-IDF chief: If not for Israeli action, Iran would have had nukes 7-10 years ago

US, Israel committed preventing Iran from nuclear weapon - White House

Iran could have 4 'crude' nukes in 3 months - think tank

Iran warns UN watchdog of 'consequences' over report on undeclared nuclear sites

Senators introduce bill banning US taxpayer funds from being spent for Iran deal

Iran slams French, German 'interference' in seizure of Greek oil tankers

Rights group accuses Iran of 'hostage-taking'

FBI says it thwarted Iranian cyberattack on Boston Children's Hospital

Iranian Regime Shoots Protesters - Cracks Down on Demonstrations Sparked by Collapse of Metropol Tower that Killed 26

US will again urge UN sanctions if N.Korea carries out nuclear test

Chinese space centre finds jamming device weeks before launch of latest space station mission in first reported incident of its kind - It was not clear if there had been a deliberate attempt at sabotage or not

Jerusalem Post Defies China's Threats to Downgrade Relations With Israel if it Doesn't Pull Interview With Taiwan Leader: The 'Story Ain't Going Anywhere'

Taiwanese cheer as 'Top Gun: Maverick' restores Taiwan flag after alleged removal for Chinese censors

China says it conducted 'readiness patrol' around Taiwan

China blasts Japan's 'selfish claim' over vast area of Pacific near Taiwan

US says committed to Pacific Islands that rejected 'opaque' China pact

Exposed: How China Helps Iran Evade Sanctions Through Multibillion-Dollar Oil Scheme - As Biden admin turns blind eye to sanctions, China and Iran cash in

Ukraine Fires Own Human Rights Chief For Perpetuating Russian Troop 'Systematic Rape' Stories

Biden says US won't try to oust Putin, months after saying he 'cannot remain in power'

Zelenskyy shuts down Newsmax interviewer who tried to get him to say there would be no war if Trump were president

Blinken: Ukraine Says It Won't Use US Weapons on Targets in Russia

Biden says US sending advanced medium-range rocket systems to Ukraine

U.S. plans to sell armed drones to Ukraine in coming days

US Providing New $700 Million in Military Aid for Ukraine

Moscow sees risk of Russia-US conflict in new arms deliveries to Ukraine

Russia warns it will soon have 50 brand new 'Satan-2' nuclear missiles

Commentary: How the world is paying for Vladimir Putin's war in Ukraine

Russian Oil Producers Stay One Step Ahead of Sanctions - Shippers and refiners hide origin of Russian oil, and some is getting into the U.S.

Kremlin says it can re-route oil exports to minimize losses from EU embargo

Pakistan plans long-term LNG deal with Middle East to ease gas shortage

US summer fuel shortages could be worse than 1970s oil crisis: IEA chief

Los Angeles Chevron gas station charging over $8 a gallon

UN chief Guterres calls for immediate action to alleviate global 'food crisis'

Zelenskyy: World Faces 'Famine' If We Don't Extend Defenses

Wheat can't be 'weapon of war', urges lifting Ukraine block: Pope Francis

Baby Formula Shortage Worsens, Hitting Low-Income Families Hardest

Biden Says He Didn't Know Shutdown of Infant Formula Plant Would Lead to Severe Shortages

White House can't explain why Biden didn't know about formula crisis until April

Jamie Dimon says 'brace yourself' for an economic hurricane caused by the Fed and Ukraine war

The CBO confirms Bidenflation is real

Biden says inflation is top priority after meeting with Fed Chair Jerome Powell

Yellen: 'I Was Wrong' about Inflation, 'Didn't Fully Understand' Supply Bottlenecks

Fed Downgrades U.S. Economy as Growth Slows in Beige Book Report

Inflation will force 25% of Americans to delay retirement: survey

Dubai's 56% Property Surge Collides With Ghosts of 2009 Crash

Saudi Arabia's $500 Billion Plan For World's Largest Buildings Ever

The Majority of the 51 Intel Experts Who Claimed the Hunter Biden Laptop Was Russian Disinformation Have Connections to George Bush Sr.

Biden Family Values: Hunter Biden Shared Pornhub Link with Father Joe Biden

Jury Acquits Clinton Campaign Attorney, But Prosecutors Prove Corporate Media Guilty

Rep. Mace: Durham Didn't Get Fair Shot on Sussmann

Andy McCarthy on 'Kilmeade Show': 'Crazy' how judge conducted Michael Sussmann trial

Former AG Whitaker says Michael Sussmann acquittal 'looks like jury nullification'

Gaetz: FBI maintains workspace in office of Perkins Coie, the 'legal arm of the DNC and Hillary Clinton'

Moral of Sussmann trial: Americans see lying as a DC norm, making punishment hard - "There are bigger things that affect the nation than a possible lie to the FBI," jury forewoman declares after verdict.

Despite acquittal, Durham trial of Sussmann added to evidence Clinton campaign plotted to tie Trump to Russia

Trump threatens Pulitzer committee with legal action if they don't rescind award for Russia probe coverage

Was Russia collusion server data pushed in violation of Senate ethics rules?

Chuck Grassley, Others Conspired to Remove Mike Pence From Overseeing Electoral College Count For 2020 Election

Cyber agency: Voting software vulnerable in some states

'It's going to be an army': Tapes reveal GOP plan to contest elections

19,000 Late, Invalid ballots Were Counted in Arizona 2020 Election

Supreme Court Blocks Texas Social-Media Censorship Law

US Frontier Supercomputer Named Fastest in the World

Inside plan to hunt 'potentially dangerous' asteroids with algorithm

Asteroid 2022 KP6 flew past Earth at just 0.05 LD

Dual earthquakes (6.1 and 4.5 magnitude) hit SW China's Sichuan, 4 killed, 14 injured

5.2 magnitude earthquake hits near Pathein, Myanmar

5.1 magnitude earthquake hits near Finschhafen, Papua New Guinea

5.0 magnitude earthquake hits near Sofifi, Indonesia

Sabancaya volcano in Peru erupts to 22,000ft

Ruiz volcano in Colombia erupts to 22,000ft

Reventador volcano in Ecuador erupts to 16,000ft

Mt Etna volcano in Italy erupts to 14,000ft

Semeru volcano in Indonesia erupts to 13,000ft

Ulawun volcano in Papua New Guinea erupts to 10,000ft

Manam volcano in Papua New Guinea erupts to 10,000ft

Massive Lake Powell rockslide caught on video

Death toll from Hurricane Agatha rises to a least 10 in Mexico, more missing: Govt

Florida could take early-season strike from brewing tropical system

Plane carrying queen forced to land due to violent lightning and hail storm

In worsening drought, Southern California water restrictions take effect

Kamala Harris Bursts Out Laughing While Talking About California Droughts

'They might as well howl at the moon': South Australian declares climate emergency

UAE's single-use plastic ban comes into force

Israeli Researchers Find at Least 2,000 Reptile Species Facing Extinction

Illegal immigrant population soars to 11.6 million

Open Borders Lobby Begs Biden to Quickly End Title 42, Unlocking Waves of Illegal Immigration

Biden Protected by Very Guns He Wants to Bar Americans From Owning

Biden keeps repeating false Second Amendment claim, despite repeated fact checks

WH forced to clarify Biden remarks, says he won't back handgun sale ban

Uvalde Law Enforcement Still Cooperating in Investigation Contrary to Sensational Media Reports

Texas DPS Now Says Uvalde Teacher Did Not Leave Door Open Despite Previously Blaming Her

Texas Governor Calls for Legislators to Examine School Safety, Mental Health, in Wake of Mass Shooting

California Votes To End Mandatory Reporting On Students Who Threaten Schools

Tulsa police say 'multiple' shot after 'active shooter' situation, suspect 'down'

A wild Brooklyn shoot-out in broad daylight on Coney Island between members of two rival groups was caught on camera

A victim of the Brooklyn subway shooting is suing the gun maker Glock

Grand jury indicts Buffalo mass shooter with domestic terrorism charge

NYC Mayor Eric Adams Pushes Subway Gun Detecting Technolgy As Shootings Surges In Gun-Controlled City

Hinckley to get full freedom 41 years after shooting Reagan

Commentary: We're Normalizing the Stench of Murder and Law-breaking

Bipartisan discussions on "red flag" laws make progress as Sens. Graham, Blumenthal revise gun control proposal

Florida's red flag law, championed by Republicans, is taking guns from thousands of people

Florida Posts Openings for State Guard That Democrats Call a 'Vigilante Militia'

'God's gift to lawyers': DeSantis' culture war laws get him sued a lot

Biden brings K-pop group BTS to White House to raise awareness of anti-Asian hate crimes

California to unveil groundbreaking slave reparations report

Illinois school board hears proposal to use race as a factor for grading

Child sex trafficking in Utah counties now confirmed

Texas authorities rescue 70 missing children victimized by sex trafficking

Authorities Find 70 Missing Children During Texas Operation: 'Our Most Precious Resource'

South Carolina undercover sex sting busts 11 men accused of targeting minors on social media

Seattle police stopped investigating new adult sexual assaults this year, memo shows

Cosby Faces Sex Abuse Allegations Again as Civil Trial Opens

Pollak: Johnny Depp Verdict Marks End of 'Believe All Women' in Hollywood

Critic: San Francisco Mayor's Trans Shelter Plan May Put Women on Streets

3X Olympic Gold Medalist Nancy Hogshead Blasts Trans Athlete Lia Thomas: 'It Isn't Fair!'

Transgender Athlete Caitlyn Jenner says trans athlete 'rules have to be a lot more stringent'

35 Arkansas churches considering departure from UMC over homosexuality debate

Father of teen murdered at 2015 Jerusalem Pride pans threats against march organizer

MKs, Jerusalem Pride march organizer receive death threats referencing murdered teen

Growing Number of LGBT Pride Parades Banning Police Participation

Marines offer rainbow bullets to 'honor' LGBTQ service members during Pride Month

US raises Pride flag at embassy to the Holy See - Roman Catholic moral teaching says homosexual acts are a 'grave travesty'

Biden's Federal Agencies Post Images of 'Progress Pride Flag' Including Stripes for Trans Community

Pride Pandering - Left Goes Full Woke for Pride Month: 'We're Joining our LGBTQIA2+ Partners'

Joe Biden Pays Homage to 'Intersex' Identity for Pride Month 2022: 'LGBTQI+ Rights Are Human Rights'

Woman who is sexually attracted to planes wants to marry toy Boeing

Flash Cards Depicting Pregnant Man Used for Teaching Colors in North Carolina Preschool Classroom

Supreme Court Clerks Reportedly Consider Lawyering Up As Roe Leak Probe Escalates

State courts could overturn abortion bans in red states

Austin Pushing to 'Decriminalize' Abortion Ahead of SCOTUS Ruling on Roe v. Wade

ACLU, Abortion Groups Sue Florida Over 15-Week Abortion Ban

48 Senate Republicans Tell Schumer They Will Block Any Bill Undermining Hyde Amendment Or Any Other Pro-Life Protections

With Roe in doubt, states weigh letting nurses do abortions

Democrats call on FTC to protect mobile location data of people seeking abortions, amid concern it could be bought by anti-abortion vigilantes

Canada allows British Columbia to decriminalize low-level drug possession in three-year experiment

Israeli researchers use repurposed plant virus to grow 'enhanced' cannabis

Novel genetic experiment shrinks tough-to-treat cancer

Gruesome 'nose-bleed fever' death toll rises to 18 as tick-borne virus spreads

WHO says monkeypox has been spreading undetected as global cases rise to more than 550

Smallpox vaccine offers 85 pct protection against monkeypox virus: UAE experts

CDC Director Issues Alert on Pfizer's COVID-19 Pill: 'You Might Get Symptoms Again'

Refusal To Treat COVID Vaccine Injuries Is A Crime Against Humanity Says Leading Intensive Care Doctor

Whisteblower's Lawyer: Pfizer Got Away with Vaccine Fraud Because Government Was Co-Conspirator

Pfizer asks FDA to authorize COVID-19 vaccine for children 6 months to 5 years old: report

Dr. Fauci Says It's "Entirely Conceivable" That Americans will Need Yearly Covid Booster Shot

Politics and Pandemic Fatigue Doom California's Covid Vaccine Mandates

Fauci says DOJ challenge to mask ruling more about authority, less about mandate

Bill to Ban Medical 'Misinformation' Advances in Legislature

Chinese COVID-19 Test Companies Accused of Fraud

China Plans for Years of Covid Zero Strategy With Tests on Every Corner

California's new coronavirus wave is disrupting lives, even with less severe illness

Tracking Bible Prophecy Headlines - 6/1/2022

US suspends Abraham Accords assistance to Sudan, urges Israel to call for democracy

Landmark Israel, UAE trade deal axes nearly all tariffs

US insists it's committed to reopening consulate after officials tell ToI otherwise

Israel puts E1 settlement project back on agenda, weeks ahead of Biden trip

Minister: Vote on renewing civil law for settlers a test for coalition survivability

Abbas says PA planning steps 'to confront Israeli escalation,' slams 'US silence'

Israel says Iran used stolen UN watchdog documents to evade nuclear probes

'The proof': Israel's PM Bennett publishes seized papers he says show Iran spied on UN nuke watchdog

IAEA: Iran yet to clarify presence of nuclear material at undeclared sites

Iran calls IAEA report on undeclared nuclear sites 'one sided'

Iran urges Greece to cooperate over seized ships without US role

Iran building collapse: Protesters turn on government over disaster

Protesters chant 'death to Khamenei' over Iranian building collapse - Authorities are blaming the collapse on individual corruption and lax safety and say 13 people have so far been arrested

Russian lawmaker suggests kidnapping NATO defense minister in Ukraine

Ukraine looking into 'thousands' of possible war crimes in Donbas

Ukraine's 'unicorn' LGBTQ soldiers head for war

Zelensky warns of famine risk from Russian blockade of Ukrainian ports

Ukraine's giant seed bank at risk of being lost as war rages

European Union Agrees Embargo 90 Per Cent of Russian Oil This Year

Moscow says it will 'find other importers' after EU leaders agree to ban Russian oil

"The Ideological Purposes of the Elite Make Use of the Complicity of Economic Potentates Whose Aims Are Merely to Make Profit" - Archbishop Vigano on New World Order

White House Supply Chain Advisor Is a World Economic Forum Climate Change Activist Who Worked at Hunter Biden's Think Tank.

Hunter Biden saga: Washington Post cites emails from laptop on business ties with uncle James Biden after dismissing the laptop in 2020

Sussmann found not guilty of lying to FBI in blow to John Durham's investigation

Attorney with ties to 2016 Clinton campaign acquitted in first Durham special counsel trial

Trump Slams 'Corrupt' Legal System After Sussmann's 'Not Guilty' Verdict

Commentary: Even If The Jury Doesn't Convict Michael Sussmann, The Special Counsel Has Won

Commentary: Michael Sussmann has been acquitted. The acquittal is no surprise. This is a DC jury, after all.

Jim Jordan on Sussmann trial: What we learned about Hillary Clinton was 'huge'

Michael Sussmann Acquitted; Trial Revealed Clinton Role in Russia 'Collusion' Hoax

Jim Jordan: Hillary Clinton Peddled 'False Information' About Trump to the Media, FBI

Barr says Durham uncovered 'seditious' activity

Some Democrats voting in GOP primaries to block Trump picks

Voter Fraud Leads to Reversed Result in California Local Government Election

5 planets to align nights after 1st supermoon of the year

5.2 magnitude earthquake hits near Bandar Lampung, Indonesia

5.2 magnitude earthquake hits near Adak, Alaska

Early-morning 3.1 earthquake rattles dozens near Tennessee-Missouri border, geologists say

Sabancaya volcano in Peru erupts to 24,000ft

Ruiz volcano in Colombia erupts to 23,000ft

Sangay volcano in Ecuador erupts to 19,000ft

Reventador volcano in Ecuador erupts to 16,000ft

Fuego volcano in Guatemala erupts to 15,000ft

Semeru volcano in Indonesia erupts to 13,000ft

Manam volcano on Papua New Guinea erupts to 10,000ft

La Nina, Loop Current and other factors put Florida in crosshairs of another active hurricane season

Extremely heavy rains, floods and landslides hit Pernambuco, leaving more than 90 people dead and dozens missing, Brazil

1 Hiker Dead, 1 Hurt After Waves Inundate California Trail

1 dead, multiple people rescued after avalanche in Colorado

One Of The Largest Egg Factories In US Torched In The Middle Of The Night Amid Outbreak Of Fires In Food Processing Facilities Across The Nation

UK Schoolchildren Fed Insects to Encourage 'Sustainability'

Welcome to the Woke Future: AI Expert Predicts People Will Raise 'Virtual Children' in the Metaverse

Great Reset: Fake AI 'Tamagotchi Children' will be Common within 50 Years - Expert Says

Supreme Court decisions due soon on abortion, guns, religion and climate change

Supreme Court leak investigation heats up as clerks are asked for phone records in unprecedented move

Clerks 'alarmed' as officials request cell phone records to find SCOTUS leaker

Supreme Court may soon expand gun rights amid roiling debate

House Democrats Prepare 8 Gun Control Bills: Bump Stocks, 'Ghost Guns,' Higher Legal Purchase Age

Push for gun control at state level include bill from Pennsylvania Democrat to ban body armor

White House: Joe Biden Wants Gun Control, Does Not Support Hardening School Security

Biden Spox Says Regime Looking at "Other Executive Actions" on Gun Control

Joe Rogan Says More Gun Control Means 'Only Criminals Will Have Guns' And The Government Will Have 'All The Power'

Justin Trudeau Points to U.S. Gun Violence in Vow to Freeze Handgun Sales in Canada: 'This Is About Freedom'

Trudeau says it is 'misinformation and disinformation' to say he is punishing legal handgun owners

Australia's Biggest State Begins Fresh Round of Seized Firearms Destruction

'We Need Your Guidance' - Joe Biden Meets with New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern on Gun Control and Online Extremism

'Slaughter of innocents': Biden and New Zealand leader discuss domestic extremism

9 killed, more than 60 injured in Memorial Day weekend mass shootings

Buffalo shooter may have had assistance, victims' lawyer says

Uvalde police, school district no longer cooperating with Texas probe of shooting: Sources

Florida teen arrested for picture of guns with caption: 'Hey Siri, directions to the nearest school'

Three People Shot - One Fatally - After High School Graduation Ceremony in New Orleans

Chicago High School to Implement Race-Based Grading System

US Military Base Cancels 'Drag Queen Story Hour' for Kids After Pressure from Senator

NYT: Lia Thomas has 'Biological Advantage' over Female Athletes

LGBT Lobby Hails Progressive Bishop's Elevation to Cardinal

Rights of Transgender Rapists Being Prioritised Over Women and Victims - Report

Newspeak: Woke BBC Altered Alleged Rape Victim's Quotes to Not 'Misgender' Trans Attacker

Indiana woman whose pastor had sex with her at 16 describes years of 'grooming,' finally opening up to family

70 missing children recovered in human trafficking operation in Texas

Chinese scientists may have found 'vampire' secret allowing old mice to live longer using young blood

Canada to temporarily decriminalize some drug possession to tackle abuse problem

Dubai Customs made 5,000 seizures in 2021, incl. largest-ever haul of captagon drug

Mosquitoes test positive for rare but potentially deadly virus in Georgia - Eastern equine encephalitis

Bill Gates Predicts 'Next Pandemic' Will Be Caused by Climate Change, Proposes WHO Expansion

Commentary: Fauci's Recent, $10M Monkeypox Grant

DOJ asks court to reverse rule lifting requirement for COVID masks on public transportation

Rising gas prices and inflation top travel concerns, overtaking Covid, survey finds

WH Economic Adviser Rouse: We Misjudged Inflation Because Thinking 'Was Tied to the Pandemic' - We're 'Still in the Midst of' Pandemic

In Some Cities Gas Costs More Than The Federal Minimum Wage, As Inflation Harms Most Working Americans

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