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May 2022 Headlines

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Tracking Bible Prophecy Headlines - 5/31/2022

Half of Jewish Israelis back prayer on Temple Mount, mostly to 'prove sovereignty'

UAE condemns Israel for allowing 'provocative violations' at Temple Mount

Jordan denounces Israel for letting Jewish 'extremists' on Temple Mount

Hamas warns it will react to Jerusalem Flag March 'at the right time'

After extremism at march, Gantz weighs terror label for far-right La Familia, Lehava

Bennett adviser resigns, third aide to quit in two weeks

Lacking votes, coalition pulls bid to extend application of Israeli law to settlers

Ideology aside: Right-wing opposition leaders vow to defeat all coalition bills

Renegade MK to resume voting with coalition after PM pledges to review reforms

Lapid: Israel working with US, Gulf states on normalization with Saudi Arabia

Israel's FM says normalization with Saudi Arabia 'long, cautious process'

Suriname says it'll open embassy in Jerusalem in the near future

Global energy crisis leads Israel to launching fourth natural gas exploration

Impact of Israeli strike in Gaza akin to chemical weapons, NGO report finds

IDF: Troops opened fire at Palestinian rioters in southern West Bank, striking one

Iran blames 'Zionists' for killing officer, vows revenge; Israel boosts air defenses

Israel warns against travel to Turkey amid 'real threat' of Iranian revenge attack

Government tells 100 Israelis in Turkey to leave over Iranian threat - report

Iranian outlet names five Israeli intel and tech experts as potential targets

IAEA reports little progress in standoff with Iran, clash with West looms

Iran's enriched uranium stockpile is now 18 times 2015 deal limit, UN watchdog says

Blinken says US strongly condemns Iran seizure of Greek-flagged vessels

Iran 'threatening maritime security,' Blinken says after seizure of Greek tankers

Iraqi National, Accused of Plotting Bush Assassination, Sought Asylum from Biden's DHS While Overstaying Visitor Visa

5 missiles hit Iraqi base, missing US-stationed soldiers by meters

UK about to deport up to 30 Kurdish asylum seekers to Iraq despite dangers

Russia Anchorman Known As 'Putin's Voice' Wants Moscow to Take Stonehenge

Latvian PM: Russia Needs to Lose War in Ukraine to Achieve Lasting Peace, Security

NATO's support for Ukraine is unbreakable: Spain's PM Sanchez

Russia's Medvedev calls Biden's decision not to send Ukraine rocket systems that could reach into Russia 'rational'

Biden's refusal to send rockets to Ukraine shows 'complete lack of strategy' from White House: Victoria Coates

Putin tells Erdogan Russia ready to export fertilizers, food if sanctions are lifted

EU leaders ban most Russian oil imports in 'maximum pressure' to end Ukraine war

Russia's Gazprom suspends gas deliveries to Dutch trader GasTerra

Small oil traders are now making $20 million from a single shipment of Russian crude - 33 times more than before the war

China unable to reach consensus on security pact with Pacific islands

Chinese Military Flies 30 Aircraft into Taiwan's Air Defense Identification Zone

Taiwan jets scramble as China air force enters air defence zone

Pope Francis: World Peace Is Threatened by 'Nationalism,' 'Unbridled Greed'

Mo Brooks unloads after Fox News host says there's no evidence of 2020 election fraud

GOP Rep. Mo Brooks: President Trump "Was Robbed" In 2020 Election

"2000 Mules" Documentary Sparks Recall Against Yuma County Board Chairman and Nonprofit Director Tony Reyes Alleging "Illegal Mules Activities"

5.1 magnitude earthquake hits near Amahai, Indonesia

Sabancaya volcano in Peru erupts to 24,000ft

Ruiz volcano in Colombia erupts to 23,000ft

Sangay volcano in Ecuador erupts to 20,000ft

Fuego volcano in Guatemala erupts to 16,000ft

Reventador volcano in Ecuador erupts to 16,000ft

Two effusive vents open up at Etna volcano, Italy

Agatha makes record-setting landfall in Mexico when the storm made landfall at Category 2 strength, it became the strongest May hurricane to ever make landfall in the eastern Pacific basin

Hurricane Agatha has swept ashore on a stretch of tourist beaches and fishing towns in southern Mexico

Extremely dangerous coastal surge expected as Hurricane "Agatha" makes landfall in Oaxaca, Mexico

Medium chance of tropical development in the Gulf - Remnants of Hurricane Agatha in the Pacific could redevelop in the Gulf or Caribbean

Severe water shortages strain wheat harvest in Iraq

German Chancellor accused of comparing climate activists to Nazis

World Economic Forum Says Go Vegan: Eat Seaweed, Algae, and Cacti to Save the Planet

One Of The Largest Egg Factories In US Torched In The Middle Of The Night Amid Outbreak Of Fires In Food Processing Facilities Across The Nation

Mile-Long Line of Cars to Pick Up Baby Formula in Michigan as Biden's Baby Formula Crisis Continues

Around 100 Killed in Clashes Between Chad Artisanal Gold Miners Last Week: Government

Canadian PM Trudeau announces legislation to 'freeze' handgun ownership, buy back 'assault-style weapons'

Biden is 'going to continue to push' for gun compromise as White House says it's up to Congress

Joe Biden Suggests He Wants to Ban "High Caliber" 9mm Handguns

Dem Rep. Gallego: GOP Will Use Filibuster 'to Slow Down Any Real Gun Safety Regulations'

Woman Sneaks Into Donald Trump's NRA Speech To Show How Lax Security Is

43 people shot in Chicago over Memorial Day weekend

13 People Killed In Violent Memorial Day Weekend In Philadelphia

2 killed, 20 injured when cars slam into crowd at cruise night in Nebraska, authorities say

Passengers scream as world's longest cruise ship crashes into Jamaican pier

Left-Wing Clergy Responsible for 500,000 Abortions Before Roe v. Wade Ramp Up Efforts

Students at a Seattle Christian University Protest Ban on Hiring LGBTQ Employees

Activist Slams 'Self-Identified' Trans Women In Women's Prisons: 'They Wanted Their Penises to Work'

Biden education head defends biological boys in girls sports, not telling parents about trans kids

Children's Librarians to Host Founder of 'Beginner's Sex Store' to Discuss Sex Education for Youth

Depictions of Child Sexual Abuse Up by 109 Per Cent in Germany

Sex crime allegations in Canadian military should be investigated externally, report says

Woman says she was virtually 'raped' in the metaverse while others 'passed around a bottle of vodka'

6G will make smartphones obsolete by 2030, says Nokia CEO - "By then, the smartphone as we know it today will not be the most common interface. Many of these things will be built directly into our bodies"

India withdraws security warning on biometric ID photocopies after causing alarm on social media

Israel approves 19 programs for $30 million digital health initiative

Fish Off Florida Coast Test Positive for Pharmaceuticals

Strawberries likely caused hepatitis A outbreak, FDA says

Advocates warn of monkeypox stigma as Toronto Pride approaches

WHO Says No Need to Cancel Pride Parades Over Monkeypox

Confirmed: Fauci Was Funding Research into Potential Monkeypox Cures Before the Viral Disease Global Outbreak

Travel Restriction Fears As PCR Tests For Monkeypox Are Rolled Out

Beijing man sends 5,000 people into quarantine after breaking Covid isolation

China Elected to WHO Executive Board Despite Unanswered COVID Questions

China Is Testing Dead People for Coronavirus

US Medical Company Sues Chinese Manufacturer Over 100,000+ Defective COVID Tests with False Positive Results

SoCal Doctor Who Smuggled, Sold Hydroxychloroquine as Covid Cure Sentenced to Prison

26-Year-Old Graduate Died from Blood Clots on His Brain Less Than Two Weeks After Receiving Covid Shot - Inquest Says Staff 'Reassured Him' of No Risks

Crimean-Congo fever sweeping through Iraq - The haemorrhagic fever was first documented in Iraq in 1979 but is killing unprecedented numbers this year

Tracking Bible Prophecy Headlines - 5/30/2022

US readies steps to boost ties with Palestinians after freezing consulate reopening

Israel shouldn't let the US dictate its final borders, Friedman says

Israel, Egypt to boost economic ties, step up bilateral trade to $700m

Dozens of Israeli business and tech figures visit Saudi Arabia - report

Ethiopian Jews mourn the thousands who died on the journey to Israel

New segment of Jerusalem's 2,000-year-old Low-Level aqueduct revealed

Amid rising Jerusalem Day tensions, Jewish group waves Israeli flags on Temple Mount

Racist chants and clashes as tens of thousands march in Old City for Jerusalem Day

In record, more than 2,600 Jews visit Temple Mount on Jerusalem Day

Undercover border cop lightly injured, 3 Palestinians wounded in West Bank clash

81 members of Congress say US must stop Israeli eviction of Hebron Hills' Palestinians

IDF special forces head to Cyprus to train for fight against Hezbollah

Iraq's blood-curdling bill targets Israel (and its own people)

Senior Israeli delegation headed to US for Iran talks

Obama officials covertly tried to undermine Trump by meeting secretly with Iran over nuclear deal

After killings attributed to Israel, Bennett vows 'no immunity' for Iranian regime

Turkey's Syria operation could happen 'suddenly': President Erdogan

Sudan lifts state of emergency imposed since coup: Sovereign council

African Union chair Macky Sall calls for dialogue over rising Congo-Rwanda tensions

The President of Belarus and Russia's Putin ask the UN Secretary-General to recognize a "New World Order" where they are given security guarantees to prevent them from invading other countries

Turkey to Block Finland, Sweden in NATO: 'We Cannot Say 'Yes' to Countries that Support Terror'

Russia shows off Zircon hypersonic cruise missile in test-launch at sea

Serbia ignores EU sanctions, secures gas deal with Russia's Putin

Germany and France Call on Putin to Lift Grain Blockade, Engage in Peace Talks with Zelensky

Zelensky warns of 'hunger catastrophe,' accusing Russia of blocking Ukraine's grain exports

Russia's war on water in Ukraine - Water is becoming increasingly scarce - and an even more powerful weapon in war, scientists warn

George Soros Says He Worked with Biden "Who Was Very Deeply Involved in Ukraine"

Rep. Issa: Outraged by Reports Hunter Biden Used Burner Phones

Michael Goodwin: Joe Biden's loose lips could sink ships - Biden said that the US would intervene militarily if China were to invade Taiwan

Radical Left Group Releases Plans to Blockade Supreme Court Over Roe vs. Wade - Much Worse than Jan 6 Protesters' Actions Placing Them in DC Gulag for Years

Biden Tells Grads Trump Supporters Broke Through Doors at US Capitol - When Magnetic Doors Were Opened From Inside

CNN: Federal review says Dominion software flaws haven't been exploited in elections

CNN Admits Dominion Voting Software Has Flaws That Can Be Exploited - Then Why Are We Using Them?

2000 Mules Investigator Gregg Phillips To Fox News "Morons": "It's one thing that you chose to stay silent while 2000 Mules went viral... It's an entirely different matter that you have chosen to lie to the world"

Robot orders increase 40% in first quarter as desperate employers seek relief from labor shortages, report says

Peru earthquake registered on US seismometers 5000+ km away

Another earthquake could topple Fukushima nuclear reactor

Sabancaya volcano in Peru erupts to 24,000ft

Ruiz volcano in Colombia erupts to 24,000ft

Sangay volcano in Ecuador erupts to 20,000ft

Bezymianny volcano on Kamchatka, Russia erupts to 18,000ft

Fuego volcano in Guatemala erupts to 15,000ft

Reventador volcano in Ecuador erupts to 15,000ft

Semeru volcano in Indonesia erupts to 14,000ft

1st hurricane of 2022, Agatha heads for Mexico tourist towns

Death toll in Brazilian floods rises to 57, thousands displaced

Gasoline hits record high during Memorial Day weekend

25 missing after cargo boat sinks in Indonesia

Minnesota fire at commercial egg farm likely leaves thousands of chickens dead

Justice Dept. to Review Response to Texas School Shooting

Bill Bratton: Children Left 'Bleeding Out'; Police Failed to Move In

Some Families of Victims Outraged By Biden Visit to Uvalde

Many Border Patrol Agents, Cops Who Responded to Uvalde School Shooting Uninvited from Biden Event - "Nothing more than a photo opportunity"

Obsession with guns. Dysfunctional families. Many parallels exist between Parkland and Uvalde shooters

Dem Rep. McBath: 'We Have a Public Health Crisis' with Gun Violence

Jon Voight: Don't Use 'Mental Illness' to Take Gun Rights

VP Kamala Harris demands ban on assault weapons, says they have 'no place in civil society'

Joe Rogan: If You Ban Guns Only Criminals Will Be Armed

Ted Cruz: We Need More 'Armed Good Guys' Not More Gun Control

Man in Custody After 1 Person Killed, 7 Injured in Oklahoma Festival Shooting

10-Year-Old Florida Boy Arrested For Text Threatening Mass Shooting

Cape Cod man arrested for making threat to commit school shooting in Facebook post

North Carolina preschool uses LGBT flashcards depicting a pregnant man to teach kids colors

Ramstein rethinks Pride Month events after critics bash 'Drag Queen Story Time' for kids

Report: Mattel's New Transgender Barbie Doll Made in Majority-Muslim Country Where Gay Marriage Is a Crime

Disturbing reports of sexual assaults in the metaverse: 'It's a free show'

Sabbath service derails after couple begins having sex on Zoom

Democratic lawmakers demand Google and Apple delete apps that could track 'individuals seeking abortion'

San Diego City Council Passes Resolution to Become First 'Safe Haven' for Abortion

Abortion-Communion controversy: Pope Francis elevates bishop who defended serving pro-choice politicians

Nancy Pelosi defends abortion stance on MSNBC, hits back at archbishop by referencing the Bible

Speaker Nancy Pelosi's Husband Arrested for DUI in California

Forget Burning Man - Psychedelic Shamans Now Heading to Davos

California School Children Sickened After Eating Cannabis Candy

33 countries report 650 cases of mysterious hepatitis in kids: WHO

President of Spanish Pharma Company on List of over 2,200 People with Faked Vaccine Papers

Military Email Reveals Alleged Deceit Regarding Pfizer Jab

Menstrual Irregularities, Uterus Shedding Cases Spike After COVID Vaccine Rollout: Peer-Reviewed Study

Covid was vanishing last Memorial Day. Cases are five times higher now.

Tracking Bible Prophecy Headlines - 5/29/2022

Amid minor Temple Mount scuffles on Jerusalem Day, Hamas says Al-Aqsa is 'red line'

Cops said to fear rioters may barricade inside Al-Aqsa ahead of Jerusalem Day march

Gaza terror factions at odds over response to Jerusalem Day march

Palestinian terror groups warn of 'explosion' ahead of controversial Jerusalem march

Hundreds of settlers clash with Palestinians around illegal West Bank outpost

In call with Blinken, Lapid protests 'biased' CNN, PA probes into Abu Akleh's death

Ex-IDF intel chief: Some form of nuclear deal with Iran is 'least bad' option

Athens calls Iran's seizure of two Greek oil tankers 'piracy'

Iran airs footage of underground drone base, days after strike at Parchin facility

Iranian police violently disperse protest over building collapse that killed 29

Libya's security threatened by foreign fighters: UN experts

US, Netherlands urge funding to rescue sinking oil ship off Yemen coast

Kremlin Journalist Who Quit Over War Tells Russians 'Stop Watching TV'

Turkey's Talks With Sweden, Finland Made Little Progress on NATO Concerns: Sources

Russia says eastern Ukrainian town of Lyman under its full control

Ukraine accuses Russia of genocide in eastern Donbas region

Ukrainian mom describes being held in Russian 'filtration camp' where she says FSB agents tried to brainwash her

Zelensky warns of 'hunger catastrophe,' accusing Russia of blocking Ukraine's grain exports

Russia shows off Zircon hypersonic cruise missile in test-launch at sea

Mystery Video: Claim: Passenger Jet Maneuvered to Avoid Surprise Chinese Submarine Ballistic Missile Launch

China signs deal with Samoa as Australia vows Pacific Islands plan

U.S. issues sanctions targeting North Korean weapons of mass destruction program

Former AG Bill Barr Rips Hillary Clinton Over Russiagate, Says She is Guilty of Sedition

"2000 Mules" Investigator Gregg Phillips Drops a Bomb: Investigators Discovered Multinational Player and Federal Agencies Involved in Operation - A "Multinational Deal Involving Billions of Dollars"

Joe Biden Again Falsely Claims Trump Supporters Killed Police Officers on January 6

Joe Biden to College Graduates: 'Get Goin' for God's Sake' and Take Back Country from 'Darkest Forces'

NASA mission to put humans on an asteroid 'revealed' - will you still be alive?

Comet that split apart in 1995 could produce rare Tau Herculids meteor storm on Memorial Day: "Something spectacular"

5.7 magnitude earthquake hits the northern Mid-Atlantic Ridge

5.7 magnitude earthquake hits near Pangai, Tonga

5.6 magnitude earthquake hits near Sola, Vanuatu

5.2 magnitude earthquake hits southeast of the Loyalty Islands

5.1 magnitude earthquake hits near Oarai, Japan

Bezymianny Volcano in Russia Erupts, Interferes with Alaska Air Traffic

Ruiz volcano in Colombia erupts to 24,000ft

Sabancaya volcano in Peru erupts to 24,000ft

Sangay volcano in Ecuador erupts to 20,000ft

Fuego volcano in Guatemala erupts to 15,000ft

Reventador volcano in Ecuador erupts to 15,000ft

Semeru volcano in Indonesia erupts to 14,000ft

Agatha to strengthen into a hurricane before striking Mexico

At least 15 dead, three missing after torrential rains in southern China

More than 3,500 flights canceled so far over Memorial Day weekend due to staff shortages and weather

Near-record heat to follow unofficial start to summer in mid-Atlantic

US review traces massive New Mexico fire to planned burns

Burnt-out Catholic exorcists complain they face long lines of 'possessed' people, and little support from bishops

Children among 31 killed at church fair stampede in Nigeria

Man Stabbed Multiple Times in Broad Daylight Attack in New York City

'Epidemic of Hate' - Kamala Harris Slams Americans at Buffalo Shooting Victim Funeral

Kamala Harris calls for 'assault weapons ban' in wake of Uvalde, Buffalo mass shootings

Police failed to act quickly in Uvalde. Experts say their inaction allowed for the massacre to continue and led to catastrophic consequences

Nina Jankowicz Says The DHS Disinformation Board Could Have Prevented The Texas Shooting

Texas Senate Democrats call for special session to raise age to purchase gun, require universal background checks

A Supreme Court justice's solution to gun violence: Repeal Second Amendment

Democrat Senator From MA Calls For Packing "Illegitimate" U.S. Supreme Court

Three More Bishops Bar Pelosi From Receiving Holy Communion Due to Support of Abortion

Controversial Cardinal Angelo Sodano Who Covered Up Clerical Sex Abuse Dies at 94

Air Force Cancels Drag Queen Reading for Children, U.S. Senator Calls It 'Completely Insane'

Wayne Root: I've Figured Out the Whole Covid Vaccine Scam - Here It Is. Read it and Weep.

Report: Los Angeles County High School Banning Unvaccinated Students from Graduation Ceremony

Fully Vaccinated and Double Boosted California Governor Newsom Tests Positive for COVID

Tracking Bible Prophecy Headlines - 5/28/2022

Blinken calls for probe into death of Al Jazeera journalist - Secretary of State also notes US support for "two-state solution" in conversation with Foreign Minister Yair Lapid

Al Jazeera says it'll go to ICC over reporter's killing, bombing of Gaza office

IDF shoots, kills Palestinian teen near Bethlehem after pursuing firebombers

Israeli forces injure dozens in West Bank protests, Palestinian medics say

We march where we want: Jerusalem Day parade to go ahead through Muslim Quarter

Commentary: As the Bible Predicted, Only the Jews Could Make Israel Grow

Netanyahu-led opposition bloc gains ground with voters, nearing majority, poll finds

Senior Israeli official said to visit Saudi Arabia amid growing talk of warming ties

Foreign Ministry slams Iraqi law banning ties with Israel: 'Wrong side of history'

Commentary: Ongoing arms race: Israel's air-defense systems versus Iranian-led axis's missiles

Senior Israeli official reportedly told US it was a mistake to pull out of Iran deal

Israel said to fear Iran will target Israelis abroad in bid to avenge slain officer

Mysterious 'incident' in Iran was attack on drone development center: Report

Suicide drones launched from inside Iran said to have hit Parchin military site

Iran's Guards building massive ship to project naval power beyond Persian Gulf

Iran to take 'punitive action' against Greece over seizure of Iranian oil

Iran seizes two Greek tankers amid rising tensions in the Gulf

Iran summons Swiss envoy over US seizure of Iranian oil

Iran protesters seek justice as building collapse toll rises

Lebanon's exit from default still tough after inconclusive election, Fitch says

Syrian refugees in Turkey turn into a political pawn

Turkish forces shell Kurdish-controlled areas in northern Aleppo: Report

Armed assailants kill about 50 people in eastern Burkina Faso

At least seven Indian soldiers killed, 19 others injured in bus accident

Ukraine's Moscow-backed Orthodox church says cuts ties with Russia

Russian lawmakers in hot water for urging Putin to end Ukraine conflict

Putin accused of faking visit to military hospital after photos reveal familiar face

Russia Confirms Sacking 100 Servicemen for Refusing to Fight in Ukraine

Kremlin accuses Ukraine of 'contradictory' statements on peace talks

Vladimir Putin a 'Crocodile' Who Cannot Be Trusted - Boris Johnson

U.S. leans toward sending powerful multiple launch rockets as Ukraine seeks "heavy weapons" to stop Russia's Donbas offensive

West has declared 'total war' on Russia: FM Lavrov

Russia faces biggest debt test yet after US ban on payments

Russia mulls allowing cryptocurrency for international payments: Interfax

Putin says he is ready to deliver gas, discuss prisoner swap: Austria

Russia's Gazprom continues shipping gas to Europe via Ukraine

European Union Preps for Gas Rationing over Russian Shutdown Fears

Ukraine demands Germany cut or halt Nord Stream 1 gas flows

G7 says OPEC has key role to play to ease tight energy markets

Russia war will have 'shattering' effect on food shortages in Africa: 'you're going to see governments fall'

Chinese interest in US ag assets could pose security risks, federal report says

China and Russia veto new UN sanctions on North Korea

Chinese loans to Africa could spark crisis, warns Germany

China's Military Must Be Able To Destroy SpaceX's Starlink Satellites: Researchers

Australia warns against Pacific security pact as China says interference will fail

Mysterious South China Sea Missile Launch Claimed To Be Caught By Airliner

China plots fresh military exercises in south China sea

Japan to 'drastically strengthen' military capability: Draft

Europol sounds alarm over 3D-printed weapons

Brain Freeze: Joe Biden Says North Korea Joined with U.S. to Sanction Vladimir Putin

Joe Biden Falsely Claims He Was Appointed to the Naval Academy in 1965

Joe Biden whispers 'I'm your commander-in-chief' to Naval Academy grads

Daily Beast issues apology to laptop repairman amid lawsuit after claiming Hunter Biden's laptop was 'stolen'

Durham trial: FBI agents who opened Alfa-Bank inquiry testify about 'typos' in launch document

Special Counsel John Durham's team says evidence has 'proven' Sussmann is guilty

Prosecutors urge jury to convict Hillary Clinton aid for lying to FBI over Trump

Prosecutors Urge Jurors to Convict Ex-Clinton Lawyer, Defense Claims Reasonable Doubt

Neo-Nazi who worked for US Navy convicted of storming Capitol in Jan. 6 riot

McCarthy questions Jan. 6 panel's legitimacy in response to subpoena

"Our Elections Are Strictly Third World" - President Trump on Pennsylvania GOP Senate Primary

Yuma County School Board Member Set To Plead Guilty For 2020 Election Ballot Trafficking Crimes As Exposed In "2000 Mules"

Detroit Surveillance Footage Shows Woman Dropping Large Stack of Absentee Ballot Envelopes Into Drop Box On Day Before 2020 Election, As Woman Accompanying Her Appears To Be Filming

Thomas More Society Files Lawsuits Against Election Officials in Wisconsin's 5 Largest Cities Over Illegal Use of Ballot Drop Boxes

Long Withheld Records Reveal More than 20,000 Mail Ballots Received After the Legal Deadline in Maricopa County

Emerald Robinson: Something Stinks In Georgia - The GOP primary numbers are funny because the votes were rigged

Up to 50 Subpoenas Expected as Grand Jury Begins Trump Inquiry

Raffensperger gets subpoenaed for Grand Jury 2020 election investigation

Posobiec asks George Soros to 'stop funding pro-crime DAs' in America

Shut It Down: Radical Leftwing Group Draws Up Battle Plans To Blockade Supreme Court - Leaders encourage protesters to 'stretch the bounds of constitutionally protected speech'

World Economic Forum 'Press Freedom' Panel Calls for Algorithmic Suppression of Hate Speech, Rumours

Commentary: A Host Of Cartoonish Bond Villains Are Deciding Your Fate From The Swiss Alps

Commentary: Globalists have entered the kill phase of Great Reset; Remember the Deagel population forecast? It now makes total sense

US economy could be headed toward recession, economist warns: '100% odds' of global slowdown

Elon Musk says upcoming recession is 'actually a good thing,' and predicts how long it will last

Chili's restaurants using robot servers to make jobs easier for workers

Walmart Announces Same-Day Drone Delivery in Six States

A Face Search Engine Anyone Can Use Is Alarmingly Accurate

Turkey's digital 'fake news' proposal fuels censorship fears

Hacked Brazil airport screens show porn to travelers

Rare meteor storm possible over Memorial Day weekend

Falling ice boulders kill two, hurt nine in Switzerland

6.2 magnitude earthquake hits near Lospalos, Timor Leste

5.5 magnitude earthquake hits near Santiago, Peru

5.2 magnitude earthquake hits near Gizo, Solomon Islands

5.1 magnitude earthquake hits the South Sandwich Islands region

Bezymianny volcano on Kamchatka, Russia erupts to 50,000ft

Sabancaya volcano in Peru erupts to 24,000ft

Ruiz volcano in Colombia erupts to 23,000ft

Popocateptl volcano in Mexico erupts to 20,000ft

Sangay volcano in Ecuador erupts to 20,000ft

Agnung volcano in Indonesia erupts to 18,000ft

Mt Etna volcano on Italy erupts to 18,000ft

Fuego volcano in Guatemala erupts to 15,000ft

Reventador volcano in Ecuador erupts to 15,000ft

Semeru volcano in Indonesia erupts to 13,000ft

Tropical Depression One-E Forms, Forecast to Become Agatha; Hurricane, Flash Flood Threat to Mexico

Storms cause 'catastrophic damage' to homes in Virginia neighborhoods

Spain and Morocco feel the heat as unseasonal snow falls on Colorado

Most of U.S. West Is in Severe Drought as Peak Wildfire Season Looms

California investigating sick and dying brown pelicans

Ethanol: a Dumb idea or a Crime - or Both

G7 pledges to phase out coal power but without fixing date

Supreme Court won't block Biden rule on societal cost of greenhouse gases

GOP Rep. Perry: Biden's War on Energy Will Result in 'Blackouts and Brownouts' Across the Country

Biden Inflation Disaster: Natural Gas Prices Triple Under Joe Biden, Consumer Electricity Bills Expected to Skyrocket This Summer

Biden's Treasury Department renews Chevron's oil license to operate in Venezuela

The UK's War on Cocaine is Intensifying

Shock over Brazil police 'torture, executions' in drug raid

Feds stop boat with 1,400 pounds of meth by US-Canada border

'Serious Breach:' Key senators demand update on 50 dangerous Afghans Biden let enter U.S.

Joni Ernst: Joe Biden Paying Contractors $3M Every Day to Not Build Border Wall

Joe Biden's DHS Using Border Wall Funds to Conduct 'Environmental Planning'

Texas Sues Biden Administration over Attempt to Codify 'Catch and Release' at Southern Border

Investigation: Democrat Sheriffs Increasingly Shielding Criminal Illegal Aliens from Deportation

Biden's Department of Homeland Security Announces It Will Not Conduct Immigration Enforcement in Uvalde, Texas at this Time After Mass Shooting

Reports: "We're Numb to It": Twice a Week School Lockdowns in Uvalde Became Routine as Biden's Open Borders Turned Texas Town into 'Wild Wild West'

Horror: Uvalde School Children Desperately Called 911 Begging for Help as Police Waited an Hour to Kill Shooter

Texas Department of Public Safety Official Says Cops Were Reluctant to Take Out Uvalde Shooter Because 'They Could've Been Shot'

Uvalde Police Officers Receiving Death Threats After Texas School Shooting

Top Texas security official: Police were 'wrong' to delay storming Uvalde classroom

Texas Governor Abbott Says He Was 'Misled' About Police Response During Uvalde Shooting, 'I'm Absolutely Livid'

Two Unnamed Boys the Same Age as the Shooter Were Arrested in 2018 for Planning Columbine-Style Shooting at Uvalde School in 2022

'Evidently They Didn't Learn Anything,' Says One Father of a School Shooting, Who Says More Gun Laws Are Not the Answer

Greg Abbott, Dan Patrick cancel in-person NRA convention appearances in wake of Uvalde mass shooting

Texas school shooting: At NRA convention, Abbott says gun laws don't stop 'madmen' from killing in recorded video

Donald Trump at NRA: If We Can Send $40 Billion to Ukraine, We Can Protect Our Children's Schools

Trump calls gun control 'grotesque' at Texas NRA convention after school massacre

Trump Urges End to Gun-Free School Zones, Easier Holds of 'Deranged' People

Trump says 'existence of evil' is why law-abiding Americans need Second Amendment

Cruz at NRA: mass shooter a 'monster,' but 'rarely has the Second Amendment been more necessary'

NRA chief calls gun ownership a 'fundamental human right,' rejects calls for new restrictions

'You can't blame the gun': NRA supporters react to Uvalde slaughter

"How Do You Feel Exploiting Dead Kids?!" - Reporter Confronts Beto O'Rourke Outside NRA Convention

Rep. Ronny Jackson: 'Moral Decline' Leading to Mass Shootings

WAPO Senior Editor Claims AR-15, Designed in Mid-1950s, Was Invented for Nazis

Leftist Journalist Julia Ioffe: 'What If You Could Perform an Abortion with an AR-15?'

'No one better' than Susan Rice to lead gun effort, White House says, not VP

Sen. Chuck Schumer Rejects Sen. Ron Johnson's School Safety Bill: 'We Will Vote on Gun Legislation'

New Zealand PM Jacinda Ardern Draws Standing Ovations at Harvard for Address Linking Gun Control to Democracy

Crazed Man with AR15 Sprays Graduation Party with Bullets - Is Shot Dead by Woman with Pistol

Retired Federal Agent Was in Regular Communication with Buffalo Shooter and May Have Had Advance Notice of Gendron's Plans to Murder Black People

Meet The Billionaires Pumping Critical Race Theory Into Your Kid's School

Boston University Professor Calls Property "a Racist Construct" and Justifies the Violent Protests of the George Floyd Riots

Cargo Freeway Expansion Canceled in L.A. Due to 'Racist' Roads

Weingarten: Cultural Wars 'Are Just Ripping America Apart'

Southern Baptist Religious Leaders Release List of Pastors Accused of Sexual Abuse After A Multi-Million Dollar Investigation

Virginia AG Backs Fired Teacher in First Amendment Case over Preferred Pronouns

New York Residents Can Soon Choose Gender-Neutral 'X' Marker on Official ID

Why Are the Detroit Tigers Funding Gender-Transition Surgeries for Minors?

Doctor Loses Licence After Prescribing 'Transgender' 9-Year-Old Puberty Blockers During Ten-Minute Skype Call

Scientists genetically engineer mother hens to kill their own male chicks before they hatch

Pet hamsters facing cull to stop monkeypox spread

Report Simulating Deadly Monkeypox Outbreak Was Released Six Months Ago

CDC Suggests Monkeypox Vaccine for at-Risk Healthcare Workers

Public university evicts, disciplines student for telling others it gave her vaccine exemption

Three Air Force Cadets Refused The COVID-19 Vaccine. They May Have To Pay Back $200,000 Of Tuition

World Bank approves $500 mln for Turkey for COVID-19 vaccines

Rick Scott Proposes Bill to Stop W.H.O. Overreach: 'Pandemic Treaty Is a Dangerous Globalist Overreach'

WHO continues tradition of bashing Israel, shunning Taiwan despite strong public health records

A new 'Jesus movement'? Evangelist Nick Hall says Gen Z is hungry for 'something supernatural'

Tracking Bible Prophecy Headlines - 5/27/2022

Ahead of Flag March, Hezbollah chief says Al-Aqsa violation 'will blow apart region'

Fear Temple Mount clashes could spark Hamas rocket attacks

Gazans said to ready rockets, Israelis prepare shelters ahead of Jerusalem Day march

Israel warns Hamas that Jerusalem march will go ahead even at risk of violence

US pushing Israel to reroute controversial Jerusalem march away from Muslim Quarter

US Embassy bans employees from Old City during Jerusalem Day, and previous Friday

Yom Yerushalayim: Israel's Most Polarizing Holiday. Why has Jerusalem Day failed to unify Israelis around the vision of a united Jerusalem?

Judge rules against Jews who prayed at Temple Mount, accepting state's appeal

US envoy, lawmakers warn Israel against ousting Palestinians from South Hebron Hills

Did the experiment fail? 70% of Israelis don't want Arabs in future coalition - Jpost Poll

Iraq passes law making contact with Israel punishable by death

IDF drone found after crashing in Lebanon; Military: No concern of leaked info

IDF worried it doesn't have enough munitions for multiple-front war

IDF expects 1,500 rockets could be fired daily from Lebanon in war with Hezbollah

PA probe claims IDF deliberately shot journalist as she fled; Israel: A blatant lie

'New York Times': Israel killed top IRGC commander as warning to Iran

Al Jazeera's Abu Akleh killed by Israeli forces using armor-piercing bullet, Palestinian Authority investigation says

US says it hasn't been asked to help in probe of Al Jazeera reporter's killing

Israel-born director dedicates film at Cannes Festival to 'assassinated' reporter

Iranian 'Tehran' actor says he got death threats after castigating Israeli forces

Israel said to tell US it killed IRGC officer, who was deputy head of covert unit

Top MK: US leak saying Israel admits hit on Iran colonel may harm trust, isn't true

Israel said due to 'sharpen' travel warnings over fears of Iranian revenge attack

Top Iran diplomat says IRGC listing not holding up nuke deal, but 'Zionist lobby' is

Bennett: Iran's systematic deception of IAEA is wake-up call to world

Iran Caught Stealing Secret Docs from IAEA to Evade Nuclear Inspections

Mysterious "accident" at Iran weapons facility with suspected links to nuclear program kills engineer

U.S. seizes Iranian oil cargo near Greek island - sources

Turkish soldier killed in northern Iraq during military operation

Turkey said to have captured Islamic State leader in Istanbul

Turkey says military operations on southern borders needed for security

Greece tells UN that Turkey is challenging its sovereignty

Security forces descend on capital as Sudanese protests enter eighth month

Firefighters contain blaze at Sudan Red Sea port as Sudan is gripped by a chronic economic crisis

Blast in Yemen fish market kills at least four people, wounds over 30

US urges Yemen's Houthis to free US Embassy's local staff

India's Kashmir sees upsurge in violence, tense after separatist Malik convicted

Hundreds of Thousands Protest Biden-Admin "Imported Regime Change" in Pakistan - Army Attacks Protesters

Indian, Pakistani killed in UAE gas blast that injured 120

Ousted Pakistani PM Imran Khan disbands violent protest march, issues ultimatum

UN rep warns Taliban are 'making women invisible' in Afghanistan

Death toll from Afghanistan bomb attacks rises to at least 16: Officials

Bill Gates's Foundation is Funding the UN's Ukrainian Refugee Program

Pro-Russian ex-president of Moldova placed under house arrest

Ukraine FM calls on West to 'kill Russian exports' at Davos

Russia's Economy Is Tanking but the Ruble Soared. Here's Why.

Iran and Russia eye more cooperation in energy, trade

Iran expects Russia to supply it with five million tons of grain

Germany helps move Ukraine grain by rail: US defense official

Kremlin Says West Is to Blame for Ukraine Grain Export Problems

Putin says Russia ready to help solve food crisis if West lifts sanctions

Davos: Warnings of 'Famines Around the World' as Globalist WEF Talk Global Food Crisis

Growing food shortage is 'dire,' IMF managing director warns - Recession fears are 'materializing'

Russia passport plan 'flagrant violation' of Ukraine sovereignty: Kyiv

Separatist republics hold 8,000 Ukrainian prisoners of war: Official

Russia Accused of Kidnapping Own Citizens to Fight War in Ukraine

Pentagon says Russia making 'incremental gains' inside Ukraine

Ukraine aerial video shows massive Russian shelling: "What the largest and most horrific war of the 21st century looks like"

Zelenskyy to Kissinger: The world didn't adapt to the Nazis, we're not adapting to Putin

Germany's Scholz vows Putin 'won't win' as Zelensky implores West for unlimited aid

Divisions Emerging in Europe Over Ukraine Conflict

Albania offers ex-Soviet built naval base to NATO

US trying to mobilize anti-Russian bloc into broader coalition to counter China

US preparing to approve advanced long-range rocket system for Ukraine

Western powers sound alarm on China plan for South Pacific

Japan, US fly fighter jets after China drill, North Korea's missiles

China vs. Elon Musk: Scientists Develop Plan to Destroy Starlink Satellites

Blinken denounces China on Taiwan, says US stance unchanged

Biden's Secretary of State Tony Blinken, with Family Ties to Soros, Backtracks From Recent State Dept. Declaration and Says the US Does Not Support Taiwan Independence

Fears of a Chinese invasion have Taiwanese civilians taking up target practice

Blinken says US is ready to strengthen diplomacy with China in 'charged moment for the world'

Experts warn Biden's policies are emboldening Beijing - By not putting America first, the Biden administration is "in many ways putting America last"

Blinken Unveils Biden Administration's China Strategy, Says US Will Not 'Decouple' From China

Expert: Detaching From China Supply Chains Not Easy

France and new Australia prime minister want to rebuild 'trust': Elysee

German Elections Might Be Re-Run in Berlin Over Vote Irregularities

Boat Carrying 800 Haitians En Route to United States Washes Ashore in Cuba Instead

Documents Shed Light on Secret U.S. Plans for Apocalyptic Scenarios

Sussmann Trial Exposes Dems' Scandal-Industrial Process

Sussmann Defense Team Reveals FBI Knew Sussmann Worked for Hillary Clinton and Yet Still Moved Forward with Alfa Bank Investigation

Sussmann won't testify in own defense in Durham case, as trial moves to closing arguments

Potential bias of D.C. jury could be factor as Sussmann team mulls putting defendant on stand

Kash Patel: Only Defense Left Is 'Jury Nullification' in Sussmann Trial

GOP Reps. Perry, Biggs formally object to subpoena from House January 6 committee

Republican Wisconsin elections panel member resigns, says Trump lost

Trump Tells Kellyanne Conway to 'Go back to Her Crazy Husband' and "See 2000 Mules" - After She Lies in Book About Telling Him He Lost Election

Trump loses appeal, must testify under oath in New York civil probe into his business practices

BBC to axe 1,000 jobs in digital transformation

Mike Benz: Bill Gates Opened a 'Pandora's Box' of Censorship in Proxy War Against Elon Musk

Elon Musk Sued by Twitter Investors For Stock Manipulation

Twitter cofounder Jack Dorsey leaves company's board of directors

Jack Dorsey 'backstabbing' led to Elon Musk takeover: Twitter co-founder

Twitter to pay $150 million fine over deceptively collected data

Serious crime in the metaverse should be outlawed by the U.N., UAE minister says

Spain set to strengthen oversight of secret services after NSO spying scandal

Spain to reform secret services after hacking of mobile phones of top politicians

Taiwan raids Chinese firms in latest crackdown on chip engineer-poaching

Robotic crab tinier than a flea becomes the smallest-ever remote-controlled robot

How robots help older New Yorkers fight social isolation

A 'meteor storm' of 1,000 shooting stars per hour may light up the skies over North America next week

Mars and Jupiter to come together over Memorial Day weekend

Peru and Bolivia rocked by powerful 7.2 earthquake

6.4 magnitude earthquake hits southeast of the Loyalty Islands

6.2 magnitude earthquake hits the southern East Pacific Rise

5.1 magnitude earthquake hits near Constitucion, Chile

5.1 magnitude earthquake hits the West Chile Rise

5.0 magnitude earthquake hits Neiafu, Tonga

Magnitude 4.3 earthquake shakes California as tremor is felt throughout downtown Los Angeles

Ruiz volcano in Colombia erupts to 23,000ft

Sabancaya volcano in Peru erupts to 23,000ft

Sangay volcano in Ecuador erupts to 20,000ft

Bezymianny volcano on Kamchatka, Russia erupts to 18,000ft

Fuego volcano in Guatemala erupts to 16,000ft

Reventador volcano in Ecuador erupts to 15,000ft

Strong explosive eruption at Stromboli volcano, Italy

Deadly derecho affected nearly half of Canada's population, spawned EF2 tornado

With a third year of drought, Southern California facing a hot, dry summer

Pakistan's mango production to fall by 50 percent due to heatwave, water shortage

Australia bidding to host UN climate summit, set new emissions target

Explosion at Spanish Plant Leaves 2 Dead, 250 Kids Evacuated

Fire that killed 11 newborn babies in Senegal hospital may have been started by short circuit, says minister

Georgia Democrat Stacey Abrams Laughs as Show Host Makes Fun of Joe Biden's "Alzheimer's"

Senate Republicans Block Domestic Terror Bill, Claim Democrats Are Creating 'Thought Police'

Senate Republicans reject domestic terror bill, blocking gun control debate

'Horrifying' conspiracy theories swirl around Texas shooting

Haunting questions emerge about how a gunman got into an elementary school and stayed up to an hour as America mourns 21 slaughtered

Texas Authorities Release Statement on Law Enforcement Response to Mass Shooting in Uvalde - Police Arrived 4 Minutes After Shooting Began

Uvalde Shooter Fired Outside School for 12 Minutes Before Entering - Community members express anger and frustration as police detail new timeline of mass shooting

Onlookers say cops hesitated to charge into Texas school as massacre unfolded

Parents begged police for upward of 40 minutes to stop Texas school shooter: Report

Distressing videos show parents begging cops to stop Texas school shooting

Uvalde Mother Placed in Handcuffs by Federal Marshals For Attempting to Enter School to Save Her Child While Salvador Ramos Went on Killing Spree

Uvalde Presser Goes Off Rails as Reporters Demand Answers on Police Response: 'Why Don't You Clear Up' All The 'Bad Info'?

Texas Gunman Faced No Obstacles to Entering School Where He Killed 21

Shock: DPS Reveals Uvalde Shooter Entered Thru Unlocked Door; No Armed School Officer

Uvalde Border Patrol mechanic heard gunman crash truck, open fire, thought it was illegal immigrant

Minutes before attack, Texas gunman wrote he shot grandmother, planned to kill kids

Mother of 18-year-old Texas school shooter says he 'wasn't a violent person'

Abbott Blames Shootings on Mental Health - but Says Uvalde Gunman Had No History

Researchers say domestic violence may be a bigger risk factor in mass shootings than mental health

Uvalde, Texas student who covered herself in classmates' blood to survive is still shaken, dad says

Husband of teacher killed at Texas elementary school shooting dies of a heart attack two days later - The couple leaves behind four children

Texas Police Foil Copycat School Shooting Plot & Find List Of Targeted Students One Day After Uvalde Shooting

Fred Guttenberg: Trump Policies Led to Recent Surge in Mass Shootings

Nolte: Never Forget Democrats Want to Remove Cops from Schools

Bratton: During 'Defund Insanity' There Was Push to Take Cops out of Schools, Crime Crisis 'Created by the Politicians'

Late-night hosts Colbert, Meyers, mock conservatives for proposing 'grotesque' idea of arming teachers

McConnell says he has directed Cornyn to engage with Democrats on a 'bipartisan solution' on gun violence

Schumer blocks Senate GOP school safety bill, angering Republicans

Schumer in Senate floor speech calls Abbott 'absolute fraud,' following massacre

NY Gov. Hochul Suggests Raising Gun Purchase Age Limit After Texas Mass Shooting

Elon Musk: 'Special Permit' Should Be Required for 'Assault Rifles'

Joe Biden Suggests Americans Owning AR-15s Are 'Sick' People Who Want to 'Kill Someone'

President Biden: 'Assault Weapon' Ban Has 'No Negative Impact on 2nd Amendment'

Biden to Travel to Texas to Meet Families of Latest School Shooting Victims

Gun Control Advocacy Group Plans Nationwide Protests After Texas School Shooting

Outrage as NRA to gather in Houston just days after Texas school massacre

Don McLean, Larry Gatlin, Larry Stewart withdraw their NRA performances after Texas shooting

Maker of gun used in Uvalde school shooting, Daniel Defense, pulls out of NRA event in Houston

NY Times Reporter Asks if Biden Regime Will Take Back PPP Loan Money from Gun Business that Legally Sold Weapons to Uvalde School Shooter

Vernon Jones Rips Beto O'Rourke: America Needs More 'God,' Not More 'Gun Control'

Teachers in Tennessee Hold Down 'Wild' Intruder 'Lunging Towards the Kids'

Toronto police kill man carrying gun near schools

GBI investigating shooting involving deputy, 13-year-old girl in Fayette County, GA

Man Points Gun At TV News Crew During Live Report On Gun Violence

Sports journalist Whitlock accuses Obama of being among BLM 'grifters' politicizing Floyd's death

Boston University professor says property is racist, excuses Black Lives Matter riots after George Floyd death

New French Minster Accused of Rape and Cited in Attempted Murder Case

Kevin Spacey Charged with 4 Counts of Sexual Assault in the U.K. by Three Different Men

Southern Baptist Convention to release names of 703 ministers accused of sexual abuse

Southern Baptist Convention sex abuse report: 44 women made allegations against Jacksonville pastor

Disney Used Pride Special to Encourage Children to Support Gay, Transgender Group GLSEN

LGBTQ+ Groups Benefiting from Disney 'Pride Collection' Sales Silent After Clothing Revealed to Be Made in Anti-LGBTQ China

Mattel Announces Barbie Doll to Celebrate Transgender Actor Laverne Cox

Corporations drop from transgender youth program partners page after State Farm exit

Montana Temporarily Bans Changes to Sex Marker on Birth Certificates

Poll: Majority of Democrats Believe Children Should Be Able to Choose Their Own Pronouns

Oklahoma Gov. Stitt signs bill requiring students to use bathrooms aligned with their biological sex at birth

Health brand launches womb-shaped cereal to break period stigma

Oklahoma GOP governor signs one of nation's strictest abortion bills into law

Oklahoma Governor Defends Abortion Law: We Have a 'Responsibility' to Protect Life from Conception

Oklahoma abortion law protecting life from conception to face legal challenge from Planned Parenthood

State Supreme Court Impedes Iowa Abortion Ban

Fourth Bishop Bans Nancy Pelosi From Receiving Communion Because She Promotes Abortion

Nancy Pelosi Defends Support for Abortion After Communion Ban, Blames Church for 'Politicizing' Procedure

Soros-Funded Groups Demand Pelosi Be Allowed to Receive Communion

'Pools of Blood': Authorities Shut Down Florida Abortion Clinic for Endangering Patients

Rep. Franklin Proposes Bill to Close Loopholes Allowing For Profits From Sale of Aborted Fetuses

Massive Data Hack Reveals Thousands of Photos from China's Uyghur Concentration Camps

China Claims Leaked Proof of Uyghur Genocide Part of 'Evil Narrative' by 'Notorious Rumormonger'

U.N. Human Rights Chief Tells Xi Jinping She 'Admires' China for 'Protecting Human Rights'

China's Top Uyghur Region Official in Hacked Speech: 'We Must Exercise Firm Control over Religious Believers'

African Swine Fever Case Found on Pig Farm in South Korea

Autopsy Helps Confirm Cause of Mysterious Paralyzing Illness in Kids

Monkeypox 'Not a Gay Disease,' WHO Says

Monkeypox Warning Sent by Gay Dating App in Europe

WHO asks countries to increase surveillance for monkeypox

New Behavioral Vaccines Raise Unsettling Questions

Bill Gates: The Psychopath As Philanthropist - The Microsoft founder wants to own your DNA but, don't worry, it's for your own good!

Davos 2022: Bill Gates says Pfizer partnership will support malaria mRNA vaccine 'dream'

Klaus Schwab, Pfizer CEO Trash 'Conspiracy People' At World Health Assembly: 'There Is A Very Fanatic Group Of Anti-Vaxxers That Will Go After Us No Matter What'

Airlines and FAA face lawsuits over COVID-19 vaccine mandates

Dominant coronavirus mutant contains ghost of pandemic past allowing the virus "to escape pre-existing immunity from vaccination and prior infection, especially if you were infected in the omicron wave"

FDA Authorizes New Combined At-Home Test for Covid, Flu and RSV

Mask Mandates Caused More COVID Deaths, Study Alleges. The bombshell claims will open a new avenue of inquiry into the public health response to the COVID pandemic.

California Assembly committee backs COVID 'misinformation' bill targeting doctors

Great Reset: Online Lockdown Learning Tool Recommended by Government Harvested Data of Schoolchildren

World Health Organization Temporarily Withdraws Biden's 'Public Health Emegency' Amendments

Davos elite reassess globalization amid turmoil of pandemic and war

Klaus Schwab Warns Nations Tempted To Preserve Their Own Sovereignty Over The Global Agenda

Commentary: Interest on the debt is a huge threat

Summer bummer: 56% of Americans fear they can't afford vacation this year due to inflation

Tracking Bible Prophecy Headlines - 5/26/2022

Stop Banning Jews and Christians From Praying on the Temple Mount: Orthodox Rabbi

Ahead of Flag March, Hezbollah chief says Al-Aqsa violation 'will blow apart region'

Nasrallah: 'Attack' on Jerusalem would lead to 'unimaginable consequences'

Palestinians say teen shot, killed in IDF clash during Jewish West Bank pilgrimage

Next coalition crisis? Ahead of High Court debate, Gantz says Homesh to be evacuated

Court criticizes prosecution's request to alter indictment in Netanyahu graft case

Biden visit to Israel aims to please, but may alienate all parties instead

Gantz to make delayed India visit next week, marking 30 years of security ties

Turkey FM Visits Israel for First Time in 15 Years in a Sign of Warming Relations

Israel and Turkey opening new chapter in relations: Israel FM

Erdogan's vowed military operation returns spotlight to Syrian border towns

Sweden not funding or arming 'terrorist organizations,' PM tells Turkey

Crowded migrant boat sinks off Tunisia with more than 70 people missing

French police clear channel migrant camps after violence leaves one dead

Iran said to have utilized confidential IAEA papers to cover up nuclear activity

IAEA at 'very difficult juncture' with Iran on unanswered queries about nuclear sites

Biden administration will submit any new Iran deal to Congress for review: Malley

U.S. senators voice frustration at Biden's Iran policy

Chances for new nuclear deal with Iran 'tenuous,' US envoy tells Senate

US Imposes Sanctions on Moscow-Backed Iranian Oil Smuggling Network

Treasury Sanctions International Oil Smuggling Ring With Links to Iran

Clashes in Pakistan as defiant Imran Khan begins march to capital

Pakistan capital blockaded ahead of opposition protest

Pakistan police fire teargas, baton-charge supporters of ousted PM Khan

Blast Tears Through Kabul Mosque, Killing at Least 5

Over one million Afghan children could face severe malnutrition

U.N. Security Council urges Taliban to lift restrictions on women, girls

'Kissinger still lives in the 20th century': Ukraine hits back at suggestion it should cede land to Russia

Russian parliament scraps age limit for soldiers

Zelensky demands Russian troops leave Ukraine as precondition to diplomacy

Russia offers fast-track citizenship to residents of occupied Ukraine

Russia bans entry to numerous U.S. Jews, including Chabad rabbis

Russian billionaire investigated by UK for sanctions violations

Russia Inches Toward Default as Washington Ends Bond Payment Exemption

Russia to make foreign debt payments in rubles: Ministry

Ukraine looks for ways to get its grain out

Russia ready to set up corridor for ships carrying food to leave Ukraine: Ifax

China offers South Pacific free trade, security agreements: Documents

World Bank's Malpass: Ukraine War Could Trigger Global Recession

George Soros Tells Davos Elites: Defeat Putin or 'Civilisation May Not Survive' the Climate Crisis

US condemns N.Korea missile launches, urges 'dialogue'

Crisis-hit Sri Lanka appoints PM to head finance ministry

Genocide: Police Hack Shows Xi Jinping Ordered China to 'Break the Lineages' of Uyghurs

Dem China hawks hope Biden's Taiwan gaffe was no accident

Key senators ask DOJ to probe 'misleading' foreign agent report filed by Hunter Biden-tied firm

Hunter Biden Emails Show How Family Spurned Public Schools Despite Public Stance

Sussmann billed the purchase of flash drives to Clinton campaign days before giving them to FBI

Grassley says new Durham evidence shows FBI misconduct, vendetta against Trump

Secret Video Recordings Leaked from Inside "The Hole" of DC Gitmo - First Footage Ever Released of Cockroach and Mold Infested Cell of J6 Political Prisoner

Appeals Court Rules 'Insurrectionist' Members of Congress May be Barred from Office in Cawthorn Case

Poll: Election Integrity a Major Concern for Midterm Election Voters

Most Controversial Republican Politician in the Country 'Wins' GOP Secretary of State Primary in Georgia

It Appears Democrat Voters Pushed Raffensperger Over the Top in Georgia GOP Primary

Stacey Abrams: Massively Increased Voter Participation Can Still Be 'Suppression,' You Know

Democrat crypto billionaire says he could spend a record $1 billion in 2024 election

Pope Francis: We Live in an Age of 'Fake News,' 'Pseudo-Scientific Truths'

Babylon-stradamus: Babylon Bee Publishes List of Nearly 70 Satirical Stories That Recently "Came True"

DuckDuckGo caught giving Microsoft permission for trackers despite strong privacy reputation

AOC wants to ditch her Tesla after Twitter dustup with Elon Musk

Musk to Fund $6.25B More for Twitter Deal

Jack Dorsey to leave Twitter's board in wake of Elon Musk takeover bid

Commentary: Jack Dorsey accused of 'backstabbing' his own Twitter board by helping Elon Musk as shareholders meet

UK Braces For Internet "Blackouts" Due To Coming "Wave Of Bankruptcies"

Biden Economy: New Home Sales Plummet - Fears of Recession on the Rise

Davos gathering overshadowed by global economic worries

Asteroid four times the size of the Empire State Building barreling toward Earth on May 27

5.5 magnitude earthquake hits near Oaxaca, Mexico

5.2 magnitude earthquake hits the South Indian Ocean

5.0 magnitude earthquake hits near Masachapa, Nicaragua

Ruiz volcano in Colombia erupts to 24,000ft

Sangay volcano in Ecuador erupts to 20,000ft

Sabancaya volcano in Peru erupts to 18,000ft

Fuego volcano in Guatemala erupts to 17,500ft

Bezymianny volcano on Kamchatka, Russia erupts to 17,000ft

Reventador volcano in Ecuador erupts to 16,500ft

Immense crater hole created in Tonga volcano

EF-2 tornado confirmed in Uxbridge, Canada

Floods Kill 25 in India's Assam, Displace Thousands

California Approves New Water Restrictions Amid Worsening Drought

U.N. Chief Guterres Tells Graduates to Save the Planet: Don't Work for 'Climate Wreckers'

ESG's power grows as banker is canceled for talking sense on climate change

Climate protesters block TotalEnergies meeting in Paris

As COP27 host, Egypt wants to shift focus to developing countries in climate talks

Increased oil revenue to help Saudi Arabia achieve sustainability goals: Minister

US Announces Sales of 40 Million Crude Oil Barrels From Strategic Petroleum Reserve

Grim Milestone: 15 Straight Days of All-Time Record High Gas Prices - 15 Days and 12 New Records

Natural gas surges above $9, hits the highest since 2008 as inventories stay low

India, the world's largest producer of sugar, is restricting exports

AI Inventing Its Own Culture, Passing It On to Humans, Sociologists Find

Uvalde school was part of AI program involving mass shootings

All 19 children killed in Texas shooting were in same 4th grade classroom

Rep. Babin: Texas Shooter Was Showing 'Pathway to Violence'

Texas Mass Murderer Salvador Ramos Wrote on Facebook, "I'm Going to Shoot an Elementary School" 30 Minutes Before Attack

Uvalde Shooting Suspect Reportedly Bullied During Childhood, Had Nickname of 'School Shooter'

Mitchell: 'Nothing in the Constitution at All about Assault Weapons' - TX Killer Had 'What Appears to Be Something Like an Assault Weapon'

'This is on you': Beto O'Rourke confronts Gov. Greg Abbott during Texas school shooting conference

Ruben Gallego hurls expletives at Ted Cruz after he attacks Dems after Texas school massacre

'The Lord is near to the brokenhearted': Biden calls for prayers after Robb Elementary School shooting

Whoopi Goldberg: I'm Going to Punch Somebody if I Hear 'Thoughts and Prayers' from Another Republican

Whoopi Goldberg: If women can't have abortions we're 'going to come for' guns, 'get ready to give them up'

Pope Francis Joins Democrats In Calling for More Gun Control

Matthew McConaughey Calls for Action After School Shooting in His Hometown: 'Tragically Proven that We Are Failing'

Matthew McConaughey Pushes 'Call to Action' After Texas School Shooting: 'This Is an Epidemic We Can Control'

Rasmussen: Majority of Likely Voters Do Not Believe More Gun Control Would Stop Mass Shootings

Texas AG Paxton to Newsmax: Gun Control Laws Would Not Have Stopped Shooter

Barack Obama Criticizes 'Gun Lobby,' Pushes 'Action' on Guns in Wake of TX Shooting

Obama Asks People to 'Take Time' From Grieving the Children Killed in Uvalde to Remember George Floyd

Blumenthal: Republicans Are 'Putting Guns Above Children'

Dem Sen. Chris Murphy: Do Not Arm School Personnel for Classroom Defense

Red-Flag Gun Laws Getting Bipartisan Attention, With House Vote Planned Next Month

Majority Leader Chuck Schumer Postpones Gun Control Legislation - Does Not Have the Votes

Schumer says no gun control vote anytime soon: 'Americans can cast their vote in November'

Sen. Manchin Calls for 'Common-Sense' Gun Reform, but Resists Filibuster Changes

Joe Biden During Remarks on Texas Mass Shooting: "The Second Amendment is Not Absolute"

Florida House Rep. Randy Fine Tells Biden: 'Try to Take Our Guns and You'll Learn Why the Second Amendment Was Written'

Trump Will Still Speak at NRA Convention, Says 'America Needs Real Solutions and Real Leadership in This Moment'

Following Subway Shootings, NYC Mayor Adams Challenges AOC on Police Funding

'How to Murder Your Husband' Writer Convicted of Murdering Husband

Biden: "So Many Black Americans Wake Up Knowing They Could Lose Their Life... in the Course of Just Living... Jogging, Shopping, Sleeping"

Fort Bragg as Fort Liberty? Commission Announces Names to Erase Confederate Ties

Montana Bans Transgender from Changing their Birth Certificates Even After Surgery

Arizona Education Dept promotes sex and gender chat rooms for kids

Despite Pushback From Parents, Publicly-Funded "Drag Queen Story Hour" Expands into NYC Middle Schools - "Performers" Teach Children "How to Put on Drag Makeup"

Trans-themed film dazzles Cannes in Pakistan debut

Tesla loses bid to move sexual harassment claim to private arbitration: victim was "improperly pressured", says judge

Former Reality TV Star Josh Duggar Gets 12 Years in Child Porn Case

Overturning Roe Could Complicate Abortion Benefits Provided by Companies

Durbin responds to Pelosi Communion ban, says 'some bishop's conscience' can't decide such issues

19 Indicted in International Drug Money Laundering Scheme

UCLA to pay record of nearly $700M in doctor abuse lawsuits

Germany: Fake Doctor Gets Life in Prison for Patient Deaths

Plans to Relax Rules for Gene-Edited Foods in England

Experts: Waning Smallpox Immunity Might Have Led to Monkeypox Outbreak

Roche Develops Test Kits to Detect Monkeypox Virus

Moderna Testing Potential Monkeypox Vaccines in Pre-Clinical Trials

South African experts don't see need for mass monkeypox vaccination

Viruses that were on hiatus during Covid are back - and behaving in unexpected ways

Not Just China: The US Government, Universities Are Hiding Evidence On The Origin Of COVID-19, Experts Allege

Pfizer says will offer low-cost medicines, COVID-19 vaccine to poor nations

Over 500 Military Service Members Sue the Government for Mandating a Vaccine that Was Not FDA Approved and Should Not Have Been Administered

Rubio Backs Bill to Stop Service Academy COVID Punishments

4,000 People Fined for Not Wearing Masks on London's Public Transport

UK probe into 'partygate' blames Johnson and top officials for rule-breaking culture

Boris Johnson's staff got drunk, brawled and abused cleaners during Covid lockdowns, damning report finds

The WHO Treaty Is Tied to a Global Digital Passport and ID System

Anti-globalists find fears confirmed, as MAGA gadfly detained by World Economic Forum police

Tracking Bible Prophecy Headlines - 5/25/2022

Likud says won't bring Knesset dispersal bill for vote, with coalition back to 60

After damaging leaks, Netanyahu tells party, 'hold your tongues, this gets recorded'

Report: U.S. secretly mediating deal between Saudi Arabia, Israel, and Egypt

Turkey's FM lands in Israel for first visit in 15 years, in sign of thawing ties

FM's visit shows Turkey eager to accelerate reconciliation, but Israel more cautious

Turkish FM meets with PA President Abbas, says stance on Palestinians won't change

Shin Bet foils Hamas plot to assassinate MK Ben Gvir, bomb Jerusalem rail with drone

US slaps sanctions on Hamas moneymen funding $500 million terror finance network

Palestinian terrorism 'greatly supported by illegal weapons industry in Judea and Samaria'

AP probe suggests IDF gunfire killed Al Jazeera journalist, but notes uncertainty

CNN suggests Al Jazeera journalist was killed in 'targeted attack' by IDF troops

Iraqis communicating with Israel in any way could soon face execution

Slain IRGC officer reported behind 2012 attacks on envoys; Israel said raising alert

Thousands at Tehran funeral for assassinated IRGC colonel, chant 'Death to Israel'

Bennett: Biden notified me last month of decision to keep Iran Guards on terror list

Two Iranian pilots killed when fighter jet crashes, state media says

FBI Says it Foiled Plot to Kill George W. Bush in Revenge for Iraq War

FBI uncovers ISIS plot to assassinate former US President George W. Bush

Iraqi citizen in Ohio arrested over alleged plot to kill George W. Bush

Report: ISIS Plotted to Assassinate George W. Bush by Smuggling Terrorists through Biden's Open Border

Lebanon currency hits new low after vote, crisis deepens

Armenian, Azeri delegations meet on border to advance peace process

Severed head of missing Nigerian lawmaker found in park, police say

Hungary imposes new state of emergency over Ukraine, raising concerns

Ukraine says 200 decomposing bodies uncovered in Mariupol basement

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte on Russian leader Vladimir Putin: "I kill criminals, I don't kill children and the elderly"

Putin survived assassination attempt two months ago: Ukraine military official

Russia vows to achieve all Ukraine war goals: 'Nazism must be 100% eradicated'

Germany to Bring Back Coal Power Plants If Russia Cuts Gas

Economy bigger priority than punishing Russia: AP-NORC poll

Russia Is Winning From the Global Food Crisis It Helped Create

Putin Accused of 'Blackmailing' Food Supply by Stealing Ukrainian Grain

UK Backs Plan to Escort Grain Ships Past Russia's Naval Blockade of Ukraine

4 ways Russia is wrecking the global economy

Ukraine invasion may be start of 'third world war', says George Soros

"Civilization May Not Survive" - George Soros Tells Davos Crowd, Defeat Putin (And Xi) Or Else

Posobiec slams 'Standby' Malcolm Nance, says WEF event is 'about prolonging war and conflict'

Biden's Latest Taiwan Gaffe Stokes Tensions With Beijing

China threatens US after Biden says he'll defend Taiwan

The White House keeps walking back Biden's remarks

N. Korea launches ballistic missiles after Biden leaves Asia

Social Media Stocks Sink to Erase $135 Billion on Snap Warning

'Recession warning': Sales of new homes plunge in April

Hunter Biden's laptop is 100% authentic, forensic examination concludes

Corrupt FBI Lied About Hillary-Supplied Information Claiming It Came from DOJ and Not Hillary

FBI agent testifies in Sussmann trial Alfa Bank allegation seemed unsubstantiated by early Oct. 2016

Ethics law offers possible path for Trump prosecution

Mo Brooks: January 6 Probe a 'Propaganda Effort' Designed to Impact Midterms

Confirmed: Search Warrants Served at Arizona Nonprofit and for Employee's Home in Connection with "2000 Mules" Ballot Trafficking Election Scandal

Shocking Georgia Election Crimes Uncovered: 1.7 Million Ballot Images Illegally Destroyed - Video Monitoring Missing for 181,000 Drop Box Ballots

Democrat Stacey Abrams Complains About Record Early Voting in Georgia Primary: "We Know That Increased Turnout Has Nothing to do with Suppression"

Kemp beats Perdue in Georgia governor primary, striking most significant blow to Trump's endorsement power yet

D.C. Attorney General Sues Mark Zuckerberg over Facebook Privacy Failures

California will test digital driver's licenses. Should you worry about your personal info?

California parents could soon sue for social media addiction

Xinjiang leak sheds new light on China's 're-education' camps

Great Reset Averted: EU Digital 'Mass Surveillance' Plan Likely to be Blocked by Germany

Klaus Schwab Lauds Davos Elites: 'The Future Is Built by Us'

5.4 magnitude earthquake hits near Estique, Peru

5.3 magnitude earthquake hits near Haveluloto, Tonga

5.0 magnitude earthquake hits near Farkhar, Afghanistan

Sabancaya volcano in Peru erupts to 25,000ft

Sangay volcano in Ecuador erupts to 21,000ft

Ruiz volcano in Colombia erupts to 20,000ft

Bezymianny volcano on Kamchatka, Russia erupts to 17,000ft

Reventador volcano in Ecuador erupts to 16,000ft

Fuego volcano in Guatemala erupts to 15,000ft

Discolored water appears near Vulcano volcano, Italy

US Hurricane Forecasters Predict 7th Year of Above-Average Atlantic Storms

1st named storm of season may spawn over the eastern Pacific Ocean

Ninth sandstorm in less than two months shuts down much of Iraq

Green Social Credit: 'Individual Carbon Footprint Tracker' Pushed by China's Alibaba At World Economic Forum

Report: Biden's DHS Released Illegal Alien on 'Terrorism Watch List' into U.S.

Mexico shooting: 11 dead and 5 injured as gunmen rampage through hotel and bars

19 Students, 2 Adults Dead, Dozens Injured in Texas Elementary School Shooting

'Elite' Border Patrol agent credited with killing Texas school mass shooter

Faith leaders react to Texas school shooting: 'Act of pure evil' - Tragic shooting in Texas brings prayers and pleas to 'work to prevent evil wherever it shows itself'

Uvalde, Texas school shooting: Democrats demand gun control, curse Republicans: 'F--- your prayers'

"Enough is Enough!" - Kamala Harris Calls For Gun Control Following Deadly Mass Shooting at Texas Elementary School

Biden urges country to 'stand up to the gun lobby' in wake of Uvalde school shooting

Biden Says 'We Have to Act' After Texas School Shooting

"Unfit for Leadership of this Country - I'm in Shock!" - Tucker Carlson goes off on Joe Biden after His Grotesque, Partisan Speech Following Texas School Shooting

FBI: 61 'active shooter incidents' reported in 2021, 52% jump from 2020

Washington Post Claims George Floyd Was 'Shot and Killed' by Police

Biden to sign executive order on police accountability on second anniversary of George Floyd killing

Biden: 'When in God's name are we going to stand up to the gun lobby?'

Sen. Murphy Begs GOP Lawmakers to Act on Gun Violence: 'Why Are We Here?'

Violence rises as some employees fight back against shoplifters, thieves

Walmart Apologizes for Controversial 'Juneteenth' Ice Cream After Backlash

Critical race theory is being injected into medicine and as a doctor it alarms me

Indiana lawmakers override GOP governor's veto to enact anti-trans sports ban

NC Republicans push ban on teachers discussing LGBTQ issues, other rules for schools

Church of Scotland to allow same-sex marriages

Ricky Gervais' Netflix Special Draws Criticism for Graphic Jokes Mocking Trans People

Australia: Coles Supermarket Will Give Trans and Gender Fluid Staff 10 Extra Paid Leave Days

State Farm Urges Its Florida Agents to Donate Books on Transgenderism to Age 5+ Students

State Farm Abandons Grooming Book Program for Kids in Florida After National Backlash

Disney Gay 'Pride Collection' Clothing Made in Anti-LGBTQ China

Arizona Department of Education Invites 10-Year-Olds to Talk With Strangers Online About Their Sexual Identities

Betsy DeVos alleges 'gross' Biden harassment and face-touching

Commentary: How Pornhub changed the world

Southern Baptist leaders vow to release database of sexual abusers, apologize to victims

Pelosi Wonders Why Church Doesn't Punish Death Penalty Supporters

Hacked Xinjiang files reveal China's Uyghur genocide details: 'Just kill them'

NIH To Spend $2 Million in Taxpayer Funds on 'Unnecessary' Puppy Experiments

The Future of Drugs Is a Synthetic Cocktail From Hell - The worst wave of the overdose crisis is here and it's drugs worse than fentanyl you've likely never heard of

First human patient injected with revolutionary cancer-killing virus

Scientists Create Tomatoes Genetically Engineered To Boost Vitamin D

China Ready to Cash In with Monkeypox Test Kits and Vaccines

CDC says monkeypox doesn't spread easily by air: 'This is not Covid'

CNN: The quest for longer-lasting Covid-19 vaccines - Is some of this drop off in our protection a result of the mRNA technology used to build some Covid-19 vaccines?

Fauci's researchers find better antibody response from natural immunity than Moderna vaccine

Top Airline Pilot Suffers Cardiac Arrest Between Flights Post Mandatory COVID Vaccination

Sweden Rolls Out Fifth Covid Shot

Nolte: After Positive COVID Test, Jake Tapper Taped Show with CNN's Blessing

Tesla Quarantining Thousands Of Workers To Restore China Output

Rep. Chris Smith Warns About Biden's Plan to Empower W.H.O.

Report: World Health Assembly Unlikely to Pass Pandemic Treaty, but Biden Amendments Are on the Table

Gov. DeSantis: "No Way" Florida Will Support WHO Global Pandemic Treaty

Tracking Bible Prophecy Headlines - 5/24/2022

'Palestine an open wound' says Qatar's emir at Davos forum

Senior Israeli lawmaker warns of "religious war" over Jerusalem moves

Authorities seek to tamp down tensions amid backlash over Temple Mount prayer ruling

Bennett's chief of staff quits, in latest sign of discord in PM's office

Likud MKs: We don't mind voting against soldiers and rape victims to topple gov't

Netanyahu says case against him 'dead' as prosecutors forced to revise indictment

Israel Supreme Court chief accuses politicians of seeking to 'destroy' justice system

European Parliament president to Knesset: To be antisemitic is to be anti-European

Battling inflation, Bank of Israel hikes interest rate for the 2nd time in 2 months

US said brokering talks to transfer islands from Egypt to Saudi with Israeli backing

Abraham Accords best answer to Iran - Israeli Ambassador to the US

PA refers Abu Akleh death to International Criminal Court prosecutors

Iran vows to avenge killing as it buries Revolutionary Guard colonel - Finger of blame pointed at Israel

Assassinated IRGC officer led terror attacks on Israelis in India, Thailand - report

Defiant Youth Targets Headquarters of Iran Prison Organization in Tehran - Entrance Set on Fire

Harrowing Prison Conditions in Iran Call for UN Action

At least four dead, 80 trapped under rubble in Iran building collapse

Jordan says Iran-linked groups in Syria wage drug war along border

Turkey's Erdogan threatens new incursion into Syria

Turkey's Erdogan says he will no longer talk to Greek PM

US warns American companies against business in Sudan, assails military for violence

Two killed, 120 wounded in gas cylinder explosion in Abu Dhabi restaurant: Police

Armenia and Azerbaijan leaders discuss 'peace treaty' over Nagorno-Karabakh

Russia's war in Ukraine is threatening an outpost of cooperation in space

Report: Putin Arms Belarus With Nuke-Capable Missiles

Schumer, McConnell to Introduce Resolution to Fast-Track Sweden, Finland NATO Applications

Top-ranking senators tell Biden to move 'expeditiously' on NATO expansion

Pentagon working on plans to send troops to protect US Embassy in Kyiv

US 'ways away' from sending troops back to Ukraine, decision up to Biden: General

Russian diplomat at UN resigns, slams Moscow's 'aggressive war'

Russian diplomat at UN resigns over Ukraine war: 'I am so ashamed of my country'

Russian soldier gets life sentence in Ukraine's first war crimes trial

Henry Kissinger: Ukraine must give Russia territory

Ukraine's Zelenskyy says he would meet with Putin to end the war

Putin's TV appearances staged with pre-taped footage as cancer rumors swirl: insider

Zelensky Requests $5 Billion a Month from Global Community in World Economic Forum Speech

Ukraine's Zelenskyy tells business leaders at Davos that world faces a turning point

Zelensky urges 'maximum' sanctions, oil and trade embargo on Russia in Davos talk

Starbucks to Exit Russia Completely After 15 Years in Russian Market

President Biden seems to praise high gas prices as 'incredible transition' Americans must go through

Biden says weighs reducing tariffs on China, asking OPEC to pump more oil

GOP Lawmakers Press Biden to Stand With Taiwan Against China

Biden Misspeaks on Taiwan, Says US Military Would Intervene

Biden says US would respond 'militarily' if China attacked Taiwan, but White House insists there's no policy change

Biden's Taiwan comment hangs over summit with leaders of Japan, India and Australia on final day of Asia trip

UN human rights chief begins China visit amid concerns it's a publicity ploy

Japanese film that imagines killing seniors as solution to aging population problem breaks Cannes

Roger Marshall: 'War Zone' at U.S.-Mexico Border 'Worse' than What I Saw at Poland-Ukraine Border

Border Patrol Memo Lays the Groundwork for Mass Release of Illegal Immigrants into the U.S.

WaPo Suggests Black Americans Who 'Tired of U.S. Hostility' Consider Relocating to Ghana

Stock Selloff to Intensify as Fresh 10% Plunge Looms, Survey Finds

Biden admits the US economy has 'problems,' warns of 'haul' before relief

IMF says global economy faces 'confluence of calamities' in biggest test since World War II

The Top 50 Richest People Have Lost More Than Half a Trillion Dollars This Year

At Davos Confab, CEOs Fret Over Economy, Start to Plan for a Downturn

World Economic Forum's Klaus Schwab at Davos Pushes Elitist Garbage "That We Act All as Stakeholders of Larger Communities"

Oxfam tells Davos: Time to tax growing billionaire club

With Mainstream Media Finally Paying Attention, Durham Continues Exposing Clinton's Role In A Massive Criminal Conspiracy

Rep. Madison Cawthorn Facing New Insider Trading Ethics Complaint With 'LGB' Crypto Coin

Stacey Abrams Derides Georgia on Campaign Trail: 'Worst State in the Country to Live'

Pence says a vote for Kemp will send 'deafening message' that GOP is 'party of the future'

Wisconsin Republicans vote against decertifying 2020 election results, removing Assembly speaker

Amid Close Senate Race With Oz, McCormick Sues Over Mail-in Ballots

Pennsylvania Senate runoff: RNC intervenes to block McCormick absentee ballot move as Dr. Oz leads

Ex-DHS Disinformation Chief Nina Jankowicz Says She Was a Victim of Disinformation

Australian Politician at Davos Explains that We Need a "Recalibration" of Freedom of Speech

Jack Posobiec and News Crew Detained at Machinegun Point for an Hour by World Economic Forum Police

Reuters Reporter Calls Out Pentagon For Seizing His Phone on Trip: 'Incomprehensible'

Liberal Media Freakout After President Trump Shares Response to El Salvador President's Tweet on "Enemy from Within" Destroying America and Pushing Country to Civil War

Bill Gates Poured Millions into Dark Money Fund Attacking Elon Musk

World's fastest passenger jet goes supersonic in tests

5.6 magnitude earthquake hits near Lakatoro, Vanuatu

5.5 magnitude earthquake hits near South Sandwich Islands region

5.3 magnitude earthquake hits the South Sandwich Islands region

5.3 magnitude earthquake hits near Nosratabad, Iran

5.2 magnitude earthquake hits near Vallenar, Chile

5.1 magnitude earthquake hits near Kimbe, Papua New Guinea

5.1 magnitude earthquake hits near San Jose Village, Northern Mariana Islands

5.0 magnitude earthquake hits near Hihifo, Tonga

5.0 magnitude earthquake hits north of Svalbard

Ruiz volcano in Colombia erupts to 25,000ft

Sabancaya volcano in Peru erupts to 24,000ft

Sangay volcano in Ecuador erupts to 21,000ft

Reventador volcano in Ecuador erupts to 19,000ft

Bezymianny volcano on Kamchatka, Russia erupts to 17,000ft

Fuego volcano in Guatemala erupts to 16,000ft

Semeru volcano in Indonesia erupts to 14,000ft

'Sharkcano,' Active Pacific Ocean Volcano Where Sharks Live in Acidic Water, Erupts: NASA

Sub-tropical disturbance moves inland, threatens to spark severe weather

Deadly derecho leaves widespread damage in Canada

At least 9 killed as fast-moving severe thunderstorms hit the most populated part of Canada, leaving 1,000 km of damage

Super tornado strikes Texas as weather officials urge caution: 'absolute monster'

Sandstorm forces closure of Iraqi airports and public buildings

Record-low temperatures hit southern Brazil

Newsom Threatens to Impose Mandatory Water Restrictions if Californians Don't Use Less on Their Own Amid Drought

Renewable energy dependence could lead to rolling blackouts in Michigan this summer

Drug Cartels Use Social Media to Lure American Teenagers into Human Trafficking

Will Smith tells David Letterman he had drug-induced vision about career being 'destroyed' before Oscars slap

Dave Chappelle 'attacker' admits he was inspired by Will Smith slap of Chris Rock at Oscars

Woke Scolds Attack Dave Chappelle for 'Transphobic Jokes' at John Mulaney Comedy Show

Comedian Bill Burr Blasts the Left's Trans Mania: 'What Do You Mean Men Can Get Pregnant?'

Woke Army Considers Letting Soldiers Change Base or State if They Don't Like Local Laws on Gender, Racism or Abortion

School Board Director to Host 'Queer Youth' Event at Sex Shop for 'All Ages'

Psychotherapist Who Conducts Transgender "Therapy" Encourages Teens to Distrust Their "Bigoted, Misinformed Parents" - Especially if They're "Religious"

Male High School Teacher Writes About How Good it Feels to Wear Women's Panties to School and Coming out as 'Non-Binary' to His Students

Transsexual pioneer criticizes modern trans activists, says they're indoctrinating kids: 'This isn't a game'

'An Apocalypse': Probe Into Southern Baptist Sex Abuse Turns Up 'Bombshell' Findings

Southern Baptist members detail alleged grooming, sexual misconduct among clergy in new report

Russell Moore Calls Actions of SBC Leaders 'Blasphemy' following Release of Sex Abuse Report

Indiana pastor admits adultery, alleged victim says she was just 16 years old: 'It's not just adultery'

RZIM can be sued by donors over Ravi Zacharias' sexual misconduct, judge rules

'Anti-Woke Views' Allegedly See Black Conservative Blocked from Priesthood

Behar: Why Is Pro-Choice Pelosi Banned from Communion? Pro-Death Penalty Abbott Is Not

Leftist DC Archbishop Gregory Stands with Pelosi and Her Abortion to Birth Policies - Will Not Order Priests to Refuse Her Communion

Sri Lankan medicine shortage a death sentence for some, doctors say

Mind your Language: U.N. Scolds 'Homophobic and Racist' Monkeypox Coverage

Monkeypox conspiracy theories: Five false claims about the virus debunked as misinformation spreads online

Wuhan Lab was Experimenting with Monkeypox Last Year - Published Research Report in International Journal in February

Monkeypox spread likely "amplified" by sex at 2 raves in Europe, leading WHO adviser says

CDC officials sound alarm for gay and bisexual men as monkeypox spreads in community

EU advises countries to plan vaccines for monkeypox outbreak

US in process of releasing monkeypox vaccine from national stockpile for 'high-risk' people, CDC says

Federal Government Doesn't Plan on Mandatory Quarantines for Monkeypox: Biden

China Brags Repressive Lockdowns Will Keep Monkeypox Out

Lockdown Mania: 5,000 Beijing Residents Sent to Quarantine Camps Based on 26 Coronavirus Cases in Their District

NIH Study: Vaccinated People Develop Fewer Antibodies Than Unvaccinated After COVID Infection

CDC Now Recommends COVID-19 Testing for All Domestic Air Travel, Including the Vaccinated

In rebuke to Pentagon, Navy board finds 3-0 for vax objector amid questions of mandate's lawfulness

Supreme Court rejects parents seeking religious exemption from school vaccinations

Tracking Bible Prophecy Headlines - 5/23/2022

Israel negotiating gas exports to Europe

In reversal, Meretz MK to stay in coalition, removing immediate election threat

Prospect of millions in funding for Arab towns ends 3-day coalition crisis

Report: After Meretz MK returns, Yamina lawmaker threatens to jump ship

Somali leader who met Netanyahu returns to power, and some see hope of normalization

Ahead of Biden visit, Israel launches biggest eviction of Palestinians in decades

Hamas threatens Israel over Flag March, says 'all capabilities' on the table

Israeli govt and court at odds over Jewish prayer at flashpoint shrine

Judge rules against Temple Mount ban for Jewish youth caught praying there

Israeli Court Temple Mount Ruling Marks 'Dangerous Escalation,' Hamas Says

Jordan: Court support for Jewish prayer at Temple Mount breaches international law

Four killed in attempt to smuggle drugs from Syria: Jordan's armed forces

Gantz says US holding firm against Iran's demand to remove IRGC from terror list

Senior Iran Revolutionary Guards member said assassinated in Tehran

Iran: Revolutionary Guard colonel killed by motorbike gunmen in Tehran

Slain Iranian officer said to have planned attacks against Israelis, Jews worldwide

EU membership for Ukraine in '15 or 20 years,' says French minister

Putin will be in a sanatorium and out of power by 2023, former British intelligence chief predicts

YouTube removes more than 9,000 channels relating to Ukraine war

Russian Concertgoers Break Into Chants Against Putin's Ukraine War in Video

Russia's Ukraine invasion 'makes no sense,' according to a leading historian who once angered Putin by asking him about energy

Claim: Half of European Buyers of Russian Energy Have Opened Ruble Accounts

Germany Prepares for Gas Rationing as Russia Cuts Off Supplies to Finland

Zelenskyy's global food crisis prediction may be 10 weeks away, UN official says: 'Seismic'

Senator Cotton: We Needed to Give Ukraine $40 Billion or China Will Attack Taiwan

China Starting Next Global Crisis By Gobbling Up Sri Lanka

India, US, Japan and Australia to launch tracking system to monitor illegal fishing by China

Biden administration criticizes China for failing to take part in UN food shortage meeting: 'Not surprising'

Hundreds Protest Joe Biden's Visit to Tokyo

Hunter Biden Legal Team Claims To Have Other Missing Laptop, Hopes To Prove Info On Delaware Mac Faked

Bongino: Sussmann trial 'the biggest political scandal in modern history'

How the Sussmann trial revealed Hillary Clinton's role in the Alfa Bank scandal

After Outing Hillary Clinton as Being Behind the Trump-Russia Lie, Some Fear Robby Mook's Days Are Numbered

Jake Sullivan - Biden's National Security Advisor Implicated in Providing Lies to Media About Candidate Donald Trump

Texas has racked up 25 lawsuits against the Biden administration so far

Robert Gates: Trump Running in 2024 Would Present National Security 'Concern'

"Are We a Third World Nation? Are We Becoming Venezuela?" - President Trump on Pennsylvania Primaries

NY Mag: 'Disinformation' a 'fantasy' that lets liberals 'lie to themselves,' avoid 'agony of self-reflection'

18 Senators Call to Defund Biden Disinformation Board

Report: Your iPhone Is Vulnerable to Hacking Even When Turned Off

Elon Musk suggests cutting Twitter offer by proportion of bots and calls its lack of explanation 'very suspicious'

Dow Jones Industrial Average On Longest Losing Streak Since 1932

Volatility in markets will stick around for 'a long time': Investment expert

India considering spending additional $26 billion to fight inflation

Asteroid four times the size of the Empire State Building barreling toward Earth on May 27

In a week, sky might be lit up with most powerful meteor shower in generations

A meteor shower outburst from a shattered comet may spawn new tau Herculids display on May 30

6.0 magnitude earthquake hits near Katsuura, Japan

5.5 magnitude earthquake hits near Shizunai-furukawacho, Japan

5.1 magnitude earthquake hits near Katsuura, Japan

USGS: 4.7-magnitude quake that rattled Hawaii Island was centered beneath Hualalai volcano

Ruiz volcano in Colombia erupts to 23,000ft

Sabanaya volcano in Peru erupts to 21,000ft

Sangay volcano in Ecuador erupts to 21,000ft

Popocateptl volcano in Mexico erupts to 20,000ft

Mt Etna volcano in Italy erupts to 18,000ft

Reventador volcano in Ecuador erupts to 17,000ft

Fuego volcano in Guatemala erupts to 15,000ft

Semeru volcano in Indonesia erupts to 14,000ft

First tropical disturbance of season identified in Gulf of Mexico just days before start of hurricane season

5 dead after severe thunderstorms in Ontario and Quebec; hundreds of thousands without power

Millions stranded as flooding causes havoc in Bangladesh, India

Spain experiences record-breaking heatwave for May

Intense heat scorches much of the East Coast, with more still to come

Amid severe drought, former Interior secretary calls for revamping Colorado River pact

Mid-drought, Mid-Energy Crisis, California to Begin Removing Hydroelectric Dams on Klamath River

Biden Regime Admits to Math Error in Gas and Oil Drilling Permit Delays - During Greatest Gas and Energy Crisis in US History

Migrants Protest Outside U.S. Consulate in Mexico, Demanding Biden End Title 42

Migrants Tire of Waiting for Title 42's End, Surge Across Border into Texas

Biden's border crisis - half a million migrants crossed US border in 10 weeks

DeSantis Says Biden Should Be Given 'Honorary Membership in Mexican Drug Cartels'

Wells Fargo held 'fake interviews' to feign diversity efforts, employees claim

Doctors seek to end bias against overweight patients - The Association of American Medical Colleges is rolling out new diversity, equity, and inclusion standards aimed at teaching doctors respectful treatment

Study: 46 Percent of Gen Zers Say Political Activism on Resume Should be Acceptable

London Council Claimed Three-Month-Old Babies Are Racially Biased: Report

Philadelphia weekend shootings leave 6 dead, 12 injured

1 Killed, 8 Wounded in Shooting at Southern California Party

'Targeted' Shooting Leaves Two Dead, Three Injured in Indiana

Islamic State executes 20 Christians as warning to believers

Michael Brown: How Compromised Preaching Is Contributing to Our Cultural Rot

Inside the Megachurch That Has Ex-Members Screaming Cult

Report: Top Southern Baptists stonewalled sex abuse victims

Southern Baptists Refused to Act on Abuse, Despite Secret List of Pastors

'Ignored, disbelieved': Southern Baptist Convention sexual abuse report details cover up, decades of inaction

Musk challenges 'liar' who accused him of sexual misconduct to describe private parts

California teacher arrested for molesting four students in classroom

Virginia Middle School Teacher Arrested on Child Pornography Charges

MSNBC Host Calls Rep. Mike Johnson an 'Idiot' for Opposing Aborting Child 'Seconds Away' from Birth

Georgia Senate Candidate Herschel Walker Says There Should Be No Exception For Abortion

Gov. Hutchinson: States Will 'Revisit' Abortion Exceptions if Roe Overturned

SF Examiner editorial board demands Pope remove archbishop who barred Pelosi from communion over abortion

Florida suspends abortion clinic after hospitalizations

Mayor Adams issues state of emergency to prevent baby formula price gouging

Biden on Monkeypox: Outbreak should concern 'everybody,' as health experts are baffled

'Here we go again': Belgium first country to roll out mandatory monkeypox quarantine

'Sexual form of monkeypox' blamed for global spread of virus

Monkeypox could have 'massive impact' on sexual health services, doctor warns

The Infamous Wuhan Lab Recently Assembled Monkeypox Strains Using Methods Flagged For Creating 'Contagious Pathogens'. Are we here because of China's experiments again?

Oxford University's Center for Business Taxation - Taxing the Unvaccinated: Externalities and Paternalism During the Pandemic

"Yielding of Sovereignty Is Considered the Crime of High Treason" - Archbishop Vigano on Nation States Handing Over Sovereignty to the WHO

Pfizer to Court: Toss Lawsuit That Revealed COVID-19 Vaccine Testing Issues

Here We Go: CDC Recommends Covid-19 Testing in All Domestic Flights Including Vaccinated Travelers

Army nears 100% vaccination, claims only 1% refusal among troops

Father Files Lawsuit Against NYC Ballet for Barring Unvaccinated 3-Year-Old Daughter from Attending Shows

White House coronavirus advisor supports continued use of masks indoors

As cases rise, Americans are 'checked out' on COVID-19

A new billionaire has been minted nearly every day during the pandemic

Oxfam calls for an end to billionaire 'bonanza,' say millions are falling into extreme poverty

Tracking Bible Prophecy Headlines - 5/22/2022

Australian PM concedes defeat, ending party's 9-year rule; was firm backer of Israel - New leader leader Anthony Albanese, whose Labor party supports recognizing Palestine as a state

Australian voters deliver strong message on climate change, ending conservative government's 9-year rule

Biden reportedly still planning to visit Israel in June, despite Knesset turmoil

Meretz minister: Rebel MK who quit coalition should resign from the Knesset

Likud No. 2 urges leadership vote if Netanyahu can't form gov't in current Knesset

Palestinian teen shot in Israeli raid in occupied West Bank

Lebanese Christian leader calls for Hezbollah's grip on country to end

Tunisian parties vow to fight President Saied's 'autocratic rule'

Burkina Faso army says five soldiers, 30 'terrorists' killed in attack

Sudanese security forces kill one protester in Omdurman: Medics

Milley calls war in Afghanistan a 'strategic failure' for US, warns Taliban 'remain a terrorist organization'

Women TV presenters defy Taliban order to cover faces on air

Iraq's oil ministry aims to establish new oil company in Kurdistan region

Six killed in Iraq drone strikes blamed on Turkey

Turkey's Erdogan urges Sweden, Finland to end support to 'terror' groups

Facebook slammed for spreading Russian President Putin's propaganda in NATO's east

Ukraine needs full EU candidacy not 'compromise:' Zelenskyy

Zelenskyy says UN, Red Cross order Russia to take its 'mountains of corpses'

Putin's War Means Russia's Rich Aren't Welcome at Davos Anymore

Ukraine Warns Only Talks Can End War as Russia Cuts Finland Gas

Commentary: Putin 'Blackmailing the World,' Threatening Famine

GOP Rep. Palmer Warns of 'Worldwide Depression' if China Invades Taiwan

China eyes more security pacts with pacific nations like Solomon Islands: Report

Japan PM Kishida calls China's development in E. China Sea 'unacceptable'

China Buzzes Taiwan with Fighter Jets and Bombers and US Bases in Japan as Joe Biden Travels to South Korea

China Media on Biden Asia Trip: 'Sinister Intention'

US, South Korea looking to 'expand' military exercises in response to North Korea

Cybersecurity expert compares US abuse of big data to China, North Korea

Gen. Milley warns West Point graduates of 'increasing' risk of global war, 'robotic tanks'

Communists Ban Cubans from Celebrating Their Own Independence Day

Commentary: Justice May Be Coming for the 51 Who Signed the Intel Letter Against Hunter Biden Laptop

Grassley Has the Receipts: GOP Senator Obtains New Hunter Records, Flagged Financial Affairs from Banks

Hillary Factor: Evidence now shows false Russia collusion story began and ended with Clinton

Trump reacts to testimony that Clinton spread Russia allegations: 'Where do I get my reputation back?'

Michael Sussmann trial: ABC, NBC, CBS, MSNBC ignore case at center of Trump-Russia probe

Lawmaker Demands Capitol Police Release Tapes After 'False' Allegation by Jan. 6 Panel

Judge sanctions MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell for 'frivolous' election lawsuit

Law Enforcement Raids Nonprofits In '2000 Mules' Ballot Trafficking Investigation - "Like Tweety Birds, They Sang"

DOJ: Democrats Paid Pennsylvania Election Officials to Stuff Ballot Box

Thunderdome: New York's new congressional maps are creating 'chaos' for Democrats

Wall Street Journal: Dems Stole Congressional Seats From Red States With "Rigged" Census - Calls For Investigation

Commentary: The Doom Spiral of Pernicious Polarization. The U.S. is more dangerously divided than any other wealthy democracy. Is there a way back from the brink?

Not Just Elon Musk: More Americans Seeking Out GOP

A $5 Trillion 'Wealth Shock' Is Cracking Americans' Nest Eggs

Global leaders warn of economic dangers as crises multiply

6.3 magnitude earthquake hits south of the Fiji Islands

6.1 magnitude earthquake hits near Bungahan, Philippines

5.4 magnitude earthquake hits near Iwaki, Japan

5.1 magnitude earthquake hits south of the Fiji Islands

Sabancaya volcano in Peru erupts to 23,000ft

Sangay volcano in Ecuador erupts to 22,000ft

Ruiz volcano in Colombia erupts to 21,000ft

Reventador volcano in Ecuador erupts to 16,000ft

Fuego volcano in Guatemala erupts to 15,000ft

Semeru volcano in Indonesia erupts to 13,000ft

At least 43 people were injured in a storm that caused 3 tornadoes in Germany

Michigan Gov. Whitmer Declares State of Emergency for Otsego County After Rare Tornado Hits City

EF3 tornado that hit Gaylord had winds reaching 150 mph

Severe hailstorm hits Bihar, claiming lives of at least 33 people

Colorado weather swings 60 degrees to snow, 115K lose power

Spring storm dumps more than a foot of snow in parts, knocks down limbs, power in Denver area

Two million stranded as worst floods in decades hit Bangladesh's northeast

Heat wave torching India and Pakistan is the new normal, report says

Record-breaking heat wave hits Northeast US

Saharan dust, 100-degree heat index will greet South Floridians this weekend

Human-induced climate crisis is making Japan's cherry blossoms bloom earlier

Federal government pours $3.5 billion into carbon capture project in hopes of minimizing climate change, prioritizing 'environmental justice'

AOC touts 'zero emission' engagement ring made with 'recycled gold'

Senate Democrats Introduce New Gun Control Bill - Requires DOJ License for Gun Purchases with a 5-Year License Limit - And Government Power of Confiscation

Philadelphia businesses 'closing left and right' over increase in shoplifting: 'Very dangerous'

Japanese Government Official Arrested for Alleged Assault on Train

National School Boards Association Admits to Colluding with Biden Administration on 'Domestic Terrorism' Letter

Supreme Court could rule on Roe v. Wade on Monday, as Biden admin braces for violence after decision

A County Chairman Refused To Boost Security at Supreme Court Justices' Homes. Then He Had Police Guard His Residence.

San Francisco Archbishop guided by Pope Francis's 'Principles' in denying communion to Pelosi because of her aggressive abortion advocacy

Bishop Calls Pelosi a 'Danger to Her Own Soul'

Union blasts Musk after misconduct allegation: 'Flight attendants are not just another accessory'

Afghan Migrant Accused of Sexually Abusing Two Ukrainian Refugee Children

Maher: 'We're Literally Experimenting on Children' with Gender Transitions for Children

National Science Teachers Association's 'Gender-Inclusive Biology' Calls Women 'People with Ovaries'

European Union Used Taxpayer Money for Drag Queens in Youth Education Programme

Kentucky Swimmer Joins Coaches Call for a 'Trans Division' After Tie with Lia Thomas

Florida asks publishers to revise more books to avoid 'indoctrination'

A generation of LGBTQ advocates hopes the clock isn't ticking backward with the Parental Rights in Education bill and 'groomer' rhetoric

Middle Schoolers Use 'Wrong Pronouns,' Get Investigated by District for Sexual Harassment

Woke University Gets Backlash for Poster With Kissing Hijabi Women

Gran Canaria: Maspalomas Pride, in the spotlight as a focus of monkeypox contagion

Bombshell Report: Monkeypox Appears To Be 'Lab Strain With Unknown Characteristics,' Says ECDC Source

Monkeypox Was a Table-Top Simulation Only Last Year

Mozambique: Polio Outbreak Causes Public Health Emergency

Legionnaires' outbreak confirmed in Bronx neighborhood

Scientists 'really surprised' after gene-editing experiment unexpectedly turn hamsters into hyper-aggressive bullies

Tracking coronavirus in animals takes on new urgency

Former CDC Chief: I Didn't Expect Death Threats From Fellow Scientists Over Lab-Leak Theory

'Fast money equals fast crime': Fraud recovery sleuths share lessons of stolen COVID relief funds

Maskless Italian PM Mario Draghi Lectures Masked Middle School Children on Masks

Jair Bolsonaro Says Brazil Will Not Sign Globalist WHO Pandemic Treaty

WHO's missteps in COVID-19 crisis heighten alarm over push for new pandemic treaty

Dr. McCullough: 'Medical crisis' is being exploited to push global government

Shanghai district to require all shops to shut, residents to stay home

Shanghai Economy Hit on All Sides in April by COVID-19 Lockdown

WHO Clears Chinese Vaccine For Emergency Use

Biden offers aid, vaccines to COVID-stricken North Korea

Air Force cadets who refused COVID vaccine will graduate, but won't receive commissions

Physician assistant convicted of prescribing over 1 million opioids at Texas 'pill mills'

TX Border Sheriff: 'We Were Not Prepared' for Immigration Problems, I Hope Title 42 Stays for 'Three or Four Months' So We Can Prepare

Tracking Bible Prophecy Headlines - 5/21/2022

Meretz MK who quit coalition says 'alternative to existing government much worse'

Joint List MK to submit bill to begin process of dissolving Knesset next Wednesday

'It's not over': Despite MK's defection, Lapid says too early to eulogize coalition

Bennett: Government faces 'a machine of poison and lies'

57 House Dems call for US probe into killing of Al Jazeera journalist

US drops 'foreign terrorist' designation from Israeli, Basque, Egyptian groups

Syria says 3 soldiers killed in Israeli missile strikes near Damascus

Syria lambasts Turkey's Erdogan plan to return million refugees

Syrian man stabs wife and a man in Norway domestic dispute: Police

IDF: Soleimani's son-in-law using civilian flights to smuggle weapons to Hezbollah

State Department calls on Lebanese leaders to work with 'urgency' to rescue economy

Stephen Colbert on Bush's Iraq gaffe: 'A refreshingly lighthearted confession to war crimes'

Revealed: CIA-Trained Militia Used US-Made Weapons in Deadly Attack in Somalia

Tunisia's President Saied excludes parties from preparing new constitution

'We are going to die': Sri Lanka warns of food shortages

New military bases in western Russia in response to NATO expansion: Defense minister

In rare victory, Russia claims to take full control of Mariupol

Russia says 'nearing' full control of Ukraine's Lugansk

Struggling in Ukraine, Russia paves way to sign up over-40s for army

Putin promises to bolster Russia's IT security in face of cyberattacks

Millions rushed to leave Ukraine. Now the queue to return home stretches for miles

EU Exploring Ways to Use Russian Oligarchs' Frozen Assets to Rebuild Ukraine

Canada bans luxury goods trade with Russia, punishes more oligarchs

New Zealand hands out extra cash to fight 'inflation storm'

Biden's push for more government spending, more regulation will be 'jet fuel' on inflation: Ryun

US Senate Rejects $48 Billion Aid Package For Small Businesses and Restaurants Just Hours After Approving Another $40 Billion for Ukraine

Russian gas flows to Finland to stop on Saturday: State-owned Gasum

G7 wants to cap Russian oil price - US Treasury

Josh Hawley grills Biden's energy sec for blaming Putin for skyrocketing gas prices

"With All Due Respect Your Answers Are Insulting" - Senator Josh Hawley Destroys Obama's Energy Secretary Who Denies High Gas Prices Are Due to Biden's Actions

China boosts energy imports from Russia - Purchases of oil, gas and coal soared 75% in April, data shows

'Deadly serious': U.S. quietly urging Taiwan to follow Ukraine playbook for countering China

China's Most Powerful Bombers Buzz US Military Bases In Japan

China launches South China Sea military drills as US President Biden visits Asia

US President Biden touts South Korea's role in securing global supply chain

Joe Biden Refers to South Korea's New President as Previous Leader in Gaffe-Filled Speech

Biden Secret Service agents sent home after drunk assault report in South Korea

NBC - Another legacy media outlet concedes Hunter Biden laptop story real

Clinton campaign manager drops 'bombshell' exposing Clinton and media mob's years-long Russia hoax - Mook is trying to turn a case about evidence and law into pure politics for an acquittal, says Jarrett

Durham alert: Top Clinton campaign official Robby Mook testifies that Hillary approved giving Alfa Bank story to the media

Robby Mook throws Clinton allies under the bus, testifies Hillary 'agreed' to leak Trump-Russia allegation to media

Clinton team 'did not trust' FBI in 2016, blames 'most damaging days of campaign' on Comey: Mook testimony

Top 5 revelations from trial of ex-Clinton campaign lawyer Michael Sussmann

Report: Three Clinton Donors on Sussmann Jury in D.C.

Pelosi-aligned dark money nonprofit received $3 million from group fueled by Swiss billionaire

Madison Cawthorn says it's time for 'Dark MAGA,' 'new right' to take over after scandal-propelled primary loss

Minnesota GOP apologizes for video showing Soros as puppetmaster over Jewish Dems

Holder: There Will Be 'High-Level Prosecutions of People Close to Donald Trump'

Rep. Markwayne Mullin Introduces House Resolution to Expunge Trump's 'Politically Motivated' 2nd Impeachment

Ohio GOP House candidate J.R. Majewski called for secession in livestream following 2020 election

Ginni Thomas, wife of Justice Clarence Thomas, pressured Arizona lawmakers on 2020 election

U.S. Senate Hopeful Lamon: I Would Not Have Voted to Certify Arizona's Electors Jan. 6, 2021

Mail-In Ballot Use Down 90% In Georgia

'Direct Interference in UK Elections' - EU Threatens to Target Pro-Brexit Politicians over Northern Ireland Dispute

UK's Johnson vows to resolve Northern Ireland's Brexit-related kosher food shortage

Trump Torches Musk: Elon Wants to Join GOP Because of Issues with 'Probably Illegal Purchase' of 'Fake Twitter'

Elon Musk blasts Biden administration, Democrats on Twitter over 'hate,' sidelining of Tesla

Twitter Will Now Suppress 'False' and 'Misleading' Tweets Under 'Crisis Misinformation' Policy

Jankowicz Says Americans Criticizing Biden's Disinformation Governance Board Are "Endangering Our National Security"

Tech stocks are mired in their longest weekly losing streak since dot-com bust

Miami's mayor backed MiamiCoin crypto - then its price dropped 95%

Toddler Playing with Mom's Phone Accidentally Orders Over 30 Cheeseburgers Through DoorDash

Mastercard launches tech that lets you pay with your face or hand in stores

Voyager is sending 'impossible data' back to Nasa from the edge of the Solar System

M3.0 solar flare erupts from geoeffective AR 3014, follows M5.6 on May 19

Asteroid 4 times larger than Empire State Building to fly past Earth

5.8 magnitude earthquake hits near Coquimbo, Chile

5.8 magnitude earthquake hits near north of Svalbard

5.5 magnitude earthquake hits near Al Hoceima, Morocco

5.1 magnitude earthquake hits north of Svalbard

5.0 magnitude earthquake hits the Kermadec Islands, New Zealand

Seismovolcanic crisis continues at Sao Jorge Island, Azores - 33,000 earthquakes in 2 months

Earthquake swarm in the Reykjanes Peninsula, uplift around Svartsengi up to 2.5 cm, Iceland

Earthquake swarm in the Taupo Volcanic Zone, New Zealand

Sabancaya volcano in Peru erupts to 24,000ft

Sangay volcano in Ecuador erupts to 22,000ft

Popocateptl volcano in Mexico erupts to 19,000ft

Fuego volcano in Guatemala erupts to 15,000ft

Reventador volcano in Ecuador erupts to 15,000ft

Semeru volcano in Indonesia erupts to 14,000ft

Eyes on the tropics: Potential for pre-season storm

Damaging tornado rips through Levin, New Zealand

A tornado swept through Paderborn, Germany, and injured at least 30 people, authorities said

One dead, more than 40 injured as Michigan tornado causes 'catastrophic' damage

Possible tornado touches down in New Hampshire, driver captures terrifying dashcam video

Colorado to Experience Weather Whiplash as Heavy Snow Follows Temperatures Near 90

NYC heat wave coming this weekend, temperatures could shatter records

Saharan Dust and Wildfire Smoke Heads for Southeast

Fire next to Geneva airport disrupts flights

Man sentenced to 24 years for setting Big Sur wildfire that killed 12 endangered condors

Harris to announce $500 million school bus rebate program to replace diesel with electric, low emissions buses

Yellen's global tax plan meets resistance abroad and at home

AI may be searching you for guns the next time you go out in public

House Passes Domestic Terrorism Bill to Use the FBI to Silence Conservatives Who Disagree With Them

Red Alert: Breaking Dem Legislation Could End Gun Sales to All Current Firearm Owners Forever, Require DOJ License

Clyburn says 'the country is in danger of imploding' while weighing in on the Buffalo, N.Y., shooting

Mass shooting in Chicago leaves 2 dead, 7 hurt near Magnificent Mile

California: Thieves Steal $1 Million in Daylight Smash and Grab

Pastor stabbed to death, set on fire and left in van by man she was trying to help, police say

White 'replacement theory,' the racist, antisemitic belief fueling deadly attacks

Non-binary in Iraq: 'People get killed'

National Science Teachers Association's 'Gender-Inclusive Biology' Calls Women 'People with Ovaries'

Australian Transgender Surfer Crushes the Competition in Open Women's Divisions

GOP Drafts 'Women's Bill of Rights' To Fight Transgender Ideology

Disney Releases LGBTQ Pride-Themed Toys Marketed to Children

Disney Giving 'Pride Collection' Profits to Groups Fighting Florida's Anti-Grooming Law

Bill Maher challenges LGBTQ orthodoxy: 'It's OK to ask questions' - especially when it involves kids

At least 135 teachers, aides charged with child sex crimes this year alone

Texas Teen Goes to Bathroom at NBA Game, Is Found 10 Days Later Sold for Sex in Oklahoma Hotel

Texas girl, 15, trafficked from Mavericks game in Dallas; 8 arrested in Oklahoma: police

Woman Makes Sexual Misconduct Claim Against Elon Musk

A SpaceX flight attendant said Elon Musk exposed himself and propositioned her for sex, documents show. The company paid $250,000 for her silence.

Elon Musk denies he harassed flight attendant on private jet

Justice Thomas: 'We Are in Danger of Destroying the Institutions Required for a Free Society'

DHS warns of threats to burn down Supreme Court, kill justices as abortion decision looms

Religious backers of abortion rights say God's on their side

San Francisco archbishop bars Pelosi from receiving Holy Communion due to abortion support

Archbishop Cordileone tells priests that Nancy Pelosi Communion denial is 'pastoral, not political'

Abortionist Accuses Rep. Chip Roy of 'Inflammatory Language' When He Describes What Actually Happens to an Unborn Baby During Abortion

Oklahoma Democrat Suggests Mandatory Vasectomies in Response to Restrictive Abortion Law

Facebook Tells Employees to Stop Discussing Abortion at Work

AOC Mocks Christians For Opposing Abortion, Rants About How Babies in the Womb Are Not a Life

Abortion Pill Kills Woman, Drug Caused Sepsis Infection That Took Her Life

Marijuana slowly becoming New England's newest cash crop

FDA Approves World's First Pill with an Embedded Sensor

Biden's Plan to Surrender U.S. Health Sovereignty to 'Corrupt, Chinese Communist Party Entity' World Health Organization Draws Fire

Gooden leads GOP pushback demanding Biden oppose WHO global surveillance system

Commentary: The WHO's Death Trap for the US

Emergency WHO meeting over Monkeypox spread: 'We should take it seriously'

WHO to Convene Emergency Meeting on Monkeypox After UK Cases Double to 20

African scientists baffled by unusual spread of monkeypox cases in Europe, US

Dubai to 'enhance surveillance' over globally rising monkeypox cases

FDA Approves New Intravenous Monkeypox Drug Treatment From Pfizer-Linked SIGA Technologies

U.S. Buys $119 Million Worth Of Monkeypox Vaccines After First Case Diagnosed In Massachusetts

Bavarian Nordic shares surge on order for monkeypox vaccine amid Europe outbreaks; one case in the U.S.

Sixth child in US dies of unexplained hepatitis as global cases top 600

U.S. Bioethics Chief, Who Happens to be Fauci's Wife, Published a New Paper Telling Corporates They Can Ethically 'Pressure Employees' And 'Embarrass Vaccine Resistors'

(NIH Journal Entry) COVID Update: What is the truth? The COVID-19 pandemic is one of the most manipulated infectious disease events in history, characterized by official lies in an unending stream lead by government bureaucracies, medical associations, medical boards, the media, and international agencies

Primary source of COVID misinformation is the feds, scientists and scholars tell surgeon general

Another Study Confirms Wearing Masks Increases COVID Infection

Report: NPR Opens Mask 'Snitch' HR Hotline

Lockdown Forever! German Court Finds Forced Vax for Caregivers Constitutional

National Border Patrol Council President Predicts 230,000 Migrants Will Be Released into U.S. Next Month When Title 42 Goes Away

Federal judge blocks Biden admin from ending Title 42 border expulsions

Tracking Bible Prophecy Headlines - 5/20/2022

Israeli coalition government in crisis as MP quits

Israeli lawmaker quits ruling coalition, citing journalist's killing

MK Rinawie Zoabi deals further blow to tottering coalition

Israeli government loses majority, raising prospect of election

Despite resignation, Meretz MK reportedly unlikely to vote for new elections

Opposition celebrates as coalition becomes minority: 'No right to exist'

Biden trip to Israel in jeopardy as Bennett gov't nears collapse

Military Police will not open probe into Al Jazeera reporter's killing - report

IDF identifies soldier's gun that may have killed journalist, needs bullet to verify

Pilgrims return to Meron for downsized event, a year after crush that killed 45

Worshipers clash with cops as heavily secured Meron pilgrimage ends in chaos

Iron Dome intercepts suspicious aircraft over Gaza - IDF

Israel activates missile defenses near Lebanon after misidentification

Sirens blare in north as Israeli military accidentally fires at own drone

Israeli defense minister, US national security advisor meet in White House

Gantz asks Pentagon chief to bolster anti-Iran coalition in Mideast

Gantz Tells US Counterpart: 'We Must Act Decisively Against Iran's Mounting Regional Aggression'

Israel says it foiled Iranian operation to lure Israelis abroad, possibly nab them

GOP Reps to Elon Musk: Stop Illegal Twitter 'Support' for Terror-Designated Iran Regime Accounts

Jordanian king puts 'erratic' half-brother under official house arrest

George W. Bush called Iraq war 'unjustified and brutal.' He meant Ukraine.

George W. Bush Suffers Brutal Freudian Slip - "The Decision of One Man to Launch a Wholly Unjustified and Brutal Invasion of Iraq"

Twitter Users Aghast By George Bush's 'Freudian Slip' About Iraq

Saudi Arabia's Prince Khalid meets with US Secretary of Defense in Washington

Famed racing sailboat reportedly attacked off war-torn Yemen

'Inclusive' Taliban Abolishes Afghanistan Human Rights Commission

Russia 'disappointed' by recent Israeli statements - senior official

Turkey to block Sweden, Finland NATO bids over 'home to terrorists' claims

Biden backs Sweden, Finland joining NATO as Turkey threatens to block the historic bids

NATO does not plan to keep nuclear arms or bases on Finland's soil: PM Sanna Marin

Russia's laser weapon claim derided as propaganda

Zelenskyy ridicules Russia laser 'wonder weapon' as indication of 'complete failure' in war

Russia deploys its 'Terminator' armored fighting vehicles designed for urban combat as it prepares to assault a Donbas city

Captive medic's bodycam shows firsthand horror of Mariupol

Yellen: Not legal for U.S. to seize Russian official assets

G7 countries pledge billions for Ukraine 'to get through this'

Japan to double fiscal support for Ukraine to $600 mln, PM says

US Senate Votes to Send $40 Billion to Ukraine as Gas Prices Reach New High and Inflation Rages Here at Home - 39 Republicans Vote for Bill

House Passes Bill to Fight Oil and Gas Price Gouging

Gas could rise above $6 per gallon by end of summer: Experts

Great Reset: EU 'Needs' Lockdown-like Restrictions to Curb Russian Oil Use

Age of Scarcity Begins With $1.6 Trillion Hit to World Economy

U.S. may be barreling toward recession in next year, more experts say

S&P 500 falls again on Thursday, inching closer to bear market territory

Tesla Removed from S&P ESG 500 Index over Crash Concerns

White House Isn't Paying Attention to Americans Getting Their Retirement Plans Wiped Out

More Subprime Borrowers Are Missing Loan Payments - Borrowers with limited or troubled credit histories are defaulting on credit cards, car loans and personal loans

Rents in the US just hit another record high

Blinken Announces $215 Million for Global Emergency Aid to Ease Food Shortages

Biden invoking Defense Production Act for baby formula shortage is 'definition of insanity': Brenberg

Baby formula shortage: Former FDA official rips Biden for 'smoke and mirrors' response

Twitter goes after 'crisis misinformation.' It's going to get messy. The new policy will be deployed first in Ukraine.

Researchers Find Microsoft's Bing May Be Censoring Search Results On China's Dissidents

Chinese-American citizen and four Chinese nationals are indicted for transnational espionage scheme

Air Force Tests Hypersonic Missile Amid Fears About Russia and China's Advances

China Developing Advanced Hypersonic Missile That Can Hit A Moving Car: Report

Satellite images show China staging mock attacks on US Navy ships, analysts say

China Warns US a 'Dangerous Situation' Forming Over Taiwan

Report: Space Force Will Target China Threat

Top Pentagon Intel Officer Tells Congress: India Intends to Use Russian Missiles to Target China

North Korea completes preparation for nuclear weapon test: Seoul lawmaker

North Korea weapons threat casts shadow on Biden visit

Sri Lanka becomes first Asia-Pacific country in decades to default on foreign debt

Brazil May Face 'Political Instability' After Election, Says Bolsonaro's Son

Biden crime family: Why Hunter's secrets are really about Joe

NBC: Hunter Biden's Hard Drive Reveals Sex, Drugs, and Bankrolls

NBC News: Hunter Biden Made $11 Million From 2013-2018 - Spent Millions on Luxury Hotels, Luxury Cars, Hookers and Drugs

Trump Attorney to Go After 51 Intel "Experts" Who Lied About Hunter Biden Laptop from Hell Days Before Election

Far-Left Twitter Hack Behind Site's New 'Crisis Misinformation Policy' Blocked the Hunter Biden Laptop Story, Called Trump Officials "Actual Nazis"

Judge Denies Former Clinton Lawyer's Request for Mistrial

Obama Judge Denies Request by Prosecutors to Remove Juror from Panel Because Her Daughter and Sussmann's Daughter Are on Same Crew Team

Marc Elias throws Durham trial into disarray with Sussmann comments seemingly hinting at the accused's possible decision not to testify

Clinton lawyer Elias: Michael Sussmann wasn't representing Hillary's campaign in FBI meeting

FBI Official '100 Percent Confident' Sussmann Lied on Clinton Ties

FBI witness in Sussmann trial says Trump-Alfa Bank allegation was 'far-reaching,' not objective - 'Didn't ring true at all'

Foreign Agent: Hunter Biden-tied firm finally admits it lobbied U.S. for controversial oligarch

Handwritten Notes From 2017 Show FBI Agents Mislead DOJ On The Trump-Russia Investigation

The Clownish Disinfo Czar Got The Boot, But Biden's 'Ministry Of Truth' Hired Monster Replacements

Local Wisconsin FOX Station Has Guts to Run Segment on "2000 Mules" - After National FOX News Channel Bans Even a Mention of the Film

Montana Supreme Court Restores Election Integrity - Mandates Voter ID and Bans Same-Day Voter Registration

Swiss Billionaire Who Is Spending Tens of Millions on Democrat Campaigns Is Reportedly Not Even a US Citizen

Alert: Shady Trial lawyers Are Diverting Your Tax Dollars for Radical Left Schemes

Elon Musk Wants 'More Moderate' Third Party

White House tags Elon Musk as 'anti-labor billionaire' in response to criticism

Twitter Execs Say They Won't Let Musk Weasel Out of Deal

Twitter jumps after the company tells employees its deal with Elon Musk is still on and that it won't renegotiate the $54.20 takeover price

Deal or no deal, Elon Musk could upend Twitter's business for a long time

Twitter to Tackle Conflict Misinformation With Warning Label

Trump Media CEO Devin Nunes: Big Tech Censorship Fosters a 'Propaganda War'

Sen. Schumer Plans to Put Up Tech Antitrust Bill for Vote by Early Summer

'A glowing red orb': Wild UFO theories move from the shadows to Congress

6.9 magnitude earthquake hits the Macquarie Island region

5.8 magnitude earthquake hits the southern East Pacific Rise

5.8 magnitude earthquake hits near Hihifo, Tonga

5.7 magnitude earthquake hits the South Sandwich Islands region

5.5 magnitude earthquake hits the Macquarie Island region

5.2 magnitude earthquake hits the southern East Pacific Rise

5.1 magnitude earthquake hits near Ternate, Indonesia

5.0 magnitude earthquake hits the South Sandwich Islands region

5.0 magnitude earthquake hits near Ishigaki, Japan

Karymsky volcano on Kamchatka, Russia erupts to 28,000ft

Sabancaya volcano in Peru erupts to 27,000ft

Sangay volcano in Ecuador erupts to 20,000ft

Fuego volcano in Guatemala erupts to 15,000ft

Reventador volcano in Ecuador erupts to 15,000ft

Semeru volcano in Indonesia erupts to 14,000ft

Rare out-of-season Tropical Cyclone "Gina" forms near Vanuatu

Deadly subtropical storm slams southern Brazil, Uruguay

Bad news for the 2022 hurricane season: The Loop Current, a fueler of monster storms, is looking a lot like it did in 2005, the year of Katrina

Anti-cyclonic whirlwinds seen on video towering into sunny sky in Alabama

Half a million Indians flee floods in northeast brought by rain

From 90 degrees to snow: Wild weather expected in Denver and Rockies

Records rack up as summer-like heat spreads across the country

Over half of the US population will see temperatures at or above 90 degrees this weekend. And it's only May

Heat wave linked to 3 deaths in Chicago

Vast swath of U.S. at risk of summer blackouts, regulator warns

Analysis-India's power grid creaks under hybrid work model, heatwave

Earth's oceans have reached the hottest and most acidic levels on record, UN says

Agricultural Great Reset: Crop Gene Editing Can Help Fight Food Insecurity, Experts Claim

FNC's Carlson: 'Congress Never Passed the Green New Deal, But We Somehow Got It Anyway'

Relics and militants: Vatican fraud trial sprawls the globe

House Passes Bill on Domestic Terrorism, Hate Crimes

Gov. Kathy Hochul Announces Gun Control Executive Order in the Wake of Buffalo Shooting - Declares 'Domestic Terrorism' as Public Enemy No. 1

911 dispatcher accused of hanging up on woman during Tops supermarket shooting

Florida Man Murdered Wife and Stepdaughter, Both of Whom Were Terminally Ill, Before Calling 911 and Taking His Own Life: Sheriff

1 Dead in Shooting After Tennessee High School Graduation

One Wounded, One Arrested After 'Attack' at German School

Federal hate crime charges announced against man accused of plotting racist shooting in Georgia

Dem Rep. Beatty blames White supremacy for Dallas Korean hair salon shooting, but suspect is Black

Tax filings reveal more questionable spending by BLM organization, cofounder Cullors

At Wells Fargo, a Quest to Increase Diversity Leads to Fake Job Interviews

Reps. Jason Smith, Gary Palmer Blast HHS Secretary for 'Misinformation' on Race-Based Medical Care

The rise of the modern-day 'Peeping Tom': How creeps are stealing nude images off phones

Uniparty Group that Took Down MAGA Lawmaker Madison Cawthorn Takes Aim at Lauren Boebert Next

Madison Cawthorn foes who published a damaging nude video launch campaign to 'fire' Lauren Boebert

Minnesota middle school principal caught in sting trying to hire 15-year-old for sex, police say

A New Flag Already? Woke London Mayor Sadiq Khan Unveils New LGBTQ+ Flag for "IDAHOBIT"

Disney Launches LGBTQ Clothing Line for Children and Older, Donating Profits to LGBTQ Groups

Disney launches LGBT clothing line for kids; critics blast company for promoting 'sexual confusion'

J.K. Rowling: 'Utterly Shameful' a Teen Girl was Bullied Into Leaving School for Questioning Transgender Ideology

90 Percent of Americans Oppose Sex-Change Surgeries for Minors, but Many Are too Afraid to Speak Up, Poll Finds

Warning: LGBT Migrants At Risk Of Violent Abuse, Says U.N. Refugee Boss

Francis Chan Pushes Back against the Pro-Choice Slogan 'My Body, My Choice': 'God Says Nothing Is Yours'

Youngkin: Garland not going to enforce law barring protests outside justices' homes

'Unconscionable': Dems Stall Protection for SCOTUS Justices Until Leaker Receives Protection

DOJ Employees Seek Paid Leave to Cover Out-of-State Abortions

Oklahoma abortion providers say services expected to stop

Oklahoma legislature passes strictest U.S. abortion ban starting at 'fertilization'

Harris meets with abortion providers, condemns 'outrageous' Oklahoma law

NYC Mayor Adams Favors No Abortion Limitations, Says Only Women Should Make That Call

Pro-Abortion Doctor Dodges Representative's Question On Whether Partial Birth Abortion Should Be Allowed

Pro-Abortion Witness to Congress: Men Can Get Pregnant

MSNBC Columnist: Men Must Get Vasectomies To 'Fight For Reproductive Justice'

Is Happy the zoo elephant legally a person? A court will decide.

First U.S. Monkeypox Case Confirmed, with Gay Men Especially at Risk

Monkeypox cases among gay, bisexual men reported in Portugal, Britain

First Patient Dosed With Experimental Cancer-Killing Virus in New Trial

CDC: Cases of Mysterious Acute Hepatitis in Kids Keep Rising

UK police conclude investigation into 'partygate' scandal, issue 126 fines - No further action will be taken against PM Johnson, who was fined for attending a birthday party during a COVID lockdown in 2020

United States D.O.D issued a contract for 'COVID-19 Research' in Ukraine 3 months before COVID-19 officially existed

US Regulators Reject Request to Clear Cheap Drug for Treatment of COVID-19

Its a Type of Genotoxicity: Virologist Explains mRNA Vaccine Conversion to DNA

Dr. Robert Malone: 'Rotten to the Core' FDA Knew COVID Vaccines Could Spur Viral Reactivation, but Said Nothing

Coronavirus: Side effects from COVID-19 booster shots more common than from regular doses, study says

CDC recommends children ages 5-11 receive Pfizer COVID booster

Canada: Unvaccinated Ukrainians are exempt from travel ban

Over a Million Italians Fined For Breaking Vaccine Mandate Rules

Japanese man got town's covid funds in error. Police say he gambled it away.

China's Lockdown Causes US Medical Supply Shortage

North Korea's COVID tally nears 2 million a week after it acknowledged first ever case

NY COVID Hospitalizations at 3-Month High, Rise 25% in 10 Days as Fifth Wave Intensifies

Teleworking Democrat Members of Congress Cost Taxpayers $70 Million Since Start of Pandemic

Mayorkas: Ending Title 42 "does not mean that the border is open beginning on May 23"

Orban: West Engaged in 'Suicide' Experimenting with 'Great Replacement' with Mass Migration Policies

Eve of Destruction: Klaus Schwab Pledges the World Can Find Salvation at Davos 2022

Tracking Bible Prophecy Headlines - 5/19/2022

Tlaib, Squad introduce resolution recognizing 'catastrophe' of Israel's creation

Rashida Tlaib introduces resolution for US to formally recognize Palestinian Nakba

US Congress must understand 'trauma' of Nakba, Rashida Tlaib says

Report: US threatens visa waiver plan over planned entry restrictions to West Bank

Year after it drew Hamas rockets, Israel OKs J'lem Day flag march via Damascus Gate

Thousands join Jewish pilgrimage year after stampede at Israel's Mount Meron

Palestinian factions preparing 'battle' to break Gaza naval blockade

UN probe into Gaza conflict inherently biased against Israel, watchdog says

Yesh Atid lawmaker heckles Joint List MK, he repeatedly calls her 'human scum' - Knesset furor erupts after Merav Ben-Ari protests Ahmad Tibi's comments about Temple Mount, while he lashes her for saying she doesn't regret death of Al Jazeera reporter

Son of slain counterterrorism officer tells Bennett he is as much to blame as killer

'This bullet will hit your son': Suspect to be charged for threats to Bennett family

13 months in jail for man who tweeted about wanting to kill Netanyahu and his son

Fresh Tripoli clashes underscore Libya's political volatility

Divided Libya Looms as Rival Premier Sets Up Outside Tripoli

Egypt says US should use leverage, pressure on Ethiopia to resolve dam issue

Pentagon finds no wrongdoing in 2019 Syria strike that killed civilians

Hezbollah chief Nasrallah acknowledges loss of Lebanon parliamentary majority

'Conflict, destruction' prevent return to Iraq's Yazidi heartland: Report

UN expert calls to lift 'devastating' US sanctions on Iran

'Death to Raisi!': Food protests in Iran quickly turn political

In Iran shooting spree, fired employee kills 3 before taking his own life

At least nine dead, 24 wounded in clashes in restive Tajikistan region

Kabul brokers peace talks between Pakistani Taliban and Islamabad

Pakistan and IMF to meet in Doha over release of funds as economy falters

Hindu groups file new petitions to stop Muslims from entering historic Indian mosque

Russia says there is no movement in peace talks with Ukraine

Russia's war is not against Ukraine but NATO, Chechen leader claims

Leaders of Sweden and Finland head to White House on verge of NATO membership

U.S. officials seek clarity on Turkey's view of NATO expansion

Finland, Sweden at Turkey's Whim After Submitting NATO Bids

Turkey's Erdogan links Sweden NATO bid to return of 'terrorists'

Russia: Sweden's NATO application will 'inflict considerable damage' on European security

Russia kicks out dozens of French, Spanish diplomats as relations continue to sour

Russia expels 85 diplomats from France, Spain and Italy

Russia Touts New Generation of 'Blinding' Laser Weapons

Russian soldier on trial in Kyiv for war crimes pleads guilty

Russia Reportedly Burning Through $15.5M Per Hour in 3-Month War With Ukraine

'The whole world is against us': Russian military analyst gives damning assessment of Ukraine war on state TV

Fallen Arches: McDonald's Didn't Prevent Putin From Invading Ukraine After All

Kremlin Says G7 Using Russia's Reserves for Ukraine Would Be 'Outright Theft'

Russia barrels closer to debt default as US prepares to block bond payments

Russia to service foreign debt in rubles if other options blocked: Finance minister

Win for Putin as Italy Defies Europe and Opens Ruble Account to Pay for Gas

Israel Boosting Offshore Gas Output, Looks to Help Supply Europe

Britain eyes green trade to end world's dependence on Russian energy

EU rushes out $300 billion roadmap to ditch Russian energy

Gasoline could top $5 a gallon this summer, causing more pain for consumers

Washington gas stations run out of gas, add extra digit in anticipation of $10 dollar prices

Households are now spending an estimated $5,000 a year on gasoline

Ron DeSantis Knocks Gas Prices Under Biden: He Has 'Reduced Our Ability to Be Energy Independent'

World Bank to provide additional $12 bln in funding to address global food crisis

Drought and soaring food prices from Ukraine war leave millions in Africa starving

Germany's Foreign Minister Blames Russia for causing "Brutal Hunger" that was Actually Created by EU Sanctions of Russian Agricultural Products

Bidenflation: Diesel Price Surge Has New England Fishing Industry Reeling

Yellen warns of "stagflationary effects" of higher food and gas prices

Majority of US CEOs See 'Bleak' Outlook, Expect a Recession Ahead: Survey

Dow drops 1,100 points for its biggest decline since 2020 as the sell-off this year on Wall Street intensifies

Dow sinks over 1,000 points, or 3.2%, as dismal results from Target renew fears that inflation is battering companies

Housing Starts Plunge as Bidenflation Rampages Across U.S.

Lebanon recovery hopes hinge on IMF bailout as Ukraine war, inflation bite: Economist

Some tariffs on China are harming families and businesses, Janet Yellen says

Japan urges China to play 'responsible' role on Ukraine crisis

Japan and US Preparing Statement Promising to 'Deter' China: Nikkei

China blasts US, Japan rhetoric ahead of Quad summit

North Korea may greet US President Biden with 'imminent' missile test

Sri Lanka to default on debt, no money for fuel, minister says

Sri Lanka down to last day of petrol, Prime Minister tells crisis-hit nation

Sri Lanka violence: Burnt-out super cars and ransacked hotels are remains of fury

U.K. threatens to break Brexit deal, raising stakes in E.U. feud over Northern Ireland

Hunter Biden-Linked Firm Admits To Foreign Lobbying

Hunter Biden's Hollywood lawyer probes backstory of laptop

Hunter Biden laptop repairmen says FBI 'didn't seem interested' in reviewing hard drive

Who is Garrett Ziegler? Ex-Trump Staffer Uploads 128,000 Scandalous Emails of Hunter Biden onto Website

Sussmann-Durham trial: Marc Elias says he briefed Clinton campaign officials on Fusion GPS oppo against Trump

Juror donations, judge's family ties at Sussmann trial spotlight DC's liberal leanings

Donald Trump Says He is Writing 'Depressing' Book About Election Fraud Claims: 'I Don't Think You'll Enjoy It'

Trump Endorsed AZ Gubernatorial Candidate Kari Lake "Flabbergasted" By Conservative Media's Silence On 2000 Mules - "We Want People To Be Arrested, Prosecuted, And Thrown In Jail"

Trump: Another 'Big Mess' With Mail-In Ballots in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania Senate Race Turns on 21,000 Unscanned Mail-In Ballots

Georgia early voting shatters records despite election reforms Dems labeled 'voter suppression'

Schumer doesn't 'approve' of New York congressional map triggering infighting among House Dems

Senate Democrats cancel 'disinformation' hearing after disastrous press around 'Ministry of Truth' czar

Homeland Security 'pauses' disinformation board three weeks after creating it - The group's leader was the target of harassment and threats

DHS Disinformation Chief Quits After Board Is Put on Hold

Nina Jankowicz Submits Resignation Letter - Claims Her Work at Ministry of Truth is "Vital" and "Necessary"

Doocy to Jean-Pierre After Jankowicz Resigns: "The Disinformation Board is Being Shut Down Because of Disinformation?"

Hacker shows off a way to unlock Tesla models, start cars

China's Internet Censors Try a New Trick: Revealing Users' Locations

Deepfakes can fool biometric checks used by banks, research finds

'The Game is Over': Google's DeepMind says it is on verge of achieving human-level AI

Israel plans to invest NIS 600 million to develop civilian space tech

US Army vets say they saw UFOs on Israel-Egypt border in 2014

Defense officials: Reports of unidentified objects 'frequent, continuing'

Rep. Jim Jordan Slams Democrats in Congress for Holding UFO Hearing While Americans are Suffering from Catastrophic Leadership Failure

Japan OKs plan to release Fukushima nuclear plant wastewater

5.8 magnitude earthquake hits near the Rat Islands, Aleutian Islands, Alaska

5.5 magnitude earthquake hits the South Sandwich Islands region

5.0 magnitude earthquake hits near Merizo Village, Guam

Karymsky volcano on Kamchatka, Russia erupts to 26,000ft

Sabancaya volcano in Peru erupts to 26,000ft

Ruiz volcano in Colombia erupts to 23,000ft

Fuego volcano in Guatemala erupts to 15,000ft

Semeru volcano in Indonesia erupts to 13,000ft

Unusually powerful Subtropical Storm "Yakecan" hits Urugay and Brazil

A Monster Hurricane Season Is Coming - Loop Current is unusually far north this year

Could the first tropical system of 2022 develop this weekend?

First tropical wave of the season tracking into the Western Caribbean

Half a million Indians flee floods in northeast brought by rain

Saharan dust cloud over the Atlantic may reach Gulf Coast by weekend

Iraq: Sandstorm Halts Flights, Shuts Down Schools, Hospitalizes 4,000

Californians likely to see water conservation mandates take effect in June

Mid-drought, California Coastal Commission Rejects Desalination Plant

Four key climate change indicators broke records in 2021: UN

UN chief says Ukraine a 'wake-up call' to ditch fossil fuels as WMO releases damning climate report

Climate 'Marshall Plan' - U.N. Joins World Economic Forum Call to End Oil, Gas, and Coal Use

Big Business Wins Again: Biden Climate Rules Will Hurt Small Companies Most

Biden to Ease Venezuela Sanctions After Greenlighting Cash Bonanza for Communist Cuba

Biden's Cuba and Venezuela policy shifts leave Florida Democrats dismayed

Zimbabwe: Food Shortage Fears Grow as Bird Swarms Invade Major Farms

Western fires fueled by winds prompt evacuations, forest closures

TikTokers Are Accused of Starting Forest Fires For Views

Colin Kaepernick to Receive Honorary Degree for 'Kneeling for the Voiceless'

BLM Co-Founder Used Donated Funds To Pay Millions To Family Members And Friends

Emily Compagno says investigations coming for Black Lives Matter leaders: 'Tip of the iceberg'

Ex-cop pleads guilty to manslaughter in George Floyd's death

Gov. Hochul orders New York State Police to create new unit to fight hate speech online

Amazon's Twitch, Discord, 4chan face New York AG probe after Buffalo shooting

House to vote on bill to prevent domestic terrorism in the wake of Buffalo mass shooting

China Outraged to Be Linked to Chinese Nationalist Charged with California Church Shooting

Man Pleads Guilty to Killing Five in Norway Stabbing, Bow-and-Arrow Attacks

Portuguese angered at influx of Californians who import their problems with them: report

Warning Shot: DeSantis Plans to Use Funds to Bus Illegal Immigrants Dumped in Florida to Biden's Delaware

Florida Gov. DeSantis: Biden Should Get 'Honorary Membership' With Mexican Cartels

More than 100,000 people officially missing in 'violence-wracked' Mexico

Illegal Alien Charged with Raping His Young Daughter, Giving Her Chlamydia

Biden Spox Karine Jean-Pierre: "I Am a Black, Gay, Immigrant Woman - the First of All Three to Hold This Position"

Uniparty Takes Out Talented GOP Freshman Madison Cawthorn Just Weeks After He Openly Discussed DC Orgies in Interview

Lawmaker's arrest is latest sex claim to roil UK Parliament

Philadelphia Teachers Urged to Attend Graphic Sex Conference

Israel: Pride march in Netivot nixed after bullet sent to organizer's mother

Disney announces new 2022 LGBTQ+ clothing collection for kids

Jurassic World Dominion Newcomer DeWanda Wise Confirms Her Character Is Queer, Says "It's Important"

Court Blocks Biden Admin from Forcing Employers to Pay for Sex Changes That Violate Their Religious Beliefs

Democrat witness testifies to Congress that men can get pregnant, have abortions

Nadler Claims Republicans Will Try to 'Muddy the Waters' by Accusing Dems of 'Bullying' SCOTUS Justices

DHS preparing for violence following abortion ruling

DHS Warns of Threats to Murder Justices If Roe v. Wade Overturned

White House tells 'both sides' to avoid violence amid Supreme Court threats

Over 1,000 Jews rally outside US Capitol in support of abortion rights

With Roe in doubt, some fear tech surveillance of pregnancy

Mastercard to Cover Employee Travel for Out-of-state Abortions

Abortion 'must be legal and accessible': Evangelical Lutheran Church

Two children hospitalized in Tennessee due to baby formula shortage

Biden invokes Defense Production Act, 'Operation Fly Formula' to address shortage

Biden Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg Says Truckers Can Work Longer Hours to Address the Baby Formula Shortage

Elise Stefanik: Biden's Baby Formula Shortage a 'Much Larger Scandal than People Realize'

Biden admin's 'bureaucratic bungling' made baby formula shortage worse, CEO who rescued GM says

BBB warns against baby formula scams amid national shortage: 'Scammers are watching'

Saudi Arabia arrests 73 for attempting to smuggle illicit drugs

"Genetically Edited" Food - The next stage of the Great Reset?

Health Officials Confirm First U.S. Case of Monkeypox in Massachusetts

New US hospitals face fiscal crisis over COVID-19 relief money

US Government to Extend Covid-19 Public Health Emergency Past July

Biden Seeks New Unilateral Powers for WHO Chief to Declare Public Health Emergencies

As suspected COVID spread continues in North Korea, WHO frets over missing data

China Pours More Money into Endless Lockdown Scheme, Plans 'Permanent' Quarantine Camps

Shanghai lets financial institutions resume work as COVID-19 curbs ease

China relaxes some COVID-19 test rules for US, other travelers

Biden's daughter tests positive for COVID-19, cancels overseas trip with first lady

Fully vaccinated and boosted Health Secretary Xavier Becerra tests positive for coronavirus while in Germany for G7 meetings

White House warns the US can't buy updated Covid-19 vaccines 'for every American who wants one' without more funding

When Africans Asked for COVID Shots, They Didn't Get Them. Now They Don't Want Them

Autopsy Reveals Healthy 36-Year-Old Mother Died from Acute Myocarditis Due to Her Covid-19 Immunization

The Great Disenrollment: Say, where have all the public-school students gone?

44 Percent of Pastors Say Members' Political Views Are Problematic, Challenging

Nearly 40% of Gen Z adults believe Jesus wasn't sinless: survey

Academy Award-Winning Actor Jon Voight Weighs In On The Current State Of The World, Asserts The Power Of God Will Bring Back "Light, Justice, And Morals"

Tracking Bible Prophecy Headlines - 5/18/2022

Bennett, Macron discuss new settlement construction, Al Jazeera journalist's death

Shireen Abu Aqla: Christian leaders condemn violence at reporter's funeral

Pallbearers at Funeral of Al Jazeera Reporter Were Convicted Terrorists

Suspected robber shot in Jerusalem after he's mistaken for terrorist

Prosecutors say more than 600 indictments filed over last May's Jewish-Arab violence

Mansour Abbas: Arab-Jewish political cooperation should be an end, not a means

Israel's Eurovision contestant accuses media of antisemitism

Ex-Nazi guard, 101, could face 5 years in German prison

Meet North American Olim who moved to Israel to make the desert bloom

IDF says it downed Hezbollah drone that entered Israeli airspace amid major drill

Lebanon election: Hezbollah and allies lose parliamentary majority

Lebanon elections weaken Hezbollah, strengthen reformists, provisional results show

Despite Lebanon election setbacks, Hezbollah remains a growing threat to Israel

MPs charged over Beirut blast re-elected, troubling families of victims

UN chief issues call for 'inclusive government' after Lebanon vote

UN calls on Tehran to stop execution of Swedish-Iranian convicted as spy for Israel

In first, Israeli military to hold drill simulating widescale strike on Iran

Report: In 1st, US refuelers to take part in major Israeli drill for strike on Iran

Gantz leaves to US for security talks centered on Iran, Ukraine

Gantz: Iran 'weeks from enough fissile material for bomb,' adding 1,000 centrifuges

Iran is 5 days away from having enough fuel to build The Bomb,’ senior official tells "All Israel News"

Iran announces production of new military drone in Tajikistan

Yemeni minister claims Iran-backed Houthis undermining peace efforts

Two Decades After Iraq War Began, China Colonizes Iraq's Oilfields

Iraq balks at greater Chinese control of its oilfields

Arab League holds memorial for UAE's late Sheikh Khalifa

Libya: Clashes in Tripoli as would-be prime minister attempts to claim power

Tunisia military court jails four lawmakers from dissolved parliament: Lawyer

Nigeria's treasury chief arrested over multi-million-dollar fraud

Pakistani military says shootout kills two Taliban commanders

Senate Advances Bill to Give Ukraine $40 Billion in Aid During 40-Year High Inflation

Eleven GOP Senators Break with Mitch McConnell and Vote Against Latest $40 Billion in US Aid to Ukraine

Experts warn arms for Ukraine could end up in wrong hands

Ukraine suspends peace talks with Russia

Ukraine relinquishes Mariupol as Russia attacks both east and west

Ex-Israeli diplomat on Russian state TV: Moscow could bomb UK 'back to Stone Age'

Ukrainian Archbishop Condemns Putin's Use of 'Phosphorous and Cluster Bombs'

A Ukrainian TikToker funded 100 abortions for Ukrainian women, citing laws that make it hard to get treatment if Russian soldiers rape them

Ukraine IDs Russian 'war criminal' soldier accused of gang-raping child

UN rights expert: Int'l support for war crimes investigations in Ukraine needed

International Criminal Court (ICC) sends 'largest ever' team of investigators to Ukraine

Sweden, Finland push forward with NATO membership bids amid Turkey's opposition

Sweden Officially Signs Formal NATO Membership Request, Ends 200 Years of Neutrality

Finnish parliament votes overwhelmingly in favor of NATO membership

Russia expels two employees from Finland's embassy in Moscow

Russia reportedly moves nuclear-capable missiles to Finland border

Russia quits council of Baltic Sea States

MSNBC Does It Again - Pushes Fake Ukraine War Coverage - This Time Their Expert Analyst Shares Video Game

Russia not planning to block YouTube, says digital development minister

Russian Oil Standoff Tests Limits of EU Unity

Qatar's emir visits Spain as EU eyes gas alternatives

The West's Scramble for Gas Could Enrich and Empower Tiny Qatar

Biden admin to ease sanctions on Venezuela to facilitate oil imports

Bank of England Governor Warns of 'Apocalyptic' Food Shortages From Fallout of Russia-Ukraine War

US urges India to reverse ban on wheat exports

India tweaks wheat export ban to let trade meet some commitments

Record high wheat prices after India declares immediate export ban, massive protests after 300% food price increase announced in Iran

Food maker Agthia to seek help from UAE after India's wheat ban

About 300,000 tons of wheat bought by Egypt stranded in Ukraine

Indonesian farmers protest against rising cost of palm oil export ban

White House Claims Baby Formula Shortage a Top Priority Since February After Joe Biden Claimed Ignorance of Problem

North Korea Mocks America with Claim Kim Jong-un Is Personally Helping Make Baby Formula

Doctors Can't Get Formula for Sick Children Hospitalized Over Shortage

Pentagon Says Military Families Also Facing Baby Formula Shortage

Pelosi Backs Possible Criminal Charges Over Baby Formula Shortage

Nestle airlifts baby formula to US from Europe to ease shortage

Yellen Looks to Get Global Tax Deal Back on Track During Europe Trip

Bank of Israel seen acting aggressively on interest rate

Bidenflation Broke Walmart, Shares Plunge 11%

Biden vs. Bezos: White House punches back at billionaire over inflation tweets

Elon Musk: Biden Admin Must Do Something on Inflation or Risk Turning Into 'Venezuela'

Report: Joe Biden's Globalists Quietly Fight to Slash U.S. Tariffs on China

5 Chinese Community Banks Can't Process Withdrawals

An Argentine libertarian channels inner Trump to 'blow up' political status quo

US announced easing Visa and family remittance restrictions for Cuba

Biden Releases 118K Border Crossers into U.S. in April, Exceeding Population of His Hometown

Ex-Trump WH Staffer Posts 128K-plus Emails From Seized Hunter Biden Laptop

Hunter Biden-Linked Firm Admits To Foreign Lobbying

Durham Investigation: Trial Starts for Former Clinton Atty. Sussman Who Successfully Used Corrupt FBI Against President Trump in Russia Collusion Hoax

Michael Sussmann: Clinton lawyer 'lied to manipulate FBI over Trump'

Clinton Campaign Lawyer Wanted to Create 'October Surprise' With Trump-Russia Claims: Prosecutors

Report: Inspector General Will Declare FBI, DOJ Broke Law in Clinton Email Probe

Swiss Billionaire's Mega-Influence On U.S. Politics

Newsmax Cuts Out Kari Lake Saying "Joe Biden, An Illegitimate President" - Dinesh D'Souza: "Newsmax Is Also Blocking Coverage of 2000 Mules"

Voter integrity group flags Georgia news site for setting live 'bizarre' mock primary results

Here We Go Again - Unexpected 'Error' with Mail-In Ballots in Pennsylvania

Elon Musk says he'll vote Republican after years of voting Democrat

Elon Musk Slams Joe Biden: The Real President is Whoever Controls the Teleprompter

Fake accounts on Twitter comprise over 13%, says Israeli tech startup

Elon Musk: Twitter Deal 'Cannot Move Forward' Until Company Proves Its Fake 'Bot' Account Claims

Elon Musk wants SEC to probe Twitter's daily user numbers

Half of Joe Biden's Twitter Followers Are Fake, Audit Reveals

Musk Warns Twitter Users Are "Being Manipulated", Company's Legal Team Reaches Out

Twitter exec mocks Elon Musk's Aspergers, calls him 'special needs' in video

Twitter Loses Three More Top Executives Amid Elon Musk Buyout, Project Veritas Expose

Former Fox News Reporter Carl Cameron Says Biden Regime Should Start Jailing Conservatives For Spreading Misinformation

People's print magazine faces possible closure amid newsroom chaos: sources

Cybercrime experts warn UAE residents to not fall foul of blackmailing scams

Commentary: Biden's "Minster of Truth" Nina Jankowicz Participated in Secret NATO-Funded Cabal to Subvert Western Democracies Using Disinformation as Cover

"Ghosts in the Machine": 'Unsettling' Fort Bragg recruitment video ignites debate over its mysterious intent

The Occult History of the U.S. Military's PSYOPS and its Highly Symbolic Recruitment Video

US Air Force says it conducted successful hypersonic weapon test

FAA to let United use jets grounded after engine failure

China Eastern crash investigation indicates intentional nosedive: report

Congress holds historic public UFO hearing, as military struggles to understand 'mystery' flying phenomena

Pentagon now reports about 400 UFO encounters: 'We want to know what's out there'

UFO Hearing: Pentagon Shows Declassified Footage of Flying Spherical Object

Key lawmaker warns at UFO hearing: 'Unidentified aerial phenomena are a potential national security threat'

Rep. Jim Jordan: Congress Ignores Biden Blunders in Favor of UFO Hearing

Another bright fireball over the United Kingdom, more than 800 reports received

5.6 magnitude earthquake hits near Katsuura, Japan

5.6 magnitude earthquake hits near Katsuura, Japan

5.5 magnitude earthquake hits near Katsuura, Japan

5.4 magnitude earthquake hits near Merizo Village, Guam

5.3 magnitude earthquake hits near Katsuura, Japan

5.2 magnitude earthquake hits near Claveria, Philippines

5.2 magnitude earthquake hits near Hachinohe, Japan

5.0 magnitude earthquake hits near Lospalos, Timor Leste

Karymksy volcano on Kamchatka, Russia erupts to 28,000ft

Sabancaya volcano in Peru erupts to 25,000ft

Ruiz volcano in Colombia erupts to 22,000ft

Sangay volcano in Ecuador erupts to 21,000ft

Reventador volcano in Ecuador erupts to 15,000ft

Possible tornado touches down in New Hampshire, driver captures terrifying dashcam video

Flood threat to focus on 1,000-mile zone of US

Denver weather to go from high 80s to snow in a matter of just hours

8th sandstorm since April turns everything orange, overwhelms Iraq

Sandstorm blankets Saudi Arabia's capital Riyadh

Hermits Peak-Calf Canyon fire complex now largest in history of New Mexico, U.S.

China Declares America 'the Source of White Terrorism'

Report: Alleged California Church Shooter Condemned Taiwan 'Demons' at Chinese Regime-Tied Event

California Church Shooter to Be Charged, May Face Death Penalty: Prosecutor

Joe Biden Connects Buffalo Mass Shooting to January 6

Biden rejects racism, calls for gun control at memorial for Buffalo shooting victims

In Buffalo, Biden condemns 'poison' of white supremacy

Report: Biden to Use Buffalo Shooting to Seek Confirmation of ATF Nominee

Sharpton: Trump Mainstreamed 'Hatred' that Opened Pathway for Buffalo Shooter

Gillibrand: 'You Don't Have to Regulate Speech, You Can Regulate Misinformation' So People Don't 'Develop Such Hatred' as Buffalo Shooter

Ron DeSantis Signs Measure Outlawing Protests Outside of Floridians' Homes: Sending 'Unruly Mobs' Is 'Inappropriate'

CNN's Henderson: 'White Americans Have to Come to Terms' with Their Racism

Michigan Judge Blocks Enforcement of State's Pre-Roe V. Wade Abortion Ban

Antiabortion forces split over bills to prosecute those who get procedure

South Carolina becomes the latest state to enact a transgender sports ban

Federal judge strikes down Tennessee law requiring some businesses to post transgender bathroom notices

Judge Orders Indiana School District to Let Biological Females Use Boys' Restroom

How polyamorous people are marking commitment to multiple partners

Indian couple sue only son for not giving them grandchildren

Israeli health minister allows artificial insemination through donated sperm or IVF for 'chained' women whose husbands deny them a divorce, despite stiff opposition from the Chief Rabbinate

'Youth transplants' really can slow the ageing process - Stanford scientists find infusions of cerebrospinal fluid can regenerate the brain's memory centre and may help to rejuvenate elderly bodies

Fears monkeypox could be sexually transmissible after outbreak of 7 cases

Federal agents find sophisticated tunnel under US-Mexico border and seize almost a ton of cocaine

Spike in Adult Hepatitis Cases Linked to Surge in Homelessness, Opioid Crisis

Bird flu outbreak hits over 37M birds across 34 states

Even FDA's Peter Marks is worried about the commercial viability of gene and cell therapies

Missouri Lawmakers Pass Bill that Prohibits Pharmacists from Questioning the Effectiveness of Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine

FDA clears COVID booster shot for healthy elementary school-age kids

Higher COVID-19 Infection Rates Among Vaccinated Children Than Unvaccinated, CDC Data Show

College Student Who Experienced Adverse Reaction Following Second Dose of Covid Vaccine Is Expelled for Refusing Booster Shot Despite Doctor Requested Exemption

Dr. Fauci on Covid Lockdowns: "I Don't Like Mandating Things, I Don't Like Punishing People For Not Doing Something"

Head of Houston School Bragged After Parent Petition Against Mask Mandates Was Censored

Israel to end mandatory masking aboard international flights on May 23

Starting Saturday, air travel to Israel won't require any COVID tests

Away for 2 years, foreign owners flock back to Israel homes as COVID rules are eased

China: Communists Sicken Shanghai Locals with Mystery 'Disinfection' Tablets

Shanghai hits prized 'zero COVID' status but lockdown lingers

North Korea reports 6 new COVID-19 deaths as military mobilized for supplies

UN warns of 'dire consequences' of North Korea's COVID-19 response

Fully Vaccinated, Boosted Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee Tests Postive For COVID-19

Tracking Bible Prophecy Headlines - 5/17/2022

In first, Russian military said to fire S-300 missiles at Israeli jets over Syria

After Syria strike, Gantz vows to stem Iranian transfer of 'advanced capabilities'

Clashes erupt at Jerusalem funeral of Palestinian mortally wounded on Temple Mount

Temple Mount funeral ignites clashes, Palestinians attempt car ramming

Is PA leader 'diplomatic terrorist' or 'peace partner'? Discord in coalition grows

Netanyahu accuses Bennett of 'gambling with lives' as PM defends Ra'am partnership

Ra'am touts housing wins for unrecognized Negev villages in new deal with government

US welcomes Lebanon elections, calls on politicians to 'rescue' the economy

Hezbollah MP threatens rivals before election results

Pompeo visits Iranian opposition to show support for growing anti-government protests

Bold and historic conference in Saudi Arabia brings together leaders of several faiths for first time in the kingdom

Biden approves return of troops for Somalia counterterrorism fight, reversing Trump

Taliban Dissolve Afghanistan's Human Rights Commission, Other Key Bodies

Taliban Claims 130,000-Strong Army as Afghans Face Starvation

Vladimir Putin is 'quite seriously ill', says former spy who wrote Trump Russia dossier

Erdogan Says Swedish, Finnish Delegations Should Not Bother Coming to Turkey

Russian State TV: Putin Must Deploy Nukes If Finland, Sweden Join NATO

Sweden Expects Russian Cyberattack After NATO Move

How intentional flooding saved Ukrainian village from Russian occupation

Senate to Advance $40 Billion Ukraine Aid Package Despite Objections by Sen. Rand Paul

McDonald's to sell Russia business, exit country over Ukraine war

Orban Blocking EU Ban on Russian Oil: Like Dropping 'Nuclear Bomb' on Hungarian Economy

Audio Leaked of Chinese Military Meeting Discussing the Invasion of Taiwan and Defeat of Regional US Forces

Mexican President Praises Soldiers for 'Protecting' Cartel Gunmen by Running From Them

Arizona Governor Doug Ducey Begins Bussing Illegal Aliens To Washington DC

Migrant Mom in Texas Expects Feds to Deliver Abandoned Child to Her

First Durham Trial: Former Clinton Campaign Lawyer Sussmann's Case Starts

Devin Nunes: Durham case revealed criminal elusion of Congress

Former partner, FBI agent to testify against ex-Clinton campaign lawyer Michael Sussmann

Durham, Sussmann legal teams agree on 38 possible jurors, trial could start by Tuesday

Obama Judge Allows Hillary and AOC Donors Into Jury Pool in Durham Case Against Hillary Attorney Sussmann

Clarence Thomas rips media: I'll leave my job when I do it as poorly as you do yours

On eve of primary, Dr. Oz non-committal on 2020 election irregularities

VoterGA Exposes Local TV Station that Posted Premature Primary Results Before the Upcoming Election

True the Vote Announces They Now Have Footage of the 2020 Green Bay Drop Boxes - Are Working with Law Enforcement in Wisconsin

2000 Mules Just "Tip of the Voter Fraud Iceberg" - Michigan Investigators Reveal Mountain of New Evidence of 2020 Election Fraud

Project Veritas: Senior Engineer Lashes Out at Elon Musk, Admits "Twitter Does Not Believe in Free Speech"

Twitter stock has lost all of its gains since Elon Musk disclosed his stake

Ex-Goldman Sachs CEO Warns Americans to Prepare for Economic Recession

Global Food Crisis: India Export Ban Sees European Wheat Prices Hit Record High

Food shortages could force 'a third' of fish and chips shops to close

'A Skull and Bones-type vibe': Spy agencies grapple with how much to share at UFO hearing

Astronaut snaps Super Flower Blood Moon eclipse photos from space station

Super Flower Blood Moon of 2022, longest total lunar eclipse in 33 years

5.8 magnitude earthquake hits near Bengkulu, Indonesia

5.3 magnitude earthquake hits south of New Zealand

Earthquake swarm in the Reykjanes/Svartsengi volcanic system, Aviation Color Code raised to Yellow, Iceland

Sabancaya volcano in Peru erupts to 23,000ft

Sangay volcano in Ecuador erupts to 22,000ft

Ruiz volcano in Colombia erupts to 21,000ft

Reventador volcano in Ecuador erupts to 15,000ft

Nevados De Chillan volcano in Chile erupts to 13,000ft

Semeru volcano in Indonesia erupts to 13,000ft

Ibu volcano in Indonesia erupts to 13,000ft

Karymsky volcano on Kamchatka, Russia erupts to 12,000ft

Manam volcano in Papua New Guinea erupts to 10,000ft

Destructive floods and landslides hit Assam, India

Worst drought in 40 years affecting Kenya, Ethiopia and Somalia

Iraq sandstorm: Red skies as Iraq hit by eighth sandstorm in weeks

Scorching heat roasts India as New Delhi soars to 116 F

New Mexico wildfire scorches nearly 300,000 acres, becomes largest wildfire in state history

Arrest of 'Stubborn About Justice' Cardinal Zen Divides Hong Kong's Catholics

33 Shot During Weekend in Mayor Lori Lightfoot's Chicago

Church shooting suspect from China, targeted Taiwanese group over political tensions: police

Authorities: Hate against Taiwanese led to church attack

Facebook Struggles to Keep Buffalo Shooting Video Offline

A new generation of white supremacist killer: shedding blood with internet winks, memes and livestreams

Peter Doocy Grills White House Spox: How Come Biden is Visiting Buffalo, But He Couldn't Visit Waukesha?

39 of America's 50 most prestigious medical schools, including USC and Brown, exposed for having mandatory Critical Race Theory training in their curriculums

Virginia mom suing biracial son's school over CRT curriculum says it 'totally changed his perspective' on race

BLM co-founder Patrisse Cullors says group flooded with 'White guilt money'

Poll: Voters Say They Will Stop Using Companies That Push Political Agendas They Disagree With

Nolte: Pro-Grooming Disney's Favorability Rating Plummets 53 Points In One Year

Eighth graders using the wrong pronouns is now considered sexual harassment

JK Rowling blasts masked trans activists for attacking feminist protester

'RuPaul's Drag Race' Star Freaks Out over Florida's Anti-Grooming Law

Florida church hosting event for kids featuring drag show and 'forbidden queer literature'

Nearly a Dozen Arrested in Indiana Child Sex Crimes Sting Operation

Michelle Obama worries overturning Roe v. Wade will strip 'womxn' of their right to healthcare

Pelosi Calls on Private Companies to Provide Travel for Abortions

Starbucks Is Latest 'Woke' Company Planning to Cover Employees' Abortion Expenses

Pro-Abortion Protesters Shout as Catholic Priest Prays over Them

FDA Commissioner Claims There is no Baby Formula Shortage, It's Just a "Distribution Problem"

Baby Formula Maker Abbott Reaches Deal with FDA to Reopen Michigan Plant - Could Take Two Months Before Product is Available on Shelves

Forget Burning Man - Psychedelic Shamans Now Heading to Davos

Scientists Use Gene Editing to Create Mutant Cockroaches In Breakthrough

Sen. Chris Van Hollen Becomes Third Prominent Democrat to Suffer a Stroke This Year

Pandemic's Pressures Widen Embrace of Long-Lasting Drugs for Addiction, Mental Illness

Brit Hume: COVID alarmists had the wrong prescription, pandemic protocols did 'incalculable damage'

NYC Nears High Covid-Alert Level, May Consider Requiring Masks

COVID Testing Company Missed 96 Percent of Cases in Nevada

New Peer-Reviewed Study Finds Pfizer's Covid-19 Vaccine Protection Against Omicron Wanes Just a Week After Receiving Second and Third Dose

Tracking Bible Prophecy Headlines - 5/16/2022

Gantz heading to US this week for meeting with Pentagon chief - The upcoming meeting comes as tensions between Israel and the US are high

1 injured in brawl at Jerusalem's Mahane Yehuda market between Jews and Arabs

Nakba Day commemorations pass largely peacefully; 3 arrested at Tel Aviv rally

On 'Nakba,' Palestinian President Abbas Vows to Continue Paying Convicted Terrorists in Pay-for-Slay

US set to remove Kahane's 'Kach' group from foreign terrorism blacklist

US Set to Remove 5 Groups From Foreign Terrorism Blacklist

UN rights chief criticizes Israeli attack on mourners during Abu Akleh's funeral

Dark week for journalism as four reporters killed around the world

Satellite images show Syria site 'completely destroyed' in raid attributed to Israel

Lebanon holds first parliament election since financial collapse, blast

Lebanon votes in first election since crisis, with little hope for change

Lebanon vote brings blow for Hezbollah allies in preliminary results

New Group Threatens Lebanese Elections... and Potentially Middle East Peace

Thousands in Tunisia protest against president, demand democratic return

Somalia's new president to be elected by parliament behind barricades

Algerian ex-army chief's ally sentenced to death for 'treason'

Three children, three soldiers killed in Pakistan suicide blast

Bizarre Scenes as Malian Demonstrators Protest Against France, for Russia

Finland will seek to join NATO, leaders say, ditching decades of neutrality despite Russia's threats of retaliation

Sweden Declares NATO Membership Bid Hours After Neighboring Finland

Putin was 'calm, cool' when Finland informed him of application for NATO membership

Turkey outlines demands as Sweden, Finland seek NATO membership

Germany says ready for quick ratification of Finland, Sweden NATO membership

NATO assures Ukraine open-ended military support against Russia

Putin 'Making Empty Threats' Amid Russia's 'Failure' in Ukraine War: Kvien

Putin Must Learn Soviet Empire Isn't Coming Back: Latvia Minister

Ukraine 'can win' war against Russia, says NATO chief

British military intelligence: Russia has lost 'a third of ground forces' in Ukraine attack

Ukrainian Archbishop: 'The Lord God Blesses Our Struggle, Which Is Just'

Ukrainians embrace tattoos amid patriotic outpouring

Zelensky bans Ukrainian opposition parties

Ukraine's top diplomat meets US Secretary of State and touts more weapon supplies

Katie Britt: Congress Should 'Finish Building the Wall' Before Sending Ukraine $40 Billion

Iran considers exporting gas to Europe: Official

Record-high gas prices slash US spending by $9 billion a month

Saudi Arabia posts $15.3 billion budget surplus in Q1 as oil prices surge

Saudi Aramco announces $39.5 billion net profit for Q1 2022

Saudi Aramco eclipses Apple to once again become the world's most valuable company

Michael Flynn files $50 million claim against feds in prelude to lawsuit over Russia probe

Trial Opens for Ex-Clinton Lawyer Being Investigated by John Durham

Nevada's vote-by-mail primary stirs fraud concerns, as unclaimed ballots pile up: 'Something stinks here'

Biden's midterm hopes bedeviled by signs of economy in distress

Nancy Pelosi Has a Broken Clock Moment on Inflation, Calls For Less Dependence on 'Product Coming From Overseas'

Et Tu, Bezos: Amazon Founder Blasts Biden on Inflation, 'Misdirection'

Saying the quiet part out loud. Joe Biden's Economic Advisor Said There's "Nothing Better Than" The Chinese Communist Party's Economic System.

Venezuela plans stock sale in break from socialist model

Texas has declared open season on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube with censorship law

Musk Tells Users to Switch Off Manipulative Twitter Algorithm

Musk says Twitter has accused him of violating NDA after he tweeted their bot review process

5.5 magnitude earthquake hits south of the Mariana Islands

5.4 magnitude earthquake hits near Severo-Kuril'sk, Russia

Sabancaya volcano in Peru erupts to 26,000ft

Ruiz volcano in Colombia erupts to 24,000ft

Reventador volcano in Ecuador erupts to 15,000ft

Tonga eruption was 'record atmospheric explosion'

Significant seismic activity on Reykjanes peninsula, slight expansion at Svartsengi, Iceland

Surprisingly rapid upward movement of earth's crust on the island of Taiwan

Strong Winds Leave a Trail of Destruction at Tiberias Lakeside Promenade

Building heat to set records in southwestern, south-central US

18 Signs That Food Shortages Will Get A Lot Worse As We Head Into The Second Half Of 2022

Staggering declines in bird populations taking place around the world

Buddhist chaplains on the rise in US, offering broad appeal

Biden: Time to 'Fund the Police'

Biden urges unity to address 'hate that remains a stain on the soul of America' - President will travel to Buffalo after deadly mass shooting

Gunman Payton Gendron once wore hazmat suit to school, was hospitalized after threatening classmates

Gunman Kills 10 People in Buffalo, N.Y. Shooting While Livestreaming on Twitch

Buffalo shooting spurs Gov. Hochul to call for crackdown of social media: 'instruments of evil'

Pelosi: Social Media Has 'Some Responsibility' for Buffalo Hate-Fueled Mass Shooting

Officials say Buffalo shooter researched, targeted black neighborhood

Buffalo suspect allegedly inspired by racist theory fueling global carnage

Manifesto attributed to Buffalo shooting suspect pushes antisemitic conspiracies

'Copycat' mass shootings becoming deadlier, experts warn after New York attack

Factbox - Grim chronology of mass shootings in the United States

1 killed, 4 critically hurt in shooting at California church, suspect in custody

Report: California Church Shooter Hog-Tied with Extension Cord When Police Arrived

NY Gov. Hochul: We Need National Laws to Deal with Guns, Social Media

Buffalo Mayor Brown: We Need 'Sensible Gun Control'

Poll: Americans Increasingly Believe Trans Identity Acceptance Has Gone Too Far

Trans Craziness Has Ruined the Credibility of Gay Activism, Says Stonewall Founder

This Woman Is in a Sexual Relationship With Herself - And She's Not the Only One

Teacher Invited 12-Year-Old Girl to Afterschool Art Club that Was Really a Gender Identity Meeting

Child porn investigation reveals Arby's worker peeing in milkshakes, Washington cops say

'God Killed his Son, Why Can't I?': Pro-choice Protesters Rally in New York

Pelosi on SCOTUS Overturning Roe v Wade: "Who Would Have Ever Suspected a Creature Like Donald Trump Would Become President of the United States?"

Pro-abortion protesters swarm American Freedom Tour as Donald Trump speaks

Priest calls out NPR's abortion coverage for leaving out pro-life voices

Colorado Governor Confirms State Will Allow Late Term Abortions

Colorado Gov. Polis says abortion requires 'gut-wrenching decisions,' defends late-term procedures

Nebraska GOP governor says he will call a special session to pass total abortion ban if Roe is overturned

Oklahoma governor warns Native American tribes against creating abortion havens

Buttigieg on Nationwide Formula Shortage: 'Government Does Not Make Baby Formula'

Commentary: The FDA Was Making It Difficult For Moms To Get Baby Formula Long Before The Supply Chain Imploded

How Government Created the Baby Formula Shortage and a Black Market for 'Unapproved' European Imports

Thai high: Thailand to give away 1 million free marijuana plants

Illegal immigration surge helped fuel U.S. drug overdose spike

Border enforcement expert: Biden sees 'future political benefit' to an open border

The end of Title 42 will create 'chaos all across the border,' former ICE director warns

Dem TX State Rep.: There Are 'Over 100,000 Migrants' Waiting for Title 42 to End

Chris Van Hollen hospitalized following stroke

PA Dem candidate for Senate John Fetterman suffers blood clot and stroke, remains hospitalized, vows to stay in race

Top Australian Doctor Who Pushes Covid-19 Vaccine Loses Only Daughter While in Her Sleep

Bill Gates Says Adults Over 50 Will Probably Have to Get Covid Boosters Every 6 Months Until We Get Better Vaccines

People Who Pushed Idea of Universal Vaccination Are 'Guilty of Crimes Against Humanity': Former Pfizer VP

Fauci says he'll leave White House if Trump wins 2024 election

NIH Hides $350M in Royalty Payments, Including Ones Made to Fauci

Report: $163B of Pandemic Unemployment Benefits Lost in Fraud, Waste

Life-threatening inflammation is turning COVID-19 into a chronic disease

North Korea said it is suffering an explosive outbreak of 'fever' with 350,000 cases - just one day after announcing its first ever COVID case

Tracking Bible Prophecy Headlines - 5/15/2022

European nations urge Israel to scrap plans for new settlement homes

Hamas warns against Jews visiting Temple Mount on Nakba Day: 'Will lead to a clash'

Security forces on heightened alert ahead of Nakba Day commemorations

UN Security Council unanimously demands probe of Al Jazeera journalist's death

Palestinians welcome foreign support in inquiry into reporter's death

After international outcry, police open probe into violence at reporter's funeral

Secret British 'black propaganda' campaign targeted cold war enemies

Secret UK propaganda campaign stoked Israel hatred to appear authentic - documents

Matan Kahana resigns Religious Affairs Ministry to 'help strengthen the coalition'

Hezbollah weapons at the heart of Lebanon's parliamentary elections Sunday

Kurdish forces seize some oil wells from Iraqi control

Iraq exhumes remains of Saddam-era victims from mass grave

1 reported killed in Iran unrest over government price hikes on basic goods

Iranian authorities target movie industry with arrests, filmmaker says

11 Dead, 31 Rescued After Migrant Boat Capsizes Near Puerto Rico

Tunisia's navy rescues 81 migrants headed to Europe from Libya

ISIS claims responsibility for attack that killed five Egyptian soldiers in Sinai

Saudi Arabia executes three men guilty of terrorism charges

Ukraine's spy chief claims a coup to overthrow Putin is underway

'Let Someone Whack You': Russian Troops Are Now Deliberately Wounding Themselves to Get Out of Putin's War

Russia Sends 'Experienced Torturers' to Deal With Mutinous Soldiers

Russia Denies Ukraine Forces Damaged Navy Ship in Black Sea

Moscow will respond if NATO moves nuclear forces closer to Russia's border: RIA

Russia's neighbor Finland declares NATO bid, hails 'new era'

Putin warns Finland to not make 'error' of joining NATO

Finland says president spoke with Putin about NATO membership

Biden Encourages Finland & Sweden's Move Into NATO As Russia Cuts Electricity Supply Overnight

Russia May Use Energy as Weapon to 'Blackmail' NATO Countries: Berlin

Turkey 'not closing door' to Sweden, Finland NATO entry, Erdogan advisor says

Turkey Looks To Kazakhstan To Form New Trade Route To Bypass Russia

McConnell makes surprise trip to meet Zelenskyy in Ukraine - Senate is stalled on approving $40 billion in Ukraine aid

G7 to continue economic pressure on Russia, tackle 'wheat war'

House Majority Leader says 'we're at war' with Russia, White House claims US has a 'stake' in conflict

Ukrainian President Zelensky to Address World Economic Forum's Globalist Davos Summit

Great Reset: World Economic Forum Pushes Cashless Society Central Bank Digital Currencies

Former European President Exposes How Soros Infiltrated His Country

"Somebody's Going To Get Killed" - "2000 Mules" Investigator Says Georgia's GBI Officials Are Intimidating Witnesses in "Dangerous Escalation"

DHS Announces $1.6 Billion in Grants to Fight Terrorism, Bolster Election Security

Bill Maher says critics are right to call Disinformation Board the 'Ministry of Truth' - "Government should not be involved in deciding what's true or not true"

Missouri A.G. Schmitt: Biden Admin. Will Move at 'Warp Speed' to Censor Speech

'That's not how it works boss': Critics pounce on Biden tweet that suggests having 'corporations pay their fair share' would help to reduce inflation

Nasdaq Sheds Almost $1 Trillion

El Salvador's bitcoin losses are as big as its next bond payment

Crypto Down: NYC Mayor May Lose 25 Percent of Salary

Saudi Arabia, US strengthen cooperation in technology, space as part of Vision 2030

There May Be A Rare Meteor Storm This Weekend With Thousands Of Shooting Stars

How to watch Sunday's rare "super flower blood moon" total lunar eclipse

Blood Moon 2022: 8 Weird Things You Need To Know About North America's 84-Minute Total Lunar Eclipse This Weekend

Signs in the Heavens: Blood Red Skies in China and 'Super Flower Blood Moon' in US Prompt Biblical End Times Talk

5.5 magnitude earthquake hits south of the Mariana Islands

5.3 magnitude earthquake hits the Kermadec Islands region

5.1 magnitude earthquake hits near Shikotan, Russia

Sabancaya volcano in Peru erupts to 24,000ft

Ruiz volcano in Colombia erupts to 21,000ft

Sangay volcano in Ecuador erupts to 20,000ft

Fuego volcano in Guatemala erupts to 15,000ft

Reventador volcano in Ecuador erupts to 15,000ft

Karymsky volcano on Kamchatka, Russia erupts to 13,000ft

Manam volcano in Papua New Guinea erupts to 12,000ft

Dust storm, hurricane-force winds tear destructive path across US upper Midwest

Building heat to set records in southwestern, south-central US

India bans wheat exports as heatwave curbs output, prices soar

The polluted 'blood red' river in Guangxi is again clean and clear with no impact on the ecosystem

Police: Man Struck Woman With Truck, Dragged Body 8 Miles

Massachusetts biker brawl leaves 7 injured; dozens reportedly involved

20 Injured in Milwaukee Shootings After Bucks Game

10 killed in 'racially motived' mass shooting in Buffalo, New York

Attorney General Garland says Justice Department is investigating Buffalo mass shooting 'as a hate crime'

Dallas police believe 3 recent shootings at Asian-owned businesses may be connected and hate-motivated

Clintonworld steps away from Black Lives Matter on eve of financial disclosure

Judge Clears Sex Transition Medicine for Alabama Transgender Youth

Sweden: Imams Conducting Muslim 'Pleasure Marriages' with Prostitutes for Money

Clarence Thomas on SCOTUS Leak: 'I Wonder How Long We're Going to Have These Institutions'

Poll: One-Quarter of Americans Falsely Believe Overturning Roe Would Make Abortion Illegal Nationwide

Austin Mom Tells Son She Tried to Abort Him, Then Laughs About It at Pro-Abortion Rally in Austin

'We Will Be Ungovernable': Over 400 Pro-Abortion Protests Take Place on Saturday, Kicking Off 'Summer of Rage'

Hollywood Celebrities Hit the Streets for Nationwide Planned Parenthood Abortion Protests: 'No Uterus No Opinion'

Thousands in U.S. march under 'Ban Off Our Bodies' banner for abortion rights

Wisconsin Sen Johnson asks AG Garland why Madison anti-abortion center attack not domestic terrorism

WaPo Fact Checker: Anger over baby formula sent to illegal immigrants when America's store shelves are bare is 'ridiculous faux outrage'

John Legend Suggests People Upset over Baby Formula Given to Illegals Instead of Americans Are Not 'Pro-Life'

St. Clair: I tried to warn mothers about US formula in 2021 and Twitter 'fact-checked' it as 'misleading'

Midwestern states endure steep rise in drug overdose deaths in 2021

Bird flu continues to spread among domestic, wild animals throughout North America

2 more cases of monkeypox virus confirmed in England

UAE vets warn dog owners to be aware of outbreak of deadly canine disease

Canadian pastors who refused to close church during Covid lockdown win in court

California Bill to let 12-Year-Old Children Get Vaccinated Without Parental Consent Passes State Senate

Tedros Complains 'Misinformation' Leading to 'Vaccine Hesitancy' at Biden Coronavirus Summit

White House, Twitter silent on why tweet with vaccine misinformation hasn't been taken down

Tracking Bible Prophecy Headlines - 5/14/2022

Biden affirms Jordanian role overseeing Muslim sites in Jerusalem after meeting king

Israel calls on European Union to establish caucus to promote the Abraham Accords, advance Arab-Israeli peace and security

Violent scenes in Jerusalem as mourners gather for funeral of Al Jazeera journalist

Police beat participants at funeral for Al Jazeera journalist, say mob seized casket

Israel Police: Officers Intervened at Reporter's Funeral to Prevent 'Mob' From Taking Coffin Against Family's Wishes

US 'deeply disturbed' by images of police beating funeral participants; EU appalled

Israel said to tell US it can't rule on reporter's death unless it has the bullet

PA: International bodies can participate in probe into reporter's death, not Israel

Israeli Drone-Maker to Supply Advanced Systems to US Department of Defense

Syria says five killed, 7 hurt in Israeli airstrikes in northwest

Iran official says US must accept Tehran's demands to break nuclear talks' deadlock

EU claims stalled Iran talks 'reopened' after envoy's Tehran visit

Iran could already have nuclear weapons, warns congressional advisory report

Expect a nuclear domino effect in Middle East if Iran obtains weapon capabilities, experts say

Iran protests spread as demonstrators demand change and cheaper food

German police: 5 stabbed and wounded on train in suspected Islamic terror attack

Passengers on German train overpower attacker who wounded five people

UAE president Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan dies aged 73

5 Feared Dead After Chemical Plant Explosion in Slovenia

India police arrest 2 after building fire kills 27 in New Delhi

Expert: Sri Lanka Has Only 3 Days of Fuel Left

Russia to Cut Power Supply to Finland Tomorrow

Turkey breaks with rest of NATO to oppose membership for Finland, Sweden

US 'working to clarify Turkey's position' on NATO enlargement: White House

Georgia's breakaway region to hold referendum on joining Russia in July: Leader

Russia may annex a new Ukrainian city, US official warns

Putin 'Very Sick' With Cancer, Other Health Issues: Ukrainian Official

Body doubles will reportedly replace ailing Putin during upcoming surgery

UK says new sanctions hit Putin's network including ex-wife and cousins

Russia's Putin tells Scholz Russia fighting 'Nazi ideology' in Ukraine

Russian lawmaker warns Poland is next in line for 'denazification after Ukraine'

Russia Loses 'Entire Battalion' on Blown Up Bridge, Says Ukraine

'If you have any heart at all.' UN official warns Putin millions will die if Ukraine's ports remain blocked

Pentagon to rotate more than 10,000 troops to Europe amid Ukraine war

Horowitz: If only Republicans loved America as much as they love Ukraine

Trump's ICE Chief: GOP 'Shouldn't Be Talking About Ukraine' While Terrorists Exploit U.S. Border

Commentary: Biden Promises More U.S. Wheat Production to Combat Loss of Ukrainian, Russian Wheat Exports, Despite U.S. Wheat Production Being Down 15 Percent Since 2019

Joe Biden Refers to Kamala as "President Harris" in Meeting with Southeast Asian Leaders

NY Times op-ed warns that 'fantasies of regime change' can lead to war with Russia

Russia's Dmitry Medvedev Predicts 'Collapse of... U.S.-Centric World'

Florida Rep. Gaetz Raises Dire Warning On House Floor: 'America Is Sleepwalking Into A War'

Report: North Korea Restarting Construction of Long-Dormant Nuclear Reactor

Australia says Chinese spy ship's presence off west coast an 'act of aggression'

J.D. Vance: Ruling Class Hellbent on Keeping U.S. in 'Managed Decline' by Weakening China Tariffs

Hunter Biden helped secure funds for US biolab contractor in Ukraine: e-mails

Evidence of Biden Payments from China Support Tony Bobulinski and Show the Bidens Made Millions Swindling America

Report: George P. Bush Floundering Due to Family Name

Laurence Tribe: Trump Could Face Criminal Prosecution for Espionage

More Republicans are working to undermine Trump endorsements

Veil of secrecy surrounds the Jan. 6 subpoenas for GOP lawmakers

Two Out Of Five House Republicans Subpoenaed By Jan. 6 Select Committee Say They Won't Comply

Post-Midterm Payback: GOP May Subpoena Pelosi, Other Top Dems Over Jan. 6 Inquiry 'Charade'

Mike Lindell Confident 'Historical' Voting Machine Lawsuits Will 'Succeed'

2000 Mules Becomes the Most Successful Political Documentary in a Decade, Seen by 1 Million

'2000 Mules' Reveals 200+ Mules In Maricopa County, Possible 207,435 Illegal Votes Trafficked In Arizona

Sheriff of Arizona county featured in '2000 Mules' announces 2020 voting fraud investigations

Speaker Robin Vos Pauses Wisconsin 2020 Election Investigation

Mississippi Republican Congressional Candidate and Pilot Says Navy Is Grounding Him for Political Views

Federal Appeals Court Reinstates Texas Law Prohibiting Social Media Companies from Banning Users Based on Viewpoints

Musk: Biden not 'elected to transform the country'

Biden's new 'ultra-MAGA' label came after six months of liberal-funded focus group research: Report

Psaki heckled throughout tearful White House briefing room send-off

Netflix Issues Anti-Censorship Section in Company Culture Memo Following Woke Employee Protest

Netflix Tells Employees to Stop Getting Triggered or Find a New Job

"No Way Elon Musk Is Going to Buy Twitter... A Company Largely Based on Bots and Spam Accounts" President Trump on Elon Musk's Twitter Deal

Musk Calls Time Out on Twitter Deal Over Bout With Bots

Twitter's Spam/Bot Boilerplate, Which Elon Musk Says He's Paused Deal Over, Goes Back Nearly a Decade

Explainer: What are these spam bots that Elon Musk has vowed to defeat or die trying?

Carney: Why the Bot Count Matters to Elon Musk and Twitter Shareholders

Tyrus: Elon Musk's temporary 'hold' on Twitter takeover is about exposing the tech giant

Gloating Twitter short-seller trolls Elon Musk as takeover wobble sees all share gains wiped out

Dow suffers longest losing streak since 2001 as stocks benchmarks extend weekly losses despite closing sharply higher Friday

Cryptocurrencies Melt Down in a 'Perfect Storm' of Fear and Panic

El Salvador 'Buys the Dip' amid Bitcoin Crash, Risking Default

Costa Rica Declares State of Emergency After Crippling Ransomware Attack

Massive asteroid approaching Earth on May 16

Super Flower Blood Moon lunar eclipse: Is it the 1st of 4 supermoons?

5.4 magnitude earthquake hits near San Bartolo, Peru

5.3 magnitude earthquake hits the South Sandwich Islands region

5.3 magnitude earthquake hits near Boysun, Uzbekistan

5.1 magnitude earthquake hits near Gorontalo, Indonesia

5.1 magnitude earthquake hits near Abepura, Indonesia

5.0 magnitude earthquake hits near Darien, Colombia

Karymsky volcano on Kamchatka, Russia erupts to 22,000ft

Sabancaya volcano in Peru erupts to 22,000ft

Ruiz volcano in Colombia erupts to 21,000ft

Sangay volcano in Ecuador erupts to 20,000ft

Fuego volcano in Guatemala erupts to 15,000ft

Reventador volcano in Ecuador erupts to 15,000ft

Mt Etna volcano in Italy erupts to 13,000ft

Semeru volcano in Indonesia erupts to 13,000ft

Manam volcano in Papua New Guinea erupts to 12,000ft

Lewotolo volcano in Indonesia erupts to 12,000ft

Tonga volcano was the most ferocious eruption in 140 years

Large explosions at Stromboli volcano, Italy

A Canadian town is under evacuation after breakaway ice causes flooding

Warm Caribbean waters could allow preseason tropical threat to brew

Derecho blasts northern Plains with 100 mph winds, leaves 2 dead

Destructive derecho slams Midwest and Northern Plains, creating rare dust storm over Nebraska, Iowa, South Dakota and Minnesota, U.S.

Severe Storms Blamed for 3 Deaths in South Dakota, Minnesota

Southern California 'cannot afford green lawns' as drought forces unprecedented water cuts

California To Hire "Water Cops" As Residents Ignore Newsom's Conservation Plea Amid Megadrought

Texas Calls for Power Conservation After Six Generators Fail

With Gas Prices Setting Another Record, Is Fuel Rationing Next? One Billionaire CEO Believes So.

Another Crisis is Looming: Major Trucking Firms Prepare for "Imminent Diesel Shortage in Eastern Half of US"

Gavin Newsom to Fight Inflation by Spending Another $18.1 Billion

Bezos calls on Disinformation Board to fact-check Biden's own inflation tweet

White House 'inherited' murder spike from Trump, Psaki says

Reuters Director of Data Science Fired After Reporting Accurate Statistics on Police Shootings and Race

CDC Links Poverty to 2020's Elevated Firearm Homicide Rate

TikTok 'Programs Children,' Says Mother Suing TikTok for Causing Daughter's Death with 'Blackout Challenge'

Interfaith leaders demand Starbucks stop 'taxing' vegans with milk surcharge

'Shocking' New Poll: Only 37 Percent of U.S. Pastors Hold a Biblical Worldview

Nigerian Student Beaten, Burned to Death Over 'Blasphemous' Text Messages on the Prophet of Islam

Kathy Barnette Denies Saying 'Pedophilia is a Cornerstone of Islam'

Johns Hopkins Center Against Child Sexual Abuse Hires Professor who Defended Pedophiles

Prominent Transgender Activist Touted by New York Times Arrested and Charged with 16 Felonies for Rape and Sexual Abuse of a Boy

Naples Church Hosting LGBT Drag Show for 12 Year-Old Children, District Not Informed of Plans to Use Schools as Transit Points

Texas Supreme Court allows state to investigate sterilization of gender-confused kids as child abuse

Sexual Harassment Inquiry Launched Into Eighth Graders' Misuse of Personal Pronouns

Marvel to Introduce Two Mutant Transgender Superhero Characters

Women to be offered three-day menstrual leave from work in European first - but critics fear hiring 'stigmatization'

Louisiana lawmakers pull back from classifying abortion as homicide

Thomas says Supreme Court after leaked draft opinion is 'not the court' of Ginsburg's era

Justice Thomas laments leak of draft Supreme Court abortion opinion: 'Kind of an infidelity' arguing that it weakens trust

Washington Post columnist says overturning Roe v. Wade is a '9/11 attack on America's social fabric'

Business mag pressuring companies to take 'survey' for report on abortion stance, will out those who don't

Spate of churches, pro-life offices torched, vandalized nationwide since Supreme Court leak: list

Pro-Abortion Extremists Hurl Molotov Cocktails at Oregon Right To Life Office, Vandalize Pregnancy Resource Center

High school students across US walk out of class to protest potential Roe v. Wade overturning

Pro-Abortion Protesters Call for 'Mandatory Vasectomies' Outside Samuel Alito Event

Missouri. Louisiana. Arizona. Patients are already traveling hundreds of miles to have abortions in Illinois

Dem Rep. Porter: Abortion, Inflation 'Reinforce Each Other' - 'People Need to Be in Charge of How Many Mouths They're Going to Have to Feed'

Rep. Stefanik Blasts Biden Administration for Formula Shortage, Says FDA has Known About Threat Since February

Tester: 'I Pushed the FDA Commissioner Months Ago' on Formula Issue

'Call a Doctor or Pediatrician' - Psaki When Asked What Parents Should Do if They Can't Find Baby Formula

Jayapal: 'Disgusting' FNC Using Baby Formula Crisis to 'Demonize Immigrants'

U.S. preparing 19,000 beds for migrant children in case of spike in border arrivals, officials say

Florida AG: Docs uncovered showing Biden, Mayorkas know their border policies help cartels, hurt US

Homeland Security memo: Drug cartels control human trafficking corridors to Biden border

China and Mexican Drug Cartels Helped Murder 339,849 Americans and Most Politicians Do Not Care

Expert: China Is Harvesting Organs from up to 50,000 Concentration Camp Victims Annually

China's Killing of Prisoners of Conscience for Their Organs a 'Tool of Genocide': Rep. Smith

Xi Jinping Reportedly Suffers Brain Aneurysm

Foot-and-mouth disease detected in Indonesia; Australian livestock sector on alert

Los Angeles apartment maintenance workers found dead after exposure to fentanyl in complex

Burnt-Out Nurses Push Back as Staff Shortages Strain Hospitals

Biden Administration Considers Rationing COVID Vaccines Amid Funding Impasse

Shanghai Lockdown Causing Global Medical Imaging Supply Shortage

Fears of supply chain chaos grow amid rumours Beijing's first ever Covid lockdown looms

China Imposes Coronavirus Travel Ban on Citizens

D.C. Transit Authority 'Actively Looking into' Mask-Only Cars

Broadway Star Scolds Audience Member For Not Wearing a Mask While Not Wearing a Mask

Air Force cadets may not graduate after refusing COVID vaccine

Twitter allows White House to make 'clearly false' claim that COVID vaccine wasn't available until Biden era

Dr. Fauci on Covid: "Yeah, What I Can Say, It's a Good Thing I Have Flip-Flopped"

Dr. Oz's Ties To Pharma, Tech Complicate Anti-Corporate Campaign Claims

Thousands of Medical Professionals Demand Accountability for COVID 'Corrupt Alliance' Causing 'Crimes Against Humanity'

Commentary: Biden Is in the Process of Handing US Sovereignty Over Healthcare Decisions During Emergencies to the WHO and China

Tracking Bible Prophecy Headlines - 5/13/2022

Israel authorizes plans for 4,427 West Bank settlement homes

Israel to advance plans for 1,000 Palestinian homes in West Bank's Area C - official

Slain Al Jazeera Journalist Was Icon Of Palestinian Coverage

Muslim world slams Abu Akleh killing, but largely refrains from blaming Israel

Abbas says reporter's death will go to the ICC so Israel doesn't 'go unpunished'

PM Bennett's International Spokeswoman Keren Hajioff questions PA's continued resistance to joint investigation of journalist's death - 'What is PA hiding in refusing a joint investigation?'

Bennett says he expects PA's 'full cooperation' in probe of reporter's death

Minister on probe into reporter's death: 'Israel's credibility not the highest'

German police said to foil an attempted school 'Nazi attack' by teenager

Israel not trying to drag US into military conflict with Iran, PM adviser says

Qatar and EU working to revive stalled negotiations with Iran

France says two of its citizens detained in Iran, calls for their immediate release

Iran arrests French couple and threatens to execute Swedish-Iranian

Iran protests break out across the country amid skyrocketing food prices

Report: Russian Oligarch Says Putin Has 'Blood Cancer' in Secret Audio Recording

Benjamin Ferencz is the last surviving Nuremberg prosecutor. He says Vladimir Putin is "certainly" a war criminal.

Russia Signals Annexation of Parts of Ukraine and Georgia

On Norway's Arctic Border With Russia, a Town Freezes Ties With Its Eastern Neighbour

Finland must apply for NATO membership without delay: Finnish President and PM

Finland Nato: Russia threatens to retaliate over membership move

Senator Rand Paul Stalls Uniparty Bill Giving $40 Billion in More Funding to Ukraine

Trump criticizes Washington for wanting additional $40B for Ukraine, says make Europeans pay more

UN 'concerned' about risks of global hunger due to Ukraine war

European Union fails to implement Russian oil embargo despite overall unified opposition to Russia

Ten more European gas buyers open ruble accounts for payments

With Gas Prices at All-Time Highs, Biden Decides to Cancel Oil and Gas Lease Sales in Alaska and the Gulf of Mexico

Rep. Mulli: Makes No Sense to Halt Alaska, Gulf Drilling Permits

US lawmakers ask tech companies to archive evidence of potential Russian war crimes

Russia has Fired Between '10 and 12' Hypersonics into Ukraine, Pentagon Says

Russia withdrawing troops after 'heavy losses', proving 'inability to capture key Ukrainian cities,' UK says

Dramatic new videos show Russian tanks being blown sky-high in Ukraine

US Navy chief defends plan to scrap troubled warships even though some are less than 3 years old

Army poised to revamp Alaska forces to prep for Arctic fight

China has gained nothing from Ukraine war and it will only prompt further breaches of international rules, says leading scholar

Spooked by Russia's faltering Ukraine war, China holding back on Taiwan attack: intel officials

EU leaders seek bigger role in Asia's 'theater of tensions,' warn on China

China Calls G7 Concern Over Hong Kong 'Interference'

Tibet Airlines plane aborts takeoff, bursts into flames at China airport

North Korea Fires 3 Ballistic Missiles After Reporting COVID-19 Outbreak

Sri Lankan President Rajapaksa to name new PM amid crisis

New explosion in Cuba's Havana injures three in the same neighborhood as a similar blast that left 44 dead and destroyed an iconic hotel last week

Report: Hunter Biden's Lawyer Flew to Serbia, Infiltrated, Spied on 'My Son Hunter' Movie Set

Prosecutors Pursue Inquiry Into Trump's Handling of Classified Material

Top Dem signals possible legal moves against McCarthy, Republicans over unprecedented Jan. 6 subpoenas

Democrat Official in Virginia Indicted on Plethora of Election Fraud-Related Counts

Democrat County Supervisor in Virginia Indicted on 82 Counts of Voter Fraud Related to Ballot Harvesting

ESPN Tries To Cancel Rich Strike's Trainer Over Months-Old Tweet About Kamala Harris

Psaki says she received threats as White House press secretary

Project Veritas lawyer: FBI, DOJ harassing journalists critical of Biden, undermining free press

Dave Rubin: Maher, Chappelle, Rogan 'Sound Like Conservatives'

Nina Jankowicz says verified Twitter users should 'edit' others' tweets

WH defends Biden's 'great MAGA king' comment, says president isn't afraid to call out 'extreme positions'

Biden warns Dems inflation will 'scare the living hell out of everybody'

Inflation Crisis: People Facing 'Real Food Poverty for the First Time in a Generation' - Supermarket Boss

Mohamed El-Erian says the U.S. is nearing a 'cost-of-living crisis' after more hot inflation data

Inflation gave most Americans a 2.6% wage cut in April

US Household Debt Hits Fresh Record High of Nearly $16 Trillion, NY Fed Says

Northern Ireland governance 'collapsed', says Johnson after UK warns of Brexit deal changes

More than $200bn wiped off cryptocurrency market in a day

Crypto's plummet tests the durability of a hype-driven industry

Commentary: The Surveillance State is Worse than you think

Anonymous Social Media App Yik Yak Exposed Users' Precise Locations

Pastor says Chinas AI tech is demonic as it will control everything

People of color have a new enemy: techno-racism

Biden's 'Kill Switch' For Every Car Threatens Our Freedom Of Movement

Pack Your Bags! Human Beings Will Move To Mars By The End Of This Decade, Claims SpaceX President

Haunting audio from a black hole allows humans to hear the sounds of space 240 million light-years away

Bright fireball over the southwestern UK, more than 300 reports received

5.4 magnitude earthquake hits near the coast of central Peru

5.3 magnitude earthquake hits near eastern Uzbekistan

5.1 magnitude earthquake hits near Gorontalo, Indonesia

5.0 magnitude earthquake hits near Darien, Colombia

Yellowstone hit with rare 4.2-magnitude earthquake

Sabancaya volcano in Peru erupts to 25,000ft

Ruiz volcano in Colombia erupts to 22,000ft

Sangay volcano in Ecuador erupts to 20,000ft

Fuego volcano in Guatemala erupts to 15,000ft

Reventador volcano in Ecuador erupts to 14,000ft

China discovers giant sinkhole with an ancient forest at the bottom

Long-range outlook shows potential tropical storm forming later in May

Storm chaser killed in crash caused by downed power lines amid severe weather in Minnesota

Whirlwind spins right through ongoing soccer match in Peru

Red River Valley facing its worst flooding in a decade, Canada/U.S.

Heat wave set to rewrite record books in central, Northeast U.S., as climate change worsens

California braces for extreme summer drought after dismal wet season

Early heat waves strain energy grids in parts of US - Unstable energy grids could lead to failure and rising electricity prices

Wildfires threaten New Mexico resorts, burn California mansions

At least 20 homes destroyed as wind drives fire through drought-parched Laguna Niguel canyon

Mandatory evacuations for a neighborhood southeast of Colorado Springs due to a fire, airport evacuated

This Man Is So Anxious About the Climate, He Wants Medically Assisted Suicide

The Biden Admin Is Using a 'Backdoor' to Force Through Green New Deal Reforms

Madonna's new NFT release includes graphic images of her giving birth to a tree. Crypto Twitter isn't impressed

Madonna defends nude NFT: 'I'm giving birth to art and creativity and we would be lost without both'

'Violent sexual interest in children': Prosecution recommends 20-year sentence for Josh Duggar

Gay high schooler says he's 'being silenced' by Florida's LGBTQ law

DeSantis says he would ban medical gender transitions for children in Florida - The governor told Lisa Boothe, 'You can't get a tattoo if you're 12 years old'

Boat Migrants Who Claim to be 'Transgender' Could Avoid Being Sent to Rwanda, Says Govt Docs

Calvin Klein Features Pregnant Transgender Man as Underwear Model in Mother's Day Campaign

San Diego County Passes Ordinance to Change Definition of 'Woman'

Court Rules California's Gun Sale Ban for Those Under 21 Is Unconstitutional

Philadelphia man killed in gas station ambush shooting in broad daylight

Police: Woman Fatally Shoots Her 2 Kids, Self in Oregon

Insider Source Claims Clinton Friend and Advisor Who Died On Saturday Actually Committed Suicide

Naomi Judd Died From Self-Inflicted Gunshot Wound, Ashley Judd Reveals

Canada Will Pay to Euthanize Those Who Are "Too Poor to Continue Living With Dignity"

Democrat Rep. Katie Porter Says Bidenflation Reinforces the Need for Abortion

Now They're on Record: Democrats Overwhelmingly Vote to Allow Abortion up to Birth

Rep. Cawthorn Proposes Bill Requiring CDC to Include Abortions in US Death Rates

Dem Abortion Bill Co-Sponsor Baldwin: We Codify Roe and 'Also Take the Step' of Saying States Can't 'Impede' Right to Abortion

Polling Shows Abortion Isn't the Winning Issue Democrats Hoped It Would Be

Report: Hollywood Executives 'Much More Nervous' About Abortion Activism After Disney-Florida Fight

Govs Youngkin, Hogan Demand DOJ Stop Protests at Justices' Homes

Republicans call for DOJ to enforce law that would bar abortion rights demonstrators from protesting at justices' homes

Abortion rights activists vandalize Texas Catholic churches

Pro-Choice Caucus Labels 'Safe, Legal, And Rare' Abortion Rhetoric 'Harmful Language'

Some birth control could be banned if Roe v. Wade is overturned, legal experts warn

FDA Shuts Down Production of Three Major Baby Formula Brands: Causing Shortages

Biden calls for crackdown on baby formula price gouging

Marco Rubio Urges Biden to Invoke Defense Production Act to Address Baby Formula Shortage

GOP Rep. Rosendale Blasts Congress for Not Holding Hearings on Formula Shortage Until May 25

Report: No Press Allowed at Biden Baby Formula Meeting

Biden administration shipping "pallets" of baby formula to border amid nationwide shortage

Psaki Grilled on Baby Formula Shortage as Biden Regime Prioritizes Illegal Aliens Over Americans

House Republicans To Introduce Bill Banning Biden Administration From Providing Cell Phones To Illegal Immigrants

Cops Say Migrants Used Phone Repair Biz to Steal Lewd Pix, Blackmail Woman for Sex

Cartel-financed Oregon pot farms expand to growing indoors

Crack pipes found in 'safe smoking kits' potentially funded by taxpayers: report

White House denies funding free crack pipes, calls it 'a bit of a conspiracy theory'

Strauss sees salmonella affair lopping one third off profit

Michigan confirms first cases of avian flu in wild mammals after three fox kits die

Executive at COVID-19 Vaccine Maker Moderna Abruptly Resigns After 1 Day

Acting Director of NIH Claims His Agencies' Employees Like Doctor Fauci Don't Have Real Conflicts of Interest When Selecting Solutions Where They Have a Financial Interest

Days After Biden Unveils New Dystopian "Disinformation Governance Board" Newly Released Documents Confirm CDC Catalogues and Tracks Social Media Posts by Elected Officials That are Vaccine Related

Top US Scientist Warned Chinese Counterparts Of Possible Investigations Into The Wuhan lab. One Year Later, He Took A Job At A Chinese University

Chinese border police 'clipping' passports of citizens as they arrive back home, invalidating them for further travel

'Deeply troubling': China's new low blasted as notable pro-democracy advocates rounded up in Hong Kong

China Declares War on W.H.O., 'Irresponsible' Tedros for Opposing Lockdowns

Rumors swirl that China's Xi Jinping will step down amid harsh COVID lockdowns

Elon Musk Praises Chinese Workers Locked in Factories, Disses Americans as 'Trying to Avoid Going to Work at All'

Shanghai Lockdown Causes Toyota to Halt Production at 8 Plants

North Korea Finally Admits to Coronavirus Cases, Locks Down 'the Whole Country'

North Korea Confirms '1st' Cases of COVID-19, Enters 'Severe Emergency' Lockdown

NATO chief Stoltenberg tests positive for Covid-19

COVID-19 counterfeit diagnostic at-home tests threaten public health: FDA

Biden orders flags at half-staff as US nears 1 million COVID deaths

US will share COVID-19 vaccine technology, Biden tells global summit

Nolte: 1M Dead from Coronavirus, 60% Under Biden - Who Had the Vaccine

Tracking Bible Prophecy Headlines - 5/12/2022

Palestinian shot after lunging at police officers in Jerusalem's Old City

Al Jazeera reporter shot dead during West Bank raid - both Israelis and Palestinians dispute circumstances which could spark international crisis

Expert says journalist's death will fuel revenge attacks, no matter the explanation

Al Jazeera accuses Israeli forces of killing journalist in West Bank

Israeli, Palestinian initial forensics can't determine who killed journalist in Jenin

UN, EU, US mourn Palestinian journalist killed in Jenin, call for investigation

US demands 'immediate and thorough' probe into journalist's death in West Bank

Gantz says Israel needs Palestinian cooperation in probe of journalist's death

Israel, Palestinians said in talks to cooperate on probe into reporter's death

Gantz: We have asked the Palestinians for the bullet that killed Abu Akleh

Ra'am delays statement on Knesset dissolution bill, citing reporter's death

Likud pulls bill to dissolve Knesset after Ra'am gives coalition another chance

Coalition lives to see another day as Islamist party decides it will stay in the government

Netanyahu: 'A government dependent on terror supporters can't fight terror'

Despite normalization with Israel, plans for Dubai synagogue at a standstill

Queen Elizabeth's Speech includes 'BDS bill' to stop public bodies targeting Israel - Planned government bill aims to prevent boycotts which 'may legitimise and drive antisemitism'

Church of England apologizes for antisemitic laws from 800 years ago

Egyptian army says five soldiers killed by jihadists in northern Sinai

Coalition against IS discusses looming resurgence as jihadists gain power in Sahel

U.S. Troops 'Mistakenly' Open Fire on Iraqi Kurdish Neighborhood

Rep. Ilhan Omar Accused of 'Shilling for Iran' After Calling to 'Finalize' Iran Deal

The Czech Republic replaces Russia on the UNHRC

Russia-Ukraine war: UK vows support if Sweden or Finland attacked; peace talks harder 'with each new Bucha', says Zelenskiy

NATO country is allowing nationals to join Ukraine's army, fight Russia

Ukraine says it will hold first war crimes trial of captured Russian soldier

Ukrainian soldier in liberated town says killing Russians is 'like a sport now'

Russia looks to reinforce troops on Snake Island, officials warn it could 'dominate' western Black Sea

Pro-Moscow leaders of occupied region seek to join Russia, Zelenskiy slams 'collaborators'

Russian Spy Boss Compares US to German Nazi Propaganda Machine

Lithuania designates Russia as a terrorist country, a global first

Lithuanian foreign minister says Putin and Russian regime must be removed to stop 'warmongering'

Commentary: Putin's right-hand man Nikolai Patrushev is more barbaric than his master

Commentary: The ripple effects of Russia's war in Ukraine are changing the world

Giving What You Don't Have: EU May Add to 'Skyrocketing' Debt by Borrowing Billions to Give to Ukraine

U.S. Ukraine Relief Bill Passes Despite Some GOP Opposition

Nancy Pelosi Invokes the Bible to Justify Sending $40 Billion to Ukraine

Russian hackers 'ramping up efforts' after cyberattack shut down Ukraine internet connections, Musk warns

Ukraine war fuels food crisis in distant Africa

Hungary says its backing of EU's Russia oil ban hinges on millions of dollars

Ukraine Pushes Russian Forces Back, Restricts Gas Flow to Europe

Oil up as Russia gas flow to Europe falls, EU Russian oil ban looms

Gas Prices Break Record, But Diesel Prices Will Greatly Affect All Americans - And The World

Major Trucking Firms Prepare For "Imminent Diesel Shortage In Eastern Half Of US"

US calls out Russia, China opposition to UN action on N.Korea

China surrounds Taiwan for massive invasion 'rehearsal' drills

China Says Warned U.S. Warship as It Transited Taiwan Strait

Japan Watches Chinese Naval 'Activities With Concern'

Japan: Chinese Invasion of Our Waters 'Intolerable'

Satellite images suggest China may have developed new class of nuclear-powered submarine

Hong Kong police arrest Cardinal Joseph Zen on national security charge

Sri Lanka protesters burn politicians' homes as country plunges further into chaos

Hunter Biden and DOJ could reach settlement for 'significant fine': Report

Judge to release Trump from contempt finding in N.Y. attorney general probe if he pays $110k fine

In Jan. 6 Audio, Sen. Lindsey Graham Says Biden Will Be 'The Best Person To Have' In Charge

Fact Checking the Fact Checkers: Debunking AP's '2000 Mules' Hit Piece

Per New Mexico Auditors Dominion Voting Systems Can Fill-In Ballots - Uncovered 2019 New York State Audit Confirms This

The World Economic Forum wants to 'completely control all aspects of your life': Dr. Robert Malone

Grocery Store Prices Up 10.8%, Most in Nearly 42 Years as Americans Face Higher Prices on Hamburger Meat, Baby Food, Chicken, Bacon, Soup, and Coffee

Two-thirds of Americans live paycheck to paycheck as inflation continues to climb

W.H. Economic Adviser Rouse: Inflation 'The Consequence of Mounting an Effective Response to the Pandemic'

Biden insulting the American people by blaming Putin for inflation: Sen. Kennedy

Coinbase earnings were bad. Worse still, the crypto exchange is now warning that bankruptcy could wipe out user funds

Coinbase loses half its value in a week as crypto slumps

Crypto Billionaires' Vast Fortunes Are Destroyed in Weeks

AI surveillance cameras now being used to detect potential threats

Immigration officials created network that can spy on majority of Americans, report says

They're Always Watching: Thousands of Popular Websites See What You Type Before You Submit

Ohio bill would ban Facebook, Twitter from censoring users

Google teases smart glasses prototype that translates languages in real time

How to watch this week's rare "super flower blood moon" total lunar eclipse

Meteor outburst possible on May 15 as Earth passes through a debris field created by asteroid 2006 GY2

5.2 magnitude earthquake hits near Port-Olry, Vanuatu

5.1 magnitude earthquake hits the Kermadec Islands, New Zealand

5.1 magnitude earthquake hits near Panguna, Papua New Guinea

5.0 magnitude earthquake hits near Banda Aceh, Indonesia

5.0 magnitude earthquake hits near Tocopilla, Chile

Sabancaya volcano in Peru erupts to 25,000ft

Ruiz volcano in Colombia erupts to 22,000ft

Sangay volcano in Ecuador erupts to 19,000ft

Reventador volcano in Ecuador erupts to 15,000ft

Fuego volcano in Guatemala erupts to 15,000ft

Cleveland volcano - Aviation Color Code and Volcano Alert Level raised to Yellow/Advisory, U.S.

Heightened volcanic unrest continues at Ruapehu with high volcanic gas output, strong tremor and steam plumes

NASA ICON Finds Effects of Massive Tonga Volcanic Eruption Reached Space

Unseasonably heavy rain hits Queensland, Australia

Spring Heat Wave to Smash Records in the South, Parts of the Midwest Into Late Week

Colorado's snowpack is melting at a 'ridiculous' rate

Study finds cleaner air leads to more Atlantic hurricanes

'Triple-dip' La Nina to hold vast influence over Pacific hurricane season this year

Intense La Nina Pattern to Further Enhance Wildfire Activity

Horrific Footage of Russia Wildfires Shows Siberia Graveyard Burning

Mass bleaching reported in Great Barrier Reef caused by marine heatwave

Great Barrier Reef suffers sixth mass bleaching event with 91% of reefs surveyed affected

War and Weather Sent Food Prices Soaring. Now, China's Harvest Is Uncertain

South Africa heading for another year of record-breaking power cuts

Government Planning Crackdown on Climate Crazy Protesters After Activists Caused Fuel Shortages

Electric Car Fail: Over 25% of Charging Stations in Deep Blue Region Do Not Work

Payne: 'Despicable thing' for Biden to put green agenda ahead of American families' economies

A South Carolina man died from a heart problem while burying the woman he strangled, deputies say

Haitian Gang Leader Charged in Kidnapping of US Missionaries

Children among 29 Christians Killed in Plateau State, Nigeria

3-year-old San Jose girl killed in alleged exorcism at hands of family members

Ghostly Gracie? NYC Mayor Eric Adams says mayoral mansion is haunted

The Washington Post says George Washington University must change its name because racism

Veteran Child Psychologist Describes Surge in Patients Identifying as Transgender

Lawsuit Against DeSantis Dismissed Over Revoking Disney's Self Government

Hawley Proposes Copyright Limit to Rein In 'Woke Corporations Like Disney'

Marvel Promotes Executive Who Promised More Trans Characters in Disney Superhero Films

Doctor Strange actress Zara Phythian and husband convicted of multiple counts of child sex abuse

A former Facebook moderator in Kenya has accused Meta of human trafficking

HuffPost: It's Racist for Alito to Say Abortion Kills More Black Babies

Yellen says outlawing abortion would hurt U.S. economy, 'set women back decades'

Tim Scott calls out treasury secretary for 'callous' claim that banning abortion is bad for economy, labor force

Tim Scott delivers 'stunning rebuke' of Janet Yellen over Black abortion comments: 'I am thankful to be here'

Commentary: Janet Yellen Is Wrong. Protecting Life Could Never Damage the Economy.

Chicago Alderman: Lightfoot Using Abortion to 'Deflect' from 'Failures' on Crime

Pro-abortion activists surround Pelosi's house in bout of poetic justice

Psaki Says Biden Wants Protesters to Continue Targeting Justices' Homes

Schumer: I'm totes comfy with intimidation campaigns aimed at SCOTUS justices' homes

Behar Defends Protest at Alito's Home - Shows Him 'What It Feels Like to Lose Your Freedom of Choice'

Pro-choicers picket Pelosi's house, claim Democrats are 'complicit' in potential overhaul of Roe v. Wade

Vote to Codify Roe v. Wade Could See More Senators Targeted at Home

Attorney General Garland Orders US Marshals to Beef Up Security for Supreme Court Justices Following Request by Maryland and Virginia Governors

Bullet Pierces Window of Outspoken Virginia Attorney General's Office After He Promises to Defend Churchgoers from Unruly Pro-Abortion Protesters

Pro-Abortion House Democrats March on Senate Chanting "My Body, My Decision!"

Glaude: Democrats Need 'Struggles in the Street' to Undo Trump, White Evangelical Agenda

Texas Bishop Decries 'Evil Rhetoric' of Pro-Abortion Catholic Politicians

U.S. Bishops Launch Day of Prayer to Overturn Roe and Casey

Catholic League: Schumer Act 'Most Radical Pro-Abortion Bill Ever Written'

Democrats Push Radical Abortion Bill Far More Expansive Than Roe

Democrats' National Abortion Bill Replaces Word 'Woman' With 'Person'

Dem Bid to Secure Roe v. Wade as Matter of National Law Fails, 49-51

Senate test vote on abortion bill flops as Manchin votes 'no'

Joe Manchin Would Vote to Codify 'Right' to Abortion - but Objects to Portions of Schumer's Bill

Klobuchar: Narrower Federal Abortion Legislation 'Doesn't Explicitly Stop States from Limiting Access' to Abortion

Scalise: Expect Day One Vote on Born-Alive Bill If GOP Wins Control in Midterms

Leaked SCOTUS opinion on reversing Roe v. Wade renews House Democrats' push to 'pack' court

Roberts may face roadblocks in probe of Roe leak, reporter who published it says

Psaki Tells Americans That If You Don't Support Roe v. Wade, You're 'Ultra MAGA'

Study: Sarin Gas Caused Gulf War Syndrome

Fentanyl crisis an undeclared war by China against the US: Pirro

Drug-Overdose Deaths Reached a Record in 2021, Fueled by Fentanyl

Drug Overdose Deaths Rise Nearly 15% in Joe Biden's First Year as President

Opioids crisis 'Completely devastating': US passes 1m overdose deaths since records began

Congress Mad About Baby Formula Shortage, But It Has A Shortage Of Solutions

2020: Bill Gates, Zuckerberg, Other Billionaires Invest in Environmentally-Friendly Artificial Breast Milk Cultured From Human Mammary

White House Predicts 100 Million COVID-19 Cases In Fall And Winter Unless The Feds Get Billions In Funding

House Republicans Demand Answers From CDC Over Reports It Tracked Location Data From Millions Of Americans During COVID-19 Pandemic

Military doctors can't trust DOD medical database after COVID vax injuries scrubbed: whistleblower

China: Taiwan Can't Participate in WHO Conference

China: Farmers Forbidden From Farming Under Lockdown

Shanghai Lockdown Forced 13-Year-Old Boy to Live Alone in Apartment for 66 Days

Shanghai's Month-Plus Lockdown Expands to Suburbs

WHO Chief Censored in China After Calling Its 'Zero COVID' Policy Unsustainable

China faces 'tsunami ' of 1.6 million deaths from omicron variant if Zero-COVID policy dropped: study

China's Vaccine Diplomacy Sees Setback Amid Omicron

Indian Govt Says Vaccine Lobby Tried To Influence Elections Through WHO Report

Los Angeles postpones its public school vaccine mandate until summer 2023

Growing share of Covid-19 deaths are among vaccinated people, but booster shots substantially lower the risk

Covaxin Maker Gets $19 Million For Development Of 'Variant Proof' Vaccine

Bill Gates says COVID is 'kind of like the flu,' and that the vaccines are 'imperfect'

'Masks are pretty magical. I'm surprised that people got fatigued wearing them': Bill Gates

EU Will Scrap Mask Mandate For Air Travel

Evangelical Lutheran Church short 'at least 600' pastors as many step away from ministry amid pandemic

Tracking Bible Prophecy Headlines - 5/11/2022

Israel said to strike Syrian Golan in missile attack, damage reported

Veteran Al Jazeera journalist shot dead during Israeli raid in Jenin

'No Steins': Nasrallah rejects Israel-born US envoy to maritime talks with Jerusalem

Jordan's FM says Jerusalem holy sites are 'occupied Palestinian land'

Flight returns to Ben Gurion terminal as plane crash pics sent to passengers' phones

Lufthansa apologizes after report all visibly Jewish passengers barred from flight

'Sad day at happiest place on earth': Nazi flags flown outside Florida Disney World - Jewish groups call for Florida officials to condemn appearance of swastika banners outside amusement park; ADL denounces 'abhorrent display of antisemitism'

U.S. House OKs Honoring Last Living Nuremberg Prosecutor With Rare Honor

France's Macron expected to boost Israel ties during second term

Ra'am yet to decide on rejoining Bennett as potential coalition-killing vote looms

UN nuclear agency 'extremely concerned' by Iranian silence on undeclared sites

As Putin's Victory Day brings no major war escalation, U.S. ramps up support of Ukraine

House Passes $40 Billion Foreign Aid Package For Ukraine in 368-57 Vote

Mitch McConnell Stumps for Biden's $40 Billion Ukraine Aid Package As Baby Food Shortages Hit the US - "The Most Important Thing Right Now is The War in Ukraine"

UN receiving 'credible' information about Ukrainian troops torturing Russian prisoners, official says

Mariupol Councillor: Russian troops preparing chemical attack on Azovstal on 11 May

US says Putin prepping for prolonged Ukraine campaign, wants land link to Moldova

Russia pummels vital port of Odesa, targeting supply lines

Russian-Ukrainian war could spill over into the Balkans, Kosovo FM warns

Crucial NATO decisions expected in Finland, Sweden this week

Russian ambassador storms out of Knesset over Ukraine war criticism

Commentary: Despite Spat Over Hitler's Roots, Israel Can't Afford to Upset Putin

Orban: Shortages of Ukrainian and Russian Grain Means 'Famine in Many Parts of the World', More Migration Pressure

CIA director: Ukraine war hasn't 'eroded Xi's determination' to control Taiwan

G7 flags concerns in selection of new Hong Kong leader, prompts rebuke from China

South Korea Swears In Conservative President Yoon Suk-yeol: 'The Most Important Core Value Is Freedom'

New South Korean President Takes Office, Offers 'Audacious' Economic Plan If North Abandons Nukes

Philippines election win returns Marcos to power, and polarization

Sri Lanka: President Tweets as Mobs Burn 50+ Homes of Ruling Politicians

4 Die as Gas Grenade Sets Off Student Stampede in Bolivia

Grassley, Johnson raise concerns on Hunter Biden probe centered in Delaware, conflicts of interest

Hunter Biden Emails Show 'The Big Guy' Getting Way More Than 10 Percent

Bullet pierces window of Virginia attorney general's office

Biden DOJ Is Threatening Jan. 6 Defendants With Life in Prison after Walking Inside US Capitol and Taking Pictures

Florida nonprofit sues Biden DOJ for directing federal agencies to engage in voting activities

New Mexico Audit Identifies Feature in Dominion Voting Machines that Allows Ballots to be Filled Out by Machine Itself

Box of 104 Mail-In Ballots Discovered on East Hollywood Sidewalk

MAGA Arizona Gubernatorial Candidate Kari Lake When Asked About Roe V. Wade Leak: "I Think It Really Is A Way To Detract From Dinesh D'Souza's 2000 Mules"

So Who Did Democrat Non-Profits Use as Their Ballot Traffickers to Steal the Election? In Georgia and Wisconsin Many Traffickers Were Also BLM-Antifa Rioters

Judicial Watch: Court Orders FBI to Disclose Details on Officials Who Opened Illicit Spy Operation on Donald Trump

Elon Musk says he would lift Twitter ban on Donald Trump after deal closes

ACLU Praises Musk's Decision to Allow Trump Back on Twitter

Nolte: Trump Rally Averages More Viewers Than CNN Primetime

Networks ignore Biden's 'Truth Ministry' and 'Disinfo czar'

Disinformation Czar Nina Jankowicz Wants "Trustworthy People" Like Herself to be Able to Add Context to Other People's Tweets

Nina Jankowicz Endorsed Government Setting Speech Standards and Fining Social Media Companies

FL Gov. Ron DeSantis Designates Nov. 7 'Victims of Communism Day,' Slams Biden's Disinformation Board

Netflix Tells Employees Ads May Appear by End of 2022 - NYT

Amazon stock has lost nearly all of its gains from the pandemic

Silicon Valley Underwater: Tech Giants Lose $1 Trillion in Value in 3 Days

Joe Biden Accidentally Admits Democrats Have "No Plan" to Reduce Energy Prices

Biden finally admits soaring inflation a 'real tough problem,' suggests it may get worse

Joe Biden Blames Everything but Himself for Inflation in Speech Offering No New Solutions

Joe Biden Asked If He Will Resign Over Record Inflation Rate: "Resign. That's a Good Idea"

Rick Scott: Joe Biden Is 'Incoherent, Incapacitated & Confused' amid Inflation

Americans Planning Summer Travel Face a New Hurdle: High Inflation

Household debt nears $16 trillion despite rising rates and inflation

Skipping meals. Racking up debt. How inflation is squeezing single parents

Prices Are Going Up So Fast at This Restaurant They're Using Stickers on the Menu

El Salvador's President Unveils Golden 'Bitcoin City' Amid Brutal Crash

Commentary: Beware the Popping of the Housing Bubble

'One of the greatest mysteries of our time': Congress to hold UFO hearing next week

Impulsive X1.5 solar flare erupts from geoeffective AR 3006

Scientists Detect the Biggest Extraterrestrial Earthquake Ever

Earthquake swarm on Reykjanes Peninsula, Iceland

6.8 magnitude earthquake hits near San Antonio de los Cobres, Argentina

5.6 magnitude earthquake hits near Port-Vila, Vanuatu

5.4 magnitude earthquake hits the South Sandwich Islands region

Sabancaya volcano in Peru erupts to 25,000ft

Ruiz volcano in Colombia erupts to 22,000ft

Sangay volcano in Ecuador erupts to 20,000ft

Fuego volcano in Guatemala erupts to 15,000ft

Reventador volcano in Ecuador erupts to 14,000ft

Semeru volcano in Indonesia erupts to 14,000ft

Large rockslide hits Bijie City, Guizhou, China

Tropical Cyclone "Asani" intensifies, moving WNW toward Andhra Pradesh, India

Tropical Cyclone Asani threatens eastern India as another brutal heat wave continues across the country

May heat wave to send AccuWeather RealFeel temperatures up to 100 as far north as Missouri

Los Angeles Imposes New Water Restrictions Amid Drought, Asks Residents to Reduce Showering Time by 4 Minutes

EPA Senior Adviser for Environmental Justice Wants 'Environmental Reparations' to Heal Relationship with Nature

Oscar-nominated actor James Cromwell glues hand to Starbucks counter during animal rights protest

Lake Mead bodies renew interest in Las Vegas mob history

Rapper Dom Kennedy Sues Los Angeles over 'Unconstitutional Gun Control Laws' After Arrest

GOP Rep. Tom Reed resigns from Congress after sexual misconduct accusations

Trump candidate loses Nebraska GOP primary after allegations of sexual misconduct

Convicted Transgender Child Molester, Given Light Sentence by Soros-backed D.A Gascon, Booked for Murder in CA

Yearbooks on hold over photos of students protesting Florida law limiting LGBTQ classroom instruction

Woke NBA to Hold Preseason Games in UAE Where Homosexuality is Punishable by Death - Canceled Game in Charlotte in 2016 Over Transgender Bathroom Law

Washington Post Obtains New Leaks From Supreme Court Revealing Conservative Justices Are Holding the Line

Catholic Dems mostly silent on targeting of churches by pro-abortion activists - Pelosi has praised protesters expressing 'righteous anger' about the leak

Wisconsin pro-life group calls out Pelosi's inciteful rhetoric after Molotov cocktail attack

'Family Guy' Invokes Justice Brett Kavanaugh in Vulgar Rape Joke

Chicago Mayor Lightfoot Foments Insurrection After Accusing Trump of Inciting Violence for Much Less

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot issues 'call to arms' over US Supreme Court

Schumer Endorses Criminal Conduct When Asked if He is Comfortable with Protests Outside Homes of Conservative Supreme Court Justices

Psaki defends 'peaceful to date' abortion protests at justices' homes despite legal concern

Governor Kathy Hochul Announces $35 Million to Protect Abortion Providers in New York if Roe Overturned

Searches for Vasectomies Soar After Supreme Court Draft Leak

Cher Predicts Doomsday over Roe v. Wade: 'Beginning of the End of Freedom'

McDonald's to Offer Tarot Card Readings on TikTok

Nonprofit Watchdog Uncovers $350 Million in Secret Payments to Fauci, Collins, Others at NIH

Despite Reports of Recurring Covid-19 Symptoms After Taking Paxlovid Pill, WHO Calls Pfizer to Make its Covid Pill Available to Poorer Countries

House panel alleges cover-up by contract vaccine maker

Vaccine developer hid quality control problems from FDA, House report concludes

Emergent BioSolutions discarded ingredients for 400 million COVID-19 vaccines, probe finds

Bill Allows Minors to Get Vaccine Without Parental Consent

Air Force Admits All Granted Religious Accommodations for Vax Were for Airmen Already Leaving Service

Coronavirus Lockdown in Shanghai Triggers Riot at MacBook Factory

Shanghai's Covid Lockdown Leaves Thousands Sleeping in Its Streets

Shanghai's Covid Lockdown Gets Tougher: 'If One Person Tests Positive, the Whole Building Isolates'

WHO says China's zero-Covid strategy unsustainable

Coronavirus: economic toll of China's latest outbreak '10 times more severe' than Wuhan in 2020

Vaxxed and Boosted Bill Gates Tests Positive for COVID, Previously Claimed COVID Vaccines Would Stop Transmission

Tracking Bible Prophecy Headlines - 5/10/2022

Jordanian king expected to meet Biden at White House over Temple Mount tensions

Israel denies agreement with Jordan to expand Waqf staff on Temple Mount

Lapid: Israel doesn't need permission from the US to build in settlements

Over 3,000 new homes approved for Jerusalem

PA: Sovereignty over Jerusalem, holy sites belongs to 'State of Palestine'

Biden considering visit to Palestinian hospital in east Jerusalem - report

World Bank: Despite growth, 'precarious' Palestinian economy needs more aid

IDF opens largest training drill in Israeli history - "Chariots of Fire" is taking place one year after it was postponed and is set to last the entire month

Israel considering military op in Jenin or Gaza in response to terror wave - reports

Israeli security forces arrest 15 in Judea and Samaria counter-terror operations

IDF believes Hamas not driving terror spate, but 'riding the wave'

Israel said prepping teams to carry out targeted killings of Hamas leaders abroad

Police round up hundreds of Palestinians in Israel illegally after Elad attack

Haredi lawmaker says his dream is to 'blow up' the Supreme Court

As Knesset reopens, bloodied coalition insists unity can keep it alive

Knesset reopens with government teetering, opposition seeking to bring it down

Meeting with coalition chiefs amid crisis, Bennett vows government won't fall

Khaled Kabub sworn in as Israeli Supreme Court's first Muslim justice

A rival sits out Lebanon's election. Now Hezbollah could fill the void

Saudis Say Former Lebanese PM 'Surrendered to Hezbollah' in Election Withdrawal

Army nabs three gun-smuggling suspects on Lebanon border

World Bank approves $150 mln food security loan for Lebanon: Minister

Pope Francis postpones Lebanon visit over knee ailment

Queen Elizabeth pulls out parliament opening because of 'episodic mobility problems'

Sri Lanka's unions begin 'Week of Protests' as economic crisis deepens

Sri Lankan prime minister resigns after weeks of protests

Iran says EU nuclear negotiator to visit this week

China says it conducted exercises near Taiwan

Saudi Arabia's King and Crown Prince congratulate Putin on 'Victory Day' anniversary

Ukrainian president Zelensky says 'evil is reborn' as Europe marks VE Day

Zelenskyy on Victory Day: Russia adopting Nazi philosophy, Putin imitating Hitler

White House: Putin celebrates Nazi defeat while committing 'war crimes' in Ukraine

'No place for hangmen, executioners or Nazis': Putin ties Ukraine invasion to WWII

Putin says Russia fighting for motherland in Ukraine in Victory Day speech

'West was preparing to invade our land,' Putin says at Victory Day parade

Putin accuses the West of backing threats of 'nuclear war,' provoking Ukraine conflict

Putin's 'Victory Day' Parade Appearance Renews Speculation About His Health

Macron: Putin's stance 'warlike', no peace through 'humiliation' of Russia or Ukraine

US official slams Putin, fears 'long-term conflict' between Russia and Ukraine

Biden Signs Ukraine 'Lend-Lease' Bill to Speed Military Aid in Sharp Rejoinder to Putin

US Congress Plans Nearly $40 Billion More for Ukraine, COVID Aid to Wait

Biden tells top national security officials leaks about intelligence sharing with Ukrainians must stop

Leaks raise concern Ukraine will spill into US-Russia proxy war

Ukraine school bombing just the latest alleged atrocity as Russia pummels towns and cities across eastern Donbas region

Fears of False Flag Operation Grow as Russia Claims Ukraine Poised for Chemical Weapons Attack

Pentagon: Some Russian Troops 'Refusing to Obey Orders' in War With Ukraine

Ukraine mocked Russia's 'Victory Day' by holding a 'parade' of captured Russian tanks

Russia's military-industrial complex in panic over low salaries, mass layoffs

Rebel Editors at Pro-Putin Newspaper Mock 'Paranoid Dictator'

Russian Ambassador Sergei Andreev doused with red paint by protesters in Poland

Russian oil boss dies 'from toad poisoning'

Germany prepares crisis plan for abrupt end to Russian gas

US gas prices back near record highs, hammering motorists

Gas prices hit new all-time high as EU considers blocking Russian oil, Biden keeps restrictions

25 Million Ton Backlog of Grains Blocked From Being Exported out of Ukraine: UN Food Agency

Dow falls more than 600 points, S&P 500 tumbles below 4,000 to the lowest level in a year

Bitcoin's price is now 50% down from its peak as the crypto plunge continues

40% of bitcoin investors are now underwater, new data shows

Tech giants lost more than $1 trillion in value in the last three trading days

Hunter Biden working with Hollywood lawyer to investigate laptop leak: Report

Hollywood lawyer paid off over $2M of Hunter Biden's delinquent taxes

GOP Sens Seek DOJ Official's Recusal in Hunter Biden Tax Probe

In Georgia Governor's Race, Perdue Hits Kemp for $1.5 Billion to Soros-Linked Company

Mike Lindell Calls Kemp, Raffensperger, and Carr the 'Triple Crown of Crime'

Biden's new WH press secretary claimed Trump, Ga. Gov. Kemp 'stole' elections

Missouri Senate Passes Election Integrity Bill - Bans Drop Boxes, Ballot Harvesting and Zuckerbucks - Requires Photo ID for Voting

Wisconsin Election Commission Takes Down Voter Roll List and Voting History of 7.2 Million Voters After Release of "2000 Mules" Documentary

FOX News Would Not Allow Catherine Engelbrecht to Mention Her Movie "2000 Mules" When She Went on With Tucker Carlson

New WH Press Secretary Called Previous Elections With GOP Wins 'Stolen'

Former AG Eric Holder Says Trump Should Be Indicted, in Reversal of Previous Stance: 'He Has To Be Held Accountable'

Colorado Election Officials Resorting to Bulletproof Vests Amid Fears of Midterm Violence

Philippines Asserting 'poll fraud', protesters reject Marcos victory at Comelec HQ in Manila

An MEP has accused EU Bureaucrats of trying to "denationalise" politics with a globalist leaning rewrite of the bloc's election system

DOJ notes show FBI panic after Trump tweet accusing Obama of spying on campaign

President of Ireland Says Musk Relaxing Twitter Censorship Would Be 'Dangerous Narcissism'

Attorneys General sue Biden over suppression of free speech

Anthony Fauci Rails Against the 'Normalization of Untruths' in Commencement Speech

Biden FDA Chief Insists "Misinformation" is Impacting Life Expectancy in the US

Rand Paul: The 'Government Is Largely Disseminating Disinformation'

FCC commissioner says Biden's 'disinformation board' is 'unconstitutional' - 20 Republican-led states threaten legal action against DHS

Commentary: The Biden Administration's 'Disinformation' Board Is A Tool Straight From Soviet Russia's KGB

US-Israeli cyber firm uncovers 'massive' Chinese-backed industrial espionage ring

Israel's Government to Submit Law Permitting Facial Recognition Cameras in Public Spaces

Sky over Chinese city turns blood red and triggers panic among locals - China explained that the strange colouration was not man-made but the result of natural light refraction

NASA reveals 1,600-foot asteroid will make 'close approach' to Earth in six days

NASA's InSight lander records 'monster earthquake' on Mars

Strong and shallow M6.3 earthquake hits near the coast of Taiwan

6.3 magnitude earthquake hits near Lorengau, Papua New Guinea

5.4 magnitude earthquake hits near El Hoyo, Argentina

5.3 magnitude earthquake hits near Madang, Papua New Guinea

5.2 magnitude earthquake hits near south of the Kermadec Islands

5.2 magnitude earthquake hits the Scotia Sea

5.2 magnitude earthquake hits near Toba, Japan

5.1 magnitude earthquake hits the South Sandwich Islands region

5.0 magnitude earthquake hits near Ambon, Indonesia

5.0 magnitude earthquake hits near Yonakuni, Japan

5.0 magnitude earthquake hits southeast of Easter Island

Preliminary 3.3 magnitude quake jolts South Carolina

Ruiz volcano in Colombia erupts to 27,000ft

Sabancaya volcano in Peru erupts to 24,000ft

Sangay volcano in Ecuador erupts to 24,000ft

Feugo volcano in Guatemala erupts to 15,000ft

Reventador volcano in Ecuador erupts to 14,000ft

Semeru volcano in Indonesia erupts to 14,000ft

Alaska landslide cuts off road access to residents, tourists

Disaster emergency declared amid ice jam flooding in Alaska

Glacial lake outburst flood destroys Hassanabad bridge linking Pakistan and China

Pakistan Dramatic footage shows enormous bridge crumbling amid raging floodwaters

West Virginia declares a state of emergency due to significant flooding

Very rare tornado hits Assam, India

Homes evacuated after wildfire breaks out near Ness Ziona amid high winds in Israel

It's not even summer, and California's two largest reservoirs are at 'critically low' levels

Bodies surfacing in Lake Mead recall mob's time in Las Vegas

Record-challenging heat to expand across 2,000-mile stretch from Texas to Maine

'It's just not good.' Experts describe the dire situation in Texas as they battle record-breaking temperatures and raging fires

Thousands of Austin residents experience power outage during spring heat wave

Severe heat wave kills dozens in India and Pakistan in a "snapshot" of what's to come from climate change, expert says

Poll: Voters More Concerned About Gas Prices than Climate Change

Energean Discovers Gas off Israel's Shore near Karish and Tanin Fields

Ecuador prison riot leaves 43 dead in latest bloody episode - Sixth deadly prison massacre in country fueled by rival drug gangs since the beginning of 2021, bringing death toll to nearly 400

Los Angeles woman admits to killing her three children on Mother's Day with assistance of teen son: report

Keith Olbermann spends Mother's Day attacking mom for choosing to homeschool her children

Tucker: Modern liberals hate Christianity, not because it's repressive, but because they are

Venezuela's Nicolas Maduro Tries a New PR Campaign: Going Woke

Ghislaine Maxwell's Sentence Reduced, Judge Points to 'Repetitive' Nature of Guilty Counts

Target Launches 'Gender Affirming' Products Including Chest Binders And 'Packing Underwear'

Alabama law criminalizing gender transition surgery, drugs for minors takes effect

Disney Star Tom Hiddleston: Making Loki Bisexual a 'Small Step,' Still 'Further to Go'

Disney-Marvel 'Doctor Strange' Star Benedict Cumberbatch Leads Shrill Pro-Abortion Sketch as SNL Host

Satanic Temple to argue abortion is ritual in legal challenges to states that put up hurdles to procedure

Actress Rosanna Arquette: 'Satanic' SCOTUS Seeking to 'Traffic Babies'

Pelosi fires back at Newsom's criticism of Dem Party, says abortion rights a 'constant fight'

Pelosi lauds protesters using 'righteous anger' to 'march and mobilize,' as Supreme Court set to overturn Roe

After Justifying Harassment, White House Finally Condemns Threats Against Supreme Court Justices

White House: Vandalism of Catholic Churches and Pro-Life Centers 'Unacceptable' but 'We Understand the Passion'

Barr on SCOTUS Home Protests: 'Federal Crime' to Go to Judge's Residence to Influence Decisions

DOJ silent on abortion protests at justices' homes despite federal law prohibiting 'pickets' to influence case

Senators quickly pass bill to expand security for families of Supreme Court justices

Reports: Justice Samuel Alito Moved to Undisclosed Location

Protests at Justice Kavanaugh's home 'one of the scariest things I've ever witnessed,' says reporter - demonstrations an 'attempt at intimidation'

Nolte: Protests of Roe's End Were Pitiful Compared to Backlash over Trump's Election, George Floyd

Arson of Pro-Life Group's Office Not Being Investigated as Terrorism: Police

MSNBC Guest Says She Wants to 'Make Sweet Love' to SCOTUS Leaker, and 'Joyfully Abort Our Fetus'

MSNBC guest jokes Justice Alito would 'sell babies' if he could

Democrats' Bill to Codify 'Roe' and Abortion Omits the Word 'Woman'

Ted Cruz Admits 'More Than A Few Republican Senators' Are Nervous About Electoral Implications of Overturning Roe

Law enforcement may fully unleash its data collection tools on abortion

Lightfoot: $500,000 in Funding for Abortions for Non-Chicagoans Is 'a Down Payment'

Actress Jameela Jamil encourages abortion so men can avoid 'lifelong fatherhood and child support payments'

Bette Midler Says 'Every Woman and Girl' Should Take a Knee During National Anthem

Writers Guild Suggests Hollywood Abandon Productions in Pro-Life States

Michigan's abortion ban is draconian and should be vacated, attorney general says

Idaho Lt. Gov. McGeachin calls for special session to remove all exceptions from abortion 'trigger law'

The Supreme Court Leak Was an Unplanned Complication for Pregnancy Centers

New drug could 'switch off' genes that trigger deadly brain tumors

Connecticut man suffers from deadly brain infection caused by Powassan virus after he was bit by a tick

Editor of the British Medical Journal tells the FDA about Serious Concerns over Pfizer Trial Data Integrity And the lack of FDA oversight

Rare cases of COVID returning pose questions for Pfizer pill

Ron Johnson opens probe into CDC tracking Americans through phone data - Johnson said the tracking "really raises some very serious constitutional issues"

Videos of People Dragged Into Quarantine Censored in China

Gregory Copley: China's 'Civil War' Fought Through Lockdowns

South Africa Covid positivity rate nears record amid Omicron spread

COVID Positivity Tops 20% in Hot NYC Neighborhood as 5th Wave Intensifies

Susan Rice is the latest member of Biden's inner circle to test positive for COVID-19

Netizens Slam Justin Trudeau for Not Wearing Mask in Ukraine with 35% Jab Rate But Wears Mask in Canada with Almost 90% Jab Rate Because "Science"

Tracking Bible Prophecy Headlines - 5/9/2022

Bennett: There won't be any foreign interference in decisions regarding Temple Mount

Amid deadly terror wave, Bennett calls for creation of civil national guard

More attacks follow forces' capture of terrorists after three-day manhunt

Police officer stabbed in neck at Jerusalem's Damascus Gate; attacker shot

Palestinian shot dead after infiltrating West Bank settlement with knife - IDF

Palestinian terrorists believed to have hidden in nearby school after Elad attack

Netanyahu said to insist he won't sign plea deal in corruption trial

Church of England apologizes to Jews 800 years after laws that led to expulsion

Islamic state claims responsibility for attack on Egyptian troops in Sinai

Saudi king Salman hospitalized for colonoscopy, instructed to rest for 'some time'

St. Louis hopes to boost its population by importing Afghan refugees

Syria's Assad meets top Iranian leaders in surprise Tehran visit

Russia said to pull troops from Syria to bolster forces in Ukraine

Russia readies massive Victory Day parade, seeking to legitimize war with Ukraine

On World War II anniversary, Zelenskyy says evil has returned

Putin vows that 'as in 1945,' Ukraine will be liberated from 'Nazi filth'

Day 74 of Putin's war. Ukraine's army moves away from Popasna to stronger position, Zelensky reminds world of phrase 'never again'

Bombing of school in Ukrainian town kills two, 60 more under debris: Governor

Russian space agency chief boasts nuclear capabilities, claims NATO would lose 'in 30 minutes'

'Let's Take Out Putin': Graham Doubles Down on Ukraine War 'Off-Ramp'

Ukraine's Ports Must Be Reopened or Millions Face Starvation Warns UN

Biden, G7 Leaders Pledge Further Economic Isolation of Russia

White House to impose new sanctions on Russian companies and citizens

US diplomats return to Ukrainian capital for first time since invasion

Jill Biden, Justin Trudeau, U2's Bono and The Edge Visit Ukraine on Same Day

Jill Biden makes surprise visit to Ukraine, says she wanted to come on Mother's Day

Canada's Trudeau announces new weapons for Ukraine in visit to Kyiv

Pope Francis Presents 'Tears of the Ukrainian People' to the Virgin Mary

Zelensky's iconic fleece sold for over $100,000 at Ukraine fundraiser

"If I Die Under Mysterious Circumstances, It's Been Nice Knowing Ya" - Elon Musk Posts Response After Russia Threatens Starlink Founder for Assisting Ukraine

Gordon Chang: Be 'Very Concerned About Beijing's Designs' on Taiwan

Australia PM to 'ensure' no Chinese base on Solomon Islands

Setback in Durham Probe After Judge Limits Prosecutor's Evidence

Tech Giants Are Censoring, Blacklisting and Banning Posts on the "2000 Mules" Ballot Trafficking Documentary Across Social Media Platforms

Investigator Gregg Phillips: FOX's Lawyers Are Keeping "2000 Mules" Off of the Channel

Billionaire George Soros dumps $1M into Stacey Abrams campaign

Soros floods cash into Arkansas prosecutor race

Trump Jr.: American People See 'They've Been in a Rigged Game'

Conservatives eye government shutdown to ax Biden DHS 'disinformation' board

World's First Outer Space Hotel Scheduled to Open in 2025

May 2021: Rare "super flower blood moon" lunar eclipse captured in stunning photos from around the world

May 2022: May's full Flower Moon will be a super blood moon total lunar eclipse

5.5 magnitude earthquake hits near Tobelo, Indonesia

5.5 magnitude earthquake hits near Cruz Bay, U.S. Virgin Islands

5.4 magnitude earthquake hits near Olonkinbyen, Svalbard and Jan Mayen

5.1 magnitude earthquake hits near Olonkinbyen, Svalbard and Jan Mayen

5.0 magnitude earthquake hits near Tadine, New Caledonia

5.0 magnitude earthquake hits near Tobelo, Indonesia

Sabancaya volcano in Peru erupts to 24,000ft

Ruiz volcano in Colombia erupts to 23,000ft

Fuego volcano in Guatemala erupts to 15,000ft

Semeru volcano in Indonesia erupts to 14,000ft

New Mexico wildfire scorches about 275 square miles, fueled by strong winds and high temperatures

Lake Mead drought exposes more human remains

Food Crisis: German Farmers Warn of Drought-Related Crop Failure on Top of Grain, Fuel, Fertiliser Woes

Israel advances its first Climate Bill in bid to hit emission goals

Grid operators warn of electricity shortage amid switch to renewables: Report

Why Energy Prices Are Projected to Increase 50% in 2022 - After Doubling Last Year

'How to Murder Your Husband' novelist accidentally confessed to killing real-life chef husband: prosecutor

New York subway shooting suspect indicted on terrorism charge

Mexican tiger fight ritual draws blood to bring rain

Police: Multicultural Sweden Has Become Scandinavia's Drug Hub

Dr. Ben Carson: Celebrating Abortions Is 'Pure Evil'

Left-wing protesters torch pro-life organization office with Molotov Cocktails

Godless Pro-Abortion Group Announces Latest Assault on Christians: "We Will Be Burning the Eucharist to Show Our Disgust"

Radical Abortion Activists Gather Outside Supreme Court Justices' Homes

Pelosi Admits Democrats Are Working to Change SCOTUS Draft Decision on Roe v Wade as Leftists Protest Outside Homes of Conservative Justices

Maher: I Didn't Know Until This Week That Many European Countries Have 'Way More Restrictive' Abortion Laws Than the U.S.

Corporations Stay Quiet on Abortion After Disney's Disastrous Tangle with DeSantis

Hutchinson: National Abortion Ban 'Inconsistent' with GOP State's Rights Position

LA High School Promotes Abortion Resources to Students, Parent Permission 'Not Required'

NJ transgender woman who forced daughter into child porn operation sentenced with 3 others

Democrats in 19 States Want to Offer Legal Refuge to 'Trans' Youths

107 Florida congregations leaving UMC to join new conservative church network amid LGBT debate

More than half a million pounds of precooked chicken recalled over salmonella concerns

Oh, rats! As New Yorkers emerge from pandemic, so do rodents

Study Finds More Than 25% Increase Emergency Cardiovascular Events in 16–39 Age Group During COVID-19 Vaccination Rollout in Israel

Israel to scrap mandatory airport COVID testing on May 20

COVID-19 cases climb after White House media dinner

Fully Vaccinated and Boosted NY Governor Kathy Hochul Tests Positive for Covid-19

Tracking Bible Prophecy Headlines - 5/8/2022

Riyadh to invest millions in Israeli tech via Jared Kushner's new fund

New White House press secretary urged Democrats to skip pro-Israel conference claiming it was "severely racist"

Coalition would fall if settlement homes plan not okayed, officials said to tell US

Bennett, Lapid to meet coalition chiefs amid ongoing political crisis

Liberman says Netanyahu prevented targeted killings of Hamas leaders

Hamas vows suicide bombings, 'unprecedented response' if Israel targets its leaders

Gantz on calls to target Hamas leadership: Such decisions mustn't be political

US 'vehemently' condemns 'heinous' terror attack in Elad

PA leader Abbas condemns Elad terror attack; Israel extends West Bank, Gaza closure

Police chief: Elad terrorists like 'wounded animals,' could try final suicide attack

Trump sought pre-election strike on senior Iranian commander, says ex-Pentagon chief

Iranian who allegedly confessed to plotting hit on Israeli says he was coerced

Israeli embassy in New Delhi said on high alert amid 'serious' fear of Iran attack

EU suggests IRGC terror delisting compromise in attempt to save Iran nuke talks

Syria says airstrikes target area where Iran-backed forces known to operate

Sinai Militants Kill 11 Soldiers in Deadliest Attack in Years, Egypt's Military Says

Saudi Arabia, UAE strongly condemn 'terrorist' attack on Egyptian troops in Sinai

UN experts favor keeping South Sudan arms embargo

Yemen officials: Two commanders killed in clash with militants

UN leads 65m Euros plan to stop huge oil spill off Yemen during first ceasefire in six years

Afghanistan's Taliban rulers order all women to cover head-to-toe in public

US 'concerned' after Taliban orders Afghan women to cover faces: State dept

As Tunisia's Democratic Experiment Unravels, Economic Collapse Looms

Nigerian airlines suspend flights over soaring jet fuel prices

Orban: Hungary Won't Back EU Ban on Russian Oil

Finland, Sweden need to move now on NATO while Putin is preoccupied with Ukraine, former secretary general says

Bennett said to refuse Ukraine request to cancel 'Victory Day' ceremonies in Israel

Putin to Send 'Doomsday' Warning to West at Russia's WW2 Victory Parade

Ukraine Prime Minister: Russia Plans to Announce 'Full-Fledged War' on May 9

Russian Reports: Ukraine Plotting Crimean Bridge Attack for Victory Day

Experts: Even a "Small" Nuclear War Between US-Russia Will Likely Cause Billions of Deaths

Italy impounds $700 million superyacht allegedly linked to Putin

WHO gathers evidence for possible war crimes investigation against Russia

Senior Russian lawmaker says US directly involved in Ukraine fighting

Al-Qaeda chief blames US for Ukraine invasion in new video

Democratic congressman calls conflict in Ukraine a 'proxy' war

China 'carefully' studying Ukraine war as it eyes Taiwan: CIA chief

China sends 18 jets into Taiwan's air defense zone

China, Japan and the US All Have Carrier Groups in the West Pacific As Tensions with Taiwan Rise

Sri Lanka president declares new state of emergency as protests roil island

Diplomats concerned by state of emergency in Sri Lanka

French Guyana: Pastor shot dead, church set on fire after meeting delegation of Evangelicals

Macron, Inaugurated for a Second Term, Faces War in Europe and Social Tensions at Home

Brazil's former leader Lula survived a corruption conviction and cancer. Now he's vying for the presidency again

Congressman says watchdog found police entered his office for 'criminal' probe, not open door

Trump National Security Adviser: 'Problematic,' Unprecedented if Turkish-Tied Mehmet Oz Elected to Senate

Mike Pompeo questions Dr. Oz's ties to Turkey after it was revealed the GOP Senate candidate voted in the country's 2018 election

Oz Voted in Turkish Election Days After Skipping Vote in America, Records Show

Aram Hamparian: Mehmet Oz's Turkish Ties Put Him 'At Odds' with America First Agenda

'Pretty Gross': How a Network of Retired Lawmakers Boosts CCP Influence in Washington

Biden Copies Trump Proposal To Refill Oil Reserves - And Spends Way More Doing It

House Republicans Introduce Legislation That Would Ban Biden From Canceling Student Loan Debt

Leadership At Joe Biden's 'Disinformation Governance Board' Has Ties To George Soros

Biden's 'disinformation board' is an unconstitutional thought-police bureau

Maher: Attempts to Censor 'Misinformation' Treat Us Like 'We're all Helpless, Dumb' - Distinguishing Truth and Lies Is 'Your Job'

Musk's $44 Billion Twitter Buyout Challenged in Shareholder Lawsuit

Musk aims to quintuple Twitter's revenue to $26.4 billion by 2028, New York Times reports

California Admits that 65,000 Students in its Community Colleges Are Fake - Costing the State Millions

5.5 magnitude earthquake hits near Naha, Japan

5.4 magnitude earthquake hits the Pagan region, Northern Mariana Islands

5.2 magnitude earthquake hits near Kirakira, Solomon Islands

5.2 magnitude earthquake hits near Tobelo, Indonesia

5.0 magnitude earthquake hits near Ust'-Kamchatsk Staryy, Russia

5.0 magnitude earthquake hits near Golfito, Costa Rica

5.0 magnitude earthquake hits near Tobelo, Indonesia

Ruiz volcano in Colombia erupts to 25,000ft

Sabancaya volcano in Peru erupts to 24,000ft

Fuego volcano in Guatemala erupts to 16,000ft

Fuego volcano in Guatemala erupts to 15,000ft

Reventador volcano in Ecuador erupts to 14,000ft

Semeru volcano in Indonesia erupts to 14,000ft

Hail and frost decimate Spanish apricot crop

Brazil sets another Amazon deforestation record, prompting alarm

Fires in Siberia kill at least 10 as 'violent winds' fan flames

Firefighters Brace for Potentially Historic Winds in New Mexico

California energy officials warn of possible blackouts this summer for up to 4 million people

New York Teachers Receive Eligibility Credits for Learning How to Indoctrinate Students

The Evil Christian-Cultist Doctor Who Secretly Fathered 94 Children

US Jewish summer camp veterans opening stay-away program for trans kids

Tennessee Governor Signs Bill Banning Trans Athletes From Female Collegiate Sports

Democrats Quietly Scrub Abortion Bill Language Saying Men Can Get Pregnant

Yahoo: New poll reveals warning signs for GOP on abortion ahead of midterms

Kamala Harris warns women may lose right to 'make decisions about their own bodies' in commencement speech

Maher: Unborn Are 'Becoming a Life,' But You're Not Alive Until You're Born, I've Never 'Thought Life Itself Was Particularly Precious'

Maher: Arguing Roe Is 'Settled Law' Is Nonsense, Plessy Was Settled Law

Brooks: Roe 'Was Fragile' and Ginsburg Warned About That

McConnell says national abortion ban 'possible'

Supreme Court leak shakes trust in one more American pillar

Courts Can't Be 'Bullied' Into Delivering Outcomes People Demand: Clarence Thomas

Leftists respond after Justice Clarence Thomas says court won't be 'bullied': 'Bully them harder'

Radical Abortion Activists Gather Outside Supreme Court Justices' Homes

Outside Kavanaugh's home, a neighbor rallies for abortion rights

TikTok users are planning a Mother's Day strike in support of abortion rights. Not everyone's on board.

Radical Abortion Activists Block Entrance to New York City Church

NYC church swarmed by pro-abortion protesters: 'I'm killing the babies'

Godless Leftists Vandalize Catholic Church in Boulder with Pro-Abortion Graffiti

Catholic churches receive 'credible threats' that pro-choice protesters will disrupt Mother's Day Mass

Rev. Franklin Graham Calls on Christians to Pack Churches as Pro-Abortion Radicals Plan Protests

Franklin Graham condemns Biden's insinuation that abortion rights come from being 'a child of God'

Planned Parenthood silent on how it's worked to 'examine' Margaret Sanger's eugenicist past

Israel sees spike in health complications from STDs

3 Americans at Bahamas Sandals resort found dead in unknown 'health emergency'

'Unprecedented' Bird Flu Epidemic Ripping Through Canada

Rare case of monkeypox confirmed in England, UK Health Security Agency says

Walgreens agrees to pay Florida $683 million in opioid case - Walgreens did not admit to any wrongdoing in the settlement

Border sheriff compares fentanyl toll to bomb taking out entire U.S. city

Biden ramp up of Title 42 expulsions for 'political optics,' not securing border: ex-border chiefs

Biden Seeks $10B More for COVID, Despite Billion Vaccines Unused

Thailand targets homegrown mRNA COVID-19 vaccine rollout by end-2022

Bill Gates Plans to Hire a 3,000-Person Social Media Team to Push Vaccines and Suppress Any Differing Information

Curl: Fauci Finally Exposed As The Hypocrite He Truly Is

Rand Paul blasts Fauci for self-righteous 'arrogance' seen in 'worst type of dictator'

CDC officially investigating unexplained hepatitis outbreak among U.S. children

Coronavirus wave this fall could infect 100 million, administration warns

Xi Jinping moves to silence Covid Zero critics in sign of brewing tulmult

Chaos at Apple supplier Quanta shows strains of Shanghai's COVID-19 lockdown

CBS CEO George Cheeks Tests Positive For Covid After Attending WHCD

Wealthy Americans are buying second passports as a 'plan B' for their families, citing the pandemic, climate change, and political turmoil

Local News Reporting "Empty Shelves" At Food Banks - Is It Time To Prepare?

Biden's bread line crisis? Anatomy of the American baby formula shortage

Inflation-adjusted earnings are falling fast, jobs report shows

Biden's Economy Sends Americans Into 'Unretirement'

Tracking Bible Prophecy Headlines - 5/7/2022

Israel set to advance 4,000 settlement homes, testing US opposition

US slams slated settlement approvals: 'Deeply damages prospect for 2 state solution'

Mansour Abbas: Ra'am won't topple government, but will press coalition on key issues

Israel said to threaten Hamas chief Sinwar as calls for his head grow louder

Officials expect terror wave to last all year - report

Israel Searches For Attackers Who Killed 3 In Mass Stabbing Near Tel Aviv

'Impossible to comprehend': Thousands at funerals for 3 killed in Elad terror attack

After deadly attack, chief rabbi urges synagogue-goers to bring guns

Palestinians vow to stay on West Bank land despite defeat in decades-old legal battle

Jordan warns against eviction of Palestinians in South Hebron Hills area

Biden wants Iran's IRGC off terror list, 'working overtime' to revive nuke deal, experts warn

Cruz: Biden Admin Has 'Secret Assessment' Of Iran's Nuclear Program That They Are Hiding From Public

Sweden says one of its nationals detained by Iran amid strained ties

Ethiopia war: Evidence of mass killing being burned - witnesses

State of emergency declared in Sri Lanka as strike halts country

Russia Tensions With Israel May Intensify as Kremlin Denies Putin's Apology

Ukraine Says It Destroyed Another Ship As Rumors Swirl Of Russian Warship On Fire

US intelligence helped sink Russian warship - reports

US intelligence told to keep quiet over role in Ukraine military triumphs

White House Denies Reports That US Intelligence Sunk Russian Ships, Killed Generals

'Doomsday': Putin hopes to deter the West with nuclear-themed WWII parade

US Embassy in Moscow: Americans Should Avoid Crowds for 'Victory Day' Event

George W. Bush calls Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky the 'Winston Churchill of our time'

Biden announces additional $150 million in military aid to Ukraine

Report: Chinese Tech Giants Quietly Pulling Back on Business With Russia

Global Grain Reserves "Extremely Low," Will Be Depleted For Years, Warns Top Fertilizer Boss

Baby formula shortage hits 'crisis' level, sparking panic in parents across US

As the Fed Jacks Up Interest Rates, Experts Warn 'No End In Sight' to Rising Prices

Biden touts April's unemployment drop even as country flirts with a recession

Bidenomics: Stocks Are Having Their Worst Start to a Year Since 1939

Stocks fall on Friday to close out tumultuous week, Dow drops for sixth straight week

S&P Suffers Longest Weekly Losing Streak in Decade: Markets Wrap

'We are nowhere near the bottom,' top economist says as global markets crater

US aims to spur oil production by refilling emergency crude stockpile

Brazil: Bolsonaro Declares 'War' on State Oil Company - 'Your Profits Are Like Rape'

North Korea tests suspected ballistic missile designed to be launched from submarine

Trump Proposed Launching Missiles Into Mexico to 'Destroy the Drug Labs,' Esper Says

Whistleblowers: FBI Suspending Security Clearances of Employees For Their First Amendment Activity on January 6

Marjorie Taylor Greene cleared to run for reelection after insurrection charges

Giuliani backs out of scheduled Friday interview with Jan. 6 panel

"People on that Committee Tried to Frame a Sitting President... And I'm Gonna Trust Them? You Think I'm a Fool?" - Rudy Giuliani Speaks Out after J6 Committee Refuses to Allow him to Record Testimony

Texas AG Says Bar Is Suing Him Over 2020 Election Challenge

Key Excerpts from President Trump's Speech in Pennsylvania - "Biden Didn't Get Votes - He Got Ballots... The Only Way They Win Is to Cheat in Elections"

Dinesh D'Souza Speaks At Save America Rally In PA: "In This Movie, We Show That There Are At Least 400,000 Fraudulent Votes - Trump Won The 2020 Election"

Report: CIA Threatened Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro for Exposing Voter Fraud

Pompeo Goes Against Trump By Questioning Dr. Oz's Ties To Turkish Government In GOP Primary

Trump Supporters Keep Booing Dr. Oz Despite Endorsement

Jailed Indiana GOP candidate, charged with killing wife, wins primary election

GOP Candidate Suggests He'll Teargas 'Liberal Media' in New Campaign Ad

White House to make personnel moves as it gears up for potential GOP investigations after midterms

Ethics watchdog says Karine Jean-Pierre's CNN journalist partner could be a 'conflict of interest'

CNN moves Karine Jean-Pierre's partner off political beat to avoid conflict

Ex-FBI intel chief: Clinton campaign used 'contrived disinformation' to deceive voters in 2016

Trump's lawsuit over Twitter ban dismissed by federal judge

Twitter users explode at NY Times for Elon Musk 'white privilege' hit piece: 'They're calling him a racist'

Elon Musk's Mother Criticizes NYT Article on Son's 'White Privilege' Growing Up in South Africa

Saudi billionaire changes tune, says Elon Musk 'excellent' for Twitter

Qatar's Repressive Regime Will Help Fund Musk's Twitter Deal

Chinese Communist Party-Linked Companies Amongst Investors In Elon Musk's Twitter Purchase

Report: Chinese Hackers Stole Trillions in Intellectual Property from Multinational Companies

Marco Rubio moves to sever links between Chinese military and US researchers

David Perdue Compares Digital Censorship to Communist and Socialist Dictatorships

States Sue Biden Administration for 'Pressuring and Colluding' With Big Tech to Censor Free Speech

Rand Paul: Time to ban feds from tracking Americans through their cellphone location data

Photos of Holocaust sites blocked from Apple's automated 'Memories' albums

New York Holocaust museum said to ban Florida Governor Ron DeSantis

May's full Flower Moon will be a super blood moon total lunar eclipse

A 'space jellyfish' soared over Florida, thanks to the SpaceX launch

5.4 magnitude earthquake hits near Naha, Japan

5.3 magnitude earthquake hits south of the Fiji Islands

5.2 magnitude earthquake hits near Bela, Pakistan

5.0 magnitude earthquake hits near Port-Olry, Vanuatu

5.0 magnitude earthquake hits near Tadine, New Caledonia

Sabancaya volcano in Peru erupts to 27,000ft

Ruiz volcano in Colombia erupts to 22,000ft

Reventador volcano in Ecuador erupts to 18,000ft

Fuego volcano in Guatemala erupts to 16,000ft

Semeru volcano in Indonesia erupts to 14,000ft

Underwater robot collecting 'never-seen-before' hurricane information

All eyes on coastal Atlantic for possible tropical development

Major damage reported from confirmed tornado near Durham, N.C.

Dramatic video from Sky 5 as tornado hits Maud marijuana farm in Oklahoma

Heavy rains hit Santa Catarina, affecting more than 40,000 people, Brazil

Severe flash floods hit Afghanistan, leaving at least 22 people dead

At Least 22 Killed in Natural Gas Explosion at Historic Hotel in Cuban Capital Havana

53 dead in China building collapse as rescue effort ends

Over 80 Arrested in Knife and Drug Gang Crackdown in London

Biden torched for reminiscing about 'the old days' of having lunch with 'real segregationists' in the Senate

What they wore: Amish Country exhibit spotlights sex abuse

Karine Jean-Pierre Will Be the First Openly LGBTQ+ and Black Press Secretary

Pennsylvania HS teacher hosted a drag show for students at 'Genders Sexualities Alliance' club and didn't notify parents

GOP Senators Call for Parental TV Blockers Involving LGBTQ Shows, Characters

Ron DeSantis Doubles Down: 'Disney Is Not Going to Have its Own Government in Florida'

Liberals ridiculed for 'laughably stupid' concern over what overturning Roe means for interracial marriage

Pro-Life Activist: Abortion Is Moral Depravity

Rep. Biggs: Democrats 'Worship at the Altar of Abortion'

Godless Pro-Abortion Activists Announce Plans to Storm Catholic Churches and Interrupt Mass on Mother's Day This Weekend

Catholic Advocacy Group Calls on Biden to Publicly Condemn Pro-Abortion Activists' Plan to Disrupt Masses and Protest at Homes of Supreme Court Justices

White House Defends Planned Left-Wing Protest at Homes of Supreme Court Justices

Gov. Youngkin Orders Virginia State Police to Monitor Protests at SCOTUS Justices' Homes, Assist if Necessary

CNN: Capitol Police 'Warning the Far Right Is Calling for Violence' after Supreme Court Leak

Video: Man Catches Pro-Abortion Doctors Off Guard With One Simple Question: 'Awful Quiet Now'

Military Bases Could Provide 'Abortion Services' If Roe v. Wade Overturned, Army Vet Rep. Jason Crow Suggests

Stacey Abrams pauses campaign to raise money for abortion groups

Biden WH Meeting With Pro-choice Activists, Business Leaders on How to Preserve Abortion Access

Monica Crowley slams woke corporations for 'pro-abortion' agenda amid reports of 'abortion benefits'

Tesla will cover abortion travel costs for workers, joining companies like Amazon, Citi, Yelp

Influential PR Firm Advises Clients Such As Coke, Netflix, Starbucks To Stay Silent On Roe

Pelosi: Roe v. Wade Ruling 'Not an Extreme Position' - It Was a 'Compromise'

Bill Maher pushes back at pro-choice alarmists: 'We're not going back to 1973' if Roe v Wade is overturned

After Abortion Leak, Justice Thomas Warns That Supreme Court Won't Be 'Bullied'

Carlson: 'You Don't Want to Live in a Country Where Supreme Court Justices Cower in Fear - That's the Definition of a Failed State'

House Republicans Call For Justice Department, FBI Criminal Investigation Into Leak Of Draft Supreme Court Opinion

Biden Admin Does Not View 'Unprecedented' Supreme Court Draft Leak As A Crime

Ted Cruz Predicts A Clerk Representing Sonia Sotomayor Leaked The SCOTUS Draft, Says He Has 'No Evidence'

Manchin: 'Inflation Is the Number One Driving Factor' for Voters, Not Abortion, 'It's Hurting Everybody'

W.H.O. Chief Tedros Backs Abortion: It 'Saves Lives'

Report: Antifa Attacks a Crisis Pregnancy Center in Portland

Tennessee Gov. Lee Signs Law Restricting Abortion Pill Mail Delivery

Cocaine haul worth $50 million found in coffee at Nespresso plant

As Overdoses Soar, More States Decriminalize Fentanyl Testing Strips

Bird Flu Outbreak Nears Worst Ever in U.S. With 37 Million Animals Dead

A pig virus may have contributed to the death of first pig heart transplant patient

CDC investigating 109 cases of severe hepatitis in kids across two dozen states, including 5 deaths

In interview, Sen. Johnson says it 'may be true' that COVID vaccines cause AIDS

Doctors investigating why some report rebound in COVID-19 symptoms after Paxlovid

FDA puts the brakes on J&J vaccine after 9th clotting death reported

People Can Still Get J&J Vaccine If They Have a Problem With Other Two Shots: White House

GOP Lawmakers Seek to Reinstate Troops Discharged over Vaccine Mandate

Report: Shanghai Woman Says Police Left Rotting Body of Neighbor Leaning on Front Door

Shanghai Says Coronavirus Outbreak Under 'Effective Control' but Lockdown Will Last at Least Another Month

Shipping delays are back as China's lockdowns ripple around the world

W.H.O. Report Claiming India Undercounted Coronavirus Victims Sets Off Political Firestorm

NYC COVID Transmission Up 32% in 10 Days as 5th Wave Settles In

Fauci reportedly frustrated about optics of White House Correspondents' Dinner

Unruly Air Passenger Incidents Decline Significantly After Mask Mandate Suspension

NY Times: Research shows 'remote learning was a failure' driven primarily by Democratic partisanship

Tracking Bible Prophecy Headlines - 5/6/2022

Israeli President Herzog declares the Jewish state's rebirth in 1948 was a fulfillment of Ezekiel 37

Israel celebrates 74th Independence Day with flyovers, barbecues and a Bible quiz

PA, Jordan in bid to prevent Hamas takeover of Temple Mount

Hamas warns Israel 'playing with fire' as Temple Mount groups plan Thursday visit

Clashes break out as nearly 1,000 Jews visit Temple Mount on Independence Day

3 killed, 3 badly injured in terrorist ax attack in Elad at end of Independence Day

PA leader Abbas condemns Elad terror attack; Israel extends West Bank, Gaza closure

Bennett vows 'campaign of murder against Jews' will never break our spirit

Boy is born on Independence Day, 1 year after his brother was killed by Gaza rocket

Israeli court paves way for eviction of 1,000 Palestinians from West Bank area

High Court greenlights expulsion of 1,300 Palestinians from army firing zone

Temple Mount clashes endanger Bennett coalition

Ra'am's advisory council to meet amid growing pressure to quit coalition

A new market for Israeli defense products: Moderate Sunni Arab countries

Pro-Israel groups say they won't let UN 'kangaroo court' go unchallenged

Mossad tries again to directly influence US diplomacy on Iran

US Senate passes non-binding motion against return to original Iran nuclear deal

Turkey 'destroyed' EU hopes by jailing Erdogan critic: MEPs

Turkish President Erdogan Plans to Send One Million Syrians Home

UK aid cuts have forced 40,000 Syrian children out of school, charity says

Kurdish official says 10,000 fled northern Iraq fighting

Explosive Project Veritas Report Accuses Biden of Resettling 'Terrorism Watch List' Afghans in U.S.

Israel Says Putin Apologized Over His FM's Holocaust Remarks

Russian Orthodox Church says Pope Francis 'chose the wrong tone' over 'Putin's altar boy' comment

International donors conference for Ukraine raises $6.5 billion

'There is no going back': How the war in Ukraine has pushed Biden to rearm Europe

Pelosi says vote on more Ukraine aid could come as soon as next week

Hill bargainers seek Ukraine aid deal, COVID aid in question

Pentagon Denies US Intel Helped Ukrainian Forces Target, Kill Russian Generals

Zelensky turns to crowdfunding to help Ukraine defeat Russian invasion

Unexplained attacks inside Russian territory raise prospect of wider conflict

Ukraine: Russia 'trying to destroy' last troops in besieged Mariupol steel plant

Ukraine FM: Russian invasion 'absolutely unprovoked,' 'attack against humanity'

Bulgarian Protesters Clash Over Ukraine

NATO chief says alliance will increase presence in Baltic sea if Sweden applies

Russians steal vast amounts of Ukrainian grain and equipment, threatening this year's harvest

Global Food Crisis: 'Perfect Storm' of World Hunger Thanks to the Ukraine Crisis and COVID Could Starve Millions

The longer EU pays for Russian oil, 'the longer this war will continue': Ukraine FM

New pipeline links Baltics to European gas network

Oil Jumps the Most in Three Weeks as EU Plans Strictest Ban Yet

Japan to use nuclear to cut dependence on Russian energy: PM Kishida

Biden Accuses China Trying to Meddle With Competition Bill

Expert: Inside the CCP's Strategy to Dominate the World Without Firing a Single Shot

Europe police bust up huge money-laundering ring

Queen to miss Buckingham Palace garden parties amid ongoing health concerns

As scandals overshadow vote, UK PM Johnson faces election test

CIA Chief Told Bolsonaro Government Not to Mess With Brazil Election, Sources Say

GOP Candidate Suggests He'll Teargas 'Liberal Media' in New Campaign Ad

Dr. Oz accused of violating foreign agent law with work for Turkish Airlines

Rudy Giuliani Asks For Live Coverage of His Scheduled Testimony on National TV - But Jan 6 Committee Declines

Dinesh D'Souza on '2000 Mules': 'When You Watch This Movie You Realize You're Actually an Eyewitness to an Organized Coordinated Criminal Operation'

Filmmaker Details '2000 Mules' Movie on Ballot Trafficking Allegation in 5 States

Trump Implores Audience at 2000 Mules Premiere: 'Do Something' to Fight Voter Fraud

Hundreds of Patriots Attend Screening of "2000 Mules" at President Trump's Mar-a-Lago Home and Resort - Crowd Left Stunned as Proof Revealed on Stolen Election - Stacey Abrams Better Find New Work

Georgia Democrat Stacey Abrams Sponsored Legislation Related to Her Private Business Interests

Biden Has Been 'Struck' by Trump's 'Hold' on Republican Party: Psaki

Biden announces Karine Jean-Pierre to replace White House press secretary Jen Psaki

Biden White House avoids Oval Office for press events in part because it has no teleprompter: report

Flashback: 'Truman Show presidency': Biden ridiculed for using fake White House set

Democratic, Republican lawmakers speak out against Biden's disinformation board: 'Cancel this whole thing'

20 Republican-led states threaten legal action against DHS, urge disbanding of 'un-American' disinfo board

Rand Paul grills Mayorkas on disinformation: 'I don't trust government to figure out what the truth is'

Nina Jankowicz Voiced Fear of 'Free Speech Absolutists' Like Elon Musk After Starting Job for DHS Disinformation Board

Rand Paul-Mayorkas disinfo battle suggests 'collapse of liberal church of government': Bongino

Elon Musk expected to serve as temporary Twitter CEO after deal closes

Elon Musk lines up $7.2 billion in funding for Twitter takeover

Qatar's Repressive Regime Will Help Fund Musk's Twitter Deal

Mark Cuban And Elon Musk Believe Dogecoin Could Defeat Twitter's Spam Bots: Here's How

'Buy now, pay later' is sending the TikTok generation spiraling into debt, popularized by San Francisco tech firms

Netflix Is Being Sued By Its Own Shareholders Over Subscriber Slump

Stocks fall sharply in whiplash after Fed interest rate hike

Dow drops almost 1,100 points as investors digest Fed interest rate hike

Bitcoin jumps to $40,000 after Fed chair Powell rules out bigger rate hikes

California governor issues executive order on crypto as state embraces blockchain technology

Goldman Offers Its First Bitcoin-Backed Loan in Crypto Push

Janet Yellen: Biden's Spending 'Did Feed' Inflation

From coffee to ketchup, retailers seek price 'shields' as inflation runs riot

Steak Prices Will Keep Rising, Major U.S. Meatpacker Says

Bank of England chief defends cautious rate hiking cycle, sees unprecedented shock to people's income

Consumer Price Inflation Approaches 70 Per Cent in Turkey

India's high inflation will likely persist despite surprise rate hike, says economist

Inflation Pushing More Borrowers Into Default

Federal Fiscal Shortfall Nears $1 Million Per Household

Main Street is convinced that a recession will hit the U.S. economy this year

Biden signs bill aimed at improving data collection on cybercrime

Drone swarms can now fly autonomously through thick forest

6.0 magnitude earthquake hits near Lukatan, Philippines

5.5 magnitude earthquake hits near Port-Vila, Vanuatu

5.2 magnitude earthquake hits the Pagan region, Northern Mariana Islands

5.1 magnitude earthquake hits the eastern New Guinea region, Papua New Guinea

5.1 magnitude earthquake hits near Bobon, Philippines

5.1 magnitude earthquake hits near Valparaiso, Chile

5.0 magnitude earthquake hits near Lukatan, Philippines

5.0 magnitude earthquake hits near Sakai, Japan

5.0 magnitude earthquake hits near Khorugh, Tajikistan

Sabancaya volcano in Peru erupts to 27,000ft

Ruiz volcano in Colombia erupts to 22,000ft

Sangay volcano in Ecuador erupts to 21,000ft

Fuego volcano in Guatemala erupts to 16,000ft

Reventador volcano in Ecuador erupts to 15,000ft

Semeru volcano in Indonesia erupts to 14,000ft

Karymsky volcano on Kamchatka, Russia erupts to 10,000ft

'Large and dangerous' tornadoes hit Texas and Oklahoma; South faces more severe weather

Major damage after tornadoes rip through parts of Oklahoma and Texas, U.S.

Two Ohio tornadoes confirmed from powerful storm

Afghanistan heavy rain, floods kill 22, destroy hundreds of homes

Iraq dust storm leaves 5,000 people needing treatment

Mother Nature cooks up a historic heat wave for Mother's Day weekend

Rising temperatures this weekend could put strain on Texas power grid

Patrols, fines, altered landscapes: How severe SoCal water restrictions will roll out

Fire Crews Close in Around Massive New Mexico Wildfire

A major disaster is declared in New Mexico, unlocking federal aid as wildfires threaten thousands of homes

More Than 2,000 Dams Rated High Hazard

Attorney General Merrick Garland Unveils New "Office of Environmental Justice" to Advance Biden's Climate Agenda

"They Better Be Or They're Gonna Be Out of Here!" - Biden Climate Advisor Gina McCarthy Threatens Airlines to Follow New Sustainable Energy Rules or Face Destruction

The Real Issues: EU Using 'Mindfulness' to Combat Green Anxieties of Climate Crazy Staff

Brazil's Bolsonaro: Leonardo DiCaprio Should 'Give Up His Jets and Yacht' for the Environment

Joe Biden Celebrates Cinco de Mayo Calling for Amnesty for Illegal Immigrants

Joe Biden Insults Latinos at Cinco de Mayo Event at White House - Mexico: "It's not our backyard, it's our front yard"

Flood of Illegal Aliens from Peru Heading to Southern Border

'Our blood is boiling': Victims angry as son of dictator closes in on Philippine presidency

A 13-year-old girl told the police she had been gang-raped. Then a police officer allegedly raped her

Florida man accused of trying to set 1-year-old on fire in New York

Queens slay victim was tarot card reader shot dead by customer who called her 'witch': sources

Armed gang robs Chanel boutique in Paris

Howie Mandel: Dave Chappelle attack is 'beginning of the end of comedy'

"Nobody's Safe": Dave Chappelle attack raises concerns for performers - and whether America can still take a joke

Dave Chappelle's attack a result of Will Smith smacking Chris Rock at 2022 Oscars, comedy club owners claim

Los Angeles DA George Gascon will Not Bring Felony Charges Against Knife-Wielding Man Who Attacked Dave Chappelle

Ron DeSantis: Requiring Permits for Concealed Carry is 'Subcontracting Your Rights'

Nashville Public Library debuts limited edition 'I read banned books' library cards

University cancels race and equity listening sessions after being accused of segregation

Cawthorn downplays 'crass' leaked nude video, blames opponents' 'drip campaign'

Madison Cawthorn says 'blackmail won't win' after nude video surfaces

Where Is the FBI? Popular Republican Madison Cawthorne Is Hit with Revenge Porn Attack - And Twitter and Facebook Allow It Despite Taking Down All Of Hunter Biden Orgy/Drug Video

White House accuses 'MAGA' Republicans of waging war on Mickey Mouse

Teachers Brag About LGBT Indoctrination: 'My Classroom Is One of the Gayest Places Probably on the Planet'

Psaki backtracks on Biden's claim that states are looking to separate LGBTQ students from others

Georgia High School Association Begins Transgender Sports Ban

Sen. Mike Braun to HHS Xavier Becerra: Government Should not Be in the Business of Promoting Gender Surgery for Children

Oregon's 'Menstrual Dignity Act' requires schools to place feminine products in boys' bathrooms

Don't Say Woman? AP Style Suggests 'Pregnant People'

Governor Newsom Lashes Out at Pro-Lifers, Says Men Cannot Get Pregnant in Remarks at Planned Parenthood's LA Headquarters

Gavin Newsom savagely mocked as 'disgusting transphobe' for claiming men can't get pregnant at abortion rally

Pollak: Biden Owns His Role in Bork Fiasco, Launching America's Judicial Wars

Ben Carson: SCOTUS Draft Leaker Thinking Like 'Jihadists' Do

Clinton on Leaked Draft Overturning Roe: 'Dark,' 'Incredibly Dangerous'

Commentary: The Constitutional Crisis That Roe v. Wade Set In Motion Is Now Upon Us

Schiff uses Roe v. Wade draft to call for court-packing: 'I don't care how the draft leaked'

Chuck Schumer to Force Vote on Abortion After Fragile Polling Data

Senate Democrats tee up vote to codify abortion law with long-shot odds of getting 60 votes to pass

Sanders, 'Squad' members call for ending filibuster to pass abortion legislation

Alito becomes lightning rod in abortion war

Leftwing Group Doxxes Home Address of Conservative Supreme Court Justices

Liberal group calls for protests at conservative Supreme Court justices' homes

Massive fence erected around Supreme Court building and justice cancels public event amid protests

Pence prays conservative Supreme Court justices have 'courage of their convictions' to overturn Roe v. Wade

Media pushes narrative that leaked Roe v. Wade draft could be midterm game-changer

America's Blue-Red Divide Is About to Get Starker - As abortion rights are rolled back in certain states, the gap between the country's two dominant political coalitions will widen

Gov. Ron DeSantis touts Florida's 15-week abortion ban with no exception for rape, incest, or human trafficking

GOP Lawmakers in Louisiana Want to Charge Abortion Patients With Homicide Crimes

Abortion Pills Stand to Become the Next Battleground in a Post-Roe America

Sen. Baldwin says overturning Roe V. Wade could be slippery slope against birth control

Concerned About Roe, These Women Are Turning to Sterilization

Christian Authors Jen Hatmaker and Mary Katherine Backstrom Say They Back Roe v. Wade

'I had an abortion on tour': celebrities share their stories in backlash to Roe v Wade leak

Whoopi Goldberg says her abortion is between her, her doctor and "her child"

Commentary: The Left Is Finally Admitting That Abortion Means Killing Children

Meet the Companies that Will Facilitate Abortions for Red State Employees

Goldman, JPM Consider Paying Abortion Travel Costs

Abortion Tourism: Canadian Minister Says American Women Can Come to Canada For Abortions

'My Life Has Value': Pennsylvania Senate Candidate Kathy Barnette Talks Being Conceived in Rape

Left-Wing Pro-Life Group Demands Investigation Into Deaths of Aborted Babies Discovered in DC

The horrific bird flu that has wiped out 36 million chickens and turkeys, explained

"This is Beyond Shocking" - American Frontline Doctors on FDA Approval of Failed Ebola Drug Remdesivir By the FDA for "Treatment" of Covid-19 in Babies

FDA Debunks Pfizer's Claim: 'No Evidence' that Retaking Paxlovid Pill Stops Recurring Covid-19 Symptoms

Moderna blows out first-quarter earnings expectations, triples Covid vaccine sales

FDA puts new limits on Johnson & Johnson vaccine due to rare blood clotting condition

India: Nobody can be forced to get Covid-19 vaccination, Supreme Court rules

Covid-19's full death toll is nearly three times higher than reported, WHO data suggests

Covid's toll in the U.S. reaches a once unfathomable number: 1 million deaths

5th Wave? New York COVID Hospitalizations Top 2,000, Nearly Tripling in a Month

New York City could bring back Covid mask mandate, vaccine checks if hospitals come under pressure

Travel industry CEOs push to end COVID test mandate for re-entry to the U.S.

Army officer convicted in first known COVID court-martial for violating lawful orders to comply with COVID-19 mitigation measures

People's Convoy Headed Back to Washington

Franklin Graham on National Day of Prayer: Ask God to 'Turn the Heart of This Nation Back to Him' - The country is "in a free fall, morally and spiritually"

Tracking Bible Prophecy Headlines - 5/5/2022

With 'quiet' fireworks and calls for kinship, Israel kicks off 74th Independence Day

Israel Memorial Day ceremony held in Abu Dhabi, in first for any Arab country

On Memorial Day, Bennett urges unity, warns 'era of immunity' over for terrorists

'Traitor': Bennett heckled by several bereaved relatives at Memorial Day event

Hamas warns Israel 'playing with fire' as Temple Mount groups plan Thursday visit

Crowds in Syria await prisoners freed in mass amnesty

Iranian plot to assassinate US general in Berlin foiled by Israel's Mossad

Iran set to execute jailed doctor accused of spying for Israel

UN demands release of staff held by Yemen's Iran-backed Houthis

'Dozens' of peacekeepers killed in Somalia extremist attack: Sources

Extremists kill seven villagers in northeastern Nigeria

Tunisia coastguard retrieves bodies of 24 drowned migrants

Congress Probes Biden Admin After Taliban Uses US Biometric Data To Target Allies

Reports: Taliban Stops Issuing Drivers Licenses for Women

Afghanistan's free fall sparks accelerating humanitarian crisis

Pakistani worker shot in Greece ahead of neo-Nazi appeal trial

Moscow: Israeli 'mercenaries' fighting with far-right Ukrainian unit

Top Zelensky aide: Lavrov shows Russia a threat to Jews, Israel can't stay on fence

Zelensky: With Nazism claims, Russia 'following same concept of Goebbels'

'We are against Nazism, they are not': Russian campaign labels Swedes Nazis

Pope Francis warns pro-war Russian patriarch not to be 'Putin's altar boy'

Ukraine war set to worsen severe hunger worldwide: UN report

World Hunger 'Exploding' After 25% Spike Before Ukraine War

Hungary says Russia oil ban lacks 'guarantee' for energy security

India wants Russia to discount its oil to less than $70 a barrel

Oil Jumps $5 a Barrel as EU Nears Ban on Russian Oil

How The West Stole Over $300 Billion From Russia

European Union Proposes Russian Oil Embargo, Sanctions on Media, Banks, and 'War Criminals'

EU Proposes Russian Oil Ban to Make Putin 'Pay High Price' for Ukraine

Kremlin: Various Options Under Consideration to Respond to EU Oil Ban

EU clears $11.6 billion German scheme for companies hit by Russia sanctions

This Is Our Fight, German Opposition Leader Says on Ukraine Visit

Kremlin dismisses speculation Putin to declare war on Ukraine on May 9

Russia warns NATO: Transport carrying weapons in Ukraine is 'target'

Kremlin denies Russian assault on Azovstal steelworks in Ukraine

Image appears to show bodies of Russian soldiers arranged in letter 'Z' after Ukraine recaptures village

Kremlin coup rumors growing in Moscow

Russia bans entry of several Japanese officials, including PM Kishida: Ministry

EU pledges to 'significantly increase' military support for Moldova

North Korea Fires Ballistic Missile Amid Rising Animosities

Massive Chinese Fleet Seen Barreling Towards US Naval Base

China Using US Media to Spread Propaganda, Misinformation: Blinken

Durham convinces judge to review concealed documents in Clinton privilege battle

Judge Rejects RNC Challenge to Jan. 6 Subpoena

'Elephant in the room': Police grapple with charges against officers in Jan. 6 Capitol attack

Secret Recording: McCarthy Said 25th Amendment "Takes Too Long" in Newly Leaked Audio

Ballot Harvester Shaye Moss Receives John F. Kennedy Profile In Courage Award

FOX News Joins Mainstream Media in Boycotting Coverage of "2000 Mules" Documentary on Nation-wide Ballot Trafficking Conspiracy to Steal 2020 Election

All 22 Trump-Backed Candidates Win Primaries in Ohio and Indiana

Biden goes after the 'ultra-MAGA agenda' as he sharpens his midterm message

Creator of Twitter account mocking Biden 'Disinformation' board laments 'laughably dystopian' situation

Bill Gates says Elon Musk could make Twitter 'worse' on misinformation

Legion of Doom: 26 Leftist NGOs Team Up to Stop Elon Musk from Changing Twitter

Scared in San Fran: Twitter SEC Filing Reveals Worry of Losing Advertisers, Staff over Elon Musk's Buyout

Elon Musk questions Twitter boycott call from groups backed by Soros, Clinton operatives

Musk Not Worried About Twitter Employees Quitting: 'It's a Free Country'

Elon Musk Summoned by UK Parliament over Twitter Free Speech Promises

India Bullied Facebook into Censoring 27 Million Posts in One Month

Bidenflation: Trade Deficit Soars Over $100 Billion For The First Time Ever

Fed raises rates by half a percentage point - the biggest hike in two decades - to fight inflation

Sun fires off huge solar flare from new sunspot coming into view

5.6 magnitude earthquake hits near Lukatan, Philippines

5.2 magnitude earthquake hits near the coast of Valparaiso, Chile

5.1 magnitude earthquake hits near La Ligua, Chile

5.1 magnitude earthquake hits near Lukatan, Philippines

5.1 magnitude earthquake hits the Pacific-Antarctic Ridge

5.1 magnitude earthquake hits near Panguna, Papua New Guinea

Sabancaya volcano in Peru erupts to 24,000ft

Ruiz volcano in Colombia erupts to 22,000ft

Sangay volcano in Ecuador erupts to 21,000ft

Popocateptl volcano in Mexico erupts to 20,000ft

Reventador volcano in Ecuador erupts to 15,000ft

Semeru volcano in Indonesia erupts to 13,000ft

Karymsky volcano on Kamchatka, Russia erupts to 10,000ft

Significant ash plume after strong explosion at Gaua volcano, Vanuatu

Severe hailstorm decimates apricot crop in Spain

Record-breaking rains hit Valencia, Spain

Storm delivers month's worth of rain in one day to Spanish city

700 homes damaged or destroyed after heavy rains hit Tanzania

Flash floods kill at least 18 in Afghanistan: Official

New Mexico governor seeks disaster status as massive wildfire threatens state

Wildfires across northern New Mexico leave at least 15 people injured, 282 buildings damaged or destroyed

A day to pray: Thursday Americans will observe the 71st National Day of Prayer

Satanic Temple requests Boston City Hall fly flag celebrating 'Satanic Appreciation Week' after the Supreme Court ruling that found Boston violated First Amendment rights by refusing to fly Christian flag

Georgia Mother Had Her Three Children in the Back Seat While Shooting 17-Year-Old Girl in Face in Road Rage Incident - Then Went to Get Her Nails Done

Kirk Cameron Presents 'The Homeschool Awakening': 'The Public School System Has Become Public Enemy No. 1'

Biden Invents New Way to Keep Illegals in Country with Circular Process

Multiple Child Sex Offenders, Gang Members Arrested After Crossing Border into U.S.

Biden's Labor Secretary Blocked Release of Records to Protect Convicted Child Rapist Police Union Boss

MSNBC Anchor Busted 'Driving 3 Hours' To Meet Little Boy For Sex

Nxivm leader Keith Raniere claims FBI planted child porn on his hard drive

Nantucket votes to allow anyone to go topless on beaches

Fla. Taxpayers Suing DeSantis for Dissolving Disney Special District

DeSantis Calls Out Disney for CCP Alliance

'Pansexual' Florida Middle School Teacher Fired For Discussing Her Sexual Orientation with Her 11 to 12 Year-Old Students

Discovery+ Show Claims Abraham Lincoln was 'Queer,' Joan of Arc 'Non-Binary'

Actress Amanda Duarte: How Would White Supremacist Lawmakers Feel if Their Daughters Were Raped, Impregnated by Black Men

Howard Stern: 'If Guys Got Raped and Pregnant, There'd Be Abortions Available on Every Corner'

PBS journalist ridiculed for bizarre description of pregnancies 'that will then turn into children'

"My Body, My Choice!" - Hypocrite Letitia James Says a Woman Has a Right Over Her Body after Pushing Mask Mandates - Says She 'Proudly' Had an Abortion

Joy Behar on Supreme Court Leak: Floats 'Sex Strike' - This Is 'War' on Women, Gays, People of Color

Biden says Roe v. Wade reversal could lead to ban on LGBT pupils in classrooms

White House: Republicans more concerned with Roe 'leak' than women's rights

Commentary: The left's hypocrisy exposed in leaked Roe v. Wade decision

Biden: I'm Not Prepared to Leave Abortion to the 'Whims of the Public'

With These Three Words, Biden Just Ruined Democrats' Messaging on Abortion "Abort a Child"

'Devout Catholic' Biden torched for appealing to his rights as a 'child of God' to justify abortion

'Devout Catholic' Biden torched for appealing to his rights as a 'child of God' to justify abortion

'What Does Your Bible Tell You?': Tony Dungy Slams 'Pro-Choice Pastor' Sen. Warnock's Abortion Stance

Sen. Manchin Says Inflation, Not Abortion, Will Fuel Midterm Elections

Poll: Democrats Fall Short of Majority Support to Enact Abortion Legislation

Antifa Marches with Lit Flares in Seattle Pro-Abortion Rally

Video: Anti-abortion activist scales 60-floor San Francisco Salesforce Tower

Los Angeles: At least 1 police officer injured during clash with abortion rights protesters

Biden says 'MAGA crowd' an 'extreme' political group day after pro-abortion protest injures officer

Chief Justice Roberts Goes Nuclear, Activates Police Force Answerable Only to the Court Itself

Liberals promote horse medication for women to take for abortions

Ex-Surgeon General Adams: Too-Strict Abortion Laws Can Risk Women's Lives

Sen. Rubio Introduces Bill to Prevent Tax Deductions for Abortion

Barack Obama: Overturning Roe v. Wade a 'Blow' to All Who Believe in a Free Society

Nikki Haley After Roe V. Wade Leak: No Life, Liberty, Pursuit of Happiness 'Without Right to Life'

A Maine farmer's ticks are so bad, she's going to burn her property

Lab-Grown Brain Experiment Reverses The Effects of Autism-Linked Gene

10 More States Report Mysterious Hepatitis Outbreaks in Children

Nancy Pelosi Blocking Investigation into Chinese Coronavirus Origins, Tax Money to Wuhan Lab

Bill Gates claims 'it's quite clear' coronavirus originated in bats, dismisses lab leak theory

Israeli researchers warn of new international COVID wave, driven by Delta comeback

Big Brother: Government Planned 'Dystopian Surveillance System' to Fight COVID - Book

Hong Kong Economy Shrinks 4 Percent Under Anti-Virus Controls

China Delays Full Beijing Lockdown, but Makes It Nearly Impossible to Leave

Beijing closes dozens of subway stations as COVID-19 curbs tighten

Shanghai Blames 'Offshore Forces' For Local Protests

China Launches Witch Hunt Against Dozens of Beijing Companies Defying Lockdown Rules

It's For Your Health: Italian Woman Who Died in 2004 Fined for Not Getting Jabbed

Road Island: New COVID Bill Fines Parents For Unvaxxed Kids And Doubles Income Taxes

MIT study finds COVID vaccines 'significantly associated' with jump in emergency heart problems

Pfizer hopes to give FDA vaccine data for children under five by early June

Just 18 Percent of Americans Willing to Vaccinate Kids Under 5

7 Democrat Senators Join Republicans in Vote to Overturn Biden Admin's Toddler Mask Mandate

Nolte: Maskless White House Correspondents' Dinner Turns into Super Spreader Event

Fully Vaxxed and Boosted Sec. of State Antony Blinken Tests Positive for Covid-19 After Attending White House Correspondents' Dinner

The FDA Finally Admits We Should Treat COVID-19 Like The Flu

Tracking Bible Prophecy Headlines - 5/4/2022

As Israel, US prep for Biden visit, second regional forum reportedly being weighed

Internal Divisions Threaten Israel's National Security, Bennett Says in Memorial Day Speech

'Arguments fall silent in cemeteries': Herzog calls for unity at Memorial Day speech

Estimated 3,000 people flee armed clashes in northern Iraq

Al-Shabaab attacks African Union camp in Somalia, three killed: Resident

Report: CIA Director Met With Crown Prince Mohammed to Repair Saudi Ties

Biden Seeks Green Cards for More than 85,000 Afghans Amid Vetting Failures

North Korea preparing nuclear test for first time in years, intelligence officials say

Moscow, under fire for Hitler comments, says Israel backing 'neo-Nazis' in Ukraine

'No words': Zelensky looks for Israel to ice Russia ties over 'Jewish Hitler' claim

Pope Francis asks for meeting with Putin in Moscow to discuss Ukraine

Pope Francis Says NATO Started War in Ukraine by 'Barking at Putin's Door'

Putin tells Macron West could use its influence to stop "atrocities" in Ukraine - agencies

Russia Planning to Annex Parts of Eastern Ukraine in Mid-May: US Official

In call with Macron, Putin says West must stop supplying Ukraine with arms

Biden Brain Freeze: "Before Russia Attacked, We Made Sure Russia Had Javelins and Other Weapons"

EU considers exemptions to push through Russian oil embargo

Russia races to avert historic default as bondholders wait for dollar payments

Putin issues decree to hit 'unfriendly' nations with export blocks in potential blow to global economy

Capitol Police Officer Suspended After Accidentally Discharging His Weapon in House Building

Brad Raffensperger Dismisses Concerns About Drop Boxes During Debate - On Same Night Film on Georgia Ballot Box Trafficking Is Released in His State

UK govt 'failing to tackle corruption': Anti-graft groups

Repairman who revealed Hunter Biden laptop sues Schiff, CNN, Politico and The Daily Beast

Elon Musk Outs Media Matters as Source of Threats to Twitter Advertisers

Pieces of "fireball" that exploded while zooming over 3 Southern states are being found on ground, NASA says

5.0 magnitude earthquake hits south of the Fiji Islands

5.0 magnitude earthquake hits near La Ligua, Chile

5.0 magnitude earthquake hits near Neiafu, Tonga

Sabancaya volcano in Peru erupts to 24,000ft

Ruiz volcano in Colombia erupts to 23,000ft

Sangay volcano in Ecuador erupts to 22,000ft

Fuego volcano in Guatemala erupts to 15,000ft

Reventador volcano in Ecuador erupts to 14,000ft

Semeru volcano in Indonesia erupts to 14,000ft

Steam plume visible at Ruapehu volcano, New Zealand

Flood Basalt Eruptions: NASA Warns That Some Volcanoes Could Warm Climate, Destroy Ozone Layer

15 inches of snow makes Nebraska look like 'middle of winter' in early May

Climate scientists say South Asia's heat wave (120F!) is a sign of what's to come

Wild fox wreaks havoc at Smithsonian National Zoo, leaving 25 flamingos, 1 duck dead

India's SpiceJet airlines facing government inquiry after turbulence injures 15

Fire damages food processing plant in northwest Fresno

Two dead in central China building collapse: State media

Dominican diplomat is kidnapped in Haiti as violence between rival gangs intensifies

Woke Apple Accused of Racism by Employees Who Don't Want to Return to the Office

Disney Lost $63 Billion in Market Capitalization Since Going Full Woke in Florida

Democratic lawmakers across 19 states push want to offer trans youth legal refuge

Biden says 'radical' Supreme Court decision on abortion endangers gay marriage

Joe Biden: Constitution Gives Right to 'Abort a Child' - 'Mainstream' Religions Agree with Roe v. Wade

Biden brutalized over 'incoherent' and 'vile' claim that Roe is in line with 'all basic mainstream religions'

Supreme Court confirms authenticity of draft opinion overturning Roe v. Wade, with Chief Justice John Roberts calling the leak a 'singular and egregious breach' of trust

Another SCOTUS Leak: Chief Justice Roberts Is Willing to Uphold Mississippi Law Banning Abortions at 15 Weeks But Did Not want to Overturn Roe v. Wade

Ken Starr: Leak will have 'enduring effect' on SCOTUS, but Alito's opinion is 'very impressive'

The original Roe v. Wade ruling was leaked, too

Cruz blames Supreme Court abortion leak on Democratic Party's 'vicious partisan politicking'

Liberal dark money group with Biden admin ties capitalizes on SCOTUS leak to push court-packing agenda

Flashback: In 1982 Joe Biden Voted for Constitutional Amendment to Overturn Roe v Wade and Make It a State Issue

Map: 23 states would ban abortion in a post-Roe America

Awaiting Fate of Roe v Wade, Leaders Across Country Move to Create Abortion Sanctuaries

California to Build the Wall - a 'Firewall' to Protect Abortion

Whitmer will 'fight like hell' to protect abortion access

Franklin Graham on Abortion Reversal: 'If True... an Answer to Many Years of Prayers'

Conservatives React to SCOTUS Roe v. Wade Leak: 'Landmark Day for the Sanctity of Human Life'

Leaked Supreme Court draft ignites abortion firestorm in Washington

Leaked Court Document Galvanizes Anti-Abortion Activists

Joy Behar on SCOTUS Abortion Leak: 'I See Fascism Down the Line'

Barack and Michelle Obama Call For Protests Over Roe v. Wade: Overturning Puts Women at Mercy of 'Politicians and Ideologues'

Elizabeth Warren Calls for an Uprising over Leaked Roe v. Wade Draft Opinion

"Burn It All Down!" - Democrats, Leftists Call for Violence Following Leaked SCOTUS Abortion Ruling

The Timing Was Intentional: Roe v Wade Leak Was Left's Answer to "2000 Mules" Documentary Release Today that Proves 2020 Election Was Stolen

Senate Democrat Candidates Leverage Leaked Supreme Court Decision to Eliminate Filibuster

Senate Vows Vote on Abortion, but Not Filibuster Changes

Susan Collins: Gorsuch and Kavanaugh misled on Roe during confirmation hearings

Sen. Collins: Gorsuch, Kavanaugh told me a different story on Roe opinion

GOP Sen. Murkowski says her 'confidence' in Supreme Court has been 'rocked' after justices she voted for appear set to overturn Roe v. Wade

New Pelosi Statement on "Monstrous Draft Decision" by Supreme Court on Abortion Only Talks About Women's 'Reproductive Rights', No Mention of Rights of Pregnant Men

Warren: Congress 'Gets the Final Word' on Roe v. Wade - It Is 'on the Ballot'

VP Kamala Harris: Women's Rights In America Are Under Attack, "How Dare They Try To Deny Women Their Freedoms"

Leaked draft abortion decision recasts 2022 political realm - $150M was already prepped to be spent by abortion rights groups

Coincidence? Planned Parenthood and Abortion Industry Announce $150 Million Spend on Midterms Just Hours Before SCOTUS Leak

Data Broker Is Selling Location Data of People Who Visit Abortion Clinics

Warren: GOP 'Extremists' Trying to Recreate World of Back-Alley Abortions, Suicides over Unwanted Pregnancy

Abortion activists prepare for medication abortions to possibly be only alternative in some states

Anarchist collective shares instructions to make DIY abortion pills - Misoprostol is also used to treat ulcers in horses

Oklahoma governor signs 6-week abortion ban into law

Bill Gates-backed company says lab-produced breast milk is three to five years away

France culls record 16 million birds in one of the most severe bird flu outbreaks in years

Shanghai: Nursing Home Resident Sent to Morgue While Still Alive

Pfizer sees strong demand for COVID pill as profits surge

Pfizer accused of Covid profiteering as first-quarter sales hit $26bn

CDC Used Phone Location Data to Monitor Churches and Schools to Determine Whether Americans Followed Covid Lockdown Orders

CDC Restates Recommendation For Masks on Planes Despite Court Ruling That Struck Down Biden's Mandate

Truckers in People's Convoy sue D.C., say road blockades violated constitutional free speech rights

Joe Biden's America: A New Record: 4.5 Million Americans Quit Their Jobs in March

Tracking Bible Prophecy Headlines - 5/3/2022

Silman publicly urges her friends in Yamina and New Hope to quit coalition

Human Rights Watch to continue targeting Israel after leadership shakeup, critics charge

East Jerusalem sheikh indicted for inciting violence in Al-Aqsa Mosque speech

Hamas claims deadly Ariel terror shooting, vows it 'won't be the last'

Seeing hack attacks on the rise, Israel orders telecoms to erect 'cyber Iron Dome'

Analysis: Iran nuclear deal near death, but West not ready to pull plug

'Sara Puppi': Security agency uncovers Iranian plot to enlist Israelis as spies

Israel Erupts After Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov Claims Hitler Had Jewish Blood

Israel demands apology for Russian FM's 'unforgivable' claim Hitler had Jewish blood

'No words': Zelensky looks for Israel to ice Russia ties over 'Jewish Hitler' claim

Israel: 'Message made clear' in rebuke of Russian envoy for Lavrov's Hitler remarks

Ukraine FM responds to Lavrov: 'He can't hide the deeply rooted antisemitism'

Lavrov's antisemitism means Israel no longer neutral on Ukraine-Russia

Bennett to Lavrov: Stop using Holocaust as political battering ram

U.S. Senate Leader Calls Lavrov's Comparison of Zelenskyy and Hitler 'Sickening'

Mariupol Mayor: Russians Have Killed Twice as Many Residents as Germans Did in WWII

Putin To Undergo Cancer Surgery, Transfer Power To 'More Insidious' Ex-FSB Chief: Report

Russia intensifies assault on Ukraine's east as US warns of annexation plan

Russian rail bridge blown up near Ukraine border, official calls it 'sabotage'

Ukraine's foreign minister calls on China to mediate war with Russia

Tucker: Ukraine war is maybe the inevitable end stage of Russiagate

Push to arm Ukraine putting strain on US weapons stockpile

Pentagon budget aims to shrink the military by thousands

Hundreds of Sailors Being Moved Off Carrier After Surge of Suicides, Captain Tells Crew

UN Warns Grain Shortage Imminent as Russia Blockades Ukrainian Ports

Russian oligarchs anticipated sanctions months before the war and moved money through Hawala, an informal payment system, an expert says

China Holds Secret Bank Meetings To Plan For Protecting Assets From US Sanctions

China Calls Out U.S. Dollar Dominance As It Buys Russian Coal With Yuan

Australian man who insulted Chinese President Xi Jinping says police told him he will be charged - 'Australia desperately needs a Bill of Rights'

Rep. Chip Roy Says DHS Secretary Mayorkas 'Lying' About Chaos at US-Mexico Border

201K Migrant Apprehensions Sets All-Time Record for April Arrests at Border

Project Veritas: Government Insider Reveals Suspected Known Terrorists Walk Freely in US After Biden's Afghanistan Withdrawal

White House says DHS tracking 42 terrorists, proving 'the system working'

Behar: Biden Laughing at Himself Shows He's 'Mentally Stable' as Opposed to Trump

Joe Biden Brain Freeze: There's 'Never Been' a 'Senator' from Delaware

Commentary: 2,000 Mules Will Blow The Lid Off of A Massive Nationwide Criminal RICO Conspiracy

Lead-Swap in Arizona Senate Race as Trump Cries Foul on Vote Fraud Inaction

Not Making Headlines... George Soros Dumps $750,000 into Wisconsin Midterms as Democrats Gear Up for the Steal

Antifa Attacks Oregon GOP Rally, Police Slow to Respond

Grand Jury Begins Investigating Trump Over Pushing Election Interference In Georgia

Georgia official texted Mark Meadows as Trump badgered secretary of state to 'find' votes

Why The Hillary Clinton Campaign Can't Hide 38 Documents From The Special Counsel

Hunter Biden Took Trip to Moscow to Meet with Russian Oligarch Who's Sanctioned by UK But Not US

Gingrich: Biden Family is 'Corrupt,' Biden 'Misused the Office of Vice President'

Doocy grills Psaki over 'Ministry of Truth' boss spreading disinformation about Hunter Biden laptop

Tulsi Gabbard suggests Obama behind 'Ministry of Truth' while Biden is 'front man'

White House Defends DHS Disinformation Board as 'Non-Partisan and Apolitical' Despite Nina Jankowicz Public Support for Hillary Clinton

CNN's Brian Stelter: Biden's Ministry of Truth Just Sounds Like Common Sense To Me

GOP Sen. Hagerty: Disinfo Board May Be Illegal, Require Congress' Review

Gingrich: Disinformation Board 'a Total Violation of the American Constitution' - Mayorkas 'Should Be Impeached Immediately'

Ukraine passes "disinformation" law, begins making arrests

Wall Street Journal Claims "Shadow Crew" Of Billionaires Urged Elon Musk To Buy Twitter

Elon Musk goes scorched-earth on NBC after Peacock host's attack, notes network's worst scandals

Tesla model Pi 2022: New phone, which runs on solar energy, will be integrated with Starlink's satellites and can even work on Mars, leaks suggest

Spanish prime minister's mobile phone infected by Pegasus spyware, govt says

Google urges EU court to scrap $1.6 billion antitrust fine

Lawmakers Say Intelligence Agencies Not Taking UFO Requests Seriously

Inside the space hotel scheduled to open in 2025

'Blood Moon' in May could be 2022's top astronomy event

4 planets line up like ducks in a row in gorgeous night-sky image

Large surface rupture identified after M5.1 earthquake hits North Carolina, the largest in nearly 100 years

5.5 magnitude earthquake hits the Kermadec Islands, New Zealand

5.4 magnitude earthquake hits south of the Fiji Islands

5.2 magnitude earthquake hits near Nichinan, Japan

Sabanaya volcano in Peru erupts to 24,000ft

Ruiz volcano in Colombia erupts to 23,000ft

Fuego volcano in Guatemala erupts to 16,000ft

Reventador volcano in Ecuador erupts to 14,000ft

Rare tornado touches down in Puerto Rico, jolts residents

Exceptionally heavy rainfall hits Guadeloupe, triggering deadly floods and landslides

New analysis shows rainfall has intensified in 90% of US cities

Early-May snow makes spring look like 'middle of winter' in Nebraska

Hong Kong records its coldest May day since 1917

Israel Just Saw One of the Hottest Aprils on Record

'We are living in hell': Pakistan and India suffer extreme spring heatwaves

India and Pakistan heatwave is 'testing the limits of human survivability,' expert says

Northwest, Central India witness hottest April in 122 years: IMD

Delhi records 2nd hottest April in 72 years with avg temp at 40 deg C

Nevada's drought-stricken Lake Mead exposes gruesome discovery: human body found in a barrel

New Mexico wildfire threatens multiple cities as critical fire risk continues

Electric Bus In Paris Spontaneously Explodes

Ford Reports Devastating Losses Thanks to Electric Vehicle Gamble

Biden rolls out $3 billion plan to end US reliance on China for lithium batteries

US Faces Looming Catastrophe as Price of Diesel Hits All-Time High, Threatening Trucking Industry

Gas Prices Up Nearly 80% Since Biden Took Office

Reserve Bank of Australia Raises Rates to Tame Soaring Inflation

Can the World Feed Itself? Historic Fertilizer Crunch Threatens Food Security

Food Banks Are Serving More People Again as Inflation Squeezes Budgets

Fish and Chips Hit by Cooking Oil Shortage

Wild turkey terrorizes DC attacking people near the Anacostia Riverwalk Trail

Georgia Governor Candidate Kandiss Taylor Takes On The Satanic New World Order, Vows to Demolish the Georgia Guidestones

Bombshell opinion leak shows US Supreme Court set to overturn Roe v. Wade

German-Owned Politico Publishes Purported Leaked Draft Decision Suggesting Supreme Court Vote to Overturn Roe v. Wade

Barricades Erected at Supreme Court After Reported Leak of Draft Decision Overturning Roe v. Wade; Hundreds of Protesters Start to Gather at Court

'Pack the Courts!' Pro- and Anti-abortion Activists Face Off Outside Supreme Court

Democrats Scream and Wail Like Demons After News Breaks that SCOTUS Is Tossing Roe v Wade

Unprecedented: Sources Say Justice Roberts Will Call On FBI to Investigate SCOTUS Leak

Unprecedented: Supreme Court's Roe Draft Leak Is First in Modern History

SCOTUSBlog: Roe Leak Is the 'Gravest, Most Unforgivable Sin'

Rubio: Far Left Claims to Fight for 'Institutions and Norms' While Leaking SCOTUS Opinion to Intimidate Justices

Dershowitz on Leaked SCOTUS Roe v Wade Opinion: "I Believe this Was Leaked by a Liberal Law Clerk Who Was Trying to Change the Outcome of the Case"

Hillary Alum Lauds Leaker: 'Brave Clerk' May Be Warning America of Roe Overturn in 'Last-Ditch Hail Mary Attempt' to Stop It

'It Will Kill and Subjugate Women' - Hillary Clinton Fumes After News Breaks of Leaked Draft Showing Supreme Court Set to Strike Down Roe v Wade

CNN's Kasie Hunt: Overturning Roe v. Wade Will 'Impact Americans with the Fewest Resources'

Klobuchar: SCOTUS Literally Stripping Woman of Their Rights - 2022 Midterms About Abortion

Rachel Maddow on SCOTUS draft: If a Republican wins in 2024, we'll have 'a nationwide abortion ban in America'

Critics blast leaked SCOTUS ruling as end of abortion rights, but issue would survive in states

Supreme Scandal: Leaked Supreme Court Opinion Overruling Roe v. Wade - "Time to Heed the Constitution," Returns Abortion to Elected Officials

Roe v Wade Opinion: Republicans Decry Supreme Court Leak, Democrats Call to End Filibuster

Democrats call for action after report suggesting the Supreme Court is poised to overturn Roe v. Wade

Pelosi and Schumer Attack "Trump Justices" for Overturning Roe in Leak of Alleged Draft Decision; Accuse Justices of "Ripping Up Constitution"

AOC calls for constitutional amendment on abortion in response to leaked SCOTUS decision

AOC spreads disinformation about Texas pro-life law

Amazon to Reimburse U.S. Employees Who Travel for Abortions, Other Treatments

Katyal: If SCOTUS Overrules Roe v. Wade, Gay Marriage Is Next

SCOTUS rules Boston violated First Amendment in refusing to fly Christian flag among flags of other groups

Trump suggested shooting racial justice protesters in the legs according to ex-Sec. of Defense Mark Esper in new book

DC elementary school gave 4-year-olds 'anti-racism' 'fistbook' asking them to identify racist family members

Baseball Strikes Out in Ratings While Trying to Draw the 'Woke'

Disney's Clash With Florida Has CEOs on Alert

CEOs Now Fear Caving to Woke Employees After Florida Pushes Back Against Disney

Should We Keep Singing Hillsong? When the megachurch's former pastors are in the news with allegations of scandal and abuse, what a contentious name it is.

Homosexuality was considered a mental disorder - until one anonymous doctor came out

Biden official tells Texas crowd science is being 'politically perverted' to attack trans community

Rachel Levine: Doctors agree on need for 'gender-affirming care' for trans kids

Florida mom filing suit after child transitioned at school without her consent: 'Happening all over' US

TV Anchor Caught Sexually Engaging Supposed 15-Year-Old

Don Lemon Assault Case Dropped By Accuser After "Deep Dive Into My Memory"; CNN Host's Lawyer Decries "Malicious & Vulgar Attack" On Client

Commentary: The long and gruesome history of people trying to live forever

JonBenet Ramsey case: Boulder Police Department responds to John Ramsey's push for independent DNA testing

Bird Flu Puts Organic Chickens Into Lockdown From Pennsylvania to France

A major threat to the next pandemic: Vaccine hesitancy

Study: New Omicron Subvariants Can Dodge Immunity From Past Infection

China Seeks to 'Normalize' Mandatory Weekly Coronavirus Tests Regardless of Symptoms

China Cancels Communist May Day Holiday over Coronavirus Panic

NYC Raises COVID Alert Level as New Cases Surpass Key Threshold; Manhattan Fuels Jump

Here we go again: California coronavirus cases rising. Is a new wave coming soon?

Hillary Clinton Maskless at Met Gala as Masked Black Staffer Attends Her Gown

Met Gala 2022: Hollywood Elites Go Maskless While NYC School Toddlers Still Forced to Mask Up

Tracking Bible Prophecy Headlines - 5/2/2022

Buoyed by aliya, Israeli population up to 9.5 million ahead of 74th Independence Day

IDF to close West Bank, Gaza crossings for Memorial and Independence days

Police arrest 5 for attacks on buses going to Western Wall during Passover

Israel Calls Hamas Leader's Threat on 'Thousands' of Synagogues an 'Act of Antisemitic Incitement'

Coalition crisis: Ra'am demands 'amended' status quo on Temple Mount as condition

United Arab List returns to coalition as Bennett caves to some UAL demands

Turkey to normalize Egypt ties after 'progress' with Saudi Arabia, UAE: Cavusoglu

UN: Yemen truce could help reverse 'worsening' humanitarian crisis

ISIS claims attack on Kabul mosque

Six rockets launched toward Kurdish region in Iraq

Missile attack on oil refinery in Iraq's Erbil hit oil tank, fire erupted

Iran oil minister travels to Venezuela for energy deals

Congresswomen introduce bill to investigate how Venezuela would profit from Iran nuke deal

Germany: Quitting Russian oil by late summer is 'realistic'

India To Get Russian Oil To Avert Power Crisis Triggered By Heatwave

Petrodollar Status Threatened As First Shipment Of Russian Coal Paid In Yuan On Its Way To China

Greek workers protest at energy cost surge in May Day rallies

May Day rallies in Europe urge more help as inflation bites

Commentary: Israel's Role In Weakening The Dollar

Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov stands by 'denazification' claims, dismissing Zelenskyy's Judaism

Lavrov: So what if Zelensky is Jewish, even Hitler 'had Jewish blood'

Lapid denounces Russian FM's 'unforgivable' claim that Hitler 'had Jewish blood'

Russia's Lavrov says May 9 anniversary will not affect military operations in Ukraine

Denmark summons Russian ambassador after spy plane violates Danish airspace

Russians plunder $5M farm vehicles from Ukraine - to find they've been remotely disabled

Ex-NATO commander says Russia's 'amazing incompetence' resulted in unprecedented loss of generals

World is closer to nuclear war than Cuban Missile Crisis, Russian academic says

Russian state TV simulates terrifying nuclear strike on Europe

Russia TV's Nuke Simulation Levels London, Berlin, Paris in 202 Seconds

Britain says Russian troll factory is spreading disinformation on social media

Pelosi leads surprise congressional visit to Ukraine, meets Zelenskyy

US Speaker Pelosi voices support in 'fight for freedom' in Zelenskyy meeting

Awkward: Putin and Zelensky both invited to G20

Putin, Zelensky both accept G-20 invitation, host nation say

Serbia displays Chinese missiles amid concerns in Balkans

Mexican navy agents capture local leader of powerful cartel

Clay Higgins: DHS Chief Mayorkas Carrying Out 'Insidious Agenda' to Transform America with Illegal Immigration

DHS chief doubles down on request to migrants at southern border: 'Do not come'

Blake Masters on Biden Border Policies: 'They Are Hell-Bent on Getting as Many Illegals Here as Possible'

Abbott Threatens to Declare an 'Invasion' as Migrant Numbers Climb

Additional $495.3 million allocated to Operation Lone Star, border security operations

Biden jokes about low approval, 'Let's Go Brandon' in White House Correspondents' speech

White House Tries to Fix Latest Biden Gaffe, Official Transcript Still Looks Like a Jumble of Nonsense

"You Can Never Think to the Future Until We Solve the Past, Because It Will Just Happen Again" - President Trump on Those Who Want to Move On from 2020 Election

True the Vote's Catherine Engelbrecht: 'Mules' Went on Routes Trafficking Ballots 'Repeatedly, Day After Day' Ahead of the 2020 Election

Avalanche of leaks imperils Jan. 6 committee's delivering on blockbuster hearings

Durham: Clinton Campaign Fed Mainstream Media 'Unverified Derogatory' Information About Trump

On April 21 Obama Said Social Media Censors "Don't Go Far Enough" - 6 Days Later Puppet Joe Biden Rolls Out "Ministry of Truth"

J.D. Vance: Joe Biden's 'Propaganda Ministry' Is About Enforcing Speech Codes on Americans

Here's Your Disinformation: Now Psaki Is Claiming That Trump Started Biden's Thought Police Board

Nina Jankowicz, 2020: Government Should Not Be in 'Business' of Policing 'Disinformation'

Newly Discovered Tweets Reveal Biden's Singing Disinformation Czar Nina Jankowicz Has Been Wrong about Nearly Every Single Issue in Past 5 Years

Ron Johnson Blasts DHS's Disinformation Governance Board - 'This Is Orwellian'

Mayorkas cites misinformation about Homeland Security's disinformation board - He says the comparisons to George Orwell's "1984" are wrong

Truth Social under 'direct attack' by Biden's disinformation board

"You Cannot Let These Guys Control Discourse in This Country Or We Are Headed to Hell" - CNN Analyst Melts Down Over Musk's Purchase of Twitter

Maher: Twitter 'Failed' for Censoring NY Post Report on Hunter Biden Laptop

Former Twitter CEO: Company 'Almost Immediately' Reversed Decision to Ban NYPost

Mike Lindell Comes Back to Twitter, Quickly Suspended

Tech Stocks Lose $1.8 Trillion in a Month Thanks to Fed

Berkshire Hathaway vice chair labels bitcoin 'stupid' and 'evil'

Russia to discuss lunar base with China

China just launched a rocket with 5 satellites to orbit from a platform at sea

Black Moon solar eclipse looks otherworldly in stunning images

5.6 magnitude earthquake hits the South Sandwich Islands region

5.5 magnitude earthquake hits the Volcano Islands, Japan region

5.5 magnitude earthquake hits near Panguna, Papua New Guinea

5.3 magnitude earthquake hits the Izu Islands, Japan region

5.2 magnitude earthquake hits near Pangai, Tonga

5.2 magnitude earthquake hits near Nichinan, Japan

5.1 magnitude earthquake hits the South Sandwich Islands region

Sabancaya volcano in Peru erupts to 24,000ft

Ruiz volcano in Colombia erupts to 22,000ft

Sangay volcano in Ecuador erupts to 20,000ft

Fuego volcano in Guatemala erupts to 15,000ft

Semeru volcano in Indonesia erupts to 14,000ft

Reventador volcano in Ecuador erupts to 13,000ft

Kansas tornado generated 165 mph winds as it destroyed homes

Calf Canyon and Hermits Peak fire grows to over 116,000 acres and threatens Las Vegas

India experiences hottest April ever as wildfires expand, air quality worsens

Iraq engulfed by dust storm, leaving dozens hospitalised and flights grounded

Biden official says food shortages will push farmers to green energy: 'Never let a crisis go to waste'

Leonardo DiCaprio In Bolsonaro Beef Over Rainforest Ahead Of Brazil Elections

Violence Erupts in May Day Protests in Paris, Marchers Criticize Re-Elected Macron

1 Dead, Several Injured in Shooting at Mississippi Festival

Indiana AG vows to gain financial accountability from Black Lives Matter

North Carolina Parents Protest Elementary School's 'After School Satan Club'

GOP governor rips DeSantis' 'punitive approach' toward Disney after parental rights dust-up

Top Biden health official says trans youth being 'driven to depths of despair'

U.S. courts weighing whether teachers are obligated to tell parents their kid may be trans

Church of Scotland Ready to Approve Same-Sex Marriage

Connecticut signs on as abortion 'sanctuary state'

Beijing shuts Universal Studios, bans restaurant dining in major escalation of Covid restrictions

Taiwan says will not impose COVID-19 lockdown 'as cruelly as China'

Israeli health expert says lifting mask mandate is wrong

Bill Gates Warns: 'We've Not Seen the Worst of Covid'

Birx: US Should Prepare for 'Predictable' Summer COVID-19 Surge in Southern States

Fauci: US Likely to Determine Next COVID Booster Type By Summer

Bipartisan group calls on House leadership to not tie aid to Ukraine to COVID-19-related funding

Tracking Bible Prophecy Headlines - 5/1/2022

Hamas Leader: Battle for Al-Aqsa Will Begin After Ramadan

Hamas's Sinwar threatens a 'regional, religious war' if Al-Aqsa is again 'violated'

Lod imam arrested for suspected incitement after Temple Mount clashes

Suspects nabbed in killing of Ariel security guard; PM: We'll reach every terrorist

Shaked instructs: Work under assumption gov't will collapse - Interior Min. Shaked believes current coalition has about a month left, report says

Suspected Islamic State terrorists blow up gas pipeline in Egypt's Sinai

Mossad reportedly interrogated IRGC member in Iran over triple assassination plot

Iran-Saudi 'reconciliation is near' after years of tensions, says Iraqi PM

Trial of alleged terrorist spotlights Iranian threat to U.S. homeland

Second bombing in two days in Kabul on eve of Eid al-Fitr holiday

Two rockets target coalition troops in Iraq, no casualties

Iraq seizes more than six million Captagon pills in drug bust

Nineteenth century Iraq church celebrates first mass since ISIS defeat

Goya CEO: Biden Put Americans "In Chains!" His Afghanistan Withdrawal "Put Women and 12-Year-Old Children as Sex Slaves"

'Crazy' that Trump was Banned on Twitter But Taliban Remained as It Seized Kabul: Farage

Officials: Finland and Sweden Not Yet Ready to Formally Join NATO

Russian spy plane violates Swedish air space

Serbia displays Chinese missiles amid concerns in Balkans

Russia says risks of nuclear war must be kept to minimum

Russia says it hit 17 Ukrainian facilities, killed more than 200 troops

More bodies with hands tied found near Bucha, as Russia shells Ukraine's east

Brutal Sect of Putin's Army Accused of Murdering Their Own Comrades

In Israel, some Holocaust survivors from Ukraine feel little solidarity with Kyiv - 'When the Germans came in, their work had already been done for them by the Ukrainians'

Putin May Declare War Against 'World's Nazis' on 'Victory Day' (May 9th): UK Official

Pelosi makes surprise visit to Kyiv, reaffirms U.S. commitment to Ukraine in meeting with Zelenskyy

Mystery Russian account claims Vladimir Putin set to undergo cancer surgery

Russia Will Quit International Space Station Over Sanctions

Europe faces recession if Putin fully shuts off the gas taps

Claim: Major German and Italian Energy Firms Preparing to Pay for Russian Gas in Roubles

Nasdaq wraps its worst month in nearly 14 years as recession fears grow stronger

As stock market tumbles, woke companies hit especially hard

Warren Buffett rips Wall Street for turning the stock market into 'a gambling parlor'

Biden Laughs After Trevor Noah Roasts Him: "Since You've Come Into Office, Things Are Really Looking Up - Gas Is Up, Rent is Up, Food is Up!"

Biden speaks with Mexican president about 'irregular migration,' supply chain issues

France Gears up for May Day Protests, in First Test for Newly Reelected Macron

Trump endorses GOP Rep. Greg Pence's reelection, despite rift with brother, former VP Mike Pence

Dinesh D'Souza's '2000 Mules': Ballot trafficking expose has the evidence; can it get a hearing?

What's Really Going On? Georgia Governor Candidates Brian Kemp and Stacey Abrams Both Increased Their Net Worth in the Millions While 2020 Election Was Stolen

Trump grand jury ending in N.Y. with no charges against ex-president

Durham unmasks alliance between media, Democrat dirt diggers that triggered false Russia story

Ranking Oversight Republican Says GOPers Are 'Having Discussions' About Impeaching Joe Biden, Calls Hunter a 'National Security Threat'

Ron DeSantis: Leftists Freaking Out over Elon Musk Purchase Because They Used Twitter to 'Enforce the Narrative'

Lauren Boebert leads effort to defund Biden Administration's 'disinformation' board

'They Want To Stifle Dissent': DeSantis Declares War Against Biden's 'Ministry Of Truth' At DHS

Disinformation Governance Board to tackle spread of misinformation in U.S., focusing on Russia and U.S.-Mexico border

Biden's Controversial Ministry of Truth Czar Offered Advice to New President in 2020: Disinformation Is 'an American Pathology'

Right to be forgotten: Israeli tech firm says it can delete your digital footprint

China shuts down popular Christian website amid crackdown on religious groups

Deutsche Bank under pressure after money laundering raids

Tennessee family visiting Disney World says Apple AirTag was used to track them

Major X1.1 solar flare erupts from the Sun's west limb

3.7 Earthquake recorded between Cyprus and Lebanon

Sabancaya volcano in Peru erupts to 24,000ft

Ruiz volcano in Colombia erupts to 21,000ft

Fuego volcano in Guatemala erupts to 15,000ft

Semeru volcano in Indonesia erupts to 14,000ft

Andover tornado reached farther north than thought; 1,000-plus buildings affected

3 University of Oklahoma students were killed in a traffic accident while returning from a storm-chasing trip

Severe storms rock central US while wildfires burn in the West

Largest US Wildfire Rages out of Control in New Mexico

'The water is not there': Drought forces Las Vegas to draw from deeper within Lake Mead

Temperatures break monthly records in India as heat wave scorches region

Extreme Heat to Persist in India for Third Straight Month

'Alarming' algae invasion overwhelming Mexico's Caribbean beaches

Antifa Militants Crash Oregon Republican Governor Event, Lob Explosives At Crowd - Where Is the FBI?

1 dead, 5 injured in shooting at Mississippi Mudbug Festival, sheriff says

Alec Baldwin Lashes Out at NRA, Calls For Gun Control After He Shot and Killed Woman on Set of "Rust"

Law Enforcement: Border Patrol Agents Have Lost Operational Control, Awareness At Border

Texas DPS Warns Human Traffickers Are Luring Kids Into Smuggling Migrants on Social Media Apps

Pennsylvania High School Teacher Suspended For Hosting Drag Show without Parental Consent

Yahoo News Props Up 11-Year-Old 'Transgender Activist'

Caitlyn Jenner: Lia Thomas 'One of the Worst Things to Happen to the Trans Community'

Ron DeSantis Vows 'Disney will Pay Its Debts' After 'Attacking Parents' in Florida, 'Injecting Pansexualism' on Children

Second woman publicly accuses Trump-backed candidate of sexual misconduct

Connecticut Senate passes bill to protect abortion providers, patients' medical records

Scarcity of Medicines in Mexico Leaves Trail of Suffering

Scientists Warn That Climate Change Could Spark the Next Major Pandemic

Dr. Li-Meng Yan Says China Released COVID-19 Intentionally - "This Is Not An Accident"

Fauci: US Likely to Determine Next COVID Booster Type By Summer

Bill Gates Wants To Build A New Global Team Called "GERM"

'Freedom Fighters' Confronted by Riot Police In Trudeau's Canada

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