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November 2023 Headlines

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Tracking Bible Prophecy Headlines - 11/30/2023

UN Calls for 2-State Solution to Israel Conflict

Huckabee: GOP Call for Two-State 'Dumb Idea'

Joe Biden Reveals Hamas' Biggest 'Fear' Amid 'Path Of Terror': "Hamas unleashed a terrorist attack because they fear nothing more than Israelis and Palestinians living side by side in peace"

Mediators Look To Extend Truce In Gaza On Final Day, With 1 More Hostage Swap Planned

Hamas said to seek 4-day truce extension, as 6th group of hostages set to be freed

Senior Hamas figure: 'Efforts to extend truce have not yet matured'

Herzog to attend UN climate confab as part of efforts to secure release of more hostages

Some in Netanyahu's Government Pressure Him to Reject Longer Cease-Fire

Netanyahu: 'No way' we will agree to end war against Hamas

Netanyahu, Gallant emphatic war will resume soon, though current truce may be extended

War cabinet said set to meet, as tonight's release of 10 Israeli hostages delayed

Report: Negotiators in Qatar Have Divided Hostages into Groups, Like Cattle

Hamas to release two Russian hostages in act of 'appreciation' to Putin

IDF: 10 Israeli, 4 Thai hostages handed to Red Cross; 2 Israeli-Russian women in Israel

Hamas says 10-month-old hostage and two family members killed in Israeli bombardment

Mom of Gaza hostage: Red Cross acting as 'Uber service' for the released, not visiting those held

Report: UNRWA Teacher, Gaza Doctor Kept Israeli Child Hostages

Freed Israeli Hostages Tell Families of Beatings, Death Threats

Freed Thai Hostage: Hamas Beat Jewish Hostages with Electric Cables

Freed hostage Yocheved Lifshitz, 85, says she met Sinwar in Gaza, asked him why he wasn't ashamed of himself

Mayim Bialik calls out progressive feminists' silence on Hamas rape, torture in Israel: 'Where are you?'

Fears grow for youngest Gaza hostage after Hamas claims 3 family members killed in Israeli bombing

Can Hamas Locate Remaining Hostages in War's Mayhem?

Police arrest activist for bereaved families at Knesset protest against government

Several Gaza border communities refuse to send reps to meeting with Netanyahu

Release of Palestinian Prisoners With Israeli Citizenship Leads to Dilemma for Arab Israelis

Arab Israeli prisoners oppose release under hostage deal, prefer to go to trial

Prisoner Releases Send Hamas Support Rocketing In West Bank

UK doctor urged Gazans to 'fight and die in dignity' after 7 October terror attack: Dr. Ghassan Abu-Sittah claims Israel's 'end goal is to ethnically cleanse Gaza' and accuses the IDF of using banned chemical warfare agent white phosphorus

Anger and despair as Palestinians queue for supplies during truce

Gazans queue for days for a limited supply of cooking gas, BBC told

Senior US lawmakers review plan linking Gaza refugee resettlement to US aid to Arab countries

Senate Democrats Debate Possible U.S. Conditions for Israel Aid

No conditions on future Israel aid despite Biden's 'worthwhile thought' quip

'Squad' votes on Israel's right to exist, condemning Hamas reveal division in far-left group

Biden Navigates Divisions Over Gaza Inside the White House and Beyond

Stark images of Oct. 7 murder and torture in Israel leave US senators distraught

CIA issues guidelines after senior official shares pro-Palestinian post

Report: Military censor says PM unjustifiably pressing him to clamp down on reporting

Antisemitism in US a 'five-alarm fire' amid Israel-Hamas war, Senator Schumer says

Muslims in Europe feel vulnerable to rising hostility over Israel-Gaza

German Police Arrest Islamist Teens Planning Attack on Christmas Market, Synagogue

Germany warns of 'real' Islamist terror threat in wake of Israel-Hamas war

France charges two for justifying crimes against humanity over swastikas in Paris

Oy humbug! London council cancels Chanukah over community tension concerns

Anti-Israel Demonstrators Force Families of Israelis Killed, Abducted by Hamas to Evacuate Australia Hotel

Turkey's Erdogan calls Netanyahu 'butcher of Gaza'

Schumer decries antisemitism in impassioned Senate speech: 'Jewish people feel isolated,' 'deep fear'

Survey: 73% of US Jewish College Students Saw Antisemitism

U.S. Department of Education opens investigation into Harvard over antisemitism claims on campus

Grass is not greener: Thousands of pro-Israel lawn signs stolen across US since Oct. 7

Deepfakes From The Israel-Hamas War Increase Fears About AI's Power To Mislead

Elon Musk's embrace of Israel unlikely to ease X's advertiser concerns

OECD cuts Israel growth forecast due to war, sees temporary slowdown in economy

Video shows Israeli extremists assaulting Palestinians in their West Bank homes

Amid Gaza war, IDF steps up West Bank raids to quell potential additional front

IDF kills two senior terror operatives in Jenin during West Bank raid

Damage to Israel's Relations With Its Regional Neighbors Will Affect Plans for the 'Day After' in Gaza

Commentary: Why Hezbollah Isn't Joining Hamas in Total War Against Israel

A U.S.-Iranian Miscalculation Could Lead to a Larger War, Officials Say

Iranian FM says messages exchanged with US on not wanting Israel-Hamas war to escalate

US sanctions 21 of the Iran military's financial backers

Saudis offer investment to Iran if it curbs proxies - report

'They Are Not Under Our Command:' Iranian Foreign Minister Denies Control Over Proxy Terrorist Groups

USS Eisenhower: Iran Releases 'Alarming' Footage Of Its UAVs Detecting, Tracking US Warship

US Navy Warship Shoots Down Drone Launched by Houthis From Yemen

OPEC+ Mulls New Oil Production Cuts Amid Middle East Conflict

Mass Killings in Darfur Revealed as Fighting Between Sudanese Military Factions Escalates

At least 40 civilians killed by al-Qaida-linked rebels in a Burkina Faso town: UN

Myanmar and China conduct naval drills together as fighting surges in border area

China Deploys Howitzers As War on Border Threatens To Spill Over

Xi Jinping Demands Communists Bend International Law to China's Will

Views on China as 'enemy' of the US grow, many support military buildup to deter Taiwan invasion: survey

'Citizens of the Reich': Raids and suspicion as German group grows

Sweden says Turkey pledges to ratify its NATO bid 'within weeks'

Russia slams Finland's border closure, warns that tensions could arise if troops are deployed

Russia Wants Foreign Visitors to Sign 'Loyalty' Pledge to Regime

Satellite Photos Show Crimea Lost Naval Defense Line in Storm

Russia's navy could be open to a sea-drone attack after a huge storm

Russian Major General Blown Up on Landmine on Ukraine Front: Report

Vladimir Putin demands Russian women have 'eight more children' to make up for war deaths - Putin warned that Russia could endure economic problems if women don't give birth to more children

Blinken: 'No Sense of Fatigue' With Ukraine Support

Canadian Conservative Leader Poilievre Scorches Trudeau Over His 'Carbon Tax' Driving the Financial Crisis - But All the Prime Minister Wants To Talk About Is Ukraine!

Americans are 'doom spending' - here's why that's a problem

Joe Biden Resurrects His Claim That 'Gouging' Is At Fault for High Prices

Bidenflation: U.S. Households Are Spending an Extra $11,400 Annually to Afford Basics

$100 of Goods and Services Now Costs $119 After Years of Bidenomics

Money laundering investigator warned of Hunter Biden's 'unusual,' 'erratic' payments from China in 2018

Bank raised red flags about $5 million loan from Chinese firm to Hunter Biden, memo reveals

Jason Smith: Hunter's Subpoena Not Negotiable

Rep. Comer: Hunter Biden Must Comply or Face Charges

Joe Biden on a Hot Mic: "Look, My Marine Has a Code to Blow Up the World"

"Congressman Trump," "Deng Xiaping in the Himalayas" - Joe Biden Goes Completely Off the Rails in Colorado

The Obama Factor: Would Barack back Gavin Newsom as Biden's successor?

Rep. Greene reintroduces articles of impeachment against DHS Secretary Mayorkas

Speaker Johnson says he has 'real reservations' about upcoming vote to expel Santos

Judge key to Jan. 6 cases warns US faces 'authoritarian' threat

J6 Defendant Sues CREW Leftists for Selectively Editing and Presenting Confirmed Lies as Evidence in the Trump Colorado Election Lawsuit - Seeks $7.2 Million for Defamation

Trump Flagged for $40 Million in Undisclosed Cash Transfers

Dowd: Trump Will Be Criminally Convicted Before Republican Convention

Arizona officials charged with conspiring to delay midterm election outcome

Trump Attacks 'Slimeball' CEO of MSNBC Parent Company - Threatens to 'Make Them Pay for Their Illegal Political Activity'

Dirty Jack Smith and Obama Judge Beryl Howell Attempt to Cover-Up How Both Suggested Trump Was a 'Flight Risk' to Justify Secret X/Twitter Search Warrant

Special Counsel Jack Smith Demands X/Twitter Give Info on All Americans Who Interacted with Donald Trump

'Censorship-Industrial Complex' architect suggested tanking Tesla after Musk purchased Twitter

Elon Musk, Slinging Expletives, Says Advertiser Boycott on X May Kill It

Rep. Jim Jordan Opposes Any Deep State Surveillance Authorization in Defense Bill

54 Bipartisan Lawmakers Urge Speaker Johnson Not to Slip Deep State Surveillance Authorization in Defense Bill

Google and Canada reach deal to avert news ban over Online News Act

ChatGPT Can Reveal Personal Information From Real People, Google Researchers Show

Sports Illustrated's use of AI infuriates a staff already in turmoil

AI has a political problem: The military is growing increasingly enthusiastic about AI. The public, less so.

Vast Majority of US Workers Believe Artificial Intelligence Could Do Their Jobs

Robot hand exceptionally 'human-like' thanks to new 3D printing technique

Tucker Carlson Calls Out US Government Over Secrecy About UFOs

Multiple CMEs heading toward Earth, G3 - Strong Geomagnetic Storm Watch in effect

Iceland volcano: Almost 100 earthquakes strike in seismic swarm during eruption fears

Iceland grapples with volcanic eruption risks after massive crack opens in the ground - here's what it means for the rest of the world

Sabancaya volcano in Peru erupts to 25,000ft

Popocateptl volcano in Mexico erupts to 20,000ft

Fuego volcano in Guatemala erupts to 19,000ft

Reventador volcano in Ecuador erupts to 15,000ft

Sangay volcano in Ecuador erupts to 15,000ft

Santa Maria volcano in Guatemala erupts to 14,000ft

Semeru volcano in Indonesia erupts to 14,000ft

Dukono volcano in Indonesia erupts to 10,000ft

Kona Low to drench Hawaii with several inches of rain prompting statewide Flood Watches

Severe floods in Somalia affect 2 million, displace 746,000 and destroy 4 700 houses

Over 120 dead as widespread floods continue affecting Kenya

More than 40 inches of snow blankets the Northeast as arctic blast sweeps the country

Behind the world's first 'zero-carbon' arena, a questionable carbon credit market

Virgin Jet Lands After Maiden Transatlantic Flight on Low-Carbon Fuel

Michigan Gov Whitmer signs sweeping green energy bill forcing transition from fossil fuels

Conn. Lawmakers Seek Compromise on Switch to All-Electric Cars, After Ambitious Plan Scrapped

Colossal Failure: Biden's $7.5B on EV Infrastructure Has Yet to Produce One Single Charger

After criticism for Biden skipping global climate summit, White House to send Kamala Harris

Commentary: Making Climate Change a Republican Issue in 2024

US, China to Work Together at COP28 Summit, Kerry Says

Elites Meet: 70,000+ Attendees Flying to Dubai for COP 28 Climate Summit

Pope Cancels Trip to UN Climate Conference on Doctors' Orders

Pope Cancels Dubai Trip Due to Lung Inflammation, Breathing Issues

Defying Pope's Calls for Climate Action, US Catholic Bishops Cling to Fossil Fuels

Great Reset: U.N. to Order an End to Meat Eating Because - Climate Change

8 out of 9 Migrant Rapists Will Avoid Jail Time After Gang Raping a 15-Year-Old German Girl

"I'd Like to See Them Shot in the Head" - Irish Immigrant Politician Calls for the Execution of Irishmen Who Protested the Stabbing of the Three Children by an Algerian National

Federal Law Requires a Choice: Marijuana or a Gun?

Ex-DEA Special Ops Head raises alarm on role China, their criminal networks are playing to fuel drug crisis in America

Rep. Fallon: 'Joe Biden Has Made Every State a Border State'

94-Year-Old Veteran Says He Was Kicked Out Of New York City Nursing Home To Make Room For Illegal Migrants

Massachusetts Court Released Illegal Immigrant Charged with Assault, Rape

'Irish Lives Matter' graffiti in Belfast, signs against 'rehousing' illegal migrants spark hate probe: report

Trisha Yearwood, Garth Brooks Sing Atheist Anthem 'Imagine' at Devout Christian Rosalynn Carter's Funeral

Jesuit Priest Thomas Reese Says Donald Trump Is 'Antichrist'

BLM leader turns against Dems over 'racist' policies, backs Trump for president: 'We're not stupid'

DeSantis rips Trump over BLM leader's endorsement: "When BLM was burning down cities and assaulting police officers in cities across this country, Trump did nothing but sit in the White House tweeting 'LAW & ORDER!'"

Chiefs Fan, 5, Called Racist Has Native American Ties

Businesses Begin Abandoning 'Diversity' Initiatives

Trump urges Adams, Cuomo to fight 'unconstitutional' sex assault suits

LGBTQ couple in Nepal becomes the 1st to receive official same-sex marriage status

Seattle Middle School Students Send Pro-LGBTQ Cards to Conservative Moms Group as Part of Class Assignment

Vermont blocked Christian school from tuition, sports programs due to LGBT beliefs: lawsuit

U.S. Supreme Court Blocks Florida Law that Protects Children from Sexually Explicit Drag Shows

'Let us live': Russian drag queens fear looming ban

Judge Hands Major Defeat to Transgender Lawmaker Suing Red State Over 'Unconstitutional' Censure

Study: States with Restrictive Abortion Bans See 2.3 Percent Hike in Births After Roe Overturned

Idaho Asks Supreme Court to Stop Federal Government from Using ERs as 'Enclave' for Abortions

U.S. Suicides Reached a Record High Last Year

Signs of mysterious respiratory illness affecting dogs reported in at least a dozen states

Republicans Whom Nancy Pelosi Fined For 2021 Mask Mandate Take Their Case All the Way to Supreme Court

Cases of COVID variant BA.2.86 have tripled in 2 weeks, says CDC report

Police State: China orders mystery pneumonia outbreak 'cover-up' as officials told to 'downplay illness & ban word Covid'

Mysterious child pneumonia cases spike in parts of Europe as COVID-like surge continues in China

Warren County, OH seeing outbreak in pneumonia cases among children

Dr. Peter McCullough Urges Preparedness on News of Chinese Pneumonia Outbreak

Just in Time for Election: 'Charlatan' Dr. Peter Hotez Now Claims that Experts Are Predicting 'Disease X' is Coming Which Will Be '20 Times' Worse than COVID-19

Tracking Bible Prophecy Headlines - 11/29/2023

10 Israeli and 2 Thai hostages arrive back in Israel after 53 days in Gaza captivity

Hamas frees 12 hostages, Israel expected to release 30 prisoners

Red Cross Refused to Bring Medicine to Israeli Hostage on Verge of Death: Report

Aunt of Ariel, 4, and 10-month-old Kfir Bibas: 'We hope they aren't held as a trophy'

Aunt Says Hamas Tortured Israeli Child Hostages, Threatened at Gunpoint

Hamas forced hostage kids to watch videos of Oct. 7 atrocities, family member says

As hostages freed, Iran-backed Islamic Jihad seen seeking credit for kidnappings

Attempted murder, shootings, bombings: Most freed Palestinians were held for attacks

Bodies of three soldiers killed on October 7 taken by Hamas to Gaza, IDF says

Hamas attacks IDF troops in Gaza, breaking ceasefire

Several injured as Hamas attacks Israeli troops in Gaza, straining fragile truce

Commentary: Charging Israel With Genocide in Gaza Is Inflammatory and Dangerous

Gaza Is Falling Into 'Absolute Chaos,' Aid Groups Say

First of three US planes carrying aid for Gaza arrives in Egypt

US delivers 54,000 pounds of humanitarian supplies to Gaza

French floating hospital docks off coast of Egypt to treat wounded Gazans

Untreated diseases could kill more than bombings in Gaza, WHO warns

Israel Gaza: Drone footage shows Gazans scrambling for fuel

Freed Palestinian prisoners report physical abuse in Israeli jails

Israel Police Presents New Evidence of Sexual Assault by Hamas Terrorists on October 7

Amid outcry over silence, UN Women posts, then deletes, condemnation of Hamas attack

How Hamas built a force to attack Israel on 7 October - Five armed Palestinian groups joined Hamas

Hamas is at war with the Middle East, German president says in Israel

Israel said open to weighing further hostage deal once all children and women freed

Report: Hamas Barbarians Offer to Release All Hostages in Exchange for a Full Ceasefire

G7 foreign ministers urge Hamas to free all hostages, back further pause in fighting

CIA and Mossad chiefs fly to Qatar for talks on how to extend Gaza truce

Blinken to visit Israel, West Bank again, with eye on further extending Gaza truce

White House: IDF op in southern Gaza must be 'different' than in north

US: IDF should not displace Gazans en masse in the south like it did in the north

U.S. Has Warned Israel to Fight More Surgically in Gaza, Officials Say

Source: Biden Pressure on Israeli Tactics Will Leave Hamas Intact and in Power

Ahead of Showdown in Senate: Conditioning U.S. Military Aid to Israel Triggers Fierce Debate Among Democrats

Mitch McConnell: 'Our Standards' Of Conditions For Military Aid Shouldn't Apply To Israel - U.S. officials quietly treat Israel's $3 billion in annual aid differently than aid to other nations - but they almost never acknowledge that

Bernie Sanders May Push Vote on Conditioning Aid to Israel in Coming Weeks

Hagerty: Biden Funding Both Sides of Israel-Hamas War

Israeli Officials: Donations to Hamas-Linked Charities Up 70 Percent

'Tone Deaf' Biden Still Pushing 'Failed' Two-State Solution on Israel

Ben Gvir threatens to tear down government if war not resumed

Israeli intelligence leak details extent of warnings over Hamas attack - Officer who reviewed intelligence considered risk of big attack 'an imaginary scenario', leak suggests

'Worse Than a Hollywood Horror Movie': Hamas War Crimes Being Documented for Possible Trials

Hamas senior official invites Elon Musk to visit Gaza

Israel Approves Musk's Starlink in Gaza

Pro-Palestine Protesters Stage Rally Outside Rosalynn Carter's Memorial Service

Antisemitic incidents rose by 320% after Hamas attacked Israel, monitoring group says

Harvard, MIT, Penn Presidents to Testify on Campus Antisemitism

Italian rabbi faces death threats in antisemitic assault on street in Genoa

Gigi Hadid under fire for claiming Israel is 'only country' that keeps kids as prisoners of war

Gigi Hadid apologizes for claiming Israel abducts, rapes and tortures Palestinians

Model Gigi Hadid apologizes, says she 'did not fact check' post on Israel's treatment of Palestinian children

Marco Rubio Tells Off Anti-Israel Activist: 100% of Civilian Casualties are Hamas's Fault

Anti-Israel chants at vigil for Vermont shooting of 3 men of Palestinian descent

Two Palestinians killed in West Bank clashes - PA

US official credits PA for relative calm in West Bank amid Israel-Hamas war in Gaza

'There are 2 million Nazis' in West Bank, says far-right Finance Minister Smotrich

'We're taking it out of hide': Pentagon says it has no money for Middle East buildup

Missiles were fired toward a US Navy destroyer responding to an attempted hijacking near Yemen. The same warship was targeted in this area years ago.

G7 calls on Yemen's Houthis to stop threatening shipping, free Israeli-linked vessel

US Warns of Evolving Threats to Ships Sailing in Red Sea

Satimage Shows Eisenhower Carrier in Persian Gulf, 100 Km From Iran

Iran execution of child condemned by UN human rights office

Iranian sports official fired after foreign athlete competes in Tehran without hijab

'Honor Killing': Father Accused of Killing Pakistani Teen Girl over Social Media Video

Ukraine says spy chief's wife is being treated for poisoning with heavy metals

Republicans vow to oppose Israel, Ukraine package if it lacks U.S. border security measures

Dem Sen. Bennet: Border Is 'Overwhelmed' But We Should Pass Ukraine Money Without Border

China athletes as young as seven in military training to 'create iron army'

China Predicts It Can Tame Javier Milei, Keep Stranglehold on Argentina

Argentina's president-elect tells top Biden officials that he's committed to freedom

Germany, now the world's worst-performing major economy, grapples with a budget crisis

Walmart's Secret Scheme: A Threat to Your Financial Security

Bidenomics: Big Mac Extra Value Meals Selling for $18, Up $10 from 2018

Hunter Biden agrees to appear before House Oversight Committee - but only in public: Lawyer

Rep. Matt Rosendale Throws Cold Water on Efforts to Impeach Joe Biden

Mike Huckabee says impeachment vote on Biden would be 'political disaster'

Democrats Force Historic Vote to Expel George Santos, Set Up Thursday Showdown

Another Leak: Mike Pence Trashes Trump as "Reckless" to Special Counsel Jack Smith in Closed-Door Testimony

Pence told Jan. 6 special counsel harrowing details about 2020 aftermath, warnings to Trump: Sources

DC Judge Chutkan refuses to allow Trump attorneys to gain access to 'missing materials' they say were hidden by J6 Committee

Georgia prosecutors oppose plea deals for Trump, Meadows and Giuliani - Sources say Fulton county prosecutors unwilling to offer deals to key trio, preferring instead to force them to trial

President Trump's Latest "Motion to Compel Discovery" Exposes Foreign Interference in 2020 Election in "One of the Worst Cybersecurity Incidents in History"

Court papers say ex-Virginia election official on trial 'altered election results' in 2020 election

Fox News founder Rupert Murdoch deposed in Smartmatic election lawsuit

Biden DOJ releases redacted search warrant for Trump's Twitter account

DOJ Ordered Sweep of Trump's Twitter Data for Everyone Who 'Liked, Followed or Retweeted' Trump

Explosive Report: US and UK Military Contractors Launched Initial Censorship Group that Later Morphed into the Censorship Industrial Complex After 2016 Trump Election

Sweeping Plan for Global Censorship Started in 2018, New Documents Show

Senate intelligence chairman proposes revamp of surveillance program

Speaker Johnson Refuses to Confirm Matt Gaetz's Claim About Deep State Program Authorization

Former Google CEO: Companies' AI guardrails "aren't enough" to prevent harm

Can She Fool You? Meet the AI influencer who makes up to £8,600 a month - even celebrities ask her out and are shocked she doesn't exist

First Spanish A.I. Model Earns Nearly $11K Monthly for Agency

Report: CIA Office Recovered UFO Crashes for Decades

M9.8 solar flare erupts from geoeffective Region 3500, Earth-directed CME likely

5.2 magnitude earthquake hits near Tobelo, Indonesia

5.1 magnitude earthquake hits the Barbados region, Windward Islands

5.1 magnitude earthquake hits the Tonga region

5.0 magnitude earthquake hits near Panguna, Papua New Guinea

Sabancaya volcano in Peru erupts to 27,000ft

Popocateptl volcano in Mexico erupts to 26,000ft

Sangay volcano in Ecuador erupts to 20,000ft

Fuego volcano in Guatemala erupts to 15,000ft

Reventador volcano in Ecuador erupts to 14,000ft

Santa Maria volcano in Guatemala erupts to 14,000ft

Semeru volcano in Indonesia erupts to 14,000ft

Iceland Volcano Eruption Update: Magma Dike 'Wider' Than Scientists Thought

Rapid growth of newly-formed island near Iwo Jima, Japan

Powerful Storm Bettina ravages Black Sea region with hurricane-force winds, severe storm surge, flooding and snowstorms

Tornadoes forecast in the Black Sea region as storm reportedly impacts Russian military operations

Russia's Black Sea fleet forced back by 'storm of the century'

Severe 'black blizzard' in Moscow: Snowfall hits 35% of monthly average overnight, Russia

Russia and Ukraine storm leaves two million without power

Widespread damage and at least 16 fatalities, 12 missing in Eastern Europe after rapid intensification of Storm Bettina

Lightning strikes claim 24 lives in Gujarat, India amid unseasonal severe thunderstorms

Heavy snow and blizzards hit Romania and Bulgaria, claiming lives and disrupting power supply

Quebec snowstorm leaves over 148 000 homes without power, Canada

National Christmas Tree toppled by high winds outside the White House: 'Perfectly summing up Joe Biden's presidency'

Storms poised to drench drought-stricken areas of southern US

Hawaii AG Subpoenas Maui Agencies in Wildfire Probe

Climate funding is in short supply. So some want to rework the financial system

UN group will demand Americans eat less meat to satisfy Paris Climate Accords, report says

UN to ask Americans to reduce meat eating to fight climate change in new 'global food systems' instructions

U.S. beef producers say UN's proposal for eating less meat demonizes industry, ineffective

Dem governor withdraws electric vehicle mandate in stunning blow to environmentalists

'Stab White People' Murder in French Village Could be 'Tipping Point' for Society, Warns Government

Haiti gang wars now 'cataclysmic' in key farmlands - UN report

Sanctuary City Chicago: Arrests of Venezuelan Illegal Aliens Rise More than 11,000% Since 2021

US border overwhelmed by migrant surges in three states, closing international bridges and causing chaos

Border Patrol Agents are 'Virtually' Processing Migrants As They Surge Across Southern Border

"I Am Hopeful - that Congress Will Do It" - DHS Secretary Mayorkas Lays Out Amnesty Plan for 12-30 Million Illegal Aliens Here in the US

Shock Report: Biden Admin Is Spending $451 Billion a Year to Pay for Illegal Alien and Asylum Seeker Benefits

Finland shutters border to stop flow of illegal immigrants

Irish Socialist Councillor Lillian Seenoi-Barr Says Irishmen "Terrorists" are the Problem - Not the Migrants Stabbing Children

Irish Prime Minister demands people stop 'connecting crime with immigration'

"Try and Avoid Connecting Crime with Migration. It's Not Right" - Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar Scolds Irishmen After Algerian Stabs Children in Dublin

Protests against mass migration erupt in France after 17 teens stabbed at youth festival by Algerian gang

Jack Posobiec: Derek Chauvin is a 'loose end' the regime is trying to 'wrap up'

Deadspin targets young Kansas City Chiefs fan, falsely accuses him of wearing 'black face'

Rob Schneider: 'Disney Got Financially Spanked by American Families Who Don't Want Their Children Indoctrinated by Woke Lunacy'

Pentagon official overseeing federal schools arrested in Georgia human-trafficking sting

Elon Musk has boosted the 'pizzagate' conspiracy theory five times in the last two weeks

Convicted prostitute, current escort removed from Godley ISD groups, including council overseeing Sex-Ed

Transgender Man Charged for Alleged Threats to Kill, Rape Children

Staff reassigned at Florida school after allegations that transgender student played on girls' team

Students at Florida high school walk out after staff shakeup over transgender athlete

Pool Player Lynne Pinches Gets Award After Refusing Championship Match Against Trans Competitor

Norwegian police report 'woman' charged with killing 'man' after trans male murders trans female

Uganda to Borrow $150 Million from China After World Bank Halts Funding over 'Anti-Homosexuality Act'

Despite Supreme Court ruling, DeSantis lawyers again seek to have anti-drag show law take effect

Democrats versus Muslims: Liberal states back school district's ban on opt-outs for LGBTQ lessons

Biden's HHS demands foster parents 'affirm' sex changes for kids, teens

Hospitals record newborn babies' 'gender identity' rather than their sex

Commentary: In putting labels on newborn babies, the trans ideology has reached peak madness

Report: Expert Predicts Popularity of Gender-Neutral Baby Names in 2024 - also credited growing "acceptance of non-binary people" as a contributing factor

Attorneys General Call Out Biden Admin Plan That Would Effectively Ban Christians from Fostering Children - Plan seek to ensure that foster parents and families use a foster child's "identified pronouns, chosen name, and allow the child to dress in an age-appropriate manner that the child believes reflects their self-identified gender identity and expression."

South Korean City Holds Mass Blind Dates to Shore Up Birth Rates

Xi Jinping Tells Chinese Women to Get Married and Make Babies

Texas Supreme Court hears arguments in challenge to abortion law

Texas AG's office argues women should sue doctors - not state - over lack of abortion access

Christie: I Would Not Sign National 6-Week Abortion Ban

When does life end? A father didn't believe his daughter was dead. The hospital still harvested her organs

British hospitals where worker had sex with 100 corpses failed to protect those it cared for, report finds

Emergency room patients forced to seek life-saving care elsewhere after ransomware attack

An AI Tool Just Revealed Almost 200 New Systems for CRISPR Gene Editing

Moderna is Spying on You: Exclusive Moderna documents show how the vaccine maker is monitoring online discourse and partnering with an NGO with a history of censoring social media

U.S. Navy Medical Officer Exposes Defense Department Data Showing Alarming Increase in Heart-Related Issues Among Pilots Following COVID-19 Vaccination: Myocarditis Up by 151%, Heart Failure by 973%

Only 43 of more than 8,000 discharged from US military for refusing Covid vaccine have rejoined

Military Could Owe Billions To Service Members Involuntarily Discharged For Refusing COVID Shots

Creator of COVID 19 Vaccine was Reportedly Thrown from a Roof in China Three Months After Filing Patent for Vaccine

Fresh epidemic fears as child pneumonia cases surge in Europe after China outbreak

China brings back masks & social distancing in chilling echo of lockdown over mystery outbreak 4 years on from Covid

China Brings Back 'Online' Schooling, Tells Parents Not to Overwork Children as Pneumonia Sweeps Nation

Tracking Bible Prophecy Headlines - 11/28/2023

Israel and Hamas agree to extend Gaza truce by two days, say US, Qatar

Gaza ceasefire extension is 'a glimpse of hope amid darkness of war,' says Guterres

'Complete Darkness': Family Members Describe Freed Hostages' Frightening Time In Captivity

11 more Israeli hostages released, bringing total to 51 freed in the last four days

Families of Russian-Israeli hostages visit Moscow seeking help in freeing captives

Hamas: We are willing to negotiate release of captive Israeli soldiers

Report: Hamas Has Lost Track of Some Israeli Hostages Abducted in Terror Attack

IDF's Conricus: Hamas Sending Hostages to Other Terror Groups

Hamas Will Not Release 10-month-Old Israeli Baby; Transferred to Other Terrorists

Biden Hopes to Alter the Trajectory of the War as Hostages Are Released

First American Hostage Released Under Cease-Fire Deal Is Relative of Dem Donor Who Bought Hunter Biden's Art

Palestinian Prisoner Released in Hostage Deal Already Under Investigation for Inciting More Terror

Top Israeli intel unit wasn't operational on October 7 due to personnel decision

Bernie Sanders: Israel Doesn't Have a Right 'to Kill 12,000 People in Six, Seven Weeks'

NYT: Gaza Civilians, Under Israeli Barrage, Are Being Killed at Historic Pace

Drones show how Israeli bombs turned Gaza into moonscape

'We saw phosphorus burns': British-Palestinian surgeon recounts injuries he saw in Gaza

London surgeon says he saw 'massacre unfold' while working in Gaza hospitals

Gigi Hadid shares reel accusing Israel of harvesting organs of dead Palestinians

Prominent Israeli Human Rights Group Urges ICC Probe of Hamas for Rape and Other Sex Crimes

Alyssa Farah Griffin: Women's Groups Silence on Hamas Sex Crimes Devastating

Biden says 'I'm sorry' after Muslim-American leaders encourage him to apologize for questioning Hamas' casualty reports

US, Allies Form Task Force Aimed at De-funding Hamas

Jake Sullivan Does Not Reject Possibility Of Biden Attaching Conditions On Israel Aid - The president previously called the idea a "worthwhile thought"

Blinken to Visit Israel, West Bank, UAE This Week to Continue Gaza Diplomacy

Musk tours Gaza border kibbutz with PM, says 'no choice' but for Israel to destroy Hamas

Elon Musk: No Choice but to 'Kill Those Who Insist on Murdering Civilians'

Elon Musk visits Israel, tours site of Oct 7 massacre, offers to help rebuild Gaza after destruction of Hamas

Elon Musk Tours Israeli Kibbutz Attacked by Hamas Amid Antisemitic Backlash, X Advertiser Exodus

Elon Musk Wields Starlink in Israel to Curb Uproar Over Antisemitism

Lebanese Israeli advocate on US colleges post-Oct. 7: 'Many don't see Israelis as humans'

'Vile show of anti-Semitism': High school students mob teacher for attending pro-Israel rally

St Andrews University rector sent students links to Hamas-supporting websites

USC Professor Suspended and Barred from Campus For Saying, "Hamas [Terrorists] Are Murderers... Every One Should be Killed, and I Hope They all are Killed"

Trudeau Demands End to Antisemitic Acts After Attack in Montreal

Soros Sent $250K to Anti-Israel Group With Hamas Ties

Pope Red Francis Goes from Meeting with Transgender Sex Workers in the Vatican to Accusing Jews of Terrorism

Pope Francis cancels meetings because of breathing difficulties, Vatican says

Milei's Conversion to Judaism Seals Pro-Israel Push by Argentina

European and Middle East envoys meet in Barcelona to discuss Israel-Hamas war

Palestinian Diplomat Appeals for Peace in Gaza at a Meeting between EU and Arab Nations in Spain

Thousands of Americans leave everything behind to join Israel's war in Gaza, WaPo reports

Israel okays budget change to prioritize defense goals, also unlocking funds for Haredi, settler interests

Bank of Israel cuts growth forecast again due to war impact, leaves benchmark steady

As ships reroute, cargo prices jump - Ships are sailing around Africa to avoid attack by Houthi terrorists

Hijacking attempt on Israel-linked ship thwarted by U.S. Navy

Missiles fired from Yemen toward US warship that responded to attack on commercial tanker

Grassley presses Blinken on 'strict oversight' of $6 billion in Iran funds from hostage deal

White House: We Don't Regret Hostage and Prisoner Swap with Iran in Wake of Increased Attacks

Senior Canadian intelligence official found guilty of passing secrets to figures tied to Iran

Iran Adds Sophisticated Warship to Caspian Fleet

Six teens stand trial for allegedly inciting beheading of French teacher who showed Muslim cartoon

Toxic gas putting millions at risk in Middle East, BBC finds

Turkey faces scrutiny as exports to Russia surge, fuelling concerns of sanctions evasion

Putin dealt blow as Russian defence positions 'washed away' by devastating storm

Ukrainian President Zelenskyy uses proxies to hide ownership of $75M yachts

'All Allies Agree' Ukraine Will Join NATO, Says Alliance Boss

North Korea, US envoys engage in rare, public sparring match at UN

Joe Scarborough Says the World Could 'Spiral into World War III' if Joe Biden Wasn't President

Biden plans to use cold-war era law in attempt to lower US prices

Education chief mercilessly mocked for misstating Reagan's famous government 'here to help' line

The House of Representatives is set to lose 381 years of congressional experience as 31 members have announced their departures

Retirements mount in Congress: Some are frustrated by "chaos," and others seek new careers - or rest

Trump hints at expanded role for the military within the US. A legacy law gives him few guardrails - Experts in constitutional law and the military say the Insurrection Act gives presidents tremendous power with few restraints

Trump Insists His Past Confusion of Obama for Biden Was Done 'Sarcastically' While Bragging About His 'ACED' Cognitive Test

Trump attorneys in Jack Smith case demand all DOJ documents on 'informants, cooperators, undercover agents, representatives' at the Capitol on Jan 6

Judge rejects Trump 'fishing expedition' to subpoena Jan. 6 materials

Bid to hold Trump accountable for Jan. 6 violence stalls at appeals court

John Eastman Asks For Trump To Be Tried Apart From Other Co-Defendants In Georgia Case

Court papers say ex-Virginia election official on trial 'altered election results' in 2020 election

Poll: 56 Percent Of Voters Believe Cheating Is Likely To Happen In 2024 Election

Lawmaker Demands Air Force Justify Threatening Troops' Careers for Attending Conservative 'Turning Point' Rally

Irish Green Party member says bill 'restricting freedom' is for 'the common good'

Elon Musk warns against Irish government's 'hate speech' laws that would criminalize memes

Paris mayor quits X platform, calling it a 'gigantic global sewer'

Justin Trudeau boasts about plan to implement more internet censorship at Canada-EU summit

NewsGuard Is Selling Its Government-Funded Censorship Tool To Private Companies

Speaker Johnson Threatens to Enflame Controversy by Slipping Controversial Surveillance Reauthorization into Defense Bill

Should cars have built-in speed limits? Some think it's time

Sports Illustrated Published Articles by Fake, AI-Generated Writers

6.5 magnitude earthquake hits near Wewak, Papua New Guinea

5.8 magnitude earthquake hits the Vanuatu region

5.6 magnitude earthquake hits near the Fox Islands, Aleutian Islands, Alaska

5.6 magnitude earthquake hits the Indian Ocean Triple Junction

5.5 magnitude earthquake hits the Vanuatu region

5.4 magnitude earthquake hits the Vanuatu region

5.2 magnitude earthquake hits the Vanuatu region

5.2 magnitude earthquake hits the Vanuatu region

5.1 magnitude earthquake hits near the Kuril Islands

5.0 magnitude earthquake hits near the coast of Antofagasta, Chile

5.0 magnitude earthquake hits the Maug Islands region, Northern Mariana Islands

5.0 magnitude earthquake hits the Maug Islands region, Northern Mariana Islands

5.0 magnitude earthquake hits the South Sandwich Islands region

Sabancaya volcano in Peru erupts to 25,000ft

Popocateptl volcano in Mexico erupts to 22,000ft

Ruiz volcano in Colombia erupts to 22,000ft

Sangay volcano in Ecuador erupts to 20,000ft

Fuego volcano in Guatemala erupts to 16,000ft

Santa Maria volcano in Guatemala erupts to 15,000ft

Reventador volcano in Ecuador erupts to 14,000ft

Semeru volcano in Indonesia erupts to 14,000ft

Iceland volcano update: Earthquake 'swarm' strikes Grindavik area as residents still evacuated

Monstrous Alaska Landslide Shatters Family: Parents and 2 Children Confirmed Dead, One Child Still Missing

Petrostate Chosen to Lead Next Climate Summit, But Leaked Docs Reveal Its Underlying Motive Is All About Fossil Fuels

Mega-Jolt: The Costs and Logistics of Plugging in EVs Are About to Become Supercharged

Biden Administration Gave Loan of $3 Billion to Solar Company Facing Scamming Accusations

Eat Bugs and Live in a Pod: United Nations to Tell First-World Countries to Limit Meat Consumption in Food's First 'Net Zero Plan'

Pastor Reveals Incredible Details After Revival Breaks Out in Times Square, 'Salvation Spreading'

'Offensive to Christians': Republican congressman blasts 'satanic Christmas tree'

30 shot in Chicago over Thanksgiving weekend

Tuberville: Biden's Border Policy Could Cause '9/11 Attack Every Few Weeks'

16-year-old boy killed, 16 others injured in knife attack by suspected Algerian Muslims at village festival in France: report

MMA Champion Conor McGregor Under Investigation for 'Online Hate Speech' Following Remarks After Children Were Stabbed by Algerian Immigrant in Dublin

School District Offers Classes Separated by Race to 'Shrink Learning Gap'

Disney admitted foray into politics, culture wars hurt its bottom line in SEC filing: 'Disney's products are now viewed by many conservatives as empty virtue signaling,' Turley wrote

Trolls Are Review-Bombing the Doctor Who Special Because of Its Trans Storyline

Jimmy Fallon Targeted By Woke Mob for Calling Transgender Hunger Games Star 'Bud'

Target Embraces Transgenderism, Hires 'Gay Cruella' for Marketing Job

Arizona's largest school district shows kids how to hide gender transition from parents: lawsuit

Christian Theologian Fired for Expressing Gospel-Based View of Homosexuality Files Lawsuit Against Bible College

Vatican Draws the Line on Ordaining Women, Homosexuality

Poll: 1 in 4 Democrats Are Single-Issue Voters on Abortion

Idaho asks Supreme Court to let abortion law that penalizes doctors to take full effect

UN confirms sexual spread of mpox in Congo for the 1st time as country sees a record outbreak

Kitten's scratching and biting rampage sparks health scare for 7,000,000 people after it contracted a rare form of rabies transmitted through racoons

New South American President Orders End to Drug Decriminalization Experiment: 'A Whole Generation of Addicted Children'

Pfizer Files Lawsuit Against Poland for Declining COVID-19 Vaccines

UK detects its first human case of swine flu strain - Health officials scramble to trace contacts of person infected with H1N2 strain

China's COVID Trauma Returns As Hazmat Workers Disinfect Streets

Nobody Panic: W.H.O. Says no 'Unusual or Novel Pathogens' Found in New China Respiratory Outbreaks

Child Pneumonia Cases Surge in Europe - As Fears Rise Over Outbreak in China

Bacterial infection causing concern in China detected in Ireland

DC area hospitals report uptick in sick visits as global concern for respiratory illnesses grows

Tracking Bible Prophecy Headlines - 11/27/2023

14 Israelis, 9 of them children, freed by Hamas on 3rd day of hostages-for-truce deal

Hamas thanks Putin for his support as it releases Russian hostage

Biden Says Four-Year-Old American Girl Is Among Hostages Released From Gaza

"I Wish I Were There to Hold Her" - Biden Goes Off-Script in Remarks on 4-Year-Old American Hostage Released by Hamas

Irish-Israeli girl, 9, freed from Gaza as Irish PM slammed for saying she was 'lost' and 'found'

Israeli Foreign Minister Says Irish Prime Minister Legitimizing Terror After Tweet About Freed Hostage

Israel summons Irish ambassador over tweet it alleges doesn't adequately condemn Hamas

Reuters Claims Hamas Released "13 Israeli Soldiers" in Today's Exchange for Terrorists - The Israelis were all Women and Children

Backing Israeli assertion, US signals Red Cross will visit remaining hostages in Gaza

Gaza truce must hold to allow more emergency aid into territory - Red Cross

Israel: Hamas Blocks Aid Trucks Heading to North Gaza Strip

Hamas formally expresses desire to extend truce beyond initial four days

Jerusalem Deputy Mayor: Hamas Played Games With Hostages

Hamas's hostage manipulations show how much control it continues to hold over Gaza

For Israelis, the Hamas Hostage Releases Are a Necessary Nightly Psychological Torture

US official: IDF should only move into south Gaza once it has ensured civilians are safe

Senior Fatah official justifies Oct. 7 massacre as 'defensive war' against Israel

Hamas confirms senior commanders killed in earlier Gaza fighting

Israel's bombing campaign in northern Gaza has destroyed entire districts and neighbourhoods

Misfired rocket likely cause of deadly Gaza hospital explosion, says rights watchdog

Wounded patients left at al-Shifa Hospital face dire conditions

"My Dog Saved My Life": IDF Dogs Clear 50 Hamas Booby-Traps in Gaza

Netanyahu visits troops in Gaza: 'We will continue until victory'

Netanyahu to Biden: We're open to extending truce, but after that, war will 'continue full power'

Israel will not assassinate Hamas leaders in Qatar, Netanyahu tells Doha

Israel's Mossad Hosts Qatari Counterparts on Gaza Talks

Jewish groups ask Pope Francis to clarify Israel 'terrorism' comments

President Isaac Herzog to meet Elon Musk tomorrow in Jerusalem - The president says that he will "emphasize the need to act to combat rising antisemitism online"

Tens of thousands attend anti-Israel demonstration in Morocco

1,000 pro-Palestinian protesters shut down Manhattan Bridge calling for ceasefire

'Zero tolerance for antisemitism': Tens of thousands march against hate in London

100,000 attend UK's largest gathering against antisemitism since Battle of Cable Street

London: Tommy Robinson Gassed and Arrested at Protest - For Crime of Journalism and "Causing Alarm and Distress"

BBC editor says he 'doesn't regret one thing' after false Gaza hospital reporting

Chris Christie Excuses Antisemitism as Reaction to Trump

With Antisemitism Rising As Israel-Hamas War Rages, Europe's Jews Worry

Concealing kippahs in public, hiding mezuzahs: Europe's Jews worry about antisemitism

Three Palestinian men shot in Vermont in possible hate crime, US authorities say

Israeli settlers steal Palestinian farmers' land in occupied West Bank - Emboldened by curfews and raids on Palestinians, illegal settlers have stepped up violence and property theft

West Bank: Eight Palestinians killed during Israeli raid

Gantz threatens governmental crisis if political funds not diverted to war needs

'The people don't want the Americans': Gaza war fuels tensions in Iraq

Israel-linked ship attacked off Yemeni coast, after 2 similar cases claimed by Houthis

Tanker full of phosphoric acid - and with apparent ties to Israel - seized off Yemen

US navy secures Israeli-owned oil tanker that had been seized

Israel said to bomb Damascus airport, hours after it returned to operational status

Turkish, Iranian Leaders Affirm Mutual Stance Against Israel

Sen. Tom Cotton Calls for 'Massive Retaliation' on Iran

Moscow adds Meta spokesperson to criminal wanted list, TASS reports

Russia destroys Ukrainian drones including over Moscow, defense ministry says

5 injured, 61,000 left without power after Russia's massive overnight drone attack on Ukraine

Qatar Also Working on Return of Ukrainian Children Amid War

Kim Jong Un's newest problem: Growing hair loss among North Koreans and lack of effective treatment - Both North and South Korea have suffered from high levels of hair loss in recent years

Top diplomats of South Korea, Japan and China meet to restart trilateral summit

China Confronts U.S. Warship as Tension Grows Over Flashpoint: "Drove it Away"

US Ramps Up Plutonium 'Pits' Production in New Nuke Race

Curfew declared in Sierra Leone after gunmen attacked its main military barracks

Former White House Doctor Ronny Jackson Sounds Alarm on Biden's Rapid Cognitive Decline

'Fight club with a dress code': Mass exodus of retirement announcements rock Congress

Members of Congress Head for the Exits, Many Citing Dysfunction

Nancy Pelosi's Filmmaker Daughter Alexandra Pelosi Caught on Tape Refuting J6 Narrative - Admitting Jan. 6 Protests Not an Insurrection, DC Courts Too Biased

Donald Trump 'Closer and Closer' to Losing Freedom: Ex-GOP Congressman

Business Insider Gets Blow-Back After Publishing Story Fantasizing About Trump's Death

Politics and the pulpit: How white evangelicals' support of Trump is creating schisms in the church

Trump slams evangelical leader who endorsed DeSantis as 'scammer': "Anyone who would take $95,000, and then endorse a Candidate who is going nowhere, is not what Elections are all about!"

Key Swing County Sounding Alarm Bells on Voting Machines Ahead of 2024 Election

James O'Keefe Put on 'SSSS' List for Extra Screening for Domestic Flights

Elon Musk's X may lose $75M by year's end amid advertiser flight: report

Europe's grid is under a cyberattack deluge, industry warns

Pentagon steps on AI accelerator as age of lethal autonomy looms

5.4 magnitude earthquake hits the Vanuatu region

5.2 magnitude earthquake hits near the Ryukyu Islands, Japan

5.0 magnitude earthquake hits near San Antonio de los Cobres, Argentina

Sabancaya volcano in Peru erupts to 26,000ft

Popocateptl volcano in Mexico erupts to 21,000ft

Fuego volcano in Guatemala erupts to 15,000ft

Reventador volcano in Ecuador erupts to 15,000ft

Semeru volcano in Indonesia erupts to 14,000ft

Dukono volcano in Indonesia erupts to 12,000ft

Mayon volcano in the Philippines erupts to 10,000ft

Mount Etna, Italy's famed volcano, is again ejecting lava into the Sicilian sky

Met Office issues magma warning as likelihood of imminent eruption remains

Iceland residents remain in holding pattern as volcano eruption threat decreases

Saturday's November snowfall was Topeka's heaviest in 135 years

'Astronomical high tides,' freezing weather to hit Bay Area this weekend

Pope Francis reveals lung inflammation ahead of Dubai climate conference trip

DC mayor travels to Dubai for climate change conference, promote tourism amid spiraling crime

Museum's Tree Festival Allows Satanic Worship Tree for Inclusivity

Americans Under 30 Don't Trust Religion - or Anything Else

Christian watchdog group pushes back against Pew report suggesting decline of Christians in China

Retailers Lost Over $4.4 Billion in Democrat-Run New York Due to Organized Shoplifting

Thanks, Newsom: Gangster Who Shot Teen Girl Works in State Public Safety After Being Freed 150 Years Early

2A Win: Judge Blocks Voter-Approved Gun Control Law Called 'Most Extreme' in Nation

Irish Parliament Protected by Ring of Steel Following Stabbing of 5 Including 3 Innocent Children by Algerian Migrant

Dad Uses Deadly Cobra to Kill Wife and Daughter, 2, as They Slept, Police Allege

Derek Chauvin's Stabbing Sparks Jeffrey Epstein-Inspired Theory

Chauvin Family Outraged Over Lack of Updates After Stabbing

Derek Chauvin's Mom Responds to His Stabbing, Says She Found Out Through the Media Because Prison Never Contacted Her

New York's #MeToo Law Ensnaring Hollywood Celebrities Was Originally Created to Hurt Donald Trump

Former NYPD Officer Sal Greco Requests Info on Why NYC Law Is Backing Mayor Adams in Sexual Abuse Lawsuit

Thousands rally in Italy over violence against women after woman's killing that outraged the country

Fans Applaud Thunder Guard Josh Giddey Amid Allegations of Improper Relationship with a Child

UK Museum Says Roman Emperor Was Trans, Will Be Referred to as 'She'

FL Rep. Ryan Chamberlin: Pronoun Legislation Is About 'Common Sense Vs. Nonsense'

India's LGBTQ+ community holds pride march, raises concerns over country's restrictive laws

Left-Wing Groups Seeking Abortion Ballot Measures in 9 States for 2024

A woman shared a video about her herpes diagnosis on a secret TikTok account. Then, 10 million people watched it.

Fatal Fruit: 'Wake-Up Call' Infectious Outbreak Crosses Border, New Death Confirmed

Top GOP congressman says CDC, FBI wouldn't investigate illegal California biolab connected to China

Rep. Gallagher: Illegal Alien Owner of Secret California Chinese Biolab Was Receiving Millions in Secret Payments from Chinese Government

China Ministry Seeks More Fever Clinics to Combat Respiratory Illness Surge

WHO calls on China to reinstate masks and keep distance amid outbreak

CDC Issues Warning: Just 14 Percent Of US Adults Have Received An Updated COVID 19 Vaccine

"Litigation Floodgates are Now Open" for mRNA Vaccine Injured: Comprehensive List of 90 Attorneys Around the World Available for Lawsuits Against Vaccine Manufacturers

Tracking Bible Prophecy Headlines - 11/26/2023

Qatari delegation said to arrive in Israel via private jet for talks on hostage deal

'This will help us build momentum': Qatar aims for extended Israel-Hamas truce deal

Second Release of Hostages by Hamas Delayed - Qatar Tells Hamas to "Quit the Games"

Hamas delays second hostage release, claiming Israel violated agreement

Israeli hostage deal 'on course' after Hamas delay prompts crisis - Qatari mediators say releases to continue as Israel accused of blocking aid convoys

Rocky hostage release underscores fragility of deal between Israel and Hamas

13 Israelis, including 8 children, freed by Hamas after 50 days held hostage in Gaza

Kibbutz Be'eri: Hamas 'grossly violated' hostage deal by releasing child without her mother

"They Feared for Their Lives" - Initial Reports: 'Innocent' Palestinians Threatened and Hurled Stones at Bus Carrying Israeli Hostages Out of Gaza

Tel Aviv rally for hostages draws 100,000 to mark '50 days of hell' since October 7

Trump on Hamas Hostage Release: Where Are the Americans?

Trump on Israel-Hamas hostage deal: 'This is not going to end well'

Palestinian crowds cheer release of security prisoners in West Bank, East Jerusalem

Tens of thousands march in pro-Palestinian London rally calling for Gaza ceasefire

Pro-Palestinian protesters drag burning Israeli flag down NYC street as they warn supporters days are 'numbered'

Pro-Palestinian activist group takes credit for vandalism of NY Public Library, targeting wall honoring Jewish donor

High School Students Riot in Queens After They Discover Teacher Attended Pro-Israel Rally, Teacher Forced to Hide From 'Radicalized' Mob

Embarrassing: Harvard Prank Called By "Mother of Hamas Terrorist" Hoping for 'Political Activism Scholarship'

Greta Thunberg calls on world to 'crush Zionism' - Video of controversial young climate activist shows her shouting anti-Israel chants in pro-Palestinian protest sparking outrage online

Miss Universe Judge Receives Death Threats After Sparring with Palestinian Activist: 'You Will be Killed in the Next Days'

Anti-Israel Boycotts in Arab Countries Hit U.S. Brands, Including McDonald's and Starbucks

Placing Conditions on Israel Aid Latest Issue to Fracture Democrats

Dutch Right-Wing Election Winner Geert Wilders Causes Uproar After Declaring 'Jordan Is Palestine!'

Palestinians decry dehumanization under Israeli siege

Hamas executes three West Bank Palestinians for 'spying for Israel'

Palestinians Shout 'Allah-U-Akbar' As Militants Parade Executed "Israeli Spies" In West Bank

Lebanese residents of Israel border towns come back during a fragile ceasefire

Ship with ties to Israel targeted in suspected Iranian attack in Indian Ocean

World, protesters silent on Sudan massacres: 'no mob outside the White House' - Death and destruction in Sudan don't seem to be on the agenda on campus, around country

North Korea rocket explodes during spy satellite launch, and meteor hunters caught it on camera: report

Kim Jong Un claims to see US target regions with spy satellite, including Pearl Harbor and Hickam Air Base - North Korea successfully launched a military spy satellite this week after multiple failed attempts

Biden draws parallel between Russia-Ukraine war and Soviet-era famine

Ukraine needs more air defences to protect grain exports, Zelenskiy says

As Swiss president visits Kyiv, Russia launches 'record number' of drone attacks

The debate over Ukraine aid was already complicated. Then it became tangled up in US border security

The Globalists are Worried: Justin Trudeau Blames "Rise of a Right Wing MAGA Influenced Thinking" for Dwindling Support for Bloody Ukrainian War

Argentina's Leftists Turn on Each Other over Embarrassing Loss to Libertarian Javier Milei

China infiltrated local and federal political leadership races in Canada: intelligence report

Rep. Tim Burchett: Jan. 6 Tapes Show Need for Transparency

'Fake elector' probes in 2020 swing states could spell more trouble for Trump

Voting machine trouble in Pennsylvania county triggers alarm ahead of 2024

Pennsylvania Voters Reach 'Peak of Mistrust' After Voting Machines Glitch for Second Time

Business Insider slammed for trying to 'normalize the death of Trump' in new 'what if' piece

Analysis: Over 23M Immigrants Eligible to Vote in U.S. Ahead of 2024 Election

Air Force base walks back statement encouraging soldiers not to attend a conservative rally

A secret phone surveillance program is spying on millions of Americans - How the government is able to track your every call and invade your privacy

Several Researchers at OpenAI, Company Behind ChatGPT, Warn of Powerful AI Discovery with Potential Threat to Humanity

Former Google engineer and Trump pardonee Anthony Levandowski relaunches his AI church

Bill Gates says using AI could lead to 3-day work week

5.6 magnitude earthquake hits the Maug Islands region, Northern Mariana Islands

5.5 magnitude earthquake hits the Maug Islands region, Northern Mariana Islands

5.2 magnitude earthquake hits near Ie, Japan

5.1 magnitude earthquake hits near Odala, Philippines

5.1 magnitude earthquake hits near Palora, Ecuador

5.0 magnitude earthquake hits the Taiwan region

Sabancaya volcano in Peru erupts to 23,000ft

Popocateptl volcano in Mexico erupts to 20,000ft

Fuego volcano in Guatemala eurpts to 15,000ft

Reventador volcano in Ecuador erupts to 15,000ft

Semeru volcano in Indonesia erupts to 14,000ft

Dukono volcano in Indonesia erupts to 12,000ft

Active El Nino pattern delivers with surf as high as 50 feet in Hawaii

EU climate chief: China must help fund rescue of poorer nations hit by disaster

American Thinker: Why Governments Have Replaced God with Global Warming

Eerie 'witch bottles' found along Gulf of Mexico, and even researchers are creeped out

Police using 3D-scanning technology to determine cause of Rainbow Bridge car explosion: 'Monumental task'

Former FBI investigator Bill Daly: There may have been a high value target at New York border explosion

NYPD cops leave force in alarming rate - over 2,500 turned in badges so far in 2023

Derek Chauvin stabbed after being transferred to federal prison 'for his own protection'

'El Mago,' drug trafficker linked to son of Sinaloa cartel kingpin, gunned down in L.A.

Dublin: Heavy police presence prevents repeat of far-right rioting after stabbing

Irish police arrest 34 after protests in Dublin over stabbing of women, children by suspected Algerian immigrant

Police blame 'far-right' for Dublin riots after children allegedly stabbed by Algerian immigrant

Irish Prime Minister vowed to change 'very white' country

Black feminist archaeology: 'Racism in medieval England' may have led to black people dying of bubonic plague

Biden's DHS Forces Border Agents to Use Preferred Pronouns For Illegal Aliens

Report: Perception in Culture Wars Worries Disney

Disney Admits Its Left-Wing Politics Hurt Shareholders

Nolte: Disney Report Warns Investors Social Goals Take Priority over Profits

'Betrayal': Catholic Women's College Will Admit Men Who 'Identify as Women,' Cites Pope as Justification

SOUTHCOM Head: Cartels in Latin America 'Have Gotten More Powerful' - Expanded Beyond Drugs to Trafficking People

Argentina's President-elect Joins Forces with Film Producer to Combat Child Trafficking

Abortion rates rose 5% in year before SCOTUS overturned Roe v. Wade: report

Despite Bans, Disabled Women Are Still Being Sterilized in Europe

Woman Charged With Murder After Giving Gun to Her Mother With Dementia, Encouraging Her to Commit Suicide

WHO Confirms First Sexual Spread of Mpox in Congo Amid Record Outbreak

Bird flu in US: Ohio farm to kill 1.35 million chickens amid scare of wider outbreak

Chinese officials say surge in respiratory illness likely not caused by novel pathogen

China Says Multiple Pathogens Are Behind Spike in Respiratory Illnesses

Mycoplasma Likely Main Culprit Of Outbreak Of Pediatric Cases Of Pneumonia Worldwide

'It's not gone. It's changing. It's killing': The COVID variants the WHO is watching closely

Newly Discovered Bat Coronavirus Linked to Pangolins: Chinese Scientists Report Same Mutation as Covid

Reservist sidelined over COVID vax mandate thinks reversal tied to sagging recruitment

Senator presses Army over backpay, religious freedoms for soldiers discharged for COVID vaccine refusal

Pfizer suing the Polish government for failing to pay for about 60 million COVID-19 vaccine doses

'No no no. Avoid them all': anti-vaccine conspiracies spread as UK cases of measles increase

Left-Wing NewsGuard Has Ties to Big Pharma Fund - The media monitoring organization has sought to close down criticism of vaccines and COVID policies

Exposed: Bill Gates's Relationship with Convicted Pedophile Jeffrey Epstein Revolved Around a Global Health Investment Fund

Tracking Bible Prophecy Headlines - 11/25/2023

Biden welcomes return of 1st group of hostages, says Hamas only responds to pressure

Biden: Conditions On Israel Aid A 'Worthwhile Idea' But Would Have Impeded Hostage Deal - As a 2020 presidential candidate, Biden called putting conditions on Israeli aid "absolutely outrageous"

Placing Conditions on Israel Aid Latest Issue to Fracture Democrats

Ric Grenell: Biden Forced Israel to 'Negotiate With Terrorists'

Caroline Glick: Israel Cease-Fire With 'Sadistic Terrorists'

Sunak praises Qatar and Egypt for 'intensive diplomacy' over temporary Gaza truce

PM, ministers welcome release of Gaza hostages, vow to free all those still in Strip

13 Israelis, including 4 kids, back in Israel after held hostage in Gaza for 49 days

24 Palestinian women, 15 minors freed from prison in first deal for Gaza hostages

Sky News Host Accuses Israel of Racism for Releasing 150 Dangerous Terrorists in Exchange for 50 Innocent Children Hostages

Thailand's PM says 12 of its citizens held hostage by Hamas have been freed

Israel working with Thailand, Philippines to reunite freed foreign nationals with families

Major Democratic donor, Hunter Biden art buyer's 3-year-old American relative kidnapped by Hamas

GOP Rep. Gimenez: Biden Failed to Push Iran to Get American Hostages Held by Hamas Released, He Waived Sanctions

Hamas Chief Thanks Iran for 'Victory' Following Israel Hostage Deal

Rep. Van Drew: Hamas Will 'Play Games' on Deal

Parents of sons held hostage in Gaza oppose deal, urge military action for release

Hamas Breaks Ceasefire with Israel 15 Minutes After It Started

Thousands of Gazans head north, in potential challenge to IDF's campaign after truce

Israel plans next phase of Gaza war as first hostages released - After four-day ceasefire 'we will not stop' until destruction of Hamas, says Israel

IDF is following Hamas leaders around the world, spokesperson warns - Hagari's warning signals to the Hamas leadership in Qatar and around the world that the IDF will pursue them wherever they are

Spanish and Belgian prime ministers call for permanent ceasefire in Gaza at Rafah crossing

Israel to summon Spanish, Belgian envoys after bizarre appearance at Rafah crossing

Reports: Senior IDF officer dismissed pre-Oct. 7 intel on Hamas invasion as 'fantasy'

Biden suggests Hamas attack inspired by US diplomacy with Saudis

After Hobbling Over to Podium, Biden Claims "Hamas Struck When They Did" Because He Wanted to Build a Railroad Through Middle East

Israel's use of AI in Hamas war can help limit collateral damage 'if executed properly,' expert says

Egypt president says future Palestinian state could be demilitarised

Cuban president leads pro-Palestinian march in front of US embassy in Havana

US Brands Hit by Anti-Israel Boycott in Middle East

Pro-Palestinian protesters disrupt Black Friday shopping in NYC, demand 'Intifada revolution'

Biden Met With Jeers of 'Genocide' at Tree Lighting

Pro-Palestinian activists set off smoke bombs outside AIPAC head's home, call him 'baby killer'

Texas School Removes 'Spirit Rocks' Over War Messages

English Soccer Exec Resigns After Posting 'Hitler Would Be Proud of Benjamin Netanyahu'

At least 85 Jewish graves damaged in Belgian cemetery, in antisemitic vandalism

Elon Musk to visit Israel next week, tour Gaza border towns as he battles allegations of antisemitism

Enter The Matrix: How fake AI images & Hamas propaganda are 'indoctrinating a generation' as they spread on TikTok & X

Lasers used to burn through Hamas rockets by Israel is 'future of warfare' - Israel could soon be regularly using a new technology known as 'Iron Beam' in attempts to shore up its defenses against Hamas rocket attacks

EU's von der Leyen says extremist violence in West Bank settlements must stop

Iran's Khamenei warns in Hebrew that war in Gaza won't go unanswered

Fear of Israel-Hamas war spreading said to restrain West from Iran nuclear crackdown

Reports: U.S. Bases, Troops Attacked in Iraq and Syria on Thanksgiving Day

Kim Jong Un reviews satellite photos of US bases in Hawaii, South Korea: state media

Russia Facing 'Mass Casualties' from Ukrainian Strikes Behind Lines, UK Ministry Says

The Ukrainians Have Blown Up So Many Russian Vehicles Near Avdiivka That The Russians Are Now Attacking On Foot

Russia launches biggest drone attack against Kyiv since start of war, Ukrainian officials say

Ukraine Aims a Major Drone Attack at Crimea

Russia set to build underwater tunnel between Crimea and Russia with China's help

Ukraine's Struggle for Arms and Attention Gives Putin an Opening

Secret Biden and Scholz Plan for Ukraine Leaked: Zelensky Should Negotiate with Russia and Accept Brutal Compromises

Trudeau blames MAGA for sinking Ukraine support in Canada

EU Dominos Fall: Brussels begs Netherlands 'we're counting on you to stay' amid next Brexit fear

Argentina's Milei says shutting central bank a 'non-negotiable matter'

Attorney Bobb: Efforts to Silence Trump Harm All Americans

Salon Magazine: Mike Johnson, GOP Pose Greater Threat to Democracy than Osama bin Laden

Unhinged Former CIA Director Michael Hayden Compares Patriotic Americans to Terrorists

America's Great Divide: Poll Shows Many Voters Would Consider 'Alternative' to Democracy, View Political Violence as Acceptable

Greg Gutfeld: Western civilization is on the brink of collapse under Biden's divided nation

Professor Raises Concerns over the Effect AI Could Have on 2024 Elections

Putin Says Russia Must Rival 'Dangerous' Western AI

Very strong and shallow M7.1 earthquake hits Maug Islands region, Northern Mariana Islands

5.3 magnitude earthquake hits the Maug Islands region, Northern Mariana Islands

5.2 magnitude earthquake hits the Maug Islands region, Northern Mariana Islands

5.2 magnitude earthquake hits the Maug Islands region, Northern Mariana Islands

5.2 magnitude earthquake hits the Maug Islands region, Northern Mariana Islands

5.1 magnitude earthquake hits the Maug Islands region, Northern Mariana Islands

5.1 magnitude earthquake hits the Maug Islands region, Northern Mariana Islands

5.1 magnitude earthquake hits the Maug Islands region, Northern Mariana Islands

5.1 magnitude earthquake hits the Maug Islands region, Northern Mariana Islands

5.1 magnitude earthquake hits near the north coast of New Guinea, Papua New Guinea

5.0 magnitude earthquake hits the Maug Islands region, Northern Mariana Islands

5.0 magnitude earthquake hits the Maug Islands region, Northern Mariana Islands

5.0 magnitude earthquake hits the Pagan region, Northern Mariana Islands

Sabancaya volcano in Peru erupts to 24,000ft

Popocateptl volcano in Mexico erupts to 21,000ft

Ruiz volcano in Colombia erupts to 21,000ft

Fuego volcano in Guatemala erupts to 16,000ft

Reventador volcano in Ecuador erupts to 15,000ft

Semeru volcano in Indonesia erupts to 14,000ft

Dukono volcano in Indonesia erupts to 12,000ft

Bagana volcano in Papua New Guinea erupts to 10,000ft

Volcano's Eruption Threat Is Ebbing, but Iceland Continues to Wait

Search for victims in Alaskan landslide enters 'reactive' phase

"What happens in Antarctica doesn't stay," UN warns as world's largest iceberg starts shifting

Dark Money Fund Poured Millions Into Unhinged Climate Activist Groups That Vandalize Priceless Art and Block Highways

Report: CNBC Eliminates Climate Desk, No More Dedicated Staff Covering Climate Change

Germany, Chile to launch club to help developing nations cut industry emissions

Do as I Say, Not as I Do: "Hypocrite" Kamala Harris Faces Backlash on Social Media for Using Gas Stove on Thanksgiving While Pushing Ban on Americans

Over Half of US at Elevated Risk of Winter Blackouts Due to Biden Energy Policies, Watchdog Comments on Industry Report

Flight descends into chaos when 'possessed' woman begins screaming, jumping over seats: 'There's a real devil'

Atheist groups cheer as UK Parliament set to consider bill severing CofE's ties to gov't

Biden Officially Attempts to Remove God from Thanksgiving with 2023 Proclamation

Biden's 2024 Border Pitch: Trump Will Make Migration Worse

Policing Pronouns: Border agents' union lambasts latest Biden political correctness order

US northern border sector sees 550% increase in illegal crossings in 2023

NY Times: Surge of Chinese Migrants Crossing US Border

Government Walks Back Terrorism Claim After Car Explodes on US-Canadian Border

Law Enforcement Looking the Other Way as Illegal Chinese Grow Operations Causing Havok in Rural Areas: Report

Tens of thousands of protesters demanding a restoration of Nepal's monarchy clash with police

Ecuador President Orders Reversal Of Drug Decriminalization

After Xi Jinping visit to San Francisco, city falling back into drug use and homelessness: business owner

'They Don't Even Return My Calls': San Francisco Business Owner Blames City Leaders for Letting Criminals Ruin Area

Washington DC hits 900 carjackings over one year on Thanksgiving Day

Derek Chauvin Stabbed in Federal Prison; Cop Convicted in George Floyd Death Given "Life-Saving Measures" Before Being Taken to Hospital

Ex-Trump Staffer A.J. Delgado Now Says Her Boss, Jason Miller, Raped Her

Sex Abuse Suits Filed Against Celebrities as NY Law Expires - Mayor Adams and Ex-Governor Cuomo are among those sued

NBA investigating accusation that Thunder's Josh Giddey had relationship with underage girl

FBI Make Major Announcement: 'Pizzagate Is Real'

Discord, Snap and X CEOs subpoenaed to testify at US hearing on child exploitation

Ex-Gov. Andrew Cuomo sued for sexual assault by former executive assistant Brittany Commisso

Rumble, online platforms pressured to demonetize Russell Brand amid sexual assault allegations

Biden administration under fire after Pentagon requests $114 million for diversity, equity

Drag Queen Katya Claims Gays Would Get Murdered in Massachusetts as Easily as in Gaza

Florida Bill on Pronoun Mandates: 'Sex Is an Immutable Biological Trait'

Judge rejects attempt to enshrine abortion rights on Nevada ballot

Ohio voters just passed abortion protections. When and how they take effect is before the courts

Italy Plays it Safe: Rejects Lab-Grown Meat 'in Defense of Health' with Historic Ban

Texas sues Pfizer alleging it defrauded Medicaid with ineffective drug

Report: Moderna Engaged in Covert Operations to Control Online Criticism of Vaccines

Da Vinci or 'Covidiot'? Conference cancels 'iconoclastic' doctor who questions COVID catechism - "It's disturbing to see yet another scientific organization choose censorship over open discourse"

Dr. Jeffrey Sachs Says COVID About 'Massive Government Lying,' Quits Democrats

MTG: Americans Can't Trust China on Respiratory Illness

China hospitals at breaking point as new pneumonia strain causes 24/7 queues

Fresh Fears: Desperate parents clutch children hooked to IVs on hospital floors as China's mystery 'pneumonia' outbreak worsens

Skin-Disfiguring Parasite That Plagues Middle East, Latin America and Asia Now Detected in US, CDC Warns

Tracking Bible Prophecy Headlines - 11/24/2023

Warning of Hamas 'psychological terror,' IDF says hostage deal may face curveballs

Hostages' families describe 'emotional rollercoaster' as they wait for releases

As sides confirm truce Friday, Israel notifies families of 13 hostages set to be freed

Israeli spokesman's shocked face goes viral over bizarre question about hostage deal: 'Left me speechless' - Sky News interviewer repeats suggestion Israel values Palestinian lives less because it would trade 150 prisoners for 50 Hamas-held hostages

Report: Hamas set to release 23 Thai hostages in side deal brokered by Iran

Qatar says Gaza cease-fire will begin Friday morning, with aid to follow 'as soon as possible'

US officials say Israel likely can't make good on hostage deal promise to up Gaza aid

White House: We Want Pauses 'Irrespective of a Hostage Deal' But Israel Wouldn't Do That

Commentary: Hostage deal, even if it fails, shows Hamas's desperation

Report: Biden asked Netanyahu to try to keep north calm during temporary Gaza truce

Netanyahu: Mossad Ordered to Kill Hamas Leaders

Hamas commander killed ahead of truce; Gallant: War will resume for at least 2 months

Israel vows to continue 'intense' fighting for at least two months after conflict pauses on Friday

Smotrich: We backed truce deal because it became clear it advances war goals

Israel releases video claiming to show Hamas tunnel network under Gaza hospital

IDF breaches blast door in Hamas tunnel under Gaza's Shifa Hospital

Israel arrests Gaza hospital director and bombs 300 targets amid truce delay

IDF arrests Gaza's Shifa Hospital head, sends him for questioning as terror suspect

Israel Arrests Director of Gaza's Al-Shifa: 'Oversaw Hospital's Use as Hamas HQ'

Detained terrorist estimates around 100 Hamas members were in Shifa Hospital: IDF

Western Diplomats: Gaza 'On the Verge of Medical Catastrophe,' Signs of Disease Outbreak

Many Fear Gaza Will Remain Uninhabitable After War

More Than 100 Bodies Are Delivered to a Mass Grave in Southern Gaza

Number of Palestinians killed is 'truly unbearable', says Spanish PM

Palestinian doctor claims 27 dead in Israeli strike on UN school in Gaza; no comment from IDF

Watchdog: Schools run by PA celebrated Oct. 7 Hamas massacres

Rabbis print Jewish scripture on ruins of Sderot police station; terrorist's body found after 40 days

Global women's rights groups silent as Israeli women testify about rapes by Hamas

Israeli rights experts press UN to condemn Hamas crimes against women on Oct. 7

Yad Vashem chief rejects comparison between Hamas atrocities, Holocaust

Pope calls Gaza war 'terrorism,' but Vatican denies he said 'genocide'

EU lawmakers host conference on Palestinian incitement in light of Oct. 7 massacre

Intelligence commanders ignored soldiers' warnings Hamas was simulating major invasion - reports

Democrat Divide Over Israel Could Hamper Biden in '24

Many in Middle East blame United States for devastation in Gaza

'Civilian Deaths Unacceptable': PM Modi On Gaza War; Denounces Terror, Backs Two-State Solution

Spanish PM floats peace conference idea in meeting with Israel's Netanyahu

Spanish PM proposes talks on the establishment of a Palestinian state

Pollak: Israelis No Longer Want Two-State Solution After October 7 Attack

Hundreds of German police raid more than a dozen properties linked to Hamas supporters

Toronto Police Say Hate Crimes Spiked Since Start of Gaza Conflict

English soccer official resigns after posting 'Hitler would be proud of Benjamin Netanyahu'

Young adults convert to Islam, some flash hate for West by justifying Hamas, lauding bin Laden

Study: Campus Antisemitism Linked to Foreign Funds

Pro-Palestine group arrested for gluing themselves to Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade route and making it go around them

Christmas Celebrations Canceled in Bethlehem, Jerusalem, and Jordan - Gutted by Gaza, Holy Land Christians exchange holiday cheer for a hallowed Christmas Eve in solidarity with suffering neighbors

California Imam Calls to 'Annihilate' Zionist 'Dogs,' Accuses Israel of Fabricating Videos Like a 'Hollywood Studio'

Minister suggests sanctions on Haaretz for 'false propaganda,' but action unlikely

Son of Hamas Co-Founder Speaks Out Against Terror Group in Blistering Speech to UN - 'If Israel Fails in Gaza, All of Us Will Be Next'

Open letter from ultra-Orthodox soldier calling others to enlist

Volunteer group of Israeli developers raising $2m to fortify defense tech amid war

Palestinian teen's death comes amid 'intensification' of Israel's West Bank raids

Since the Hamas Massacre, Golan Heights Druze Speed Toward 'Israelization'

PM Modi Says Must Ensure Israel-Hamas War Doesn't Turn Into Regional Conflict

In Lebanon, Iran FM meets with Hezbollah chief and Hamas and Islamic Jihad officials

Hezbollah says son of senior MP among five dead in Israeli strike in south Lebanon

Hezbollah hits Israel with heavy rocket barrages, anti-tank missile attacks

Clashes on border with Israel uproot thousands in Lebanon - again

After Israel, Now Houthi Drone Attack On American Forces? U.S. Warship Destroys Drones Over Red Sea

USS Thomas Hudner Downs Multiple Drones Launched from Yemen

Yemen rebels warn they may seize more Red Sea ships

Iran secretly executes man over 2022 anti-government protests - sources

NATO Countries' Border Blockade Paralyzes Ukraine Aid Inflowv

Putin's peace talk comments send a signal to the West; Kremlin says Europe poses a threat to Russia

Frozen war frees Russia to rearm, threaten NATO within 6 years, German military analysts warn

Putin pardons second cannibal killer in a week for fighting against Ukraine

Russia's 'Cold Shutdown' at Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Plant Fuels Safety Fears

Russia Has Sold Most of Its Oil Well Above the West's Price Cap

South Korea says Russian help likely enabled North Korea to launch a spy satellite

US To Deploy Previously Banned Missiles To Aim Them At China

China Says Philippines Enlisted 'Foreign Forces' to Patrol South China Sea

Report: China Goes on Bulldozing Spree Against Mosques in Muslim Areas

China Slows Venezuela Crude Buys as Sanctions Lifting Triggers 'Disarray'

Alleged plot to assassinate Sikh separatist complicates US-India ties

Pakistan charging refugees $830 to leave

Millennial Leader Takes Over Broke and Crime-Wracked Ecuador

Globalist Elites Panic as Netherland's Geert Wilders Stands Against the 'Migration Tsunami' - 'The Dutch will be Number One Again'

'Dark Dawn, a Threat to Society... Our 9/11': Left Mourns as Populist Veteran Geert Wilders Wins Landslide Election

'Dutch Donald Trump' Geert Wilders: "We Will Make the Netherlands Great Again!"

Huckabee: Dutch, Argentine Elections an Omen for US

Martel: Argentina's Libertarian President Milei Will Be a Nightmare for Biden

President-Elect Milei says will move Argentine embassy to Jerusalem

Biden calls for unity on Thanksgiving as Americans express high political dissatisfaction

Biden-Harris Campaign Releases Thanksgiving Dinner Talking Points to Counter "Crazy MAGA Nonsense"; Says Trump Promises He Will Be "Shooting People at Will" if Reelected

N.Y. Court Safety Officer: Reinstate Trump Gag Order

'Unheard of': Trump attacks led to 'serious and credible' death threats to court

Rep. Greene: 'Not Surprising' Govt Tracks Phones

Sam Altman's ouster at OpenAI was precipitated by letter to board about AI breakthrough - sources

OpenAI was creating THIS powerful 'model' which left staff 'alarmed' before Altman's sacking

Reinstated OpenAI CEO's ouster related to 'powerful artificial intelligence discovery' involving secretive Q-STAR project

Sam Altman's Second Coming Sparks New Fears of the AI Apocalypse

OpenAI and X: Promises of populist technology, shaped by a single man

AI-generated Jesus, Satan offers customers opportunity to ask questions, interact on Bible topics - 'Not unlike talking to a Magic 8 Ball,' one evangelical leader says

5.3 magnitude earthquake hits near Calama, Chile

5.3 magnitude earthquake hits near Sincik, Turkey

5.2 magnitude earthquake hits near Afghanistan-Tajikistan border region

5.0 magnitude earthquake hits Tonga

Sabancaya volcano in Peru erupts to 24,000ft

Popocateptl volcano in Mexico erupts to 23,000ft

Ruiz volcano in Colombia erupts to 22,000ft

Sangay volcano in Ecuador erupts to 19,000ft

Fuego volcano in Guatemala erupts to 15,000ft

Reventador volcano in Ecuador erupts to 15,000ft

Semeru volcano in Indonesia erupts to 14,000ft

Dukono volcano in Indonesia erupts to 12,000ft

Iceland volcanic activity continues to wane, reducing Grindavik eruption threat

Evacuation zone 'still dangerous' as eruption could happen with only minutes' notice

Extensive flooding hits Democratic Republic of Congo, nearly 1,500 homes destroyed or damaged

ABC News: Thanksgiving Dinner 'Could Soon Become Another Victim' of Climate Change

Liberal columnists call for Americans to 'decolonize Thanksgiving,' promote 'Truthsgiving'

Search Is on for Gulf of Mexico Pipeline Leak - as Much as 1.1 Million Gallons of Oil Spilled

Grid operator sounds alarm as coal plant shutdown threatens power for millions - Federal energy regulator said coal plant closure could be 'potentially catastrophic'

Kentucky Governor Declares State of Emergency After Freight Train Derailment

Now Big Brother Wants to Control the Gas Pedal in Your Car

Sign of the Times: Research Website Ranks 'Best Doomsday Vehicles for Escaping the Apocalypse'

San Diego Mayor Sued for Anti-Christian Retaliation

FBI Ends Probe of Crash at Niagara Falls Bridge; No Terrorism Indicated

Rep. D'Esposito: Biden Ignoring Wake-Up Calls at Border

Migration Up Again: UK 'Conservatives' Have Failed on Border Control so Badly, Even the Left is Complaining

Multiple People, Including Children, Stabbed Near School in Dublin, Ireland - Suspect Apprehended

Riots Break Out in Dublin After Alleged Migrant Stabs Multiple Children Near School

Irish Rioters Set Holiday Inn Express on Fire in Dublin Where Hundreds of Illegal Migrants Are Being Held - After Alleged Algerian Migrant Stabs Numerous Children near School

"Ireland, We Are at War!" - MMA Champion Connor McGregor Lashes Out at Authorities After Mass Stabbing by Algerian Migrant in Dublin

Knife Wielding Gang Murders French Teen - 'We Came to Kill White People!' Shouted Ethnic Slurs in Arabic During Attack

Nine Arrested After Gang Goes on Deadly Rampage to 'Stab White People' in Small French Village

Transgender Biological Male Arrested for Threatening To Copy Nashville School Shooting

Louisville Mass Shooter Believed Killing 'Upper Class White People' Could Finally Secure Gun Control

NBC News Poll Records Highest American Gun Ownership in Poll History

Texas A&M University Employee Arrested on Child Pornography Charges, FBI Uncovers Use of "PIZZA" as Code Word in Chats

Wisconsin Christmas Tree Festival Includes Entries From Satanic Temple and Bay Area Council on Gender Diversity

Germany's Protestant church leader resigns, denies covering up sex abuse

Vineyard pastors knew of son's child sex abuse allegations but failed to act: report

NYC Mayor Eric Adams Accused of Sexually Assaulting Woman in Bombshell Legal Filing

Axl Rose, Jamie Foxx, Cuba Gooding Jr. Among Top Celebrities Sued in String of Sexual Assault Lawsuits Filed Ahead of Key Deadline

New York law unleashes 'avalanche' of historic sexual abuse claims - Almost 3,000 lawsuits have been filed in the year since the Adult Survivors Act passed

Brothels that serviced politicians and military officials raked in millions: 'Record keeping was impeccable'

DHS Chief Mayorkas Warns Agents Not to Misgender Illegal Aliens

Lia Thomas deja vu? Trans swimmer Meghan Cortez-Fields ignites outrage after breaking women's record

Taxpayers Are Funding Sex Change Procedures for Transgender Inmates, Federal Bureau of Prisons Memo Reveals

MSNBC's Reid: Speaker Johnson Is a 'Christian Nationalist and Anti-Abortion Zealot'

Illinois virus outbreak linked to dollar burrito event for Northwestern University students

WHO Pressing China on Respiratory Illness Details

Scientists: Don't Hit 'Pandemic Panic Button' Yet

China says no unusual pathogens found after WHO queries respiratory outbreaks

Tracking Bible Prophecy Headlines - 11/23/2023

Israeli Official Says Talks Continuing, Hostage Release Won't Take Place Before Friday

IDF says war on Hamas is 'long term', hostage deal will only delay - not compromise - war effort

Israel to 'Complete the Elimination of Hamas' After Cease-Fire

IDF Spokesperson: 'Pause,' Not a Cease-fire

Official: Israel will carefully weigh responses to truce violations, knowing Hamas not in total control of Gaza

Hezbollah commits to abiding by truce, though it wasn't party to negotiations

Biden 'gratified' by Israeli okay of hostage deal; UK, France, Germany also hail it

US officials laud hostage deal - but contemplate how much more war to support

US reveals 'excruciating' five-week negotiations behind Israel-Hamas deal

Qatar burnishes role as 'essential' hostage negotiator with Israel-Hamas deal

Mossad chief visits Qatar to discuss final details of hostage deal

Analysis: Hostage Deal Will Serve as Insurance for Hamas' Leaders, With Qatar as the Policyholders

US squeezed Qatar to scrap Hamas demand that female hostages under 50 be designated soldiers - official

Hamas Hostage Deal: Only 30 out of 40 Children for up to 300 Terrorists Imprisoned for Attempted Murder, Stabbing Attacks, Terrorism

Israel won't notify hostages' families until their relatives are out of Gaza to prevent false hope - official

High Court rejects petition that sought to delay hostage release deal

Why Israel agreed to the hostage deal, and how Hamas may intend to exploit it

Former National Security: "The ceasefire will allow Hamas to reorganize"

Former head of Mossad operations and envoy to prisoner swaps: 'Bibi's Afraid of the Political Result of Releasing Hostages'

Netanyahu avoids political rebellion over Hamas hostage deal but ally calls it 'immoral'

Joel C. Rosenberg: Evangelicals should be thankful to the Lord that 50 Israeli hostages will be released - but like all Israelis, I'm conflicted by the terms of the deal

Palestinian Christians are beginning to safely leave Gaza

US envoy: Gazans who fled south must be allowed to return home 'as soon as possible'

Palestinian, Arab officials urge Hamas to disarm before it is destroyed - report

Hamas morale suffers as Israel gains ground in Gaza, fleeing from IDF

Over 100 Palestinians reported killed in Gaza as attack continues despite ceasefire deal

Ahead of slated truce, IDF says it's destroyed 400 Hamas tunnels, continues to fight

Into the "Gaza Metro" Terror Tunnels: First Look into Hamas' Underground City Beneath Shifa Hospital

West risks being complicit in Israeli war crimes, warn Arab and Muslim foreign ministers - Delegation says west is allowing collective punishment of people of Gaza unless it demands Israel allow more aid into territory

Pope Francis: Palestinians and Israelis Are 'Two Fraternal Peoples'

'This Is Terrorism': Pope Francis Says Israel-Hamas Fighting Has 'Gone Beyond War'

Xi Jinping Demands Israel Stop Defending Itself in First Remarks on Hamas War

Gary Lineker in new row after sharing post accusing Israel of 'textbook genocide'

Nothing to See Here: EU Claims No Evidence Palestine Aid Gone to 'Unintended Purposes'

Sexual Violence Evidence Against Hamas Is Mounting, but the Road to Court Is Still Long

First Lady Herzog decries 'unforgivable' silence of rights groups over Hamas rapes

Israel-Hamas war opens up German debate over meaning of 'Never again' - Intellectuals clash over country's traditional commitment to defence of Israel amid bloodshed in Gaza

Musk vows to donate revenue 'associated' with Gaza war to hospitals, aid orgs

Swiss Government Preparing to Ban Hamas and Its Supporters

Ex-Obama Adviser's Shocking Islamophobic Screed Caught on Camera

How antisemitic sentiments artificially amplified in former Soviet states

Miss Universe slammed for failing to condemn Hamas massacre

Hamas terror organization charter targets Christians and US service organizations - Hamas charter targets civic groups in US heartland

Citing antisemitism abroad, Jewish students stream to Israeli university as war rages

Worker absence due to war poses main hurdle for manufacturers - survey

Commentary: Israel's resilience shows there is hope for future peace and security

Saudi Crown Prince: We demand a 'serious' peace process for Palestine

Saudi Crown Prince MBS Demands Israel Give Up East Jerusalem in BRICS Debut

Saudi crown prince Mohammed bin Salman calls for 'arms embargo' on Israel over Gaza

Israel said to warn UN Security Council of regional war if Hezbollah isn't disarmed

Head of Hezbollah parliamentary bloc's son killed in Israeli strike in south Lebanon - source

Two Israeli airstrikes hit Syria following Hamas deal, Damascus says

Syrian Air Defenses Intercept Israeli Missile Targeting Damascus Countryside

IDF says it shot down cruise missile - apparently fired by Houthis - over Red Sea

Iraq Condemns U.S. Strikes on Iran-Backed Militias but Does Nothing to Stop Attacks

As War Breaks Out and US Is Attacked 64 Times in Recent Weeks - Pentagon Asks for $114 Million for Diversity, Equity, Inclusion Training

Rep. Steil Wants Biden Answers on $10 Billion to Iran

Russia is Hoarding Cruise Missiles Ahead of Winter Assault on Ukrainian Civilians, Says London

Putin says he is ready to end war as fighting with Ukraine is 'tragedy' - Putin also blamed Ukraine's president Zelensky for the continued fighting, saying Russia has "never refused peace talks."

Zelensky Cranks His 'PR Counteroffensive' Into Overdrive, Calls for the Killing of Putin, Says That Being Targeted for Assassination Is 'Just Like Covid'

German Priorities: Berlin Imposes a Spending Freeze Over Budget Crisis - And On the Same Day Releases a New 1.4B Military Aid Package to Ukraine

Dutch election: Anti-Islam populist Wilders set for victory - exit poll

'Mega Victory!' Anti-Mass Migration Populist Geert Wilders Wins Most Seats in Dutch Elections, Exit Polls Show

'Racist': Socialist Mexican President AMLO Laments Libertarian Populist Win in Argentina

Gingrich: Argentina, Italy Elections and Trump's Polling Triggering 'Desperation' from the Global Left

House Ethics Committee decides not to open investigation into Rep. Bowman over fire alarm scandal

Conservative Group Accidentally Reveals Its Secret Donors. Some of Them Are Liberal Orgs.

Revealed: Iowa Evangelical Leader Admits Accepting $95,000 Payment Before DeSantis Endorsement

Air Force Base Defends Itself After Conservative Rally Warning

January 6 rioter found guilty after judge calls defence argument 'gobbledegook'

'It's been a cover-up from day one': Rep. MTG reacts to release of new shocking J6 footage

Former Dem Senator Claire McCaskill says Trump is 'more dangerous' than Mussolini, Hitler

Colorado Supreme Court to hear appeal after lower court allowed Trump to stay on the ballot

Colorado Supreme Court Agrees to Take Up Trump's 14th Amendment Case - A state judge ruled last week that the former president had engaged in insurrection on Jan. 6, 2021, but allowed him to remain on the ballot

'So much winning': Trump wins battle to stay on the ballot in New Hampshire

Pa. Judge: Undated Mail-in Ballots Must Be Counted

For Election Workers, Fentanyl-Laced Letters Signal a Challenging Year

Sam Altman returns to OpenAI in a bizarre reversal of fortunes

OpenAI brings back Sam Altman as CEO, days after firing him - Shuffle at the top of company that made ChatGPT will see reinstated co-founder answer to different board of directors than panel that pushed him out

Report: OpenAI's Employee Revolt Was Caused by Conflicting Stories on Sam Altman's Ouster

The Pentagon is moving toward letting AI weapons autonomously decide to kill humans

Self-proclaimed 'gay furry hackers' breach nuclear lab

Strong and shallow M6.7 earthquake hits Vanuatu - small tsunami waves produced

5.0 magnitude earthquake hits near New Britain region, Papua New Guinea

Sangay volcano in Ecuador erupts to 24,000ft

Popocateptl volcano in Mexico erupts to 23,000ft

Sabancaya volcano in Peru erupts to 23,000ft

Ruiz volcano in Colombia erupts to 20,000ft

Fuego volcano in Guatemala erupts to 15,000ft

Reventador volcano in Ecuador erupts to 15,000ft

Semeru volcano in Indonesia erupts to 14,000ft

Dukono volcano in Indonesia erupts to 12,000ft

Volcanic eruption in Papua New Guinea visible from space

Clear evidence of uplift in Svartsengi, intense weather impacting seismic monitoring, Iceland

Iceland Builds 'Volcano Wall' to Guard Against Eruption

Alaska declares disaster in Wrangell following deadly landslide, U.S.

Salerno witnesses up to 20 waterspouts in a day, with three making landfall, Italy

Strong Santa Ana winds wreak havoc through Southern California, flipping planes and big rigs

'The river took it all': Somalis wait for waters to recede as floods kill dozens

Scientists said the ozone hole was recovering. That good news was premature, one study claims

NJ Banning Sale of New Gas-Powered Vehicles by 2035

Grid operator sounds alarm as coal plant shutdown threatens power for millions

Louisiana oil leak source still unknown after 1M gallons spill into Gulf, Coast Guard says

Two Kentucky towns being evacuated after train derailment

Car explosion near Niagara Falls kills two and closes US-Canada border crossing in possible terrorism

'Smoke Everywhere' Rainbow Bridge explosion witness says car turned into ball of flames as it 'flew into air' after speeding toward border

FBI investigating vehicle explosion at Rainbow Bridge; 2 dead; Buffalo airport cancels all international flights

Explosion on US/Canada Rainbow Bridge was 'possible' terror attack, car was driving towards border officer building: sources

Two Killed in Car Explosion at Rainbow Bridge in Niagara Falls; White House Can't Rule Terrorism "In or Out"

New York Gov. Hochul says 'no sign' of terror involvement in 'surreal' border explosion

Vivek Ramaswamy: Car Bomb 'Serves as a Wake-Up Call'

NYC Mayor Eric Adams: City on 'Heightened Alert' Following Suspected Terrorist Attack

Cartel Gunmen in Mexico Attack Fuel Tankers near Texas Border

Flash mob ransacks Nike Store in Los Angeles, steals $12K in merch: police

Oregon judge rules new gun control legislation on magazine limits, permit applications is unconstitutional

Pentagon Official At Office Overseeing Elementary Schools Arrested In Human Trafficking Sting

Man charged with sexual assault of 14-year-old girl in sauna at nudist colony where she was vacationing with grandparents

Raunchy, alcohol-fueled Taco Bell party included open sex, lawsuit claims

Guns N' Roses' Axl Rose accused of violent 1989 rape in new lawsuit

Liberal columnists call for Americans to 'decolonize Thanksgiving', promote 'Truthsgiving'

Trans-Sextus? Museum Claims Roman Emperor Was Transgender, 'She/Her' Pronouns Used for Display

Pope Francis Invites 44 Transgenders Who Work as "Prostitutes" to Vatican for Lunch

Over 7,000 churches have left the UMC amid homosexuality schism

Transgender Soccer Player Injures Female Opponent, Threatens Legal Action After Other Teams Cancel Games

Trans students to be admitted to Saint Mary's women's college in 2024

Overturning of Roe v. Wade Has Saved More Than 30,000 Lives, Study Finds

Missouri Secretary of State Jay Ashcroft: The Democrats' Abortion Proposal Will Legalize Dangerous Hanger Abortions in Missouri

Cosmopolitan Magazine Promotes Satanic Abortion Ritual: 'This Is the Most Demonic Thing I've Ever Seen'

CNN Unearths Audio of New House Speaker Calling Humans 'Inherently Evil' and Abortion a 'Holocaust'

Naked Woman Terrorizes Chilean Airport, Attacks Onlookers After Taking 'Hallucinogenic Mushrooms'

NY Court Rules in Favor of Hochul in Landmark Case For Government Overreach Over Quarantine Orders

Mysterious pneumonia outbreak leaves China's hospitals 'overwhelmed with sick children'

Mystery pneumonia tears through schools in China with 'many, many hospitalized' - in eerie echo of early days of Covid

Tracking Bible Prophecy Headlines - 11/22/2023

Israel convenes war cabinet to consider US-brokered ceasefire deal in exchange for hostage release

Israel Agrees to 4 Day Ceasefire with Hamas - Deal Includes Release of 50 Israeli Hostages and May Extend Extra Days for Each 10 Hostages Released

Israel Would Release 150 Palestinian Prisoners in Exchange for 50 Hostages, Allow 300 Aid Trucks Into Gaza, U.S. Sources Say

Israel names 300 Palestinian prisoners, mostly teens, who could be freed in hostage deal

Palestinian group Islamic Jihad announce death of captive 76-year-old Israeli woman hours before tentative deal to free hostages reached

Political Pressures on Biden Helped Drive 'Secret Cell' of Aides in Hostage Talks

The Secret Negotiations That Led to the Gaza Hostages Deal

Biden welcomes Israel-Hamas deal, vows to continue efforts until all hostages released

Kremlin says Israel-Hamas deal is 'good news'

Commentary: Netanyahu Buckled Under Public Pressure to Accept the Same Deal He Already Rejected

Herzog on hostage deal: 'It's a moral and ethical duty' to redeem captives

Ben Gvir warns against 'disaster' of a hostage deal, slams 'idiocy' of war cabinet

Ben Gvir slams hostage deal, says it sets 'dangerous precedent'

US said to delay shipment of weapons for security squads due to Ben Gvir's conduct

Democrats supporting Israel oppose Bernie Sanders' plan for conditional aid

After okaying hostage deal, government vows to 'continue the war' against Hamas

IDF encircles Hamas stronghold of Jabaliya in preparation for next stage of war

IDF breaches blast door in Hamas tunnel under Gaza's Shifa Hospital

Israel slams WHO for overlooking Hamas exploitation of Gaza hospitals

Indonesian Aid Group Running Besieged Gaza Hospital Calls Out Biden In Searing Letter over the U.S. government's refusal to demand a cease-fire

US has sent Israel data on aid group locations to try to prevent strikes

High on Captagon and Antisemitism: Everything About 'The ISIS Drug' Used by Hamas

'We have to be where Nathanel is buried': parents of murdered 20-year-old sergeant make aliyah

'Stop Arming Israel': Saudi Crown Prince MBS Fumes Over Gaza War At BRICS Meet

Iron Beam laser intercepts Hamas rocket from Gaza - The system's interception of a rocket fired by terrorists in Gaza is the first-ever operational use of a laser defense system

War with Hamas costs NIS 1b a day, hitting economy harder than previous conflicts

Rev. Graham: Never Exposed to Evil Like Hamas Attack

Dershowitz: Palestinians Share Hamas Guilt

Son of Hamas Co-Founder Denounces Group at UN, Exposes 'Savage' Indoctrination of Palestinian Kids

China Hosts Pro-Hamas Arab Dialogue Summit on Israel

83 people charged in UK over 'hate and violence' linked to pro-Palestinian protests

German police raid homes of 17 accused of antisemitic hate speech on social media

Skydivers form Star of David in California skies in statement against antisemitism

Elon Musk's X sues Media Matters, claims liberal group faked 'Nazi' scandal

U.S. lawmakers accuse X chief Musk of profiting from anti-Israel propaganda

United Airlines pilot removed from service over pro-Hamas posts

NYU Fires Prestigious Cancer Doctor for Supporting Israel

Maryland attorney general suspends hate crime task force member claiming babies murdered by Hamas were 'fake'

Actress Susan Sarandon Dropped By Agency After Disgusting Remarks at NYC Pro-Palestine Rally: Jews 'Are Getting a Taste of What it Feels Like to be Muslim in This Country'

Melissa Barrera Cut from Next "Scream" Sequel Due to Her Social Media Posts About Israel-Hamas War

Tom Cruise stepped in to stop his agent from being fired over pro-Palestine social media posts: Report

Poll: Young Americans Sympathetic to Hamas, Democrat Party Splits

After uproar, NY state senator fires staffer who endorsed Oct. 7 Hamas onslaught

Escalating violence in Gaza increasing chatter of possible terror attack in New York, intelligence report says

Turner: FBI director's public comments on U.S. terrorist threats "unusual"

Bahrain government websites briefly inaccessible in cyberattack over Israel-Hamas war

Over One-Third of Jewish College Students Feel Need to Hide Identity Since Oct. 7 Massacre, Hillel Poll Finds

As War Rages, Israeli Settlers and Soldiers Try to Block the Palestinian Olive Harvest - Far-right politicians like Bezalel Smotrich have joined forces with West Bank settlers in the campaign as violence against Palestinian farmers ramps up on this front

Palestinians say 6 killed in West Bank clashes with IDF after Tulkarem raid

IDF says warplanes are hitting Hezbollah targets in Lebanon

IDF strike kills 4 Hamas terrorists in Lebanon; 2 reporters killed in separate strike

White House says intel shows Wagner Group preparing to arm 'Hezbollah or Iran'

Israeli Military Intelligence Warned Netanyahu: 'Iran, Hezbollah, Hamas See Opportunity for Perfect Storm'

Iran-backed Yemen rebels' attack on Israel-linked ship raises risks in vital Red Sea

US considers redesignating Houthis as 'terror' group after ship seizure

US retaliatory strike kills Iran-backed militiaman in Iraq

Israel-Gaza war: only a two-state solution can bring real peace, China president says in first public speech on conflict

Caroline Glick: Outlook Grim for Mideast Peace

US has wrecked chances of peace in Middle East, Putin tells Brics summit - Russian president blames US for Gaza conflict as he attempts to woo global south

South Africa's shift on Israel: From Mandela-era acceptance to 'genocide' allegations

South African parliament calls on government to shutter Israeli embassy

Israel recalls envoy to South Africa after Pretoria calls for Netanyahu's arrest

Terror in the Skies: Civilian Airplanes Are Getting Their GPS Hacked Over the Middle East - Experts Have No Idea How to Deal With It

Commercial Flights Are Experiencing 'Unthinkable' GPS Attacks and Nobody Knows What to Do - New "spoofing" attacks resulting in total navigation failure have been occurring above the Middle East for months, which is "highly significant" for airline safety

Soldier Blasts Biden for Charging Him $4,000 for Equipment He was Ordered to Leave Behind in Afghanistan

North Korea Claims It Launched First Spy Satellite, Promises More

Report: US Condemns N. Korea Spy Satellite Launch

U.S. Warns Iran Is Weighing Sending Short-Range Missiles to Russia

Report: Russia Deploys New Nuclear Missile in Kaluga Region

Russia Says Co-existence Not Possible With Ukraine's Current 'Regime'

Russia Freed 'Satanic Cult Killer' From Prison to Slaughter Ukrainians

Civilian death toll in Ukraine tops 10,000 - U.N. Human Rights Office

Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen Suggests Funding Schools in Ukraine is a Matter of National Security

DOJ Brings Criminal Charges Against Biggest Crypto Exchange Binance and Its CEO - Changpeng Zhao Will Resign as Part of a 4.3 Billion Settlement

Even Wealthy Feel Economy's Pinch

Bidenflation is Crushing the Housing Market - Home Sales in October Slowest Pace in 13 Years

Report: GOP's Biden Impeachment Inquiry Nears End

House Republicans Subpoena Top Prosecutor Who Rejected Search Warrants at Biden's Residence as Part of Their Impeachment Inquiry

Wayne Root: It's Time to Start Asking - Is Satan in Charge of the Democrat Party?

"I'm Not Gonna Tell You" - Joe Biden Shuts Down Reporter as His Handlers Shoo Away Press

White House dismisses concerns over Biden fitness: 'Experience' matters, not his 'age'

'Bubble Wrap' strategy needed to protect Biden from age concerns, some Democrats admit

President Donald Trump Appears to Troll Joe Biden on His 81st Birthday by Releasing an "Excellent" Medical Report by His Doctor

Trump's Doctor Insists His Health Is 'Excellent' After Verbal Slips

Rob Reiner: Voting for Trump Will Cause U.S. to 'Slip into Fascism'

Nolte: Joe Scarborough Says Donald Trump 'Will Execute' People if Reelected

Democrat Says Quiet Part About Trump on Live TV, Walks It Back After He's Called Out - "He Has to be Eliminated"

North Dakota Air Force Base Warns Airmen Against Attending Pro-Trump 'Tyler Bowyer' Rally of ​Turning Point USA or Risk 'Jeopardizing' Military Career

Judge Napolitano: Trump Insurrection Ruling 'Dangerous'

Georgia Judge Refuses to Revoke Bail for Trump Co-Defendant, but Bans Him from Talking About Trump, Witnesses

Ignore Trump? Democrats Now Want Him Plastered All Over the News.

Marlow: 'Out of Touch' Media Air-Balled Argentina Election Just Like 2016

China Warns Argentine President-Elect Javier Milei: Your Country Is Too Poor to Cut Ties with Us

Brazil's Lula Wants Apology, Won't Go to Inauguration After Javier Milei Calls Him a Communist

Venezuelan Dictator Maduro: Argentine President-Elect Javier Milei a 'Neo-Nazi'

Hungary's PM Orban Threatens Opponents With Jail, Citing Foreign Meddling

Liberal 'Dark Money' Groups Gave Millions to SCOTUS Watchdogs Targeting Alito, Thomas, Docs Show

Polarized World Threatens Open Internet: ICANN

Nolte: Nolan, del Toro Urge Americans to Purchase Physical Media - 'Almost a Fahrenheit 451'

'Hemisphere': Secret White House Surveillance Program Allows Cops To Spy On Trillions Of US Phone Records Without Warrants

Senator Expresses 'Serious Concerns' About Secretive White House Program That Tracks Americans' Phone Records

Air Marshals National Council Director STUNS Fox News Host When She Reveals Marshalls Are Quietly Following Every Person Who Flew to DC Around January 6, 2021

Congress obtains police video footage of undercover cops conducting surveillance on Jan. 6

Jan. 6 Bodycam Video Captures Metro D.C. Police Officer Saying 'We Go Undercover as Antifa'

Marxist Governor Hochul Announces New York's 'Ministry of Truth' Initiative for K-12 Students to Combat "Conspiracy Theories, Misinformation, Disinformation and Online Hate"

Sam Altman: AI 'Most Important Tech Yet Invented'

Sheryl Crow admits she's 'terrified' by AI, fears of technology inspired new song

As A.I.-Controlled Killer Drones Become Reality, Nations Debate Limits

City-size 'devil comet' headed for Earth loses its iconic horns and turns green after latest volcanic eruption

6.7 magnitude earthquake hits near Port-Olry, Vanuatu

6.0 magnitude earthquake hits near Halmahera, Indonesia

5.5 magnitude earthquake hits near Popondetta, Papua New Guinea

5.3 magnitude earthquake hits near Insrom, Indonesia

5.1 magnitude earthquake hits near Labasa, Fiji

5.0 magnitude earthquake hits near Kokopo, Papua New Guinea

Ulawun volcano on Papua New Guinea erupts to 40,000ft

Sabancaya volcano in Peru erupts to 25,000ft

Sangay volcano in Ecuador erupts to 21,000ft

Ruiz volcano in Colombia erupts to 20,000ft

Popocateptl volcano in Mexico erupts to 20,000ft

Fuego volcano in Guatemala erupts to 17,000ft

Reventador volcano in Ecuador erupts to 15,000ft

Santa Maria volcano in Guatemala erupts to 14,000ft

Semeru volcano in Indonesia erupts to 14,000ft

Dukono volcano in Indonesia erupts to 12,000ft

Iceland scientists optimistic volcano may spare town as major eruption appears imminent

3 dead and 3 missing after landslide rips through remote Alaska fishing community

Months after deadly floods in Libya, migrants' families still await news of the missing

'The river took it all': Somalis wait for waters to recede as floods kill dozens - Reporters from Bilan report from around Somalia as 'once-in-a-century' floods hit a country devastated by a six-year drought

Brazil records its hottest ever temperature

Indians celebrate festival in toxic, foam-covered river

Trudeau government moving to create UN treaty banning 'plastic pollution' by 2024

Joe Biden is Invoking Wartime Powers to Push the Left's 'Green' Agenda

Biden using wartime powers to expand green agenda raises concerns of overreach, best use amid wars - The law was utilized again during the COVID pandemic. Under its authority, Biden increased vaccine products and distributed 500 million COVID tests.

Airline passenger freaks out on Frontier flight: 'She's possessed! She needs help!'

Man found guilty of decapitating ex-girlfriend with samurai sword in middle of California street

Fulani Militants Gun Down Christian Pastor in Kaduna State, Nigeria

'I saw a dead man come back to life': Sheriff recounts 'miracle' after deputy was shot

Oregon Judge Rules Gun Control Law Breaks State Constitution

Poll: Gun ownership reaches record high with American electorate

Cartel Gunmen Ambush, Kill Three Mexican Soldiers

FBI Director Wray Confirms - the Border Crisis's 'Terrorist Watchlist' is a Homeland Security Threat

Joe Biden Under Fire as Number of Migrants Doubles

15 Drowned Migrants Recovered from Texas Border Sector in 7 Weeks

Sanctuary City Chicago Considers 80-Square-Foot 'Micro Homes' for Migrants as Mass Immigration Strains Housing

Migrants Get Free Turkeys for Thanksgiving Ahead of Low-Income New Yorkers

ICE arrests Brazilian illegal immigrant child rapist in Martha's Vineyard

Pentagon Official At Office Overseeing Elementary Schools Arrested In Human Trafficking Sting

Ex-Maryland Democrat Mayor Sentenced to 30 Years in Prison from 150-Year Plea Deal for Child Porn Case Involving Over 500 Victims - May be Eligible for Parole After 7.5 Years

Lawsuit: Democrat New York State Sen. Kevin Parker Accused of Raping Woman

Transgender Activists Attack Feminists Holding Event for Women's Rights

Franklin Graham: 'Sad Day for the Church of England' After It Approves Blessing Same-Sex Couples on Trial Basis

Gay-accepting, Hell-denying Bishop Carlton Pearson dies at age 70

White House Touts 'Transgender Victims' for 2024 Campaign

Cricket Chiefs Ban Transgender Players from Women's Competition

Christian school suing officials after being barred from events for forfeiting game against trans player

Target's Latest Trans Mania Is Asking For More Boycotts, And Customers Should Deliver

Target brings in new LGBTQIA+ strategist 'GayCruella' to 'make trouble', 'rip old world to shreds' after kid Pride merch fiasco

In LGBTQ Milestone, IDF Lists Three Parents on Tombstone for Fallen Soldier

Louisville doctor provides sex change 'treatment' to 7-year-old child - "I provide gender affirming care pretty much to all ages, my youngest patient being around seven years of age."

Missouri Supreme Court Deals Blow to Republicans in Abortion Ballot Case

75-Year-Old Pro-Life Activist with 'Significant Health Issues' Convicted For Peacefully Protesting Abortion Clinic - Faces Up to 11 Years in Prison

All this assisted suicide has been a boon to organ donation - A Dutch study found that Canada is now the global epicentre for organs harvested from people who have died by assisted suicide

Breakthrough therapies that alter DNA spark hope for heart disease cure

'Breakthrough' CRISPR Treatment Slashes Cholesterol in First Human Clinical Trial

US Army Wants Relieved Anti-Vaccine Soldiers Back as Recruitment Woes Loom

Former Green Beret Gives Scathing Response to ​Biden Regime for Trying to Bring Back Abused Unvaxxed Soldiers

Thanksgiving travelers prepare for 'new COVID threat.' It's called HV.1

Bangladesh battles record dengue deaths as disease pattern changes

Tracking Bible Prophecy Headlines - 11/21/2023

EU's top diplomat: Establishment of Palestinian state is best guarantee for Israeli security

UN chief calls for interim Arab-US force to control Gaza after war

300 UN diplomats watch footage showing terrorists' atrocities in Oct. 7 massacre

Bahrain leader condemns Hamas Oct. 7 onslaught, calls for release of hostages

US says Israel hostage deal 'closer than ever'

Hamas Chief Says Close to 'Truce' Amid Hostage Negotiations

Auschwitz Council says release of all hostages 'essential' for ending war with Hamas

After meeting families, PM says returning hostages 'a sacred and supreme mission'

How Israel's Secret Unit 504 Revealed the Hamas HQ in Al-Shifa Hospital as Thousands of Gazans Call IDF to Rat on Hamas

IDF: Some 300 Gaza terrorists questioned, give vital details on Hamas bases in hospitals

IDF Uncovers Rocket Factory Underneath Mosque in Gaza

1.7 Million Palestinians Displaced From Their Homes in Gaza, UN Says

Angling for war cabinet seat, Smotrich says Gaza should be allowed to collapse

Several IDF deaths in Gaza ground offensive were the result of friendly fire

'Deep-faked' IDF Soldiers and Spoofed Websites: Sophisticated Russian Campaign Pushes Gaza Disinformation

NBC cuts ties with journalist arrested by Israel for glorifying Hamas attacks

X sues Media Matters over report about ads appearing next to Nazi posts

Missouri Attorney General Tells Elon Musk That He's Investigating Media Matters

Texas attorney general opens investigation into Media Matters for 'potential fraudulent activity'

Trump-Appointed Judge to Preside Over Elon Musk’s High-Profile Lawsuit Against Far-left Media Matters

Far-right conspiracy theorists accused a 22-year-old Jewish man of being a neo-Nazi. Then Elon Musk got involved

'Israel is not our friend': Neo-Nazis salute Hitler in march through Wisconsin town

Former Chicago mayor's home vandalized with 'Nazi' graffiti

California Dem Convention overtaken by demonstrators demanding ceasefire in Israel, Gaza

UCSD condemns campus antisemitism then denies antisemitic event took place

NYU cancer doctor sues hospital, school over pro-Israel posts, says he's a 'sacrificial lamb'

Synagogue in Armenia Allegedly Targeted in Arson Attack

'Rabbis for Ceasefire' Start Reciting Torah Before Rally with Rashida Tlaib, Then Reader Gets to God's Vow About Israel

Cuba Lights Up with Palestinian Flag at Pro-Hamas 'Concert for Peace'

White House Denounces Some Democrat Protesters Calling Biden 'Genocide Joe' for his staunch support of Israel in its fight against Hamas

German Authorities Report More Than 3,500 Crimes Related to Oct. 7 Hamas Pogrom in Israel

China Hosts Mideast Diplomats to Discuss Israel-Hamas War

South Africa to host BRICS summit on Israel-Hamas war

Israel recalls envoy to South Africa after Pretoria calls for Netanyahu's arrest

Israel Reportedly Accelerating Deployment of Game-Changing Laser Aerial Defense System

Key Israeli military base destroyed 'by Hezbollah rocket strike' as escalation fears surge

After Hezbollah rockets damage IDF position, Israel retaliates 'very agressively' in southern Lebanon

1,000 boats said set to leave Turkey for Gaza waters in new 'Freedom Flotilla'

Houthis say Israeli ships 'legitimate target,' as threat to global shipping grows

Houthi Helicopter Raid On Ship In Red Sea Seen In New Video

Yemen, a Poor and Drug-addicted Country, Finds Time to Attack Israel

IDF intelligence warned Netanyahu that Iran saw 'weakness' in Israel - report

Khamenei: Muslim States Should Cut Israel Ties 'for Limited Time'

Herzog: Iran and its proxies are attacking international order

U.S. Enters Dangerous New Phase in Shadow War With Iran

Argentina: President-Elect Javier Milei Promises 'Spiritual' Israel Trip, Will Move Embassy to Jerusalem

Argentina's Javier Milei: from TV pundit to the presidency

Meet Argentina's new president Javier 'The Madman' Milei, who clones dogs and thinks people should sell organs - Plus, him wielding a chainsaw at a rally, dating an impersonator of the ex-president and dramatic plans for the economy

Latin American Leftists Melt Down over Javier Milei's Presidential Victory in Argentina

Ethnic fighting kills 32 in disputed region straddling Sudan, South Sudan

At least 5 million children at the brink in Darfur as unchecked conflict worsens

Lesbian Artist Receives Multi-Year Prison Sentence for Criticizing Putin, Military

President Zelensky: I've survived five Putin assassination attempts - it's like Covid, it gets easier every time, says

Alarm as Putin 'plots to test new apocalypse Satan-2 nuclear missile over South Pole'

Ukraine Fires Two Top Officials Amid Corruption Investigation

US announces new Ukraine package as Pentagon chief visits Kyiv

China Responds After Its 'Noise Weapon' Attack On Australia Navy Divers: Beijing's Sonar Defence

Rep. Biggs: Impeachment inquiry to look at Biden family's 'pervasive' use of loans 'to avoid tax liability, launder money'

Newly released Jan. 6 tapes raise questions as Supreme Court prepares to hear riot cases

Gutfeld examines the release of Jan. 6 footage: Any video that didn't fit the committee's narrative was ditched like one of Biden's grandkids

Trump's Social Media Platform 'Truth Social' Files Massive Defamation Lawsuit Against Twenty "Fake News" Media Outlets

Trump Media sues 20 news outlets over allegedly false loss reports, alleges defamation

Rumble under 'major DDoS attack' after CEO pledged to join Elon Musk to fight woke censorship

Bruner: Social Media Censorship Is a 'Huge Cash Game'

Seamus Bruner Says 'Controligarchs' Are 'Constructing the Tyrannical System': Censorship 'Just the Beginning'

Secretive White House Surveillance Program Gives Cops Access to Trillions of US Phone Records

OpenAI future in chaos as most workers threaten to leave for Microsoft

AI doomsayers blamed in OpenAI's undoing

TikTok, YouTube Videos Push Websites that Turn Photos into AI Deepfake Pornography

5.5 magnitude earthquake hits the central Mid-Atlantic Ridge

5.2 magnitude earthquake hits near Baliton, Philippines

Papua New Guinea volcano erupts and Japan says it's assessing a possible tsunami risk to its islands

Ulawun volcano in Papua New Guinea erupts to 60,000ft

Sangay volcano in Ecuador erupts to 27,000ft

Sabancaya volcano in Peru erupts to 25,000ft

Ruiz volcano in Colombia erupts to 20,000ft

Popocateptl volcano in Mexico erupts to 20,000ft

Santa Maria volcano in Guatemala erupts to 16,000ft

Fuego volcano in Guatemala erupts to 16,000ft

Reventador volcano in Ecuador erupts to 16,000ft

Semeru volcano in Indonesia erupts to 14,000ft

Dukono volcano in Indonesia erupts to 12,000ft

Iceland volcano eruption likelihood remains high, possibly within 'just days,' local Met Office says

Iceland volcanic eruption watch: Official says authorities could get as little as '30 minutes notice' - Hundreds of earthquakes continue to be reported around Grindavik, Iceland

Severe storms hit Turkey, leaving 9 dead and 11 missing from sunken cargo ship

Catastrophic flooding in Dominican Republic after 'largest rainfall event ever'

More than 2 dozen dead in Haiti, Dominican Republic after heavy rains batter Hispaniola

Guaiba River overflows in Porto Alegre's center in third-highest flood since 1941, Brazil

French territory of Mayotte: Gripped by drought, this island is running out of drinking water

Woke Lancet Warns: 'Highest Global Temperatures in over 100,000 Years'

Coast Guard estimates more than 1 million gallons of crude oil spilled off coast of Louisiana

Jet-Powered Hypocrisy: Richest 1% of Global Elites Emit as Much Carbon as Bottom Two-Thirds

'Sacrificing us at the altar of their greed': Richest 10% in EU emit as much carbon as poorest 50%

Biden campaign warns second Trump presidency would mean gun violence gets worse

Backdoor Gun Grab: Congressional Dems Push Background Checks on Ammo Purchases, Seek to Criminalize Middlemen Buyers

California voters 'duped' by reform plan that sparked shoplifting crisis: sheriff

About 200 'ndrangheta members, bosses and associates convicted at historic mafia trial

Male nanny sentenced to 707 years for molesting, filming 17 children in his care in California

Satanic Temple infiltrates Connecticut elementary school with After School Satan Club

Fruit Loops Giving Kids Free Diversity, Equity And Inclusion Digital Library With Cereal Purchases

Karine Jean-Pierre Stuns the Public as She Promotes "Transgender Day of Remembrance" - "We Grieve the 26 Transgender Americans who were Killed this Year"

Biden marks Transgender Day of Remembrance, denounces 'unacceptable' violence

Trans swimmer breaks New Jersey college record after switching from men's team to women's

KY Gov. Beshear: GOP Needs to Stop Scapegoating Transgender Kids - Its 'Gross,' 'Wrong'

Harvard Med School Course Allows Students to Help with Trans Procedures

Oregon Dem candidate exposed for being BDSM dominatrix now using her Playboy page in campaign

WSJ Poll: Support for Abortion Access Near All-Time High

Virginia Dems Seek to Establish Abortion as Right

Fungus 'superbug' cases rise to highest levels in Nevada

Antibiotic resistance a looming, deadly global threat

Oregon opioid deaths increase 13x after drug decriminalization law: 'We have to do something different'

Several Alzheimer's vaccines enter clinical trials amid breakthrough treatments' success

Covid, flu, RSV vaccines urged during pregnancy but fewer want them, CDC finds

Attorney General Ken Paxton Files Lawsuit Against Pfizer and Tris Pharma Over Medicaid Fraud and Distribution of Adulterated Drugs to Texas Children

Former Troops Punished over Biden's Vaccine Mandate Sue for Billions in Lost Wages

UK PM Rishi Sunak reportedly said 'just let people die', Covid inquiry hears

Tracking Bible Prophecy Headlines - 11/20/2023

Netanyahu slams Palestinian Authority for denying that Hamas carried out massacre at Israeli music festival - Netanyahu called PA's claims 'utterly preposterous'

Netanyahu: Palestinian Leaders Denied the Holocaust, Now Deny October 7

Commentary: Handing Gaza Over to a Multinational Force in Gaza Is Just a Fantasy

'Pipe dream': Why is the US pushing the Palestinian Authority to lead Gaza?

China tells visiting Muslim diplomats it's willing to help 'restore peace in the Middle East'

France's Macron aims to pressure both Netanyahu, Abbas in back-to-back calls

Macron tells Netanyahu 'too many civilian losses' in Gaza

Macron also speaks to PA's Abbas, urges him to condemn Hamas's October 7 assault

Hamas's Gaza Chief, Once a High-Profile Prisoner in Israel, Is Now a 'Dead Man Walking'

Netanyahu: All Hamas Members Are 'Dead Men Walking'

US, Qatar indicate hostage deal near, as rumors swirl of swap with a short ceasefire

US official says there will only be a 'significant pause' in Gaza when hostages released

Ex-Israeli Diplomats Call for an International Coalition Whose Nationals Are Held Hostage by Hamas

IDF publishes trove of evidence documenting 55-meter Hamas tunnel under Gaza hospital

IDF reveals: How intel led Israel to Hamas's Shifa terror tunnel

Surveillance footage shows Hamas bringing hostages into Shifa Hospital on Oct. 7

IDF: Hostage was killed in Shifa; clip shows Hamas take 2 other hostages there on Oct 7

UK doctor who worked at Shifa confirms Gaza hospital used for 'non-medical purposes'

IDF steps up Gaza airstrikes; 30 premature babies evacuated from Shifa Hospital

Hamas health ministry says 12 killed in hit on Gaza hospital; footage shows IDF troops in firefight

IDF's Gaza toll rises to 65 as 2 more soldiers killed; sirens sound in north, south

Israel raids terrorists' luxury homes, take over parliament and police HQs in Gaza

United Nations slammed for silence over Hamas rapes, mutilation and murder of Israeli women, critics say

Surveillance soldiers charge sexism a factor in their Oct. 7 warnings being ignored - 'If the soldiers had been male, things would have looked different'

Yair Netanyahu sparks outrage by criticizing IDF, High Court

Brooks: Progressives Abandoned Two-State Solution for 'From the River to the Sea'

Jailed Egyptian aid worker freed by Trump admin defends radical terrorist group: 'I don't condemn Hamas'

American-Israeli author Joel C. Rosenberg pleads with Israel to evacuate Christians from Gaza - 'There are no safe havens for Christians in southern Gaza'

Rabbi, imam try to help NY Jewish, Muslim students find common ground. It doesn't go well

Israel's Diaspora Minister: Jews Should Proudly Put Their Menorahs Outside on Hanukkah

Mavericks' Kyrie Irving Shows Up to Postgame Presser Wearing Palestinian Keffiyeh

'Wonka' Faces Boycott Calls Over Timothee Chalamet's SNL Skit Mocking Hamas

Bomb squad called to synagogue in Lakewood, NJ after grenade found nearby

Attempted terror attack in Samaria, no casualties reported

Gallant: Hezbollah has fired over 1,000 munitions at Israel since start of war

Yemen's Houthi rebels hijack Israeli-linked ship in Red Sea, take 25 crew members hostage

Yemen's Houthis claim to hijack Israeli ship in Red Sea; Jerusalem: It isn't Israeli

Israeli-Linked Ship Seized by Iranian-Backed Militants: 'Grave Incident of Global Consequence'

Japan 'strongly condemns' ship seizure by Yemen rebels

Netanyahu: With attack on ship, Iran has ratcheted up its aggression

Iran's former IRGC chief: New war fronts could open against Israel

Iran issues threat to Israel, US with new hypersonic weapon - The hypersonic missile is claimed to have the capacity to bypass the most advanced anti-ballistic missile systems of the United States and Israel

Top Biden Admin Official Invites CCP and Russian Officials to Tour Sensitive US Nuclear Testing Sites

Congressional leaders want to pass military aid for Ukraine, Israel before Christmas

Ukraine's Attacks Are Hitting Deeper Inside Russia

Finland accuses Russia of flooding borders with Middle Eastern migrants in retaliation for cooperation with US

Hungary's Orban Says Ukraine Is 'Light Years Away' From Joining European Union

Outsider Javier Milei wins Argentina's presidential election - Political newcomer has surged from obscurity to oust long-dominant Peronist coalition and its candidate Sergio Massa; populist Milei is a strong backer of Israel

Argentina elects 'shock therapy' libertarian Javier Milei as president

Argentina Takes Leap Into Unknown With Javier Milei as President

Fiery right-wing populist Javier Milei wins Argentina's presidency and promises 'drastic' changes

President-elect Milei vows 'end of Argentina's decline'

'Game Changer' - Geert Wilders' Populist Anti-Mass Migration Party Surges to Top Place in Dutch General Election Poll

How a flood of congressional retirements is rocking the 2024 elections

McCarthy makes stunning admission on Biden impeachment inquiry: The facts have led 'even closer'

MTG Demands Speaker Johnson to Form a New January 6th Select Committee: "There Needs to Be Investigations and Accountability for All of the Lies, Deceit, and Lives Ruined"

Sen. Mike Lee Calls for Investigation Into J6 Committee for Deceiving Public About Capitol Riots

Senator Mike Lee Demands Answers from FBI Director Wray About 'Disturbing' New J6 Video

New J6 Footage Shows Capitol Police May Have Incited Riot By Firing Munitions Into Peaceful Crowd

FBI lost count of how many paid informants were at Capitol on Jan. 6, and later performed audit to figure out exact number: ex-official

University of Wisconsin-Madison condemns neo-Nazi march in the city

Survivor of Mao's China Tells Glenn Beck That a 'Woke' Cultural Revolution is Happening in America Right Now

Blumenthal: Elon Musk Turned X Into a 'Cesspool of Hate Speech'

Chris Christie: Elon Musk's 'Outrageous Type of Hate' Is Unacceptable

Sam Altman was booted as boss of ChatGPT maker OpenAI over fears he was ignoring dangers of artificial intelligence that experts have warned could trigger an apocalypse

Germany, France and Italy reach agreement on future AI regulation

5.8 magnitude earthquake hits near Yokohama, Japan

5.3 magnitude earthquake hits central Mid-Atlantic Ridge

5.2 magnitude earthquake hits near Mabini, Philippines

5.1 magnitude earthquake hits near Neiafu, Tonga

5.1 magnitude earthquake hits near Katsuren-haebaru, Japan

Ulawun volcano in Papua New Guinea erupts to 50,000ft

Sabancaya volcano in Peru erupts to 25,000ft

Popocateptl volcano in Mexico erupts to 22,000ft

Sangay volcano in Ecuador erupts to 21,000ft

Fuego volcano in Guatemala erupts to 17,000ft

Reventador volcano in Ecuador erupts to 16,000ft

Semeru volcano in Indonesia erupts to 14,000ft

Dukono volcano in Indonesia erupts to 12,000ft

Mayon volcano in the Philippines erupts to 10,000ft

Tornado touches down in Arizona mountains Sunday

Torrential rains kill at least 21 in Dominican Republic

More than a foot of snow, 100 mph wind gusts possible as storm approaches Sierra Nevada

Blue State Cuts 'So Help Me God' from Oath Requirement Following Atheist Group's Federal Lawsuit

Mormon Leaders Accused Of Concealing Widespread Sexual Abuse And Incest Within The Church

Methodist Church approves split of 261 Georgia congregations after LGBTQ+ divide

Italy's transgender women thank pope for making them feel 'more human'

Navy SEAL Causing Anti-Trans School Board Chaos Is Under Investigation

Commentary: UN Undermines Parental Rights by Pushing Gender Ideology

'Progressive' Anti-Abortion Group Plays Dirty to Get Ahead

Newsom Ad Targets DeSantis' Six-Week Abortion Ban

Uncle Sam Urges Anti-vaxxers to Come Back to Army

Army Scrambling to Get Back Soldiers It Kicked Out over Biden's Military Vaccine Mandate

Tracking Bible Prophecy Headlines - 11/19/2023

Joe Biden says Gaza and West Bank should be 'reunited' under Palestinian Authority; reiterates call for two-state solution

Biden wants global security regime in Gaza, then PA; floats visa ban on violent settlers

Biden threatens visa bans for 'extremists' who attack Palestinians in the West Bank, calls again for two-state solution

Netanyahu Opposes Biden: No Way Palestinian Authority Runs Gaza Again

Israel did not enter Gaza to hand it over to the Palestinian Authority, Netanyahu says

Simon Tisdall: Netanyahu is a liability for Biden. Peace is impossible until he goes.

Netanyahu's War Cabinet Split on Hostage Deal With Hamas as IDF Reaches Further Into Gaza

PM says bucking int'l pressure against Gaza op, stresses no hostage deal 'as of now'

US official: No significant pause in war until all women and child hostages are freed

'Look us in the eye!': 30,000 join Gaza hostages' families on final march into Jerusalem

'Seinfeld' actor Jason Alexander, other celebrities post hostage 'set me free' clips

IDF locates more Hamas terror tunnels, uncovers info on Gaza hostages

WHO says Gaza's al-Shifa hospital a death zone, as hundreds leave

Most patients, staff, displaced leave Shifa Hospital area; IDF pushes deeper into Gaza

'It's basically hell on earth': Gaza City left totally bereft of healthcare

Thousands of bodies lie buried in rubble. Gazans dig to retrieve them, often by hand

Israeli airstrikes kill 80 in Palestinian refugee camp

Israeli Defense Minister: Hamas Leaders in Exile Are Dead Men Walking

First footage of Israel's elite commandos involved in house-to-house fighting in Gaza released by the IDF

Honoring fallen, Golani troops trace giant Star of David into captured terror outpost

Former Labour leader Corbyn finally calls Hamas 'terrorists' but says Israel also behind 'acts of terror'

Yair Netanyahu shares posts casting blame for Oct. 7 on courts, security services

'These are biblical lands promised to us': Jewish settlers in West Bank hope Gaza conflict will help their cause

'Miracle': Muslim Men in Gaza Seek Christ After Over 200 Dream of Jesus on Same Night - Report

Why Western Women Are Converting to Islam - Since October 7, young Americans have been professing their devotion to the Quran in 'the ultimate rebellion against the West'

Tens of thousands demand Gaza ceasefire at pro-Palestine rallies across Australia

Pro-Palestinian demonstrators rally across Europe calling for ceasefire

French Holocaust survivors, youth activists rally against surging antisemitism

University of Alberta fires head of sex assault center who signed letter denying Oct. 7 rapes

Muslim And Arab Congressional Staffers Say They Feel 'Betrayed' By Democratic Bosses

Maher: The Israeli Arabs Living in the Area 'From the River to the Sea' Prefer Israel over Hamas

Elon Musk: Genocidal terms like 'from the river to the sea' to result in suspension

Musk threatens to file 'thermonuclear lawsuit' after advertisers cut ties with X after media watchdog revealed they were being placed alongside antisemitic content

'Oppressors of Right to Free Speech:' Elon Musk Blasts Major Corporations, Announces Plans to Sue Media Matters

Erdogan calls Israel 'terror state' after Germany visit

Turkey will seek to rebuild Gaza if ceasefire is achieved, Erdogan says

Jets hit Hezbollah targets in Lebanon; 10 mortar shells fired at Shlomi

Ahead of Sunday's election, one of Argentina's two presidential candidates talks Torah - Javier Milei speaks to ToI about his plans, including changes to his country's currency and the location of its Israel embassy

Maldives asks India to withdraw military, to discuss 'workable solutions'

Civilians caught in the crossfire as fighting escalates between Myanmar military and armed group

Renewed fighting in Myanmar has displaced 26,000 people since Monday, UN says

20,000 Military Age Ukrainian Men Fled Abroad to Avoid Conscription, Another 20,000 Caught at Border

Russian doctors call for release of imprisoned artist who protested Ukraine war

Bombshell: Biden Pentagon Exposed for Buying Russian Fuel Oil, Evading Wartime Sanctions - Report

Australia Claims Navy Divers Injured by 'Sonar Pulses' From Chinese Destroyer

Massive Protests in Spain Against Illegitimate Socialist PM Sanchez - Hundreds of Thousands Reject His Illegal and Unpopular Amnesty to Catalan Separatists

Argentina holds cliffhanger election with economy at stake

Milei echoes Trump with fraud claims that inject uncertainty into Argentina's presidential runoff

Colorado judge finds Trump engaged in insurrection, but rejects constitutional ballot challenge

Bill Maher Says Sudden Clean-up in San Francisco for China is Proof That Trump is Winning in 2024

Biden White House Rejects Requests From Congress to Interview Biden's Inner Circle in Probe of Stolen Classified Documents

FBI Raids Homes of Another Aide to Mayor Eric Adams and Ex-Turkish Airlines Official in Connection with Corruption Probe Linked to 2021 Campaign

New House Speaker Releases ALL J6 Footage - And Videos Have Already Surfaced Showing Why They Were Suppressed

GOP Sen. Mike Lee Calls for Probe of Jan. 6 Panel After Tapes Released

DOJ Wants J6 Defendant Victoria White to Serve 90 Days in Prison After Capitol Police Beat Her 35 Times in the Face with Their Fists and Sticks and Nearly Kill Her on J6

High School in Massachusetts Cancels 'USA Day' Because Administrators Fear it Will be too 'Politicized'

The FCC's Regulatory Overreach Threatens American Broadband Prosperity

Amazon Lays off Hundreds in Alexa Division, Puts Resources Into AI

5.9 magnitude earthquake hits near Pagan region, Northern Mariana Islands

Sabancaya volcano in Peru erupts to 24,000ft

Popocateptl volcano in Mexico erupts to 22,000ft

Ruiz volcano in Colombia erupts to 22,000ft

Sangay volcano in Ecuador erupts to 22,000ft

Reventador volcano in Ecuador erupts to 17,000ft

Fuego volcano in Guatemala erupts to 15,000ft

Semeru volcano in Indonesia erupts to 14,000ft

Dukono volcano in Indonesia erupts to 12,000ft

Icelandic town may be evacuated for months as volcanic rumbling continues

Wildfires rage across Virginia, Tennessee and North Carolina - The fires have resulted in parts of the Appalachian Trail being shut down

Climate Alarmism Fail: Justin Trudeau's Signature 'Carbon Tax' Is Rejected by Majority of Voters, as Canadian Families Struggle Financially

'Corporate Welfare': Biden Uses Cold War-Era Policy to Fund Climate Change Project

Stuff It! Italy Officially Bans Sale of Lab-Grown Meat

Don't Call It a Christmas Tree: City to Raise 'Multi-Faith Tree' for Diversity, Inclusivity Plan

Brazil Welcomes Leftist Taylor Swift with Projection on the Christ the Redeemer Statue - Criticized as a blasphemous act of idolatry

Bible Translation Agency Helps Iran Translate the Bible into Native Language

Chinese Police Raid Christian Worship Service, Arrest 13 Believers

Anti-Christian hate crimes on the rise in Europe

3 decades after teen's murder, DNA helps ID killer with a history of crimes against women

French senator charged spiking fellow lawmaker's drink with ecstasy to sexually assault her: prosecutors

Priest sentenced to life in prison by Ohio judge for sex trafficking

Mallorca operation against human trafficking uncovers international network

French Commission Calls for End of Statute of Limitations on Child Sex Abuse Crimes

Lawsuit: Popular 'Roblox' Video Game Exposes Children to Sexual Content and Grooming

U.S. Supreme Court Refuses to Reinstate Florida Law Banning Children from Drag Shows

One Million Moms Calls for Boycott of Macy's Thanksgiving Parade over Trans, Non-Binary Performers

Christian, Pro-Life Groups Push to Reauthorize Biden's 'Reimagined' AIDS Program Promoting Abortion

U.S. Bishops Insist Abortion Is 'Pre-Eminent Priority' for Catholic Voters

Nebraska Gov. Pillen warns progressive ballot initiative could open the door to late term abortions

Dogs are coming down with an unusual respiratory illness in several US states

Report: Government Flubs Enabled China Disease Lab in California

Navy SEAL Who is Fighting Against Radical Gender Ideology, CRT, and Vaccine Tyranny is Under Investigation for Alleged Ties to "Extremist Group"

Sen. Johnson on COVID-19 vaccine efficacy: We're facing 'a societal state of denial,' where no one wants to admit they were wrong

Tracking Bible Prophecy Headlines - 11/18/2023

'Without further delay': Calling Qatari Emir, Biden steps up pressure for hostage deal

Hanegbi says no ceasefire unless Hamas releases a 'massive' number of hostages

Body of second Israeli hostage found near main Gaza hospital

Pope to Meet Palestinian Delegation, Kin of Gaza Hostages

Netanyahu: One of the reasons for raiding Shifa was signs hostages were held there

IDF said to tell Gaza's Shifa Hospital to evacuate 'in the next hour'

'Impossible': Panic as Israel orders Gaza's al-Shifa Hospital to evacuate

IDF southern command chief: 'We see clear Hamas presence in all hospitals'

How Hamas exploited Israel's reliance on tech to breach barrier on Oct. 7

UN Stops Food Delivery To Gaza Amid Communications Blackout

In shift, Israel agrees to regularly let fuel into Gaza, drawing outrage in coalition

26 killed in IDF strike in southern Gaza's Khan Younis - report

IDF Chief of Staff: Israel Close to 'Dismantling' Hamas in Northern Gaza

Netanyahu Mum on Who Should Lead 'Civilian' Govt in Gaza

Israel poised for 'second phase' of war against Hamas - but sympathy is waning

In a shift, US Jewish lawmakers ramp up criticism of Israel's war on Hamas in Gaza

UK Jews say govt not protecting them from Islamic extremism amid Israel-Hamas war

ACLU sues Florida for banning antisemitic group Students for Justice in Palestine from state university campuses

Hardcore Leftist Michael Rappaport says he is considering voting for Trump in 2024 to get the Israel-Hamas situation under control

Brazilian Communist President Lula Attacks Israel Again and Downplays Hamas Terrorism

In Berlin, Erdogan says Germany can't criticize Israel because of the Holocaust

Sacha Baron Cohen tells TikTok it's creating biggest antisemitic movement since Nazis

White House targets Elon Musk, accuses him of antisemitism on X

Apple to pause advertising on X after Musk backs antisemitic post

IBM, Disney, EU pull ads from X as concerns over antisemitism fuel backlash

Liberals call for Biden admin to ban X by US government order on claims that Elon Musk, and the X platform at large, are antisemitic - "The peace and security of the United States of America is literally at stake."

Musk Replaced as APEC Speaker After Controversial Post

Media Lies About Elong Musk: Accuses Elon of Promoting Anti-Semitism After He Points Out the ADL's Well-Documented Racist Attacks on White People

Roblox 'doing all it can' to tackle proliferation of antisemitic content on platform

Blame Games and Edit Wars as Wikipedia Gets Pulled Into the Israel-Gaza Conflict

Steel: Growing Antisemitism Among Democrats Is Creating a Political Crisis

Newsom Awarded Millions to Mosques Preaching Anti-Semitism, Groups Allegedly Tied to Hamas: Report

After Pressure from Lawmakers, ASU Cancels Pro-Terror Event With Rashida Tlaib and Radical Students for Justice in Palestine Group

Angry Pro-Palestinian Protesters Storm Fox News Building, Blame Outlet for 'Covering up Genocide'

Anti-Israel Protesters Who Shut Down the Bay Bridge Prevented Couriers From Delivering Organs for Transplant Surgeries

Another Leftist Insurrection? Hundreds Of Pro-Hamas Agitators Invade Locked University of Michigan Building, Bully Cops, and Scream Slogans Calling For Israel's Destruction

'Target on my back:' Fear grips Jewish students as hundreds protest Columbia suspending Palestinian groups

George Soros Funded Anti-Israel Groups Behind Riot at DNC HQ

Pro-Palestinian org posts - then deletes - maps showing New York City targets for 'Intifada' direct action

Protesters Fly Palestinian Flag from Tower of Pisa, Italy - Smoke Billows from Tower

IDF, Shin Bet say West Bank operation targeted cell planning 'imminent' terror attacks

Israeli forces conduct raid in Jenin as West Bank violence surges

IDF says 7 Palestinian gunmen killed in separate incidents in West Bank

Four Israelis injured in Hezbollah missile attack on northern border

2 Iran-backed fighters said killed in Israeli airstrikes near Syrian capital

Iran Threatens 'Further Expansion' of Israel-Hamas War - Tehran's terror proxies are ready to boost attacks on Israeli and American forces, foreign minister says

Commentary: Not a World War But a World at War

Nuclear War Will Happen, Putin Ally Warns

Putin's brutal war on Ukraine vanishes from news coverage amid raging conflict in Gaza

Russia is relocating Ukrainian children to Belarus where they are subjected to military training and reeducation, report finds

Russian lawmakers approve a budget with a record amount devoted to defense spending

Four Reasons Why Conservatives and Evangelicals Are Concerned About the Coming 'Cashless Society'

Argentina Prepares to Choose President: Statistical Tie Between Libertarian Outsider and Socialist Behind Inflation Disaster

Catholic priests are warning about Argentina's Trump - 'Threat to democracy'

The Economist: Donald Trump Is the 'Biggest Danger to the World'

Bruner: 'Controligarchs' Gates, Bezos, Zuckerberg 'Want to Make the U.S. More Like China'

Apple, BlackRock, Pfizer CEOs Fawn Over China's Communist Ruler Xi Jinping, Give Standing Ovation

Nikki Haley Meets with BlackRock CEO Larry Fink, Other Wall Street Elites

The Concessions Begin: Biden Lifts Sanctions on Chinese Forensics Agency Linked to Uyghur Genocide

Johnson says Biden 'projecting weakness' after meeting with Xi Jinping

Secretary of State Blinken Winces as Biden Throws Year of Diplomacy Down the Toilet

Biden Stares Dumbfounded at His Teleprompter, Says 'I'm Not Gonna Even Try'

White House Challenges Validity of House Impeachment Inquiry

Hunter Biden kept afloat with millions from father's Democratic donors after foreign money dried up

'Selective Prosecution!': Trump Calls Out Hypocrisy of Biden Not Being Charged in Classified Documents Case

Corrupt FBI Abandoned Sting Against a Child Predator to Persecute Pro-Trump J6 Protesters - Then He Went On to Allegedly Molest a Little Boy

8-Week-Old Infant Son of January 6th Defendant Placed on Government's "Quiet Skies" Terrorist Watchlist

Judge in Trump J6 conspiracy case throws out motion to remove references to Capitol riot

Speaker Johnson says he'll make 44,000 hours of Jan. 6 footage available to the general public

Speaker Johnson Keeps Promise, Releases Treasure Trove of Jan 6 Footage

Trump Praises Johnson for Having the 'Courage and Fortitude' to Release the Full January 6 Tapes

Fani Willis Asks Georgia Judge to Set Trump's Trial 3 Months Before 2024 Election

Trump Might Enter 2024 Election Unscathed as Court Dates Are Delayed, Legal Attacks Falter

Colorado Judge Sides with Trump in 14th Amendment Case, Keeping Him on the Ballot

Georgia Judge Allows Challenge to Dominion Voting Machines to Continue

Censorship Industry: 'Business Booming' for Ex-Facebook 'Disinformation' Experts amid Wars

Seamus Bruner: 'Controligarchs' Plan to Use AI as a Vehicle to Control the Masses

AI generated women steal thousands from men looking for love in dating app and social media scams

The Devices That Will Read Your Brain - and Enhance It - In the not-so-distant future, wearable computers will read brain waves and offer suggestions in real time to improve performance in everyday activities

Which Presidents Have Seen UFOs? Yep, It's More Than One.

Powerful magnitude 6.7 earthquake rocks Philippines

5.7 magnitude earthquake hits near Keng Tung, Myanmar

5.5 magnitude earthquake hits near Rabaul, Papua New Guinea

5.3 magnitude earthquake hits near Abepura, Indonesia

Seismicity remains high, high likelihood of eruption near Grindavik continues, Iceland

Looming volcano eruption in Iceland leaves evacuated small town in limbo: "The lava is under our house"

Sabancaya volcano in Peru erupts to 25,000ft

Popocateptl volcano in Mexico erupts to 24,000ft

Sangay volcano in Ecuador erupts to 22,000ft

Ruiz volcano in Colombia erupts to 21,000ft

Reventador volcano in Ecuador erupts to 16,000ft

Fuego volcano in Guatemala erupts to 16,000ft

Santa Maria volcano in Guatemala erupts to 15,000ft

Semeru volcano in Indonesia erupts to 14,000ft

Dukono volcano in Indonesia erupts to 12,000ft

Tropical rainstorm to bring flooding downpours to northern Caribbean

Rivers overflow in Tanzania, causing severe floods and destruction

El Nino flooding erodes resilience of Somalia's displaced - Satellite images show scale of flooding as Somalians battle drought and conflict

Microplastics could trigger cloud formation and affect the weather, new study suggests

Delhi turns to artificial rain to ease air pollution crisis

Commentary: Mounting Evidence That 'Net-Zero' Carbon Emissions Isn’t Achievable

Experts raise alarm after Biden strikes agreement with China to shut down fossil fuels

Train carrying hazardous material derails in Georgia

Ga. Football Coach Fired After Hosting Baptisms

Christian Pastor Shot in the Head While Preaching the Gospel on Arizona Street Corner

Mass Shooting With 'Multiple Victims' at New Hampshire Psychiatric Hospital: Police

NYC Mayor Adams Announces City will Reduce NYPD Officers to Below 30,000, Slash Education Department Due to Financial Impact of Illegal Aliens

Mexico's president praises Biden for not building border walls

African and Caribbean nations agree move to seek reparations for slavery

Stacey Abrams' brother-in-law arrested in Tampa for human trafficking, attacking teen: police

'Best Christian Ever': Ex-Trump Lawyer Goes Scorched Earth on Former Boss Who 'Screwed a Porn Star While His Third Wife Was Pregnant'

'We Cry Out To You!' Watch GOP Speaker Mike Johnson Pray To Forestall God's Judgment After Anti-Gay 'Depraved America' Rant

Russia moves to ban 'international LGBT movement' for 'extremism'

Ana Navarro: GOP Needs to 'Wake Up,' Anti-LGBTQ Culture Wars Don't Work

Anheuser-Busch US Marketing Chief Resigns Following Disastrous Dylan Mulvaney-Bud Light Campaign

Dylan Mulvaney's Payment for Bud Light Deal Leaked with Marketing Team's Call - Report

Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade 'Transgender Extravaganza' Sparks Rapidly Growing Petition

Gen Z leans into polyamory with 57% 'willing to consider' it: survey

Nearly 450 patients at a Massachusetts hospital were potentially exposed to hepatitis and HIV in the past 2 years

Scientist Tied To Wuhan Lab Now Using Taxpayer Cash To Do Bat Ebola Experiments In America, Watchdog Finds

Secret China-Linked Bio-Lab in California Was Holding Deadly Viruses, Including Refrigerators Full of Ebola, COVID, Herpes, HIV and E. Coli and Hundreds of Mice Engineered to Carry COVID Virus

Sen. Johnson 'deeply concerned' HHS may have destroyed records on COVID origins

Calgary restauranteur acquitted on Covid charges after business crushed by pandemic policies

US Army asks troops who left over Covid mandate to come back as war looms

Tracking Bible Prophecy Headlines - 11/17/2023

Biden backs 'real' Palestinian state formation after war with Israel

Commentary: The Two-State Solution for Palestine Has Long Been a "Joke" Even In United Nations Circles

Commentary: The Two-State Solution in the Palestinian Authority's Schoolbooks

Tensions build behind the scenes between US and Israel over Gaza - Western officials continue to ask searching questions about future strategy as diplomatic pressure mounts

Herzog: 'Very strong force' needed in Gaza after Hamas defeated - "We can't leave a vacuum" that could enable the coastal enclave to turn "into a terror base again"

Israel's opposition leader calls to remove Netanyahu: 'The time has come'

Israeli MP 'enraged with Netanyahu,' says government's days are numbered

Touring south, EU foreign minister tells Israel not to act from 'rage' in Hamas war

After this war, 'there will still be a Hamas,' warns former Israeli negotiator

Israel hits Hamas leader's Gaza home with air strike - Israel Defence Forces say targeted residence of Ismail Haniyeh was being used as 'terrorist infrastructure'

IDF says it struck Hamas underground sites where senior commanders were hiding

IDF says Hamas hiding evidence of use of Shifa hospital as command centre - Medical administrators in Gaza reject claim by Israeli military as 'outlandish excuse'

IDF reveals entrance to Hamas tunnel, weapons cache found in Shifa Hospital complex

With mapping robots and blast gel, Israel wages war on Hamas tunnels - Tunnels stretch hundreds of kilometers under Gaza, Israel says Israeli hostages are held in some tunnels

IDF shares footage of rockets discovered under young girl's bed in northern Gaza

Truck dashcam footage shows farmer dodging bullets as he saved 120 from music festival

Blaine Holt: 'Information War' Waged on IDF's Evidence

Israel drops leaflets warning people to flee southern Gaza towns - Flyer campaign raises fears war could spread to areas IDF previously said were safe

Gaza locked in new 'total communication blackout' amid Israel's siege - Telecoms services are down as a result of dire fuel shortages

Internet, phone networks collapse in Gaza, threatening to worsen humanitarian crisis

Gaza civilians 'face immediate possibility of starvation' amid looming end to aid deliveries

Jordan's Foreign Minister says mobile hospital in Gaza has been hit

Stray dogs eat corpses at al-Shifa hospital amid total siege

Military recovers hostage's body near Gaza's Shifa Hospital, says Hamas killed her

IDF: Hostage Photos Found on Laptops at Hospital

Israeli Rabbi on Hunger Strike: 'Insane That Hostages Haven't Received a Red Cross Visit'

US in 'Intense Negotiations' With Hamas for Hostage Release

U.N. Security Council Passes Resolution Demanding Ceasefire in Gaza

UN Security Council passes resolution calling for humanitarian pauses, release of hostages in Gaza

Gaza: UN experts call on international community to prevent genocide against the Palestinian people

UN chiefs reject unilateral proposals to create 'safe zones' in Gaza

UN official causes uproar over claim that Israel doesn't have right to defend itself against Hamas terrorists

Shock and tears: Hamas massacre film screened in Congress - 'How can anyone call for a cease-fire after this?'

Biden: Israel's Gaza operation will end when Hamas no longer able to murder Israelis

Joe Biden issues strident defence of refusal to call for ceasefire in Gaza

Number of Democrats backing Gaza ceasefire climbs from 13 to 24 in one month

Polls: US Jews back Biden's handling of Gaza war; Americans as a whole, less so

Rep. Ilhan Omar Introduces Bill To Block U.S. Weapons For Israel

Pro-Palestinian Protest Calling For Cease-Fire Erupts Outside DNC Headquarters

Pro-Palestinian protesters clash with police as they try to storm DNC headquarters in DC

'Scared me more than Jan. 6': Barricades spotted outside DNC after 'pro-terrorist' protest

Capitol Police Report Six Officers Injured in Insurrection outside the Democratic National Committee (DNC) headquarters: Suffer Minor Cuts, Pepper Spray, and Physical Assault

Ted Cruz: Violent Protests Result of 'Cultural Marxism'

FBI director says there's a 'rogue's gallery' of threats since Hamas attack on Israel

Demonstrators demanding ceasefire in Gaza block bridges in San Francisco and Boston

Protesters shut down Bay Bridge with 'die-in' to call for ceasefire in Gaza during Biden's visit

50 people arrested as protest shuts down Bay Bridge, CHP says

Pro-Palestinian protester arrested in death of Jewish man during rival LA rallies

The Nation Brands Largest Pro-Israel Event in U.S. History a 'Hate Rally' Celebrating 'War Crimes'

'It's scarier by the day': Antisemitism wave reaches Australia - Jewish communities say pro-Palestinian rallies and antisemitic incidents surged to unprecedented levels amid Israel's war against Hamas

Elon Musk endorses tweet claiming Jews stoke hatred of white people as 'the actual truth'

'Unvarnished Anti-Semitism': Elon Musk Catches All Hell for Agreeing With Bigoted Tweet

Bin Laden's Justification for 9/11 Goes Viral on TikTok in Wake of Israel-Hamas War

Pay with the 'blood of Christians': TikTok users share agreement with Bin Laden's letter - The openly antisemitic letter blames the September 11 attacks in the Eastern US on the existence of Israel

TikTok shredded as influencers promote Osama bin Laden's 'terrorist propaganda' tirade dubbed 'Letter to America' after 9/11 attacks

The Guardian removes Osama Bin Laden's 2002 'Letter to America' after TikTokers view videos praising it more than 10 million times

Pew: 32% of Young People Get Their News from China's TikTok

'The View' co-host warns TikTok is 'creating a radical young movement' in the US

Bin Laden letter trending shows education system failed Gen Z, can destroy US 'from within': critics

White House denounces TikTok users lionizing Osama bin Laden

Florida Republicans Propose Bill to Pull Scholarships from Students Supporting Hamas

Harvard Pres. Bashed by Profs for 'Combating Antisemitism'

Groups fear faculty that defended Hamas could set California standards: 'Institutionalization of antisemitism'

Driver rams barrier near Israeli embassy in Tokyo, injures police officer - Israeli ambassador says he is 'shocked' by attack

Pro-Palestinian Demonstrators Confront Justin Trudeau at Restaurant

Roger Waters was denied hotel stays in Argentina and Uruguay over antisemitism allegations, report says

Pink Floyd's Roger Waters Claims He Can't Book Hotel Rooms Because of the 'Israeli Lobby'

Armenia opens probe into arson attack on synagogue

Israeli real estate developers prepare for wave of immigration - With anti-Semitic incidents soaring in Western Europe and North America, the Jewish Agency reports interest rising in immigrating to Israel

After Oct. 7 victim buried outside cemetery, fence separating non-Jews lowered

Bethlehem cancels Christmas in honour of Palestinian 'martyrs'

Soldier killed, 5 wounded in attack by gunmen at West Bank checkpoint near Jerusalem

Israeli Police Confirm Three Terrorist Gunmen Killed in Failed Jerusalem Attack

Russia Concerned About Israeli Raids on West Bank

France calls West Bank Israeli settler violence 'policy of terror'

Democratic lawmakers press Biden on Israeli violence in the West Bank

IDF Strikes Hezbollah Terror Assets in Lebanon

Israel-Hezbollah fighting forces people in southern Lebanon to flee violence - again

Iranian proxies continue targeting US troops in Syria and Iraq, with a total of 58 since Oct. 17: Pentagon

Iran Uses Hamas-Israel War to Launch "Execution Spree" Killing 107 Anti-Regime Activists As Biden Gifts Them Another $10 Billion

Republicans rip Biden's $10 billion Iran sanctions waiver: 'Reckless and dangerous'

Quds Force chief: Iran will do 'whatever it takes' to aid Hamas war against Israel

Saudi Arabia detains worshippers praying for Gaza in holy sites

Erdogan Speech Claiming Israel's 'End Is Near' Viewed 2 Million Times

Zelensky Tells Britain: 'World Not Focussed' on Ukraine Any More, 'Divided' by Middle East

The Israel-Hamas War Is Inflaming Polarization in Latin America

Which countries have withdrawn diplomats over Israel's actions in Gaza

Belize Cuts Diplomatic Ties with Israel; U.N. Palestine Observer Slams Olaf Scholz’s Defense of Israel

South Africa's ruling party calls for suspension of Israel ties

The world is ignoring war, genocide and famine in Sudan - America is distracted, the UN is not interested

More than 800 Sudanese reportedly killed in Darfur attack, UN says

More Myanmar troops fleeing rebel attacks enter India

Argentina's Javier Milei: the radical who could blow up political status quo

Newly-Elected Slovakian PM Robert Fico Already at War With the Media, Threatens to Restrict Access to Major Outlets

Sweden's NATO Bid Risks Further Delay in Turkish Parliament

In Russia, More Kremlin Critics Are Being Imprisoned as Intolerance of Dissent Grows

Russia Puts Three Navalny Lawyers on 'Terrorists and Extremists' List

'I Just Wanted to Stop the War': Russian Artist Sentenced to 7 Years for Price Tag Protest

Russia says it's 'destroying' Ukrainians that crossed into occupied territory, vowing to inflict 'hell' on them

Finland Accuses Russia of Weaponising Migration, Closes Border Crossings

Russia loads missile with nuclear-capable glide vehicle into launch silo

Taiwan Opposition Parties Unite Against Presidential Candidate China Sees as Threat - Could complicate Washington's relations with Beijing

Biden cautions China on election interference in Taiwan

Xi Told Biden Taiwan Biggest, Most Dangerous Issue in Bilateral Ties

Xi: China Wants to Be US Friend, Won't Fight 'Hot War'

China slams Biden for 'wrong and irresponsible' labelling of Xi Jinping as 'dictator'

Biden admits it's 'not all kumbaya' with Xi after calling him a 'dictator': President says there are still 'real differences' between the US and China - after Beijing issued furious response to president's remarks

Biden removes sanctions from Chinese institute in push for fentanyl help

Pro-China and Pro-Tibet Groups Clash in San Francisco As Dictator Xi Arrives for APEC

Special Counsel Will Reportedly Be 'Sharply Critical' Of Biden's Handling Of Classified Docs - But No Charges Expected

Van Drew: Biden Scandals 'Bigger Than Nixon'

Speaker Johnson Says Impeachment Inquiry "Already Shown Corrupt Conduct" of Biden Crime Family, Calls for Key Witnesses to Testify Under Oath

House Republicans Subpoena Hollywood Lawyer and Democrat Donor Kevin Morris Who Paid Hunter Biden's Tax Debts

Rep. Comer: Hunter Biden to Testify by Dec. 4

Jesse Watters Obtains WH Cocaine Docs, Says Everything They Told Us Was a Lie

DOJ asked court to hide surveillance of congressional investigators for five years, ex-aide says - Jason Foster says DOJ's surveillance of Congress and its staff could have chilling effect on whistleblowers coming forward in future

Gavin Newsom: Biden reveals who he thinks 'could have the job' he's running for as 2024 'shadow campaign' rumors swirl

Trump blasts Biden for staged interactions with reporters

Behar: Saying You Love Trump and Jesus Is an 'Oxymoron'

Sen. Joe Manchin says Donald Trump would destroy US democracy if he wins second term as president

Manchin: Biden 'Not the Person We Thought' He Was in 2020, He's Gone 'So Far' Left

Biden Apologizes as He Forgets Who His Handlers Told Him to Call On: 'I'm Embarrassed'

GOP Senator Leaves Biden's Judicial Nominee Stumbling to Define Basic Legal Terms

Senate passes bill to avert government shutdown with bipartisan support

House abruptly heads home early after conservatives retaliate over Johnson's government funding plan

David DePape found guilty in federal court of trying to kidnap Nancy Pelosi, attacking her husband

George Santos Says He Won't Seek Re-Election After Scathing Ethics Report

Trump is trying to use campaign to dodge criminal consequences, Manhattan DA says

Raskin: Trump Doesn't Need Criminal Conviction to Be Disqualified for Presidency

In win for Trump, judge stays gag order in New York civil fraud case

Lawyer admits to leaking witness videos in Georgia election case

Georgia judge issues order to prevent future leaks of sensitive evidence in Trump election racketeering case

Nevada's Democrat Attorney General Threatens to Jail Trump 2020 Alternate Electors

Michigan Judge Dismisses Attempt to Block Trump from 2024 State Ballot

Meta Is Allowing Political Ads That Question the 2020 Election - But Censoring Doubts About 2024

Builders of J6 gallows remain unidentified while FBI and DOJ continue to pursue other defendants

Jim Jordan subpoenas Bank of America over sharing customer data with FBI

Federalist: House Targets Pentagon's NewsGuard Censorship of Conservatives

Elon Musk Pledges 'Legal Funding' to an Illinois Student Facing Disciplinary Action for a Post He Made on X/Twitter

China launches world's fastest internet with 1.2 terabit per second link, years ahead of forecasts

Dr. AI Will See You Now: Company Launches 'CarePod' Medical Stations

Dolly Parton: AI is Terrifying, 'Nobody Wants to Be Duplicated'

Sun temporarily halts communications between NASA and Mars missions

Massive 'devil comet' explodes en route to earth - for the second time in two weeks

5.0 magnitude earthquake hits near Agats, Indonesia

Illinois: Surprise Earthquake Rattles Rare Destination

Volcanic eruption remains highly likely in Iceland amid 'constant' seismic activity, officials say

Sabancaya volcano in Peru erupts to 25,000ft

Sangay volcano in Ecuador erupts to 24,000ft

Ruiz volcano in Colombia erupts to 23,000ft

Popocateptl volcano in Mexico erupts to 20,000ft

Fuego volcano in Guatemala erupts to 15,000ft

Reventador volcano in Ecuador erupts to 15,000ft

Santa Maria volcano in Guatemala erupts to 15,000ft

Semeru volcano in Indonesia erupts to 14,000ft

Atlantic hurricane season isn't over yet as trouble looms in the Caribbean

'Once-in-a-century' flood disaster strikes Somalia: Over 450 000 displaced, 1.2 million affected and 32 fatalities reported

Southern Florida inundated by a foot of rain, damaging winds

Thanksgiving travel prediction: Storm duo could wreak havoc for millions

Anchorage, Alaska, could see its snowiest November ever

Iranians secretly translating the Bible into their heart languages to share Christ with their people

Report: Anti-Christian Hate Crimes in Europe Leapt by 44 Percent in 2022

Vatican Reinforces Doctrine, for a Change - Says Catholics Can't Be Members of Freemasonry

Police rescue children, patients after armed gang surrounds hospital in Haiti

Little Michigan Town Establishes Its Own Militia to Safeguard Second Amendment Rights - Vows Not to Enforce Unconstitutional Gun Grabs

MTG Blasts DHS Chief Mayorkas over Americans Killed by Illegal Aliens: 'We’re Going to Impeach You'

FBI Director Wray Confirms Illegal Alien Terrorists Have Slipped into U.S. Through Southern Border

Mayra Flores: 'Be Scared' of Border Terrorist Danger

Kris Kobach: Biden Rule Would Give Union Rights to Foreign Farm Workers While Americans Are Excluded

Mike Johnson: 'Depraved' America Deserves God's Wrath - "The only question is: Is God going to allow our nation to enter a time of judgment for our collective sins? Or is he going to give us one more chance to restore the foundations and return to Him?"

Belgium prison 'hit with sex scandal' as its staff 'engaged in orgies and romped on shift'

'Rage Room' owners say growing number of customers are engaging in sex acts, 'intense make-out sessions'

Public gayness banned in rural US town - up to five years of punishment for offenders - A new ordinance in a Tennessee community has barred gay couples from showing affection in public and banned four books that discuss LGBTQ themes

Poll: Donald Trump Leads Biden in Florida, Even Among 'Non-Binary' Voters

Miss Universe judge reveals bankruptcy likely due to 'outrage' over transgender organizer

Florida drag shows win temporary victory in Supreme Court

Canadian 10-year-old begins gender transition at Manitoba children's hospital - At the age of seven, the foundation wrote, Mary began "to articulate feelings of longing to be a 'real girl.'"

GOP-Controlled House Rejects Amendment to Slash Radical Transgender Biden HHS Official Rachel Levine's Salary to $1 - 46 Republicans Joined Democrats to Reject the Amendment

Sen. Graham proposes legal route to overturn Pentagon abortion policy as military promotions remain in limbo

Ohio Senate GOP floats idea of 15-week abortion ban despite voters saying no

20 women are now suing Texas, saying state abortion laws endangered them

Canadian psychologists debate allowing assisted suicide for mentally ill patients as deadline approaches

Measles deaths up 40% in 2022 as vaccinations dropped during COVID pandemic

US Army Removes COVID Vaccine Requirement for Recruits Following Historic Low in Recruitment Since 1973

Canadian doctor reprimanded for spreading Covid 'misinformation' says 'we're fighting a war' for medical truth

Bloomberg Wonders if It Is 'Safe to Dine Indoors' Because 'Covid Is Back'

House Report: Owner of California biolab has close ties to Chinese government, military - California city officials discovered 'thousands of vials' within the facility

'Vampire' Virus Discovered in Maryland Soil Is a Breakthrough in Viral Research

Tracking Bible Prophecy Headlines - 11/16/2023

Lapid calls on Netanyahu to quit, says 'government isn't functioning' during war - Likud slams remarks, accuses opposition leader of seeking government that will establish Palestinian state

Israel's Gantz Vows to Kill Hamas Leaders 'Around the World'

Israel Captures Hamas 'Governor's Mansion', Intel HQ; Smashes Terror Infrastrutcure

Israel Raids Gaza's Al Shifa Hospital, 'Beating Heart' of Hamas HQ

IDF forces raid Gaza's main hospital, find weapons, 'concrete evidence' of Hamas use

IDF says weapons, uniforms found in Shifa prove it was 'unequivocally' used for terror

'Floor by Floor Searches': Eyewitnesses Describe Israeli Raid on Gaza's Al-Shifa Hospital

Israeli Army Eliminates 5 Terrorists in Hamas Hospital, Patient Says "Hamas Can Go to Hell" as 236,000 Israelis Apply for Gun Permits

White House says Hamas is violating rules of war by having its HQ in a hospital

IDF said to withdraw from Gaza's Shifa Hospital, as first fuel shipment enters Strip

BBC News issues on-air apology for false claim Israel targeting staff and 'Arab speakers' at Gaza hospital

'Stop the horror,' says UN children's agency chief after visit to Gaza

Sara Netanyahu in letter to Jill Biden: Woman gave birth to baby in captivity, we must demand their release

Israel said to weigh deal that would see 50 hostages freed, 3-day ceasefire

UK PM Sunak tells MPs government is doing 'everything we can' to secure release of hostages in Gaza

Foreign minister, families of hostages hold briefing for UN diplomats in Geneva

UN Security Council set to vote on call for 'pauses' in Israel-Hamas war

Former envoy to UN suggests Secretary-General Guterres is a 'spokesman for Hamas'

Gaza Children as Young as 10-Years-Old and Women Participated in Massive Slaughter of Jews in Israel on Oct. 7

Knesset sanctions 2 Arab MKs for 'denying' Oct. 7 atrocities, alleging IDF war crimes

Belgian parliament refusing to screen video of Hamas atrocities - FM Cohen slams head of Chamber of Representatives, saying she is 'turning a blind eye to the war crimes and crimes against humanity committed by Hamas'

US support for Israel is declining amid ongoing war in Gaza: Survey

Poll: Majority of Americans sympathize with Israel but growing number say military response in Gaza 'too much'

Israel's 1,400 Chabad rabbis skip New York reunion in favor of war effort

Alleged bus driver boycott snarls 900 Detroit Jews' trek to DC pro-Israel rally

Massive pro-Israel rally spotlights anxieties around surge of antisemitism in US

As Europe's Jews see new era of antisemitism, governments struggle to respond

France probes damaged Jewish headstones amid countrywide antisemitism uptick

UK Labour leader faces rebellion after refusing to back vote for Gaza ceasefire

Israel's Top Satirical TV Show Mocks BBC Coverage of Israel-Hamas War

'The kidnapped baby is torturing you?': BBC satirized hours before real-life apology

Drudge Report smears Elon Musk, falsely claims he said he wants Jews killed - "I am deeply offended by ADL's messaging and any other groups who push de facto anti-white racism or anti-Asian racism or racism of any kind."

Rashida Tlaib Joins Forces With Rabbis and Jewish Activists

Exposed: Rashida Tlaib is a Member of Secret Facebook Group that Glorifies Hamas Terrorists

Law enforcement has "multiple investigations into individuals affiliated" with Hamas, FBI director tells Congress

FBI director warns of 'homegrown violent extremists' amid Israel-Hamas war

"You Have Blood on Your Hands!" - Justin Trudeau Run Out of Vancouver Restaurant by Pro-Palestine Protestors

French Government Freezes Assets of Top Hamas Terrorist Commanders

Bank of Israel urges Smotrich to freeze 2024 coalition funds for war budget

Jordanian newspaper features front-page Hebrew article predicting Israel's collapse - heralds 'new world order' that will rise once Israel is 'vanquished'

'Erase Gaza': War Unleashes Incendiary Rhetoric in Israel

Gaza in Ruins: The Largest Palestinian City in the World Will Soon Be Uninhabitable

Erdogan blasts Israel as a 'terrorist state' intent on 'total destruction' of Gaza

Israeli settler attacks force 963 Palestinians out of West Bank homes since Gaza war started

South Korean President Tells Pentagon Chief North Korea Could Stage 'Hamas-Style' Attack

Houthis Unleash Ballistic Missiles On Israel; Vow To Continue Attacks As IDF Intercepts

Report: US Navy shoots down drone launched by Yemen over Red Sea

French court issues arrest warrant for Bashar al-Assad for complicity in war crimes

France issues arrest warrants for Syria's Assad over 2013 chemical attacks

Pentagon Confirms Almost 60 Troops Injured by Iran-Proxy Forces in Iraq and Syria

Iranian rabbi says Zionism 'is like ISIS in Islam'

The Fall of the Hamas Regime in Gaza Wouldn't Harm Iran's Regional Strategy

Khamenei reportedly told Hamas chief Iran will not directly enter war

Iran Boasts of Oil Industry Boom After Biden Sanctions Relief to Partner Venezuela

New UN report says Iran has further increased its enriched uranium stockpile

Iran's stockpile of enriched uranium is 22 times above 2015 deal's limit, says IAEA

Iran advances nuclear enrichment while still barring inspectors: IAEA

South Africa continues ethnic cleansing White farmers - To qualify for exports, Whites must adhere to racial targets

Madagascar faces deadlock after majority of presidential candidates call boycott

Madagascar's "French" President Slammed for Pre-Election Violence

An ethnic resistance group in northern Myanmar says an entire army battalion surrendered to it

Mali junta seizes strategic northern stronghold of Kidal

Taliban seen patrolling streets of Kabul on rollerblades with AR-47s

UK: More Than 300,000 Russians Killed in Ukraine

Russia says 'hell' awaits Ukrainians after confirming they've crossed the Dnieper River into occupied territory

How The United States And Its NATO Allies Sabotaged Peace Between Russia And Ukraine

Senate Dems block bipartisan Israel aid package citing lack of Ukraine funding

North Korea says it tested new engines for intermediate-range ballistic missiles

Biden and China's Xi Jinping meet in an effort to smooth tensions

U.S. and China vie for dominance in new 'a la carte' world order, survey finds

Elon Musk and Jane Fraser are just some of the CEOs hoping to woo China's Xi - Long-frosty U.S.-China relations show only tentative signs of warming

Yellen: 'Deep Economic Relationship' with China 'Generally Beneficial' to Both, 'We Have a Productive Competition'

Amid tensions, Biden and Xi discuss restoring US-China military communication

Analysis: Expectations low for high-stakes Biden-Xi summit amid tensions

Biden's Microphone Cut After Making Joke About Press to Communist China's Xi Jinping

San Francisco Holds Parade for Xi Jinping with Communist Flags Draping the Streets - As Xi Prepares to Meet His Poodle Joe Biden Later Today

Video of Chinese Flags Filling San Francisco Street Sparks Backlash

China Mocks 'Miraculous' Disappearance of San Francisco's Homeless for Xi Jinping

DOJ asked court to hide surveillance of congressional investigators for five years, ex-aide says

Report: Coke Gate - Secret Service Found DNA from White House Cocaine Baggie

Hunter Biden wants Trump documents subpoenaed to investigate any political pressure on criminal case

Rev. Stephen Cliffgard Lee, Co-Defendant with Trump, Refuses to Accept Plea Deal in Bogus Fulton County DA Fani Willis' Case

Fani Willis Asks for Emergency Evidence Seal After Leak of Jenna Ellis Video in Georgia Trump Trial

Trump Georgia election case judge will issue protective order for evidence after media leak

Lawyer Admits He Leaked Videos of MAGA Allies Turning on Trump

Christie: 'Come This Spring' Trump Is Going to Be Convicted by a Jury

Donald Trump moves for mistrial in N.Y. civil fraud case, alleges bias

14th Amendment challenges to Trump's campaign fail in 2 states with Colorado case pending

Biden: Trump's 'vermin' remark echoes language used in Nazi Germany

GOP Rep Insists FBI Operatives on 'Ghost Buses' Incited Jan. 6 Riot

Lord of the Flies: Congress Devolves into Chaos as Elbows and Insults Fly

GOP senator challenges Teamsters president to fight at Senate hearing

Why Republicans Are on the Verge of Fistfights - A historian who studies political violence and the runup to the Civil War explains why congressmen are getting ready to brawl

House passes bill to avoid government shutdown as tempers flare

Nikki Haley Takes Fire Over 'Unconstitutional' Plan To Force All Social Media Users To Be "Verified By Name"

Elon Musk Blasts Nikki Haley after she calls for verification of all social media users: 'She can stop pretending to run for president now'

Nikki Haley walks back 'verify everybody' social media proposal, wants free speech for 'anonymous Americans' - 'What I don't like is anonymous Russians and Chinese and Iranians having' it, Haley told CNBC

NewsGuard's For-Profit Censorship Model Merges Government and Corporate Power

Is Argentina the First A.I. Election?

Computer-generated TikTok 'Jesus' promises divine blessings - and a potential jackpot for its creator

5.7 magnitude earthquake hits near Manado, Indonesia

5.1 magnitude earthquake hits south of the Fiji Islands

5.0 magnitude earthquake hits near Ollague, Chile

3.6 magnitude earthquake reported in northern Illinois

Sabancaya volcano in Peru erupts to 25,000ft

Sangay volcano in Ecuador erupts to 25,000ft

Ruiz volcano in Colombia erupts to 21,000ft

Popocateptl volcano in Mexico erupts to 20,000ft

Reventador volcano in Ecuador erupts to 15,000ft

Semeru volcano in Indonesia erupts to 15,000ft

Sinkhole Sparks New Iceland Volcano Fears: 'Darker Scenario' Than Imagined

7 million Floridians at risk of flooding as a foot of rain could potentially fall by Friday

Anti-smog guns deployed in New Delhi, ranked the world's most polluted city

Joe Biden Spends $6B More of Taxpayer Funds to Enhance 'Environmental Justice'

US and China pledge to ramp up renewables in place of planet-warming fossil fuels ahead of Biden-Xi summit

Countries' emissions plans put the world 'wildly off track' to contain global heating, UN assessment shows

The U.N.'s Guterres calls for an 'ambition supernova' as climate progress stays slow

Vatican reaffirms 'grave sin' of Freemasonry, says Catholics cannot join the world's largest secret society

Finnish lawmaker wins second 'hate speech' case over quoting the Bible

Australia's Highest Court Rules Against Indefinite Migrant Detention, Foreign-Born Criminals Released

'I Will Not Allow a Foreign Court to Block These Flights': PM Sunak Vows 'Emergency Legislation' to Enable Deporations

Report: Border Crisis May Cost U.S. Taxpayers $451 Billion

'Not in my lane': FBI Director Wray says terror suspects crossing US border is not his problem

Sanders: Dems Haven't Been Clear They Side with Regular People Enough as Crime Rises, Have to Take on Greed

Leo Hohmann: Law Enforcers Are Quietly Shifting the Traditional Concept of Self Defense in Favor of the Criminals

D.C. Mayor Declares Public Emergency as Crime Spirals Out of Control

Jeffrey Epstein's Victims Renew Calls for Prince Andrew to Meet FBI Investigators, as His Friend Peter Nygard Is Convicted of Sexual Assault

Former Editor-in-Chief of Leftist News Outlet Charged with Child Sex Crimes in Massachusetts, Accused of Sharing Extensive Illegal Material

Group Urges DOJ to Probe Pornhub Over Child Sex Abuse

Female Boxer Refuses to Fight Trans Opponent in Canadian Championship Match

Two sorority sisters expelled from Kappa Kappa Gamma after opposing inclusion of trans members

Disney Employee 'Pronoun Pins' Slammed: 'Walt Is Rolling Over in His Grave'

Transgender Pop Star Kim Petras Wants Gay Fans to Have Sex During Concerts Where Children Are Allowed to Attend

Judge declines to block North Dakota's ban on transgender treatment for minors

Sex-change doc unveils risky new trans 'genital swap' surgery

Pa. House Passes 'Shield Law' to Protect Providers, Out-of-State Abortion Seekers

Okla. Supreme Court Halts 3 Abortion-Related Laws

Left-Wing Activists Launch Nebraska Abortion Ballot Initiative After Ohio Victory

Exposed: George Soros, Warren Buffett, and Others Behind Secret Shell Company Profiting from Controversial Abortion Pill

Global decline in male fertility linked to common pesticides

Lawmakers to Target CCP-Linked Biotech Firm Accused of Stealing American DNA

Tracking Bible Prophecy Headlines - 11/15/2023

Israel-Hamas war brings Saudi normalization closer - Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman is satisfied with what is happening in the Gaza Strip, because a fatal blow to Hamas and Islamic Jihad means weakening Iran's proxies in the region

IDF proclaims it has captured Hamas parliament, government seat and police HQ

Commentary: IDF isn't seeking 'victory pictures'; it's seeking victory, however long that takes

Netanyahu: 'Israel Must Destroy Hamas to Have Peace - If You Want Peace, Destroy Hamas'

China, Iran, Arab Nations Condemn Israeli Minister's Statement About Dropping a Nuclear Bomb on Gaza

Rabbi backs remark by his son, a far-right minister, that nuking Gaza is an option

Israeli minister supports 'voluntary migration' of Palestinians in Gaza - Far-right Finance Minister Bezalel Smotrich calls the move the 'right humanitarian solution'. Critics call it 'ethnic cleansing'

Israel's NSO unleashes controversial spyware in Gaza conflict

'Similar to a Virus': Disinformation Becomes Deadly New Front in Israel-Hamas War

Canada's Trudeau: Israel must stop 'this killing of women, children, babies' in Gaza - Netanyahu slams Canadian PM, saying Israeli forces don't deliberately target non-combatants while Hamas 'beheaded, burned and massacred civilians' on Oct. 7

Sunak urges Israel to use 'all possible measures to protect innocent civilians' in Gaza

More Than 400 U.S. Officials Sign Letter Protesting Biden's Israel Policy - The letter, part of growing internal dissent over the administration's support of the war, calls on the president to seek an immediate cease-fire in Gaza and to push Israel to allow humanitarian aid into the territory

Gaza war: US and UK raise pressure on Israel to protect hospitals

Hamas Shoots RPGs at IDF Troops from Hospital, Denies it Uses Hospitals and Infants as Human Shields

Israeli Troops Prepare to Clear Massive Hamas Terror Tunnel Complex Beneath Hospital

NY Times' Lead Story Goes Up in Smoke: IDF Releases Proof of Hamas Tunnel System Under Gaza Hospital - Delivering Death Blow to NYT Fake News Report

White House Says It Has 'Independent' Confirmation That Hamas Using Hospitals, Civilians for Cover in Gaza

US says Hamas has command centre under Al-Shifa hospital

Israel Raids Gaza's Vast Al Shifa Hospital, Urges Hamas to Surrender

Israel: Hamas Using Hospitals as 'Instrument of War'

EU slams Hamas use of hospitals and civilians as human shields, as IDF nears Shifa

IDF: Gaza hospitals risk losing int'l legal protection because Hamas uses them for terror

Al-Shifa hospital 'buries 179 in mass grave' as Israel claims Hamas has lost control of Gaza

Lives of 36 babies in Gaza hospital at risk despite Israeli incubator offer

Israel looks to floating hospitals to ease Gaza health crisis - With Gaza's hospitals like Shifa acting as terrorist strongholds and needing to be evacuated

Valley Bank CEO: Danger is that we no longer recognize truth of Oct. 7 atrocities

'Inhumanity': Pastors shown footage of Hamas atrocities during private embassy screening

Journalists Frustrated at Lack of Detail About Sexual Crimes in October 7 Hamas Terror Attack in Israel

Police start building Oct. 7 rape cases, focusing on footage and testimonies

Woman Murdered by Hamas Denied Burial in Jewish Cemetery Due to Incomplete Conversion Before Death

Canadian peace activist thought to have been kidnapped killed in Hamas attack

Netanyahu downplays talk of hostage deal after Biden says he believes it'll 'happen'

Demanding answers, families of captives begin protest march from Tel Aviv to Knesset

Cousin of 6 hostages at DC rally: Our suffering has become a footnote for many

Mother of hostage at DC rally: The world must start thinking about what its excuse will be

In Geneva, Israel's FM demands Red Cross meet hostages, calls on UN chief to resign

Israel's Foreign Minister says UN chief not fit to lead

Two Israeli lawmakers call on European countries to take in Gaza refugees

Centrist MK says call on European countries to take Gaza refugees was misunderstood

South African Official: Arrest Netanyahu for Fighting Hamas

Planes, trains and bus caravans: US Jews descend on Washington for pro-Israel rally

Speaker Mike Johnson at 'March for Israel' Rally: Calls for Ceasefire are 'Outrageous'

Tens of thousands gathered at National Mall in Washington for rally to support Israel, condemn antisemitism

Tens Of Thousands Of Supporters Of Israel Rally In Washington, Crying 'Never Again'

'Let our people go': Nearly 300,000 rally in Washington for Israel, hostages' release

'March for Israel' Breaks Record; Largest Pro-Israel Rally in U.S. History

Congressional leadership at pro-Israel rally blast pro-Palestinian protesters for 'echoing Hamas's cry'

US Education Dept. briefs Jewish groups on new efforts to combat campus antisemitism

The American Multimillionaire Marxists Funding Pro-Palestinian Rage

UK Football association suspends council member over antisemitism

Susan Sarandon links October 7 terror attack to 'what happened to Palestinians for 75 years'

Rocker Tom Morello Accuses 'Murderous Right-Wing Israeli Administration' of 'Horrific War Crimes'

Cornel West Ripped over 'Pitiful' Pro-Hamas Rant Attacking 'American Empire' for Backing 'Genocidal Attacks' in Gaza

Sussex Uni and College Union passes 'apartheid' 'genocide' Israel motion

Massachusetts Town Votes to Allow the Palestinian Flag to be Flown Over Their Town Common

Aliens Made Me Do It: Husband of Anti-Israel Activist Claims Swastika Sign Not Antisemitic, But a 1970s UFO Cult Symbol

French Jews worry Muslim unrest could see Macron flip on Israel, putting them at risk

Days before meet, German leader casts as 'absurd' Erdogan's claim Israel is 'fascist'

Senate blocks House GOP's Israel aid bill with matching IRS cuts

US Is Quietly Sending Israel More Ammunition, Missiles

HBO's John Oliver: U.S. Military Aid to Israel Means 'We're Heavily Implicated' in Deaths of Palestinian Civilians

'Will Blow Up Israeli Ships': Yemeni Houthis Chilling Threat To Israel Amid Gaza War

US, UK sanction terror financiers tied to Oct. 7 massacre, Iran

Former foreign minister urges Iran not to get lured into war with Israel - Mohammad Javad Zarif says Israel wants to expand Gaza conflict in order to drag the US into the fighting

Report: Iran-Backed Militias Attack U.S. Forces in Syria Four Times in Less than 24 Hours

White House: If Iran Proxies Keep Attacking Troops, We'll Continue 'to Mitigate that Threat'

Joe Biden Gifts Another $10 Billion to Iran - His Total Funding to Iran Now Comes to $80 Billion Since He Entered Office - And This is One Month After Iran-Backed Hamas Slaughtered 1,400 Jews in Israel

Why Western countries share the blame for the plight of 1.7 million Afghans being deported from Pakistan

Far-left faction in Germany's parliament disbands amid party split

Germany: 'Goodbye socialism' - Wagenknecht leaves Die Linke, founds of new party

Forever War: Germany to Double Ukraine Military Aid Next Year, Announces Defence Minister

EU Struggles to Produce, Send Ukraine Ammunition as Promised

Fields Of Blood - Putin has lost staggering 300,000 Russian soldiers in his failing war in Ukraine, says UK intelligence

Ukraine accuses Russia of looting museums, destroying churches as part of heritage war

Sen. Hawley: Did U.S. Taxpayer Money Go Toward Bombing Of Nord Stream Pipelines By Ukraine?

Ukraine Indicts Officials Linked to Efforts to Investigate the Bidens

Ukrainian Lawmaker Dubinsky Imprisoned for 60 Days and Charged With Treason for 'Misinformation' - Is Sanctioned by US for Divulging Proof of Burisma Corruption

Richard Grenell Demands House Intelligence Committee Chair Subpoena Biden Adviser on Terror Threats

James Comer Subpoenas Former White House Counsel in Biden Classified Doc Probe

Biden Calls Kamala 'President Harris', Turns Heads With Bizarre Statement

Biden seeks to calm relationship with Xi amid global crises

Megyn Kelly Slams Gavin Newsom for Cleaning Up San Francisco Just for China Dictator Xi: 'It's So Offensive'

Man accused of attacking Paul Pelosi with a hammer testifies he was drawn to right-wing conspiracies by 'Gamergate'

How the nonreligious in Congress view Speaker Mike Johnson - 'Most people don't want to live in a theocracy,' says humanist Jared Huffman

Speaker Mike Johnson says separation of church and state is a 'misnomer'

House Speaker's Plan to Avoid Shutdown Gains Some Dem Support

Santa Claus Comes Early for the Swamp: McConnell, Schumer Publicly Back Speaker Johnson's Government Funding Plan

Chuck Schumer praises Mike Johnson's CR that omits MAGA 'hard right cuts' to keep the government open

Freedom Caucus Opposes Stop-Gap Spending Bill: No 'Meaningful' Wins for the 'American People'

House Passes Funding Plan with Overwhelming Democrat Support

US Clears Key Hurdle in Race to Avert Government Shutdown

Rep. Burchett says he won't vote for the stopgap government funding bill

Tim Burchett accuses 'bully' Kevin McCarthy of elbowing him as tempers erupt in Congress

Matt Gaetz files ethics complaint against Kevin McCarthy after he allegedly attacked Tim Burchett in Capitol hallway

House Speaker Mike Johnson endorses Trump, defends 'stolen election' claims

Scarborough: Trump's Rhetoric Mirrors 'Mussolini and Other Fascists from the Past'

Barbra Streisand Says She 'Can't Live' in U.S. if Trump Becomes President

"We Are Supposed to be in the USA, We have a Constitution, How Is This Happening?" - Marine Corps Veteran, Father, Husband J6 Political Prisoner Zach Rehl Update

Michigan judge says Trump stays on primary ballot, rejecting challenge under insurrection clause

Judge Denies Georgia Voting Machine Critics are 'Conspiracy Theorists'

Jay Valentine: When Citizens Have Better Computer Technology Than Their Government - Minnesota Investigation finds 172,000+ Voter Issues

Fulton County DA says Trump trial could go into 2025, leak of video testimony 'disappointing'

Federal prosecutors want Trump gag order upheld, pointing to attacks on special counsel's family

Trump allies in the House call for criminal probe of Michael Cohen after his testimony in fraud trial

FCC Commissioner Sounds the Alarms About Coming Biden 'Takeover' of Internet

Kathy Hochul says New York is working with social media companies on 'surveillance efforts' to combat 'hate speech'

Nikki Haley Claims Posting Social Media Anonymously is a 'National Security Threat' - Calls for Mandatory Verification of All Social Media Users

China is using the world's largest known online disinformation operation to harass Americans, a CNN review finds

Exposed: Meta's $36 Billion Plot to Reengineer Society and Mark Zuckerberg's Dangerous Future Plans for Tech Addiction

Seamus Bruner: Billionaires Who Want to Control Your Life Have a 'God Complex on Steroids'

Seamus Bruner's 'Controligarchs' Reveals Bill Gates' Hidden Agenda as He Buys Up U.S. Farmland

Bill Gates buying up land, threatening small farms under guise of saving planet, author claims

Principalities of Evil: Bishop Strickland Says 'Forces' Influence Globalist Pope Francis Into Making His Decisions

YouTube Mandates Disclosure of AI-Generated Videos

'Grandparent Scams:' Crooks Are Targeting Seniors with AI-Powered Voice Cloning of Loved Ones

DeepMind AI can beat the best weather forecasts - but there is a catch

As Hollywood reckons with AI, Warner Music will use the tech to make an Edith Piaf biopic

6.1 magnitude earthquake hits the South Indian Ocean

5.9 magnitude earthquake hits near Finschhafen, Papua New Guinea

5.4 magnitude earthquake hits south of the Kermadec Islands

5.2 magnitude earthquake hits the Banda Sea

5.1 magnitude earthquake hits near Rabaul, Papua New Guinea

5.1 magnitude earthquake hits near Rabaul, Papua New Guinea

5.1 magnitude earthquake hits near Ambunti, Papua New Guinea

5.0 magnitude earthquake hits the Banda Sea

Iceland volcano sparks 500 earthquakes and 'unholy sounds' with eruption 'imminent'

Iceland prepares to shield geothermal plant from risk of volcanic eruption

Europe on Edge as Volcanic Eruptions Feared in Italy and Iceland

Mount Etna Eruption Videos Show Lava Thrown Into Night Sky

Sabancaya volcano in Peru erupts to 25,000ft

Sangay volcano in Ecuador erupts to 25,000ft

Popocateptl volcano in Mexico erupts to 20,000ft

Reventador volcano in Ecuador erupts to 14,000ft

Severe Tropical Cyclone "Mal" approaches Fiji, evacuation centers open on Viti Levu

Cars, homes damaged after freak hail storm rips through parts of Gauteng including Fourways and Midrand

The cost of popular vegetables is expected to climb right before Christmas after a freak storm devastated farms in Queensland's Lockyer Valley

Floods hit veg producers in northern France

Hit by floods and drought, quarter of Somali people at risk of 'crisis-level' hunger, WFP says

Drought Leaves Midwest Towns 'Drier Than the Dust Bowl'

Joe Biden as World Teeters on WWIII: Climate Change is the "Ultimate Threat to Humanity"

Fire Officials Say Arson Behind Massive Fire Near Homeless Encampment That Indefinitely Shut Down Major Freeway In Los Angeles

Second Fire Erupts Under Another Los Angeles Freeway

Parents in a Connecticut town worry as 'After School Satan Club' plans meeting

Satanic Indoctrination: Georgetown University Forced to Fund Development of Worship Lecture Using School Alumni and Donor Money

Virgin Mary statue 'starts crying real tears' as pilgrims flock to see 'miracle'

Report: Taliban Controlling Migrant Trafficking in Southern Europe

Channel Migrants 'Refused to be Rescued' by French Authorities, Carried on to England

Rep. Andy Biggs Discusses Mayorkas Impeachment, Reveals News From "Classified Briefing” That 2 Million+ Illegals Have Crossed Border and "We Don't Know Who They Are/We Can't Vet Them"

Biden's Migrant Mobile App Frees 350K Foreign Nationals into U.S. - 3X the Population of Manchester, New Hampshire

In some Latin American drug cartels, women are the violent new overlords

Conservative Hungarian PM Viktor Orban: 'Immigration and Terrorism Go Hand in Hand" - 'We Don't Want Mini Gazas in Budapest!'

Czech Television Journalists Robbed at Gunpoint During APEC Summit Coverage in Crime-Ridden San Francisco

15 Shot, Five Killed, During Weekend in Mayor Brandon Johnson's Chicago

'God Is Good': Prayer Saves Man from Axe-Wielding Carjacker in St. Louis

Former Editor in Chief of Political News Site The Recount Arrested for Child Pornography

Pink's Plan To Hand Out 'Banned' Books Sparks Conservative Backlash - Pink hit back at claims she was pushing pornography onto kids

Gay sex-fueled Green Lantern comic book DOA after fans reject it and sales fall flat

Ontario teacher claims parents who oppose teaching of Marxism, 'trans rights' are 'triggered snowflakes'

Jamie Lee Curtis Says She Prays for Conservatives Championing Transphobia in the Name of Religion

Brave Female Pool Player Elects to Forfeit Final Match Rather than Face Trans Opponent as Crowd Erupts in Applause and Cheers

Texas school district reverses decision that removed trans student from 'Oklahoma!' production

Finnish court acquits politician of 'hate crime' charges for Bible tweet against LGBT pride

Killing of Mexico's First Nonbinary Magistrate Alarms L.G.B.T.Q. Community

Christian Leaders Warn of Challenges Despite Roe v. Wade Overturn

Fight in 12 States to Put Abortion on 2024 Ballot

Peru grants constitutional rights to unborn babies with 'rights of the conceived' law

IA chicken farm faces severe bird flu outbreak in second major case this week

Oregon voters want to walk-back legalization of hard drugs

'This is Murder' - Baby Indi Dies After UK's Socialised Health System Removed Life Support, Blocked Parents from Seeking Private Care

Senator Ron Johnson Presents the Most Censored Chart in Congressional History - "The VAERS system on the COVID vaccines alone - 1.6 million adverse events"

Supreme Court Deals Setback to Vaccine Critics

Tracking Bible Prophecy Headlines - 11/14/2023

Jordan's king rejects any Israeli plan to occupy parts of Gaza

FM expects international pressure on Israel to rise significantly 'within 2-3 weeks'

Israeli PM Netanyahu pushes back at CNN's Dana Bash asking him to take 'personal responsibility' for Hamas attack

U.N. observes minute's silence for 101 staff killed in Gaza

IDF says 2 more troops killed fighting in Gaza; death toll in ground operation at 46

IDF Continues to Defeat Hamas in Gaza; Palestinian Civilians Loot Abandoned Hamas Bases

Photos: Palestinian Women, Children Joined Hamas in Looting in October 7 Attack

Hamas discussed releasing 70 hostages in return for 5-day truce

'Psychological terror': IDF notifies family of hostage Noa Marciano that Hamas aired clip of her

IDF: Hamas operated command center, likely held hostages under Gaza kids' hospital

Biden urges 'less intrusive action' at Gaza hospital, calls on Hamas to free hostages

Top Biden aide: US concerned about civilian casualties in fight for Shifa Hospital

EU slams Hamas use of hospitals and civilians as human shields, as IDF nears Shifa

Israeli Troops Prepare to Clear Massive Hamas Terror Tunnel Complex Beneath Hospital

Israel Uncovers Hamas HQ in Children’s Hospital; Weapons, Evidence of Hostages

Gallant: Hamas has lost control in Gaza; gunmen who fired from hospital entrance killed

Medics And Patients, Including Babies, Stranded As Battles Rage Around Gaza Hospitals

Al-Shifa: WHO says Gaza hospital unable to bury dead bodies

Brazil President says Israel response 'as grave' as Hamas attack - accused Israel of killing innocent people in the Gaza Strip

Israel's Chief Rabbinate announces world day of prayer and mourning - Rabbinate adds special daily prayers for soldiers, hostages and wounded

Archbishop of Canterbury makes 'moral cry' for Israel-Hamas ceasefire

LTA council member removed after he claimed 'Hitler would be proud of Netanyahu'

After Another Failed 'Peace Mission', Rebuked in Israel, Macron Gathers France's Religious Leaders to Combat Anti-Semitism in the Country

Pro-Terror Teenagers Admit They Learned to Hate Israel on China's TikTok, Zuckerberg's Instagram

Netanyahu Compares 'Misguided' Student Protesters to Nazi Supporters

'Anxious and tense': Jews on edge after terrifying Brazilian terror plot foiled

In many Jewish families, generational fractures over Israel and Gaza

Jerusalem conditionally backs including Gaza aid in US security package for Israel

Rep. Ilhan Omar To Introduce First Bill To Block U.S. Weapons For Israel Since Gaza War Began

IDF: Iron Dome intercepted rocket fired at army post along Lebanese border

US strikes Iranian assets in Syria for third time in weeks

8 dead in U.S. strikes on Iran-backed targets in Syria, war monitor says

What Could Go Wrong? Biden Admin Considers Giving Iran Access to Another $10 Billion

Russia 'alarmed' by reports of Ukraine's role in Nord Stream attack

Argentina's Annual Inflation Hit 143% Ahead of Election

California Governor Newsom Admits He Only Cleaned Up the Streets of San Francisco to Please Xi Jinping: "That's True Because it's True"

White House pressed on San Francisco homelessness cleanup ahead of Xi visit

First Photos of Cocaine Found at Biden White House Released

Speaker Johnson: Impeaching Biden, Mayorkas Slow Process - We have to do it in the right manner

Jack Smith Had Secret Meeting with Trump's Lawyers Ahead of DC Indictment: Book

Jack Smith Lashes Out at Trump in Another Motion Opposing Cameras in Courtroom, Compares Trump to Murderous Terrorists

Jack Smith's team says Trump wants a 'carnival' at his election interference trial

On Veterans Day, Trump pledges to root out 'vermin' if given a second term

Donald Trump's use of the word 'vermin' draws more comparisons to Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini

Liz Cheney says RNC chair 'collaborating' with Trump's 'Nazi propaganda'

'The boss is not going to leave': Proffer videos show ex-Trump lawyers telling Georgia prosecutors about efforts to overturn 2020 election

Ga. lawsuit on alleged weakness in Dominion machines set for trial, with a push for paper ballots

New York Governor Kathy Hochul Announces 'Surveillance Efforts' to Monitor 'Hate Speech' on Social Media - Administration to Contact Users

Nepal to ban TikTok as it 'disturbs social harmony'

Humane's Ai Pin is a $700 Smartphone Alternative You Wear All Day

AI has ushered in a formidable new frontier in contemporary warfare

6.1 magnitude earthquake hits near Rabaul, Papua New Guinea

5.7 magnitude earthquake hits the Kermadec Islands region

5.4 magnitude earthquake hits near Rabaul, Papua New Guinea

5.3 magnitude earthquake hits Tajikistan

Sabancaya volcano in Peru erupts to 23,000ft

Popocateptl volcano in Mexico erupts to 22,000ft

Sangay volcano in Ecuador erupts to 21,000ft

Ruiz volcano in Colombia erupts to 20,000ft

Reventador volcano in Ecuador erupts to 15,000ft

Fuego volcano in Guatemala eurpts to 14,000ft

Semeru volcano in Indonesia erupts to 14,000ft

Ibu volcano in Indonesia erupts to 14,000ft

Italy's Mount Etna volcano spews lava fountain into the sky above Sicily

'Earth Cracking Open': Shocking Videos Surface From Grindavik, Iceland Ahead Of Volcanic Eruption

Magma Beneath Grindavík At 800 Metres Below Surface

Globalist groups demand US close military over 'climate change' - Think tanks funded by Gates, Soros demand US military pay 'climate reparations'

Sneak Peek: Here's What's Inside the Two-Year 'Controligarchs' Investigation

House Kills Mayorkas Impeachment Resolution While Preparing to Punt Border Fight to 2024

US House Votes with 8 Republicans Joining Democrats to Shelve Impeachment of DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas Who Has Overseen the Purposeful Invasion at the US Border

Ranch in Mexican Border City Turned into Cartel Killing Field

'I Can't Make This Stuff Up': California Sheriff Accuses Target of Blocking Deputies from Catching Shoplifters

Child Psychiatrist Sentenced to 40 Years for Using AI to Create Child Porn

Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade: Over 16,000 Sign Petition Condemning 'Non-binary and Transgender Extravaganza'

As 'The Marvels' Bombs, Disney Doubles Down on Pushing LGBTQ Streaming Shows

AI could predict if you will have a heart attack 10 years before it happens, study suggests

Feds keep hidden books on vaccine injury reports, barely follow up: investigation

OB-GYN Drops Alarming Miscarriage Data Before Congress: "I've Never Seen This Before"

Robert Malone testifies on lack of informed consent, vax injuries in front of Congress

Tracking Bible Prophecy Headlines - 11/13/2023

U.S. 'actively engaged' in negotiations with Israel, Qatar, Hamas to free hostages: top Biden aide

Netanyahu says hostage deal 'could' happen, amid reports of emerging prisoner swap

Netanyahu: Israeli ground invasion 'the one thing' that might lead to a hostage deal

On CNN, Netanyahu ducks responsibility: 'Did people ask Roosevelt after Pearl Harbor?' - PM rejects calls for lengthy humanitarian pauses in fighting; reiterates that PA cannot rule Gaza; says 'Those who protest for Hamas, you're protesting for sheer evil'

'We're Rolling Out Nakba 2023,' Israeli Minister Says on Northern Gaza Strip Evacuation - 'war is impossible to wage when there are masses between the tanks and the soldiers.'

PM warns ministers to pipe down after comments on new 'Nakba' and nuking Gaza

'Enough' Conflict, Says Pope Francis As He Calls for More Aid to Gaza

Germany's Scholz spurns calls for Gaza ceasefire; UK defense chief backs IDF efforts

Bereaved Israeli Father to Biden, at Son's Military Funeral: Don't Pressure Israel to Stop the War

Sen. Warner says Israeli attacks in Gaza are 'getting more targeted'

Heavy Fighting Rages Near Main Gaza Hospital As Netanyahu Dismisses Calls For A Cease-Fire

IDF says Hamas blocked fuel delivery to Shifa Hospital as troops advance in Gaza

Israel: We Delivered Fuel to Shifa Hospital, Hamas Won't Let Them Have It

WHO says Shifa Hospital no longer functioning; Israel nabs 20 terrorists deep in Gaza

EU Condemns Hamas for Using 'Hospitals as Human Shields'

Israel said seeking to appoint UK's Tony Blair as Gaza humanitarian coordinator

Military says another 2 troops killed fighting in Gaza, bringing ground op toll to 44

Herzog: Macron told me he didn't mean to accuse Israel of targeting civilians

Bill Maher Slams Obama's "Moral Equivalency" on Hamas-Israel War - "When They Fired at Israel. It's a War. When Israel Fires Back, it's a War Crime"

Netanyahu says Israel must 'destroy Hamas' to secure Palestinian future, too

Israel Says Palestinian Authority in Current Form Should Not Run Gaza

Arabic copy of Hitler's 'Mein Kampf' found in children's room used by Hamas: Israeli officials

Israel's president Isaac Herzog says a copy of Hitler's book Mein Kampf was found on the body of a Hamas operative at a base they were using in northern Gaza

Israeli President Isaac Herzog: Arabic 'Mein Kampf' Exposes 'Real War We Are Facing'

'More than a duty': Over 180,000 rally in France against spiraling antisemitism

Rep. Kiley: Campus Antisemitism at 'Horrifying' Levels

More Than 1,600 Jewish Alumni Pledge to Stop Donations Over Harvard's Anti-Semitism

Pro-Palestinian activist group in Maryland met by counter protesters calling for 'the end' of Gaza

Greta Thunberg interrupted at climate rally after anti-Israel rant, responds by chanting 'No climate justice on occupied land'

Jewish school in Montreal is fired upon for second time in days

Citing security concerns, ministry halts schools' Holocaust education trips to Poland

Activist Israeli rabbi helps Palestinian farmers in West Bank facing settler violence

Hamas planned to push October 7 massacre to the West Bank border - report

A sizeable US demographic, many Evangelicals are sending money and manpower to Israel

Calls to end US military aid to Israel at protest against global trade summit in San Francisco

Gulf states fend off call from Iran to arm Palestinians at Riyadh summit

21 wounded, 1 seriously, in Hezbollah missile, mortar attacks from Lebanon

Analysis: Hezbollah's Dangerous Plays Liable to Spur Second War Front in Israel's North

Pentagon chief says US hit Iran-linked sites in Syria after American troops attacked

US fires airstrikes at 2 facilities with ties to Iran, its proxy groups

Iranian dissidents say they face intimidation, abductions, assassination attempts around the world

Five US troops die in training air crash in eastern Mediterranean

Pentagon Makes Plans for Nuclear Gravity Bomb with Bigger Bang

Biden Wants US to Open Military Ties with China: National Security Advisor

Accused Ukrainian General Allegedly Behind Nord Stream Attack Was AWOL from Military at the Time of Explosion

Elon Musk to Zelensky: "Do Not Send the Flower of Ukrainian Youth to Die in Trenches"

Speaker Mike Johnson Unveils 'Two-Part' Continuing Resolution to Prevent Government Shutdown

Moody's changes outlook on US to negative as shutdown looms

Biden officials reject Moody's shift to 'negative' outlook, point to Republican 'dysfunction'

NY Post's Goodwin: Biden 'Likely' to Be Impeached

Jim Jordan: Impeachment Decision Likely Early Next Year

Rep. Good: Biden Compromised Due to China Deals

Sen. Cruz: 'Abundantly Clear' DOJ Impeding Biden Probe

IRS whistleblowers in Hunter Biden tax case vindicated by witness testimony

FBI accused by whistleblower of targeting veteran agents as 'disloyal' to US for having profiles 'consistent with a Trump supporter': report

Psaki Voices Concerns Over Trump's Warning that He Would Prosecute Criminals in Second Term

RNC Chair McDaniel: We Will Support Trump as GOP Nominee Even If He Is a Convicted Criminal

Raphael Warnock: Evangelical Support of Trump Is a 'Deep Contradiction'

Haley Dismisses Polls: People Are 'Getting Tired' of Trump's 'Drama and Chaos'

Federal Judge Orders Trial for Ga.'s Dominion Voting Machines

Justine Bateman Blasts SAG-AFTRA Deal: If Actors Approve Contract, They'll Be 'Replaced' by AI 'Synthetic Objects'

EU Moves Forward with Digital ID Despite Security Concerns and Potential for Abuse

At least 20 churches destroyed as Nepal earthquake kills over 150

5.3 magnitude earthquake hits near Papua, Indonesia

5.1 magnitude earthquake hits near Neiafu, Tonga

Iceland sees 'significant likelihood' of volcanic eruption amid thousands of earthquakes as residents flee

Iceland Braces for Volcanic Eruption That Could Wipe Out Town

Iceland volcano could erupt 'within hours', expert warns

Sabancaya volcano in Peru erupts to 22,000ft

Popocateptl volcano in Mexico erupts to 22,000ft

Sangay volcano in Ecuador erupts to 19,000ft

Fuego volcano in Guatemala erupts to 16,000ft

Santa Maria volcano in Guatemala erupts to 15,000ft

Semeru volcano in Indonesia erupts to 15,000ft

Mt Etna volcano in Italy erupts to 12,000ft

Ibu volcano in Indonesia erupts to 10,000ft

Unpredictable Meteorological Tsunami Strikes Laguna's Cardoso Beach

Somalia: At Least 31 Dead After Significant Flooding, Experts Warn an Event Like This Only Happens Once a Century

Tiny organism may have turned a pond in a Maui wildlife refuge a vibrant shade of pink

There's another wildfire burning in Hawaii. This one is destroying irreplaceable rainforest on Oahu

As NYC's fleet of electric Uber, Lyft and Revel cars grows, fears rise charging network won't meet demand

California Gov. Gavin Newsom Declares 'State of Emergency' After Massive Industrial Fire

Exposed: Klaus Schwab & WEF's Secret Blueprint to Control Every Aspect of Your Life

Mass protests in at least 42 Spanish cities, millions of people in the streets against socialist coup

Dem-run San Francisco erects 'walls' for security during Xi visit - Dems oppose wall on southern border, but okay with it in SF?

New York Times Claims 'Economic Turmoil' if Trump Enforces Border Laws

Migrant family journeys back to Venezuela, more leaving Chicago as winter looms: 'The American Dream doesn't exist anymore'

D.C. CVS Hiding Toilet Paper Amid Theft Wave

Cook County Sheriff says child porn, prostitution, human trafficking is 'going on all around us'

Child psychiatrist sentenced to 40 years for using AI to create child porn

Megan Rapinoe After Injury in Final Game: 'If There Is a God, This Is Proof There Isn't' - Anthem protester and left-wing activist soccer player Megan Rapinoe questioned the existence of God after suffering an injury three minutes into her final professional soccer game

Ohio Republicans Say It's Their 'God Given Right' to Restrict Abortion Access

Tragic: 15-Month-Old Girl Dies from Organ Failure and Cardiac Arrest Two Days After Receiving Three Vaccines During Routine Visit

Tracking Bible Prophecy Headlines - 11/12/2023

Ahmad Samih Khalidi: As a former Palestinian negotiator, I know Biden's two-state solution is sheer delusion

Arab Nations in Draft Statement Call on Palestinian Factions to Unite Under PLO

Arab-Islamic summit falls short: Draft resolution condemns Israel, but no concrete measures

Saudi-hosted summit condemns Israel as Iran leader pays rare visit

Muslim leaders blast Israeli 'crimes'; Iran: Solution is Palestine from river to sea

Arab and Muslim leaders deny Israel engaging in self-defense against Hamas

Former Scottish minister booed for saying Israel has 'right to defend itself'

Gaza hospital crippled as fighting rages nearby

Israel denies striking Gaza hospital - but says fighting happening around it

IDF: No siege at Shifa Hospital, we'll help move babies to safety; 5 soldiers killed

IDF to help evacuate babies from Shifa as WHO warns it has lost contact with hospital

Dem Sen. Coons: Hamas Is Messing up Talks to Get People out of Gaza by Trying to Get Terrorists Out

In Gaza, growing signs of anger at Hamas as residents fight for food, battle diseases

Jordan says it has again dropped humanitarian aid to Gaza from planes

'A nightmare, we're not living': Tens of thousands rally for hostages' return

Netanyahu Rejects Calls For Gaza Cease-Fire, Says Israel's Battle Will Continue In 'Full Force'

Netanyahu vows to defeat Hamas even if Israel has to 'stand firm against the world'

Netanyahu Pushes Back Against Global Pressure: 'Our War Is Your War'

Trump says Israel is losing the public relations battle with Gaza war

Biden administration privately warned by American diplomats of growing fury against US in Arab world

U.S. is warned about its global standing as Gaza suffering persists - perceived U.S. acceptance of attacks on refugee camps, hospitals and apartment buildings could shatter American influence for years to come

"Genocide Joe!" - Hundreds Of Pro-Hamas Supporters Gather Outside Biden's Delaware Home

750 global journalists say media should cast Israeli actions as 'genocide, apartheid'

Maher: Media 'Couldn't Be More Pro-Hamas than It Is Now'

Tom Cotton demands fed probe of NY Times, CNN and other outlets after freelancers accused of working with Hamas

Hamas founder's son speaks out against terror group and its '7th century mentality' - Mosab Hassan Yousef said Hamas draws some of its radical ideology from Muslim Brotherhood founder Hassan al-Banna

Nasrallah urges more global protests, longer war, says only US, UK stand with Israel

Pro-Hamas agitators tear down American flags, march through Columbus Circle, attempt to break into New York's Grand Central Station during mass anti-Israel protest

300,000 march against Israel in London on Armistice Day, demand Gaza ceasefire

Two Tiered Policing: Over 80 Britons Preventatively Arrested Ahead of Pro-Palestine Armistice Day Protest

Rishi Sunak condemns 'wholly unacceptable' violence of far-right and 'Hamas sympathisers'

Anti-Israel Protests Force Temporary Shutdown of NYC's Grand Central Station

Washington Post pulls cartoon highlighting Hamas use of human shields after pushback

Teacher arrested over posts appearing to justify rape, other Oct. 7 acts by Hamas

Columbia University suspends anti-Israel student groups over threats and intimidation

Almost 300 UCLA Faculty Members Sign Letter Urging University to Condemn Hamas Terrorist Attacks

Jewish Students at MIT in Fear After 'Hostile' Pro-Hamas, Anti-Israel 'Blockade' Prevents Them from Attending Classes

Pro-Hamas mob chants 'Allahu Akbar' during nighttime Manhattan rampage

Suspect released in fatal stabbing of Detroit synagogue leader Samantha Woll - No charges have been filed so far, and US officials have said there is no evidence the case is linked to antisemitism or the Israel-Hamas war

Urban Israelis flock to Gaza border to tend farms left suddenly without workers

'We are the resistance': show of defiance by Hamas as funeral parade follows battle in Jenin

How Chinese firm linked to repression of Uyghurs aids Israeli surveillance in West Bank

Air Force strikes terror targets in Syria in response to rocket fire

Israel targets anti-tank missile cell in strikes on Hezbollah targets

Israeli defense minister warns Hezbollah is close to 'grave mistake' after intense skirmishes on the weekend

Israel Warns Hezbollah That Beirut Could Face Similar Fate To Gaza

Iranian foreign minister threatens Israel, says 'expansion of the scope of the war has become inevitable'

Dem Rep. Nickel: Biden Should Reverse His Decision to Remove Houthis from Terrorist List

US military aircraft crashes over eastern Mediterranean Sea

Christian buildings targeted in military conflict in Sudan

More than 800 Sudanese reported killed in attack on Darfur town, UN says

Over half of Sudan's population needs humanitarian aid after nearly 7 months of war, UN says

UN sounds alarm on Darfur, warns world not to repeat history

Flights Get Longer as Airlines Are Forced to Skirt War Zones

Bombshell WaPo Article Alleges Ukraine Was Behind Sabotage of Nord Stream Pipeline

Russia Opens 'Terrorism' Inquiry Over Train Derailment

President Trump pledges to end Ukraine war before even taking office

Bild: German government plans to provide 8 billion euros in military aid to Ukraine in 2024

Maher: We Now Have an Iran, China, Russia Axis of Evil and Biden Pushed Saudis Towards China

Desperate for Foreign Investment, Chinese Dictator Xi Jinping Joins San Francisco CEO Summit

San Francisco Somehow Manages to Remove Homeless and Clean Streets Ahead of Visit by China's Communist Dictator Xi

North Korea closing embassies around the world amid suspected financial crisis

Nigel Farage Reportedly to Seek Millions in Legal Action Over 'Debanking'

FBI Whistleblowers Reveal Agency Is Targeting Agents Based on Their Political Beliefs - Report Alleges FBI Targets Military Members for 'Disloyalty'

MMA fighter King Bau Enters Bare Knuckle Fight Wearing Shirt that Reads: 'Trump was Indicted Before Anyone on Epstein's Client List'

'Travesty in darkness': Trump backs drive to televise his D.C. election subversion trial

Job-Killing AI: Dreamworks' Katzenberg Says Artificial Intelligence Will Replace 90% Of the Human Artists Needed to Make an Animation Movie

Is Anything Still True? On the Internet, No One Knows Anymore - New tools can create fake videos and clone the voices of those closest to us. 'This is how authoritarianism arises.'

Thousands Line Up for the Chance to Get Elon Musk's Neuralink Chip Installed in Their Brain

Leo Hohmann: Beware the Digital Marking: E.U. Moving Aggressively to Digitize Its Citizens and U.S. Will Also Fall in Line

Australian Ports Impacted by 'Significant Cyber Security Incident'

5.9 magnitude earthquake hits the New Ireland region, Papua New Guinea

5.5 magnitude earthquake hits near Port-Vila, Vanuatu

5.2 magnitude earthquake hits near Kupang, Indonesia

5.2 magnitude earthquake hits near Rabaul, Papua New Guinea

5.2 magnitude earthquake hits the New Ireland region, Papua New Guinea

5.2 magnitude earthquake hits near Kavieng, Papua New Guinea

Sangay volcano in Ecuador erupts to 30,000ft

Sabancaya volcano in Peru erupts to 23,000ft

Popocateptl volcano in Mexico erupts to 22,000ft

Ruiz volcano in Colombia erupts to 22,000ft

Reventador volcano in Ecuador erupts to 15,000ft

Fuego volcano in Guatemala erupts to 15,000ft

Semeru volcano in Indonesia erupts to 15,000ft

High risk of eruption near Grindavik: 15-km long magma intrusion identified northwest of town, Iceland

New island that emerged from the ocean off Japan is now visible from space

Mexico's Acapulco hit by garbage pile-up after deadly hurricane

Scientists Want Meat Slapped With 'Cigarette-Style' Warning Labels About Climate Change. Here's Why It's Completely Asinine

Illegal Alien Accused of Murder Among Nearly 2 Million 'Known Got-Aways' Who Entered U.S. Under Biden

Nicaragua Experiencing 'Massive Move of God' as Events Draw 650,000 so Far, Tens of Thousands Accept Christ

Iranian-Born Man Charged with Terrorism over Norway LGBT Nightlife Area Shooting

Vatican takes 'step' towards transgender Catholics

Pope Francis forcibly removes pro-life Texas bishop after closed door Vatican investigation

Colorado research facility will import bats from across the globe and inject them w/ various diseases, funded by Fauci's NIH - Republican legislators warn it could spark the next global pandemic on US soil

Tracking Bible Prophecy Headlines - 11/11/2023

U.N. 'Commissioner' Claims Israel Doesn't Have Right to Self-defense

After failing to condemn Hamas terror group, UN adopts eight resolutions condemning Jewish state - All eight resolutions will be rubber-stamped by the General Assembly in December

Netanyahu says IDF will control Gaza after war, rejects notion of international force

Israel isn't seeking to displace Gazans or rule enclave, Netanyahu reassures US

'Erratic' Benjamin Netanyahu's war cabinet turns against him as Israel PM 'unfit to lead' - Benjamin Netanyahu caused serious upset in his war cabinet and was forced to apologize for his comments, it has been claimed

Biden's secrecy on arms transfers to Israel unnerves some Democrats

Blinken Says 'Far Too Many' Palestinians Have Died In Israel's Relentless War On Hamas

Blinken says "more needs to be done" to protect Palestinians, after Israel agrees to daily pauses in fighting

Macron calls on Israel to stop killing Gaza's women and babies

WHO says a child is killed every 10 minutes in Gaza as Macron calls for ceasefire

PM responds to Macron: Hamas responsible for civilian deaths in Gaza, don't condemn Israel

Outrage grows after 'chilling call for genocide' by Florida Republican - Calls to censure Michelle Salzman, who said, 'All of them' when Democrat asked: 'How many [dead Palestinians] will be enough?'

Gaza's largest hospital being bombarded, WHO says

Gaza hospital 'surrounded by tanks' as other healthcare facilities say they've been damaged by Israeli strikes

IDF: Sites hit from air, land and sea overnight; troops near hospital used as Hamas HQ

IDF says it's fighting gunmen in Gaza City's 'military quarter' near Shifa Hospital

IDF says blast at Shifa caused by errant Palestinian missile shot at nearby troops

Viral video appears to show Hamas firing on civilians fleeing Gaza hospital

Gaza Officials: Some 22 People Killed as Israeli Airstrikes Hit Near Shifa Hospital, School

Eilat school was hit by drone fired from Syria, IDF says as it strikes back

IDF captures Hamas stronghold after 10-hour firefight, discovers tunnels near kindergarten

Inside a Gaza bedroom, soldiers searching for tunnels find how low Hamas can go

IDF: 6,000 Hamas Weapons Seized Since War's Start

IDF says it captured key Hamas posts in Gaza City, killing 150 terror operatives

Israel revises death toll from Oct. 7 Hamas assault, dropping it from 1,400 to 1,200

Israeli flags wave proudly along the shores of Gaza: Israel Hayom correspondent, photographer join troops

Israel said more bullish on limited hostage deal as families mark 5 weeks of captivity

Heads of Mossad, CIA talk hostages in Qatar; terror group issues clips of 2 captives

NGOs say Gaza ceasefire must be implemented to alleviate 'humanitarian catastrophe'

US officials: Hamas pushes misinformation to play the victim

More than 750 reporters sign letter condemning 'Israel's killing of journalists in Gaza' as death toll rises

Fallout continues over media outlets' 'unethical' origins of photos during Hamas attacks on Oct. 7

News organizations deny advance knowledge of Hamas attack

New York Times Denies Photographer Accompanied Hamas to October 7 Attacks

'HonestReporting' Website Backtracks On Implication Palestinian Journalists Were Involved In Massacre

Associated Press Cuts Ties with Gaza Freelancer Accused of Being Embedded with Hamas Terrorists

ABC calls for apology after Bronwyn Bishop tells Sky the public broadcaster is 'aligning' itself with Nazi policies

Hadash party says police broke into Nazareth office amid crackdown on anti-war protesters

NYC's Grand Central Terminal reopens after mob of pro-Palestinian demonstrators swarm, vandalize entrance

L.A. Rabbi: Those We Marched with on Racism, LGBT Issues Are Ignoring Us, It's Easier to Virtue Signal than Be Virtuous

LA charter school ousts teachers who taught 1st graders about 'genocide of Palestine'

Clashes over Israel-Hamas war shatter sense of safety on US college campuses

Columbia University suspends Jewish Voice for Peace, Students for Justice in Palestine

NYC high schoolers stage walkout to protest Israel's war against Hamas

Justin Trudeau Rails Against 'Islamophobia' After Gun Attack on Montreal Jewish Schools

Internet collapses in Yemen after recent attacks by rebels targeting Israel, US

Muslim Democrats 'Horrified' by Plan to Halt Palestinian Immigration to U.S.

Dershowitz Goes Off on Obama Over Israel Comments: 'I'm Ashamed That I Was Your Friend'

Dershowitz: Obama Has Always Had a 'Deep Hatred' of Israel in His Heart

Gaza war high on the agenda as Xi, Biden to meet for 1st talks in a year

Biden discusses Gaza war with Oman sultan

Israel Prepares for Possible Fentanyl-filled Rockets from Hamas, Hezbollah

'Our wish is to be martyred': defiant Hamas fighters count their losses in West Bank - Hundreds of men, some armed, march with bodies of the dead through Jenin as violence escalates

4 IDF soldiers seriously wounded by Hezbollah anti-tank missile, drone strike

Israel kills seven more Hezbollah fighters on border with Lebanon

Iranian foreign minister threatens 'inevitable' expansion of war against Israel

Pentagon confirms four new attacks on US military bases by Iranian-backed proxies

Russia is turning increasingly hostile toward Israel as it picks sides in the Middle East

Russia turning against Israel, growing dangerously close with Iran, says Israeli Minister Gideon Sa'ar

Russia's nuclear weapons move sparks NATO fears

Ukraine says it's a 'fact' that Putin has three body doubles and tyrant's 'butt filler' cheeks 'could collapse regime' - It comes only weeks after wild rumours spread of Putin's possible death

Energy minister: Ukraine may target Russian oil in response to attacks on power grid

20,000 trucks stuck at Ukraine-Poland border amid spat over access to EU

UN warns violence against civilians in Sudan 'verging on pure evil'

Pressure Mounts on Joe Biden to Address China's Human Rights Atrocities with Xi Jinping

Drug addicts, homeless plaguing San Francisco's downtown miraculously disappear ahead of Biden, Xi Jinping summit

Philippines accuses Chinese vessels of firing water cannon on ships resupplying South China Sea military outpost

Iran Possibly Linked to Spanish Assassination Attempt

Canada, UK issue terror threat travel warnings against each other

31% of millionaires say they're part of the middle class, survey finds. 'People feel squeezed,' advisor explains

Citadel's Ken Griffin sees high inflation lasting for decades

Bloomberg: U.S. Debt Interest Bill Soars Past $1 Trillion a Year

Moody's cuts U.S. outlook to negative, citing deficits and political polarization

House GOP Tries to Avert Shutdown as Clash Dings US Credit Outlook

House Speaker Johnson Is Running Out of Time to Avoid Shutdown

'We're ungovernable': House Republicans nix votes on two funding bills as shutdown deadline nears

Rep. Nehls: Lord Jesus Himself Can't Govern House GOP

As Joe Biden Promised Tax Fairness, His Son Rushed to Erase His Delinquent Taxes, IRS Memos Show

Prosecutor says Burisma tax evasion charges expired, but Hunter Biden still faces legal jeopardy

Bill Gates Business Associates Reach Combined $365 Million Settlement with Jeffrey Epstein's Victims

The man accused of attacking Nancy Pelosi's husband was caught up in conspiracies, defense says

Eric Adams' electronic devices seized by FBI in probe into campaign finance violations

Vanity Fair: Mike Johnson Basically Admitted That Biden Impeachment Push Is a Partisan Sham

GOP Rep Stefanik Files Ethics Complaint Against Judge Engoron Alleging 'Bizarre Behavior' and Anti-Trump 'Bias'

Trump spreads alleged shirtless photos of fraud trial judge

Trump admits 'various people' saw 'papers and boxes' brought from White House

Trump: I Could Also Weaponize Government Against Enemies

Deja Vu: Another Software Issue Blamed in Georgia's Elections - Same Symptoms as 2020 and 2022 Elections

China Unveils Plan To Mass Produce Human-like Robots, Calling It 'New Engine' For Growth

A hyped AI-based restaurant opened to fanfare last month in San Francisco; now its empty

House Republicans Help Dems Preserve 'Kill Switch' Mandate That Could Shut Down Your Car

'Aliens,' or a foreign power? Pentagon UFO chief says someone is in our backyard

Air Force officer goes public with terrifying UFO encounter - 'It's coming right for us'

6.1 magnitude earthquake hits the Banda Sea

5.7 magnitude earthquake hits near Banda Sea

5.6 magnitude earthquake hits the Banda Sea

5.3 magnitude earthquake hits the Banda Sea

5.3 magnitude earthquake hits near Kanoya, Japan

5.0 magnitude earthquake hits the Banda Sea

Sabancaya volcano in Peru erupts to 22,000ft

Popocateptl volcano in Mexico erupts to 22,000ft

Sangay volcano in Ecuador erupts to 20,000ft

Reventador volcano in Ecuador erupts to 15,000ft

Fuego volcano in Guatemala erupts to 14,000ft

Semeru volcano in Indonesia erupts to 14,000ft

Iceland declares state of emergency over volcanic eruption threat - Powerful earthquakes rock country's southwestern Reykjanes peninsula, increasing likelihood of event

Grindavik, Iceland Evacuated due to Imminent Volcanic Eruption

Once-in-a-century flooding swamps Somalia after historic drought - UN

Alaska's largest city declares 'snow emergency' after record snowfall piles up on back-to-back days

Anchorage adds to record homeless death total as major winter storm drops more than 2 feet of snow

Hawaiian wildlife refuge pond turns bright pink, prompting scientists to investigate - Scientists believe drought may be the cause of the mysterious color change

Another Elon Inferno: Texas Tesla Erupts in Fire Days After Fresh Battery Installed

Mexican Government Does Nothing as Gulf Cartel Sets Fire to Border Town

Far from Border, Americans Victims of Violent Crimes Committed by Illegal Immigrants

Tennessee College Student Fatally Shot in the Head by Man Released For 'Incompetence to Stand Trial' in Connection to Other Shooting

2A Victory: Federal Appeals Court Strikes Down Biden ATF 'Ghost Gun' Limits - Rules Agencies Cannot 'Write Laws'

American Jews Panic-Buying Firearms, Reversing Historically Left-Leaning Anti-Gun Stance

Christian student wins case against Chicago school that allegedly forced her to participate in Hindu rituals

American Elementary School Reportedly Scraps Veterans Day Assembly, Replaces It with UN-Sponsored 'Day of Tolerance'

Trans Owner of Miss Universe Pageant Files for Bankruptcy Following Major Woke Inclusivity Push

Carli Lloyd Admits U.S. Women's National Team Lost to 'Bigger, Stronger, Faster' 15-Year-Old Boys

House GOP eyes trans care as newest battleground issue

Biden's HHS Wants To Nuke The Definition Of Nuclear Family From Its Regulations

Federal funding bill on hold after GOP conflict on D.C. abortion rider

Ohio GOP lawmakers call to block courts from implementing new abortion amendment

Human Case of Rare Mosquito-Borne Encephalitis Virus Confirmed in Southern California

Chikungunya vaccine: US approves first shot against mosquito-borne virus

COVID vaccine mandates, woke ideology: Military members fight DOD politicization in new documentary

Gov. Abbott signs bill banning COVID-19 vaccine mandates in private sector

Justin Trudeau Shows Off Tattoo for Vaccine Promo Video

World's First Recombinant Anthrax Vaccine Seeks Approval in Order to "Prepare Against Potential Bioterrorism"

Tracking Bible Prophecy Headlines - 11/10/2023

Gazan photographers working with international media accompanied Hamas terrorists during Oct. 7 massacre

Photos of reporters with Hamas spark new theory about prior knowledge of the attack

NY Times, CNN, Reuters and AP Had Contract Reporters Embedded with Hamas Terrorists Taking Photos During Their Mass Slaughter of 1,400 Jews

'Impartial' CNN Gaza Reporter Joined Hamas Terrorists During Mass Slaughter of 1,400 Jews on Oct. 7. - Was Filmed Carrying Grenade to the Kibbutz Massacre

Far-Left CNN Fires Contract Reporter 'Embedded' with Hamas Terrorists During Oct. 7 Attack - Reuters and AP Refute Prior Knowledge Allegations

NY Times Denies Embed Claim for Oct. 7 Attack

Former Amb. Friedman: Media 'Complicit' If Journalists Tied to Hamas

Israel demands clarification from global media over photographers during Hamas assault

Israel demands action after journalists reportedly joined Hamas massacre

Growing Numbers of Israeli Soldiers Are Documenting and Publishing Their Own Abuse of Palestinians

The two-state solution is not the only viable option for Israel and Palestine - A three-state solution, whereby Gaza reverts to Egyptian control and the West Bank becomes part of Jordan, has been tried before and worked, argues Dr Martin A Smith

Palestinian Authority Open to Gaza Role if U.S. Backs 2-State Solution

Commentary: U.S., Israel Seemingly Not On Same Page Over Gaza's Future

Aide to Israel's PM Seeks Classified Material to Absolve Netanyahu of Blame for October 7 Attacks

'Finish them': GOP presidential candidates unite with advice for Netanyahu on Hamas

Vivek Ramaswamy to Israel - 'Smoke Those Terrorists'

Biden's New Joint Chief: Eliminating Hamas 'Pretty Large Order,' Won't Be Quick Enough

PA premier: Israel can't destroy Hamas as it's an idea, and not just in Gaza

IDF Continues Advances; Seizes Hamas Base, Finds Explosives Near Children's Room

Israel: Hamas Uses Fake Ambulances to Transport Terrorists, Detainees Say

'Hamas terrorists got a visit from the Red Cross but our hostages in the tunnels didn't'

Battles rage near Gaza City hospitals as thousands more flee

IDF says it's fighting gunmen in Gaza City's 'military quarter' near Shifa Hospital

CIA and Mossad heads visit Qatar to talk hostages deal

Hillary Clinton cuts down calls for ceasefire on 'The View,' instead throwing her support behind "humanitarian pauses." - Clinton has previously argued that a ceasefire in the Israel-Hamas war would only help Hamas

Joe Biden On The Chances Of A Gaza Cease-Fire: 'None. No Possibility.'

'Use Smaller Bombs': US Pressures Israel to Minimize Civilian Casualties

White House Says Israel Agrees To 4-Hour Daily 'Humanitarian Pauses' In Gaza Fighting

Israel 'Agrees' to 4-Hour Humanitarian 'Pauses' It Was Aready Doing Anyway

Netanyahu tells Bret Baier cease-fire 'means surrender,' insists squad member is calling for 'genocide'

Fmr. Israeli PM: Ceasefire is a 'bad idea,' each day of pausing is 'another two weeks to the war'

Northern Gaza exodus accelerating, says Israel, as WHO warns of disease risk

France's Macron opens Gaza aid summit with appeal for Israel to protect civilians

Speaker Johnson Leads Bipartisan Candlelight Vigil for Israeli Victims and Hostages

DeSantis says Hamas would have taken more hostages if Florida hadn't sent evacuee flights

Israeli Media Puzzled by DeSantis Claim He Rescued Potential Hostages

'We Operate 24/7': The Race to Preserve Israeli Soldiers' Sperm - the authorities have ramped up efforts to perform sperm utilization from fallen soldiers - and left the ethical questions for later

Survivor Testimony: Hamas Used Mass Rape as Weapon of War Oct. 7

French model arrested for mocking report of baby burned by Hamas terrorists

Two women charged for wearing paraglider images at pro-Palestine rally

Concordia U. Students Attack Jewish Classmates Protesting Against Hamas

Fans Unfollowing Hollywood Celebrities in Droves over Their Israel Remarks

Mass Brawl Outside Gal Gadot's Hamas Attack Screening in Los Angeles

Pro-Palestinian students at UCLA filmed striking pinatas of Biden, Netanyahu

Harvard President Admits: 'From the River to the Sea' is Antisemitic

Harvard Announces Concrete Plan to Fight Antisemitism in Wake of Israel-Hamas War

White House denounces lawmaker Tlaib's use of pro-Palentinian rallying cry in Israel-Hamas conflict

NYC hate crimes against Jews surge by more than 200% amid Israel-Hamas war; 'community obviously anxious'

Heightened alert for 'lone wolf' terror attacks in US as Israel battles Hamas militants abroad

Commentary: Hamas Ally CAIR Has Been Operating with Impunity Inside America for 30 Years

Shots fired at two Jewish schools in Montreal as antisemitism spikes in Canada

Justin Trudeau condemns 'terrible, horrible acts' after gunshots fired at two Jewish schools in Montreal

'The World's Foremost Legitimizer of Antisemitism': House Hearing Targets U.N.'s Anti-Israel Bigotry

UN's 'Rampant Anti-Semitism, Systematic Anti-Israel Bias' Exposed at House Hearing

Holocaust survivors ask Australians to 'denounce antisemitism and hatred'

85 years on from Kristallnacht, Holocaust survivors say they again feel unsafe as Jews

'Never again' is now: At Kristallnacht memorial, Scholz vows to protect Germany's Jews

Tensions high as Germany marks 85th anniversary of Nazi pogrom

UK interior minister accuses police of favoring pro-Palestinian 'hate marchers'

Washington Post Deletes and Apologizes For Hamas Cartoon Decried As Offensive

Erdogan to declare Israel 'war criminals' as Turkey rallies behind Hamas terrorists

Turkey's Gaza fury deepens splits with EU - As Turkey's relations with the European Union come under strain over its democratic standards, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan's outspoken pro-Palestinian stance on the war between Israel and Hamas is further testing ties

War is costing economy some $600m a week due to work absence - Bank of Israel

Netanyahu Condemns Settler Violence as a Gesture to Biden, Then Rushes to Appease His Base

Israeli Forces Arrest 9 in Judea, Samaria Anti-Terror Operations

Israeli forces kill 18 Palestinians in daytime raid in West Bank - At least 20 others injured in Jenin city and refugee camp, as IDF says it is conducting counter-terrorism raids

Arrow intercepts missile headed to Eilat; drone of unclear origin hits school in city

IDF says Patriot air defense system downed 'suspicious target' north of Eilat

Damascus Int'l Airport Shut for a Month Following Reported Israeli Strikes

Yemen's Houthis claim to launch 'batch' of missiles toward southern Israel

Yemen's Houthi Terrorists - Delisted by Biden - Shoot Down $30 Million U.S. Drone

U.S. forces under fire in Middle East as America slides towards brink

Official: 46 reported attacks on US forces in wake of Israel-Hamas war - American forces targeted with rockets, drones in Syria, Iraq

Lebanese Hezbollah has Russian-made missiles capable of hitting US vessels

Viral Video Of Hezbollah's Anti-Ship Missile Triggers Alarm Over Threat To US Aircraft Carriers In Middle East

GOP Candidates Blast Joe Biden for Letting Iranian Proxies Attack U.S. Troops in Iraq and Syria

U.S. Inching Towards World War III While Biden Administration Hides U.S. Casualties

'Using Force Will Never Contribute to Peace': Armenia's President Talks Nagorno-Karabakh, Iran and Israel

Hezbollah Arrests in Brazil Highlight Decades-Long Iranian Terror Presence in Latin America

Turkish, Iranian Presidents Unite in Condemnation of Israel, Western Countries

Greg Laurie on Israel War: Biblical Prophecy Is Being 'Fulfilled Before Our Very Eyes'

Why Are Oil Prices Falling While War Rages in the Middle East?

An unimaginable humanitarian crisis is unfolding in Sudan: UN

Disturbing videos emerge showing atrocities against African ethnic groups in Darfur

Mass killings in Sudan, including at a camp for displaced persons

Ukrainian Terror: Kiev's Intelligence Service Admits Using Car Bomb to Kill Pro-Russia Luhansk Politician

Vivek Ramaswamy Calls Ukraine's Jewish President a 'Nazi'

Tim Scott Suggests U.S. 'Destroy, to the Extent Possible, the Russian Military'

Russian Missile Strikes Iron Ore-Carrying Freighter in Port of Odesa, Killing One

Nuclear War 'Doomsday' Clock Has Changed, Russian Physicist Says

Putin visits Kazakhstan, part of his efforts to cement ties with ex-Soviet neighbors

US, South Korea concerned about North Korea, Russia military cooperation, Blinken says

DeSantis Hammered for Reportedly Allowing a Chinese Drone Firm to Expand Near a U.S. Military Base in Florida

Investigators Suspect Prostitution Ring May Have Been Part of Chinese Espionage Plot Targeting Military Officers, Elected Officials: Report

As U.S. debt soars toward $50 trillion, House GOP lacks clear plan to cut deficit as shutdown looms

'She Has Failed': 106 House Republicans Attempt to Defund Vice President Kamala Harris's Office

Congress Introduces Amendment to Slash KJP Salary

Enough Republicans join Democrats to block GOP Rep's effort to defund Jean-Pierre's salary to $1

MTG Introduces Resolution to Impeach Top Biden Official

Comer Issues Additional Subpoenas to Hunter Biden's Associates, Including Art Gallerist and Dem Donor Who Purchased Hunter's Art

Rep. Burchett: Biden 'Crime Family' on Track to Receive Over $40M

Hunter Biden Suing Former Overstock CEO for 'False' Bribery Statements

Senator Marsha Blackburn Announces Subpoenas for Jeffrey Epstein's Flight Logs

Man accused of attacking Paul Pelosi, stirring up right-wing conspiracies, faces San Francisco jury

FBI Swarms Small Town with SWAT Team and Armored Vehicles in Search of Jan. 6 Suspect

70 House Republicans Vote to Reward FBI with New $300 Million Headquarters - As Heavily Armed FBI SWAT Teams Hunt J6 Protester and Army Captain in the New Jersey Woods Like a Mass Murderer

Echoes of Jan. 6 committee as Jack Smith foreshadows plan to tie Trump to Capitol riot

Donald Trump Tells Supporters: 'I'm Being Indicted for You'

Trump is 'toast' in New York fraud trial, says former Watergate prosecutor - Nick Akerman says ex-president erred by testifying in person after invoking fifth amendment rights against self-incrimination

What the woodworker saw: Trump documents trial may put resort workers on witness stand, sources say

FNC's Faulkner: Bitter Hillary Clinton Is 'Evil' for Comparing Trump to Hitler

Can Michigan activists keep Trump off the ballot? A judge heard arguments today

Pennsylvania Vote "Flip" Update: Conflicting Advice Given to Voters Throughout Day, Precincts Were Running Out of Emergency Ballots

At tense Republican debate, Ramaswamy calls Haley 'Dick Cheney in 3 inch heels'

RNC Chair McDaniel: 'Infighting' Isn't Helping Party

Ramaswamy Rips RNC's McDaniel for GOP Losses, Calls on Her to Resign

Joe Manchin won't seek reelection in 2024, dealing blow to Dems' Senate map

Biden jokes after someone falls at his speech: 'I want the press to know that wasn't me'

Trump, Biden rematch would be 'worst dumpster fire of a campaign in history': Karl Rove

Trevor Gerszt: Don't Count on Elections to Save You

Ransomware attack on China's ICBC disrupts Treasury market trades

Hollywood Actors Secure Safeguards Around AI Use on Screen

Alexa, Think for Yourself as You Spy on Me: Amazon Is Working on 'Olympus' AI to Compete with ChatGPT

Man crushed to death by industrial robot that confused him for a box: police

A Cruise robotaxi dragged a pedestrian in S.F. - The vehicle's software mischaracterized where the robotaxi initially struck the woman, leading it to make the wrong decision

GM's Cruise Confirms Human 'Remote Assistants' Have to Help Drive Robotaxis Every 4-5 Miles

Solar superstorm could 'wipe out the internet' for weeks or months, scientist says

5.4 magnitude earthquake hits near Madang, Papua New Guinea

5.1 magnitude earthquake hits near San Pablo, Peru

5.1 magnitude earthquake hits near Luganville, Vanuatu

5.1 magnitude earthquake hits near Amahai, Indonesia

Tourists flee popular Iceland spa after 'earthquake swarm' raises fears of volcanic activity

Ruiz volcano in Colombia erupts to 22,000ft

Popocateptl volcano in Mexico erupts to 21,000ft

Sangay volcano in Ecuador erupts to 21,000ft

Fuego volcano in Guatemala erupts to 15,000ft

Santa Maria in Guatemala erupts to 14,500ft

Reventador volcano in Ecuador erupts to 14,000ft

Semeru volcano in Indonesia erupts to 14,000ft

New island emerges after undersea volcano erupts off Japan, but experts say it may not last long

The Caribbean may birth a late-season tropical system

El Nino's odds for 'historically strong' event increase, could linger through spring

Flash drought increasing across U.S. Southeast drives wildfire growth

Commentary: Would You Eat a Cookie With Fake Fat to Save the Planet?

New York Gives Up on Electric Snow Plows: 'Insufficient for the Demands of Winter'

Small Michigan Town Ousts Its Entire Government and Changes the Town Hall Locks Over Its Support for a Chinese-Owned Electric Battery Plant

More than half of US faces grid threats this winter, regulators warn

Texas power grid watchdog steps down after clash with ERCOT officials

Energy Department buying oil in effort to refill the nation's crude stockpiles

Gang Members Used COVID Relief Funds to Hire Hitmen

Kat Von D Says BLM, Antifa Extremism Made Her Re-Evaluate Her Beliefs: 'They Were Much Worse in Real Life than What People Put on TV'

Top Spanish politician shot in the face in 'attempted assassination' by gunman on a motorbike on street in Madrid

Threat letter laced with fentanyl sent to Georgia election official, secretary of state says - Georgia Secretary of State calls incident 'domestic terrorism'

As crisis deepens, Cubans scramble to migrate by any means

Rise of vicious Venezuelan prison gang sends migrants streaming toward U.S.

Marjorie Taylor Greene moves to impeach DHS Secretary Mayorkas - Greene's effort represents the latest in a long line of efforts to boot Mayorkas for his handling of an unprecedented surge in illegal arrivals to the United States

Sen. Blackburn raises alarm on Biden ending DNA tests at border: '1/3 of children' trafficked by adults unrelated to them

Josh Hawley Demands Probe into Biden's DHS Allegedly Feeding Illegal Aliens Over Investigating Child Exploitation

Police: New Jersey School Janitor Contaminated Kids' Food with Bodily Fluids, Possessed Child Porn

Liberal feminist blog Jezebel abruptly shuts down after CEO says parent company couldn't find 'path forward'

Nation's first openly gay governor looking to re-enter politics after nearly 20 years

Digital Alphabet People: Woke Gaming Giant Activision Blizzard Adds 'Non-Binary' Character to 'Overwatch 2'

Virginia photographer wins right to refuse same-sex weddings in federal lawsuit settlement

Catholic Church Will Now Allow Transgenders to be Baptized and Serve as Godparents, Church Noted Transgender Children Can Also Be Baptized

'Why Are the Adults Going Along with This?': Seattle Teen Blasts Cross Country Org for Allowing Trans Runners to Compete

Olympic Champion: My 'Testicles Don't Make Me Less of a Woman'

Jeffries: There Should Be No Abortion Restrictions, It's for 'a Woman and Her Doctor, Period, Full Stop'

Judge Blocks Enforcement of Idaho 'Abortion Trafficking' Law

Nikki Haley on Abortion at GOP Debate: Find Consensus, 'Stop the Judgment'

Pollster: 'GOP Would Be Stronger' With Haley's Abortion 'Language'

Hannity Resigns Himself to Abortion Rights Victory in Ohio: 'If We're Really Gonna Be Honest About This...'

Carville: Voters Don't Trust Republicans on Abortion - 'They Keep Lying'

Democrats' new abortion battle plan: Rush to get it on ballots in 2024

Scientists create 'Frankenstein' chimera monkey that glows green

A father and son shot, dismembered and burned. This is the dark side of California cannabis

"I've never seen anything like this": High demand fuels drug shortages

Doctor Shortage 'Very Concerning,' Med Students Might Drop Out

US Childhood Vaccination Exemptions Reach Their Highest Level Ever

The COVID-19 blame game: Unvaccinated individuals disproportionately scapegoated, study suggests

Increased risk of neurological complications after Covid vaccine, study finds, though cases mostly benign

Vivek Ramaswamy: China Must Pay for 'Unleashing Hell on the World' with Coronavirus Pandemic

Puerto Rico declares flu epidemic with 42 deaths, over 900 hospitalizations

'Vampire viruses' discovered for first time on US soil

Tracking Bible Prophecy Headlines - 11/9/2023

A broken Netanyahu is miscalculating over Gaza, former Israeli PM says - Ehud Olmert says current leader is now a danger to Israel and argues the goal should be resuming talks leading to a Palestinian state

Blinken calls for united Palestinian government for Gaza and West Bank after war ends

Talk of Re-establishing Jewish Settlements in Gaza Strip Damages Israeli Legitimacy, Western Diplomats Warn

US opposes 'reoccupation' of Gaza after Netanyahu talks of 'indefinite' control

Blinken: Israel Cannot Run Gaza Indefinitely

White House admits Israel likely to keep 'initial' security force in Gaza post-war

Hamas leaders say they have no regrets after the October 7 attack and that the goal was to 'overthrow' the status quo

Hamas leaders admit hope for 'permanent' Israel war, don't care about running Gaza

Hamas Leaders to NY Times: No Interest in Helping Palestinians in Gaza, Want 'Permanent' War Against Israel

Hamas says purpose of massacres was a 'permanent' state of war on Israel's borders

Gantz: Israel's war against Hamas is existential and carries no time limit

IDF says its entire 252nd Reserve Division is operating inside Gaza

IDF: Troops destroyed 130 Hamas tunnel shafts in Gaza since start of ground op

IDF: Troops capture Hamas redoubt, strike terrorists hiding near Gaza City hospital

IDF spokesman: Troops 'deepening' move into Gaza City, 50,000 Gazans moved south today

More Palestinians fleeing south with food, water running out in north Gaza: UN agency

UN chief: Gaza death toll suggests Israel's tactics are 'clearly wrong'

IDF soldiers pray in ancient 6th century Gaza synagogue for first time in decades

IDF kills Hamas's head of weapons production

Hamas Leaders Worth $11 Billion Fortune, Indulge in Lavish Lifestyles in Qatar as Gazans Face Desperation

Qatar works for release of 10-15 hostages in exchange for pause in fighting

G7 backs Gaza 'humanitarian pauses,' refrains from ceasefire call

At UN HQ in New York, advocates for release of Hamas's hostages stage powerful sit-in

Netanyahu dismisses 'idle rumors' about imminent ceasefire for hostage deal

Gaza man: Israeli agents spent hours on phone with me to evacuate targeted buildings

Hamas operative boasts he 'can leave with any ambulance,' in call overheard by IDF

Red Cross 'deeply troubled' after humanitarian convoy came under fire in Gaza City

Testimony of Hamas massacre survivors compiled from social media posts on new website

Blood-curdling bodycam reveals how sick Hamas terrorists used IDF uniform disguise to slaughter and snatch civilians

Israeli Police Collect Eyewitness Testimony of Gang Rape During Hamas Attack

Controversy surrounds reports of Israeli baby found burned alive in oven

Photographers Without Borders: AP & Reuters Pictures of Hamas Atrocities Raise Ethical Questions

New law makes it illegal to watch terror content unless for a good reason

Global Editorial: 'Jews worldwide haven't been this fearful in living memory'

With antisemitism surging, Diaspora synagogues are 'afraid' to mark Kristallnacht

Planned march in Paris against antisemitism exposes deep divisions in France

UK police urged to ban pro-Palestinian rally scheduled for soldiers' Remembrance Day

Jewish Students in the U.K. Face 'Over a Year's Worth of Antisemitic Incidents' in a Month

Jewish man in Sydney 'very lucky' to be alive after alleged antisemitic attack

China has a history of being pro-Palestinian, but now faces diplomatic conundrum - Rivalry with US and current of antisemitism are running up against Beijing's increasing closeness to Israel

Palestinians call on International Olympic Committee to take action against Israel

US education sec. warns colleges may face funding cuts if they ignore antisemitism

Schumer proposes $1.22 billion in security spending for targeted synagogues, mosques, churches amid a nationwide surge of antisemitic and Islamophobic incidents since the Oct. 7 Hamas terror attacks

Doug Emhoff is Battling a Growing Tide of Anti-Semitism. His Daughter is Fomenting It.

Josh Hawley Says TikTok Should Be Banned For Allegedly Promoting Anti-Israel Content

Radical Leftists and Pro-Gaza Activists Shut Down Congressional Hearing on Anti-Semitism on College Campus - Screaming 'Free Palestine' and 'End the Occupation'

Report: Democrats Circulate Plan to 'Open the Floodgates for Palestinians'

Congressional Democrats Urge Joe Biden to Facilitate Entry for Thousands of Palestinian Nationals into the US

PM pans W. Bank attacks by 'handful of extremists,' claims they're not representative

PM to settler leaders: We cannot tolerate extremists 'taking the law into their hands' that could lead to an escalation in the area

Israel targets military sites in Southern Syria - Syrian state media

US launches 2nd round of airstrikes on Iran-backed groups in eastern Syria it says attacked American troops

US hits weapons depot in Syria after Iran proxies down drone off Yemen

Yemen's Houthi rebels shoot down American drone, confirms US official

Iran Nuclear Chief: Minister's Threat to 'Nuke Gaza' Confirms Israel's Capability

Hezbollah warns of regional war if Gaza bombing goes on

Mossad helps Brazil arrest Hezbollah-linked terrorists planning attack on Jews

Hezbollah: Mass Murder of Israelis by Hamas 'Great and Marvelous'

Hezbollah's anti-ship missiles bolster its threat to US navy

Sudan conflict: Thousands flee fresh ethnic killings in Darfur

New Slovak government rejects final military aid package for Ukraine

Putin ally: West increasing risk of weapons of mass destruction being used

Ukraine says it killed Kremlin-backed politician in car bombing in occupied Luhansk

U.K. Crime Agency Says Russia Using Gold to Evade Sanctions

China Faces Fresh Conflict on Its Doorstep - Clashes in Myanmar close to China's border could endanger Beijing's multi-billion-dollar infrastructure project

Peter Schweizer's Director of Research Set to Unveil Results of Two-Year Investigation into Gates, Zuckerberg, Soros

House panel subpoenas Hunter Biden, James Biden, stepping up impeachment probe

Hunter Biden's lawyer urges House Speaker Johnson to call off GOP subpoenas for him, business associates

Donald Trump's kangaroo-court fraud trial is the latest display of dirty politics running amok

Ivanka Trump testifies at father's civil fraud trial, claims ignorance over finances

Hillary Clinton warns against Trump 2024 win: 'Hitler was duly elected'

Trump to remain on Minnesota primary ballot after court rejects 14th Amendment challenge

'Patently Absurd' Conspiracy Theory In Kentucky Election Shot Down By Officials - A refuted vote-rigging accusation tried to discredit Democratic Gov. Andy Beshear's victory

VP of Customer Operations of Voting Machine Company that 'Flipped' Votes Says "It Was a Human Error Someone From Our Team Programed the Election"

"Recurring Nightmare" - Maricopa County's Latest Election Interference: Cameras Off, Voting Locations Close Early, Voters Who Called Maricopa Sent to Closed Locations in Jurisdictional Election

Meta to start labeling political ads with AI-generated images ahead of 2024 election

Brendan Carr: Democrat FCC 'Digital Discrimination' Rule Would 'Micromanage' the Internet

Dutch MP Sounds the Alarms About the EU Moving Fast Towards Digital Identity

Volcanic 'devil comet' racing toward Earth resprouts its horns after erupting again

Sky Watchers Around the World Report Unusual Phenomenon That Causes an Elongated Band of Green and Purplish Light to Appear in the Sky During Recent Colorful Aurora Borealis Display

Global SAR arc outbreak: Geomagnetic storm leads to rare SAR arc sightings across the globe

6.7 magnitude earthquake hits the Banda Sea

5.3-magnitude earthquake hits western Texas

5.3 magnitude earthquake hits near Amahai, Indonesia

5.2 magnitude earthquake hits near the Kermadec Islands, New Zealand

5.0 magnitude earthquake hits the Banda Sea

Ruiz volcano in Colombia erupts to 21,000ft

Sangay volcano in Ecuador erupts to 21,000ft

100 cruise passengers injured as ship lurches to a halt in storm

Multiple wildfires fueled by drought rage from Texas to North Carolina

American lawyer, 77, arrested in Panama after gunman filmed shooting dead two eco-protesters blocking highway

Best Way to Extinguish a Flaming Electric Vehicle? Let It Burn - Fire departments across America are wrestling with fires in EV cars that last longer and are harder to extinguish

Texas Chemical Plant Explosion Leads to Shelter-in-Place Order and School Evacuation

Smoke plume from Texas chemical plant explosion being pushed miles away by gusty winds

The House has approved a bill to reduce Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg's salary to just $1 after his repeated failures

Single Group of 1,200 Migrants Surge Across Arizona Border

8 people killed after driver suspected of human smuggling crashes in Texas

Central American countries began busing migrants north, sparking fears

RAV's Ben Bergquam in Tucson: "Don't Fly Out Of Tucson" - Calls Out American Airlines For Allowing Massive Number Of Illegals to Fly With Them

House Republicans: Biden Plan to Turn U.S. Airports into Migrant Camps Poses Major 'Security Risks' to Americans

Alex Marlow: Joe Biden's Open Border Is a Gift to the Corporations That Fund Him

Chicago residents explode with anger over migrants, sanctuary policies: 'They are not listening' - Residents demand Democrat-run city abandon 'sanctuary' status

Seven Nashville Police Officers Suspended Amidst Investigation into Leaked 'Manifesto' of Racist Trans Murderer Audrey Hale

Prosecutors charge 16 alleged Gambino mafia members in US and Italy

DOJ announces arrests in 'high-end brothel network' used by elected officials, military officers and others

Musician Sues Former Grammys Head, Accusing Him of Rape

Virginia Democrat embroiled in online sex scandal loses House of Delegates election

Democrat Danica Roem to become Virginia's first openly transgender state senator

Biden Lavishes Astronomical Dollars on LGBT Promotions for 3 Years

Abortion rights advocates win major victories in Ohio, Kentucky, Virginia

Virginia Democrats sweep legislative elections after campaigning on abortion rights

Biden touts passage of Ohio abortion measure: 'Democracy won'

After Ohio vote, GOP Sen. Vance laments 'gut punch' for pro-life movement

Abortion rights center stage in Democrats' 2024 US election campaign

Moms sue state over 'creepy' baby blood database, privacy concerns - New Jersey sued for secretly storing newborn blood samples for up to 23 years

Stem cell injections: Hollywood doctor reveals the treatment celebrities are using to reverse aging, look ten years younger - Dr. Ernst von Schwarz said people may live to 150 by the middle of the century

Engineered yeast breaks new record: a genome with over 50% synthetic DNA - Highly edited strain survives and replicates despite containing 7.5 artificial chromosomes

Avian flu kills more than 61 million birds, but CDC still sees only a slight threat to humans

Common antibiotics are still in shortage as strep cases rise

Demand For Anti-Vax Sperm On A Rise, Women Using Facebook To Reach Donors: Report

Bay Area reinstates COVID mask orders in healthcare settings. Will L.A. follow?

Homeschooling remains fastest-growing form of education, especially after COVID lockdowns

Tracking Bible Prophecy Headlines - 11/8/2023

White House says Israel should not reoccupy Gaza, after Netanyahu remarks

Pro-Bibi Newspaper Changes Tune and Calls for His Resignation After War Ends

Israel's attempt to destroy Hamas will breed more radicalisation, UN expert says

'Ceasefire' or 'Pause'? U.N. Security Council Holds Another Useless Meeting on Israel

Blinken seeks G7 unity on Israel-Hamas war among items on crisis-heavy global agenda

G7 foreign ministers expected to issue joint call for 'humanitarian pauses' in Gaza

Biden confirms asking Netanyahu to 'pause' fighting in Gaza

Israel continues to push back against US calls for humanitarian pauses in Gaza

Israel says there's no lack of food, water and humanitarian supplies in Gaza

Civilians Evacuate Northern Gaza as Israel Opens Humanitarian Corridor

IDF 'tightening noose' around Hamas in Gaza City; PM: No truce before hostages freed

Cohen to new US envoy: Israel 'will not stop or be silent' until hostages returned

Thai government said in talks with Iran for release of 23 hostages in Gaza

Hamas tunnels, weapons found near amusement park and university

Israel traps Hamas leader dubbed 'Gaza's Bin Laden' in bunker & vows he's a 'dead man walking' after seizing stronghold

'Mainstream' Journalists Relying on Terrorists for Accurate War Data

Netanyahu to ABC: Stop Taking Hamas' Figures at Face Value, They Include Terrorists as Civilians

IDF soldier killed fighting in northern Gaza, raising toll in ground offensive to 31

US to fund precision bombs for Israel worth $320m - report

A deadly cascade: how secret Hamas attack orders were passed down at last minute

Caroline Glick: Hamas Wanted to Destroy Israel on Oct. 7 but their Bloodlust and Urge to Rape Partygoers Spoiled their Plans

Israel marks one month since Hamas massacre with vigils, memorials, protests

Hamas leader refuses to acknowledge killing of civilians in Israel

Hostage Families' Warning: America 'You Are Next'

Israel shows world media harrowing footage of Hamas attack to 'get message across'

Israeli envoy to US shows footage from Oct. 7 Hamas onslaught to fellow ambassadors

Footage of October 7 Hamas massacre to be screened in Los Angeles, New York

Mental health professionals implore Netanyahu not to show atrocities film to public

US House nears vote on censuring Rashida Tlaib for advocating 'from the river to the sea'

Numerous Democrats Turn Against Rashida Tlaib After She Pushes Her Anti-Israel Extremism Too Far

Dem Rep. Gottheimer: Tlaib Promoted, Defended 'Basically a Call for a Second Holocaust' - I Support Censure

House Censures Tlaib Over Her Rhetoric in Stunning Rebuke

Cori Bush Goes on Unhinged Rant in Congress on the Censure Resolution of Rashida Tlaib, Screams About Slavery

Rep. Tlaib Says She Condemned Hamas, Is Victim of 'Lies'

Mike Pompeo says State Dept has an 'AOC, Rashida Tlaib wing' after leaked memo blasts Biden's Israel policy

Sheriff rules death of elderly Jewish man in Los Angeles is a homicide, pro-Palestinian agitator considered person of interest

NBC Quietly Changes "Man Dies After Hitting Head" Headline on Death of Elderly Jewish Man by Pro-Palestine Protestor

'Black Lives 4 Palestine': US activists find common cause

UPenn president calls in FBI to investigate 'vile' antisemitic emails sent to staffers

George Norcross: NFL Considers US-Israel Flag 'Obscene'

FBI investigates after fifth suspicious letter containing white powder found at Seattle synagogue

France Investigates Possible Russian Link to Star of David Graffiti in Paris

'Hardly any taboos left': anti-Semitism resurges in Germany

Boycotted for supporting the Jewish state, US eateries are rescued by Israel supporters

Bank of Israel sold $8.2 billion since war started to protect shekel from collapse

Marlow: Jake Sullivan Claimed Biden Administration 'De-escalated Crises in Gaza' Days Before Mass Terror

Saudi Arabia to host 3 summits on Israel-Hamas war in coming days

Experts divided between optimists, pessimists on fate of Abraham Accords - The Abraham Accords signed between Bahrain, the Emirates, and Israel are going through a critical stage.

Assassination attempt on Palestine president Mahmoud Abbas: One of Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas' bodyguards was shot dead in an assassination attempt on the leader after he was given a 24-hour ultimatum by the "Sons of Abu Jandal" to declare a "global war" against Israel

US Mideast Bases Hit 50 Times in Month, 46 Total Injured

At least 45 U.S. service members may have been injured in Iran-linked attacks

Iran-Backed Militia Launches Suicide Drones at U.S. Base in Iraqi Kurdistan

Iraqi Kurdistan says 2 drones targeting US-led anti-jihadist coalition shot down

USA and UN 'Deeply Troubled' By Battles for North and West Darfur Capitals

UN Condemns Sexual Violence and Abductions in Sudan

Portugal's Socialist Prime Minister Resigns Amid Corruption Probe

World War III WATCH: NATO Members, Including US, Suspend Cold War-Era Arm Control Treaty Following Russian Withdrawal

Ukraine's Zelenskiy dismisses talk of wartime election as irresponsible

Top Ukraine commander's aide 'killed in front of son after birthday gift exploded'

Ukraine's counter offensive fails: Kiev under pressure to mobilise more troops

Ex-Russian officer says Putin's forces 'deteriorating' as Crimea targeted by drones

NATO, US slam Russia for withdrawing from conventional arms treaty

Russia Targets Marginalized People for Military Amid Troop Shortage: Report

US Senate predictably blocks bill on aid to Israel without Ukraine

Senate GOP Wants Border Security for Ukraine Aid

Schumer: GOP Border Proposal a 'Total Non-starter' for Ukraine Aid

Mitt Romney Admits He Didn't Know Anything About Burisma During Trump's Ukraine Impeachment

Former Trump Official Sues Biden Admin Over Committee With Members Who Signed Hunter Biden Laptop Letter

Hunter Biden prosecutor sought special charging status in 2022 but didn't get it, Jim Jordan says

China: Muslim Voters Could Tank 2024 Election for Joe Biden over Israel

'Five-alarm fire': Democratic frustrations with Biden spill into the open

Biden's stumbles spark concerns about ad strategy and surrogate operation - The campaign says it's not revamping its approach amid stagnant polls and fear-filled Democrats

Joe Biden's Polling Woes Ignite Democrat Infighting: 'March into the Sea and Drown'

New emails show DHS created Stanford 'disinfo' group that censored speech before 2020 election

The Federal Government Had a Major Academic Partner in Its Censorship Regime

'Joe Biden is Not Obama': CNN Analyst Wants President to Consider Stepping Aside

Bombshell: Trump had active security clearance when Jack Smith indicted him in documents case

It's Happening: Voting Machines Down in Several Districts in Pennsylvania Due to "Votes Getting Flipped"

PA Voter Describes Votes Caught Being Switched Real-time in Judicial Election - From Republican to Democrat - Was Told Trust that Their Vote Would Be Counted Correctly

'Coding Error' in Voting Machines Blamed For Votes Flipping in Pennsylvania

FCC commissioner calls Biden equity plan for internet control 'sweeping, unprecedented, and unlawful'

Rep. Jordan: High Court Will Rule Against Big Tech Censors

Lawmakers Say FBI Can Keep Its Prized Surveillance Tool, but It'll Need a Warrant

Sen. Mike Lee calls FBI action "a breach of trust," and a "violation of the Constitution"

Artificial intelligence and US nuclear weapons decisions: How big a role? AI may play a very big role in nuclear missions. Particularly when the mission gets dicey

Millions in Australia left without phone or internet in one of the country's biggest telecommunications outages in history

Mexican Congress holds second UFO session featuring Peruvian mummies

Mexican journalist attempts to prove authenticity of alleged extraterrestrial beings

More Tremors to Hit Nepal? Scientists Warn of Earthquakes of Magnitude 8.0 or Higher in the Region

Very strong and shallow M7.2 earthquake hits Banda Sea, Indonesia

6.7 magnitude earthquake hits near Banda Sea

5.6 magnitude earthquake hits the Pagan region, Northern Mariana Islands

5.6 magnitude earthquake hits near Kuril'sk, Russia

5.4 magnitude earthquake hits near southern Xinjiang, China

5.1 magnitude earthquake hits the Banda Sea

5.1 magnitude earthquake hits the Banda Sea

Sabancaya volcano in Peru erupts to 26,000ft

Sangay volcano in Ecuador erupts to 25,000ft

Popocateptl volcano in Mexico erupts to 21,000ft

Ruiz volcano in Colombia erupts to 21,000ft

Fuego volcano in Guatemala erupts to 16,000ft

Reventador volcano in Ecuador erupts to 14,000ft

Semeru volcano in Indonesia erupts to 14,000ft

Iceland preparing evacuations for possible volcanic eruption

'Super fog' leads to multiple crashes again in New Orleans

India's toxic smog season shuts down schools, revives 'odd-even' vehicle limits

October obliterated temperature records, virtually guaranteeing 2023 will be hottest year on record

EU Scientists: 'Certain' to Be Warmest in 125K Years

Climate disasters are driving up the cost of insurance and impacting home values: report

Farmer's Joins Insurance Exodus from California

"Moonies" church in Japan offers $67 million in victim compensation as court mulls shutting it down

Sudanese Protestant Church Destroyed in All Saints' Day Bombing

Two Officers are Facing Termination Following the Leak of Nashville Transgender Shooter's Manifesto

Survivor urges Supreme Court to safeguard domestic violence gun law

Armed Man with AR-15 Arrested on Capitol Hill - U.S. Capitol Police Also Respond to 'Suspicious Package' in Senate Parking Area

President Trump Brings the House Down At Florida Freedom Summit: "Job Number One Will Be to Stop the Invasion On Our Southern Border"

Biden administration warns of major disruption at border if judges halt asylum rule

France Votes on Bill to Tighten Migration Control as Europe Is Overrun With Illegals

Emina Melonic: American Ornithological Society flies off the handle over 'racist' birds named for white people

Ex-CIA officer accused of sexually abusing dozens of women pleads guilty to federal charges

Kirk Cameron shows how Scholastic funnels 'sexually explicit, morally disgusting' books into American schools

Texas city council candidate arrested for allegedly possessing child pornography

Trudeau's Canada Gets Even Worse as Supreme Court Chooses Pedophiles Over Children - The Supreme Court of Canada has deemed mandatory minimum sentences for child luring unconstitutional

Unreported: Naked selfies by Judge Art Engoron; Fulton County sheriff's gay porn side hustle

World Press Photo 'shocked' at ousting of Hungarian National Museum director in LGBTQ+ exhibition row

Federal Court Upholds Florida Law Banning Biological Males from Female Sports

Rep. Troy Nehls Grills Bureau of Prisons Director Colette Peters on Transgender Prison Policies in House Judiciary Hearing - Peters Confirms Bureau of Prisons is Paying for Prisoners' "Gender Affirming Surgeries"

Danica Roem Becomes First Transgender Elected to State Senate in South

'Way to Go, Kiddos!': Ohio Students Walk Out to Protest Transgender Bathroom Policy

Ohio voters approve amendment enshrining abortion access into state constitution

Ohio Voters Approve Issue 1, Which Legalizes Killing Babies in Abortion Up Until Birth

Joe Biden, Democrats Rejoice Ohio Voters Blocked Bans on Abortion

Ohio Voters OK Legalizing Recreational Pot, GOP Weighs Rewrite

Report: Socialist Venezuela Trafficking Up to $8.7 Billion Worth of Cocaine

Bird flu cases mounting in Upper Midwest; nearly 1M chickens will be killed on MN farm

Tracking Bible Prophecy Headlines - 11/7/2023

Israel-Saudi Normalization Is 'Inevitable' - Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman has told President Joe Biden that conversations about normalizing relations with Israel would resume after the Israel-Gaza conflict

Netanyahu says Israel to manage Gaza's security indefinitely after the war - Israeli leader rules out ceasefire but suggests openness to 'tactical little pauses' in conflict

'Deepening pressure' on Hamas, army says ground forces push further into Gaza City

Israeli forces cut off north Gaza to isolate Hamas as an advance on the urban center looms

IDF believes it caused significant damage to Hamas tunnels in overnight strikes

Israel to deploy ferocious attack dogs to maul Hamas tunnel terrorists as training vid shows hound on rampage

IDF: Gazan Hospital 'Abused by Hamas' for Warfare

US said to send precision bombs to Israel as UAE vows to set up Gaza field hospital

How Israel shot down a ballistic missile in space for the first time

U.S. Plans $320 Million Weapons Transfer to Israel as Gaza Toll Mounts

U.S. Sent Palestinians $1 Billion During Biden Administration

Claim: Biden Refused to Sell Weapons to Israel Unless it Promised Guns Would Not be Given to Civilians

Ending Mideast tour, Blinken says US 'very aggressively' pushing for more aid to Gaza

U.S. watchdogs warn of dangers of aid to Hamas-controlled Gaza, detail how Taliban diverted money

State Department Memo Critical of Israel Leaked

Jordan's King Abdullah says his military will help those injured in Gaza

'Hamas Refused to Cooperate': Egypt Shuts Gaza Border After Agreeing to Free Foreigners

Israel Gaza war: Hamas-run health ministry says Gaza death toll passes 10,000

Airstrike Decimates U.S.-Funded Children's Hospital in Gaza: Reports

UN chief: Gaza has become 'graveyard for kids'; Israeli envoy urges his resignation

Several UNRWA staffers praised Hamas's October 7 massacres, report finds

Palestine's UN Ambassador tells Al Jazeera the world must unite to call for a ceasefire

A month into the war, American Jewry marks a traditional milestone of mourning

IDF expedites soldier's conversion due to war: 'I want to die as a Jew'

C.I.A. Director William Burns Visits Israel and Middle East Countries, Coinciding with US Nuclear Submarine's Arrival Amid Ongoing Tension

CIA Chief Pressures Israel for 'Pause' in Fighting - as Hamas on the Ropes

Netanyahu to ABC's Muir: 'No cease-fire' without release of hostages

Pope Francis asked to use his 'moral voice' to help free Israeli hostages

Sri Lanka agrees to send 10,000 farm workers to Israel - Israel's agricultural sector has been hit hard by the war. Since October 7, some 8,000 foreign agricultural workers have fled Israel out of 30,000 foreign workers in the farming sector

Birthright invites alumni to volunteer in harvesting abandoned fields

How Hamas Cyber Force hacked the Israeli army's secrets

Ben Gurion airport flights cut by 80%

South Africa recalls ambassador and diplomatic mission to Israel and accuses it of genocide in Gaza

Gay Times sorry for 'one-sided' Gaza posts, including one calling Hamas a 'resistance movement'

D.C. Establishment Exploits War, Terror in Effort to Take Down Netanyahu

Statue of Liberty Shut Down by Protesters Calling for Gaza Cease-fire

'Jews Are Once Again Living in Fear': EU Decries Europe-Wide Spike in Antisemitism

Antisemitism envoys from 24 countries call on governments to ensure Jews' safety

Fellow Dems Slam Rashida Tlaib after she calls for Jewish genocide - "Hamas uses it as a rallying cry. And they don't simply want to displace Jews in Israel. They want Jews dead."

Rashida Tlaib Faces Renewed Censure Push over Antisemitic Comments, 'Illegal Occupation' of Capitol

Elderly Jewish man assaulted and killed by pro-Palestinian protester in Los Angeles

New Jersey Top Democrat George Norcross Kicked Out of Philadelphia Eagles Game Over American-Israeli Flag Display

Woman arrested for smashing her car into Indianapolis building she thought was 'Jewish school' - it was hate group HQ

Masked Far-Left Activist in London Left "Shocked" After His Attempts to Brainwash Female Muslims into Supporting Radical Trans Ideology Blow Up in His Face

Western Liberal Support for Terrorists Mocked in Hysterical Satire

Rep. Mike Gallagher Blames TikTok for Young Americans 'Rooting' for Hamas: 'Brainwashing Our Youth' Against U.S.

Uncovered: 2021 Video Shows Far Left UK Activist and Advisor to Police Filmed Leading "From the River to the Sea" Chant at Pro-Palestine Rally

Don Jr. Shares Viral Video from Germany: "If Necessary, We Must Use Violence to Institute Islamic State Once Muslims are a Majority"

Outcry as German 'Anne Frank' daycare plans rename as kids indifferent to her story

Michael Savage Slams 'Biggest Lie of Our Time' on Palestine, Shows Continuous Jewish Presence in Israel Since 1900 BC

In daytime raid, police take out West Bank terror cell planning attacks on Israelis

Hamas Leaders Rake in Billions as they Condemn Palestinians to War in Gaza

Over a quarter of Hamas officials hiding across Middle East - IDF

Northern towns bombarded as 30 rockets fired from Lebanon; IDF shells launchers

Yemen's Houthis claim new drone attack on Israel, but no incursion detected

US nuke sub arrives in Middle East in 'message to Iran' after threat to 'hit America hard' if there's no Gaza ceasefire

Iranian president expected to attend summit in Saudi Arabia on Israel-Hamas war

Biden Regime Deploys Over 17,200 Military Personnel to Middle East Amid Rising Tensions

US sends Ohio-class SSGN sub capable of Navy Seal ops to Eastern Mediterranean Sea amid rising tensions

Pentagon: Attacks on US Bases Spike Over a Week

Moscow bombs Odesa after Ukraine destroys Russian warship in Crimea

'Defender of Democracy' Zelensky Rules Out Holding Wartime Elections Under Martial Law

Zelensky on Ukrainian elections: 'Now is not the time'

Hunter Asks Biden-Appointed Prosecutor to Investigate Ex-Business Partner Who Tied 'Big Guy' to His Business Dealings

Mike Johnson has accused Biden of bribery. Now impeachment is in his hands

Trump testifies in civil fraud trial, with judge chiding US ex-president for rambling

Trump blasts 'scam' civil fraud trial against him, says charges should be dismissed 'immediately'

Trump Turns Tables On Kangaroo Court: Judge Engoron Threatens to Toss President Trump from Courtroom for Delivering "Speeches" During Show Trial

Trump Crushes It During Testimony, Calls Out Stalinist AG Letitia James: "She is a Political Hack Who Wants to be Governor. This is a Political Witch Hunt and I Think She Should be Ashamed of Herself"

Judge Admonishes Trump Attorney over Former President's Testimony in NYC Civil Trial, 'Control Him'

Trump attorney Alina Habba says judge in NY civil case is 'unhinged' and courtroom is 'corrupt'

Trump Attorney Alina Habba Goes Off on Soros-Backed Letitia James and Judge Engoron in Bogus Trial: "I Was Yelled At and I've Had a Judge Who Is Unhinged Slamming a Table - I Won't Tolerate It"

Weaponization panel details government collusion with universities to censor speech

Emails: DHS 'Disinfo' Group Suppressed Free Speech Ahead of 2020 Vote

President Trump, Jack Posobiec, Charlie Kirk, prominent conservatives censored on social media during 2020 election, new bombshell House report reveals - The primary purpose of this partnership was purportedly to curtail the freedom of speech of American citizens

For sale: Data on US servicemembers - and lots of it

5.5 magnitude earthquake hits the central Mid-Atlantic Ridge

5.3 magnitude earthquake hits near Dailekh, Nepal

5.3 magnitude earthquake hits near Gizo, Solomon Islands

5.2 magnitude earthquake hits near the coast of central Chile

5.2 magnitude earthquake hits near Lospalos, Timor Leste

5.2 magnitude earthquake hits near Kokopo, Papua New Guinea

5.1 magnitude earthquake hits Ecuador

Sabancaya volcano in Peru erupts to 24,000ft

Ruiz volcano in Colombia erupts to 21,000ft

Popocateptl volcano in Mexico erupts to 20,000ft

Reventador volcano in Ecuador erupts to 15,000ft

Semeru volcano in Indonesia erupts to 14,000ft

Rapid crustal uplift at Mt. Porbjorn, Iceland

Large tornado rips through Lavovo, Bulgaria, damaging over 150 homes

Hundreds of thousands still in the dark three days after violent storm rakes Brazil's biggest city

Rising death toll as floods wreak havoc in Ethiopia and Kenya

Google's Green Dream Goes Downhill - Google's 100% Electric Bus Loses Power, Causes Mayhem on San Francisco Slope

Selling Their Souls: Hasbro Offered AI-Powered Virtual Ouija Board for Halloween

French immigration bill would expel 'foreigners who commit crimes'

Guns rights and domestic violence protections collide at US Supreme Court

Nashville Democrat Mayor Outraged that Trans Mass Shooter's Manifesto Shows Killer Was Leftist Racist, Who Wanted to Murder "Privileged" White "Crackers" - Orders City's Legal Team to Investigate

Facebook censors Nashville school shooter manifesto - "Your post may go against our Community Standards on violence and incitement."

Flashback: Trans activists claimed trans school shooter Audrey Hale was a victim of transphobia but manifesto reveals she was fueled by anti-white hate

Local media outlet confirms Nashville trans school shooter's anti-white manifesto pages authentic

Rolling Stone Dishonestly Demonizes Speaker Mike Johnson For Protecting His Son From Porn

Christian Wedding Photographer Who Declined to Celebrate Same-Sex Marriage Wins Huge Legal Victory

DeSantis Gave 'Women's Spirit' Award to Trans Man, Calling Him 'Shining Role Model' & 'Mentor & Advocate to Children'

Ohio voters to decide abortion rights, recreational marijuana Tuesday

Out-Of-State Leftists Pump Millions Of Dollars Into Ohio For Pro-Abortion Issue 1

Missouri, Idaho and Kansas suing FDA for its rules on abortion-inducing pills

CDC Reports Largest Increase in Infant Mortality Rate in 20 Years, Experts Baffled at Trend Reversal

CDC adding flu, RSV surveillance at major US airports

China Begins Imposing Masks Again as Coronavirus Cases Rise

Doctor who opposed Covid mandates found guilty of 'misinformation' by Ontario physicians board - His lawyer called that an affront to free speech in Canada.

FDA downplays COVID vax overdosing as hydroxychloroquine shows more promise in European research

New Covid strain warning as JN.1 feared by experts to be 'more transmissible'

Tracking Bible Prophecy Headlines - 11/6/2023

Rabbis and Christian leaders call for 'National Day of Prayer for Israel' on Monday, Nov. 6

How Israel shot down a ballistic missile in space for the first time

US nuclear submarine enters Mideast as Hamas war rages on

Saudi Arabia, Jordan, UAE decry Israeli minister's remark on nuking Gaza

Netanyahu suspends minister who suggested dropping nuclear bomb on Gaza

Holocaust Survivor: Israel Must 'Get Rid of' Hamas to Prevent Genocide of Jews

Obama Links Hamas Attacks With 'Unbearable' Israeli Occupation

Jordanian queen: Eliminating Hamas but not the occupation irrational, short-sighted

Abbas: PA's Return to Gaza Depends on 'Comprehensive Solution'

Israel to retain 'security responsibility' in Gaza after war, says Israeli official

IDF launches widespread strikes in Gaza as ground troops divide Strip in two

IDF releases new intel detailing Hamas use of Gaza hospitals for terror purposes

Hamas planned for massacre during Passover, Iran forced delay - report

New US ambassador to Israel: Oct. 7 a 'stain on humanity'

IDF says troops found Hamas rocket launchers near playground, swimming pool in Gaza

Ra'am party chief calls on MK to resign for claiming Hamas 'didn't slaughter babies'

CIA chief visiting Israel and other Middle East nations as war in Gaza grinds on

Security Council to hold talks on 'worsening situation' in Gaza

UN says 88 staffers killed in Gaza, highest toll ever for body

IDF says it captured Hamas stronghold in Gaza, struck 450 of group's sites in past day

Israel's war with Hamas to cost over $50 billion, Finance Ministry says

Pope Urges Stop Gaza Violence 'in the Name of God'

US, Israel coordinated Jordanian airdrop into Gaza

Canada could take in 500,000 Palestinian refugees according to proposed plan

'Friendships ended because of the situation': Hamas war sparks global antisemitism surge

'Kill the Babies!' Anti-Israel Hecklers Taunt Jews at Stroller Protest

Jon Voight: 'These Animals Want to Wipe Out Jews, Christians'

Michigan Democratic AG demands Tlaib retract defense of antisemitic 'from the river to the sea'

Tens of thousands march across the world for Gaza ceasefire

Pro-Palestinian protesters worldwide call for Israel's elimination

Protesters chant 'bomb Israel' and burn flag outside synagogue in Sweden

Turkish police tear gas pro-Palestinian protesters at air base used by US forces

Thousands of pro-Palestinian marchers descend upon WH chanting 'Allahu akbar,' '**** Joe Biden' as they demand ceasefire

Israel's UN Ambassador Erdan Warns of US Terrorism: 'We Are on Brink of Catastrophe'

Jerusalem Police Arrest Imams for Incitement at Mosques

U.S. Officials Fear American Guns Ordered by Israel Could Fuel West Bank Violence

Israeli civilian killed in anti-tank missile attack from Lebanon amid escalation

Blinken meets Iraqi PM in Baghdad, says attacks on US forces there 'unacceptable'

Hamas official says North Korea is ally, insinuates it could one day target the US

Escalating Militia Attacks on U.S. Troops Risk Washington-Tehran Confrontation - Armed drone that struck American barracks in Iraq highlights growing threat to U.S. military in the region

US troops came home feeling 'cursed' and seeing ghosts after intense artillery battles with the Islamic State

Putin's move to secure Libya bases is new regional challenge for US, European allies

Russia Says It Test-fired an ICBM From a New Nuclear Submarine

Zelensky invites Trump to Ukraine: 'He can't manage this war'

Trump Declines Zelenskyy's Invite to Kyiv

The US is quietly arming Taiwan to the teeth

Tensions strike India and Canada once again as separatist leader warns of threat to Air India flights

Sen. Johnson: FBI's Cover-Up on Biden Probe "Greater Scandal'

Trump To Testify At Civil Trial Targeting His New York Empire

The 2024 Election Rematch Americans Are Dreading Looks Likely - One year before voting, a weakened Biden and a criminally indicted Trump appear to be on a collision course

Election fraud cases break out in 3 Democrat states, new voting ordered in one

Elon Musk releases new AI chatbot 'Grok' in bid to take on ChatGPT

Multi-nation agreement seeks cooperation on development of 'frontier' AI tech

Under a Blood-Red Sky: Geomagnetic Storm Causes Intense Auroras in North America and European Regions - Sky Explodes in Crimson over Russia and Ukraine

5.7 magnitude earthquake hits near Isangel, Vanuatu

5.1 magnitude earthquake hits near Rat Islands, Aleutian Islands, Alaska

5.1 magnitude earthquake hits the South Indian Ocean

Sabancaya volcano in Peru erupts to 20,000ft

Popocateptl volcano in Mexico erupts to 20,000ft

Sangay volcano in Ecuador erupts to 20,000ft

Klyuchevskoy volcano on Kamchatka, Russia erupts to 17,000ft

Reventador volcano in Ecuador erupts to 15,000ft

Semeru volcano in Indonesia erupts to 14,000ft

Migrants reaching Spain's Canary Islands near 32,000 this year

ERO NYC Apprehends Suspected Terrorist Released by US Border Patrol, Wanted for Terroristic Activities in Senegal

California Man Arrested for Decapitating Female Relative, Fleeing the Scene With Her Head

Video: St. Louis Man Accused of Trying to Steal Baby Before Breaking 82-Year-Old's Arms

Hong Kong kicks off Asia's first gay games despite opposition

Florida Teacher Fired for Using 'Nonbinary' Title 'Mx.' in Classroom Materials

Drag Queen Rages Over 'Religious Gatekeeping' After His Album Disqualified from Grammys Category

UW gave gender-transition surgeries without proper consent: lawsuit

Ohio Gov. DeWine: Issue One Goes 'Too Far' on Abortion

Highly pathogenic avian flu detected at Alabama chicken farm, nearly 48K birds killed

FDA Responds After Being Urged To Recall Pfizer's Vaccine Over DNA Fragments

Tracking Bible Prophecy Headlines - 11/5/2023

Erdogan: Post-War Gaza Must be Part of Sovereign Palestinian State

Obama calls for end of 'occupation,' security for Israel, state for Palestinians - Obama called the Israel-Hamas conflict a 'moral reckoning for all of us'

Republican Jewish Coalition to Obama: You Are 'Complicit in the Death and Suffering in Israel and in Gaza'

Obama: 'All of Us Are Complicit to Some Degree' in 'Occupation,' Hamas Terror

U.S. and Israel Split Over Gaza Goals, Muddying War's Endgame

Biden's 2024 team roiled by Israel-Hamas war

Blinken to meet with Abbas in Ramallah as US envisions PA's return to Gaza after war

Blinken blasts settler violence, tells Abbas Gazans must not be 'forcibly displaced'

Blinken spars with Arab leaders in Amman over ceasefire call, says it'll help Hamas

As combat rages in Gaza, Gallant vows Israel will kill Hamas head Sinwar

Far-right minister says nuking Gaza an option, PM suspends him from cabinet meetings

IDF carries out 'targeted' incursion into south Gaza as troops push deeper into Strip

Army says 2,500 Gaza targets struck during ground op, troops locating more targets

More than 1,000 craters: satellite images show destruction of northern Gaza Strip

UN secretary general says 'nowhere is safe' in Gaza as Palestinian death toll tops 9,000

Gaza's children face catastrophe as death toll nears 4,000, UN warns

Israel said to push back on US advice for reducing Gaza civilian casualties

Gazan terrorists fire rockets at central Israel as rally held for return of hostages

Hostage envoy booed at Tel Aviv protest as families step up pressure on government

Red Crescent says 15 killed in strike on Gaza ambulance outside Al-Shifa hospital

Deadly Israel strike on Gaza ambulance convoy sparks condemnation

IDF says Hamas attacked troops as they opened Gaza evacuation corridor for civilians

Gaza Becomes a Death Trap for Children as Israeli Strikes Intensify - About 40% of those killed so far have been under 18. 'This is the worst we've seen.'

While Hamas hoards Gaza's resources, civilians face humanitarian crisis

Average Palestinian In Gaza Is Living On 2 Pieces Of Bread A Day: UN Official

Lack of clean drinking water for 95% of people in Gaza threatens health crisis

'I Killed 10 Jews With My Own Hands': IDF Screens Raw Hamas Footage For Journalists

Carefully constructed misinformation videos boost viral anti-Israel TikTok presence

War film: Israeli stars work to show Hamas horrors in Hollywood

Jewish woman stabbed in her home in France with Swastika plastered to door

Eleven arrested as pro-Palestine protesters march through London after Oxford Circus brought to a standstill

London police say 29 arrested at pro-Palestinian rally, including antisemitic speaker

British Leaders Express Concern at Massive Gaza Protest Planned for Armistice Day

Tens of thousands, some from as far away as Georgia, arrive in Washington, DC, for pro-Palestinian rally

Pro-Palestinian protesters in DC say Israel is a 'racist state' and chant 'long live the Intifada'

Anti-Israel Protesters Try to Storm White House, Demand Destruction of Israel

One Day After Congress Fails to Censure Rashida Tlaib She Calls for the Elimination of Israel on Twitter

Michigan Rep. Tlaib accuses Biden of backing Palestinian 'genocide'

New York Times writer resigns over letter accusing Israel of 'genocide'

Pro-Palestinian Protesters Breach US Military Supply Ship They Think Is Heading for Israel

NYC City Council funneled $9 million in taxpayer dollars to anti-Israel groups that sponsored massive protests

Kamala Harris' stepdaughter Ella Emhoff promotes $8 million fund for Gaza, GOP congressman says Hamas 'almost certain' to benefit

Emhoff: There is an 'antisemitism crisis' on our nation's campuses

The Billionaire Donor Taking On His Alma Mater Over Antisemitism - Apollo CEO Marc Rowan wasn't vocal about social issues. Then Israel was attacked.

Dem Says He Mistakenly Voted Against Condemning Antisemitism on Campuses

New Facebook group Mothers Against College Antisemitism has 43K members and counting

White House and CNN condemn Mark Levin's comments on 'self-hating Jews' at network

Jon Voight Scolds Daughter Angelina Jolie Over Israel Comments, Urges No Coexistence with Hamas 'Animals'

'It Feels Like the New McCarthyism': How the Israel-Hamas War Is Redefining the Limits of Free Speech - In the age of social media, do employers have the right to fire employees for their political views?

NYC man claims he's 'just an artist' after being charged over antisemitic graffiti

Amid Shin Bet warnings, Ben Gvir said to dismiss deadly settler violence as 'graffiti'

Analysis: Nasrallah Says He Won't Sacrifice Lebanon for Gaza, Leaving Hamas to Fend for Themselves

Blinken thanks Lebanon's leader for work preventing country 'being pulled into a war'

Hezbollah Targets Israel With 'Volcano' Rockets as Tensions Soar

Israeli jets hit Lebanon as Hezbollah fires more powerful missile

Missile from Yemen downed over Saudi Arabia - report

Turkey recalling ambassador; Erdogan: We've written Netanyahu off

Iranian group puts up recruitment posters for suicide bombers willing to attack targets in Israel

'Death to Israel, death to America': Iran marks anniversary of 1979 embassy takeover

New York Times: Russia, China, Iran helping Hamas wage war on Israel online

'We're losing': Ukrainians reel from war chief's stalemate warning

U.S., European officials broach topic of peace negotiations with Ukraine, sources say

EU Chief Continues Push For Ukraine to Join Bloc During Meeting with Zelensky

Japan gains military bases in Philippines as 2 nations expand military alliance amid increasing Chinese aggression

Survivor of Mao's China Warns America is on the Verge of Becoming a Communist State

Billionaire-backed tech group says it's bought all the land it needs for utopian city

Sam Bankman-Fried's new legal nightmare as he faces second trial for bribing Chinese officials and former SEC chair calls for convicted FTX fraudster to be prosecuted for directing nearly $70M in stolen funds to Democrats

Hunter Biden Received 'Special Attention' from Obama Admin for His Trips to China

Trump lawyer in seized docs case reveals 'extensive' collaboration between Biden White House, DOJ, National Archives, intelligence community before indictment

Jack Smith pushes court to disallow cameras in Trump election interference trial

Get Your Popcorn Ready: Trump Scheduled to Take Stand in His Own Defense

Mike Johnson, theocrat: the House speaker and a plot against America - Mike Johnson, knows how he will rule: according to his Bible

Judge in freedom truckers trial orders prosecution to reveal redacted emails to police

Top Pentagon UFO chief to be replaced as whistleblowers claim he lied about technology

HAARP artificial airglow may be widely visible in Alaska

Large filament eruption produces partial-halo CME, impact to Earth expected on November 5

Rescuers Struggle to Find Nepal Quake Survivors as Deaths Reach 157

Earthquake confirmed near Tennessee, North Carolina border

New island emerges near Iwo Jima in Ogasawara chain, Japan following intense volcanic activity

Sabancaya volcano in Peru erupts to 24,000ft

Popocateptl volcano in Mexico erupts to 24,000ft

Sangay volcano in Ecuador erupts to 24,000ft

Ruiz volcano in Colombia erupts to 22,000ft

Reventador volcano in Ecuador erupts to 15,000ft

Semeru volcano in Indonesia erupts to 15,000ft

Oklahoma City's Ordinance Will Fine People for Feeding Meals to the Homeless Without a Permit

Afghan farmers lose income of more than $1 billion after the Taliban banned poppy cultivation

Biden declines meeting with Dem mayors demanding action on border crisis

Migrants Are Flocking to the U.S. From All Over the Globe - Arrests at the Southwest border of migrants from China, India and other distant countries have tripled

African terror suspect arrested in Manhattan after being set free in the US by Border Patrol

'Hostage situation' at Hamburg airport as gunman drives on to runway - Reports that at least one child was in the car used to drive through security barriers

Ex-CNN producer John Griffin settles lawsuit with 9-year-old girl he sexually abused in Vermont home

Alabama mayor, Baptist pastor, commits suicide after being exposed as 'transgender curvy girl Brittini Blaire'

State Sen. Shevrin Jones may run for Florida governor in 2026. He'd be nation's first Black openly gay governor

Female Jiu-Jitsu athlete wins match against biological male who did not disclose being trans

Male player on Massachusetts girls' field hockey team knocks teeth out of female opponent

Target CEO falsely claims company did not team up with Satanist designer, sell Pride merch for kids

Trans TikToker freaks out after AI filter keeps 'misgendering' him

USA Today, Daily Beast, Media Matters, SPLC run hit pieces suggesting Libs of TikTok is a 'terrorist' for standing up against child sex changes

Police shut down detransitioner documentary screening after far-left agitators disrupt event at University of Utah

California jury awards $332 million to man who blamed his cancer on use of Monsanto weedkiller

California Reinstates Mask Mandates - Bay Area Counties Implement Mandatory Face Coverings Through March

Fauci Lied, People Died: French Study Is Latest to Find Hydroxychloroquine Is Associated with Lower COVID-19 Mortality Rates

Two of Boris Johnson's former closest aides, Dominic Cummings and Lee Cain, have given testimony at the COVID hearing in which they detailed a chaotic and dysfunctional government at the height of the pandemic

Scientists warn next pandemic is the 'Big One' and could be deadlier than Covid

Tracking Bible Prophecy Headlines - 11/4/2023

Blinken: Israel made clear it doesn't intend to resume control of Gaza after war; 2-state solution must be goal

Israel has 'significantly refined' battle plans against Hamas, says Biden official - Senior official tells reporters that Israeli war planners made changes after consultations with US

US anticipates shift in Israel's tactics in the coming week, senior US official says

China Takes Control of Paralyzed U.N. Security Council, Declaring Pro-Hamas 'Ceasefire' a 'Top Priority'

Over 50 DNC Employees Sign Letter Urging Biden To Call For Israeli Cease-Fire In Gaza

Woke 'Transgender Rabbi' Gets Biden to Call for Pro-Hamas Pause in Gaza War

Reports: US officials warn Israel it has limited time before support for war wanes

Thousands protest in Tel Aviv as Blinken visits, demanding hostages' return

Blinken urges humanitarian pause; Netanyahu tells him not without hostages' release

US working 'extremely hard' to get hostages out; UN says agency in Gaza 'practically out of business'

US flying drones over Gaza in search of hostages, Pentagon says

Blinken: Hamas Atrocities 'Beyond Human Capacity to Digest'

As Blinken meets PM, IDF airs call it says shows Hamas storing fuel under Gaza hospital

Troops 'completed the encirclement of Gaza City', says IDF; WHO says 'almost impossible' to bring aid to Gaza

Hamas tried to send fighters to Egypt in ambulances for wounded Gazans - US official

IDF says it carried out airstrike on ambulance being used by Hamas cell in northern Gaza

'Scores killed and injured' in Israeli airstrike on ambulance convoy in Gaza

IDF still surrounding Gaza City, kills 'numerous' terror operatives, destroys tunnels

IDF says it has killed 10 Hamas brigade, battalion commanders since beginning of war

IDF says it's using AI to quickly identify and strike new Hamas targets

IDF Raids Hamas Terrorist Base in Jabaliya 'Refugee Camp'; Seizes Intel

IDF: We uncovered operational plans, comms devices, personal details of Hamas operatives in raid of Jabaliya stronghold

9 bereaved Israeli families bring ICC war crime, genocide complaint against Hamas

Israel said likely to form tribunal to try Hamas terrorists for October 7 atrocities

Hamas trying to smuggle wounded terrorists out of Gaza delaying exit of foreign nationals, Biden admin says

First of 100-strong group of Britons cross Gaza border into Egypt

California woman trapped in Gaza sues U.S. officials over failure to evacuate U.S. citizens

Israel Deports Thousands of Palestinian Workers Back to Gaza War Zone

Hamas Co-Founder's Son Declares Group 'Nazis', Says 'Civilians Who Choose to Be with Hamas' and Die 'Not Israel's Fault'

Honduras recalls ambassador to Israel over 'serious humanitarian situation' in Gaza

12 Journalists Killed This Week In Israel-Hamas War, Totaling 36 Deaths

'We can't take it': journalist breaks down on air reporting colleague's death in Gaza

Women in abusive homes fear for their safety as war leads to relaxed gun licensing

Israelis urged to reconsider overseas travel amid rising antisemitism worldwide

Israel warns citizens not to display Jewish symbols abroad amid antisemitism uptick

As some US Jews take down mezuzahs due to antisemitism, some non-Jews put them up

Ohio Congressman cancels town meeting over threats against Jewish people - Landsman's town meeting was initially scheduled for Saturday in Lebanon, Ohio

German soccer team sacks player for sharing 'from the river to the sea' post

BBC defends right to compare Israel's actions against Hamas to Hitler's Final Solution

2 charged with terror offenses for paraglider signs at pro-Palestinian rally in London

London Holocaust library defaced with 'Gaza' graffiti

Swastika and words 'kill Jews' daubed in toilet at north London private girls' school

Why Do Young Americans Support Hamas? Look at TikTok. The app is digital fentanyl made by China. And it is brainwashing our youth against the country and our allies, argues Rep. Mike Gallagher

Attacks on Israeli websites reach new heights - The UK-Israel Cyber Forum aims to be a catalyst for change in cyber policy

Sunak calls Armistice Day pro-Palestinian protests 'disrespectful'

Japan to provide $65 million additional humanitarian aid to Palestinians

U.N. Issues Call for More Funds to Back $1.2 Billion Donation to Gaza

Monica Crowley calls UN a 'breeding ground' for hate and a 'cesspool' of antisemitism

House Approves Resolution Condemning Anti-Semitism and Support for Islamist Terror Organizations on College Campuses - Here are the 22 Democrats and the Sole Republican Who Refused to Denounce these Despicable Acts

Tony Shaffer, Blaine Holt: US Trying to 'Sandbag' Israelis

Sebastian Gorka: The Mask Is Off on the Left's Rabid Antisemitism

Biden under pressure from within his own party to use leverage on Israel

Democrats Break Down In Tears After House Approves Bill Slashing IRS Funding and Approving Aid to Israel to Fight Hamas

Leftwing Democrats try to block Biden Israel aid by using human rights law

Pro-Palestinian protesters block naval ship in Oakland: 'Joe Biden - we charge you with genocide'

Tlaib accuses Biden of supporting 'genocide' of Palestinians, warns: 'We will remember in 2024' - The congresswoman faced backlash for including 'From the river to the sea' chants in her video

Congress' Progressive Israel Critics Face A Wave Of Primary Threats

Bernie Sanders: Israel Must 'Stop the Indiscriminate Slaughter of Innocent People'

China Attacks Israel by Comparing Anti-Hamas Operation to Uyghur Genocide

Rep. Zinke Proposes Bill to 'Expel' Palestinians From US

Hezbollah arrests reveal threat in the U.S., FBI's Wray says this "is a time for vigilance"

Jordanian Nabbed in Texas 'Studying How to Build Bombs'

Report: Jordanian Arrested in Texas Was Allegedly 'Plotting to Attack a Jewish Gathering'

Hamas Official: America Will Collapse Like USSR

Israeli officials: Coalition's West Bank policy, rhetoric harming US support for war

Inside warped Hezbollah 'theme park' where terror-obsessed tourists wield machine guns & fake Israeli graves lie trashed

Hezbollah's Nasrallah Praises 'Heroic' Oct 7 Hamas Attack, Says It Was '100% Palestinian'

In much-hyped speech, Nasrallah makes threats but does not commit to broader war

Israeli spokesperson wonders whether Nasrallah's speechwriter was killed in IDF strike after Hezbollah chief's 'boring' speech

Netanyahu says Hezbollah mustn't test Israel, Nasrallah: Wide war possible

"We Will Attack US Bases, They Must Pay the Price" - Eyes on Hezbollah: Hassan Nasrallah Warns Israel of Pending Attacks - Threatens Strikes on US Bases

"Next level": Unmanned U.S. Navy boat fires weapons in Middle East for first time

Ayatollah Khamenei: 'Death to America' Is Not Just a Slogan, but Iran's 'Policy'

Algerian parliament authorizes President Tebboune to support Gaza amid Israeli assaults

As war engulfs Gaza, Putin sees a chance to regain some of Russia's faded global stature

Ukraine Left in the Cold as Israel Gets America's Unfettered Attention

Ukrainian troops battle exhaustion as war drags into second winter

Russia's Dmitri Medvedev Warns Poland Against Support for Ukraine, Says Country May 'Lose Its Statehood', Usher in WWIII

Drone Wars: the Russian 'Lancet' Kamikaze Drone Is a Game-Changer in the War in Ukraine

Chinese jet fired flares close to submarine-hunting helicopter in South China Sea, Canadian Navy says

North Korea media urges stronger nuclear force after U.S. missile test

Pakistan's Mianwali airbase attacked by terrorists, 3 suicide bombers killed

Watchdog Report: U.S. Has Given Afghanistan $11 Billion in Aid Since Disastrous Biden Withdrawal

Swiss authorities, banks mull new rules to prevent bank runs - sources

US banks hit by deposit delays

Shipping giant laying off 10,000 as pandemic boom turns to bust

FBI Launches Investigation into Alleged Corruption in Mayor Eric Adams's 2021 Election Campaign Over Illegal Donations From Turkey

Rep. James Comer Tells Lou Dobbs the Bidens Will be Subpoenaed in Coming Days

Hunter Asks Biden-Appointed US Attorney to Investigate Biden Crime Family Whistleblower Tony Bobulinski - Oversight Committee Responds

Judge Cannon Will Delay Jack Smith's Classified Documents Trial Against Trump - Scolds Special Counsel Again

"Unbelievable": Cannon scolds Jack Smith for warning that Trump is trying to "manipulate" her

Complaint Calls for Trump New York Trial Judge's Clerk to Be Disbarred for Excessive Political Donations

Judge Gags Trump's Lawyers From Statements About Communications With Staff, Threatening 'Serious Sanctions'

Appeals Courts Pauses Trump's Gag Order as He Fights Restrictions on His Speech

Appeals Court Smacks Down Ivanka Trump's 'Undue Hardship' Claim For Delay of Fraud Trial Testimony

Mary Trump: Eric Trump Just 'Lost the Entire Case'

Eric Trump: James Using Me as 'Collateral Damage'

"These Are Republic-Ending Tactics by The Democrats" - Article III Project Founder Mike Davis Discusses Bogus Colorado "Insurrection" Trial to Remove Trump, The Leading Presidential Candidate From 2024 Ballot

Biden DOJ To Arrest Peaceful J6 Protestors Who Did Not Enter Building

Mark Meadows sued by book publisher over false election claims

New Video Emerges Of CNN Accidentally Catching Woman Allegedly Stuffing Several Ballots into Drop Box In Cleveland, OH, During LIVE Segment on 2020 Election

D.C. Insider: 'Despicable' Media Attacks on Conservative Justice Clarence Thomas Part of Left's Effort to 'Undermine' Supreme Court

House GOP crafting major FISA reform to block snooping on Americans' phone records without warrants - Jordan, Biggs say bipartisan support beginning to form around first substantive changes since post-9-11 era

Elon Musk says AI will eventually create a situation where 'no job is needed'

Barack Obama Quietly Advising Joe Biden on AI

Humanity is out of control, and AI is worried

5.7 magnitude earthquake hits the Pacific-Antarctic Ridge

5.6 magnitude Nepal earthquake left at least 128 dead, dozens injured, prompting massive search and rescue effort

5.3 magnitude earthquake hits the Fiji region

5.1 magnitude earthquake hits near Prokopi, Greece

5.1 magnitude earthquake hits near Severo-Kuril'sk, Russia

5.0 magnitude earthquake hits near Atka, Alaska

5.0 magnitude earthquake hits the Mariana Islands region

Sabancaya volcano in Peru erupts to 24,000ft

Klyuchevskoy volcano on Kamchatka, Russia erupts to 23,000ft

Ruiz volcano in Colombia erupts to 22,000ft

Popocateptl volcano in Mexico erupts to 21,000ft

Sangay volcano in Ecuador erupts to 20,000ft

Reventador volcano in Ecuador erupts to 15,000ft

Semeru volcano in Indonesia erupts to 14,000ft

58 people still missing, including 11 Americans, week after Hurricane Otis made landfall in Mexico

Massive storm in Europe drops record-breaking rain and continues deadly trek across Italy

Six killed as 'unprecedented' downpours swamp Italy's Tuscany

Over 300 Japanese weather stations report hottest November day in history

Hundreds evacuated as wildfire rages through Valencia

Electric Planes, Once a Fantasy, Start to Take to the Skies

'Rid its borders of Christianity': Azerbajian lands on list of worst Christian persecutors

Gun Sales Spike Following Maine Shootings and Hamas Attacks on Israel

Supreme Court agrees to hear challenges to bump stock ban, New York's financial 'blacklisting' of NRA

Biden visits Lewiston, Maine, to comfort residents after mass shooting leaves 18 dead: 'You're not alone'

Cincinnati, Ohio shooting in West End neighborhood leaves 1 dead, multiple wounded: police

Security Breach at Duke Power Nuclear Plant: Man Rams Gate and Attacks Guards

Illegal Alien, Wanted for Terrorism, Arrested Near One World Trade Center Had Been Freed into U.S. by Biden's DHS

Special Forces Veteran Tells Joe Rogan Terror Attacks Are Coming to U.S. Because of Open Border: 'Should Scare You to Death'

Biden Plan Seeks to Have Millions of Illegal Aliens 'Check-In' Annually After Release into U.S.

Senators Grassley and Cornyn Introduce Bill to Make Catch-and-Release Data Public

Speaker Johnson Looks to Keep Momentum Going as He Pushes Border Security Bill

House Speaker Mike Johnson once blamed fall of Roman Empire on 'homosexual behavior,' audio clip shows

'Glamour' Names Transgender Model as '2023 Woman of the Year'

Trans Cyclist Celebrates Tenth Medal Won Racing Against Women

Republicans Demand End to Proposed HHS Rule Facilitating Abortions for Unaccompanied Migrant Youth

Ohio purged 26,000 voters days before abortion referendum deadline

Bay Area Counties Implementing Mask Mandates for Hospitals to Combat 'Tripledemic'

New Poll: One In Four Americans Say COVID Shots Are Unsafe And Know Someone Who Died From The Jab

Rasmussen poll: A stunning 42% of Americans would likely join a class action lawsuit against COVID vax makers if it was permitted by law

Tracking Bible Prophecy Headlines - 11/3/2023

Pope Francis says two-state solution needed for Israelis, Palestinians - Francis says Israelis and Palestinians are 'two peoples who have to live together'

The Guardian: As dark as things seem, the war in Gaza could end up restarting the peace process

A 'Pro-Palestinian' Rally Would Call for Peace and Two States; These Rallies Want Jews Dead

Israel has no right to defend itself, says Russia at UN - Russia condemned efforts by Arab states to normalize relations with Israel before the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is settled

Russia 'has crossed all the red lines already' in war between Israel and Hamas, says Israeli analyst

Russia is the "the main beneficiary" of the Israel-Hamas war, says Israeli journalist

Russia says Israeli call for citizens to leave North Caucasus is 'anti-Russian'

Haley: US 'acting like it's September 10' amid 'unholy alliance' of Hamas, Russia, Iran and open border

Iran uses Hamas to prevent regional peace - The fate of Hamas is sealed, but Israel cannot cut off the octopus' head without help

Iran Chairs U.N. Human Rights Forum One Month After Hamas Atrocities

'Shameful day,' Israel mission says of Iran chairing UN social forum

As IDF advances in Gaza, Hamas chief Haniyeh claims to seek 'political negotiations'

'Awareness of Gravity of Horrors': Interactive Map Depicts Scale of Hamas Oct 7 Atrocities on Israeli-Gaza Border Communities

Voice Of Evil: Hamas Terrorist Coldly Reveals Graphic Details About Murdering Crying Children to Israeli Official - Fears for His Life if His Parents Find Out About His Crimes

Hamas Terrorist: We Shot Crying Children 'Until We Didn't Hear Noise Anymore'

Israeli Medic Attias: 'Evil Demon' Hamas Cut Arm off Girl, Shot Families

Israeli Volunteer Testifies Hamas Baked Baby to Death

Hamas terrorists were high on 'jihadi drug' during Israel attacks, report claims Captagon made them barbaric

In Grief And Under Pressure, A Growing Number Of American Jews Protest Israeli Military Action

Hamas reportedly sending text messages to families of kidnapped

IDF Chief of Staff to Soldiers: 'We Are Fighting in the Name of the Sanctity of Life'

Isolation: The greatest danger facing Israel right now is not what you think

Lost in Translation: Biden Confuses Israelis with Call for 'Pause,' not 'Ceasefire'

Biden Tries to Appease Swing-state Muslims by Calling for 'Pause' in Gaza as Hamas Retreats

Blinken to enter Gaza diplomatic fray as Biden calls for 'pause' to get hostages out

Sen. Cruz: Biden's Call for Israel Pause 'Obscene'

Netanyahu reportedly weighing short ceasefire, a key US request

Israeli Troops Encircle Gaza City as Global Criticism of Strikes Mounts

Israel sends robots to 'destroy Hamas terrorist tunnels' as troops surround Gaza City

Israeli troops roll into Gaza City as ground offensive intensifies, IDF toll rises

IDF soldiers fend off nighttime Hamas ambush, as battalion commander killed in Gaza

Israeli troops advance toward Gaza City as the Palestinian death toll rises above 9,000

IDF: 130 terrorists killed in latest battles, forces surrounding Gaza City

Hamas says 195 killed in two days of strikes on Jabalia camp

Sen. Chris Murphy Calls Out Israel For Killing Massive Number Of Palestinian Civilians

Angelina Jolie Condemn Israel's Air Strikes in Gaza, Call It A 'Deliberate Bombing of Population, Murder'

Israel accuses Hamas of using over 100 women and children as human shields in Gaza

Far from war in Gaza, Hamas chief oversees vast financial network

Over 100 aid trucks enter Gaza in a day for 1st time since start of Israel-Hamas war

IDF Chief Says Israel Will Allow Fuel Into Gaza if It Runs Out in Hospitals; Netanyahu Says He Didn't OK It

Audio: Hamas Admits Taking Fuel from Gaza Hospitals for Itself

Turkey Ready to Take Cancer Patients From Shut Gaza Hospital

Angry and tired, Gazan mothers stuck in Israel after medical care want to get home - Civilians were in Israel on October 7 as their children received life-saving surgery. They make plain they appreciate the care, even as some blame Israel for Gaza's woes

Confusion And Hope At Gaza's Border With Egypt As First Foreign Passport Holders Depart

Egypt to help evacuate 'about 7,000' foreigners and dual nationals from Gaza Strip

Biden says 74 Americans with dual citizenship evacuated from Gaza

Biden Confronts Wave of Antisemitism by Putting Kamala Harris in Charge of Islamophobia

'Crisis of antisemitism' in the UK and world, says husband of Kamala Harris

Israeli Academics Rebuke Universities in the West for 'Adopting' Hamas

'Surrogates' for Hamas: University regent slams 'appalling' letter from ethnic studies faculty

Antisemitism has billionaires bailing on Ivy League donations

Cornell University cancels classes Friday amid 'extraordinary stress' on campus after violent antisemitic threats led to the arrest of a student

Students walk out of Hillary Clinton's class to protest Columbia 'shaming' pro-Palestinian demonstrators

US rights group urges colleges to protect free speech amid Israel-Gaza war

Jeff Bezos Under Pressure to Remove Pro-Palestinian Merchandise From Amazon

German Vice-Chancellor Criticizes Silence of Muslim Organizations Over Hamas Atrocities, Threatens Deportation for Antisemitic Offenders

Germany Officially Outlaws Hamas, Disbands Samidoun, Group That Celebrated Oct 7 Massacre

Jewish Cemetery Set on Fire and Defaced with Swastika and Hitler Graffiti in Austria

Critics renew calls for a TikTok ban, claiming platform has an anti-Israel bias

Bill to ban 'systematic' viewing of terror content readied for final Knesset passage - Anyone watching content praising or calling for terror attacks 'in a way that indicates identification with the terror group' would be subject to a year in prison

In Israel-Gaza War, Recycled Images From Past Conflicts Can Undercut True Toll

The Horrifying Images Are Real. But They're Not From the Israel-Gaza War - Videos and photos of the conflict are competing with misappropriated depictions of unrelated tragedies

Homeland Security refuses to discuss continued employment of Islamic supporter of genocide - Homeland Security chief calls such questions 'despicable'

House Set to Pass Aid Bill for Israel, Clashing With Biden and Senate

House Approves $14.5B in Assistance for Israel; Biden Vows to Veto GOP's Approach

'We Are in Dire Straits': Speaker Johnson Puts Mandatory Conditions on Israel Military Aid Package - the greatest threat to our national security is the national debt

Hoyer: We Won't Support GOP Bill Making Israel Aid 'Conditional' - We Have Condition of Tying it to Ukraine

Speaker Mike Johnson Backs Ukraine Aid, Just Without Tying It to Israel Aid

Dem Rep. Crow: GOP Israel Bill Is Politicizing Israel, I Won't Support It Because It Doesn't Have Humanitarian Aid I Want

Antony Blinken Can't Guarantee U.S. Aid to Gaza Won't Go to Hamas: 'There Will Inevitably Be Some Spillage'

Republicans Seek to Block Biden from Giving Quasi-Amnesty to Palestinians

House passes bill requiring annual report on Palestinian teaching materials

Biden's Israel-Gaza Approach Sidelines State Department, And Officials Fear The Worst

Biden's stance on Israel-Hamas war could lose him Michigan in 2024, Democrats warn

Biden aides stress outreach to Muslim and Arab communities after backlash over Israel-Hamas response

House rejects effort to censure Rashida Tlaib over the Palestinian-American's rhetoric about Israel

Report: Biden Meddles in Israeli Politics During War; Seeks Netanyahu Replacement

White House denies discussing prospects of Netanyahu departing office

Huffington Post: Netanyahu Has Sidestepped Accountability For Failing To Prevent Hamas Attack - "This debacle will be investigated. Everyone will have to give answers, including me," Netanyahu said

Orthodox Jews, Evangelicals urge Israel's chief rabbi to call for National Day of Prayer on Monday

Plunged into crisis by war, Israel's agricultural heartland fears for its future

Israel's Army Plans to Recruit Settlers With No IDF Experience to Defend Ultra-orthodox West Bank Settlements

Israeli driver shot dead in West Bank terror attack; IDF hunting for attackers

IDF: Broader operational plans for north 'ready for implementation'

Rocket from Lebanon strikes Kiryat Shmona as fighting ramps up on northern border

US: No Signs Hezbollah Ready to Go in 'Full Force' Amid Strikes on Israeli Targets

Report: US concerned Hezbollah could get air defense system from Wagner Group

Between a Torpedo and a Submarine: Hamas Reveals Unmanned Attack Weapon

Missile From Yemen to Israel: Unprecedented Launch, Unprecedented Interception

IDF releases footage of Houthi missiles being downed over Red Sea

US intelligence currently assesses Iran and its proxies are seeking to avoid a wider war with Israel

Risk of a Wider Middle East War Threatens a 'Fragile' World Economy

Myanmar rebels seize vital border town as China calls for ceasefire

China and US reportedly agree to rare nuclear arms control talks

Putin signs bill revoking Russian ratification of nuclear test ban treaty - Russian officials have characterized the move as leveling the playing field between Moscow and Washington

Putin ally warns 'enemy' Poland: you risk losing your statehood

'Deluded' Zelensky blasted as closest aide claims Ukraine is 'not winning' war with Russia

Ukrainian general: Counteroffensive against Russia has reached "stalemate"

Kremlin: There's No Stalemate in Ukraine, Russia Determined to Win

Russia Downs Ukrainian Drones Over Crimea, Black Sea

Ukraine: Russia Regrouping for New Attacks at Besieged Avdiivka

U.S. Amb. to Ukraine: It's in Our Interest to Push Russia to '91 Borders, Dodges on if Aid Request Will Do That

US plans $425 million Ukraine weapons aid announcement

Sam Bankman-Fried Convicted of All 7 Counts - Sentence Could Be as High as 115 Years in Prison

Comer: Oversight uncovered 'with 100% confidence' money behind $40K check to Joe Biden from brother 'came from China'

Hunter Biden: My Addiction Weaponized to Attack Father

'Breaking Biden' Author: Biden 'Crime Family' Will Crumble if Forced to Testify Before Congress

Rep. Fitzgerald: Biden Evidence Points to Impeach

Speaker Johnson: Decision on Biden impeachment articles coming 'very soon'

Obama, Hillary and Biden All Shared Emails Illegally Outside the US Government's Systems - None Will Be Held Accountable for These Crimes

U.S. House Clerk Announces Nancy Pelosi Gets Served Subpoena in Third-Party Criminal Case in California

Rep. George Santos survives effort to expel him from the House. But he still faces an ethics report

Ken Buck: I'm Quitting Congress Because Republicans 'Keep Lying'

Johnson on first week as Speaker: 'This is like an F5 hurricane'

Liz Cheney: Speaker Johnson Is 'Dangerous' - He Attempted to 'Undermine Our Republic'

Julie Kelly Commentary: Trump Wants Cameras in the Courtroom but the DOJ Does Not, and They Are Ready to Fight About It

Donald Trump Jr. Testifies in Father's Fraud Trial: I Never Worked on Financial Statements

DeSantis warns Trump conviction would be 'fatal' in 2024, but says he'll stick to support pledge

"I Think It Goes All the Way from the Top Down to the Prosecutors and AGs" - Trump Attorney Alina Habba Claims Biden DOJ is Coordinating with DA's Who Are Going After Trump

JD Vance Takes Sledgehammer to Biden's 'Banana Republic' where the President is using his Department of Justice to go after his chief political rival in Fiery Speech on the Floor

Kinzinger: Trump Is Like a Toddler, His Emotional 'Outbursts' Should Disqualify Him from Presidency

Minnesota justices appear skeptical that states should decide Trump's eligibility for the ballot

Connecticut Democrat Judge Overturns Bridgeport Mayoral Primary Results, Orders New Election - Following Shocking Video Evidence of Ballot Box Stuffing Fraud

Study: State of democracy declines worldwide amid tainted elections, eroding freedoms

Trump proposes free online college, says ones now turning students into 'communists and terrorists'

FTC: Amazon Made $1B via Price-Raising Algorithms

The Beatles last new song 'Now and Then' released with the help of AI and archived recordings

Nicolas Cage: 'AI Is a Nightmare to Me. It's Inhumane'

Scarlett Johansson Takes Legal Action Against AI That Cloned Her Likeness in Ad

Britain's King Charles III demands 'urgency' and 'unity' to address AI risk and tap into 'untold benefits'

5.7 magnitude earthquake hits near Hernani, Philippines

Klyuchevskoy volcano on Kamchatka, Russia erupts to 36,000ft

Popocateptl volcano in Mexico erupts to 24,000ft

Sangay volcano in Ecuador erupts to 22,000ft

Ruiz volcano in Colombia erupts to 20,000ft

Fuego volcano in Guatemala erupts to 19,000ft

Reventador volcano in Ecuador erupts to 15,000ft

Semeru volcano in Indonesia erupts to 14,000ft

Residents on 'Edge' Facing 2.5K Earthquakes as Italian Supervolcano Rumbles: 'It's Nonstop'v

Bomb cyclone Storm Ciarán turns deadly as it slams Europe with hurricane-force winds, extreme flooding

Storm Ciaran turns deadly in northern Europe, as 100-mph winds knock out power for millions

Storm Ciaran broke intensity records as it takes aim at U.K., France

Warming world, widening gap: Climate change's toll on poverty and inequality in South Africa

Texans may be without power if a January winter storm strikes the state, says report

Economic blows batter Biden's clean energy goals

Foreign Company Cancels Hated NJ Offshore Wind Plants After Whale Deaths, Protests - But Blames Bidenflation

California increasingly shutting off wind, solar farms due to lack of power lines

Voice of the Martyrs to Hold International Day of Prayer for Persecuted Christians

Lula militarizes Brazil's main ports, airports amid rising crime

Desperate France Set to Violate European Court of Human Rights to Deport 'Dangerous' Foreigners'

GOP lawmaker demands DHS briefing on terrorists crossing southern border

Grassley probes law enforcement on ground, air incursions at southern border - U.S. Customs and Border Protection has documented more than 10,000 drone incursions and 25,000 drone detections in the Rio Grande Valley over the past year

Senator Ted Cruz Blasts Biden's Broken Immigration Policy: "The Border Agents Laughed-Democrats Don't Visit Here"

Report: Joe Biden to Pay Foreign Countries to Control Inflow of Illegal Immigration to U.S.

Mayors from Sanctuary Cities New York, Los Angeles, Houston, Denver, and Chicago Appeal for $5 Billion Aid from Biden Regime Amidst Invasion

Prostitution Booming in New York City Again - Eric Adams Blames Border Crisis

California Hells Angels have tortured, killed and cremated ex-members, federal racketeering case reveals

DC mayor hands out AirTags so residents can find cars after they are stolen

Police: Naked Las Vegas Man Steals Squad Car, Crashes into Bystanders

Teacher on Leave After Dressing as Devil, Telling Students 'Hail Satan'

Report: Voices in Maine Shooting Suspect's Head Called Him a 'Pedophile'

AI-generated nude images of girls at NJ high school trigger police probe: 'I am terrified'

Nearly 100 Ohio churches leave UMC amid homosexuality schism

PragerU Launches 'DETRANS' Documentary to Explain the Terrible Cost of the Transgender Movement

Virginia students walk out over continuing policy of allowing biological males in girl's bathrooms

Five Senate Republicans Turn Against Tommy Tuberville in His Fight Against the Biden Pentagon's Abortion Policy

Appeals Court Rules State Abortion Ballot Language Using 'Right to Life,' 'Unborn Child' Is 'Argumentative'

Xi Says China's Women Must Start 'New Trend of Family,' as the nation grapples with an aging population and record decline in the birth rate

U.S. Infant Mortality Rate Sees Largest Increase in 20 Years, Says CDC

Elon Musk Says Ventilators, Not COVID-19 Virus, Responsible for Millions of Deaths

Co-Pilot Accused of Threatening to Shoot Captain Had Challenged Vax Mandate: Report

Tracking Bible Prophecy Headlines - 11/2/2023

Pope Says Two-State Solution Needed for Israel-Palestine

Commentary: Does a two-state solution, long discounted, still have a future?

Israeli Tech Giant Whose Daughter Was Murdered: 'We Won't Make Peace With Hamas, but Maybe With Abbas'

Biden Found Even Modest Israel-Palestinian Peace Steps Impossible

UAE Official Stands by Abraham Accords Despite Gaza Conflict

Blaine Holt: Multinational Force in Mideast Might Be Needed

IDF says its forces are 'at gates' of Gaza City, took out Hamas anti-tank missile chief

Phone and internet connections in Gaza briefly go dark again as war rages

Hostages in mind, Israel moves slowly in Gaza ground offensive

Israeli Hostages Exposed To Same "Death" As Palestinians: Hamas Chief

IDF chief: 'Painful price' paid by troops is 'necessary' to win this 'long war'

15 soldiers killed to date in battles inside Gaza; another by mortar shell at border

Israeli Airstrikes Hit Refugee Camp For A Second Day, Gaza Officials Say

Hamas leader accuses Israel of 'barbaric massacres' after refugee camp hit

Saudi Arabia condemns 'inhumane' IDF strike on Gaza's Jabaliya

Jordan recalls ambassador from Israel to protest carnage in war with Hamas - Amman accuses Jewish state of 'killing innocents' and causing 'humanitarian catastrophe' in Gaza; South American countries also call their envoys home

Latin America's Leftist Leaders Recall Israel Ambassadors Over Its War With Hamas

UN official who denounced Gaza 'genocide' had been under review after Israel lobby complaint

Media freedom group accuses Israel, Hamas of war crimes over deaths of 34 journalists

Biden reaffirms Israel defending itself within international and humanitarian law

US should place 'no limit' on civilian casualties Israel inflicts, senator says - However, Republican senator Lindsey Graham says, Israel should be 'smart' and try to limit casualties 'the best they can'

MKs are shown raw videos of Hamas atrocities; some leave in tears

Tormented grandfather shows AI video of 8-year-old grandson, held in Gaza

How Telegram Became a Terrifying Weapon in the Israel-Hamas War - Hamas posted gruesome images and videos that were designed to go viral. Sources argue that Telegram's lax moderation ensured they were seen around the world

Report: US Intel Disregarded Hamas After 9/11

IDF estimates 3,000 Hamas terrorists invaded Israel in Oct. 7 onslaught

Hamas Official: We Will Repeat October 7 Attacks Until Israel Is Annihilated - The existence of Israel is the root of all violence and pain

Chief Rabbi tells Sadiq Khan Gaza ceasefire would allow more 'Hamas brutality'

Amid Israel-Hamas war, some Palestinians rage against another target: Their own rulers

Israel: Red Cross has 'no right to exist' if it can't help hostages in Gaza

Gaza's only cancer hospital is no longer operational after running out of fuel - Palestinian official says 16 of 35 hospitals in Hamas-controlled territory are out of service

Ambulances with Gaza wounded enter Egypt through Rafah border crossing

Foreign passport holders stuck in Gaza for weeks begin leaving for Egypt

Biden says American citizens will leave Gaza through Rafah border crossing - Egypt, Israel and Hamas reportedly reach agreement after Qatar-led talks

1,000 Americans Left Behind as Last US Charter Plane Leaves Israel

Farage Tells Tucker 'Hamas Sympathisers' Will Infiltrate Palestinian Refugees to the West

Senators Lee and Tuberville to introduce legislation to stop UN funding for not condemning Hamas

Mike Johnson doubles down on Israel-only aid package, urges Senate GOP to get on board

White House Warns That Biden Would Veto GOP's Israel Aid Bill

Rand Paul: Biden 'bluffing' with threat to veto House GOP bill on Israel aid

Democrat Infighting Breaks Out over Support for Israel

Democrats could be split for a 'generation' as left tears 'itself apart over Israel'

Biden White House brainstorming anti-Islamophobia program amid warnings against support for Israel - Left-wing Democrats have warned President Biden that Muslim voters may abandon him over his support for Israel

Netanyahu may not last, Biden and aides increasingly believe

Protest leaders, ex-security chiefs step up calls for Netanyahu to resign amid war

Gaza-area mayor quits Likud on live TV, citing government failures

Jewish schools to US colleges: Don't recruit students unless you can guarantee safety

Yale newspaper issues retraction after backlash over controversial editor's note on pro-Israel columns - Yale student paper apologizes after saying reports of Hamas atrocities were 'unsubstantiated'

'Utter disgrace': UJS condemns university union's call for a 'mass uprising' against Israeli citizens

Train station sit-in by Palestine activists inside London's Liverpool Street leaves Jewish passengers 'intimidated'

Non-Binary CUNY Professor Filmed Ripping down Missing Israeli Posters, Attacking Onlooker

Celebrities spread stories of hostages to campaign for their freedom

Greta Thunberg's anti-Israel stance divides climate movement

IDF soldiers film themselves abusing, humiliating West Bank Palestinians

Four Palestinians said killed in West Bank clashes as IDF arrests top Fatah official

Yemen's Houthi Rebels Group That Biden Removed from Terror List Launches Attacks on Israel

Yemen's Houthi rebels claim attacks on Israel, drawing their main sponsor Iran closer to Hamas war

Iran's Leader Khamenei Urges Muslim Countries to Boycott Israel

Iran's leader says countries should 'block the flow of oil and food' to Israel

McCaul: These Threats Are Linked - 'You Cannot Dissect Putin from Hamas from Iran from China'

China denies censoring Israel on maps

China deploys military vessels, aircraft near Taiwan

China Agrees to Nuclear Arms-Control Talks With US

Rep. Mark Green Debuts Bill to Keep China-Linked Consultants from State Department Contracts

More Chinese migrants are crossing Panama's jungle to come to the U.S.

As economy falters, more Chinese migrants take a perilous journey to the US border to seek asylum

Fighting between Myanmar's junta and ethnic rebel groups near shared border with China displaces thousands

North Korea shuts down multiple embassies, South Korea speculates financial issues are the reason

Biden Regime and International Donors Send $80 Million Every 2 Weeks to Taliban-Controlled Afghanistan Amidst Reports of Funds Being Misappropriated, Says Government Watchdog

Bill Johnson: Support Ukraine But 'Ensure Transparency'

Ukraine Oil Refinery Hit, Power Lines Damaged by Russian Drone

Kyiv tries to rally troops, urging them to resist burnout as Russian attacks intensify

Ukraine 'fatigue' prevalent in Europe, Meloni tells Russian prank callers

Kazakhstan welcomes France's Macron under Moscow's disapproving gaze

16 Christians Slain in Attacks in Benue State, Nigeria

Rebels take over Mali camp immediately after UN evacuates

Bolsonaro Again Ruled Ineligible to Hold Public Office by Brazil Electoral Court

Congress Alerted to CCP Election Interference in California as Gavin Newsom Visits Xi Jinping

Lake: Don't Be Surprised When Biden Is Replaced - 'Pretty Obvious if You're Watching'

James Comer Exposes How Joe Biden Received $40,000 from the $5 Million Hunter Biden's Laundered China Money

Top prosecutor undercuts Garland, says Weiss needed DOJ approval to bring Hunter Biden tax charges

'We Caught Them Red-Handed': DOJ Spied on GOP Staffers Probing the Origins of the Russia Collusion Hoax

Rep. Jordan Announces Probe of US Intel Community

GOP Rep Torches Party on His Way Out the Door: 'We Lost Our Way'

RINO Rep. Ken Buck Announces Departure from Congress, Cites Frustration with GOP's "Lie that the 2020 Election was Stolen"

Attorneys for Jeff Clark Asks Georgia Judge to Toss Case, End Fani Willis' 'Grotesque Abuse' of Power

Judge Cannon Signals She May Postpone Trump Classified Docs Trial, Admonishes Jack Smith’s Prosecutor

The Leading Presidential Candidates Face Ballot Issues: Trump in Two State Lawsuits, Biden in New Hampshire

Judge rejects Trump team bid to end Colorado 14th Amendment trial, Kash Patel testifies

Colorado "Insurrection" Trial Update: Syracuse Law Professor Testifies President Trump Failed by Not Deploying National Guard on J6 - Ignores US Capitol Police Official Timeline and Mayor's Request Not to Deploy National Guard

In Effort to Remove Trump From Ballot in Colorado, DC Metro Officer Under Oath Details His Injuries From Jan 6 - But His Facebook Photos Tell a Different Story

It Begins. Biden's DOJ Starts Arresting Trump Supporters Who Stood Outside the US Capitol and Committed No Violence - Despite Registered Rallies on Capitol Grounds that Day

Trump Stands Up to Judge Going After His Kids: 'Leave My Children Alone'

Donald Trump Jr. takes the witness stand in New York trial of fraud suit against his father

House Republican pushes to oust Rep. George Santos from Congress over criminal charges, lies

Bankman-Fried Built 'Pyramid of Deceit,' Jury Told

WH unveils executive order, requires companies share national security risks with feds

Report: Joe Biden Became More Alarmed over AI Arfter Watching 'Mission: Impossible - Dead Reckoning'

US, England, China Sign AI Safety Pledge at UK Summit

Alex Marlow: Joe Biden's A.I. Oligarchs Plan for Our Future - Harness U.S. Government, Team with China, and 'Break' Capitalism

U.S. Government Blocks $5 Billion in Crucial AI Chips Ordered by Top Chinese Tech Giants: Report

US Gave Millions to Chinese Scientist Developing AI

Expert warns Biden's AI order has 'wrong priorities' despite some positive reviews

AI better than biopsy at assessing some cancers, study finds

Elon Musk told podcaster Joe Rogan on Tuesday that he bought Twitter to remove its "mind virus" from the world

Elon Musk's X/Twitter Has Lost 55% of Its Value in One Year

Pentagon Launches Secure UFO Reporting Tool

6.1 magnitude earthquake hits the Timor region, Indonesia

5.1 magnitude earthquake hits the Flores region, Indonesia

5.1 magnitude earthquake hits the Andaman Islands, India region

5.1 magnitude earthquake hits near Iztapa, Guatemala

5.0 magnitude earthquake hits the South Sandwich Islands region

Klyuchevskoy volcano on Kamchatka, Russia erupts to 36,000ft

Sabancaya volcano in Peru erupts to 25,000ft

Sangay volcano in Ecuador erupts to 22,000ft

Popocateptl volcano in Mexico erupts to 21,000ft

Reventador volcano in Ecuador erupts to 15,000ft

Semeru volcano in Indonesia erupts to 14,000ft

Two supervolcanoes, a world apart, have the attention of scientists

Hurricane Otis Generates Record-breaking 205 mph Gust, One of the Strongest on Record

State of emergency declared in El Salvador due to Tropical Storm "Pilar"

2 dead as Tropical Storm Pilar batters Central America with heavy rain, flash flooding

Caribbean Invest 97L could become tropical depression or storm before dumping heavy rain on Central America

Storm may bring western Europe the highest winds in decades, forecasters warn

Extreme weather disrupts life in northern Italy, causing flooding and blackouts

Halloween snowstorm topples 113-year-old record in one West Michigan city

Drought Saps the Panama Canal, Disrupting Global Trade

Residents in Australian State Urged to Flee as Wildfires Blaze

Developer axes 2 major offshore wind projects in blow to Biden's green energy goals

'Great day for whales,' Danish developer Orsted nixes wind farms off NJ coast amid stiff opposition

Green Agenda Fail: Biden Might Counter Billions in Wind Industry Losses with Election-Year Bailout, Experts Warn

Pope says will attend COP28 climate summit in Dubai, a first by a pontiff

Pope Francis has called for a "paradigm shift" in Catholic theology that takes widespread engagement with contemporary science, culture, and people's lived experience

Pilot accused of threatening to shoot captain who tried to divert flight for a medical emergency, officials say

Multiple Students Stabbed at High School in Los Angeles - School on Lockdown - Attacker at Large

Pakistan Launches Major Crackdown on Illegal Immigrants: 1.7 Million, Predominantly Afghans, Set for Deportation as Shelters Get Demolished

Migrant caravan organizer claims Latin American nations 'conspiring against the US,' 'fueling' border crisis

US-Bound Migrant Caravan Swells to 7,000

Biden's DHS Pulling Agents Off Child Trafficking Cases, So They Can Go Make Food for Illegals

Hungary bans teens from visiting World Press Photo exhibition over LGBTQ images

Tennessee families ask US Supreme Court to block ban on gender-affirming care

Before he became a politician, House Speaker Mike Johnson partnered with an anti-gay conversion therapy group

Left-wing dark money network bankrolling anti-Israel groups drops millions pushing Ohio abortion amendment

GOP Senator Presses Defense Secretary on Missing Evidence Behind Abortion Claims

TikTok Doctor Sparks Conversation About Link Between Oral Sex and Throat Cancer

Kid Infections Now Resistant to Many Antibiotics

Pfizer Suffers Massive Quarterly Loss as COVID Vaccines and Paxlovid Doses Are Returned

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Vindicated - China's Top Spy Agency Warns of 'Gene Weapons' Able to Target Specific Ethnicity or Race

Fauci-Run Lab in Montana Experimented with Coronavirus Strain Year Before Pandemic

Boris Johnson suggested that COVID was 'nature's way of dealing with old people'

Tracking Bible Prophecy Headlines - 11/1/2023

'This Is A Time For War': Benjamin Netanyahu Won't Agree To Cease-Fire In Gaza

Israeli PM: We Won't Yield to Terror - Rejects Truce With Hamas

Israeli President Isaac Herzog defends Gaza operation

Netanyahu's political future looks shakier in midst of Israel-Hamas war - Already declining support for prime minister falls further as calls grow for his resignation and public anger rises

Netanyahu Sets Record Straight - Accuses Top Generals of Not Warning Him about Hamas Invasion and Planned Attack

Israel's ambassador to the UN sparks controversy for wearing a Star of David to denounce Hamas

Yad Vashem lashes out at Israeli UN ambassador for wearing yellow star, saying it "dishonours both the victims of the Holocaust and the State of Israel"

In Jerusalem, hundreds of symbolic empty beds and cribs bring home enormity of hostage crisis

Thai foreign minister travels to Qatar, Egypt for talks on hostages held by Hamas

US Special Operations Forces are in Israel Helping Locate Hostages - NYT reports the US commandos are not assigned combat roles

"The White House Admitted Hamas Is Holding Nearly 500 Americans Hostage in Gaza": Sen. Marsha Blackburn Calls Out Biden and Jake Sullivan

Hamas claims it will free some hostages with foreign passports in coming days

Israel Escalates Gaza Attacks to Pressure Hamas on Hostages

IDF General Addresses Troops: 'We will Fight Them in the Alleys, We Will Fight Them in the Tunnels'

IDF demolishes West Bank home of exiled senior Hamas official Saleh al-Arouri

Israeli troops fight 'fierce battles' against Hamas in urban areas deep inside Gaza

11 Israeli soldiers killed in Gaza as IDF moves in on Hamas

At Least 50 Killed by Israeli Strikes on Jabalia Refugee Camp in Gaza

'Children were carrying other injured children': Witness describes aftermath of Israeli strike on Gaza refugee camp

Report: Israeli Airstrike on Jabaliya Kills Terrorists, Causes Underground Tunnel Collapse

Instructions for destruction: Israel finds Hamas manual on how to create chemical weapons

Michael Rapaport Rips Left's Push for 'Ceasefire': 'Hamas Doesn't Give a **** About Anything Except for the Destruction of Israel"

US and Israel Weigh Peacekeepers for the Gaza Strip After Hamas

Blinken to visit Israel on Friday, says 'revitalized' PA should govern Gaza after war

Biden Administration Pressures Israel to Give Tax Revenue to Palestinian Authority

Top Hamas official claims group is not responsible for defending Gazan civilians - Moussa Abu Marzouk says vast underground tunnel network is for the protection of the terror group's members, while civilians should be taken care of by the UN and Israel

Israel targets Hamas tunnels amid hopes more aid will reach civilians in Gaza

UN Agency In Gaza Says Urgent Cease-Fire Is A Matter Of Life And Death For Millions Of Palestinians

Gaza Doctor Says Hospitals Have to Choose Who Lives and Who Dies Amid Worsening Humanitarian Crisis

Reports: Hezbollah Fans Mock Hamas Leaders for Living in Luxury While Gazans Suffer

Egyptian Prime Minister Says Country Ready to Sacrifice Millions of Lives to Defend Territory - Amid rising pressure on Egypt to admit Palestinian refugees, the country's prime minister, Mostafa Madbouly, said it remained committed to protecting its land and sovereignty regardless of the cost

Hanegbi says Gazans should avoid hospitals in north, urges Egypt to accept injured

Egypt said planning to allow wounded Gazans to cross border for treatment

Cyprus working with European, Mideast states on sea corridor to ship aid to Gaza

White House says no signs Hamas diverting aid sent into Gaza

House Republicans' Israel-Only Aid Bill Opposed in Senate, by Biden

Ukraine and Israel won't win if US support stops: Defense Secretary

Far-left US protesters disrupt congressional hearing on military aid to Israel

Protestors with 'bloody' hands storm Congress shouting 'murderer' and demanding Gaza ceasefire

'You're the Terrorist!' Cops Drag Screaming, Fake-Blood-Drenched Protesters Out of Blinken's Senate Hearing

'We are going to exterminate you': US man charged with threatening Jewish senator

Sen. Josh Hawley Lashes Out at Alejandro Mayorkas During Heated Exchange in Senate Hearing Over DHS Employee's Controversial Post on Jewish Genocide

FBI director warns Senate that Hamas could carry out attacks on US soil

FBI director goes silent when asked if country 'safer' under Biden - Christopher Wray tells Senate committee that threats against Americans have risen to 'whole other level'

Swing-state Muslim Americans threaten to vote against Biden

Elon Musk's X Suspends Hezbollah-Linked Account - Musk appears to have suspended the account after a Jerusalem Post columnist asked him directly why Hezbollah's account was still active on X

Yair Netanyahu spends war in Florida, calls to boycott 'evil TV channels' - In a recent Instagram post, Yair Netanyahu urged his followers not to watch the "poisonous and malicious channels."

HuffPost Blasted After Likening Israel to Nazi Germany, Gazans to Holocaust Victims: 'Blood Libel'

Report: Israel Forced to Use Archaeologists to Identify Children's Burned Remains

Miss Israel Exposes the Oppressive Organization the People of Gaza Live Under in Viral Video: 'Hamas Is ISIS'

Cornel West Rants Against the Existence of Israel: '75 Years' of 'Genocide'

Pro-Palestine Protestor Throws Spray Painted Mice Inside McDonalds Near Children, Shouts Anti- Israel Profanity

FBI director: Antisemitism reaching 'historic level' in US

NY cops nab suspect for threats to kill Jews at Cornell, amid antisemitism crackdown

French cops shoot, wound woman making threats, yelling 'Allahu akbar' on Paris train

Stars of David spray-painted on buildings in Paris, heightening fears among Jews

Jews in Berlin Forced to Consider - Is It Time to Leave Germany?

In Europe, soaring antisemitism popularizes a new invention: The camouflaged mezuzah

A new wave of antisemitism threatens to rock an already unstable world

Commentary: The Global War on the Jews - Anti-Semitism surges, even in the West, which shows why Israel exists

'From the river to the sea': where does the slogan come from and what does it mean? Andy McDonald was suspended from the Labour party for using the phrase, which some say advocates the eradication of Israel

University of Washington pro-Hamas activists declare they 'don't want Israel' or 'Zionists' 'to exist'

'Some Students on U.S. Campuses Think All Israelis Are Colonizers, So It's Okay to Slaughter Them'

'A new Nakba': settler violence forces Palestinians out of West Bank villages

Netanyahu Warns World If Hamas Wins, You're the 'Next Target'

Outgoing senior UN official calls for one-state solution, slams US, Israel: 'Chilling words' - "We must support the establishment of a single, democratic, secular state in all of historic Palestine, with equal rights for Christians, Muslims and Jews"

Abraham Accords here to stay despite war, says Emirati official

Bolivia cuts ties with Israel, accusing it of 'crimes against humanity' in Gaza

Israel says Bolivia decision to cut ties 'a surrender to terrorism, the Ayatollah's regime in Iran'

Erdogan accuses Israel of committing crimes against humanity

Erdogan says Israel 'completely out of its mind' in war with Hamas, must be stopped

Turkey's Erdogan scraps Israel trip over 'inhumane' Gaza war - Turkish president says Palestinians in Gaza are suffering 'collective punishment', defends Hamas as 'liberators'

Israeli Supermarkets Shun Turkish Agricultural Imports amid Strained Relations

Erdogan's incendiary Hamas remarks a 'real concern' for NATO allies as tension mounts

In rare rebuke, top Russian rabbi calls antisemitic airport riot 'eternal disgrace'

The White House on Monday sought to distinguish between Russia and Israel after Democratic Rep. Pramila Jayapal decried a "double standard" in the U.S. response to Moscow's war in Ukraine as opposed to the Israel-Hamas conflict

Moscow calls Israeli strikes in Syria 'unacceptable,' ignores rocket fire at Israel

A UN envoy says the Israel-Hamas war is spilling into Syria, adding to growing instability there

Amnesty International Says Israeli Forces Wounded Lebanese Civilians with White Phosphorus

Iran-Backed Houthis 'Declare War' on Israel After Reported Killing of Saudi Troops

The spokesperson for the Yemeni Armed Forces, Brigadier General Yahya Saree: The aggression on Gaza is carried out with American support and the complicity of some regimes.

Houthis Attacked Israel From Yemen 'In Solidarity With Our Brothers in Palestine,' Official Says

Yemen's Houthis Join Israel-Hamas War, Fire 'Large Number' Of Missiles And Drones Towards Israel: Report

In first, Arrow downs Eilat-bound missile from 'Red Sea area'; Houthis claim attack

IDF sends missile boats to Red Sea area after attacks by Iran-backed Houthis in Yemen

Pentagon sending 300 more troops to Mideast as attacks mount against US bases

Senate Approves Jack Lew, Who Backed Obama's Anti-Israel Policies, as Israel Ambassador

Jack Lew approved as next US envoy to Israel in confirmation fast-tracked by war

Israel omitted from online maps in China amid war on Hamas in Gaza - China is Iran's largest trading partner and remains a key ally for the country

US forces attacked by Iran proxies 27 times in two weeks, Pentagon says

How Iran uses proxy forces across the region to strike Israel and US - Hezbollah, Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad at core of Iran's foreign policy, resisting US in Middle East while avoiding all-out war

UN rights official says Israel-Hamas war emboldens Iranian 'repression'

Iran to Head UN Human Rights Forum Weeks After Their Proxy Group Slaughters 1,400 Jews - And Where Women are Beaten Bloody for Not Wearing Hijabs

In Cyberattacks, Iran Shows Signs of Improved Hacking Capabilities

3 arrested in NYC for sending $10 million in technology to Russia to aid war against Ukraine: feds

Time Magazine: 'Zelensky aids now believe he's delusional - has become borderline "messianic," and is drifting into a very bizarre place'

Top Zelenskyy Adviser Admits the Truth About Corruption in Ukraine: 'People Are Stealing Like There's No Tomorrow'

'He understood me': Death of China's former premier sparks mourning - and a way to air frustration with Xi era

China's censors warn against 'effusive comments' while mourning Li Keqiang

Thousands feared displaced after armed groups, Myanmar junta forces clash near China border

My Socialist Hell: Socialists Outlaw Results of Primary to Oppose Maduro, Breaking Biden Deal and Shocking No One

China's billionaires looking to move their cash, and themselves, out - Crackdowns on financiers, roiling political climate and slowing economy under Xi Jinping has many seeking exit plans

SBF claims 'I don't recall' 100 times in court - then admits his hedge fund had special access to investor money

Senate Democrats Plan to Subpoena Wealthy Figures Who Paid for Thomas's and Alito's Luxury Trips

Supreme Court to wade into social media free speech firestorm

What Trump can say and can't say under a gag order in his federal 2020 election interference case

Trump sues Michigan election official to keep his name on 2024 ballot

Extremism expert testifies on Trump's 'violent' rhetoric in Colorado 14th Amendment trial

Far-Left NY Judge Engoron Blasts Trump Lawyers, Says Fining Trump For 'Illegal Profits' is 'An Available Remedy' - Even Though No Victim in Fraud Case

Trump's adult sons, codefendants in fraud trial, set to testify

Step aside Hillary, Joe Biden may become king of email scandals as new stash alarms investigators

Psaki Knocks Speaker Johnson as 'Christian Fundamentalist'

Speaker Mike Johnson responds to liberal media attacks on his Christian faith: 'Disgusting'

Jim Jordan demands Big Tech turn over records of 'unacceptable' DOJ surveillance targeting Congress

Elon Musk tells Joe Rogan Twitter was 'a state publication' where Republicans were 'suppressed 10 times the rate as Democrats'

Biden mandates A.I. advance 'equity and civil rights'

Commentary: The Internal Revenue Service's AI Announcement Is Really About Taxpayer Intimidation

The Guardian rips Microsoft for distasteful generative AI poll about death

AI anxiety as computers get super smart

AI apocalypse team formed to fend off catastrophic nuclear and biochemical doomsday scenarios

6.6 magnitude earthquake hits near the coast of Atacama, Chile

6.5 magnitude earthquake hits near Levuka, Fiji

5.2 magnitude earthquake hits near Kainantu, Papua New Guinea

5.2 magnitude earthquake hits near Lata, Solomon Islands

5.1 magnitude earthquake hits southeast of the Loyalty Islands

5.1 magnitude earthquake hits near Alo, Wallis and Futuna

5.0 magnitude earthquake hits near Sulawesi, Indonesia

5.0 magnitude earthquake hits near Birjand, Iran

Exceptionally intense earthquake swarm near Porbjorn, Iceland

Mount St. Helens experiences largest seismic increase since last eruption ended in 2008, US

Ash cloud produced by eruption at Klyuchevskoy reaches 14 km (46,000 feet) a.s.l., Russia

Sabancaya volcano in Peru erupts to 24,000ft

Sangay volcano in Ecuador erupts to 24,000ft

Popocateptl volcano in Mexico erupts to 20,000ft

Reventador volcano in Ecuador erupts to 15,000ft

Semeru volcano in Indonesia erupts to 14,000ft

Ebeko volcano in the Kuril Islands erupts to 13,000ft

Sakurajima volcano on Japan erupts to 10,000ft

Ibu volcano in Indonesia erupts to 10,000ft

Tropical Storm "Pilar" producing heavy rain over portions of Central America

Armed residents guard streets in Mexico's hurricane-hit Acapulco

Screaming jet stream over Northeast will fuel bomb cyclone Ciaran, threatening UK, France with 70-100 mph wind

El Nino drought: Panama Canal cuts ship numbers further

Thousands ordered to evacuate in Southern California after wildfire erupts

Gavin Newsom Commits California to 'Cooperate' with China on Climate Crisis

Exorcist Priest Warns Against Using Ouija Boards: 'Demons Lie and Impersonate Dead People'

Japan police detain 86-year-old suspected gunman who had barricaded himself in post office with hostages

Police say armed man killed himself instead of carrying out apparent plan to attack amusement park

39-Year Intel Analyst: 'There Will Be Multiple Terrorist Attacks in the U.S. Over the Next 14 Months'

Half a Million Illegals Expected Each Month - Another 6 Million Invaders by Election Day - Steve Bannon Responds in Epic Rant

Mayor Eric Adams Warns Again: Illegal Immigration 'Devastating' New York City

Huge new red light district erupts in NYC fueled by arrival of migrant Venezuelan prostitutes

Governors ask NCAA to reconsider transgender athlete policy

Welsh Government Looks to Redefine Women to Include Transgender Biological Males

Second pig heart transplant patient dies at Maryland hospital after showing signs of organ rejection

'Pharmageddon' could close pharmacies as protest spreads

Pfizer revenue down 42% from last year after decreased demand for Covid vaccines

Feds downplay stroke risk from COVID-flu vaccine combo discovered by their own researchers

Report: ESPN Broadcast Feed Appears to Cut-Off After Aaron Rodgers Starts Talking About Vaccine

Joe Rogan and Elon Musk say the woke mind virus is destroying civilization

Elon Musk Slams George Soros in new Rogan interview: 'He fundamentally hates humanity'

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